altf2oso i'm on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and am testing a basic Samba [homes] share, with recycle\trash bin enabled. From Windows clients when i delete files\folders they correctly go into my named folder:  .trash  , however when connecting to the same server from a Linux client:  \\ubuntu804vs\altf2o  , same home directory, deleting anything gives an error it can't move the file to the trash and if i want to delete immediately. Anyone know if Linux cl00:07
RoAkSoAxzul, the dh_apport be in binary-arch rule or install rule. I'm guessing is in install right?01:45
zulRoAkSoAx: i think so look at openssh as an example01:45
RoAkSoAxzul, i am doing that actually :)01:46
RoAkSoAxand im asking this openssh is packaged with cdbs and the openvpn is package with debhelper01:47
zuli think its install01:47
RoAkSoAxzul, isn't there a wikipage that explains the process?01:49
RoAkSoAxor the packaging changes/01:49
zulRoAkSoAx: no there isnt for dh_apport since its quite new01:50
RoAkSoAxzul, ok I guess I'll just take a look at other packages :)01:50
RoAkSoAxthanks btw01:50
zulRoAkSoAx: np, thanks for helping out with the apport hooks stuff01:51
RoAkSoAxno prob :)01:51
Sargalushello, I have, does Ubuntu-Server come with all the packges to run xwindows and all that good stuff02:06
RoAkSoAxzul, btw... I think there's a small error in debian/openssh-server.apport, it is missing a '[' in the last line02:08
zulRoAkSoAx: k ill check02:08
RoAkSoAxreport['SSHDConfig'] = root_command_output(**MISSING [**'/usr/sbin/sshd', '-T'])02:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #527856 in samba (main) "Ubuntu 9.10 don't see DFS share content" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52785602:40
Mackwhat is the channel for php?02:45
twbBut probably #php or ##php02:46
twbMack: 13:46 <twb> But probably #php or ##php02:46
Macktwb: it wasnt #php :/02:46
Mackif it was, i got put in overflow02:46
RoAkSoAxzul, how do I determine which information i need from the package... let's say openvpn, i'm attaching the conffile... how do I know what else is needed?02:51
twbRoAkSoAx: if the packager did her job, she'll have included reportbug/apport hooks to collect any additional information automatically.02:55
RoAkSoAxtwb, well I'm actually creating an apport hook for openvpn that's why I'm asking how do I determine what information is necessary to attach :)02:56
Roxyhart0hi somebody know how i can setting syncronization windows client and samba file server. I got many acocunt working in the cliwnts and everytime is trying to syncronize every user instead just the current user (logon in) and is taking long time to synchronize.02:57
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twbI'm building Lucid live images.  All *was* working fine, but suddenly they no longer run /etc/rc.local, and I can't work out why.03:04
Roxyhart0hi somebody know how i can setting syncronization windows client and samba file server. I got many acocunt working in the cliwnts and everytime is trying to syncronize every user instead just the current user (logon in) and is taking long time to synchronize.03:06
Roxyhart0I mean i just need sincrhoniza the curretn user who login in windows clients not every user in this machine. any idea?03:06
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Mack_twb: it was ##php :/ i forgot to id03:12
twbGrmph.  Who thought it was a good idea to change upstart's /etc directory03:26
ceftwb: better off asking lucid q's in #ubuntu+103:34
* twb girds his loins for the noise and newbieness of #ubuntu+103:35
twbNever mind, I can see it in /etc/rc?.d/S99rc.local03:37
twbYou know why it wasn't working?  I was still passing "single" to the kernel.03:40
maxagazhow to do a grep in all files except tar.gz files ?03:52
twbmaxagaz: grep --exclude \*.tar.gz03:53
maxagaztwb, thanks03:54
maxagazis there a way to check who is the last user to access a file ?03:55
skritehey all, what do i put in my my.cnf to allow mysql connections from another computer?03:58
twbmaxagaz: not by default.  You might be able to set up some accounting if you knew in advance.04:02
maxagaztwb, ok, install something like ossec you mean04:04
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arakthorDoes anyone know how to show a list of packages based on their source (eg. -universe) in command line?05:06
twbYou mean like "apt-cache policy procps" ?05:11
arakthortwb, not quite. At least on mine it lists: Installed version, candidate version, and version table as well the status05:12
arakthorI see05:12
arakthoron my other system it does store the origin information05:12
arakthorbut I was looking for something more like "List all packages from universe. magically."05:13
twbI think you can use ~A or something05:35
twbThat might be for -security vs. -backports, though05:35
twbYeah, it is: aptitude -syV install "~U ~S ~VCANDIDATE ~Ahardy-security"05:36
twbClosest thing I can think of is vrms05:36
arakthortwb, thanks05:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #528220 in rabbitmq-server (main) "FFe: Sync rabbitmq-server 1.7.2-1 (main) from Debian sid (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52822006:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #391541 in rabbitmq-server (main) "Sync rabbitmq-server 1.6.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main). (dup-of: 390734)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39154106:11
Roxyhart08 somebody know any script to generate ldap accounts from a text o cvs file?07:28
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panterhi .. i have problem with my own deb repository ... i have few own packages (mostly with scripts) .. and need to install and update this packages on several servers .... i followed this tutorial ... http://mediakey.dk/~cc/howto-create-your-own-debian-or-ubuntu-package-repository/ ... i can add repository to /etc/apt/sources.list but i can't see packages from my repo ... is there anybody who can help me?08:59
_rubenpanter: when you run 'sudo apt-get update' .. do see references to your own repo?09:04
panter_ruben, apt-get download Packages file from my repo ... but i can't see packages from my repo ...09:05
