Lostinspace_46Yet another keys and repos question.  Any and all help will be appreciated.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/384017/00:00
pdg1FTP client says: 500 OOPS: vsftpd refusing to run with writable anonymous root. what did I do wrong with the server config file?00:00
kierenDBeets: Yeah00:00
Guest51742Typos_King, trying now - thanks00:01
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daroluLostinspace_46: try running apt-key with sudo00:01
kierenDBeets: I have mounted to /media/cdrom00:01
Guest51742Typos_King, i already have that installed.....(?)00:01
kierenThen tried to play it with: vlc /media/cdrom00:01
Typos_KingGuest51742:     b43-fwcutter, no, you have to get it from the repos.... the .o files you can dl from that url00:01
Guest51742Typos_King, it says it's already installed...i'm purging it and reinstalling it now00:02
Typos_KingGuest51742:     k, then if it's already installed, run the lines it has there, to include the firmware files, and reboot when done00:02
RanyAlbeg Hi , im trying to add repository but im getting the following output http://sprunge.us/NBRg after executing the command : add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ubuntu-tweak. can you help?00:02
DBeetsKieren: have tried opening the VTS_01_0.IFO file in the VIDEO_TS folder?00:03
Guest51742Typos_King, it seems like the only line to run is apt-get install b43.....  am i wrong?00:03
DBeetsYou'll probably have to make vlc lookf for "All Files" not just media files00:03
Lostinspace_46darolu  Well DUH!  Sometimes in the heat of battle I miss the obvious stuff.  Thanks.00:03
daroluRanyAlbeg: what Ubuntu version are you running?00:03
Typos_KingGuest51742:       check in Bash if it's installed, type b43-fw<tab>00:04
daroluLostinspace_46: :p yeah it happens, I hope it worked.00:04
Guest51742Typos_King, I just purged it. im going to install now. but that link you sent me only says to install it - there's nothing else to do00:04
kierenDBeets: gives me a horrible sound and no picture00:04
kieren30 seconds long00:04
eni123hello everybody. A program needs libpython2.4.so.1.0 but I can't find it on the repo for ubuntu 64 bit. Any suggestion?00:04
Guest51742Typos_King, my output didn't look like his00:04
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Typos_KingGuest51742:       ... lemme check a better url00:05
pdg1upon further troubleshooting... I changed the anon_root setting to have a space before the path and its giving me an error with changing directories now00:05
RanyAlbegdarolu: 9.1000:05
DBeetswell we're getting somewhere :p00:05
kierenLet me try on local00:05
darolueni123: open a terminal and type: apt-cache search libpython2.4 you should find a package00:05
Guest51742Typos_King, thanks00:05
eni123darolu: already did, nothing, blank line00:06
willwhjust do00:06
daroluRanyAlbeg: go to System - Admin - Software Sources, click on the second tab and add the repo from there, you just need to paste this: ppa:tualatrix/ppa00:06
eni123darolu: athere is for 2.6, 3.0 and 3.100:06
Lostinspace_46darolu, Bingo...sometimes I worry about me.  Thanks again00:06
denniscollectivewhat handles those desktop notifications in the new versions of ubuntu?00:06
willwheni123: apt-cache search libpython00:07
VCoolioRanyAlbeg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+bug/51376400:07
eni123willwh: that yields the lib for versions 2.6, 3.0 and 3.100:07
kierenvlc VTS_02_0.IFO00:07
kierenVLC media player 1.0.2 Goldeneye00:07
willwhyes, so those are the lib versions available to you00:07
kieren[0x9fc9140] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.00:07
kierenAll I get on local00:07
willwhwith the repos you have loaded00:07
FloodBot1kieren: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:07
kierenNo video/sound00:07
willwheni123: do you need a specific version?00:08
darolueni123: installing python2.4 should work: sudo apt-get install python2.400:08
ahuangHey guys, I have a fresh install of ubuntu karmic. How would I enable pulseaudio on here?00:08
eni123darolu: already did that too. It doesnt' work00:08
eni123willwh: yes, that version libpython2.4.so.1.000:08
willwheni123: what do you mean it doesn't work?00:08
VCoolioahuang: pulse is default on ubuntu00:08
pvl1hwere can i find the name of my wireliss nic00:08
Paddy_NIRanyAlbeg: try this "sudo apt-get install python-software-properties"00:09
eni123willwh: that the program wants libpython2.4.so.1.0, the shared library, not just python2.400:09
ahuangVCoolio: applications will steal the sound away. I can't use flash player along with rhythmbox00:09
DBeetsKieren: :( it's working fine for me coming from my htpc and I see the same things00:09
eni123willwh: "error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.4.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"00:09
seanbrystoneis there a way to suspend a program like vbox into the background, and log out and have it resume when log in?00:10
willwheni123: because that doesn't exist in the repo00:10
willwhwell, defaults00:10
willwhall I see is, 2.6, 3.0 & 3.100:10
eni123willwh: I know, where do I get it for 64bit?00:10
DBeetsLet me grab a dvd a sec00:11
eni123willwh: ah ok, are you on 64 or 32?00:11
daroluenil123: are you trying to compile a videogame? I had this problem installing epsxe like a year ago, installing 32-bits libraries worked00:11
willwhjust 32bit I'm afraid00:11
kierenDBeets: doing a vlc /media/cdrom/VIDEO_TS seems to attempt to play the DVD00:11
willwhbut ye, they should work for you00:11
Typos_KingGuest51742:       http://imsky.org/t/10560111258.html00:11
eni123darolu: yes, galcon, how do I install 32 lib?00:11
kierenI get the horrible sound/no picuture but the durations change as if it's playing chapters00:11
Guest51742Typos_King, thanks - checking it out now00:11
dumbasswhy wont youtube go fullscreen?00:11
slycohi all00:12
ahuangVCoolio: any ideas?00:12
darolueni123: yeah, my program (epsxe) was 32-bit based so I had to install 32-bit libraries, I found them all here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/00:12
daroluyou just have to search for them.00:12
RanyAlbeg VCoolio: Thank you very much.00:12
Paddy_NIRanyAlbeg: Which version of ubuntu are you using?00:12
VCoolioahuang: not really, I use alsa, doesn't have the feature anyway00:12
eni123darolu: you downloaded them manually?00:12
RanyAlbegPaddy_NI: thats ok , that was a wrong ppa. thank you.00:13
DBeetskieren: huh, it doesn't work locally for me either00:13
Typos_Kingdumbass:    try unchecking the 'Enable Hardware Acceleration' by right-clicking on the flash object00:13
DBeetsPS. if you can't tell I'm kinda making this up as I go :p00:13
kierenThat's okay00:13
kierenGood to have someone on my team :D00:13
darolueni123: yes, manually and manually installed them too, you need to copy them to the 32-bit folder; I don't remember the step by step procedure but that was the idea; I'll be back home in like 40 minutes, I'll be able to see the computer where I have epsxe installed then; if you want to wait :P00:13
Paddy_NIRanyAlbeg: no problem00:13
Guest51742Typos_King, thanks - i'm going to reboot to test..be back00:14
AHelper2Hello!  How do I remove a package without removing dependencies?00:14
dumbasstypos_king wheres the flash object? you mean the video itself on youtube?   theres only settings and adobe flash when i right click the youtube video...00:14
kierenDBeets:  What did you put in your export file?00:14
pdg1does anyone use an FTP server?00:14
Guest50267what is a good app to get song in and out of ipod touch 2nd gen, rythmbox can see the ipod and i can access the files on nautilus , but amarok or songbird do not recognized it any suggestions thx00:14
eni123darolu: LOL it's 1.15 am here in italy, I don't know where you live :P I don't know if I'll still be here in 40m anyway as you log in check for me :P00:14
daroluGuest50267: you'll have to jailbreak it I think00:14
xanguaGuest50267: have you tried with gtkpod ¿00:14
willwhpdg1: yes00:14
dumbasstypos_king i did that i unchecked it but its still not going on full screen00:15
Guest50267it is jalibroken00:15
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:15
pdg1willwh, what are you using?00:15
Guest50267thx for that info00:15
Typos_Kingdumbass:    ...   h.... can't say... this is only in youtube?00:15
grobda24AHelper2, you could try pinning them.00:15
darolueni123: I'll try, in the mean while buona fortuna! (or how was it? en boca lupu?)00:15
ubotturockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!00:16
seanbrystoneis there a way to suspend a program like vbox into the background, and log out and have it resume when log in?00:16
dumbasswell typos_king i only tried it on youtube..i have a x64 ubuntu installation00:16
eni123darolu: buona fortuna, and in bocca al lupo, both correct :D your italian seems good ;D from?00:16
pete__Typos_King, didn't change a thing....00:16
scribawfupgraded grub to grub2 and lost my windows entry, how do I recover it, please00:16
darolueni123: México, I know a little bit of Italian, Spanish is very similar :P00:17
eni123darolu: comprendo ;D00:17
darolu!offtopic > self00:17
unopseanbrystone, not a graphical application (that depends on X) no -- as X itself is restarted when you log off -- but you can definitely do that for command line applications#00:17
joeblobmeganerd you still there?00:17
grobda24scribawf, you may have a backup list file in /boot/grub if ya lucky00:17
Typos_Kingpete__:   still isn't getting detected?00:17
seanbrystoneunop ah ,future ability, lets hope :)00:17
AHelper2would apt-get --force-yes remove dep.'s or ignore them?00:17
scribawfgrobda24;  yup I do00:18
joeblobstrange... /whois meganerd shows he's still here but he's not in /names00:18
rajyou know what really sucvks besides puleaudio these days... NVIDIA stopped supporting non SSE chipsets so anything older than P4 / AMD semp wont work at all with nvidia drivers.. i have an old amd 1300mhz computer i use as a media server/center connected to my 37 inch tv that only runs good with linux mint 5. because anything newer breaks my graphics. i tried everything with no luck. i guess nvidia really hates old computers. dont get m00:18
raj<raj> e wrong i have a good GFX card on it to run nice on the tv. but nothing after ubuntu 8.04 works nicely on that machine. i triedto compile older nvidia with no luck. :S00:18
DBeetsKieren: aparently we need to install libdvdcss00:18
pdg1willwh, I'm trying to get files from computer A on my network to computer B... setting up vsftpd isn't as easy as i thought.00:18
pete__Typos_King, no - would having ndiswrapper or bcmwl-kernel* installed make a difference???00:18
Typos_Kingdumbass... can't say... might be the libflashplayer.so version00:18
kierenI have done00:18
scribawfgrobda24: and then what I do with that list?00:18
grobda24scribawf, if you check it's fairly recent & has win entry in there then replace the menu.lst (I think it's called?). Make a backup of that file as well before you replace it.00:19
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Gstarshould you be using anything older than a p4 /sempron other than telling the time00:19
kierenWell, libdvdcss200:19
scribawfgrobda24:  thank you I suspected that would be the approach, but needed some coaching00:19
Gstaryeah use them as servers or to run legacy stuff but dont expect to run the latest00:19
grobda24scribawf, np :)00:19
daroluraj: ATI cards are worst, they stopped supporting a lot of cards since early 09; I also have an old computer to watch movies/etc, the best option is to stick with 8.04 :(00:20
pete__Typos_King, would those files work on all broadcom adapters? i see openwrt has a bunch00:20
odyiAnyone notice an update that now make gnome-terminal open at / instead of ~?00:20
DBeetsI'm reading this: http://wiki.videolan.org/Common_Problems00:20
Gstarif you got new hardware why upgrade the os makes now sense00:21
Typos_Kingpete__   makes me wonder...  yes, the files are just firmware, 9.1 already includes drivers for broadcom chipsets, they just don't include the drivers.... I wonder firstly why isn't it showing up in lspci at all, it'd show at worst as Unknown00:21
Gstarold hardware*00:21
Typos_Kingpete__ which makes me wonder if you have a broadcomm chipset device at all :{00:21
pete__Typos_King, i checked out hp's site - says broadcom..if it was an intel - im sure ubuntu would pick it up..right? any other suggestions?00:22
Gstarbroadcom works fine in 8.0400:22
Typos_Kingpete__  so, you don't know, all you know is waht 'they' say00:22
Typos_Kingpete__  either way, it'd show in lspci, do a lspci and paste it in a pastebin00:23
kierenDBeets: did you say you can play a dvd over nfs?00:23
pete__Typos_King, ok one sec00:23
DBeetsKieren: yeah, it's a ripped DVD.00:24
pete__Typos_King, http://pastebin.com/R889raX000:24
DBeetsare you getting this? ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called00:24
raj<darolu> YEAH i know it really frustrates me.. why do they do that? older drivers shouldnt break with newer kernels some people still use OLDER hardware... linux community should do this.. they are turning like microsoft where older hardware is no longer effecient supported00:24
YounderIs there somthing that can thunk onto the X messaging system and recorp/play windows inpu alla what expect does to console based apps?00:24
kierenOh, okay00:25
Gstarno raj linux isnt thats the thing if one distro is doing that you can always use another00:25
kierenNo, not getting that00:25
Gstaror stick to LTS00:25
daroluraj: Yeah I know, they are interested in selling newer cards only; anyways I use ATI cards and the open source driver is not bad, doesn't beat the propietary one though00:25
Typos_Kingpete__  I don't see it :{00:26
Typos_Kingpete__  how do you know you have one hehe00:26
pete__Typos_King, there's a wireless button on the outer casing00:26
pete__Typos_King, all of these models come with it00:26
DBeetsKieren: well my issue seems to be with my drive. VLC will read the disk title then abandon ship.00:26
daroluraj: my card is not even THAT old, is ~4 years old only and I need to use 2.6.24 or previous kernel00:26
pete__Typos_King, I was told it worked with Vista00:26
Gstarthing is you have the windows mentality upgrade .. upgrade00:26
rajGstar i am stuck on 8.04 on my older machine because nvidia stop suporting non SSE chipsets older than p4/amd semp thast why im mad. i trie dto compile older drivers 96.xx with no luck under the new kernel00:26
DBeetsKieren: I gotta go afk for a bit00:27
kierenThat's okay00:27
Gstarand whats wrong with 8.0400:27
kierenI think I'm going to just leave it and go to be00:27
kierenThanks for the help00:27
kierenI'll pop back tomorrow to share what I find00:27
Gstartbh when 8.04 gets discontiuned Im switching to debian or fedora00:27
rajdarolu i feel you my card is an nvidia 9500 gt but running on an amd 1300 so i guess im out of luck. im stuck with ubuntu 8.04/linu xmint 500:27
pete__Typos_King, any last suggestions?00:28
RandomCakeHi all, I'm running ubuntu 9.04 on a SheevaPlug and the internal storage is only 512MB, and I'd like to be able to have some packages installed to the internal storage, and some be installed onto a USB flash drive, is there any way I can do that?00:28
Gstarraj your missing the point of LTS00:28
rajGstar nothing is wrong with 8.04 but i have to manually compile all the new software that no longer have .deb for ubuntu 8.0400:29
Gstarah ok00:29
LinuxGuy2009Does there happen to be any backports of cheese, for use in 8.04 LTS so that I can lower my webcam capture resolution lower to get better frame rates?00:29
Typos_Kingpete__     get a live-cd with utilities to probe for a full hardware list.... also.... have you checked in 'dmesg' log yet?   does it show any errors or loads for a Network adapter?00:29
LinuxGuy2009The regular repo package doesnt have that feature.00:29
grobda24LinuxGuy2009, you could try the package search web page00:30
Gstarraj but your going aqgainst the LTS by installing newer versions against the repos00:30
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willwhpdg1: use scp :)00:31
pete__Typos_King, i'll look in the logs now - where on the live cd is the hardware probe?00:31
rajGstar i cant exactly live with firefox 3.0 forever and cheese 0.4 and gimpp 1.xx i believe00:31
pdg1willwh, will google :P pretty easy to setup?00:31
rajGstar and oopenoffice 2.4 :S00:31
slycoi downloaded and went through the installer for rockbox and it said it doesnt run on 4th generation ipods00:32
pete__Typos_King, the only thing in dmesg about wireless -> 13.975613] lib80211: common routines for IEEE802.11 drivers00:32
Gstarraj yeah for certain apps its ok as long as its not everything00:32
willwhpdg1: cake walk00:32
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slycois it possible to make rockbox work with 4th generation ipods?00:33
Gstarraj if you need everything up to date choose a diff distro00:33
pdg1willwh, sweet deal... I was starting to look at other options. thanks :D00:33
TmanI'm installing ubuntu in a chroot (I used debootstrap) and apt-get is encountering an error within the chroot: start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused00:33
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Gstarraj debian and ubuntu are about stability00:33
Typos_Kingpete__     I don't mean necessarily in your live-cd, any other live cd ap00:34
pete__Typos_King, like the ubuntu live cs?00:34
rajGstar i will play with puppy linux this weekend and see if i can get nvidia working under the new release ( older nvidia drivers that support non sse)00:34
Gstarraj maybe try centOS00:35
Typos_Kingpete__    assuming it picks it up..yeah.... I mean thus far all you have is a hearsay.... they say it's this or that brand... but it seems that... who knows00:36
Typos_Kingpete__ I have a broadcomm chipset adapter and works fine in 9.100:37
Typos_Kingbut it also shows up in lspci00:37
Gstarraj sorry you need support for older hardware00:37
pete__Typos_King, ok thanks00:37
rajGstar ill keep centOS in my mind :) thx of rteh suggestions.. i already have Slitaz too and will try it as well .. i got nothing better to do on sundays :)00:37
Gstarraj centOs is a good choice if you want to keep up with the latest00:38
teageI extracted a virus from virtual box running windows. Im running Ubuntu 9.10 and i want to know if its possible to open a .exe file to view whats inside.00:38
Gstarteage with a hex editor yes00:38
rajGstar do you have any idea what kernel they are using?00:38
x_lads.. is it normal for mirc to run extremely laggy under wine?00:38
jpdsteage: Run clamscan against it?00:38
avi_this may belong in Ubuntu+1, but has anyone tested Alpha 3 yet, and can confirm if flash works?00:39
teageI ran avast jpds00:39
teagewhat would clamscan do that avast couldnt i wonder00:39
Typos_Kingx_:    running mirc in wine? hehe no kvirc or xchat?00:39
Gstarraj not off the top of my head no00:39
teagei extraxted the exe from the exe with avast00:39
rajGstar okz im on the site will check00:40
Craig_DemNo reason to use mIRC.00:40
Craig_DemUnless you use scripts.00:40
teagei will check the repos for a hex editor00:40
x_xchat ..for some reason wont allow my bnc to connect.. i googled the error but others have had the same problem and it wasnt solved.. and kvirc ..i completely forgot about . ill try that .. im using konversation atm .. its okish00:40
Gstarteage you said look inside how do you mean how it works?00:40
vi390having problem to get a missing screen resolution added to the resolution dropdown. Have tried adding section in xorg.conf without success. Whatelse can I do (I want it to be available for all users on the box)00:40
teageGstar; exactly.00:41
DebianUTAnyone tried Lucid alpha3 in vmware?00:41
alex__is the kernel located in /boot?00:41
Gstarteage then a hex editor is what you need but you need knowledge of assembley language00:41
Typos_Kingx_:   iirc   pidgin also does irc00:41
kraetzjaits been a while, are there still 'cutting edge' patchsets for linux-sources or has development kinda slowed?00:42
x_like i said ..; i cant connect to my bnc via xchat00:42
teageGstar: google serves me well and what i cant find or learn, someone from the channel might now. I will find what i need to know.00:42
teageIm just curious is all00:42
Gstarteage have you ever programmed?00:43
teageI was able to view it with winrar but it looked like a bunch of mumbo jumbo00:43
teagegstar: no, just scripting00:43
rwwDebianUT: Lucid support and discussion goes in #ubuntu+1 :)00:43
Gstarteaage will be even more so in a hex editor00:43
teageGstar: i have read a bit though about programming00:44
Gstarjust delete it and be done00:44
kraetzjawhat is linux-next?00:45
GstarIve programmed in c++ pascal visual baisc c# and hexa is still over my head if it gets complex00:45
GstarIve done some nood reversing but trust me it will be over your heaf00:45
teageGstar: well thats what i mean, windows uses c++ do they not, specially for exes00:46
DebianUTrww: thank you00:46
AHelper2What would cause OpenAL to return these values?  http://pastebin.com/6bEj7tMc00:46
Gstarteage yeah but you cant reverse it to the language you have to reverse it to machine code00:46
frankS2openAI is much more cooler00:47
frankS2teage: lol00:48
teageGstar:maybe is a waste of time to dissect it. but maybe i can find the coding on the Internet somewhere.00:48
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teageI just have too much time on my hands is all. Gotta stay busy ya know.00:48
Gstarteage no harm in trying it might be over your head but you get familar with it so if you want to learn its not totally foreign00:49
shiftyif it was programmed in vb you could use a debugger00:50
enav_Visual Basic?00:50
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shiftyya, that was for teage00:50
Gstarteage either way its not going to infect your linux box unless its a root kit which is unlikely00:51
dsnydersHI all!   Is there an apt-get/aptitude command to see what I've got installed00:52
enav_Virus + Linux  really unlikely00:52
teageGstar:Yeah, Im not worried about my linux. i just extracted it just now.00:52
boss_mc!clone | dsnyders00:52
ubottudsnyders: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate00:52
teagethere are 6 files00:52
teagebut i cant view them00:52
teageim going to check fot that hex editor00:52
enav_i dont know whether wine is ablo to manae reg like MS does00:52
Gstarwhat are the 6 files?00:52
jribdsnyders: aptitude searh '~i'  if you wish00:52
shiftywhat are the extensions00:52
boss_mcdsnyders: adapt the first of those commands00:52
dsnydersboss_mc, jrib, thanks00:52
Gstarlinux does not shoe .exe extensions by default00:53
Spokeshas anyone installed ubuntu in VMWare and was able to get network connectivity to work00:53
teageGstar: .adata .aspack .data .rdata .rsrc .text00:53
airtonix!who enav_00:54
justin22885does anyone know of any pidgin plugins that would allow me to see, and type in a variety of font? i like to see more than black text in a chatroom00:54
enav_hey guys i got a question00:54
Gstaropen .aspack in a text editor00:54
enav_im trying to join to this channel using emphaty00:54
xanguajustin22885: black text¿00:54
teageGstar:the exe is called conime.exe00:54
enav_but don workt at all00:54
teageGstar: I tried. Itried gedit and geany00:55
enav_what i need to do00:55
airtonix!enter | enav_00:55
ubottuenav_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:55
Gstarteage open in gedit00:55
anarki2004anybody know how I can get a video to stretch across both monitors in a dual-display setup?00:55
Typos_Kingteage:   gedit or geany don't do hex viewing, just ascii IIRC00:55
shiftyanarki2004, are you running compiz?00:55
anarki2004shifty: yes, and xinerama00:56
enav_what i need to do to log in on this channel using empathy00:56
shiftyanarki2004, there is a setting in the compiz configuration to make dual act as one00:56
teageGstar: cant. says  could not open the file, select a charater coding from the menu and try again00:56
xanguaenav_: creat an irc account00:56
shiftyanarki2004, i don't remember where it is though, hehe00:56
anarki2004shifty: well if you know its there, i'll look around00:56
Gstarits defo hex then00:56
airtonixenav_, 1) create an irc account with emapthy 2) join a channel. 3) ??? 4) profit00:57
enav_<xangua> irc account???  how00:57
Gstardo a search for hex editor in add/remove00:57
codexveritasLinux is for mentally retarded bitches who ate too many lead paint chips as babies00:57
teagewow, there are quit a few hex editors in the reps00:57
xanguaenav_: open the program, search for the account manager, add an irc account00:57
codexveritasBlack death upon  all Linux users : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wm_eMQxX9E00:58
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Typos_Kingsomeone forgot his meds refill00:58
Gstarcodexvertigas no you dont use it00:58
codexveritasGstar you do and that proves it00:59
Gstargo point and click little girl00:59
enav_ok i did it00:59
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enav_network is Ubuntu server00:59
Gstaryou stick with your slow bad memory hqandling os that needs rebooting every other day01:00
enav_that guy is trying to hack this place01:01
Typos_Kingyou know, hate requires acknowledgement and discomfort, usually from a conservative slumbered mind, in order to hate something, it must be so new and unorthodox that you have to acknowledge it and make you feel threatened01:01
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Gstarhe needs to stop using windows then01:01
anarki2004i feel as if I would have been banned much more promptly if I did the same thing...01:02
SpokesDoes anyone have advice in getting network connectivity to work when ubuntu is installed in VMWare01:02
enav_so that mean i cant do simple questions here?01:02
Gstarvmware should work out of the box be more specific01:03
SpokesI install VMWare and then install ubuntu, but I do not have any network connectivity - no errors, it just doesn't work01:03
SpokesI'm using NAT01:04
hansderagonGreetings.  Stupid question, but in Hardy, is there a gui to create a new gpg key?01:04
hansderagonI fail to find an option in the menus to do so.01:04
Gstarspokes typr ifconfig from a shell01:05
teageI use windows, For experimental purposes, Exploits Remote attacks Etc Etc. Purely Educational purposes of course.01:05
Gstarwhat does it show01:05
teageAgainst my own machine!01:06
SpokesIt shows eth0 and lo01:06
Gstarteage windows has its uses cant beat it for gaming01:06
airtonix!ot > teage01:06
ubottuteage, please see my private message01:06
histoAlright there has to be a volume control for systray that can be installed on openbox. Does anyone know of one?01:06
SpokesIt provides information about the ethernet card01:06
teageGstar: i do agree with the gaming.01:06
Spokesand lo is a loopback01:06
airtonixhisto, if you use tint2 then the systemtray it provides works with any gnome app01:06
Tmanmy repos are screwed up somehow, and apt-get is saying that it can't find certain packages..01:07
Gstarwhat information though can you put it in pastebin01:07
mecoI'm having a problem with the Totem video player in that it only plays at super slow speed. Does anyone know what could cause this?01:07
histoairtonix: but what is the app for volume control gnome-volume-control is part of gnome01:07
histoairtonix: thats what i'm using is tint2 with their systray just can't find a volume control then I need to find a power button01:07
airtonixhisto, http://urukrama.wordpress.com/openbox-guide/01:08
alex__what happens if i try to mount a partition to directory which already has some files in it01:08
teageubottu: Why these are ubuntu support related topics. Im using the OS and queering for knowledge on specific UBUNTU related topics01:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:08
* Typos_King hands ricardo a /01:09
Gstarshould be quit then exit01:09
airtonixteage, your talk of using windows is not on topic.01:09
mecoOr ig noone has any clue, where should I find someone to ask since there isn't a #totem channel on this network01:09
Gstarnever type exit when admin man never get out lol01:10
Typos_Kingmeco...... a long long while ago.... I used to use totem...Xine-UI works great for me :)  sooo01:10
teageairtonix: No you are correct, my talk of how to open exes from Ubuntu is on topic.01:10
Gstarman * mysql01:10
histoairtonix: looks like that project is dead no downloads no source. and its not on the ubuntu repos either.01:10
airtonixteage, not going to argue with your selective memory...01:10
SpokesGstar - I can't copy from the VMWare window into pidgin since IM is running from the host01:11
mecoTypos_King: Ok. then I'll try and install that!01:11
teageairtonix:then hush01:11
Typos_Kingteage:  you decided to probe the .exe... so get the hex editor/viewer and probe it, about the execution, either do it on a virtual box or a win32 session, anything else, I'd not think is channel relevant per se01:12
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Gstarspokes Im probably to pissed to hel you now anyway but Im just shutting my vbox server down will let you know what I have on that should help01:12
histoAnyone else know of a volume control for systray I can use with tint2 and openbox?01:13
airtonixhisto, which project ?01:13
histoairtonix: that gtk-tray thing01:13
airtonixhisto, gvtray ?01:13
xanguahisto: with tint2 you can use gnome's01:13
teageIm interested in the coding, weather it be windows or not, Im working from an Ubuntu OS so i think its very relevant. C++ python all relevant (hex editor)01:13
Typos_Kinghisto:..... can't say....I use kmix, but that's kde, but runs on the tray of my WM just fine01:14
teagegeeze wiz01:14
histoxangua: the gnome one doens't hav ea package. I dont' want ot have to install gnome just to get a volume control.01:14
Gstarspokes you got the option for bridged adapter before booting the vm?01:14
Typos_Kingteage:   relevant to #c++ or #python yes01:15
AndyGraybealwhat is a command to see how much memory usage is happening?01:15
* AHelper2 hates audio01:15
AndyGraybealthank you shaggy01:15
Typos_KingAndygraybeal:    free01:15
airtonixhisto, http://oliwer.net/b/volwheel.html01:15
shaggy_or free01:15
AndyGraybealthank you Typos_King  :)01:15
Gstarteage the language dont make much difference when reversing its all hex01:15
Gstaryou need a hex editor to reverse01:16
SpokesGStar - when I boot the VM I don't get any option. Should I set it to bridged adapter and then restart the VM?01:16
shaggy_How can i have an LG that has a 1 GB FS and fill it with 2.3 GB of data?01:16
shaggy_its /tmp and i used dd ??? Is something wierd here?01:16
Viking667I've got a machine that doesn't boot past a certain stage. Problem is, I don't know why.01:16
xanguahisto: if you use pulse i think is gnome-pulse-applet01:17
Viking667Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.28 from 9.04, normal startup sequence doesn't get any further than the fsck of filesystem completing. Neither does the "rescue" entry01:17
histoxangua: package doesn't exist i'm gong to try to get volwheel to work.01:17
Gstarproblem is viking neither do we when asking questions like that we need more info01:17
Viking667If I use a 2.6.31 kernel, it all works wonderfully.01:18
shaggy_How can i have an LV on my lvm  that has a 1 GB FS and fill it with 2.3 GB of data? its /tmp and i used dd ??? Is something wierd here?01:18
Viking667I wish I knew what else to give you. I honestly do.01:18
Typos_KingViking667:   clean installs most often do :|01:18
Gstarstick to that kernel then01:18
Viking667Can't. It's got a memory allocation bug that tanks most 3D programs I want to run.01:19
DarkSpiritI've installed PXE etc and I can boot from the network. Problem is it trys to connect to the web to download the iso. How can I get it to download it from the server/>01:19
Gstarwhat kernel you running?01:19
Viking667i.e. Imprudence, SecondLife, CoolPlus, OpenCobalt...01:19
Typos_KingViking667    so do a clean install of 9.04 then :|01:19
Viking6672.6.31-19, I think.01:19
Viking667uh, I don't have that option.01:19
Viking667... though I wish I'd been able to.01:19
jolarenI believe something is wrong with my cpu fan cause it sounds alot.. Can I check errors of the fan somehow? It's like it's not identified by acpi or something01:20
Viking667It's a system that's been going for about ... ooo.... three years being upgraded.01:20
Viking667I've cleaned out all the crap in intervening times that i can find.01:20
Typos_Kingjolaren:  sure, get the screwdriver out and start :)01:20
Gstaryou can download the latest from http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CAcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kernel.org%2F&rct=j&q=linux+kernels&ei=viGHS8HpNZ_-0gSR3enJCw&usg=AFQjCNFPaa5XvQVvUcRBRRoUKOTIkQOvdQbut is your own responsability01:20
Viking667three years might be a bit of an overstatement, maybe two.01:20
jolarenTypos_King, Hehe, it's not connected wrong01:20
Viking667the 2.6.28 worked fine with 9.04, as you'd expect. But when I'm trying to use it with 9.10, it simply stops dead, and I've no idea why.01:21
Typos_Kingjolaren:   so...you want to check the cpu fan from ... the screen?   .....k01:21
Gstarits 9.10 aqnd is not lts01:21
Viking667When it DID ever boot up, then none of the normal /dev/input stuff was in /dev/input, it was all in /dev. Ditto /dev/snd, and card0 wasn't in /dev/dri01:22
jolarenTypos_King, No, no.. I believe there's somesort of kernel error or something. The errors do not occure while in windows etc01:22
jolarenIt complains about ACPI in dmesg Typos_King01:22
pw-toxicdoes someone know an easy solution, how to to tell my server, that requests to a certain domain should be handled lokally?01:23
DarkSpiritI've installed PXE etc and I can boot from the network. Problem is it trys to connect to the web to download the iso. How can I get it to download it from the server/>01:23
Gstarviking a few tips stick with long term supported distos and dont do upgrades only fresh installs01:23
Typos_Kingjolaren..... it might be the acpi module... you can turn it off I gather, if it gives you hassle, not sure how that'd work for the poweroff feature.... but it gave me issues in 9.1 and I booted with acpi=off argument, and with that, it worked fine, just needed to power down using the power button :)01:23
bjhaidI am trying to install on my ubuntu9.10 machine and it says termcap no available can anyone help out01:24
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Gstarwont work typos01:24
Typos_Kingjolaren:    on others,not 9.1 it worked fine btw, it was just in 9.1, just hardware compatibilties issues01:24
Viking667install _what_ on your 9.10 machine?01:24
Gstaryou will have to manually shut off01:24
jolarenTypos_King, I see.. will have a look01:24
Typos_Kingright, that's what I did01:25
mistere357I have an Ubuntu 6.06 LTS server that I need to upgrade to 8.04 LTS.  It's a colo server so I cannot see a GUI.  The instructions (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades ) say to install "update-manager-core" and then run it from a terminal.  If I do that will it prompt me before actually making the changes?01:25
jolarenOne more thing.. What is this error? and how do I correct it? [   20.482870] type=1503 audit(1267122496.045:26): operation="open" pid=1476 parent=1475 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/"01:25
SpokesGstar - From what I can tell it does not recognize my wireless USB01:25
Gstarlol dont use 8.04 when I can and the only time I have had to use a newer version is on my laptop 9.10 nothing but trouble01:26
rwwmistere357: yes01:26
kajiHey, how do I add a folder to my executable path?01:26
[newbie]anyne have a dump?01:26
mistere357rww: thanks - I'll forge ahead!01:26
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* Typos_King has a dump, otherwise known as 'desk'01:26
Gstarsorry spokes you have to remind me what the issue was01:26
dsnyders[newbie], I've got a garbage can in the corner, if that counts.01:26
RussellAlanyeah, wrong channel lol01:27
Viking667another thing: a compiled 2.6.30-10 works fine, but with the same issues I mentioned in /dev01:27
Spokestrying to get network connectivity with Ubuntu running inside VMWare01:27
Gstaruse the older kernel then01:27
Typos_Kingbjhaid... termcap..  wha?  how old is the machine?01:28
Gstarlinux is not windows just because something is upgraded you dont have to use it01:28
Viking667I really want to find out (1) why 2.6.28 doesn't boot up past a certain stage, and why I don't get my devices appearing in the correct spot on anything but 2.6.3101:28
kajiHey, how do I add a folder to my executable path?01:28
Typos_Kingkaji   ^01:29
Viking667then export PATH01:29
kajiexport path?01:29
Gstarprobably because 2.6.28 is not a valid ip internally or externally01:29
Typos_Kingkaji:   you can add that line in your ~/.bashrc file01:29
Viking667Gstar: ....? what?01:29
NitsugaViking667, kaji, you can export and set a variable at the same time with export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/other/folder01:29
Viking667I'm talking about kernel versions, not IP01:29
Viking667yes, you can. But I'm used to working with sh as well as bash.01:30
Gstaroh kernel version01:30
Gstarstick to the one that works01:30
kajiso, can I sudo gedit ~/.bashrc ?01:30
Viking667but it DOESN'T work! It keeps torpedoing my 3D programs.01:30
