Typos_Kingalienkid10:   I see... not sure.... I've booted once with a usb.... and didn't save any data...not even sure it's mean to, I know it said it can save files to the usb, but dunno on settings00:00
Curly_QLosha, If you are using a Dynamic DHCP service rather than Static, then, the IP addresses as well as the Domain names cannot be port forwarded or assigned to the server.00:00
_2Losha: i'm using a gui   that's not the point00:00
alienkid10I need to boot from CD though00:00
derekboy@Pandaman: The only times I've ever seen it happen was when installing something through Software Center, synaptic, etc.00:00
alienkid10can't boot USB00:00
Losha_2: doesn't change my answer: man ssh00:00
Pindamanderekboy, my prior ubuntu installation also head problems with speed when the harddisk was busy. What version of Ubuntu do you use?00:01
Typos_Kingalienkid10:   boot the system from the live-cd and save the system settings in usb?   well.... not sure on that, not that I've done it... so can't say00:01
tertittenanyone dared to update to 10.4 Alpha 3 ? :) (from 9.10)00:01
derekboy@Pindaman: Karmic Koala. I also remember this happening much more frequently under Intrepid00:01
wirechiefBluesKaj-Laptop: ok well catch you later on this.00:01
LoshaCurly_Q: I'm obviously out of my depth at this point. Best of luck...00:01
jadakren!anyone | tertitten00:01
Curly_QIn other words, having a static address with Go-Daddy and having a Domain Name, then, the port forwarding would be important.00:01
ubottutertitten: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:01
bazhangtertitten, lucid discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:01
joinericLosha: says network is unreachable00:02
BluesKaj-Laptopwirechief, ok ..interesting discussion just the same ;000:02
Pindamanderekboy, not sure but i think thats just something Ubuntu has. Not sure though :x I dont have it anymore under 9.1000:02
_2Losha: ummm maybe it's something to do with ssh-agent ???00:02
Loshajoineric: ok, that's good, it means it's "just" a config issue, not a hardware failure....00:02
derekboy@Pindaman: After reinstalling it though Wubi a second time (I thought it was my unsupported video drivers) I haven't seen it, but other users on my computer have said it does while browsing the Web and not installing anything.00:03
Curly_QIn other words, a DNS (domain name server) would forward the IP address to the DNS server while the Linux Server will BIND it.00:03
Losha_2: I thought the whole point of ssh-agent was set it & forget it?00:03
Pindamanderekboy, hmm cant help you there other then to advice to install all update ;p00:03
derekboy@Pindaman: What do you mean?00:03
magicjoei need a step by step list for a newbie, or a link for a newbie, to install ubuntu on a power pc mac. i have the iso for ppc. any help?00:03
joinericLosha: yeah everything else is working great, this is the only problem i am having00:04
Pindamanderekboy, i cant help with that. But make sure you have Ubuntu updated00:04
Loshajoineric: you need to edit /etc/network/interfaces. I will paste my config. It should be obvious what to change for your network, ok?00:04
joinericLosha: sounds great!00:04
derekboy@Pindaman: Oh thanks. I have it completely updated and am running System Testing right now to see what happens without Intel Video drivers ~,~00:05
Typos_Kingderekboy:   burn the .iso to cd, try to boot with it :|00:05
_2Losha: if ssh-agent is causing a pop-up window, i'll just rm /usr/bin/ssh-agent   and it will be fixed.00:05
Curly_QBIND is: Berkely Internet Name Domain00:05
Typos_Kingmagicjoe:  burn the .iso to cd, try to boot with it :|00:05
Loshajoineric: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/pkSZxVNX    Might have to restart networking, or reboot to get the routing tables to adjust. Let me know...00:06
Pindamanderekboy, cant help you with videocard problems (:00:06
derekboy@Pindaman: Okay, I just hope the Ubuntu Generic drivers work A-Okay00:06
joinericLosha: alright thanks00:07
Losha_2: I'd prefer the slightly less drastic mv  /usr/bin/ssh-agent  /usr/bin/ssh-agent.original00:07
listedaswanted-Hi guys I have a wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet and want to get it up and running on my Ubuntu 9.10 install, could anybody walk me through the procedure?00:08
Kismethey anyone know how to set up an enviroment variable00:08
PindamanHave you tried this Kismet : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1586.html00:09
KismetPindaman, no.. i have look at that page thx00:09
LoshaKismet: adding 'export VAR=value' to your .bashrc is one way....00:10
KismetLosha, thank you... do i have to add it just at the end of that file00:10
LoshaKismet: the end of the file is a good location usually. You may have to logout and then back in again for it to take effect, ok00:11
ruthie_How're y'all?00:11
Typos_Kingruthie_  fine and dandy00:11
* Typos_King ducks00:11
KismetLosha, i did that export CATALINA_HOME=/opt/tomcat00:12
bazhangruthie_, did you have an ubuntu support question00:12
=== fedzzz is now known as fed
LoshaKismet: looks good. Did it work?00:12
=== fed is now known as fed_
ruthie_No, am I supposed to have an ubuntu support question?/00:13
KismetLosha, how do i check it ??00:13
bazhangruthie_, this is support ; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:13
LoshaKismet: type echo $CATALINA_HOME00:13
KismetLosha, because  it i try to install something which requires that stuff it says "nstallation requires the CATALINA_HOME environment variable to be set to the location of your Tomcat installation."00:13
KismetLosha, the output is /opt/tomcat00:14
LoshaKismet: perfect, that should do it...00:14
joinericLosha: did the edit but still no luck, the only difference between our configs was numbers00:14
Loshajoineric: can you paste the output of iconfig -a and netstat -r00:15
KismetLosha, but when i try to install something which requires that.. it says that the environment variable is not set00:15
LoshaKismet: did you logout and back in again?00:15
joinericLosha: yeah give me a second00:15
KismetLosha, couple of times00:16
LoshaKismet: are your sure the /opt/tomcat is the correct value?00:16
KismetLosha, pretty sure... if i go to cd /opt/tomcat i can see my tomcat folder ( i did an ln -s00:17
LoshaKismet: where did you link it to?00:17
=== jofo_ is now known as jofo
_2hmmm deleting /usr/bin/ssh-agent seems to have rendered the gui useless....00:18
KismetLosha, ln -s apache-tomcat-6.0.24 tomcat00:18
Mark_vHhei, i'm having this incredibly annoying problem that whenever i dl a torrent, my wireless connection goes down at random times00:19
bonniein #ubuntu00:20
Mark_vHno problem at all on same machine and same connection using windows xp00:20
LoshaKismet: well, nothing to lose, so try export CATALINA_HOME=/opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.24 instead...00:20
bonnieis there a specific channel for evolution mail, or does anyone know how to use filters?00:20
KismetLosha, ok i will thank you00:20
Mark_vHit's mentioned on some forum that this problem got fixed in development version of ubuntu, but no details about the fix00:21
_2i hate gnome,00:21
Mark_vHany idea how to fix this in karmic, or any people experiencing same problem?00:21
_2almost as much as i hate windows00:21
joinericLosha: Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 40:61:86:7f:83:39, inet addr: Bcast: Mask:, UP BROADCAST MULTICAST MTU: 1500 Metric:1, Interrupt:30 Base address:0x400000:21
KismetLosha, i need to log out now don't i00:21
* Typos_King hasn't been dl'ing torrents lately00:21
bonnie_2, :-/ - gnome is all I can get to work lol, just different opinions00:21
joinericLosha: that was eth000:22
LoshaKismet: yes, then use the echo command to check that the variable is there...00:22
Mark_vH(i already tried switching from network-manager to wicd, but no sigar)00:22
_2bonnie: ever try blackbox ?00:22
bonniehow do i have evolution run a program with $1 as the message body?00:22
bonnie_2, no, I'm using ubuntu00:22
=== jcg_ is now known as jcg_away
Loshajoineric: one interface at a time, ok? Looks good. What about netstat -r00:22
_2bonnie: heh i meant on ubuntu...  ;/00:22
running_rabbit07has anyone ever had a problem with the dictionary in the office menu not being able to connect to its server?00:23
_2!info blackbox00:23
ubottublackbox (source: blackbox): Window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70.1-2.2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 235 kB, installed size 724 kB00:23
bonnieno, don't have the ram lol00:23
Typos_Kingbonnie   sorry, I don't use evolution :|00:23
=== gustavolm_ is now known as gustavolm
bonnieTypos_King, tnks anyway, I need to send an email and it execute a program w/ $1 as the message body, and noone knows how lol00:24
running_rabbit07ring ring00:24
running_rabbit07has anyone ever had a problem with the dictionary in the office menu not being able to connect to its server?00:24
bonniewho's there00:24
plecebohow do i download e2k files with vuze00:24
bonnielol, brb00:25
=== bonnie is now known as bonnie_away
KismetLosha, i tried to install that again... and it dosn't work.. stil the same error message00:25
rifterbonnie, some mail clients have process triggers that do stuff like that.  sylpheed is one as I understand.  I have not messed wih that feature00:25
Typos_Kingrunning_rabbit07:   hehe, not I.... Imostly use the spellchecker, or some separate app like Kdict, or my offlinel dictionary, stardict00:25
LoshaKismet: sorry, I'm out of ideas then....00:26
joinericLosha: Destination:, Genmask-, Flags- U, MSS- 0, Window- 0, irtt- 0, Iface- eth0 -- same for eth100:26
KismetLosha, still thank you for your time...00:26
markdany alteritives to b43 drivers?00:26
running_rabbit07its the first install I have done that the dictionary didn't work00:26
plecebohow are you useing miranda im for irc00:26
plecebonever mind00:27
blakkheimmarkd: using a better wifi card00:27
dyekIs the xen package still useful for Ubuntu 9.10? I'm trying to convert a Ubuntu 9.10 installation to PV Guest.00:27
running_rabbit07Typos king:thanks anyway00:27
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
dsnydersHi all!  I'm having a Gnome problem.  When I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?00:27
Typos_Kingmarkd:    if the drivers weren't working, you'd get no connection00:27
dragonbossmarkd: b43 seems to work better than windows drivers00:28
Typos_Kinghe's blaming a network logging issue to the b43 drivers00:28
wesleyI downloaded the game "mortal online" the digital installer is compressed in an exe file and wine wont open it properly to extract, any1 know a work around?00:29
trismrunning_rabbit07: I think the problem is the default server, dict.org, seems to be down (this is actually the first time I've used it though, I usually just use define:word in google)00:29
Loshajoineric: Um, there are some routes missing from your routing table. See mine00:29
running_rabbit07trism: thanx00:29
Typos_Kingrunning_rabbit07:   or just get the offline dictionary stardict :)00:29
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
Loshajoineric: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/NXhu0rSJ00:30
anavarrohi there00:30
running_rabbit07Typos King: that'll be cool, thanx00:30
anavarrothere's a good site that offers free live tv channels?00:30
Typos_Kingrunning_rabbit07:   stardict is in the repos, as far as the dictionary files ->   http://stardict.sourceforge.net/Dictionaries_dictd-www.dict.org.php   <---    you unzip those to -> /usr/share/stardict/dic00:31
anavarroI'm trying to watch australian tv channels and there's no way00:32
bazhanganavarro, is this related to Ubuntu in some manner?00:32
anavarrothe problem seems to be my browser location and I don't know how to fake that00:32
anavarromaybe some tv streamer application or something00:33
joinericLosha: the omitted the gateway on the table because it had * listed00:33
running_rabbit07should I install gnome or gtk on UNR?00:33
bazhanganavarro, to fake geo-location? not on topic here00:34
anavarrosomething that fake my browser location?00:34
Loshajoineric: wanna paste the full output for me?00:34
dsnydersanavarro, the site is going to detect where your ISP is.  Faking it in your browser isn't going to help.00:34
anavarrothanks for you hospitality00:34
maple1niggers must *ie00:34
joinericLosha: yeah, i was just trying to make it quicker cause im having to type it out by hand, give me a sec, im on a netbook00:35
zanberdoI'm running ubuntu 9.04. I have up until just now been able to mount my IPod and work with it via amarok 1.4. However, all of the sudden when I attach the IPod I get an error "Unable to mount the volume 'FOO'. Details show: mount /dev/sdb2 already mounted or /media/FOO busy. Now, I've gone ahead and attached this same IPod to another machine running ubuntu 9.04 and it's recognized without any issues. I've also verified that ther00:35
zanberdoe is nothing on /media/FOO. I'm stumped. What might be the source of my problem?00:35
Loshaanavarro: you need a proxy web browser service. The good ones cost money. Google them...00:35
Typos_Kingrunning_rabbit07:   what do you mean?00:35
Quan-Timezanberdo: is some process still taking it ?00:36
anavarrothanks Losha00:36
anavarrogood tip00:36
running_rabbit07installing stardict offers gtk and gnome in synaptic, which should I go with?00:36
braddcaddanyone know why my notifications are blacked out in 9.10, and why the pulldown menu headers are unreadable...everything was fine in 9.0400:37
joinericLosha: Destination-, Gateway- *, Genmask-, Flags- U, MSS- 0, Window- 0, irtt- 0, Iface- eth0 | Destination-, Gateway- *, Genmask-, Flags- U, MSS- 0, Window- 0, irtt- 0, Iface- eth100:37
Typos_Kingrunning_rabbit07:   that's just a matter of interface, I use the gtk, but if you have ubuntu, you can go either, is just how the window will be 'themed'00:37
JrodDCxbraddcadd:  did you upgrade your system?00:37
running_rabbit07Typos_King, thanx00:38
JrodDCxfrom 9.04?00:38
braddcaddJrodDCx, yes several months ago (I am running Gnome)00:38
zanberdoQuan-Time, I'm not sure how to find that out. I can eject the device from command line, but I don't know how to get hal to probe for it again without unplugging and plugging in USB00:38
braddcaddhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1373887 (there are screenshots here that show the problem)00:39
JrodDCxbraddcadd:  that might be why ,  you might want to start afresh , or delte your custom desktop configs in home00:39
Loshajoineric: that doesn't look right to me, but I'm not sure if it's just because you're not running 8.04 (and I am). What is your gateway IP address?00:39
MaT-dgI can't open gstreamer-properties in terminal or 'multimedia systems selector' in GUI anymore.00:39
zanberdodmesg seems to be returning a series of Buffer I/O error on device dm-4, logical block x (where x is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,0,0,1 respectively see http://pastebin.com/AmGphjL7)00:40
joinericLosha: well with netstat -rn it gives me
braddcaddJrodDCx, where do you think the settings are?00:41
Borisnoob question: whats the command to find out my kernel version?00:41
bazhangBoris, uname -a00:41
VaffanculoNostraHere's the error:00:42
ylluminateWhat are people finding useful for server management of ubuntu these days?00:42
Loshajoineric: that's not a gateway, that's a default route i.e. where packets go if there's no other route specified. Where is the router on your 192.168.1 network?00:42
VaffanculoNostraInode 53 has illegal block. Unexpected Inconsistancy. Run fsck manually00:42
ylluminateie, i used to use webmin00:42
VaffanculoNostraext3 fail with 751 GB of postgresql tables :'(00:43
VaffanculoNostraPlease help00:43
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox ylluminate you might consider ebox00:43
gooraangjoin #drupal00:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:43
Barnabasylluminate, there is a lot of plugins to gadmin and the likes00:43
Loshajoineric: and the netmask?00:43
bazhangDougdoug4, what's up00:43
Dougdoug4kick chan spammer00:43
Barnabasylluminate, but the best tool is xterm :-)00:43
ylluminatethis is a remote virtual machine running00:43
ylluminatelol, sure Barnabas; always good to have a second view00:44
bazhangDougdoug4, for typing join #drupal ?00:44
dsnydersHI all!  Gnome is fouling up my xserver.  How do I fix it?00:45
bazhangDougdoug4, some other reason?00:45
Loshajoineric: I think the eth0 address will have to be a 192.168.2.something to work. Change the interfaces file.00:45
kesihi all, how do I disable a wireless device?  Specifically the internal wifi card on a laptop?00:45
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?00:45
JrodDCxbraddcadd:  if you wanna try it (it will erase all your gnome settings eg. wallpaper) goto your home press Ctrl+h and delete the folders named .gnome2 and .gnome_Private . Note this is risky!00:45
Typos_Kingkesi:    check your laptop manual :)   usually there's a [FN] [KEYHERE] combination for such on mobiles00:46
kesiTypos_King, while that works, it disables all wifi devices I just want to disable one00:46
Typos_Kingkesi: some have a slider or some button on the outside of the case for such00:46
braddcaddJrodDCx, thanks, risk understood00:46
Barnabaskesi, or even a clean "wireless off" button00:46
dsnyderskesi, you should be able to do an iwconfig command00:47
Barnabasusually takes down bluetooth too00:47
kesiBarnabas, that disables all wifi devices including my usb one that I want to use00:47
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: you don't have much choice. Run fsck manually....00:47
humoihow do you turn networking on without turning internet on?00:47
kesidsnyders, do you know what  that  would ben?00:47
kesidsnyders, err.. be?00:47
Typos_Kingkesi:   you just want to turn off an interface, off several?00:47
Barnabaskesi, why do you need to disable them?00:47
VaffanculoNostraLosha: Okay, it keeps saying bad inode. I say delete on each bad inode, and it finds more.00:47
VaffanculoNostraI can't mount now!00:47
Barnabaskesi, just configure the one you want00:48
kesiBarnabas, because nm-applet keeps trying to connect with my internal card and I want it to only use my external00:48
kesiTypos_King, just want to disable my internal wifi card00:48
omicr0nKesi: ifconfig wlan0 down00:48
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: you have backups, don't you?00:48
Barnabashmm i can recommend wicd00:48
kesiBarnabas, I used it for awhile and wasn't thrilled00:49
Typos_Kingkesi:    .... right..  I assume each will have an interface, see omicr0n's line  to take it down00:49
ioudas2I have a ubuntu 8.04 32 bit install I have installed apache enabled mod_rewrite and installed php5. Whenever I go to the site no mod rewrite rules seem to work. Does any one have any ideas00:49
ioudas2I cant find anything on google or forums that have worked00:49
VaffanculoNostraLosha: We stopped doing backups to cut costs00:49
Typos_Kingkesi:  I think you can also do -> sudo ip link set IFACEHERE down00:49
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: is this a troll?00:49
VaffanculoNostra(the company is in chapter 11 bankruptcy)00:49
dsnyderskesi, maybe you can disable it in BIOS?00:50
VaffanculoNostraSo, saving money has come back to bite us.00:50
songerhow i must to save a file and then open it in word offices?00:52
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: ok, well now you know what was wrong with that strategy. Your data may be irretrievably lost at this point...00:52
humoican anyone please tell me how do you turn networking on without turning internet on?00:52
Barnabashumoi, today net = internet00:53
VaffanculoNostraLosha: Yes, we have hundreds of web sites that were hosted on six virtual machines on that Emachines server.00:53
dyek!find SDL.h00:53
ubottuFile SDL.h found in clanlib-doc, libplib-dev, libsdl1.2-dev, libxul-dev, pike7.6-reference (and 3 others)00:53
Barnabasif it is routed00:53
ezhanginanyone know a fair amount about audio in ubuntu?00:53
humoiBarnabas, I'm talking about LAN00:54
ioudas2I have a ubuntu 8.04 32 bit install I have installed apache enabled mod_rewrite and installed php5. Whenever I go to the site no mod rewrite rules seem to work. Does any one have any ideas? None of my google searches seem to make rewrite work.00:54
VaffanculoNostraLosha: We are in violation of our service level agreement and a bunch of clients are cancelling their contracts with us while are company is already in chapter 11. :(00:54
rajHELLO guys and if anyone can help PLEASE let me know.. I found a solution for my SLOW wifi speed. and everytime i go on the terminal and type "sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 36M" so i can get my wifi run MUCH faster at faster speeds.. but im tired of it.. how can i add the script to bootup?00:54
Barnabashumoi, whats the purpose?00:54
Barnabasto generally turn of internet access for a group of pcs00:55
joinericLosha: yeah i guess that i dont have the correct gateway, the other pc on my network has a default gateway of, it should be the same as that right?00:55
Barnabasor just for one00:55
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: Sorry to hear that. I think you should be looking for a new job instead of running fsck...00:55
humoiBarnabas, just one00:55
bipolarDoes anyone know of a command that will set the Java license as accepted? I need to install the package in the background with no prompts.00:55
Barnabashumoi, manually configure the IP settings without giving a standard gateway00:55
mangosraj: have you tried googling for "ubuntu startup script" or something?00:55
Barnabashumoi, provided you are on a routed LAN00:56
humoiBarnabas, how do you do that?00:56
=== valadao_ is now known as valadao
Dunkirkbipolar, I don't know the elegant answer, but you could "wrap" the install with an expect script, and have it answer the question for you.00:56
humoiBarnabas, yes i am00:56
rajHELLO guys and if anyone can help PLEASE let me know.. I found a solution for my SLOW wifi speed. and everytime i go on the terminal and type "sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 36M" so i can get my wifi run MUCH faster at faster speeds.. but im tired of it.. how can i add the script to bootup? its funny but that is the only way you can get Ralink to perform fast. can someone help me? to make a script to add this command and let it run everytime i boo00:56
rajt up?00:56
ezhanginalsa whhh00:56
rajmangos yes but this is for wireless:S00:56
peekaydoes anyone have a working link to ubuntu-restricted-extras offline installer for 9.10? I can only find working links for 9.0400:57
Barnabashumoi, if you use the gnome network applet it is under the wired pane00:57
mangosraj: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-add-a-program-to-the-ubuntu-startup-list-after-login/00:57
Dunkirkpeekay, You could probably stuff it in /etc/rc.local.00:57
ezhanginmy sound isn't working, rats00:57
Barnabasyou probably have something called auto eth0 or something00:57
Dunkirkraj, Sorry, that was for you: Stuff it in /etc/rc.local.00:57
Loshajoineric: yes, that sounds right...00:57
rajmangos: its not a program. i need to add it as a script with boot up.. not a program:s its a command00:58
bipolarDunkirk: I was looking for something more on the lines of setting the debconf setting manually.00:58
rajthx Drunkirk00:58
Typos_Kingraj     ever checked maybe if 'rutilt' provides any performance gain for it?    rutilt in the repos, is a RaLink-optimized network manager with other options00:58
humoiBarnabas, what should i manually configure the IP settings to?00:58
VaffanculoNostraLosha: Okay thanks.00:59
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?00:59
peekayDunkirk, again?00:59
dyek!find makeinfo00:59
ubottuFile makeinfo found in bash-completion-lib, emacs-snapshot-common, emacs-snapshot-el, emacs22-common, emacs22-el (and 14 others)00:59
rajTypos_King: i will look into that thx00:59
Typos_Kingraj:   or maybe ...... try other drivers?    what  ralink chipset do you have anyway?   9.1?00:59
VaffanculoNostraMy boss has let me know that I am an idiot for letting him do this. :(00:59
Dunkirkpeekay, Sorry, I meant that for raj.00:59
morph_can someone answer a question for me00:59
Dunkirkbipolar, Looks like dpkg-preconfigure?01:00
dsnydersmorph_, nobody can answer a question that has not been asked.01:00
GeekSquid!ask |morph_01:00
ubottumorph_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:00
morph_i install ubuntu01:00
morph_im on an iMac OSX01:00
koolguyhey everyone01:00
Barnabashumoi, you should manually enter an ip address outside the addres scope of your dhcp server01:00
morph_so im dual booting01:00
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: I'm not sure the opinion of a boss at a company in chapter 11 holds much weight. What's he an expert at?01:00
morph_when i lselect ubuntu to go into01:00
bipolarDunkirk: I'll check that out. thanks!01:00
humoi!enter | morph_01:00
ubottumorph_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:00
rajTypos_King its  abelkin card with Rlink chipset not sure.. but when i type sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 36M it gives me the optimum speed i shoudl be getting. yes im using ubuntu 9.1001:00
morph_it goes to a black screen that says grub_rescue01:00
Barnabasso you need to figure out what the IP dhcp address config for your land is01:00
BarnabasLAN is01:00
morph_ok let me try again01:00
koolguyim on a dell inspiron 1501, and need to reset my wireless on the beta of ubuntu 10.0401:01
VaffanculoNostraLosha: Expert at running an ISP on $400 emachines servers, apparently.01:01
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joinericLosha: i edited the interfaces and rebooted and still no luck01:01
Barnabashumoi, that would be configured in your router01:01
humoiBarnabas, a local address?01:01
bazhangkoolguy, lucid support in #ubuntu+101:01
Steve`_`i am right on the edge of switching from windows 7 to ubuntu or possibly kubuntu01:01
morph_im on an iMac running OSX, when i install ubuntu and select it to boot into it goes to a black screen and that just says "grub_rescue"01:01
koolguylol ok01:01
morph_that is my problem01:01
bipolarDunkirk: unfortunately, it seems dpkg-preconfigure still pops up the question to ask. :(01:01
humoiBarnabas, what do you mean that would be configured by my router?01:01
GeekSquidmorph_: ? using bootcamp?01:01
Barnabashumoi, perhaps your router is able to issue a fixed ip to a single pc ever time it logs on (static ip) and restrict internet access for it01:02
morph_tried just from CD too01:02
morph_tried rEFit01:02
Typos_Kingraj:     why don't you just add in an init.d script then, so it's done at bootup01:02
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Dunkirkbipolar, :-( I'd like to see the answer too.01:02
Barnabashumoi, do you know about dhcp?01:02
humoiBarnabas, great but how would i do that01:02
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Typos_Kingraj:    I think you can even add it to /etc/profile01:02
humoiBarnabas, all i know is that it automatically assigns public ips01:02
rajTypos_King: how do you do that? that is what im trying to do. but i never added any script at startup01:03
bipolarDunkirk: I can do it with a preseed, but thats during installation. :\01:03
Barnabashumoi, not public ips it assigns an available IP on your subnet to a computer for a certain lease01:03
morph_also these are the settings i use: sda3(partition ubuntu is installed on) i selected ext4, reformat, and mount point / on grub i select sda3 since thats what ubuntu is on Barnabas01:03
zetherooa friend of mine tried to install a scanner driver and app through WINE ... this would not have worked right? I mean, is WINE capable of installing and running device drivers?01:03
Typos_Kingraj:   try giving it to /etc/profile    without the sudo, since that'd be a rooted process anyhow01:03
axisysanyone here starts vbox VM with upstart? i am looking for an example to start guest VM when host reboots01:03
Dunkirkraj, I still think /etc/rc.local is your answer. Whatever commands are in it are run as the last thing at startup.01:03
dsnydersTypos_King, Isn't there a file in /etc/networking/scripts or something that raj can use to set the network card parameters?01:04
morph_Barnabas: i also installed debian earlier with no problems01:04
humoiBarnabas, i apologise for my ignorance of networking but does subnet mean your lan?01:04
humoiBarnabas, can we pm?01:04
LoshaVaffanculoNostra: not quite an expert apparently. But back to topic, one of the recovery tools *might* work, I've had good luck using EASUS to recover files from an ext3 disk when nothing else would work (though it's a bit weird cos you have to run it from windows). Otherwise, you just have to let the fsck run to completion and hope the result is readable, and there's no guarantee that it will be...01:04
Barnabasyes the network you have in your home on the inside of your router01:04
rajDunkirk: i will try both and see which one will start up after reboot :)01:04
morph_Barnabas: did u see what i said01:05
Typos_Kingdsnyders.... think so01:05
morph_about how i set it up01:05
Barnabashumoi, do you have access to your router config01:05
humoiBarnabas, yes.01:05
Loshajoineric: sorry, I'm kinda tired and need a break. You must be pretty close though...01:05
niblzbest virtualization for 64bit guest os quad core cpu01:05
Dunkirkdsnyders, That sounds more elegant...01:05
bipolarDunkirk: got it.01:06
bipolarDunkirk: echo "sun-java6-bin shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1 select true" | sudo debconf-set-selections01:06
Dunkirkniblz, KVM is fastest, esp if your Linux on Linux.01:06
rajdsnyders: i will open it with gedit and see if i can edit anything01:06
Dunkirkbipolar, Awesome! Thanks!01:06
GeekSquidnibiz: running a 64bit ubuntu host?01:06
Barnabashumoi, I think the easiest would be to make a static IP assignment to the pc in question and restrict ip access in the router01:06
morph_Barnabas: pm?01:06
humoiBarnabas, what ip should i assign it?01:07
jadakrenBarnabas, last modem router i had wasnt that good and didn't allow for assigning an ip to a machine per mac address which is waht you really need to prevent someone getting around access restrictions based on ip address01:07
Barnabasip access = internet access01:07
humoiBarnabas, what ip should i assign it?01:07
dsnydersDunkirk, Typos_King, raj, Unfortunately I don't remember enough about it to be able to help directly.  I remember editing those on one of my machines for my wired lan long ago though.01:07
Barnabasjadakren, yes01:07
Barnabasmodern routers can do that01:07
joinericLosha: yeah i appreciate it, i need a break myself, im to the point where i think its something simple and when i find it im going to have one of "those" moments, thanks for your help01:07
dsnydersI don't know if they have settings for wireless stuff stored there.01:07
Dunkirkjadakren, MAC addresses can be spoofed.01:08
humoi!who | Barnabas01:08
ubottuBarnabas: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:08
jadakrenBarnabas, one would assume so but this however was a modern router and could not.01:08
jadakrenDunkirk, true, but a good router can see through that.01:08
rajdsnyders, i will take a look :) i wont touch anything i dont understand :)01:08
ioudas2I have a ubuntu 8.04 32 bit install I have installed apache enabled mod_rewrite and installed php5. Whenever I go to the site no mod rewrite rules seem to work. Does any one have any ideas? None of my google searches seem to make rewrite work.01:08
morph_this channel seems to busy to get help01:08
Dunkirkjadakren, Does "good" = "not bought at a local store for less than $3000?"01:08
morph_is there a help channel01:08
dsnydersraj, solid plan.  A bit of googling might help as well.01:09
VaffanculoNostraWell, the boss has screwed everything up by running the recovery CD from Emachines on the server.01:09
VaffanculoNostraIt's reimaging the drive, so all bets are off :(01:09
GeekSquidloudas2: are you using mpm-prefork? and shohusin patch?01:09
humoiBarnabas, can you please help me01:09
jp--hi guys01:09
humoican anyone please tell me how do you turn networking on without turning internet on?01:10
jp--i'm getting problems while reloading udev01:10
jp--* Reloading kernel event manager...//No /sbin/udevd found running; none killed.01:10
jp--how can I solve that?01:10
morph_im still waiting for Barnabas too humoi01:10
jp--there's no much info on internet01:10
jp--3 google pages01:10
jp--and all unressolved01:10
zetheroois WINE capable of installing and running device drivers?01:10
Dunkirkioudas2, Look at a2enmod, I think.01:10
dsnydershumoi, what are you using on your network, ipx?  LAT?01:10
humoidsnyders, a router.01:11
GeekSquidhumoi: assign a static IP address, and do not put in a gateway... you will have networking from IP to IP or Host to Host on your network but you will not have access to the internet01:11
humoiGeekSquid, ok thanks a lot. what static ip should i assign it?01:12
dsnydershumoi, what are you trying to accomplish?01:12
Barnabasmorph, I do not pretend to have an answer for your problem01:12
morph_i just need help01:12
GeekSquidhumoi: either 192.168.1.xxx  or 10.0.1.xxx   the second one for airport only01:12
morph_i installed ubuntu before just fine01:13
humoiGeekSquid, ok thanks01:13
morph_directed to you Barnabas01:13
johnhello group first time here just loaded yup ubuntu and love it01:13
JoesephHi. I'm trying to boot into Ubuntu on a Toshiba satellite s1135-s135. After selecing "Try ubuntu without any changes...", it goes to a blank screen with a black cursor, and nothing happens.  Any ideas?01:13
john I need help in drivers for my vid card01:13
niblzDunkirk: win7 64 bit01:14
humoiGeekSquid, do you assign a net mask?01:14
DunkirkJoeseph, Do you have a second monitor hooked up?01:14
JoesephDunkirk: No.01:14
Typos_KingJoeseph:     try   pressing F6 for boot options, and check   acpi=off noapic01:14
dsnydershumoi, you could use 172.16.x.y to 172.31.x.y as well.01:14
Barnabasmorph_ the disk is not enough in grub, you should also consider the partition you wish to boot from01:15
Barnabasand that partition should have a boot sector01:15
morph_hat do u mean?01:15
morph_i used bootcamp01:15
Dunkirkhumoi, Careful... you have to get the mask right for that to work...01:15
pedrohoffmannvolume doesn't implement mount ? trying to mount with gvfs01:15
JoesephTypos_King: What will that do? I'm rebooting now and will give it a try.01:15
morph_Barnabas: is that not enough space or somethjing01:16
DunkirkJoeseph, Your LCD isn't being detected correctly. He's suggesting turning off the stuff that guesses at it wrongly.01:16
sirninjaIs there a program that's good for organizing tv shows on ubuntu? (Something similar to music brainz picard but for tv shows)?01:16
Typos_KingJoeseph:    will  bypass the acpi module which might have a hardware compatibility issue01:16
morph_im kinda new to that stufff i duno what a boot sector is01:16
johngroup when you have time I too can use some help ok I will wait01:16
Barnabasmorph, could you post your disk config on pastebin?01:17
morph_can u walk me through it?01:17
morph_i deleted the partition btw already01:17
Dunkirkmorph_, Your BIOS hands off the booting to the hard drives Master Boot Record (MBR), that, in turn, hands off to the partition's Boot Sector.01:17
morph_i dont have BIOS01:17
Barnabasmorph if you deleted the partion you probably cannot boot of it01:17
morph_rEFit changes the MBR to a copy of GFT01:18
Barnabasmorph all pcs have a BIOS01:18
Dunkirkmorph_, Well, basecamp better provide it, or you're not going to get Ubuntu booted.01:18
JoesephTypos_King: It seems to be working...  Thanks, I'll probably be asking a few more questions.01:18
morph_basecamp Dunkirk ?01:18
Dunkirkmorph_, I thought you were the guy on the iMac...01:18
sirninjaHe probably meant bootcamp, not basecamp01:19
Dunkirksirninja, OOps. Indeed.01:19
Barnabasaww a mac01:19
Barnabaswell still01:19
morph_i used bootcamp01:19
Barnabasif the partition is deleted there will be no booting01:19
morph_i have no problem making a new partition01:19
morph_and reinstalling01:19
morph_as long as i can get it loading01:19
JoesephTypos_King: Ok.  There's a wubi install already on the disk.  How can I boot that version with those options?01:19
sirninjaDoes anybody know a program like music brainz picard but for TV shows?01:20
morph_Barnabas: http://blog.costan.us/2009/03/ubuntu-810-or-904-on-mac-mini.html01:20
morph_this is a guide i used01:20
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?01:20
Barnabasmorph, you need to ask someone else about the mac bios emulator thinge01:20
johnOKAY Here it goes I have a vodoo 3dfx vid card and I need to find the drivers so I can have more then what I have here01:20
marekw2143hi i turned on zoom on my laptop, how to restore to the previous zoom (1) ? :)01:21
antonio_sera ce nessuno01:21
Typos_KingJoeseph:  you mean a wubi insta..... so you mean.... your wubi install won't boot hehee, is that why you're using the live-cd?01:22
dyek!find xen/libelf/elfstructs.h01:22
ubottuPackage/file xen/libelf/elfstructs.h does not exist in karmic01:22
dyek!find elfstructs.h01:22
ubottuFile elfstructs.h found in libxen3-dev01:22
dsnydersantonio_, none of those words are english.01:22
IceDaneSo, I just installed a fresh install of 9.10 on my laptop because the sound was a clusterfuck after upgrading from 9.04. I *still* cannot play sound from two sources at a time, however. Could this because mpd uses alsa directly? Do I need to make it use pulseaudio?01:22
Typos_Kingdsnyders    sounds  italian actually01:22
IceDane(E.g., I hear no sound from youtube videos at the same time I play music, need to stop playing music)01:23
antonio_sorry channel ubuntu for italian01:23
JrodDCx!es | antonio_01:23
ubottuantonio_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:23
Typos_Kingerk,  it's italian :|01:23
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)01:23
bazhangantonio_, /join #ubuntu-it01:23
Scuniziopenoffice calc has frozen on me and "pidof scalc or openoffice" results in nothing.. app seems to be sleeping so I can't see it in the long list of top *and* I'm running kde desktop so gnome's system monitor isn't available or desired to install.. how do I kill this app?01:23
JrodDCx!it | antonio_01:23
ubottuantonio_: please see above01:23
bazhangIceDane, please watch the langugage01:23
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IceDanebazhang: sure01:23
Dunkirkdsnyders, Does this sound right? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42067701:23
