usfwill the same happen to the newer with tim??00:00
v1ttui have 2 usb ralink wifi adaptors00:01
v1ttuand that happened on my old pc00:01
usfhow can i avoid this problem??00:02
v1ttuit might not be that00:02
v1ttubut it does sound very similar00:02
zapperhi people, i'm looking for some help with flash plugin00:02
v1ttuis it a laptop it happens too?00:02
zapperi have searched all over the web and find no solution for my problem00:03
v1ttuwhats the problem?00:03
v1ttunew laptop...00:03
v1ttui had to replace the mobo on my old pc00:03
zapperthe issue is that flash works on some sites00:03
v1ttuso unless someone else knows another way :/00:03
zapperbut it doesnt work fully on others00:03
v1ttublack scrren and audio only?00:03
zapperfor example, i cant upload anything to megaupload as it fails00:04
v1ttuwhat browser are you using to upload?00:04
zapperand im using 32 bit system00:05
v1ttunormal firefox or the kde integrated one?00:05
zapperi guess kde one, i installed it using firefox installer for kubuntu00:05
v1ttuhmmm i never used that00:05
zapperbtw same problem on konqueror too00:05
v1ttuwhen you upload the file, do you get a qt file manager or gnome?00:06
v1ttukonqueror is a piece of cr*p anyway so forget that :P00:06
zapperlet me check00:06
zapperyep, konqueror went reallyu bad compared to its kde3 edition..00:07
Typos_Kingzapper..... what.... is the matter with flash?    I run opera and FF and konqueror, but only have the flash plugin for opera by choice :)00:07
Typos_Kinghehhe, use FF mostly for debugging00:08
Typos_Kingcan't beat Opera.... but anyhow..00:08
v1ttudo you get the qt or gtk file manager?00:08
Typos_King?  I?00:08
zappergtk one i guess00:08
v1ttulol upload a screenshot00:08
zapperok i will do so00:09
Typos_Kingzapper..... what.... is the matter with flash?    I run opera and FF and konqueror, but only have the flash plugin for opera by choice :)00:09
v1ttuctrl+v ftw :P00:10
zappercrap, i have to restart firefox as flash crashed it00:10
Typos_Kingzapper:    turn off 'hardware acceleration' in the flash player, by right-clicking  on it00:10
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zapperbtw videos on lockerz.com dont work either (i dont know if anyone here knows lockerz.com...)00:14
zapperand i cant turn off hardware acceleration on flash00:15
zapperthere's no such option00:15
zapperthere you have the screenshot v1ttu00:15
v1ttulockerz is a email scam00:17
zapperi said so LOL00:17
zapperwell thats not the point right now, we are talking about flash, not scams XD00:18
Typos_Kingzapper   there's if you right-click on the flash animation, it has a 'checkbox', uncheck it00:18
v1ttutypos if you have nothing to say, say nothing at all :)00:18
zapperwell thats not the point right now, we are talking about flash, not scams XD00:18
zapper[01:08:32] <zapper> gtk one i guess00:18
v1ttuare you sure your not shadow marketing lockerz?00:19
zapperno, is not my intention to spam here, i just mentioned lockerz because is one of the sites whose videos dont work for me on linux00:20
v1ttukk fair enough00:21
v1ttuhow did you install flash?00:21
Typos_Kingzapper:  how about youtube?00:22
zapperamarok told me to install it among other restricted things00:23
zapperi have flashplugin-installer package installed00:23
v1ttuya kk00:24
v1ttuyou might wanna try uninstalling it and installing the 1 from adobe00:24
zapperthen i read on a forum to enable partner repos and uninstall flashplugin-installer and install adobe-flashplugin00:25
zapperdid so and now i flash behaves the same way plus i have no sound :(00:25
v1ttui have read about this kind of problem before with the flash installed from the repos00:26
v1ttuyou should remove it and download the .deb from adobe's site00:26
zapperTypos_King: youtube works, but with no sound00:27
zapperok, i will try that00:27
Typos_Kingzapper.... can you play mp3s?00:28
zapperyes, perfectly on amarok00:28
zappersound notifications work aswell00:28
Typos_King... ok... I assume youhave flashplayer 10?00:30
Typos_King.... can't say..... sounds.... like somebuggy install of flash..00:32
Tscheesyzapper: check in kmix - if the PCM channel is activ and if, remove pulseaudio (apt-get remove..)00:33
Typos_KingI use opera, and it works well00:33
Typos_Kingno installation, I just put the libflashplayer.so file in the plugin folder00:33
zapperpcm active, no pulseaudio installed00:34
v1ttuhave you uninstalled the repo flash?00:35
zapperjust installed the deb00:36
zappergoing to tesy00:36
v1ttusweet (y)00:36
zapperi just tested00:39
zapperSituatio is Normal: All Fucked Up00:41
v1ttuhold on00:42
zapperi supossed it was a normally used acronym... XD00:43
Typos_Kingsituation is normal, wll be SINFU00:43
markit10.04 alpha3, installer fails, is it only me or a known bug?00:43
Typos_Kingso much for the spelling :P00:43
zapperyou missed the A :P00:44
Typos_Kingmarkit   I think there's a #ubuntu+1 for lucid, mind you the 'alpha3' in the name00:44
markitTypos_King: ok, thanks, hope is not a bug of KDE version of the installer00:44
zapperfirefox is in "madonna mode"... you know hung up00:45
markitbtw, they have replaced the "type text to see if your keyboard mapping" is ok with a "tell me if this picture is like your layout", but is very bad decision (is also in Karmic)00:45
zappermarkit: totally agree, even if i dont experience problems on my installs00:46
markitzapper: me neither, but the italian "picture" is not correct, and you can't test typing some special caracter, and is a shame00:46
markitzapper: or do you mean that alpha3 installs fine?00:47
zapperi meant the keyboard thing00:47
Typos_Kingmaybe you can provide feedback on it, so they change it in the next build :P00:47