_rubenand the packages file isnt empty or something like that?09:06
panter_ruben, no ... 1 package is in Packages file ... when i run synaptic and add repo ... list of packages is downloaded ... but in filter packages by origin i can't see my repo ...09:07
_rubenhmm .. dunno then, never used synaptic either09:08
panter_ruben, any other ideas?09:17
_rubeni use mini-dinstall to "manage" my own repo, which works like a charm09:18
panter_ruben, moment .. i look on it ..09:23
twbI've always used dpkg-scanpackages or so when I needed to make an apt repo from .debs09:23
twbpanter: origins are defined in the Release file09:23
twbpanter: maybe your repo doesn't have one?09:23
pantertwb, i used dpkg-scanpackages too ... moment .. i take a look ..09:24
pantertwb, there is a problem .. how can i create Release file?09:25
twb"compose Release" ?09:25
pantertwb, in which dir i need to run it?09:27
twbSame one as has the Packages file09:27
pantertwb, "compose Release" is the exact command? i got error: Warning: unknown mime-type for "Release" -- using "application/octet-stream"09:29
panterError: no "compose" mailcap rules found for type "application/octet-stream"09:29
twbTry "editor Release", then.09:30
pantertwb, :) ... Release is the simple text file? what i need to write to it?09:32
twbEh, just compare some existing Ubuntu ones09:33
soren...or use a path name in sources.list or use a simple repository management app, like falcon or reprepro.09:36
pantertwb, ok .. thanks09:37
twbI wasn't meaning to imply that dpkg-scanpackages was the *right* way09:37
pantersoren, thanks for advices09:37
twbI haven't made a PPA by hand for ages -- mdn and debian proper are better :-)09:37
* soren finally nailed bug 26068209:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 260682 in vm-builder "provide support for creating virtual machine domains on LVM2 logical volumes" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26068209:45
mastapat11does anyone know if there will be an upgrade path to go from server 6.06 to 10.04 and skip 8.04?09:49
_rubendont think so09:50
jiboumansmastapat11: the recommended upgrade paths are from release to release or LTS to LTS09:51
sorenmastapat11: It's not a supported upgrade path. It /may/ work, but if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.09:53
mastapat11right. i saw that, but if i have it around for 4 or 5 yrs then want to up i can't jump to the then current LTS. i might as well just up every 2 yrs or so, cuz you still have to do 2 upgrades to get to a current ver 4 yrs later09:53
mastapat11haha. i'll image the server b4 trying it. but it would be all manual right! the do-release only works to lts --> next lts09:55
sorenYeah, I don't think it has a special knob you can tweak to JFDI.09:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #260682 in vm-builder (universe) "provide support for creating virtual machine domains on LVM2 logical volumes" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26068210:02
jussi01who runs uvirtbot?10:02
sorenI do.10:03
sorenjussi01: Why?10:03
jussi01soren: would you mind popping the details on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots please?10:04
sorenjussi01: Doing so.10:07
jussi01soren: thanks!10:07
swift_guys, when i do 'aptitude update' on my uuntu 6.10 server, i get edgy errors10:26
swift_looks like packages aren't present at the source location10:26
swift_please advise if i can get these10:26
swift_how can i successfully update my ubuntu6.1010:27
swift_i dont want to update to a higher version10:27
swift_just normal package upadtes10:27
Davieyswift_: What do you mean by "edgy" errors?10:27
johe|work6.10 ?10:28
johe|workdoes ubuntu really has such old repos? nice10:28
_ruben6.10 is eol for a long time10:28
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.10:28
swift_Daviey, please check this out http://pastebin.com/PEcL5w9a10:28
johe|workoh, i see10:28
_rubenthere's an old-releases archive10:29
swift_guys, so that's y?.. so i can't update my server?10:29
Davieyoh, swift_ - you really should upgrade.. you know you are getting no security support?10:29
_rubenswift_: you really should be upgrading to a newer version10:29
_rubenseveral versions even10:29
swift_right now.. it's a production machine10:29
_rubeneven worse10:29
swift_i just wanna run the update10:29
swift_as a maintenance10:29
_rubenthere havent been security updates for nearly 2 years10:29
swift_is there no way to get these packages?10:30
_rubenuse the old-releases archive10:30
swift_so it's not possible to update?10:30
Davieyswift_: If you want long term, you should really use LTS editions.. Dapper, the previous release is still supported on the server10:30
swift_for now, il be using 6.1010:31
swift_so, can i have a short term solution?10:31
swift_how can i get these packages?10:31
Davieyswift_: you can install things from http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ , but *note*10:31
Daviey^^ add that to your sources.list, but there are NO updates to them10:31
uvirtbotDaviey: Error: "^" is not a valid command.10:31
_rubenlike i said, use the old-releases archive10:32
Davieyswift_: The only think we can really recommend is that you upgrade to a supported version10:32
_rubenits like running windows 3.1 and expecting windows update to (if onnly windows update were to exist even back then :P)10:32
swift__ruben... how do i use the old release archive?10:32
jpdsswift_: deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy main universe ...10:33
_rubenswift_: basically replace "archive.ubuntu.com" with "old-releases.ubuntu.com"10:33
_rubenin your sources.list10:33
Davieyswift_: sudo sed -i 's/us.archive.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list10:34
swift_guys, what about  http://security.ubuntu.com???... not supported anymore??10:37
swift_can i get the latest security updates?10:37
johe|workswift_, shouldnt work for an eol, your packages are just that old :-)10:39
jpdsswift_: No, edgy will never recieve a security update anymore.10:43
swift_so, il have to go for a dist-upgrade then10:44
jpdsIf you want security updates.10:44
