doctormolaunchpad is behaving oddly01:20
doctormoWhen my program makes a http login request it now gets an openid response instead of a logon passed response.01:20
wgrantdoctormo: edge (and soon production) now use OpenID for authentication. Why are you attempting to make direct HTTP login requests? That's very much frowned upon.01:24
doctormowgrant: I know, but that's how groundcontrol works to get ssh keys uploaded01:25
wgrantdoctormo: You need to get SSH keys exported (is there a bug for that?)01:25
wgrantIf you have to do something like that, you should file a bug so you don't have to do it for more than a few days!01:26
doctormowgrant: And what of OAuth? still not fixed, still required a web browser.01:27
jpdsbug #50530101:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505301 in openssh "openssh server should warn that .ssh/authorized_keys is not accessible (causing ssh pubkey authentication to fail silently)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50530101:28
jpdsErr, bug #357235 actually.01:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 357235 in launchpad-registry "A user's ssh keys are not currently available throug the APIs" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35723501:28
wgrantdoctormo: That's a policy decision that you should probably respect, until we have a trusted desktop client (which is in development, I believe)01:28
doctormowgrant: Aye, nothing can be done about that though until the "trusted desktop client" is done.01:29
doctormoThanks for telling me about the openid change, I'll get that fixed up.01:30
wgrantdoctormo: Is there anything else that you're using normal webapp HTTP requests for?01:39
doctormowgrant: apart from those, nope.01:39
wgrantdoctormo: Just getting the token and setting SSH keys?01:40
doctormowgrant: It grabs the ssh keys too, to compare them.01:40
wgrantdoctormo: Well, yes, but if I was to expose SSH keys and the desktop client existed, you wouldn't need to do any non-launchpadlib interactions?01:40
* wgrant looks at exporting SSH keys.01:41
askhl_Hi.  For any particular module that can be translated using Rosetta, how do you tell whether there exists an upstrea source for that module?01:42
askhl_Some modules have strings that were "changed in launchpad", so they must necessarily originate from a different source.01:42
askhl_Since Launchpad displays that, it must know at least something about upstream sources.01:43
wgrantaskhl_: I believe that those are just strings that are changed compared to the last upload.01:50
askhl_wgrant, okay, so there may not be any info available about upstream sources, which is sort of not so nice.  But this is good to know.  Thanks a lot01:51
wgrantaskhl_: I don't know much about Launchpad Translations. You would be better of asking around here during the European working week.01:52
wgrantThat's when the Translations developers are around.01:52
askhl_wgrant, will do.  Thanks again01:54
enlii was wondering if we can delete launchpad OpenPGP keys, i have got 2 and would like to delete one - beginner06:39
persiaenli: Launchpad doesn't really store the keys, just the association between users and keys (unless I've completely misunderstood something).  Once keys have been published to keyservers, there's no way to unpublish.  You may want to investigate revocation certificates.07:34
wgrantYou can deactivate the key from your Launchpad account, but that's about it.07:35
persiaDoes LP actually store a copy of the keys, or just relay (and populate) the local keyserver?07:36
wgrantThe latter.07:36
persiaOr is it even just a (manual) link from a certain key to an LP person object?07:36
wgrantLP just stores the fingerprint and a couple of useless attributes.07:37
persiaSo LP doesn't have any intelligent importing that e.g. picks a selection of keys based on email addresses in the profile, and prefers those in the strong set?07:39
wgrantpersia: No. That would be very bad, since I can upload a key with any email address...07:45
persiaAh, and one could presumably even get such a key into the strong set if one was sufficiently motivated.07:46
wgrantIt's rather easy if one has a strong set member key already.07:46
kyleabakerI have a question about launchpad, I've submitted bugs and want to assign some of the bugs to myself so I can submit a patch, but I'm unsure of where to start07:47
kyleabakerif I click the assign icon and assign the bug to myself, what does that do?07:47
persiakyleabaker: Can you not just assign yourself to the bugs using the UI?07:47
kyleabakeri think so07:47
kyleabakeri just haven't tried it yet07:47
persiaIt just indicates that you're assigned, and sends a notification to subscribers.07:47
kyleabakeri want to understand what i'm getting myself into first07:47
