penguin42anyone having problems with google maps today not letting you click the buttons? I'm not sure if it's g.maps or todays chromium00:01
MaximLevitskyfolks, I need help with grub bootloader00:01
MaximLevitskysomebody understands it good/00:02
arandMaximLevitsky: First: State the problem ;)00:03
MaximLevitskyarand: very big one00:03
MaximLevitskyarand: I have a 8.10 installation00:03
MaximLevitskyand I converted it to ext400:04
MaximLevitskypenguin42: why?00:04
MaximLevitskypenguin42: the kernel is 2.6.33 anyway00:04
penguin42ok, so you have 8.10 but with a special kernel - carry on00:04
MaximLevitskypenguin42: the point is that I always reinstall grub using chroot00:05
MaximLevitskypenguin42: but this time grub just didn't want to work00:05
MaximLevitskypenguin42: I tried to install grub2 in the chroot00:05
MaximLevitskypenguin42: this gives me stupid 'Welcome to GRUB' on boot00:06
MaximLevitskypenguin42: probably grub2 wan't mature in 8.2000:06
penguin42MaximLevitsky: Can you just explain your chroot setup a minute - is the 8.10 the outer or the inner?00:06
MaximLevitskypenguin42: 8.10 is inside chroot00:06
MaximLevitsky10.4 is outside00:07
penguin42ok, so why are you installing the grub from the chroot?00:07
MaximLevitskypenguin42: because I don't know how to install it from outside yet00:08
MaximLevitskypenguin42: this thing pokes many configuration files00:08
* penguin42 is even more confused - where is the 10.4 installed?00:09
MaximLevitskypenguin42: on the live disk (usb)00:09
penguin42ok, so next question - why are you trying to install grub2 on your 8.10 install?00:10
arandMaximLevitsky: you should be able to install with just the root mounted like so "grub-install --root-directory=/media/tmp /dev/sdaXY"00:10
* MaximLevitsky is already trying to do so...00:10
arandMaximLevitsky: but yea, penguin42 has a very good point00:10
MaximLevitskyarand: yesssssssssssss!!!00:12
MaximLevitskyarand: --root-directory= did the trick00:12
arandMaximLevitsky: If you want to use grub2 in 8.10, you'd have to install it as packages as well to be able to update it without grabbing for a liveCD each time..00:12
MaximLevitskyarand: I did00:13
arandI don't know the state of the grub2 packages in 8.1000:13
MaximLevitskyarand: I don't think I will ever need to reinstall grub200:13
MaximLevitskyarand: when I have more free time I just update this system to 9.1000:13
arandMaximLevitsky: but the problem is that I don't know if you have a good update-grub for 8.10, meaning it'll be tricky to update the grub.cfg with new kernels, boot options, etc..00:17
MaximLevitskyarand: this is good question, but the grub.cfg I used now it generated by 8.10 update-grub00:18
penguin42arand: But he's running his own kernel anyway00:18
MaximLevitskypenguin42: yeah, now I find out I forgot to compile in ext4.... :-)00:19
penguin42ah that's always embarrassing00:19
MaximLevitskypenguin42: but not a big deal00:20
MaximLevitskypenguin42: it was compiled in, but not in initrd00:21
MaximLevitskypenguin42: this is as a module00:21
MaximLevitskypenguin42: that I know how to handle00:22
penguin42MaximLevitsky: With 10.4 the kernels I build just don't want to boot - they hang at mountall, I've not figured out what it wants yet - they worked for the earliest bits of Lucids alpha cycle but stopped a month or so ago00:23
MaximLevitskypenguin42: the mountall the the devil00:23
MaximLevitskypenguin42: in fact I feel that there is more regress that progress00:24
MaximLevitskypenguin42: the gnome-disk-utility00:25
MaximLevitskypenguin42: gparted is much much much better00:25
penguin42I just don't get how the graphical ones haven't picked up lvm and the like yet00:25
MaximLevitskythe empathy that is junk compared to pidgin00:26
MaximLevitskybut it got luxury integration with gnome panel now, and piding one is broken00:26
arandMaximLevitsky: Old News... :)00:27
MaximLevitskypulseaudio that does work now, but still can't be disabled temporary properly00:27
MaximLevitskyfor skype...00:28
