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rlameirostochastic: Is there some lucid ISO build to test?14:56
rlameiroor still is unuseable or feauture less?14:56
jussi01abogani: could you remind me where is your low latency kernel if users want to test?15:05
aboganijussi01: Hi Jussi, On my https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa users could find the updated lowlatency and rt kernels.15:06
jussi01abogani: and they are working on 9.10?15:07
aboganijussi01: Yes but you should install it manually (and also take care of dependencies)15:07
aboganiFor Lucid is sufficient add the PPA into apt as usual and go with apt-get.15:08
aboganijussi01: Obviously every form of feedback is very welcomed. :-)15:09
ScottLrlameiro, ISO build to test:   http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com./qatracker/build/ubuntustudio/all15:17
ScottLrlameiro, and the ISO is working beautifully, seems to be a rather nice release :)15:18
jussi01abogani: so what is the status of the ll kernel atm? are we going to see it for lucid?15:23
aboganijussi01: No changes for Lucid. It still ship 2.6.31 for RT as like Karmic.15:25
jussi01oh really? thats not fun...15:25
aboganijussi01: Sorry, no chance to do different.15:26
aboganijussi01:  Do you have some minutes for correct my *document*? :)15:26
jussi01abogani: document?15:27
aboganijussi01: Yes I meant my CV.15:27
aboganijussi01: It sin't not necessary but if you already have done it I like have the corrected version. :-)15:28
aboganiIf not no problems it is not necessary.15:28
rlameiroScottL: thnks, what do I need to do to test it?15:30
ScottLrlameiro, pick you architecture (i386 or amd64)15:35
rlameiroI registered now in qa15:36
rlameirobut for us, what should i look for ???15:36
ScottLrlameiro, download the ISO, then burn it to disc and install either in VM or on a physical harddrive15:36
rlameirorealtime intensive audio, 15:36
ScottLrlameiro, testing everything - installations, menus, typos, apps that don't work15:37
ScottLrlameiro, but, yes, we need to test the kernel as well  BUT lucid ships with -generic kernel and -lowlatency or -preempt is available in ubuntu studio ppa15:37
rlameiroI have 50 gb in my  hdd to use15:37
rlameirobut  i dont want to mess my other partitions15:38
rlameiroit will be anther manual partition15:38
ScottLrlameiro, I run twenty gigs,  I think, per partition and I dedicate one partition for testing15:38
rlameiroScottL: So i need to install the kernel from abogami15:38
ScottLrlameiro, abogani will also have several flavors of kernels in his ppa15:38
ScottLrlameiro, you're choice where to install kernel, but please document some testing -generic vs -whateveryouinstall15:39
ScottLs/where/from where15:39
rlameiroScottL: I have 50 gigs unpartitoned, but for the 64 bits versios its missing testing in th resize, full disk and etc15:39
ScottLrlameiro, I think you can consider full installation on a parition as "full disk"15:40
* ScottL is away from IRC for a few hours trying to get some recording done while alone at home :)15:40
rlameiroI can wait one more week15:41
rlameiroMy second hdd is comming now15:41
rlameiroso maybe i will wait and make all test on hdd15:41
* ckontros waves17:49
rlameirohi ckontros 18:22

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