johe|workjust ask10:54
johe|workwould a dist upgrade work?10:54
johe|workcause the version behind 6.10 is also not supported?!?10:54
DavieyDapper is supported on the server still.10:55
johe|worknext LTS woud be Hardy i guess10:55
johe|workbut dapper is before , so it would be dowgrading10:56
johe|workor i'am confused, maybe that10:56
Davieyjohe|work: you can't downgrade to dapper, and you can't directly upgrade to hardy10:59
Daviey(shouldn't at least)10:59
Davieyswift_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#6.10 to 8.04 (Edgy to Hardy)11:00
johe|workoh, i thought only LTS to LTS upgrade works, so i thought it would be an upgrade  to every version , my fault11:00
swift_thanks Daviey!11:00
johe|workwell, as it is told on the page :We will do the following upgrades, 6.10 to 7.04 to 7.10 to 8.04.3 LTS.11:02
johe|workso there is no directly upgrade from 6.10 to hardy11:03
Cromulentwouldn't it be better to wait for 10.04LTS?11:04
sorenlool: ubuntu-vm-buider should be functional again (in bzr).11:04
johe|workCromulent, why? after upgrading to hardy it will be only one direct upgrade11:05
loolsoren: Cool11:05
Cromulenttrue I guess - but you might as well do it all at the same time rather than having to do upgrades twice11:05
johe|workCromulent, maybe right, but would be the same way only at one day than at two days, i think the admin should think about :-)11:07
Cromulentjohe|work: well, just a suggestion :)11:07
johe|workCromulent, :-)11:09
johe|workwell, to be honest, i wouldnt upgrade, i would try to set up an LTS and migrate the services running on it11:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #528377 in qemu-kvm (main) "qemu-arm-static fails installing mono assemblies if /proc is mounted in the chroot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52837711:24
ragshello, I just did a safe upgrade on Hardy and I get some lilo warnings ...the total upgrade went thru..But now I'm a bit worried with the warnings..I see "Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed"..reason for concern?11:38
ivoksttx: here?11:42
ragsjoin /ubuntu11:43
sorenrags: Probably not, no.11:56
ragssoren: Thx...getting it sorted out in the #ubuntu channel..:)11:57
sorenrags: You can get rid of it by adding a line with "lba32" in lilo.conf.11:57
sorenrags: It just means: "Hey, you didn't explicitly tell me to, but all sanity bids me to use lba32, so that's what I'm going to do."11:57
sorenrags: Putting lba32 in lilo.conf tells lilo that you're cool with that.11:57
* soren goes to lunch11:58
ragssoren: ohh...ok...I'll add it then..Thx11:58
ivoksdoh... bacula12:01
sorenivoks: What's doh about bacula?12:15
ivokssoren: packaging12:20
ttxivoks: yo12:29
ivoksttx: hi; how are you? :D12:29
ttxivoks: Like a post-milestone Friday12:29
ttxquiet :)12:30
ivoksi've provided solution for bug 32510912:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 325109 in bacula "bacula-director-pgsql fails postinst because of missing check for running psql daemon" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32510912:32
ivokspatch is only for hardy, but it could be made for intrepid too; bug doesn't exist in jaunty+12:32
ivoksadditionaly to this patch12:33
ttxok, not a papercut then, must be lucid :P12:33
ivoksdocs should be modified to mention that one should have running sql daemon before installation12:33
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ttxivoks: ok, feel free to open a docs task, I'll close the lucid/bacula one12:41
ivoksi did12:41
ttxok :)12:41
henkjan[895003.111679] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 11s! [kswapd0:336]12:57
henkjananyone seen this lately?12:58
henkjanbug 35307013:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 353070 in linux "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#2 stuck for 11s! [kswapd0:332]" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35307013:03
smosersoren, (likely someone else knows, but I know you showed me once), how is it that you can "share" a .bzr directory.  ie, i want to have multiple branches of, say 'cloud-utils', but not multiple copies of everything.13:20
zulbzr looms is what I think you are looking for but not sure13:25
smoserno... i think its stacked branches13:26
ttxstgraber: about the call for help on LXC testing, you can also add an item on the agenda wikipage under "open discussion", that way I'll remember to talk about it if you're not available.13:26
smoserbut i dont know exactly how to use it.13:26
OmahnAnybody know when the fixed version of Upstart will be uploaded? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/52772213:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 527722 in upstart "pre depends loop" [Medium,Fix committed]13:31
sorensmoser: There are a few things sort of like that, but what I use is a top level directory for all my e.g. VMBuilder branches.13:32
smoseryeah... explain ?13:33
smoseri just tried this:13:33
smoserbzr init euca2ools13:33
* soren is on the phone...13:33
smosercd euca2ools13:33
sorenIt just rang.13:33
smoserbzr branch some-branch13:33
Omahnttx, stgraber: LXC testing? I'm up for that. I've just built a machine for that very purpose. Do we have a testcase to run through?13:33
smoserbut .bzr has nothing in it after that, but some-branch/.bzr has a bunch13:33
smosersoren, when you get a chance, thanks.13:33
sorensmoser: bzr help init-repo13:34
smoserthats what i needed.13:34
ttxOmahn: cool ! stgraber wanted some help in testing / documentation, see if you can grab him13:37
Omahnttx: Will do, ta.13:37
OmahnCan I prod anyone about that upstart bug? 52772213:38
OmahnTrying to do some upgrade testing from 8.04 to 10.04 but it's currently blocked by that bug.13:41
sorenbug 52772213:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 527722 in upstart "pre depends loop" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52772213:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #528463 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "SECURITY UPDATE 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1 - problem with instalation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52846314:16
