humphreybcokay everyone, what's our next biggest event coming up for the manual?00:43
jamindayWhen is writing freeze again?00:44
humphreybcmarch 18 :)00:44
jamindayok so about 3 weeks...00:45
humphreybci think we'll be okay00:45
jamindayyeah i think so00:45
jamindaydo you know how we are going for content now?00:45
humphreybci think we've got 90% of it00:45
jamindayah good that's a relief00:45
humphreybcthat reminds me i have to finish my partitioning stuff00:45
humphreybcthis bryan person sounds keen00:45
humphreybcand he's experienced too00:46
jamindayyeah it's good to have someone with experience in the area00:46
jamindayhopefully he has sorted out the ground control stuff ok00:46
humphreybcokay i take that back about the 90% thing00:48
humphreybcwe're still missing most of chapter 6, 7 and 400:48
jamindayYeah i'm working on chapter 7 now and adding to it as i go00:49
humphreybchopefully the pace will pick up soon though00:49
humphreybcokay cool00:49
jamindayRyan has done a good job but i think some things need expanding00:49
jamindayThe chapter on default applications appears to be getting quite lengthy?00:49
humphreybcit is getting very lengthy00:51
humphreybcblame Ilya :P00:51
humphreybcmind you it's a large chapter00:51
humphreybcand probably quite important00:51
jamindayyes true00:51
humphreybcour manual is going to be off the hook once we get screenshots in00:51
humphreybcand when we have translations too, it's going to be super impressive00:51
humphreybci know mark shuttleworth himself is already impressed00:51
jamindaywow that's great00:52
humphreybcso we just need to keep up the momentum and work00:52
humphreybcand we'll be right00:52
humphreybci'll set aside an entire day, maybe sunday, and just spend all day editing and writing00:52
jamindayYeah good idea. I'm doing that today as i'm off work00:52
humphreybcgodbyk: ping00:52
humphreybci just had an idea to motivate people00:53
humphreybcif we could get latex to output a word count00:53
humphreybcand then off that, we set a word count that we think would be close to the completed number00:54
humphreybcand then on the planet or the wiki, we have some sort of small .GIF or image thing that basically gives a percentage of completion00:54
jamindayah yes that would be cool00:54
humphreybcand then when people push significant changes, how cool would it be to see the percentage increase by 1% or 2%?00:54
humphreybcand we can have it on blogs and things, as a live progress report00:55
humphreybci know joey at omgubuntu.co.uk would definitely have it on the sidebar of his site00:55
humphreybcand we could have a word count meter too00:56
humphreybcso you could refresh the page and see live progress! awesome!00:56
jamindayyep i like it - if word count can be exported it shouldn't be that hard to put together00:57
humphreybcyeah totally00:59
humphreybcmaybe something for dutchie to do00:59
humphreybche likes that sort of stuff :P00:59
humphreybci just asked joey and he said he'd definitely put it on the sidebar at omgubuntu00:59
jamindayDo we have different LaTeX commands for terminal usage? ie text to be inputted by a user vs text that will be outputted following a command?01:55
jamindayAh it's ok worked it out01:57
godbykhumphreybc: pong04:03
humphreybcunderneath where i pinged you, have a read04:03
godbykah, the word-count thing?04:03
godbykI think there are some scripts that attempt to do a word-count in LaTeX, but it's always fuzzy.04:04
humphreybclatex can't just output it?04:04
godbyk'cause the scripts won't know, for instance, that \chaplink{ch:blah} produces "chapter X: blah" or how many words that contains.04:04
godbykA better measure would probably be to have people report the 'doneness' of each of the sections they're writing.04:04
godbykbtw, if someone wants to register a domain name, I'm happy to host the ubuntu manual site.04:05
humphreybcyeah i'm going to register www.ubuntumanual.com soon04:06
humphreybc.org is taken unfortunately04:07
godbyklooks like that one's taken.04:07
godbykubuntumanual.net is open and ubuntu-manual.com/org/net is open.04:07
humphreybcah okay04:07
godbykgettingstartedwithubuntu.com/net/org are all free, too.04:07
humphreybcdo you really think the commands matter? because when people write more, they'll also write more commands04:07
humphreybcthat's a bit long04:08
humphreybcubuntu-manual.info is the cheapest04:08
humphreybcthe others are like $10US04:08
godbykI can try this script and see how it goes: http://folk.uio.no/einarro/Services/texcount.html04:09
humphreybcseems that anything with "ubuntu" in it is fairly costly04:09
godbykyeah, but .info is lame. I'd go with .org, personally.04:09
humphreybc$15 a year?04:09
humphreybcubuntu-manual.org or ubuntumanual.org?04:10
godbykI think it's $10/year for me.04:10
godbykubuntumanual.org is already taken, you'll have to use the hyphen.04:10
humphreybcwhat provider are you looking at?04:10
humphreybcyeah it is04:10
godbykthat's just what dreamhost gets them for.04:11
humphreybcthe hyphen is okay though because we have that in our branch on lp and stuff04:11
godbykthere are cheaper registrars, too.04:11
humphreybcah okay neat04:11
godbykhold on04:11
humphreybchow does one send money overseas? if we got every single contributor to pitch in like 20c we could easily afford it haha04:11
humphreybci don't mind paying for it though04:11
humphreybcbut if we can get it the cheapest possible through your dreamhost thing and somehow i'll pay you back04:11
humphreybcthen we need to find some web designers. hmm.04:12
godbykhumphreybc: http://www.aplus.net/domains/04:12