MaximLevitskywhich PA support is just broken...00:28
crimsunthat's no fault of PA.  You've always been able to use pasuspender --00:28
MaximLevitskycrimsun: now skype detects PA, and refuses to work with alsa00:28
penguin42crimsun: I think I've got a bug somewhere that it's not freeing up the mixer devices with pasuspender00:29
MaximLevitskycrimsun: but yeah this isn't pulseaudio fault00:29
crimsunpenguin42: bug report with strace and ltrace, please.00:29
* penguin42 thought he already had one00:29
MaximLevitskycrimsun: but the fact that PA keeps respawning if I kill it is very bad00:29
MaximLevitskycrimsun: only way to get it out is to rename the binary00:30
crimsunMaximLevitsky: autospawn is easily disabled. See /etc/default/pulseaudio00:30
rwwrenaming the binary O_O00:30
BUGabundocrazy ppl00:30
crimsunif you'd like the hints/instructions to be clearer, I happily review patches.00:30
MaximLevitskycrimsun: I tried that once00:30
penguin42crimsun: #404907 but I haven't checked it recently00:32
penguin42yeh still does it00:32
crimsunthat shouldn't be a kitten-killer, however00:33
crimsunit doesn't lock the actual controls00:33
crimsunthe logic behind it is that upon resuming, the control nodes are checked to see if it's ok to call into alsa-lib to reopen the hw device00:35
crimsunif the control nodes are locked, PA switches to the always sink, which is currently the null/dummy sink00:35
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
penguin42crimsun: Does it need to hold them open while suspended though?00:38
crimsunpenguin42: it's done for efficiency00:39
crimsunpenguin42: otherwise there's yet another race00:39
crimsunsorry, that was poorly phrased00:39
crimsunit's done for correctness and efficiency00:40
crimsunagain, it doesn't prevent the controller and codec from powering down00:40
penguin42true - does it prevent other things opening the control channel?00:40
BUGabundoanyone using latest pidgin ?00:41
BUGabundoI can't send messages if they have a big URL pasted !00:41
penguin42crimsun: OK00:41
markit10.04 alpha3, installer fails miserably before partitioning, is it only me or a known bug?00:45
markit(kubuntu version)00:46
quidnuncWhat is the package that I need install/uninstall to enable ctrl-alt-backspace?00:48
rwwubottu: dontzap | quidnunc00:48
ubottuquidnunc: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap00:48
quidnuncrww: Thanks00:48
arandquidnunc: But alt+sysreq+k should be equivalent.00:49
penguin42arand: Is that really the case?00:51
arandpenguin42: afaik.00:51
penguin42hmm I guess it is only the X server on that vt00:52
arandNot exatcly the same per se, but unless there's a bug the effect should be identical..00:53
wirechiefmarkit i just installed a0.4 alpha3 ubuntu its installer worked fine but i dont have windows on that HD00:53
markitwirechief: me neither, is a empty (not even partitioned) hd00:54
markitI've also partitioned it, but same story00:54
wirechiefmarkit the only issue i had was the ipv6 , i had to disable it, otherwise it took 4 minutes to reach desktop00:55
markitit asks me if has to use the entire hd or I wish to do a manual partition, then "disappears"00:55
wirechiefwow, nope i didnt experience that. did you do a media check for integrity ?00:55
markitwirechief: do you mean iso or hd? (did neither, but installed 9.10 without problems on that hd)00:56
markitlet me check checksum of the iso, or try media integrity inside kvm vm00:56
wirechiefwell both, the .iso and the media (using the grub menu for media)00:56
markitbtw, I have to add that I've created a bootable USB pen, since I'm installing in a "thin client" like pc00:57
wirechiefall the more reason to verify, dropping bits can cause untold headaches now or even later.00:58
wirechiefmarkit i have a acer aspire one, works well with remix and other distros.01:00
markitwirechief: mmm can't check usb integrity though01:03
markitunetbootin prepares the usb as a bootable HD01:04
wirechiefright usb media doesnt lend itself well to md5sum checking01:05
wirechiefbut booting it up and checking with grub menu selection should be ok.01:06
