pdg1anybody a clue on how to configure vsftpd? or a similar FTP server daemon? :P00:06
pdg1does anyone still use FTP :P?00:08
Sachse_SiechtumHey Subspider00:22
subspiderhello Sachse_Siechtum how are you man00:22
Sachse_SiechtumI'm feeling really good. :-) Good judo training today. :-)00:23
Sachse_Siechtumand played some europe in ruins...was fun even when we lost. :-)00:24
Sachse_Siechtumsubspider how was your day?00:28
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subspiderhey Sachse_Siechtum and your work did you find any??00:33
Sachse_Siechtumwell I got my application back 2 days ago. They didnt take me. :-( so off writing new ones...00:34
Sachse_Siechtumsubspider why terrible?00:39
johnHi - I am running Xubuntu 9.10 with an Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Card - it seems that the video acceleration is much slower than if I were to run Windows XP using Intel's Drivers - are there any good sources for me to find reliable drivers for the hardware outside of using the Hardware Drivers Menu?02:12
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SD|UPN|FAhey, I was looking for something to install on my old laptop from '98. It's got 153 MB Ram (I am not 100% sure of that figure) and a pentium II processor, with a 4.3gb HD02:42
SD|UPN|FAwould Xubuntu work? or is it a litle too old?02:43
rivalsanyone set up dual monitors in 9.10?02:56
rivalscant be done?02:57
Sachse_SiechtumI dunno03:12
rivalsoh cool, another howto telling you to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:49
rivalsi file that doesnt even exist03:50
rivalscan this distro get any more awesome?03:50
rivalsSachse_Siechtum: thanks anyway03:50
rivalsi've been reading and stuffing around for hours on soemthing that should be a 5minute config03:51
rivalshow in the name of zeus did this distro become so popular?03:52
rivalsrm -rf /03:52
rivalsback to suse03:52
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1203:54
jurek_too late03:56
jurek_1:0 for Suse :-(03:57
confusioushello all05:09
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu coders,engineers,developers and certified non techs....05:31
Balsaqwhy is it, that when i choose the best driver for my nvidia mx420 video card, that it produces acceptable full screen pictures, but makes the icon on my desktop appear to be stretched? and if i auot configure it thru xubuntu my desktop icons and small screen vids are good, but full screen vids are in slow motion?05:34
Balsaqsi went back to the xubuntu configuration becasue it make everything look good except the full screen vids...05:35
confusiousBalsaq {heh,heh.Great anme,dude.VERY funny}I wish I could help you my friend.You've always tried to help me & that's much appreciated.But,now,I seem to have another problem of my own..................05:41
confusiousHelp !! Please !!  I a am attempting to "save" this {untitled} document which I have created with the "notepad" program of xubuntu's/xfce's to a folder which i created called "questions".But,after changing the "save in" box to "desktop"when I try, "save",{and {i even tried naming the document},after clicking on "save",the "save" box seems to "blink" & remain exactly how it is & where it is.Anybody have any clues as to what's g05:42
Balsaqwhat were your choices when you went to save it05:43
confusiouschoices ?? Hmmmmm............okay05:45
confusioushad option of where to save the document to,option to change file name,& an option to change file type05:46
confusiousthose were my choices05:46
Balsaqstand by...05:46
confusiousokee dokee05:46
Balsaqwhat did you choose at that point05:46
confusioussave to desk.......left all else unchanged05:47
confusioussorry,I was typing 1 handed05:48
confusiousI'm wondering if maybe the program  was somehow not installed properly05:49
confusiousmaybe I should try re installing ?05:49
confusiousCurious that Xubuntu has 3 different text editors installed05:50
confusiousI have abiword {under apps & office} & I have mousepad {under apps & accessories} & then I have notepad {under apps & "other"}05:52
Sysi-abiword hs features, mousepad is basic, and notepad is for wine05:59