IceDaneAlso, can someone tell me what's going on with the sounds when tab-completing stuff in a terminal? It's not the beep, as it's muted01:24
ocesnono support for 054c:00c0 Sony Corp. Handycam DCR-30 :( my minidv for webcam01:25
DunkirkIceDane, You're talking about the "bell"?01:25
IceDaneDunkirk: It could be that, yes01:25
JoesephTypos_King: Yes.  There is an install on there that was installed via Wubi.  However, it does not boot... It boots into Windows instead. I was wondering if there was a way to configure that system with those properties you told me earlier.01:25
IceDaneIs there a process running that does it? Cause it's actually locking my sound up if it sounds and tries to play a song..01:26
DunkirkIceDane, It's still a "bell", even if it's muted. Under some sessions it can flash the screen. You may want to set the bell-style to none in xinputrc. Or something. I always have to google that.01:26
DunkirkIceDane, What's your sound card?01:26
IceDaneDunkirk: Some realtek(alc268), using hda intel drivers01:26
Typos_KingJoeseph:     .....iirc a wubi installs on a fat32 partition.... not sure how that works.... you mean... you lost grub that was loading the win32 and the wubi installs?01:27
donvitowere can i get cccam for ubuntu 9.1001:27
DunkirkIceDane, Maybe there's a way to "dpkg-reconfigure" some alsa / pulseaudio stuff that will take advantage of the fact that you upgraded? I'm guessing.01:28
JoesephTypos_King: When the windows boot menu comes up, it shows Ubuntu and windows, but Ubuntu just stalls first, then boots into Windows.01:28
IceDaneDunkirk: I reinstalled completely01:28
DunkirkIceDane, That answers that. :-/01:28
IceDaneDunkirk: Which is why I'm pretty baffled. I'm still getting strange 'sound takeovers'01:29
IceDaneI assumed pulseaudio would have taken care of all this stuff01:29
IceDaneBut it seems every program that uses sound takes complete control of it for the duration, and some time after depending on how long it takes to release resources01:29
DunkirkIceDane, Yeah, but not everything's been converted to use it yet. :-(01:29
Typos_KingJoeseph      is the wubi install on a different partition than the win32?01:29
IceDaneperhaps not01:29
IceDaneDunkirk: how do I know if I'm even using it?01:29
niko-mojoHi room, Anyone know how to get this command working echo -e '\a' , its supposed to produce a beep but does nothing :-(01:30
IceDaneI mean, in alsamixer, or anywhere else, I see nothing about it01:30
niko-mojoUsing 9.04 gnome01:30
JoesephTypos_King: No. It's on the same partition.  There's nothing on it, so I could just get rid of it If I need to.01:30
IceDaneI don't understand it all to owell01:30
dsnydersDunkirk, I'm not sure.  I don't see how an xorg setting would affect gnome but not kde.01:30
DunkirkIceDane, Good question. I'm a recent convert from Gentoo, and, there, I used to just eliminate pulseaudio from my system entirely.01:30
IceDaneDunkirk: Yeah.. That's what I tried to do last time, before reisntalling completely01:31
jnarowskiHey all01:31
IceDaneI started by thinking "Okay, the reason sound is so strange is because some stuff is using pulseaudio and some is using alsa directly, or because pulseaudio isn't there completely" or some such, it wasn't really empirically supported01:31
IceDaneSo I tried setting up pulseaudio completely, that broke everything01:31
jnarowskiI am about to setup a ROR web server and I am wondering what is the best Ubuntu distro for that01:31
IceDaneI tried reverting my steps, it broke even more stuff01:32
IceDaneI tried removing pulseaudio entirely, and it broke sound to smithereens01:32
unopniko-mojo, 1. your terminal has to support this action. 2. you might need to enable the bell in the terminal's settings.  3. you might need to load the 'pcspkr' kernel module (sudo modprobe pcspkr).01:32
JoesephTypos_King: Actually, I think The Wubi has been uninstalled...  I'll play around with it a little longer.  Thanks for the help.01:32
jnarowskidoes anybody have any suggestions? I am not really clear on the differences01:33
johnHi again01:33
sirninjaDoes anybody know a program to help organize tv shows?01:33
Typos_KingJoeseph:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#Cannot boot into Ubuntu    <--- in case that helps01:33
IceDaneDunkirk: So, I don't think removing pulseaudio will be such a good idea.. I just tried playing sound through pulseaudio in VLC, and it's lagging to utter s**t.01:33
ectropyHow do open a new konsole with read/write access?01:33
Dunkirkjnarowski, I saw that there was a whole Ubuntu sub-variant just for RoR applications. I don't remember the name, tho.01:34
Typos_Kingectropy   a console with r/w ?  heheh,isn't it so by default? :)01:34
niko-mojo@unop did both of those things - still nothing01:34
jnarowskiI am using slicehost and have the option of 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 and 9.1001:34
DunkirkIceDane, What desktop environment do you run?01:34
unopniko-mojo, i mentioned 3 things tho :)01:34
magn3tsUbuntu keeps regressing and using an old X11 pointer, also a particular X11 mouse theme fails to show up in the mouse point selection dialog and I can only apply it by deleting it from ~/.icons and reinstalling it (I must select "Use this theme" otherwise I have to restart since I can't select it)01:34
IceDaneDunkirk: Fluxbox - think it might affect it?01:34
jnarowskiharty intrepid jaunty and karmic01:35
Chaiwallahello people01:35
DunkirkIceDane, Well, I was just going to say that, if you were running Gnome, I'd go for installing MORE gstreamer stuff, not taking stuff out.01:35
niko-mojo@unop so you did, how do I know if its supported01:35
DunkirkIceDane, But I'm not sure if Flux is as "plugged" into gstreamer as Gnome.01:35
IceDaneDunkirk: God this seems strange, all of it, heh..01:35
ectropynot when konsole --noclose --real-transparency -e "scrpt_that_uses_read_and_write" , Typos_King01:36
DunkirkIceDane, I agree. I've been through many of these types of switchovers in Linux land over the years. It sucks if you get caught out.01:36
IceDaneDunkirk: I'll just ask on ubuntuforums or something - thanks for the help.01:37
Dunkirkmagn3ts, You might try something about "update-alternatives" and x-cursor-theme.01:38
Typos_Kingectropy:     you get the r/w access of whatever runlevel you're on, as far as running konsole, you can just run 'konsole' and that'd work fine for either on the current runlevel01:38
* Typos_King dashes01:38
magn3tsDunkirk, weird, "update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme" doesn't list themes I've installed into ~01:39
magn3tsDunkirk, I could try instaling them manually01:39
Dunkirkmagn3ts, Oh, yeah, that only controls the system-wide stuff. Have you installed the local stuff trhough the gnome panel for themes?01:39
magn3tsDunkirk, yes.01:39
Dunkirkmagn3ts, I'm guessing that the two control schemes are conflicting. Ubuntu being helpful and all.01:40
niblzhow to start kvm01:40
niblzhas no wizard to start or what, sudo aptitude install kvm libvirt-bin ubuntu-vm-builder bridge-utils abd then run kvm and says fail not boot disk and I have a win7 disk in drive01:40
dyek!find libxen3-dev01:41
ubottuFound: libxen3-dev01:41
dmaxxjust wonder if it's exsist a software for ubuntu that can detect if some thirth party is monitoring u web/IM activity01:41
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Dunkirkniblz, You'll be wanting libvirt and VIRT-MANAGER. It's the bomb.01:41
magn3tsDunkirk, this has to be a gnome bug or something. Even after installing to /usr/local/icons it doesn't work01:41
niko-mojoHas anyone got the terminal bell working in 9.04 ?01:41
magn3tsDunkirk, Other mouse themes work fine when installing through gnome-appearance01:41
Dunkirkmagn3ts, I'd buy that. _-/01:41
niblzDunkirk: is that part of kvm01:42
GeekSquidmagn3ts: you might try running gconf-editor go a little deeper into your settings, it may take a little while to find where the conflict is01:42
Dunkirkniblz, No. It's a GUI management util that runs on your desktop that can (over SSH, for instance) talk to the libvirt daemon, and start, stop, even migrate VM's on the host.01:43
magn3tsIts not a conflict though, its just a problem of gnome-appearance not recognizing it as a valid theme. That and I have no idea why I can use chromium for an hour with the correct iamges displayed, but when I leave and come back, when I'm in hte browser pane it switches back to the default icons01:43
Dunkirkniblz, You have to install it separately, but, again, on your management machine. It's a GUI, and you may not have X installed on your server. But it could all be the same machine.01:44
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.01:44
Dunkirkmagn3ts, Did the screensaver kick in while you were away?01:44
magn3tsDunkirk, yeah01:44
ezhangingah, still can't get any audio out of this machine01:50
* magn3ts shakes his fist at xchat.01:50
* JrodDCx shakes his fist at magn3ts01:51
* GeekSquid thanks Pidgin for keeping me sane01:51
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com01:52
computer_how do i install ubuntu-restricted-extras? says package not found?01:52
Siph0nI installed ubuntu on my 16GB flash drive, and in GParted it says my flash drive has 1 partition /dev/sdb1 and it is the full size of the drive and is mounted to /cdrom . But in df -h I see this : http://pastebin.com/WNrMyW7J . My / only has 3M left. Any ideas how to increase the size of / and lower the size of /cdrom? Also, where is the data stored on / if it isn't on /cdrom (my flash drive)?01:53
ChogyDanSiph0n: do you care about the data?01:53
rhineheart_mhello.. how to change username in ubuntu?01:53
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:53
Siph0non the flash drive? no01:53
Siph0non my hard drive, yes01:53
computer_how do i install ubuntu-restricted-extras? says package not found?01:54
rhineheart_mI'm using ubuntu 8.1001:54
rhineheart_mI'm GNOME01:54
GeekSquidSiph0n: look at line # 4 ... that is the drive you should be looking at ... aufs is part of the temporary filesystem, and not your install01:54
jenkinbr!ure | computer_01:54
ubottucomputer_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:54
Hanshi has anyone used Flinks before?01:55
Siph0nGeekSquid, also #4 is fat32 according to GParted, isnt that odd?01:56
message144Hi, I have a new Dell inspiron laptop which has a very recent graphics card. Ubuntu 9.10 doesnt seem to support it very well. Can I reasonably expect that future versions will support this card?01:56
Nigmamessage144, 1545?01:56
hardhatpatanyone know of a good serial console app?01:56
kkloneyi need help with gateway problem01:56
message144Nigma, i believe it is a 176401:57
rhineheart_mhello. is there a way to change the username of ubuntu 8.10? if yes, how?thanks.01:57
kkloneyi need help with gateway computer problem01:57
Nigmaah, i have one 1545 and i dont find any serious problem01:57
GeekSquidSiph0n: do a 'df -T' and pastebin that .... capitol T01:58
GeekSquidmessage144: would you run 'lspci' and pastebin the output02:00
message144GeekSquid, ok one sec02:01
basyHi, how can i display latest 100 updated packages in shell ?02:01
Siph0nGeekSquid, http://pastebin.com/sDJgYukE ... i think this is just a live install... since my username is just ubuntu02:02
message144GeekSquid, here it is: http://pastebin.com/Cybksd4902:02
message144GeekSquid, I am trying to see if this will eventually be supported by ubuntu so i can decide whether or not to return it to best buy02:03
Hansquestions about Python in Ubuntu 9.1002:03
hero_so i need a really kickass ballin ubuntu program to convience my parents tonditch windows02:03
GeekSquidSiph0n: looks like you are running a persistant live environment, not a live cd, or an actual install02:04
message144GeekSquid, it uses the new Intel HD Graphics02:04
Hansi have a Python app when run it, it showed some error in subprocess.py02:04
ezhangincan someone give me a hand getting my audio out to work?02:04
WhilleHey all!!! go ##goats !!!02:04
message144GeekSquid, i do see this which seems optimistic: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-x/2010-February/000737.html02:04
Siph0noh GeekSquid ..... thats what I thought. So if i want an actual install on a usb, can I do that from here?02:04
TempanI have a laptop booted up here using a live CD, what is the easiest way to dump the harddrive to a remote server?02:06
GeekSquidmessage144: sounds like Lucid will eventually support that chipset, we are 2 months out at the moment on a actual release there... so chances are there will be a ppa for that ... lemme look around and see if I can find anything that will make a quick fix for karmic... give me 20-30 min on that though02:07
acovrigI'm back, has anyone found a way to execute a cmd w/ $1 being the body of a gmail message (Evolution/Thunderbird)02:08
message144GeekSquid, do you think it would be wise to go with Lucid right now at this point, or is it still unstable? (i need LAMP stack and programming tools, etc)02:08
GeekSquidmessage144: how much ram?02:09
message144GeekSquid, 4G02:09
acovrigdoes anyone know a way to execute a cmd w/ $1 being the body of a gmail message (Evolution/Thunderbird)02:10
Tempannot sure what your asking acovrig02:10
Tempando you want to email commands to a server?02:10
acovrigTempan, i want to execute a .bash w/ $1 being the body of the message i email to a gmail account02:10
unopacovrig, write a script?02:10
ubottuacovrig, please see my private message02:11
acovrighow do i see what version of ubuntu I am using?02:12
coz_acovrig,  in terminal   lsb_release -a02:12
acovrigtnks, i should know that lol02:12
unopacovrig, ubottu should have messaged you ..02:12
acovrigyes, but not what I was needing lol02:12
TempanI have a laptop booted up here using a live CD, what is the easiest way to dump the harddrive to a remote server?02:12
Tempanacovrig, uname -a02:13
GeekSquidmessage144: couple of options... 1. install windows, and run ubuntu in a virtual guest 2.... this might fix your problem https://launchpad.net/~guido-iodice/+archive/experimental-intel/+sourcepub/972269/+listing-archive-extra --- again experimental02:14
hipitihopI have an init.d process (asterisk) consuming 100% cpu while not actually doing anything on my ION Atom 330 64bit system. I'm a newbie when it comes to tracing process, can someone point me at correct way to trace and debug02:14
q0_0pwould this be correct to copy cd and output errors iif there are?  cat /dev/cdrom > /path.iso 2> /outputerrors.txt02:14
message144GeekSquid, do you think there is a good chance that the new Intel HD cards will be supported with the Lucid release?02:14
GeekSquidhipitihop: are you using asterisk?02:15
GeekSquidmessage144: simple answer = yes02:15
message144ok, i guess i can wait then02:15
Flannelq0_0p: use dd, not cat02:15
message144GeekSquid, until then ill just deal with low res02:15
hipitihopGeekSquid, yes I'm trying to set it up @ home. I have compiled from source
TempanIntel chipsets are usually very well supported.02:16
q0_0pFlannel, dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/cdiso.iso 2> errors.txt?02:16
Flannelq0_0p: yeah02:16
=== acovrig is now known as acovrig2
TempanI have a laptop booted up here using a live CD, what is the easiest way to dump the harddrive to a remote server?02:18
davepwhere's the guy that wrote the grub2 error messages?02:18
davep"error: You need to load the kernel first"02:18
davepi need to give him a medal for that02:18
dsnydersthrust, parry, dodge,02:19
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?02:19
q0_0pFlannel, why shouldn't i use cat?02:20
alwaizlern^Thats something to go on bash.02:20
seanbrystonewhats a really good video editor? Specifically one that can edit Sony Handycam's HDCHD format?02:20
Flannelq0_0p: cat is meant for ascii files, not binary files02:20
hipitihophow do I trace/debug a process to see which module is consuming most cpu02:20
q0_0pFlannel, ah02:20
seanbrystoneerrr AVCHD*02:20
Flannelq0_0p: (and actually, there is a binary cat program too, but in this case, we want to use dd)02:20
GeekSquidhipitihop: so you more than likely have a memory leak in that version with the libraries that you have ... I would reccommend using the ppa version here https://launchpad.net/~pietia7-asterisk/+archive/asterisk-related?field.series_filter=karmic ... is available ... is still upstream and probably won't compile properly, as it is dependent on newer versions of libraries... compiling asterisk from source sounds like a major headache02:20
alwaizlernSystem monitor can show you the processes that are running along with the memory allocated for em.02:20
q0_0pFlannel, ah i c02:21
q0_0pFlannel, strange when i dd the cd it errors out at 200 something mgs02:21
q0_0pFlannel, maybe the cd is scratched?02:21
Flannelq0_0p: I guess.  I'm not too familiar with dd errors02:22
hipitihopGeekSquid, I tried that first and it had some other bug related to voip peers ... incoming voip calls appeared as if they were outgoing etc.02:22
candycan anybody suggest me the link for linux news rss feed??02:22
q0_0pFlannel, kernel: Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 12042102:22
icerootq0_0p: a game-cd?02:22
q0_0piceroot, windows xp cd02:22
acovrigok, I am using ubuntu desktop version 9.0.4, how/can I email a gmail account and have my comp execute a bash script with $1 being the message body (message.bash message_body)02:22
=== OneFilleEt4Types is now known as The
icerootq0_0p: ok, windows dont have such a copy protection02:23
=== The is now known as WinnerTakesItAll
hipitihopGeekSquid, compiled fine, using the source tar from the asterisk.org I only needed to add libxml2-dev02:23
=== Mowee is now known as Mowee`Bnc
acovrigI am using ubuntu desktop version 9.0.4, how/can I email a gmail account and have my comp execute a bash script with $1 being the message body (message.bash message_body)02:24
Siph0nHow can I install ubuntu on my flashdrive, if I am using a live environment with persistent changes from the same flash drive?02:25
seanbrystonewhats a really good video editor? Specifically one that can edit Sony Handycam's HVCHD format?02:25
acovrigSiph0n, try http://pendrivelinux.com02:25
dsnydersSiph0n, pendrivelinux.org has a lot of examples.02:25
hipitihopSiph0n, I have managed to just run the install and point it a my flash drive. worked for me02:25
acovrigIs there a ubuntu equivalent for http://visor.binaryage.com/02:26
message144GeekSquid, do you think Lucid is currently stable enough to use right now for personal use?02:26
Jordan_USiph0n, You can use loopin, but why do you need to install to the same flash drive you are booted from?02:26
Bllasaetwo people, /nick and /quit are on a boat. /nick falls off the boat. who's left on the boat?02:26
GeekSquidhipitihop: that sounds more like a call routing problem... your dialplan isn't properly configured, whereas the version you compiled is using all your CPU ... I still think you would be better off with a version that has been modified for Ubuntu, as opposed to a version that isn't tested and probably requires more upstream stuff,,, unable to tell you further02:26
hipitihopGeekSquid, same diaplan on works perfectly with incoming and outgoing to my voip provider02:27
acovrigBllasae, /quit would be left, good luck answering that in 1 word lol02:27
Bllasaelol I think I made 3 people quit02:27
BllasaeThere's one for sure02:27
GeekSquidmessage144: No, and I don't think they have fixed the problem yet... I'd wait till April02:28
Bllasaeacovrig: lol02:28
anandreI'm looking for some help with Wine and WoW.  I followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft, but after copying the install over and trying to run it, I got a ton of errors in the terminal.  After that, I removed the openGL line as suggested in the troubleshooting page, but now I get an error from WoW.  However, I'm stuck - can't use the repair utility and the installer won't work (I don't have CDs).02:28
message144GeekSquid, ok02:28
message144GeekSquid, thanks for your help02:28
Siph0nJordan_U, because this isnt an install? my username is ubuntu.... my / only has 3MB left... the /cdrom (my flash drive) has 14GB left02:28
dsnydersBllasae, That was mean... I like it.02:28
GeekSquidhipitihop: I'd take asterisk out of init.d ... run it in a terminal so you can watch what is going on... you might find out why it is crunching your CPU02:29
Bllasaedsnyders: thanks :P02:29
hipitihopGeekSquid, understand your point, but the current ubuntu version is also broken ... is there an earlier liek 1.6.1 verison I can install ?02:29
Jordan_USiph0n, I mean, you don't have a hard drive / flash drive / blank CD to install to?02:30
hipitihopGeekSquid, is the correct way, jsut to remove asterisk file from the /etc/init.d directory ?02:30
Siph0nJordan_U, hard drive I cant use... its my works hard drive lol02:31
GeekSquidhipitihop: second question yes... lemme find the earlier version02:31
Siph0nrather use a flash drive lol02:31
hipitihopGeekSquid, thanks, and since I installed curretn version form source, I guess I need to know how to downgrade to what you find02:32
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
Jordan_Uhipitihop, However you install make sure that you tell the installer to install grub to the flash drive ( it installs to the first hard drive by default )02:34
greezmunkeyacovrig, did you get an answer to your gmail question?02:34
jpittsI am attempting to install Desktop 9.1 onto a system with an Asus02:34
jpittsA8n-SLI  motherboard, and 4 disks on the SATA bus. 2 of those disks02:34
jpittsare members of a mirror set. I have tried both using the advanced02:34
jpittspartitioning screen and the default wide and use entire disk methods02:34
FloodBot3jpitts: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
jpittsto install the OS to one of the disks that is not part of the mirror,02:34
jpittsand which is configured in the BIOS to be primary in the boot02:34
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  How do I fix this?02:34
jpittssorry about that. copy and past grossness.02:34
acovriggreezmunkey, no; u got an answer?02:34
Jordan_Udsnyders, Log into a failsafe gnome session and change the default resolution to something your monitor supports02:35
GeekSquidhipitihop: I assume /usr/local/ or ~/asterisk/ is where you compiled from ... so safe to delete or rename... init.d/asterisk calls it so the new version called by the installed version would call the right binary02:35
dsnydersJordan_U, It happens with failsafe gnome as well.02:35
Jordan_Udsnyders, Or it can probably be changed in gconf-editor02:35
GeekSquidhipitihop: what version of ubuntu?02:35
Andys^Hi,  how do you tell ubuntu not to try and "upgrade" your linux kernel automatically when it does all its updates? I am running an experimental kernel and don't want it to be overwritten02:35
dsnydersJordan_U, I'll take a look at gconf-editor02:36
ZauberExonarHey, a friend of mine has lost one of the task bars in GNOME, and she thinks it happened because she pressed the wrong button.  Any idea on how to fix it?02:36
grendal_primehey my mother got a new iphone but she only has an ubuntu 804 laptop.  She needs to sync it and update the os..is this possible?02:36
icerootAndys^: the kernel is not overwritten02:36
jpittswas my question truncated? do i need to re-post it?02:36
Jordan_U!reset-panel | ZauberExonar02:36
ZauberExonarJordan_U: how do you do that?02:36
GeekSquidgrendal_prime: you will need jailbreak your iphone for ubuntu to access it02:36
Andys^iceroot: I saw it trying to do download and install a new kernel when running Update Manager02:36
icerootAndys^: all kernels goes to /boot02:36
FlannelJordan_U: In the future, don't use so many lines.  It makes it difficult to read02:37
icerootAndys^: yes, and the old kernels are still there02:37
Jordan_U!resetpanel | ZauberExonar02:37
ubottuZauberExonar: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:37
Flanneljpitts: In the future, don't use so many lines.  It makes it difficult to read02:37
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:37
hipitihopGeekSquid, untared to home, so yes ~/asterisk-
ZauberExonarubottu: and if she can't reach a terminal?02:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:37
Andys^iceroot: so you reckon its OK to let it go? if it boots the old kernel my PC will become unusable :( (lack of hardware support)02:37
hipitihopGeekSquid, karmic02:37
ZauberExonarubottu: I think she lost the bar with the applications menu02:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:37
icerootAndys^: then choose in grub which kernel to boot02:37
jpittsFlannel: apologies.02:37
Flanneljpitts: No worries, just trying to help you get help :)02:38
icerootAndys^: they are all in /boot  have  a look there02:38
greezmunkeyacovrig, well I know the Gmail uses pop to recieve, so pop.gmail.com to get your mail; And it uses smtp for you to send, so smtp.gmail.com. Use ssl and you should be good! :) good luck.02:38
Andys^ok.. will grub boot the newest by default?02:38
FlannelAndys^: Yes02:38
anandreInstalling Ubuntu on a Windows machine so it can dual-boot seems to be pretty easy.  How hard is it to install Windows on an Ubuntu machine and have it dual-boot?02:38
icerootAndys^: yes unless you change the config02:38
GeekSquidhipitihop: this is the "testing" series of 1.602:38
GeekSquidhipitihop: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-voip/+archive/asterisk-1.6-testing02:38
jpittsFlannel: tyvm02:39
netherwolfeif you install windows on an ubuntu machine you'll have to reinstall grub to get it to work02:39
hipitihopanandre, if you have enough memory I'd suggest installing ubuntu and running windoze inside virtualbox02:39
netherwolfewindows will setup up it's own master boot record02:39
greezmunkeyacovrig, I think there are pleanty of examples of scripting mail format out there, you should be able to kype one and modify it for your use.02:39
Jordan_Uanandre, Basically you need to resize the Ubuntu install with a linux LiveCD, then install windows, then re-install grub since windows will clobber it.02:39
dmaxxhow can i find out if a 3th party is monitoring the net connection(like ftp/IM/web and all that goes trough the net)02:39
anandreSo basically I'm better off installing Windows and then re-installing Ubuntu?02:39
blakkheimdmaxx: are you on your own home connection?02:39
anandrehipitihop: what kind of memory?  RAM?02:40
icerootare there big difference between vanilla-kernel and the ubuntu-one? (of course same kernel-version)02:40
acovrigI thought so too, but couldn't find one that worked with the secutiry :(02:40
blakkheimdmaxx: then probably no one is. why do you think someone is?02:40
hipitihopanandre, yes .. e.g. if you want to give windows 1gb and leave another for ubuntu02:40
anandreWell, I have 8gb of RAM, so I think that'd be enough heh.02:40
waltercoolis lucid stable?02:41
icerootwaltercool: no02:41
candycyberink power dvd for ubuntu 9.10... link to download plz02:41
hipitihopanandre, I'm sorry for jumping in and sending you off on a tangent ... I'm not even sure for what you want to use windows, is it for gaming ?02:41
coz_waltercool,  definitly not...I have it installed on another system02:41
dmaxxblakkheim let just say that i suspect some goverment people is on it xD02:41
Lachancewaltercool, not for a while longer. Would you like a copy of the release schedule?02:41
axisysi installed apt-get install rubygems1.8 .. but it does not find gems02:41
coz_waltercool,  although it's not bad02:41
icerootcandy: google lindvd  that is the ubuntu-version02:41
anandrehipitihop: yes.  I can repost my initial problem if you want.02:41
coz_waltercool,  there are issues02:41
icerootcandy: but you can just install libdvdcss202:41
blakkheimdmaxx: then they probably are. tunnel all your traffic through ssh to a remote system that you believe to be unmonitored02:41
Lachancewaltercool, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule02:41
GeekSquidanandre: you don't need dual boot ... you could run 3 copies of windows 7 within ubuntu simultainously without slowing down... virtual of course02:42
acovrigI tried fetchmail and getmail, and it didn't work02:42
waltercoolcoz_, I like testing things... but i dont like when a system is fully crashed02:42
coz_ candy   in terminal      *02:42
coz_ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh02:42
hipitihopGeekSquid, so this is a testing/later version of the nromal repository version ?02:42
icerootwaltercool: unstable does not mean its crashing all the time02:42
waltercoolLachance, Is 'useable'?02:42
waltercooliceroot, My last time with lucid was terrible02:42
kaz00anyone have any experience using ndiswrapper for windows USB drivers... this is not for wifi access, but usb drive access02:42
icerootwaltercool: please use ubuntu+1 for 10.0402:42
acovriggreezmunkey, I want to send a sms to an email address (gmail is what I'm using) and have my computer filter my messages and execute the mesage body02:42
anandreSo now to find out about this virtual box business.02:43
dmaxxok^^ but blakkheim do it exsist a software that can see if u connection get picket up??(i know about wireshark buuut)02:43
icerootwaltercool: /join #ubuntu+102:43
coz_waltercool,  well it isnt crashing but it is in alpha state right now..so anything can happen from now till the end of April02:43
Lachancewaltercool, Lucid is usable, of course. =) But unless you're quite Linux-savvy you might end up with considerably less hair than you started with.02:43
waltercooliceroot, ok02:43
Dilldoes anyone out there know how to install the Remote Desktop app for the NBR?02:43
avemariai want to password protect certain applications how to do that02:43
blakkheimdmaxx: if someone is monitoring you (your isp for example) there won't be any clear way for you to notice (thats the point)02:43
axisysi should have looks for gem instead of gems .. found it02:43
dmaxxoh okey02:43
dawningI need to capture an image from a v4l device and dump it in to a file, so like "program_name /dev/video0 -output=filename.png" - know of anything like this?02:43
blakkheimdmaxx: basically, encrypt everything02:44
GeekSquidhipitihop:  1: is the latest in repo... the testing probably has a little more work done to it02:44
Jordan_Uavemaria, What applications and why?02:44
jpittsdmaxx: there is no inherent 'trace' left when someone  monitors a tcp/ip stream02:44
waltercoolLachance, Uhmm... i just want use a system without crashes like my last time with lucid (X crash)02:44
anandreGeekSquid, which virtual box app should I get?  virtualbox-ose?02:44
coz_avemaria,  I know you can password protect files and directories  and databases... which applications do you want password protection for?02:44
greezmunkeyacovrig, well I gave you what you need to send out to gmail, the rest is up to you! Sorry I can't be of any further help!02:44
GeekSquidanandre: I use the closed source version ... but either will work02:44
avemariajordan: its accounting application and i dont want anybody to use that application even if they have the laptop02:44
Lachancewaltercool, Then use Karmic Koala, which is our current stable Ubuntu release.02:44
dmaxxput is't it possib 2 send a "tracker" 2 see where connections goes??02:45
hipitihopGeekSquid, so just following normal ppa and then apt install will replace what I have or do I need more involved downgrade/removal ?02:45
acovriggreezmunkey, thanks02:45
avemariaJordan: sometimes frnds use the laptop so i need to paswd. protect it thats all02:45
anandreGeekSquid, I just did a search in the package manager for virtual box.  I'm none too savvy with Ubuntu, but I got fed up with Windows crashing.02:45
icerootavemaria: not possible02:45
jpittsdmaxx: what might such a tracker do?02:45
Jordan_Uavemaria, If it's really the data rather than the application you care about look into the guest session feature02:45
icerootavemaria: not possible to protect applications you installed with apt-get02:45
waltercoolLachance, Yes, im using karmic, but i wanna use some apps of gnome 2.3002:45
coz_avemaria,  run the application under another user name02:45
GeekSquidanandre: yeah.. install it and run ... and you will be able to setup a win guest02:45
coz_avemaria,  tell no one about that user :)02:46
avemariayou mean to say change the permissions02:46
Jordan_Uiceroot, That's not quite true, there is just no standard way.02:46
anandreGeekSquid, do I need a copy of Windows to install for virtualbox to use or does it create one?02:46
dmaxxjpitts just 2 confirm if it's other people that sould or not02:46
avemariaif yes, then if change its grp and owner to root then is should ask for password?02:46
coz_avemaria,  create another user account ...install the applicatoin on that... i doubt its database will be accessible from the previous user account  or at least shouldnt be02:46
sha0ubottu: Files in package02:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:47
GeekSquidanandre:  you will need a copy of windows and a COA ... just like installing windows, just in a virtual harddrive02:47
anandreGeekSquid, COA?02:47
Jordan_Uavemaria, Do you really care about the application or is it just the *data* that that application can access?02:47
coz_avemaria,  let me know if that works for you02:47
sha0Good day.  I installed gsnes9x but have no idea what the binary is...  How do I see which files were installed, if you please?02:47
dawningHow can I grab a snapshot from my webcam from the command line (it's a v4l device, I'd like a png)??02:48
GeekSquidanandre: Certificate of authenticity...  the codes that come with windows that allow you to install02:48
trismsha0: dpkg -L gsnes9x; will list all the files installed02:48
avemariasure, but how do i migrate the existing data02:48
sha0trism: dpkg.  Thanks so much!02:48
candyiceroot, is it available in syanptic manager?02:48
Jordan_Uavemaria, Do you really care about the application or is it just the *data* that that application can access? ( please answer this question, because it it's the data then there is a very easy and complete solution built into Ubuntu )02:49
coz_dawning,  you could in install streamer and then the command should be   streamer -f jpeg -o /path/to/image.jpeg02:49
sha0trism: Wouldn't you know it's "GSnes9x".  Thanks again.02:49
hipitihopanandre, any specific games you are trying to run on windows ?, because fair few can be run with WINE but if you have already eliminated that then I'm not sure running in a VM will help you much for gaming02:49
dawningcoz_: Cool, thanks, I'll take a look02:49
* sha0 smacks his forehead and bids all a farewell.02:49
jpittsdmaxx: all your computer knows about your network traffic is what your gateway ( probably your router ) tells is. and all it knows is what your ISP tells it. and so on. any party in the middle could play any game they wanted to, and you would have no way of knowing. UNLESS you are using a secure protocol.02:49
coz_dawning,  and changer the format to .png  but I have not tested that part02:49
anandrehipitihop, WoW specifically.02:49
coz_dawning,  just found this    http://ubuntu.online02.com/node/2502:50
kajievening folks!02:50
anandreI know it can be run in Wine because there's plenty of sites with instructions on how to do it, but I'm encountering errors trying to do it.02:50
GeekSquidkaji: hello friend02:50
computer_how do i play m3u files?02:51
avemariaJordan: its both the things data as well as application, when i think of this solution i.e create a new user i might not access all the other applications that i have installed within the existing user02:51
=== nikolam is now known as Guest71370
hipitihopanandre, http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_functionality_on_Wine02:51
coz_computer_,  isnt m3u a playlist file for mp3?02:52
daarthweezer6can someon help me with installing oblivion on ubuntu 9.10?  I tried to install it via pol and it takes me to the play menu and when i hit play it shuts down02:52
NikyoHas anyone seen or know of a problem with Ubuntu 9.10, where when you close a laptop, the laptop does not go into sleep or hibernate mode, just locks up with a black screen,please.02:52
kajiGot two issues I was hoping to get help with, one is getting the screen rotation to work with my lifebook p1510d, i found a post about it, but some of the files needed for it are gone. The second...and it's kinda crazy, but is there a way to get the fingerprint sensor working for login? (totallysuperflous, but fun)02:52
coz_computer_,   sudo apt-get install ubuntu -restrected-extras02:52
hipitihopGeekSquid, now, I think you missed a response for me :-) do I need to downgrade/remove before trying this testing ppa version ?02:52
grendal_primeanyone on the iphone ubuntu problem?02:52
computer_did that already02:52
anandrehipitihop, here's a rather silly question.  I installed Wine before realizing I should get Wine1.2.  How do I check which I'm using (did Wine1.2 overwrite Wine)?02:53
coz_computer_,  but an m3u is just actually a playlist i believe02:53
dawningcoz_: Cool, looks good.. Seems I'm having an annoying little apt problem I'll have to deal with in order to install that...02:53
Dr_Willisanandre:  wine --version02:53
GeekSquidhipitihop: remove any installed version, remove /etc/init.d/asterisk ... then install the ppa version02:53
Ganymedeanyone having nivdia-glx-96 working with karmic with compiz running? i tried earlier and ran into trouble because of an unsupported xorg version02:53
coz_dawning,  cool let me know if all works out :)02:53
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hipitihopanandre, I uess that dpeends on how you installed. normaly you should be installing evrything via synaptic and it gets taken care of02:53
coz_Ganymede,  is this an upgraded system or a clean install?02:54
coz_Ganymede,   in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga02:54
Ganymedecoz_, upgraded system, from 9.04...back then my geforce 3 worked fine02:54
anandrehipitihop, I did it via sudo apt-get I think.  Willis' command returned wine-1.1.31, which I would assume is not wine1.2?02:54
hipitihopGeekSquid, that takes care of init.d but whatabout all the guff the 'make' and make install does02:54
hipitihopGeekSquid, will teh ppa install version just sort that out ? or is there a correct way to remove an instlalation that was done from a source compile/install02:55
Ganymedecoz_, actually, i'm not in front of this computer right now, i'm now deciding whether to buy an FX series card just for driver support, but i'm sure it was an NV2002:55
coz_Ganymede,   ok  and you installed from hardware drivers?02:55
daarthweezer6if someone could help me with oblivion that would be great because I am fairly new to linux and am not quite sure how to do all the tweeking with the software yet02:55
