aquariusrye, did you see http://popey.com/blog/2010/02/25/proxies-in-the-way-of-testing/ btw?09:56
aquariusrye, explains a (very, very complicated, but still working) way to get U1 working behind a proxy09:56
ryeaquarius, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/ProxySupport :)11:01
ryeaquarius, I made it for syncdaemon in somehow less steps11:01
ryebut that does not work for couchdb11:01
ryethat's why I did not announce taht11:01
aquariuspopey, ^11:03
popeyyeah, just looked at it, but don't quite understand what it's saying to do11:03
popeyENODETAIL :)11:04
popeyas opposed to my blog post which is ETOOMUCHDETAIL11:04
ryepopey, ah, just set up local proxy, adjust connection host and port, break DNS SRV resolution and syncdaemon will be happily connecting via the proxy11:04
ryepopey, reading your blog post...11:05
* rye is reading. Reading is a blocking IO process :)11:05
ryeah, ssh to external host - not everyone has that :(11:05
ryepopey, that was my first thought too - but then I found that I was locked out of my previous work servers :)11:06
popeyi cant see another way given the restrictive proxy here11:06
ryepopey, ah, rhythmbox does not support proxies as well???11:07
ryepopey, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867650 ?11:08
ryepopey, ok, will add a handler for ENODETAIL to my page11:09
ryepopey, though your way might make couchdb work with a proxy....11:10
ryebut... grrrr.. need external host11:10
ryeaquarius, popey: ok, updated the page. Now it looks better.11:18
* rye wants to do wiki-blogging stuff with microblogging, ogg theora video support, gallery and XMPP support... I think I need my own server11:21
duanedesignrye: there are some great deals on servers out there.  http://www.geeks.com/products_sc.asp?cat=821  <- they had one last month for $12011:42
ryeduanedesign, ... aand I need to live in some other country to get access to cheap hardware. Paradox - we have 10Mbit up/down connection for $15 a month but the hardware costs 30% more than in the US11:45
ryeso, my evolution-data-server started behving bad in regards to couchdb12:14
ryeeating 99% cpu for prolonged periods of time with apparently no results (i.e. still starving)12:15
ryewhich was discussed with joshuahoover just a day or two ago12:15
ryesince the channel is silent I start to flood12:16
rye#0  0x00672832 in _dl_sysinfo_int80 () from /lib/ld-linux.so.212:16
rye#1  0x072fdb66 in *__GI___poll (fds=0x738dff4, nfds=5, timeout=119418636)12:16
rye    at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/poll.c:8712:16
rye#2  0x00c8eb2b in IA__g_poll (fds=0x9e3b018, nfds=5, timeout=119418636)12:16
rye    at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.23.4/glib/gpoll.c:12712:16
rye#3  0x00c8193f in g_main_context_poll (context=0x9e17900,12:16
rye    block=<value optimized out>, dispatch=1, self=0x9e12a18)12:16
rye    at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.23.4/glib/gmain.c:290412:16
rye#4  g_main_context_iterate (context=0x9e17900, block=<value optimized out>,12:16
rye    dispatch=1, self=0x9e12a18)12:16
rye    at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.23.4/glib/gmain.c:258612:16
rye#5  0x00c8205f in IA__g_main_loop_run (loop=0x9e1e768)12:16
rye    at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.23.4/glib/gmain.c:279912:16
rye#6  0x00300c23 in bonobo_main () from /usr/lib/libbonobo-2.so.012:16
rye#7  0x0804b503 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbfcbef34) at server.c:35312:16
ryeanybody knows what that means?12:17
ryesymptoms: high temperature, cannot remember contacts12:18
ryehigh temperature of the CPU that was caused by extensive CPU usage and missing couchdb contacts in couchdb database.12:18
aquariusrye, you need to talk to rodrigo about that on Monday12:19
ryeaquarius, no, that's not fun12:19
ryeaquarius, there is a problem but that bt does not show anything couchdb-related. So the problem is hidden12:19
ryeaquarius, additionally my evolution started fetching all records from canonical ldap server even when I did not ask to do any kind of lookup12:30
aquariussounds like an evo problem to me. File a bug with evo?12:30
ryeaquarius, yes, it looks like the one12:31
rye(process:27331): libebookbackend-WARNING **: conversion to ldap query string failed12:31
ryeand tons of entries after this12:31
kklimondabtw, wrt ubuntu music store - are the songs bought and synced though ubuntu one going to count towards used space?13:36
beunokklimonda, great question, I've heard different versions, but I can't remember which one was decided. aquarius does, though, I'm sure13:38
popeyyes, it does.13:48
popey48.6 MB Used (2.4%) is what http://one.ubuntu.com/ says about my account... and ~/Ubuntu One/ on my laptop has 2.1M, with ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/ has 47M13:49
popeyaquarius: mattgriffin someone has translated the FAQ into german.. could be useful.. http://linuxundich.de/de/ubuntu/faq-zum-ubuntu-one-music-store/13:51