markitiso md5sum is ok, and in fact usb booted fine ad was running fine01:06
markitjust hte installer, but I think your (ubuntu?) is different from kubuntu01:06
wirechiefok well then, perhaps just a wierd occurance, might want to check dmesg and /var/log/messages to see if there are any issues01:07
wirechiefbefore trying again.01:07
wirechiefmarkit yes the ubuntu installer might well be different but very close to the same, these installers have been working well for me over last 4 or t5 releases01:08
markitgood ideas. I've installed 9.10 now, and I'm too lazy to start again not being sure will work01:08
wirechiefeven with kubuntu when i was using it.01:08
markitI'd better wait for RC2 ;)01:08
wirechiefat least do dmesg it might show up something .01:08
markitwas curious about the "faster boot speed", but seemd not that fast from usb install cd01:09
wirechiefi wait till the next alpha before i update, i hate fighting miss steps of others.01:09
wirechiefmarkit it bootited very fast for me once i disabled ipv601:09
wirechiefin grub01:09
ZykoticK9wirechief, actually A3 is last alpha, next is Beta 1 :)01:10
markitwirechief: is it a bug, or a damn consequence of IPV6?01:10
wirechiefmarkit im not sure but my emachine doesnt do well with it both on karmic and lucid01:10
markitsleep time, thanks a lot :)01:11
wirechiefk have fun01:11
melissawmhi folks01:50
melissawmcan anyone help me install lucid from a usb key? i've been trying for a couple of weeks using the daily images (amd64) but both the live cd and the alternate cd fail to install01:50
melissawmthe live cd does not start (gets stuck in the logo screen and never does anything) and the alternate cd gives me a "can't mount cd" error (of course, i'm using a usb stick!)01:52
BUGabundofail where melissawm?01:52
BUGabundohow are making the usb sticks?01:52
BUGabundousb-creator or unetbootn?01:52
melissawmhi BUGabundo :)01:53
BUGabundoold karmic, buggy verion?01:53
melissawmi've just zsync'd the images so they're current01:53
BUGabundoor a newer one?01:53
melissawmyou mean usb-creator version? i'm not sure, i'm using kubuntu karmic up to date01:54
BUGabundothere's your prob01:55
BUGabundoeither try unetbootin or netboot.me01:56
melissawmreally? how come?01:56
Dr_WillisIve seen some alernatives to unetbootin. but they seem flakier in ways01:59
Dr_WillisSeen a few that work very well.. but have major 'other' issues :)02:00
BUGabundobko and netbootme are very nice02:00
BUGabundoif you can spare the bw02:01
BUGabundotime for bed02:01
Dr_WillisIve never done a netboot one.02:01
BUGabundoback tomorrow02:01
BUGabundonot netboot, but netboot.me02:01
melissawmok creating the usb stick right now. wish me luck02:01
melissawmboa noite, BUGabundo!02:02
Dr_WillisI did find a multi-disrto script the other day that let you put ubuntu + about a dozen other disrtos on a single dvd. :)02:02
melissawmDr_Willis: that's cool!02:02
melissawmok folks, i'll be right back , let me just try to see if it worked.02:03
dns53i have a bug in gwibber, there seems to be a bug report for 9.04, should i create a new bug for the 10.4 version or post to the existing bug?02:09
melissawmok so that didn't work. same thing as before: when i get to "load installer components from the cd" it says it cannot read my cd rom. cd rom check tells me there's no cd in the drive. is this expected behaviour for a usb installation? that it tries to look for a cd?02:09
agoolehey, trying to install the latest beta, but I just get a blank screen02:13
agooleI tried a different older live cd, and it worked02:13
agooleI need to reinstall since I lost my hd...02:14
dns53blank screen where? just after grub? after a few seconds of booting?02:14
agoolei throw in the live cd, and I get a menu to pick to run the live, install, scan memory whatever02:15
agooleafter I pick run the live session,02:15
agoolei just get blank02:15