GeekSquidhipitihop: that all happens within the working directory i.e. ~/asterisk1.6.xxxxx doesn't change anything outside of that directory02:55
seanbrystoneim trying to copy my public key to my laptop, im able to copy it to my desktop, getting error: ERROR: NO identities found, what am i doing wrong?02:55
hipitihopanandre, apt-get is what synaptice uses underneath anyway so you would only have one version02:55
anandrehipitihop, never mind.  Package manager says it's wine1.202:55
Ganymedecoz_, yes, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-96 or something...the automatic hardware detection thing did not suggest the driver for me02:56
Ganymedecoz_, i assume it did not suggest the restricted driver because it knew 96 series did not work on ubuntu 9.1002:56
coz_Ganymede,  ok you may want to go to either #ubuntu-x  or #nvidia  channels .... I dont have a card like that to test here02:56
Ganymedecoz_, okay, thanks02:56
jpittslong install question (repeat) http://paste.ubuntu.com/384822/02:56
hipitihopanandre, ok then you should be right to go02:56
anandrehipitihop, the Wowwiki link you gave me is more or less a link I posted earlier (which I was following).  WoW still refuses to work for me though. :s02:57
daarthweezer6actually be back soon finishing a movie.  my email is ezrafink@freegeek.org if someone can email me the instructions02:57
anandreIt boots up, goes to a black screen, and comes back with a whole bunch of stuff in the terminal and my screen resolution is now 800x600 instead of its normal value.02:57
coz_jpitts,  out of my experience with that one ...sorry02:57
daarthweezer6thank you in advance :)02:57
GeekSquidjpitts: use LVM ... Logical Volume Managment ... it is a true raid0 .. so ubuntu needs to see it as that02:57
kajiI'm mostly only concerned with the screen rotation button actually rotating the screen if anyone can help me.02:58
Roastedsimple question - firing up emerald theme manager for the first time. Is there a secret to using this? Whenever I dbl click on other themes, nothing happens.02:58
GeekSquidRoasted: what version of ubuntu?02:58
Dr_WillisRoasted:  emerald is a dieing off project. - You basically download  themes now from different sites. the 'repos' for the themes in the theme manager has been down for some time02:58
coz_daarthweezer,   did you look here   http://www.uesp.net/wiki/oblivion:linux02:58
xanguaRoasted: emerald --replace02:58
RoastedDr_Willis, oh really? I wanst aware of that.02:59
coz_from alt+F2 ^^02:59
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.02:59
RoastedDr_Willis, are the themes you get from gnome look and whatnot kind of taking over?02:59
Dr_WillisRoasted:  if it works for you use it if you want. But dont be suprised if more and more issues arise02:59
seanbrystoneim trying to copy my public key to my laptop, im able to copy it to my desktop, getting error: ERROR: NO identities found, what am i doing wrong?02:59
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Dr_WillisRoasted:  emerald themes are not the same as gnome/metacity themes.02:59
RoastedDr_Willis, is there a significant difference?03:00
jpittsGeekSquid: i am not sure it really is a true hardware raid after reading some things - i get the impression it is some weird driver-assisted 'thing'. in any case, it is a large, NTFS-formatted media storage volume, and i am unwilling to break the mirror. i am quite nervous about LVM.03:00
coz_Roasted,  right now there are only 2 supported window decorations supported by compiz    gtk-window-decorator and  kde4-window-decorator03:00
hipitihopanandre, ah sorry about that... there was some python script stuff about that automated a lot of this stuff, can't remeber the name of that now03:00
Dr_WillisRoasted:  the 2 progrms are differnt. some themes may look similer.. but its like asking  how kde and gnome themes are related. :)03:00
kajiI need help getting the screen rotation to work with my lifebook p1510d, i found a post about it, but some of the files needed for it are gone, and I'm nowhere near special enough to figure these things out without somehelp from a G33|<03:01
floodpanichey guys03:01
floodpanichoe everything is good03:01
Dr_WillisRoasted:  emerald has its own themeing engine.    Both emerald and the gtk decorator work with compiz to give windows their deorations.03:01
ubottufloodpanic: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:01
GeekSquidSGU is on ... Got to GO yo03:01
Guest79539question about running boxee in 9.10 after memory upgrade to 1gb on dell inspiron 115003:01
RallasterGood evening all03:01
floodpanici have to say that XCHAT on ubuntu is not as comfortable as mirc03:01
Guest79539boxee crashes now!03:01
Dr_Willisfloodpanic:  thers xchat, and xchat-gnome. most people perfer xchat.03:02
Tempanfloodpanic, I disagree.03:02
kajifloodpanic: try konversation03:02
blakkheimfloodpanic: use irssi03:02
user442actually irssi is not bad03:02
floodpanici'm a newbie03:02
Dr_WillisThers also 20+ IRC clients you can choose from.03:02
user442although it's a text client03:02
floodpanici can get a proper channells list03:02
seanbrystonefloodpanic, you might wanna change your name, i had to hit tab 4 times to do your name, but anyways once you get used to xchat you wont go to anything else :)03:02
RallasterI use Pidgin for my IRC client, and I like it03:02
coz_floodpanic,  I prefer xchat03:02
Dr_Willisfloodpanic:  on this network getting a channel list often floods the client off the network.03:02
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:02
floodpanicok i'm sure i will be fine in a while03:03
Dr_WillisIts been years since ive ever tried to get a channel list on any cient.. on any irc server03:03
floodpanici'm not used to irc, last time i opened it was bout 6 years ago03:03
Dr_Willisand ive been ircing since the 1980's or so.03:03
Tempanbbc ftw03:04
user442was irc even around in the 80s?03:04
coz_Dr_Willis,  wow got me beat by a few years :)03:04
seanbrystonewhat were you using a 300 baud modem?03:04
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floodpanicDr_Willis: how can i get a list of channels?03:04
dawningcoz_: Well, that works, but it captures the videos from the cameras in video mode, not photo mode - restricting the resolution.. Also, no png support.03:04
Dr_Willisuser442:  yes. I recall compiling 'irc' (not ircii) from source03:04
user442the first time i logged on was in 95.  but i haven't used it much for years03:04
dawningcoz_: Still, it's a step in the right direction03:04
coz_dawning,  mm   ok then google   ubuntu  capture web cam image  see what comes up03:05
Dr_Willisfloodpanic:  no idea. I never wanted a full list of 80% useless channels with lots of !!!!'s in the names to try to get them to move to the top of the list03:05
jontravoltamaking love03:05
Tempancan you pipe tar through ssh?03:05
floodpanicDr_Willis: ok i start having a clue of the way it works03:05
seanbrystonespeaking of SSH, im trying to copy my public key to my laptop, im able to copy it to my desktop, getting error: ERROR: NO identities found, what am i doing wrong?03:05
kajiI need help getting the screen rotation to work with my lifebook p1510d, i found a post about it, but some of the files needed for it are gone, and I'm nowhere near special enough to figure these things out without somehelp from a G33|<03:06
floodpanicDr_Willis: hope i won't bother asking question on any problem03:06
jpittsTempan: yes03:06
jdalcan someone help me: running Karmic on dell inspiron 1150 (pentium 4), upgraded mem to 1 gb recently and now boxee crashes on me! running dual boot on separate partitions and can't pass direct3d test on windows side either. help!03:06
coz_floodpanic,  on xchat hit  Serve menu  "List of channels"03:06
dawningcoz_: Yeah, I'm actually looking in to a list of v4l tools, thanks!03:06
Tempantar zcvf - file.f | ssh user@server "cat > tarfile.tar.gz" ?03:06
RallasterOk, I've been looking for help on this, but in Karmic in system monitor, all of my processes say 'poll_schedule_timeout' or 'futex_wait_queue_me' and my CPU maxes out for no apparent reason for a few seconds and Ubuntu locks up for a few seconds03:06
coz_dawning,  no problem  good luck with this... right now my web cam doesnt work or I would help further03:06
airtonixTempan, you would setup a ssh tunnel i imagine instead03:07
hipitihopanandre, http://www.playonlinux.com/en/ but I'm not familiar with03:07
jpittsTempan: looks right03:07
dawningcoz_: lol, np dude03:07
brendonGeekSquid, I have good news to report. I was able to get the Intel Arrandale HD gx card working by following this: http://www.linwik.com/wiki/using+the+intel+arrandale+intel+graphics+media+accelerator+hd+with+ubuntu+9.1003:07
nimblerabitAnybody know if there are special steps to take in order to get sound to work through a spdif cable?03:07
Dr_Willisfloodpanic:  ask ubuntu support related quetions here. Other general linux/chitchat questions in #ubuntu-offtopic03:07
jpittsTempan: although if its just one file....scp'd be easier03:07
* Tempan claps for brendon 03:07
Tempanit's an entire disk03:07
brendonTempan, it just feels good when something actually works03:08
Tempannimblerabit, I've tried but given up, more pressing projects. =/03:08
Tempanthat it does brendon03:08
jpittsTempan: and, ssh does compression.03:08
overmacht!seen BillGates03:08
ubottuI have no seen command03:08
KindOneSorry overmacht. I haven't seen BillGates around.03:08
seanbrystoneKindOne, are you a bot?03:09
brendongoodnight all.. its been a good day03:09
Tempanjpitts, looks like I'm getting about 8mbits throughput.03:09
jpittsTempan: thats better than 7!03:09
nimblerabitTempan, ouch it's that difficult?03:10
RallasterIs 'poll_schedule_timeout' even something I should be worrying about?03:10
Tempannimblerabit, it was a brand new chipset.03:10
nimblerabitdarn I don't really have any other option for my sound =/03:10
Tempanthere are prolly better drivers out now, it's been about a year.03:11
nimblerabitalright I'll keep looking around03:11
airtonixdoes ubuntu update a particular file when the laptop lid closes ?03:11
jpittsGeekSquid: well. plan b. install Win7 long enough to retrieve data off the mirror. disable RAID, reinstall ubuntu and use mdraid.03:12
seanbrystonehaving SSH prob, im trying to copy my public key to my laptop, im able to copy it to my desktop, getting error: ERROR: NO identities found, what am i doing wrong?03:12
hipitihopanandre, let me know if you have success with it, I'd be interested for me too03:12
Tempanairtonix, there's a lid event in acpi03:13
airtonixTempan, might have my answer here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107648603:13
jpittsseanbrystone: are you using ssh-copy-id ?03:13
seanbrystoneairtonix, i think a program like iwatch would detect any file changes03:13
seanbrystonejpitts, yeah03:13
jpittsseanbrystone: you are invokign it from your desktop?03:14
hipitihopGeekSquid, ok only just gettin back to my issue ;-) I've backud up my diaplan and sip.conf ... I have also stopped the asterisk process so is removing /etc/init.d/asterisk enough ot will I also need to reboot ?03:14
anandrehipitihop, I'm looking into the virtualbox right now.  I've yet to find more info on Wine beyond a lot of the same pages seeming to have the same info.03:14
seanbrystonejpitts, yep03:14
anandreBut I'll let you know how it turns out.03:14
hipitihopanandre, ok virtualbox will work guaranteed assuming you have your original disks and license to activate... the only thing I'm not 100% certain of is you require power graphics drivers or performance critical03:15
jpittsseanbrystone: and your public key file is in .ssh/ ?03:15
anandrehipitihop, do I absolutely need the original disks or will an ISO work?03:16
jpittsseanbrystone: what does ls -l <path/to/keyfile> tell you?03:16
hipitihopanandre, I use vb in my everyday paid software development which I have no choice but to run on windows, so I know vb works and is stbale, but I also don't try and run grphic intensive games.03:16
Tempananandre, yes, an ISO will work. if you have legal keys03:17
anandreTempan, I have keys, just no discs laying around.  Been moving a lot lately.03:17
seanbrystonejpitts, it lists all my keys03:17
Tempanhipitihop, I dont think virtualbox does any 3d graphics acceleration.03:17
faileasvirtualbox has graphics accelration actually03:18
hipitihopanandre, I've never tried installing widows off iso but I don't think there is any copy-protection and the like so should work03:18
rifteranandre, are you talking about windows disks?03:18
Tempanbeen a while since I've used it.03:18
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jpittsseanbrystone: i am specifically interested in the mode bits set on your key file.03:18
anandrerifter, yea.03:18
faileasand yeah, you can install it off an ISO, if its a VM03:18
root51hello guys03:18
Tempananandre, you can mount an ISO as a cd/dvd in virtualbox03:18
rifteranandre, on those the only thing you have to make sure is it's the exact same versionincluding sp in order for windows  to acknowledge it if you are using it to install stuff to an existing windows install03:19
jpittsseanbrystone: for example, for me, ls -l .ssh/id_dsa.pub  returns -rw-r--r--  1 jpitts  staff  625 Oct 29 08:34 .ssh/id_dsa.pub03:19
seanbrystonejpitts, i think its working now03:19
airtonixif i put "/home/$USER/bin/lid_event" (without quotes) in /etc/acpi/lid.sh, will $USER equate to the user on the dekstop or root ? if not my username then how can i make it equal my username ?03:19
jpittsseanbrystone: oh. cool. what did you change?03:19
hipitihopTempan, http://blogs.sun.com/fatbloke/entry/3d_graphics_acceleration_with_virtualbox03:19
user442virtualbox works well03:19
seanbrystonejpitts, was using wrong file name hehe03:20
jpittsseanbrystone: :D03:20
rifterTempan, yeah iso mounted using daemontools or similar will act like a cd03:20
jpittsseanbrystone: happens to all of us.03:20
hipitihopI think virtualbox is the best os vm out there at the moment... lets hope Oracle doesn't screw it up03:21
faileashipitihop: its significantly FOSS. hopefully at worst, they can fork03:22
hipitihopTempan, wouldn't you need to mount the iso in linux ? to do the install ?03:22
sec0ndI have three linux distros tripple boot. I'm using grub2. I need a way to manage all of the kernels and initrds. They will periodically change when updated and 2 of the distros are on an encrypted lvm2 luks partition. Every distro has it's own /etc/grub.d/ folder and each of them needs the 40_custom entry to add the encrypted lvm2 distros. Is there a better way to manage this?03:22
Tempanhipitihop, just point the VM to the ISO and have it mount it03:23
hipitihopTempan, that's what I would have thought, no need for daemontools which is a windoze iso mounter afaik03:23
faileaslinux has loopmount anyway03:24
humoiim trying to copy something from ubuntu to windows but it keeps saying i dont have permission. I setup the folder to be shared with all permissions though. :/03:24
hipitihopfaileas, indeed, all that stuff is just out of the box03:24
faileaswhich is a NATIVE way to mount isos. none of that slightly dodgy third party app stuff ;p03:24
zicadasec0nd: the numbers, f.example 40, refer to priority03:24
zicadasec0nd: so one way (of many) would be to control them by pri03:24
jpittsdaemontools is an iso mounter AND a security dodge03:25
zicadaanother, more logical, would be to get more workstations03:25
faileashipitihop: the only thing i 'hate' about linux is how scattered some resources are. But that encourages me to explore ;p03:25
zicadaor cut down on the amt of usable distros03:25
Viking667Hi. How do I _make_ pulseaudio not start up without removing it off the hard drive altogether?03:25
faileasZiber,  sec0nd  - or use VMs ;p03:25
Viking667because every time I try to turn it off, it restarts.03:25
root51im using karmic ubuntu03:25
coz_Viking667,  system/preferences/startup applications03:25
root51i encounter trouble ablout my slave drive03:25
root51i can' to open my slave drive ntfs partition03:26
root51what i can do03:26
zicadaroot51: try discribing the actual problem03:26
coz_Viking667,  if that doesnt work   sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf  and start that in terminal with  sudo sysv-rc-conf and use the arrows to move and the space bar to x out03:26
zicada"trouble" doesnt really tell anyone anything03:26
jpittsroot51: how are you mounting it03:27
root51u can't display03:27
sec0ndzicada: whats is pri?03:27
TempanFirefox seams to lock up my audio, when I load firefox w/o VLC playing sound my audio will just go dead until I logout. anyone have any ideas of what to check?03:27
hipitihopfaileas, I understand your point but I don't truly understand the fs and it's general architecture (even though running it on some imbeded devices and all over the house) so I do not feel qualified to criticise it at this point03:27
humoicome on03:27
coz_humoi,   hey guy  is there an issue  with ubuntu?03:27
han_hello, is there anyway i can show all mouse button events? .. my mouse buttons are not working properly, so i would like to see what it sends (im on xubuntu 9.10)03:28
humoifrom windows it is telling me that i dont have permissions to copy an ubuntu share03:28
Tempanhumoi chmod03:28
zicadasec0nd: priority03:28
humoichmod what?03:28
kaoalawhy my firefox iis dosn't work to playing flash player?03:29
zicadasec0nd: the lower number takes prescendence03:29
Viking667coz_: well, pulseaudio doesn't show up in that "Startup Applications", and when I try turning it off as a service, it says it's running as per-user.03:29
root51what i can to display my slave drive in ubuntu karmic03:29
sec0ndzicada: thats not the problem. I have a /etc/grub.d for each distro and each one updateds the /boot partition seperatly replacing entries etc when the kernel or initrd is upgraded03:29
humoiTempan, chmod what ?03:29
coz_Viking667,  ok the other way is to install sysv-rc-conf03:30
coz_Viking667,   sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf03:30
Viking667and what would that do?03:30
humoichmod: missing operand03:30
Tempanhumoi, check the file permissions to make sure you have r access03:30
coz_Viking667,   then open a terminal and type    sudo   sysv-rc-conf03:30
humoiTempan, i do03:30
humoibut what's r access?03:30
coz_Viking667,  then use the arrows to maneuver through until you find pulseaudio  then hit the space bar to x  that03:30
root51in my past configuration my slave drive is display03:30
coz_Viking667,  then close out of the terminal and restart03:30
Tempanhumoi, chmod 755 file03:31
root51my slave drive is partition by ntfs03:31
humoiTempan, what does that do?03:31
Viking667coz_: could I simply rename the file in /etc/init/pulseaudio  instead?03:31
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Viking667nope, guess that won't work.03:31
Tempanit changes the file permissions to allow the owner full acces, group and others read and execute premissions03:31
coz_Viking667,  in karmic pulseaudio is more intricatly twined with gnome so my guess is you may have issues  but you can stop the service with sysv-rc-conf03:31
coz_Viking667,  I dont know what the results will be though03:32
han_bump: is there anyway i can show (or log) all mouse button events? .. my mouse buttons are not working properly, so i would like to see what it sends (im on xubuntu 9.10)03:32
humoiwhat do i put in place of "file"?03:32
humoiTempan, p03:32
Tempanhumoi the name of the file03:32
humoiTempan, there are thousands of files03:32
Tempanhumoi chmod 755 myFile03:33
Viking667The results were:  PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions03:33
coz_Viking667,  however you can restart it under sysv-rc-conf again if there are too many iussues03:33
dj_segfaultMy understanding is that you can't really not use pulseaudio because of a change in the kernel that makes it impossible to access sound from more than one process at a time.  Personally I would like to take pulseaudio out back and shoot it.03:33
Viking667dj_segfault: I want to do worse than that.03:33
Tempanhumoi chmod -R 755 /path/to/directory/03:33
root51what i can to display my slave drive (nfts) in my ubuntu karmic03:33
manashi, how do i use unicode?03:33
coz_Viking667,  pulsesaudio on karmic is definitly an issue right now03:33
root51any possible options?03:34
donvitowere can i get cccam for ubuntu 9.1003:34
Viking667when it DOES work, it works fine. But when it goes off into lala land, I want to shoot it, because then it locks up the CPU and sends the load high.03:34
donvitowere can i get cccam for ubuntu 9.1003:34
dj_segfaultViking667: See http://www.thekramers.net/wordpress/index.php/20100223/linux-failures/  for my feelings about pulseaudio03:34
Viking667anyhow, it sounds like i need to reboot this puppi. Darn.03:34
root51please help to fix my problem03:34
Tempandonvito, dont ask here.03:34
dj_segfaultViking667: doing pulseaudio -k && pulseaudio --start usually does the trick for me03:35
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Guest98129Why wont linux multi task somethings. For example, If I try to run my update manager concurently with an apt-get install. Why is that?03:36
barcrawleranyone know how I can set default monitor in 9.10 - currently it's defaulting to my svideo out on a ati hd4350 instead of my dvi - both monitors are working fine, I'd just really like to have log in occur on the lcd and not the old commodore 2002 I have hooked up..03:37
dsnydersJordan_U, I've got gconf-editor running (finally).  Any suggestions as to what to look for regarding my monitor display issue?03:37
TempanGuest98129, because only one instance of a update manager can me running at any given time.03:37
Jordan_Udj_segfault, Your understanding is incorrect.03:37
manasCan anyone help me use unicode03:37
dj_segfaultGuest98129: Because they're both trying to access the same database of installed apps.03:37
dsnydersGuest98129, Update and apt-get both access the installed software database.  One would corrupt the other.03:37
Guest98129big deal?03:37
JDSheweyI have a macbook 2,1 and my touchpad is not working after upgrading to 9.10. Does anyone know what might cause this?03:38
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Then please explain03:38
TempanGuest98129, yes, big deal.03:38
TempanGuest98129, no point in running two update managers concurrently.03:38
Viking667dj_segfault: yeah, but it doesn't reset the running program so that it points to the new running pulseaudio. Not fair.03:38
Viking667dj_segfault: anyhow, I suspect I'd better reboot to take my stuff good.03:38
Jordan_Udj_segfault, If removing pulseaudio does cause problems it's not a kernel change that has done it. Current alsa can still handle multiple sound sources just fine.03:39
root51what i can do to display my slave drive (ntfs)?03:39
dj_segfaultJDShewey: Does any mouse work?03:39
root51please help to solve this problem?03:39
root51can u figured out03:39
Guest98129well why cant I utilize my graphics card? when I check the drivers in the system menu, it tells me there arent any proprietary drivers03:39
JDSheweyyes. USB mouse works.03:39
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Then what the hell do we need that POS pulseaudio for then?03:39
Tempanroot51, http://www.linux-faqs.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?p=128503:40
dj_segfaultGuest98129: How old is your card?03:40
Guest981299800m gts :o03:40
coz_Guest98129,   and nothing shows up in   system/adminstration/hardware drivers?03:41
Guest98129no sir03:41
=== Kravlin_ is now known as kravlin
Jordan_Udj_segfault, The ability to run applications that have different latency requirements without having them all have to use the least common denominator as a buffer size using more battery. Output hot plugging / redirection, network sound. Per application volume control...03:41
coz_Guest9062,  mm  you could manually install but if you are not experienced with that it can be a bit of a bump to get through03:42
JDSheweydj_segfault: yes, USB mouse works03:42
Guest98129Hmm, detected this time.03:42
coz_Guest9062,  and since it is not showing up in hardware drivers  it may be something wrong on that end with install or hardware....is the power cable plugged into the card?03:42
dj_segfaultGuest98129: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_185.18.36.html says your card is supported03:42
coz_Guest9062,  just to be sure  in terminal type   lspci | grep -i vga03:44
brezHey Guys, for some reason, after installing 9.10 I'm unable to connect to the internet via ipv6, only ipv6.03:44
brezany ideas what would be causing this?03:44
dj_segfaultJordan_U: I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I've never heard of any of those abilities being attributed to PA.  In fact, I've never seen any GUI for PA to do things like volume controls for individual apps.03:44
Jordan_Udj_segfault, Open up System > Preferences > Sound in karmic right now if you are using pulseaudio03:44
Guest98129How can I connect to an ssh server through ubuntu? Currently I'm using windows7 with puTTy/cygwin. I would like to use this os also.03:45
dj_segfaultJDShewey: What driver was your trackpad using?  synaptic?  psmouse?03:45
Jordan_Udj_segfault, The per application volume control is in the "applications" tab.03:45
alpharesearchto copy just one file from a directory to another non existing directory I had to use two command... is there a better way of doing this with just one command?03:45
alpharesearchroot@ubuntu:/.private# mkdir -p /.private/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux03:45
alpharesearchroot@ubuntu:/.private# cp -p /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer /.private/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer03:45
TempanGuest98129, from command line ssh user@server03:45
hipitihopbrez, maybe unrelated but I found after installing wicd, all wifi and cabled connection quirks disappeared.03:45
faileasGuest98129: oh, easy, ssh is the commad. there's a load of optios03:45
Guest98129man ssh then03:46
faileasjust ssh03:46
faileasit'll spit out the basics03:46
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  Someone suggested using gconf-editor, but I'm unclear as to what to look for.  The resolution is set properly in /desktop/gnome/screen/default/003:46
dj_segfaultJordan_U: OK I admit I never saw that before, but there's only one app there.  alsa plugin firefox.  How does one add applications?03:46
coz_Guest9062,  did you want to try the nvidia manual install?03:46
root51not effect03:46
hipitihopwhat is the correct way to add ppa's in Karmic ?03:47
faileasGuest98129: there's also putty03:47
Viking667Hm. Nope, that didn't stop the pulseaudio.03:47
Guest98129What about the xserver?03:47
Jordan_Udj_segfault, Open another application and start playing sound03:47
coz_hipitihop,  system/administration/software sources03:47
Viking667I'm beginning to think I'll have to remove it from the system outright.03:47
dj_segfaultJordan_U: OK, will fool around with that later.  Thanks for the info.  I still hate it, but at least I now know it's good for something.  When it works.03:47
hipitihopcoz_, thanks but there is a command line way of doing things.03:47
Viking667so _something_ forces pulseaudio to start up... but what?03:48
Jordan_Udj_segfault, You're welcome.03:48
FloodBot3Gina: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:48
coz_hipitihop,  yep  or just edt  /etc/atp/sources.list03:48
hipitihopcoz_, and I don't mean editing /etc/apt/source.list03:48
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Can I quote your text on that blog post (attributed or not, your choice)?03:48
ian_Hi there, can someone help me out with a graphics card issue?03:48
coz_hipitihop,  :)03:48
dj_segfaultian_: Not unless you tell us what it is03:48
Guest98129secure shell03:48
FloodBot3Gina: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:49
hipitihopcoz_, google is my friend... http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tip-simplified-way-to-add-ppa-repositories-in-karmic.html03:49
jribhipitihop: there's nothing different about how you add ppa's from previous releases.  You're probably thinking of some convenience script like add-apt-repository though03:50
faileasGuest98129: ssh -cx i think.03:50
coz_hipitihop,  how about   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily for example03:50
ian_ok, well I'm using an FX 5600, and I've installed the drivers for it, but the highest resolution I can get is 640x480, without the driver I can get 800x600, which is bizare03:50
Jordan_Udj_segfault, No, let me get a link from the creator of pulseaudio that explains the details of that latency bit better.03:50
dsnydersjrib, what's a ppa?03:50
dj_segfaultJordan_U: M'kay.  Thanks.03:50
hipitihopcoz_, :-)03:50
jribdsnyders: a repository made by users like you03:50
ian_I would like to use a higher res like 1280x76803:51
ian_but I'm stuck with 640x48003:51
jrib!fixres > ian_03:51
ubottuian_, please see my private message03:51
Jordan_Udj_segfault, In fact if you are willing to take the time, http://0pointer.de/blog/ has many posts that are worth reading ( still looking for the one on buffer sizes )03:52
zicadafantastic nickname03:52
Jordan_Udj_segfault, Here is a good short post about features: http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/win7-plays-catchup.html03:53
barcrawlerAnyone know of a simple way to change which monitor is default (login, icons, etc) on dual in 9.10? I swear there used to be a check box for this in 7.04..03:53
swtzanyone know of a terminal calendar application that can handle ics files?03:53
FloodBot3Gina: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:54
dsnydersGina is having problems, by the looks of it.03:54
humoiwhat is shell03:55
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Thanks.  I'll read through those tomorrow and mention them in my post.  Feel free to comment on the post yourself, though.  I'm not a hater, I just never met anyone who didn't have problems with pulseaudio.03:55
zicadayeah its obviously a real person wondering about ubuntu issues dsnyders03:55
dsnydershumoi, a shell is a program that allows a user to enter commands.  There are many shells available in linux.03:55
zicadahe just mistakenly did that03:55
Guest98129shell protect the kernal from you :D03:56
kevcox1I have a very simple newbie network question....03:56
zicadakevcox1: just ask the question03:56
kevcox1I just setup a new box with Ubuntu Server, Shorewall and webmin.  It is connected to the open Internet and only computers on the same subnet of the ISP can access it.03:57
kevcox1I know it is not Shorewall since I can clear it and get the same results.03:57
zicadakevcox1: not an ubuntu issue, ask the shorewall people03:58
blakkheim!webmin | kevcox103:58
ubottukevcox1: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.03:58
dsnyderskevcox1, can the new box access the internet?03:58
acovrighow do I get a 'Pipe to Program' from evolution to *.bash variable?03:58
kevcox1Yes, the new box can access the Internet03:58
zicadakevcox1: ask shorewall people03:59
dsnyderskevcox1, sound's like everything is set up properly then.03:59
kevcox1Since I can clear Shorewall it is not a shorewall issue03:59
jribacovrig: you should probably rephrase your question, because it doesn't make much sense to me03:59
kevcox1I stand corrected...I cannot ping google.com03:59
Jordan_Udj_segfault, You're welcome. This post is probably good to read before you write a blog post similar to the one he refutes :) http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/jeffrey-stedfast.html03:59
dsnyderskevcox1, what is the actual problem?04:00
kevcox1dsnyders: I cannot ping the internet04:00
[Adam|Linux]How would I find the C:/ folder that wine uses?04:00
zicadadsnyders: not related to ubuntu04:00
kevcox1I have the box on the open Internet04:00
bcgrown-afkanyone know how to make alsa+ladspa plugins work?  i'm on mythbuntu so it's alsa only,  no pusleaudio04:00
GeekSquidkevcox1: can you ping
acovrigjrib, how do I compose my bash script to work with Evolution's Pipe to Program message filter04:01
dj_segfaultJordan_U: Is that dude on the pulse project?04:01
bcgrown-afk[Adam|Linux]: it's probably at ~/.wine/drive_c04:01
kevcox1Only computers on the same Subnet of the ISP it is connected to can access it via SSH, Webmin, etc. with Shorewall up or down.04:01
jribacovrig: I don't use evolution but I am guessing that you would just read from stdin in your script04:01
zicadakevcox1: did you see what i was saying earlier ?04:01
acovrigby using var=`cat`?04:02
dsnyderskevcox1, that's how most people set things up.  What's the actual problem?04:02
zicadakevcox1: when i said to you that its not an ubuntu issue04:02
[Adam|Linux]but the question is then, where would ~/.wine reside?04:02
kevcox1Yes, I can ping IPs but not DNS names so I need to fix my resolve file04:02
=== bcgrown-afk is now known as bcgrown
bcgrown[Adam|Linux]: ~ is shorthand for your home directory04:02
zicadakevcox1: you have a routing issue, if you need to run shorewall, you go ask the shorewall people04:02
Jordan_Udj_segfault, He is *the* pulseaudio developer. I don't think there are any other major contributors ( though I may be wrong )04:02
bcgrown[Adam|Linux]: it will be autocompleted by bash.    so /home/adamlinux/.wine/drive_c04:03
morph_hello can someone explain this to me: http://github.com/entrope/linux-magicmouse/blob/master/INSTALL04:03
kevcox1When you CLEAR shorewall it takes their app out of the picture so it is not Shorewall04:03
dj_segfaultJordan_U: OK, thanks again.  I'll study them tomorrow at my LUG's InstallFest http://www.blu.org/cgi-bin/calendar/2010-ifest3604:03
[Adam|Linux]But in my main /adam/ folder, I see no .wine (unless it is hidden?)04:03
Jordan_Udj_segfault, You're welcome.04:03
dj_segfaultkevcox1: What you you mean by "clearing" shorewall?04:03
Luke_hey guys i got the install working on an external HDD, now what i need to do copy my configuration to my boot disk.  Any suggestions?04:03
zicadahes on the wrong channel04:04
zicadaand doesnt read msgs04:04
dsnyders[Adam|Linux], a leading . on a file or folder hides it.  do an ls -a04:04
morph_guys i need help understanding this: http://github.com/entrope/linux-magicmouse/blob/master/INSTALL04:04
* [Adam|Linux] is a noob....what?04:04
=== mun__ is now known as mun
acovrig[Adam|Linux] - everything that starts with a . is hidden, use the terminal& type ls -a04:04
zicadamorph_: not an ubuntu issue, as the magicmouse people04:04
morph_its an ubuntu plugin04:04
morph_to support magic mouse04:04
bcgrown[Adam|Linux]: If you're using Nautilus (i.e. the graphical file explorer),  Ctrl+H will show hidden files04:05
morph_i ant understan the install directions zicada04:05
[Adam|Linux]That's easier for me, thanks :)04:05
Luke_how do i copy a Ubuntu install from an external drive to my internal boot disk?04:05
zicadai cant take this anymore04:05
dj_segfaultLuke_:  I don't think you can't just copy an install over.04:05
Luke_well i open for discussion!04:06
morph_how do i apply pathes and rebuild the kernal04:06
GeekSquidLuke_: I know I have done it, I just don't remember the steps04:06
coz_morph_,  try here   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile04:07
Luke_well do you have a suggestion?04:07
hipitihopLuke I have moved entire partitions using gparted04:07
yxmn2Luke_, set it on fire04:07
dj_segfaulthipitihop: From one drive to another?04:07
Luke_How do i go about that?04:08
dsnydersWhen I log in using KDE or XFCE, my screen is normal.  When I log in using Gnome I get an error message from my monitor: Input not supported.  Someone suggested using gconf-editor, but I'm unclear as to what to look for.  The resolution is set properly in /desktop/gnome/screen/default/004:08
GeekSquidLuke_: start by booting with a live disk .. you cannot copy an entire partition while it is mounted.. use gparted ... in gparted you can right click on a partition and copy it to another04:08
Luke_ok thanks I'll try that04:08
hipitihopdj_segfault, yes... I actually had a install on a flash drive but ran out of space, so I copied the partition and even resized when I copied it back to a larger flash drive04:09
dj_segfaulthipitihop: Even if the drives are different sizes?04:09
hipitihopdj_segfault, the fact that it was from and to another flash driv eI think is not relevant04:09
necroforestAnyone here familiar with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu? I just installed it from APT and get the following error when doing creatdb: reatedb: could not connect to database postgres: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed04:09
dsnydersLuke_, be aware that the references in certain files like /etc/fstab won't match the new location if you simply copy.04:09
quietoneanyone able to help me get my internal mic usable. I set everything I can find to max and still have to shout to hear a whisper but works fine in Vista.04:10
GeekSquiddsnyders: luke_ left .. he had to reboot into live CD04:10
Guest98129Whats .ICEauthority ?04:10
Viking667$ cp /etc/pulse/client.conf ~/.pulse/; vim ~/.pulse/client.conf; edit autospawn line, set to no. No more pulseaudio. YAY!04:10
dsnydersGeekSquid, Yeah, I saw that just after I posted04:10
hipitihopdj_segfault, yes, as I said, I also managed to extend the partition after I copied it back or at the same time, can't remember details... but do take note dsnyders said04:11
dj_segfaulthipitihop: Sweet.04:11
Viking667dj_segfault: finally did it. Sheesh.04:11
GeekSquiddsnyders: perhaps it is the refresh rate that is being sent to the moniter ... that is often a cause04:12
* dj_segfault sends Viking667 a beer04:12
quietoneViking667: what is the advantage of no pulse audio?04:12
morph_why u use patch -p1 > name.patch04:12
morph_then it asks04:12
GeekSquidquietone: pulseaudio has problems with some cards .. on cards that have trouble falling back to ALSA often cures problems04:13
hipitihopdj_segfault, and even if you have problems initialy to boot it, you should be able to mount it, correct references etc and away you go.... anway way simple for me, but then I did not move locations, usb flash drive to another usb flash drive in same spot04:13
dsnydersGeekSquid, I kind of suspect a driver mismatch somewhere along the line.  I started with the nvidia driver and switched unsuccessfully to nv.  Then had all sorts of problems.  I've switch back to nvidia.  Everything works except gnome.04:13
dj_segfaulthipitihop: Yeah, I didn't think you can do that.  It should be easy enough to fix fstab, but what about /dev?04:13
quietoneGeekSquid: thank you. Guess that is not me as all is well except internal mic.04:14
morph_ok guys04:14
morph_im getting04:14
Viking667quietone: don't know yet. I'm hoping that several programs will now work without massive stuttering of audio.04:14
