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mneptokMyrtti: are you awake early, or late?06:43
Myrttideadlines and doctors today06:44
mneptoki think i have successfully reset my internal clock. we'll see after today's meetings.06:45
Myrttiwhat is07:20
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FlannelHowdy jussi0107:26
jussi01Exam went well yesterday, methinks I may pass :D07:27
dholbachgood morning08:17
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Myrttinot anymore since I removed it from #ubuntu10:46
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gnomefreaki get the feeling Bash is going to keep beating a dead horse13:44
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bazhangCann0n, hello14:06
Cann0ni'm reggistered14:07
bazhangh00k, hi15:33
bazhangcongrats by the way :)15:33
h00kWe're havin a problem with somebody in #ubuntu-offtopic, mahfouz, I'm not sure if anyone else is actively in the channel15:34
h00kbazhang: thank you :D15:34
bazhangh00k, yep he is being watched15:34
h00kalright, thanks, I just watned to make sure15:34
* ikonia watches15:35
* gnomefreak watches too15:35
gnomefreakforggot who we were watching :(15:36
gnomefreakbazhang: :) thanks15:36
bazhanggnomefreak, you're welcome :)15:37
gnomefreakhe just joined #*-mozillateam so i get to watch him all over the place15:38
bazhangdarthanubis, hi16:09
darthanubisIs there a way to find out which channels I'm banned on?16:09
ikoniaI just see you as banned in #ubuntu16:10
bazhangin #ubuntu as far as I can tell16:10
darthanubisFor how long is this ban in place?16:11
ikoniayou'd need to speak to tsimpson16:12
ikoniaI'll see if I can see any details on it though16:12
darthanubisWhat could he possibly want to speak with me PERSONALLY about?16:12
bazhangthe reason for your ban16:13
darthanubisAnd users can be banned at the descretion of one OP INDEFINATELY?16:13
ikoniadarthanubis: give me a minute and I'll have a look if there are any notes16:13
bazhangthe profanity directed at a user when telling them not to use profanity16:13
darthanubisYeah, I did not say I did not know why I was banned.16:13
darthanubisBut why this grudge about it?16:14
bazhangthen the subsequent discussion here16:14
darthanubisMost bans are for a period of time.16:14
bazhangindeed they are.16:14
ikoniadarthanubis: ok - the notes say you specfically need to speak to mneptok16:14
darthanubisThe discussion here was one of inquiry into the terms of the punishment.16:14
ikoniadarthanubis: he can go through the ban and the conditions of it's removal with you16:14
darthanubisSo you all answer to him or something? Who is his superior?16:15
darthanubisSo, I don't get it16:15
bazhangcalling it a grudge is ingenuous16:15
darthanubisHow long have I been banned already?16:15
ikoniadarthanubis: I'll explain if I may16:15
darthanubisbazhang: excuse me if I don't agree16:16
ikoniadarthanubis: first I'll explain the situation16:16
darthanubisikonia: please not the situation again16:16
ikoniaI've not mentioned the sitaution before16:16
bazhangikonia, I'll leave this to you16:16
ikoniayou just asked how it works, and I thought I'd explain it to make it clear to you16:16
ikoniaif you don't want to know the process that's fine, but you asked16:16
darthanubisThe ban process not having any rules16:17
darthanubisThat is what I don't understanf16:17
ikoniathere are rules16:17
darthanubisHaving to answer to ONE PARTICULAR OP is the part I'm confused about16:17
ikoniayou don't16:17
ikoniaif you'd allow me to explain, I'd be happy to do so16:17
darthanubisI keep being told to speak withtimmy16:18
ikoniaif you - like I'll explain to you, yes/no ?16:18
darthanubisis this posted somewhere?16:18
darthanubisThe explaination?16:18
darthanubisBecause i get the feeling this is all made up as you guys go.16:18
ikoniaok - then I see no point in discussing it with you16:19
darthanubisI just like to understand the rules for the future16:19
ikoniawhich is what I'm trying to tell you16:19
darthanubisand other ubuntu forums16:19
ikoniaok - ubuntu forums are a seperate issue - but I can explain the IRC process to you16:19
darthanubisyou see no point because i want to see the rules posted somewhere?16:19