kassykillerfacecan someone helpme diagnos my ,icrophone01:30
enavSay hello hello testing01:31
Typos_Kingkaji:   don't need to sudo to your own files, just to the sytem ones01:31
Gstarviking usae the older kernel then01:31
Viking667Gstar: gah. It doesn't BOOT UP!!!01:31
Viking667well, the kernel itself boots, but the Ubuntu system gets pissy with it or something.01:32
GstarI bet it would if someone who knew what they where doing01:32
Viking667And I don't know how to get it to cough up what stage it stops at.01:32
VTSkepticKaji, as long as you havd rights to do soe assigne01:32
Viking667Yeah, so do I bet that.01:32
kajiSo, just add the path=blahblah at the bottom of.bashrc?01:32
Viking667I may end up doing breadcrumbing just to get what I want.01:32
airtonixkaji, no01:32
kaji<- linux noob01:33
airtonixkaji, bashrc only loads when you run a terminal after you login01:33
Viking667there's .bash_profile, .profile and .bashrc01:33
Lewyhi, how should I properly fix damaged root lvm ext4 partition? (Ubuntu Server 9.10). I tried recovery mode once and got full lost+found. Is it so badly damaged or caused by running fsck.ext3 on ext4? I may try again as it's EXSi server and I have a snapshot.01:33
Gstarso vikingnwhat is your boot error01:33
Viking667PATH normally goes into .profile or .bash_profile01:33
airtonixkaji, you want : ~/.profile01:33
kassykillerfacei cant get my microphone to work?01:33
Viking667Gstar: simple. It stops.01:33
kassykillerfacecan someone help?01:33
UltimateMacUser1I'm having a bit of a problem.  I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 PPC on my G4 PowerBook.  When i try to run the "Ubuntu Software Center" and install something, i just sits there with the message "Waiting for other software manager to quit".   Problem is, i haven't got any other package or software manager running.01:33
Viking667I can reboot, of course. Three fingered salute works properly.01:33
kajik, well, I need to add a folder to the path so a script contained within runs on boot01:33
VTSkepticKassykillerface, check your alsamixer01:34
airtonixkaji, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables01:34
safeIs it possible to install Bmpanel2?01:34
Typos_King.... I added a PATH line at the end of ~/.bashrc   and works not only in the terminal :|01:34
kassykillerfacewhere would i find the alsamixer?01:34
Viking667it's a program01:34
Viking667type it in at a terminal.01:34
kassykillerfacein  what menu,  its not in my sound menu\01:35
Gstarwe dont support windows viking 3 finger sulute?01:35
Viking667If you don't have it, then you'll need to find out what package it comes in.01:35
airtonixkaji, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto01:35
Viking667Gstar: linux supports shutting down if you use Ctl-Alt-Delete01:35
joeblobhmmm... why do wireless nodes on my WRT54G only transfer at 10mbps?01:35
VTSkeptic<kassykillerface> Goto to a terminal and typoe alsamixer01:35
Viking667ittakes it as a signal to either reboot or halt, depending on a system setting.01:35
Gstarnot the same though01:35
Viking667Gstar: hm?01:36
teratornanyone have a clue why my netbook's keyboard's CAPS key generates "keycode 66 (keysym 0xff1b, Escape)", while the CAPS key on an external USB keyboard generates "keycode 66 (keysym 0xffe5, Caps_Lock)"... same keycode different keysym WTF?01:36
Gstarspeak in linux terms01:36
teratorni want both caps keys to generate ESC01:36
airtonixTypos_King, because you opened the terminal before you tested that it works elsewhere, therefore var exists now01:36
Viking667I've heard plenty of Linuxheads use that term too.01:36
safeCMake can't find X11 when trying to install Bmpanel2, how come?01:36
Viking667safe: did you install the header files?01:36
Gstarwell just ghet on with it lol01:36
Viking667for Xorg?01:36
kassykillerfacein alsamixer, there is no volume control for the mic.  the place is marked but there is no vlume leel indicater01:36
Viking667kassykillerface: hit tab. Watch what happens to the display01:37
safeViking667: Maybe not. Which are they?01:37
Viking667then hit tab aain01:37
Viking667safe: hang on a mo. I'll find out.01:37
safeViking667: Greatly apprieciated.01:37
coolkehonhow do i backup the list of installed programs01:38
Gstarlinux does not need the 3 fingers the noob versions have it01:38
Typos_Kingcoolkehon:   the list as in plain text list? orthe bunch of .deb files you downloaded?01:39
Gstartry a crtl alt del in mandrake01:39
xanguacoolkehon: open synaptic and export the list01:39
Viking667Might be xserver-xorg-dev, but I'm confirming that01:39
Viking667Gstar: does the same thing.01:39
kajiSo, I haven't gotten a hard answer. if I add the path=blahblah line to my ~/.profile file, will it enable the script I have in the folder I need to add to path to run on boot?01:39
Gstarmandrake not mandriva01:39
coolkehonTypos_King: i want to make a script i guess so that i can reinstall everything. i don't think i can remember everything i have installed atm01:39
Viking667my apologies, the package is  libx11-dev01:39
safeViking667: Thanks!01:40
Gstarand that was the easy disto back in the days01:40
Viking667Gstar: For mandrake, I believe the behaviour was the same. I haven't run it since 10.2 thoug, when they changed over to Mandriva01:40
Typos_Kingkaji:    I'd say the answer is, add it to ~/.profile   that gets executed upon loading, as airtonix pointed out, yes I do have a console open hehee, so01:40
Viking667I am still running 2009.1 now.01:40
Gstarits been mandriva sice about 1001:41
Viking667(or is that 2010.0)?01:41
Viking667Gstar: yes. Since 10.201:41
Typos_Kingcoolkehon:   http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/    <---  maybe is for you :)01:41
mistere357rww: the do-release-upgrade program told me what I needed to know.  Thanks.01:41
Viking667LuisfernandoGnu: turn off caps lock. then type  /join #yourotherchannel01:41
dromarHello, I have a question about putty, if I use it to connect on my computer with ssh, will I be able to use auto-completion, coloration syntaxe etc... like a real unix terminal ?01:43
greezmunkeyAptonCD rocks...01:43
zagabarI am getting an annoying error. The error is this: http://pallkars.net/~uploader/uploads/shot.PNG And I get it when adding the table rule "iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE". This don't mess up ampache, websites, ftp, ssh nor any other service that I have noticed except squirrelmail and thunderbird. I can still access the mail with mutt via ssh though. Some guy told me that this is probably an IMAP problem and I have dovecot 1.1.11. I am running01:43
anarki2004so if I have a guest account set up, and somebody runs a string of malicious code from within a terminal without root access, can they still cause problems for my computer, or only for that user?01:43
Gstardromar as long as its your ssh history01:43
GeminiDominoI've got a 5 button ("7 button" according to X. Wheel mouse with 2 side buttons) mouse. It seems to be detected fine, but the default actions for the side button are back and forward. While some people might like that, it's driving me nuts since I keep hitting the side buttons accidentally against the edge of my keyboard. Is there a way to reassign the action of those buttons? Google mostly just tells me how to get it detected (which01:44
GeminiDominoit already is).01:44
Gstarwill depend on your logon to01:44
greg__Hey, Im having trouble with my webcam... it does not work. can someone help me?01:44
GstarGeminiDomino stick to windows for games01:45
bigtom21485anyone know anything about wine?01:45
ricemark20opening home folder opens f-spot ubuntu01:45
GeminiDominoGstar: I do... why?01:45
Gstarbecause thats the one thing its good at01:45
bigtom21485alright i cant get virtuagirl hd to run properly01:45
GeminiDominoI mean why tell me that? I'm not talking about gaming01:45
GeminiDominoI just want to change what the buttons do.01:46
anarki2004bigtom21485: you serious?01:46
Gstaryour asking about config for a gaming pad no?01:46
Gstarprobably for a game that uses direct x01:46
GeminiDominoNo. For a mouse.01:46
DarkSpiritHow can I install Ubuntu from the network?01:46
anarki2004bigtom21485: pretty sure thats a windows app. you might be able to slap something together with wine, but I wouldn't know where to start.01:47
Gstargames are programmed for windows01:47
Viking667Gstar: hey dude. He's asking how to disable two mouse buttons.01:47
greg__Hey, Im having trouble with my webcam... it does not work. can someone help me?01:47
Viking667Nothing to do with games, windows or otherwise.01:47
rajGstar what the hell? the guy is asking how to make his mouse's 7th button not do anything.01:47
Gstarthe thing with wine your gonna need higher spec than to run on windows01:47
anarki2004greg__: did ubuntu find any drivers for  your webcam?01:47
GeminiDominoI mean, I guess in the worst case I could edit the xorg.conf and disable the two buttons entirely, but if I could remap them instead that would be better01:48
greg__nope anarki200401:48
Gstartrust me windows for gaming I hate the os01:48
anarki2004greg__: have you looked around for drivers that support your model webcam?01:48
greg__ya i cant find01:48
Gstarbut I keep it for gamng01:48
Viking667GeminiDomino: Personally, I'd suggest either switching sides with the mouse, (i.e. mouse on left hand side) or disable in xorg.conf01:48
rajGeminiDomino go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto01:48
dsnydersWhere does x get its default setup when there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf?01:49
NitsugaGeminiDomino, btw, your mouse has 7 buttons. Wheel up and wheel down are count as buttons 4 and 5 :)01:49
greg__When I type lsusb i get:01:49
greg__Bus 003 Device 002: ID 046d:c01d Logitech, Inc. MX510 Optical Mouse01:49
greg__Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:49
greg__Bus 004 Device 002: ID 03f0:171d Hewlett-Packard Wireless (Bluetooth + WLAN) Interface [Integrated Module]01:49
greg__Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub01:49
greg__Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04f2:b016 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd VGA 30fps UVC Webcam01:49
greg__Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub01:49
FloodBot1greg__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
greg__Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub01:49
anarki2004greg__: i'm not sure what to do if there are no drivers available01:49
anarki2004oh...pastbin buddy01:49
GeminiDominoNitsuga: I did say that. ;)01:49
nytek_how do you find out a flash drives id in terminal?01:49
Viking667greg__: so yes, it's installed.01:49
Gstarooh your mouse is supported what about the gfx01:49
Viking667now, is there a driver for it01:49
GeminiDomino raj: I saw that, but imwheel doesn't work (mid-click and right click both detect as left click) and it has nothing about changing the actions of the buttons01:49
AHelper2What package installs alsa/asoundlib.h?01:50
anarki2004greg__: it looks like you have a driver. where are you encountering an error?01:50
greg__when I go into cheese01:50
greg__or try to record on youtube01:50
greg__nothing comes up...01:50
fsyncwhat's the status of firefox distribution with ubuntu? is fx3.5 part of the standard distro?01:50
Viking667greg__: is there a /dev/video0 ?01:50
greg__what does that mean :)01:51
greg__im new to ubuntu01:51
Viking667that's a file01:51
greg__not such a techie ;)01:51
anarki2004in your filesystem01:51
Viking667you check in /dev for that filename01:51
greg__how do i get to /dev01:51
Viking667dmesg would also give you information, but you need to run "dmesg | less"01:51
anarki2004go to "places"01:51
Gstartime for bed01:51
Viking667Wow, you really are new, aren't you?01:51
greg__haha yea01:51
greg__just installed it today01:51
Gstaranyway service brain restart01:52
AHelper2Place, root?01:52
greg__so ya... places...01:52
Viking667lol. 's all right.01:52
GeminiDominoHrm... It looks like it's hard coded in firefox, if this guy is right. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131866501:52
Viking667kubuntu, you said?01:52
greg__what do i click after places?01:52
anarki2004scratch that01:52
Viking667Hm. I can't help out.01:52
AHelper2is it still?01:53
Gaming4JCHmm, anyone know why I would be getting "X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)  Major opcode of failed request:  73 (X_GetImage)" when trying to run programs in wine? ...01:53
Viking667My wife's kubuntu doesn't have "places"01:53
greg__no the file isnt there01:53
anarki2004trying to htink of the "windows" method for getting to /dev01:53
Viking667greg__: instead, look under Applications for a tool called "Terminal"01:53
Viking667Run it.01:53
Typos_KingVikings667    kubuntu doesn't have such, that's ubuntu01:53
kajiSweet! My touchscreen works now!01:53
AHelper2"ls /dev/video0"01:54
Viking667when you're inside it, type this:     dmesg | less01:54
airtonixanarki2004, nautilius /dev01:54
=== arleslie is now known as arleslie|sleepin
greg__ok i did it01:54
Viking667look for this:  WebCam01:54
greg__it isnt there01:54
Viking667To search, you use the / key01:54
greg__the only thing that is there01:54
* airtonix can't find webcam01:54
greg__is Video01:54
joebloblocal transfers on my wrt54g are more like 8mbps isntead of 54mbps01:54
Viking667like this:  /WebCam01:54
* airtonix can't find /webcam01:54
joeblobhow do I fix that?01:54
kajiHOWEVER, how do I make it work in the loginscreen?01:54
Viking667greg__: ah huh? video0  (not Video0)01:55
=== arleslie|sleepin is now known as arleslie
Viking667Linux is case sensitive. Repeat after me. Linux is case sensitive. Repeat after me.01:55
xTheGoat121xIs it possible to use xmacro/xbindkeys for only ONE program, rather than globally?01:55
Viking667so, no /dev/video001:55
AHelper2joeblob, is your network manager telling that the connection speed is less than 54mbps?01:55
* Typos_King slaps Vikings667 insensitively01:55
Viking667what about a /dev/v4l01:56
airtonixViking667, you will prefix your messages with your recipients name repeat after me, you will prefix your messages with your recipients name, you will prefix your messages with your recipients name01:56
joeblobit's the slow file transfer that is telling me that it's less01:56
Nitsugajoeblob, i think you are confusing terms01:56
joeblobwhich terms would those be?01:56
ki4cgpjoeblob, that is the difference between 54 Mbits/sec and 8Mbytes/sec01:56
mathesishow can i add script to init ubuntu ?01:56
joeblobI'm getting about 1MB/sec (10mbps)01:56
Nitsugajoeblob, the 54 in the wireless g speed is in mega BITS01:56
greg__viking667 it says by-id  by-path01:56
joeblobI realize that01:56
Viking667Ah huh.01:56
Nitsugajoeblob, and you get 8 mega BYTES01:57
joeblobwhich is why I expected I would be transferring faster than 8mbps01:57
Viking667But no /dev/video is there. I'm wondering about drivers.01:57
joeblobI get more like 1 mega BYTES01:57
joeblobwhen I should be getting 801:57
FloodBot1joeblob: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:57
Viking667in that terminal, quit out of the "less": use the q key.01:57
GeminiDominoAll right, so I'm screwed by FFx. Thanks anyway, guys. :)01:57
AHelper2wow.. pastebin a conversation?01:57
Nitsugajoeblob, are you using scp/sftp/ssh for transfer?01:57
Viking667darn. I've just had a goldfish moment.01:57
joeblobsomeone mentioned that since I'm using it as a gateway for WAN that it's limited to the bus speed of 10mbps01:57
Viking667ah yes.01:58
dsnydersViking667, a goldfish moment???01:58
joeblobdo I need to bridge two WRT54Gs together in WDS to get 54mbps on LAN?01:58
Viking667Do you know how to start a browser, and to get to http://pastebin.ca/  ?01:58
joeblobNitsuga: yes01:58
bigtom21485anybody know why virtualgirl hd wouldnt work with wine on ubuntu 9.10?01:58
airtonixViking667, we dont support goldfish here.01:58
Viking667dsnyders: yeah. I thought of something to tell greg. three seconds later, I'd forgotten what it was.01:58
joeblobbecause virtualgirl is naughty01:58
airtonixbigtom21485, google : winehq virtualgirl01:58
Nitsugajoeblob, that may be the problem. Maybe the source or dest. pc are using too much cpu and tthe scp process can't encrypt and decrypt at an acceptable rate01:58
greg__Viking667 - any ideas for me?01:58
dsnydersViking667, Ah!01:58
Viking667greg__: type in:   lsmod >> /tmp/lsmodfile01:59
ki4cgpjoeblob, I'm using my dsl router as a gateway of course, but I get about 10-11MBytes/sec inside my LAN01:59
VTSkepticWhat the hell is virtual girl?01:59
joeblobNitsuga: it happens with Samba transfers as well... I think it's because I'm using my WRT54g as a WAN gateway01:59
dsnydersVTSkeptic, google it.01:59
greg__ok Viking66701:59
anarki2004VTSkeptic: pr0n for your desktop01:59
Viking667greg__: then, go send that file /tmp/lsmodfile to http://pastebin.ca/, following the instructions to upload a file.01:59
Viking667Give us back the number it gives you.01:59
airtonixjoeblob, if you are having encrypted wifi then you will not achieve max speed02:00
Nitsugajoeblob, I use my Linksys DIR-300 as a wan gateway and i hace a good transfer speed02:00
=== Strife1989 is now known as Strife89
joeblobit is using WEP... but will it really make the difference between 8mbps and 54mbps?02:00
AHelper2Anyone know the devel package of alsa is? (alsa/asoundlib.h)02:00
Viking667joeblob: my suggestion? Don't use WEP. Use WPA/2 instead (or whatever it's called)02:01
Nitsugajoeblob, not if you use AES encryption.02:01
* AHelper2 uses no encryption because neighbors like it that way XD02:01
anarki2004bigtom21485: i don't know any reason why wine couldn't support VirtuaGirlHD, but I don't know how to make it do said action02:01
Nitsugajoeblob, use WPA/2 with AEES encryption to get 1) better security (in fact WEP can be cracked in 10 seconds) and better speed02:01
kajiHow do I make my touchscreen initialize in the loginscreen? I have it working AFTER login just fine, nextstep is to get it working at boot02:01
ki4cgpjoeblob, my apologies. those are my transfer speeds using cat-5. Over wifi, it does pretty much stink.02:02
Viking667That's for AHelper202:03
kassykillerfaceno luck still no input devices02:03
AHelper2Thanks, you saved me from compiling alsa in addition to openal!02:04
kassykillerfacealsamixergui still only has  master and capture02:04
Viking667It'll be using pulse as a back end. Shyte.02:04
Viking667I can't help there, sorry.02:05
ShadowKnighthey, i was wondering. if my xorg.conf file isnt preconfigured how can you change that to make it read your hardware?02:05
DracovoltardONE MOAR PERSON JOIN02:05
Viking667anyhow, I'm out of here.02:05
DracovoltardYes, there's 1337 number of people :D02:05
Viking667kassykillerface: I'm betting your alsamixer gui thinks it's talking to pulse.02:05
kassykillerfacehow do i get it to not?02:06
Viking667uhm, that bit I don't know. I rather hate pulseaudio myself, but can't find a way of removing it without wrecking other things too.02:06
Viking667yeah. PulseAudio is a sound driver that's supposed to take over from the ALSA project. I don't find it does a stellar job.02:07
Viking667I don't frankly know what you can do.02:07
Kardosjoin the pulseaudio dev and fix the problems02:07
NitsugaViking667, Pulseaudio is great02:07
Kardosi always hear people saying how much pulse audio sucks, but nobody ever specific as to what the bug is that needs fixing02:08
Nitsugais great now that it is working :D02:08
hitek88Can anyone help me troubleshoot my ftp problem I am having. I installed vsftpd but netstat doesnt show that it is listening at all02:08
rajPULSEAUDIO SUCKS nothing BUT a PAIN on HDA laptop CARDS02:08
Kardoslike that02:08
NitsugaViking667, for example you can set different volume to different applications02:08
hitek88I am not able to ftp even locally to the server02:08
NitsugaViking667, Also Pulse solves the remote desktop sound problems02:09
rajKardos, pulseaudio does not allow me to play more than 1 source of sound at a time. i have to restart each application sperately. i use dto use asound on ubuntu 9.04 but now asound is gone with ubuntu 9.1002:09
kajiHow do I make my touchscreen initialize in the loginscreen? I have it working AFTER login just fine, nextstep is to get it working at boot02:09
Kardosthis is not the case for me, i just tested it, mplayer and amarok02:10
Kardosinteresting problem though, bug report??? :)02:10
rajKardos: its a known bug is you serach pulseaudio flash and media player problem not allowing more than 1 source02:10
Nitsugakaji, if you are using a command you can make a script in /etc/init.d/ and use update-rc.d (see the man) to make it start with the system02:10
Kardosso its a flash problem?02:11
Viking667For me, pulseaudio is still occasionally choppy. And the weird thing is, I don't know what causes the choppiness.02:11
kassykillerfacedoes anyone else think they can help me with getting my microphone to work?02:11
AHelper2I will take a stab at it02:11
=== jeremy is now known as Guest64398
AHelper2let me find the name of this app...02:12
kajinitsuga: I have a perlscript in ,y /etc/$user/bin file, set to execute on login as a startup program. will that work with what you said (and can you give me a bit more walkthroughness on how to do it?)02:12
reso Do you know a program who can automatically record an input of soudcard with scheduled auto delete time and with severals options of record?02:12
Nitsugakaji, yes! it will02:12
kassykillerfaceok  here is a new symptom02:12
AHelper2Anyone know what gst-mixer is in ubuntu?02:13
kajinitsuga: so I just move the .pl into /init.d/ and then what?02:13
johnnyqi was trying to update ubuntu to the newest version today and my laptop powered off during the install. i've got shell access now, but nothing would really mount. can someone help me out?02:13
Nitsugakaji, the pl file will not work in init.d02:13
kajiNitsuga: Oh :< what do I do then?02:13
Nitsugakaji, make a text file in /etc/init.d with the following line: case $1 in; start) /path/to/pl; done02:14
Nitsugakaji, hey! there is a better and easier way02:15
kajiNitsuga: Oh?02:16
Nitsugakaji, just realized: you can just add /path/to/pl in /etc/rc.local and mark that file as executable02:16
johnnyqanybody, please?02:16
brjannjohnnyq, what was it doing when the power failed?02:16
jolarenI have a webhotel which I have my mailserver hosted at.. it's my surname.se. Now I have also registrered my surname.nu. My surname.nu domain is pointed to my ubuntu server which I have here at home. I wonder if I can setup some lamp server or something just to make sure all adresses pointed to the .nu adress gets pointed to the .se adress02:16
Nitsugajohnnyq, you can try sudo aptitude install02:17
tliebeckMy hard drive may be dying....I'm thinking about grabbing the cheap Intel X25 SSD (40GB) as a replacement just for the OS and home dir, I take it this will be no problem for Karmic?02:17
kajiNitsuga: How do I go about that?02:17
bigtom21485anyone know about running virtuagirl HD on wine?02:18
bigtom21485it wont install properly02:18
Nitsugabigtom21485, mmm no idea...02:18
xangua!appdb | bigtom2148502:19
ubottubigtom21485: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:19
bigtom21485what does it mean when someone goes "!appdb | bigtom21485"?02:19
Nitsugabigtom21485, it is an ordet to de bot to say something to you02:20
Nitsugabigtom21485, it is an ordet to de bot to say something to you02:20
Nitsugabigtom21485, it is an ordet to de02:20
Nitsuga!appdb | bigtom2148502:20
ubottubigtom21485: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:20
FloodBot1Nitsuga: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:20
bigtom21485thanks! :-)02:20
DarkSpiritHow can I install Ubuntu from the network?02:20
netbookCan someone tell me what a good /network/interfaces looks like?02:21
p1nguanyone have opinion on what e-mail client is best? (ubuntu 9.10)02:23
xangua!best | p1ngu02:23
ubottup1ngu: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:23
=== sd is now known as subspider
anarki2004Anybody know if there is a kernal better suited for playing video on lower-end systems vs 9.10?02:24
=== cece is now known as qiyuefendeweibas
netbookNevermind i got it02:25
=== back is now known as haven489
anarki2004did I perhaps word that incorrectly?02:27
gooooohello and hi02:27
kajiNitsuga: No luck :<02:27
Nitsuga!hi | gooooo02:27
ubottugooooo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:27
gooooodoes anyone know how to kill a running xorg session02:27
Nitsugagooooo, sudo stop gdm02:27
Nitsugagooooo, or sudo stop kdm if you use kde02:28
SerraphynHi, I was wondering if wine the only options for running window games in ubuntu02:28
Nitsugagooooo, it will kill all xorg sessions02:28
goooookde is junk but the licence got better02:28
airtonixNitsuga, sudo service gdm stop02:28
goooooi tried init 3 but it had no effect on mint02:28
Nitsugaairtonix, since Karmic you can use sudo stop gdm02:28
Serraphyngooooo: you could also ps aux | grep xorg02:28
airtonixSerraphyn, yes and #winehq is where you ask those questions02:28
Nitsugagooooo, if you don't want xorg add text to the kernel boot line02:28
Serraphyngooooo: then do kill -9 pid02:28
Serraphynairtonix: I don't really think #winehq is the place to ask about software other then wine asI had asked02:29
kassykillerfaceI GOT INPUT!!02:29
NitsugaSerraphyn, gdm would respawn itself02:29
Nitsugakaji, no?02:29
SerraphynNitsuga: his question was about killing xorg server not stopping gdm though02:30
airtonixSerraphyn, you are asking about running windows software on linux, your options are wine, wine, wine, or install windows...02:30
kajiNitsuga: Nope. I'm wondering if I did something wrong with referencing the .pl02:30
NitsugaSerraphyn, yeah, but in most cases Xorg is running by gdm02:30
Nitsugakaji, does the path contain any spaces?02:30
kajiI really should be taking notes cause I can't remember what it was I was editing >.>02:30
Nitsugakaji, /etc/rc.local02:30
Nitsugakaji, if the path has spaces you need to "quote" it02:31
kraetzjais there a way to see where grub is getting its menu??02:31
kajiNitsuga: currently it's stpored in my home/kaji/etc/bin folder02:31
kajishould probably put it somewhere better02:31
kraetzjai dont have a menu.lst that i can find02:31
airtonixSerraphyn, you could use a virtual machine, and then the questions about the vm would apply here...02:31
IdleOne!grub2 > kraetzja02:32
ubottukraetzja, please see my private message02:32
Nitsugakaji, any folder is fine. Are you missing / before /home in rc.local?02:32
kraetzjaoo ty02:32
kajidunno, lemme check02:32
ClaptrapHello, oh gods of the Linuxverse.02:32
Mr_Bismarkguys i have a problem with my screen resolution, just is available 800x600 I have desktop effects activated, I think the problem is my monitor02:32
Serraphynairtonix: to bad VMs don't support playing games.  some boast 3d rendering but I've not found one that actually has a 3d video card for dx7/9 games02:32
NitsugaClaptrap, lol02:32
Mr_Bismarkubuntu says monitor unknown02:33
ClaptrapHumbly I kneel before thee and present myself to your... whatever it is you do when you help us lesser idiots. :|02:33
ClaptrapMinistrations! I was looking for ministrations!02:33
Mr_Bismarkin display settings02:33
IdleOneMr_Bismark: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution not sure about that monitor unknown part02:33
kajiNitsuga: it's in there as /home/kaji/bin/tablet6.en.pl02:33
ClaptrapA quick summary.02:33
kajiwhich is exactly the path to the pl02:33
viejotrenhi, i'm trying to install ubuntu using an usb flash drive, in fact, i used unetbootin to put correctly the iso file inside my usb, the problem is when i'm in the installation process that is always requesting for a cd drive, so, my question is, how the installation would know that it has to look for the necessary files in my usb instead of a cd drive?02:34
airtonixSerraphyn, then your have two options, one of which is best discussed in #winehq02:34
ClaptrapI'm attempting to install Ubuntu 9.10 via Unetbootin on a LiveCD.02:34
Nitsugakaji, mm that sould work02:34
ClaptrapLiveCD ISO*02:34
Nitsugakaji, you need to run that with sudo?02:34
airtonixSerraphyn, the other you can try to compete with the boasting occuring in #windows02:34
SerraphynAnyone ever get sharepoint with d-links working with ubuntu? I have a usb hdd on it that I share with windows machines on network but would like to acess it on linux.02:34
ClaptrapIt seems to be installing correctly, however, I can't access GRUB when I boot from the HDD that contains the Linux partition.02:35
AHelper2YAY! I fixed my sound issues in a record 4 hours! That beat my personal best of 4 months!02:35
kajiNitsuga: Not that I know of. It runs at login as a startup program so I don't see anything that should prevent it from running at boot02:35
Serraphynairtonix: boasting about what? I tried it in windows and linux, no VM software I have found mkaes decent 3d rendering yet.02:35
ClaptrapI -can- see GRUB if I boot from the OTHER HDD in the PC, but then it doesn't present Ubuntu as a boot optioon.02:35
ClaptrapI am flummoxed, frustrated, and generally pissed off.02:35
IdleOneClaptrap: then take a step back, relax and come back to it later :)02:36
Nitsugakaji, mmm maybe it needs to run as you user.02:36
ClaptrapI have. :p A couple of times, now.02:36
Nitsugakaji, can you send me the file? Just to check how it works02:36
viejotrenclaptrap, maybe you installed grub in the mbr of the other hdd02:36
viejotrenmaybe it's missing the right path to ubuntu}02:36
brjannClaptrap, by "can't access grub" do you mean the BIOS complains about no operating system being found or the like?02:36
ClaptrapI've been Googling like a lunatic and trying to figure this out, but to no real avail.02:36
Claptrapbrjann, no, I just get the normal Windows bootloader.02:37
kajiNitsuga:  http://samengstrom.com/nxl/7977/tablet6.en.pl02:37
ClaptrapWith no Ubuntu option.02:37
Claptrapviejotren, how would I fix that?02:37
ClaptrapForgot to mention02:37
ClaptrapTrying to dual boot with 702:37
ClaptrapOn the same HDD as Ubuntu.02:37
IdleOneClaptrap: see !dualboot IIRC there is a section on Vista/Ubuntu02:37
viejotreni don't know if win7 is always trying toi be the first os, vista does that02:38
ClaptrapI've looked at quite a few different dualbooting things, too.02:38
viejotrenclaptrap, do you have 2 hdds?02:38
brjannClaptrap, what's on the second HD? that does show grub with no ubuntu?02:38
IdleOne!dualboot | Claptrap how about this one?02:38
ubottuClaptrap how about this one?: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:38
IdleOnethe first link02:38
SerraphynWhats the apt-get command to remove packages you installed?02:38
Nitsugakaji, this is why i hate perl. It's unreadable! it's everything like \n$o\t";# . Anyway I undestand it and it needs to run as your own user in your own screen. Making it work in gdm will be tricky.02:38
ClaptrapYeah, I have two HDDs. The second one is just storage.02:39
ClaptrapIt has some Vista remnants on it.02:39
viejotrenclaptrpa: did you installed ubuntu in the first one?02:39
brjannClaptrap, i agree with viejotren, sounds like you installed grub on the wrong drive02:39
ClaptrapLemme look on that link02:39
kajiNitsuga: That sounds distressingly like something far out of my expertise02:39
ClaptrapYeah, I've looked at that page before.02:40
vlad003Serraphyn: sudo apt-get purge or sudo apt-get remove02:40
IdleOneClaptrap:  I have to agree with viejotren also02:40
ClaptrapThat sounds... ridiculously simple.02:40
Serraphynvlad003: thanks02:40
brjannClaptrap, try reading through this: the problem is essentially the same. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:40
ClaptrapRead that.02:40
ClaptrapThat has come up at02:40
tliebeckgvfsd is only used for virtual filesystems correct...i.e. killing it should not result in issues with permanently mounted fs'es?02:40
Claptrapthe top of every Google I've done so far.02:40
Nitsugakaji, in other words only the current working user can run it. So it won't work if it is run before gdm.02:41
brjannClaptrap, and you went through it?02:41
tliebeckI had a situation where my / and /home FSes went read-only.02:42
ClaptrapLemme take another look, remember what specifically I tried.02:42
Nitsugakaji, removew it from /etc/rc.local to avoid trouble02:42
ClaptrapI tried theeeeee02:42
kajiNitsuga:  that's ok, not a huge deal ti twiddle the nipple slightly to select alogin name is gonna be a huge deal. *hates nipplemice*02:42
viejotrenclaptrap, I will tell you what i did when i was in your situation02:42
Claptrapsudo grub-install thingy.02:42
Nitsugakaji, I don't know a way to run something as gdm process. Sorry :(02:42
Nitsugakaji, if you don't mind about it you can set an autologin02:42
Dr_Willisautologins are handy :)02:43
tliebeckoh well, one way to find out...testing bye all.02:43
viejotrenclaptrpa: if you can't  boot inside the installation process again02:43
MackWhat is the channel for php development?02:43
Mackits not #php :/02:43
ClaptrapWell, I imagine you're right. I've actually been thinking about trying exactly what you're saying, but I gather I have to defrag the second HDD, since it shows that I can't resize the partition.02:43
kajiNitsuga:  it's ok, as I said, won't be a huge imposition to twiddle the nipple a bit at login. thanks though!02:43
ClaptrapAnd that's generally a longish process. :<02:43
Claptrap...I read twiddle the nipple.02:44
brjannClaptrap, whoa whoa, why resizing partitions?02:44
viejotrenclaptrap: use a live cd based distros02:44
viejotrenmount your partition02:44
viejotrenand then do:02:44
ClaptrapThe second HDD is fully partitioned for the entire space02:44
Mackjoin #php502:44
viejotrenchroot /media/tourpart02:44
viejotrengrub-install hd002:44
ClaptrapThat looks frightening. Wassat do?02:45
Dr_Willisfrighting? grub installs to hd002:45
Dr_Willisin theory :)02:45
brjannClaptrap, there's nothing wrong with that. grub lives in the master boot record (MBR) of the drive. it just sounds like you have the windows bootloader in the MBR you want grub in.02:45
ClaptrapYea, I've been trying to get around that, to.02:46
ClaptrapI tried EasyBCD02:46
ClaptrapTo no real avail.02:46
viejotrenclaptrap, in fact if the installation of grub was succesfully the problem is in the menu.lst file02:46
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  if you have 2 seperate hard drives one for each OS . You could put grub on the MBR of the linux drive amd tell the pc/bios to boot that 2nd hd. No touching of the windows drive.02:46
ClaptrapMenu.lst is for original grub, right?02:46
viejotrenyou only needs to redirect to the right hdd02:46
Dr_Willismenu.lst for grub1  - grub2 (grub-pc) uses  a different config setup. it has a grub.cfg  i belive.02:47
ClaptrapYeah. My LiveCD has grub202:47
viejotrenyes, i think you atre right, i'm still using grub02:47
ClaptrapSo, I guess what I really need to do02:47
Claptrapto simplify all this02:47
ClaptrapIs to get Ubuntu installed on the HDD that DOES see grub, yes?02:48
kaiser10123hey can someone help me get my msi wind u120 see my webcam02:48
brjannClaptrap, that would be a bit overkill I think. :)02:48
ClaptrapWell, not really, at this point. I've already deleted and reinstalled it about ten times.02:49
ClaptrapIt is currently not installed. :p02:49
ClaptrapHell, I couldn't even manage to get Wubi working.02:49
kaiser10123i am using wubi now02:49
ClaptrapI have no idea what wrong there.02:50
brjannClaptrap, if your OS drive is /dev/sda, and your storage drive is /dev/sdb, and your bios is set to boot from the OS drive, all you should have to do is sudo grub-install /dev/sda02:50
ClaptrapI think I tried that02:50
ClaptrapAnd it didn't help02:50
ClaptrapThat looks familiar.02:50
nirelhi guys.02:50
viejotrenclaptrap, when you boot the pc, and choose ubuntu, what is the message?02:50
ClaptrapI did this02:51
Claptrapsudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/0d104aff-ec8c-44c8-b811-92b993823444 /dev/sda02:51
ClaptrapThere's no option for Ubuntu.02:51
ClaptrapIt never shows up.02:51
viejotrenso, grub never found it02:51
ClaptrapEither in Windows Boot Manager or GRUB when I booted from the second HDD02:51
brjannClaptrap, hm. have you tried holding down shift while it's booting? if grub is installed, that will force the menu to display02:51
ClaptrapYeah, I tried that on the main HDD. No go.02:52
brjannClaptrap, maybe it's there but it can't see ubuntu, so it just boots windows.02:52
brjannClaptrap, wow. :)02:52
ClaptrapThe good side of not being an idiot is that I'm not an idiot.02:52
ClaptrapThe bad side is that when I come up with a problem02:52
brjannClaptrap, how about sudo update-grub2?02:52
ClaptrapIt's usually REALLY fun.02:52
brjannI know how you feel.02:53
ClaptrapNow that, I never tried. Will that work from a LiveCD?02:53
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  is linux on  the 2nd and Just on the 2nd hd? ie: windows soley on the first hd. and linux totally on the 2nd hd?02:53
bitbaudhi anyone know how i can make a usb stick windows install drive from within linux?02:53
brjannClaptrap, perhaps? You might have to point it at the right drive. let me look02:53
ClaptrapNo, I've not been able to install Linux on the second HDD. Ubuntu never gives me the option, and Windows Partition Manager won't let me shrink the second HDD partition.02:53