mattgriffinpopey: sweet! thanks :)13:51
* popey wonders when the sync thing will work again 14:01
beunopopey, they are preparing a rollout right now that should fix it14:02
petur_I must ask a question, does ubuntuone connect regulary to the ubuntuone servers?14:15
petur_In other words, can i see the last IP address used to connect to ubuntuone from computer-X ?14:16
petur_to my account...14:16
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=== rtgz is now known as rye
beunopetur_, not at the moment, no14:19
beunoI'm not sure if we have that information handy enough to expose it easily14:19
ryebeuno, hmmmm14:28
* beuno hides14:29
ryepetur_, this definitely should be displayed on the /machines/ screen... like something "Last contacted on"... "from", etc.14:29
ryepetur_, /me went to file a wishlist item14:29
ryebeuno, bug 496992 (since petur_) left :)14:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 496992 in ubuntuone-servers ""your machines" list needs more information" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49699214:41
beunorye, thanks14:41
beunorye, you can assign it to the desktop+ team, if you haven't already14:41
ryebeuno, assigned to John lenton, this is an old wishlist item btw14:43
ryelike filed two months ago14:43
Chipacabeuno: rye: that's for lucid+1, keeping some bits of data on hand (such as the connections, and some configuration)14:50
ryeChipaca, just unmarked it from private so that it is not going to get duplicates, since the idea is very reasonable14:51
Chipacarye: thanks14:52
* Chipaca hugs rye14:52
Chipacarye: no, really, I love the work you're doing14:52
* rye does not like that server bugs become private by default... I'd rather add a 'this is private bug' checkbox/switch right on the "add bug" page.14:53
ryebecause 'this bug is private, but feel free to click a lot more to make it public' is not that great14:53
* rye is lazy14:54
ryethisfred, "Сергей Шнургей Шнургей Шнургей Шнургей Шнуров - Back of the Dead" :-D14:56
thisfredrye: no idea what the band name is, I don't read cyrillic :)14:57
ryeThis is re: http://thisfred.blogspot.com/2010/02/generating-band-names-and-song-titles.html :)14:57
thisfredrye, yeah I saw it in there. Obviously I have (at least) one Russian band name in my data set :)14:58
ryethisfred, this is an extremely extended name of one singer. But it looks awesome - It is "Sergey Shnurgey Shnurgey Shnurgey Shnurgey Shnurov" :)14:58
thisfredOh I know who he is actually, I think14:58
thisfredIsn't he in this big orchestra?14:58
thisfredI saw them live14:59
ryeSergey Shnurov, Leningrad... They usually sing the songs containing a lot of profanity...14:59
thisfredand bought some cds, so that's where that comes from. Yeah Leningrad, exactly14:59
* rye have never thought that he will need this knowledge14:59
* rye might be wrong about "a lot" in the last sentence, though15:00
thisfredOh, I'm sure they do, but since only a few songs were in English, it all went right past me :)15:01
thisfredLiked the music though15:01
ryeyes, the music is nice and catchy15:02
Chipacadesktop+ MEETING BEGINS, yadda yadda15:07
teknicoehm, me15:08
=== rye changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Known Issues: Notes: http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=216 | Please honk if you need assistance with Ubuntu One
CardinalFang me15:10
* beuno needs to walk the dog urgently and kicks this off, while nudging aquarius, urbanape, jblount, vds, dobey and CardinalFang 15:11
beunoDONE: Proposed the branch that shows your phone and sync info, it's one review away from landing. Made duplicate detection work \o/15:11
beunoTODO: Optimize duplicate detection to not compare against every single contact you have, propose the branch15:11
beunoBLOCKED: No15:11
beunoteknico, go15:11
teknicoDONE: landed a branch to fix syncing phones on the local network (#527787); reviewed a branch from beuno; made some more sync checks15:11
teknicoTODO: fixing more web ui bugs; showing the web desktop+ guys around our phone sync code15:11
teknicoBLOCK: none15:11
tekniconext: CardinalFang15:11
CardinalFangDONE: put_record discussion and docs change; un-approved mandel's branch. landed many other branches.  Added port-getting program.15:12
CardinalFangTODO: Get reviews on dbus-get-port.  (thanks, thisfred)   See what else is missing from desktopcouch, and maybe release.15:12
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:12
CardinalFangurbanape, I choose you!15:12
urbanapeDONE: Ajaxification of phones selection complete. Lazrification underway.15:13
urbanapeTODO: Finish, propose, land.15:13
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:13
thisfredCardinalFang: that wasn't an sarcastic thanks, or was it? Did I review that?15:13
CardinalFangYou did, thisfred, and only you did.  :\15:14
* Chipaca reviews15:14
ChipacaCardinalFang: branch url?15:14
thisfredah ok15:14
CardinalFanghttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/get_port_through_dbus  , Chipaca.15:14
