NafaiAnyone around that can answer a gtk question?  I'm trying to figure out the right call to unset the icon from a menu item02:18
tgpraveen12qense: any idea when banshee will get app indicator?15:01
tgpraveen12i mean a week/ month/ more?/15:01
qensetgpraveen12: I'm planning to get it working before the 1.5.5 release at 10 March, but it all depends on bug #52809715:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 528097 in indicator-application "ApplicationIndicator Constructor cannot be overriden in C# (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52809715:02
qenseI've submitted a non-working fix for that bug and asked ted yesterday to help me out, but I'm not sure if he's already read my mail since it's weekend and you can't reasonable expect people to work then. ;)15:03
tgpraveen12qense: ok. will the app indicator also be included for banshee ppa?15:03
tgpraveen12heh :-)15:03
vishtgpraveen12: ppa is a hyperair question ;)15:04
tgpraveen12then it seems unlikely. he doesnt like app indicators15:04
qensetgpraveen12: I'm first trying to get a patch ready that is acceptable for upstream, then I'll write a patch for the Banshee version currently in Ubuntu. If the patch will be added to upstream trunk then it will appear in the branch automatically.15:05
qenseBut you do have to pass an extra build flag for enabling it.15:05
qenseHowever, hyperair is willing to help, even though he's not very happy with AppInd indeed.15:05
tgpraveen12nice. thx for the info15:07
hyperairqense: upstream requested an option to use the old notification area icon. if you can include that into banshee then by all means.15:50
qensehyperair: I'm working on that, but I would also like the fallback to work properly -- including situations where the applet is removed from the tray -- and I can't build 1.5.4 on Ubuntu or Debian since taglib is required, but only is available.15:53
qensethe fallback is hold back by the bug mentioned above15:53
hyperairqense: use the ppa. it has
hyperairoh wait15:53
hyperairi didn't do lucid.15:53
qensehyperair: If you could build it for Lucid as well I'd be most grateful.15:53
qensehyperair: If you don't want any trace of AppInd you can always build Banshee without the --enable-appindicator flag. The patch I've provided earlier does automatically use it whenever the library is detected, but I'm changing that behaviour to default=no.15:56
hyperairqense: well, it won't do for the PPA to deviate from the ubuntu archives too much15:57
hyperairqense: i'd rather you just get that option up faster =p15:57
qensehyperair: In case you wanted to do a private build. ;)15:57
hyperairqense: and give me a moment, i'll get taglib-sharp up15:57
qensegreat! thanks15:57
hyperairactually wait a sec..15:58
hyperairtaglib-sharp's about to be synced.15:58
hyperairneeds an archive-admin's approval15:58
hyperairwhy don't you dget the dsc and build it?15:58
qensehyperair: really? I hadn't seen that yet. Thanks, I'll do that instead.15:58
jcastroqense: tomorrow I will get Ted to look at your bug16:00
jcastroso we can do it the right way, get the fallback, etc.16:00
qensejcastro: Thanks! I've already sent him a mail about a branch I pushed with a partial, library-destroying, bugfull fix and asked him to take a look at it.16:01
qenseIt's just a bit work if you have to learn C#, GObject, Make, GAPI and expand your C knowledge at the same time. I had other things to do and was a bit stuck so gave up and asked for a review. ;)16:02
jcastroI find that email followed up with poking in IRC is the best for ted.16:03
jcastrohe gets pulled from a bunch of directions so I just annoy him until he helps. :p16:04
qensejcastro: banshee 1.5.5, the last beta, will be released at 10 March, I would like to have it done by then, but with your help I've got good hope it will succeed!16:05
jcastrowe should be fine!16:08
* jcastro uses banshee16:08
qensewatch out with MTP devices, Banshee just destroyed its music database when I tried to connect mine.16:09
lamalexHow do I submit a screenshot of a package to the ubuntu-software center?16:39
qenselamalex: I think it was called screenshots.debian.org, or something similar16:39
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