ari-tczewRiddel: ping00:11
maco2ari-tczew: you might want to leave a message for him, because he's out all weekend racing his kayak00:26
ari-tczewmaco2: thanks! so I'll not get his time because this is nothing important. ;-)00:28
maco2well its just that he's offline00:29
maco2so contentless ping isnt gonna be much help later i dont think00:29
neversfeldeah maco200:29
neversfeldeI need a MOTU :)00:30
neversfeldeif you have time, would you review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kfritz00:30
* maco2 looks00:32
maco2neversfelde: can i be picky about lack of commas in debian/control?00:35
maco2or ooooh maybe im reading it wrong and teh lack of commas is right00:35
maco2"new incoming or outgoing calls" is that "new incoming" or are "new" and "incoming" separate?00:36
* maco2 plays with uscan00:39
ScottKmaco2: Yes.  Please, be picky.00:40
maco2ScottK: i was reading wrong00:40
maco2ScottK: it occurred to me that "new, incoming, and outgoing" didnt make sense as a new call HAD to be either incoming or outgoing :P00:41
maco2so "new incoming and outgoing" (as neversfelde has) is just fine00:41
* ScottK nods00:41
* maco2 growls at REVU00:42
maco2it 403 forbiden'd me when i tried to wget the .changes00:42
* Tm_T huggles maco200:42
maco2dangit. i cant debuild this on karmic because my debhelper's not new enough00:44
* maco2 shakes fist00:44
maco2i dont see any reason why lucid's debhelper should make my machine explode... *tries to get it from packages.ubuntu.com*00:45
ScottKmaco2: That's a security feature.  Log into your pbuilder, build the source there and then copy it out of the chroot00:45
crimsunwhy are you wgetting the changes? does dget on the dsc suffice?00:46
ScottKIf .changes were available, anyone's who had upload priviledges could be grabbed and the package uploaded to Ubuntu.00:46
maco2ScottK: ah i thought you were saying the lack of debhelper on my system capable of building this was a feature00:47
ScottKAlthought it's a pretty funny idea now that you mention it.00:48
maco2ok pbuilder is updating and then umm i didnt write down how crimsun told me to do the manual building inside pbuilder thing so im gonna need help. i think "clean" was the first thing...00:49
crimsunwhen you login, it tells you the absolute path on the host00:49
crimsuncp the source package there00:50
crimsunthen install build-deps as necessary and clean+binary00:50
crimsun(there are easier ways)00:51
maco2aptitude crashed while installing build-deps01:03
maco2crimsun, ScottK ^ ummm help?01:05
maco2hmm nevermind. apt/dpkg seem to be perfectly happy01:07
maco2crimsun: how do you do the clean+binary? cd into the package then debian/rules clean && debian/rules binary ?01:08
maco2neversfelde: umm... FFe??02:03
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
maco2neversfelde: do you have a FFe for that package?  like, can i upload it without getting in trouble?02:56
maco2neversfelde: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess says you need a motu-release person to say "ok" before i upload that03:04
apacheloggerQuintasan|Szel: pong08:33
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
Mamarokhm, does Kubuntu patch Qt/make modifications to Qt? Apparently some Scribus people claim that...11:08
Tm_TMamarok: other than what is in kde-qt ?11:14
Mamarokhm, does Kubuntu patch Qt/make modifications to Qt? Apparently some Scribus people claim that...well, there's a guy complaining that Scribus just doesn't work well in Ubuntu while it does in Debian11:27
Mamarokand that the Scribus devs complaiend about that, too11:27
Mamarokand since Scribus uses Qt, not KDE, that would only be true if we modify Qt, or am I mistaken?11:28
ejatMamarok: what does that guy mean doesnt work well ? mine working well ..12:01
Mamarokejat: well, I am asking him to provide sources right now :)12:02
ejatMamarok: yeah .. u rite ..12:02
ejatcant blame without any proof or sources ..12:03
apacheloggerMamarok: the scrubs people always had that claim12:58
apacheloggerall the proof I ever saw was one rather bogus bug report12:58
apacheloggerhm, scribus to scrubs is also quite a jump12:59
apacheloggerMamarok: we have a patch that fixes a bug where fglrx reports a 0 size screen13:06
apacheloggerMamarok: we have a patch that prevents flickering when a window gets redrawn13:06
apacheloggerwe do not build with firebird/ibase support13:06
apacheloggerwe install a qtrc that sets the default style to plastique13:07
apacheloggerand that is everything that is different from debian13:07
Mamarokapachelogger: thanks :)13:08
