TakyojiHow do you release a SWAP partition from being used?00:27
kermitTakyoji: swapoff00:27
TakyojiApparently there was two seperate SWAP partitions...00:40
* Obsidian1723 For anyone who does not know, CompTIA made all certifications expire and to need renewing in 3 years time. In a reversal of the decision due to uproar, it is now only for certifications that are obtained AFTER December 31st, 2010 that will fall under this new, no-longer-lifetime-certification policy.21:21
* Obsidian1723 So in short, if you want a lifetime cert from CompTIA, you have until the end of THIS year, to pass and do it.21:22
tonyyarussoGood to know.21:33
tonyyarussoAlthough the idea of a lifetime certification is downright laughable21:33
Obsidian1723Masters, Bachelors, those are lifetime.21:33
tonyyarussoBecause people forget.21:33
Obsidian1723Ministrial Creditials, also lifetime.21:34
Obsidian1723I think lifetime certs are cool, but you need to continue learning.... not have go renew for stuff you have already passed. What if you had to go renew your high school diploma, would you like that say ever 5 years?21:35
tonyyarussoYeah, but those a) took a lot more work to get in the first place, b) are more likely to be actively practiced continuously, c) are impractical to re-do, since they're an entire program and not just a test, and d) are less likely to be looked at in hiring for successive jobs after the first few.21:35
Obsidian1723I'd be like: Dude, I'm 43 fucking years old.. I dont need that shit and do not have the time. I'm actually too busying DOING it, to STUDY it.21:35
tonyyarussoIf you *know* it, as the cert. claims you do, you don't need to study.21:36
Obsidian1723I dont want to STUDY hostory, I want to CREATE history.21:36
tonyyarussoJust walk in, take test, walk out.  30 minutes of your time spent every few years is hardly significant.21:36
Obsidian1723Tony, what certs do you hold?21:36
tonyyarussoObsidian1723: LPIC-1, Novell21:37
tonyyarussoObsidian1723: oh, and Windows XP admin21:37
tonyyarussoNot too bad really.  I used the O'Reilly book for most of my studying, which was well-written for that.21:39
tonyyarussoThe main trip-up there is that the book is for the old test, so the sections on newer stuff like CUPS and X.org developments were a little harder.21:40
Obsidian1723I stil lsay a deal is a deal... As for a) they took longer, which is the only reason they took more work. b) Not all knowlege gained in school is used daily. I never use the fact that Colbus "discovered" America - other than as an example like this. c) You can "test out" on grades in school. d) true.21:41
Obsidian1723I should go take it... that one I know I could pass without studying.21:41
tonyyarussoum, learning about Columbus would not happen in college :P21:41
tonyyarussoor at least I sure hope not21:41
tonyyarussoyou also can't test out of courses in college in most cases21:41
Obsidian1723I was referring to grade/jr/high school.21:41
tonyyarussoYeah, but elementary and secondary school has no bearing on a Masters degree, which is what you brought up.21:42
Obsidian1723If they require time, lab work, true, but if it's just a test....21:42
Obsidian1723Tony, have to learn how to read and write before you can get a Masters. Gotta crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. It has bearing.21:43
tonyyarussoA high school diploma isn't an actual honor you hold; it merely allows you to go on to the next step.21:43
Obsidian1723The same could be said true about an AA or BA degree.21:43
tonyyarussoYes, it's part of the *process* of getting from birth to a Masters degree, but nobody is going to look at your Masters degree and say "oh good, they know cursive".  That's not what it's for.21:43
Obsidian1723There is always the "next step". CCENT > CCNA > CCNP > CCIE21:44
Obsidian1723I'm just saying it all plays a part.21:44
tonyyarussoThe issue here is what the actual certificate SAYS to an employer, which is strictly the last step you completed.  In the case of a Masters, that last step matters.  If your last step is 9th grade, nobody cares about that.21:45
tonyyarussoYou're looking at it from the applicant's perspective, but the real issue is the reviewer's perspective.21:45
Obsidian1723They only care about the end result, which is technically wrong. I mean, so as long as you have the paper, you know what you are doing? No way.21:46
tonyyarussoIf someone walks in with a resume that says they got a Linux+ certification 40 years ago, as a hiring manager the conclusion I could reasonably draw from that about their knowledge and skills would be nothing whatsoever.21:46
Obsidian1723I wouldn't trade my 32 years experience in computing for all the letters in the alphabet after my name and on papers.21:46
* tonyyarusso sighs at the logic fail21:46
tonyyarussoYes, experience is important.21:47
Obsidian1723no logic fail..21:47
tonyyarussoThat doesn't make lifetime certifications less dumb.21:47
tonyyarussoSeparate categories.  Limit the scope creep for the discussion.21:47
Obsidian1723Then BAs should expire too, high school diploma,s etc21:47
tonyyarussosee above21:48
tonyyarussoA technical certification is in no way comparable in scope to a college degree.21:49
Obsidian1723Well, if they give lifetime, then they should be lifetime... not change the rules, that's all.21:49
tonyyarussoIt's not changing the rules - it's having rules that are appropriate for each level of training.21:50
Obsidian1723No, it's more focused, less broad then a college degree, but then again, unless I am disecting frogs that some how make it into a server, I don't need to know biology :)21:50
Obsidian1723Tony, it's changing the rules. Look..the deal is, you pass the cert, its for life. Period. Now, after you pass, they go "Oh.. no... wait... now it's every 3 years.' That's changing the rules, is it not?21:50
tonyyarussoThe very fact that I can renew my certification in the span of about an hour should be a clue to the difference here.21:51
Obsidian1723I can renew mine too that way, but thats not the point....21:51
tonyyarussoI'm *NOT* talking about CompTIA changing their policy right now.  I'm talking about whether anyone should have ever offered lifetime certification in the first place.21:51
Obsidian1723The point is the changing of the deal. What if you make a salary of $75k a year and one day they decide to change it to $50k?21:51
tonyyarussoand your employer could in fact do that, and then you could quit.21:52
Obsidian1723"what do you have ? A+?" <-- that is a different topic. I'm syaing, don't change the rules. You are saying that they shouldn't be lifetime in the first place.21:52
Obsidian1723"'m *NOT* talking about CompTIA changing their policy right now.  I'm talking about whether anyone should have ever offered lifetime certification in the first place." <-- that is a different topic. I'm syaing, don't change the rules. You are saying that they shouldn't be lifetime in the first place.21:53
Obsidian1723time to trash this keyboard.21:53
tonyyarussoSo, you were arguing with me about something I never said?21:53
Obsidian1723Not arguing at all.21:54
_diablololz at chat log.21:54
tonyyarussoquick, everyone turn on _diablo !21:54
Obsidian1723Whether they should be lifetime, that's debatable. I think that be it an IT cert or a college degree, both require continued education and experience.21:55
Obsidian1723I think they should be lifetime, and you need to look at what the person has done since then.21:55
tonyyarussoand I think you don't understand the purpose of certification :)21:56
Obsidian1723Sure I do.21:56
Obsidian1723to make money for the certifiers :D21:57
Obsidian1723You get much use out of the certs you do have?21:58
tonyyarussoI guess some - I put them on a resume and got an interview, so yes.21:59
tonyyarussoHaven't had any of them for very long - just over a year for the oldest.21:59
Obsidian1723ah right on...22:03
Obsidian1723I just got a few recently myself, even though I've been at this forever and a day, just never took the time until recently...22:03

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