confusiousHmmmmmmm.Well,I do have wine installed.I wonder what's going on06:00
Sysi-that notepad is actual M$ notepad, maybe some win-programs need it06:02
confusiousHmmmmmm.Well,that's cool..........06:03
confusiousIt's just curious that it doesn't seem to work even when I have wine installed06:04
Sysi-well, it's MS, what do you expect? :P06:05
confusiousGuess I could uninstall it & just use Mousepad,huh ?06:05
confusiousHeh,heh.That's true06:05
Sysi-or set mousepad to be defult for txt files06:05
Sysi-right click -> properties and there's default application06:06
confusiousActually,I think it alrady is.I was just using notepad because of the familiar name06:06
confusiousSorry,where do I right click ?06:08
Sysi-on file in file manager06:10
confusiousthank you06:10
BalsaqSysi...you are the man!!!!06:24
Balsaqsaved me again!!!06:24
poghow is it possible to configure thunar views with user and group? ist it there a view or is it possible to configure?07:46
pogin the detail view I just have -Name size Type and date.07:48
Balsaqmake a fuse group07:52
titan_arkhey! need an urgent help with OOo. I was trying to install the odf-converter as docx format documents were garbled and now it is is not opening any documents! is there a way to remove and reinstall all OOo packages?09:20
arossouwHi, i have xubuntu 9.04. the xfce4-panel is missing (no applicatons menu). i have opened a terminal and typed xfce4-panel, but nothing happens. Also tried to change settings for panel on settings menu, but nothing appears when clicking on panel settings09:27
arossouwcan i recreate a profile, or delete some files associated with xfce4-panel, for xfce4-panel to work properly?09:28
psycho_oreosprobably there's an issue with binary or memory or something, maybe the application segfaulted09:52
arossouwdo i need to apt-get --reinstall install xfce4-panel , cause ive tried that09:54
arossouwpsycho_oreos: how can i debug it?09:54
psycho_oreosarossouw, usually dmesg would output useful things like that if there's application error or something09:55
psycho_oreosit shouldn't happen normally on a clean install, if it does, it could be something wrong with memory on the computer itself09:56
arossouwis bad blocks on disk a probability?09:56
arossouwi mean a probability to causing issues09:56
psycho_oreosyeah that would be another one as well09:56
arossouwwhat should i look for in dmesg?09:56
psycho_oreosbut like I said, it shouldn't normally happen on clean install09:57
psycho_oreosumm grep for segfaults or anything to do with the applications you tried to start09:57
arossouwok, can xfce4-panel be started in debug mode, or should i use things like strace and ptrace09:57
psycho_oreosprobably those would be better option or try to see if there's a debug option direct from application09:58
arossouwok, will try09:59
cbxHey everyone. I'm behind a squid proxy. So I can get firefox working12:06
cbxbut I'm having issues with apt get / install programs12:07
tommcdhello all xubuntu enthusiasts!12:57
* Psilocybin_Elf waves.12:58
tommcdI have been a long time Ubuntu user. How does Xubuntu compare with Ubuntu? Is it faster and lighter than Ubuntu? I am very familiar with the XFCE DE from other distros.12:59
Sysiwell, it's ubuntu but with xfce, not gnome12:59
Myrttidoesn't come with evolution or openoffice, some overhead is shed there, if you don't use them personally13:00
tommcdI have never used Xubuntu though. I am thinking of switching to Xubuntu, since Ubuntu is getting rather bloated imo.13:00
tommcddoes xubuntu use pulse audio? I have heard that it does not.13:01
Myrttino it doesn't13:01
tommcdgood. I don't like pulse audio at all.13:02
balvonaswho does?;]13:03
Evetwhat is the equivalent of nm-applet?13:03
Myrttiit has it's benefits13:03
MyrttiEvet: in what?13:03
Evet(a tray widget that we can choose wifi or cable networks)13:03
EvetMyrtti: you've just say. nm-applet13:03
Myrttinm-applet is what xubuntu uses.13:03
balvonasEvet: wicd13:03
psycho_oreosI think 9.04 did have pulseaudio, I've removed that in my setup13:04
EvetMyrtti: maybe not for 8.0413:04