Dr_Willisbitbaud:  thers guides online bout making a windows install usb stick. Ive no idea what tools they use. Or ask in #windows theymay know.02:53
brand0nanyone ever use the ps3 eye webcam in ubuntu?02:53
brand0ni can get the video working fine, but the sound seems to be a bit hard02:54
brand0nit shows up in the sound preferences as an input02:54
brand0nbut i cant seem to get it working02:54
brjannClaptrap, yes, it should work from inside a livecd.02:54
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  I alwyas defrag/scandisk and resize windows partitins from WITHIN windows - vista and higher has that feature.02:54
ClaptrapYeah, defrag was what I figured I needed to do, and yes, all my partitioning has been in Windows.02:55
brjannClaptrap, aiee, really?02:55
ipandahow can i set ctrl+- to make an ― ?02:55
ClaptrapI was hoping to avoid trying a degrag, since those are never fast.02:55
brjannhow did you set your linux partitions to be... linux?02:55
ClaptrapI shrunk the main Windows partition on the primary HDD and Ubuntu took care of that.02:55
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  so in windows. i resize and leave a lot of the 2nd hd Unallocated. and tell the installer to use the unallocated space. If i want to be fancy. I infact Unplug the windows HD. so theres Just the 2nd hd. that way Linux and grub both totally go on the 2nd hd.02:55
ClaptrapOr, I think it did, anyway.02:56
brjannClaptrap, oh, okay. Sorry, i thought you meant you'd created your ubuntu partitions from in windows. :)02:56
Dr_WillisI find things work out much nicer if i keep linux and wndows totally seperate like that.02:56
ClaptrapI know that Windows sees ext4 in partition manager afterwards.02:56
ClaptrapBut, since I've not actually seen the inside of my Ubuntu install yet... :p02:56
ruconsesome guys know how to hace the password of .ods file?02:57
ClaptrapAnd yeah, Dr_Willis, that's what I want to do.02:57
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  id almost be tempted to tell you to  remove the old install. and try to get windows all on one hd and linux on the 2nd hd..  via whatere means nesscary02:57
ClaptrapBut Partition Manager tells me there's zero space available to srhink by.02:57
ClaptrapThe old install IS gone. :p02:57
=== Guest11795 is now known as isp
ClaptrapI got frustrated and deleted the whole Linux partition and reattached it to Windows02:58
Claptrap'cause I figured Wubi was a sure thing.02:58
ClaptrapTurned out not to be.02:58
inertialI'm running 9.04 right now... and I have the option to upgrade to 9.10. I thought you couldn't upgrade between .04 and .10 releases??02:58
inertialif I upgrade to 9.10, will I be able to upgrade to 10.04 when it is released?02:58
kraetzjavmware seems to have evolved since i used it last. i wanna run windws 7 as a vm in ubuntu, what do i need?02:58
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  i hate wubi. SO i never use it. Best bet is play with a live cd/gparted and windows partion tool and some how just dedicate the whole 2nd hd to linux. (set it to unallocated, and unplug the windows hd, and restart the installer)  I think.02:59
zetheroowhat does adding this option, nomodeset, do when added to the grub boot?02:59
Dr_Willisinertial:  common FAQ. and the answer is Yes.02:59
ClaptrapYeah, I just need to defrag it, I guess.02:59
kaiser10123does ubuntu 9.10 work well with netbook webcams02:59
inertialDr_Willis: thanks02:59
brjannClaptrap, sorry I couldn't help out :)02:59
nullp0interhow can i remove everything up to and including 'impression.php?' in a text file for each line?03:00
Dr_WillisClaptrap:  i always resize in windows. So  thats a given to do befor i try it. In fact i think the windows tools will tell you to do that and may in fact auto-do it.03:00
ClaptrapWell, it didn't auto-do it, that much is sure. :p03:00
Dr_Willisgood luck. Nioght03:00
ClaptrapThanks, you guys03:00
ClaptrapGiven me some thoughts, anyway.03:00
ClaptrapAnd confirmed what I was trying to avoid. :E03:00
brjannnullp0inter, are you comfortable with the command line?03:01
ClaptrapDefragging a 500 GB HDD with most of the space already used.03:01
=== Guest36950 is now known as flea
ClaptrapShould be entertaining.03:01
nullp0interbrjann: yea, i wasnt sure whther to use awk or sed, and even then i get confused03:01
brjannnullp0inter, if it's one line at a time i usually use sed. try03:02
brjannsed 's/^.*impression\.php\?//' filename03:02
kaiser10123can someone help me get my netbook to see my webcam03:02
ClaptrapI'm curious, though, since I'ma have nothing else to do for a bit03:02
ClaptrapAny thoughts on why Wubi would just seemingly not work?03:03
ClaptrapI used the same ISO as for the other install03:03
ClaptrapWubi installs it03:03
teageOk, I just messed grub up. says i may need to re run my boot loader. Is there a way to correct grub possibly with say "aptitude"?03:03
ClaptrapAnd then again, no option in Boot Manager.03:03
nullp0interthanks brjann03:03
teageSoon as i reboot i will have problems03:04
kd5bjoI'm trying to get a Wacom tablet set up, but I can't get the kernel wacom driver to recognize it.03:04
brjannnullp0inter, oops, i don't think you need \? just ? toward the end there03:04
brjannnullp0inter, you're welcome :)03:04
kd5bjoIt shows up in lsusb, but there's no /dev/input entry for it.03:05
=== saint_ is now known as Guest24010
teageand  /usr/sbin/update-grub is not working either. I get errors errors errors03:06
dsnydersHi all! Where does x get its default setup when there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:11
brjanndsnyders, xorg autoprobes to try and guess what it should do03:15
yxmn2where is button 5?03:15
fleayxmn2, zaxis usually (scroll)03:16
yxmn2flea, thanks03:17
D4m0nhaving trouble installing a gtk theme.. :(03:18
dsnydersbrjann, mine is guessing wrong.  It puts out a signal that my monitor cannot process.03:18
brjanndsnyders, where did your xorg.conf go? :)03:20
D4m0nanyone help me install this>? http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Black+plastic+2?content=8009203:21
dsnydersbrjann, After upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04 my X wasn't working properly.  I was advised to delete it, at which point it started working at 800x600.  When I put the previous xorg.conf back in place X stopped working again.03:22
fukdnscerd1keep getting these error messages in user.log:   pulseaudio[8620]: lock-autospawn.c: Cannot access autospawn lock.03:22
fukdnscerd1pulseaudio[8620]: main.c: Failed to acquire autospawn lock03:22
fukdnscerd1pulseaudio[8623]: core-util.c: Failed to stat runtime03:22
LachanceD4m0n, Any reason in particular you're having an issue with that?03:22
D4m0nwell usually I drag file into themes settings.. but it does nothing, doesn't even give me an error03:24
AHelper2D4m0n, that looks tight! XD03:24
brjanndsnyders, gotcha. you can try regenerating a brand new one with sudo Xorg -configure03:24
LachanceD4m0n, when you untar it you'll find an info.txt that asks you to place the files in certain folders. Did you follow the information therein?03:24
neezerI'm downloading 10.04 alpha right now, how can I know if I have to have a swap partition or not? I'd rather not have one, and I have 4GB of ram.03:25
dsnydersbrjann, fatal error.  Server is already active for display 003:25
AHelper2It says to unzip the files into ~/.themes/03:25
Serraphynneezer: why not have a swap file?03:25
brjanndsnyders, oh, you're in X now? sorry, thought you were on a different computer or something :)03:26
rwwneezer: 1) Lucid questions go in #ubuntu+1, 2) I have 4GB and no swap partition, and it works fine (except I don't get hibernation)03:26
Lachanceneezer, You only need a swap partition if you're going to be hibernating. I'd recommend one, but with 4gb you should be ok.03:26
=== Guest11795 is now known as isp
SerraphynI have a 2GB swap partition, and I have 4GB ram.03:26
brjanndsnyders, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:26
neezerthanks guys.03:26
dsnydersbrjann, I am chatting on a different computer.  However my problem child is on the same kvm and is only a couple of keystrokes away.03:26
wifiprobhello can anyone help me about wireless problem?03:27
dsnydersbrjann, also, I have a ssh session open to it from here.03:27
brjanndsnyders, but X is running on the problem computer?03:27
Lachance!ask | wifiprob03:27
ubottuwifiprob: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:27
neezerSerraphyn, I'd rather not put another partition on my laptop....I already have a few...I have a / partition for 9.10, and a /home partition. I made a 50GB /backup partition, but I want to load 10.04 on it to check it out...I don't back up my system anyways....03:27
=== syx is now known as Sunset
dsnydersbrjann, I think it is.  I get an Input not supported error on my monitor when I go to CTRL-ALT-F703:28
=== Sunset is now known as Guest33029
brjanndsnyders, gotcha. try and shut it down with sudo service gdm stop03:29
Lachanceneezer, You have 1 root (/) partition, 1 backup (50g) partition, and 1 /home partition?03:29
Serraphynneezer: IF you have a swap part made on the drive you could just use that too...03:30
neezerhmmm...I do have a swap already...I think.03:30
Lachanceneezer, And you can't afford the 2-4 gigs for a swap partition?03:30
neezerany way I can check?03:30
Lachanceneezer, fdisk -l03:30
dsnydersbrjann, service stopped.  CTRL-ALT-F7 shows a blank "text" screen with a flashing underscore cursor in the top left corner.03:30
brjanndsnyders, yay, xorg is off now. try sudo Xorg -configure again03:30
=== Out_Cold is now known as Guest48460
Lachanceneezer, may need to sudo fdisk -l03:31
fukdnscerd1is there a pulseaudio channel??03:31
neezerLachance, I did have to do sudo....and yes I have a swap already.03:31
Serraphyndo custom install and specify that swap part then03:31
Lachanceneezer, Then just leave it. =)03:32
wifiprobok i installed ubuntu a few hours ago. and i dont know anything about it. i'm trying to connect to my wireless network but i cannot connect. i installed ndiswrapper. and it says my hardware is present. then i uninstalled network manager and installed wicd instead. but wicd says there's no wireless networks.03:32
Serraphynproblem solved, and you are more efficient looking :P03:32
dsnydersbrjann, lots of stuff.  List of video drivers, etc.03:32
neezerLachance, will 10.04 recognize that I already have a /swap? or am I going to have to mount it and possibly edit that text file for mounting partitions...I forgot the name, and where it is.03:32
brjanndsnyders, ok. does /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist now?03:32
greezmunkeywifiprob, what type of wireless adapter are you using?03:32
dsnydersbrjann, there is a line that says: Using config file: "/root/xorg.conf.new"03:33
Lachanceneezer, It'll recognize it.03:33
brjanndsnyders, oh, okay. was your old broken xorg.conf still in place?03:33
wifiprobit's airties wus-30003:33
Lachancewifiprob, run lspci | grep network03:33
Lachancewifiprob, Oh, =P good job.03:33
dsnydersbrjann, there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.03:34
wifiprobhow do i run that? i really have no idea about linux. i installed it 3 hours ago.03:34
Serraphyndsnyders: buy chance is this an Nvidia setup?03:34
Lachancewifiprob, Since you know your network card then don't worry about it.03:35
brjanndsnyders, interesting, i thought it would put the new one in place then. no matter. sudo mv /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:35
dsnydersSerraphyn, yes03:35
greezmunkeywifiprob, ok run iwconfig, see what you get...03:35
Lachancewifiprob, For future reference, you'd run something like that in a Terminal. (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)03:35
Serraphyndsnyders: tried running nvidia-xconfig?03:35
dsnydersSerraphyn, nVidia GeForce2 MX 400, to be specific03:35
wifiprobgreezmunkey i did that it says no wireless extensions and there is a wlan703:36
bnzelenerHey guys03:36
Serraphyndsnyders:  to get nvidia working right after updating hardware drives I usualyl have to run nvidia-xconfig it builds a new xorg.conf file for you that nvidia-settings can work with03:36
dfkjsoadiditouch screen ubuntu drivers03:37
greezmunkeywifiprob, sorry about that, I was lagged bad...03:38
Serraphyndsnyders: course you will need to run it with sudo03:38
drenchHi. I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick ; result (from OS X) seems to be an ISO fs on the stick that won't boot03:38
drenchthe hdiutil convert step seems to be a no-op if that helps (md5 of the orig. iso = md5 of the "converted" img file)03:39
wifiprobgreezmunkey, i did iwconfig. lo no wireless extensions. eth 0 no wireless extensions and wlan7 ieee 802.11g essid:off/any mode: managed....03:39
dsnydersSerraphyn, of course.  I issued a sudo -i long ago.03:39
greezmunkeywifiprob, good, is the adapter usb, is it removable?03:40
wifiprobyes usb03:40
d4n1hey guys03:40
d4n1i want some advice, what is the best download manager for ubuntu karmic03:41
d4n1and can it be integrated into firefox?03:41
greezmunkeywifiprob, ok. Try this, open a terminal, type tail -f /var/log/syslog - then remove your adapter, wait a sec, then reinsert. See what you get.03:41
Lachanced4n1, What do you mean?03:41
bnzelenerDo you guys know of a good random everything irc channel?03:42
d4n1Lachance: a download manager, it manages your downloads, u can pause, and continue later on03:42
Viking667bnzelener: hm. #hottub ?03:43
Lachanced4n1, I just use the one included with Firefox - it does all that. =)03:43
Viking667no, seriously. We had one over on Undernet, before the lamers joined it.03:43
RenagadeXCan someone tell me if it's possible to "throw" a window? Lets say I clicked and dragged a window, then let go whilst dragging. Is there a way to have it continue moving, with a gradual deceleration?03:43
RenagadeXor some such :D03:43
Viking667RenagadeX: geez. You don't want much, do you?03:43
bnzelenerI'm looking for a good place to submit our website - like Digg or Reddit, do you guys know of other good places?03:44
greezmunkeyd4n1, you could try gnutella...03:44
brjanndsnyders, computer catch fire?03:44
d4n1Lachance: well, i know, but if u have to turn of your computer03:44
Viking667bnzelener: submit it to google?03:44
bnzelenerDone that already.03:44
d4n1gnutella, let me look it up03:44
Lachanced4n1, You turn off your computer? o.O03:44
RenagadeXerm, how do you auto complete names?03:44
LachanceRenagadeX, tab03:44
bnzelenerTrying to find more places where it will get seen around03:44
brjannRenagadeX, tab, usually03:44
dsnydersSerraphyn, I think I might have corrupted things.  At one point I tried installing the nv driver rather than the nvidia one.03:44
Guest48460RenagadeX, i haven't heard of it but i know what you mean03:44
Viking667RenagadeX: I hit   Ren<Tab>03:44
bnzelenerBy the right type of people..03:44
bnzelenerPeople that want to waste time looking at funny stuff on the internet :D03:44
l000good morning.im stock in "sudo apt-get -q update03:44
d4n1Lachance: to conserve energy, and i don't have a stable connection03:45
Viking667bnzelener: like xkcd.net  ?03:45
RenagadeXViking667,  I just didnt type enough of your name. Lol, just a small order.03:45
l000good morning.im stock in "sudo apt-get -q update...it says "W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A2783"03:45
bnzelenerYeah, kinda. XKCD is wonderful and original though.03:45
bnzelenerwww.FailAnswers.com is our new site.03:45
RenagadeXGuest48468, Aw, thanks though03:45
bnzelenerFunny Yahoo Answers. (and questions)03:45
Viking667101 uses for a dead cat, by Simon somebody-or-other.03:46
bnzelenerLet me know what you think of the site design, too. It's pretty minimal, but I'm working on it.03:46
* Viking667 can't remember the cartoonist's name.03:46
wifiprobgreezmunkey- i think i'm doing something wrong. it says no such file or directory03:46
dsnydersbrjann, I've been tempted to set it on fire.  I did an apt-get remove on the nvidia drivers earlier, and now I'm reinstalling.03:46
Viking667bnzelener: heh. Is it "accessible" by people with braille readers and screen readers?03:46
bnzelenerLooked it up03:46
l000and also im stock in "sudo aptitude install libdvdcss2" ..it says "Err http://packages.medibuntu.org karmic/free libdvdcss2 1.2.10-0.3medibuntu1 Could not resolve 'packages.medibuntu.org'03:46
l000E: Failed to fetch http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/free/libd/libdvdcss/libdvdcss2_1.2.10-0.3medibuntu1_i386.deb: Could not resolve 'packages.medibuntu.org'"03:46
bnzelenerIt's by Simon Bond03:46
brjanndsnyders, nod, ok03:46
Viking667That's the guy.03:46
Guest48460bnzelener, apt-get update -q03:46
l000im trying to adding mediabuntu03:47
bnzelenerWhy are you telling me that? Guest4846003:47
craigbass1976I've an acer aspire 5517 laptop that has a number pad.  Not sure why the two delete keys are right next to each other.. some overpaid engineer.  Anyway, 1 is also End, depending on whether the numlock is on or not.  Shift and End types 1 with numlock off. With it on, shift+end does as it should.  What if I want to just use the end key though...03:47
greezmunkeywifiprob, I assume you are running Ubuntu 9.10, am I correct?03:47
Guest48460sorry i mean l00003:47
wifiprobyes 9.1003:47
bnzelenerMmm. Viking667 - it's based on images..03:47
Guest48460read the wrong line03:47
digitalpsykohello, im trying to enable coolbits  for each gpu in a quad-sli setup, ive added coolbits "1" in the xorg , but im only able to overclock one gpu not all of them.03:47
Guest48460guess i disconnected sometime recently too03:47
Viking667l000: hm. Seems to resolve fine here.03:48
RenagadeXI think it would be really neat03:48
Viking667l000: what's your current DNS server set to? Your ISP?03:48
l000Viking667: thanks for the quick response. i followed this howto http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2009/10/31/install-flash-and-multimedia-support-on-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/03:48
Viking667as in, if you try this:   ping www.google.com   do you get an IP and ping results back?03:48
l000Viking667: my dns is opendns03:49
=== Guest48460 is now known as Out_Cold_
Viking667Weird. Try this:   dig packages.medibuntu.org03:49
l000Viking667: i cannot ping because i close the port for ping03:49
g00dwillHaving issues booting into single user mode while using vmware. After hitting esc the root promopt comes up, but logging in continues to the login screen no matter what. Any ideas?03:49
Viking667then try this:  dig packages.medibuntu.org @
greezmunkeywifiprob, "tail -f /var/log/syslog" (no quotes) and hit Enter, should work...03:50
Viking667And yes, I believe that IP is correct for Google's cache.03:50
techqbertwhen i go to detect displays on my ubuntu asus eee to my 42 inch both screens go black and everything is unresponsive03:50
Lachance!hi | naidu oldHat03:50
ubottunaidu oldHat: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:50
craigbass1976Forget it...  All fixed.03:50
Viking667darn. I got the IP wrong.   it's
NooneshereHello can someone help me with this Conky Error? http://pastebin.com/KDhQ6Sf103:50
naiduhow to chat in terminal with friends over lan03:51
RenagadeXWell then, is there a way to rotate a window by, say, 28 degrees?03:51
Coded1i have sshd running on my wireless interface but would like to have it accept connections on my wired as well, how do I add the wired interface?03:51
dsnydersbrjann, Serraphyn, I just reinstalled nvidia, and ran startx.  I got this: http://pastebin.com/NBCFCtQJ03:51
Viking667naidu: there are several ways. One is to set up your own private IRC server. They're sorta easy to set up.03:51
l000Viking667 : please have a look. http://pastebin.ca/181126403:52
l000Viking667 : the result of dig03:52
Viking667I'll take a look. Thanks.03:52
NooneshereHello can someone help me with this Conky Error? http://pastebin.com/KDhQ6Sf103:52
naiduthanks u03:53
Viking667l000: hm. So it's obviously _finding_ the servername.03:53
Viking667And that hostname works fine from here.03:54
Serraphyndsnyders: sudeo nvidia-xconfig now03:54
Viking667Serraphyn: that's "sudo"03:54
Serraphyndsnyders: oops I mean sudo nvidia-xconfig03:54
Viking667and leave off the "now"03:54
Viking667yeah... <grin>03:54
Out_Cold_naidu, i just came across a terminal chat for LAN but i cannot think of the name.. it was for 2 way talk though..03:54
l000Viking667: thanks. i just followed this link howto http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2009/10/31/install-flash-and-multimedia-support-on-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/...im stock in Adding Medibuntu in part of "sudo apt-get -q update" it says W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A2783" ..so i jump to the next command which is "sudo apt-get -q upd03:55
mtx_initcan anybody recommend a good web email service, not gmail, bing or yahoo nor my own server03:55
l000E: Failed to fetch http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/free/libd/libdvdcss/libdvdcss2_1.2.10-0.3medibuntu1_i386.deb: Could not resolve 'packages.medibuntu.org'"03:55
NooneshereHello can someone help me with this Conky Error? http://pastebin.com/KDhQ6Sf103:55
zinoxthere is any tool to test my dvd drive performance?03:55
=== [SW]Dodge`oFF is now known as [SW]Dodge
bluedrzzinox: hdparm?03:56
=== Blurredpeace is now known as Blurpeace
Viking667THAT bit, I don't know how to deal with.03:57
l000Viking667 : ok hehe thanks :) ill google this03:58
brjanndsnyders, that was after you'd moved /root/xorg.conf.new to /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:58
g00dwillAnyone using vmware and Ubunut 9.1 had success with booting into single user mode?03:58
Viking667Wish I knew why your apt-get doesn't know what the hostname is, even though the rest of your system does.03:58
dsnydersbrjann, no, before03:58
Viking667What's in your /etc/resolv.conf ?03:58
NooneshereDoes anyone know anything about conky?03:58
rynxIs you are any cops?03:58
dlynesg00dwill, init 1?03:58
rwwubottu: ot | rynx03:58
ubotturynx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:58
rynxNo, but are there any cops here?03:59
dsnydersbrjann, I just tried again after running Serraphyn's nvidia-xconfig command and I'm getting the following:03:59
dsnyders(EE) Failed to load module "type1" (module does not exist, 0)03:59
dsnyders(EE) Failed to load module "freetype" (module does not exist, 0)03:59
dsnyders(EE) No devices detected.03:59
dlynesrynx, what is the purpose of you asking?03:59
=== [SW]Dodge is now known as [SW]Dodge`oFF
Coded1im a cop03:59
rynxHaha, nooooooo03:59
g00dwilldlynes: I can't seem to boot into single user mode. After hitting esc during boot up the root prompt appears only to quickly disappear again..04:00
Coded1what have you done, where should we pick u up?04:00
l000Viking667 : pls have a look at my resolv.conf http://pastebin.ca/181127204:00
brjanndsnyders, ok, i half-expected that if your system is in a state of weirdness w.r.t. nvidia drivers :)04:00
brjanndsnyders, try the Xorg -configure one?04:00
l000Viking667 : in the last part which is sudo aptitude install w32codecs ... works find04:00
NooneshereDoes anyone know anything about conky? It won't work, I installed from repos04:00
dlynesg00dwill, have you tried running 'sudo /sbin/init 1' from a window?04:01
g00dwilldlynes: my user is not in the sudo file. I'm locked out.04:01
Viking667l000: may be because the hostname to grab those packages from, isn't packages.medibuntu.org04:01
g00dwilldlynes: probably need the install disk I'm thinking.04:01
dsnydersbrjann, do you want me to erase the xorg.conf first and then do the Xorg -configure?04:02
Viking667don't erase, move.04:02
digitalpsykohow do i enable coolbits for 2 1768mb 295GTX's in sli?04:03
digitalpsykoor 4 gpu's04:03
brjanndsnyders, move it to xorg.conf.old or something and then mv /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf (since we generated it before)04:03
dlynesg00dwill, why not boot up with a live cd, and then mount your existing hard drive, and then chroot it?04:04
bob_can anyone help me out??? When i log in a warning comes up telling me I am being logged in without admin privalages??04:04
dlynesg00dwill, or better yet, if you have to redownload, just download debian netinstall, and mount and chroot04:04
dlynesg00dwill, change what you need to change, and then reboot back into the hard drive04:05
Out_Cold_naidu, are you still looking for a solution?04:05
dlynesg00dwill, debian net install is only about 54MB's, and it gives you almost full console functionality04:05
Serraphyndsnyders: did you do the sudo nvidia-xconfig?04:05
dsnydersSerraphyn, Yes and no.  I did a sudo -i long ago since I'd be doing a lot of stuff that needed sudo.04:06
dlynesDoes ubuntu give you the ability to a fully customized, automated install?04:06
dlynesKickstart doesn't seem to offer me everything i need to do...04:06
dsnydersbrjann, http://pastebin.com/NCccqhue04:06
dsnydersmore erros04:06
littlegirldlynes: Yep, check out Uck.04:06
bob_can anyone tell me how I can regain admin priv. upon logging on?04:07
markdis there a driver for linksys wmp300n on ubuntu?04:07
markdusing the latest version04:07
MilitantPotatobob_: you want permanent admi?04:07
brjanndsnyders, interesting. okay, one more hail-mary04:07
dsnydersbrjann, replace the computer?04:08
bob_yes. for some reason all of a sudden when i log on it tells me i am logging on without admin priv.04:08
Out_Cold_!sudo | bob_04:08
ubottubob_: sudo is a command to run command-line ( see !cli ) programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:08
brjanndsnyders, haha, not quite there yet :) go ahead and rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf since we can recreate it if we need to and it's broken anyway04:08
NooneshereDoes anyone know anything about conky? It won't work, I installed from repos it is giving me errors. http://pastebin.com/jQDE0Lse04:08
MilitantPotatobob_: does it say if an application is wanting admin privledgs?04:08
brjanndsnyders, then sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:09
bob_no just i am logging on without04:09
MilitantPotatomarkd: have you checked google?04:09
wifiprobi need help about my wireless adapter. i installed ndiswrapper and installed the driver for windows. ndiswrapper says hardware is present but wicd doesnt show any wireless networks04:09
markdyes i found a answer on ubuntu forums but i need to be connected to the internet to install the driver04:09
markdwhich im not04:09
dsnydersbrjann,  Oooh, a text interface...04:10
markdis there a way to install driver without being connected or can idownload on another computer and transfer it to that computer using a usb drive?04:10
NooneshereDoes anyone know anything about conky? It won't work, I installed from repos it is giving me errors. http://pastebin.com/jQDE0Lse04:10
suinswofiWhen I attempt to install Ubuntu 9.10 on my server, it fails to install grub. I think this is because my chipset detects as a raid even though I'm not using a raid. I'm supposed to replace grub2 with grub1.x instead? Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this using the included install disc?04:10
brjanndsnyders, do not disparage ncurses! ;)04:10
MilitantPotatobob_: it's normal not to have root when you login04:10
g00dwilldlynes: I haven't used debian net install; I'll give it try once I'm off verizon wireless ;)04:11
airtonixNooneshere, pastebin your conky rc04:11
littlegirlNooneshere: You have to customize Conky for your computer. It's looking for things on the computer of whoever's Conky file you're using.04:11
airtonixNooneshere, or is it standard ?04:11
markdit says ineed something called ndiswrapper how do i install this?04:11
dsnydersbrjann, That was an Ooo of appreciation.  I've been looking for something like that ever since the initial foulup.04:11
ki4cgpmarkd, yes. you can download the .deb file and move it over with USB stick. Just make sure you grab the right .deb04:12
NooneshereI tried with standerd and with some from UbuntuForums. Here it is. http://pastebin.com/i77taXc504:12
airtonixmarkd, you could use synaptics delayed install feature04:12
bob_yes but when i run sudo & command in term it tells me i cant04:12
brjanndsnyders, oh! happy to oblige :) let's hope it works04:12
markdndiswrapper is not listed in synaptic04:12
markdwhere do i download it from?04:12
bob_it asks my password & then tells me i dont have privalages04:13
MilitantPotatobob_: ah, not good.  Go to user and group management, make sure you're in the sudoers group04:13
airtonixmarkd, 1) open synaptics 2) select packages to install 3) file -> generate download script 4) save to usb drive 5) move drive to internet connected machine 6a) if computer is linux : run script 6b) else copy paste each url you see in the script file (text file) and paste it to your browser 7) copy resulting deb files back to usb drive 8) plug back into your offline machine 9) file -> load files04:14
brjanndsnyders, here's a bit of a walkthrough if any of the steps look frightening. http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/columns/how_to_fix_your_computers_graphics_with_dpkg-reconfigure04:14
dlyneslittlebear, uck does the trick?  it seemed like it was only for creating live cd's, not automated installs?04:14
MilitantPotatobob_: this is after you've logged in right?   Is it allowing you to even login?04:14
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dlyneslittlebear, basically i was wanting to have an extremely trimmed down ubuntu that's a fully automated install04:14
littlegirlNooneshere: You have to go through the .conkyrc file line by line and make sure all the paths and information in it are valid for your computer.04:14
dlyneslittlebear, and then there's other certain packages i needed installed as well, including some restricted packages04:15
NooneshereThank you04:15
bob_yes it lets me log in & everything seems fine untill i try running anything that neds priv.04:15
airtonixmarkd, ndiswrapper should be on your install cd... if not : http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/04:15
markd@airtonix ndiswrapper is not listed in synaptic04:15
dlyneslittlegirl, uck does the trick?  it seemed like it was only for creating live cd's, not automated installs?04:15
dlyneslittlegirl, and then there's other certain packages i needed installed as well, including some restricted packages04:15
markdshould i start from the cd and install it?04:15
dsnydersbrjann, It asked me a bunch of questions about my keyboard and then finished.  There is a new xorg.conf04:15
dlyneslittlegirl, and some bash shell scripts i need to run as well04:15
littlegirldlynes: What do you mean by automated installs?04:15
bob_& yes it shows me in user & groups04:15
dlyneslittlegirl, no interaction from the end user04:16
littlegirldlynes: It will accept bash shell scripts. It's fully customizable.04:16
firemoonide for web application04:16
dlyneslittlegirl, just slap in a boot cd, and walk away04:16
littlegirldlynes: Not sure about that, but you can find out here: http://uck.sourceforge.net/04:16
airtonixmarkd, your install cd should already be a listed  source, insert it and reload your repositry listing04:16
littlegirldlynes: Yep, that should be possible.04:16
dlyneslittlegirl, maybe have about 50mb's worth of files on the cd, and the rest it grabs from the network04:16
brjanndsnyders, cross your fingers and sudo service gdm start04:17
dsnydersbrjann, startx gives me this: (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)04:17
dsnyders 04:17
AHelper2Good night all! (At least for me, it's 22:16)04:17
NooneshereConky keeps on wanting localhost. Do i need to set up LAMPP for something?04:17
dlyneslittlegirl, i've got the entire ubuntu site mirrored locally04:17
airtonixmarkd, info here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26316804:17
littlegirldlynes: You can define which packages it installs automatically, and set up your own additional scripts, customize the colors and design, logo, you name it.04:17
littlegirldlynes: Ah, then you can easily define that mirror as the source for all packages.04:17
airtonixMark22, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43441104:17
dlyneslittlegirl, ok, cool...it sounded like it was only for live cds when i looked at it04:17
airtonixmarkd, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43441104:17
AHelper2ide for web app?04:17
dlyneslittlegirl, thanks very much04:17
brjanndsnyders, booo04:18
littlegirldlynes: It is, but you can design them however you like. (:04:18
littlegirldlynes: Live CDs can run Ubuntu and install it. (:04:18
NooneshereConky keeps on wanting localhost. Do i need to set up LAMPP for something?04:19
bob_well its getting late here 23:15 Guess I'll try  again tomorrow. Thanks for the help04:19
markdgot it04:19
markdinstalling from the cd04:19
brjanndsnyders, and you said you reinstalled the nvidia hardware drivers, right?04:19
dsnydersbrjann, yes04:19
markdnow how do i configure it?04:19
airtonixmarkd, you need the windows drivers for your wifi card first04:20
littlegirlNooneshere: You shouldn't have to set up LAMP for Conky.04:20
brjanndsnyders, :( i'm about out of ideas04:20
markdi think i have the orgininal cd04:20
markdfrom linksys04:20
NooneshereIt keeps on wanting to find localhost via port 660004:21
littlegirlNooneshere: What does your .conkyrc look like?04:21
markdok so i have the cd04:21
andre_plwhat does it mean for a package to be 'held back' when doing an upgrade?04:21
airtonixmarkd, the file ndiswrapper wants to look at is an *.inf file (but you'll need to have the related dll etc files with that inf file)04:21
andre_pl'kept back' sorry04:21
demonsporkhow do I make my LCD monitor portrait landscape04:21
Noonesherehttp://pastebin.com/i77taXc5 is my conky file.04:21
littlegirlandre: I think it means it won't be upgraded, but I'm not sure.04:21
airtonixmarkd, so this means that if your drivers are contained in an *.exe.... you'll also need to install wine04:22
markd@airtonix i haev the install cd04:22
andre_pllittlegirl: i know that it wont be, but I want to know why, and how I can make it. :)04:22
airtonixmarkd, yes ... read up ^^^04:22
NooneshereSorry wrong one. http://pastebin.com/nRLn0Ktg04:22
dsnydersbrjann, Hang on...  I did an aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic'|grep -i nvidia and only nvidia-glx-180 was displayed.04:22
markdso the cd should have all those files no?04:22
airtonixmarkd, one would assume so.04:22
littlegirlandre: Got it. I have instructions for that. Hang on.04:23
markdso then all i need to do is insert the cd?04:23
airtonixmarkd, its your job to identify the right files required...04:23
brjanndsnyders, that's no good. maybe sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-common04:23
markdis there a guide somewhere that tells you how to do this?04:23
ubuntuby mistake issued the command dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sda any possibility to recover04:23
brjanndsnyders, see if that pulls in the other dependencies04:23
g00dwilldlynes: How can I work with debian net install while using vmware. Do I download from within Ubuntu or my other os running vmware?04:23
littlegirlandre_pl: Instructions. (:  http://mostlylinux.wordpress.com/packagemanagement/lockpackages/04:24
anarki2004is there a way I can serve files on a home LAN from a ubuntu machine to a windows machine?04:24
airtonixmarkd, have you installed drivers on windows before? i mean do you know how to identify chipsets and retrieve exact drivers required?04:24
ubuntuanarki2004: using samba04:24
dsnydersbrjann, Before, it showed nvidia-glx-96, nvidia-settings, and nvidia-kernel-common04:24
Lachance!samba | anarki200404:24
ubottuanarki2004: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:24
brjanndsnyders, before what?04:24
dlynesg00dwill, from your host os04:24
ubuntuby mistake issued the command dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sda any possibility to recover....pls help04:24
markd@airtonix i have never had to do that before but the cd that came with the adapter should have all of the files04:25
markdwhy would i need to find them?04:25
littlegirlNooneshere: Do you have the /opt/seti directory on your computer?04:25
airtonixmarkd, so you've never ever installed "up to date" drivers04:25
philippehi all04:25
airtonixmarkd, (drivers that come with a cd are always at least a year old)04:25
g00dwilldlynes: Ok, Thanks.04:26
markdive downloaded drivers from the internet yes04:26
markdi don't care if there old as long as they work04:26
Lachance!hi | philippe04:26
ubottuphilippe: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:26
dsnydersbrjann, before I removed them.  I thought they got re-installed when I reinstalled the nvidia-glx-18004:26
airtonixmarkd, then you need to apply that process to finding the windows drivers for your wifi card04:26
markdi just want to get online then i can update everything04:26
ubuntuby mistake issued the command dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sda any possibility to recover....pls help04:26
markdyes but its a different process for ubuntu04:26
airtonixmarkd, explore your driver cd then...04:27
Noonesherelittlegirl No, the repos didn't add that. Should i manually create, or add one from the tar.gz on the conkey site?04:27
littlegirlNooneshere: Comment out or delete lines 93 to 187 and add them back in one by one to see which ones work and which ones don't. (:04:27