markitTypos_King: I suppose the "brillant" programmer did the change will defend it against all evidence00:48
markits/brillant/brilliant or whatever00:48
Typos_Kingthere's a design division on any project and a coding one, from the programming standpoint, it doesn't matter if it says 'chia pets running', it matters fro the design standpoint, and I don't think on a sizable project the coder is the one picking the wording00:50
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premkumarwhat is channel03:02
andey_how do i make apt-get reinstall software, with all the config files04:10
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Brhad56So, i closed the "i" widget thing that shows like when files are copying and whatnot   and now i can't figure out how to put it back  When looking through the list of widgets to install, its not obvious to me which one it is04:37
Brhad56anyone know which one i am talking about?04:42
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Brhad56Found it.  System Tray05:00
dusty__## websense05:17
darkberserkerHay everyone! Can someone tell me how to get the Cylinder in the cube settings to work?06:01
darkberserkerHay everyone! Can someone tell me how to get the Cylinder in the cube settings to work?06:07
darkberserkerHay everyone! Can someone tell me how to get the Cylinder in the cube settings to work?06:17
ausub@darkberserler Just trying myself, had in going well in gnome, but it evades me on KDE...  swapped to XRender Compositing type now i can't switch back... fun06:32
nasserashhey guys, I'm running kubuntu lucid alpha 3. I want to get to the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+f1, but it didn't work, any ideas ?06:42
ubuntuHello All. I want to install Kubuntu 9.10 alongside windows 7 64, and slowly want to get rid of the latter. Any advice?07:34
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ausub@ubuntu 2 Hard drives is always good, then there's no chance of ruining any windows data07:39
ausub@ubuntu I'm also running Ubuntu on a USB stick... it's a bit limited but great to use07:40
DoggetI only have one hdd ausub. Now Windows 7 is already installed with data on it, will Wubi works just fine or will it be tricky?07:41
tiglibonjour tout le monde07:54
tntcI'm trying to watch a video on a network share I navigated to through Dolphin, but every time I fire up Kaffeine or Dragon or something to play it, they give me an "Cannot find demux plugin for MRL" error08:12
tntchow would I go about watching media on a network share?08:12
tntcach, it seems it only happens with .isos of dvds too. hrm08:13
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jessii need some help. my network manager got deleted from my computer and i need to reinstall it but anytime i try to install anything it always comes up with some error report and will not allow it through. can some one tell me how to make it take the installs?09:14
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basajaunhttp://pastebin.com/GrnB6rQf please help sorting disk mount mess09:47
tinchenhi, I'm trying to test the lucid alpha3 installer cd(64bit) but I only get a black screen on X. The old system on this computer was also an kubuntu unstable (lucid) but it was working (with radeon RV280 and open source driver)09:53
tinchenThere is no problem in the xorg log file09:53
Tm_T!lucid | tinchen09:54
ubottutinchen: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+109:54
tinchenubottu: ok, I'll change the channel09:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:54
tinchen(ah a bot)09:55
basajaunHow can I edit my fstab http://pastebin.com/GrnB6rQf correctly ?09:57
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binarylooksIphone and Ipod touch support in lucid? Do we have this in kubuntu also? http://www.starryhope.com/linux/ubuntu/2010/4-cool-new-features-in-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-alpha-3/10:27
ToraToraToraWhat is KDE equivalent for gnome-lirc-properties called? I can't find anything similar from repos...10:33
Peace-mm what are you trying to do ?10:33
Peace-binarylooks: dunno that should be shipped by amarok10:33
Peace-i gues10:33
ToraToraTorato config my remote to work10:33
Mike1hey! I’m thinking about using KDE in Ubuntu 10.04 but I always read how slow and bad KDE in Ubuntu is, compared to other Distributions … how much of that is true?10:34
Peace-Mike1: it's not slow.10:34
Peace-Mike1: it sucks me 200 mb with kwin effects10:34
Peace-right now10:34
Peace-but even less  on startup10:34
apparleToraToraTora: what are you trying to do?10:34
KiRiLoSI have kubuntu 9.10 with kde 4.4 and for some odd reason i cant find the capture device,therefore i cant use my mic.Any ideas?Everything else works perfectly10:34
Peace-ToraToraTora: it's not clear to mee10:35
Peace-KiRiLoS: alsamixer -V all10:35
Peace-KiRiLoS: show a screenshot10:35
apparleToraToraTora: try kdelirc10:35
ToraToraToraIRKick says no remotes found and I'm trying to get it working :/10:35
apparle!kdelirc > ToraToraTora10:36
apparle!info kdelirc > ToraToraTora10:36
ToraToraTora!info kdelirc10:36
ubottukdelirc (source: kdeutils): infrared control for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 228 kB, installed size 960 kB10:36
apparleToraToraTora: don't you have a working lircd.conf?10:36
KiRiLoSPeace-, cool,but i cant find my capture device in skype and for some odd reason(I guess bug) i cant add the line in channel to kmix...10:36
KiRiLoSgimme a sec for the screenshot10:36
Mike1Peace-: RAM-usage does not matter for me … but for example a german blogger wrote something about KDE-apps starting 3times faster on his Gentoo. Nearly everybody in his comments supported that statement10:37
