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mhall119|workcjohnston: ping13:54
nigelbmhall119|work: hey14:03
nigelbmhall119|work: when you get the time can you leave a testimonial at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NigelBabu ? I'm planning to go for membership next month.14:03
cjohnstonmhall119|work: pong14:13
nigelbcjohnston: hey.. can you give me a testimonial?14:15
* nigelb plans to book tickets to florida14:18
cjohnstoncome on over14:19
nigelb(to kick cjohnston ;) )14:20
mhall119|workcjohnston: I'm still on for 12pm our time, correct?14:20
cjohnstonfor 2 hours14:21
Pendulummhall119|work, cjohnston if you need any help, I'm snowed in at home so am around :)14:22
mhall119|workwell, not awesome that you're stuck14:22
mhall119|workmaybe a little awesome that your stuck... ;)14:22
Pendulumwell my entire office is stuck14:22
Pendulumso it's a guilt-free "work from home" snowday14:22
nigelbyou gotta work?14:23
nigelbthat spoils the fun14:23
cjohnstonPendulum: i need lots of help14:23
cjohnstoni dont know that you can provide it tho14:23
cjohnstonnigelb: can you remind me later today about the testimonial?14:25
nigelbcjohnston: I can remind you tomorrow14:25
cjohnstonthat works14:25
* nigelb is going to be very busy at work today14:25
Pendulumnigelb: well I'm checking e-mail14:26
PendulumI have work, but I'll probably do it over the weekend instead as it's not "get done today" sort of work14:26
nigelbah lucky14:27
Pendulumand the things that I needed to get done that were at all time-sensitive require approval from other people who I don't think are in their offices14:27
nigelbgood good :)14:27
Pendulumso far I have done 2 bits of minor work and had /win 2214:33
nigelbwin 22?14:35
Pendulumwent to switch windows14:36
Pendulumforgot I had a partially typed sentence14:37
Pendulumthat should have ended "and had several conversations by e-mail about the fact that no one is in their offices due to the weather"14:37
nigelbyou switch to windows just like that?14:38
Pendulumswitching windows14:39
nigelbdoctormo: hey!15:13
doctormoHello nigelb15:13
nigelbdoctormo: I need your help15:13
nigelbdoctormo: when you get the time, could you leave a testimonial on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NigelBabu ?15:13
nigelbI'm planning to go for membership next month15:13
doctormonigelb: Sure thing15:14
nigelbthanks doctormo :)15:14
doctormonigelb: How are you getting along with the bzr class?15:14
nigelbdoctormo: I need you for a day to integrate GC into it15:14
doctormoYou've used GC?15:14
doctormoYou've wanted the video?15:14
nigelbnot yet15:14
doctormoThat's basically all there is to it15:15
nigelbokay, I'll write and let you know some time next week15:15
doctormonigelb: Are you sure you have the time for this course? I could get soemone else in to help you if you're finding it hard to complete.15:16
nigelbdoctormo: I do15:16
nigelbI am *not* going to back out ;)15:16
doctormoOK, then I'll be in touch next Friday?15:17
doctormonigelb: I've added a testimonial15:19
nigelbdoctormo: thank you :)15:20
dindahola learning peoples!15:28
dindacprofitt pleia2:  any moodle sys admins around?15:28
nigelbhola dinda15:30
dindanigelb: howdy15:30
dindanigelb: are a sys admin on the learning team moodle site?15:30
nigelbdinda: nope15:31
nigelbdoctormo: are you ^ ?15:31
doctormonigelb: nope15:31
dindaactually I am but i need someone with root access to the webserver15:31
nigelbdinda: you need bodhi15:31
dindayea, figured bodhi was the one15:31
nigelbI think its his servers15:32
dindabut thought maybe cprofit might have root access too15:32
nigelbmaybe, I don't really know15:32
* dinda is experimenting with Moodle themes today :)15:33
nigelbmy office has a moodle site that was redesigned15:34
nigelbit came out well ;)15:35
cprofittbodhi is the sole sys admin on the server15:39
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pleia2dinda: you can get ahold of bodhi at: bodhi.zazen@ubuntu.com17:17
pleia2I thought vantrax might have had access too, but he's not around a ton either17:17
dindapleia2: thanks!17:20
pleia2sure thing :)17:20

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