researcher1I cant install  software from Ubuntu Software center04:27
brjanndsnyders, did you try sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-common ?04:27
Lachancelittlegirl, Comment out - don't delete. o.O04:27
markdits in a .exe file should i need to install wine and wine should know what to do with it?04:27
ubunturesearcher1: whats the problem??04:27
researcher1it gives a message as under .....04:27
brjanndsnyders, that seems to be the package responsible for pulling in the other nvidia packages on my system04:27
dsnydersbrjann, processing right now.  Stand by...04:27
Lachancemarkd, For drivers?04:27
* brjann nods04:27
airtonixmarkd, thats what i needed to do.04:27
littlegirlNooneshere: Nope, no need. Just be sure and delete lines 90 and 91 from the .conkyrc file. (:04:27
g00dwilldlynes: I"m not sure how this will work while using vmware on osx. Can you explain more?04:28
researcher1unauthenticated software will be installed. n then stops04:28
airtonixmarkd, it'll be a compressed file that will only unpack when you run the exe04:28
markd@airtonix ok i just wanted to make sure wine would know what to do with them04:28
littlegirlLachance: You're right, sorry. (:04:28
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littlegirlNooneshere: Comment out those lines rather than deleting them. Sorry!04:28
airtonixmarkd, what wifi card is it ?04:29
Lachancelittlegirl, No worries - just remember - always comment unless you have a specific need to delete. o.O Saves your hair and sanity...04:29
littlegirlNooneshere: Or back up the whole file and delete away. (:04:29
markd@airtonix wmp 300n04:29
littlegirlLachance: In my case hair is not a problem (down to my thighs). (:04:29
* Lachance is bald04:29
dsnydersbrjann, I got an error, but I also now have a screen.04:29
littlegirlLachance: I know what you mean, though, and you're right. I should never recommend deleting. ):04:29
dsnydersbrjann, Error is (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)04:29
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Lachancelittlegirl, It's all good. Just stay on topic. >_>04:30
brjanndsnyders, but it headed on into X anyway?04:30
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airtonixmarkd, thats supposed to be a broadcom card. apparently supported under the b43 linux drivers04:30
dsnydersbrjann, yes.  It seems to be back to the 800x600 display.04:30
littlegirlNooneshere: How's it going with that .conkyrc file?04:30
markdok how do i get that?04:31
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Noonesherelittlegirl, i am still getting a "04:31
NooneshereConky: MPD error: problems getting a response from "localhost" on port 6600 : Connection refused04:31
littlegirlNooneshere: What does your .conkyrc file look like now?04:31
airtonixmarkd, check if b43-fwcutter is on your ubuntu install cd04:31
brjanndsnyders, so... we've gone in a circle? :)04:32
markdit is04:32
markdshould i install it?04:32
dsnydersbrjann, Yeah... But what a ride!04:32
Noonesherelittlegirl this is it04:32
brjanndsnyders, you pays your money, you gets your ticket.04:32
littlegirlNooneshere: Comment out lines 115 and 116.04:33
airtonixmarkd, might be a bit difficult, results might not be consistant... but you can read through here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76399504:33
brjanndsnyders, what does xvinfo | grep Adaptor tell you?04:34
markdi get this error when i try to install b43fwcutter subprocess installed post script returned error exit status 104:34
airtonixmarkd, (would be nice if the hardware drivers provided a mechanism for offline install like synapctics does)04:34
airtonixmarkd, i mean as in system > admin > hardware drivers04:35
demonsporkHow do I change my monitor from landscape to portrait04:35
airtonixdemonspork, video drivers have to support it first.04:35
Noonesherelittlegirl Still nada04:35
dsnydersbrjann, xvinfo: unable to open display04:35
littlegirlNooneshere: What happens when you try to run it?04:35
kanuhahelp, my cd/dvd drive isn't recognized anymore04:35
markdso what should i do?04:35
mgmuscariis it possible to get the xscreensaver-data-extra and xscreensaver-gl-extra screensavers working with gnome-screensaver?04:35
brjanndsnyders, oh, you'll have to do it from inside a terminal on your X screen04:35
demonsporkairtonix, Nvidia drivers, not sure what version it is, I usually try to keep them up to date. Would that support it?04:36
mgmuscarii like them better, but i like the gnome-screensaver lock screen more than the xscreensaver one...04:36
NooneshereI get04:36
NooneshereConky: MPD error: problems getting a response from "localhost" on port 6600 : Connection refused04:36
PratikAnandhi...I've a query...like we get open office & fire fox as preinstalled...how do I add any other?04:36
brjanndsnyders, or xvinfo -display :0 | grep Adaptor04:36
airtonixdemonspork, not from my experience.04:36
mgmuscari!synaptic | PratikAnand04:36
ubottuPratikAnand: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto04:36
LachancePratikAnand, you can also use apt and aptitude if you know how. (Google  it)04:36
airtonixdemonspork, your nvidia-settings ui will tell you the version04:36
markdso what should i do now? i have b43 fwcutter installed04:37
airtonixmarkd, did you read that page ?04:37
PratikAnandwith synaptic & aptitude, i can install later...i mean customizing so that even say google chrome comes pre-installed...04:37
dsnydersbrjann, I thought as much.  I had done a CTRL-ALT-F1 to issue the command and when I did CTRL-ALT-F7 to get back to the x display, it was back to the blank text screen with the underscore cursor.  I'm restarting x to try again.  Stand by...04:37
airtonixmarkd, (personally i think it would be easier if you installed wine and went down the path of using ndiswrapper)04:38
LachancePratikAnand, well, not preinstalled, but you can install Google Chrome (what I use), Songbird (instead of Rhythmbox), etc.04:38
markdwine isn't on the install cd04:38
Switch10PratikAnand: you can use remastersys to make your own iso with any packages you want04:38
markdso do i need to get it on another computer and put it on a ubs drive?04:38
airtonixmarkd, yes... or you could just unplug the ethernet cable from this computer and plug it into your offline machine04:39
NooneshereAny idea littlegirl?04:39
littlegirlNooneshere: If you didn't comment out the line that says that in the .conkyrc file I think that means it's working and you're seeing the text from the file.04:39
mgmuscariPratikAnand: look at the chromium-browser package, along with chromium-codecs-ffmpeg and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree04:39
markdthis computer is wireless04:39
markdmy modem is in the living room04:39
mgmuscariPratikAnand: i think i use a custom ppa for chromium but i forget what it is04:39
NooneshereI commented it out. Its not there anymore.04:39
littlegirlNooneshere: Comment out that line and replace it with HELLO WORLD and see if you get HELLO WORLD when you run it. If so, it's working and it just needs to be configured with what you want to see. (:04:39
markdmost of my computers are wireless except for my mac mini04:40
airtonixmarkd, then yes ... you need to transfer files via usb drive04:40
markdill do that04:40
markdi do have one more question though04:40
markdits much shorter04:40
mgmuscariis anyone here using the screensavers from xscreensaver-data-extra or xscreensaver-gl-extra with gnome-screensaver successfully?04:40
dsnydersbrjann, xvinfo reports Screen #0  No adapters present.04:40
NooneshereWhat lines? Line 155?04:40
NooneshereI mean 115?04:40
brjanndsnyders, but X is running again? o_O04:41
markdon this same computer i have windows 7 installed however when i select windows 7 in grub it just reboots the computer it doesn't start windows04:41
littlegirlNooneshere: Lines 115 and 166 in the paste you did here: http://pastebin.com/VtKvKqsv04:41
dsnydersbrjann, yes.  That was from an xterm window04:41
littlegirlNooneshere: The line numbers might not be the same in your editor. You'll want to comment the content that's on those lines in the paste.04:41
brjanndsnyders, uh. okay, i did not expect that. :)04:42
NooneshereIts still not working. I think i may just do my biannually computer wipe early, and retry. I think its because of other issues.04:42
markddid you see my question?04:42
matizHi evryone04:43
Lachance!hi | matiz04:43
ubottumatiz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:43
theadminIn Jaunty, if cdrom disk was not present, cdrom did not appear in Places, now i have "cdrom0" there. Can i get it back like before?04:43
brjanndsnyders, i'm about out of ideas. the only other thing I can really think of is using the restricted driver manager to disable everything, reboot, and use the restricted driver manager to turn nvidia back on04:43
Lachancebecause i'm too lazy to say hi myself...04:43
littlegirlNooneshere: That's an awfully big .conkyrc. You could try another one before giving up on it.04:43
NooneshereI will. Thank you very much littlegirl04:43
dsnydersbrjann, hang on... a thought occurs...04:44
Lachancetheadmin, What's the problem with cdrom0?04:44
littlegirlNooneshere: Sure. I wish I could have helped you. Hopefully somebody else in here can!04:44
git__ever since i upgrade to 2.6.32.x kernel on my 9.10, i have no more freeze04:44
brjanndsnyders, uh oh04:44
theadminLachance: Nothing, but i don't want something useless in the menu ;)04:44
nanotubemarkd: try installing the bmcwl-kernel-source package - that should work for your wifi...04:45
nanotubemarkd: and you won't have to deal with ndiswrapper or wine or anything like that.04:45
Lachancetheadmin, It's a virtual cdrom for specific issues. That's not essentially "useless". ;)04:45
markdis that in synaptic?04:45
NooneshereIt is most likely because i hacked a different architecture on this system. It was a very hard and bad move.04:45
nanotubemarkd: yes, it's in the official ubuntu repos04:46
theadminLachance: Hm. Well, it's still there even when i DISCONNECT the cdrom DEVICE, which is freaking me out, it's way too weird04:46
dsnydersbrjann, I checked the proprietary drivers tool, and it looks like the nvidia driver is not active.  I'm going to activate it.  stand by...04:46
NooneshereNo worries. Gday04:46
nanotubemarkd: either in universe or multiverse... one of those.04:46
markdhey guess what04:47
markdi installed b43 and reboted04:47
LachanceLol - theadmin there's a ton of stuff on your system that is "useless". The best thing to do is simply to ignore it and feel reassured that when you need it - it is there.04:47
littlegirlNooneshere: If you start with a very small .conkyrc file that doesn't require any paths or network connections or anything and make sure you get a display of some sort, then you can build on that bit by bit with what you'd like to see (temperatures, hard drive space, etc.).04:47
markdnow my adapter is seen04:47
theadminLachance: Well... okay :D04:47
nanotubemarkd: heh nice04:47
markdit shows me 2 drivers04:49
markdb43 and something called sta04:49
LachanceSongbird is like the best media player I've ever used. I think we should boot rhythmbox and have songbird come preinstalled.04:49
theadmin...dunno, i never liked anything except VLC04:49
markdhey as long as it works04:49
theadminLet's not start a flamewar, Lachance04:50
Lachancetheadmin, Lol! I'm just commenting.04:50
Switch10Lachance: I never really liked songbird much...04:50
LachanceSwitch10, Any specific issues? (I've only been using it a week)04:50
theadminThat's what Linux is good for, you can remove anything you don't need.04:50
markd@nanotube do you know why  when i restart my computer and try to enter windows 7 grub reboots the computer?04:50
Lachancetheadmin, I'd completely disagree with that.04:51
theadminmarkd: Missing ntldr most likely. Windows issue04:51
markdhow do i fix it?04:51
nanotubemarkd: no idea... i don't dual boot. :)04:51
dsnydersbrjann, rebooting... stand by...04:51
Lachancemarkd, That could be a lot of issues.04:51
brjanndsnyders, i'm sitting down out of spite.04:51
markddo i need to run a boot fix?04:51
Switch10Lachance: I like the plugins etc, but it freezes on me at times. I have a 200 gb library though04:51
markdon windows?04:51
=== Out_Cold_ is now known as Guest97325
markdwill that remove grub?04:52
Lachancemarkd, Yeah, with windows - not grub.04:52
theadminmarkd: I dunno, i only have one idea, reinstall windows. I dualboot XP and Ubuntu on dualboot, everything is quite smooth.04:52
LachanceSwitch10, I only use the Last.fm plugin. I haven't had it freeze yet, but my library isn't near that big. =P04:52
theadminBut be prepared to have a Ubuntu livecd at hand to reinstall GRUB, markd04:52
=== david is now known as Guest49247
l000Viking667 thanks :)04:52
markdthis is complex04:52
theadminmarkd: Lol no, just grub-install /dev/whatever04:53
Switch10Lachance: ya it would freeze when loading my library. The lyrics plugin is pretty cool04:53
markdnot for you but for me04:53
markdim a linux noob04:53
markdi mean ive played with it04:53
theadminmarkd: Well, i was one a year ago too... I see.04:53
LachanceSwitch10, I haven't played with that. =P Tho, to be honest - I know the lyrics to all my music, so I don't have much need for a plugin for that.04:53
Switch10Mpg321 is my favorite player :)04:54
LachanceSwitch10, I'll look into that!04:54
markdso if i put in the windows 7 disk do i a boot fix then i have to reinstall grub?04:54
markdor will it leave grub alone?04:54
theadminmarkd: It WON'T leave it. Windows IS stupid, it puts it's bootloader in master boot record even if something is already there04:54
Switch10markd: if u reinstall win7 it will mess up grub04:54
Hellhound666markd:  are you trying to duel boot or something?04:54
xanguamarkd: the firts you said04:54
=== LBSources- is now known as LBSources
gooooohey how do i change grub to boot windows ?04:55
Lachancemarkd, When you the grub menu pulls up - what do you do? You select Windows, then what happens? Does windows begin to boot up? Do you see any splash screens? Etc.04:55
Hellhound666I installed WUBI04:55
Hellhound666inside Windows 7 then modified the loader to go into grub204:55
theadmingooooo: You'll have to install Windows and then reinstall GRUB04:55
Lachancetheadmin, lol - totally agreed. Windows OWNS MBR no matter what might be there.04:55
Hellhound666try that04:55
dsnydersbrjann, I got a nice login screen, then I got an arrow cursor, then... the monitor displaying Input not supported04:55
markd@llachance no i select windows and the computer reboots04:55
goooootheadmin i see it in the menu04:55
LachanceBalmer wants to make sure you understand that you WILL use Windows and you WILL like it.04:55
markdif i click ubuntu it boots fine04:55
goooooand it was installed first04:55
goooooi tried adding make active or setdefault to /boot/grub/grub.cfg04:56
Cynofieldhey can anyone give me a link on how to install a new kernal?04:56
gooooobut i've never had to do it suse has a nice manager for it04:56
theadmingooooo: Oh so it just doesn't boot, weird...04:56
gooooono it boots04:56
gooooobut its not default04:56
LachanceCynofield, I can find one. One moment...04:56
Hellhound666markd: u can't boot windows but u can Ubuntu u say right?04:56
LachanceCynofield, are you compiling your own kernel?04:56
theadminCynofield: Supported kernels should be installed automatically from upgrade manager, others... well, i'm not sure it's a good idea to install unsupported ones04:57
brjanndsnyders, boo.04:57
markdyes @hellhound66604:57
gooooois there a grub editor other than notepad ?04:57
Switch10gooooo: nano04:57
LachanceCynofield, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile04:57
brjanndsnyders, however! your system might now be in a state where nvidia-xconfig may actually work.04:57
theadmingooooo: Err, nano, vim, Kate, any text editor04:57
dsnydersbrjann, service gdm stop followed by startx brought me back to an 800x600 display.04:57
goooooi mean gui specifically for it04:57
Switch10gooooo: gedit04:58
LachanceCynofield, please remember that once you install a new kernel we will only be able to provide you very limited support.04:58
theadmingooooo: Hm, i know of one, let me look the name up04:58
CynofieldLachance, ta. and im trying to install i gather : http://kernel.org/ download from there then get it to use the rt2x00 drivers from the latest git04:58
=== Bash is now known as Bash23
Blue1gooooo: you can always gksudo gedit <filename goes here> assuming x is running04:58
gooooowhat would i have to do to my grub.cfg to make windows the default boot ?04:58
goooooi see it in the list it works but its not the default04:58
LachanceCynofield, it's best to download and compile your own new kernel for such an issue (not difficult, though most documentation makes it sound like it is) then implement the new kernel.04:59
Hellhound666markd: u say it just reboots automatically?04:59
Cynofieldwhat do u mean  by "your own new kernel" (sorry for dumb questions)04:59
dsnydersbrjann, did you want me to do the nvidia-xconfig?  If so, should I do it from an xterm window?04:59
Hellhound666I think if you have the DVD u can repair it on boot04:59
LachanceCynofield, this... is kind of a complex issue if you don't know that much. Are you sure you're up for this? It can completely nuke your system if you mess up...05:00
Hellhound666u try that?05:00
theadmingooooo: an editor specific for GRUB is called StartUp Manager, it's available in repositories, look for it in software center, dunno the package name05:00
brjanndsnyders, yes, and yes05:00
gooooohey cool thanks05:00
Hellhound666Like I said I just installed WUBI inside windows and it worked just the same.05:00
kanuhahelp, fstab says my cdrom is on /dev/scd0 but doesn't exist05:01
Hellhound666well little problem with the wbldr05:01
Blue1gooooo: iirc the startup manager is called "sum"05:01
CynofieldLachance, yeah i dont mind. im actually using BT4 tbh. and for some reason this IP that im on (open access point) is banned from their irc channel05:01
Hellhound666er wubildr05:01
LachanceCynofield, here you go buddy -> http://www.linuxforums.org/articles/the-newbies-guide-to-compiling-your-first-kernel_272.html05:01
CynofieldLachance, so i can here for the next best thing05:01
gooooohmm its not available on mint05:01
LachanceIt really does not get any more simple than a guide like that...05:01
Roastedis there a program in ubuntu that I can run thats like audacity, but for video?05:02
theadminRoasted: Pitivi05:02
Roastedtheadmin thanks bro05:02
arakthorHOw do I list packages by repository. eg I want to see which packages I have installed come from -universe; how do I do that quickly?05:02
nanotubeRoasted: you mean, you want to edit video?05:02
Cynofieldthx Lachance05:02
Roastednanotube - just a recorder. like I want to record my dog doing something on my webcam and send it to family.05:03
ruby_on_tailshow can I remotely control an XP computer from an ubuntu pc ?05:03
Roastednanotube - just think of audacity, except with video too05:03
Guest97325Cynofield, you are using the realname of root. it's that name that is banned... change your ident in the client05:03
Switch10ruby_on_tails: vlc05:03
LachanceCynofield, the basics are download your kernel, open the kernel's menu, customize your kernel, compile your kernel, name your kernel something sexy, implement your kernel - then rip your skin off with your bare hands when you discover you messed up 8 hours of work or thank God for your genius when it works.05:03
theadminruby_on_tails: There are many solutions, i recommend VNC05:03
brjannarakthor, synaptic has an "origin" filter that will do that05:03
mjs7231Hey Guys, I just updated to Aplha3 and now I can't get Ubuntu out of Low Graphics Mode.. :(05:03
theadminSwitch10: VNC, not vlc, vlc is a media player05:03
Switch10Ya sorry05:03
CynofieldGuest97325, oh zzzzzzz fail by me... thx05:03
theadminmjs7231: Lucid support in #ubuntu+105:04
Roastedwoops closed on accident05:04
arakthorbrjann: I'm looking for a way in CLI05:04
RoastedI dont see a way to record in pitivi?05:04
kanuhahelp, fstab says my cdrom is on /dev/scd0 but doesn't exist05:04
ruby_on_tailstheadmin: I need to install something on my XP machine ?05:04
arakthorI should have mentioned that05:04
CynofieldLachance, yeah tell me about it.. hahaah thx bro05:04
theadminRoasted: Oh... Sorry...05:04
nanotubeRoasted: try 'cheese' to record from webcam05:04
LachanceNo owrries05:04
theadminruby_on_tails: Actually on both, a VNC server and client05:04
dsnydersbrjann, restarted x.  The System>Preferences>display has brought up the nvidia control window.05:04
Hellhound666markd:  just curious did u fix yer problem yet?05:04
ruby_on_tailshttp://www.realvnc.com/ this one theadmin ?05:04
theadminruby_on_tails: I however stick to jrdesktop, it's kinda simplier05:05
Hellhound666well course I wouldn't know yet duh05:05
=== Guest97325 is now known as Out_Cold
theadminruby_on_tails: There are tons of them, any one will do05:05
brjanndsnyders, that sounds promising?05:05
ruby_on_tailstheadmin: any free one ?05:05
ruby_on_tailsI basically want to use photoshop on the xp machine via VNC, so will it be fast enough ? and its on lan05:05
Switch10ruby_on_tails: they r all free try vinagre as well05:05
LachanceWho wants to bet that Cynofield comes back in 9 hours and wants to know why his box crashes whenever anyone touches the power button...?05:05
=== jesse_ is now known as Flare-Laptop
theadminruby_on_tails: Well, just any :D Any that has a Linux and a Windows version of course. Although you can use different clients too05:05
goooooi did the weirdest thing to get my resolution working.... ctrl + alt + keypad minus  a couple times to change the resolution05:06
goooooxorg is just full of mystery's05:06
ruby_on_tailsrealvnc is paid, I will look for vinarge05:06
goooooanyhow thanks for the help05:06
goooookeep a tight bum05:06
brjannarakthor, sorry, not as much of a wizard with the apt cli tools :)05:06
dsnydersbrjann, it does sound promising.  It's not detecting my monitor, and it is only allowing 800x600 and 640x400.05:07
Viking667ruby_on_tails: vinaigre ?05:07
ruby_on_tailsViking667: what Switch10 said05:07
theadminViking667: vinagre most likely %) A GNOME VNC client05:07
arakthorbrjann, no worries; it's a bit of an odd one to be honest.05:07
kanuhahelp, fstab says my cdrom is on /dev/scd0 but doesn't exist05:07
Lachancekanuha, so you popped in a CD and you're trying to access it?05:08
brjanndsnyders, but it's actually running the nvidia driver now?05:08
punkrockguy3I'm a dev of fceux (nes emulator).  are there any experienced users here that wouldn't mind helping me test netplay?  i'm trying to ready it for the release05:09
kanuhaLachance, yes, a window comes up and asks me what I want to do, but when I select open brasero it says there isn't a disk in the drive.05:09
Lachancekanuha, Do you see the CD displayed on the desktop?05:10
kanuhaLachance, it worked before, but something changed.05:10
kanuhaLachance, yes05:10
Lachancekanuha, And it is a music CD? o.O05:10
LachanceOr blank CD, my bad05:11
ruby_on_tailsthe vinagre install file says I need these  - gtk+ >= 2.12  - glib >= 2.15.3  - libglade-2.0  - gconf-2.0  - gnome-keyring  - gtk-vnc widget >= 0.3.5 (http://gtk-vnc.sf.net)  - avahi-gobject and avahi-ui >= 0.6.22  - libpanelapplet-2.0 >= 2.0.0 where do I get these ?05:11
* Lachance is really tired05:11
EntityRebornruby_on_tails, apt-get install05:11
ruby_on_tailsI use synapetic05:11
ruby_on_tailsis that ok ?05:11
dsnydersbrjann, It seems to be running the nvidia driver, as far as I can tell.05:11
EntityRebornruby_on_tails, apt-get install is faster/easier, if you already know what you need.05:12
Lachancekanuha, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/18170305:12
ruby_on_tailsEntityReborn: so I should typ in sudo apt-get gtk+ >= 2.12 ?05:12
mylisto2I've got someone over here that wants to isntall itunes on his iphone...05:12
brjanndsnyders, well yay. that's something, at least. but i need to afk for a bit before my eyes fall out :)05:12
EntityRebornruby_on_tails, do sudo apt-get install vinagre, and it will install the dependancies for you05:12
mylisto2how can this be done via ubuntu?05:12
kanuhaLachance, I checked fstab and it says my cdrom is device /dev/scd0, but that doesn't exist.05:12
kanuhaLachance, I installed k3b and same thing05:12
dsnydersbrjann, you have been a tremendous help.  I thank you.05:13
Lachancekanuha, One moment...05:13
brjanndsnyders, you're welcome! sorry we haven't made much progress05:13
theadminkanuha: Hm, does "ls -la /dv | grep 'scd'" return anything?05:13
ruby_on_tailsEntityReborn: I alrerady had it installed :D05:13
EntityRebornruby_on_tails, :P05:13
ruby_on_tailsbut how do I install this on my windows machine ?05:13
theadminkanuha: Err, "ls -la /dev | grep 'scd'"05:13
EntityReborndon't know if vinagre is windows compatible05:14
dsnydersbrjann, we've made a lot of progress as far as I'm concerned.  I'm going to cut and paste some of the lines from my 8.10 xorg.conf to see if I can get the resolution up to a usable level.05:14
EntityRebornuse TinyVNC or something05:14
Switch10ruby_on_tails: it's fine do a google search for windows vnc05:14
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:14
=== ZombindPower is now known as WindPower
EntityRebornsorry, tightVNC, ruby_on_tails05:14
nanotuberuby_on_tails: i bet that wiki article links to some vnc clients05:15
Switch10ruby_on_tails: you don't need the same app05:15
ruby_on_tailsSwitch10: yea did that already :P05:15
nanotubeEntityReborn: howdy! :)05:15
dsnydersbrjann, The important thing is that I have x working again... sort of.05:15
EntityRebornnanotube, supsup05:15
brjanndsnyders, not a bad idea. some of the settings unhidden by the advanced button in nvidia-settings might be of help too05:15
kanuhaLachance, takes me to a blank cli prompt05:15
brjanndsnyders, but! before you do anything, cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf ~/xorg.conf.sortofworking ;)05:15
Lachancekanuha, theadmin suggested it. I'm just watching05:15
dsnydersbrjann, good thought.05:16
nbros652hey everyone, I have a script where I start firefox& and then initiate an ssh connection. See pastebin: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/8G7FFRvE . What I want to do is terminate the ssh connection when firefox closes. Is this possible?05:16
Lachancekanuha, you don't see solrwxrwxrwx   1 root root           3 2010-02-25 19:02 scd0 -> sr0mething like this ->05:16
LachanceSomething like -> lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root           3 2010-02-25 19:02 scd0 -> sr005:16
kanuhatheadmin, just returns a blcnk cli prompt05:16
=== demonspork_ is now known as demonspork
theadminkanuha: Hm, it means device indeed does not exist05:18
kanuhaLachance, no, just takes me to xxxx@xxxx-xxxx:~$05:18
kanuhatheadmin, how do I find out what the device is?05:19
theadminHm. If an app causes a segmentation fault it will be closed or will kernel panic happen?05:19
theadminkanuha: Actually, now i've no idea, it's weirdness of some sort05:19
ruby_on_tailsvinagre == remote desktop viewer :|05:19
theadminI'm just trying to watch one video... what happens next: A huge memory leak (everything freezes) and Firefox crashes.05:19
kanuhatheadmin, isn't there a command that shows your hardware devices and addresses05:20
Switch10ruby_on_tails: correct that is what u want05:20
MilitantPotatokanuha: if it's something you can remove and plugin, dmesg would show it05:21
nbros652any ideas anyone?05:21
theadminkanuha: Hm... yeah... uh... sudo fdisk -l05:21
dsnydersHi all!  Is there such a thing as a diff editor?  Something that shows two files and allows cut/paste either to a third or to one of the two?05:21
kanuhaMilitantPotato, I'm on a laptop05:21
ruby_on_tailsok I installed tightvnc on my xp machine and turned on the vnc server05:22
ruby_on_tailsit works05:22
Switch10ruby_on_tails: now access it through vinagre05:22
ruby_on_tailsla la la05:22
Switch10ruby_on_tails: there ya go :)05:22
theadminAlso, any ideas why Ubuntu live CD has GPartED, but it's removed when you install?05:23
phyburnhello how could I check what wifi driver I'm using?05:23
ruby_on_tailsthanks everyone05:24
MilitantPotatoMost people do all their partitioning during the install, not after I'm guessing05:24
dsnyderstheadmin, because once you've installed you've already gone past the part where you need to partition things?05:24
MilitantPotatoI use it frequently for flash drives though, wish they'd leave it installed.05:24
ruby_on_tailshmm, why can't I pasre images from ubuntu into xp photoshop ?05:24
Switch10theadmin: I imagine because you have to unmount before you do anything with gparted. Unless u have other partitions most people have no need for it05:24
bwrStupid question: I accidently hit control+j and I don't know how to zoom back out. Hard05:25
Loshatheadmin: just do sudo apt-get install gparted05:25
bwrto find out with it zoomed in so far :/05:25
dsnydersMilitantPotato, well, it's only a sudo apt-get away.05:25
ruby_on_tailsthough, this is pretty slow05:25
ruby_on_tailscan't work on photoshop :P05:25
MilitantPotatodsnyders: yep.05:25
theadminLosha: Yeah i know, i just found that weird05:26
theadminHm, dunno, but i needed GPartED to partition my external drive05:26
Switch10theadmin: ya Install it right away as well05:27
Loshatheadmin: MilitantPotato had a good explanation. Too many apps that aren't used often just bloat an installation05:27
Switch10Losha: ie the gimp05:27
esicamI mistakenly made my vista containing folder as swap, now how to remove the swap and make it mountable05:29
demonsporkhow do I change a monitor from Landscape to portrait with Nvidia drivers. Nvidia-settings doesn't seem to have the option in it.05:30
kenjyguys If I disable ACPI my graphic interface becomes really slow, how can I debug this issue?05:30
Loshaesicam: did you actually swap on it?05:30
esicamLosha, no i have another swap area which is being used but i marked that also as swap area05:30
kenjyand for example apps like google earth say that I don't have 3d render but glxinfo say that I have it05:31
kenjyand for example apps like google earth say that I don't have 3d render but glxinfo say that I have it05:31
Loshaesicam: you said 'folder'. Do you actually mean partition?05:32
LinuxGuy2009Is there somewhere I can download a package of the 2.6.33 kernel for Ubuntu 8.04.4?05:35
zetherooLinuxGuy2009: I am still using 2.6.31 in Karmic ...05:38
rwwLinuxGuy2009: The mainline PPA has a copy at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.33/ . That site is completely unrecommended, unsupported, and if it breaks things you get to keep both pieces. There's no official package of 2.6.33 for Hardy.05:39
hmwinstalled fluxbox, selected Nautlius from the menu and my Gnome desktop appeared. Now I don't know, how to get the fluxbox-menu, since Nautlius is handling the Desktop. Do I have to kill X?05:39
LoshaLinuxGuy2009: *maybe* http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/. But the whole point of an LTS release is *not* to use the bleeding edge so it stays (relatively) stable....05:39
zetheroorww: whats the latest kernel for Karmic?05:39
stanman246hey, how can use the external monitor, connected to my 9.10 laptop to be the primary, where all the toolbars etc are?05:39
rednose"Default search engine has been changed to Yahoo! Default Home Page will use either Google or Yahoo! depending on user setting." Ok whose getting a backhander? or is this cos Mozilla is upset with google?05:39
=== Web-sidux721 is now known as jc
rwwzetheroo: Ubuntu doesn't upgrade to new major kernels after release. Karmic released with 2.6.31, and thus still has
jcerm, does anyone know how to install "mumble-server" on Ubuntu05:40
jcapparently, the repos only have the old version05:40
zetheroorww: oh i see05:40
jcthe commands they provide on their website do not work05:40
rwwzetheroo: 2.6.31-19, to be specific05:40
avz4usermode +r05:40
rwwjc: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/Installing_Mumble#Ubuntu05:43
Gartralalright all, i have an issue regarding drives and ubuntu 9.10: i have two hardrives of the same model, and as such they have the same base UUID.. it this going to pose an issue when io go to install?05:43
jchi rww05:43
jcwell, the instructions provided on that page05:43
jcdo not work05:43
jcthere is no command apt-add-repository or whatever it is05:43
rwwjc: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?05:43
theadminI know it's kinda offtopic, but does anyone know what is this subtitle format called? : http://pastebin.com/AYZnqX1H05:44
jcI'm running 8.04 LTS rww05:44
LoshaGartral: shouldn't be a problem. As soon as you create partitions, they will be given unique UUIDs05:44
rwwjc: ah, that would be why. add-apt-repository is new in Karmic.05:45
rwwjc: In fact, that PPA doesn't appear to support Hardy at all :\05:45
rednoserww: you need to use a older way.05:45
jcrww: :( thanks nevertheless. What do you suggest I do?05:45
SerraphynAnyone suggest a good RAD tool for developing in ubuntu?(RAD as in Rapid Application Development)05:45
blakkheimSerraphyn: vi + gcc05:45
GartralLosha well thats the problem.. wont ubuntu not see two seperate drives?05:45
Serraphynblakkheim: Humorous05:46
stevebuntuwhenever i reboot a dialog box always comes up and requests access to a key that is locked at /etc/python2.605:46
Flannel!prevu | jc, rww:05:46
ubottujc, rww:: prevu is an automated, personal backporting utility. Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu for more details05:46
FlannelTry that, depending on what mumble requires, it may work05:46
jcthank you05:46
Hellhound666stevebuntu: do you have something starting on boot?05:46
stevebuntuwell i was wondering the same05:47
dsnydersHi all!  Is there such a thing as a diff editor?  Something that shows two files and allows cut/paste either to a third or to one of the two?05:47
Hellhound666yup happen to me when starting a network applet05:47
jcoh no! When trying to initialize prevu05:47
jcI: Building against currently running distro:sh: lsb_release: not found05:47
Hellhound666I'm new but check wherever linux places files on boot05:47
stevebuntuhellhound666: how can i see what is set to autostart ?05:47
LoshaGartral: ubuntu will see 2 separate drives, unless you're using LVMs or raid or something clever like that. UUIDs are assigned at partition creating time I think05:48
Hellhound666boot ?05:48
Hellhound666./boot or something?05:48
rednoserww: Click on the "Not using Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)?" link in the PPA  then click " (What is this?) "05:48
rwwrednose: I know how to use PPAs in pre-Karmic. The particular PPA we were talking about doesn't have Hardy packages.05:48
Hellhound666check python05:49
rednoserww: Ok. I did not read all of what you said. build it from source then.05:49
rwwjc: Do you have the lsb-release package installed?05:49
Hellhound666stevenbuntu ps -A look for something about python running05:49
malsyned_Anybody know of a good command line utility to print the resolution and duration of a video file?05:50
Gartralthe ubuntu 9.10 64 bit disk is too large for a cd05:50
Losharww: and be prepared for problems. There's usually a reason the hardy build is missing....05:50
phyburnHello, I keep getting kicked off my wifi. And syslog has stuff like "(wlan0): supplicant connection state:  4-way handshake -> group handshake" any ideas on what might cause this?05:51
Gartralrww: you should seriously concider udgrading05:51
phyburnI'm using athk5 I think05:51
zetherooyou mean the ISO?05:51
Gartralzetheroo: yea05:51
rwwLosha, Gartral: I'm not the one asking the question, despite what rednose seems to think :)05:51
Losharww: oops, beg pardon05:52
ubottuall: Ubuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.05:52
zetheroorww: haha ... how can I help?05:52
rwwGartral: no it isn't, it's 690MB.05:52
Gartralzetheroo: ohh nvm.. i had the wrong iso, lol05:52
hmwhow can I purge fluxbox and xfce? (I installed them with "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop fluxbox")05:52
Hellhound666stevenbuntu:  try this here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24679105:52
stevebuntuhelhound666, there is a process called python05:52
Gartralrww: i had rolled a package into another iso.. i forgot to rename it, lol05:53
Loshamalsyned_: the best is idvid which comes with the 'tovid' package, but it's slow. There are also midentify (comes with mencoder) and tcprobe (comes with transcode). I'm sure there are others05:53
theadminhmw: Purge? Uhm... sudo apt-get purge packagename1 packagename2 etc05:53
zetherooGartral: oh ok ... I had found that with one distro ... don't recall which one ... but it was due to me using 700MB CD's and the ISO was over 700MB05:53
hmwtheadmin: i meant to remove it basically...05:53
Hellhound666stevenbuntu:  sudo apt-get chkconfig05:53
malsyned_Losha: thanks05:53
hmwtheadmin: with apt-get remove only one package is removed05:54
Hellhound666stevenbuntu:  sudo apt-get install chkconfig05:54
theadminhmw: Yeah, try sudo apt-get purge05:54
phaidonx1Hi. I am trying to set an environment variable. it works if I use export , but I want to put this in a script to set a couple of them. I don't want it to be in .bashrc since I only want to set the variables in some cases (basically they are already set in .bashrc  but I want to change their default value occasionally). I tried putting this in a script, but after the script finishes the environment variables seem not to stick....05:54