MamarokI asked him for sources about that claim anyway, so we will see13:09
apacheloggerMamarok: FTR, scribus package is also exactly the same except for one patch that opens http help urls with a web browser13:10
Mamarokwhich can't cause a crash I assume13:11
apacheloggerjust looked at the code, not very likely ;)13:11
MamarokOK, thanks, we will see what he answers13:12
apacheloggerMamarok: where did he complain?13:12
Mamarokin the ubuntu-ch@ mailing list13:13
Mamarokbut I know the chap, he is fast to complain with mostly bogus sources13:13
apacheloggermhh, love htat kind13:13
Mamarokyeah, me too :)13:13
Mamarokthe worst is that he thinks he is an expert... which can be torn to pieces in just one or two seconds13:14
neversfeldemaco2: thanks for reviewing and sorry my network connection was down. I will file the ffe today.14:36
JontheEchidnahrm, I can't seem to dput to ninjas...14:41
JontheEchidna"Connection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused"14:41
JontheEchidnabut as you can see by your reading of my message, I do, in fact, have a working internet connection14:42
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I suppose there is some kind of debug mode for dput?15:27
* apachelogger is going back to graz today \\o/15:28
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: dunno15:28
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: --help :P15:28
JontheEchidnaI can upload to the ubuntu archive, just not any ppas15:28
apacheloggermaybe that part of lp is in maintenance15:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I'd go check with people in #launchpad15:29
JontheEchidnahuh, works now15:29
apacheloggerPEBKAC :P15:29
JontheEchidnahmm, I just saw this in debian/rules for kde-l10n-es:15:29
JontheEchidna#take translations from stable branch to match our KDE 4.3 version15:29
JontheEchidnaand that var is used in the fetching of desktop translations later on15:30
JontheEchidnabad thing, right?15:30
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: should be bumped15:31
apacheloggerI suppose15:31
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: coincidentally, could you sponsor kde-l10n-si from https://launchpad.net/~echidnaman/+archive/ppa ?15:35
JontheEchidnait's not been updated since 4.2.98 -.-15:35
JontheEchidnaRiddell: if you could take a look at bug 528322, that'd be great. (These removals should be non-controvesial)15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528322 in kde-l10n-sr-latin "package kde-l10n-sr-latin (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/sr@latin/entry.desktop', which is also in package kde-l10n-sr 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1 (dup-of: 451679)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52832215:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451679 in kde-l10n-sr-latin "package kde-l10n-sr-latin (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/sr@latin/entry.desktop', which is also in package kde-l10n-sr 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45167915:36
JontheEchidnabug 52948815:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529488 in kde-l10n-uz-cyrillic "Request for removal from archive (source and binary)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52948815:36
JontheEchidnaHere's a list of "no longer distributed upstream" packages that are uselessly sitting around in the archive and failing to pass rebuild tests: http://pastebin.com/h7LVdmzn15:37
JontheEchidnaShould be ok to remove those too since they've in theory already been rosetta imported15:37
* apachelogger needs to revive batl10n15:46
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did you ensure it is in 100% sync with the other kde-l10n packages?15:47
apacheloggerdifferences would make batch processing difficult15:47
JontheEchidnaI did bump the standards version, before noticing that everything else is at 3.8.0 :S15:47
apacheloggerhow could you15:48
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: rules is also not in sync15:50
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: the get-desktop part?15:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: also using source format 3.015:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: just diff your packaging with kde-l10n-fr15:51
apacheloggeror de or something15:51
JontheEchidnahrm, kde-l10n-es doesn't seem to be using source format 3.015:51
JontheEchidnathey're all out of sync :(15:51
JontheEchidna-de isn't using source format 3.0 neither15:51
* apachelogger also notes that kde-l10n-de for some reason includes a patch15:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: changelog says so15:51
