duncanidaho1is it possible to upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 9.10 studio?04:34
Blank__although 9.10 studio is a bit buggy04:37
Blank__ALSA is partly broken, the login screen04:37
duncanidaho1I just finished getting this install just the way I like it04:37
Blank__the login screen is featureless in mine*04:37
meganerd9.10 works fine for me04:37
Blank__i upgraded from studio 9.04 and alsa broke04:38
Blank__and the usplash has been broken both on my upgraded computer and on a fresh install04:38
duncanidaho1Is there much difference in using studio vs. regular and just downloading cinelerra and other media applications?04:38
Blank__only real differences that i've seen are the -rt kernel, process priority changes, lack of sounds in gnome theme, addition of ubuntu studio control program to help with raw1394 access and memory limits04:39
Blank__(oh and nice)04:39
duncanidaho1do you guys do video editing?04:40
Blank__afaik the stuff in linux isn't quite there yet04:45
duncanidaho1yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't say that04:46
Blank__it's getting closer04:47
Blank__things like kdenlive are getting better, less likely to crash randomly04:48
duncanidaho1what about cinelerra?04:48
Blank__i havent used it in a long time04:48
Blank__i'm not sure whether to go that or the CV04:48
duncanidaho1I've switched over to using linux (ubuntu) all except for adobe CS3 where a dual boot back to windows vista04:49
Blank__depending on what CS3 things you use, you might be able to wine them - i know photoshop works04:49
Blank__wineasio might fix things with audition, if you use it04:50
Blank__but premiere pro wouldn't work i'm guessing04:50
duncanidaho1yeah but I don't think after effects or premiere pro works well with wine...at least not that I"m aware of04:50
Blank__as much as it pains me to say, the adobe suite is very powerful04:50
Blank__the main thing stopping me from using linux for audio full time is the fact that audition does so many things nothing else does04:51
duncanidaho1what about pro-tools?04:51
Blank__centre channel extraction? nothing else has that04:51
Blank__i hate pro tools04:51
duncanidaho1(not that it works with linux)04:51
Blank__with a passion04:51
Blank__i use cubase in windows04:52
Blank__and ardour in linux04:52
duncanidaho1really? hmm...I'm not much of an audio guy...but I've never heard anyone prefer audition to pro tools04:52
Blank__oh, i primarily edit things04:52
Blank__and pro tools isn't for that04:52
Blank__single wav files etc04:52
Blank__audio restoration, frequency analysis... audition is amazing for that stuff04:52
Blank__im sure if i had a spare $15000 i could buy pro tools and all the plugins that do the same thing as audition, but i don't so audition will do04:53
duncanidaho1i see04:53
duncanidaho1is audition in cs4?04:54
Blank__i'm not sure...04:54
Blank__i've had CS2 for as long as i can remember and havent needed to upgrade04:54
duncanidaho1it might have been combined into Soundbooth04:54
duncanidaho1I don't know04:54
meganerdI left Cubase for Linux.  SX (1) was a pig and performed poorly on 2000/XP05:39
Blank__yeah, did you know the copy protection in cubase makes thousands of extra calls for something as simple as a single calculation?05:45
meganerdthe guys who pirated SX 3 mentioned that.  I was actually one of those rare payed SX customers05:46
meganerdI just gave away my copy05:46
Blank__i have no idea why i stick with it to be honest05:46
Blank__ardour does so much already05:47
meganerdI use a mix of apps, rosegarden usually for midi, ardour for the mixing, and a mix of other apps here and there05:50
meganerdabout 8 years ago I left the Windows world nearly completly05:50
meganerdYou get used to a particular work flow, that is hardest part05:51
damnit123_can some one tell me if I bring 9.10 online and update it will it fix FFADO and or Firewire problems Ive experinced with Phase 24 FW sound device ??12:35
damnit123_my FW HCI is supopsed to be supported its a VIA.12:36
damnit123_and the phase 24 "Fully Supported"12:36
damnit123_I swear the IEEE1394 stuff in the 2.4.31-rt kernel is buggered up for HCI but i just dont how to prove it12:38
damnit123_for my HCI**12:38
damnit123_well apart from the messages in DMESG which come up saying "Doh Some one wants to mess with set state"  in relation to the ieee139412:41
damnit123_;( this is fucking depresing 2010 no maudio cards work decently except for the asshole revolutions,  every thing else that is supported sounds like shit and hardly Professional grade any way .. that has to be to the biggest fuck up in the linux/sound world ever considering12:49
damnit123_I have it good advisal that MAUDIO gave the alsa devs every thing they needed to make it work.. they just fucked up the Audiophile192 .. plan and simple12:50
damnit123_then proceeded to not do anything for what ... niegh on 10 years12:50
damnit123_If there are any devs here pls release a another image of karmic with a upgraded ffado and kernel > 2.6.3113:03
damnit123_ass sacks in #ubuntu need to be clearing out their filthy isp wide bans that are preventing legit and innocent people from getting support13:12