MyrttiEvet: yes, in that too13:04
Psilocybin_ElfI'm using Xubuntu 8.10 and it has nm-applet.13:12
tommcd@psycho_oreos, I have removed pulse audio also. It is a huge resource hog imo.13:24
psycho_oreostommcd, heh I removed mine because it was conflicting with sound along with cdemud13:31
psycho_oreosand that pulseaudio was buggy13:31
eXpl0i7did anyone have problems with headphones?13:38
eXpl0i7i'm using xubuntu 9.0413:38
eXpl0i7and can't get headphones to work13:39
psycho_oreosand is there sound through speakers?13:39
eXpl0i7i tried something fron ubuntu forums but nothing13:40
eXpl0i7i have sound on speakers13:40
psycho_oreostried plugging headphone into the same speaker output?13:40
eXpl0i7and work13:40
psycho_oreosand it works? maybe your front audio panel or whatever doesn't work13:41
eXpl0i7on windows xp all work13:41
psycho_oreoswindows is windows, linux is linux13:41
eXpl0i7i know :)13:41
psycho_oreoswell I don't know of other solution apart from thinking its a hardware issue, the motherboards I've been tinkering wtih allows you to either use the rear audio jacks or the front but not both13:43
psycho_oreosthat's with an onboard sound chip13:43
eXpl0i7see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/384384/13:44
psycho_oreosrear audio jacks are the ones soldered onto the motherboard itself, the front audio jacks are usually on the PC case and they provide audio headers for those to plug it onto the motherboard13:44
eXpl0i7i don't have front jacks13:45
psycho_oreosmm onboard audio chip and?13:45
psycho_oreosmaybe top or side, PC case designs are becoming weird these days :p13:46
eXpl0i7a have old pc13:46
psycho_oreosyou're not making any sense.13:47
psycho_oreosand like I said, output can go either to one or the other not both afaik13:48
tommcd@eXpl0i7, have you tried running alsamixer from the terminal? Using alsamixer, check that the headphone output is not muted (toggle the "M" key, and raise the volume level all the way up for the headphones in alsamixer using the arrow keys. Then hit Esc twice to exit alsamixer.15:08
eXpl0i7tommcd: i don't have "headphone" in alsamixer15:09
eXpl0i7i have "phone" but this is not for headphones15:10
tommcd@eXpl0i7, Is this a desktop or a laptop? What computer is this? I have a headphone setting in alsamixer on my laptop, but not my desktop. In any case, raise all the levels in alsamixer all the way up and see if you get sound.15:16
tommcd@eXpl0i7,  so what desktop is this? homemade? OEM? specs?15:18
Sysitommcd: what irc client you're using, if you don't write that @ you should get eg. my nick with sy + tab15:20
tommcdand raise all the levels in alsamixer all the way up ^^^^^15:20
tommcdI have Xchat. Is the @ a problem????15:21
bazhangtry to tab complete15:21
tommcdI was using @ as a shorthand for to:15:21
bazhangset in preferences for last spoken, then type first three or so letters then hit tab key15:22
tommcdI can omit @ if it is a problem in some way.15:22
bazhangjust less hassle15:22
bazhangtom <tab> becomes tommcd15:22
Sysiit's not problem, but looks a bit funny15:23
bazhanghighlights user, as @ does not I am guessing15:23
Sysiand some clients may not hilight that by default15:23
tommcdok, no more @@@ for me!!15:23
knomehello people. :)15:31
tommcdhello knome!!!!15:32
tommcdso... just to ask his question again for all the people who have recently joined....  Is Xubuntu noticeably faster and lighter than Ubuntu???15:35
tommcdme thinks Ubuntu has been getting rather bloated.15:36
knometommcd, xubuntu has a smaller memory footprint so yes, it should be faster. with powerful pc's you don't feel that much difference though15:37
tommcdknome, that is about what I thought. thank you.15:38
knometommcd, no problem, enjoy xubuntu15:39
tommcdI have been thinking of switching to Xubuntu when 10.04 comes out.15:39
tommcdMy system can handle Ubuntu with gnome and all. But I prefer to eliminate bloat wherever possible.15:40
tommcdI have enjoyed the XFCE desktop in Zenwalk and Slackware for some time now.15:42
tommcdI also like Gnome though.15:44
tommcdSo perhaps Ubuntu for the desktop, and Xubuntu for the laptop, just to compare.15:44