Hellhound666that should work perfectly05:54
Gartralzetheroo: i have some 900s.. but did you try burning the disk in mode 2 type 1?05:54
zetherooGartral: no ... have never even heard of that :P05:55
hmwtheadmin: i think that doesnt do. it says "1 package to remove"... it installed a lot more05:55
zetherooGartral: I used an 800MB CD and that worked05:55
Hellhound666isn't mode 2 type one for audio/video and data?05:55
Gartralzetheroo: google "mode 2 cd burner"05:55
theadminhmw: damn. It's usually a lot of trouble to remove desktop environments05:55
hmwgreat. well.. thanks for your helü05:56
theadminGotta go... sorry.05:56
GartralHellhound666: normally yes, but it's the data portion that lets it be used for oversized OS isos05:56
Loshaphaidonx1: you cant set an environment variable the way you think. See 'man env' for a way to set an environment variable just for the duration of a command...05:56
Hellhound666yeah I used a lot of that for dreamcast games05:56
Hellhound666linux on dreamcast!  I think I'll pop netbsd in my dreamcast!05:56
Gartralnetbsd works well on netbooks lol05:57
phaidonx1Losha: I don't want to set the variable for just the duration of the command, but rather for the entire shell session05:57
Myrttirww: my typo from last night05:57
Myrttirww: sorry about that05:57
rwwMyrtti: no problem, thanks :)05:58
Hellhound666linux works on just about everything.  not the new ps3 I hear but I'm sure some hackers out there will make it happen.05:58
Hellhound666alright I really gotta go read now.  learnin' tahm.05:58
Hellhound666see ya's later05:58
Loshaphaidonx1: you have to put the export command in a file and 'source' it (see man bash) to affect the current shell06:00
SerraphynAnyone here know another RAD tool like Glade GUI? Glade GUI is given me issues when I try to do stuff06:00
bullgard'~$ file /usr/lib/gdm//gdm-simple-slave; /usr/lib/gdm//gdm-simple-slave: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'. '~$ man gdm-simple-slave; No manual entry for gdm-simple-slave.' What is the function of the process /usr/lib/gdm-simple-slave?06:01
theadminHow do i stop screen fading out when i'm idle?06:02
LoshaSerraphyn: forget the RAD stuff, it's a complete distraction. If it's real code, you're going to be spending most of your time thinking/debugging anyway...\06:02
theadminHi, hiren06:03
ubuntu_what irc client works best in ubuntu. Xchat keeps on crashing on me.06:03
hirenhow to install rpm packages from desktop06:03
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SerraphynLosha: I understand that but if there are tools to make the GUI why waste time on that when I can focus on the parts that I need to work?06:03
theadminhiren: Ubuntu does not use RPM, it uses DEB.06:03
Serraphynquickard: I like Quassel IRC06:03
blakkheimquickard: irssi06:03
hireni am new to ubuntu06:03
theadminI dunno, i'm fine with Pidgin06:03
LoshaSerraphyn: as far as I can tell, you're burning up valuable programming time trying to get your RAD working....06:04
theadminhiren: Using RPM format is possible, but is risky, don't try that if you're new06:04
roccity_hiren: what software are you trying to install06:04
hirenweb cam06:04
roccity_hiren: if you click on applications then ubuntu software center it may have it there06:05
roccity_hiren: so are you looking for a driver or software?06:05
hireni have compaq 610 laptop06:05
hiren<roccity_> i am looking for driver06:06
phuzzim having issues with permissions...anyone have a moment to help?06:06
theadminphuzz: Yeah, ask away, i'm quite good with chmod and chown already :D06:06
alexiseny1 know how to fix wow movement shutter?06:07
roccity_hiren: what is the webcam06:07
elite_can someone help please http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/fn6wwyx006:09
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elite_can someone help please http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/fn6wwyx006:11
arandelite_: Don't repeat, you're in the wrong directory..06:11
ploomhow to disable joystick or mouse waiking up from stand-by?06:11
Quickard_quassel is nice, thanks guys06:12
ploomI mean besides removing them06:12
elite_sorry my bad06:12
bullgardelite_: Check your repository.06:12
elite_what dir do i need to be in ?06:13
theadminWhat variable holds the current user's group?06:13
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bullgardelite_: You cannot access your repository. Or the repository is not ready. Check that.06:13
=== Quickard_ is now known as Quickard
elite_cause i see all the .debs on my Desktop06:14
elite_and this is a brand new driver from ati website06:14
arandelite_: and in the terminal you just moved away from the Desktop folder..06:14
Loshatheadmin: a user can be in many groups simultaneously. Try the 'groups' command.06:14
hmwcan I prevent the login screen to be set to the highest possible resolution while installing? it is hard to make it "perfect", once it has set itself to 1600x1200.06:15
theadminLosha: o_O06:15
zetheroowith Pidgin is there a way to have it load my IRC account on login WITHOUT that Nickserv message popping up?06:15
theadminLosha: "r00t adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare", what on earth is "lpadmin", "cdrom" and "adm"?06:15
bullgard'~$ file /usr/lib/gdm//gdm-simple-slave; /usr/lib/gdm//gdm-simple-slave: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped'. '~$ man gdm-simple-slave; No manual entry for gdm-simple-slave.' What is the function of the process /usr/lib/gdm-simple-slave?06:16
elite_sorry i did not see that thank you its working now06:16
Loshatheadmin: lpadmin is a group with permissions to change printer settings, cdrom group has permission to access (mount?) the cdrom, adm is some other admin group, I forget what. All quite normal....06:17
duckwarswhere is the configuration file for how the shell does things, like autocomplete and getting delete to work06:17
ploomzetheroo, maybe http://plugins.guifications.org/trac/wiki/irchelper06:18
zetherooploom: looking .. thanks06:18
dudehello everybody... is anybody having issues with flash player navigation in karmic koala x64?06:18
dudesuch as pausing, fast forwarding?06:19
Ch0psand I also find that sometimes it just won't play the video06:19
anto9usduckwars: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bash#Startup_scripts06:19
ectropyHi, all. I just installed a 3rd-party bootloader which was supposed to detect my other OS's. It did detect my other kernels, mainly Hardy Heron's. However, the path to the kernels is wrong. I need to correct the paths, but furst I need to know what they should be. Thanks in advance for your help.06:20
duckwarsanto9us: thank you06:20
Loshabullgard: sorry, dunno. gdm was rewritten for 9.10 and is even less well documented (and functional) than the previous version.06:20
dudech0ps, I've actually configured youtube to display the vids in html5 but I still get the same issue... maybe it's a codec issue?06:20
Ch0psit may very well be. It doesn't happen to me with all of the videos I watch06:21
Ch0psjust a few.. kind of weird actually06:21
bullgardLosha: I see. --  Thank you very much for commenting.06:21
ectropytldr: how can I find the paths to the kernels I need to reference?06:21
ploomduckwars, maybe, when using bash, this would help too: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/bash-shell-setup-filename-tab-completion-case-insensitive/06:22
dudech0ps, exactly. It's almost as if ubuntu is having trouble with layered flash videos, the ones that got junk layered all over them like comments or ads...06:22
MossiMO_boianyone here use backtrack?06:22
airtonix!anyone > MossiMO_boi06:23
ubottuMossiMO_boi, please see my private message06:23
MossiMO_boithanks ubottu06:23
duckwarsmore directly, why in pico does my delete button not work?06:24
jurehello, anyone have any idea how to convert a wma file to mp3 in ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 ??06:24
dudeanybody else had issues with flash lately besides Ch0ps and I?  Please comment if you have ideas on how to fix it...06:24
Ch0psYeah dude, that's exactly the problem. Although Youtube doesn't give me any issues06:24
Ch0psI haven't actually put any time into fixing it06:24
theadminjure: Many converters out there... Try some online one such as youconvertit, they usually are simplier06:25
ploomduckwars, isn't pico actually a symlink to nano? Otherwise, would also need if it is through SSL or at gnome-terminal or directly behind console06:25
dudejure, have you checked the ubuntu software center?  I know they got some rad sound editors that can probably handle conversions for you too.06:25
duckwarsploom: I didn't not know it was a link to nano.  I'm ssh'ing into this ubuntu machine through os x06:26
duckwarsploom: using whatever the standard terminal is06:26
jureaudacity can't import the file06:26
juremplayer says it has no support for wma9dmo or wmadmo06:26
M1TE5Hjure: check this its worked in my ubuntu 9.10 http://xtremediary.blogspot.com/2009/08/convert-multimedia-files-using-ffmpeg.html06:26
jureffmpeg doesn't recognize the format06:26
theadminjure: Just install VLC, it plays EVERYTHING :D06:26
jurei want to *convert* it!06:26
theadminjure: I stated one way above06:27
jurewill check M1TE5H's link...06:27
BigJimwell, looks like i am out 2k06:27
BigJim2000 bucks down the drain06:27
duckwarswill there ever be va api graphic acceleration for vlc?06:27
M1TE5Hjure: i think its working06:27
blakkheimduckwars: mplayer can use nvidia cards for decoding :)06:27
xinshunWhat's wrong with this line?  configure: error: Python 2.5+: inbuilt sqlite is required to build hamster06:28
BigJimkids just threw a macbook pro in my store across the room and it looks like its done for06:28
BigJimcouldn't see who did it06:28
duckwarsblakkheim: but there is a very good vlc remote for iphone =/06:28
theadmino_O hamster? Who's hamster?... I have a living one over here, but never heard of such software06:28
ploomduckwars, I do not have an apple to try to ssh, but since year 2004 there is following mailing list entry: http://lists.apple.com/archives/x11-users/2004/Feb/msg00110.html06:28
Mike1hey! I’m using UNR which displays some kind of splash-screen for every app you start with the netbook-launcher … this splash-screen is annoyingly long … is there some way to set a custom delay?06:29
markdi have to reinstall grub how do i know what location on the drive to put it06:29
theadminmarkd: Normally, it's the top of the drive, something like /dev/sda06:29
markdim following intructions onhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:29
M1TE5Hjure: you can view my link or run the following command ffmpeg -i audio1.wma audio1.mp306:30
Mike1markd: just run `fdisk -l` and see what letter/number it got06:30
jureM1TE5H, this is what it throws out: Unsupported codec for output stream #0.006:30
pzeroanyone know why downloading from the internet would be faster than a local network share over smb?06:30
Mike1`sudo fdisk -l` i mean06:30
markdim getting invaild option06:31
Moochhow do I fix the screen reolution in terminal?  have a wide screen running 800x60006:31
Loshapzero: first guess would be some problem at the server....06:31
M1TE5HMike1: use man fdisk it will show help for fdisk command all its options06:31
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Mike1markd: it’s a lowercase L06:32
duckwarsploom: that didn't quite work, but thanks for the help, i'm gonna tool around in the settings more06:32
ploomduckwars, all I can tell You is that when doing terminal-sessions, delete key is configurable at both ends06:33
duckwarsploom: where is it configurable in ubuntu?06:34
markdshould i just reinstall ubuntu would that be better? what happend was i want to dual boot 7 and ubuntu for some reasoni couldn't not boot into 7 so i fixed mbr now need to reintall06:35
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ectropyHi, all. I just installed a 3rd-party bootloader which was supposed to detect my other OS's. It did detect my other kernels, mainly Hardy Heron's. However, the path to the kernels is wrong. I need to correct the paths, but furst I need to know what they should be. Thanks in advance for your help.06:37
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Mike1markd: you could reinstall of course06:37
Moochhow do I fix the screen reolution in terminal?  have a wide screen running 800x600  error: you do not apear to be using the nVidia X driver"06:37
minderaserI just got a Dell laptop with 9.04 installed. I went to upgrade it and a variety of things just didn't go perfectly, so I did a clean install from a stock (as opposed to Dell's) 9.10. Now the wireless isn't working where it was before. I'm thinking that a module for the wireless isn't getting loaded (I could be way off) and I'm not sure how to proceed.06:37
markdthat seems easier06:37
Mike1markd: but installing GRUB ist not that hard06:37
markdwell i wasn't getting anywhere06:38
markdkept getting invaild device06:38
markdi only just did this today so im not losing anything06:38
Mike1minderaser: the chipset of the W-LAN adapter ist important to know, run `lspci` to  find it out06:38
markdtoo bad there isn't a repair install like windows has06:39
blakkheimmarkd: with linux, you're supposed to repair things yourself06:41
markdhar har06:41
blakkheimmarkd: it wasn't a joke06:41
markdi know06:41
markdso can someone give me a consie guide to reintall grub06:41
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
minderaserMike1: I don't see anything about the W-LAN adapter06:42
Mike1minderaser: that’s mine for example: 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)06:43
minderaserMike1: cool cool. Found it. Broadcom Corp BCM431206:45
arand!grub2 | markd06:45
ubottumarkd: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub206:45
iaindaltonIs it possible to install a package from another release with aptitude or apt-get? I thought there was syntax for it.06:45
arandmarkd: the page linked has one06:45
minderaserMike1: Which is good to know, because I had ran lspci and didn't see it before either. It's good to know it's being seen.06:46
Mike1iaindalton: usually it’s no problem to do so06:46
Mike1iaindalton: oh sorry06:46
bullgard[ALSA] What is the function of the AlsaMixer slider »Master Mono« compared with that of »Master«?06:46
thiruhi there06:47
markdok new problem06:47
iaindaltonMike1: sorry for what?06:47
markdgetting an error message06:47
Mike1iaindalton: for being too fast :D06:47
Mike1iaindalton: you can install single packages with dpkg06:47
alankilabullgard: try it and see. I think most of the time it doesn't do anything, but I bet it's supposed to control mono-stereo mix for headphone listening06:47
Mike1iaindalton: for doing it with apt-get “apt pinning” is best06:48
Mike1iaindalton: http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html06:48
nomnextrying my luck here, I am looking for a shortcut(s) to select all the text displayed in GNU nano editor and delete it. Is it possible?06:48
jfoxhey, I'm having problems with a logitech usb mouse...  it was working fine a few days ago, but now its not even showing up in lsusb06:48
thiruwhich player best suits ubuntu06:48
markdsays embedding is not possible grub can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists. however blocklists are unreliable and its use is discourged cannot read '/grub/core.img correctly06:48
jfoxis there a package or something i need to enable?06:48
Mike1minderaser: with the name of the w-lan-adapter you can search the web now ;-)06:49
bullgardalankila: I am not happy with your answer. "I think" and "I bet" is not enough. I have tried to find that out myself, you know.06:49
arandmarkd: what command are you using?06:49
alankilabullgard: fine.06:49
Mike1thiru: player for what?06:49
bullgardMike1: I beg your pardon?06:49
thirufor just playing movies.. i am installing vlc now06:50
markdsudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/ then my drive number /dev/sba506:50
ploomduckwars, at first, I would try to change terminal type. Do "echo $TERM" at command line to see what ubuntu detected. In case it is vt100, try just to change it to vt102 at your mac terminal preferences for example06:50
thirumikel: r u ther06:50
minderaserMike1: I can appreciate that. However, what searcing for? that chipset name and linux?06:50
Mike1thiru: VLC, Totem, Kaffeine, gmplayer … everything is fine :-)06:50
markdany ideas whats wrong?06:51
Mike1minderaser: better chipset and ubuntu06:51
iaindaltonMike1: I'm trying to install emacs-snapshot from a sid PPA, and need to pull in some Lucid packages. Does this sound like suicide?06:51
thirumikel: fine ya i ll try it out06:51
ploomduckwars, of course you have to change the delete key behaviour for the mac terminal preferences back as it was before...06:51
Myrttiiaindalton: yes.06:51
arandmarkd: first of all the root directory should be /media/#mountpoint# and the drive after that is where the mbr goes, so "/dev/sda" if it goes on the first drive..06:51
sanjoydHas anyone used P2350 on Ubuntu? I'm facing weird problems.06:52
duckwarsploom: ubuntu is apparently using xterm-color, so is the mac06:52
minderaserMike1: Thanks. I appreciate it. If you're around for a bit I'll let you know how it works06:52
markdya the mount point where its called06:52
iaindaltonThe alternative is to build Emacs from source; there's no recent Ubuntu build. What bad things could happen if I use sid and Lucid packages?06:52
markdits apparently a known bug i found a bug report here http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue66506:52
Myrttiiaindalton: how recent do you need and why?06:52
markdit says to use grub-mbr option06:52
thirumikel: do u know how to install apache axis in  ubuntu jdk?06:53
iaindaltonMyrtti: I reported a bug to Emacs and they want to know if it's present in the latest build.06:53
markdhow do i do that?06:53
ploomduckwars, this should work too, but there are many things to consider: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/BackspaceDelete.html06:53
Mike1thiru: nope06:53
duckwarsploom: that's heavy06:53
thirumikel: hmmm fine06:53
iaindaltonI might not use the latest build all the time but it would be good to have if I need to test bug reports against it in the future, too.06:53
* Sacho is using karmic packages on jaunty06:53
ploomduckwars, you have to eat it, otherwise it is hard to explain06:54
thiruhi there.. help me out to add apache axis plugin in jdk in ubuntu06:54
markdwhat should i do?06:54
duckwars=( linux is tough tiemz06:54
arandmarkd: did you change the command as I suggested?06:54
iaindaltonWhat bad things could happen if I had the lucid version of, say, libfontconfig1 and its dependencies?06:54
duckwarspico used to work though, i used to delete all the live long day06:54
Mike1Sacho iaindalton: using one package from other version of ubuntu or debian is usually no problem, but sometimes you would have to replace half your system :D06:54
ploomduckwars, another one: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=2005052504092118906:55
markdmissed that how should i change it?06:55
arandmarkd: first of all the root directory should be /media/#mountpoint# and the drive after that is where the mbr goes, so "/dev/sda" if it goes on the first drive..06:55
iaindaltonMike1: I don't mind, unless that could cause problems. What I don't know is what, if any, kind of problems does it cause?06:55
arandmarkd: where did you mount the ubuntu root filesystem?06:55
Mike1iaindalton: mhh dunno, I once tried a similar thing with xine … it didn’t work afterwards but that was all06:57
thiruara: hi06:57
Mike1got to go now, school begins :-(06:57
iaindaltonWell, I'll try pinning. Thanks for the link :-)06:57
iaindaltonI've got backups ;)06:57
Mike1MossiMO_boi: what?06:58
arahey thiru06:58
MossiMO_boiI'm getting ready to sleep06:58
MossiMO_boiwhere you from Mike?06:58
thiruara: do u have idea about installing apache axis in ubuntu06:58
Mike1MossiMO_boi: Austria06:58
MossiMO_boithat's why06:58
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:59
thiruhi s there s any one who knows java and web services stuffs???/06:59
sandyyoungWhat's the best way to mount HD ? I saw in my fstab some UUID for my three current partitions... Is there a way to let Ubuntu manage the fstab file ?06:59
duckwarsploom: I realized ctrl+k cuts the line.  This works for the immediate moment =)06:59
timthorpesorry to disturb06:59
ActionParsnipThiru: if you give some details, someone might06:59
timthorpei can07:00
thiruActionParsnip: sure07:00
iaindaltonsandyyoung: What kind of HD are you trying to mount? Ubuntu mounts many automaticalyl.07:00
ploomduckwars, nice, but after a little reading you should pretty much know everything about the subject :-)07:00
sandyyoungiaindalton: a normal one, it has 3 reiserFS on it07:00
thiruActionParsnip: i need to install apache axis plugin and need to develop webservice using java in ubuntu i dont know how to do it07:01
ActionParsnipSandyyoung: most times the partitions will be shown in the places menu and be mountable. If the options used aren't to your taste you can use fstab to control it. The is no "best way" to mount stuff07:01
iaindaltonsandyyoung: I mean, how is it connected?07:01
sandyyoungiaindalton: In nautilus, I can double click on it to mount it, but I would like to have it mounted at boot07:01
iaindaltonsandyyoung: Ah, OK. I don't know if there's a graphical fstab manager.07:01
sontekHey, where is dillo for ubuntu karmic?07:01
sontekI'm not seeing it anywhere07:01
sandyyoungActionParsnip: I would like ubuntu to manage the fstab file and auto-boot my partitions at boot07:02
bullgard[ALSA] What is the function of the AlsaMixer slider »Master Mono« compared with that of »Master«?07:02
ActionParsnipSandyyoung: you need to manually add the line07:02
ActionParsnipSandyyoung: there may be an app to manage it but I am not aware of it07:02
arandIs there a good guide on how to replace all pulseaudion with alsa in 9.10?07:02
ActionParsnip!fstab | sandyyoung07:02
ubottusandyyoung: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:02
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iaindaltonsandyyoung: System->Administration->Disk Utility?07:03
sandyyoungActionParsnip: well, I know how to use fstab files, but I would liked having it managed by ubuntu (I left gentoo to an more self-managed Distro)07:03
ActionParsnip!info dillo07:03
ubottuPackage dillo does not exist in karmic07:03
confusiousHelloooooooo everybody !07:04
ActionParsnipSontek: you could add a ppa and install from that. Looks like its not on the official repo07:04
confusiousThe Confused one needs help again !!07:05
ActionParsnipSandyyoung: I'm sure you could find an app. I'd use fstab if it works for you but I can see your point07:05
ActionParsnip!ask | confusios07:05
ubottuconfusios: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:05
thiruhello guys if any one ready to help me mail me tinithetiger@yahoo.com07:06
iaindaltonsandyyoung: that's palimpsest at the terminal07:06
Gneathiru: to help with what?07:06
ActionParsnipThiru: ask in here, your question may help others07:07
confusiousTrying to create a folder on desktop after clicking "create" no folder appearing ? done this 2 times now.......07:07
arandthiru: generally we do the support in the channel, if you want a more static medium for help, look into the forums..07:07
ActionParsnipConfusious: cd $HOME/Desktop; mkdir foldername07:07
ActionParsnipConfusious: make sure you run nautilus too as it draws the desktop icons07:08
thiruarand: oh thanks friend.. what other stuffs i can get from chat07:08
ActionParsnipConfusious: also make sure you are the owner of the desktop folder and have write access07:11
arandthiru: Your question is very general, but for the axis plugin, I know nothing about apache, but "aptitude search axis" will list a couple of packages that might be related, you could use "aptitude show packagename" to get more info for each..07:11
airtonixActionParsnip, no perms = grey 'create' option in context menu.07:11
ActionParsnipAirtonix: gotcha (I don't use gnome these days;))07:12
iaindaltonsandyyoung: googling turns up PySDM too07:13
ActionParsnip!find sdm07:14
ubottuFound: bsdmainutils, pysdm, sdm, sdm-terminal07:14
ActionParsnip!info pysdm07:14
ubottupysdm (source: pysdm): Graphical Storage Device Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 28 kB, installed size 292 kB07:14
arandsandyyoung: definitely have a look at pysdm.07:17
ActionParsnip!hi | m1tesh07:19
ubottum1tesh: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:19
bullgard[ALSA] What is the function of the AlsaMixer slider »Master Mono« compared with that of »Master«?07:21
M1TE5Hhow to change login theme in ubuntu 9.1007:21
ActionParsnipM1tesh: you could use epidermis. Afaik the logijn isn't skinnable in karmic07:22
M1TE5Hi can change login theme b4 ubuntu 9.10 but now with 9.10 i can't know how to dop this07:22
Guest30024A question. when I do sudo apt-get update, it reaches 99% but stops there. Suggestions?07:23
ActionParsnipGuest30024: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get cleanavail07:23
ActionParsnipGuest30024: check the avail option in the man page if its wrong07:24
Guest30024Ok, I'll try that.07:24
M1TE5HActionParsnip:what is epidermis07:24
TironNM1TE5H: hair07:24
TironNM1TE5H: or maybe skin07:24
knoppiesM1TE5H, I also want to change login screen, I asked yesterday and was told its because the new GDM is still under development.07:25
airtonixActionParsnip, it is but it involves running gnome-appearance-properties via tty1 as the gdm user07:25
Guest30024ActionParsnip, how do I check the avail option. I'm a nub here, so bare with me please.07:25
arandIs there a way to install ubuntu from a running installed ubuntu?07:25
nevinarand: you mean like a virtual machine?07:26
ActionParsnipGuest30024: man apt-get07:26
knoppiesM1TE5H, I want to look into changing the login screen, either by updating GDM or downgrading (if its possible) but I havnt yet.07:26
fannagogannahi, i got this weird dock bar on the left hand side of my screen -- on the top says "Favorites". How do I get rid of it?07:26
airtonixM1TE5H, the easy way is to use three gconf commands... providing you know the name of the theme (and the theme is existing in the /usr/share/themes/ folder)07:26
fannagogannai am running a GNOME session07:26
fannagogannain Ubuntu07:26
knoppiesairtonix, go on.07:27
ActionParsnipFannagoganna: right click it -> delete panel ,not work?07:27
knoppiesfannagoganna, not sure what dock bar you are talking about, is there an "about" menu option or something?07:27
arandnevin: I have it installed and currently booting from a usb, I want to install to harddisk from within the running session with no rebooting..07:27
fannagogannai could send a screen shot, i tried to right click it. Nothing07:27
fannagogannai have no idea what it is07:27
knoppiesarand, Is there an "install" icon on the desktop?07:27
ActionParsnipFannagoganna: may help, go for it07:28
fannagogannawhere should i send the screen shot?07:28
Guest30024ActionParsnip, the man doesn't say anything about avail.07:28
arandknoppies: I'm not in a liveCD, I'm in a proper installed session atm07:28
airtonixM1TE5H, knoppies : http://pastebin.com/9YVxFWHL07:28
airtonixM1TE5H, knoppies : or you can try this app : http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/gdm-2-gui-configuration-tool-ubuntu.html07:29
knoppiesthanks airtonix will have a look.07:29
q0_0pim installing ubuntu through usb and while in installation it cannot find cdrom obviously cause im installing through usb.  i've successfuly mounted the usb device mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom; i'm not sure what to do07:29
knoppiesarand, then Im not sure.07:29
airtonixM1TE5H, knoppies or this one : http://unixmen.com/news-today/825-gdm2-setup-036-released-finaly-configure-your-gdm-in-karmic-koala07:29
TironNq0_0p: you shouldnt need to mount it07:30
q0_0pTironN, there's a section where it says detect and mount cdrom07:30
q0_0pTironN, ubuntu LTS version07:30
fannagogannaKnoppies and actionparsnip, my screenshot is located here (http://imagebin.ca/view/ugGqVA.html)07:30
nevinarand: Have you tried http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-from-usb-stick.html ?07:30
fannagogannaanyone know what it could be?07:31
TironNq0_0p: hmm... when i installed mine of usb it was simply follow the steps at default07:31
TironNq0_0p: try not mounting it as it should be detected as the cd automatically07:31
q0_0pTironN, i guess i have to mount the usb to mimick the cdrom07:31
knoppiesfannagoganna, looks like a nice eyecandy menu, never seen it, not sure what it is.07:31
q0_0pTironN, i'm able to mount it but maybe i'm not mounting it correctly in the right places07:31
M1TE5Hairtonix:i am checking ur links thanks07:32
jfoxHow exactly are Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc different technically?  I understand the UI is different, but is it simply a different set of base packages with the same backend?07:32
q0_0pTironN, i did mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom07:32
TironNjfox: its the same kernel but a different dm which changes it all around07:32
arandnevin: That's a liveUSB, and not what I'm looking for, ignore the usb bit I mentioned, it's a plain ubuntu install and I want to install to somewhere else from it..07:32
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest16321
airtonixM1TE5H, knoppies note: those two apps just manipulate the gconf like the first examples i gave07:32
TironNq0_0p: you shouldn't need to but im not that experienced07:32
fannagogannaanyone know what i'm looking at here?07:32
knoppiesjfox, that is how I would describe it. Its just different Desktop Environments on the same OS. but what you said sounds more interesting.07:32
q0_0pTironN, if only i knew what was in /cdrom by default07:33
pogI installed evolutin on a new installation and copied .evolution to the home directory. Why evolution doesn't seem to take the date and the init dialog comes up?07:33
knoppiesarand, not sure how to do that, but I have a link to a tut that enables you to install it over a network, provided you have an apache server on the network.(or can set one up)07:33
pogin other word how I can migrate an evolution installation?07:34
knoppiesthanks airtonix Im still going through your links.07:34
jfoxhaha thanks, I'm good with Gentoo and some other distros but i'm basically just beginning with debian/ubuntu based systems07:34
osarison a uec cloud. where does the data reside on lets say 10 instances?07:34
koltrollpog, make sure your .evolution-folder has the right privileges - other than that I really don't know. Sounds like it should work fine. it did for me.07:35
arandknoppies: Well, that requires both a reboot and a server to net-boot from, well, I guess there isn't really any good way to do it then..07:35
pogah, yes can be that it's another user...07:35
M1TE5Hcan any body know how to find out usbflash disk serial no07:36
koltrollpog, chown -R <username> <folder>07:36
arandM1TE5H: if you're looking for the UUID use the "blkid" command..07:37
jfoxare there any scripts or applications that can switch your system from one package set to another?  ie:  kubuntu base install -> xubuntu base install....  or do I do what I'm doing now and just use apt-get to add and remove the environments i want?07:37
misterBI have a script that I'm currently working on (#!/bin/sh) and the content is as shown here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/8G7FFRvE. What I would like to know is if there is a way to close the ssh connection when firefox terminates?07:38
misterBosaris: talking to me?07:40
osarismisterB - ps ax | grep ssh07:40
osaristhen kill -9 <pid of the connection>07:41
osaristhats if u want to kill the ssh connection07:41
Guest30024How can I reset my whole apt-get update file?07:41
misterBosaris: so set up a loop to see if firefox is still running and then if it's not kill the ssh?07:42
iaindaltonmisterB: try #bash, even though it's sh; they might know07:42
s7hi, i need help on this, i installed mailman successfully and am try to create a mailing list but it gives this error: File "/usr/sbin/newlist", line 262.....IndentationError: expected an indented block07:42
qwertyjustinHello. On Conky, hey might i add the uptime, including minutes and seconds. Currently its not displaying days even.07:42
Guest30024when I do sudo apt-get update, it gets stuck at 99% saying [Waiting for Headers]07:42
Guest30024What do pl0x.07:42
misterBiaindalton: know when the best time is to catch people on #bash?07:43
osarisGuest30024 try  apt-get clean07:43
bullgard[ALSA] What is the function of the AlsaMixer slider »Master Mono« compared with that of »Master«?07:43
q0_0panyone here know how to mimick the cdrom in terminal using usb stick?07:44
q0_0pi mounted usb stick to /cdrom with no avail07:44
nomad77q0_0p: try /media/cdrom07:44
bullgardI forgot the command-line command to report a bug to launchpad (semiautomatically). What is the name of this command?07:44
q0_0pnomad77, will try07:44
osaris on a uec cloud. where does the data reside on lets say 10 instances?07:45
iaindaltonmisterB: dunno, but sane americans wouldn't be there now :P07:45
q0_0pnomad77, failed07:46
q0_0pnomad77, /media/cdrom doesn't exists in installation but i created it and tried it and it failed07:46
M1TE5Hin ubuntu one there are error compability mismatch how 2 fix that07:46
Kismethey guys... anyone know how i can quit sudoedit with saving the file07:46
comradegarrypress esc then  :wq07:47
comradegarrysaving sudoedting*07:48
nomad77q0_0p: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB07:49
iaindaltonbullgard: looks like it's ubuntu-bug07:49
q0_0pnomad77, i already know how to mount usb07:50
q0_0pnomad77, its a matter of where to put it when i mount it07:50
q0_0pnomad77, instead i'm trying to see if i mount the iso itself if it will load07:50
osarismisterB yes that makes sense07:51
q0_0pnomad77, unetbootin lets me load the installer but tries to read the cdrom which doesn't exists, so i will try to mount the iso instead in /cdrom hope it works07:51
Kismetcomradegarry, that command dosen't work07:52
aboSamoorcan anyone help me recover my partition, it is not accessible anymore !07:52
osarismisterB have u tried python?07:52
comradegarryu using visudo edit program?07:52
Kismetehm i typed in sudoedit07:53
Bash23Hey guys, I'm upgrading to ubuntu 10.04 and the upgrader is stuck07:53
q0_0paboSamoor, pop in live cd and fdisk -l; then mount -t auto /dev/?? /location; if not fsck?07:53
Bash23at setting new software channels07:53
Bash23What should I do?07:54
Bash23Should I kill it?07:54
comradegarryum try at a term typing "man sudoedit'07:54
comradegarryfind it out the unix way :-)07:54
=== jason- is now known as jasonjang
Bash23Which is?07:54
kikbguyWhen I try booting the newest version of ubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 (with nouveau now added by default) from the live cd the screen just goes blue after I select "try ubuntu without installing" (I have a nvidia card that works fine with the old driver before nouveau).  Anyone know what is going on?   This also happens with a Fedora live cd that has noveau by default.07:55
Myrtti!lucid | kikbguy07:55
ubottukikbguy: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:55
=== P is now known as Guest34082
bullgardiaindalton: Yes, indeed. --  Thank you very much for your help.07:59
loopsjoin #qt07:59
iaindaltonmisterB: how about using a while loop and pid=`pgrep firefox`? When $pid = '', firefox is not running.07:59
hmwA friend has concerns about GPL - he is making a mod for OOLite. Is there a channel where I can ask? Is there oerhaps someone, who can answer a specific question in this channel?07:59
iaindaltonbullgard: You're welcome.07:59
=== Guest34082 is now known as Principito
Principito¿how do i get on the Ubuntu-es channel?08:00
brjanniaindalton, misterB: after you've launched a process in bash or sh, the special variable $! contains the pid of the process. no need for pgrep.08:00
kostkon!es | Principito08:00
ubottuPrincipito: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:00
AscavasaionI set up my laptop to access the Internet via bluetooth and cellphone, and since then my Blue-tooth applet has gone crazy.  It does not reappear if I remove and reinsert the USB Bluetooth dongle.  It also shows two adaptors in the blue-tooth applet (there is definitely only one), and it keeps losing all the setting I put in such as computer-name, display when inserted, etc.  The bluetooth/cellphone things works fine from command line08:00
Ascavasaion pon chatscriptfilename but desktop shows nothing.  Any idea please?  Thank you.08:00
xorwhyMy wireless performs very poorly. The solution is to update compat-wireless. The problem is I don't know how.08:01
web5|org|uacan't access folder /media/truecrypt1 through samba just mounted !08:02
knxvilleI'm trying to connect to a router through a serial with a usb adapter on, how do I find it on my system? I know on windows it's something with com ports..08:03
web5|org|uaother folder is work like it should by rules in smb.conf08:03
Moral_knxville, if it's routed through a usb adpater then it wont have anything to do with serial08:04