Peace-KiRiLoS: that should be a alsa bug10:37
Peace-Mike1: wel... gentoo...10:37
Peace-Mike1: you wanna spend your time compiling ?10:37
ToraToraToraI got lircd.conf from lirc.org10:37
KiRiLoSPeace-, well any way around it?anything in mind?10:37
Peace-Mike1: and then you will see your effots are not so paid well10:37
Peace-Mike1: just try a livecd10:38
Peace-here kuibuntu it's pretty fast10:38
Mike1Peace-: I guess I’ll just have to try10:38
Peace-without compiling kernel or such stuff like that10:38
Peace-Mike1: it's the better way man10:38
Peace-Mike1: don't read blog ,,10:38
Peace-KiRiLoS: lspci | grep -i Audio10:38
apparleToraToraTora: and where have you put the lircd.conf10:39
KiRiLoS00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)10:39
Peace-KiRiLoS: well now post me the screenshot of alsamixer10:40
apparleToraToraTora: funny, I have my lirc in that location and its working fine10:41
Peace-apparle: maybe chmod issue?10:42
apparlePeace-: for a conf file?10:42
Peace-apparle: maybe he has changed i dunno10:42
ToraToraToraMy hardware is shuttle SG33G5m deluxe10:42
ToraToraToracomes with rc6 remote10:43
apparlehave you used that lircd.conf file earlier. I mean is it working?10:43
KiRiLoRPeace-, i dropped: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)10:43
Peace-KiRiLoR: alsamixer ....10:43
ToraToraToraI haven't used it before10:44
apparlecan you pastebin the contents of the file10:44
KiRiLoRPeace-, alsamixer?10:44
ToraToraTorabut RC11B lircd.conf from lirc.org shoud be correct for this hw10:45
=== KiRiLoR is now known as KiRiLoS
Peace-KiRiLoS: type alsamixer -V all10:45
apparleToraToraTora: give me link to that file10:46
Peace-KiRiLoS: make a screenshot10:46
Peace-KiRiLoS: post the screenshot on some host service10:46
Peace-KiRiLoS: post the link to me :S10:46
KiRiLoSPeace-, http://yfrog.com/4csnapshot6p10:47
darkberserkerHay everyone! Can someone tell me how to get the Cylinder in the cube settings to work?10:47
Peace-KiRiLoS: you have the mic and the bost10:47
=== LongNickThatNeve is now known as Kottalizer
Peace-KiRiLoS: but they are not activated10:48
Peace-KiRiLoS: your card is working i guess well10:48
Peace-go on mic and press M10:48
Peace-on alsamixer10:48
ToraToraToraapparle: http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/shuttle/RC11B10:48
Peace-of course10:48
KiRiLoSPeace-, but i cant even find it under skype.Does it matter if it's muted or not?10:48
Peace-KiRiLoS: i think your card is working ... it's only a settings issue10:49
KiRiLoSPeace-, i am sure of it,worked like a charm before...10:49
KiRiLoSPeace-, lol,that solved the problem...10:50
Peace-KiRiLoS: pressin M?10:50
Peace-look better next time xD10:51
KiRiLoSi just couldnt boost it from kmix10:51
KiRiLoSi saw that it was muted but i though it would be at least visible under kmix10:51
Peace-KiRiLoS: well use alsamixer -V all10:52
Peace-to set it10:52
Peace-but i guess...10:52
Peace-it should be possible even on kmix :)10:52
ToraToraToraapparle: that kdeutils package was not installed10:54
apparleToraToraTora: so finally you got it ?10:54
ToraToraToraapparle: irkick still says no remotes found10:57
darkberserker_Hay everyone! Can someone tell me how to get the Cylinder in the cube settings to work? lol10:57
ToraToraToraIm noob at linux10:57
apparleToraToraTora: have you installed lircd10:58
apparleToraToraTora: have you installed lirc10:58
ToraToraToraapparle: well.. i got many lirc packagea form repo11:01
ToraToraToraaparle: liblircclient0, kdelir, inputlirc and lirc11:02
apparleToraToraTora: did you properly configure lirc for you receiver?11:02
ToraToraToraapparle: appareanty not if it is not working right...?11:04
darkberserker_Does anyone know how to get the cylinder in the cube settings to work? lol I can't seem to get it to work11:04
ToraToraToraapparle: I dont know how to config receiver11:05
apparleToraToraTora: did you select your receiver while installing the package lirc11:06
ToraToraToraapparle: no it didn't ask me to select one :(11:07
apparleyou are in kubuntu right?11:07
xoX_Hack_Jack_Xohi, waths name channel kubuntu spanish?11:07
apparleToraToraTora: open konsole and use the command 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc'11:08
apparleToraToraTora: when you get the option... select the correct receiver11:08
xoX_Hack_Jack_Xokubuntu spanish please?11:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:09
ToraToraToraapparle: this is what I was looking for :) isn't there any gui for this in kde?11:12
apparleactually that's not required to be done, frequently so why use a GUI :D11:13
ToraToraTorayeah point taken11:14
apparleToraToraTora: but I don't think your problem is solved, becoz irkick is only checks the lircd.conf and then says no remote found...11:14
apparleToraToraTora: still try11:15
darkberserkerDoes anyone know how to get the cylinder in the cube settings to work? lol I can't seem to get it to work11:15
ToraToraToraI have to first find out about this receiver11:15
apparledarkberserker:is your gfx card good enough11:18
darkberserkerIts an ATI HD 457011:19
darkberserkerSo yes It sould be able to11:19
apparledarkberserker: so it must11:19
apparledarkberserker: and have you installed the fglrx driver... (proprietary)11:20
apparledarkberserker: then it should work actually11:20
apparledarkberserker: my friend has nvidia and it works fine............but I have very old gfx and it doesn't work on mine11:21
apparleToraToraTora: any luck?11:21
darkberserkerOkay well Thank you apparle =]11:21
darkberserkerI guess it has something to do with the drivers11:22
apparledarkberserker: I dunno ... sorry11:22
darkberserkerIts Okay~ its something I can live with out xD11:22