persiaPrecisely what that means depends on the policies for the project that has the bug.07:48
kyleabakerlets say i assign it to myself and submit a fix, what format should that fix be in?07:48
kyleabakeri usually edit source files and attach them corrected with my reports if i can07:48
persiaThat depends on the policy for the project that has the bug.  Different projects like different formats.07:48
kyleabakerwould that be considered a fix committed?07:49
kyleabakerany idea how i can find that out?07:49
persiaYou'd do best to contact the team that manages the bugs for the project in which you're interested.07:49
kyleabakerone that I've submitted several bugs for recently is Gwibber07:50
kyleabakerwould you happen to know on that one?07:50
persiaHrm.  I *though* the bug supervisor was listed on the project page ( https://launchpad.net/gwibber in this case ), but it doesn't appear to be (or at least I don't see it).07:51
persiaThere's lots of URLs there, including an IRC channel.07:51
persia(although on a different IRC network than this)07:52
kyleabakerok, i'll look into their channel...hoping someone is actually online, haha07:52
persiaGood luck.07:54
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AlanBellmorning all10:19
AlanBellcould someone please remove Ubuntu Media Relations from the ubuntu-women team it is a left over artifact from a merge and gives a 404 error10:20
AlanBellmaking my launchpadlib script barf10:20
lifelessplease open a question on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad10:20
AlanBellthe team admins can't remove it10:20
lifelessthere isn't a help contact online at the moment10:20
tdevhi, could someone please approve my code import request? project rigsofrods10:24
AlanBelllifeless: thanks, have done, here is the link for reference https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10269410:26
tdevalso, can i set an external URL for the bugs page?10:28
tdevsince we run our own redmine installation10:28
tdevdo i have to be a 'registered' bugtracker for that?10:29
lifelesson your project homepage, click the pen icon and scroll down to 'bug tracker' in the settings page10:29
lifelessI think so, yes. But you can register it yourself10:30
tdevuh, where to do that?10:30
tdevand thanks lifeless :)10:31
lifelessI think there is a link in the settings10:31
lifelesshave a peek10:31
tdevwell, i am there ;)10:31
tdevi can only enter "The ID of this project on its remote bug tracker."10:33
tdevlifeless, thanks!11:03
lifelessde nada11:03
tdevit doesnt support redmine D:11:04
tdevhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/324387 :(11:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 324387 in malone "Support Redmine Bug Tracker for bug watches" [Medium,Triaged]11:06
humphreybchi, wonder if someone could tell me, is it possible to have launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-screenshots as a sub-project of launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual without making ubuntu-manual a super project?11:53
lifelessthat is, yes I can tell you. And the answer is no.11:54
lifelessprojects are projects, project groups are project groups.11:54
humphreybcokay, we need everyone who's in ubuntu-manual to be able to write to ubuntu-manual-screenshots11:54
lifelesswhat do you mean 'write to'11:54
humphreybcpush to branches and file auto merges11:54
lifelessI don't know what an auto merge is11:55
lifelessbut for branches, everyone can push to any namespace they like.11:55
lifelessperhaps you mean to the trunk branch specifically?11:55
humphreybcwe're going to have over 40 branches11:55
humphreybcone for each language11:55
lifelessok, nevertheless11:55
lifelessdo you mean specific branches, or 'into the namespace'11:56
humphreybcwell i suppose specific branches11:56
lifelessso, just make them owned by the team11:56
humphreybcah, okay, that's easy then11:56
lifelessbranch permissions are team based, not project based.11:56
humphreybccool, that's what i was after11:56
humphreybcand i can make the screenshots project owned by the ubuntu-manual team as well?11:56
humphreybcawesome, thanks for your help!11:57
humphreybcwe might be around here a bit more often asking questions like this :P11:57
lifelesshappy to have helped11:57
micahgis uploading to PPAs down?14:11
micahgintellectronica: ^^14:18
muelliheya :) https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/+archive/muelli claims that my PPA is signed with a key, but http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/muelli/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.pgp does not exist. How can I get the repository signed?14:19
chrisccoulsonis PPA uploading broken?14:52
chrisccoulsondput ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa gnome-user-share_2.29.91-0ubuntu0.1_source.changes14:53