ikoniadoes that help ?16:19
darthanubisforum as in venues16:19
ikoniathe rules are actually posted, but I'd like to explain how you got into this situation16:20
ikoniathat way you can understand where you are in the process and your options16:20
ikoniadoes that help ?16:20
darthanubisstarting to16:20
ikoniafirst - to be clear, this is just for the Ubuntu IRC channels, nothing else16:21
ikoniadarthanubis: an operator can place a ban on you for a percieved breaking of the rules/policy, normal practice is depending on the situation that ban will be removed after a period of time (eg: you're told to take 24 hours to cool off) - or until the operator in question can explain and get agreement to stop the problem behaviour16:21
ikoniaclear so far ?16:22
ikonia(there is more)16:22
darthanubisplease continue, there is nothing in that not unclear or not already covered....16:23
darthanubisI had the guy on ignore. Seems I'm still banned because I ignored an OP, and refused to take him off ignore. He got pissed, and taught me a lesson, by banning me from #ubuntu for life, to show me how much power he has.16:25
darthanubisIt is called ego-tripping. But due continue.16:25
ikoniain certain situations where a user has history of being an issue in the channel for either persistant behaviour/bans or not understanding the reason for the ban properly, an operator can put a note on the ban to request that he is allowed to speak to the user in question to help clarify the reason the user keeps getting banned - if the user is unconfortable with this (as you appear to be with mneptok) you can request another operator be present durin16:25
Myrttiyou got cut off at during16:26
darthanubisFirst time banned16:26
ikoniaMyrtti: thank you16:26
ikoniadarthanubis: it's not your first time you're banned16:26
darthanubissure it is16:26
darthanubiswhen was I banend from #ubuntu before?16:26
ikoniaduring the conversation16:26
ikoniathat was the final comment (again thank you Myrtti )16:26
darthanubisI was previously banned when? I honestly remember no such event.16:27
ikoniadarthanubis: june 02 / 2009 , #ubuntuforums a few times may 01 2009 may 28 200816:27
ikoniaso 4 times in #ubuntu and 2 times in #ubuntuforums from what I'm reading16:28
ikoniabut that's not a big deal to remedy16:28
darthanubisThere was no 4 times in #ubuntu16:28
ikoniadarthanubis: our logs show you have been banned 4 times in #ubuntu16:28
darthanubisOnce in #ubuntuforums and I tried to get OP help on that issue16:28
ikoniabut it's not that big a deal, as I said we can work through this16:28
darthanubisand was told that that channel was no part of Ubuntu IRC proper16:28
ikoniaif we talk to mneptok (another op can be present) and work through the problem16:28
darthanubisthis is all starting to stink bad16:29
ikoniathat's not important, I'm trying to help you resolve this16:29
darthanubisAccuracy would help in the resolving of this matter.16:29
ikoniaeg: if you want another operator (plenty in here) can be present when you speak to mneptok and we can try to resolve it16:29
ikoniadarthanubis: what part am I not being accurate on ?16:29
darthanubisBecaus looking at a record like that, I can see why I am perpetually banned.16:29
ikoniaI'll try to clarify if you explain where I am not being accurate on16:29
darthanubisThe record is not accurate!16:30
ikoniait is16:30
knomedarthanubis, please calm down16:30
darthanubisWhat makes you so sure?16:30
darthanubisknome: One exclamation mark is hysteria?16:30
ikoniadarthanubis: ahh, ok on two occasions you've been ban forwaded to #ubuntu-read-topic as a result of being open to an exploit16:30
ikoniadarthanubis: so they are not "real" bans they are as result as your client was suseptable to an exploit16:30
ikonia(as I say, I'm reading your history as I type to you here)16:31
darthanubisikonia: ok, I could not help that. That was about changing ports to 8000 or something16:31
knomedarthanubis, i'm not saying you're hysteric, but i can see you're not totally calm.16:31
ikoniadarthanubis: totally understand that16:31
bazhangknome, could I PM16:31