knomei really prefer xubuntu everywhere15:45
tommcdI probably would prefer Xubuntu also. I prefer XFCE in Slackware to KDE anyday!15:46
knomekde is a totally different chapter altogether15:47
psycho_oreosthere's also lxde which I looks a little like kde but lighter15:47
tommcdyes, there is supposed to be a Lubuntu (*buntu with LXDE) version of Ubuntu coming out with 10.04.15:48
tommcdI may try that also.15:49
bazhangthere is lubuntu-desktop now15:49
tommcdarrrgh, decisions, decisions, so many decisions ....15:49
knomehaven't heard much about lubuntu yet15:52
psycho_oreosany of you guys use filezilla? I wonder if you can get 3.3.2 on jaunty instead of dist-upgrade or installing karmic15:59
bazhangpsycho_oreos, via PPA?16:00
psycho_oreosbazhang, yeah was googling it, might try backports or something16:00
psycho_oreoshmm that might not work :/ gonna try looking for one for jaunty16:02
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa nope just for karmic there16:03
psycho_oreosyeah I thought so, maybe if I can get the deb src and make binary deb from there16:04
bazhanghe also has the latest transmission there16:05
psycho_oreosheh I tried transmission, didn't really like the UI or the way it handles 100+ torrents16:06
bazhangie with magnet support16:06
* psycho_oreos prefers the (yucky) utorrent over wine for torrenting until I get used to libtorrent16:07
John345345hey im running on the live cd now and want to browse the files on the hard drive17:30
darthanubisJohn345345: click the hard drive17:31
John345345mnt is empty?17:31
John345345media is empty too17:31
Myrttithen they're not mounted17:31
charlie-tcaI think you have to mount then17:32
darthanubisJohn345345: did you click the drive?17:32
charlie-tcaHello, Myrtti17:32
John345345yes, the drive icon on the desktop17:32
Myrttiohai charlie-tca ♥17:32
darthanubisJohn345345: now click the drive icon17:32
John345345yes, file system17:32
John345345i dont want to install yet, i want to check if the drive has files17:33
charlie-tcaI am bringing up the live desktop, let me look17:34
charlie-tcaAs I recall, Xubuntu does not automount the hard drives, because you have to unmount them to install on them17:34
John345345how do I moount it ?17:35
charlie-tcacreate a mount point, sudo mkdir /media/sda117:36
charlie-tcathen you can mount the drive, sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda117:36
charlie-tcathen use thunar to look at sda1, which is the first partition of the hard drive17:37
charlie-tcaGood luck. If it fails and the commands are correct, the drive is empty17:37
charlie-tcaJohn345345: you will have to unmount the drive or reboot to install after that, umount /media/sda117:38
John345345now I gottaa figure out why the WINNT directory is there17:38
charlie-tcaDoes this system have windows on it?17:39
John345345I don't remember installing it on that drive17:39
charlie-tcaYou can add mount points, too, just increment the number17:39
charlie-tcasda2, sda3, etc17:39
John345345ive only got 117:40
John345345oh wait17:40
John345345what if  there is another partition ?17:40
charlie-tcaor two drives17:40
John345345I know there is only 1 physical drive17:40
charlie-tcause the same commands, change sda1 to sda217:40
John345345with dev/sda1 ?17:41
John345345and media/sda2 ?17:41
charlie-tcachange /dev/sda1 to /dev/sda2 and change /media/sda1 to /media/sda217:42
John345345that will still get me the second partition?17:42
John345345mount: you must specify the filesystem type17:42
charlie-tcaThat will be the 2nd partition17:42
charlie-tcatry sda317:43
John345345how do I exit man page?17:44
charlie-tcaYou had windows on this drive, sda2 might be the recovery partition or the swap partition17:44
knomepress q17:44
John345345mount: mount point /media/sda3 does not exist17:46
John345345but with sda2 i get mount: you must specify the filesystem type17:46
charlie-tcatwo partitions on this drive, then17:47
charlie-tcatry mount -t ntfs ...17:47
charlie-tcaDid you create the /media/sda3 directory?17:48
John345345NTFS signature is missing.17:48