pantersoren, do you have experiences with reprepro?14:20
bogeyd6anyone know where to download update-motd backport for 8.04?14:21
sorenpanter: Years ago, yes.14:22
pantersoren, everything goes well ... but there is error when i try add deb package to repo ... "Error 2 opening override file 'override.karmic': No such file or directory" ... override.karmic exist on override dir in repository base ..14:23
sorenpanter: No idea.14:24
pantersoren, ok ... thanks ..14:24
pantersoren, i figure it out ... override dir is obsolete .. override files are now in conf dir .. :) .. thanks for tip for easy program for manage repo ..14:29
stashi, I got a problem with vsftpd, I can make directories, but when I upload something into those, I get "226 Transfer done (but failed to open directory)."14:30
stasI found solutions related to SELinux, but this is not an issue on Ubuntu14:31
stasany tips? thanks in advance.14:31
bogeyd6stas, is the vsftpd chrooted?14:33
stasnvm, anon_world_readable_only=NO did the trick14:33
stasbogeyd6: nope,14:33
stasbut I still can't change permissions on the created directories14:33
bogeyd6stas, pastebin your vsftpd.conf14:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:35
stasbogeyd6: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384405/14:37
bogeyd6stas,  lines 8 and 9 is your problem14:39
bogeyd6stas, http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html14:40
stasbogeyd6: not sure, vsftpd runs as www-data too14:40
stasbogeyd6: ok, I found that non_umask=022 fixes that14:40
bogeyd6glad we could be of help, happy file serving!14:41
stasthats weird, I can't get why vsftpd treats me as an annon connection, I got local_enable so why am I still annon14:42
stasimho, once a user is recognized with pam, that's not annonymous anymore14:42
Jeeves_You're trying to upload?14:43
bogeyd6there is no reason to set chown options you did when anonymous is disabled14:44
bogeyd6so vsftpd did exactly what you wanted, although you were cornfused stas14:45
stasbogeyd6: oki, good it works now :)14:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #524594 in drbd8 (main) "[FFE] Please sync drbd8 from ubuntu-ha PPA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52459414:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #521835 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (universe) "Installation of MySQL 5,0 failed using synaptic (dup-of: 527355)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52183514:56
zroyschwhat do you do when a drive doesnt show up in fdisk -l14:58
kworkzroysch,  you are missint sata/raid controller drivers15:06
zroyschkwork: other drives work.15:06
ivoksis it only me or dbconfig-common is broken in lucid?15:17
ivoksSetting up bacula-director-pgsql (3.0.2-3ubuntu2) ...15:18
ivoks[: 477: missing ]15:18
ivoks/usr/share/dbconfig-common/dpkg/config: line 113: [: missing `]'15:18
ivokspopulating database via sql...  error encountered populating database:15:19
ivokspsql: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "bacula"15:19
ivoks                if [ "$DEBIAN_FRONTEND" = "noninteractive" || "$RET" != "true" ]; then15:20
ivoksthat's line 11315:20
ivokslooks fine to me15:20
zulivoks: thats fixed in the dbconfig-common git tree15:21
ivoksbug 50838215:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 508382 in bacula "bconsole does not connect to bacula-director" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50838215:22
ivoksthat's really about 'bacula director doesn't start, at all' :)15:23
ivoksoh, the bug is about mysql15:23
ivokswell, neither mysql or pgsql work :D15:23
* soren heads out for dinner15:25
ivokssoren: bon apetit15:25
zuljdstrand: ping15:26
jdstrandzul: yes?15:29
zuljdstrand: can you sync dbconfig-common for us? It fixes a regression in lucid bug #52658715:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 526587 in dbconfig-common "Sync dbconfig-common 1.8.44 (main) from Debian testing (main)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52658715:30
ivoksi can confirm that this fix makes bacula-director-pgsql installable15:33
ivoksand when patch from bug 508382 is added to bacula, we should have fully working solution again15:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 508382 in bacula "bconsole does not connect to bacula-director" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50838215:34
jdstrandzul, ivoks: done15:34
ivoksjdstrand: thank you!15:34
jdstrandsure! :)15:34
zuljdstrand: merci15:34
ivoksah, canadians15:34
ivokszul: so, good game against russia?15:35
zulivoks: oh hell yes15:35
ivoksis tomorrow semi finals?15:35
ivoksor today?15:35
ivoksmust see15:36
ivoksfrom 3AM till 6AM15:36
zul9:30pm for me15:36
zulivoks: were you working on a dovecot fix?15:36
zroyschis this beyond repair?15:37
ivoksdo you have a working md2?15:37
zroyschno, i'm trying to make it work15:38
ivoksif you add just sdf, will it work?15:38
zroyschits raid515:38
ivoksof three disks?15:38
zroyschyou were helping me a few days ago with this15:39
zroyschturns out when I dd'd the image to the backup disk, i ran out of space15:40
zroyschwas like 100gb short15:40
ivoksso, how many disks are now in md2?15:40
zroyschmd2 is not running15:40
zroysch3 total, one doesnt even show in fdisk -l15:41
ivoksso, no disks at all?15:41
zroyschi think 1 of the remaining 2 is failed15:41
ivoksone isn't recognized by kernel at all?15:41
zroyschwait its showing up again!!15:42
zroyschoh. damn15:43
ivoksso, you can see all three disks?15:44
zroyschyes theyre all in fdisk -l now15:44
ivoksok, so which one is in /dev/md2 now?15:44
ivokssdf or sde?15:44
zroyschmd2 : inactive sdf[1](S) sde[2](S)15:45
ivoksso, both are in?15:45
ivoksi guess one is empty15:46
zroyschit shouldnt be empty15:47
zroyschunless it somehow emptied itself15:47
ivokslast time you said one of the disks was faulty15:47
ivokswhich one?15:47
zroyschi dont know.15:47
zroyschpretty sure theyre changing letters15:47
zroyschsince originally it was sdc, d, e15:48
zroyschnow its f d e15:48
ivoksthey won't change letters unless you added more disks into machine15:48
zroyschyea had to unplug one (the failed one) to get the new drive on to backup to15:49