knomedarthanubis, if i misjudged, then sorry. just making sure we keep calm here. i'm sure the thing can be solved16:31
knomebazhang, sure16:31
darthanubisknome: gotcha16:32
ikoniadarthanubis: so to resolve this can I suggest you oand "A.N.Other" op meets with mneptok to take this foward ?16:32
darthanubisResolve to mean means removing all the bans16:33
ikoniathere is only 1 ban16:33
darthanubisI was told that #ubuntuforums was not apart of Ubuntu16:33
darthanubisI was misinformed16:33
ikoniaand the resolution is to make sure you understand why you where banned, and remove the ban in #ubuntu to let you participate16:33
ikonia#ubuntuforums is just another ubuntu irc channel - but that's not really relevant to resolving your current issue/ban16:33
darthanubisWell why was it mentioned then?16:34
ikoniadarthanubis: I was trying to explain the process to you16:34
bazhangikonia, one was a mute by jack_sparrow by the looks of it16:34
ikoniabazhang: yes16:34
darthanubisGeez I get that, but if it has no part of this process then.....?16:34
ikoniaI'll rephrease it then as there are also marks too.16:34
ikoniadarthanubis: I should say instead of bans "comments about you being an issue in the channel or your behaviour, resulting in either a comment, a ban or a mute"16:35
ikoniathat is now %100 factually correct16:35
darthanubisThis is amazing16:35
ikoniaso, I suggest we try to arrange a time with mneptok and another op to work your curent ban through16:35
darthanubisI won't be using this channels, but I don't like being restricted in my movement16:36
ikoniaif you don't want to use a channel, then you don't have an issue16:36
ikoniahowever you're welcome to agree to meet with mneptok and (if you want) another op to resolve the issue16:36
darthanubisyeah fine16:37
darthanubisI just said I want to resolve my being resticted in movement16:38
darthanubiswhether I use it or not16:38
darthanubisam I being understood?16:38
ikoniaand I'm explaining what you need to do to resolve that16:38
ikoniaI don't actually care if you use the channels or not16:39
darthanubisthere seems to be some kind of language barrier, I don't understnad16:39
darthanubisI appreciate you taking the time to do what nonoe else would16:39
ikoniadarthanubis: to get the ban removed you need to speak to mneptok and another operator to resolve the issue16:39
ikoniais that clear enough ?16:39
darthanubisI got that for the 4th time16:39
darthanubiswhat is the problem?16:40
ikoniawell, I was telling you as you said there was a language barrier16:40
ikoniaI assumed you didn't understand16:40
darthanubisI don't seem to be understood....but yeah, setup the "meeting"16:40
ikoniayou're understood clearly16:41
ikoniayou want to get the ban removed as you don't like being banned from a channel16:41
ikoniamneptok: I assume you're not active now16:41
ikoniaahhh perfect timing16:41
ikoniamneptok: do you have a moment to talk to darthanubis about his ban ?16:41
mneptokdarthanubis: do you know why you were banned?16:42
darthanubiswhat happens now?16:42
mneptoki'd like to hear your thoughts as to why16:42
mneptokthus far, you're explanation has been that it's some sort of personal vendetta, based on my problems with ego.16:43
darthanubisthere are no "thoughts" only facts. I used profanity. Got permanently banned for it16:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:43
darthanubisThe ban length are what those comments addressed.16:44
darthanubisWhich I feel is seperate for the original offense16:44
darthanubisBut then reading how I'm casted as problematic as a user in the channel, I can understand why I would have been banned longer than usual16:45
mneptok23:46 < darthanubis> iflema: watch your fucking mouth16:46
mneptok23:46 < darthanubis> !language16:46
mneptokso, you use profanity, and then immediately trigger the factoid telling people not to use profanity16:47
mneptokwhy would you do that?16:47
darthanubisbecause I'm mental16:49
darthanubiscan't you tell, I have issues?16:49
mneptokthen it's a good idea that you stay banned16:49
darthanubisit happens16:49
darthanubisI know I was wrong16:50
darthanubisit won't happen again16:50
darthanubisbut discriminating against mentally different people si wrong as well16:50