coz_hey guys... when editing the libanimation.so and animation.xml for compiz's  minimize animation...this seems to remove the  plugins main animation plugin...the package can be reinstalled  but  I was hoping someone would take a look at the befor and after xml and the terminal errors ?02:15
agooleI get a blinking dash for a few seconds, than blank02:15
agooleand it never comes back02:15
melissawmagoole: have you tried using the alternate cd?02:15
coz_by the way this only happens on lucid02:16
agoolemelissawm: do I have to redownload the cd? or can I choose alternate install with the cd that I have ?02:16
coz_agoole,  are you downloading from a linux install or windows install?02:17
dns53agoole what video card do you have? the boot system is now using plymoth for boot animations so perhaps your card is not supported02:17
melissawmagoole: you have to download a different .iso, yeah... but i don't know if it would help you, it seems similar to what i'm experiencing except i'm trying to install from a usb stick.02:17
agooleI have to use a windows machine to burn the ISO02:17
agoolethe computer I'm trying to install has a fresh hard drive, since it crashed 2 days ago02:18
agooleI lost everything02:18
agooleso its a fresh install02:18
coz_agoole,  if you download another iso   make sure you burn it at 1 x...much safer..aslo when booting from the live cd  choose check cd for errors first02:18
melissawmok i'll go try with the alternate cd one more time, i'll come back and tell you if it worked.02:18
coz_agoole,  you could test the cd you have now for errors as well02:18
coz_sorry thought I was in #ubuntu02:19
agoolecoz_: I can't see that....it starts to check, than goes blank, like all the other options02:19
coz_agoole,  mmm02:19
wirechieftry using a terminal when the screen goes black ?02:19
coz_agoole,  ok I would download another iso  and burn it at 1 x  also when choosing a server make sure the download will only take about 35 minutes02:19
agooleeuh ok, I'll go try another alternate iso I guess02:20
flymanagoole most likely your install was trying to write to the mbr but failed and possible something did or didn't write correctly.02:20
flymani would go through it again and delete any/all partitions that may appear02:20
agoolewill an alternate install cd fix that ?02:20
agoolethere are no partitions, its a fresh hard drive02:20
agoolenot even formatted02:20
flymanif worst comes to worse, might need to try lilo and reinstall using grub02:21
coz_agoole,  well generally the alternate cd is for systems that have less than 256 megs of system memory02:21
flymanah unless you let ubuntu take over, most likely didn't install any mbr02:21
ZykoticK9agoole, can you use ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a terminal?  as wirechief asked?02:21
coz_agoole,  what you could do when using the live cd  is use the Install option instead of booting to desktop02:21
flymancan't install linux/ubuntu without the correct swaps/filesystem(s)02:21
coz_agoole,  I believe that is the third option on the list02:21
agoolethe 3rd option goes blank also, and doesn't let me see or do anything02:22
agooleZykoticK9: going to check now02:22
coz_agoole,  what system do you have ... I mean hardware02:22
agoolean old dell 460002:22
wirechiefagoogle try a terminal and see if you can get something going..02:22
flymanagoole start the disc over and run on the desktop and a file partitioner/viewer should be available02:22
coz_agoole, ok letme check thathold on02:22
Jeffxhello, is there any known bug with /etc/network/interfaces02:22
flymanJeffx depends on your nic ;]02:23
Jeffxthey both work ...02:23
coz_agoole,  does this have integrated video or a video card?02:23
Jeffxwhen I set them manually02:23
agoolecoz_: video card02:23
flymanJeffx im assuming one wlan other lan?02:23
Jeffxbut I have to set eth1 everytime before starting firestarter and the dhcp02:23
coz_agoole,  do you know the exact video card02:23
agoolecoz_: its an old 8x02:23
Jeffxboth lan02:23
agoolecoz_: I think its also got an intergrated video as well02:24
flymanare you trying to run a fileserver or something or you can't get them to load automatically and connect via dhcp and grab details?02:24
