RAOFapw: Would you like me to update linux-backports-modules-nouveau to 2.6.33, add the ctxprog generator, and do a little spring-cleaning in there?01:04
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RAOFWould someone kindly run git update-server on http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git-repos/ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid-lbm.git ?  Cloning over http is failing.01:41
lifelessRAOF: lolol.02:12
lifelessRAOF: :P02:12
RAOFlifeless: I don't think anyone is unaware of how sucky git's push is.02:13
lifelessRAOF: oh, I think some folk are :)02:13
lifelessRAOF: ... the ones that like it02:14
RAOFWhile I'm ragging on VCSs... would you kindly make bzr not silently trap everything I branch in 2a? :P02:16
lifelessRAOF: its doing that because you told it to02:18
RAOFWell, it's doing that because at some point in the past I bzr init-repo'd a directory somewhere above the directory I'm branching into.02:19
RAOFThe different repository formats are the only major source of friction I have in using bzr; it'd be nice if you could go back in time and make everything just 2a.02:20
lifelessRAOF: it would be :)02:26
eggonleaericm: Morning!02:52
eggonleaDo you know why OABI is enabled in ARM kernel?02:53
eggonleaWe prefer to disabling it if it's not necessary because this may cause unexpected issues (which has been found on Dove before).02:54
eggonleaKarmic is EABI already, and Lucid should be as well, right?02:55
RAOFapw: Bug #52819003:56
ubot3Malone bug 528190 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.32 "Update to linux 2.6.33, Incorporate upstream's ctxprog generator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52819003:56
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cndapw, smb: although he hasn't stated such yet in bug 516777, bdmurray confirmed that the two wacom commits I added give him touchscreen functionality, and smb and tjaalton confirmed that it hasn't hurt their older wacom products14:39
ubot3Malone bug 516777 in linux "HP Touchsmart tm2 requires newer wacom driver" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51677714:39
cndwhat do you suggest we do? pull it into lucid ourselves? put it in lbm or some dkms package?14:39
smbcnd, Those were upstream, right?14:44
cndsmb, yes in .3314:45
cndI can also submit to -stable if you think there's any chance they'll be accepted14:45
smbcnd, We might consider it as bugfix in that case and pull it into the kernel directly (sort of pre-stable). I think apw was thinking along that line. But the final call would be his14:45
smbcnd, It looks a bit big for general stable. So it might or might not work out to get it accepted. Might be worth contacting the maintainer of the wacom driver and ask about his feeling.14:46
cndsmb, does it hurt to just submit to -stable and hope?14:47
cndor is it worthwhile to contact the maintainer first to get them on board?14:47
smbThere was one case with the interleaved ALPS/PS2 protocol which was also big. But the maintainer said it would help a lot of cases and had been upstream without any reports and so on. Much better to get with maintainer.14:48
smbIf you just send it to stable (you would need to cc the maintainer there, as well) you will need maintainer support anyway because its quite big14:49
cndsmb, then I'll work with the maintainer about -stable inclusion, but should we wait on that before considering whether we throw it into lucid as a pre-stable?14:50
smbcnd, Probably depends on how quickly we hear back. If it takes too long, we might go ahead based on our testing and because its harder after release.14:52
cndsmb, if the wacom guy wants to support us pushing this upstream, what be the result? Are we asking him to push it himself? Or just a confirmation that we can add "This request is supported by the wacom driver maintainer"?15:03
smbcnd, It could be either him or us. When you push things, I would add a cover mail saying that we had found that issues, talken with the maintainer, he thinks it good too, bla. And send it with cc the maintainer. Sort of we think it makes sense in stable though it is a bigger one. And then see what Greg says15:11
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rackerhackeranyone know why drbd is disabled in linux-ec2 for lucid?16:18
smbDrbd is supposed to be a dkms package now (it was before but the kernel had an aditional moddule)16:19
rackerhackerah, okay, that makes sense16:22
rackerhackeri was digging through the git logs and couldn't find it16:22
rackerhackerthanks, smb 16:23
cndrackerhacker: the drbd module that was in the linux-image package was old anyways16:24
rackerhackercnd: yeah, i noticed that as well :/16:25
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apwrackerhacker, its gone now17:39
apwin the main branch, and will go in the others as they track it17:39
rackerhackerthanks apw 17:57
rackerhackeri'm trying to dig up the patchset that adjusted hvc0 -> tty1 in linux-ec217:59
rackerhackerdisregard - found it18:02
apwRAOF, thanks for all those fixes.  I had done the update to t18:04
apwthe .33 but the other bits are good finds ... i'll pull that diff appart and pull them into the package git.  thanks18:05
apwRAOF, although your changelog entries include changes to Conflicts/Replaces I cannot see any changes which implement those in the diff??18:59
RAOFapw: You're quite right!  I don't know where those changes got dropped.21:39
dyekHi! Where can I find pv-grub? Is there a package that contains this (Xen?) utility?22:05
apwRAOF, i uploaded the rest of it .... in the git tree i did it as a bunch of patches... thanks for the bits, if you get me the missing bit i can get that up in the next one ...23:03
RAOFapw: Is the git tree clonable?  When I tried (over http), git complained that git-update-server hadn't been run.23:04
RAOFIf you could make it clonable, I'll make the next (set of) patch(es) against git, rather than the archive.23:04
apwhrm, should be, but perhaps something got lost in the config for that repo.  it should clone over git as thats how i get it23:04
apwits late here, but i'll try and look at it tommorrow23:04
RAOFYou probably clone over git+ssh?  And I don't think I've got ssh access there.23:05
apwwe have git: as well23:05
RAOFI tried cloning over git, but maybe not hard enough.23:05
apwit should be23:05
RAOFOh, and now of course it works!23:06
RAOFI wonder what I was doing previously?  Oh, I probably had the kernel-team path component in there.23:06
apwyeah, its not the same on http: as git: for some reason23:07
apwRAOF, cool the update is built and published23:07
apwi've also pulled in your two novueau commits over the top of my drm backport23:08
apwwhich is in my 'red' PPA: https://edge.launchpad.net/~apw/+archive/red/+packages ... when it finished building23:08
apwsomething else for your keen testing23:09
* apw wanders off23:09
RAOFI'll give it a whirl.23:09
RAOFHave a good evening!23:09
apwRAOF, thanks ... any feedback appreciated ... its bed for me23:09
Ngif one has a git checkout of the ubuntu lucid kernel, where would one find the config file that is going to be used to build an amd64 server kernel?23:21
lifelessin debian/23:22
Ngaha debian.master/config/ looks relevant to my interests23:27

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