darthanubisIs there someone else I can resolve this with16:50
ikoniaI'm watching also - so don't worry16:51
darthanubisBecause it seems I have to get along with you to have the ban removed, and I don't get along with you.16:51
* gnomefreak watching as much as i can16:51
ikoniamneptok: may I interupt for a moment16:51
mneptokikonia: apparently so ;)16:51
darthanubisWhich is why I ignored you.16:51
mneptokif you were, indeed, "wrong" as you say, i was not discriminating against you16:52
ikoniadarthanubis: no-one is discriminating against anyone, please don't feel that. However there are 1300+ users in the channel, that don't need to be told "shut your fucking mouth" - so is there anything you can explain to use that will give us confidence you can control yourself in the channels16:52
darthanubis[11:49] <mneptok> then it's a good idea that you stay banned16:52
darthanubisafter telling you I have mental issues16:53
darthanubisthat is the discrimintory part16:53
ikoniadarthanubis: social issues, are hard to manage, I understand that, however that doesn't giv eyou the right to abuse other people in the channels16:53
mneptokdarthanubis: quite right. you say you cannot control yourself, so we'll have to do it for you.16:53
ikoniadarthanubis: other people don't need to be treated like that, so if there is anything you can say to give us confidence you can control your self in the #ubuntu channel ?16:53
* ikonia returns to mneptok - apologies for buttig in 16:54
mneptok2009-06-02T15:55:25 <darthanubis> For those of you that have no idea what you are doing. Do yourselves a favor and just install Linux Mint. It IS Ubuntu, but with all the easy stuff that we repeat in this channel ad nauseum already done for you. Less questions for this channel, less headache for you.16:54
mneptokthere was also this outburst in the past that got you banned16:54
darthanubisikonia: I understand that, and I was not in the best judgement of my mood right then. But I have people working with me, to get me to a calmer place. And as I shared with you. I just want the ban removed. I don't participate anymore until I have a grip.16:54
mneptokand this one:16:55
mneptok2009-06-02T22:13:06 <darthanubis> HymnToLife, yeah dipshit it is plugged into a ham sandwich16:55
mneptok2009-06-02T22:13:28 <darthanubis> keep it civil with me, and you get the same16:55
mneptok2009-06-02T22:13:37 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o HymnToLife16:55
mneptok2009-06-02T22:13:48 <darthanubis> abuse of power16:55
mneptok2009-06-02T22:13:53 *** HymnToLife sets mode: +b *!*n=anubis@unaffiliated/darthanubi16:55
darthanubisWell he abused his power16:55
ikoniano - you where rude16:55
darthanubiswhat did I saw that warrented being called a dipshit16:56
ikoniathat's not an abuse of power16:56
ikoniaugh, sorry - didn't mean to interupt16:56
darthanubisand I thought that unrelaed channel has no relevancy16:56
darthanubisikonia: ther eit goes again16:56
mneptokdarthanubis: you have a history of being profane, disruptive, unhelpful, disrespectful, and combative16:56
darthanubisI got banned for mentioning Mint, which I see mentioned ALL the time, yet no one gets BANNED for doing so, warned maybe16:57
darthanubismneptok: that is a bunch of BS16:57
mneptokdarthanubis: and nothing you have said here today gives me (or probably anyone else) any confidence that such behavior is likely to change16:57
darthanubismneptok: you've answered none of my questions16:57
darthanubismneptok: you've only flexed your muscle16:57
darthanubisikonia: rude in what way16:58
darthanubisikonia: can we just continue, because you are at least in an honest exchange with me?16:58
ikoniadarthanubis: do you understand that calling someone a "dipshit" is rude and offensive ?16:59
darthanubisikonia: The guy called me a name , I thought it was then open to reply17:00
darthanubisWhy is that not pasted for all to read17:00
ikoniadarthanubis: no - forget what other people do17:00
ikoniadeal with your own behaviour only17:01
darthanubisContext, that is what I meant about keeping the record accurate earlier17:01
ikoniadarthanubis: we have full logs17:01