apachelogger+  * Use source format 3.0 to preserve upstream .bz215:51
JontheEchidnachangelog lies15:52
ryanakca... do we really need x11-apps on the CD? kubuntu-desktop depends on xorg which depends on x11-apps15:52
apacheloggerxorg probably depends on them for a reason15:52
JontheEchidnajonathan@jonathan-laptop:~/ubuntu/kde-l10n/kde-l10n-de/kde-l10n-de-4.4.0$ ls debian/source/format15:52
apacheloggerof much greater concern is if we need gst :P15:52
JontheEchidnals: cannot access debian/source/format: No such file or directory15:52
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: well, it got a patch from debian which is even weirderior15:53
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: when you convert to source format 3.0, all packaging changes get changed to a quilt patch15:53
JontheEchidna*all source changes get changed to a quilt patch15:53
apacheloggernot mentioned in the changelog at all from what I see15:53
apacheloggerthat is a) cool b) weird in that particular case15:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do you want to look into syncing the packages?15:54
JontheEchidnaall of them? :(15:54
apacheloggerotherwise I'll do that when I am home15:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: of course :P15:54
JontheEchidnamaybe if I was paid to do so... :P15:55
apacheloggerhack batl10n :P15:55
JontheEchidnaI'm a ruby nooby15:55
apacheloggerright, you only speak cpp and foobar15:55
apacheloggererr python15:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: in that case I shall look at it when I am home or something15:56
coucoufhi there, couldn't find upgrade instructions to Lucid on kubuntu.org15:56
ryanakcaapachelogger: but they're so useless in a KDE environment, see the list in the long description... xlogo, xclock, xcalc, xeyes, xbiff, the list goes on.15:56
* ryanakca goes to find out why Xorg needs them15:56
apacheloggerryanakca: #ubuntu-x15:56
coucoufI ended up using update-notifier-kde -u -d but not being sure it was the-right-way™15:56
ryanakcaapachelogger: Already there :)15:57
apacheloggerif they are not needed by the content of xorg package, then they shouldnt be deps to begin with15:57
apacheloggerthat is a policy violation :P15:57
coucoufmaybe the official upgrade method could be advertised a bit more ?15:57
* apachelogger is getting all bitchy if peopel violate the policy15:57
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: the xorg package is a metapackage, which means maybe something down the line is fscked15:57
apacheloggercoucouf: so that more people can break their system? :P15:57
coucoufit's written everywhere « don't test this » already :)15:58
apacheloggercoucouf: it's difficult to not "over document" such things, as upgrading to a dev release is about the most dangeroust things to do15:58
apacheloggerJontheEchidna, ryanakca: checking germinate15:59
coucoufok, I see the point. and I found my answer in the end so all is good I guess15:59
apacheloggercoucouf: well, IMHO we need to document upgrade testing, but for that we need a clear path, because update-notifier-kde does not even exist in lucid+16:00
coucoufwhat suprises me is that the Ubuntu upgrade method update-manager -d is documented in many places16:00
coucoufapachelogger: Is there a replacement intended ? or just using update-manager-core the server way ?16:01
apachelogger!info xorg16:01
ubottuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.4+3ubuntu10 (karmic), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB16:02
apacheloggercoucouf: do-release-upgrade I think16:02
apacheloggerregular upgrades are handled via packagekit16:02
apacheloggerwhich will then call do-release-upgrade, so I suppose the proceeding for upgrades in lucid+ to a dev release is do-release-upgrade -d16:03
apacheloggerryanakca: aye16:03
apacheloggerryanakca: so16:03
apacheloggerryanakca: as JontheEchidna stated, xorg is a metapackage hence it must indeed depend on x11-tools16:03
apacheloggerryanakca: what needs to happen is that the desktop-common seed must be changed to not depend on xorg but the individual packages that are necessary16:04
apacheloggerwhich might be difficult to get through because as it seems that would cause quite the mainteinance overhead16:04
ryanakcaapachelogger: OK. So how do I do that?16:04
apacheloggerryanakca: I suggest you bring the topic up on ubuntu-devel ml and let them work out some solution ;)16:04
* apachelogger must do packing16:05
apacheloggeroh my16:05