ivoksso, you did know which one failed?15:49
ivoksor you randomly took out one of the disks?15:50
zroyschi guessed15:50
zroyschits hard to tell when you cant blink one of them15:51
zroyschlike a real server15:51
ivoksthere's smartctl15:51
ivoksyou can find out serial numbers15:51
zroyschi'll do that next time15:51
ivoksit's not that hard15:51
ivoksso, it's possible that faulty is still in, and good one is out?15:51
zroyschall 3 of the original raid5 drives are currently plugged in15:52
ivokslet's try assembling with sde and sdf15:52
TeTeTI have a node with alpha 3 that is failing to boot. Any ideas for debugging and finding the problem?15:53
TeTeTboots fine in recovery mode, but then hangs15:53
zroyschmdadm: /dev/md2 assembled from 1 drive - not enough to start the array.15:53
ivoksmdadm --assemble --scan15:53
ivoksTeTeT: syslog15:54
zroyschivoks: that appears to not do anything, according to /proc/mdstat15:54
ivokszroysch: ok15:54
ivokszroysch: paste output to pastebin15:54
ivokszroysch: of these commands15:55
ivokszroysch: mdadm --query /dev/sdd15:55
ivokszroysch: mdadm --query /dev/sde15:55
ivokszroysch: mdadm --query /dev/sdf15:55
zroyschi just uncommented the line for my raid5 in mdadm.conf and now your assemble line is thinking15:55
zroyschah got same message, assembled from 1 drive15:55
TeTeTivoks: syslog says something like Feb 26 16:55:07 node01 libvirtd: 16:55:07.325: warning : lxcStartup:1755 : Unable to create cgroup for driver: No such device or address15:56
ivoksTeTeT: that's libvirtd15:56
TeTeTivoks: yeah, it's a node in an UEC install15:57
TeTeTttx: did you try out UEC install with alpha 3?15:57
ivoksTeTeT: nope :/15:57
ivokszroysch: ok, so sde and sdf have something15:57
ivokszroysch: mdadm --examine /dev/sde15:57
ttxTeTeT: yes, during ISO testing15:57
ivokszroysch: mdadm --examine /dev/sdf15:57
TeTeTttx: I'll install ubuntu server plain and see if this goes any beter15:58
zroyschivoks: http://pastebin.ca/181194115:58
ttxTeTeT: any issue with it ?15:58
TeTeTttx: yes, it's hanging upon boot, let me paste the syslog part15:59
smoserttx, could you accept nomination for release bug 52720815:59
ttxthe NC is hanging ?15:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 527208 in linux-ec2 "ec2 instance fails boot, no console output on  c1.xlarge" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52720815:59
ivokszroysch: ok, both sde and sdf are clean15:59
smoseri do explicitly want that on release radar15:59
TeTeTttx: https://pastebin.canonical.com/28443/15:59
TeTeTttx: right15:59
ivokszroysch: mdadm --assemble -f /dev/md2 /dev/sde /dev/sdf16:00
ttxTeTeT: looks like a separate error16:00
zroyschivoks: its active in mdstat16:00
TeTeTttx: yes, I just re-install w/o UEC and see if this works16:00
zroyschtry mounting?16:00
ttxTeTeT: hardware issue with sr016:00
ivokszroysch: paste output of mdstat16:01
TeTeTttx: this was the server CD inserted :)16:01
zroyschmd2 : active raid5 sdf[1] sde[2]16:01
zroysch      1953524992 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [_UU]16:01
ttxTeTeT: that doesn't prevent CD readers from failing16:01
ivokszroysch: ok, try adding sdd16:01
ttxTeTeT: try with a USB key ?16:01
ivokszroysch: mdadm /dev/md2 --add /dev/sdd16:01
TeTeTttx: let me check the CD, maybe it's corrupted16:01
ttxTeTeT: the warnings above it are probably harmless16:01
TeTeTttx: is there an image for USB key for the server?16:02
ttxsmoser: done16:02
zroyschivoks: oh. now its recovering16:02
zroyschkinda scary16:02
ivoksit'll just sync sdd16:03
ivoksif that fails, you'll have sde and sdf16:03
zroyschright, im just fearful that more than one drive is dying16:03
smoserthanks, ttx.16:03
zroyschivoks:  i was told that partimage is good for backing up partitions, something about it leaving out the blank space?16:04
ivokszroysch: i doubt that16:05
zroyschso dd is the best.16:06
zroyschis there any way to compress on the fly so i can backup to a 1gb drive?16:06
ivokszroysch: well, you could use partimage16:06
ivoksand use compression16:06
ivoksthat way empty space would be preserved, but won't take space in image16:06
zroyschi see16:07
zroyschwell the rebuild will be done in 478.7minutes! i guess i'll wait until thats finished16:08
smosererichammond, ping16:11
sherrzroysch: clonezilla might be worth looking at for imaging a disk/part/MD. It can compress and save space.16:15
zroyschsherr: hmm i have a clonezilla disk around here somewhere.16:15
sherrzroysch: I'd let the sync complete first of course16:16
sherrzroysch: hopefully complete .. :-)16:16
zroyschyea crossing everything at this point16:16
TeTeTis euca_conf --discover-nodes --no-rsync broken right now?16:23
zulivoks: i uploaded your patch for bacula btw16:31
ivokszul: ok, great16:31
=== Nafallo_ is now known as Nafallo
mathiazivoks: hi - what's the state of the cluster stack?17:03
kirklandcjwatson: hi, around?  I'm working on a surgical debconf change in eucalyptus17:04
mathiazivoks: is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-cluster-stack up-to-date wrt to ubuntu-10.04-beta-1 work items?17:04
kirklandcjwatson: could use a second set of eyes17:04
cjwatsonkirkland: meeting, but send me a diff17:04
kirklandcjwatson: if you're not around, i'll just link a branch to the bug17:04
kirklandcjwatson: ack, will do17:04
mathiazkirkland: have you heard about promovox: http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Main_Page?17:05
kirklandmathiaz: yeah17:05
ivoksmathiaz: hi17:05
ivoksmathiaz: i'm waiting for MIRs to get to Fix released state17:05
mathiazivoks: there are bunch of them them that have already been fix committed17:06
mathiazivoks: do you need to seed any of them?17:06
mathiazivoks: or moving one package into main will pull all the rest?17:06
ivoksmathiaz: moving pacemaker would pull them all in17:07
ivoksmathiaz: having them in main asap would mean having FFE for rhcs sooner17:07
ivoksmathiaz: but i'm still waiting for green light on cluster-glue and cluster-agents17:08
* ivoks needs coffee17:11
mathiazivoks: ok - once cluster-glue and cluster-agents have their MIR accepted, what's left?17:12
