dpmcjohnston, sorry for the late notice, but would you mind delaying the meeting in ~1h by 30 mins?15:09
cjohnstondpm: to what time please?15:27
dpmcjohnston,  16:30 UTC (just 30 mins delayed)15:28
cjohnstonI thought we already had delayed it to 1630 for newz200015:29
dpmcjohnston, ah, that's fine then, you already talked :)15:29
dpmok, yeah, that was it, then :)15:29
cjohnstonokie.. see ya in an hour15:30
cjohnstonI'm here, whenever you two are ready.. :-)16:21
cjohnstonNo rush16:21
newz2000hi, will be ready in 5 min or less16:25
dpmok, I'm all set16:30
dpmcjohnston, newz2000: so, on the last meeting we were saying that cjohnston would be the driver for this project, and that we'd need a spec for understanding what's involved, discussion and coordinating the work16:31
dpmcjohnston, I see you've created a blueprint and added some actions at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+spec/website-localization/, thanks a lot for that.16:31
newz2000ok, I'm ready16:31
cjohnstonfirst time making a spec, so i hope its decient16:32
dpmsure, I hope you had fun with blueprints in LP :)16:33
cjohnstonI've done another one now too.. And that project is going quite well..:-)16:33
dpmHowever, there is still one pending item we talked about: having a spec in the wiki linked to the blueprint, following (more or less) the template at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecTemplate16:33
dpmThe same thing we do at UDSs when we flesh out the roadmaps for each team.16:34
dpmHere's an example:16:34
dpmBlueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/lucid-qa-community-testing-translations16:34
dpmSpec: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/TestingForTranslations16:34
dpmWe could reuse the existing page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebsiteLocalization/Roadmap, but it might need to be expanded a bit16:35
dpmcjohnston, ah, I mixed up the pages... great, there is a spec in the wiki as well :)16:36
* newz2000 had not seen that yet16:36
cjohnstonI added the spec to the blueprint16:36
newz2000that looks like a fair summary16:36
dpmcjohnston, ah, you've just linked it now. I read the blueprint this morning and I coldn't see it. Great, that looks good16:37
cjohnstonDidn't know about linking it.. hehe16:37
cjohnstonThe spec I do believe was in the email though. :-)16:37
dpmyeah, I went straight to the blueprint, though16:38
cjohnstonAll good16:38
dpmok, that's what we need to get the ball rolling16:38
newz2000dpm: you mentioned a concern about burdening some of the people who will be working on this16:39
newz2000(during a normally busy period of time)16:39
dpmyeah, we're aproaching Lucid16:39
dpmand people is getting more and more busy16:39
cjohnstonI have a question.. Do we want to put this on the M cycle then?16:40
cjohnstonUse UDS as a launching point? I don't know if newz2000 is ok with this16:40
newz2000I'm OK w/ it but:16:40
newz2000a: I don't know that all people who will particpate will be at UDS, so we may use it as a milestone, not a locastion16:41
newz2000b: I think we have untapped technical potential that is not tied up w/ Lucid launch16:41
newz2000(so we may be able to start earlier on that side if we want)16:41
newz2000(that's it)16:42
cjohnstonI am up for whatever...16:42
dpmI think we can start with an announcement, and see how it goes, but simply not commit with Lucid from the start16:42
newz2000yeah, I'm totally in favour of that16:42
newz2000cjohnston: didn't you suggest targeting May?16:42
dpmnewz2000, where do you think we can coordinate this? would the ubuntu-website mailing list be a good place?16:43
newz2000I think that would be excellent16:43
cjohnstonThat was my thought, that way people can still focus on Lucid.. I don't know how much work this is going to be, and the possibility of taking away from Lucid16:43
newz2000Does it make sense to deliver the technical implemetnation first and then do the tranlsations as step 2?16:44
cjohnstonIMO, without the translations, there is no need for technical implementation16:44
cjohnstonbut thats just my opinion16:45
newz2000you're leading this. :-)16:45
dpmcjohnston, there is some work to do in setting up a project in LP and exposing the translations, but I think it should not be much of a problem16:46
cjohnstonyou two both have more experience though... So if you recommend something, its more than anything I have to go off of.16:46
newz2000Let me ask you a question...16:46
newz2000if we have only one or two languages but otherwise it's working, do you think it will be good enough to launch?16:47
newz2000(and add translations as they come on)16:47
newz2000The implication is that it needs to work first and foremost, and have at least one or two translations16:47
dpmnewz2000, yes, but I'm pretty certain that when the technical implementation is working, we'll get lots more of just two :)16:47
dpmlots more of just than 2 translations, I meant16:48
cjohnstonRight.. I think we need some sort of translations as a start... Then implement it.. and get the word out..16:48
newz2000right, my point is that the technical part may be more critical16:48
cjohnstonand then get more tanslations16:48
cjohnstonI see what your saying16:48
dpmI agree with newz2000, the implementation is what's most important here16:48
cjohnstonOkie then...16:49
dpmI can provide a couple of translations for testing, that wouldn't be a problem16:49