coz_agoole,  ok first thing to check is in the bios...there should be a setting for card or onboard video...disable one or the other02:24
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
flymanalso make sure AwareOS is off in bios, think thats what its called02:25
JeffxI have a home/web  server that share the internet and files to the local network02:25
flymanor OS/202:25
flymanJeffx and no one can tunnel in or just won't establish a connection on its own?02:25
agoolecoz_: uh oh,02:26
coz_agoole,  whats the problem?02:26
flymanfor instance, i want to get Document1.pdf off of and won't connect but it's online but can't get the file?02:26
agoolecoz_: now its stuck, saying diskette drive error,02:26
agoolejust unjammed02:26
flymanagoole hopefully you have cdrom firt boot option and any usb boot off.02:26
coz_agoole, what this sounds like is a hardware issue... but check the bios for video options02:27
agoolecoz_: yeah, my hard drive just died,02:28
agoolecoz_: so now all the drivers for the system are out of wack02:28
coz_agoole,  ooo   do you have a spare ?02:28
flymanagoole eide or sata/ata?02:28
Jeffxat boot the network card doesnt appear in ifconfig until I do it manually, sudo ifconfig eth1, only then can I start firestarter to enable net sharing and dhcp....02:29
flymanmake sure you have the right jumpers set correctly02:29
Jeffxany ideas ?02:29
coz_agoole,  what this working at any time in the recent past?02:29
coz_agoole,  ok here02:29
flymanmake it set to auto if you can or set it to master and make sure master is plugged in or master slave02:29
agooleflyman: jumpers are set to cable detect02:30
skippuff54jeffx what is in your /etc/network/interfaces file02:30
flymanagoole does your bios detect your drive?02:30
agooleflyman: yes,but just calles it unknown hardware02:30
flymanalso how big is the hard drive and how old is your motherboard? cause old motherboard with no support for large drives wont work (or room for expansion).02:30
agooleflyman: its a 320gig,02:31
agooleit should be ok02:31
melissawmok. so the alternate cd gives me an error after partitioning and installing the base system. it says "an installation step failed"02:31
flymanagoole does your comp/mobo support expansion for that big of a drive (assuming its older)?02:31
melissawm(the alternate image, in a usb stick)02:31
agooleyeah should be ok for support02:31
agooleuh oh02:31
agoolei ran the IDE drive configurator02:31
coz_flyman,  I believe that model of dell comes with that size hardrive when purchased:)02:32
agooleand it says no hard drive installed02:32
flymancoz_ ok good deal02:32
coz_agoole,  you say this hard drive crashed with windows?02:32
flymanagoole try diffrent cord or before that try re-setting jumper to master02:32
coz_agoole,  do you have another hard drive laying around?02:32
agooleprevious hard drive crashed while running kubuntu koala,02:32
agoole2 days ago, and lost everything02:32
agooleso I went out and bought this new one02:32
agooleok, let me take it apart, and switch jumpers02:33
coz_agoole,  ok first   with or without an hard driver  ...the live cd should not be affected02:33
coz_agoole, hard drive I meant02:33
actionParsnipyo yo yo02:33
coz_agoole,  so the issue you have with live cd is not related to hard drive02:33
agooleyeah, but the bios craps out, saying no install drive available,02:33
agooleyah, maybe not, lol02:33
agoolebut I can't install either way02:34
agoolelet me switch it up02:34
coz_agoole, right that might mean the drive is toast02:34
agoolelol i just bought this one02:34
agoolei just put it in today02:34
coz_agoole, ooooo02:34
coz_agoole,  ok set jumper to master02:34
actionParsniphey guys, is ~/.bashrc no longer part of ubuntu?02:34
flymanwell your dell 4600 looks like it comes standard with a 40gb drive02:34
coz_flyman,  whoa we looked at different spec sheets then :)02:35
flymancoz_ well dell makes a server one the poweredge02:35
coz_flyman,  I am seeing one  with 80 gig too o002:36