mathiazivoks: upload a new version of rhcs that build with pacemaker?17:12
ivoksmathiaz: accepted MIRs for pacemaker and heartbeat (kees already gave +1)17:13
kirklandcjwatson: what's the best way to just print the value of a debconf database value from a command line?17:13
kirklandcjwatson: i just want to see if this db val is set properly17:13
mathiazivoks: which packages from the MIR list need to be seeded?17:13
ivoksmathiaz: then just rebuild rhcs with support for pacemaker, so that we get gfs2 for pacemaker17:13
cjwatsonkirkland: echo GET foo/bar | sudo debconf-communicate17:13
ivoksmathiaz: seeded? for cluster task in tasksel?17:13
cjwatsonkirkland: or 'debconf-show <package name>'17:14
mathiazivoks: nope - to move the packages in main17:14
kirklandcjwatson: cheers17:14
ivoksmathiaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClusterStack/MIR17:14
mathiazivoks: in order to make the move to main the packages need to be either seeded or be pulled in by another package17:14
ivoksmathiaz: pacemaker would pull them all in17:14
mathiazivoks: and rhcs would build depend on paceamker?17:15
ivoksmathiaz: yes17:15
ivoksmathiaz: pacemaker-dev17:15
mathiazivoks: allright then17:15
mathiazivoks: and what's the state of drbd?17:15
ivoksmathiaz: FFE is waiting for someone to tak a look at it17:15
mathiazivoks: ok17:16
mathiazivoks: has the FFE for rhcs already been filed?17:16
ivoksmathiaz: no, i didn't fill it cause it would build-dep on pacemaker, which is in universe now17:16
ivoksmathiaz: i fiugred that there's no point in doing that before pacemaker is in main17:17
mathiazivoks: well - better start early17:17
ivoksmathiaz: ok, i'll fill it tomorrow17:17
ivoksmathiaz: regarding dovecot17:18
ivoksmathiaz: it now supports conf.d, so we could move all our config into one file17:18
mathiazivoks: which version?17:19
ivoksthe one in lucid17:19
mathiazivoks: you mean to merge dovecot-postfix.conf into dovecot.conf ?17:22
ivoksmathiaz: no, put dovecot-postfix.conf into /etc/dovecot/conf.d/17:22
ivoksmathiaz: dovecot.conf will read it if it's there17:23
mathiazivoks: ah ok!17:23
mathiazivoks: how does overrides work?17:23
ivokssorry, my brain is slow17:23
ivoksmathiaz: everything works except auth17:23
ivoksbut auth can be renamed17:23
mathiazivoks: ie what happens if there is a service already defined in dovecot.conf and redefined in conf.d/dovecot-postfix.cong?17:23
ivokssecond is used17:24
ivoksthat's the whole idea17:24
ivokslda doesn't work that way17:24
ivoksbut that's not that bad, cause we will point lda to right location in postfix's config17:25
ivoksanyway, i have it all sorted out, i just need to do it17:25
mathiazivoks: hm - I'm not sure that would help solve the issue17:25
mathiazivoks: the problem is that people try to edit dovecot.conf and it doesn't work17:26
kirklandcjwatson: I *think* this is what I need (untested) ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/384506/17:26
mathiazivoks: because dovecot-postfix.conf is used instead17:26
mathiazivoks: using conf.d/ would just move the problem17:26
mathiazivoks: people would try to edit dovecot.conf and things would not work17:26
ivoksmathiaz: this will be exactly the same as apache2.conf and /etc/apache2/conf.d17:26
mathiazivoks: right - it depends on how dovecot.conf is built17:27
mathiazivoks: IIRC apache2.conf doesn't have anything defined in it17:27
mathiazivoks: or rather things are only defined in conf.d17:27
ivoksmathiaz: oh, it does have17:27
cjwatsonkirkland: that looks OK to me17:27
ivoksconf.d overrides it17:27
cjwatsonkirkland: nit: s/it's/its/ :-)17:27
mathiazivoks: the most important point here is that options should *not* be defined in two different places17:27
ivoksmathiaz: i understand17:28
kirklandcjwatson: can you confirm that eucalyptus/cloud-address should be set correctly when eucalyptus-udeb.finish-install runs on the CLC install?17:28
ivoksmathiaz: idealy, dovecot.conf could be split into couple of small configs in conf.d17:28
cjwatsonkirkland: oh, you should copy the stanza for eucalyptus/cloud-address from eucalyptus-udeb.templates to eucalyptus-cc.templates17:28
mathiazivoks: exactly17:28
kirklandcjwatson: ack17:28
cjwatsonkirkland: yes, it will17:28
mathiazivoks: conf.d/pop3.conf, conf.d/imap.conf, conf.d/auth17:28
ivoksmathiaz: but that leaves us with problem of providing custom config that overrides it17:29
mathiazivoks: yop - it's the same problem again17:29
cjwatsonkirkland: oh, wait, not quite17:29
ivoksmathiaz: we need interface like postconf17:29
mathiazivoks: yeah - something like that17:29
kirklandcjwatson: looks like it's available in eucalyptus-udeb.postinst17:29
cjwatsonkirkland: not quite, one moment17:30
mathiazivoks: may we should drop dovecot-postfix.conf for lucid (as it's an LTS) and revisit the issue for L+1?17:30
cjwatsonkirkland: you want http://paste.ubuntu.com/384509/ as well17:30
ivoksmathiaz: what about those that already have it installed?17:30
mathiazivoks: the current dovecot-postfix configuration makes upstream unhappy17:30
ivoksmathiaz: i'm aware of that17:31
mathiazivoks: hmm.. existing users can just keep their configuration17:31
mathiazivoks: and we can delete the dovecot-postfix package on upgrade via update-manager17:32
ivoksmathiaz: not really; config changed17:32
mathiazivoks: under the assumption that nothing is done to configuration files when dovecot-postfix is removed17:32
mathiazivoks: hm - right - if we drop dovecot-postfix then the init script would pick up the wrong file17:33
kirklandcjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384506/17:33
ivoksmathiaz: and dovecot-postfix.conf from karmic wouldn't work with dovecot from lucid17:33
ivoksmathiaz: cause config scheme changed a bit17:33
cjwatsonkirkland: that's the same as your previous link17:34
kirklandcjwatson: gah, http://paste.ubuntu.com/384513/17:34
ivoksmathiaz: i'll figure out something during the weekend17:34
mathiazivoks: hm - so even if we kept dovecot-postfix for lucid, we'd still need to mangle the configuration to upgrade to lucid?17:34
ivoksmathiaz: yes, iirc, yes17:35