Moral_knxville, do lsusb08:04
Moral_and look for the adapter, if you don't see it you may need to install drivers08:04
knxvilleMoral_, alright..08:04
SmoochictCould someone please just tell me if i'm connected successfully to ubuntu channel08:05
Moral_you are08:05
brjannSmoochict, yep08:05
SmoochictThanks :)08:05
brjannknxville, usually usb-serial adaptors show up as /dev/usb/ttyUSB#, where # is some number08:05
Moral_I have a question myself:08:06
Moral_Quick question regarding alsa sound and Gnome, sound wasn't working properly so I did /etc/init.d/aslasound restart usually a window pops up and tells me to reload something, I don't remember what it says explicitly; however this time I didn;t hit reload and now I have no sound icons on my gnome panel or any sound from my speakers, although the drivers are working.08:06
knxvillebrjann, alright08:06
Ascavasaionxorwhy: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download08:06
=== root is now known as Guest99990
brjannMoral_, maybe something to do with reloading the sound card module?08:07
=== xeros2 is now known as xeros
=== Smoochict is now known as smoochict
Moral_brjann, ill look at the modules I got and see if any of them are sound related.08:08
Moral_good call08:08
dabblegowhat can I google to use a different sound output device for different applications (e.g. skype)?08:11
brjanndabblego, can't you select that in skype's preferences itself?08:11
dabblegobrjann, no I only have the selection for PulseAudio server; also I have done this before successfully but I forgot how08:12
Moral_do you have multiple sound cards?08:13
brjanndabblego, ah, okay. must be some pulseaudio magic, then, so i'll be no help :)08:14
iaindaltonI followed the instructions for setting up apt pinning, but when I run "aptitude safe-upgrade" it tries to upgrade a bunch of packages to the less-preferred distro. Why?08:14
ubottuShipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org - Shipit will send !Karmic (9.10) CDs08:14
Moral_try that08:15
Moral_I haven't really looked over it too deaply yet08:15
Moral_oop wrong channel08:15
FloodBot3Moral_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:15
airtonix!enter | Moral_08:15
ubottuMoral_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:15
pluvejohow do i stop xchat automatically throwing me in here08:16
SmoochictHow do i create programs for ubuntu operating systems?08:16
Moral_sorry got lagged out08:16
pluvejoxchat gnome that is08:16
Moral_pluvejo, go to xchat at the top08:16
pluvejosmoochict: you learn to program? what kind of language are you wanting to use? the answer will depend wether you want to do GUI stuff, or command line stuff, or scripting stuff08:17
pluvejoMoral_: yeah08:17
Moral_pluvejo, xchat at the top, Network lists, go down to freenode, and hit edit and edit what you want there.08:17
dabblegoah padevchooser08:17
pluvejoahhh sorry08:18
Smoochictpluvejo i'v done lots of programming, but never created a gui and so i would like to create a gui app for ubuntu08:18
pluvejomy xchat is in a different language08:18
pluvejopressed wrong button :P08:18
brjannpluvejo, i think you can also right click on the #ubuntu channel in the bar on the left and deselect autojoin on connect08:18
iaindaltonDo packages from the karmic-security repo have karmic or karmic-security set as the release?08:19
osarisdoes anyone know how uec works? i am trying to find out where the data is stored across multiple instances?08:19
donrican I undo setting up the telepathy ppa?08:19
pluvejosmoochict: well then google around for "glade" and "mono". Mono is a .NET replacement/implementation for linux, and glade is a really cool way of making GUI's that are seperate to actual code08:19
pluvejowith glade, you can link it with most languages08:19
pluvejoso you could use the relatively easy python, and link it with a glade interface that you create08:19
pluvejoand voila08:19
pluvejothanks guys for the xchat help too08:20
bullgardHow can I determine how much traffic has flown from my Ubuntu 9.10 computer to another Ubuntu 9.10 computer in my LAN in this session? '~$ ifconfig' gives a summary over all hosts in the LAN only.08:20
Smoochictthe only problem is, is that i have mac os x on this laptop.08:20
brjanndonri, the best thing i've found is a non-distro package called ppa-purge08:20
llcoolhodgeI NEEDS HELP08:20
pluvejomono runs on os x08:21
abhi_nav!ask | llcoolhodge08:21
pluvejoas well as linux08:21
ubottullcoolhodge: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:21
brjanndonri, more info available here: http://bigbrovar.aoizora.org/index.php/2010/01/10/how-to-safely-remove-ppa-repository-from-ubuntu/08:21
llcoolhodgei has logitech webcam but i dont know how to get it to work on ubuntu08:21
JrodDCxbullgard:  Just right click on the network manager , and select info to see usage stats to get network useage08:22
abhi_nav!webcam | llcoolhodge08:22
ubottullcoolhodge: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras08:22
Moral_llcoolhodge, sup08:22
m_anish_llcoolhodge: I too have a logitech webcam... it works with cheese08:22
iaindaltonJrodDCx: He only wants usage stats for intranet packets08:22
llcoolhodgei am new to this i dont know how to navigate easily08:22
llcoolhodgei am trying to use skype...what is cheese?08:23
Smoochictok so i have glade installed08:23
DannyButtermanHi There. Does someone know why I see several instances of the same samba server in my gnome network browser ?08:23
Smoochictbut if i create a program with glade using the mac version, can it run on ubuntu?08:23
DannyButtermanIt doesn't occur when using windows network browser08:23
airtonixDannyButterman, you have zeroconf installed08:23
Moral_llcoolhodge, cheese is a program that takes video/webcam pictures08:23
abhi_nav!cheese | llcoolhodge08:24
airtonixDannyButterman, windows does not support zeroconf by default.08:24
DannyButtermanairtonix:Zerconf on my ubuntu ? or on the samba server ?08:24
batang_muntiCheese is a cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your web cam. It also provides some graphical effects in order to please the users play instinct.08:24
Moral_!cheese | Moral_08:24
llcoolhodgei am not really caring to take anything...I would just like to use skype08:24
airtonixDannyButterman, on ubuntu, ... what does the address bar in nautilus say for each of the entries when you open them ?08:24
Moral_llcoolhodge, so your webcam doesn't work w/ skype?08:24
bullgardJrodDCx: NetworkManager's window 'Connection information'  only prints addresses and no traffic volumes.08:25
bigbrovarbrjann: did someone say my name :P08:25
JrodDCxDifferent version of skype work differently08:25
airtonixDannyButterman, then that one is not a samba server08:25
JrodDCxthe old ones work better with pulseaudo for some reason08:26
theadminHow do i get rid of this annoying warning on every start?08:26
llcoolhodgemoral_ , no it doesnt i am trying to get software but to tell u the truth i have no idea what any of it means08:26
airtonixDannyButterman, the .local also increases my suspicion that you have zeronconf/avhai/bonjour running on ubuntu08:26
Moral_llcoolhodge, okay, does it give you any errors when you try and use your webcam with skype?08:27
JrodDCxbullgard:  sorry :( , try system monitor , and select network08:27
DannyButtermanAirtonix: I've just tried a connection on each of them shares, and upon identification it seems each matches a share on the samba server08:27
JrodDCxbullgard:  sorry :( , try system monitor , and select network  ( under apps -> systools -> system monitor and click on the network tab)08:28
airtonixDannyButterman, windows exploerer does not support ssh filesystems..you would need to use a third party file browser that supports ssh filesystems08:28
DannyButtermanAirtonix:but this is a freenas box, which runs also ssh, rsync, ftp, and cifs08:28
airtonixDannyButterman, yes. but you just said one of the two entries you see has a starting address of : sftp://freenas.local08:28
llcoolhodgeI dont know how to get my webcamera microphone to work on skype08:28
airtonixDannyButterman, is the other entry starting with : smb://  ?08:29
infidwhat's an easy way to shrink an image from 100k to 70k in ubuntu?08:29
abumaiaI have a laptop I use regularly with ubuntu 9.10 on it, and a WinXP desktop that runs 24/7 as my boinc machine.  If I attach an external usb hard drive to my windows machine, is there a way I could mount and access that drive on my ubuntu laptop, via wifi when I'm at home, or over the internet when I'm away?08:29
DannyButtermanairtonix: yes, smb://freenas08:30
airtonixabumaia, yes, portforwarding & ssh08:30
npoBaJlabumaia I believe sharing the volume will do just fine. For LAN at least...08:30
brand0nanyone have experiencing with the ps3 webcam on ubuntu?08:31
abumaiaairtonix: for ssh, do I have to install anything on the windox box?08:31
airtonixDannyButterman, that is why the windows explorer can't see your sftp:// entry... it does not natively support ssh filesystems08:31
bullgardJrodDCx: System Monitor is not to be found under Applications > System Tools. System Monitor does not have a menu item 'Network' to select.08:31
airtonixabumaia, actually. sorry not ssh.08:32
DannyButtermanairtonix:I see, that's not a bug from ubuntu, but a feature... ;)08:32
airtonixDannyButterman, yes the two entries are. i think i did see something about sshfs for windows...08:32
alabdwhy GNU/Linux is secure than windows , would you name reasons ? OR is there any material regarding this issue ?08:33
airtonixDannyButterman, (sicne it would be nice to just use windows exploerer to navigate ssh mounts)08:33
JrodDCxbullgard:  try the command: gnome-system-monitor08:33
m_anish_infid: if you have imagemagick installed u can use a command linu command called "convert"08:33
rifterandif the command doesn't wor,install it08:34
brjannbigbrovar, not on purpose! just a link! :)08:34
JrodDCxbullgard:  press alt+f2 and type: gnome-system-monitor08:34
m_anish_infid: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-170862.html08:34
bigbrovarbrjann: oh ok .. guess I will head back to  flatland then ;)08:35
infidi dont want to batch resize08:35
infidubuntu isnt showing the title bars of any of my windows in netbook remix, how can i see them?08:35
m_anish_infid: 'convert' will work for single images08:36
asmithI did a 'rm fileName' and deleted a 2gb file. but 'df -h' is still giving me the results before the deletion. am I missing something here?08:36
bullgardJrodDCx: I opened gnome-system-monitor (= System Monitor). As I said, there is no menu item 'Network' to select.08:36
brjannbigbrovar, say hi to Square for me08:36
JrodDCxbullgard:  sorry i meant goto the resources section  it shows network stats08:37
bigbrovarbrjann: :)08:37
JrodDCxin gnome-system-monitor08:37
infidm_anish_: ok i just installed image magic, do you know the full command line to type ?08:37
infidit didnt install a man page08:38
m_anish_infid: try something like "convert myimage.jpg -resize 50% myimage.jpg"08:39
kostkoninfid, for a more user friendly way, you can use the "save for the web" gimp plugin.08:40
bullgardJrodDCx: There, Network History prints the values 'Total Received' and 'Total Sent'. These are totals. I need specific values.08:40
JrodDCxyeah dude i'd just use the gimp if i where you08:41
kostkoninfid, very effective, even for png images, for example. and easy08:42
brjannbullgard, are you looking for a daemon to monitor that for you?08:43
bullgardJrodDCx: Thank you for commenting.08:43
brand0nanyone use the ps3 eye?08:43
ale_U YES08:43
bullgardbrjann: Not necessarily so. Any means to obtain this information would be appreciated.08:44
JrodDCxbullgard: np , sorry i couldnt help , i forget the program for that i used to have one08:44
Pierrebanyone awesome with integrating with AD here?08:44
Pierrebi have some really strange problems and every help channel is dead :-/08:44
=== sumo__su is now known as sumosu
rifterbullgard, what are you trying to measure?  I missed that part of the conversation08:45
brjannbullgard, there are lots of subnet bandwidth monitoring daemons available... ipband is a simple one08:45
brjann!info ipband08:45
bullgardrifter: How can I determine how much traffic has flown from my Ubuntu 9.10 computer to another Ubuntu 9.10 computer in my LAN in this session? '~$ ifconfig' gives a summary over all hosts in the LAN only.08:45
ubottuipband (source: ipband): daemon for subnet bandwidth monitoring with reporting via email. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-1 (karmic), package size 29 kB, installed size 156 kB08:45
rifteryeah there08:46
asmithI deleted a file as root, using 'rm fileName' , where the file is gone? I mean where is the trash folder?08:46
rifter's a daemon I recently installed that si supposed to do stuff like that08:46
brjannbullgard, oh, are you looking for stats on data that's already been transferred?08:46
JrodDCxno its gone forever my friend :(08:46
rifterlet me see if I can find it.. I haven't fiddled with it yet08:46
user1_i have installed karmic full version on my netbook , but now i hear there is a netbook remix for netbooks. am i missing something ?08:46
brjannasmith, hate to say it, but it's gone08:46
JrodDCxthere is no trash with rm08:46
infidkostkon: how do i get the 'save for web' plugin?08:46
asmiththen why 'df -h' shows no changed in my hard disk? the file was 2gb08:47
user1_asmith : may be it was emoty08:48
bullgardbrjann: I just installed the DEB program package 'ipband' and will test it.08:48
brjannasmith, not sure. but unless you've done something odd, rm deletes forever08:48
kostkoninfid, search for it in software centre. if you don't find it there, then search for it in Synaptic.08:48
kostkoninfid, what version of ubuntu do you have?08:48
brjannbullgard, hope it works for you :)08:48
infidkostkon: 9.10 karmic08:49
JrodDCxyou might be ablve to recover from rm but you need a undelete utility!08:49
bullgardbrjann: Yes. looking for stats on data that's already been transferred.08:49
user1_i have installed karmic full version on my netbook , but now i hear there is a netbook remix for netbooks. am i missing something ?08:49
kostkoninfid, ok08:49
asmithbrjann: I deleted nginx log file while nginx was still running.08:49
rifterbullgard, I didn't find it.. I know there are monitoring tools that do that kind of thing. I don't know taht you will be able to recover data on what happened in the past ..you have to havesomething recording that data already when it happens08:50
infidkostkon: gimp-plugin-regstry?08:50
rifterbullgard, I'm checking out tcpstat though it might help08:50
brjannbullgard, ah. sorry to say ipband won't work for that... and I doubt anything will, really. I don't think anything keeps track at the subnet level unless it's asked to.08:50
phnomuser1_: Ya, there is a netbook remix for netbooks.08:50
rifterbullgard, youmean only data on the local lan?08:51
user1_phonm: should i install it on full version? how do i upgrade to it if it has more relevant packages08:51
bullgardrifter: Yes.08:51
brjannasmith, nginx may still have an open file handle or something. you might want to restart it.08:51
rifterbullgard, I think you might need to look into something like cacti or nagios and see if there's a monitro for that..08:51
RussellAlancan someone direct me to the link to the newest kubuntu with latest kde08:51
JrodDCxYep yep!08:52
JrodDCxOpenSuse is going to have the new KDE first on a remix CD!08:52
asmithbrjann: Yep that did it :), thank you a lot mate08:52
phnomuser1_: There should be a way to just install the netbook remix packages, can't remember their names though08:53
RussellAlani liked suse08:53
bullgardrifter: I will do some snooping into tcpstat, cacti and nagios.08:53
RussellAlanmy network name is suse08:53
brjannasmith, no problem, glad we could help :)08:53
zambawhat's wrong when your own processes aren't listed with the user name, but only with the uid?08:53
zambaand it only happens for one of the users08:53
brjannzamba, their username is too long to fit in the column :)08:53
zambabrjann: aha08:53
JrodDCxDoes anyone know how to switch the new netbook remix to a gnome session ?  they got rid of the thing to do it in 9.1008:53
zambano worries, then :)08:53
kostkoninfid, yes08:54
rifterbullgard, yeah I amlooking at tcpstat now; and it might work with some filters, which are documented in tcpdump, but I can't say I know how to set those filters to do what you want08:54
brjannzamba, and the only reason i know that is because i, too, once thought it meant something was wrong ;)08:54
RussellAlanJrodDCx: and where can i find this info?08:54
RussellAlanimsearching but not looking for the right thing08:55
Streetboyswhat should i do if my firefox doesnt work08:55
brjannStreetboys, in what way doesn't it work?08:55
zambabrjann: hehe08:55
JrodDCxRussellAlan:  Check this out , http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS7565943305.html08:56
phnomuser1_: Open Synaptic, then go to Edit->Mark packages by task and then select ubuntu netbook remix08:56
JrodDCxi know its alpha but so would any kubuntu remix08:56
JrodDCxDoes anyone know how i can make my wifi card work at highest possible power ? on a netbook ?08:58
infidJrodDCx: you need the right drivers, i had to install backports to get it to go full power08:59
rifterJrodDCx, I thought you were pointing to something like this: http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-9.10-karmic-koala08:59
pocoyodarkishdave: hey,老大~ ;-)09:00
darkishdavepocoyo: Hey09:00
JrodDCxinfid: Thanks :) what netbook to you use ?09:00
infidJrodDCx: i had to apt-get install linux-backports-modules-karmic for my eeepc's AR9285 wireless network adapter , and reboot, then got 90%+ wifi connections09:00
infidJrodDCx: eeepc 1005HAB09:00
rifteroh I was mixed up you wee answering RussellAlan and I was looking at streetboys' question09:00
JrodDCxhaha no worrys dude09:01
JrodDCxinfid: Thanks dude09:01
infidJrodDCx: just make sure you get the right one for what you have09:01
darkishdaveDoes any one know how to change the Power button default to "Restart" thourgh the shell09:01
JrodDCxdarkishdave: why not just use ctrl+alt+delete ? or a hammer ?09:02
brjanndarkishdave, check out /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn09:03
darkishdavewill do09:03
JrodDCxdarkishdave: i think you have to map something in the initrd09:03
JrodDCxconfig file09:03
Mar_Tzipaninfid, got any eeepc optimization recommendations?09:05
JrodDCxHeres one buy a HP !09:05
JrodDCxhahah jk09:05
infidMar_Tzipan: not too many, netbook remix does most for me. other than that get 'power top', and you can get some user scripts and styles for firefox to display common web pages more for smaller screens09:06
JrodDCxHey anyone needs a good gnome theme i found this one :)  : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/iRaveH20+2+%28Gnome%2C+GUI++Theme+%29?content=11977509:06
JrodDCxjust now lol09:06
nXhQXv2Wwhat does wpa_supplicant -s do? where do I get information on it?09:07
brjann!info wpasupplicant09:08
ubottuwpasupplicant (source: wpasupplicant): client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i). In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.9-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 372 kB, installed size 964 kB09:08
brjannnXhQXv2W, so in short it's for connecting to WPA-protected wifi networks09:09
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
cicatrixMy Ubuntu 9.10 Server keeps forgetting its network connections (or IP?) every few minutes. Very annoying because its completely headless and I use ssh to access it - which of course keeps timing out. Suggestions?09:10
nXhQXv2WI looked at the man page and could not find refrence to -s09:10
aristois possible to download a copy of ubuntu netbook remix 10.04 with ELF-based UI?09:10
brjannnXhQXv2W, the -s just means log to syslog instead of stdout09:10
nXhQXv2Wbrjann: thanks much09:11
brjannnXhQXv2W, no problem :)09:11
Guest66193Should aptitude apt-get upgrade install the latest version of MySQL?09:11
jiajintaoHELLO, its the first time i use irc . can you give me some websites or tips to help me learn the way to use irc?09:11
darkishdaveThanks guys, I got it09:11
Moral_it's pretty easy jiajintao09:12
Moral_you can /join #channelnamehere09:12
brjanndarkishdave, great :)09:12
Moral_and /server irc.servername.com09:12
ardchoilleGuest66193: It will install the latest version that is in the repos, this may or may not be the latest version available from the mysql devs.09:12
aristowhere can i find a copy of UNR 9.10 with the new ELF-based UI?09:13
jiajintaothen , how can i got some useful servers?09:13
s7any help on installing HP Scanjetc G2410 on ubuntu 9.0409:13
akobedhello, i'm having this strange problem of not being able to print pdfs with *images* from evince. my printer just spouts out all the text but leaves image areas blank. i can't find any errors in /var/log/cups/09:13
Guest66193       This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers.09:13
sash_Guest66193: try -v, then -vv and so so on09:14
nXhQXv2Wwhat script controls the gnome gui for network connections?09:14
brjannakobed, sometimes i've seen that happen when you're using the wrong PCL driver version with HP printers -- could that apply here?09:14
infidm_anish_: convert foo.png -resize 75% bar.png  made bar.png a larger filesize than foo.png :(09:15
brjannnXhQXv2W, what do you mean by script? the program is called NetworkManager09:15
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
akobedbrjann: this is samsung ml-1710, and i haven't touched the printer settings. this actually happened a few weeks ago after some package updates, so i guess something changed, either ppds or configs09:15
jiajintaojoin #ubuntu09:15
brjanninfid, it's probably because of the interpolation method it used when it reduced the size09:16
brjannakobed, oh, bummer. i'm useless to you, then :)09:17
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m_anish_infid: try adding -quality ... for example convert foo.png -quality 50 bar.png  made bar.png09:17
m_anish_sorry i'm going away09:17
asmithis there way I could search all files by their size? I wanna know what unnessary logs I have so that I delete them. I mean find it via terminal09:17
Guest66193sash_: what does -v / -vv do?09:17
asmithsort them by max size , desc09:17
akobedbrjann: thanks anyway :-)09:17
brjannakobed, no problem :)09:17
sash_Guest66193: usually, -v means verbose, but aptitude does something funny ;)09:18
JrodDCxgod stupid trash talking spammer did you ban him ?09:18
infidm_anish_: that worked thanks09:18
titan_arkhey! need an urgent help with OOo. I was trying to install the odf-converter as docx format documents were garbled and now it is is not opening any documents! is there a way to remove and reinstall all OOo packages?09:20
brjannasmith, in one directory you can use ls -lSh09:20
brjannasmith, -l for long format, -S to sort by size descending, and -h so humans can read the numbers :)09:21
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  you need to goto synaptic and select reinstall and reinstall the open office packages09:21
titan_arkJrodDCx, there are numerous packages! isnt there an easier way thro the terminal?09:21
asmithbrjann: thanks, it includes the files in the sub-directories also?09:21
jiajintaohow can i change the channel to those using chinese?09:22
asmith brjann: or -r will do the trick?09:22
titan_arki would end up missing to install some of the packages that way!!!09:22
brjannasmith, -R will recuse, but it won't sort all files at once, but just in each directory09:22
sash_asmith: try find /your/path -size yoursize09:22
sash_man find, look for -size09:23
brjannrecurse, even09:23
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  you can try the openoffice dummy package select remove and see if it marks them all then reinstall  :)09:23
JrodDCxHow does one apply to be a channel op on #ubuntu ?09:26
BilgeAgenda detected09:26
brjanntitan_ark, to get a list of the installed openoffice packages on your machine you can run   aptitude search ~i~nopenoffice09:26
=== srv-2-ubuntu is now known as munsking
JrodDCx!hi | srv-2-ubuntu09:27
ubottusrv-2-ubuntu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:27
munskingcan anyone tell me how to burn the freeNAS iso to an USB stick?09:27
JrodDCxuse Unetbootin!09:27
brjanntitan_ark, and if you're feeling adventurous, sudo aptitude reinstall ~i~nopenoffice09:27
JrodDCxit will do it for you :)09:27
munskinghmmkay, didnt know it was for ubuntu as well :) tnx09:28
titan_arkcool thanks for all the suggestions.09:28
titan_arkbrjann, whats nopenoffice?09:28
sash_munsking: unetbootin?09:28
JrodDCxIts A USB live system creator09:29
brjanntitan_ark, that's just how aptitude search strings are written. ~i means installed, ~n means name. so ~nopenoffice means "matches name 'openoffice'"09:29
nXhQXv2Wbrjann: thanks for the info that helped. How should I configure wireless settings without NetworkManager? or troubleshoot it?09:29
munskingyea i used it once on windows, but i didnt notice it was for linux as well so i forgot about it or something :)09:30
titan_arkbrjann, ah okay. got it. i tried purge and remove and it asked me to use autoremove09:30
brjanntitan_ark, that's apt-get, not aptitude :)09:30
brjannnXhQXv2W, why without NetworkManager?09:31
titan_arkbrjann, :O i did aptitude (thought thats how you do a reinstall and its doing something)09:31
brjanntitan_ark, oh, okay. just that aptitude doesn't have an autoremove. i was confused for a second :)09:32
nXhQXv2Wbrjann: spotty wireless throughput.09:32
brjannnXhQXv2W, I don't know that I would suspect nm as the culprit for that09:33
JrodDCxnXhQXv2W:  thats sounds like a driver issue my friend not a ntwork manager one09:33
sadfghjHow do I make Empathy use the system proxy?09:34
brjanntitan_ark, so you're doing the right thing with aptitude. let us know how it goes :)09:34
JrodDCxsadfghj: i find pidgen works better with that!09:34
sadfghjJrodDCx: Yeah, I have to use Pidgin to talk here.09:35
JrodDCxwhy dont you like it ?09:35
sadfghjJrodDCx: Why don't I like what?09:35
ja660khow do i set up my.cnf for mysql so that i can connect to it from another computer on the network?09:35
JrodDCxpidgen ?09:35
brjannsadfghj, it's a known bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/30488909:35
JrodDCxpersonal preference ?09:35
sadfghjJrodDCx: I want to give Empathy a try.09:36
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JrodDCxKIck him!09:36
sadfghjJustme`: ZOMG give me the money!09:37
pfarrellhi. I am trying to make a debian package of a small python program that I wrote. It consists of some python modules (in the namespace diamond.*) and a script that runs them (in /usr/bin/diamond). When I make the package, the .deb has all of the .py files in /usr/share/pyshared, as I would expect. But when I try to run /usr/bin/diamond, it says it cannot find the diamond.* modules; there is no symlink in /usr/lib/python2.X/dist-packages to the09:37
pfarrell /usr/share/pyshared/diamond directory. I've tried calling both dh_pycentral -i and dh_pysupport -i in the debian/rules file, but the same behaviour occurs with both. any ideas? if I add a symlink /usr/lib/python2.X/dist-packages/diamond ->  /usr/share/pyshared/diamond, then it works; but I thought that the .deb would take care of that itself09:37
JrodDCx!flood | pfarrell09:37
ubottupfarrell: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:37
JrodDCxsadfghj:  Trust me empathy is nothing special  :( they shoved it down are thoughts09:39
titan_arkbrjann, well after removal i tried install and its no good!09:39
sadfghjJrodDCx: s/are/our/09:39
JrodDCxthat was fast typeing09:39
brjannja660k, see here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP#Set%20mysql%20bind%20address09:39
brjanntitan_ark, bummer.09:39
chrislspCan i play Lineage on Ubuntu 9.04?09:40
sadfghjJrodDCx: s/typeing/typing/09:40
JrodDCxsadfghj:  this is a support  channel  not a classroom  :(09:41
titan_arkbrjann, i wonder when i try to remove it again in the same way it says no packages!09:41
sadfghjJrodDCx: I'm in a classroom at school.09:41
riftersadfghj, I use pidgin for ims and xchat for irc09:41
pfarrellJrodDCx: sorry09:41
brjanntitan_ark, oh, what command are you using to install again?09:42
JrodDCxpfarrell:  No worrys, are you new here ?09:42
titan_arksudo apt-get install openoffice.org09:42
titan_arkbrjann, sudo apt-get install openoffice.org09:43
rifterchrislsp: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=227309:43
nXhQXv2WHmm how do I be sure its a driver issue and not a network manager issue?09:43
titan_arkat least the documents used to open but with garbled formatting and missing etxt, now the documents dont even open!09:44
nXhQXv2WErhm "how can I"09:44
JrodDCxnXhQXv2W:  I can say 90% it is09:44
brjannnXhQXv2W, networkmanager really doesn't do anything but run other programs that do the heavy lifting.09:44
rifterchrislsp: based onthat I would say yes09:44
brjanntitan_ark, and openoffice is in fact installed?09:45
JrodDCxle0:  please stay joined or leave ... thanks09:45
titan_arkbrjann, yes it is09:45
riftertitan_ark, have you tried running openoffice and then opening the document in openoffice?09:46
titan_arkbrjann, hmmm now i have removed everything and the search result is also zilch, now how do i install it again? what is the right command?09:46
chrislspthanks rifter09:46
rifteror are you opening with the file browser09:46
madurahey any one here compiled projectm in ubuntu?09:46
madurai need some help09:46
titan_arkrifter, documents were opening, i was facing trouble with the crappy office 2007 formats09:47
phnomAnyone here with an Asus ULXXVt that have the nvidia card working?09:47
le0soz JrodDCx, my net is bouncing for some reason....09:47
brjannsudo aptitude install openoffice.org09:47
riftertitan_ark, ah yes09:47
brjanntitan_ark, one other thing you could do, though, is there's a "missing recommends" filter in synaptic. if there are parts of openoffice that are now missing they'd be in there09:48
JrodDCxle0:  oh im sorry :( we've had alot of spammers in the last 10 mins , carry on09:48
titan_arkbrjann, just started the install again. can i check it after the install?09:48
ja660kbrjann: it doesnt seem to work? i get this error: mysql: unknown variable 'bind-address='09:48
=== st__ is now known as drizzt___
nXhQXv2Whow do I manually configure or run those apps?09:48
=== root is now known as Guest1337
nXhQXv2Wor find out what it runs..09:49
Guest1337i have installed GtkPod in ubuntu 8.10  but its not playing any thing09:49
rifterphnom, I don't think so..google seems to be saying that the nvidia driver for linux does not support it09:49
brjannja660k, i think you might need whitespace around the equal sign09:49
brjanntitan_ark, yep09:49
rifterGuest1337 do other programs make sounds?09:49
rifterGuest1337 can you play stuff in movieplayer(totem)09:50
munskinghmm it doesnt seem to work with unetbootin, it cant find the kernel image or something, but i used the official ISO. does anyone have an other idea to get freeNAS to a bootable usb stick09:50
brjannnXhQXv2W, just a sec09:50
ja660kbrjman: yeah i tried it with a space, and a tab same thing09:50
titan_arkbrjann, whoa installed and atleast documents open. but the buttons look huge and like shit!09:51
brjannnXhQXv2W, about halfway down the page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo09:51
Dynamo-phpHi, how can I mount sftp:// (created from Places -> Connect to Server) to a folder so I can access it like: /home/username/sftp ?09:51
lilsnoop-androidAnyone ever try running ubuntu on mobile?09:51
=== james is now known as Guest62550
pfarrellDynamo-php: fuse can do that, can't it?09:51
pfarrellwith sshfs09:52
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  please dont say sh**  :(09:52
brjannja660k, huh. that's the right variable, and is set in my my.cnf...09:52
titan_arkJrodDCx, oops. i am so sorry! i apologize for the language09:52
munskingcan anyone help me with freeNAS?09:52
drizzt___why radeon driver is such a shit?09:53
brjanntitan_ark, you can check synaptic for missing recommends, maybe there's something in there that'll help09:53
Dynamo-phppfarrell, I googled, read about fuse, but when I followed instructions, at sudo modprobe fuse I get this output: FATAL: Module fuse not found.09:53
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  No worrys , im just trying to help ya , the bot may have got ya. (good thing not)09:53
pfarrellsounds like you're missing the package that contains the kernel module09:53
rifterDynamo-php, did you install the module?09:54
titan_arkbrjann, yes 3 were missing, 1 was a language support. installing em09:54
Guest1337 i have installed GtkPod in ubuntu 8.10  but its not playing any thing09:54
Dynamo-phprifter, that's what I don't know of!09:54
titan_arkJrodDCx, :) thx09:54
ja660kbrjann: do you mind taking a look if i put it on a pastebin?09:54
Dynamo-phprifter, what exactly am I supposed to install? what is the app name in apt-get ?09:54
Guest1337saying xmms missing09:54
haffeHungrig igen.09:54
brjannja660k, can't promise much but i'll look :)09:54
sadfghjCan someone please tell me what to enter into Pidgin to connect to Facebook XMPP chat? I tried Googling for the information but the firewall blocks the word "Facebook"09:54
nXhQXv2Wbrjann: Thanks : )09:55
rifterDynamo-php, well I haven't messed with this but when you go to synaptic and search for fuse there are actually a lot of modules09:55
rifterDynamo-php, for different filesystems09:55
Dynamo-phprifter, I need to know what to choose!09:55
munskingdoesnt anyone have any experience with freeNAS?09:55
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!09:55
brjannDynamo-php, you're after sshfs09:56
Dynamo-phpbrjann, that's right09:56
JrodDCxdrizzt___:  please dont hurt Ubottu hes my favorite pet robot :)09:56
titan_arkJrodDCx, brjann no luck, still the same after installing all missing packages09:57
rifterDynamo-php, well when I installed sshfs (which would be sudo apt-get sshfs) it didn't seem to need dependencies onmy system..let me check09:57
pfarrellDynamo-php: try installing the sshfs package and using the sshfs command09:57
Dynamo-phppfarrell, I already did09:57
pfarrelldid you add yourself to the fuse group?09:57
pfarrellsee /usr/share/doc/sshfs/README.Debian09:57
titan_arki guess i will have to use MS office, so much for my goodbye to windows =(09:57
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  try going to your home dir and pressing ctrl+h and fineding and delete .openoffice folder09:58
JrodDCxthis removes any curropt configs09:58
titan_arkJrodDCx, done09:58
brjanntitan_ark, logging out and back in couldn't hurt either09:59
Dynamo-phppfarrell, I guess I did!09:59
drizzt___titan_ark: MS Office is the best office package here, so you have no choice09:59
JrodDCxreinstalling wouldnt hurt either!09:59
ja660kbrjann: http://pastie.org/84387809:59
titan_arkbrjann, oki doki, logging off10:00
brjannDynamo-php, what happens when you try to sshfs?10:00
titan_arkdrizzt___, :(10:00
brjanntitan_ark, night!10:00
JrodDCxdrizzt___:  please stop saying weird stuff10:00
Dynamo-phpbrjann, try sshfs as a command or install?10:01
brjannDynamo-php, command10:01
drizzt___JrodDCx: please stop address me with offtopic messages10:01
brjannDynamo-php, e.g. sshfs youruser@example.com:/remote_folder /local_folder10:01
pfarrellDynamo-php: if you are still having trouble with the fuse kernel module, I know you can build it for your kernel with module-assistant10:02
thefirmHi. I'm trying to convert a PC to Linux at a hostel, and have very limited resources (for example, no CDRW) and an old computer (for example, no USB boot).10:02
pfarrelltry sudo m-a list10:02
Dynamo-phppfarrell, one sec10:02
titan_arkbrjann, logged back in and its still the same. I deleted the .openoffice folder before logging out :(10:02
drizzt___thefirm: Ubuntu is not exactly for old machines10:03
JrodDCxdrizzt___:  This is not off topic , you are disrupting channel flow . im sorry if that hurts your feelings10:03
brjannja660k, ahh, you put the bind-address line in the wrong place10:03
thefirmI'm using loadlin and the Ubuntu 9.10 kernel/initrd. I can't boot from another media, I can't risk the HDD MBR with syslinux, the host is running Windows 98.10:03
thefirmdrizzt__: it's new enough (PIII/700Mhz)10:03
pfarrelldoes anyone know anything about making a debian package out of some python? I am having some pycentral|pysupport confusion10:03
freewareprophethalo, I'm tryin yo install flah player plugin for mozilla and I gt an error: conflcits, how do I see wht's th problem?10:03
rifterthefirm you can order ubuntu cds, and you might check a local linux user group, they usually can provide them to you10:03
ja660kbrjnn: ah, which bit do i put it in?10:03
Dynamo-phppfarrell, I did it .. what's next?10:03
freewareprophetis tere another alternative?10:03
ja660kbrjann: oh i see now10:04
brjannja660k, remove the line you added under the [client] section, and scroll down to  like 56ish. there's already one there for you to uncomment10:04
thefirmrifter: I'm 250km away from the closest city, am leaving here in 24 hours andprolly not to return.10:04
ja660kbrjann: thanks alot10:04
m_fulderI've tried to configure my .rctorrent.rc file like this: http://pastebin.com/7wM7a2KJ still it doesn't add my .torrent files automaticly why?10:04