urbanapephones ajaxification has progressed to lazrification.15:19
aquariuser. me15:21
aquariusTODO: fix many music store bugs. Important ones are in the email to ubunet-discuss15:21
aquariusDONE: had people beta test the music store! and they bought music! and it worked!15:21
aquariusBLOCKED: see email15:21
aquariusthat's probably EOM, isn't it?15:22
Chipacayep, EOM :)15:26
Chipacathanks aquarius15:26
ryeaquarius, did the people like music?15:35
* rye asks to kick him out, he is in a friday-talkie-mood15:36
ChipacaCardinalFang: I'm getting errors in the tests15:37
ChipacaCardinalFang: maybe I'm doing them wrong?15:38
aquariusrye, ya!15:38
ryeaquarius, then that is definitely success :)15:39
CardinalFangChipaca, Hrm.  what kind of error?15:39
ChipacaCardinalFang: https://pastebin.canonical.com/28439/15:41
aquariusmattgriffin, ping15:43
mattgriffinaquarius: pong15:43
CardinalFangHTTP 400, bad request.  Htm.15:43
ryeCardinalFang, not bad request from here15:46
ChipacaCardinalFang: so I have something wrong with my machine? it could well be15:51
CardinalFangChipaca, let's assume not.  I want to know what causes that.15:51
ChipacaCardinalFang: I'm getting the same errors on trunk15:54
Chipacaoh, wait, on karmic, silly me15:54
ChipacaCardinalFang: or should it work on karmic too?15:54
CardinalFangSure.  It should work therre too.15:55
ChipacaCardinalFang: ok, so how can I help you?15:56
CardinalFangNot a smiley.  xterm != vi15:57
ChipacaCardinalFang: you know bash has vi bindings, right?15:58
Chipacanot sure how they work (as the default emacs ones are awesome for me)15:58
CardinalFangYeah, I know of them.  They work, terribly.  That's how.16:01
CardinalFangChipaca, https://pastebin.canonical.com/28445/16:04
CardinalFangRun failing test.  Then, get the couchdb log files out of the tree and send to me.16:05
PaulGitHello all, how can I re-associate my computer with my ubuntu one account? I removed association via the web by mistake!16:08
ChipacaCardinalFang: on call now16:10
CardinalFangPaulGit, Sure.  The next time your computer tries to use it, and can't, you will be prompted to register it.16:11
PaulGitCardinalFang....it does not appear to do that though :(16:11
PaulGitIf I click 'Connect' in nautilus it does nothing :(16:14
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=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
* rye just wanted to tag an e-mail message in my inbox with "I like this" tag or similar... 17:01
ryeThose who have notes blanked on sync are still able to recover the content of the notes. This will need additional tool, I suppose. So that it definitely works for Ubuntu Linux users. For Windows users that might be a bit more complicated...17:08
ryethey will need to wait until the web ui is fixed.17:08
ryeand those who don't want to use the tool will need to wait until the web ui is fixed, edit and save the note to get updated revision in the code.17:09
nic_nochello fellow ubuntu users17:13
duanedesignhello nic_noc17:13
nic_nocthe dev team for Ubuntu One don't make it easy to contact them17:18
nic_nocI'd like to request an addition to the FAQ17:18
nic_nocdoes anyone have a contact email I might try?17:18
duanedesignnic_noc: what addition would you like to make17:21
duanedesignnic_noc: there definetly are probably a few holes in the FAQ. That was on my ToDo list since we redid the wiki and added a link to the LP FAQ17:22
duanedesignnic_noc: but in regards to the FAQ, [j]oshuahoover would probablly be who you would want to email17:27
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popeyis there any plan to do a "larger than 50G" option?17:36
popeyI am guessing that's a faq17:36
aquariusit's frequently asked. I'm not sure if it's been frequently answered. joshuahoover would know :)17:38
duanedesignpopey: funny you ask, someone just asked on LP for an inbetween option, like 25GB.17:40
duanedesignpopey: i would be inclined to think most would want more, not less.17:42
popeywell, the person who asked me, wanted more17:42
Chipacamaybe we should have a tutorial of how to build a raid array of u1 accounts18:14
ChipacaCardinalFang: you want to continue debugging this issue I'm having with desktopcouch?18:17
CardinalFangChipaca, did you get logs from couchdb?18:20
ChipacaCardinalFang: no, how do I do that?18:21
CardinalFangChipaca, ACK?18:24
ChipacaCardinalFang: I'm running "python setup.py test", that's the right way?18:24
ChipacaCardinalFang: ack18:24
CardinalFangChipaca, that should work.  To get a small, specific log, I'd use "trial desktopcouch.pair.tests.test_couchdb_io.TestCouchdbIo.test_get_my_host_unique_id"18:25
ChipacaCardinalFang: what do I do with the test tree?18:27
CardinalFangChipaca, send it to me.  I didn't say your name when I said these a while ago.  Sorry.18:28
ChipacaCardinalFang: d'oh, never saw it18:28
ChipacaCardinalFang: sorry :)18:28
pgranerJust logged into https://one.ubuntu.com and found all my data is now missing18:30