cjwatsonkirkland: hm, maybe ditch the long description from the copy of the template in eucalyptus-cc.templates since it makes less sense there, but otherwise LGTM17:35
kirklandcjwatson: thanks17:35
mathiazivoks: hm... seems that the first step is to figure out what the new conf.d/ integration could look like17:36
mathiazivoks: and then see how to handle upgrade/conversion of the dovecot-postfix configuration17:36
ivoksmathiaz: building two dovecot binaries that would conflict each other isn't an option, right? :D17:41
mco1I just upgraded samba to 3.4.0 and now encounter various problems.17:45
mco1I use samba as a domain controller, and now the Windows XP machines say the domain controller isn't available, while the windows 7 machines say access denied.17:45
mco1The shares seem to work, though.17:45
mco1smbstatus or testparm don't give any noticeable errors.17:45
ivokstake care17:47
mco1i already read about some common errors at: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/samba-pdc.html#id256248917:55
mco1but that didnt help17:55
trinity33hi anyone here?18:05
mco1yeah, but looking for help myself.18:08
mco1what do you need?18:09
trinity33i need to know few things:)18:11
trinity33forst one is use msigt725 laptop its high spec very good one whats happen is when i restart karmic in the beginning there is no cpu or ram use cpu is like 1% and 60mb ram used cpu spes q90002,4ghz and ddr2 4gb so when i restart my lappy there is not usage after i log in but after i open different applications mozilla sound players etc etc my18:14
trinity33my cpu is going to 40% 50% and ram to 1gb and doesnt stop18:14
mdeslaursoren: bug #528027 still present :(18:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 528027 in vm-builder "vmbuilder crashed with AttributeError in set_defaults()" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52802718:15
trinity33it look like applications i start use ram and cpu and when i close them18:15
trinity33they dont release my ram or cpu18:15
trinity33every app i open use new part of ram in the  end i need torestart18:15
trinity33so any advice?18:15
mco1never heard of that before, sorry.18:17
trinity33second question18:17
trinity33i have double sound card18:18
trinity33acl1200 analog digital and hd48x0 ati hdmi i cant make it work18:18
trinity33tried everything many imes18:18
trinity3310 times fresh ubuntu install different drivers and nothing has changed18:19
trinity33i have 5 speakers inside but max i got was broken analog trough one speaker18:19
trinity33is there any way to make it work?18:19
trinity33when i plug in externel speakers then the sound is wokring propelly18:20
trinity33and it doesnt from internal speakers dont knwo why18:20
mco1hm. this does sound more like questions for the #ubuntu channel18:21
trinity33so soud like what?18:21
trinity33i dont use ubuntu?18:21
mco1you use ubuntu server and have that kind of problems?18:22
trinity33karmic is ubuntu right? my sound doesnt work under kamic if it was under win7 them microsoft forum18:22
trinity33so where i can look for help?18:23
mco1without the "-server" part18:23
trinity33aha ok so my ubuntu is a server one as far as i know why are i asking me to go to ubuntu?18:23
mco1I'm sorry. Your problems just did seem like desktop-problems, not server ones.18:26
guntbertmco1: because its not common to have multimedia issues on servers18:27
mco1Still, I need help with my samba primary domain controller. Anyone interested in helping?18:27
guntbertmco1: i'm interested in the problem but due to lack of samba knowledge I cannot help18:29
mco1Thanks for responding, anyways.18:29
subanyone here got a list of auditctl rules i can use as a baseline?18:59
subor know of*18:59
pmatulisto change fqdn do i need to change sysctl values for both kernel.hostname and kernel.domainname ?  what i'm reading says just the former19:05
kirklandnxvl: ping19:15
kirklandnxvl: i see you're maintaining terminator?19:16
nxvlkirkland: pong19:16
nxvlkirkland: yup19:16
kirklandnxvl: and i see that it's pycentral?19:16
nxvlkirkland: that's my fault :D19:16
kirklandnxvl: heh, i have a question19:16
nxvlIIRC, yes19:16
kirklandnxvl: i'm working on a different package, also pycentral19:16
kirklandnxvl: i'm trying to build an empty transitional package19:16
nxvlalthough i didn't actually package it, just tweaked the packaging a little bit19:17
kirklandnxvl: but when i add that to debian/control, and rebuild, the main binary package is now basically empty19:17
nxvlthat's weird19:17
nxvli had the same issue with augeas19:17
nxvli fixed it...19:17
nxvlone sec19:17
kirklandnxvl: is it pycentral?19:17
kirklandnxvl: and has a transitional package?19:17
nxvlno, that's C19:17
nxvlah, now i remember19:18
nxvlthe issue i had at that time was that there wasn't .install files19:18
kirklandnxvl: right, same problem here19:18
nxvlso the packaging was just ignoring it as an empty package19:18
nxvlonce i create the .install packages i started getting stuff into the packages19:19
nxvlbecause when it is a multiple binary package it needs to start deciding which of the files go to which binary19:19
nxvlif there isn't a way to decide that it simply doesn't add anything19:20
kirklandnxvl: it kind of defeats the purpose of pycentral, though doesn't it?19:20
nxvlkindof, i didn't had that problem with terminator because it a single binary package, so i don't really know how to do that19:21
kirklandnxvl: right19:21
nxvli'm just telling you my experience with augeas, where i've a multiple binary package and saw that issue19:21
nxvlbut, it isn't pycentral, is C19:21
nxvlthe one that should know is pochu, i'm not sure if he is still around -motu, but you can find him in #debian-python @ oftc usally19:22
nxvlhe is indeed in -motu19:22
mco1Still, I need help with my samba primary domain controller. Anyone interested in helping?19:24
modcan a / partition be successfully copied with 'cp --preserveall'?  And /proc and /dev will come out right?19:39
Insytemod: I don't think so, no.19:42
InsyteFor example, /proc is not a real filesystem.19:42
_rubeni tend to exclude stuff like /dev /sys /proc when copying complete systems19:42
InsyteIn my experience, "rsync -a" is better at capturing sockets, symlinks, etc.19:43