morph_Hunk #1 Failed at 280.04:14
morph_Hunk #2 Failed at 792.04:14
Viking667They don't always stutter, but when they do, the load goes up on CPU. Not nice when I haven't got much CPU to begin with.04:14
morph_2 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file 0001-Bluetooth-Implement-raw-output-support-for-HIDP-laye.patch.rej04:14
morph_morph@morph-ubuntu:~/magic_mouse$ patch -p1 > 0001-Bluetooth-Implement-raw-output-support-for-HIDP-laye.patch04:14
morph_what do i do04:14
morph_im using patch -p1 > file.patch04:15
hipitihopdj_segfault, sorry no expert, just letting you know what worked for me, maybe someone else knows more can chime in ... if you are staing on the same machine would /dev change ?04:15
alankilamorph: you just restroyed the patch file, needs < to read from it04:15
alankiladestroyed even04:15
Guest98129wtf is .ICEauthority and why can I see it in the terminal window with -a but cant see it in nautilus with ctrl+h?04:15
morph_what do u mean alankila04:15
morph_im in the folder with the pathes04:16
morph_what do i type to apply them04:16
alankilanever mind. I just think you typoed the command here. Anyway, the errors you got from patch indicate that the patch is not compatible with the source version, I guess.04:16
quietoneViking667: Hope it works for you now.04:16
kevcox1dj_segfault:  Sorry I had a phone call I had to take....04:16
leepingHi there, what's the name of the program that displays fonts as well as the font names?  I need to set the default font for Emacs, somehow it got switched on me =/04:16
morph_alankila, this is what im trying to do: http://github.com/entrope/linux-magicmouse/blob/master/INSTALL04:17
morph_can u help me with it/04:17
kevcox1There is a feature in Shorewall that when you clear it the program is removed from all routing and blocking for trouble shouting purposes.04:17
mrp_i mount a shared but how do i allow my user "nathan" to use it ?04:17
Guest98129What is the .ICEauthority and why can I see it in the terminal window with -a but dont see it in nautilus with ctrl+h?04:17
mrp_nathan@jet:~$ ls -la incoming/04:17
mrp_ls: cannot open directory incoming/: Permission denied04:17
Guest98129its in my home directory04:17
jasmuzHello all04:18
gdizhello everyone, I had heard that VNC wasn't completely safe to use over the internet without SSH because the VNC data wasn't encrypted.  Does anything similar hold true for SMB or CUPS protocol.  If so, is there a way I can better protect my computer?04:18
dj_segfaultkevcox1: OK, but just because the program removes its functionality doesn't mean its leaving things in a sane state.04:18
jasmuzDoes anyone know how to make Amarok 2.x handle ipods?04:18
kevcox1According to the documentation and the support team that is how you tell if shorewall is the issue04:18
gdizjasmuz, what kind of ipod?04:19
Guest98129Does anyone know What is the .ICEauthority and why can I see it in the terminal window with -a but dont see it in nautilus with ctrl+h?04:19
dj_segfaultkevcox1:  Have you tried shutting shorewall off and using a different firewall tool, like firestarter?04:19
laylano sound ... help !!04:19
hipitihopjasmuz, not specifically amarok but check this http://maketecheasier.com/sync-iphone-with-rhythmbox/2010/02/1304:19
alankilamorph_: well, I'm kinda busy cooking here... But I can only say that this particular patch did not identify the requisite source lines in the source and that is why applying the modifications failed. Perhaps you could download 2.6.33 kernel from ppa, in case it has the hooks?04:19
jasmuzgdiz, Ipod Video.. Amarok 1.4 does fairly good at it, this new amarok has me baffled04:19
dj_segfaultGuest98129: Someone already answered your question.  Stop asking it.04:20
kevcox1No, I have not...04:20
jasmuzhipitihop, i personally hate rhythmbox04:20
kevcox1I still think it is a network issue....04:20
Viking667quietone: oooo yeah. I sure hope so. I want to use ALSA, rather than being forced to route through pulseaudio.04:20
dsnyderskevcox1, copy your iptables -L to pastebin please04:20
morph_how do i do that alankila sorry im new to linux04:20
mattgyverdoes anyone know how to prevent wine applications from loading in the Wine System Tray, and appear in the gnome panel instead?04:20
gdizjasmuz, sorry, I'm not so familiar with that04:21
hipitihopjasmuz, I also think Amarok is better but that's not the point of the link as afaik the fuse related stuff is what would be required even fro amarok to hava a chance04:21
jasmuzgdiz, thanks anyways.04:21
manaswhat is the chat room for google summer of code04:22
jasmuzhipitihop, its just easier reverting to Amarok 1.404:22
hipitihopjasmuz, does it support current gen2 & 3 ipdos ?04:22
andrew_46manas: http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_IRC04:23
jasmuzhipitihop, yes it does.04:23
hipitihopjasmuz, touch specifically ? what about 3gs iphone ?04:23
jasmuzTake care all, im off to reverting04:23
quietoneViking667: I guess I route through pulseaudio - could that be messy up my internal mic?04:23
jasmuzhipitihop, 3gs iphone, i have no clue, but surely it can be done.04:23
morph_alankila, which one of these do i download: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/04:24
=== jcg_ is now known as jcg_away
doughed2003i hope some one can help me . while playing farmville on face book my hdd will start to contently run like it's reading and the browser just freezes and then crashes. i have the latest flash and useing Ubuntu as my os . i have 1.2 gb ram and a dual core pros.04:24
AdamMinerI lost the Bluetooth icon from my tray, how do I get it back?04:24
alankilamorph_: not so fast. You should first try to identify if 2.6.33 contains the stuff you want first. Otherwise, there's no point necessarily to update to it.04:24
mezquitalequietone, we can talk about it in #ubuntustudio if you want04:24
quietonemezquitale: ok.04:25
morph_im completely lost04:25
morph_i just want to use my magic mouse04:25
morph_i think this might be to hard for me04:25
GeekSquiddoughed2003: take it to zynga .. really it is their problem - half their apps crash firefox04:25
Viking667quietone: no idea.04:26
doughed2003i see thanks for the response geeksquid04:26
morph_guess i an live withouth scrolling up/down left/right alankila04:26
morph_i can live*04:27
_DM_Hello, can I ask a question about realVNC here?04:27
morph_i think this is out of my league04:27
morph_w/o some serious help04:27
mezquitale_DM_, yes04:27
alankilamorph_: well, there are some kernel images offered by mac users who apparently have this stuff working, but if you can just wait, the problem will resolve itself.04:27
Borisnoob question: whats the command to find my wlan0 BSSID?04:27
_DM_I'm trying to connect to ubuntu from Win XP thru RealVNC04:27
hipitihopGeekSquid, still there ?04:27
morph_how so alankila ?04:27
kevcox1dsnyders, did you get my IM?04:27
GeekSquidhipitihop: yep04:27
greezmunkeynews.cnet.com: Apple Magic Mouse makes big splash, can't tread water04:27
mezquitale!ask| _DM_04:27
ubottu_DM_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:27
_DM_I can connect and I see a desktop... but I can't see any changes of clicks inside VNC client on windows04:27
hipitihopok ppa installed... what do you suggest just to install main astrisk package or more ?04:28
_DM_I only could see changes on Linux machine screen04:28
=== ProfOak is now known as Miyavix3
hipitihopGeekSquid, e.g. should I also install -config04:28
_DM_I'm trying to connect to ubuntu from Win XP thru RealVNC.  I can connect and I see a desktop... but I can't see any changes of clicks inside VNC client on windows, but I only could see changes on Linux machine screen.04:29
tp43manhi, anyone using wpa wifi, I can't figure it out.  First of, where is the option to scan for wireless networks?  I have 9.10 so it's supposed to work out of the box04:29
GeekSquidhipitihop: it will install the dependencies .. you will want to use your custom dialplan04:29
hipitihopGeekSquid, sorry, I see it will install those anyway04:29
greezmunkey_DM_, you may have to adjust the "performace" and or "appearance" options on your XP VNC client...04:29
stiv2khi, i have had a PCI ethernet card connected to my server for years now, and I have just removed it and switched over to the onboard NIC (e100).  The computer still recognizes the onboard one as eth1 and now eth0 has no device for it.  How do I make it back the way it should be?04:29
_DM_I've tried all options... desktop refreshing in VNC client only on connect.04:30
hipitihopGeekSquid, yep, once it is done I'll install my sip.conf and extensions.conf04:30
=== dylan_ is now known as dylan_of_darknes
morph_alankila, can i PM u04:30
morph_i think i found something easier04:30
JumboJellyfishanyone know how i can upgrade my kubuntu 8.04 to 9.10 while still keeping kde 3.5 intact?04:30
GeekSquidhipitihop: sounds good.. even better if you can make a call and not have your CPU Crunching04:30
alankilamorph_: why not.04:31
greezmunkey_DM_, in Administration/Remote Desktop/Preferences what is checked?04:31
mezquitaleJumboJellyfish, upgrade means exactly what it means, you are upgrading -- you have to upgrade to 8.10, 9.04 then to 9.10, you cant skip versions04:32
switch10_I am having some issues with rsync.  I posted the detailed problems I am having on the Ubuntu forums, here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8888871#post888887104:32
Borishow do I find my wifi MAC address?04:32
JumboJellyfishmezquitale, the upgrade gui tool tells me it is updating to karmic koala, i just dont want kde404:32
blakkheimBoris: ifconfig04:32
hipitihopGeekSquid, I know that is just the baseline but I'll be a happy camper if that is the result04:32
GeekSquidJumboJellyfish: you cannot upgrade directly from Hardy to Karmic ... but here is the ppa for kde 3.5 compiled for karmic https://launchpad.net/~kde3-maintainers/+archive/ppa04:33
_DM_sorry for big size04:33
Boristhanks blakkheim04:33
JumboJellyfishthanks GeekSquid04:33
mezquitaleJumboJellyfish, I dont know what kubuntu uses but find out, if 9.10 uses kde4 you will effectively upgrade to kde4,  it will be a big pain upgrading from 8.10 to 9.10, I would just download the ISO and reinstall a clean version, just beware 9.10 uses grub2 and ext404:34
leepingThe font that I use in Emacs suddenly became a lot smaller :( I have no idea how to change it back, I didn't change my configuration or anything.. Can anyone help me figure out where the default font is being set?  I think I'm setting the correct font in my .emacs file, but on screen it's coming out way too small.04:34
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?04:34
greezmunkey_DM_, yeah, that's what I have...paste this from a term: sudo iptables -L04:34
blakkheimleeping: aptitude install vim04:34
JumboJellyfishthanks, mezquitale i will kepp that in mind04:35
leepingblakkheim, very funny. =P I've been using emacs for years04:35
JumboJellyfishalmost put myself through some hell :|04:35
Flannelblakkheim: Please be helpful when helping.04:35
Loshaswitch10_: it's just a guess, but I wonder if the fact that the file has asterisks in the names is causing a problem. Try renaming the file so it doesn't contain asterisks & see if it gets further...04:35
switch10_Losha: you're right!!  thanks, I forgot all about that..04:36
greezmunkey_DM_, hmm so no firewall...interesting.04:36
Loshaleeping: um, meta-x set-default-font or some such, depending on the emacs version04:37
_DM_I'm using Lucid... maybe just a bug ? :|04:37
GeekSquid_DM_: Lucid is NOT stable ---- Discussion and Support in #ubuntu+104:37
=== rainofkayos is now known as BladeNBrocade
airtonixi have a script that is run by (i assume root) which relates to the laptop lid opening and closing... however i would like to dynamically reference the users home folder instead of hardcoding the path in... is this possible with $HOME ?04:38
greezmunkey_DM_, dude...#ubuntu+104:38
greezmunkey_DM_, heh good luck :)04:39
hipitihopGeekSquid, while I'm waiting for things... are you actually familiar with and use asterisk yourself ?04:39
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:40
GeekSquidhipitihop: only on a preconfigured trixbox ... I've run the PBX ... transferred calls, made calls, and occassionally edited a dialplan to add areacodes, but other than that no04:40
booh-I have a system with soft raid (mix of raid1 and raid5 on 4 disks) I want to change one of the disk that have bad sector.  I just don't know what to do after installing the new hard drive...04:40
Dr_Willisairtonix:  proberly not - since the script osent getting ran by a user.04:41
leepingLosha, thanks.  I'll try that and see if it works04:41
jmp_hi to everybody04:41
mezquitale!hello| jmp_04:41
ubottujmp_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:41
hipitihopGeekSquid, fair enough.. in regards to init.d isn't the current ubuntu using different way, upstart ?04:42
leepingLosha, I tried that, it doesn't work.  It's as if I hit some "zoom" key by mistake but I don't know how to zoom back.04:42
airtonixDr_Willis, ok and the multi user nature of X means i can't really work out which user is at the keyboard either i suppose ?04:42
jmp_do somebody know a good web site to learn Qt with C++04:42
jmp_or a channel04:42
* airtonix stabs jmp_s enter key04:43
GeekSquidhipitihop: I have asterisk installed from a repo on Jaunty ... it is using init.d04:43
Loshaleeping: Try #emacs next...04:43
leepingLosha, thanks.  I'll try that04:43
hipitihopGeekSquid, hmm, no /etc/init.d/asterisk here04:43
GeekSquidhipitihop: prolly using upstart ... new to me04:44
jmp_do somebody know a good web site to learn Qt with C++?04:44
alcalaI would like some help, on getting a list of nstalled software and install it on my other ubuntu computer .. I have Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic04:45
teratornjmp_: do you want to learn C++, or just Qt (and you already "known" C++)?04:45
hipitihopGeekSquid, ok reading up about upstart, new to me to... alwyas seems every step one takes, there's something else to learn ... I think that's called life ;-)04:45
alcalaanybody can help me?? I would like some help, on getting a list of nstalled software and install it on my other ubuntu computer .. I have Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic04:45
jmp_teratorn, I know C++ , not so much but enough to start Qt04:45
dj_segfaultalcala: dpkg-query -l will list all installed packages04:46
hipitihopalcala, in synaptic one of the filters is "installed"04:46
alcaladj_segfault how about to install them on another computer with a terminal command04:46
hipitihopalcala, sudo apt-get install .....04:47
dj_segfaultalcala: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-get-list-installed-software-reinstallation-restore.html04:48
alcalahipitihop to install the installed software of another computer on a new one04:48
morph_morph@morph-ubuntu:~/Desktop$ cat linux-ubuntu9.10-kernel_i386-magicmouse.tar.gz00 | tar - xzvf -04:48
morph_tar: You must specify one of the `-Acdtrux' options04:48
morph_anyone know what that means?04:48
plubeckerHello! :) Can anyone tell me where in /proc i can find the number of users currently on the system?04:48
hipitihopalcala, yes understand ... see dj_segfault lin, easiest way04:48
sambagirlxyou can do w plubecker04:48
sambagirlxthat shows you how many are logd in anyway04:49
dj_segfaultmorph_: Try removing the space after the dash04:49
greezmunkeyleeping, http://sachachua.com/wp/2006/09/emacs-changing-the-font-size-on-the-fly/ (I doubled)04:49
jmp_teratorn, u there04:49
Jordan_U!clone | dj_segfault alcala04:49
ubottudj_segfault alcala: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate04:49
alcaladj_segfault I already tried that Thats is why I am here.. after following steps it does nothing04:50
Loshagreezmunkey: nice one...04:50
morph_dj_segfault, which dash04:50
greezmunkey:) I hope it helps him04:50
alcalaubottu let me try that04:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:50
leepinggreezmunkey, thanks for the help.  I put them in my .emacs and tried it, but when I use the keyboard commands, the font doesn't change size at all04:50
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?04:51
leepingIt's not telling me "command not found", so I think the keybinding is right04:51
dj_segfaultmorph_: the first one.  cat linux-ubuntu9.10-kernel_i386-magicmouse.tar.gz00 | tar -xzvf -04:51
teratornjmp_: yeah, but I would only tell you to not use C++ because almost any other language out there (including C), is more appropriate for just about anything you would care to write04:51
mimorQuestion: How can I prevent wget from downloading a file a 2nd time (in the same directory)?04:51
morph_got a bunch of errors04:51
teratornthere are a lot of good options these days04:51
morph_an i pm them to u dj_segfault04:51
dj_segfaultmorph_ Yes04:52
jmp_teratorn, which language do u advise me to learn so04:52
brjannmimor, wget --no-clobber04:52
Loshamimor: check out the -nc option in 'man wget'04:52
hipitihopGeekSquid, as far as I can tell it didn't install anything into upstart either and trying to connect to the running instance also fails04:53
josephgmimor: i thought wget wouln't download again, but just try to resume. if the file is complete, there is nothing left to download.04:53
mimorthx brjann , Losha and josephg04:54
greezmunkeyleeping, that bites...maybe I should learn emacs!04:54
leepinggreezmunkey, thanks for trying.  Emacs's complexity does get to me sometimes04:54
brjannjosephg, no, it will redownload to filename.2, filename.3, etc unless you use --no-clobber or --continue04:55
jmp_teratorn, which one u think I have to learn04:55
Guest98129can I install a.iso without burning it to a cd?04:55
=== Jon is now known as Guest40151
jmp_Guest9062,  yes04:55
josephgbrjann: i use debian stable, and perhaps that is default. i've never needed to use that option04:55
greezmunkeyleeping, yeah, been using vi too long, it's probably too late for me!04:56
brjannjosephg, ah, could be. never know what's in wgetrc by default :)04:56
Guest98129how do i install a .iso file without burning it to a cd?04:56
LoshaGuest98129: check out unetbootin. It claims to allow a cd-less install from iso...04:56
greezmunkeyGuest98129, unet... er what Losha said04:57
jmp_Guest9062,  yeah by unziping it  ur zip a soft and go and launch the .exe04:57
omicr0nGuest98129: you can look for Gmount-ISO in the Ubuntu Software Center04:57
teratornjmp_: well, you could either go with java or C#, or you could go Haskell for a functional programming language, or maybe Python if you want really rapid development in a dynamic language04:57
switch10_is there a program that automatically renames bad file names?  I used fslint to find them, but it would take to long to rename manually.04:57
dsnydersbrjann, Hi!04:57
leepinggreezmunkey, thanks all the same.  I'm sure I'll figure something out, even if it's just manually setting the font size each time04:58
brjanndsnyders, heh, hi there :)04:58
BookmanIs there no 3D goodness on an ATI 200M card?04:58
teratornjmp_: Python with Qt is quite good04:58
switch10_Bookman: 3d works on my 200m04:58
teratornjmp_: I just reckon the world has quite enough horrible C++ code to contend with as it is04:58
josephgbrjann: i just did a find. there is no /etc/wgetrc or ~/.wgetrc. i can only assume that option is default at compile time.04:58
dsnydersbrjann, x is working, mostly.04:59
Loshaswitch10_: by 'bad' you mean names with asterisks in them, I presume. See man rename. It's a bit of a bear to get right though...04:59
Bookmanswitch10_, which game?04:59
jmp_teratorn, yes I will tried them both04:59
Guest98129spt named is gmount?04:59
switch10_Bookman: with 9.10 no configuration at all04:59
Bookmanswitch10_, which game?04:59
brjannjosephg, really? karmic's certainly doesn't behave that way04:59
dsnydersbrjann, thanks for your help yesterday.04:59
brjanndsnyders, yay! what did you have to do?04:59
brjanndsnyders, oh, no problem at all04:59
josephgGuest98129: what do you mean install .iso?04:59
switch10_Losha: OK thanks.  I have * and [ } everywhere...04:59
jmp_teratorn, just one question, are u programming with vim or any text editor or an IDE such as codeblocks05:00
switch10_Bookman: I played enemy territory on it back in the day.  Compiz works great too05:00
Bookmanswitch10_, any 3D game at all05:01
teratornjmp_: I mostly use VIM, but Eclipse with PyDev might be pretty good... i hear people say they like it05:01
dsnydersbrjann, turns out that my gnome is corrupted.  KDE and XFCE work just fine, but when I use Gnome, it switches to a resolution my monitor can't handle.05:01
teratornjmp_: for Python WingIDE is pretty excellent, also05:01
Loshaswitch10_: been there. You know what, make a backup before you start messing with the names....05:01
brjanndsnyders, wow, that's weird.05:01
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?05:02
dsnydersbrjann, yeah.  I'm researching gconf-editor at someone's suggestion.05:02
switch10_Losha: haha I have to figure out a way to get rsync to backup my bad file names05:02
brjanndsnyders, ew, good luck. just as much fun as windows regedit :)05:02
jmp_teratorn, I worked on vim but I think it is quite tough to compile a multi files project , u have to make ur own make file05:02
jmp_teratorn, how do u proceed05:02
josephgbrjann: sorry, the /etc/wgetrc must have been purged, when i got rid of wget a few weeks ago, after i found axel.05:02
teratorni just wish someone would fully integrate VIM inside of an IDE... every vi/vim emulation that I've tried (e.g. ViEmu under Visual Studio) leaves way too much to be desired.. it frustrates me to no end having to work with a half-assed vi-emulation (but its better than nothing ;)05:02
brjannjosephg, no problem :)05:03
teratornjmp_: yes, if you're writing C or C++ you should have a Makefile05:03
teratornjmp_: they are not hard to create...05:03
dsnydersbrjann, Yes.  So it seems.  Fortunately there isn't a lot of cryptic hex values running all through it.05:03
greezmunkeyI want to install emacs, but there are a lot of choices. For a rank beginner which should I choose? I'm thinking emacs22-gtk (9.10, gnome)05:03
brjanndsnyders, you know, if that's the case... one thing you might try doing just for kicks is creating a brand new user and trying to log into gnome05:03
josephgbut, i still don't remember using --no-clobber, till a few weeks ago. but as you say, there really is not reason not to make it the default.05:04
jmp_teratorn, not hard but quite long05:04
brjanndsnyders, if for whatever reason *your* gnome settings are borked, the ones installed from the skeleton shouldn't be.05:04
dsnydersbrjann, there's an idea.  I was considering doing an uninstall/reinstall of gnome, but your idea is somewhat less drastic.05:04
Guest98129ok, now I have just completed updating ubuntu. Its asking me what I would like to do about the grub. I had a problem before where the grub completely screwed up and I had to reinstall the original version of ubuntu from a cdrom to get the grub working again. so what do I pick here?05:04
devendrathere is no bash_profile in ubuntu to set environmental variables permanently.05:05
jmp_teratorn, so no need of a make file on python05:05
teratornjmp_: nope05:05
brjanndsnyders, and a reinstall probably wouldn't help you since it wouldn't touch settings in your home directory05:05
alcalahow do I backup all software dependecies ??05:05
josephgGuest98129: if all you need is to read some files from the .iso or to boot it, you don't need any other additional software.05:05
airtonixdoes ubuntu fast user switcher create a file somewhere to indicate which one of the logged in users is the currently active session ?05:05
teratornjmp_: you will create a python "package" (a dir containing an initially empty __init__.py file) for your app05:06
dsnydersbrjann, Hmmm.... maybe I can just remove the gnome settings in my home directory and let gnome re-create them.05:06
Guest98129Its this Debcong, I can keep the local verssion currently installed, or install the package maintainers version, amongst other options.05:06
teratornjmp_: then, as a sibling to the package dir you have a 'bin' folder with an executable "script", "myapplication"05:06
brjanndsnyders, you could do that, and I've done it before too. but remember that application settings get stored in there too. I'd try the new user approach just to see if there's any benefit in doing that05:07
Guest98129I am triple booting if that means anything to this05:07
greezmunkeyYikes! 65.6 MB to install emacs! It better be good :)05:07
jmp_teratorn, thanks a lot05:07
dsnydersbrjann, Wise as always.05:08
teratorninside the myapplication file you do a standard shebang line "#!/usr/bin/python2.6" (or so), then you do something like "from mypackage import main; main.run()"05:08
brjanngreezmunkey, yes, emacs is... comprehensive. :)05:08
=== linkiduu is now known as linkiduuyy
jmp_teratorn, I think I have so much neglect python , I'l go for it05:08
teratornjmp_: so inside "mypackage" you have a "main.py" "module", which contains a function called "run" which is your "entry point"05:08
teratornjmp_: check out the tutorial/book "how to think like a computer scientist, learning with python"05:09
JrodDCxThe Python Channel can help you better05:09
teratornyeah, go there :)05:10
talandedHow do you turn on wireless nick, I think I turned it off a while ago...it is off now, thats for sure, and I can't figure out how to turn it ON?05:10
chetnickgreezmunkey: better get ready to worm up your chair if you wanna learn how to use emacs. By the way its great.05:10
dsnydersjmp_, google for some python tutorial sites as well.05:10
dj_segfaulttalanded: You mean turn it on in software or hardware?05:10
=== jesse is now known as Guest53507
seanbrystonewireless nick? you mean nic?05:11
chetnicktalanded: what is wireless nick?05:11
talandedyeah, I mean't nic05:11
jpittsemacs: the operating system with a free text editor!05:12
seanbrystonechetnick, 2 grammar policemen is too much, I got him pulled over already. ;)05:12
JrodDCxjpitts:  Do you have a "?"05:12
seanbrystonelmao jpitts05:12
Jordan_Ujpitts, I prefer "Emacs is a great OS, all it needs is a good text editor"05:12
laylaanyone an EXPERT on hda-intel issues ?05:13
jpittsJrodDCx: I did. I think it is turning into a bug report.05:13
JrodDCxWe should have Easy Editor from BSD05:13
greezmunkeychetnick, yeah! figured out spell check, it's a start (I know...off topic) :)05:13
JrodDCxok you can check the emacs launch pad to report issues :)05:14
jpittsit isnt an emacs bug.05:14
JrodDCxis it a Ubuntu one ?05:15
JrodDCxor no bug at all?05:15
jpittsyes. ubuntu. installer should not write to block devices in a suprising way05:15
=== tek is now known as Guest96272
talandedanyone know how to turn on the wireless card in ubuntu (gnome)05:16
JrodDCxtalanded: Just Click on the network indicator and it should show you networks (the one that looks like a computer on the panel)05:17
JrodDCx!hi | petsounds05:19
ubottupetsounds: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:19
chetnicktalanded: how did you turn it off?05:19
pikeshouse88hey guys05:19
JrodDCx!hi | pikeshouse8805:20
ubottupikeshouse88: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:20
chetnicktalanded: did you try right click on network manager applet and, and check wireless network.05:20
talandedJrodDCx, well, when I click my wifi icon or hover over it, says wifi is off, and there is no option to turn it on05:20
running_rabbit07is it a new install?05:20
pikeshouse88would i get better performance out of 64 bit 10.1 flash for 64 ubuntu through the wrapper or official 64 bit 10.005:20
JrodDCxtalanded: Yes ,  right click on it and check wireless enabled05:21
JrodDCxtalanded:  or see if it's checked05:21
talandedchetnick it was a while ago, that I turned it off so I can't what I did, or even if I did anything05:21
Prodego!ops UAE05:21
sateHi how do I install mouse themes?05:21
running_rabbit07I used the official 64bit05:21
sateThe gcursor doesn't work05:21
rwwProdego: hmm?05:21
deusrsomeone can tell me by what hal was replaced?05:22
faileasdevicekit iirc05:22
Prodegorww: its spamming people when they join05:22
brjanntalanded, i'm assuming this is a laptop. does it have a wifi indicator LED somewhere on it?05:22
rikuUAE is spamming on entrance, +1 Prodego05:22
ProdegoI shoudl have done | eh05:22
JrodDCxProdego:  are you an admin ?  because otherwise you shouldn't be trying to do that :(05:22
PusdesrisWhat is the newest ubuntu which still supports kde3?05:22
faileasPusdesris: there's a kde 3 based remix iirc05:23
sateHi how do I install mouse themes?05:23
rwwProdego: Yes (and preferably added a reason). Interestingly, I'm not getting it...05:23
sateHi how do I install mouse themes?05:23
Prodegohm, let me see05:24
JrodDCxPusdesris:  You can check this out...  http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/  (Its The latest remiex with KDE 3x)05:24
Prodegorww: I didn't get it that time either05:24
running_rabbit07sate, what kind of file did you download?05:24
becker_11hello last night I downloaded the i386 version of the minimal cd and burnt it to a cd-r now I need to create a bootable usb stick to run the install from how can I do this please??05:24
sateIt was a tar file05:24
sateI extracted to my .icons, than installed gcursor05:25
becker_11btw I don't have the iso I d'loaded it at a mate place05:25
faileasbecker_11: why dosen't the cd work?05:25
sateI see the icon, but Its not wanting to work05:25
becker_11faileas: asus eee pc no cd drive05:25
PusdesrisJrodDCx: Hmm...05:25
faileasbecker_11: does it have a running OS?05:25
rikuperhaps its not really "spamming" i'm betting its sending only once :/05:25
Prodegoriku: it might be doing with some probability05:26
becker_11faileas: yeah crunchbang desktop05:26
JrodDCxPusdesris: it's Kubuntu 9.10 With Kde 3.5x  Here:  http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/05:26
faileasbecker_11: you might want to try unetbootin, it would be simpler05:26
rikuProdego, good point :)05:26
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?05:26
Prodegoriku: I've only gotten it once05:26
becker_11faileas: good point05:26
JrodDCxPusdesris: It's pretty safe i've used it before05:26
rikuwell, i've only noticed it once as well05:26
running_rabbit07sate, the only thing I can think of is opening the appearance app and installing it as a theme, then go through and customize the theme05:26
grkblood13how do i get windows media audio support?05:26
faileasbecker_11: hmm.. crunchbang is a ubuntu varient. why not install just the DE you want?05:26
brjannbullgard, is mic2 perhaps on a USB device?05:26
running_rabbit07I have never actually install a pointer theme05:27
PusdesrisJrodDCx: But I already have a ubuntu image written, and I only have a working windows install right now.05:27
rikui'oriu= me05:27
Prodegobut its sending something every 10 seconds05:27
rikuerm fail ^^ oriun_ = me05:27
PusdesrisI killed my linux.05:27
becker_11faileas: I'm doing a custom install so I want to start from minimal05:27
rikuno message Prodego05:27
JrodDCxPusdesris: Ok then check this out , https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic   , It gives you packages for it!05:28
PusdesrisOh cool.05:28
PusdesrisI have been an archlinux user for years, but I am thinking I will give ubuntu a shot.05:28
sateHa anyone else installed mouse pointers?05:29
bullgardbrjann: No. Mic2 is the microphone jack to the left of the Thinkpad T42 laptop.05:29
Guest96272can I run programs from an ntfs file system on linux with wine?05:29
PusdesrisBacking up my /home now...05:30
ouyesi have  been banned by the operator of channel ##c, where can i find someone help me remove that?05:30
PusdesrisThanks JrodDCx, I will try this.05:30
brjannbullgard, ah, okay. i'm no help then :)05:30
running_rabbit07you mean to run programs from your windows install with Wine?05:30
IdleOneouyes: in ##c probably05:30
rwwthere we go05:30
JrodDCxPusdesris: NP,  Good luck it worked for me awhile back :)05:30
sateHas anyone installed mouse pointers?05:30
grkblood13how do i get audio for windows media audio in a wmv05:30
matelotwhat is torrent's "peer blocklist" ?05:30
rww!ops | UAE intermittent join spam05:30
ubottuUAE intermittent join spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:30
petsounds!changethemes > sate05:31
ubottusate, please see my private message05:31
Guest96272can I run programs from an ntfs file partition in linux?05:31
blakkheimGuest96272: linux can read and write to ntfs filesystems with ntfs-3g05:31
Amaranthrww: PM?05:31
rwwAmaranth: any time05:31
mrpink57Guest96272: as long as they're not .exe you will need wine for that05:32
t3rm1n4li am trying to install nfs-server on karmic05:32
blakkheimGuest96272: i'm not sure exactly if that's what you're asking though05:32
t3rm1n4lbut the package is broken05:32
t3rm1n4lwhy ?05:32
ardchoillet3rm1n4l: how is it broken?05:32
Guest96272so if i get wine i can run and .exe from an ntfs?05:32
IdleOnet3rm1n4l: try running sudo apt-get -f install05:32
hipitihopGeekSquid, well asterisk is away !! can't even see it on top during a call and inbund outbound works fine05:32
blakkheim!appdb | Guest9627205:32
ubottuGuest96272: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:32
ardchoille!info nfs-server05:32
ubottuPackage nfs-server does not exist in karmic05:33
Guest96272ty all05:33
GeekSquidhipitihop: I assume that is good news?05:33
ardchoillet3rm1n4l: there is no nfs-server package in Karmic05:33
IdleOneardchoille: that would explain it being broken :)05:33
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:33
blakkheim!info nfs-kernel-server05:33
ubottunfs-kernel-server (source: nfs-utils): support for NFS kernel server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.2.0-2ubuntu8 (karmic), package size 154 kB, installed size 392 kB05:33
ardchoilleIdleOne: indeed05:33
becker_11How do I format a usb stick to fat32 from the command line in ubuntu05:33
JrodDCxGuys stop  issuing bot commands!05:33
Dr_Willisbecker_11:  sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/XXXXX05:33
t3rm1n4lnfs-kernel-server is broken05:33
AmaranthProdego: Can I PM you?05:33
IdleOneJrodDCx: why?05:33
becker_11thx Dr_Willis05:34
blakkheimt3rm1n4l: i have it installed and it works fine. what error do you get?05:34
Dr_Willist3rm1n4l:  it is? its worked for me in the past05:34
t3rm1n4li have it on my laptop05:34
t3rm1n4lbut i did a fresh karmic install05:34
Amaranthriku: Can I PM you as well?05:34
ProdegoAmaranth: well you certainly can05:34
t3rm1n4land tried apt-get install nfs-kernel-server05:34
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?05:34
JrodDCxBecause the channel is going crazy , and it looks like RWW if he's not an admin is trying to bother them .05:34
brjannJrodDCx, this is pretty tame by #ubuntu standards :)05:35
IdleOneJrodDCx: I don't see rww bothering anybody05:35
psilikonI am looking for an updated VDPAU + mplayer howto. Google only shows me stuff a year old.05:35
hipitihopGeekSquid, excellent news, thanks.. I just wonder now why on that PPA link it says (new version available) which I assume the normal one in the repository05:36
t3rm1n4lplease see the nfs install error05:36
Dr_Willispsilikon:  Hmm. the mplayer i got from medibuntu I think had vdpau as an option.05:36
JrodDCxOK , i didnt know what he was trying to do issuing random commands , carry on05:36
blakkheimt3rm1n4l: use aptitude instead of apt-get05:36
psilikonDr_Willis, oh really :)05:36
IdleOnet3rm1n4l: configure nfs-common05:37
becker_11Dr_Willis: I get a Device partition expected, not making filesystem on entire device /dev/sdc (use -I to override) error05:37
Dr_Willispsilikon:  i may be wrong. I cant double check right now. testing 10.04 on th nebook Im sure it DID have it in there.. lets see05:37
t3rm1n4ltried all that05:37
t3rm1n4lnow way05:37
GeekSquidhipitihop: technically the ppa is an older version ... but it is a working version ... Do you Care?05:37
sircrazyis 10.04 using usplash and grub2, like 9.10?05:38
t3rm1n4lit says dependecny problems - leaving unconfigugred05:38
brjannbecker_11, you need to specify the partition, e.g. /dev/sdc# where # is a number05:38
Dr_Willispsilikon:  VDPAU is a option in player on 10.04 :)05:38
psilikonThat would explain why the "building from svn" are all dated a year ago05:38
GeekSquidhipitihop: don't answer that, it was a stupid question05:38
sircrazyer xsplash*05:38
JrodDCxDr_Willis:  Do yourself a favor and use VLC its better then Mplayer now .05:38
becker_11brjann: aaahhh I see thanks05:38
rwwsircrazy: 10.04 uses grub2, and uses plymouth instead of *splash05:38
blakkheimJrodDCx: i strongly disagree05:38
rwwsircrazy: questions and discussion of it belong in #ubuntu+1, by the way :)05:38
sircrazyrww, ty05:38
Dr_WillisJrodDCx:  i use whatever i feel like at the time.  had a few issues with vlc with some videos that mplayer handled file.. and visa-versa aslso05:39
becker_11brjann: can  I just use sdc1 as default??05:39
airtonixhow do i sniff dbus events from the terminal ?05:39
t3rm1n4lplease help05:39
t3rm1n4lregarding nfs server05:39
Dr_Willisbecker_11:  do a sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda and see what partitons exist05:39
brjannbecker_11, without knowing the layout of your disks i'm uncomfortable telling you which partition to format ;)05:39
JrodDCxairtonix:  Use the command : dmesg05:39
psilikonI was using VLC but even with my i7 1080p playback was using 40% cpu!05:39
jureis there any linux-native utility which successfully decodes WMA *3* ?05:39
hipitihopGeekSquid, I understand you point though, it is the first version which both works and can make inbound/outbound calls... but since I did fiddle with teh sip.conf and dialplan to get it running properly with the latest which I had compiled... I'm now left wondering if infact the rc2 would now work anyway05:40
Dr_Willist3rm1n4l:  all i really did was follow the !nfs wiki page. took me just a few min. You may need to update/upgrade and try installing it again05:40
t3rm1n4li looked at it05:40
Dr_Willispsilikon:  yep thats the issues i had with hidef videos05:40
t3rm1n4lno use05:40
blakkheimpsilikon: mplayer doesn't have that problem. vlc only uses one cpu core ;(05:40
becker_11brjann: yeah no drama I'm looking into it now05:40
psilikonblakkheim, but does mplayer take advantage of vdpau? I want my GPU to do all the work05:41
hipitihopGeekSquid, but I'm best to send time learning asterisk and its features rather then woeeing05:41
blakkheimpsilikon: yes05:41
al_why does this crontab file start every line with 0 ? http://pastebin.com/4jCsVGUS05:41
JrodDCxAre you on the latest release  of VLC? because on my amd 64 it works fine... both cpus and gpu05:41