coz_flyman,  good old Dell :)02:36
flymanbut the dell dimension 4600 tower seems to come standard with 40gb, but im sure 80+gb ones existed too02:36
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, it's present on my system02:36
coz_flyman,  could be he needs bios update02:36
flymani wouldn't doubt it at all02:36
actionParsnipZykoticK9, clean install of alpha3?02:37
flymanlot of items, especially known gfx issues for this model02:37
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, system i was checking on was clean install alpha 2 - booting A3 VM as we speak02:37
coz_flyman,  all other specs on that machine seems fine to run ubuntu and even compiz02:37
flymanoh yeah i've run it on worse02:38
actionParsnipZykoticK9, i dont have the file and its screwing autocomplete + terminl colours, can you pastebin me yours please :D02:38
flymanan ibm aptiva, if you can beleive that02:38
coz_flyman,  same here lol02:38
coz_flyman,  whoa02:38
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, clean install Alpha 3 it's present as well - one moment on pastebin02:38
actionParsnipZykoticK9, appreciate it dude, thanks02:39
flymancoz_: yeah when i went to berkley we tried fbsd, obsd and so on, ubuntu worked and so did suse 5.002:39
agoolelol, master jumper configuration? == no jumpers, lol02:39
flymanagoole meaning it works or didn't have any jumpers?02:39
coz_flyman,  wow  not bad  I am not surprised if unix didnt work well though02:39
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/385454/02:39
flymancoz_ im sure thats the only safe bet02:40
agoolemeaning I had to take the jumper out,02:40
agoolewith no jumeprs set, the drive go to master mode02:40
flymancause it ran like crap02:40
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, that was the Alpha 3 default BTW02:40
coz_agoole,  it should yes02:40
coz_flyman,  :)02:41
actionParsnipZykoticK9, works a treat dude, thanks again :D02:41
flymanagoole also make sure that the ide cord is the master not slave connection02:41
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, glad to help02:41
coz_agoole,  if you didnt play with the hard drive cable from the  mother board ....but if so check that is in number one connector usually black02:42
greezmun1eyI just learned about Plymouth. Does it really drop the start time significantly? If so, does that degrade as additional services are added?02:42
flymanyeah and make sure the black isn't connected to the motherboard, normally a blue one is02:42
coz_greezmun1ey,  which video card02:42
coz_flyman,  yep I got the colours mixed up there02:42
flymani do it all the time too02:43
coz_flyman,  although on older mobo main is black secondary white no?02:43
ZykoticK9greezmun1ey, Plymouth is just the eye-candy part of the boot -- it's VERY common to have to remove it for certain system to start correctly02:43
flymancoz_ yup02:43
greezmun1eycoz_: There you go, I will probably need to build a box to take advantage, right?02:43
greezmun1eyZykoticK9: really!02:43
coz_greezmun1ey,  well no right now plymouth + nvidia have issues02:43
coz_greezmun1ey,  so if you have ati or intel...assuming plymouth runs on those ...I am not sure if they have issues02:44
greezmun1eyZykoticK9: so than I should expect about the same time from start to "being useable" ??02:44
agooleok all switched up, let me wire this baby up02:44
actionParsnipZykoticK9, personally I don't get any boot eyecandy and I havent tweaked anything, seems weird but its kinda nice02:44
coz_agoole,  did you check bios settings for video?02:44
ZykoticK9greezmun1ey, i find Lucid faster at booting then Karmic02:44
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, do you get the blue/white scroll bar?02:45
greezmun1eycoz_: Thanks for the info... :)02:45
agoolecoz_: booting now, and its performing automatic IDE drive configuration02:45
coz_greezmun1ey,  did you download and burn the lucid iso already?02:45
coz_agoole,  ok02:45
agooleok, in bios again02:45
coz_agoole,  that's a good sign02:45