ToraToraToraapparle: nope. there is no Shuttle eHome Infrared Transceiver in this list. maybe i have to select some other?11:22
epishkinдобрый день11:25
shadeslayer!ru | epishkin11:26
ubottuepishkin: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:26
ToraToraToraapparle: I'll have to give this a break. I have to go shopping something to eat. brb11:28
apparleToraToraTora: what is the output of "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" in konsole?11:28
apparleToraToraTora: k bye11:28
apparlehas anyone tried geexbox11:51
MynameisHameAfternoon chaps12:06
MynameisHameanyone familiar with getting rid of gnome panels12:06
MynameisHameI have googled12:06
MynameisHamebut nothing, am fairly proficient at ubuntu12:07
MynameisHamebut this escapes me12:07
ubuntuHallo, kann mir einer sagen warum ich nicht aus dem Desktop der Live-CD installieren kann.12:18
Tm_T!de | ubuntu12:19
ubottuubuntu: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:19
ubuntuhas anybody an answer why i can not install 10.04  from the Desktop of the Live-CD12:20
Tm_Tubuntu: try #ubuntu+112:23
ubuntui solved the problem, the cd was not loaded very well12:25
persoIs there someone French?12:29
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois12:30
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henning_I'm really having problems with my wireless connection, find the networks and all but can't seem to connect to it. Being that I'm not a genius on kubuntu I can't seem to find out what is going wrong.Tried all different types of settings, tried matching them to the info from my router ( those that can match ) and still can't connect. Is there something obvious that I am missing ?13:07
ToraToraToraapparle: I'm back! that cat command gives me no file or directory13:07
=== xoX_Hack_Jack_Xo is now known as X_Hack_Jack_X
apparleToraToraTora: have you connected the receiver13:09
ToraToraToraphysically yes13:09
ToraToraToraI mean hardware is plugged in13:10
ToraToraTorashuttles barebones come prewired :)13:12
apparleToraToraTora: tell me the output of "lsusb"13:13
ToraToraTorait has13:14
ToraToraToracat /proc/bus/usb/devices13:14
ToraToraToradoh wrong button13:14
ToraToraToraBus 004 Device 002: ID 051c:c001 Shuttle, Inc. eHome Infrared Receiver13:14
ToraToraToraand Bus 005 Device 003: ID 051c:0005 Shuttle, Inc.13:15
ToraToraToraI don' know what that later is13:15
apparlein that configuration of lirc what all options do you have, anything like 'mceusb' or 'mcdusb2' etc13:16
ToraToraToraapparle: there are tons of options, none of them mention 'mceusb' or 'mcdusb2'.13:20
apparleanyone having "mce"?13:20
AceOfSpadesDoes anyone know how to set a connection to only connect via VPN?13:21
ToraToraToraapparle: nope13:23
ToraToraToraapparle: I found this site http://jeremy.infogami.com/SetVFD about this hardware but I don't know how to use that info13:26
ToraToraTora"Support under various Linux media players. The Cypress chip apparently also has an infrared receiver that you can access with a remote control under a different USB endpoint with libhid."13:27
ToraToraToraapparle: doh! The list was long and I was looking for 'mce' there is 'Windows Media Center Transceivers/Remotes (all)'!13:35
apparleToraToraTora: and is your remote of that type I mean... I never used that. i made my own receiver13:36
ToraToraToraapparle: It has the mce windows button so I think it is...13:38
ToraToraToraI mean remote has13:38
AceOfSpadesis there a way to reply to someone (using Xchat) without typing their name?13:38
=== lenina is now known as tabloid
ToraToraToraapparle: I chose the mce and it still gives further choices. mostly  some dish, cable and tv boxes... no pc mentoned anywhere...?13:43
apparleToraToraTora: i don't know13:45
apparleToraToraTora: see if you find any help here lircd --driver=help13:46
apparleimean the command "lircd --driver=help"13:46
tabloidhi, i just tab-tabbed to see all commands in konsole, but there is some strange listing. several commands listed double, once normal and once with a leading underscore - like mount and _mount, what causes this ?13:50
ToraToraToraapparle: no help from there13:54
tabloidanybody ?13:56
ToraToraToraI guss I just have to dig this deeper from ubuntu forums thanks for help14:00
apparleToraToraTora: I only think you need to know the receiver that's it14:01
ToraToraToraapparle: ya, is there any other command that gives more in than lsusb?14:04
ToraToraTorain = info14:04
apparle"lsusb -v" maybe but I dunno14:07
apparleToraToraTora: I'll look into the source an dtell you which module would be yours14:20
apparleToraToraTora: Are you there14:39
apparleToraToraTora: I just checked the source you need "Windows Media Center Edition USB Infrared Transceivers"14:39
ToraToraToraapparle: Yes I'm here14:40
apparleso again configure the lirc package and select as I mentioned aboe.... what options do you get?14:40
apparleToraToraTora: ?14:43
ToraToraToraapparle: there are many choises, but Microsoft Windows Media Center V2 (usb) : Direct TV Receiver or USB-UIRT2 : Direct TV Receiver could be the right one14:44
apparletell me the choices14:45
ToraToraToraeh that's a lot of copy/paste :o14:45
ToraToraToraCommand IR : Direct TV Receiver14:46
ToraToraToraCommand IR : Dish Receiver14:46
ToraToraToraCommand IR : Motorola Cable box14:46
ToraToraToraCommand IR : Pioneer Cable box14:46
ToraToraToraCommand IR : Scientific Atlanta Cable box14:46
apparleTell me.... is it the choice for under Windows Media Center Edition USB Infrared Transceivers14:47
apparleand pastebin14:47
apparle!pastebin > ToraToraTora14:47
ubottuToraToraTora, please see my private message14:47