al_its not ubuntu based btw05:41
dj_segfaultgrkblood13:  go to medibuntu.org05:41
becker_11brjann: just by the by I would love a convert tool that takes ntfs and converts to ext3 for my terrabyte external05:41
ardchoilleal_: because allof those commands start at the top of the hour05:42
becker_11brjann: without data loss05:42
psilikonblakkheim, does mplayer do that out of the box? Do I need to compile from source?05:42
brjannbecker_11, I doubt anything exists that converts ntfs to ext3 in-place05:42
blakkheimpsilikon: compile from source for multithreaded decoding05:42
psilikonhipitihop, you learning asterisk?05:42
becker_11brjann: yeah I'm pretty sure it doesn't I've looked before05:43
blakkheimpsilikon: but vdpau is a built in option in newer builds (dont know about ubuntu's since i dont use it)05:43
dj_segfaultal_: The first column is the minutes.  min hour day month dayofweek command05:43
brjannbecker_11, depending on how much free space you have on the disk, you may be able to use gparted to shrink the ntfs partition, create an ext3 partition in the free space, and then move stuff over05:44
al_dj_segfault: hmm It didnt quote paste the whole file, look at http://pastebin.com/Gx7PSNSc05:45
al_the first colum has a header of "#"05:45
hipitihoppsilikon, yes I am why ?05:45
ardchoilleal_: that first line (#) is a comment05:46
philippeHi everyone, I'm about to try Fedora 12 on my desktop and i'd like to know if I should use the 32 or 64 bits version. My processor is Core 2 Duo Dual Core (x86-64).05:46
Jordan_Uphilippe, This is #ubuntu.05:46
ardchoilleFriend of mine has dual-boot Ubuntu and Fedora. She wants to know if she canuse one of the fedora apps in ubuntu (apps spanning partitions?)05:46
al_ardchoille: so there are jobs running every day at 7pm and 3am and 4am?05:47
rwwphilippe: ask in #fedora :)05:47
dj_segfaultardchoille: I doubt it.  Probably different kernel versions05:47
=== capn_crunch is now known as RabidLockerGnome
psilikonhipitihop, i love asterisk. Have you checked out TFOT 2nd edition. I found it used on amazon about 5 months ago for ~ $5. Helped out a lot!05:47
rwwphilippe: if they're anything like us, though, you can use either.05:47
ardchoilleal_: yes, and all at the top of the hour05:47
brjannardchoille, probably not. installed libraries needed for dependencies, etc may be different05:47
becker_11ok back05:47
ardchoillebrjann: Ah, very good point05:47
becker_11That was weird my 1gb usb stick had 4 partitions on it05:47
al_ardchoille: actually the 1,2,3,4,5,6 is in the dow colum? so they are only run once each week on seperate days by the look?05:48
dj_segfaultal_: correct05:48
ardchoilleal_: actually the last 6 lines start the commands on different days of the week05:48
al_dj_segfault: ta05:48
psilikonhipitihop, do you have a spare box to use as a pbx?05:49
philipperww: noones answer in #fedora-unregistered05:49
ardchoillephilippe: are you running fedora?05:49
philippeno im on Linux mint right now05:49
rwwubottu: register | philippe05:49
ubottuphilippe: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode05:49
ardchoillephil_: just fyi, we can't suppoort mint here either05:49
rwwphilippe: (the #fedora-unregistered topic and entry message also have those links)05:50
hipitihoppsilikon, yes I started to read the online version ... and I have a home theater pc it's an ION Atom 330 , i.e. dual core running mythtv (also awesome).. but mainly sitting idle, so I have asterisk isntalled ther05:50
psilikonhipitihop, nice. Chapter 5 of tfot... then I was set. I have since built a few pbxes. One I used for a local business and earned some decent money. Check out pbx in a flash also.05:52
hipitihoppsilikon, cool.. we should probably go via pm rather then create more noise here05:53
psilikonhipitihop, right on05:54
=== philippe is now known as philippeOnMint
GeekSquidhipitihop: did you say this is a mythtv/asterisk box .... AWESOME05:55
phixxorhow do I find out what gfx driver is in use?05:55
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?05:55
morph_there is a program alled Gmail Notifier05:55
hipitihopGeekSquid, indeed !! you impressed :-)05:55
morph_how do i add it to start up at login05:55
becker_11I'm getting a massive number of errors at present with this usb key05:55
=== philippeOnMint is now known as Philippe
morph_since its 2 words05:55
morph_i cant figure it out05:55
morph_like the whereis command05:56
Dr_Willistry gmTAB05:56
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:56
blakkheimmorph_: what is the package name05:56
blakkheimmorph_: gmail-notify or checkgmail probably05:57
morph_Gmail Notifier05:57
morph_i tried that i believe05:57
blakkheimE: Unable to locate package gmail-notifier05:57
becker_11Dr_Willis: brjann I'05:57
blakkheimmorph_: dpkg --get-selections | grep gmail05:58
becker_11Dr_Willis: brjann I've copied the output of dmesg | tail to pastebin here http://pastebin.com/9D94YMKL05:58
morph_blakkheim, its Gmail Notify05:58
blakkheimmorph_: no, it's not. i need the PACKAGE name.05:58
morph_in ubuntu software center05:58
morph_it is05:58
morph_Gmail Notify05:58
IdleOnemorph_: yes that is the Signage name but what is the package name05:58
blakkheimmorph_: please run the command above so i can help you05:58
Vendettahave you tried gmail-notify?05:58
blakkheimmorph_: dpkg --get-selections | grep gmail05:58
danxIdleOne: use apt-cache search05:59
IdleOnedanx: I have05:59
morph_morph@morph-ubuntu:~$ dpkg --get-selections | grep gmail05:59
morph_sorry blakkheim im new to linux05:59
IdleOneoh, look blakkheim was right05:59
blakkheimmorph_: ok, so it is "gmail-notify"05:59
AMAGHi, I'm having a rough time with my PCs today.  I had to sacrifice my desktop machine, which was setup for my 30" monitor, so I could have a functioning power supply for my server and database.05:59
blakkheimmorph_: now run: dpkg -S gmail-notify | grep bin05:59
Vendettaofficially tomorrow06:00
morph_whats that do?06:00
becker_11AMAG: that sux06:00
domoshould /etc/hostname be www.foo.com or www ?06:00
blakkheimmorph_: searches the files in the package for the binary name (what you will put in your startup item)06:00
Vendettaactually, now its officially today06:00
AMAGIt's been about 3 years since I setup the desktop and I can't remember the steps I went through to get the 30" screen working.  My question is basically, will it be easier to repeat those steps again on my old 6.10 installation, or should I go ahead and upgrade to the latest ubuntu?06:00
morph_morph@morph-ubuntu:~$ dpkg -S gmail-notify | grep bin06:01
morph_gmail-notify: /usr/bin/gmail-notify06:01
blakkheimmorph_: i'm 99% sure you just need to use "/usr/bin/gmail-notify"06:01
blakkheimmorph_: yeah06:01
becker_11AMAG: 6.10 isn't supported any longer AFAIK so upgrading would be your best bet06:01
Andys^AMAG: if its a recent-ish nvidia card, chances are strong it'll just Work06:01
MilitantPotatoAMAG: upgrading has lots of advantages, aside from likely being easier (provided you have a seperate /home at the least)06:01
AMAGbecker_11:I am pretty glad the server was not fried, because the power supply started smoking, and then sparks started shooting out of it inside of the case.  So if I just lose a few hours and a $100 new PSU I will be happy. :)06:01
blakkheimmorph_: just put "gmail-notify" in the "command" section of the startup item and it should work06:01
morph_thanks man06:01
morph_i dont put /usr/bin/gmail-notify ?06:01
becker_11AMAG:  I hear you on that one06:02
morph_or will either work06:02
VendettaMilitantPotato...I like that one haha06:02
blakkheimmorph_: /usr/bin is in your $PATH so it's not needed in this case06:02
blakkheimmorph_: either will be ok06:02
=== ezfox1 is now known as ezfox
morph_can u help me with something else06:02
becker_11brjann I've copied the output of dmesg | tail to pastebin here http://pastebin.com/9D94YMKL06:02
blakkheimmorph_: what is it?06:02
AMAGAndys^:I tried, it didn't "just work," when I got the other machine it took me a few hours to figure out how to set it up.  I assume the new 9.10 is probably way easier to do it on than 6.10 though, or maybe that's what you mean, that it'll "just work" on 9.10?06:02
morph_im on an iMac06:02
blakkheimmorph_: no i can't help with that06:02
morph_im trying to get my magic mouse to scroll up/down left/right06:02
morph_in ubuntu06:03
MilitantPotatoAMAG: try a LiveCD06:03
morph_i have found a cpl scripts06:03
morph_but i cant see to get them to work06:03
MilitantPotatoAMAG: That'd be a good test to see if it "just works"06:03
AMAGA good suggestion but I might as well upgrade I think06:03
blakkheimmorph_: i have no experience with apple-specific hardware, sorry06:03
becker_11AMAG: yeah that's the best way give the livecd a try first06:03
un214how do I set console font06:03
morph_can u look at this06:03
MilitantPotatoAMAG: load up a Flash LiveCD, two birds with one stone and all.06:03
AMAGOh, I remember my other question; is it likely to "just work" with my 3ware RAID controller?  THAT was really tough to get working originally.06:03
brjannbecker_11, how are you trying to mount it?06:04
MilitantPotatoAMAG: google is your friend :)06:04
AMAGI think your LiveCD suggestion is my friend06:04
becker_11brjann: cheats way to be honest through thunar(fm)06:04
morph_blakkheim, http://github.com/entrope/linux-magicmouse06:04
becker_11brjann: it was mounting to /media/NARELLE before I fdisked and wiped it06:04
brjannbecker_11, did it only have one partition before too?06:05
infidin ubuntu netbook remix when i type a long command it doesn't wrap to the next line, it goes back to the start of the same line and starts overwriting, how can i fix this?06:05
becker_11brjann: for some reason it had 4 and the table was all screwed up06:05
dj_segfaultinfid: Try typing "stty sane"06:06
becker_11brjann: it had a copy of crunchbang on it via unetbootin that I used to install my netbook last time06:06
LavaEagleHello, alsa drivers were removed while Iwas trying tochange something and while doing so I messed up.  I now cannot get any sound.  Any chance I can reinstall old drivers somehow?06:06
MilitantPotatoLavaEagle: purge configs in synaptic?06:08
grkblood13how do i find out what version of mplayer i have06:08
infiddj_segfault: didnt fix it06:08
brjannbecker_11, okay, so you deleted all the partitions, created a new one spanning the whole drive of type 'c'?06:08
AMAGThis image will have a "livecd" environment built-in as well as the installer, right?  ubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso06:09
MilitantPotatoAMAG: Yep.06:09
dj_segfaultinfid: What terminal program are you using?  gnome-terminal?06:09
MilitantPotatoAMAG: more then 3gb of ram on your machine?06:09
brjannbecker_11, partition type c is "W95 FAT32 (LBA)"06:09
dsnydersgrkblood13, mplayer -v06:09
becker_11brjann: not to used to fdisk but I created a new partition of type primary and used suod mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc106:09
infiddj_segfault: tilda right now. let me see if it does it in gnome-term06:09
AMAGThe one thing I remember from 3 years ago, booting up in the live environment, customizing X a little, and then realizing that I did not complete the installation.  :D06:09
brjannbecker_11, but did you change the partition type?06:10
AMAGNo, 2G of memory06:10
infiddj_segfault: does it in gnome-terminal too06:10
becker_11brjann: don't think so06:10
grkblood13dsnyders, didnt work06:10
MilitantPotatoAMAG: the "alternate" version doesn't contain a desktop enviroment06:10
=== Wolf is now known as Guest1708
LavaEagle@MilitantPotato: attempting now06:10
MilitantPotatoAMAG: I'd recommend getting the 32 bit.06:10
brjannbecker_11, that might be a problem06:10
dsnydersgrkblood13, It should be one of the first lines06:10
brjannbecker_11, this drive is currently /dev/sdc, right?06:10
MilitantPotatoAMAG: 64bit is a pain if it's not needed (less than 3.2gb of memory)06:11
infiddj_segfault: and i'm using teh same bashrc i am using on 2 other ubuntu systems. the only difference with this one is it's a netbook06:11
becker_11brjann: yeah fdisk is showing it as Id 83 type linux06:11
ectropyhow do I store then call bash script variables? example: read NAME echo $NAME //// end of file ///// new file: echo $NAME06:11
dsnydersgrkblood13, try mplayer --version.06:11
AMAGFor flash and such?  I don't really need much fluff.  I only use it for a ton of terminals, emacs, and mozilla with no flash.  And evolution I guess.  This has all been pretty suitable for me for years.06:11
brjannbecker_11, okay, type t<enter> 1<enter> c<enter> and then look at them again06:11
grkblood13got it06:12
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?06:12
infidectropy: export them?06:12
MilitantPotatoAMAG: Ah, nevermind.  Yea, mainly for flash, 64bit has other issues, but they tend to be pretty specific06:12
dj_segfaultinfid: I'm guessing it's not reporting the actual terminal geometry right due to the screen.  Not sure.  Try maximizing the terminal window and see if it does the same thing.06:12
AMAGI guess I'll burn both CDs just in case06:12
infiddj_segfault: they are maximized06:12
MilitantPotatoAMAG: If you have a spare 1gig flash drive that's the fastest route06:12
infiddj_segfault: and echo $TERM says 'xterm'06:13
becker_11brjann: fat12 but also got dos compat flag is not set msg06:13
brjannbecker_11, fat12?06:13
dj_segfaultinfid: try "export PS1=:"06:13
becker_11brjann: yeah id 1 system fat1206:13
AMAGI have a windows xp computer on my desk also, so I use that for word/excel/visio/web browser06:13
AMAGI tried for years to give up having a windows machine and I just can't live without microsoft office :(06:14
infiddj_segfault: well that makes it wrap like i want hwoever i dont want my PS1 prompt to just consist of a semi-colon06:14
brjannbecker_11, oh, sorry. type t<enter> c<enter> and check again06:14
brjannbecker_11, i guess since there's only one partition it didn't ask you for the partition number :)06:14
MilitantPotatoAMAG: I run one for video games, dual boot with kubuntu06:14
becker_11brjann: yeah that's it now it's Id c system W95 FAT32 (LBA)06:14
dsnydersAMAG, pendrivelinux.org has some great distros that fit on a flash drive.  I know what you mean about office.  I've grown addicted to OneNote06:14
dj_segfaultinfid: that's fine, but at least you know it's something in PS1 that's causing the problem.  You can figure out what you want and set it.06:15
becker_11brjann: I guess I need to do a W now to write it all06:15
brjannbecker_11, great. now w<enter> to write the table to the disk, and q<enter> to quit06:15
brjannbecker_11, you got it06:15
AMAGalthough if I had to choose a computer to do without for a day, or a week, I would do without the windows one06:15
infiddj_segfault: true. well i am setting PS1 in a special way but it works fine on my other 2 ubuntu machines that have larger screens. not sure why though06:16
AMAGI have flash drives but I might as well make the CDs; I am not really confident my mainboard is aware of bootable USB media06:16
mewayerr I am installing server addition and I received an error something about could not install apt 0_0 this is going to bad after the installation is done right? >_< :(06:16
brjannbecker_11, once you're back at the prompt (assuming no errors from fdisk) go ahead and    mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc1   again06:16
dsnydersAMAG, my next step is to get a machine that I can run virtual machines on, and put windows on that. Linux host, windows guest.06:16
mewayeeeew windows06:17
MilitantPotatobrjann: is he stuck in a terminal?06:17
mewayjk I am on windows06:17
brjannMilitantPotato, I have no idea, I think I picked up where someone else left off :)06:17
dj_segfaultinfid: OK good luck with that.  Gotta sign off now.06:17
infiddj_segfault: ok thanks for getting me this far06:17
MilitantPotatobrjann: why not have him use gparted?06:18
mewaydoes sun virtualbox support that?06:18
dsnydersMilitantPotato, it's easier to talk someone through a partition and reformat on the command line than to use gui tools.06:18
MilitantPotatodsnyders: true, fair point06:18
brjannMilitantPotato, mainly because he's having problems, and this way I know exactly what's going on06:18
MilitantPotatobrjann: gotcha, was just curious06:19
brjannMilitantPotato, no problem. sometimes I forget the GUI utilities exist, to be honest ;)06:19
AMAGoh, awesome, I forgot to connect the power to the CD drive when I had the computer apart.  So not a good day.06:19
morph_anyone here on a mac?06:19
morph_running Ubuntu06:19
* meway CD haveing errors 0_0 new copy...06:19
morph_i cant get my damn magic mouse working06:20
mewaywell install the magic drivers06:20
brjannbecker_11, how's it going?06:20
mewayoh its a real magic mouse?06:20
becker_11brjann: it was a long and difficult road but unetbooting is finally installing the iso for mne06:20
MilitantPotatomorph_: sudo abracadabra? :)06:20
mewaynot sure :/ googles it :p06:21
leopardDoes anyone else always mispronounce Linux like Ly-nucks?06:21
faileasAMAG: that's why you should always check with the cover off ;p06:21
brjannbecker_11, yay, so the filesystem mounts now?06:21
dsnydersMilitantPotato, nice one!06:21
becker_11brjann: yeah it mounts and it works correctly ... bloody computers lol06:21
grkblood13chick looks like uno06:21
brjannbecker_11, hehe. glad to hear it :)06:21
becker_11brjann: many thanks06:21
leopardaptitude moo06:22
morph_i really wanna figure this out06:22
AMAGMy computer store repair boy days are too far behind me to remember steps like that :(06:22
morph_i ant scroll06:22
mewaymoph_ thats the brand name right ? or is it like a game mouse from some weird order?06:22
mewaymorph_: thats the brand name right ? or is it like a game mouse from some weird order?06:23
AMAGmagic mouse is the new Apple product06:23
mewayI am stuck on 74% 0_)06:23
ectropyhow do I store then call bash script variables? example: read NAME echo $NAME //// end of file ///// new file: echo $NAME06:24
* meway goes and installes from a flash drive06:24
mewayscrew CD's :(06:24
blakkheimectropy: /j #bash - might have more help there06:24
AMAGCould I have a link to the procedure for making a flash drive bootable with the installer image?06:25
Guest96272Do I need to download and install a FW or AV ?06:25
leopardhas anyone else noticed Windows 7 looks EXACTLY like KDE?06:25
Guest96272im just basic client user06:25
MilitantPotatomeway: I've found burning at 4x results in less duds06:25
MilitantPotatoleopard: imitation is the best form of laziness06:26
mewayMilitantPotato: this is my first time its gave me a bad copy06:26
brjannGuest96272, you don't strictly *need* to, especially if you're behind a hardware firewall like a wifi access point or cable router.06:26
zubin71hi is "ubottu" opensource?06:26
leopardzubin71: yes06:27
Guest96272ty brjann :)06:27
brjannGuest96272, but! If it makes you feel safer, there are a few AV clients in the Ubuntu Software Manager in the Applications menu06:27
mewayMilitantPotato: ah well.. is there a program besides the one that ubuntu comes with thats opensource/free that will allow me to put it on a flash drive from windows?06:27
zubin71leopard: cool... could you point me to its source?06:27
Guest96272nice ty06:28
brjannGuest96272, the one that's just called "Virus Scanner" is clamav, and would probably do just fine.06:28
=== ectropy is now known as litropy
=== litropy is now known as ectropy
MilitantPotatomeway: no idea, I've always used the one that came with it.06:29
earlyyhey guys im new to ubuntu and have little experience with linux platforms06:29
=== phixxor is now known as phixxor_
earlyyanyone mind pointing me in the right direction with what i can actually do with ubuntu06:29
leopardzubin71: archive.ubuntu.com  is the place you're looking for, I think06:29
earlyyi mean im going to set up a webserver and ftp and all that eventually but thats all i an really think of06:29
brjannGuest96272, if you search for firewall in the Ubuntu Software Center, the "Firewall Configuration" package will allow you to configure a firewall to your liking.06:29
morph_meway, its apples new mouse06:29
morph_replaces the mighty mouse06:29
morph_its awesome06:29
mewayMilitantPotato: lmao me too. a well I will try a new disk06:29
xorwhyath9k behaves poorly because compat-wireless needs to be updated to the latest stable version. is there a deb for that?06:30
zubin71earlyy: well, what are you interested in doing?06:30
MilitantPotatomeway: there's a free ISO mounting program for windows06:30
blakkheimxorwhy: use madwifi :)06:30
xorwhylol, blacklisted, for a good reason06:30
MilitantPotatomeway: that'd let you run the USB creator from the file you downloaded.06:30
brjannGuest96272, does that help? :)06:30
zubin71leopard: ok; will check it out if its got the source ; i`d like to try and write a bot too ;)06:30
zubin71leopard: just for fun.... :)06:30
mewayMilitantPotato: I have ISO buster and I have Daemon Tools06:30
xorwhyI did try it despite the warning, it did as the comments said, (irrecoverable error)06:30
xorwhythis is of course, after having done a level006:31
=== ectropy is now known as litropy
mewayMilitantPotato: 0_0 thats way to complicfated XD06:31
MilitantPotatomeway: check the hash of your ISO, a corrupt download is always a possibility06:31
earlyyzubin71 i'm not to sure?06:31
earlyyi want to get a feel for this other then windows and a bit of linux exprience06:31
mewayMilitantPotato: its correct I already did this lol06:31
earlyyi guess the best way would be to set up apache and stuff?06:31
mewayMilitantPotato: thats ok the first try was that I downloaded the default instead of paying attention that it was default 64x06:32
mewayMilitantPotato: I am working with an old 32x06:32
zubin71earlyy: well if you are interested in trying to set up a server then you could do that of course. ubuntus a fully fledged OS; you could do lots of things06:32
mewayMilitantPotato: maxed out thunder 2500 tyan06:33
blakkheimearlyy: if you want to learn more about linux, maybe you should try a distro that's not as newb-friendly as *buntu06:33
leopardLike Arch Linux06:33
leopardThat taught me alot06:33
MilitantPotatoearlyy: gentoo :)06:33
dooglushi people.  what's the recommended replacement for microsoft's office 'publisher' program?  I have some .pub files I need to pen06:34
Dr_Willisor just go read the docs for the other disrtos...  - but use ubuntu06:34
leopardOnly difference between Arch and many others is the BSD style init06:34
mewayMilitantPotato: This will be my first server addition ubuntu so I hope I can work with it :/06:34
jazzam thinking on buying this keyboard, anyone use it or know its karmic/lucid compatibility  http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard/devices/4740&cl=us,en06:34
mewayMilitantPotato: Does it work like the tirminal in desktop version?06:34
leopardOtherwise, if you're looking for more exposure under the hood, Arch :)06:34
zubin71earlyy: almost any search with the keywords "howto" and "ubuntu" gets you ubuntu community documentation; its pretty good if you get stuck smwhere.06:35
leopardPersoanlly, I like the BSD style init over the System V06:35
blakkheimleopard: arch is still pretty hand-holding, i would recommend gentoo for learning06:35
MilitantPotatomeway: No idea, haven't messed with it, I'm guessing it's just ubuntu sans a desktop environment bundled with the common server apps.06:35
mewayMilitantPotato: server have desktop environment? 0_006:36
earlyywell whats a good idea?06:36
Guest96272how can I make a shortcut to a program that I sudo apt-get install? I cant seem to find the default installation directory06:36
earlyyi mean something i can do with ubuntu06:36
blakkheimGuest96272: what program06:36
Guest96272just wireshark06:36
mewayMilitantPotato: zomg !! download time 1 DAY06:36
blakkheimGuest96272: /usr/bin/wireshark06:36
AMAGWhat is the process for making a bootable flash drive with the ubuntu installer image?  Just dd it to the flash disk?06:36
Guest96272i can run from terminal but cant find it in nautilus06:36
leopardWell; like Linus says it should not be impossible to install it. Gentoo takes forever to install. Of course, I'm sure the more you install Gentoo, the easier it gets06:37
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
dooglushi people.  what's the recommended replacement for microsoft's office 'publisher' program?  I have some .pub files I need to open06:37
petsoundsjazz, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95394906:37
MilitantPotatomeway: get the .torrent06:37
leopardI just think Gentoo sometimes obfuscates things a bit06:37
GeekSquidJazz: I really don't think you will have any trouble with that keyboard ... Logitech devices 99 times out of 100 Just Work06:38
mewayMilitantPotato: na I just messed with some dload speeds now its like 13m06:38
jorik_AMAG: sudo apt-get usb-creator06:38
leopardI like Arch's transparency06:38
jazzPetsounds ty06:39
leopardthats all06:39
petsoundsjazz, yw06:39
ultraparadigmPlease help, I FURAR'd my Xwindows06:39
mewayMilitantPotato: must be there server because it just went up to 15m ...06:39
leopardpetsounds: Beach Boys?06:39
morph_im back on osx now06:40
MilitantPotatoAMAG: sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk06:40
morph_i wonder if i can install WIne and install the windows magic mouse exe for ubuntu06:40
petsoundsleopard, yes my favorite album ;)06:40
ultraparadigmWhen Ubuntu logs in now I only get my background and nothing loads, and there are no titlebars or manipulators on windows, so I can't move ore resize them.  My dock doesn't start and my ubuntu main bar doesn't load06:40
abhi_navrafter you there?06:40
jazzGeekSquid,  i was worried about buying things from stores theyre almost are the lowend of what magazines advertise (bestbuy) and i'd rather not wait 6-8 weeks for delivery06:41
MilitantPotatoAMAG: not sure if it's available on 8.10 though.06:41
grafiteis there a way to listen to a ping?06:41
abhi_navrifter you there?06:41
morph_alankila: what do u think06:41
AMAGI currently have 6.10 installed so it does not have that package available06:41
faileasanyone familiar with upstart? I'm don't quite understand the documentation, and there's a few things i want to check from someone who is actually familiar with it regarding a script i want started at startuo06:42
aegeanerHello, C!06:42
GeekSquidjazz: I often order from ebay and make sure they have a good seller rating, and I usually get the best price, or close to it ... I also try to buy from sellers near me .... just a thought06:42
=== arleslie_ is now known as arleslie|away
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: you there?06:42
ardchoille!away > arleslie|away06:42
ubottuarleslie|away, please see my private message06:42
ultraparadigmOk I killed Xwinwrap and now I can see my desktop, but there are no window borders06:42
psycho_oreosabhi_nav, ?06:42
alankilamorph_: no chance.06:42
MilitantPotatoAMAG: http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/usb-creator06:43
morph_what am i gonna do06:43
morph_do u think ubuntu will fix it soon?06:43
MilitantPotatoAMAG: not sure how the dependencies will go though.06:43
becker_11currently running the install (ubuntu minimal text mode) it wants character set supported by the console font I'm running an eee pc in english so what should I select??06:43
leopardThe Ubuntu Team is always listening. Might contact them and ask.06:43
alankilamorph_: maybe for 10.04. Don't know.06:43
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: just have a look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384899/ yesterday you all are tellim me to exucute sudo cammnd from any account. so just tell me whats wrong with me?06:43
leopardThey are pretty nice.06:43
morph_when will that be06:43
morph_i forget06:43
AMAGProbably not well :)06:43
alankilait would be on the 4th month of 2010.06:44
morph_i forgot what 9.10 came out06:44
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: I am not blemming anyone.I am just informing about what is there in my pc.06:44
morph_late 4th month06:44
morph_or early06:44
jazzGeekSquid,  a great thought!. im inpaitient at times. i was looking for the saitek keyboard saw this instead. thanks guys06:44
MilitantPotatoabhi_nav: the user needs to be in the sudoers group06:44
becker_11it's suggesting Latin1 & latin5 should I just accept that06:44
alankilamorph_: well, they have generally preferred late dates to early ones. There's a whole schedule, supposedly, somewhere.06:44
abhi_navMilitantPotato: thats why yesterday i was switching to admin account06:44
GeekSquidjazz: np06:44
faileasbecker_11: yeah, defaults should work06:44
becker_11cool faileas thanks06:45
morph_alankila: can we make suggestions/requests somewher06:45
leopardIs there any specific reason to edit the sudoers file with visudo? I always used gedit or nano and it worked just fine...06:45
abhi_navMilitantPotato: psycho_oreos: take it lightly06:45
alankilamorph_: launchpad, but I read there's already bug open about it06:45
morph_link me?06:45
ultraparadigmI think my Compiz is broken06:45
alankilamorph_: 07:48 < al_> ardchoille: actually the 1,2,3,4,5,6 is in the dow colum? so they06:46
psycho_oreosabhi_nav, what? huh?06:46
MilitantPotatoAMAG: You could try mounting the ISO, and see if the USB creator will run.06:46
GeekSquidleopard: nano is fine ... use sudo nano to edit the file or gksudo gedit ... see !gksudo for why06:47
morph_alankila: what am i supposed to do there06:47
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: thats why yesterday i was switching to admin account06:47
GeekSquid!gksudo |leopard06:47
ubottuleopard: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:47
alankilamorph_: nothing06:47
psycho_oreosabhi_nav, you were using admin account on the Xorg interface? I mean there wasn't any need to in the first place06:48
ultraparadigmI just found out that my xterm doesn't take screen focus06:48
ultraparadigmmy x is all fubared :-(06:48
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: xorg interface menas? I am using from terminal06:48
brjannleopard, check man visudo. the first paragraph explains the reasoning.06:48
scottseeAloha everyone06:49
abhi_nav!flood | ultraparadigm06:49
ubottuultraparadigm: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:49
psycho_oreosabhi_nav, so what are you implying? still having issues with wireless?06:49
leopardubottu: interesting...I never really though about that06:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:49
CoziHi, is there anyway to get a column view for ubuntu file browser?06:49
GeekSquidultraparadigm: if you remove compiz ... then run ccsm to remove the problem (the last thing you did that broke it) you can reinstall compiz and be back where you where06:49
ultraparadigmSorry I didn't realize that was going into this window06:49
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: yes still with wireless and eth. but now i wll solve it later on by accessing docs. if faild then come here06:49
vinceGood Evening folks,  I was hoping someone could give me a hand with a Pulseaudio issue i'm having.  It works alright but I have a few programs (emulators mostly) that experiance about a second or two lag time between what I see on the screen and what I hear.  (The Audio and Video isn't synced) is there any help for that or a way to bypass pulse audio for these apps?06:50
leopardbrjann: I like where it says "sanity checks" lol. Thanks for the info/link/man page.06:50
ultraparadigmThanks GeekSquid.  I am trying to see if I can run compiz, or get it to start06:50
brjannleopard, no problem :)06:50
greezmunkeyYikes! I was playing with gDesklets, now I have one "stuck" to my mouse cursor. It launched a password box, AND the app, now I can't type the pword, or drop the thing on the desktop! Can I break out, or do I have to kill?06:51
abhi_navpsycho_oreos: thnx for you and all others for helping me.06:51
Guest96272Is packet socket support automatically enabled in this distro?06:51
GeekSquidvince: define emulators .. .. audio is often slow getting to the front end when emulating something06:51
psycho_oreosabhi_nav, hm ok06:51
vinceGeekSquid : At the moment my problem is with Gens/GS06:51
vinceThough SNES9X and a few other programs have experianced this behavior as well06:52
Dr_WillisGuest96272:  'packet support' meaning?06:52
Guest96272On Linux, you need to have "packet socket" support enabled in your kernel; see the "Packet socket" item in the Linux "Configure.help" file. Your distribution might enable this by default in the kernel.06:52
vinceIt worked fine under ALSA in older versions of Ubuntu so as best I can guess the issue is with pulseaudio06:52
Dr_WillisGuest96272:  that term means very little to me. what doc/guide is even saying that?06:52
nathbfreakhow can i take an empty partition and use it for save space06:52
Cozinautilus is the ubuntu file browser correct?06:53
Dr_WillisGuest96272:  fire up wireshark and see if it does I guess.06:53
SnowmanX11Hmmm, az gyanus, ha már a provokáció sem hat.... yes06:53
Guest96272It doesnt06:53
Dr_WillisCozi:  the default one for GNOME - yes.06:53
ultraparadigmApparently my Avant window manager is broken too06:53
jazzi never thought about usb and its power consumption how much should i consider such thing especially on illuminatee  keyboards?06:53
CoziYes ok, so how do I get nautilus to have a column view, much like the dolphin has?06:53
Guest96272On Linux, you need to have "packet socket" support enabled in your kernel; see the "Packet socket" item in the Linux "Configure.help" file. Your distribution might enable this by default in the kernel.06:53
Guest96272sorry mt06:53
GeekSquidvince: removing pulseaudio will cause it to fall back to ALSA .. which often is a reasonable fix for people06:53
abhi_navOn what priority basis should I choose linux distro? Because when I read about each distro I found each distro interesting and useful.06:54
Guest96272dumpcap: There are no interfaces on which a capture can be done06:54
Guest96272sound like a driver prob?06:54
SnowmanX11Which is the best mediacenter app to UBUNUTU?06:54
greezmunkeyGuest96272, did you run Wireshark as root, e.g. sudo wireshark ??06:55
mgmuscarihey... i'm trying to compile libjpeg-8 on amd64, but i need to also compile the 32 bit version... anybody know how i can force the architecture?06:55
leopardabhi_nav: Well whats you priorities?06:55
vinceGeekSquid: Ok, The problem I have with that is that Pulseaudio mostly works under this system right now.  I had pulseaudio under 9.04 as well however it was much buggier.  When i tired to remove it I remember it basicly removed a ton of stuff that made the cure worse than the disease.  I would like to keep pulseaudio in place and just bypass it for these particular apps if possible06:55
mgmuscarivince: what's your PA problem?06:56
GeekSquidGuest96272: wireshark needs permissions to access the eth0 or wlan0 ... I have never been able to run wireshark as anything but sudo (I know it isn't reccommended) yet somehow it works06:56
leopardabhi_nav: Are you a Desktop End-User, server administrator, or plain super user? Maybe a purist or a Windows convert?06:56
CoziYes ok, so how do I get nautilus to have a column view, much like dolphin on kde has?06:56
abhi_navleopard: I am totaly confused. I dont know how to select which distro?06:56
vinceIs there anyway I can just have these particular Apps go to Alsa Directly?06:56
ultraparadigmWhat is the shortcut to run a command?06:56
ultraparadigmisn't it alt-f2?06:56
mgmuscariultraparadigm: yes06:56
nathbfreakHow can I take an empty partition and use it for save space for my Ubuntu Partition?06:56
vincemgmuscari : Short version is certian apps have Audio/Video sync issues with it.  Mostly emulators.06:56
abhi_navleopard: I am comp engg student(i.e. lots of programming and comp industry related work e.g. security etc) and I am desktop-end user06:56
ultraparadigmdarn, ok so that just one more thing that doesn work :-(06:57
psycho_oreosor you can add an applet to start a command06:57
Coziabhi_nav what's your current OS06:57
abhi_navultraparadigm: yes alt+f2 then type command and selet run from terminal06:57
greezmunkeyultraparadigm, Alt+F206:57
GeekSquidCozi: List view vs. Compact view vs. Icon View ... Upper right hand corner06:57
abhi_navCozi: Ubuntu 9.0406:57
leopardabhi_nav: Do you have a GUI preference?06:57
vinceOf course If I could tweek the app or Pulseaudio to remove the lag, that would be ideal06:57
ultraparadigmyeah, my shortcut keys aren't responding either06:57
mgmuscarivince: yeah, i could see that happening... the problem is i think that alsa is not controlling the audio device, pulseaudio is06:57
abhi_navleopard: I like gnome (I dont like kde)06:58
mgmuscarivince: i don't think you're going to be able to change that, but you can try using some of the different plugins for PA06:58
mgmuscarivince: i usually have good luck with the PA alsa plugin06:58
morph_anyone here on a ma?06:58
pedrocris mono currently broken in lucid?06:58
ultraparadigmsigh, and I can't change screen focus06:58
GeekSquid!lucid | pedrocr06:58
ubottupedrocr: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+106:58
ultraparadigmguess I can't only have one window at  a time06:59
vincemgmuscari, Willing to give anything a try.  Like I said if I can make pulseaudio work with these apps then I have no issue with it06:59
pedrocrGeekSquid, I know lucid isn't stable06:59
pedrocrGeekSquid, I decided to install it to test it06:59
=== Guest47287 is now known as NCommander
pedrocrGeekSquid, and am wondering if mono is known to be broken or if I should submit a bug06:59
CoziGeekSquid: There's no column view option though, I thought I could download something like dolphin4's column view06:59
GeekSquidpedrocr: and this is not the place to discuss Lucid ... /join #ubuntu+106:59
leopardabhi_nav: You're in the right place! Most major GNU/Linux distributions have most essentials. Ubuntu comes with all the essential by default, and its programming capbailities are easilt extended through the Ubuntu Software Center.06:59
pedrocrGeekSquid, ah, thanks06:59
vinceGeekSquid : Is there anyway to temporarily shut Pulse down and default back to Alsa without removing it compleatly06:59
vinceA shell script or command?07:00
mgmuscarivince: i know the feeling... i've often had trouble getting it to play nice with MPD07:00
leopardabhi_nav: It uses the GNOME by default as well07:00
GeekSquidCozi: List View shows columns07:00
abhi_navleopard: I want recently thinking about opensuse. linux.com says its best for laptop07:00
Cozioh, k07:00
fizk_Hey guys, I'm trying to    setuid root   my script, but running `whoami` inside the script says it's still the current user07:00