darthanubiswell use them17:01
ikoniaI did17:01
darthanubisI'm trying to deal with the rules17:01
darthanubisand how they apply to some oand not others17:01
ikoniadarthanubis: they apply to everyone17:01
darthanubisand when some with power feel like using or abusing them17:01
ikoniadarthanubis: no-one has abused power - you swear/use offensive behaviour towards people - you have been removed17:02
mneptokdarthanubis: do you feel i abused my ops when banning you?17:02
ikoniathat is not an abuse of power17:02
darthanubisand for how long, and nothing is posted to be follwed.17:02
ikoniadarthanubis: until people have confidence that you can be in a channel without being rude/offensive/swear at people17:02
ikoniadarthanubis: eg: until you are no longer doing what got you banned17:03
darthanubismneptok: No. I feeling keeping me banned over an overzealous specious reading of the history of my username out of context is abusive, and narrow minded.17:03
ikoniadarthanubis: keeping you banned is because we have not agreed how you can not be abusive to people in the channel17:03
mneptokdarthanubis: nothing you have said gives anyone any confidence you will not repeat the behavior. that's why you stay banned.17:04
darthanubisNow, I'm being told, nevermind others follwoing or not follwoing the rules we agree or not to enforce. Just do what we say. I get it, it's you guys playground.17:04
darthanubismneptok: What is this"anyone"17:04
darthanubisI asked if you spoke for the group. I was told no17:05
darthanubisYet here you speak for the collective.17:05
bazhangother operators present17:05
knomehello Myrtti.17:05
gnomefreakhi Myrtti17:05
bazhangbanforwards do not seem to register with the bansearch function17:05
darthanubisAnd what have I done in this exchange to prove I'm a menace to society?17:05
bazhangie Cann0n17:06
mneptokanyone disagree with my perception that darthanubis cannot be trusted to not repeat the behaviors that have caused him problems?17:06
mneptokanyone? Bueller?17:06
darthanubisI should be judged bases on the offense. And the offense should have a specific punishment, and be adhereded to. Anything less, makes you guys seems unfair.17:07
* gnomefreak doesnt17:07
darthanubisHence my comments previosuly about the abuse of power.17:07
darthanubisI've been open and honest and civil with you all today.17:08
darthanubisIt has not been easy being accused of being someone I'm not based on some random bans.17:08
darthanubisBut the one ban that got me here, I;ve taken responsibilty for.17:09
darthanubisI showed remorese17:09
darthanubisThe "justice" system does not require as muchas being asked here.17:09
ikoniadarthanubis: if I can interupt for a second17:10
knometo be fair, i've seen darthanubis in #xubuntu and we've had no problems with him.17:10
mneptok"i was wrong, but i'm mental. this stuff happens."17:10
ikoniaknome: valuable17:10
darthanubisThere usually is mercy, or benevolence on the part of the judge(s)17:10
knomethough i can't take a stand on the #ubuntu stuff, since i haven't been there.17:10
darthanubisI'm in #kubuntu, ,and help as muchas I can. As well as #ubuntu+117:10
mneptokthat's certainly remorse, but it does nothing to assuage fears that the same behavior will just be repeated17:11
darthanubisI file bugs, I'm a part of the community, not some fly-by troll17:11
ikoniadarthanubis: you've said you have social issues, which I fully understand and want to work with you on, however, as you've openly said you don't want to use these channels may I suggest you use the other ubuntu channels to prove you can control your behaviour as knome has just suggested17:11
ikoniadarthanubis: no-one is suggesting you are a troll17:11
ikoniadarthanubis: however 1300+ in each channel don't need to see - nor is it fair to subject them to random outbursts17:11
darthanubisikonia: I'm using #kubuntu17:11
darthanubisHave been since the ban17:11
ikoniadarthanubis: you've said you don't want to use #ubuntu - so I suggest for the moment you don't use #ubuntu and work in the other channels to show your behaviour, then if you want, return here in say a months time and we'll look at removing the ban17:12
ikoniahow does that sound ?17:12