ToraToraToraapparle: http://imagebin.org/86904 & http://imagebin.org/8690514:54
DeeTahmy flash player's framerate is UNBEARABLY low, how can I fix it?14:56
apparleToraToraTora: does your module have a transmitter?14:57
apparleToraToraTora: ??14:58
ToraToraToraapparle: I don't know. the lsusb says it has?.14:59
ToraToraToraoh sorry it does not14:59
ToraToraToraBus 004 Device 002: ID 051c:c001 Shuttle, Inc. eHome Infrared Receiver15:00
apparleToraToraTora: so... select none becoze the options are for a transmitter.. read the top line15:01
apparleToraToraTora: I'll be back in 45min .... going for dinner15:01
jrmybonjours francais ?15:24
ubottuKubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page15:26
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Cubex1How do you change text color in this chat app?15:29
tabloid*push* i just tab-tabbed to see all commands in konsole, but there is some strange listing. several commands listed double, once normal and once with a leading underscore - like mount and _mount, what causes this ?15:50
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floownhow can I change the look of a ftp page display with a browser?16:06
kunewguysorry too green here16:07
floownI want to personalize the icons and the colors (the background), and add a header page16:07
=== sln is now known as lnx_grl
lnx_grlwe don't need windows!16:11
MynameisHamewe always need windows16:15
lnx_grlnot me! windows make me seek16:17
lnx_grlnot me! windows make me nervus16:17
maurii serachinf for a tool  for modify pdf document....im using pdfedit but it has same problems16:17
lnx_grlall we need is  Linux16:17
lnx_grluse pdfedit  on linux16:17
kunewguywaiting for att to get android so i can leave iphone16:18
mauriis there samething to perfoomr a video call like messenger16:25
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BinaryFuDoes anyone know of a good tutorial for switching from Ubuntu to Kubuntu and creating a pure KDE environment?16:33
=== pancrazio is now known as pancrazio__
JontheEchidnahmm... installing the kubuntu-desktop package and uninstalling libgtk2.0-0 should do a pretty good job of doing that16:34
urgeymauri, skype for linux?16:34
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »16:34
JontheEchidnaBinaryFu: ^16:34
BinaryFuThanks very much. :)16:35
BinaryFuOne more question - is there a way to transfer your torrent download status from Transmission to Ktorrent, or will I have to restart everything?  In other words, if I have files downloading/seeding in Transmission, can I transfer this data over to Ktorrent and have it pick up where Transmission left off?16:37
mika_hi, is there any app under kubuntu to control the boot processes? (i know... i should learn the update-rc.d commands... but it's hard when you know the gentoo rc-update way :) )16:40
tabloidmika_ what's the difference between update-rc.d and rc-update ?16:43
tabloidmika_ ah, i see - but it doesn't seem very difficult to learn16:46
tabloidmika_ you could write a python wraparound for update-rc.d to work like rc-update on gentoo :D16:46
mika_tabloid: how can you show the current processes? under gentoo you do rc-update show (or eselect rc list).. under the man i don't see any way :)16:47
mika_it's not about the -..... ok... a little.. :P16:47
Wuyis there a dedicateted help channel for linux installation problems?16:48
mika_(also under ubuntu there is any /etc/conf.d for configs of the init scripts)16:48
DarkwingDuckWhat's up Wuy?16:48
mika_(i'm using ubuntu for 2 days... i'm kinda new ;) )16:48
shadeslayerWuy: well what linux distro?16:49
Wuykubuntu 9.0216:50
shadeslayerWuy: theres no such version of kubuntu ;)16:50
DarkwingDuck9.02? You mean 9.04 or 9.10?16:50
WuyI have a problem creating the ext4 partition16:50
Wuythe latest - mixed it up weith sometinh else. the latest stable one anyways16:51
tabloidmika_ yeah, same situation - moved from gentoo to kubuntu :) i have to think about it16:51
DarkwingDuck9.10 Ok16:51
shadeslayerWuy: 9.10 :)16:51
Wuyyeü :-)16:51
mika_tabloid: it's kinda hard moving from a "hard" system to a simpler one.... :D16:51
shadeslayermika_: btw you dont configure anything on kubuntu,everything is preconfigured ;)16:52
antonio__ultimate edition 2.516:52
mika_tabloid: i'm trying it because it'll have to install it into my company, so i'm trying, playing and remastersys it ;)16:52
Wuyanyways, I booted the pre-installed windows 7 and used the file-management system to create a new partition without any filesystem16:52
ToraToraTora"everyting is preconfigured" I wish16:53
mika_shadeslayer: but not always the preconfigured one is the better one, maybe i don't want a process always started at boot, but it's preconfigured that way ;)16:53
Wuythen I did a reboot from the kubuntu cd and attempted to convert this partition to ext4 - and then an error occured, that it just could not do that16:53
mika_shadeslayer: it's not a big dealt, but as there are some differences between different distro there is a kind of learning/moving curve ;)16:53
shadeslayermika_: i understand,i migrated from kubuntu to arch and i couldnt understand a thing at first ;)16:54
mika_shadeslayer: :)16:55
tabloidmika_ um, i can't figure it out :( did you mean just init scripts or processes in general ?16:55
mika_tabloid: init scripts16:55
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derdritteHey guys, does my avatar have to be a certain size/format to display properly on the login-screen?16:59
tabloidmika_ shit, no idea actually - ubuntu is so nicely preconfigured, that i never tried to have a closer look.. sorry :(16:59
mika_tabloid: no problem :) for now i can enable and disable them.... but i don't know what there is :D16:59