chrisccoulsonConnection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused14:53
chrisccoulsonah, i see micahg already asked the same question14:53
jturneyI was just going to ask the same question :-)14:53
kalon33hello all, I got a problem uploading to my ppa, never seen this before (3526 packages uploading since my ppa starting and counting)15:06
kalon33Connection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused15:06
kalon33but no quota problem15:07
nigelbkalon33: there seems to be some trouble with ppa15:09
kalon33nigelb, where can I find when it goes back ? I saw nothing about the problem on identi.ca15:11
nigelbneither did I, I'm just letting you know that you're not the only person facing the issue15:12
nigelbIn fact, you're the third person so far who's asked here :)15:12
kalon33nigelb, ok thanks ;) sorry I don't really know who can take care of this !15:16
nigelbwell, its a weekend, whoever can must be off anyway15:17
kalon33sure, but I had the dream they left one sysadmin around to keep launchpad working if any problem ;)15:21
chrisccoulsonkalon33, nigelb - it seems to be working again16:00
nigelbmicahg: ^16:00
kalon33yes, my uploads are running again16:00
kalon33thanks chrisccoulson ;)16:01
muelliDoes any body have an idea about my signing isseu? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/+archive/muelli claims that my PPA is signed with a key, but http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/muelli/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.pgp does not exist. How can I get the repository signed?16:23
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jono_hey all23:24
jono_anyone here used the Python bzrlib module?23:24
jono_I am trying to figure out how to branch an "lp:" project onto the local machine23:25
gesersomething like "bzr branch lp:launchpadlib"? or do I don't understand the question?23:28
wgrantjono_: import bzrlib.directory_service23:35
wgrantimport bzrlib.plugin23:35
wgrantreal_url = bzrlib.directory_service.directories.dereference('lp:something')23:36
lifelesswgrant: plugins aren't needed for this ;)23:36
wgrantlifeless: They are if you want to dereference an lp: URL, aren't they?23:36
lifelessuhm, oh yeah.23:36
lifelesswgrant: but23:36
lifelesswgrant: import bzrlib.plugins.launchpad23:36
lifelesswgrant: :P23:36
jono_ok, so what is the best approach :)23:37
lifelessjono_: what wgrant pasted is fine23:39
lifelessjono_: its ~ what I mailed you, but working23:39
* wgrant forgets the actual branch invocation.23:39
jono_local_branch = remote_branch.bzrdir.sprout(home + '/Desktop/python-snippets').open_branch()23:39
jono_where home is the home dir23:39
wgrantAh, right.23:40
wgrantBut os.path.join, please.23:40
lifelessjono_: if this is in a GUI or something, you may be better served writing a GUI bzrlib.ui.UI instance, (bzr-gtk has one :)), and then invoking the 'branch' command objecct.23:40
lifelessjono_: depends on your use case23:40
jono_lifeless, ahhh really?23:41
jono_yes this is a gui23:41
lifelessjono_: depends on what you're doing23:41
lifelessyou'll definitely want a gui ui_factory installed (qbzr has a qt one, bzr-gtk a gtk one)23:41
jono_lifeless, I am basically wanting to have my program pull from a branch periodically23:41
lifelesscalling the branch cmd depends on whether you are doing a generic thing, or specific23:41
lifelessif its specific, you probably are better off with direct use of the core api23:42
jono_lifeless, fancy doing me a favour?23:43
jono_I think it would be great if we had a bunch of python-snippet examples for this23:43
jono_I am just about to add one now23:43
jono_but I think this will really help people learn23:43
lifelessjono_: we do23:45
lifelessthere is aplugin writing guide, and an API guide23:45
lifelessplease submit patches to these23:45
jono_lifeless, I am not talking about plugins23:50
lifelessjono_: I mean, you can write snippets anywhere you like; but the bzr project won't generally see them, fix them or update them if they are outside the stuff the project contributors maintain.23:50
jono_that show people how to hack with it?23:50
lifelessjono_: I'm not talking about plugins either.23:50
jono_lifeless, I would just like to see a collection of examples in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jonobacon/python-snippets/trunk23:51
jono_I just added one for checking out a branch23:51
jono_and then people can view them with Acire23:51
lifelessjono_: some things you may find useful -23:58
lifelessjono_: I think it would be a shame to end up with two, separate sets of docs for doing stuff with bzrlib23:59
lifelessjono_: why can't Acire look at our existing docs?23:59

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