darthanubisikonia: one outburst, can't fairly be seen as random now can it17:12
darthanubiscome on17:12
ikoniadarthanubis: it's not one outburst17:12
mneptokit's not one outburst, as my previous pastes cearly show17:12
ikoniadarthanubis: it's one outburst for this ban, there are other notes on you17:12
darthanubismneptok: your paste are out of conteext17:13
darthanubisthe profanity was ONE offense17:13
ikoniadarthanubis: so work with #kubuntu and other ubuntu channels to show you can control yourself - knome seems happy with you in #xbuntu and lets review it in 1 month from today17:13
darthanubisa month17:13
mneptokdarthanubis: the context is there for all to see, both in the bantracker and official logs17:13
darthanubisI've been banned a month already17:13
ikoniadarthanubis: yes, that's a good time to show you can control yourself and you said yourseslf you don't care about the channel17:14
ikoniadarthanubis: you've been banned 14 days17:14
darthanubisikonia: what I said concerning using the channel should work for me in this instance not against17:14
darthanubisikonia: your logic is twisted17:14
ikoniadarthanubis: if you're not bothered about the channel -- lets use the month as a triel in the other channels and re-visit17:14
darthanubisI said I have social issues, I'm not retarded17:14
ikoniaok - then it should be easy to understand this concept17:15
darthanubisikonia: Your use of the concept is flawed, is that easy enough to understand.17:15
darthanubisIf I have been banned one month already, why another month17:15
ikoniadarthanubis: your logic is flawed as you said you don't want to use the channel17:15
ikoniathis should not be a problem17:16
ikoniayou've been banned 14 days17:16
ikoniasorry 1617:16
darthanubisNot using the channel is self restraint whichis what I was asked to demonstrate17:16
ikoniano - you're banned - that's stops you using the channel17:16
darthanubisI offered to restrain myself from the channel17:16
darthanubisAs the offending OP claimed I could not do17:17
ikoniahowever, as I said, I'm willing to put a note against you to say "if there are no problems in the month you can have the ban reviewed"17:17
darthanubisI'll take whatever positive note against the garbage that is in there17:17
ikoniadarthanubis: thats the deal I'm suggesting - show you can control yourself as you do in #xubuntu (knome seems happy to vouch for you) and we'll review it in a month17:17
darthanubisknome: I appreciate that btw17:17
knomedarthanubis, no problem. :)17:18
ikoniawhich is all is good - remove the ban17:18
darthanubisBut I'm coming away witha BAD taste in my mouth in dealing with you guys.17:18
ikoniaI'm noy enjoying dealing with you either, however I am trying to resolve the issue for you17:18
darthanubisBut, I'm sure it is just me17:18
ikoniait is17:18
darthanubisParting shot17:19
ikoniaI'm trying to cut you a lot of slack here17:19
darthanubisSure you are17:19
ikoniaok - your parting shot has just ended this for me17:19
ikoniadarthanubis: I have no interest in dicussing your ban further - I'm trying to help you and I'm just getting attitude17:19
darthanubisYou took a parting shot at me17:19
ikoniaI'm not lifting the ban due to your attitude17:19
darthanubisWe have been misunderingstanding each other all day17:19
ikoniano - I understand clearly17:19
darthanubisI say it probably is me, and you say "it is"17:20
ikoniayes - "it is just you"17:20
darthanubisBut I have the bad attitude?17:20
darthanubisThis is what I'm talkin gabout17:20
ikoniaso I'm done17:20
darthanubisIf I already take repsonsibilty what was theneed to throw it in my face?17:20
knomedarthanubis, please do understand that waiting for one month for a new review is a quite good offer. really.17:20
darthanubisknome: I accepted17:21
ikoniawith attitude17:21
ikoniatelling us about bad tastes, abuse of power, etc etc17:21
ikoniawhen in reality - you have a social issue which at this time you cannot control17:21
darthanubisbut because I repsonded to a percieved insult, then its done17:21
darthanubisyou don't want to hear my opinion of my experiences17:21
darthanubisyou want a one way street17:22