Chipacapgraner: that sounds suboptimal18:31
pgranerAbout 9 gigs gone18:31
Chipacapgraner: did you try reloading the page?18:31
pgranerNotes are still there and its on my local boxes18:31
pgranerChipaca: many times18:31
pgranerChipaca: on two different computers18:32
Chipacapgraner: what did you do before they disappeared?18:34
pgranerChipaca: nothing, I was setting up a new computer to my account and after validation I noticed I have no files.18:34
pgranerChipaca: Actually I should say I have my folder structure just no files in the folders18:35
Chipacafacundobatista: ping18:35
facundobatistaChipaca, pong18:36
Chipacafacundobatista: ^18:36
facundobatistapgraner, I would need the logs of the ubuntuone client from the second computer you set up18:37
pgranerfacundobatista: were are they located18:38
Chipacafacundobatista: all yours then? :)18:38
facundobatistaChipaca, ok18:39
facundobatistapgraner, ~/.cache/ubuntuone/logs18:39
facundobatistapgraner, could you please do a "ls -l" of that folder? in your terminal18:39
facundobatistapgraner, so see what logs do you have18:39
Z4ndXMjello .. :)18:44
CardinalFangChipaca, did you get an error that time?18:44
Z4ndXQ: How do i add my other computer to my UbuntuOne acount ?18:45
CardinalFangZ4ndX, try to use it, and log in to Ubuntu One with the same account when it asks.18:46
Z4ndXIm logged in to another account with this computer and need to logout.. But cant18:46
CardinalFangDefine "account".18:46
Z4ndXAnother UbuntuOne account ..18:47
ChipacaCardinalFang: yes18:48
Z4ndXMy desktop is logged on UbuntuOne with email@gmail.com .. But i want to logon another-email@gmail.com18:48
Z4ndXHow do logout of email@gmail.com18:49
ChipacaZ4ndX: to log out, you can remove the key from the keyring18:49
ChipacaZ4ndX: and then log out, then you wouldn't log back in automatically18:50
Z4ndXOkay thanks :)18:50
ChipacaZ4ndX: or, you could remove the computer from your account18:50
ChipacaZ4ndX: (there's a web page for that)18:50
pgranerfacundobatista: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384568/18:50
Z4ndXKinda forgot my pass to the first account ^-^18:51
facundobatistapgraner, ok, that machine didn't do anything with your files, because it still never connected18:52
facundobatistapgraner, it's in state READY_WITH_NETWORK, that means: have network, it's waiting the user to tell "connect!"18:53
facundobatistapgraner, so we can discard this second machine as the (potential) problem originator18:53
pgranerfacundobatista: I had two machines plus that new one, and they both have their files18:53
facundobatistaChipaca, ^18:53
pgranerfacundobatista: locally, just everything is missing in the cloud18:53
facundobatistapgraner, let's do this: tell this client to connect18:54
facundobatistapgraner, wait18:54
Chipacafacundobatista: debug mode first?18:54
facundobatistapgraner, I'm seeing oauth errors18:54
facundobatistaChipaca, "UbuntuOne.OAuthDesktop.auth Failed to get access token."18:55
pgranerfacundobatista: I'm running Lucid on all my boxes as well if that matters18:55
facundobatistapgraner, ^18:55
Z4ndXChipaca: Where is the "keyring" ? :)18:55
ChipacaZ4ndX: applications -> accessories -> passwords and encryption keys18:56
Z4ndXGot it .. :)18:58
Z4ndXAnd logged in :)18:58
Z4ndXBut its not syncing ? ..18:58
ChipacaZ4ndX: if this is a new account, it will first remove all the old content I guess18:59
Chipacamaybe you didn't want that18:59
Z4ndXWhat ?18:59
ChipacaZ4ndX: what isn't syncing?19:00
Z4ndXTheres alot of files that should downloaded to the UbuntuOne dir .. But its not..19:01
ChipacaZ4ndX: this new account has a lot of files already then?19:01
Chipacaah, ok19:02
ChipacaZ4ndX: do this: u1sdtool -s19:02
Z4ndXu1sdtool: error: no such option: -s19:03
Z4ndXShould I: u1sdtool --refresh-shares19:04
ChipacaZ4ndX: it has no --status?19:04
Z4ndXu1sdtool: error: no such option: --status19:05
ChipacaZ4ndX: what version are you on?19:05
CardinalFangThat's post-karmic, iirc.19:05
Chipacaand my dbus magic has fallen off of my bash_history (that takes some doing)19:06
ChipacaZ4ndX: 1 sec19:06
Chipacadbus-send --session --print-reply  --dest=com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon --type=method_call /status com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Status.current_status19:06
ChipacaZ4ndX: ^19:06
Z4ndXWow... Damn thats alot .D19:06
Chipacayeah, u1sdtool -s ftw :)19:06
Z4ndXIs it because iv got an old version ?19:07
CardinalFangYours isn't old (I think).19:07
Z4ndXYou want output from that line ?19:08
ChipacaZ4ndX: in a pastebin please :)19:08
Z4ndXOkay :)19:08
ChipacaZ4ndX: and it hasn't downloaded stuff?19:10
Z4ndXIv got about 10-15 text files..19:11
CardinalFangZ4ndX, $ find ~/Ubuntu One/ -type f -exec touch {} \;19:12
Z4ndXIs there supose to be space in between Ubuntu and One ?19:13
ChipacaCardinalFang: that might not be a good idea19:14
ChipacaZ4ndX: hold on19:14
ChipacaZ4ndX: try u1sdtool --refresh ~/Ubuntu\ One/19:14