John345345Failed to mount '/dev/sda2': Invalid argument17:48
John345345The device '/dev/sda2' doesn't have a valid NTFS.17:48
charlie-tcatry replacing ntfs with fat3217:48
John345345unknown filesystem type17:49
charlie-tcatry ext317:49
John345345mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2,17:50
John345345       missing codepage or helper program17:50
charlie-tcaI give up17:50
John345345why is fat32 unknown17:51
charlie-tcaGo to applications -> system -> gparted17:51
charlie-tcaLook under "file system" column for the type17:52
John345345ok I see /dev/sda2 as extended partition17:52
John345345/dev/sda5 has ntfs17:52
charlie-tcaso, there is also an sda517:52
John345345so, just mount sda5 ?17:52
charlie-tcahow many more do you see?17:53
John345345well, the sda1 is already mounted17:53
John345345i browse sda5 says 0 items17:54
charlie-tcaThen it is empty17:54
charlie-tcagparted show show very little used on it17:54
John345345it's called partition editor btw17:55
John345345the shortcut17:55
John345345can I burn a more recent copy of ubuntu with live desktop?17:56
charlie-tcaIt is gparted in Xubuntu lucid17:56
John345345oh wait, there is already a disc in there17:56
charlie-tcaWhat are you using now?17:56
charlie-tcaoh, yeah, there is that, too17:56
John345345yes the window title says gparted, but the shortcut says partition editor17:57
charlie-tcait worked, right?17:57
John345345yeah, just specifying for the others you will help17:57
charlie-tcanow if you don't want to restart, you can right click each partition in gparted, and click "unmount"17:58
charlie-tcaBut you have to unmount sda5 before sda217:58
John345345i'd use windows but they charge for a liscence17:59
John345345can you update xubuntu to ubunto or update my old xubuntu disc?18:00
John345345what's your email charlie-tca ?18:01
John345345you're a nice guy18:01
charlie-tcaYou can run sudo apt-get update18:01
charlie-tcathen run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:01
charlie-tcaIt will update that live environment to the latest for the version it is18:01
John345345can I run that with live desktop?18:01
charlie-tcaOr, If you are going to install, just run install, then run the updates to bring the installation up to date18:02
charlie-tcaWhat version is that?18:02
John345345ok xubuntu 8.1018:03
John345345that's old, right?18:03
charlie-tcaIt ends in april of 201018:04
John345345its got firefox 3.0.318:04
charlie-tcaYou can install it, update it, then upgrade if you want.18:04
charlie-tcawhich is also dead18:04
John345345upgrade to ubuntu?18:04
charlie-tcaYou can, by using sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:04
John345345I did upgrade from xubuntu to ubuntu once, once finished the old xubuntu boot screen was still there18:05
charlie-tcaall it does is change the desktop from Xfce to Gnome18:05
John345345ive got a pentium 418:05
charlie-tcabut it still uses gnome18:05
John345345ive got a pentium 318:05
charlie-tcaWhy not download the ubuntu cd then?18:05
charlie-tcaAlthough I think Ubuntu will run slow on that18:06
John345345becaause I forgot it18:06
John345345at home18:06
charlie-tcaI see18:06
John345345so xubuntu is better for pentium 318:06
charlie-tcaEspecially if you don't install openoffice18:06
charlie-tcaUbuntu requires more ram, more processor, more hard drive18:07
John345345yeah I'll just use google docs18:07
Myrttievolution makes cpu/ram cry18:07
John345345I had to get a new computer since the old one I had littteraly fried18:08
John345345smelt really bad for 3 weeks18:08
John345345ok i will install18:12
John345345thank you all for the help18:12
sdhi i don't have xfce menu how do i activate??19:05
knomesd, are you missing the panel completely, or just the xfce menu?19:06
sdmisimg complitely19:07
knomesd, okay, then press alt+f2 and run 'xfce4-panel'19:08
sdthnks knome19:10
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subspiderhello Sachse_Siechtum22:42
subspiderhow are you man22:43
Sachse_Siechtumhello I'm fine and you?22:50
Sachse_Siechtumjust watching a documentation about Prussia22:51

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