jelmermwhudson, wgrant: unfortunately I'm already past 5000 revisions :-/00:22
wgrantjelmer: I just checked IRC logs, and it was between r3000 and r4000.00:23
jelmerwgrant: Thanks00:24
jelmerSo I wonder what's different between Michaels' setup and mine00:24
wgrantjelmer: Did you import 5000 revs, or up to r5000?00:25
jelmerah, good point00:25
jelmerI imported 5000 revisions00:25
jelmerso there's still "hope"00:25
wgrantI'm not sure which Michael meant. I guess there's one easy way that will probably find out.00:26
jelmermwhudson: Hmm, it definitely seems to slow down over time01:37
jelmermwhudson: but no failures yet.01:37
jelmermwhudson, reproduced01:41
jelmerstrangely enough I only seem to be able to reproduce it on fetches from remote hosts01:43
jelmerand it's related to encodings in commit messages/authors01:43
jelmerThe issue only crops up when we try to recreate the original git object from the data we have in Bazaar02:05
jelmerWe need to create the original git object again to use it as the delta base, but of course that's only necessary during a pull (during a clone or 'full' pull we already have all base texts available in git packs)02:06
wgrantAh, yes. So is the bzr revision bad, or just not being recreated properly?02:08
jelmerit's just not being created properly - it strips off characters that are invalid for the expected encoding at the moment02:23
jelmerso we lose a few characters02:23
jelmerand then of course the sha1 of the newly created commit is different02:24
jelmeranybody around to review the patch to unbreak the merge from stable into db-devel?02:50
jelmermwhudson: I got to 18k revisions without problems13:16
jelmermwhudson, hi18:59
lifelessjelmer: another hour perhaps19:04
jelmerlifeless, Isn't he in NZ while you're in AU ?19:04
jelmerlifeless, or are you just up at a crazy hour?19:04
lifelessI woke a little...early today19:04
jelmerah :-)19:05
mwhudsonjelmer: hello19:15
jelmermwhudson: I just sent you an email. We should make sure to get a new version of bzr-git onto lp.19:16
mwhudsonjelmer: subject?19:17
mwhudsonjelmer: i guess it's r727 we want, right?19:17
jelmermwhudson: there's bzr-git in the subject, don't recall what it is exactly19:18
jelmermwhudson, yeah19:18
mwhudsonjelmer: it doesn't look like i received it :/19:18
* jelmer flushes his mail queue19:19
jelmermwhudson, should be sent now19:20
mwhudsonjelmer: it's interesting that bzr-git spends nearly 30% of it's time shoving things into sqlite19:20
mwhudsonjelmer: i got your mail now :-)19:20
mwhudsonjelmer: if a branch is suffering from this problem the branch is broken and needs to be re-imported from scratch, right?19:22
jelmermwhudson: yes19:23
lifelessjelmer: btw, new testrepository is sexy :) and packaged in debian [in NEW]19:23
jelmerlifeless, ah, awesome. I need to give it a try19:23
jelmerlifeless, I saw your addition of .testr.conf to bzr19:24
lifelessjelmer: you  could write a .testr.conf for lp :)19:24
jelmerI might19:24
mwhudsonjelmer: out of curiosity, what do you think a sensible revision pull limit is for lp?19:31
mwhudsonit's at 1000 now, which i think might be a bit low19:31
mwhudsoni actually wonder if a time-based limit might almost make more sense19:31
mwhudsonimport revisions for an hour, then stop19:32
mwhudsonor something19:32
jelmermwhudson: as long as you reschedule imports I don't think the limit is really important19:32
mwhudsonjelmer: ok19:32
jelmeranywhere between 1k and 10k seems reasonable19:33
mwhudsontesting the kernel locally sure used up quite a lot of my bandwidth :-)19:33
mwhudsonwe should be getting some new code import slaves soon-ish btw19:34
mwhudsonthey will be much much better speced that the machines we currently have19:34
jelmerouch, you have a limit on your bandwidth?19:34
mwhudsononly a practical one19:34
mwhudsonbut it takes a lot longer here to get the kernel.org repo than it does the data centre machines, that's all i meant19:35
jelmermwhudson: oh, we'll need a newer dulwich too19:40
mwhudsonjelmer: oh19:42
mwhudsonjelmer: you haven't rebased dulwich again have you?19:49
jelmermwhudson, no19:51
mwhudsonmust have had old local branches then19:51
mwhudsonoh great, someone broke buildbot?19:56
lifelesssay its not so19:57
mwhudsonlooks like r905519:57
mwhudsonor maybe it's a merge integration thing19:58
mwhudsonoh i see there's already list discussion about it19:59
mwhudson(it is an integration thing)19:59
mwhudsonjelmer: fwiw the git import succeeded locally without the new dulwich20:09
thumpermwhudson: when do you want to chat?20:50
mwhudsonthumper: in a few minutes?20:50
thumpersure, just call20:50
mwhudsonthumper: https://staging.launchpad.net/successful-updates.txt21:16
mwhudsonjelmer: wow, that bzr-svn symlink thing is breaking so many imports21:43
mwhudsonjelmer: is the fix landed already?21:43
* wgrant rechristens Soyuz "who could possibly think that was a good idea?"22:06
lifelessjelmer: as incentive for doing a .testr.conf22:07
thumpermwhudson: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/29739822:19
mupBug #297398: support password/passphrase authentication for bazaar <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/297398>22:19
wgrant(bug #529710 was the cause of my horror)22:20
* thumper taps his fingers waiting for the staging email to arrive in the imap box22:52
thumpermwhudson: how's the qa on the import changes going?22:52
mwhudsonthumper: well22:53
mwhudsonas in, it all seems to work22:53
mwhudsoni'm not sure there's much more i can do without losa help22:53
* thumper now waits for staging incoming email processor to kick in at noon22:56
thumperdamn it23:03
* thumper needs a losa too23:03
thumpermwhudson: I'm walking up to collect Maia, afk for a bit23:03
mwhudsonthumper: ok23:04
* mwhudson lunches23:24

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