ryanakcaapachelogger: How big is the *buntu userbase? Would the bandwidth used to download that measly package, simply because it's installed by default, be of concern to anybody?16:05
ryanakcaAssuming it's 4 million users, each one of them downloads it once, 312GB of bandwidth used that doesn't need to be :)16:06
seaLneon kubuntu.org is the kubuntu logo over the menu bar for anyone else in konq 4.4.0?16:09
seaLneseems to be font size issue16:10
ryanakcaseaLne: Fine here, feel free to file a bug against the kubuntu-website project and attach a screenshot though16:16
shtylmanI can't install kdevelop16:16
JontheEchidnashtylman: If you want a stable IDE, don't use kdevelop ;P16:20
JontheEchidnashtylman: it was removed from the archive since they won't have a stable release before lucid16:21
ScottKmaco: You have a wacom tablet, right?16:25
ScottKIs it working in 10.04?16:25
shtylmanJontheEchidna: ;( but its an amazing ide ...16:35
shtylmanive been using it for a while16:35
shtylmanI guess I have to package it myself now...16:36
JontheEchidnashtylman: oh, riddell did throw packages at https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta?field.series_filter=lucid16:36
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DarkwingDuckWow, I'm missing something that I'm sure is painfully obvious....17:02
DarkwingDuckI am not finding the tablet control on lspci or lsusb....17:03
DarkwingDuckwhere else would I look to find it?17:03
=== shadeslayer changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: ubuntu-arm
shadeslayerhow is that i changed the topic?17:04
=== shadeslayer changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Topic for #kubuntu-devel: Alpha 3 released! | Feature Freeze, fix bugs | Kubuntu has the Doctor on the brain | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | milestoned bugs marked as kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/yjybcx9
=== ikonia changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: test
=== ikonia changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: The channels topic will be reset-asap
=== JontheEchidna changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Topic for #kubuntu-devel: Alpha 3 released! | Feature Freeze, fix bugs | Kubuntu has the Doctor on the brain | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | milestoned bugs marked as kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/yjybcx9
shadeslayerTm_T: :P17:10
Tm_Tit's meant to be open, btw17:10
shadeslayerTm_T: changing the topic?17:11
Tm_Tso nothing to be "fixed" in it (:17:11
shadeslayerTm_T: i dont know.. i think only chan ops should have that privilige17:11
Tm_Tshadeslayer: it depends on channel mode(s)17:11
seaLneryanakca: looks like its not just me https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website/+bug/379213 seems the same issue with the website17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379213 in kubuntu-website "Kubuntu logo overlaps links at top of page" [Medium,Confirmed]17:13
shadeslayerseaLne: confirmed here too!17:15
Tm_Tin where exactly?17:16
shadeslayerTm_T: open kubuntu.org with konqueror17:17
shadeslayerTm_T: and then check top left corner17:18
shadeslayerTm_T: http://imagebin.ca/view/eWEKrJ.html17:18
shadeslayeru overlaps Home17:19
Tm_TI have cap almost as wide as the logo pic17:19
Tm_Tbut I have way smaller font size too17:19
shadeslayerHmmmm im on default everything ;)17:19
Tm_TI'm in, err, default nothing?17:21
jussi01that looks fun17:21
seaLneits even worse for me17:21
shadeslayerhehe... well its not _that_ bad here :P17:21
jussi01mine is fine17:21
shadeslayerjussi01: in konqueror?17:21
jussi01what resolution screens do you all have?17:21
jussi01shadeslayer: yes17:21
shadeslayerjussi01: 1440X90017:21
Tm_Tnotice the funkyness in overall, it doesn't have those round corners17:22
shadeslayerTm_T: you seriously need a better plasma theme ;)17:22
Tm_Tshadeslayer: why?17:23
shadeslayerblack is out of fashion :P17:23
seaLneryanakca: so looks like kubuntu.org requires a really big monitor to view ...17:23
Tm_Tshadeslayer: I don't have black other than in centerpiece of analog clock17:23
Tm_TseaLne: erm, small font, that's all17:24
shadeslayerTm_T: what about the colors?17:24
Tm_Twhat colors?17:24
seaLnesystem load?17:24
shadeslayerTm_T: the color of the windows17:24
* shadeslayer starts Heroes Season 117:25
Tm_Tshadeslayer: it's not black17:25
seaLneTm_T: can you shrink your konq window to see if it overlaps?17:25
Tm_TseaLne: looks good here when browser is less than 800 px wide, so definately font size issue17:25
Tm_Tthe normal ~10017:26