Z4ndXNothing ..19:14
ChipacaZ4ndX: still IDLE?19:15
Z4ndXdict entry(19:15
Z4ndX         string "name"19:15
Z4ndX         string "IDLE"19:15
Z4ndX      )19:15
ChipacaZ4ndX: can you confirm, via the web, that the files are still there?19:15
Z4ndXYes .. They are..19:16
ChipacaZ4ndX: reload to make certain :)19:16
Z4ndXJust did :)19:16
ChipacaZ4ndX: you did remove the key from the keyring and had to re-authorize the computer with the new account, right?19:18
Z4ndXAnd added the computer to the account19:20
Z4ndXIv just created a dir in the UbuntuOne dir, and nothing comes up on the website19:21
Z4ndXAre you suppose to have a different UbuntuOne user on each computer and link them together or do i use the same user on all my computers ?19:24
ChipacaZ4ndX: you use the same user on all your computers19:25
Z4ndXLike DropBox... Would rather user UbuntuOne19:25
statikhi rmcbride, Chipaca: pgraner runs the kernel team for ubuntu. he is having a problem where his files are not showing up in the webUI, what is the best way to figure out if this is a display issue or something more serious?19:26
statikor facundobatista, in case you have ideas ^19:27
statikpgraner, btw which browser are you using? (just to get more data)19:27
facundobatistastatik, he's having auth errors19:27
pgranerstatik: firefox and chromium show the same results19:27
pgranerfacundobatista: on one machine not the others19:27
facundobatistastatik, really don't know how to help you with that... maybe that's related with web ui issue19:28
duanedesignZ4ndX: do you have anything in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaaemon-exception.log19:28
statikpgraner: so your directories are showing up in the webUI, but none of the files, right?19:29
Z4ndXduanedesign: http://pastebin.com/JCCs7yPR19:29
statikpgraner, do you have anything like firebug or chrome developer tools that you could run while refreshing the web page so that we can see if ajax requests are failing?19:30
pgranerstatik: yep, and the useage gauge that the top right of the webUI is telling me: 0 bytes Used (0.0%19:30
pgranerstatik: sure let me check19:30
statiki wonder if cmd_client is shipped in the tools package, i sure would like to narrow this to a UI issue vs a data issue19:31
Chipacastatik: I was looking at the same thing19:31
pgranerstatik: I'm not seeing anything failing on edge or prod19:32
Chipacastatik: I see nothing in cmd_client not to put it on pastebin; ok with you?19:33
Chipacait's not published because it's just definitely not ready for users19:33
statikChipaca, fine with me. it looks like it should run ok on a normal system19:33
duanedesignZ4ndX: could you save this script http://paste.ubuntu.com/384590/  to your $HOME directory as 'authorize.py' then run it with 'python authorize.py'19:33
Z4ndXduanedesign: What does it do ?19:34
statikpgraner: meanwhile, what version of ubuntuone-client are you running currently, the standard stuff in lucid? or are you using our ppa?19:34
Chipacapgraner: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384597/19:34
Chipacapgraner: save that in something called cmd_client.py19:35
pgranerstatik: lucid updated today19:35
duanedes1gnZ4ndX: then compare it to https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/19:35
Z4ndXduanedesign: Done..19:35
Z4ndXduanedesign: Its the same19:36
Chipacapgraner: run that, and it should ask you about using the keyring, and then say "connected"19:36
pgraner#!/usr/bin/env python19:38
pgraner# ubuntuone.storageprotocol.samples.cmd_client - a cmd client19:38
pgraner# Author: Lucio Torre <lucio.torre@canonical.com>19:38
pgraner# Copyright (C) 2008 Canonical19:38
pgraner# All Rights Reserved19:38
pgraner"""A simple ping client19:38
pgranerimport warnings19:38
pgranerimport cmd19:38
pgranerimport os19:38
pgranerimport Queue19:38
pgranerimport shlex19:38
Chipacaoh dear19:38
pgranerfrom StringIO import StringIO19:38
duanedesignZ4ndX: sorry had a bit of a client problem19:38
pgranerimport traceback19:38
pgranerfrom threading import Thread19:38
kklimondathat's going to take a while..19:38
pgranerfrom time import sleep19:38
pgranerfrom optparse import OptionParser19:38
pgranerimport zlib19:38
pgranerfrom twisted.internet import reactor, defer, ssl19:38
pgranerfrom twisted.python.failure import Failure19:38
Chipacasomebody kick him :)19:38
pgranerfrom twisted.python.util import mergeFunctionMetadata19:38
pgranerimport gnomekeyring19:39
pgranerimport gobject19:39
pgraner# import _pythonpath # pylint: disable-msg=W0611, W040319:39
pgranerfrom oauth.oauth import OAuthConsumer, OAuthToken19:39
pgranerfrom ubuntuone.storageprotocol.client import (19:39
pgraner    StorageClientFactory, StorageClient)19:39
pgranerfrom ubuntuone.storageprotocol import request19:39
pgranerfrom ubuntuone.storageprotocol.dircontent_pb2 import \19:39
pgraner    DirectoryContent, DIRECTORY19:39
pgranerfrom ubuntuone.storageprotocol import dircontent_pb219:39
pgranerfrom ubuntuone.storageprotocol.hash import \19:39