fizk_is that right?07:00
greezmunkeyHeh, gDesklets - there's a waste of time!07:00
mgmuscarimorph_: 1) your first query had a typo in it and was pretty ambiguous, 2) ask your question, don't ask to ask :)07:00
fizk_-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root07:00
morph_what mgmuscari ?07:00
mgmuscarivince: err... you could try pulseaudio -k i think to kill the PA server07:01
vincemgmuscari : So were do I start.  I did not know that pulse audio had plugins, Where do I get them, How would I install them and how do they work with the problumatic programs?  Do you know a good guide I can look up?  Checking google myself now but if you already know something i'd apprciate the benfit of your experiance.07:01
vinceNo use reinventing the wheel07:01
mgmuscarimorph_: you asked and then asked again in all caps - what issue are you having?07:01
morph_magic mouse on ubuntu07:01
ultraparadigmGeekSquid, What is ccsm?07:01
mgmuscarivince: i know there's an alsa plugin for pulseaudio that alsa-friendly programs can usually make good use of07:01
quickardubuntu@ubuntu:~$ nvidia-xconfig07:02
quickardUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".07:02
quickardVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.07:02
quickard                  Undefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default07:02
quickard                  Screen".07:02
FloodBot3quickard: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
quickardERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.07:02
GeekSquid!ccsm | ultraparadigm07:02
ubottuultraparadigm: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz07:02
leopardabhi_nav: openSUSE uses the Linux kernel. It may have some extended proprietary drivers, but still has what you will need. Linux Mint has been said to incluse some proprietary drivers in there distro. Its up to you, though.07:02
ultraparadigmk thanks07:02
CoziGeekSquid, I meant columns like finder on MAC OSX07:02
earlyywill ubuntu run on a P3 833?07:02
sateHello I found this theme here http://nale12.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Night-II-144768753  , but the archize is zip, so how do i make this theme work quickard07:02
mgmuscarimorph_: http://game-sat.com/~brian/Howtos/AppleMightyMouse.htm07:02
abhi_navleopard: I am confused between opensuse ubuntu and fedora07:03
mgmuscariearlyy: it probably depends on how many packages you plan to use07:03
sateHello I found this theme here http://nale12.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Night-II-144768753  , but the archize is zip, so how do i make this theme work quickard07:03
mgmuscariearlyy: i think it's safe to say you won't be using compiz and you might want to use alsa or something instead of pulseaudio with that hardware07:04
earlyyjust want it for a really basic setup and webserver07:04
earlyyand fileserver at home07:04
morph_not mighty mouse mgmuscari07:04
mgmuscariearlyy: that should be fine07:04
sateHello I found this theme here http://nale12.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Night-II-144768753  , but the archize is zip, so how do i make this theme work leopard07:04
mgmuscarimorph_: sorry, it's late, i'm having trouble reading07:04
morph_its magic mouse07:04
mgmuscarimagic mouse is the multitouch thing? i'm gonna guess there aren't really any drivers for it07:05
morph_does wine work for deluge07:05
e3a15How is 10.4 ubuntu07:05
sateHello I found this theme here http://nale12.deviantart.com/art/Silent-Night-II-144768753  , but the archize is zip, so how do i make this theme work mgmuscari07:05
morph_can i have wine on OSX07:05
morph_and install deluge07:05
abhi_navleopard: I fount ubuntu community the best community and forums07:05
leopardWell, openSUSE is one I never tried, but I believe they use .rpms, as does Fedora. Ubuntu uses .debs. They all have different package managers and GUI applications. .debs are considered the most widely used.07:05
mgmuscarisate: extract it somewhere and then see about importing the included files into whatever window decorator you use07:06
IndustrialWhere does ubuntu save its grub menu.lst07:06
IndustrialI do not see it in /boot/grub07:06
petsoundssate, extract it and you'll find .tar.gz file07:06
GeekSquidCozi: nautilus does not have that function ... if you like dolphin .. you can install it and it will run within gnome 'sudo apt-get install dolphin'07:06
mgmuscarimorph_: if you're using linux you can probably install wine... i don't see why not...07:06
dylan_of_darknesoh wow only ~4weeks till 10.407:06
arandIndustrial: you using grub2?07:06
morph_im on mac osx right now07:06
morph_dual booting07:06
mgmuscaridylan_of_darknes: meh i just got my 9.10 working satisfactorily :/07:06
quickardcan I permanently install ubuntu alongside of windows on the same hard disk?07:06
Myrttidylan_of_darknes: more like 7-807:06
mgmuscariquickard: yes07:07
CoziThanks GeekS07:07
morph_9.10 isnt out yet is it07:07
faileasquickard: yes. just resize and install.07:07
leopardabhi_nav: If you searched in Google How to fix X program or X driver in Linux, you will see Ubuntu commands and intention in the majority of the articles.07:07
faileasmorph_: its the current release version, so yes, its out07:07
Industrialarand: yes07:07
GeekSquid!karmic | morph_07:07
ubottumorph_: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91007:07
quickardwithout loosing data on my current partitions?07:07
dylan_of_darknessame i only just got on 9.10 yday07:07
morph_thought u said 10.0407:08
mgmuscariquickard: yes, but be careful about resizing NTFS partitions07:08
abhi_navleopard: yah thats right! and thats why I am still here :) :) :)07:08
arandIndustrial: then there is no menu.lst07:08
arand!grub2 > Industrial07:08
ubottuIndustrial, please see my private message07:08
GeekSquidmorph_ 04 being april 10 being 201007:08
leopardabhi_nav: Most linux distributions that have a decent following and are actively maintained will have a good community.07:08
MilitantPotatoquickard: if you do manual partitioning, yes, but don't resize a partition without backing up the data.07:09
abhi_navleopard: hmm yes07:09
quickardis there a specific tool I should use, or just use ubuntu07:09
Guest96272whats the terminal command to set dumpcap to run as root?07:09
arandIndustrial: You edit /etc/default/grub which propagates to /boot/grub/grub.cfg which is the new equivalent of menu.lst07:09
MilitantPotatoquickard: do you need to do any resizing?07:09
satepetsounds:  I found the TZ file , but when I try to move the file to appearence, it won't work07:09
GeekSquidGuest96272: sudo dumpcap07:09
ultraparadigmOk I was able to start compiz and now everything is back to normal, except that compiz isn't starting by itself.  Anyone know what might be causing that?07:09
MilitantPotatoultraparadigm: I use fusion-icon for that07:09
arandIndustrial: propagation is done when running "grub-update"..07:09
mgmuscariultraparadigm: metacity is probably set as your default window manager07:09
ultraparadigmI use Avant07:10
earlyythis old pc has windows ME on it07:10
earlyypoor souls07:10
quickardcurrently I have ubuntu running in demo mode. the installer keeps asking me to partition the drive to do a full install07:10
mgmuscariultraparadigm: if you're referring to AWN, that's a dock program, not your window manager07:10
=== lovyyy is now known as f33
petsoundssate, what error did you get?07:10
satepetsounds:  Could you download that theme, and walk me step by step m8?07:10
MilitantPotatoquickard: unless you have an empty partition set aside, you can't do a true install.  You can try an install via Wubi in windows, though.  That doesn't require re-partitioning.07:11
GeekSquidultraparadigm: Preferences>Appearence> Visual Effects Tab .. should be set to something other than none07:11
petsoundssate, i have that themes installed :)07:11
leopardabhi_nav: Are  you looking for a simple distro, or one that sees its users as they "know what they are doing"?07:11
mgmuscariquickard: you need to resize your windows partition to make room for linux on the drive. windows vista and windows 7 can both resize the partitions that they are sitting on, i believe07:11
satepetsounds:  How did you do it?07:11
abhi_navleopard: simple one07:11
ultraparadigmoh, I thought so to, but when it's not running I can't move or rezise my windows.  And it's called Avant Window Manager.  But it could be the Compiz that was actually controling the window behavior07:11
ultraparadigmYou know that makes more sence07:11
satepetsounds: Normally it comes as gz file or w.e, and i drag to themes and it installs, but this is a zip file07:11
mgmuscariit's Avant Window Navigator - i am using it too :)07:12
morph_if i could get my mouse working on ubuntu07:12
morph_id use it 99% of the time07:12
petsoundssate, extract the zip07:12
danxultraparadigm: what happens if you run "metacity &"07:12
satepetsounds:  than what?07:12
booh-Grrrrrrrr I don't want to automount of my USB drive!!!  How to disable it?  I tried some tricks on google without any success... my usb drive always automount.07:12
mgmuscariultraparadigm: add a startup program launcher for compiz --replace07:12
mgmuscariultraparadigm: from a terminal you can run the following when you want to start compiz manually: nohup compiz --replace &07:13
ultraparadigmI don't think I have metacity, but I will tyr07:13
mgmuscaribooh-: i think this is a setting you can change in Nautilus07:13
petsoundssate, navigate to system?preferences>appearance and install the one with .tar.gz format07:13
=== Pak_Avatar is now known as Pak
danxmorph_: your mouse doesn't work? at all?07:13
leopardabhi_nav: Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS and Linux Mint all focus primarily on ease of use. They will have what you need. PCLinuxOS, if I remember right, packages many proprietary and popular codecs; like mp3s, in their distro07:13
=== Pak is now known as Paklight
abhi_navleopard: yah07:13
mgmuscaridanx: morph_ is using an apple magic mouse... it's a bluetooth mouse with multitouch surface on top07:14
morph_cant scroll up/down or left/rogjt danx07:14
danxultraparadigm: metacity is the default windows manager in Ubuntu, avant is a dock only, compiz is a compositing app07:14
mgmuscarimorph_: i really doubt you're going to get that multitouch working for it unless you write a driver07:14
morph_i honestly prefer ubutu over osx07:14
morph_but i want my damn mouse07:14
sateAh that did the trick thanks petsounds07:14
morph_i cant even write html07:14
danxLucky morph_, that mouse is awesome07:14
petsoundssate, have fun :)07:14
morph_yea it is07:14
GeekSquidmorph_: than run OSX and run ubuntu in parallels07:15
leopardabhi_nav: To note: in the Ubuntu Software Center; a GUI Add/Remove-style, 'free store', has an extensive section focused on programming.07:15
morph_more laggy07:15
mgmuscarimorph_: you can virtualize ubuntu inside osx without a lot of slowdown07:15
abhi_navleopard: hmm thnx07:15
morph_i already got it installed07:15
morph_if i have to07:15
morph_ill buy a usb mouse07:15
leopardabhi_nav: No problem. :)07:15
morph_to use for ubuntu07:15
mgmuscarimorph_: there's a guy who works in computing services in my department who runs XP, OSX, and Linux all virtualized together at once07:16
quickardif I install ubuntu via Wubi I read somewhere that I would not have network support, is this true?07:16
abhi_navleopard: :)07:16
morph_mgmuscari: whats the program called that starts with a V07:16
mgmuscariquickard: why should that be?07:16
morph_not VM ware07:16
greezmunkeyquickard> not true.07:16
mgmuscarimorph_: VirtualBox?07:16
GeekSquidmorph_: after looking around 2.6.34 is the first kernel to support the mouse ...  wait for the next release or next next release ...07:16
MilitantPotatoquickard: I don't believe that's correct.  The install takes 5 mins, give it a try07:16
quickardthanks guys07:16
morph_hard to keep up with GeekSquid07:16
morph_im not to active07:17
mgmuscarimorph_: you could always try building your own kernel... but if you're not much of a hacker i wouldn't recommend it07:17
leopardabhi_nav: Oops, i forgot to mention; most distro, including Ubuntu, have a LiveCD you can try out without making any changes to the computer. This may aide you in your decision process.07:17
greezmunkeymgmuscari, what's the worst that could happen?07:17
h0rnmangood morning,afternoon,evening all07:18
mgmuscarigreezmunkey: he could totally bork his ubuntu installation07:18
abhi_navleopard: i have all major linux live cd. but still cannt make decision.07:18
ultraparadigmmgmuscari, metacity & resulted in: Window manager warning: Screen 0 on display ":0.0" already has a window manager; try using the --replace option to replace the current window manager.07:18
danx!hi | h0rnman07:18
ubottuh0rnman: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:18
mgmuscariultraparadigm: yes, you always need to specify --replace to kill the currently running window manager07:18
abhi_navleopard: I dont want to leave ubuntu community support, but when i read about other distro features I want them also07:18
morph_see u guys later07:19
GeekSquidultraparadigm: use metacity --replace &07:19
leopardabhi_nav: whats holding you back? which features, exactly?07:19
ultraparadigmBut that means it's not running right?07:19
hipitihopso is there a reverse to this script ? "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily"07:19
ultraparadigmok, I'll try that07:19
mgmuscariultraparadigm: nohup metacity --replace &07:19
mgmuscarithe nohup will keep the process from dying when your bash session exits07:19
abhi_navleopard: ubuntu is simple to use, problem solved quickly and easly this is the main thing i came to ubuntu (ubuntu cd was shipped to my home )07:19
GeekSquidmgmuscari: ty for the nohup, ... disown works too07:20
ultraparadigmok that changed my windows07:20
ultraparadigmand no more compoziting07:20
h0rnmanthis is going to sound like a rookie question, but can anyone tell me how to find the device to pass to umount a MTP device?07:20
=== tek is now known as Guest37204
danxh0rman: you can see all mounted devices with "mount"07:20
mgmuscariultraparadigm: nohup compiz --replace &07:21
mgmuscarithat will do the same thing07:21
leopardabhi_nav: So is Ubuntu particularly lacking something that you need?07:21
quickardok, I probably sound retarded but, I origonaly downloaded the ubuntu iso, burned it to cd. then ran it from windows. Im pretty sure now that wubi did the original install. when restarting my computer I get a boot prompt asking me what os to load, I choose ubuntu in normal mode and I get an error message asking me to partition the drive. the only way I am able to run ubuntu is in demo mode.07:22
Dr_Willisi just do 'compiz --replace &' then the 'exit' command07:22
abhi_navleopard: No.07:22
ultraparadigmok everything is all wierd07:22
=== Matty1452 is now known as UtahKid
earlyyhey guys anyone know how ill go about running my mac and my other two comps through one screen?07:22
Dr_Willisquickard:  you sure its not booting FROM the cd?07:22
mgmuscariDr_Willis: if you exit your shell after starting a child process, then the child process will die too07:22
Dr_Willismgmuscari:  ive found that to not be the case with many programs.07:23
leopardabhi_nav: Linux is not a forced thing. If you don't like it, you don't have to have it. Say, I tried KDE and hated it, but I didn't want GNOME either...all you have to do is add another desktop environment! All you need to do is tell Linux to pick 'that one' and go for it. This is the beauty of Linux.07:23
Dr_Willisthey may ne spawning or somthing else.. but ive rarely seen that happen07:23
quickardit very well could be, it was running fine in normal mode when the cd was left in the drive07:23
mgmuscariDr_Willis: it depends on whether the program "daemonizes" itself or whatever07:23
skippuff54earlyy: do you want to do remote desktop07:23
Oasai would like to get help about the album art and rhythmbox07:23
skippuff54earlyy: or maybe you want to run a virtual machine?07:23
Oasamy album art stays constant.07:23
earlyyno no07:23
Oasait shows only the folder.jpg07:24
OasaBut the same files in windows media player i get it right07:24
Oasaany idea?07:24
abhi_navleopard: yes but somewhere in disadvantages of linux i read that (on wiki think) lots of distro is major disadvantage07:24
ultraparadigmok so that brings my compiz back :-) and then I can close the consol07:24
skippuff54early: describe more what u wanna do?07:24
leopardabhi_nav: The fact that there are so many? Or each one has pro/cons?07:24
hipitihopwhat files are modified/created when I do "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily" ? I want to remove a PPA07:25
abhi_navleopard: the fact that there are so many07:25
GeekSquidhipitihop: /etc/apt/sources.list07:25
leopardabhi_nav: Only from a competition standpoint. GNU and Linux don't care for competition. So, its not a disadvantage really.07:26
OasaPlease help me,  i would like to get the correct album art. All the albums are loaded in Windows Media Player. In rythmbox I see only the folder.jpg file as album art for every file.. I am using Ubuntu Hardy.07:26
hipitihopGeekSquid, that's what I thought but can't see it there, must be odl age ... I added ppa:ubuntu-voip/asterisk-1.6-testing07:26
GeekSquidhipitihop: or look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d07:26
abhi_navleopard: hmm07:27
skippuff54oasa: have you tried amarok as an alternative to rhythmbox?07:27
danxOasa: Rhythmbox looks for "cover.jpg" in the album's directory07:27
earlyyno virutal machines i have two computers here that i want to set up07:27
earlyywith a single screen07:27
earlyyreduce clutter and keyboards and shit07:27
danxnot sure if cover.png works07:27
GeekSquidearlyy: couple of options ... use a KVM switch ... or remotely login into those boxes with the first computer07:28
Oasadanx. That means i have to put each album in different folder07:28
hipitihopGeekSquid, indeed .list.d had it, thanks07:28
GeekSquidhipitihop: no problem07:28
skippuff54earlyy: so you want to use one monitor, keyboard etc? and just to be clear you do have GUI on both right?07:28
skippuff54also are they both running ubuntu? or different OSes07:28
Guest37204can I connect to here through ssh?07:28
danxOasa: yeah, don't you have them that way?07:28
GeekSquidGuest37204: no, ssh and irc are two hugely different protocalls07:29
Oasano danx.07:29
earlyyones a mac, ones ubuntu, ones xp07:30
Guest37204this is
=== UtahKid is now known as TannerC
danxOasa: then I don't know how to do it, maybe naming the .jpg file as the album's title may work; I'll look for documentation, now I'm curious :p07:30
=== RAID is now known as rrrrr
=== rrrrr is now known as hack
OasaIs there anyway by which rhythmbox can recognize the cover art as Windows Media Player looks. Thanks danx. Please be curious.07:31
=== hack is now known as Guest88093
skippuff54oasa: i highly recommend amarok if you want that goes above and beyond playin music07:31
Guest37204my port scan shows a port 22 ssh at this ip07:31
greezmunkeyearlyy, I'd do a combo of KVM and remote connections, check this: http://www.belkin.com/IWCatSectionView.process?Section_Id=20697707:31
Teffershi all havign soem sligh issues with my ubuntu 9.1007:32
skippuff54oasa: rhythmbox is solid but amarok has lots more bells and whistles type stuff, and IMHO it manages your collection better anyways07:32
Guest88093how can i remote login to windows machine from a linux machine07:32
greezmunkeyearlyy, I used one of these KVMs today, they are nice.07:32
=== sacho_ is now known as Sacho
Oasaskippuff54 aramok is the package name ?07:32
Oasaskippuff54 :  I will give it a try give me.07:32
Guest37204you guys see it?07:32
Guest88093how can i remote login to windows machine from a linux machine07:32
JumboJellyfishOasa, amarok07:32
skippuff54earlyy: i dunno what exactly KVM is but it does seem like u would need some kinda hardware interface07:33
leopardGuest88093: Install openSSH on the Windows machine and SSH into it.07:33
Oasais ryhtmbox the default player in 9.10 too ?07:33
greezmunkeyearlyy, on the link, I am referring to the "soho"07:33
leopardOasa: Yes.07:33
Guest37204telnet even lolz07:33
Guest88093leopard: how can i login through open ports07:34
GeekSquidGuest37204: only one of many irc servers, and while you may be able to try to connect via ssh to the server, it won't let you in .. because there is an encrypted keyfile for logging into that server. which you don't have ... and besides you wouldn't be logging on to the irc server, just the bash prompt of the server ... It will never work though ... you are not a freenode operator or administrator.. they are the only ones who can login to the freenode07:34
skippuff54oasa: rhythmbox is default for the GNOME desktop in ubuntu, amarok is a KDE app but it still works awesome in GNOME07:34
Oasaokay skippuff54.07:35
Teffersi seem to suddenly hti a wall while tryign to connect to wifi accses point and when i try to now connect with my mobile brioadband dongle that connects but then has issues with i cann only connect vir ip adress which seems to make me think dhcp issues but i uninstaqll and did a fressh install and still seem to be gettign the same issues could dns issues cause dhcp to time out and deauth from my router and obviously dns issues are 07:35
Guest88093Oasa: try Songbird07:35
Teffersit is also doign this on a fresh install07:35
=== Guest88093 is now known as ranjan
leopardGuest88093: If the telnet into the open port; I believe there is a specific default one but I usually SSH into my machines.07:35
skippuff54oasa: i'm not trying to sell you on amarok, but it sounds like you want something a little more feature rich....you can get it from synaptic and run it, run rhythmbox and just see what fits your needs better07:35
dooglushi people.  what's the recommended replacement for microsoft's office 'publisher' program?  I have some .pub files I need to open07:35
Oasai have started installing skippuff5407:36
danxOasa: do you have ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers directory?07:36
Oasahope its stable in gnome07:36
skippuff54oasa: word, tell us what you think07:36
Oasalet me check danx07:36
h0rnmangreezmunkey, sorry, had a minor emergency...MTP is media transfer protocol.  It is used by MP3 players and some digital cameras07:36
ranjanleopard: but i dont think we can do much controls like a linux box in windows07:36
skippuff54yeah it is by 9.1007:36
Oasai use hardy07:36
hipitihopOasa, last time I checked there wasn't one but that was a while back to I would be interested to see if someone has an answer07:36
Oasawaiting for lynx07:36
skippuff54as long as you have plenty of RAM07:36
greezmunkeyh0rnman, no worries, I looked it up :)07:37
Oasayes danx i have that directory07:37
Oasai have only 1 gb07:37
Tefferscan anyone help me wiht my issue07:37
Oasadanx i have that folder but there is nothing in it07:37
skippuff54earlyy: you think you"ll spring for the KVM or you still want a software-only aka free solution07:38
leopardGuest88093: What do you mean? When you remote login to the machine; that is precisely what you are doing. If you coming from a Linux Box, and you connect to a Windows host, your going to get a CMD prompt.07:38
leopardThat was @ ranjan, sorry07:38
h0rnmanso, that being said, does anyone know how you could find the name to pass to umount of a MTP device that does not show up in mtab?07:38
ranjanleopard: i mean that we cant control as windows box by command as flexibly as a linux box07:38
danxOasa: for what I've read, ther is a plug in that gets you the album art, it works with files in that directory and an XML in ~/gnome2/rhythmbox (rhythmdb.xml)07:39
greezmunkeyh0rnman, there is a bunch of info on Ubuntu and MTP, there for the googlin'07:39
leopardranjan: That is true. Its still possible though.07:39
leopardabhi_nav: Have you progressed in your decision?07:39
ranjanleopard: can i display messages boxes in the windows box through command line like we have zenity in linux07:40
abhi_navleopard: not actually. for the time being happy with ubuntu07:40
earlyyskippuff54 sure shoot...ive worked with virtual machines a small bit before...its just most of my hardware it oudated and single core processors so i want this switch to link everything up07:40
earlyymainly my PC and MAC07:40
m_anishHi, is there a python application in ubuntu for plotting real-time star-charts?07:40
Oasadanx where do i get that plugin ?07:40
h0rnmangreezmunkey, yeah, but all of it seems to deal with Mounting, not unmounting  :)07:40
danxOasa: you probably have it already07:41
ranjanleopard: ok i found out the windows version of zenity...thanks07:41
leopardranjan: no problem07:41
Oasayeah coverart plugin07:41
Oasabut i have enabled it07:41
wrapsterwhich is the toolkit that will list various processor info ?07:42
danxOasa: if you don't have it -> (the last one) http://live.gnome.org/RhythmboxPlugins/ThirdParty07:42
skippuff54earlyy: just curious what you are leanin towards07:42
Leelahi there. does anyone know a helpchannel for Linux Mint?07:42
skippuff54earlyy: you might wanna check youtube actually for videos of virtual machine applications, maybe you will get some ideas07:42
skippuff54if you can see them in motion07:42
Oasadanx. I have enabled that plugin already.07:43
danxOasa: it's a different one, this one is "album art search"07:43
Oasaskippuff54 : amarok is done. let me see if it shows. Its building database07:43
skippuff54earlyy: again just curious, what do you need each OS for?07:44
Oasadanx. okay07:44
skippuff54oasa: cool, let us know what you think. for album art, you may need to organize the collection first, and then right-click and ask it fetch the artwork07:44
Dr_WillisLeela:  the mint homepage tells where their channel is.07:44
Oasadanx : The plugin looks cool07:45
Oasadanx : let me see if it works07:45
Leelaok thanks Dr_Willis07:45
nomad77Leela: http://www.linuxmint.com/contactus.php07:45
danxLeela: #linuxmint.com07:45
Teffersanyone here good with dhcp/dns issue with wifi and mobile broadband07:45
Leelathanks  nomad77 and danx07:46
Oasaskippuff54 : this looks complicated :S07:46
skippuff54teffers: what u got07:46
Oasadanx : how do i install the plugin ?07:46
skippuff54oasa: what looks complicated about it? maybe we can give you a couple of tips...cause once you get up and running i think you will be pleased07:46
Tefferswell since im usign a reall hordi webclient on free node may i pm u skippuff54  cos of my bad eye site its difficult to read chat on main chat screen and ill explain07:46
skippuff54sure thing07:47
Leela#join linuxmint.com07:47
danxOasa: read the Install / readme file (extract the .tar.gz)07:47
skippuff54teffers go for it07:47
danxLeela: /join #linuxmint.com07:47
Leelalol nice joke... *sigh*07:47
Oasadanx : there is no readme file.07:47
Oasadanx. I did extract it07:48
nomad77Leela: the link i posted,go to bottom of page says the irc network; its not here on freenode07:48
Oasadanx : There is 1 py thon script07:48
danxLeela: that's what linuxmint website said... sorry it's empty :(07:48
Leelanomad77, just doing that07:48
Leela*sigh* thanks anyway07:48
=== goldenfox is now known as Guest37855
m_anishHi, is there a python application in ubuntu for plotting real-time star-charts?07:49
danxOasa: you problably just need to copy it all to rhythmbox plugins folder then07:49
Leeladifferent server07:49
nomad77Leela: xchat does multiple servers,konversation etc..07:50
Leelai know nomad77  :)07:50
ttyXwhat package does ubuntu use to read the deb packages using archiver?07:50
Oasaskippuff54 : is there a way by which aramok looks like Rhythmbox I mean the Collection to appear the entire screen ??07:51
skippuff54oasa: yeah a couple of things - you should be able to close the playlist window so that the collection window there on the left opens across the screen07:52
skippuff54oasa: another suggestion would be to organize your collection so that amarok understands artist/album info a little better, then it cleans up that collection window on the left nicely07:53
listedaswantedHi guys I was wondering what type of filesystem ubuntu uses?07:53
skippuff54oasa: that will let you search your music and all kinds of stuff07:53
ttyXlistedaswanted: by default ext407:54
listedaswantedwhat is the difference between ext4 and say NTFS?07:54
leopardDid you guys know that you can press Alt+F2 and type in 'free the fish' (without the quotes), hit enter and get a virtual fish on your screen? Its funny, I have had it going for a while now, its cool but getting annoying, lol.07:56
petsoundslistedaswanted, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems07:56
linux_usedhi.. so I was just recompiling my kernel for some wireless support and oops... I broke X  ... I configured xorg.conf to vesa in the meantime, as nvidia driver is installed but refuses to work.. probably there is some work around to get nvidia driver working again? thanks07:57
listedaswantedthanks petsounds ill check it out07:58
petsoundslistedaswanted, you're welcome07:58
Oasadanx : how do i install the dependencies ?07:58
Oasadanx: pywebkitgtk and mako template both i cant find in repo :S07:59
hipitihopthis may be really newbie question, but how does one delete an entire directory and files recursively from the command line07:59
danxOasa: what is asking for pywebkitgtk? you can search with "apt-cache search <yourkeywords>" in command line.08:00
Sensivahipitihop rm -r /path/to/dir but be careful this might be dangerous08:00
hipitihopSensiva, thanks, I was told to cleanup to remove /var/lib/astersik so should be fine ?08:02
Oasadanx:  I know that. But there are no results :(08:02
Sensivahipitihop totally I have no idea08:02
gip_grep -F thanks08:03
danxOasa: have you tried at: packages.ubuntu.com ?08:03
Oasano danx08:03
Oasaskippuff54 : I have the same problem with aramok08:04
nomad77hipitihop: try apt-get remove --purge asterisk or the proper pkg name first maybe?08:04
[Relic]is there a list of 9.10 shut down problems somewhere?08:05
stiv2khelp! My ubuntu server is losing its network connection intermittently08:08
stiv2kit happens with both the onboard NIC and PCI one08:08
hipitihopnomad77, thanks, I've already remove the package... this is trying to cleanup another version which was built from source.. I now want to build a different version so just clenaing up08:09
skippuff54oasa: you mean you have the album art problem?08:09
Oasaleave it guys. I am fed up. I am good without Album Art. When i try to install the plugin told by danx. I have to go on searching dependencies as only source is available. When i get one dependency ig have to look for another. Thank you all especially danx and skippuff5408:11
=== rainofkayos is now known as BladeNBrocade
=== jason__ is now known as jrub
skippuff54oasa: keep messin around with both of those players and you might just stumble upon the solution! just enjoy the music while u do! good luck!08:20
phaidonx1Hi. I am trying to install a wireless card (Intel 2200BG, mini-pci) on my small computer. it seems like the ipw2200 properly loads and the wireless card is detected (it shows up in iwconfig), however, it says next to it "unassociated" . is that normal? I can't get it to connect to anything of course ....08:21
phaidonx1(btw, I have a minimal install, so I only have access to a shell)08:21
psycho_oreosphaidonx1, I think unassociated is how it'll normally set itself as08:23
psycho_oreosyou should be able to associate it to an AP08:24
phaidonx1I am trying to set up an adhoc network actually. on my computer it says IEEE 802.11abgn, but on the other one it stays unassociated even if I set the mode to ad-hoc and set the ESSID08:25
dooglushi people.  what's the recommended replacement for microsoft's office 'publisher' program?  I have some .pub files I need to open08:25
psycho_oreostry turning the interface up08:25
phaidonx1(also, seems like I need to be sudo to actually change any of the settings on it)08:25
bullgardAfter restarting my Chatzilla 0.9.86 window does not open maximized. How can I make my Chatzilla to open maximized after restarting?08:25
psycho_oreosyes that's a standard practice phaidonx108:25
dr-nictoQuestion: Hi I'm installing dragon age origins with wine and I get this error dxdllreg.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close08:26
Sensivadooglus Scribus or openoffice draw, always check for alternatives in here http://www.osalt.com/08:26
dr-nictohow should i fix this08:26
phaidonx1(I tried ifconfig eth2 up, doesn't seem to do anything ...)08:27
phaidonx1btw, it also says Cell: Not-Associated08:27
psycho_oreosnot that I've experience in setting up ad-hoc, but you might need to specify key, if any and try obtaining IP address, usually dmesg would provide more useful info08:28
ultraparadigmOk, thanks for the help everyone with my window managers!08:28
ultraparadigmI'm not sure why compiz wont start automatically anymore, but adding the command to startup works for now.08:29
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?08:29
dooglusSensiva: which openoffice program can open .pub files?  I tried scribus and it can't08:29
Sensivadooglus openoffice draw08:30
dooglusSensiva: sweet, thanks I'll try it08:30
dr-nictoQuestion: Hi I'm installing dragon age origins with wine and I get this error dxdllreg.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close08:31
phaidonx1psycho_oreos:  what do you mean by set up key?08:31
dooglusSensiva: are you sure?  it doesn't work even a little bit for me08:31
Dr_Willisdr-nicto:  check the wine app database for that game. it mayhave some tips08:31
Dr_Willis!appdb | dr-nicto08:31
ubottudr-nicto: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:31
dr-nictook ty ill check around08:32
Sensivadooglus I didn't try any of those, its listed as alternatives for MS publisher in osalt.com08:32
dooglusSensiva: I think I'm looking to be able to use my existing files, not to have to start from scratch08:32
web5|org|uacan't change folder permission from rwx------ to 777 !08:33
Sensivadooglus you may start from scratch and save as a pub file, but you may lose some formatings08:34
sriramomanhi guys08:37
[Relic]too many bugs to look through08:39
imTDoes anyone know if there is something you can add to the command in gnomes startur applications in order to delay the start for a short while? I'd like to delay the startup of an internet application for ten seconds since it doesn't work correctly if it starts before my wifi has connected.08:39
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MilitantPotatoimT: make a bash script08:41
Dr_WillisimT:  make a script that launches the app. and use the 'sleep XXXX' command befor its launced the program08:41
imTah yes, that's what i was thinking about doing. thansk08:42
imTWas trying to add a simple "sleep 5 && *command*" in the startup but that didnt work, so a script is probably the easiest then yes08:43
Dr_Willisdont do 'sleep & '  In th script :) heh08:43
Dr_Willisor make a generic 'delayedstart.sh' command  that takes the actual command as an argument08:44
dr-nictohey willis08:44
imTHave not done any scripting before so I'll play around with it and test it out08:45
dr-nictoI found out what to do ;D you do winetricks and enable the nocrashdialog08:45
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Guest55708i like ubuntu08:46
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
jdvPulseaudio and alsamixer and my microphone have been fighting now for months, I still can't skype anyone. Could anyone help?08:46
SensivaGuest55708 Ubuntu likes you too08:46
Guest55708ill help you with skype whats wrong08:47
Guest55708i hate vista im glad i got ubuntu08:47
jdvI'm on Jaunty and can't record sound.08:47
rabbit1how to change permission for "www" folder08:47
Guest55708there a plugin for skype did you use it08:47
jdv2 microphones, tried both line in and mic jacks. Tried everything the forums and google have suggested.08:47
jdvSkype works I just cant get voice.08:48
Guest55708get a new mic08:48
jdvIve got 2, both work on other OS08:48
jdveven works on ps308:48
* ultraparadigm is drooling because off food network08:48
Guest55708go to sound on the top menu on the desktop08:49
rabbit1how to change permission for "www" folder08:49
jdvyea I get the issue where its all muted even when it isnt.08:49
Guest55708and you will see a volume icon click that and see if the mic works08:49
ultraparadigmrabbit1,  chmod 766 www08:49
ultraparadigmdon't do that08:49
jdvThanks but I can't unmute them and when I do using alsamixer I still dont get to record anything08:49
rabbit1ultraparadigm: its should be chmod 766 /var/www right?08:50
ultraparadigmwe want read on ly for web folder rabbit08:50
Guest55708how long have you been using linux08:50
ultraparadigmyou mean the folder that your website is in, like /home/user/public_html ?08:50
rabbit1ultraparadigm: my phpinfo file is in www<- var <- /08:51
ultraparadigmhmm well execute is 1, and I think read is 2, and write is 4,   so you want chmod 72208:51
skippuff54rabbit i think you need to make sure that the user/group apache has the correct privilieges,08:51
petsoundsjdv, in gstreamer-properties what's the audio default input?08:51
skippuff54ultraparadigm is that right, make sure the user/group apache has those privileges08:52
jdvpetsounds currently ALSA08:52
rabbit1ultraparadigm: my phpinfo file is in www<- var <- /08:52
Guest55708i need help to install windows 3.108:53
rabbit1ultraparadigm: its in root08:53
rabbit1ultraparadigm: should i change it in config, or shall i go ahead and use the same root folder?08:53
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  if you want users to access the www dir, You should set up a proper group normally08:53
ultraparadigmthen you want chmod 722 /var/www08:53
llutzultraparadigm: read "man chmod"  why he won't08:53
ultraparadigmUsually you would put your web stuff in /home/user/web08:54
ultraparadigmor /homeuser/public_html  etc.08:54
overmindQuick question, today my BIOS hasn't got battery, so I pressed F1 (continue with default values). But while ubuntu was starting it appears an error mounting my hdd, so I used "fsck" for resolve it, my question is: Did I get this error due to BIOS? (I think no, but just for be secure)08:54
rabbit1ultraparadigm: any page which can guide me through that complete process08:54
MyrttiGuest55708: do you have a ubuntu support question?08:54
jdvovermind did you crash before?08:54
rabbit1ultraparadigm: if u know kindly suggest me08:55
overmindjdv: No, that was the first time in years08:55
ultraparadigmI would read the apache docs08:55
Guest55708ubuntu never crahes with me08:55
jdvovermind so it did crash this time?08:55
Guest55708vista does every day08:55