tabloidmika_ browse /etc - maybe you find a suitable config-file, which lists all the active scripts17:00
derdritteOkay, I fail.17:07
derdritteSo nobody on the image-problem?17:08
tabloidderdritte: don't know - maybe james cameron knows what to do :P17:11
derdrittetabloid: he is just gonna ruin it.17:11
tabloidderdritte: yeah, but he will get rich by it17:12
derdrittetabloid: how exactly is that helping me? :P17:12
derdritteIt's strange because the picture shows up everywhere, just not on the login-screen.17:13
tabloidderdritte: maybe your kdm theme doesn't support showing avatars17:13
derdritteI think it does, it's the original Oxygen17:14
derdritteBut I can just try the Air one...17:14
[THC]AcidRainZOMG HAX17:14
djusticehm. im trying to respin kubuntu9.10 with a custom plasma-desktop. but something magically adds a quicklaunch, battery, and notifier on boot... kdebase? no?17:19
castlec-mceis there anyone here that can help me with a kernel compile?  I want to just recompile the vanilla ubuntu 2.6.27-17-generic kernel without SATA PMP.  How do I simply override the kernel config that the debian/rules is using?17:23
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)17:23
castlec-mcethis is for intrepid, by the way.  I need to remove SATA PMP to stop a hardware bug17:24
wesley_is there a console command that will tell me whats using my soundcard? some rogue program aparently is killing it so i cant get sound elsewhere17:27
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dramicвечер добрый17:31
ubuntuany one know how to installing grub? my grub dissapear after installing windows 717:32
=== ubuntu is now known as fu-alex
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
Peace-!grub2 | ubottu17:36
ubottuPeace-: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:36
Peace-!grub2 | ubuntu17:36
ubottuubuntu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:36
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* PascalFr_parti est parti: Parti pour l'instant.17:40
dramicменя видно? (я нуб и не могу понять, работает прога или нет)17:47
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rork!ru | dramic17:49
Guest45638how to will know     started mysql or not?17:49
ubottudramic: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:49
=== Guest45638 is now known as manmanman
manmanmanhow to will know     started mysql or not?17:49
manmanmanport 330617:50
manmanmanbut how to ping?17:50
dramic) bb17:50
Dragnslcrmanmanman- System Monitor will tell you if the process is running. The netstat command can tell you if it's listening on a port17:52
manmanmanmysql runned on my PC17:54
manmanmannetsatt not tell me!   there are no 330617:54
manmanman5 digits ports only is there17:54
meero_hi, my kubuntu is not waking up well after sleeping, how to debug this?18:49
dmatti have segmentation faults in knotify almost for all notification (9.10 with KDE SC4.4) how to reinstall knotify?18:52
meero_hi, my kubuntu is not waking up well after sleeping, how to debug this??18:55
noaXess_netubui have changed my kernel that hid will be loaded as module and not built in kernel.. what need i load, change that hid will be loaded as module automatically on kernel boot?19:10
tinchenI've setup a new installation, now i copied an old kde3 profile to the new machine but kaboom doesn't start (it is installed) any suggestions?19:12
noaXess_netubutinchen: try to rename the kaboom config19:14
tinchennoaXess_netubu: Located where?19:14
noaXess_netubutinchen: right now i'm noton a kubuntu machine, but it should be in ~/.kde19:15
noaXess_netubuor search for kaboomin .kde19:16
tinchennoaXess_netubu: nothing found19:17
meerohi, who can help me with ubuntu sleep waking problem?19:24
anne_where is kubuntu de?19:40
anne_german ..19:40
Tm_T#kubuntu-de ?19:40
x_linkDoes anybody know if there is any notifier for mail in KDE?19:44
x_linkSo a small popup-window will come up when I get a mail to my hotmail.19:44
harolddongis anybody else having a problem with yahoo accounts causing kopete to crash when they sign on19:59
jessihello all20:24
jessii need to get some help with my network manager can anyone help or do you know where i can get some help with it20:25
jessimika: hello20:35
mika___hi, how can i restart the eth0 telling it to use the dhcp? it worked, then i went home and set a pppoe connection with pppoeconfig, then i'm trying to use again the dhcp but it doesn't work... the kde network manager doesn't work, it doesn't permit to click to select the connection - is it a bug of kde 4.3.5?20:40
dusty_does anyone know how to use emulators20:53
dusty_for linux20:53
llutzdusty_: find, install, read documentation, use20:53
jessican anyone help  me with a network manager issue?20:55
llutz!anyone > jessi21:00
ubottujessi, please see my private message21:00
jessimy network manager has disappeared entirely in my laptop and i need it for a trip i am taking. can anyone help me get it back in without reinstalling my entire system21:07
llutzjessi: sudo aptitude reinstall network-manager knetworkmanager21:09
jessillutz: i have tried that and it gives me alist of websites it can not connect to to do anything21:11
harolddongaptitude search yahoo21:11
llutzjessi: you need a working internet-connection for that21:12
llutzjessi: have you wired network available?21:12
jessibut i'll try it again21:12
jessiok this time i have the wire plugged in to the computer and it ran but it came back saying that the network manager is not currently installed, so it will not be reinstalled21:14
ivan__как настроить звук21:14
llutzjessi: so why did you remove it?21:15
jessinot me, my hubby was mesing around with it updating it for me before my trip and now it is gone so don't know what to do now21:17