pgraner    content_hash_factory, crc3219:39
pgranerclass CmdStorageClient(StorageClient):19:39
pgraner    """Simple client that calls a callback on connection."""19:39
pgraner    def connectionMade(self):19:39
pgraner        """Setup and call callback."""19:39
pgraner        StorageClient.connectionMade(self)19:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!19:39
pgraner        if self.factory.current_protocol not in (None, self):19:39
pgraner            self.factory.current_protocol.transport.loseConnection()19:39
pgraner        self.factory.current_protocol = self19:39
kklimondathis script has almost 700 lines..19:39
pgraner        self.factory.cmd.status = "connected"19:39
pgraner        print "Connected."19:39
pgraner    def connectionLost(self, reason=None):19:39
pgraner        """Callback for connection lost"""19:39
pgraner        if self.factory.current_protocol is self:19:39
pgraner            self.factory.current_protocol = None19:39
pgraner            self.factory.cmd.status = "disconnected"19:40
pgraner            if reason is not None:19:40
pgraner                print "Disconnected: %s" % reason.value19:40
pgraner            else:19:40
pgraner                print "Disconnected: no reason"19:40
pgranerclass CmdClientFactory(StorageClientFacto19:40
kklimondajussi01: thank you :)19:40
Z4ndXduanedesign: I compared it and it was the same.. :)19:40
duanedesignZ4ndX: ok19:40
* Chipaca hugs jussi0119:41
Chipacapgraner: now... what was it?19:41
jussi01pgraner: please use a pastebin in future :)19:42
duanedesignZ4ndX: if you could open ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf19:42
pgranerChipaca: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384602/19:42
Chipacapgraner: quit and try again?19:43
Chipacaquit with "quit" IIRC19:43
duanedesignZ4ndX: add  http://paste.ubuntu.com/384603/19:43
Chipacapgraner: did the keyring ask you to allow python to access a key?19:43
pgranerChipaca: I did three times already19:44
duanedesignZ4ndX: that will collect a bit more information19:44
pgranerChipaca: and now all my files are disappearing off my local box!19:44
Z4ndXduanedesign: And then ?19:44
duanedesignZ4ndX: after adding those two lines you can quit the applet by right clicking and selecting quit19:45
duanedesignZ4ndX: then run in  Terminal: u1sdtool -q19:45
statikpgraner, that sounds like all your files were deleted and now the deletion is propagating...i'm guessing that is not what you wanted19:45
pgranerstatik: nope19:45
duanedesignZ4ndX: then run: ps uaxxc | grep ubu19:46
pgranerstatik: I've got one good copy left19:46
Z4ndXduanedesign: ubuntuone-syncdaemon stopped.19:46
pgranerstatik: in my rsync archive19:46
statikpgraner: the script that chipaca pasted to you should let you get a shell on your account on the server, in order to look at files that are there. were you able to run it?19:46
duanedesignZ4ndX: to insure its all quit.19:46
pgranerstatik: nope errors out19:46
Z4ndXit is .. :)19:46
Chipacapgraner: disconnect syncdaemon, first19:46
Chipacapgraner: killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon19:46
duanedesignZ4ndX:ok now open the client as normal App > Int > Ubuntu One19:47
Chipacapgraner: or (you're in lucid!) u1sdtool -d19:47
Chipacapgraner: on all your boxes please19:47
statikpgraner: i need to disappear for a few minutes to pick up my kid from school, i will leave you with chipaca and be back in a few minutes.19:47
Chipacapgraner: that way you won't lose more files, if that is the issue19:47
duanedesignZ4ndX: and place a test file in the directory. give it a sec to do its thing. Then pastebin the ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log19:48
Chipacapgraner: let me know when that's done19:49
pgranerChipaca: still get an error, here is the session incl the kill of the sync daemon: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384608/19:49
Chipacapgraner: have you done the u1sdtool -d on all your boxes?19:50
pgranerChipaca: yep19:50
Chipacapgraner: ok. Now, let's get the auth keys "by hand", to see what's wrong. Pull up a python shell plz :)19:50
Chipacapgraner: import gnomekeyring19:51
pgranerChex: go for it19:51
Chipacapgraner: gnomekeyring.find_items_sync(gnomekeyring.ITEM_GENERIC_SECRET, {'ubuntuone-realm': self.realm, 'oauth-consumer-key': self.consumer_key})19:51
Chipacano self19:52
Chipacapgraner: 1 sec ;)19:52
Chipacarealm is 'https://ubuntuone.com'19:52
Chipacaconsumer key is 'ubuntuone'19:52
Z4ndXduanedesign: http://pastebin.com/C52AiFKs19:52
Chipacapgraner: gnomekeyring.find_items_sync(gnomekeyring.ITEM_GENERIC_SECRET, {'ubuntuone-realm': 'https://ubuntuone.com', 'oauth-consumer-key': 'ubuntuone'})19:52
duanedesignZ4ndX: ok19:56
duanedesignZ4ndX: bug 49098819:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 490988 in ubuntuone-client "Lot of MakeDir and MakeFile failures because of root mismatch" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49098819:57
duanedesignZ4ndX: please see the current workaround posted in the description19:58