damnit123_meganerd .. the fucking crumby windows world .. gets on my tits every second off my life that pass's by and I dont even use it13:32
damnit123_that is why linux's user share of the OS market its going to fuck them over in the end13:33
damnit123_stupid jack ass sound card makers that think they going to creme it in via M$ users .. i dare to say that those days are over for them .. and the joke thing to me is every one will now suffer as a result of their fing m$ lub/arrogance13:35
damnit123_heh .. to me the idea of making these dsps and putting them on pci cards .. with out having the architecture to make a audio processor out of the a PC is just taking the piss.. and windows can barely do it .. with out some million mega hz and 3423952352349GBs of ram and 20 years of pissing arround you might get shitty soundsolution and some vsts to work13:39
damnit123_big fucking whoop hardly a audio processor13:40
damnit123_hardly a sensible enviroment for that setup any way13:47
damnit123_heh .. guess guys like me are just doomed to put up with ppls malfunctioning shit for the rest of time ;(14:03
damnit123_Big in the game right on !"@!14:03
damnit123_i wonder if some one with the balls, can make a soundcard specifically tailored for linux, and linux musicians, and architectuarly make it compatible only with linux kernels,  some one who can do that and make a clean £100k or even £50k and refuse m$ devs access to its specs and make it some how specifically ileagal for the card to be operated by a microslop system14:14
rlameiroanyone knows how to extract photos from a video in linux?14:51
rlameirodamnit123_: thks14:52
rlameirodamnit123_: isnt it to capture from the camera? I am trying to do it from a .mov file I have on my computer14:53
rlameirostochastic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNsOtl8ia0k14:53
damnit123_hm cant mplayer or something dump frames??14:54
rlameirohmmm it should , but is there some front end?14:55
rlameiroI dont want to be guessing the frame number for the frame I want...14:55
rlameirodamnit123_: menucoder? mencoder?14:59
jussi01!info avidemux | rlameiro15:00
damnit123_mplayer -vo jpeg -frames 1 -ss <offset which gets you to the appropriate15:00
damnit123_point in the video>15:00
ubotturlameiro: avidemux (source: avidemux): a free video editor - GTK version. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:2.5.1+repack-0ubuntu2.1 (karmic), package size 876 kB, installed size 2300 kB15:00
jussi01avidemux does it well iirc15:00
rlameirowill try that now15:01
damnit123_yes thats it i knew there was that one15:01
jussi01damnit123_: btw, in regards to your rant before, 2 things. 1. Have you tried alessio's lowlatency kernel?  2. please try keep the searing to a minimum. :)15:03
damnit123_sry m815:04
damnit123_i know that was some rant but you know this linux sound game is deep15:04
damnit123_too deep :D15:04
jussi01damnit123_: yeah, but this channel is supposed to be family friendly ;) (and I suspect your ban in #ubuntu has something to do with your realname and ident)15:06
damnit123_i get so mad trying to fend off the windows drones that i have to put up with trying to destroy my gardens of tranquility15:06
damnit123_let me see..15:06
jussi01damnit123_: alessio's kernels reside in https://edge.launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa so maybe you want to try those15:08
=== niceguy is now known as damnit321
jussi01damnit321: your ident...15:09
damnit321aha .. so is that server side anti swearing controls or something lol15:09
jussi01damnit321: Id suggest have a read of ubuntu's irc guidelines or youll likely get banned in there - they are pretty strict15:10
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:10
jussi01damnit321: about the kernel from alessio15:11
jussi01[17:05:47] <jussi01> abogani: could you remind me where is your low latency kernel if users want to test?15:11
jussi01[17:07:35] <abogani> jussi01: Hi Jussi, On my https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa users could find the updated lowlatency and rt kernels.15:11
jussi01[17:07:52] <jussi01> abogani: and they are working on 9.10?15:11
jussi01[17:08:41] <abogani> jussi01: Yes but you should install it manually (and also take care of dependencies)15:11
jussi01[17:09:18] <abogani> For Lucid is sufficient add the PPA into apt as usual and go with apt-get.15:11
damnit321tnx I'll give it a try15:12
jussi01damnit321: as he said, do it manually if you are on karmic15:12
damnit321I havnt built a 2.6 kernel in over a year15:13
damnit321i bet ive forgeten loads of stuff15:13
jussi01damnit321: no, its from the package15:13
jussi01but dont add the ppa to your repo15:13
jussi01just sudo dpkg -i package15:14
damnit321jussi01 i'm going to get the offender15:35
damnit321will you be arround to hold my hand15:35
jussi01damnit321: no, Im just headed to the shop - back later though15:36
damnit321ok come back .. I will get the box install 32 ustudio and try and put the alesio kernel on it15:36
damnit321how do you finish registering your nick if you dont have email15:57
duncanidaho1has anyone ever had flash problems where you can't click on a button23:04
stochasticWould anyone know where I can find a 3D blender model of the Ubuntu symbol?23:13

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