ultraparadigmIt was 10 years or more since I last ran a linux webserver08:55
Guest55708thats long08:56
jdvfsck after a crash is not unusual but I dont know the answer to the bios possibly causing that.08:56
overmindjdv: When I used fsck problem was fixed, so no, it hasn't crash, but I'd like don't have this error again08:56
rabbit1Dr_Willis: thx, i know i need to change the folder and change the settings in config file. but i dono how to do it. any manual that u can suggest?08:56
ultraparadigmGuest55708, Vista is a joke, and windows 7 is Vista fixed08:56
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?08:56
Dantonicon ubuntu 9.10 how do I figure out what version of java I have installed and what direcotry it is installed in?08:56
ultraparadigmI tell people, if you want to suffer you can do it for free, get Ubuntu,  if you want an easy ride then shell out the money for a Mac08:57
overmindjdv: Shell giave me a message "Run fsk manually"08:57
Guest55708skrew mac08:57
overmind"fsck", sorry08:57
ultraparadigmWindows is for people who don't want to pay for what they want08:57
MyrttiGuest55708: do you have a ubuntu support question? this isn't a social channel, you can discuss non-support stuff at #ubuntu-offtopic08:57
skippuff54rabbit1: if you want to try things visually, try installing webmin on your server08:57
rabbit1the tasks that can be done on vista or 7, i can do it in 8.04 of ubuntu only08:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:57
Guest55708i like windows08:57
jdvovermind was the bios time correct without battery?08:57
rabbit1skippuff54: will chck out, thx08:57
ultraparadigmWindows is ok, but you are going to suffer and you need to be more techninical, may as well get Linuz08:58
overmindjdv: No, for this reason I have ntp installed08:58
skippuff54yw rabbit08:58
jdvovermind sorry. No idea.08:58
rabbit1Guest55708: no argument here, linux is not alternate to windows, its just a 100% better OS available in any planet.08:58
Guest55708linux is better but i like to mod stuff on the xbox i cant do that on linux08:59
=== nikolam__ is now known as nikolam
rabbit1skippuff54: i ran sudo webmin, its says no available package08:59
overmindjdv: Okay, no problem, anyway thanks for your time :)09:00
chiiiiizIs it possible to remove applications that are bundled? For instance, if I want to remove ffado with synaptic, it will ask me top remove the whole ubuntustudio-audio package... but I do not simpply need this ffado thing... Is there a way to do it without removing the whole ubuntustudio-audio metapackage?09:00
llutz!webmin | rabbit109:00
ubotturabbit1: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.09:00
ultraparadigmpay hudress of $$$ and still have spyware, and still have complicated configureations.  Mac everything just works.  Another 10 years even Linux will be easier than windows09:00
Myrttiultraparadigm: move on09:00
llutz!ot| ultraparadigm09:00
ubottuultraparadigm: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:00
Guest55708i dont like mac i like linux and windows09:00
* faileas has never gotten OS zealotry09:01
jdvWould I be safe to uninstall pulseaudio and just use ALSA for everything?09:01
Dr_Willisi wont go into the fights ivce had with Macs......09:01
Dr_Willisjdv:  proberly not adviesable.09:01
ultraparadigmI need to get that jackd thinggy working09:01
skippuff54rabbit1: no there is no package for it. go to the webmin web site for download instructions. i cant confirm what ubottu just said but i still use webmin on my server setup at home09:01
faileasjdv: yeah, some of my systems never have had pulseaudio installed on them09:01
Guest55708but i like the macs hardware got09:01
llutz!webmin > skippuff5409:01
ubottuskippuff54, please see my private message09:01
Dr_Willisjdv:  but ive heard of it being done.09:01
skippuff54rabbit1: webmin worked for me in getting apache-php configured properly09:01
Guest55708like the cool 8 hour battery09:01
* faileas has never seen the attraction of web based admin09:01
ultraparadigmI try to run Jackd programs and I get errors saying Jackd isn't running, but it is.09:01
faileasSSH for the win <309:01
jdvI'll end up with no microphone & no output too, probably.09:01
Dr_WillisGuest55708:  so they got a big battery... wow :)  but thats  for OT.09:01
ikoniaGuest55708: may be better to take your conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic09:02
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD09:02
rabbit1skippuff54: thx, but i already spent lot of time in getting set the whole AMP thing09:02
rabbit1skippuff54: ebox looks good, shld try it09:03
ultraparadigmAnyone here get hulu to work in firefox?09:03
skippuff54rabbit1 that is cool i understand, what are you goin for exactly? and i will take ebox for a test drive09:03
ultraparadigmI can't get it to work, it says that the video couldn't connect, but it works in it's own client.09:03
rabbit1llutz: thx09:03
Guest55708get the hulu desktop for ubuntu its cool09:03
skippuff54ultraparadigm: you mean hulu the tv site?09:03
Dr_Willisultraparadigm:  I got Huludesktop player working.. it worked.. and so did the site for me09:04
Dr_WillisHulu can be flakey09:04
Guest55708get the xbmc09:04
ultraparadigmYeah it rocks, I DLed it yesterday.  But wondering why it wouldn't work in firefox and if I was the only one.  and wondering if it's a flash issue09:04
ultraparadigmok thanks Dr_Willis09:04
jdvwhen you "test" the audio input in gstreamer, would you expect to normally be able to hear your voice through the speakers during the test?09:04
Dr_Willisultraparadigm:  90% of the time - its always a flash issue.. or a issue with how the site is using flash09:04
rabbit1skippuff54: just trying to build a site, and i develop it in my own place and pace, so security is not a concern, also its not deployed here in my place.09:04
Guest55708flash in ubuntu has a lot of bugs09:04
Dr_WillisGuest55708:  'flash has a lot of bugs'09:05
kotsifasi have some issues with my mouse09:05
llutzflash is a bug09:05
Dr_Willisand sites using it poorly is a bigger bug.09:05
ikoniaGuest55708: no - flash on linux is not %100 stable, it's nothing to do with ubuntu09:05
skippuff54ultraparadigm: i can play video from the hulu web site, i dunno about the desktop player09:05
rabbit1is this Dr_Willis is same working with Google?09:05
listedaswantedWhich Windows file system is more likely to be used in an enterprise-level environment?09:05
ikonialistedaswanted: ask in ##windows09:05
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  huh?09:05
Guest55708because on windows it works fine09:05
kotsifasi hahve installed 9.1009:05
ultraparadigmDr_Willis, funny thing is that the program when I installed it asked me where my flash was, and I pointed it to the same flash .so  that firefox uses, and it works in the client, just not in firefox.09:05
Dr_WillisGuest55708:  becuase flash devs test it more on windows.so they fix the bugs there.09:05
faileaslistedaswanted: that's really a windows question. chances are whatever it is, ubuntu should be able to handle it ;p09:05
overmindGuest55708: Flash works fine for me09:06
Guest55708whats i386 erro mean09:06
Dr_WillisIve had flash work fine.. then a site updates/changes stuff.. and flashbreaks on that site only...09:06
Quan-Timelistedaswanted: the built in file explorer im guessing.  BUT ive seen "directory opus" used in some situations.09:06
rabbit1Dr_Willis: whr u work ?09:06
kotsifasehmmm excuse me09:06
skippuff54rabbit1: word, i pulled off the correct config doin things on the command line but the gui admin tool made life a lot easier, i develop on a headless server through varias laptops on my home network09:06
ultraparadigmGuest55708, is your computer 32 bit or 64bit?09:06
Dr_Willisrabbit1:  i work for Chrysler.09:06
ultraparadigmok, then I dunno09:06
rabbit1skippuff54: so,... wht do u suggest now then?09:07
rabbit1skippuff54: should i goahead with the /var/www folder only ?09:07
skippuff54rabbit1 what is your hangup again?09:07
Quan-TimeGuest55708: flash in ubuntu works fine, IF you set it up properly..09:07
ultraparadigmbut probably means that the program has an issue with your processor, or conflicting with the type09:07
rabbit1Dr_Willis: as wht ? if i can know09:07
skippuff54rabbit1, you are trying to configure apache-php right?09:07
Quan-Timeand by properly i mean,, dont mess with settings.. just install the SUN package to latest version, and for browser (firefox) it should be sorted.09:07
rabbit1i never found a player like winamp for linux. may b i dono. any suggestion?09:08
=== erez is now known as Infin1ty
rabbit1skippuff54: yeap, its done09:08
ultraparadigmGuest55708, make sure the program isn't a 64bit version09:08
kotsifasi have 9.10 Ubuntu and i have this mouse http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Cordless-Optical-Mouse-931396-0403/dp/B0009N7OL6  my problem is that it doesnt obey to CERTAIN clicks when i want to change from window to window. It seems ti blocs and to unblock it i have to right click and then left click etc.  what is the problem ? What can i do to have my mouse OBEY my clicks wherever and whenever i want it to ? Thanks in advance09:08
Guest55708whats some cool software for ubuntu09:08
rabbit1skippuff54: i mean everything is working fine, but files should be stored in /var/www09:08
quietoneI use two screens (i think it is called extended) and want to know if I can make apps, and things like their preferences windows, to always open in a specfic one.09:08
skippuff54rabbit1 ok i guess im confused, are you still havin an issue? also did you try xmms09:09
jdvWhen I unmute my mic in sound, it doesnt save the unmuted state, so it auto mutes as soon as I leave09:09
Quan-Timekotsifas: logitech are ass.. i use razor.. and i was a LONG standing logi guy.. but of late, their products are cheap and crap and SOOO not worth the money.09:09
litropyI want to echo the first line of ls -1 -t (which is one line per file, sorted by date modified)09:09
rabbit1skippuff54: i have no issues sir. i am just asking before i start09:09
rabbit1skippuff54: all is well09:09
rwwubottu: xmms | skippuff5, rabbit109:09
ubottuskippuff5, rabbit1: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.09:09
llutzlitropy: ls -1t|head -109:09
kotsifasQuan-Time : is there any chance i can get my CRAPPY logitech mouse to work with 9.10 properly ?09:10
rabbit1skippuff54: ;) u always suggest something not being supported ?09:10
ultraparadigmah crap!  My nautilus is missing too!  arhh!09:10
llutzlitropy:sorry $ head -1 $(ls -1t)09:11
skippuff54rabbit1: yeah man /var/www should suit you as a top level folder for storing all your sites and their related directories. i would keep data sources somewhere else09:11
ultraparadigmAnyone know the command for Nautilus?09:11
ikoniait's nautilus - that's the command09:11
skippuff54rabbit1: haha yeah i was actually just readin up on it09:12
alzamabarHi is it possible to use a unix shortcut to edit the last output from a command? E.g. I just ran a grep which came back with a single result. Next I'd like to vi the file expressed by that result, but without having to type the full file name. I though there was something like vim $! or !vim or something similar...09:12
=== tek is now known as Guest45241
skippuff54rabbit1: i figured you would complete your due diligence before installing anything. but i think you would be safe to use audacious09:12
ikoniaalzamabar: set -o vim09:12
ikoniaalzamabar: then use the vim editor / nagivation keys to nagivate around the command09:13
ikoniaalzamabar: or - just push the up arrow in bash and edit the command09:13
rabbit1xmms2 better than amarok ?09:13
skippuff54rabbit1: ive used amarok09:13
skippuff54amarok is resource heavy09:13
Guest45241whats it mean You failed to identify in time09:13
skippuff54if you have the RAM it is awesome but if you want somethin lightweight you should look elsewhere09:13
hapikhi, short question from unexpirienced linux user: how to mount a disk with user privialges with mount command? sudo mount /dev/sdXX /media/xyz makes it read-only (don't need mount it from /etc/fstab)09:13
alzamabarikonia, if I press the up arrow I get my grep command, not the result09:13
rabbit1skippuff54: amarok is heavy and not as winamp, winamp is the best windows application ever09:14
ikoniaalzamabar: you won't get the result09:14
bullgard[PulseAudio On] My Ubuntu 9.10 computer reboots with Mic1 on although I shut it down with Mic2 active. How can I make my Ubuntu starting with Mic2 asserted?09:14
ultraparadigmwierd, nautilus works, but when I go to "Places" and open any location I get a message that says "No application is registered as handling this file"09:14
rabbit1skippuff54: i got 2 GB RAM09:14
alzamabarikonia: What happened was: grep foo bar.txt09:14
Guest55708how long have you been using ubuntu09:14
skippuff54rabbit1: i agree, i think audacious is the supported incarnation of the xmms project09:14
ikoniaalzamabar: yes, you can't get the results output back09:15
alzamabarikonia: This came back with /home/user/foo/bar/log.txt09:15
ikoniaalzamabar: I understand09:15
alzamabarikonia: Then I would like a shortcut to edit /home/user/foo/bar/log.txt instead of typing vim /home/... I'd like something like !vim09:15
skippuff54rabbit1: leavin winamp behind was like movin outta town and sayin farewell to an old friend09:15
ikoniaalzamabar: you're not going to get that09:15
rabbit1skippuff54: biggest prob is of the codecs, hope xmms2 wont have that prob09:15
skippuff54rabbit1: you might also like gxine09:16
alzamabarikonia: An alternative would be to pass it to xargs, but then I don't know if the grep returned anything at all09:16
alzamabarikonia: e.g. grep foo/bar/ * | xargs vim09:16
=== Blue-Omega is now known as Guest44631
rabbit1skippuff54: suggesting toomuch option is like confusing more, don u think? ;)09:16
ikoniaalzamabar: I understand, you could pipe it to a variable09:16
stefano_pI've downloaded an inkscape deb and debs for all the possible dependencies. is it safe to assume that they will install on a system that was never updated, has no internet connection?09:16
rabbit1skippuff54: but surely wll check both :)09:16
demonsporkstefano_p, the .debs will check versions. The only way to find out is if you try it.09:17
litropyllutz: that returns a verbose list09:17
rabbit1ok friends, lunch time :)09:17
litropyllutz: when typed into terminal09:17
skippuff54rabbit1: haha i know you wanna get your music right. basically audacious and gxine are lightweight and amarok is a workhorse with lots of features09:18
skippuff54rabbit1: enjoy09:18
llutzlitropy: you want the 1st line of all files, shown with "ls -1t", right?09:19
ultraparadigmhmm, wierd09:19
ultraparadigmI fixed it , somehow09:19
litropyllutz: found it09:20
llutzlitropy: i misread you, sry09:21
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=== [SW]Dodge is now known as [SW]Dodge`oFF
mecoI just tried to re-install 8.04 because the last week I have been forced to run in failsafe GNOME mode. However, the guided partitioning told me I didn't have enough disk space (9.7 GB) and the manual told me I hadn't defined root file system. What should I do?09:22
Dr_Willismeco:  tell it to put / where your old install was if you are going to erase it.09:22
mecoDr_Willis: How can I tell where the old install was?09:23
Dr_Willisor use a live cd. and delete the old linux partions.09:23
Dr_Willismeco:  look at 'sudo fdisk -l'output09:23
Dr_Willisand see what filesystmes are what09:23
Dr_Willisor fix the old install :)09:24
mecoDr_Willis: It's either /dev/sda3            3619        4865    10016527+   5  Extended or /dev/sda5            3619        4806     9542578+  83  Linux09:25
SingAlonghi all09:25
Dr_Willisan extended partion holds a  'logical' so its sda509:25
=== schatan_ is now known as schatan
SingAlongI have an Acer Aspire One and i checked that it does support multi-touch. And it seems to be working in windows. Does anyone know if I can enable it in Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook edition?09:26
mecoDr_Willis: So I can just go ahead and try again with that?09:26
=== katie11 is now known as k[a]tie
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  hmm.. ive never notived the feature in windows on my AAO09:26
Dr_Willismeco:  sure.  use cutome partioning and tell it / is sda509:26
SingAlongDr_Willis: oh but googling reveals that the trackpad in AAO does support multi touch.09:27
Dr_Willismeco:  that WILL want to format/erase the old install on sda509:27
mecoDr_Willis: What's cutome?09:27
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  ive never seen it do anything in windows.09:27
Dr_Willismeco:  in the installer it asks to do it auto, or guided or whatever.. you need ot TELL it where to put /09:27
SingAlongDr_Willis: one sec let me link you to some info09:27
SingAlongDr_Willis: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mobile/2009-March/002361.html09:28
mecoDr_Willis: I tried to do that earlier on but it still insisted I hadn't defined root file system09:28
SingAlongDr_Willis: any multi touch gestures you know that I can try? I dunno any gestures and its effects to try it and see if that works.09:28
Ridders24hi i have a 1TB hdd with a xfs filesystem, that has a mount error. what program can i download to mount it in ubuntu and view the data on it?09:29
mecoOh well, I'll try again09:30
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  i tend to  turn off my touchpad and use a mouse. i dont know of any.09:32
SingAlongDr_Willis: oh :)09:32
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  im on 10.04 netbook ed. also right now09:32
SingAlongDr_Willis: 10.4 released???09:32
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  no.09:32
SingAlongDr_Willis: oh the alpha09:32
Dr_Willisthe touchpad is so small i can barely get 2 fingers on it anyway :)09:33
SingAlongDr_Willis: is it stable enough to be used on AAO? Hows the esperience09:33
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  it works :)09:33
sparrowhey all09:33
SingAlongDr_Willis: haha. true.09:33
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  wireless was dropping in/out - but im on wired nework 90% of the time09:33
SingAlongDr_Willis: I have a weird problem with 9.10 UNR. When i change to battery power, the netbook suspends and i have to resume again to use it09:34
SingAlongDr_Willis: you had that problem too?09:34
Dr_WillisSingAlong:  not noticed it09:35
SingAlongDr_Willis: oh. mine is an AAO 150D09:35
listedaswantedis photoshop available on ubuntu?09:38
llutzlistedaswanted: no09:38
Myrttilistedaswanted: via wine perhaps, you need to buy it yourself though09:39
soiconlistedaswanted: you can use GIMP09:39
llcoolhodgef u c k09:39
listedaswantedokay then does anybody know how I could set up my wacom to work in ubuntu 9.10?09:39
visual_moronis there a version of ubuntu for homosexuals and lesbians?09:39
visual_moronlike maybe pink themed or something09:39
llcoolhodgevisual_moron that is redundant see as lesbians are homosexuals09:39
Myrttivisual_moron: er, no?09:40
visual_moronthere should be09:40
frogzoono, don't think gays would go for a brown & orange colour scheme09:40
arandvisual_moron: Offtopic, please...09:40
listedaswantedanybody know how I can setup the wacom drivers on ubuntu?09:40
bullgardAfter restarting, my Chatzilla 0.9.86 Firefox extension window does not open maximized. How can I make my Chatzilla to open maximized after restarting?09:41
llcoolhodgearand who are u too tell visual_moron it was Off topic09:41
bazhangllcoolhodge, it was. lets move on.09:41
listedaswantedI know its abit of a specialized troubleshoot but im totally new to linux...09:41
ardchoillellcoolhodge: Anyone here can remind someone if they are ot09:41
visual_morongood looking out llcoolhodge09:41
visual_moronat least someone in here isn't a gay basher09:41
llcoolhodgeBazhang ardchoille it was a valid question09:41
visual_moronllcoolhodge are you gay by any chance?09:42
listedaswantedhere is the installation stepbystep09:43
listedaswantedi cant make sense of it09:43
llcoolhodgeNo problem visual_moron these dudes have no right to tell you are not allowed to ask a question09:43
ardchoille!ot | visual_moron09:43
ubottuvisual_moron: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:43
bazhangvisual_moron, please stop or you will be removed09:43
visual_moronwhy is everybody getting on my case and bugging out all over my assy nipples09:43
llcoolhodgeVisual_moron that does seem like not something to talk about here09:43
visual_moronyou're probably right09:44
llcoolhodgeBazhang unless u are opers stop threatening people09:44
listedaswantedhello anybody?09:44
pratik_naraincan anybody help me with a micromax MMX372G 3g usb modem configuration. Its not in the forums. please09:44
AMAGsorry there is no end to my stupid questions trying to resolve my problem today09:44
AMAGIf I do an upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04 (which is what the update dialog box encourages me to do) can I cause it not to replace my kernel?  I need my RAID module built in to boot09:45
llcoolhodgethanks very much isee that u are not the only gay in here bazhang had to suck a dick to get me removed09:45
visual_moronnow that was uncalled for09:45
Moral_llcoolhodge, lol, wow.09:46
ardchoilleI was hoping that the !ot bot trigger would have been enough09:46
visual_moron!ot bot09:46
Josh90don't encourage him.09:46
mad3000mplayer plays mp3 files in slow speed low pitch. I need to press ] twice to get normal speed. is there a fix for this?09:46
visual_moronmad3000 sudo rm -r /09:46
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!09:47
llutz !ot won't stop those trolls09:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:47
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Moral_mad3000, don't do that09:47
BladeNBrocadethats not nice09:47
Moral_visual_moron, stfu.09:47
ardchoille!ops | visual_moron bad comand09:47
ubottuvisual_moron bad comand: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:47
rwwubottu: stfu | Moral_09:47
ubottuMoral_: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.09:47
ikoniawhoaaa calm down09:47
visual_moronobjorn: stfu | ardchoille09:47
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visual_moroni mean09:47
visual_moronubottu: stfu | ardchoille09:47
ubottuardchoille: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.09:47
ikoniaMoral_: stop the language please09:47
LincoN^I won't get my aeroplane thing work :)09:48
Moral_ikonia, are you serious?09:48
* BladeNBrocade shocked09:48
ikoniaMoral_: yes09:48
visual_moronwas that really necessary?09:48
Moral_I said stfu, once not like I'm going batshit here, just tried to stop some kid from rming his root dir.09:48
ikoniavisual_moron: yes - stop now09:48
* visual_moron yiffs llcoolhodge's ear09:49
listedaswantedanybody know how to install wacom drivers????09:52
* BladeNBrocade turns into hedgehog09:53
Dateswtf is this09:53
rwwDates: the technical support channel for Ubuntu Linux.09:53
ikoniaDates: please control your language, it's a support channel for ubuntu09:53
Josh90How to play a sound/ file in the back ground with no Graphical face? using vlc or something like that.09:53
Moral_Dates, welcome, this is tech support for ubuntu09:53
Datesoh ok09:53
kotsifashello i just posted my problem with my mouse on the forum , if anyone is kind to read it and give a solution it would be great  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141727809:53
listedaswantedyes the graphics tablet09:53
Datesi lost my blue party hat09:53
Datesis there a way to get it back?09:53
Moral_install windows.09:54
listedaswantedno i already have that09:54
listedaswantedi want to use it in gimp09:54
Mozilleroi,m spanish09:54
Moral_listedaswanted, that wasn't directed at you09:54
ikoniaDates: please don't mess around in here, the topic is ubuntu support discussio only09:54
Moral_Mozillero, /join #ubuntu-es09:54
listedaswantedoh.. right09:54
arandJosh90: I think vlc-nox runs with no gui, or mplayer09:55
Mozillerodoon,t speak english09:55
listedaswantedso can anybody help me?09:55
Datesso u cant help with runescape?09:55
rwwubottu: es | Mozillero09:55
ubottuMozillero: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:55
ikonia!es | Mozillero09:55
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Dr_WillisDates:  and the ubuntu related issue is?09:55
Datesi thoguth mayeb u hacker guys could get me a new phat?09:55
ikoniaMozillero: we don't need your email,09:56
LincoN^what's up?09:56
Myrttiprice of wheat09:56
ikoniaan case anyone doesn't know - the topic of this channel can be viewed with the command /topic09:57
Moral_menos la "09:58
ikoniaMozillero:  /join #ubuntu-es09:58
Moral_y ponga un espacio /join #ubuntu-es09:58
Josh90How to play a sound/ file in the back ground with no Graphical face? using vlc or something like that.09:58
BladeNBrocadei think hes asking if the command takes a space?09:59
ardchoilleMoral_ told him to add a space09:59
Moral_too bad he never made it over to #ubuntu-es lo10:00
bullgardJosh90: Man asound10:00
randomsany sweeds here who can lend me an ssh account or a proxy for one hour? I want to see a tv program on SVT, but i need to connect trough a sweedish ip :/10:00
rwwubottu: ot | randoms10:00
ubotturandoms: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:00
listedaswantedSo can anyone help me to install the wacom drivers??? Please!10:01
Moral_listedaswanted, what are you having trouble with10:01
listedaswantedMoral installing this http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/10:02
listedaswantedI just need to install drivers for my wacom graphics tablet10:02
faileasJosh90: i used to use mplayer for that10:02
airtonixJosh90, aplay filename10:02
airtonixJosh90, ie : aplay ~/Audio/Sounds/ui_pipboy_clampon.wav10:02
Moral_listedaswanted, k gimme a sec to look some info up.10:03
listedaswantedcool thanks alot for that mate ill be waiting!10:03
Moral_listedaswanted, I assume you've read through the how2?10:03
SpokesWhy would I get an error message "No such file or directory" when in fact the file does exist. It is a  .bin file10:04
alzamabarHelp!! I'm connected to the internet, and I can connect to other machines on my LAN. But other machines can't connect to, say, my HTTP server. Does Ubuntu run some kind of firewall?10:04
BladeNBrocadeis it executable?10:04
listedaswantedi got to here and am lost http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/download10:04
SpokesI've set the chmod 77710:04
listedaswantedive never done any of that before10:04
BladeNBrocadeare you sure the error came from the bin or something bin is trying to do?10:05
Moral_listedaswanted, okay. I assume you have the files downloaded to your computer already?10:05
Spokesthat I don't know - how would I find out10:05
listedaswantedthe linuxwacom-0.8.4-4.tar.bz210:06
Moral_okay, listedaswanted open up a console cd to where you have the file saved.10:06
airtonixalzamabar, sudo apt-get install gufw10:06
Moral_listedaswanted, open up a terminal*10:06
alzamabarairtonix, what does that do?10:06
alzamabarairtonix: what does that do?10:06
airtonixalzamabar, it orders pizza10:06
SpokesI just do ./AdbeRdr9.3.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin10:06
BladeNBrocadewell the bin would execute and likely give an error somewhere10:06
alzamabarairtonix: haha, c'mon10:06
BladeNBrocadeSpokes: is that where the bin is?10:07
Josh90"cvlc 1_-_Tim_McGraw.mp3"      I am using this one but i have to be in the Documents directory10:07
airtonixalzamabar, https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html10:07
yeiksdoes anyone know of a good UML software that does reverse engineering on ubuntu10:07
icerootSpokes: why not using the repo-version?10:07
alzamabarairtonix: that's a firewall, it would appear I don't want a firewall10:07
BladeNBrocadeSpokes: can you paste the output?10:08
Spokesiceroot-I am not familiar with that10:08
listedaswantedone sec10:08
airtonixalzamabar, you can reach your web server from same machine using : http://localhost  ?10:08
icerootSpokes: sudo apt-get install acroread10:08
alzamabarFrom my machine yes10:08
airtonixalzamabar, then you need to open a port10:08
alzamabarairtonix: From my machine yes10:08
listedaswantedokay im in10:08
alzamabarairtonix: Do I do that on Ubuntu10:08
Spokesbash: ./AdbeRder9.3.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin: No such file or directory10:09
Moral_listedaswanted, okay, make sure you say my nickname when you've completed a task so I can follow where you are since this channel moves pretty fast.10:09
airtonixalzamabar, sorry im really tired and my paitence is really thin... read this page : https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html10:09
=== nuthing is now known as mongoosedog
listedaswantedMoral_ okay no problem10:09
BladeNBrocadeSpokes: do "file AdbeRder9.3.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin"10:09
alzamabarairtonix: thanks10:09
airtonixalzamabar, and this page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP10:09
llcoolhodgeok so i am looking how to set up my 3 HD tvs to my computer but ubuntu isnt shoing me how to set theis up...i am also trying to do this via vortex10:10
e1b6How to install iceweasel browser in UBUNTU10:10
Moral_listedaswanted, gimme 1 sec plz10:10
listedaswantedMoral_ okay10:10
e1b6How to install iceweasel browser in ubnutu10:10
knoppiesis there a way to get compiz to change its 6 desktops to random images every so often (or login)?10:10
iceroote1b6: iceweasel is installed by default. its called firefox10:10
e1b6anyone there????????10:10
ikoniae1b6: 1300+ people are in the channel10:11
e1b6iceroot but in  windows firefox and iceaweasel work diferent10:11
iceroote1b6: there is no iceweasel for windows10:11
e1b6iceroot its in my computer10:11
e1b6iceroot i installed it10:12
Moral_listedaswanted, type these commands in: bunzip2 linuxwacom-0.8.4-4.tar.bz2  then tar -xf linuxwacom-0.8.4-4.tar then cd linuxwacom-0.8.4-410:12
e1b6iceroot: in windows xp10:12
alzamabarairtonix: One question I have is: my current ufw is inactive. Will that cause all inbound traffic to be denied?10:12
iceroote1b6: there is no difference, its just build from source and called different10:13
listedaswantedMoral_ okay done!10:13
Dr_Willisdiffernt icons :)10:13
llcoolhodgeI have a question that might be offtopic but is there a ubuntu channel in which i can swear and get offtopic but still recieve help10:13
BladeNBrocade- swearing10:14
ikoniaBladeNBrocade: what ?10:14
Moral_listedaswanted, okay gimme another sec10:14
Myrttillcoolhodge: no, there isn't such official channels.10:15
alzamabarMy ufw is disabled. Will that block any access to my box?10:15
BladeNBrocadehe said he wants to ask an offtopic question and swear,, he can do that in #ubuntu-offtopic but i said minus swearing...10:15
llutzalzamabar: are you behind a router?10:15
Dr_Willisalzamabar:  ufw is a front end to the firewall configs. If you got no rules. thennothing is blocked10:15
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist10:15
alzamabarDr_Willis, the problem I have is that my machine can reach out to other machines in my network but other machines can't reach an HTTP URL on mine10:16
llutzalzamabar: sudo lsof -i :8010:16
spokesbladeNBrocade - file AdbeRdr9.3.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin10:17
spokesAdbeRdr9.3.1-1_i486linux_enu.bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped10:17
Moral_listedaswanted, dpkg -l | grep wacom10:17
alzamabarllutz, shall I paste the output?10:17
mneptokalzamabar: are you running a web server? on what port?10:17
icerootspokes: sudo apt-get install acroread10:17
llutzalzamabar: one line yes, more >pastebin10:17
icerootspokes: and enable canocial repo first10:17
alzamabarllutz: Yes, I'm running Apache on port 8010:17
BladeNBrocadeis it listening on the interface or localhost?10:18
spokesiceroot - I did that and it said acroread package not find10:18
mneptokalzamabar: and are you using the local NAT IP to connect?10:18
listedaswantedMoral_ okay done!10:18
llutzalzamabar: sudo lsof -i :80    pastebin it please10:18
icerootspokes: enable canocial/partner repo first in synaptic10:18
Moral_listedaswanted, paste the resluts of that command to me via /msg Moral_10:18
spokesiceroot - enable canocial repo first??10:18
alzamabarllutz: I'm using my machine name, e.g. not but
icerootspokes: dont use software you downloaded from a website, if there is a repo-version10:18
llutzalzamabar: sudo lsof -i :80    pastebin it please10:18
icerootspokes: start synaptic10:18
listedaswantedii  wacom-tools                           1:                         utilities for Wacom tablet devices10:18
listedaswantedii  xserver-xorg-input-wacom              1:                         X.Org X server -- Wacom input driver10:18
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: do you have dns or setup the machine name ni hosts?10:19
alzamabarllutz: http://pastebin.com/jfc7RXaS10:19
iceroot!info acroread10:19
ubottuPackage acroread does not exist in karmic10:19
alzamabarBladeNBrocade: I don't know10:19
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: check hosts10:20
mneptokalzamabar: unless your local network is running a DNS server of some kind, connecting by name will not work10:20
llutzalzamabar: and your dns resolves odin locally?10:20
BladeNBrocadeif localhost is mapped to that then it wornt work10:20
icerootubottu: you are lying...10:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:20
Moral_listedaswanted, check your private messages10:20
spokesiceroot start synaptic says: Unknow job: synaptic10:20
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: cat /etc/hosts10:20
alzamabarllutz: yes10:20
alzamabarllutz: Actually it resolves it to
icerootspokes: you are on karmic?10:20
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: also check your hosts mapping, exactly10:20
alzamabarllutz: That might be the problem10:20
llutzalzamabar: so it wont work10:20
BladeNBrocadebecause in hosts that is the default10:20
rww!info acroread partner | iceroot10:20
ubottuiceroot: acroread (source: acroread): Adobe Reader. In component main, is extra. Version 9.3.1-1karmic1 (partner), package size 61996 kB, installed size 149076 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)10:20
alzamabarllutz: Shall I change /etc/hosts?10:21
BladeNBrocadeyou need to modify the hosts file first for apache to work correctly10:21
spokesI don't know  - Ubuntu 9.0410:21
icerootrww: thx, didnt know the syntax10:21
llutzalzamabar:  yes10:21
BladeNBrocademake localhost only.. and map the ip to that hostname10:21
icerootspokes: ok that is jaunty10:21
mneptokalzamabar: editing /etc/hosts on the local machine will have no impact on remote machines10:21
BladeNBrocadeand on any machine you need to have that mapping add in hosts10:21
llutzalzamabar: and make sure, apache listens not only at too10:21
BladeNBrocademneptok: correct but having that in localhost wont allow apache to listen on outside interface...10:21
BladeNBrocadeso long as its using hostname in ServerName10:22
icerootspokes: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list10:22
llcoolhodgehow do i get diablo two to  download i cant find out how to do it anywhere10:22
alzamabarllutz: Shall I restart any services after the change?10:22
jakiwI get an Error each Time I try to install something with apt-get10:22
llutzalzamabar: no10:22
icerootspokes: there are two lines starting with # and containing something like deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu jaunty partner10:22
BladeNBrocadejust add the same ip --> hostname mapping on whicever other remote host you want to access by hostname via http10:22
icerootspokes: remove the # in the two lines and save the file10:23
BladeNBrocadeor optionally setup local dns10:23
alzamabarllutz: Now my machine name resolves to
icerootspokes: then run  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install acroread10:23
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: correct but thats locally and to apache...10:23
rwwjakiw: What's the error message?10:23
llutzalzamabar: you have to do that on each machine inside your network, if you don't have a dns-server10:23
BladeNBrocadeso now try to access the ip from remote.. not the hostname10:23
BladeNBrocadeand apache will answer because if ServerName is hostname and hostname --> ip apache is listening on ip and not loopback anymore10:24
jakiwrww E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) And Synpatic says 56 packages are broken because the depency isnt right10:24
BladeNBrocadebut you still need to modify hosts file on remote servers to access by ip10:24
Dr_Willis!info warzone2100-video10:24
BladeNBrocadehostname rather10:24
icerootspokes: working?10:24
alzamabarllutz: I have another machine which resolves my host name to but when I telnet on port 80 it says connection refused10:24
ubottuPackage warzone2100-video does not exist in karmic10:24
spokesthe sources.list file is empty10:24
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: restart apache10:25
llutzalzamabar: apache.org/documentation10:25
jakiwrww and dpkg isnt installed somehow, but I cant install it by sudo apt-get install dpkg too?10:25
icerootspokes: /etc/apt/sources.list is empty?10:25
BladeNBrocadealzamabar: also ensure you dont have an application level acl setup in apache itself to deny all10:26
rwwjakiw: run "apt-cache policy dpkg", and copy the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com/, then link to the page it creates here.10:26
spokesiceroot - sorry typed in the wrong directory10:27
icerootspokes: np10:27
jakiwrww http://paste.ubuntu.com/384992/10:28
spokesiceroot: uncommented those two lines now what?10:29
knoppiesIs there a way to get random wallpapers for each of my 9 wallpapers? either periodically or at each login.10:29
rwwjakiw: thanks. Next, run "LANG=C sudo apt-get -f install", and copy and link it in the same way.10:29
icerootspokes: save the file and then type in the terminal   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install acroread10:29
icerootspokes: now you have the adobe acrobat reader from the repository and get security updates automaticly from there10:30
Dr_Willisknoppies:  theres random wallpaper tools you could use. 'wally' sis one10:30
jakiwrww shall I run it as root?10:30
icerootjakiw: sudo is running something as root10:30
jakiwdidnt see the sudo :D10:30
jakiwbecause I never saw it not in front10:31
jakiwrww http://paste.ubuntu.com/384993/10:31
spokesiceroot: It's installing acroread - thanks a bunch10:31
knoppiesthanks Dr_Willis, will have a look.10:32
yeikswhat is acroread for10:32