rifterthefirm that is a sticky wicket then10:04
brjannja660k, no problem10:04
thefirmI managed to start booting with loadlin, loaded kernel&initramfs image, but Scroll/Caps/Numlock flash twice and the machineboots.10:04
thefirmAny tips for thisparticular thing?10:04
thefirm(sorry, the kbd is shoddy too :)10:04
pfarrellDynamo-php: not sure :-/10:05
thefirmAny boot parameters to try?10:05
JrodDCxTry CrunchBang on a slow system10:05
brjanntitan_ark, :( sorry we couldn't help10:05
thefirmI read acpi=off et all might help, but I think they won't be parsed at all until later on in the boot process; am I wrong?10:05
thefirms/et all/et al/10:05
rifterthefirm, how about this? http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download-wubi10:05
rifterthefirm, I have not tried it mind10:06
titan_arkbrjann, :) np thanks for all the help. I guess MS will never let me met go of it!10:06
brjanntitan_ark, one of these days... :)10:06
titan_arkthanks once again10:07
thefirmrifter: kill me if I know why, but wubi won't start; at all.10:07
titan_arkbye bye10:07
JrodDCxtitan_ark:  Please re install!  we need ppl like you as a user!10:07
thefirmrifter: the process is there, but nothing happens.10:07
rifterthefirm, acpi=off is given during the bootloader menu, so before the kernel boots. it's A kernel option10:07
yo_rmnhello, having trouble whit flash plugin10:07
thefirmrifter: wubi.exe runs, no UI or anything, and that's it.10:08
thefirmrifter: I suspect spyware, not sure.10:08
titan_arkJrodDCx, :) Ubuntu is something i cant let go off :) I am the creative lead of the LUG at my school too so i need to get more people to start using it , i need to show poeple their options10:08
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
lepoete911y a til des francais ??10:08
rifterthefirm spybot: search and destroy can tell you if there is spyware10:08
rifterthefirm, but I don't know why spyware would be affecting wubi10:08
thefirmI dunno, wubi is doing shoddy things (ditching a running Windows kernel and switching to Linux), I'm not sure what a spyware might do.10:09
thefirmrifter: I agree it's not extremely likely, but I don't know what else to think.10:09
thefirmrifter: I'm booting to MSDOS for a bit, ttyl.10:09
rifterthefirm, yeah I personally think it's a pretty risky proposition, but I have bnever trie dit10:09
thefirmrifter: I love living on the edge :)10:10
thefirmrifter: besides, once I boot Ubuntu from a USB stick, I may be able to use the CDRW burner, and once I can boot from the CD, I'm very confident.10:10
drizzt___why the `radeon' driver is such a shit?10:11
thefirm(I can't get the burner to work in Windows, no drivers and I salvaged it from a dead machine I found here)10:11
thefirmanyway, ttyl10:11
nucc1i'm trying to install bugzilla3 and the post-inst script fails saying subprocess... returned error exit status 1410:12
tobi_why is pulse audio included in Ubuntu?10:13
tobi_this is a unresponsive step by Ubuntu developers10:13
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
PhreakBallwoah,, hey10:16
sonicroxsHi, I have a sound problem. Sometimes my sound is working, sometimes it is not (more often). It usually starts working after staying off for a long period of time, but then, if I restart or turn off the laptop, the sound will not work. Help?10:16
drizzt_i would still like some comment about sad `radeon' excuse fora video driver. what can I do with it?10:17
KovraI have recently upgrade from 9.04 on a laptop I own. I used the automated upgrade upon reboot into 9.10 my laptop is unusably slow10:17
madPJKfandrizzt: wassup?10:18
sonicroxs Hi, I have a sound problem. Sometimes my sound is working, sometimes it is not (more often). It usually starts working after staying off for a long period of time, but then, if I restart or turn off the laptop, the sound will not work. Help?10:18
drizzt_wassup? that PoS doesn't work10:18
tobi_after removing pulse audio in karmic I am left with no volume control applet10:19
madPJKfanyeah, I have radeon x1600 - very annoying in karmic10:19
madPJKfancan't seem to find anyway around it...10:19
sonicroxscan anyone help?10:21
madPJKfansonix, I get something similar - when I check the sound properties, I have 2 output devices, sometimes I have to change to the second one10:22
riftersonicroxs, well that could be a problem with the driver (kernel module) for your sound, or with the mixer, (which by default is pulseaudio)10:22
fuzzybunnyhey everyone! For some reason every once in a while my laptop completely locks up(I have to hold the power button down to turn it off). I am trying to figure out what it causing it and am currently going through my logs to find out what is happening. Does anyone know of anyway I can try to narrow down what is causing the problem? I don't have any peripherals or anything connected.10:23
itheoshey can i use remote desktop viewer to see my friend's screen?10:23
madPJKfanfuzzybunny: cosmic rays?10:23
Industrialso I switched window managers in ubuntu...10:23
rifterfuzzybunny, you might install the system monitor tools to see cpu usage and temperature.. let me get you the right packages10:23
brjannfuzzybunny, my first idea would be memtest10:23
Industrialmy sound doesnt work, my internet doesnt work and there is no xorg.conf10:24
rifterbrjann, not a bad idea10:24
AkhlDhello people10:24
Industrialwhy does ubuntu rely on gui apps to configure and connect hardware?10:24
madPJKfanIndustrial: xorg.conf is not installed by default - not needed so much these days10:24
fuzzybunny brjann is that through the startup menu?10:24
fuzzybunnyerr the boot menu10:24
nXhQXv2WHow do I find out what chipset (wireless) I have to see if I can install some alternative driver?10:24
itheoshow can i use "remote desktop viewer" to see my friend's screen?10:25
hiexpomorning all10:25
IndustrialmadPJKfan: I know but now I dont know wether I am really running with intel display drivers or not for example10:25
madPJKfanthere are a couple of commands, I think10:25
brjannfuzzybunny, yep, i believe so. it's not a fast test, definitely something you want to do when you've got a night to let it run10:25
madPJKfanglxinfo mebbe?10:25
* AkhlD have reinstalled the ubuntu9.10 and all my files in the other Drive (NTFS) has an extension like *.viCrypt10:25
AkhlDhow do i brin those files back ?10:25
rifterfuzzybunny, I think sensors-applet is the applet that puts the sensors onyour bar, and that should depend all the modules you need.  that applet shows the temperatures10:26
AkhlDitheos, try VNC10:26
madPJKfan...thinking... X - version?10:26
hiexporifter, yes that's whatthey are  i use them10:26
rifterfuzzybunny, yeah sensors-applet.  you might have to add it to the bar manually after ypou install it10:27
AkhlDanyone have answer for my question ?10:27
fuzzybunnythanks you guys10:27
fuzzybunnyI will give it a shot and see what i come up with10:27
IndustrialmadPJKfan: what about internet and sound? I _need_ to run nm-applet to get internet? theres no initscript for networks?10:27
fuzzybunnywhat logs should i look in?10:27
rifterfuzzybunny, system monitor will show you cpu usage in a running graph, and of course top can break that down for you10:28
itheosdoesnt ubuntu provide any such software already installed? how can i expect a noob who has just boot from the live cd to install anything?10:28
brjannfuzzybunny, well, usually with a hard crash like that, logs don't help much, as the kernel freezes before it has a chance to complain.10:28
rifterfuzzybunny, so besides hardware faiilures like memory, you want to see if there are processes pegging the system or heat issues10:28
brjannfuzzybunny, but if there was anything useful, it'd probably be in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/kern.log10:28
fuzzybunnyif it is a heat issue what would you do in that situation if it is a laptop?10:28
fuzzybunnyI am quite a comp addict so it wouldn't surprise me if it is a heat issue10:29
hiexpofuzzybunny, if its a heat issue i did this fire up the ole compressor and with a airgun blow in the vents problem solved10:30
madPJKfanIndustrial - now out of my league - have to go afk, sorry10:30
brjannfuzzybunny, my laptop sits on a pad with fans in it10:30
brjannfuzzybunny, something like http://www.actfind.com/product_images/y/pcck0202__25103.jpg10:31
rifterfuzzybunny, gnome-system-monitor is the system monitor I was talking about10:31
jxajroalo bom dia a todos!10:31
rifterfuzzybunny, yeah make sure the laptop is not on something soft that is blocking  the vents, you can clean it, too10:31
jxajropelo amor de deus gente...alguém pode me ajudar com esta porra de ubuntu?10:32
nXhQXv2WIndustrial: If I rember right knoppix had a command line config util.10:32
jxajroisto virou o samba do  crioulo doido!10:32
AkhlDAny clue about this file extension *.viCrypt10:32
fuzzybunnyso it clean it I would just use a compressed air can and blow in the vent parts?10:32
brjann!pt | jxajro10:32
ubottujxajro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.10:32
=== andrea is now known as Guest41043
rifterfuzzybunny, and yeah there are stands like they are saying that elevate the laptop for better airflow and may also blow on it with fans10:32
al_with respect to find, how would you specify -name *.spf and *.md5 ?10:32
hiexpofuzzybunny, if its overheating it is dirty you need to blow it out normal core temp runs around 120 degrees10:32
al_-name *.spf && *.md5 ?10:32
erUSULal_: -name *.spf -name *.md510:33
al_erUSUL: ta10:33
rifterfuzzybunny, yeah just that would be a big help.  obviously if you're tecnical minded enough and it doesn't void your warranty you could take it apart and clean it more thoroughly.  But you're best off just getting the low-hanging fruit and not risking more damage.. laptops can be tougfh to get apart and at least some of them I have seen you need to replace the heatsink compound on certain parts if you open them10:34
fuzzybunnyoh ok10:34
rifterfuzzybunny, so, blow air in vents, make sure vents are not blocked10:34
fuzzybunnyok well thanks guys10:34
fuzzybunnyI will try all that10:34
fuzzybunnyand hopefully can figure it out10:34
brjannfuzzybunny, good luck :)10:34
fuzzybunnyit seems to be happening more10:34
rifterfuzzybunny, then you may have a failing dimm10:35
rifterfuzzybunny, ram is the most likely part to fail besides hard disk10:35
brjannand at least bad memory is easy to fix10:35
nXhQXv2WHow do I find out what chipset (wireless) I have?10:35
rifternXhQXv2W, well is it from a card or onboard?10:35
brjannnXhQXv2W, lspci | grep Network10:36
fuzzybunnynight guys i love you all10:36
fuzzybunnyand your great10:36
fuzzybunnyis there anyway to reload the panel without logging out and back in again10:37
sash_fuzzybunny: kill it and restart it10:37
erUSULfuzzybunny: define reload10:37
fuzzybunnysash_, that did it thanks10:39
phathi guys, I installed thinkfinger then uninstalled it, but it seems to have left a bit of itself in PAM, I get the following lines in auth.log :10:40
phatPAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/pam_thinkfinger.so): /lib/security/pam_thinkfinger.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:41
nXhQXv2Wbrjann: Thanks10:41
phatit's not much of a problem, but i'd like it if this didn't happen anymore10:41
al_hmmm, -name *.spf -name *.md5 didnt work10:42
al_this is on busybox but should still be ok10:42
DJonesjxajro: Type /join #ubuntu-br10:42
jxajroahhhh ok...I will try again..thx10:43
indusjxajro, just click here #ubuntu-br10:43
indusjxajro, ok ? here #ubuntu-br10:43
FunkyWeaselMy sound has completely died on my ibex box since reboot :/10:43
FunkyWeaselAll I have is intermitant buzzing now :(10:43
jxajrowhere i type this?10:43
FunkyWeaselShould I remove all ALSA and PulseAudio and start from scratch?10:44
FunkyWeaselOr just abandon my linux desktop for sound and rely on pie-pod?10:44
brjannjxajro, click this --> #ubuntu-br10:45
sabgentoncould some grub2 person tell me: if i back up my grub.cfg and then overwrite it back if I have boot problems is that a bad idea?10:45
sabgentonas all changes now are spose to be done via update-grub10:45
sabgentondoes grub just look at grub.cfg and thats it or does it care about  all those scripts that got put together when you ran install-grub10:45
sabgentonif it only knows about grub.cfg I would asume overwriting it with a backed up grub.cfg  would be ok?10:45
erUSULsabgenton: grub2 conf is done via /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/*10:46
FunkyWeaselNo one wants to touch linux sound issues then?  Fair nuff, don't blame them.10:46
emiliyok te kuentaas10:47
erUSUL!es | emiliyo10:47
ubottuemiliyo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:47
emiliyoyou funking mather10:47
indusFunkyWeasel, hi10:47
psycho_oreosFunkyWeasel, imo pulseaudio is usually the culprit, especially in older versions of *ubuntu10:47
indusFunkyWeasel, there was no pulseaudio in ibex10:48
induspsycho_oreos, as far as ai remember pulse came in hardy10:48
psycho_oreosindus, wasn't hardy before ibex? :)10:49
sabgentonerUSUL: I realize that10:49
induspsycho_oreos, aah oops yes 8.1010:49
indusFunkyWeasel, install 9.1010:49
sabgentonbut I want to back up the grub.cfg that is made from those files10:49
indusFunkyWeasel, did you check with alsamixer if anything is muted10:49
FunkyWeaselindus psycho_oreos: Cheers chaps.  Oddly I find that now when I do sound preferences OSS produces a test where Pulse and ALSA produce loud crackles, but only when I plug headphones into the rear audio jack.10:49
sabgentonis that ok?10:49
fuzzybunnyoh guys I just have one other question. On my computer(Sony Vaio VGN-CR520D) there is this indicator light that comes on whenever you put the screen down and it is really bright. Is there anyway I can turn it off? In windows there was this sony utility that let you turn it off but I am not sure how to turn it off in linux10:49
erUSULsabgenton: if you backup a grub.cfg with pointers to kernel no longer installed it will not work when restored10:49
sabgentonif I restore (cp grub.cfg.back grub.cfg) will that be ok?10:50
FunkyWeaselIndus: Nothing's muted, and 9.10 is definitely on my to do list - unfortunately this is my work machine and I can still code on it.  Having no sound isn't mission critical, apart from my sanity in the office :)10:50
brjannfuzzybunny, the bluetooth light?10:51
FunkyWeaselI am also coming to the conclusion that my desktop is f[udg]ed.10:51
erUSULsabgenton: that's why update-grub is run with kernel install's and removals10:51
psycho_oreosFunkyWeasel, weird, if OSS did pass then it might be issue with driver on ALSA10:51
sabgentonerUSUL: are u simpley taking about if I no longer have the OS / kernel there to boot?10:51
erUSULsabgenton: yes. there are kernel updates from time to time10:51
erUSUL!es | sergiiyo emiliyo10:51
ubottusergiiyo emiliyo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:51
fuzzybunnybrjann, no it is this one below the bezel on my laptop10:51
sabgentonerUSUL: yeah thats fine I can handle that10:51
FunkyWeaselPsycho_oreos: True - for now I might try stripping pulse audio and alsa, reinstalling alsa, see if that works.   Unless that's a terrible idea of course :)10:51
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al_when you run the rind command, how do you make it run on a particular directory as oposed to the current one?10:52
psycho_oreosFunkyWeasel, well I'd give it a try personally, oss is somewhat already deprecated10:52
sabgentonerUSUL: futher more if i edit the grub.cfg carefull is that ok though not recomended?10:53
sabgentonmainly can I at least change the default number for booting which OS10:53
ardchoilleal_: find /path/here10:53
brjannfuzzybunny, try     ls /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop10:53
hiexpofuzzybunny, google it how do i turn off etc { on your brand laptop} on ubuntu10:53
erUSULsabgenton: as i said all changes would be lost when something runs update-grub10:53
brjannfuzzybunny, anything in there that looks like a light or led?10:53
sergiiyoablan en ingles10:53
erUSULsabgenton: that number can be set in /etc/default/grub afaik10:54
FunkyWeaselpsycho_oreos: Cheers10:54
fuzzybunnybrjann, driver  modalias  power  subsystem  uevent10:54
llcoolhodgei cannot figure out how to download emulator on to ubuntu10:54
emiliyopinocho komeme en el tuenti10:54
rifterFunkyWeasel, I have noticed that sometimes I get stuttering sound in certian applications or crackled distorted sound, using pulseaudio.  switching those applications to using esd or starting them with esddsp worked10:55
hiexpollcoolhodge, what are you trying to do?10:55
llcoolhodgei went to site followed steps but i am not good at ubuntu or computerrs yet can some one help me with steps to download gameboy advance emulator10:55
sabgentonerUSUL: ok from what your say all the new warnings about don't edit grub.cfg in grub2 are mainly waring about it being overridden when update-grub is run10:55
rifterFunkyWeasel, which is funny since the esd commands arer just routes to pulseaudio10:55
FunkyWeaselrifter: That's pretty crazy :)10:55
rifterFunkyWeasel, if you still have pulseaudio installed10:55
erUSULsabgenton: right10:55
brjannfuzzybunny, bummer. i'm out of ideas ;)10:56
sabgentonerUSUL:  /etc/default/grub does have that number yes but I still want to edit grub.cfg from time to time when I boot from another distro to that file10:56
sabgentonwhich you are saying is do able :)10:56
hiexpollcoolhodge, those are always a piece of work use google and read you'll figure it out10:57
erUSULsabgenton: i have it is the line ---> GRUB_DEFAULT=010:57
sabgenton(yes  even though it will most likely get overiden )10:57
llcoolhodgei did but i am not computer literate10:57
llcoolhodgei am trying10:57
sabgentonerUSUL: I know how to do that10:57
llcoolhodgebut i need someone to hel me out10:57
FunkyWeaselrifter: If I still have pulseaudo installed...?10:57
sabgentonI just want to know if I go against the grain and edit grub.cfg directly that I will be ok10:58
llcoolhodgecan no one help me10:58
erUSULsabgenton: ok; you came here with your mind already made up. not sure qwhy are you asking anything. just edit the file10:58
joni_noplullcoolhodge, which emulator u want to install?10:58
rifterFunkyWeasel, what I mean by that is when pulseaudio is installed it replaces the esd commands with wrappers to pulseaudio10:58
sabgentonand the answer sounds like "yes but just don't come crying when it gets overwritten"10:58
rifterFunkyWeasel, nevertheless using the esd commands worked for me onsome applications10:59
llcoolhodgegameboy advance joni_noplu10:59
sabgenton^because u have just enlightend me to what I have said above10:59
ravionrailswhen i open link in xchat it opened in firefox 3.5.8 but where it reside in my system how to check10:59
rifterllcoolhodge, I can helkp you hold up10:59
rifterllcoolhodge, there's a gba emulator in the normal repositories10:59
sergiiyosipollo emiliyo xupame el pityo11:00
airtonixravionrails, system > preferences > preferred applications11:00
llcoolhodgewhere is normal repositories rifter11:00
rifterllcoolhodge, do sudo apt-get install visualboyadvance-gtk from the command line11:00
FunkyWeaselrifter: Nice one.  Also downloading ISO for 9.10 in the hopes I get time this afternoon :)11:00
=== aimtrainer_ is now known as aimtrainer
sabgentonerUSUL: so if i do go against the grain and edit grub.cfg I just need to back it up if I really want to hold on to those settings (as it will get overridden) :)11:01
rifterllcoolhodge, or go to system -> administration -> synaptic package manager11:01
rifterllcoolhodge, then search for visualboyadvance11:01
rifterllcoolhodge, click the visualboyadvance-gtk to get the one with graphical controls11:02
rifterllcoolhodge, and to answer your question on repositories, repositories are where packages you can install are stored. the normal ones are already set upwhen you install ubuntu11:02
sabgentonerUSUL: I know it's not the best but you have confirmed with me that  it's not just going to completely blow up in my face if I know a bit about how it works11:02
llcoolhodgewhere do i find the roms to play with are those going to be different also rifter11:03
rifterllcoolhodge, after you click the check box for visualboyadvance-gtk click apply and it shoudl be installed11:03
llcoolhodgeyes i did that also rifter11:03
rifterllcoolhodge, can't helpyou on roms, that would be illegal.. but I hear google might know11:03
erUSULsabgenton: i already said that you can just edit the file if you want.11:04
erUSUL!piracy | llcoolhodge11:04
ubottullcoolhodge: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o11:04
hiexporifter, - that's why i wouldn't help him i already got a strike on me   lol11:04
=== orion is now known as Guest84878
phatso no one can help me?11:05
sabgentonerUSUL: except for one shot stuff I will put all my  permanent grub needs in  /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/*11:05
al_if i put some commands in a file11:05
al_can i then run the file?11:05
rifterhiexpo, yeah installing an emul;ator is not piracy. telling people where to find software is11:05
al_like a batch file?11:05
=== katie11 is now known as k]a[tie
sabgentonerUSUL: can you just confirm that I have the picture right here?11:06
sabgentonerUSUL: and thanks for your help11:06
erUSULsabgenton: yes11:06
erUSUL!grub2 | sabgenton11:06
ubottusabgenton: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:06
hiexporifter, -  exately i got a nastyemail a week ago about that from fbi   :(11:06
rifterhiexpo, ouch..I would not like to get emails from the fbi11:07
sabgentonerUSUL: I only will edit grub.cfg  directly  if I have to boot in from an other distro cause something is broken11:07
sabgentonI do respect the guidelines11:07
sabgentonthx again :)11:07
rifterhiexpo, it freaked me out enough years ago when I got that one bill gates sent to everyone on earth11:07
m_anish_infid: just logged back ... hope ur problem's solved11:07
hiexporifter, -  oh ya i remember that11:08
* m_anish_ reads up11:08
nXhQXv2WLooked through dmesg. how do I know what driver is loaded for my card?11:08
=== root_ is now known as Guest72761
Guest72761i need some help11:09
llcoolhodgejust to let all u nerds know i have the hard copies...it is not illegal to download rims if u have the actual games...then that becomes piracy...i also am in the US Navy so i wouldnt involve myself in something so stupid as to hurt my career11:09
bazhangGuest72761, then ask11:09
hiexporifter, -  ya the letter said you do what you want but don't be telling other people how to nor advise them of such11:09
yeshuahHow do I restrict the resources used by a script run by cron?11:09
Guest72761how can i install beef on backtrack11:09
rifterhiexpo, I also got one of their nasty snail mail letters they sent to everyone threatening that they would say they were pirates if they did not buy more copies of windows.  That was annnoying. what awas more annoying is that companies and governments caved in on those threats11:10
bazhangGuest72761, join the backtrack channel and ask11:10
brjannyeshuah, do you just want to make it play nicely and not interfere with interactive processes?11:10
bazhangGuest72761, /join #backtrack-linux11:10
Guest72761how can i install beef on backtrack?11:10
hiexporifter, -  yep was scare tactics11:10
yeshuahbrjann: I have a python script which runs once a day - but it is running for 1-2 hours and during this time, all my other processes (webservers) are crippled11:11
airtonixGuest71216, you can only have bacon11:11
rifterhiexpo, I made sure form then on to use linux11:11
rifterhiexpo, like ernie ball11:11
brjannyeshuah, the simplest thing to try is the 'nice' command11:11
erUSULyeshuah: nice ionice it ?11:11
hiexpoGuest72761, help with backtrack is at backtrack-linux11:11
rifteryeshuah, renice the process11:11
theadminHm. Help please. I want display not to fade out when my computa is idle, i set everything in Power Management to "Never" already, yet it still does it!11:11
rifteryeshuah, and you can use nice when you call it11:12
rifteryeshuah, the next time11:12
yeshuahrifter:  (And others) ok thanks - will look up renice and ionice11:12
joni_noplutheadmin, check screensaver settings11:12
riftertheadmin, it is probably your monitor11:12
brjannyeshuah, and just plain old nice11:12
theadminjoni_noplu: o_O *checks*11:12
theadminrifter: nah, it has no such settings at all11:13
riftertheadmin, somemonitors blank on their own11:13
riftertheadmin, butcheck screen saver first11:13
yeshuahbrjann: whats the difference?11:13
theadminrifter: Yep. It was the problem... Weird screensaver there.11:13
brjannyeshuah, nice launches a process with a given niceness. renice changes the niceness of an already-running process. ionice is like nice, but for IO instead of load11:13
peleg_Since the upgrade to 8.04, all mp3s I hear are being "cut" every few seconds; that is, the song playing is not fluent, I have this "bumps" or something in the middle of it11:14
hiexporifter, -  yah me to i hate windows buti still use a few programs that are only supported on windows cause i have not found a suitable solution yet like dvdfab and dvd shrink is all11:14
erUSUL!info schedtool | yeshuah11:14
ubottuyeshuah: schedtool (source: schedtool): Queries/alters process' scheduling policy and CPU affinity. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.0-1 (karmic), package size 24 kB, installed size 84 kB11:14
hiexporifter, -  but i am working on a simalar one to dvdfab for linux11:16
peleg_That's awful, I can't really enjoy music that way any more.11:16
peleg_I think that maybe the upgrade killed one of my encoders11:17
candy__vista n i installed ubuntu. It shows grub loading then directly takes11:18
candy__to ubuntu rather than asking. Grub2 is there and when i saw grub.d11:18
candy__files it has no files for vista only default files, now should i create11:18
candy__a custom file for windows vista? How to add other os to grub menu?11:18
FloodBot3candy__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:18
erUSUL!grub2 | candy__11:18
ubottucandy__: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:18
bazhangcandy__, did you try sudo update-grub11:18
nXhQXv2WHow do I know what driver is loaded for my card?11:19
rifterpeleg, well if it was that wouldn't the sounds not play at all?  what did you upgrade from?  maybe it's a mixer thning. what kind of apps are you using to play the mp3s?11:19
induscandy__, Hi, other OS can be added by editing the file , /etc/grub.d/40_custom11:19
candy__bazhang, yes but it didnt work11:19
rifternXhQXv2W, it should show up in dmesg11:19
induscandy__, try installking os prober and run it11:19
candy__indus, but i cant find my other os drive, it only show filesystem of linux not others11:19
induscandy__, sudo apt-get install os-prober11:20
nXhQXv2Wrifter: ill try again. is there any reference I should look at?11:20
rifternXhQXv2W, this was your wireless card, right? I missed that part11:21
nXhQXv2Wrifter: yes11:21
GUcko1guys what are "personal package archives" 'ppa'?11:22
jpds!ppa | GUcko111:22
ubottuGUcko1: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.11:22
rifternXhQXv2W, then you want to look for whether the card got configured under eth0, eth1, or ath011:22
rifternXhQXv2W, what's happening with it now?11:22
indusGUcko1, that factoid sucks11:22
peleg_rifter, I have upgraded from 7.10, and I am using VLC. At the moment I am trying to play it with mplayer to see if the problem exists also there.11:22
candy__indus, ll give a try11:22
indusGUcko1, a ppa lets you install the latest versions of a software11:22
jpdsindus: Howso?11:22
gartral|phey all, im trying to reinstall ubuntu onto my dektop, i keep booting into graphical mode from the cd and getting AUTHENTICATION ERROR" on te vts and Ubuntu on the login screen, not letting me login at all..11:22
jpdsindus: No.11:23
indusGUcko1, its risky and do it at your own risk11:23
jpdsindus: Only the versions that are packaged in it.11:23
indusjpds, the factoid talks from a developer point of view ,11:23
indusi and many others aint interested with it11:23
indusGUcko1, anyways, so what do you want to do with a PPA11:24
rifternXhQXv2W, of course if it did it would show up under ifconfig11:24
yeshuahbrjann: ok have run renice on the process running now - setting it to 19 - but I get no performance increase on my webserver11:24
brjannyeshuah, what is the script doing exactly?11:24
rifternXhQXv2W, otherwise you just have to go through dmesg trying to see if you see something about wireless11:25
=== jean is now known as Gozzy
peleg_rifter, actually, it looks like the problem does not occur using mplayer. So: is it possilbe that vlc has a problem due to the upgrade?11:25
brjannyeshuah, IO-heavy work? number crunching?11:25
indusGUcko1, for example with the wine ppa, you get to use the latest versions of wine instead of those from the repository ,but it will be unstable or might be11:25
rifterpeleg, maybe or maybe vlc is using a different mixer11:25
yeshuahbrjann: it's parsing an xls file - comparing to an xml file - and creating a 2nd xml file from this11:25
rifterpeleg, I'd say the latter is more likely11:25
yeshuahbrjann: so maybe ionice is more important?11:25
nXhQXv2Wrifter: Thanks found it..11:26
gartral|phow do i tell ubuntu to load the cd toram?11:26
brjannyeshuah, could be, if it's hitting the disk often enough that it's increasing latency for everybody11:26
peleg_rifter, I see... have any idea how can I check that? How can I check what mixer does it use, and how can I check the mixer itself?11:26
rifterpeleg, you can force the mixer by adding a command to the startup, for instance esddsp will tell it to use esd, padsp will tell it to use pulseaudio11:27
erUSULyeshuah: is the process heavy on i/o ?11:27
GUcko1Indus: I'm having trouble with the video card on my new Inspiron that has core i3 and integrated Intel graphic chip :(11:27
gartral|pwhaTs the ubuntu equivelent to linux=toram11:27
rifterpeleg, well some programs let you change the mixer in configurations or commands; I'm not sure how to do that to vlc, but I do know if you prepend one of those commands it will reroute the sound t o a different mixer11:27
indusGUcko1, which version of ubuntu? upgrade to latest11:27
RolandDHere is an issue that has been bugging me for years and now it is time to get it solved :) I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and AMP. All is working fine except I cannot edit any files with my own username. All files are set to www-data:www-data and permissions to 644. My account is added to the www-data group. How can I edit files without having to use sudo?11:27
GUcko1Indus: 9.1011:28
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.11:28
indusok old11:28
jribRolandD: give the group write permissions11:28
GUcko1Indus: The new CPUs have the graphic chip integrated with the CPU11:28
rifteryeshuah, nice won't necessarily change the cpu load of a process.  what it does is give more slices to other processes11:28
bazhangindus, 9.10 is not old11:28
brjannRolandD, 644 means u=rw, g=r, o=r. you want 664 if you want to be able to write.11:28
indusyes my comment was posted before11:28
Sh3r1ffRolandD: you can't edit because the group rights are set to only read11:29
jribRolandD: or better yet, make a new group since you probably don't want apache to be able to write to all you files (it already can)11:29
indusbut one thing i know is core i3 all features are not used by the kernel in 9.1011:29
Sh3r1ffRolandD: if you want to edit them with your user, change the rights to 66411:29
gartral|phow do i load the cd to ram?11:29
RolandDjrib: the files are uploaded via the Joomla installer, this would mean I need to keep changing persmission every time I upload?11:29
RolandDor can I set a default value?11:29
yeshuahrifter: alright - so far neither renice or ionice have changed anything11:29
jribRolandD: change the joomla preferences11:29
gartral|psame for the i711:29
indusGUcko1, wow graphics integrated with cpu hmm11:29
RolandDThanks a lot guys, I am going to try it11:29
indusya and for i711:30
indusbut possiblly in lucid11:30
industhe turbo mode i believe11:30
maduracan i get some help on using ncurses with gcc??11:30
rifteryeshuah, is it possible for you to convert that xls file to a csv or xml?  because it's possible that reading that file is more intensive than it would be a regular csv or xml11:30
gartral|pindus do you know how to load the cd to ram before starting up11:30
hiexporifter, -  have you tried lucyd yet?11:30
jribmadura: be more specific11:30
peleg_rifter, sorry, for technical reasons I have missed your last 3-4 sentences...11:30
erUSULmadura: what kind of help ? how to install dev package of ncurses?11:30
brjannyeshuah, if nicing doesn't help you might want to read up on /etc/security/limits.conf next :)11:31
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
indusgartral|p, what you mean ?11:31
indusgartral|p, hi11:31
yeshuahrifter: the conversion from xls to csv would have to occur on the server aswell as the xls is all we get from the supplier.11:31
hiexporifter, -  have you tried lucid11:31
yeshuahbrjann: will take a peep11:31
rifterhiexpo, no11:31
gartral|plinux=toram... need to load cd to ram then run installer11:31
gartral|pindus ^^^^11:32
indusisnt live cd running from ram already11:32
madurajrib: I installed the libraries from package manager and then wrote this small ncurses prog which uses initscr() but the compiler says it cant find that function11:32
hiexporifter, -  was wondering if it's as good as karmic11:32
brjannyeshuah, be forewarned though that limits can be set harsh enough to cause the kernel to kill the process, and you probably don't want that. so tread lightly. :)11:32
gartral|pindus no, it still accesses cd for alot of resources11:32
jribmadura: what did you install exactly?  Did you install the -dev package for ncurses?11:32
indusgartral|p, i have no idea how to load all into ram,too technical :)11:33
madurajrib: well it has the header file now ...what is the name of dev package?11:33
indusgartral|p, like a core dump hmppffffff11:33
jribmadura: apt-cache search -n ncurses dev11:33
gartral|pthe OLD debian flag was linux or debian=toram11:33
indusgartral|p, oh ok11:34
Andys^why does my Windows Key not work in ubuntu?11:35
madurajrib: i've installed libncurses5-dev11:35
joni_nopluAndys^, what do u expect it to do?11:35
=== davidloo is now known as csharpcoder
KimoHow to resolve this Problem In Nvidia-Setting11:36
KimoUnable to load X Server Display Configuration page:11:36
KimoFailed to query NoScanout for screen 0.11:36
drizzt_Andys^: do you have some x-function map[ped on it?11:36
madurajrib:  i installed another package for C but still the same11:36
yeshuahbrjann: ok sounds scary - ok I can see with free that all my memory is being filled by the process - is there anyway to limit a process to only use like 50 of available RAM? - or this is /etc/security/limits.conf ?11:37
madurajrib: undefined reference to `initscr'11:37
hiexpoi got a question that bugs me how come whenever i install a deb package it always shows up in synaptic as installed local or obsolete11:37
rifterjoni_noplu wellin some distributions it opens the application menu11:38
rifterjoni_noplu  I remember it working like that ages ago on kde and gnome11:38
erUSULmadura: did you pass "-lncurses" to gcc ?11:39
rifteryeshuah, that would be limits.conf yes11:39
madurai passed lcurses11:39
chrizthophello n_n11:39
rwwhiexpo: "local or obsolete" means it's not in the Ubuntu repositories. If you installed it from a /local/ package, it is indeed local, and thus belongs there.11:39
gartral|pjoni_noplu its better known as the meta key.. and it does worl, it just isnt mapped to do anything11:39
rwwhiexpo: ("local" meaning a .deb file you downloaded rather than something you got from the repos)11:40
gartral|pdroid keyboard hard to type on11:40
hiexporww, got cha thanx11:40
Kimohow i cant get accese to Ubuntu french chanel11:40
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois11:40
rwwKimo: type /join #ubuntu-fr11:40
KimoOk Thanks11:41
gartral|pkimo thank you for asking in english! ;)11:41
hatasuhi all, i have some problem :(11:42
Kimoim just a starter in english11:42
gartral|pwow.. my computer hung loading the live enviroment11:42
indusKimo, just click here #ubuntu-fr11:43
ragshello, I just did a safe upgrade on Hardy and I get some lilo warnings ...the total upgrade went thru..But now I'm a bit worried with the warnings..I see "Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed"..reason for concern?11:43
brjannyeshuah, are you sure your process is actually using all the memory? it's normal for the free memory to be low, as the kernel uses the space for IO buffers, etc11:43
hatasui install ubuntu yesterday, and i can see windows in boot screen11:43
Kimothanks i'm now in french ubuntu channel11:43
indushatasu, and11:43
NCS_Onea HD only can have 4 primary partitions ?11:44
hatasusorry :P11:44
zeroXtenanyone know how best to script window interactions in Gnome? Something like AutoIT/AutoHotKey - list windows (like wmctrl) but also look for OK buttons, send clicks etc?11:44
gartral|pnot without !lvm11:44
Superbesthow do I disable the checks for too simple password, too similar password, etc?11:45
=== testi__ is now known as thechef
erUSULmadura: then i dunno11:45
