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yotuxI tired installing LTSP test case and my thin client will not boot03:33
yotuxany idea on how to track bugs down?03:33
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yotuxI did test case for ltsp and the thin client doesn't boot should I file abug on ltsp?06:45
aragood morning all!06:58
thekorngood morning ara07:09
arathekorn, good morning!07:09
arathekorn, how is UNE looking in Lucid?07:10
thekornara, I using it for 3 days now, and it works like a charm07:11
arathekorn, nice :)07:11
thekornthere are only a few minor bugs I've already reported07:12
thekornand this bug where default GNOME is launched at first boot,07:12
thekornwhich only seems  to happen if the user is using an existing $HOME07:12
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aramorning primes2h08:16
primes2hara: Hi ara :-)08:17
araprimes2h, there is already a laptop report :)08:18
primes2hara: I saw it, it's about karmic, but It's ok anyway. I had to change page layout for that. :-)08:20
primes2hara: That user contacted me by email, he didn't know that the other project had been closed in 200508:22
primes2hara: and he was surprised about that.08:23
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davmor2morning all10:44
aramorning davmor210:45
thekornhello davmor210:45
shadeslayerhi i ran the kubuntu lucid iso in kvm... and : http://imagebin.ca/view/SV3xUt.html12:22
shadeslayerkvm command : kvm -m 512 lucid.iso12:22
davmor2shadeslayer: which iso?12:24
shadeslayerdavmor2: the 64 bit Kubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 ISO12:24
shadeslayerweird right?12:25
shadeslayerwhen i write it to a USB it works fine12:25
davmor2shadeslayer: no /dev/kvm which is odd.12:27
shadeslayerdavmor2: lemme try the karmic iso12:28
shadeslayeruh oh12:28
shadeslayerlooks like a problem with kvm :)12:28
davmor2what does dpkg -l kvm12:29
shadeslayerdavmor2: http://pastebin.ca/181172412:31
davmor2shadeslayer: okay that's weird12:31
shadeslayerdavmor2: the pastebin or the fact i dont have /dev/kvm?12:32
shadeslayerok ill just reconfigure it12:32
davmor2shadeslayer: has kvm ever worked for you?12:33
shadeslayerdavmor2: yes12:33
shadeslayeri used to work fine when i installed it,about a month ago,then i stopped using it and used it today12:34
davmor2shadeslayer: what happens if you qemu -m 512 lucid.iso instead?12:34
shadeslayerdavmor2: same thing12:36
davmor2shadeslayer: have you had any updates todate the covered the kernel?12:37
shadeslayerdavmor2: um nope12:37
thekornyou are using kvm the wrong way12:38
shadeslayerthekorn: eh?12:38
thekornit has to be -cdrom bla.iso12:38
thekornso for example   kvm -m 512 -cdrom lucid-desktop-i386.iso12:38
shadeslayerthekorn: hmm works! :P12:38
davmor2thekorn: oh ar didn't spot that :)12:39
shadeslayerthekorn: thanks :)12:39
thekornno problemo12:39
shadeslayerapparently plymouth didnt like my graphics card,so im testing it out on a vm12:40
davmor2thekorn: I'm to used to using virt manager :)12:40
thekorndavmor2, actually I never used kvm directly, I've used testdrive alot recently, and ps aux showed me how it is using kvm12:41
thekornso I figured a -cdrom is missing12:41
shadeslayerstill didnt boot fully12:44
shadeslayeri get a loading bar at the bottom and then everything is black :)12:44
shadeslayerbleh.. looks like its in a loop12:50
shadeslayershows a terminal o/p and then a black screen12:50
primes2hara: I'm trying to moving old project subpages instead of just copying them as I did before. If I try to delete the /Old page and the subpages I have to wait a lot and then i get an error.12:55
shadeslayerthekorn: ^^12:56
thekornshadeslayer, I think there is a bug somewhere where ubuntu boots into a black screen on some hardware12:57
thekornbut I've never seen it in a vm12:57
shadeslayerthekorn: yeah with plymouth in place i dont have a boot up screen,land directly in KDM :P12:58
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cr3alexmoldovan: problem fixed, please try to reproduce the inconsistent error message. also, please reboot all the laptops in the lab when you have a moment15:33
hggdhI consistently get a black screen on either KVM or VBox (for the server)15:46
hggdhon VBox I then hit right(ALT-CTRL)F1, and can get to vterm 1. On KVM I do not know how to...15:47
thekorn_hggdh, you have to use the qemu monitor, ctrl-alt-2 to get there15:54
thekorn_and there run    sendkey ctrl-alt-f215:54
hggdhthekorn_: ah... thanks, did not know that (was trying to RTFM, but not as easy to find it out15:58
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hggdhcan someone check the samba tests for server whole disk install?17:51
kamusinquestion: I am new on testing cases in the tracker and I have some questions about it.. actually I have finished a OEM  installation and I had one problem with a paragraph (maybe ubiquity or translation team bug).. so what result do I  choose passed or failed?  is this explication clear .?? thanks20:30
kamusina note about all this was I finished all process without crashed (under Lucid Alpha 3), just this detail20:31
charlie-tcaIf the install completed and you can use the system, normally it passed20:32
kamusininstallation was completed fine, just is a problem with a text that is not displayed correctly20:33
charlie-tcaminor bug, then. passed and file the bug report or comment on the bug report that is already filed20:34
kamusinahh super charlie-tca :), I'll do that20:36
charlie-tcaWelcome to testing20:36
kamusinthanks charlie-tca20:58
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:59
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