duanedesignI assume since your Ubuntu One folder is empty the step: Backup your ~/Ubuntu One folder : will be easy ;)19:58
Z4ndXHaha yes :)..  I will try that :) Thanks you for everything :)19:59
pgranerChipaca: still gettting I/O error on the keyring20:00
Chipacapgraner: is this on a computer that has connected to ubuntu one?20:00
pgranerChipaca: Its the one I registered today20:01
pgranerChipaca: I can run it on the one all the files got deleted on if that would be better20:01
Chipacapgraner: ah. For the web interface, you mean.20:01
Chipacapgraner: yes, please20:01
pgranerChipaca: yep20:01
Chipacapgraner: this one doesn't have anything in the keyring (although IOError seems a little extreme to signify that...)20:01
pgranerChipaca: ok I'm in the keyring20:02
rmcbridestatik: Whups, I'm on two machines and was on the rmcbride_ one and missed the ping.20:03
Chipacapgraner: ok, so if there it worked, just quit python and run cmd_client on that machine :)20:05
Z4ndXduanedesign: IT WORKED! :D ... removed the folder, nothing happend. removed ubuntuone-client-gnome and installed it again... And it worked... Thanks you very very very much!! :D20:05
pgranerChipaca: already ahead of you. I have a shell prompt now20:05
Chipacapgraner: copying oauth tokens around is errorprone :)20:05
Chipacapgraner: ok, so ls, cd, etc20:05
Chipacapgraner: the lexer/parser/whateveritis is rather pithy; you need to quote a *lot*20:05
Chipacae.g. .. needs quotes20:06
pgranerChipaca: ok... it is slow about 30 sec to get a response back20:06
Chipacapgraner: yes, it's super fast :-p20:06
Chipacapgraner: dunno why it's so slow today, actually20:06
Chipacapgraner: but anyway, with that you can check whether your files are in the cloud or not20:06
ChipacaI suspect? not20:06
pgranerChipaca: Ok so for the first few directories I checked the dirs are empty20:07
duanedesignZ4ndX: that is great!20:07
Z4ndXThanks you again :)20:08
Z4ndXNice support :D20:08
facundobatistapgraner, do you have the ubuntuone client logs of this first machine?20:09
pgranerfacundobatista: I guess, let me look20:10
pgranerfacundobatista: here is the dir listing, what do you need? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384623/20:11
facundobatistapgraner, all of those files that start with "syncdaemon" and has length > 020:12
pgranerfacundobatista: beats me, was working ok then just went wonky20:13
facundobatistapgraner, not following you, you can't get the log files?20:14
pgranerfacundobatista: sorry I miss read your last20:15
pgranerfacundobatista: how do you want to get them to you?20:15
facundobatistayou can bzip or lzma the whole dir, and send it by mail to me, if you want20:17
facundobatistapgraner, it's easier than pastebin all the logs20:17
pgranerfacundobatista: I used pastebinit, cmdline pastebin poster in a shell loop here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384641/20:25
facundobatistapgraner, Chipaca: 2010-02-17 14:42:24,709 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - ERROR - OAuth failed: AUTHENTICATION_FAILED20:27
facundobatistapgraner, Chipaca: on first machine!!20:27
facundobatistapgraner, Chipaca: I'll take a look at this later, now I have to run20:28
pgranerfacundobatista: sure thanks20:29
Chipacapgraner: there are two sides to the issue, one is the technical "how did this happen", the other is your data. How important is/was it?20:29
facundobatistapgraner, Chipaca: but it seems that something weird happened with your account, you get or got AUTH errors in both your machines20:29
pgranerChipaca: I have a copy so not really critical, however it ate all of my working data 8 gigs worth20:30
Chipacapgraner: ok. Have you had any issue with your account before you noticed this? have you got two accounts or something?20:33
Chipacapgraner: um20:35
Chipacapgraner: you only have a 2GB account20:35
pgranerChipaca: No issues other than it gave me lots of conflicts, then I unregisted all the computers readded that one at a time and it was all working fine after that20:37
pgranerChipaca: sorry, my total back up is 8 gigs... dooh, not my U1 dir, its just over a gig20:37
Chipacapgraner: looking at your account, there are currently 251.2kB in your storage account, and 450MB "dead" (i.e. deleted and recoverable)20:38
pgranerChipaca: Can you just clear it out and I'll remove all the boxes and readd one at a time20:39
pgranerChipaca: after the first one syncs of course20:39
Chipacapgraner: if you could possibly wait, I'd love for us to figure out how you got there in the first place20:40
pgranerChipaca: sure not a problem20:40
statikhello, i'm back20:41
pgranerstatik: no joy20:43
statikpgraner: so all your directories were really empty on the server, and there is an open question about why the files were deleted, is that about right?20:44
pgranerstatik: I'm not sure see scroll back from Chipaca20:44