yeshuahbrjann: hmm according to pmap then 0k11:45
gartral|psuperbeast recompile an older kernal11:45
jribmadura: pastebin your code...11:45
Superbestgartral|p, woah seriously?11:46
madurajrib: k wait11:46
gartral|pyea, strict passwords is a kernal thing now11:46
rifterrags, lba32 addressing assumed should be fine. unless your drive is over 20 years old11:46
brjannyeshuah, probably because your script is running as root and you're not? try sudo pmap <pid> :)11:46
Superbestgartral|p, that's absurd! It doesn't even work properly11:46
yeshuahbrjann: ah no - just forgot to run with sudo - 463564K11:46
gartral|pyou can ignor it though and use a "weak" password11:46
Superbestgartral|p, it wn't let me from the about me screen11:46
rifteryeshua top will show  you how much memory it is actually using11:47
hatasuagain... i install ubuntu yesterday, and i can't see windows in boot screen. what can i do?11:47
gartral|pneither does freaking pulse!11:47
madurajrib its acutally an example11:47
madurajrib: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/NCURSES-Programming-HOWTO/ncurses_programs/basics/scanw_example.c11:47
brjannyeshuah, hm. i'm not sure what the best way to limit the memory usage is without risking killing the script.11:47
rifterhatasu, it must not have configured grub automatically to boot to windows11:47
ragsrifter: there are a couple of warnings actaully :http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/3L8NU6eb11:47
rifterhatasu, you'll need to add it11:48
gartral|palright, i have a 4000 dpi mouse.. wheres mouse sensativity in ubuntu11:48
brjannyeshuah, so i will take this opportunity to go to bed :) sorry i couldn't help more!11:48
oranosxhey, is it possible to install Plymouth on Karmic?11:48
yeshuahbrjann: thanks for trying to help11:48
hatasurifter: how?11:48
jribmadura: pastebin what you are running in a terminal and the full output11:48
gartral|pban os2mac.. chinese spammobot11:48
phone_voipllamadas muy baratas incluso gratis 955170000 mas informacion http://www.955170000.com11:49
Superbestgartral|p, ok so here's the problem: I set a 7 letter pass at install, then decided to add another one11:49
gartral|panother password or another letter?11:49
Superbestgartral|p, but apparently they were too similar so I couldn't change my pass from "randompas" to "randompass"11:49
indusoranosx, its still being tested in lucid11:49
rifterrags, I think you should be okay with those warnings.. but can you paste your lilo.conf?11:49
Superbestgartral|p, so I set up a temporary password with like 10 letters instead11:50
rifterhatasu, a moment11:50
Superbestgartral|p, but now I can't set it to anything that is shorter11:50
hatasuok, thanks11:50
ragsrifter: Thx for looking at it...I'll give you the conf...jus a sec11:50
yeshuahrifter: running top on the user running the script I get - http://dpaste.com/165146/11:51
madurajrib: i was compiling on codeblocks ..now i tried on the terminal manually then it worked thanks for the help i'll try to get it working on codeblocks11:51
=== rajesh is now known as Guest56365
gartral|psuperbeast your going to have to restart into the recovery shell, set your password there, then reboot back11:51
ragsrifter: I am using software raid1..maybe that is the reason for the warnings...11:51
rifterhatasu, this is the howto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:51
nXhQXv2Whow do I know what version of the kernel I am running?11:51
Superbestgartral|p, what's the command for password change?11:51
rifterhatasu, but you need to know what drive windows is on. is it onthe same drive as ubuntu is? or another drive11:52
=== Knightlust is now known as Igorots
hiexpouname -r11:52
rifterrags, aha that makes sense then11:52
hatasurifter: same11:53
ragsrifter: so it won't affect the boot process right?11:53
nXhQXv2WSuperbest: passwd11:53
Superbestok thanks guys11:53
hatasuanother partition11:53
rifteryeshuah, wellno wonder. your python script is thrashing swap11:53
nXhQXv2Whiexpo: thanks.11:53
hiexpono prob11:54
rifterrags, it shouldn't but I still wanna see the conf to be sure11:54
yeshuahrifter: is VIRT == swap?11:54
rifteryeshuah, yes11:54
rifteryeshuah, and when a proces uses more swp, it uses more cpu and more hard disk11:54
yeshuahrifter: yeah cos it's continually writing from memory to the disk and back again11:55
rifteryeshuah, so, what does the top part of top look like as far as memory utilization?11:55
yeshuahrifter: http://dpaste.com/165149/11:55
rifterhatasu, ok so when you do a df -h what drive/partition does it say /is on11:55
ragsrifter: Here's my lilo.conf, I've removed the commented stuff out : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/K1mJK9HA11:56
rifteryeshuah, yeah you are using all your ram and all your swap ... you should hit o to change order and then q to change to resident memory to see what processes are using your real ram11:57
rifteryeshuah, oh wait,duh, top is worng about the total res used, but not the per process11:58
alabdhello , Pidgon does not join to yahoo room why ?11:58
yeshuahrifter: so I guess I just have to find a way to optimize the script itself instead then?11:59
rifteryeshuah, when you use the free command it has a second line that gives the total used without buffers included (linux uses practically all your ram for buffers by default,but it frees that when it is needed) since you have all your swap being used,though, it makes me think you might really be using all that memory11:59
dlynesalabd, try in #pidgin12:00
rifteryeshuah, well,what is using the ram?12:00
alabddlynes:  tried12:00
shroomMhey all, i'd like to install gcc4.4.3 on ubuntu 9.10 karmic but am a bit of a noob when it comes to linux. any tips as i can't find the latest version in the repositories ?12:00
dlynesalabd, they would know a lot better than an average ubuntu user, considering how they're all guaranteed to be pidgin users12:00
dlynesalabd, maybe you just have to catch the channel at a different time of the day12:01
rifterrags, I don't know why it was complaining about /dev/sdb then,unless that is part of the raid or something12:01
ragsrifter: It is part of the raid...12:02
rwwshroomM: The repositories have 4.4.1, not 4.4.3. Is that sufficient?12:02
rifterrags, ahok. well it's probably fine then12:02
shroomMhmm, i'm not sure tbh12:02
docmaxhi how can i download all videos beneath an internet adresse?12:02
shroomMi'm trying to compile x264 and ffmpeg12:02
shroomMi seem to recall x264 was miscompiling with a previous version of gcc12:03
docmaxhttp://joomla.addison-wesley.de/Joomla-1.5-stable-Video-Training   i want all videos at the bottom of the site12:03
dlynesHas anyone heard whether the nfs boot script ordering issue is going to be fixed in karmic?12:03
shroomMbut am not sure whether it was 4.4.1 or 4.4.212:03
ragsrifter: it looks like it wrote the records to /dev/sd*...but the actaul disks are md0 and md1 i.e the raid disks...I hope that is fine?12:03
Guest52262help i have right clicked on folder and in   open with option i have changed it to vlc now every folder opens with vlc iam using ubuntu  hel guys12:03
dlynesThe nfs boot script ordering issue is haunting me about 2 out of every 3 boots on some machines, and 1 out of every 5 boots on others12:04
yeshuahrifter: I presume loading a 3.6mb xml file and 4000line xls file into python - while trying to produce a 1.5mb xml at the time - probably has something to do with it12:04
rifterrags, well I haven't messed with the software raiding,I do it all with hardware. but I would think that since software raid is controlled by the kernel your boot loader still has to reside on one of the physical disks12:04
rifteryeshuah, well that would be a factor in the load the script imposes12:05
godatworldubuntu 9.10 freezes on boot12:05
rifteryeshuah, maybe you can do that processing on another machine somehow?12:05
Guest84878Hello please help an update to the stable release kernel vmlinuz-2.6.33-020,633-generic and when you log says that no move to find a video carats12:05
rifteryeshuah, I'm not trying to impose solutions; I want to help you find one that fits your constraints12:05
shroomMrww: is the process of upgrading to 4.4.3 complicated ?12:05
godatworldplease help. ubuntu 9.10 freezes on boot12:05
ragsrifter: Makes perfect sense...also that be the only way it can boot if other disk fails...ok..Thx buddy..12:05
godatworldAlt-Ctrl-F1 doesn't help12:06
rwwshroomM: It's not in Karmic's repositories, and therefore is unsupported. I personally don't know whether it's doable or how to do it.12:06
rifterrags, good luck happy hacking12:06
godatworldtrying to boot from live-usb created from livecd12:06
shroomMrww: oh, i see. thanks anyways12:06
riftergodatworld, have you tried adding acpi=off to the boot load options?12:06
yeshuahrifter: not really - we only have this one slice to do with - I'm thinking of perhaps utilizing a database - so I will load the xml and xls individually and loat their data into a temp db - delete them from memory and then do the comparison by database calls - but not sure wether the amounts of calls on the db will be better for performance12:06
RolandDOk I got it all figured out. I only needed to put umask 002 in the /etc/apache2/envvars file12:07
RolandDthanks for the pointers12:07
Guest66193Could anyone tell me the ubuntu command to search inside files via terminal?12:07
Guest66193grep location whatyourelookingfor12:07
jribGuest66193: grep12:07
jribGuest66193: if you type « man grep » the first few lines will describe the syntax12:08
hatasurifter: i do df -h, but i windows partition is off (i cant see here)12:09
Vecnahhello , is there a way to have empathy sounds working on karmic ?12:09
hatasurifter, but i can see win partition in Places12:10
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
funqshunhello how do i change what appears on my top panel next to 'Places' and 'System'12:10
rifterhatasu, I know it won'tbe there12:11
rifterhatasu, right but we need the disk name12:11
rifterhatasu, /dev/sd?12:11
hatasuwhere can i see that?12:11
=== Guest52262 is now known as backtrack
hatasuohhh dev12:12
=== backtrack is now known as backtrack12
rifterwell for instance when I do df -h I have12:12
rifter/dev/sda1              48G   45G  3.1G  94% /12:12
yeshuahrifter: thanks for the help - will go back to look at the code and start profiling - and seek out answers in #python instead which is more appropriate12:12
backtrack12help i have right clicked on folder and in   open with option i have changed it to vlc now every folder opens with vlc iam using ubuntu  help guys i want to open folder12:12
rifterso my / is /dev/sda112:12
rifterhatasu, once we know the disk we can find your windows partition12:13
rifterhatasu, the disk my partitoons are on is /dev/sda12:14
hatasu /dev/sda1 <- windows12:14
tuin espanhis12:14
hatasu /dev/sda7 <- ubuntu12:14
tuhnh a¡12:14
bazhangtu /join #ubuntu-es12:14
rifterhatasu, ah you already knew what partition windows was on, ok that saves us a couple of steps :D12:14
GryllidaIs there a MatLab / Mathcad-like application for Ubuntu, functioning for engineering calculations, bestly open-source?12:14
funqshun2 cups all-purpose enriched unbleached flour12:14
funqshun1 cup bread flour (or all-purpose flour, if you do not have bread flour)12:14
funqshun1 teaspoon yeast12:14
funqshun1 teaspoon salt12:14
funqshun1/8 cup sugar12:14
funqshun1 cup warm milk12:14
funqshun2 tablespoons butter12:14
FloodBot3funqshun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
hatasugreat :P12:15
bazhangfunqshun, ??12:15
backtrack12help i have right clicked on folder and in   open with option i have changed it to vlc now every folder opens with vlc iam using ubuntu  help guys i want to open folder12:15
jribGryllida: sage, maxima, scilab, numpy (matlab also runs on linux)12:15
godatworldas well as Mathematica12:15
GryllidaWhich of them are open-source?12:16
godatworldsage, maxima, scilab, numpy12:16
jribGryllida: oh and octave too.  Everything I listed is open source, except matlab12:16
godatworldoctave == "shortened" matlab12:16
godatworldbut os12:16
* Gryllida went to google the answers, since these short names didn't tell a single bit of impression12:16
backtrack12help i have right clicked on folder and in   open with option i have changed it to vlc now every folder opens with vlc iam using ubuntu  help guys i want to open folder12:17
jribbacktrack12: can't you right click on it again and change it?12:17
jribbacktrack12: how come?12:18
backtrack12how to set it default12:18
bazhangbacktrack12, on a folder? where is this 'open with' option you speak of?12:18
bazhangsandrita, english here please12:19
sandritanose ingles12:19
backtrack12when u right click on folder12:20
backtrack12in backtrack12:20
sandritaai alwien ok¿?12:20
rww!es | sandrita12:20
ubottusandrita: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:20
bazhangbacktrack12, then this is not Ubuntu, but backtrack?12:20
sandritatu kien eres¿?12:20
backtrack12yea but based on unbuntu8.1012:21
bazhangbacktrack12, derivatives are not supported here /join #backtrack-linux for support12:21
hatasurifter: According to the disk utility, Windows is on /dev/sda112:22
rifterhatasu, yes12:22
rifterhatasu, this seems to be the best guide to what you need in menu.lst to get windows to boot http://boff.wordpress.com/2007/01/17/editing-bootgrubmenulst-to-change-the-grub-boot-menu/12:23
Gryllidajrib: I have to be more specific, since your answers are related to programming. I want an app in which I could type math equations, they should be what you see is what you get; then I should be able to hit a "calculate" button to know the value of a constant expression; or I could hit a "plot in 2D" button to see a graph, in case it is a function of x, and so on... All your suggestions look...12:23
Gryllida...like applications of programming in math, but I am not very ready to it. Maybe you know some thing more close to what I mean?12:23
hatasuok, i read that, thanks12:23
jribGryllida: everything I said except numpy fits that description12:23
rifterhatasu, when you edit it make sure you make a copy of it first (cp -pv /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst-02-26-2010)12:24
Gryllidajrib: really? I will try to see that again12:24
ectropyHi, all: I'm having trouble connecting to my router using iwconfig/dhclient. Please see my paste, and thanks in advance: http://pastebin.com/TUjJaX8312:24
rifterhatasu, and don't change the entries for linux,only check.//change the one for windows12:24
hatasucp: cannot stat `/boot/grub/menu.lst': No such file or directory12:24
rifterhatasu, hmm12:25
rifterhatasu, you know,I don't have one either .. let me do soem more digging12:26
rwwrifter, hatasu: I'm guessing grub2, which doesn't use that file. The list of files it does use follow.12:26
rwwubottu: grub2 | rifter, hatasu12:26
ubotturifter, hatasu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:26
rwwawesome informative link :) ^^^12:26
rifterrww thank you12:26
ectropyforgot to append my error12:26
rifterrww my grub is not as good as I would like; I am way more familiar with lilo12:27
ectropyHi, all: I'm having trouble connecting to my router using iwconfig/dhclient. Please see my paste, and thanks in advance: http://pastebin.com/b8qt3jtC12:27
sAiLiNis there a channel for ppl that crack wpa?12:27
sAiLiNis there a channel for ppl that crack wpa? any1 pls12:27
bazhangsAiLiN, no.12:27
nXhQXv2Wyeshuah: How often does the xls file from your vendor change?12:28
sAiLiNanything that has 2 do with dat?12:28
bazhangsAiLiN, offtopic and not supported, please stop asking12:29
rifterrww aha that'swhere that /etc/grub.d/40_custom came fromearlieer12:29
rifterI remembered someone referencing that before :P12:29
wifiprobhello i installed ubuntu yesterday. and i cannot get mu wireless adapter to work. i installed ndiswrapper and wicd. but wicd cannot find any wireless networks. can anybody help?12:30
luisthow can i replace string AAA for string BBB in all of the occurrences in files of a folder recursively?12:30
jribluist: use find with -exec and sed12:31
huashaohello everyone12:31
Gryllidajrib: I went to read about GNU Octave. I found http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Octave_session.png and http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Octave_screenshot.png . They are both command line. Could you please find a WYSIWYG screenshot of this app? I got interested in it since it is compatible with MatLab12:32
rifterluist, find [your folder] 2>&1 | xargs sed 's/BBB/AAA/g'12:32
admdorhi !12:32
admdorhow are you ?12:32
zambahow do i wipe the database for strigi?12:32
zambait's using several Gs worth of space12:32
Gryllida!hi | huashao12:32
ubottuhuashao: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:32
madurahey how can i read TeX files?12:32
Gryllida>!hi | huashao12:33
Gryllida!hi | huashao12:33
bazhangGryllida, no need to repeat it12:33
jribGryllida: search for "graphical frontend octave"12:33
luistrifter, this gives me error: sed: read error on .: Is a directory12:33
Gryllidajrib: ok12:33
huashaojust do it12:33
madurais there reader for TeX files?12:33
jribGryllida: qtoctave seems to be in the repositories12:34
jribmadura: any text editor...12:34
godatworldOk, turns out I misdescribed the problem: It actually loads X, as I can move cursor, but gnome-panel never shows up (just the black screen and the cross which responds to mouse). Ctrl-Alt-F1 & Ctrl-Alt-Backspace don't work, the keyboard is irresponsive (only Caps Lock works), so I can't access console. If I press power button, it actually shows the console with the standard "The system is...12:34
madurajrib it has some keywords like \relsize i see them too!12:34
godatworld...going down", but there aren't any error messages above it (in the init level). Again, I can't access /var/log, as can't access console in a normal way. Tried acpi=off with and without noapic, no change.12:34
erUSULluist: what gives that error?12:34
jribmadura: huh?12:34
madurajrib for example : "Don't use {\bf printf()} or {\bf cout} for debugging!"12:35
hatasurifter, what would I need to edit now?12:35
jribmadura: what about it?12:35
luisterUSUL, find . 2>&1 | xargs sed 's/BBB/AAA/g'12:35
madurajrib cant i get rid of that n see only the document text?12:36
jribmadura: compile it and view the pdf, ps, dvi, whatever, right?12:36
godatworldmadura: TEX files should be compiled12:36
rifterluist, ok gimme a sec12:36
rifterhatasu, /etc/grub.d/40_custom12:36
madurajrib: godatworld aahh how can i do that?12:37
godatworldmadura: there is a gui for TeX - kile12:37
rifterhatasu, and make sure you back it up first12:37
godatworldfrom kde)12:37
jribmadura: latex file.tex12:37
godatworldor texmaker12:37
rifterhatasu, follow the directions on that page and update grub after you change the file12:37
maduragodatworld: thanks :)12:37
zambai've been using aufs for a while.. i have this entry in /etc/fstab: "aufs / aufs relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1"12:38
zambathat's the only place where / is mounted.. how is this even possible?12:38
zambawhere's the reference to the physical disk?12:38
mneptok!info lyx > madura12:38
mariasoy española12:38
zamba!hi | maria12:38
ubottumaria: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:38
ubuntuhola maria12:38
madurathanks mneptok12:38
rifterluist you need to add -type f12:39
rifterluist sorry about that12:39
luistrifter, oh to the find?12:39
rifterfind [your folder] -type f12:39
rifterfind [your folder] -type f |  xargs sed 's/BBB/AAA/g'12:39
luistits reading binaries too is that ok12:39
rifterluist, well that is a problem12:40
godatworldlyx is WYSIWYG12:40
godatworldnot for novices12:40
godatworldas it lacks the structure of TEX12:40
rifterluist, you probably don't want to change strings in a binary, taht makes the script a little tougher but hi si show you do it12:40
Josh90Chaning the spin down on a laptop does it have any effect at all.12:40
luistrifter, well the only non-text files here i think are images... i can just move them and run it12:41
godatworldJosh90: (lol, i'm crazy) quantum mechanical spin?12:41
luistrifter, but... is there a way to print only the occurrences? it seems to be printing everything of the file content12:41
AlienDKI AM CRAZY12:41
FloodBot3AlienDK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:42
nXhQXv2Wectropy: Looks like your looking for wpa_supplicant12:42
Josh90godatworld: Yeh12:42
AlienDKStupid floodbot12:42
GnosizCan you get Quicktime player for Linux?12:42
godatworldGnosiz: for browsers or stand-alone?12:43
rifterfind [your folder] -type f |  while read file; do ftyp=`file $file | awlk '{ print $2}'`; if [ "$ftyp" == "ASCII" ] then sed 's/BBB/AAA/g' $file; fi; done12:43
AlienDKQuicktime sucks12:43
rifterlet me check tat real quick12:43
GnosizFor browsers godatworld.12:43
icerootAlienDK: you have a support-question?12:43
GnosizI'm trying to watch a video that needs Quicktime, I downloaded two suggested plugins and the video works. But the quality is substantially lower than it should be.12:44
AlienDKQuicktime sucks12:44
AlienDKApple generally sucks12:44
AlienDKDon't use Apple products12:44
MyrttiAlienDK: did you have any productive input to this discussion?12:45
MyrttiAlienDK: then why bother?12:45
AlienDKBecause I'm bored12:45
MyrttiAlienDK: this isn't a place for that12:45
GnosizIt was a rhetorical question AlienDK.12:45
hatasurifter: what should I write now to 40_custom? :)12:45
AlienDKYou guys are boring12:46
hatasufile is now included in this: exec tail -n +3 $012:47
luistrifter, maybe i could use grep -I to filter the binaries?12:47
indushatasu, title           Microsoft Windows XP Professional12:49
indusrootnoverify    (hd2,0)12:49
indusmap             (hd0) (hd2)12:49
FloodBot3indus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:49
indusmap             (hd2) (hd0)12:49
indushatasu, ignore the map lines12:49
rifterluist this works:  find seddirectory -type f |  while read file; do ftyp=`file $file | awk '{ print $2}'`; if [ "$ftyp" == "ASCII" ]; then sed 's/BBB/AAA/g' $file; fi; done12:49
icerootis there a way to use "at" without a file but with a direct command?12:49
indushatasu, and use proper partition names for yours12:49
indushatasu, get it?12:50
rifterluist, the file command checks what kind of fiel a file is12:50
rifterluist, ASCII text will show ASCII text when you do the file command12:50
hatasui try it12:50
gsneddersHey, the kernel doesn't appear to to be killing processes when they eat up loads of memory and everything becomes impossibly slow as everything goes to swap12:50
LanlostE: Unable to find a source package for pulseaudio12:50
indusso hdx,y whre x is device number and y is partition starting from number 112:51
luistrifter, got it... thanks12:51
jribiceroot: « at » reads from stdin by default12:51
godatworldgoing down", but there aren't any error messages above it (in the init level). Again, I can't access /var/log, as can't access console in a normal way. Tried acpi=off with and without noapic, no change.12:51
icerootjrib: hm, then i was doing something wrong12:51
jribiceroot: hmm?12:51
godatworldCould somebody plz suggest any solution: I'm booting from livecd (liveusb actually). It loads X, as I can move cursor, but gnome-panel never shows up (just the black screen and the cross which responds to mouse). Ctrl-Alt-F1 & Ctrl-Alt-Backspace don't work, the keyboard is irresponsive (only Caps Lock works), so I can't access console. If I press power button, it actually shows the console...12:52
godatworld...with the standard "The system is going down", but there aren't any error messages above it (in the init level). Again, I can't access /var/log, as can't access console in a normal way. Tried acpi=off with and without noapic, no change.12:52
rifterindus wouldn't he use hd0,0 ?12:52
bazhanggodatworld, created with usb-creator or unetbootin12:52
indusrifter, if its first device and no zero nope, now it starts from 112:52
bazhanggodatworld, which was yours12:52
snake_hi have problem with monitors, two monitors one with pivot12:52
godatworldtried both, same result12:52
indusrifter, partition naming has changed with grub212:52
bazhanggodatworld, sounds like a bad 'burn' then; took me a couple of tries with unetbootin to get it right12:53
icerootjrib: at 'echo "foo"' 13:5512:53
bazhanggodatworld, may also want to md5 the iso12:53
godatworldbachang: nope, i'm afraid it's not a bad "burn"12:53
hatasubefore the "exec tail -n +3 $0"?12:54
godatworldit would not boot at all12:54
jribiceroot: that's not stdin :P  You can do something like this if you wish: echo foo | command_that_reads_stdin12:54
hatasuor after12:54
godatworldmd5 is verified12:54
icerootjrib: ah "at 13:55"  then its asking for stdin12:54
snake_can someone help me with configurations monitors ??12:54
indushatasu, nio after12:54
jribiceroot: yeah12:54
moos3I need a good sip phone for ubuntu any recommendations?12:54
hatasuno after? ok12:55
indushatasu, its clearly written there, after the tail thing12:55
indushatasu, i mean yes, write after the tail12:55
icerootjrib: and in my example i forgot <  so i was thinkg at < "echo foo" 13:55 is stdin12:55
BigMack83im getting issues with vlc being able to play some avi videos. when attempting to play then it gives me the error: No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format "   ". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.12:55
indushatasu, DOnt touch anythng else, but do you know your windows partition?12:55
BigMack83but the sounds still plays in the backgroud for the video12:55
luistrifter, it actually prints a log of stuff but its not replace everything :P12:55
BigMack83video also plays fine in movie player12:55
indushatasu, sudo fdisk -l will tell you12:55
BigMack83any idea what the issue could be?12:56
icerootjrib: and how to "stop" stdin? so i can send EOF12:56
abhi_navI have installed all fonts and keyboard layouts for Devanagari, I can type in all application in Devangari, except Skype. I cannt press ctrl + space in skype to switch keyboard layout. How to type in Devanagari in skype?12:56
godatworldsorry guys.. gentoo distro is so much more comprehensive if problems occur...12:56
jribiceroot: ctrl-d12:56
icerootjrib: thank you12:56
SiegHardany one knows how to fix problem with intel 3d game lag?12:56
hatasuindus /ev/sda112:56
godatworldi can access the console in any case12:56
icerootgodatworld: #gentoo12:56
luistrifter, actually its not replacing anything12:56
indushatasu, ok so then hd0,012:57
indusfor the second line12:57
Evetwhat's the name of applicatiion that we choose wi-fi networks?12:57
icerootjrib: nice, now at is working with commands instead of a file :)12:57
icerootEvet: nm-applet12:57
jribiceroot: cool12:57
SiegHardany one knows how to fix problem with intel 3d game lag?12:57
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
bazhangEvet, nm-applet ?12:57
godatworldiceroot: i wanted to convert to ubuntu, but i'm stuck at the very moment of loading from livecd12:58
snake_can someone help me with configurations monitors ? one display normal the second with pivot should display with rotations12:58
icerootgodatworld: giving details is a good start12:58
erUSULEvet: nm-applet12:58
indushatasu, and lastly type sudo update-grub after you finish adding all entries12:58
SiegHardany one knows how to fix problem with intel 3d game lag?12:58
icerootSiegHard: jaunty?12:58
indusSiegHard, what kind of lag12:58
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.12:58
rifterluist it should be printing the lines it is changing and also replacing12:58
Eveticeroot, bazhang, erUSUL: is nm-applet for only gnome?12:58
abhi_navI have installed all fonts and keyboard layouts for Devanagari, I can type in all application in Devangari, except Skype. I cannt press ctrl + space in skype to switch keyboard layout. How to type in Devanagari in skype?12:59
rifterluist maybe it is a problem with your regular expression12:59
erUSULEvet: you can use it in kde afaik. but there is kdenetworkmanager or something like 5that12:59
bazhangEvet, I would assume that kde4 has a widget for that purpose12:59
rifterluist how about you tell me what AAA and BBB are12:59
hatasui cant save it :D12:59
SiegHardiceroot, with all 3d games from example 3d chess in karmic12:59
hatasui need to login with root?12:59
rifterluits you can put it in a /msg if it is sensitive12:59
luistrifter, 0.3.3 and 0.3.4 for example12:59
dupondjehello, I would like to know if there is a tool that checks what files for example in /etc are not from any package.. Cause it seems there are alot of old files on my system.12:59
iceroot!pm | godatworld12:59
indushatasu, of course12:59
ubottugodatworld: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:00
zvacetgodatworld: download with torrent from http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/13:00
icerootgodatworld: is it 9.10?13:00
luistrifter, its printing some full files13:00
indushatasu, sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom13:00
EveterUSUL, bazhang: what is the equivalent for xfce?13:00
bazhangindus, gksudo gedit13:00
rifterluist hmm13:00
iceroot!gksudo | indus hatasu13:00
SiegHardindus, with all 3d games example 3d chess in karmic lags13:00
ubottuindus hatasu: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)13:00
hubertstarbjsm: 在吗?13:00
indusdamn it13:00
bazhanghubertstar, /join #ubuntu-cn13:00
kianHow I can resize a photo with gimp?13:01
indushatasu, sorry about that , use gksu gedit13:01
erUSULkian: image>resize13:01
indushatasu, gksu gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom13:01
Evetkian: scale image13:01
bazhangEvet, I am not sure there, sorry xfce4 would likely be known in #xubuntu though13:01
industhanks folks erUSUL and bazhang13:01
hatasuit ok13:01
erUSULEvet: i dunno maybe just use nm-applet there too13:02
SiegHardAny one knows how to fix problem with intel graphic card, cuz all 3d games lags as hell?13:02
MyrttiEvet: nm-applet13:02
indusSiegHard, get a separate graphics card dear,intel is too slow for 3d games13:02
hatasuFound Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - magyar on /dev/sda113:03
indusabhi_nav, i can type hindi in skype fine13:03
=== david is now known as Guest50636
indushatasu, fantastic13:03
hatasuBIG thanks13:03
indushatasu, so what exactly was the problem you had?13:03
indushatasu, try reboot13:03
SiegHardindus, in windows i can run games with i can't run normaly in linux for example in windows Quake 4 goes with 40FPS in linux 2FPS13:03
abhi_navindus how?13:03
indushatasu, this is first time i helpe with grub 2, so i want to see if it worked13:03
e-i-k-eis someone available for building me an actual sane-backends .deb binary? installing manually causes errors (no matter if i am using make install or checkinstall)13:04
indusabhi_nav, well, select keyboard indicator on panel and change language13:04
hatasuok, see you later :) i reboot13:04
godatworldIt seems ubuntu is too hard for a Stanford PhD student, will get back to gentoo... lol...13:04
abhi_navindus: that only changes the language but cannt TYPE in devanagari there13:04
abhi_navok indus can i join you there on skype13:04
=== MK-1 is now known as MK-BB
abhi_navindus which version of skype you are using?13:05
icerootSiegHard: for quake4 are you using the linux version or wine?13:05
SiegHardiceroot, linux13:05
SiegHardI have intel 4500mhd card13:05
indusabhi_nav, ok come13:06
SiegHardand it works in windows properly but in ubuntu13:06
SiegHardall 3d apps lags13:06
abhi_navindus: whats you name ther on skype?13:06
dupondjehello, I would like to know if there is a tool that checks what files for example in /etc are not from any package.. Cause it seems there are alot of old files on my system.13:06
=== godatworld is now known as Chuck_Bartowski
indusabhi_nav, i said in pm13:06
SiegHardso what u could suggest iceroot13:08
wirechief_dupondje maybe read man ls13:08
icerootSiegHard: have a look if there is a non-free driver with 3dsupport13:09
icerootSiegHard: i would use the ubuntu-forums or google with your cardname and karmic13:09
SiegHardno luck :/13:09
rifterluist here it is find seddirectory -type f |  while read file; do ftyp=`file $file | awk '{ print $2}'`; if [ "$ftyp" == "ASCII" ]; then cp $file /tmp/tempfile; sed 's/0.3.3/0.3.4/g' /tmp/tempfile | tee $file; fi; done13:10
luistrifter, Ok ill give it a try13:10
luistrifter, :)13:10
dupondjelol man ls .. right with ls you will find files that doesn't belong to any package :13:11
hatasuhi all :)13:11
hatasuindus i'm from windows13:11
asesuekohi all13:12
hatasuit's work13:12
Linuxhippywow launchpad is ugly. why can't you guys use bugzilla?13:12
indushatasu, ok nice13:12
LinuxhippyI am searching now for 10min howto file a bug13:12
hatasurifter thanks you too13:12
rifterindus, thank you for your help13:12
rifterhatasu, yeah it was the blind leading the blind there for a minute.. sorry about that13:12
indusyes thank you for your patience13:12
hatasuno problem13:13
indusLinuxhippy, yes its true, a little change, type ubuntu-bug <package>13:13
dlynesLinuxhippy, Have you tried http://bugs.ubuntu.com/?13:13
Linuxhippyindus: thanks, however i don't have networking on the machine I tested lucid-a213:14
Chuck_Bartowskihey, how to turn on interactive boot process on ubuntu live cd?13:14
Linuxhippydlynes: thanks, I'll have a look13:14
dlynesLinuxhippy, you'll need to register before you can file13:15
rifterdupondje, I don't know a command that does that you will probably have to write a script that checks the packages you have on your system, determines what files they use, greps out the ones that are in the directory you are concerned about, and then gives you a list which you can use ls -I to ignore13:15
mebilginhow are you13:15
hatasuim fine13:15
Linuxhippydlynes: I am registered, but i can't find and "file new bug" link. i must be blind :/13:15
mebilginı am from turkey13:15
abhi_navI have installed all fonts and keyboard layouts for Devanagari, I can type in all application in Devangari, except Skype. I cannt press ctrl + space in skype to switch keyboard layout. How to type in Devanagari in skype?13:16
mebilginhow old are you13:16
dupondjerifter: but there isn't a tool that already does is ? :)13:16
indusabhi_nav, go to system>admin>language support and install13:16
indusno chit chat here13:16
dlynesLinuxhippy, Top right corner under 'Log in / Register' is a link called 'Report a bug'13:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:16
abhi_navindus i have installed hindi and marathi fonts13:16
indusabhi_nav, ok13:16
zvacetLinuxhippy: see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+faq/56213:16
mebilginwhat is your sex13:16
bazhangmebilgin, wrong channel13:17
dlynesmebilgin, this isn't a sex channel13:17
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org13:17
mebilginfuck offf13:17
dlynesmebilgin, you want /server irc.efnet.net13:17
Linuxhippyzvacet: don't run ubuntu, so no-go with integrated reporting tools13:17
Linuxhippyanyway thanks for all your help13:18
abhi_navindus: which type you have selected while typing? inscript, phonetic etc which one?13:18
Linuxhippythe reporting process seems to be really that broken ;)13:18
indusLinuxhippy, its not,13:18
indusLinuxhippy, its being done to streamline the bug reporting process so proper bug reports are files13:18
zvacetLinuxhippy:  this is Ubuntu support chanell so I presumed you are ubuntu user13:19
indusLinuxhippy, so from a terminal type ubuntu-bug -p <example is pidgin package> will collect all relevant data for bug13:19
Linuxhippyso why doesn't "report a bug" lead to a new-bug-form, but to a wiki page explaining howto file a bug13:19
indusLinuxhippy, read above,13:19
indusLinuxhippy, many bugs are reported without any relevant data and wastes space13:19
Linuxhippythat does not only guide away noobs13:19
abhi_navindus: which type you have selected while typing? inscript, phonetic etc which one?13:19
dlynesLinuxhippy, did you do the 'report a bug' link that I mentioned?13:20
MyrttiLinuxhippy: the noobs are told to use ubuntu-bug -tool13:20
indusabhi_nav, actually i cant see that inscipt thing, iam searching13:20
Linuxhippyindus: I don't run ubuntu, so no go with ubuntu-bug ^^13:20
indusdlynes, the report a bug wont work now13:20
rifterdupondje, if there is I have no clue what it would be,unfortunately13:20
dlynesLinuxhippy, I followed (this is my first time using it), and it directed me to register, after which it told me about this page:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20at%20Launchpad.net13:20
Linuxhippyjep I'll try more hard to get that stuff files ;)13:20
dlynesindus, eh?  why's that?13:20
mebilginıı am back13:20
indusdlynes, please read post above13:20
* indus sighs13:20
rifterdupondje, however you might check perl python and shell script forums to see if someone wrote one13:20
dlynesmebilgin, congratulations loser13:21
Myrttidlynes: the trolls don't need encouragment13:21
rifterdupondje, any debian variant script will work for what you want13:21
Linuxhippyguess I am just too used to bugzilla13:21
abhi_navindus: i have types to select (actualy keyboard layout) for both marathi and hindi - inscript, phonetic, intrans, for hindi - remington, inscript, phonetic etc13:21
dlynesMyrtti, I was being facetious13:22
clopxyhow come when I mount a windows server share with mount and the file_mode=644 option, I still get files in the mount