harisundHow come on my 64 bit 9.10 Ubuntu without my deliberately installing sun-java-jre6 it automatically installed it along with the right plugins on installing ubuntu-restricted-extras but on  my 32 bit installation it didn't do so?10:32
faileasacrobat reader ;p10:32
faileasit reads PDFs10:32
bazhangyeiks, it reads pdf10:32
harisundIs Java a part of some other installation, or do I have to install it seperately?10:32
bazhangrossi, /join #ubuntu-es10:32
harisundI don't recollect installing the Sun java package at all .. but somehow I seem to have it .. any ideas what package would have pulled in the sun java plugin and jre packages?10:33
yeiksk thanks10:33
icerootspokes: np, you can always use the repository to install something. if you want to search for something you can use  apt-cache search your-search-string  like apt-cache search music player   then you get all the packages listed. you can install them with sudo apt-get install package-name10:33
=== ZubZero is now known as Espen-_-
rwwjakiw: Hmm, interesting. The actual error problem is "dpkg (subprocess): unable to execute installed post-removal script: Exec format error10:33
rwwjakiw: I'll see if I can dig up a solution for you10:33
yeiksbut wat's d difference btw acrobat reader and adobe reader10:33
jakiwrww thx :)10:34
faileasthey are the same10:34
icerootyeiks: there is no difference10:34
faileasbut you don't really need either10:34
alzamabarllutz: Thanks, it works now10:34
faileasubuntu comes with a pdf reader10:34
alzamabarBladeNBrocade: Thanks10:34
yeiksk thanks10:34
spokesiceroot: that's great information - thanks10:34
icerootfaileas: but acroread is the only reader which can handle special things like comments in a pdf correctly10:34
HaffeGuys. Do any of you have experience using wifi in an embedded enviroment? I don't really need a full tcp/ip stack. Alla I need is to send a signal via wifi.10:35
HaffeHow much work would it be to get this to work?10:35
icerootspokes: that is the greatest thing about debian-based distributions like ubuntu. the power of apt-get is really great10:35
rwwjakiw: Can you run the command "cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/irssi.postrm" and copy it to http://paste.ubuntu.com and link it, please?10:36
jakiwrww My Updatemanager says I should reinstall debconf??10:36
jakiwrww I don't get an output!10:37
rwwjakiw: No output at all, or an error message?10:37
jakiwrww Nothing, just next line. Should I reinstall debconf with the Updatemanager?10:38
neil_dusing 9.10.. when I ask mplayer to play an .avi it says "Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device."  what can I do to fix this?10:38
spokesiceroot: How do I change my user in a terminal10:38
rwwjakiw: and yes, debconf is important, but it's likely not going to work until we fix this, since dpkg is getting hung up on it.10:38
icerootspokes: to root or to another user?10:39
jakiwrww Ok, so not reinstall it yet?10:39
spokesiceroot: to another user10:39
icerootspokes: su username10:39
spokesiceroot: thanks10:39
oskar-spokes:  sudo -i -u username10:39
icerootoskar-: much to long10:40
spokesiceroot: Sorry, another question - How do I make a readonly file writeable?10:41
=== toto is now known as Guest89261
icerootspokes: sorry, it was su - username  instead of su username10:41
rwwjakiw: correct. Run `echo '#!/bin/sh' > sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/info/irssi.postrm` . That should fix up that file. Once you do that, try `sudo apt-get -f install` again and pastebin its output again.10:41
Ek|mu5has anyone got word on the xorg/gnome-power-manager bug that blanks the screen at random?10:42
icerootspokes: with chmod  but normally there is a reason why a file is readonly10:42
rwwjakiw: (my apologies for the odd commands I'm having you run. This issue is a little complicated.)10:42
jakiwrww Can u again post the exact Command I should use now?10:42
jakiwrww Have I to do it with the ''?10:42
rwwjakiw: echo '#!/bin/sh' > sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/info/irssi.postrm10:42
Ek|mu5It also affects gnome-network-manager which assumes that the computer has gone to sleep and disconnects WiFi connections at random10:42
jakiwrww as root?10:43
jakiwrww oh10:43
jakiwrww it is as root10:43
holmserhow can I restart an x session? ctrl alt backspace isn't working10:43
exploitsome one know what is the back track linux IRC adress?10:43
spokesiceroot: The file says it is writeable, but when I access in VI it states it is a readonly file. this file is an install script, but it is failing when running and I'm trying to figure out why it is failing10:43
icerootholmser: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart10:43
iceroot!dontzap | holmser10:43
ubottuholmser: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap10:43
bazhangexploit, /join #backtrack-linux10:44
bazhangexploit, yes10:44
jakiwrww still gives the same error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384997/10:44
icerootspokes: why need write-access to an install-script?10:44
bazhangexploit, also on freenode servers, if that is what you mean10:44
jakiwrww the other command u gave me doesnt give any output10:44
spokesiceroot: I want to place some echo statements in the script to see the settings of some of the variables and try to determine the reason for the failure10:45
jakiwrww I dont know if it is important, but do u see that it has problems removing irssi? (Its written on german)10:45
jakiwrww Can I somehow change it to english, so u can read it better?10:46
icerootspokes: can you post the output of ls -l /path/to/your/file10:46
rwwjakiw: yeah, it's the same error message. What's happening is that it's trying to remove irssi, but can't run the post-removal script for some reason. Since it's in the middle of doing that, it doesn't want to do anything else at the same time.10:46
rwwso debconf and probably other things won't install.10:47
oskar-jakiw:  change the ">" to a "|" in the command10:47
neil_dusing 9.10.. when I ask mplayer to play an .avi it says "Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device."  what can I do to fix this?   The sound does play.10:47
rwwoh, duh. thanks oskar-10:47
iceroot!codec | neil_d10:47
ubottuneil_d: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:47
rwwjakiw: That previous command was incorrect. Do: echo '#!/bin/sh' | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/info/irssi.postrm10:47
BladeNBrocadespokes: if its bash you can try to run it under bash -x to see what its doing10:47
Josh90jakiw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/384999/10:48
rwwjakiw: (the only side-effect of me giving you the wrong command there is that you now have a file called "sudo" in your current directory. you can remove it once we get this sorted :)10:49
spokesBladeNBrocade: so what would the command look like for bash -x10:49
BladeNBrocadebash -x <bash script>10:49
spokesBladeNBrocade: thanks10:49
neil_diceroot: the restricted packages are already installed.10:51
dr-nictowow dragon age runs better on wine then windows 7 hehe10:51
dassoukiwhat are some good tools to record presentations10:52
icerootneil_d: hm, ok. i am just using vlc and dont have such problems with it10:52
spokesBladeNBrocade: Interesting. When I execute bash -x ./runInstaller then the install script works10:53
ZykoticK9neil_d, in a terminal try "mplayer -vo x11 $FILENAME" then "mplayer -vo gl $FILENAME" and see if one works (it should)10:53
BladeNBrocadespokes: possibly its that your calling bash directly10:55
neil_dZykoticK9: the "-vo x11" seems to work good!  the "-vo gl" flickers very badly10:56
ZykoticK9neil_d, does x11 have fullscreen video though?10:57
spokesBladeNBrocade: I thought that when I'm in terminal that the default shell is bash10:57
jaimsanyone from chile? there was a huge earth quake over there right about now10:58
BladeNBrocadespokes: grep $user /etc/passwd10:58
BladeNBrocadeand thats your default shell10:58
neil_dZykoticK9: not really.. it goes full screen but only puts the picture in the middle with a lot of black around it.10:58
ZykoticK9neil_d, are you using an mplayer frontend of some sort?  if so, there should be some way to set the default vo device.10:59
ZykoticK9neil_d, try ..."-vo gl2" and see if it works10:59
BladeNBrocadethere may also be something wrong with the #! line in the script and its calling the command interpreter,, that apparently calling it directly may remediate?10:59
jakiwrww sorry, my Wlan didnt work anymore - another Error my Laptop has11:00
jakiwrww ur still there?11:00
rwwjakiw: yep11:00
mecoI can't find Opera in Synaptic. Is there some other way to install Opera?11:00
rwwmeco: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser11:00
jakiwrww The last thing u did was telling me, why this whole thing didnt work11:00
neil_dZykoticK9: I right click on the .avi in a window, and select "Open With.."->"Mplayer media player"11:01
jakiwrww Did u get my Message about, that my Laptop crashed when I installed Irssi (the Prog my Laptop has Problems with how it seems)11:01
icerootmeco: its in the part-repository11:01
icerootmeco: partner11:01
mecorww: OK11:01
rwwjakiw: no, but that would explain why the postrm file was broken11:01
rwwjakiw: Anyways. We figured out why that first echo command I gave you didn't work. If you haven't already, run this corrected one:11:02
jakiwrww Ye, that time it was a very strange crash. The screen froze and the Caps Lock blinked11:02
rwwjakiw: echo '#!/bin/sh' | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/info/irssi.postrm11:02
harisundCan someone tell me why my apt-get hangs at 99% [Waiting for headers] on one of my machines but works fine on other machines on the same LAN?11:02
spokesBladeNBrocade: just do grep $user /etc/passwd? When I do that it just sits there like it is waiting for more input?11:03
jakiwrww Output is: #!/bin/sh What shall I do now?11:03
ZykoticK9neil_d, well check in the options for vo or Video Out -- to see a list of all possible vo devices you can use "mplayer -vo help" and it will list a bunch more options, you can try experimenting and see which one works best for you.  I gotta go, so best of luck.11:04
rwwjakiw: LANG=C sudo apt-get -f install11:04
fedora_newbanyone know how to enable matching tag highlight on bluefish?11:04
rwwjakiw: and paste the output into paste.ubuntu.com and link it here11:04
jakiwrww What does Lang=C mean?11:04
rwwjakiw: It should make it be in English.11:04
rwwjakiw: if it doesn't, then whatever, I can semi-translate :)11:04
jakiwrww cool, it looks as if it worked:11:05
mecoI get bash: deb: command not found when I try to install Opera11:06
jakiwrww I somehow cant paste in Xchat anymore?11:06
neil_dZykoticK9: using the "Preferences"->"Main Menu" option I changed the "Sound & Video"->"Mplayer Media Player" preferences to call "mplayer" instead of "gmplayer" and things seem to be working much better now.11:06
jakiwrww http://paste.ubuntu.com/385006/11:06
jakiwrww ok, worked11:06
dr-nictoQuestion: How do I enter WINEDEBUG=-all into wine?11:07
rwwmeco: those instructions are flawed. You need to put the deb line in the /etc/apt/sources.list file (anywhere on its own line will do). You can edit that file with `gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list`11:07
rwwmeco: I'll update the page to say that, since it's confusing :)11:07
jakiwrww Can I try installing other programms now?11:07
rwwjakiw: yep. From the look of it, it should all work now :)11:07
jakiwrww Thx so much for the Help!!!!11:08
spokesBladeNBrocade: I'm trying to install software under a specific user name. The software does not support installing under root. How do I install the software under a non-root user and not have it fail telling me that the user does not have permissions to install to a specified diretory?11:08
mecorww: I added the HArdy Partner repository to Synaptic, but it still can't find Opera11:09
rwwjakiw: no problem. You might want to check that you have the "ubuntu-standard" and "ubuntu-minimal" packages install. They install other packages (like debconf) that you really should have installed, and since debconf wasn't installed for some reason, it'd be worth checking.11:09
pw-toxic_i'd like to install ubuntu via network.. can someone tell me how or give a good link with a howto?11:09
dr-nictoQuestion: How do I enter WINEDEBUG=-all    into my dragon age origions game or wine ?11:09
jakiwrww So they are like alternatives to debconf?11:10
rwwjakiw: I'll rephrasee: ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal install basic system utilities (debconf is a basic system utility) that you should have installed.11:11
rwwrephrase **]11:11
jakiwrww ok, they already are installed!11:12
rwwmeco: alright. I'm looking into it, one sec11:12
rwwjakiw: awesome, you should be all set then :)11:12
Dr_Willisdr-nicto:  try #winehq11:13
dr-nictochannel winehq?11:13
dr-nictooh duh lol thanks11:13
jakiwrww, Thx, u really helped me :D. Ill go and try to do some work now11:13
fedora_newbanyone know how on either gedit/bluefish to highlight a matching tag? for example, the </html> tag would highlight when on the <html> tag>11:13
m0arAny way to get the alsa-applet back? ._.11:14
redfedora_newb: I'd like that too (used to it on notepad++11:14
fedora_newbred, me to :P11:14
redfedora_newb: I use Geany (better than Bluefish imho, not too bloated)11:15
mecorww: It's ok now.11:15
redwhat it does is hilights programming tags atleast11:15
redlike if ( blabla ) {11:15
rwwmeco: Did you find it in the hardy partner repository, or did you use the Opera one instead?11:15
redand when you are at the ending } the opening { it accompanies is bolded11:15
fedora_newbred, i was using gedit, but read somewhere that bluefish the the tag highlighting, but it doesnt11:15
mecorww: It worked after I had added that deb line to the file you told me11:15
redgive a go for geany11:15
redabsolutely the best replacement for notepad++ i've found11:16
fedora_newbred, does it do tag highlighting or is there a plugin for it?11:16
redand I used the aforementioned for years :)11:16
redlet me see11:16
pw-toxic_hi, i wanna know which network installation i do need11:16
pw-toxic_there is an i386 and an AMD6411:16
pw-toxic_i do have a 6bit processor11:16
pw-toxic_Intel Core Duo 2 SU..11:16
rwwmeco: okay, good :)11:17
rwwpw-toxic_: you can use either11:17
pw-toxic_rww, but i want a 6 bit system11:17
pw-toxic_rww, is the i386 also 64bit?11:17
=== simon_ is now known as Guest15795
Guest15795  mmmm,mmmmmmmmm11:17
pw-toxic_its important, because i have >3 GB ram11:17
rwwpw-toxic_: Core 2 Duos can run 32-bit or 64-bit. If you specifically want 64-bit, you want the AMD64 one.11:17
redfedora_newb: seems it only does braces hilighting, not html tags. dunno if theres a plugin for it. if you do find something that does it, please throw me a /msg :)11:17
FloodBot3Guest15795: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
rwwGuest15795: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?11:18
fedora_newbred, will do, thanks for the info11:18
pw-toxic_rww thanks.. im just confused why there is an AMD in front of the 64 ?!11:18
bullgardAfter restarting, my Chatzilla 0.9.86 Firefox extension window does not open maximized. How can I make my Chatzilla to open maximized after restarting?11:18
rwwpw-toxic_: because AMD created the amd64/x86_64 architecture first. It works on Intel Core 2 also (I should know, I'm using it :)11:18
pw-toxic_rww, thanks for this information11:18
spokesiceroot: I'm trying to install software under a specific user name. The software does not support installing under root. How do I install the software under a non-root user and not have it fail telling me that the user does not have permissions to install to a specified directory?11:18
m0arspokes: Permissions on the dir?11:20
spokesm0ar: the installation program is creating the directory11:21
Dr_Willisspokes:  what software?11:21
m0arspokes: permissions on the dir above?11:21
spokesDr_Willis: Oracle web tier utilities11:22
spokesm0ar: all directories will be created at installation time11:22
Dr_Willisspokes:  so its a binary installer? or source? or what?11:22
m0arWhat's the difference between 'update-manager -d' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade'?  u-m want's to install 50MB's more than dist-upgrade11:23
spokesDr_Willis: the install script is a bash script11:23
rwwm0ar: "update-manager -d" is supported because it's coded to avoid possible upgrade problems. apt-get dist-upgrade is not supported as a method for upgrading from one Ubuntu version to another.11:23
iAmerikanshould I upgrade to 10.4 or what?11:24
rwwiAmerikan: no, it isn't ready yet11:24
iAmerikanHow long should I wait?11:24
rwwm0ar: in practise, I've noticed that update-manager also reinstalls ubuntu-desktop and any recommends of it when you use it.11:24
rwwiAmerikan: until it's released at the end of April11:24
Dr_Willisspokes:   check the script out and the progrema homepage/forums there maybe some option you need to use.11:24
spokesDr_Willis: the installer uses Java to execute the installation11:24
m0arrww: Oh, since I use the Lucid alpha, dist-upgrade is fine?11:24
Dr_Willisspokes:  so basically its installing premade binaries some where.11:25
redoh and fedora_newb, you could always use the [-] on the left side to minimize the div11:25
redfedora_newb: that way you would see matching tag easily :)11:25
iAmerikanrww: I wouldn't have asked or anything, it's just the first time I've seen it in the upgrade mgr11:25
rwwm0ar: If you're already on Lucid, you don't need to dist-upgrade at all. The "alpha" and "beta" milestones are identical to what you have with normal updates.11:25
fedora_newbred, still want the tag highlight :P11:25
rwwiAmerikan: yeah, -d will prompt you to install development releases. You shouldn't do this, because they aren't supported and are broken.11:25
redme too :)11:26
rwwm0ar: in future, by the way, Lucid questions go in #ubuntu+1.11:26
m0arrww: I upgraded to lucid a while ago, did my last apt-get upgrade a few days ago. Now, dist-upgrade installed 250MB's for me11:26
m0arrww: Yeah, sure11:26
spokesDr_Willis: That is correct11:26
m0arrww: So it does update and install apckages11:26
iAmerikanrww: thanks11:26
spokesDr_Willis: I specify the directory and it creates the directory and then begins the installation11:26
rwwm0ar: I imagine the difference in this case is that it's installing extra recommends from ubuntu-desktop or something like that.11:26
m0arrww: What's that? :c11:26
Moral_I accidentally removed the toolbar11:27
Moral_from my terminal how do I get it back, lol.11:27
spokesDr_Willis: I guess I could create the directory ahead of time, but I would like to be able to specify the directory and then the installation create the directories11:27
rwwm0ar: ask in #ubuntu+1, I'm about to go to sleep :\11:28
Dr_Willisspokes:  seems loke an odd bug if it cant write to its own dirrectories its made.11:28
=== Whille is now known as Whille_Away
{C}ronosi wrote about 3 simple bash scripts, does anyone know if there is a way to execute thos one after another from one exacutable file?11:29
Dr_Willis{C}ronos:  make a script that runs the scripts11:29
m0arMoral_: You don't use a bottom panel?11:29
erUSUL{C}ronos: make a simple bash script that does just that11:29
{C}ronoslol yes i have thought of that but11:30
Dr_Willis90% of linux seems to be bash scripts callingeach other some times.. :)11:30
soicon{C}ronos: but what :P11:30
{C}ronosin the first script you have to input some information as does the last one11:30
rwwMoral_: "toolbar" as in your terminal program's menubar?11:30
Moral_I fixed it11:30
Moral_thanks, though.11:30
Dr_Willis{C}ronos:  so?11:31
m0arrww: No, the panel I'd guess11:31
{C}ronosand they all have to keep running11:31
m0arrww: Oh nvm x)11:31
spokesDr_Willis: The installation states that I don't have permissions to create the directory11:31
{C}ronosthey all stay running to do something11:31
Dr_Willis{C}ronos:  you are not beinv very clear.. one runs.. asks for some input.. then goes on...11:31
fedora_newbred, how do you get rid of the line in the middle of the page?11:32
spokesDr_Willis: How do I set the user to have directory creation permissions?11:32
Dr_Willisspokes:  seems weird, You could run th installer with sudo I guess.. but that sounds like a nasty way to do it11:32
Dr_Willisspokes:  if its in their home dir. they allready do.11:32
Dr_Willisspokes:  any system dirs.. they do not11:32
spokesDr_Willis: it is not in the home directory. Can I change so it has permissions to create outside of its home directory11:33
Dr_Willisspokes:  then you run the installer as root.11:33
chris8Hey room!  I'm trying to play a DVD in movieplayer, but i'm getting distortion in the video and audio... is this normal?  Is there a better DVD player?11:33
{C}ronosthe first one asks for input and keeps running, the second just does its thing and keeps running, the third one asks for input and keeps running11:33
spokesDr_Willis: the installer does not allow the installation to be done with root11:33
erUSULchris8: i like xine-ui or vlc for dvd's11:34
Dr_Willisspokes:  i would say check their install docs then. I think there maybe somthing you missed.11:34
spokesDr_Willis: I guess I will have to create under the home directory11:34
chris8erUSUL: do i just hafta install VLC or add libraries too?11:34
Dr_Willisspokes:  if its makng a system directoy like /var/www/XXX then thats not going to be makeable by the user. Unless you run it as a user with proper group permissions for /var/www/11:35
erUSULchris8: just install it11:35
=== randoms is now known as randoms|away
pw-toxic_i just walked trhough the tutorial for PXE boot, but the PXE boot cant find the boot image ;(11:36
pw-toxic_any idea how i could find out where the problem is?11:37
YBH_1live video feed 8.8 quake Chile http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tv-de-chile11:37
spokesDr_Willis: I did the install under the home directory. It wasn't worth the hassle to do it any other way11:37
spokesDr_Willis: Thanks for the information11:37
TSKGreetings.  I have a question about memory usage.  If I had 4 gig when I installed and had to remove 2 gig of it later due to memory gone bad, leaving me with only 2 gig now, could/would that affect (in a negative way) how efficiently my system uses the 2 gig of memory I have left?11:38
edecaTSK: You'll just have less memory11:39
edecaTSK: Do you have swap?11:39
soiconTSK: the system memory no longer operates in dual channel mode  , maybe slower11:40
TSKedeca: Yes indeed, I do have swap.  However, it appears as if my system is running out of memory entirely to easily (causing it to have to swap much harder than seems reasonable for having 2 gig of RAM on a Linux box).11:40
TSK*too easily11:41
edecaTSK: What is on it?  A server?  A full WM environment?11:41
Josh90Could anyone help me get this working. http://paste.ubuntu.com/385018/11:41
edecaTSK: 2GB RAM isn't that bad really11:41
TSKedeca: Desktop machine11:41
edecaTSK: What does swapon -s show?11:41
edecaTSK: Or run something like htop and check the swap11:41
TSK2 gig SHOULD still be more than enough for a Linux desktop to perform well.  That's why it seems odd.11:41
mneptokTSK: free -m11:42
edecaJosh90: You haven't said what is broken11:42
TSKWell, right this moment, it's using 630.8 meg of swap.11:42
soiconTSK: do you run Virtual machine ?11:42
TSKsoicon: Not at the moment, no.11:42
Josh90edeca: It's a script i got before but i not sure how to run it.11:43
edecaJosh90: ./Script11:43
TSKAt this moment, I'm only running Konversation.11:43
edecaTSK: That's quite high swap then.  Can't you just pick up more RAM for $10? :)11:43
soiconmine is 2,5 GB of RAM, and I have just to upgrade to 4GB to play 8 Virtualbox instances at once .11:43
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
soiconso...yours is weird11:44
edecasoicon: Well of course, because that's 9 machines running....11:44
faileasor use less memory per instance11:44
web5|org|uaHOW to access through samba via network mounted ntfs partition on linux server ?11:44
TSKedeca: Well, it's a bit more'n $10 to grab another 2 gig of RAM to replace what was lost, but aye.  It's looking as though I'm likely going to have to grab more RAM, as it was generally almost NEVER touching swap at all when I had 4Gig, even when I did run VMs.  :)11:44
edecaweb5|org|ua: Which bit are you having trouble with?  You need to edit the samba config to allow access to it11:44
edecaTSK: Yea, I only have 2GB in my work desktop and it's quite usable even with a VM11:45
soiconyes, I said that is mine, it's not TSK case11:45
web5|org|uaedeca: mounted partition in /media have rwx------ permission and i can only see the name, can't browse11:46
TSKI was mostly just wondering if there are configuration choices made during the install that are based on the amount of RAM available during the install process which might be appropriate for the larger amount of RAM I had, but not so great for the current amount.  :)11:46
TSKRamdisk sizes, etc?11:46
devilsadvocatehi. can i install ubuntu from a live cd of another distribution?411:47
=== randoms|away is now known as randoms
jrib!away > randoms11:47
ubotturandoms, please see my private message11:47
psycho_oreosdevilsadvocate, no11:48
devilsadvocatepsycho_oreos: ok. what about from another linux installation? (without a bootable medium)11:48
Josh90edeca bash: ./Background: Permission denied11:48
psycho_oreosdevilsadvocate, no you can't not without tremendous amounts of work11:49
TSKdevilsadvocate: Technically you probably COULD if you were stubborn enough and wanted to mess with some really nerdy stuff, but it would likely be a royal pain to accomplish and not worth the effort.  :)11:49
edecaIs there a scripting basics thing for Josh90?11:49
web5|org|uaedeca: can you help me, please ?11:49
edecaJosh90: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-tutorials-howtos-reference-material/1135-guide-people-new-linux-command-line.html11:49
* devilsadvocate made the mistake of trying out arch and is now sufficiently annoyed with it to not bother debugging a nasty kernel panic11:49
Josh90edeca:  Thanks11:49
edecaweb5|org|ua: Have you modified your samba config to enable browsing to /media/whatever ?11:50
psycho_oreosdevilsadvocate, well without a bootable medium, there's lots of other advanced ways in which requires lots of hair pulling and hoping it'll work11:51
web5|org|uaedeca: yes, to /media, and other folders fully accessible, but only this ntfs mounted no access granted.11:51
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edecaweb5|org|ua: What does the output of the mount command show for that partition?11:51
web5|org|uaedeca: for example, to /media/cdrom - no problem, to /media/D [ntfs] NO.11:51
edecaweb5|org|ua: I bet it is mounted without user permission11:52
web5|org|uaedeca: rwx------11:52
web5|org|uaedeca: /media/D11:52
edecaweb5|org|ua: That _wasn't_ what I asked for11:52
edecaweb5|org|ua: The output of the command `mount`11:52
edecaweb5|org|ua: For that drive only11:52
web5|org|uaedeca: i mount on the server with gnome11:53
edecaweb5|org|ua: You're completely ignoring my attempts to help you, so good luck11:53
soiconweb5|org|ua: open terminal and issue the 'mount' command then post the output here, as edeca said ^^11:54
web5|org|ua"/dev/sda5 on /media/D type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)"11:54
web5|org|uasorry guys, never used in this way11:55
web5|org|uaedeca: soicon: and ?11:56
perlsyntaxDoes any know ow to use the python-profiler?11:59
edecaperlsyntax: #python ?12:00
perlsyntaxi try in there no one know.12:00
edecaRight, so why don't you go try #happybunnies instead?12:00
perlsyntaxwhy don't you be so RUDE!12:00
edecaperlsyntax: This is an ubuntu help channel.12:01
perlsyntaxThis not a help channel more like the shit room lmao.12:01
TSKWow.  Grumpy...12:02
nekohi!! when i try to launch JDownloader i get the error "cant connect to X11 window..."12:02
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=== Whilley is now known as Whille
edecaneko: How are you launching it?12:02
nekoedeca: in a terminal window. DISPLAY=localhost:0.012:02
edecaneko: Is that as root, or your user?12:03
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edecaneko: You might find that "xhost +" as your normal user helps, but what you are trying should work12:03
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hellyeahubuntu karmic sucks12:04
hellyeahyou repo sucks12:04
hellyeahbecause ever if frozen bubble doesnt work correctly12:05
Sami_ubuntuhello all! I wanted to setup Skype 4 over WINE, but after setup downloaded files, it makes this error: "Problem with server connection"; any ideas ?12:05
edecaSami_ubuntu: Any firewalls or proxies in the way?12:05
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Sami_ubuntuin ubunu ?12:05
OerHeksSami_ubuntu,  use skype from the software centre.12:06
overmindSami_ubuntu: Ubuntu uses iptables as firewall, you can configure it via terminal using ufw, or via gtk using firestarter.12:06
web5|org|uahow to grant access through samba to /dev/sda5 on /media/D type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096) ?12:06
Sami_ubuntuOerHeks i have v 2.1 for linux, but 4.x is more better12:06
nekoedeca: when i type 'xhost +' with my user i get the error 'unable to open display localhost:0.0'12:06
hellyeahfrozen bubble breaks my display from 1280 800 to 640 48012:06
overmind!language | hellyeah12:06
ubottuhellyeah: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:06
dassoukiI can't seem to get sunbird to syn with my google apps calendar. i'm using this http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=99358#sunbird12:06
hellyeahwhat happens if i change my repo with jaunty repo12:07
hellyeahand i make aptitude update12:07
hellyeahsystem breaks ?12:07
overmindhellyeah: Surelly it won't update12:07
gordonjcpI'm trying to install eeebuntu on an Eee 700, but I've kind of got stuck at the start - I can't find a disk image of the installer, only .iso files12:08
hellyeahpackages in karmic has full of bug12:08
Reyukenyou need to burn the iso files probaly12:08
gordonjcpunetbootin doesn't work, and isotostick is looking for all sorts of udev stuff12:08
Sami_ubuntuovermind: it reports, that it is inactive12:08
gordonjcpReyuken: burn them on what?12:09
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overmindSami_ubuntu: It should be enabled12:09
Sami_ubuntuso, may i disable it ?12:09
gordonjcpReyuken: the .iso files are over 800M, and the Eee doesn't have a CD drive anyway12:09
chris8Hey room!  I use Pidgin as an MSN client with a yahoo.com address... lately i've been getting "contact requests" on yahoo's chat on their email site, which i've been denying... Will these contact requests ALSO get through to my msn?12:09
gordonjcpReyuken: and in any case I haven't had a machine with optical disks for about a decade12:10
ZykoticK9gordonjcp, instructions on creating USB disk at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick12:10
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gordonjcpZykoticK9: doens't help me12:10
gordonjcpZykoticK9: that just says "run usb-creator", which is an Ubuntu thing12:10
* TSK wonders why some people are so hateful toward something that cost them nothing.12:10
gordonjcpZykoticK9: I don't have usb-creator, because I don't have Ubuntu.  I don't have Ubuntu because it can't be installed from a USB stick12:11
overmindSami_ubuntu: By defaults it comes disabled, then you need to enable it, try using "sudo ufw enable", then add rules12:11
Sami_ubuntuovermind if i can download then install it, it would be work :)12:12
Sami_ubuntubut i see12:12
Sami_ubuntuthet it downloads12:12
Sami_ubuntubut the error comes in the end of download12:12
Sami_ubuntui try it now12:12
overmindSami_ubuntu: What error?12:12
Sami_ubuntuthat problem with server connection12:13
mithrohello, when I just installed karmic and now my mouse doesn't work in X, if I cat /dev/input/mice I get stuff when I move the mouse but nothing happens to the cursor12:13
mithros/when //12:13
OerHeksgordonjcp, http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ on that page you find the windows and linux version of unetbootin, to prepare the usb sticj12:13
Sami_ubuntuso overmind, i think it is downloaded, but it can't access to it ?!12:13
slowlearneri need help :(, sound not working at all in karmic. I have a VIA VT1708B 8-Ch. I can't even run alsamixer.12:13
Gheddy_Zarci got hi I got my huawei K3765 mobile broadband modem going but cant browse the web can only send SMS messages, cant post to betavine for some reason,,Im so,o  close, the app from vodafone australia running in 9.04 is beautiful lol, using old xp box to get in here at the moment, the ubuntu is on a much faster newer machine,12:13
mithrois there a way to force X to have a mouse using xorg.conf or something?12:14
pippohello people12:14
pippoI have an notebook with no hardisk12:14
pippoI'm goint to replace by a flash drive (pen)12:14
madurasszshey how can i reset the xorg.conf (i upgraded to lucid from karmic,fglrx is not supported)12:14
TSKmadurasszs: I don't know if it12:15
overmindmadurasszs: Maybe restartx? I don't know very well12:15
pippoIs it ubuntu a good choice for a flash usb pen? I mean is it optimezed by it (the number of writind and others)12:15
madurasszswill xorg auto detect the video if run with out a xorg.conf12:15
OerHekspippo yes, but make sure u use ext2, not ext3 or ext412:15
madurasszsTsk and overmind, it doesnt even bring up a terminal12:15
TSKmadurasszs: I don't know if it's the RIGHT way to do it, but you could make a backup copy of the xorg.conf and then move it out of the way and try running with the automatic xorg default settings to see how far that gets you.12:16
madurasszsctrl+alt+f1 to f6 are not active, only the gui but it's all coruppted12:16
TSKmadurasszs: Ah.  Brutal.  :(12:17
madurasszstsk defualts mean that i just rename the xorg.conf and run right?12:17
amikropHello, is there any option or plugin for Audacious that can make it exit smoothly?12:17
madurasszstsk hey theres this support channel i'll go ask there thanks12:18
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amikropI mean, when you stop or pause a track, or even exit the program, the sound goes fastly down progressively?12:18
amikropLike in Winamp for Windows.12:18
=== azenketh is now known as Anzenketh
saleemi have a fully updated jaunty installation, i ran update manager but it doesnt show any upgrade option to 9.10,12:18
madurasszssaleem run12:18
saleemis there something im missind12:18
madurasszsupdate-manager -d12:19
saleemas sudo in shell?12:19
madurasszsif you have an ATI video card and have fglrx installed its better not to upgrade :P12:19
gordonjcpOerHeks: unetbootin doesn't work12:19
madurasszssaleem yea12:19
saleemi have nvidia driver installed12:19
gordonjcpOerHeks: it doesn't produce a bootable image12:20
saleemthanks mad12:20
madurasszsk then thats ok12:20
gordonjcpI just don't understand why distros still produce .iso files12:20
=== andrea is now known as Guest17909
gordonjcpam I supposed to travel back in time to 2000 and buy a CD writer, or something?12:20
OerHeksgordonjcp, you have to download the .iso first, then use unetbootin to make the usbstick bootable and transfer the files. verry easy12:20
gordonjcpI don't even know where to look to buy a CD writer12:20
frankS2gordonjcp: where do they sell computers at ur place?12:21
frankS2thats the place12:21
KentrelHi, the past two days my computer is off when I come home. I think it might be a powercut or something. Whats the best way to find out what time that happened?12:21
gordonjcpOerHeks: I have unetbootin, I have the iso, I ran unetbootin, the disk is *not bootable*12:21
frankS2Kentrel: cat /var/log/messages.*12:21
gordonjcpfrankS2: computer shops12:21
OerHeksa .iso file is an 1:1 copy of a completed cd, unetbootin can handle the format12:21
gordonjcpOerHeks: or rather, it boots, but hangs immediately with a black screen12:21
Kentrelfrank, that file ends with a lot of binary data12:21
gordonjcpOerHeks: I know what an .iso is12:22
saleem update-manager -d doesnt return anything either,, strange12:23
overmindsaleem: Because is not beta or RC, is still alpha12:23
Evetwhich command starts gnome file manager?12:23
overmindEvet: "nautilus"12:23
Evetovermind: thank you12:24
saleemovermind: i m looking for upgrading from 9.04 to 9.1012:24
overmindsaleem: I don't recommend it to you, is still alpha, you should wait to beta12:24
schurrothat is BS! 9.10 is already released.12:25
overmindah, sorry, I was thinking about 10.0412:25
saleemovermind : :)12:25
Curly_QI installed Ubuntu i386 server for the first time. I cannot log into root or the original account I setup. Can I just create a new password instead of re-installing?12:25
overmindsaleem: Well, have you tried opening update-manager normally?12:26
saleemyes and same result12:26
overmindsaleem: Using "main server"?12:26
slowlearneri need help :(, sound not working at all in karmic. I have a VIA VT1708B 8-Ch. I can't even run alsamixer.12:26
saleemit just says your system is uptodate12:26
saleemim on italian mirrors12:26
overmindsaleem: Yri switching to main server (central server)12:27
tunaii got a problem12:27
overmind!ask | tunai12:27
ubottutunai: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:27
tunaiif i minimize somthing it dosent show in to in my screeb and my aplication dont show and my time has fanished12:28
reeniginEesreveRhow can i test apache configuration without actually running apache on ubuntu?12:28
overmindtunai: So you haven't got application list in bar, right?12:29
awbHi, I'm running Ubuntu Server 9.10 and it cannot download from the repositeries. I have had the same problem on my PC running Ubuntu 9.10 and I discovered when I changed where to download from in software sources from 'Server in United Kingdom' to 'Main Server' everything started to work (ie. Download). How would I change the setting in Ubuntu Server to 'Main Server'?12:30
gnomemercyhello mariusz12:31
tunaiovermind:yeah and my lovewr bar dosent show too12:31
overmindawb: My ubuntu is in spanish, but is in System >> Administration >> Software Source12:31
rwwawb: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list, change the entries that say "gb.archive.ubuntu.com" or "uk.archive.ubuntu.com" (I forget which it is) to just "archive.ubuntu.com12:31
overmindtunai: Click in up bar with mouse2 and select "add new bar"12:31
awb@rww I'll try now thanks very much12:32
overmindtunai: Or "new panel"12:32
overmindrww: Is easier changing via menu than command line12:32
m0arovermind: Not much is12:33
rwwovermind: Ubuntu Server doesn't have a menu, Software Source