newz2000ok, that's cool16:50
dpmand I'm sure other Ubuntu translators will as well16:50
newz2000Even partial translations can be used for testing16:50
cjohnstonTechnically: This page is the X language can be used for testing16:50
newz2000So before translations can start there needs to be a source to translate from16:51
cjohnstonPlus that would allowe me to see it works right.. lol16:51
newz2000what was decided regarding ES where there are many loco teams and a variety of resources?16:51
cjohnstonI don't remember there being any specific decisions..16:52
newz2000Do we create one ES page that lists all the resources?16:52
cjohnstonI remember what you and I had talked about was trying to get as many as possible.... and then if there is none specific to what the user has default fall back on the default es16:52
dpmnewz2000, we can put it in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebsiteLocalization/Spec#Unresolved Issues, we'd need more input from LoCos for that16:52
newz2000cjohnston: would you do that?16:52
newz2000My question about it is:16:53
newz2000if we choose to have es-mx and mx has few resources, would it be better to show them all of es?16:53
dpmSome big teams have got a central16:54
dpmcoordination forum or mailing list16:54
dpmso perhaps they could be directed to that16:54
cjohnstonBut then the other issue, es-mx and es-something else, the same word has two different meanings16:54
newz2000right. How bad is this? Can it be avoided using careful wording?16:55
cjohnstonI don't know..16:55
* newz2000 doesn't expect you to know, just a question16:55
cjohnstonI know I run into the issue with my line of work16:55
cjohnstonand thats why I bring it up16:55
dpmnewz2000, it can be avoided using the standard variant of the language16:55
newz2000ok, that's good16:56
newz2000So we need to identify what languages this could be problematic for16:56
dpmThe Spanish translation team uses the same variant for all countries/regions.16:56
newz2000I know Spanish and English both need to address it16:56
dpm-> another action for the spec16:56
newz2000(and yes, i'm suggesting there be an EN translation too :-) )16:56
cjohnstonthen that would probably be bestoh no16:56
dpmyeah, en_GB16:57
cjohnstondunno what I was saying16:57
newz2000btw, my reasoning for there being an EN translation is so that this script can be used by the loco teams that don't speak English16:57
newz2000so what are the next action items?16:58
dpmI must go in a few minutes, shall we wrap up with a summary of what we've discussed? Otherwise, you two can continue after me, I'll read the logs16:58
cjohnstonI'm adding the Unresolved Issue of how to handle languages with multiple LoCo teams...16:59
newz2000also what languages need to deal w/ multiple locale dialects (or whatever the proper name for taht is)16:59
cjohnstonNeed to create an LP project.16:59
newz2000we need to create a source document16:59
cjohnstonUse the website ML for communication17:00
newz2000I will submit a visual mock-up for what I see the end result looking like17:01
cjohnstonCreate a LP project17:01
cjohnstonI think that's about it?17:01
dpmnewz2000, I think that would be a great help17:01
dpmthe visual mock-up17:01
newz2000also decide on the final URL structure for translated docs17:02
newz2000(that needs to be done)17:02
dpmanother item for unresolved issues (or pending discussion)17:03
dpmwe can start with regular meetings as well, what do you think?17:03
cjohnstonI'm fine with that.17:04
newz2000when will the next meeting be? Same time (as originally scheduled)?17:04
dpmbiweekly meetings would be fine for you guys?17:05
cjohnstonIn two weeks I will be on a beach with a beer in my hand17:05
cjohnstonAnd my wife would kill me if I got online for a meeting17:05
dpmno worries17:06
cjohnstonOoo.. I could talk to some poeple about es_MX tho17:06
newz2000:-) Lets meet next week to discuss the technical bits. dpm need not attend I think.17:06
newz2000Actually, cjohnston: lets aim for Thursday17:07
cjohnstonnewz2000: I'm open.. Your call17:07
newz2000cjohnston: ok. before lunch or after?17:07
cjohnstonDoesn't matter17:07
dpmnewz2000, sounds good to me. I can be there if I've got time, but I'm also fine with skipping if you don't need me on that one17:07
cjohnstondpm: we always need you.. ;-)17:08
newz2000cjohnston: either 11:30 your time or 3:00 your time?17:08
dpmok, I really need to go now. Is everyone clear with the plan before the next meeting, then?17:08
cjohnstonYup.. Thanks dpm !17:08
newz2000dpm: yep, thanks a bunch17:08
cjohnston1130 newz200017:08
newz2000ok, got it on my calendar17:09
dpmno worries17:09
dpmhave a great weekend!17:09
cjohnstonYou too dpm !!17:09
newz2000great. It sounds like we're a little close to action.17:10
newz2000I'm working on a screenshot now17:10
cjohnstonnewz2000: so should I take and create a seperate LP project from the ubuntu-website project then?17:10
* newz2000 ponders17:11
newz2000I'm not sure17:11
newz2000Yeah, maybe17:11
newz2000to avoid intermingling bugs17:11
cjohnstonwebsite-localization too long?17:12
newz2000cjohnston: no, I don't think so17:15
newz2000cool. I'll upload my graphic to the wiki, but first I must catch the IS team before they leave for the day17:18
cjohnstonI'm about to take off.. We can catch up later if your still around17:19
newz2000ok, sounds good17:20

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