twbI'm rolling Ubuntu Lucid live images.  It seems that in the last week of so, /etc/rc.local stopped being run at the end of the boot process.  Any idea why?03:28
sadmactwb: more an ubuntu question03:29
twbFailing that, where does upstart invoke rc.local in its rc compatibility?03:29
sadmactwb: still an ubuntu question, as upstart the program doesn't invoke it at all (one of the distro's job definitions should run it)03:30
twbFair enough.03:30
twbI'm kinda surprised that sysv integration wouldn't be portable (and thus implemented by upstart rather than each distro), though.03:31
sadmactwb: there's a lot of shared code. Upstart has some things for utmp manipulation etc.03:31
twbI found the problem.  I was still passing "single" to the kernel.03:54
sadmacthat'll do it03:55
rbergerIs there a way to see the output of the exec line of an upstart job? I'm having a failure in the exec and can't tell what the problem is04:38
sadmacrberger: you can redirect it with >05:18
rbergerIt looks like it had to be >> /tmp/upstart.log 2>&105:26
rbergerexec foo >> /tmp/upstart.log 2>&105:27
Keybukaclocal: overwriting `m4/libnih.m4' with `/usr/share/aclocal/libnih.m4'14:39
Keybukno, don't do that!14:39
sadmacKeybuk: were you going to look over the new version of the nih_parse patch or are you holding out for the next one?14:50
KeybukI will do14:50
Keybukthough I'd still like to see some examples of it in action14:50
Keybukso I can step through it with gdb and understand how it works :p14:50
sadmacKeybuk: the test suite :) Though since the API is more or less what I want I could go ahead and write nih_parse_tool.14:51
sadmac(does roughly what yacc does)14:51
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xorlwhats the proper way with upstart to 'restart' a daemon process?22:54
ionRun ‘restart job’.23:05

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