XuzhouJimWell, gott a heck of a problem and picked the worst time to get it.07:53
XuzhouJimLooks like my SAMBA install broke ltsp.07:54
XuzhouJimOr SWAT07:58
XuzhouJimSo nobody here, fraid of that08:16
XuzhouJimAnybody have experience with xinetd breaking ltsp?08:27
joerghey hey20:23
AndyGraybeali'm on ubuntu 8.10, i'm having an issue where i plug in a stick drive to the client but don't see it.21:40
AndyGraybeali don't know how to do dmesg my client or anything yet either.21:40
AndyGraybeali also need to get a network scanner to work; the scanner is a dell 2335dn multifunction; it sits on the network.  is it possible to get this to work?21:41

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