Tm_Tbut I have font sizes 6-817:26
jussi01ahh, when you shrink the window...17:26
jussi01yes, happens here also17:26
Tm_T~770 px wide browser is narrowest having bit of gap too17:27
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Tm_Tsooo, it needs some love to make sure no matter what, there's no overlapping17:28
Tm_Tshadeslayer: and yeah, #363535 is not black (:17:30
ScottKshadeslayer: Our experience in this channel is that topic changes are rarely abused and so locking down the topic would just make more work for people.17:31
Tm_Tit's easier to deal with very rare abusers than hunting down ops when topic needs updating17:32
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
shadeslayerTm_T: :P17:35
shadeslayerScottK: ok well i didnt know that the topic could be changed and i wanted to find out the topic for #ubuntu-arm,so i accidently changed the topic ;)17:36
shadeslayerAlso as you said,no one abuses the topic,i didnt know that too :P17:36
DarkwingDuckmaco2: ping17:38
DarkwingDuckHey jjesse17:39
=== Parti is now known as PascalFr_parti
* PascalFr_parti est parti: Parti pour l'instant.17:40
Tm_T!away > PascalFr_parti17:40
ubottuPascalFr_parti, please see my private message17:40
ryanakcaTm_T: Do you have JS disabled in konqueror?17:43
Tm_Tryanakca: no I do not17:44
Tm_Tit works with webkit, dunno what's wrong with khtml today17:44
Tm_Tjoys of trunk (;17:44
Tm_Tryanakca: CSS-based rounded borders isn't an option?17:45
jjessehey DarkwingDuck18:07
DarkwingDuckjjesse: hows life? I'm actually back then moving then I'll be in for the long haul lol18:08
DarkwingDuckarg this is giving a headache.18:13
jjesseDarkwingDuck: good way busy18:15
DarkwingDuckYeah... what wacom tablet for my tabletPC isn't wanting to work in 10.04A but, it works out of the box in 9.1018:20
Lex79JontheEchidna: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.devel.pim/2699519:03
Lex79do you know if we have problems to build kmymoney?19:04
JontheEchidnaKMyMoney stopped using libkleo the next prerelease19:04
JontheEchidna(it only affects kde4 kmymoney)19:04
JontheEchidnaWe're fine, aside from kopete-crypto19:05
QuintasanLex79: urgh, sorry for throwing stuff at you, do you mind doing kdebase? Seems I've broken my system badly and damn thing won't build and I have to got to bed already :(19:16
Lex79no problem Quintasan, I'm really busy with kdepim and kopete-crypto for now, but me or JontheEchidna can do later19:17
QuintasanLex79: thanks, I hope I will get it fixed tomorrow19:18
QuintasanGood night anyways19:18
Lex79Quintasan: good night :)19:18
maco2ScottK: i have one, but i'm still on 9.10 and shtylman_ warned me that my preferred window manager is currently not installable on 10.0419:19
DarkwingDuckmaco2: Your a wacom user right?19:33
maco2DarkwingDuck: yes, but not using lucid yet19:35
Lex79omg, kdepim-dev and kopete-crypto fixed \o/19:56
* Tm_T hides19:57
ejatLex79: kudos ..20:01
DarkwingDuckmaco2 okay, I'm upgrading my tabletPC to Lucid and it uses Wacom. I'll let you know about getting it to work when I get there.20:06
_Groo_hi/2 all20:40
_Groo_can anyone tell me if sun-java6 was pulled out of lucid?20:40
Lex79Riddell: mono needs a kick out from NEW to building kdebindings https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/2.4.4~svn151842-1ubuntu220:49
Tm_TLex79: you might like to poke someone else, as he's been AFK20:50
Lex79I already say in #ubuntu-devel, but there are no archive admin around20:52
nixternalis anyone available on Friday, March 5th, from 17:00 to 18:00 UTC to give a talk for Opportunistic Developer Week on "Creating a PyKDE app"? I am scheduled to do it, but my aunt passed away the other day and I will not be able to do it?21:15
* Tm_T hugs nixternal21:16
* seele doesn't know what opportunistic developer even means21:16
seelenixternal: sorry to hear that21:16
crimsun_Groo_: yes, it was.21:37
* apachelogger hugs nixternal21:38
_Groo_i just found out of a workaround to allow icedtea to work with chromium21:39
* neversfelde too21:39
apacheloggermore interesting would be icedtea in konqueror -.-21:39
_Groo_apachelogger: might work too21:40
_Groo_apachelogger: altought konqueror calls java directly , he doesnt uses the NSPLUGIN21:40
apacheloggerdoubtable, my most recent theory was that there is a problem with javascript, disallowing the liveconnect stuff to work properly21:40
apachelogger_Groo_: must use the plugin for liveconnect magic IIRC21:40
_Groo_apachelogger: agreed, it implemented in icedtea 1.721:41
apacheloggermore interesting question, will the intel driver ever support acceleration with dual head21:41