ikoniaI've listened very carefully17:22
ikoniaand as I said - tried to cut you a lot of slack17:22
darthanubisand because I don't lay down I'm problematic17:22
ikoniaI don't want you to lay down17:22
ikoniaI understand your issue whcih is why I was trying to work with you17:22
ikoniabut I can only go so far -17:22
darthanubisagain, all  I did was opine about my treat as I see it17:22
darthanubisyou don't have to agree17:22
darthanubisbut to label someone you know zero about, it absurd17:23
ikoniano-one has labled you17:23
ikoniajust working on fact17:23
ikoniano - fact17:23
darthanubisbut when you controll the medium you control what is your fact17:23
ikoniaI don't control your behaviour - you control that -17:24
darthanubiswe have a mutal disrespect of opinion17:24
darthanubisyeah, doc, it is my behavior17:24
ikoniaI don't disrepsect you in any way - in fact I've tried very hard to not take offence at your attitude17:24
darthanubisWho would not have an attitude about this exchange17:25
ikoniahowever, I've tried to resolve an issue for you, and broker a situation to get the ban removed but I'm tired of your attitude - so I'm going to leave it now17:25
darthanubisI take your offer, and you go on some tangent17:25
darthanubisI took the offer17:25
darthanubiscan I leave the channel now17:25
Myrttifeel free17:25
darthanubisor are you still soapboxing me to death17:25
knomedarthanubis, you are free to leave. see you in a month - with both sides having a bit better day maybe :)17:26
bazhangshould file a bug to get the appropriate namespace for -es installs to join #ubuntu-es (for example) by default17:26
darthanubisknome: you seem to be a good person. But I realize after today, no ban will be removed. I'll have to change my IP and mask if I really want in. There is no more "help" forthcoming.17:27
Myrttibazhang: most of those people are guadalinex users prolly17:27
gnomefreakoh that doesnt help you get unbanned17:27
bazhangMyrtti, good point17:28
Myrttiand there already is a bugreport17:28
bazhangthought the offer was rescinded17:28
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops darthanubis stimking attitude and threats to ban evade - do not unban without serious thought17:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:28
gnomefreakoh cool17:28
knomenow he joined #xubuntu. maybe more to follow :)17:28
bazhangoh the drama17:29
gnomefreakhe never left +1 AFAIK17:29
ikoniadon't care what other channels he's in as long as he doesn't display that attitude17:29
bazhangnice try mneptok ikonia17:29
jussi01he isnt that bad, just goes off the deepend sometimes.17:30
ikoniaI don't think he's bad to be honest, I've seen him behave fine17:30
ikoniathat said his attitude towards people in here - and randomly in other #ubuntu instances stunk17:31
Myrtticharlie-tca: welcome to the madhouse17:32
charlie-tcaGee, thanks17:32
* mneptok plays with his lower lip in the corner17:32
jussi01Just a reminder, if anyone sees an op of a core channel that isnt here, please remind them they are now expected to idle here - if they havent voice have them ping me or another ircc member and we will sort it.17:37
knomejussi01, where do we have the list of the core changs?17:38
knome*core chan ops17:38
jussi01knome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope17:38
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (sayat)17:47
MyrttiI'll smack AlienDK soon18:24
mneptokMyrtti: race you.18:25
ubottublakkheim called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:25
MyrttiI've been watching him for couple of days now and he's not doing too well18:25
jpdsmneptok: Haha.18:26
Myrtti[20:48] < magicjoe> ok sorry. so i have ubuntu 5.1 installed on my ibook G4  PPC, OSX 10.4.11, through virtual PC 7. the screen  resolution is set to 640 x 800. Its so huge i have to  scroll over to see it all. any way to fix this?18:49
Myrtti5.10? srsly?18:50
knomeanswer: install a newer version18:51
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:51
ubottukklimonda called the ops in #ubuntuone ()19:39
ubottublakkheim called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:10

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