InsyteAnd /dev is udev managed (plus all the virtual filesystems under it are also not something you'd want to cp).19:43
Insyte"rsync -ax /" would be a good starting point.19:44
Insyte(It won't descend into the various strange filesystems.)19:44
modwhat about tar?19:46
InsyteHmmm... I haven't experimented with much for this kind of thing.19:47
InsyteBut I'm sure it would be better than cp.19:47
modi have a / fileystem i want install on a partition that slightly smaller19:48
InsyteYou want to move it to a different partition?19:49
InsyteYou can't just resize the one it's on?19:49
modsorta the last resort19:49
modgparted gui doesn't show blocks, just MB19:49
modhmm maybe the cmdline does19:50
InsyteI would just use the CLI tools.19:51
InsyteWhat filesystem?  Ext3?19:51
modboot and root are ext419:55
modthis is a new 9.10 system19:55
sherrInsyte: you can cp a filesystem like / OK (I did it last night). Use something like : cp -dpRx / /mnt/newroot19:57
InsyteGood to hear; I've had some bad experiences in the past so I tend to shy away from it.19:57
InsyteAlthough they were probably with non-Gnu cp... :)19:58
modis ther a way to specify blocks when resizing with gparted?20:24
moder sorry,  parted (not gparted)20:25
modso that I can synch things up with output i see from fdism20:25
InsyteThe math is pretty straightforward.20:29
modit lists it in 10ths of gigabytes20:29
modits not exact enough20:29
modparted that is20:29
modi.e the filesystem i need to shrink is 10.7, and the tarted is 10.220:30
modin fdisk i can see block sizes20:30
modwere this a blank disk I could do this just in fdisk20:30
InsyteHave you already shrunk the filesystem?20:30
modi want to shrink it to the right size20:30
InsyteI've done it this way:20:30
InsyteBoot into a rescue cd20:30
modyeah there...20:31
InsyteShrink the fs (resize2fs)20:31
modshrink it too small20:31
modcopy it in20:31
modand expand to fill the partition?20:31
InsyteShrink in place.20:31
InsyteThen resize the filesystem.20:31
modresize to what size?20:31
InsyteThen grow the filesystem.20:31
InsyteNo need to copy it back and forth; just resize in place.20:31
modi have to copy the filesystem over at some point to the target drive20:32
modthe problem gaina, is that the src fs is too large on a larger partition20:32
Insyteshrink the fs20:32
Insytein place20:32
InsyteThat's what "resize2fs" is for.20:32
sorenmdeslaur: Can you show me the exact command line you're using now? And any config files as well.20:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #528684 in postfix (main) "Google/chrome install failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52868420:46
mdeslaursoren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384658/20:52
mdeslaursoren: which config files?20:52
sorenmdeslaur: If you need to ask, none.20:53
mdeslaursoren: hehe :)20:53
sorenmdeslaur: Err.. It works in bzr, and I don't think I touched that after I released 0.12.1, but I agree it doesn't work with the packages. Very odd.20:55
sorenmdeslaur: Oh, hang on.20:56
sorenmdeslaur: No, it's not.20:56
sorenbug #52802720:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 528027 in vm-builder "vmbuilder crashed with AttributeError in set_defaults()" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52802720:56
sorenmdeslaur: It was never marked Fix Released.20:57
* mdeslaur hangs head in shame20:58
sorenbug updated. :)20:58
mdeslaursoren: I'm really sorry about that...for some reason, I thought 12.1 was the fixed version20:59
sorenmdeslaur: No worries. No more than a couple of minutes wasted.21:00
mdeslaursoren: I owe you 4 minutes and/or UDS beer21:01
sorenmdeslaur: Rock 'n' roll.21:07
kringelli am trying to recursively chown some dir's and files, however it wont traverse down because of bad directorynames (blank spaces and such). How can pass this hurdle? Or, what should i google and read up on..21:10
guntbertkringell: chown -R ?21:11
kringellyes... :D21:13
kringellsorry to bother21:13
kringellproblem it's always at the most stupid point21:14
_rubenif that's the solution, i wonder how you tried to accomplish it in the first place? :)21:15
kringell_ruben: i had troubles with tose dirs earlier, because of their naming, now i was stuck in that mindset and missed the "-R"21:16
kringellsee, troubleshooting the connection for an hour just to realize the cable is unplugged21:17
sorenmdeslaur: 0.12.2 uploaded.21:41
melteris this the right place to discuss server lucid alpha 3?21:46
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew_
InsyteIs there somewhere I can look to figure out how the netboot kernel was built for a particular release?21:50
InsyteWhich drivers are built in, etc.21:50
InsyteI suspect I may need to add an additional driver to the initrd.21:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #528720 in irqbalance (main) "Keyboard stuck with irqbalance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52872022:01
riboI'm guessing ubuntu karmic won't work with the 2.6.20 kernel becuase mountall requires something that .20 doesn't put in /proc22:19
lamontI'd be very surprised if it did22:20
lamontit didn't really like the jaunty kernel very much, for that matter22:20
ribomountall has now killed two little projects of mine :/22:20
ribois there anyway to not use mountall22:23
InsyteOK, I've established that I'm missing some drivers from the netboot initrd.gz.  Is there an easy way to get them without rebuilding that version of the kernel?22:38
InsyteI see the udebs are in the /pool.  Is it, perhaps, the generic-di kernel?22:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #528750 in clamav (main) "package clamav 0.95.3+dfsg-1ubuntu0.09.10 failed to install/upgrade: vereistenproblemen - blijft ongeconfigureerd (dup-of: 528751)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52875023:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #528751 in clamav (main) "package clamav 0.95.3+dfsg-1ubuntu0.09.10 failed to install/upgrade: vereistenproblemen - blijft ongeconfigureerd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52875123:26

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