_Groo_apachelogger: well this way at least its working for chromium , can even run applet demos lol...21:46
_Groo_not that i bumped into one in ages21:46
apacheloggermeh, no jonny when you need him -.-21:48
_Groo_apachelogger: yes it works, i can paint the box inside chromium :)21:49
_Groo_IcedTea NPR Web Browser Plugin (using IcedTea6 1.8pre (6b18~pre1-1ubuntu1))21:49
_Groo_apachelogger: but only if i use my method, which is pretty simple21:50
apacheloggersimple is boring21:51
* apachelogger starts kontact and syncs 5 imap accounts and like 30 news groups ^^21:51
_Groo_apachelogger: java is working just fine inside konqueror too with openjdk21:52
apachelogger_Groo_: that example too?21:52
_Groo_apachelogger: let me check21:53
_Groo_apachelogger: no, not the example :D funny thing it works in chromium, go figure21:54
* _Groo_ is testing firefox 3.6 now21:54
apacheloggerwell, I think it is because of the javascript21:54
apacheloggerI think I was trying to debug the problem but ran into problems with the javascript interpreter21:55
_Groo_javascript aka ecma script /= java...21:55
_Groo_if the only code in the above url is javascript it has nothing to do with what im testing21:55
_Groo_or trying to test :P21:55
apachelogger_Groo_: liveconnect uses javascript21:55
apacheloggeror at least that is how it was explained to me :P21:55
apacheloggermaybe someone was lying to me21:56
_Groo_apachelogger: works fine with firefox 3.6 too21:56
_Groo_apachelogger: let me try to FORCE my "solution" to konqueror.. see what comes out21:56
_Groo_apachelogger: ok, its working just fine now22:01
_Groo_with konqueror and the aforemetinoed url22:01
_Groo_apachelogger: killall -9 konqueror, go to settings, enable both kio AND security... be happy22:02
_Groo_apachelogger: for some stupid reason, kio is disabled by default in kubuntu, and you need it in order to enforce th security model22:02
_Groo_apachelogger: so now i have java in all 3 main browser, nice :)22:02
apachelogger_Groo_: I seem to remember that there is a reason for not using KIO22:02
_Groo_apachelogger: yeah, the reason is that you dont use java lol22:03
apacheloggernono, I actually made it work in konqueror to begin with :P22:03
apachelogger_Groo_: do we enforce that KIO-off or does it come from upstream?22:03
_Groo_apachelogger: prob upstream22:04
_Groo_apachelogger: if im not mistaken, is one of those forgotten settings.. kio was off in kde 3, because the security model was kinda broken iwht kio 3 , BUT 4 was rewritten22:05
_Groo_apachelogger: ence safe again to be used, but aparently no one ever remembered to change the jio back to on...22:05
apachelogger_Groo_: go poke upstream then22:05
apacheloggerI am not going to rip a securiyt breach into konqueror just so that the ubuntu and kde security teams can beat me up :P22:06
apacheloggeroh lol22:07
_Groo_apachelogger: you just remembered me of that little furry big eyes little fella from madagascar22:07
apachelogger_Groo_: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase/+bug/290707/comments/222:07
neversfeldethere is probably a problem with a not starting kontact because of akonadi for our karmic packages, does someone know more about it?22:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290707 in kdebase "konqueror: LiveConnect/JavaScript not working (IcedTeaPlugin not recognized)" [Unknown,Confirmed]22:07
apacheloggerneversfelde: mysql is crap, akonadi uses mysql, akonadi inherits crappyness :P22:07
_Groo_apachelogger: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kdebase/+bug/290707/comments/522:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290707 in kdebase "konqueror: LiveConnect/JavaScript not working (IcedTeaPlugin not recognized)" [Unknown,Confirmed]22:11
_Groo_also, in order for chromium to work with icedtea 1.6, just trick icedtead into thinking its being loaded from firefox22:12
apachelogger_Groo_: redundancy is the key to world domination ^^22:12
_Groo_just do LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/xulrunner- /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --enable-plugins22:12
_Groo_and then just add the path to the chromium-browser script in /usr/bin..22:13
_Groo_works like a charm :)22:13
Lex79uhmm ktorrent ftbs http://pastebin.ca/181618623:23
_Groo_Lex79: just change this23:25
_Groo_Lex79: let me see the ktorrent patch, just a sec23:26
_Groo_change #include <Phonon/VideoWidget> to #include <phonon/videowidget.h>23:27
_Groo_Lex79: should compile and work afterwards23:27
Lex79thanks, I will try23:29

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