llutzjessi: sudo aptitude install network-manager knetworkmanager21:17
jessitried that just now an it is saying that it can not fetch things from ubuntu.com's website21:18
llutzjessi: chech your sources.list21:19
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jessisorry i am more of a use the computer not fix the computer kind of girl21:21
jessiso i really don't know what i am doing otheriwse21:21
llutzjessi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu21:22
jessiok why is this not opening for me?21:25
dusty_how do fix my volume21:25
dusty_i have no sound21:26
dusty_wow alot of people moving21:27
jessiok i can not figure this out and i am ready to throw this computer out the window21:33
underdevhi!  i swear i've googled this, but i can't figure out what kubuntu "alternate" is?  can someone explain please?21:35
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal21:36
underdevubottu: thank you very much!21:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:37
TLFin lucid alpha 3 is still not possible to have digikam and gwenview installed at the same time?21:41
jessiplease how do i reinstall my network manager with out having to reinstall my whole system21:42
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[THC]AcidRaini need help22:07
jessihow do i reinstall a network manager if it has been uninstalled?22:08
cvdIts there a way to use thekdeWallet with-out asking for th damn password everytime?22:08
jessiok my problem is that i can not connect to the internet in order to get this to install22:11
xjjkcvd: set the password for the wallet blank22:11
[THC]AcidRainjessi: download the package and put it on a jump drive22:12
cvdxjjkelt:  ok  let me check22:13
cvdxjjk: ok let me see22:13
jessiwhere do i go to down load the package that might actually work. i tried to download one version and it did not download into the system and i am leaving for my trip tomorrow afternoon so i need to get it fixed and i have been working on this for almost a week now. please help if you can22:15
xjjkjessi: we need more details... what exactly is wrong?22:17
xjjkis networking completely not working, or just internet? how do you connect to the Internet?22:17
jessimy network manager got unistalled and i do not want to have to reinstall my whole os in order to get it back and i can not connect to the internet in order to run the sudo apt-get in order to reinstall it22:18
xjjkhow did it get uninstalled22:18
[THC]AcidRaini dont see why u cant just download the package to a jump drive and move it to your comp :/22:18
xjjkjessi: you need to do what [THC]AcidRain says... get a list of packages that need to be downloaded22:19
xjjkjessi: you'd not happen to have synaptic installed, would you? it makes this very easy22:19
[THC]AcidRaini been posting first resulted google searches :P22:19
xjjk[THC]AcidRain: it's not that simple22:19
xjjkwithout knowing what was uninstalled22:19
[THC]AcidRainye true. im a noob to. so im learning with jessi ^_^22:20
[THC]AcidRaini just had major sound problems and reformatted just to fix it :/22:20
[THC]AcidRaindamn alsa >_>22:20
xjjkyou shouldn't need to do things that way but it depends how much work you want to put into fixing things22:21
[THC]AcidRainyeah i know :(22:21
[THC]AcidRainbut i did search for ever. 100s of google pages22:21
[THC]AcidRainfollowed every tutorial i could find22:21
[THC]AcidRainread as much as i can.22:21
[THC]AcidRainhell i got commands memorized for life that i know ill never use again. lol22:22
[THC]AcidRainnow what i really want, no lie. is an itunes replacement for ubuntu22:24
[THC]AcidRaini dont want to use wine. and i really dont want to install a virtualbox22:24
[THC]AcidRainamorak and other linux media players wont handle my ipod touch22:24
xjjk"itunes replacement" in what sense22:24
[THC]AcidRainalthough they would do the 2 gig nano i had22:24
[THC]AcidRainjust anything that can put music on my ipod so i can listen to it22:25
xjjklibrary-oriented music management, or iTunes store/iPod stuff22:25
xjjkI see22:25
[THC]AcidRainmusic management22:25
xjjkseems you want the latter22:25
xjjkthe problem here is the iPod, Apple only wants you to use iTunes22:25
[THC]AcidRainreally all this miracle software i search for has to do, is ONLY put music on my ipod. i use rhythmbox for my music. and i really like it22:26
[THC]AcidRainwell my ipod is jailbroken, idk if that will matter :/22:26
[THC]AcidRainbut your right i did notice that22:26
xjjkI'm not sure22:26
[THC]AcidRainit will appear in rythmbox for a split second, then disappear :'(22:26
xjjkI don't know anything about iPods except to not buy them22:27
[THC]AcidRainwhat other kick ass music player is there?22:27
xjjkno idea22:27
xjjkI have/had a Sandisk Sansa22:27
xjjkwas fine, other than the proprietary connector (which is no different than the iPod of course)22:27
[THC]AcidRainu gotta check out that ipod touch dude. its really cool. mine is 8gig. jailbroken, it runs some form of unix22:28
xjjkbut I realize I don't really listen to music anymore so I care less22:28
[THC]AcidRainoh ya i know what ya mean :|22:28
xjjknot interested in paying money to be locked into platforms/lifestyle22:28
xjjkand if I got one for free, I'd probably sell it22:28
[THC]AcidRainlol. for real. thats how it is. im trying to break freee of this prison22:28
xjjkand get a music player whose manufacturer actually wants me to use it the way I want to22:28
[THC]AcidRainye really good point :/22:29
[THC]AcidRaini honestly didnt know that apple had gotten so bitchy with their hardware though.22:29
xjjkthey've always been that way22:29
[THC]AcidRainwell my older ipod would connect to anything...22:29