humphreybcas for the percentage thing, i was thinking just a script that takes the word count divided by what we estimate the final word count will be, and then multiplies by 100 to get a percentage. then we just have it auto-generate a .gif image that we host somewhere to embed on sites04:13
humphreybcsimilar to the ubuntu countdown image if you've ever seen that around04:13
humphreybci'll grab that domain tonight04:14
godbykI've seen that, yeah.04:15
humphreybci'll contact my teacher at my old school who takes web design classes, he might have a bright student who needs a project04:15
humphreybcunless anyone in our project feels like creating a site04:15
humphreybcit doesn't have to be particularly fancy04:15
humphreybci could make it myself but i probably won't have time04:15
godbykI'm not good at web design, so I'll leave that to someone else.04:16
humphreybcand it wouldn't look as good as if someone else made it04:16
godbykOnce you get the domain name, let me know and I'll set up the hosting for it, though.04:16
humphreybcmy idea is just to have the front page with three (or more or less)04:17
humphreybcwith drop down boxes04:17
humphreybcthe questions are like04:17
humphreybcwhat language would you like04:17
humphreybcare you going to be printing the manual?04:17
godbykWe can autodetect the language from the browser.04:17
humphreybcand could we have the magical build server actually build them a manual? or should we just host a heap of them somewhere04:18
godbykI was pondering that.04:18
humphreybcbecause then we could have something that says "compiling your manual..."04:18
godbykI think we may have to host them, and I'll just try to keep the latest versions built and uploaded automatically.04:18
humphreybcand a little flash icon that animates like ground control04:18
godbyk(I don't think my hosting provider would like me to build PDFs all day long on their servers. :-))04:18
humphreybcwell we could have a build server that just re-builds all of them whenever any new editions are released04:19
humphreybcin theory we should get it all right for lucid so we never have any new "editions"04:19
godbykit doesn't take me too long to build them here.04:19
humphreybcokay cool04:19
godbykbut there will always be a typo that gets by. :)04:19
humphreybcyeah totally04:19
godbykor maybe something changes with a software update.04:19
humphreybcit would be pretty cool if it was all automated with launchpad/bzr > build server > website > reader04:20
godbykthat's what I'd prefer, yeah.04:20
godbykbut at the point, we'd want to lock the branch down a bit, so we don't have people being evil. :-)04:20
humphreybcso yeah, basically our website is all slick and is very simple04:20
humphreybcyeah totally04:20
humphreybcthey have the download link on a big fat button right in front of them04:21
godbykare there any new branding guildelines?  (I haven't checked my feeds yet)04:21
humphreybcand to the left is side bar with information about the project, contact details, key members, links to launchpad and some stuff about how someone can help04:21
humphreybcif we make it good enough, canonical might let us use manual.ubuntu.com04:22
humphreybcwhich would be badass04:23
humphreybci'll discuss that sort of stuff at UDS04:23
humphreybcalso in the future, we'll need a question that asks what variant they'd like, Kubuntu Manual, Xubuntu, or the Ubuntu Developers Manual etc04:23
humphreybci can totally picture it now04:24
humphreybcpeople go to http://manual.ubuntu.com04:24
humphreybcchoose what they want, auto-detects language04:24
humphreybcbam, they get a 200 page manual in their native language complete with screenshots and everything04:24
humphreybcwe could even integrate the UI and website into an application for the software center, sort of like a "manual installer"04:24
humphreybcso many ideas!04:25
humphreybcso many possibilities! haha04:25
humphreybcexciting times ahead04:25
godbykWe have to get it all written, edited, and translated first. :)04:25
humphreybcwe're getting there04:26
humphreybcslowly but surely04:26
humphreybci'm going to put aside my entire sunday to just write and edit04:26
humphreybcbecause i'm going to be pretty busy next week when all this starts: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1121293&l=5bd1a5210c&id=1171655966q04:27
humphreybchttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1121293&l=5bd1a5210c&id=1171655966 *04:27
godbykmy calendar is practically empty.04:29
godbykthough I'm supposed to be working on my dissertation. :-P04:29
humphreybchow are you surviving?04:29
humphreybclike food? power?04:29
godbykstudent loans. :)04:29
humphreybchaha okay04:29
humphreybcwhat are you studying though?04:29
godbykhuman-computer interaction (HCI)04:30
humphreybcright i have to shoot off and grab some dinner before work04:30
godbyksee ya later.04:30
humphreybci'll be back on tonight but not for long because i'm knackered04:30
humphreybcif anyone needs me, just email me - it goes to my cell (love android!)04:31
thorwilgodbyk, godbyk-android: new inkscape latex export feature: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=EEEAA170F9750D449D15AEF17CE7ED6D02401D15%40ewiex11.dynamic.ewi.utwente.nl&forum_name=inkscape-user09:15
godbykthorwil: Snazzy!09:45
humphreybceveryone, this video is really important and relevant to our interests in the team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oavMtUWDBTM10:48
humphreybcyou all need to watch it!10:48
* thorwil wonders why there's always some lady gaga in related videos11:05
humphreybcalright i desperately need sleep11:14
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