statikpgraner: ok. i'd like to get some careful notes about this down in a bug report, including as best we can the sequence of events that led up to when you noticed that the web UI didn't show any files.20:46
statikit's pretty important to figure out where the delete came from20:46
pgranerstatik: sure, will have to be next week, I'm slammed today20:46
statikonce a delete has happened, it is correct for the syncdaemon to go and do the same delete on the other machines20:46
statikbut if you are 100% certain that you did not delete the files, then we need to track down exactly what happened20:47
rmcbridestatik: I'm trying to work out how a delete happened during testing yesterday20:47
rmcbridestatik: essentially my test suite created directories, and sync caused them to be deleted.20:47
pgranerstatik: I didn't delete anything or add for that matter20:47
rmcbridestatik: I was under the impression it was the test client, but based on this discussion perhaps not?20:47
rmcbrideI haven't been able to reproduce the behavior so far20:48
statikpgraner: so you had files synced with the server, and the only thing that changed was upgrading the client software in lucid?20:48
pgranerstatik: dunno about upgrade, I've been running lucid since before alpha120:49
statikpgraner: i'm trying to figure out whether we have a critical bug or not20:49
pgranerstatik: if someone is running empathy I can give you access to the box next week20:49
statiki want to take this report very seriously, but i need to understand what happened20:49
statikpgraner: ok. but as far as you know nothing was changed in your ubuntu one folder, and possibly new client software was installed during your normal lucid upgrades, and then you just noticed the files being gone on the server, is that accurate? i saw facundo talking about some authorization error you had on a third machine, is that related to this problem at all do you think?20:51
pgranerstatik: sorry on a call taking a bit to respond20:53
pgranerstatik: Nothing has changed in over a week. Normal daily lucid upgrades. I went to add my new notebook to U1 today aka the 3rd machine and I clicked on U1 from the upper right applet (the one with online status) and selected U1 from the menu. It then took me to the U1 web interface, I logged in went thru the process of adding the computer. When that was one it took me to the U1 Web file listing and thats when I noticed all the files in the cloud were g20:57
statikpgraner: ok, that's a great description. the new notebook was running lucid as well?20:59
pgranerstatik: yep fully updated20:59
pgranerstatik: as are all the boxes20:59
pgranerstatik: keep in mind in the cloud all my directories are are there just no files in them21:00
statikpgraner: ok, i will open a bug report about this and we will investigate it. you already sent the logs to facundo?21:00
pgranerstatik: I could see it if *everything* was missing but just the files21:00
pgranerstatik: yep from two of the 3 machines21:00
pgranerstatik: send me the bug no and I'll add the rest and comment to make it clearer21:00
statikpgraner: great. yeah, the directories still being there make it pretty clear it wasn't something you did, people never delete just the files21:00
* pgraner thinks the same21:01
statikpgraner: actually, can you just run 'ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client'? that will file some log information in the bug report and set you as the owner of the bug report, that way it's easier to track21:02
pgranerstatik: will do21:02
statikcool. we'll get this sorted out right away21:02
pgranerstatik: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/52869821:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528698 in ubuntuone-client "All files missing in the Cloud but directory entries are there." [Undecided,New]21:05
pgranerstatik: gotta run I'll add more data later tonight21:06
statikpgraner: ok, thanks21:06
duanedesignoff to eat dinner, hope everyone has a nice weekend. :)21:59
statikhave a great weekend duanedesign22:01
captaincHey all. How did the Windows client sprint at pycon go?22:14
CardinalFangcaptainc, lucio was here yesterday.  I haven't seem him lately.22:20
captaincAlright. I was just curious.22:26
CardinalFangSorry.  Wish I had an answer.22:27
beunocaptainc, last I hear, it was downloading files22:30
beunothere where some questions about the dbus replacement IIRC22:30
beunothat's all I know22:30
PaulGitHello all.  I have just installed Ubuntu Lucid Alpha 3 and do not see the U1 icon, is this meant to be the case?22:41
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
BookmanI'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and I just did an update a few moments ago.  Before that all was perfect with Ubuntu One.  Now I get the following error when I try to start it up.  It does not start up on its own anymore.  Failed to execute child process "ubuntuone-client-applet" (No such file or directory)23:55
BookmanShould I just remove it and reinstall it again?23:57

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