[THC]AcidRaineven that one buggy hippo proggy for linux22:30
xjjkthat's probably because Apple stopped actively making the iPod not connect to things22:30
xjjkand the software ecosystem had time to catch up22:30
[THC]AcidRainim sending hate mail now22:30
xjjkas a consumer the best way to make a point is with your wallet22:31
[THC]AcidRainlol. no point will be made here then :/ i stay broke22:31
jessidoes any one have any ideas?22:32
xjjkI've not looked at prices lately but last I did, you could get two Sandisk Sansas (at the same capacity) as an iPod Nano22:32
[THC]AcidRainye i just like all the extra apps that i can get from jailbreak.22:33
xjjkjessi: do you have synaptic installed?22:33
[THC]AcidRainpolice scanners.22:33
[THC]AcidRainwireless sniffers22:33
[THC]AcidRainthose type deals22:33
FloodBotK2[THC]AcidRain: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:33
xjjkpolice scanner? how does that work22:33
xjjkdidn't think the iPod had a radio22:33
[THC]AcidRaini dont think its a true scanner. i think it just connects to a local broadcast22:34
xjjklocal broadcast?22:34
[THC]AcidRainye every city got em22:34
[THC]AcidRainits huh...22:34
[THC]AcidRainforget what they call it.22:34
xjjkif it doesn't have a radio22:34
xjjkhow is it doing that22:34
[THC]AcidRainno thats what im saying, its just the internet. have to have a connection22:35
[THC]AcidRainand somewhere it gets on a website or something. idk :/22:35
xjjkif it's on the Internet22:35
[THC]AcidRainok, its called police web radio entertainment22:36
xjjkwhy do you need an iPod in particular to listen? couldn't you use anything22:36
[THC]AcidRainthere is one for iphone. said something about the ipod in google descriptiion22:36
[THC]AcidRainyeah im just saying, i can carry around less with me.22:36
[THC]AcidRainnot to mention it has the hypno toad from family guy =D22:36
xjjkI could use my phone for this, and carry even less22:37
jessixjjk: synaptic? sorry like i said i use the computer, i don't really fix it22:37
[THC]AcidRainsynaptic is a package manager22:38
xjjkjessi: OK... do you have a Kubuntu CD?22:38
[THC]AcidRainah, bbl22:38
jessiyes i have my cd22:38
xjjkjessi: check /etc/apt/sources.list22:39
xjjknear the top, you should have some lines about a cdrom22:39
jessido i do this with the cd in the system or just by itself?22:39
xjjkdoesn't matter at this point22:40
jessiit says permission denied do i need to sudo before it?22:41
xjjkjessi: also found the GUI way to do this...22:43
jessiit says command not found22:43
xjjkjessi: alright, just use the GUI22:44
xjjkstart krunner (keyboard shortcut alt+f2) and type "software sources"22:45
xjjker, put the CD in22:45
xjjkbefore doing this22:45
jessihow do i do that?22:45
jessiok wat now22:46
xjjkdid you start software sources?22:46
lovrehi all22:46
lovrei have a multipart zip archive, how do i unzip it?22:46
jessiok i have cd in, and have krunner up22:49
xjjkjessi: start software sources22:50
jessii can not find it on the cd22:52
jessiit tries to open various folders on the cd but nothing that looks like software sources22:52
xjjkjessi: sorry, what are you doing exactly?22:53
xjjkif you start krunner, and type in "software sources", you should see an application you can run22:54
jessiok when i put it in it says file home/nico/softwear sources no such file or directory23:03
xjjkjessi: I need to go, so I can't walk you through it anymore... but one of the (many) ways to fix this is to configure apt to fetch only packages from the CD23:08
xjjkthen, reinstall network-manager from the CD23:08
xjjkthen enable Internet repositories again23:08
jessiok i need my network manager reinstalled without reinstalling my entire os23:14
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ZoraelI'm trying to connect to a VPN and knetworkmanager fails silently. Does it (or NetworkManager) keep a log somewhere?23:37
Typos_KingZorael:     I've heard before that knetworkmanager may be sucky for vpm connections,  nm-applet seem to fare better, which is gnome network manager frontend.... which I use hehe, you can install it with ->    sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome;  and run nm-applet23:40
ZoraelTypos_King: Hum, okay. I'm using kvpnc at the moment, but I guess the GNOME applet would work too. Thanks.23:41
bazhi, why does the battery meter take up 2 panel spaces?23:50
bazalso, what does the "indicator display" do? it always says no applications running (looks like an envelope on the panel)23:51
Typos_Kingnot sure I follow baz23:52
bazfor the batter meter?23:53
bazTypos_King, it is 2 spots or squares wide and shows 2 meters side-by-side23:53
Typos_Kingwell.... I dont't havea a battery meter...so.... as far as the other.. the envelope...then agian, I'm not runing kde wm :|23:54
bazTypos_King, oh for that. There is an envelope looking icon that when u hover over it it says it is called "indicator display" but I'm not sure what it does23:54
bazTypos_King, heh, u arent even running kde? ok nevermind...23:55
Typos_KingI think you might be referring to the media stuff... is a little spot....I think it might look like an envelope, on the tray,  whenever you stick say a usb device or a dvd or so, it'll popup with a notification of the device just plugged in, giving you the choice to open it and look at or browse it23:56
Typos_Kingwell heheh23:56
Typos_KingI do run kde... as dm.... I am not running the window manager though :P23:57
BlueFaceMonsterHi. Just applied the recommended security updates and bug fixes, Now getting "unable to contact KDED" from the services manager. Any ideas?23:57
Typos_Kingjust not the one I'm using23:57

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