agooleok, primary video controller, I can set it to AGP, or auto02:46
agooleAGP is the video card02:46
agooleauto == who knows ?02:46
coz_agoole,  agp  and see if that has options as well like 256  etc02:46
flymanagoole you using the add-on card or onboard02:46
greezmun1eycoz_: No, still on 9.10. I'll wait a while, but check in here for the latest. Hopfully by the time it is GA, I'll know enough of the pitfalls to be able to avoid them!02:46
actionParsnipZykoticK9, briefly, is that what plymouth is?02:46
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, yup02:46
coz_greezmun1ey,  I am assuming , once lucid is released  there will be fewer issues to deal with :)02:47
greezmun1eycoz_: There you go...02:47
* flyman crosses fingers02:47
actionParsnipZykoticK9, i see, its on the screen for about a second02:47
agooleok, made a mistake, it only has a video card02:47
agooleso i'll set it to agp02:47
coz_agoole,  that should be fine02:47
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, well it's really the entire process from Grub to GDM - but visually, it's that bar02:47
actionParsnipZykoticK9, gotcha, its pretty quick here so its hardly on screen02:48
coz_ZykoticK9,  oo that throbber thingy do?02:48
actionParsnipZykoticK9, despite my pc being a hunk of junk02:48
agooleok, still says no boot device available02:48
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, it only shows on my desktop (even my VMs) for a moment or two as well...  for all the problems it seems to be causing right now, hardly seems worth it02:49
coz_agoole,  sounds like the drive is toast02:49
actionParsnipZykoticK9, if it aint broke...02:49
agoolecoz_: its brand new? bought it today?02:49
flymanagoole do you have your boot settings as cdrom, hard drive, network boot, usb boot/pluggable addin?02:49
actionParsnipagoole, could have been DOA02:49
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, ... add a feature ;)02:49
agooleflyman: I think so02:49
coz_agoole,  oh yeah boot device priority02:49
actionParsnipZykoticK9, haha, LXDE is blazing away on it right now02:49
agooleok, switched it to cd drive02:50
ZykoticK9actionParsnip, enjoyed your days off with Alpha 3 have you?02:50
flymanagoole try maybe we'll get lucky02:50
agoolebut I still don't hear either of them whir02:50
wirechiefagoole maybe its your power supply02:50
actionParsnipZykoticK9, yeah, 3 more days off then back to the grindstone for 4 more02:50
flymanthat might be a good thing lol02:50
coz_agoole,  mm I hope the driver has a power cord attached:)02:50
actionParsnipcoz_, been there. biggest facepalm ever02:51
agoolewell let me change that,02:51
flymancoz_ lol, lets hope, had that issue02:51
agoolethis is driving me nuts02:51
coz_actionParsnip,  :)02:51
flymani've had it more then once, unfortunately02:51
coz_especially video cards power cord02:51
agoolemaybe i'll even swap out the cd rom drive,02:51
agoolethough it still has my live cd in it :(02:51
flymanwell if you have a pin most drives will eject it02:52
coz_agoole,  get a thin wire to push the tray out from that little hole in the front of the drive02:52
coz_usually near center02:52
coz_paperclip un-bent should do02:53
coz_looks like we are rebuilding a system :)02:55
wirechiefcoz_: might as well include a new power supply too.02:57
coz_cant hurt02:57
wirechiefsounds like its weak02:57
wirechiefold, weak and ready for the bin02:58
LADmaticCA anyone else's rhythmbox plugins disappeared?02:59
agoolecoz_: so teh drive doesn't need power for me to do that right ?02:59
agoolecoz_: just push02:59
coz_agoole,  right if the    wire doesnt bend the drawer should open03:00
cowbudanyone else having huge problems with nvidia? it basically locks my system when I insert the module. also no nouveau driver is created. I've comb the forums and bugs with no indicator so I am guessing I am all alone03:00
coz_cowbud,  remove03:00
coz_cowbud,  remove plymouth03:00
coz_cowbud,  use synaptic  hit Search   type plymouth and remove  only that03:01
cowbudno kidding? I thought it was just blank for the boot process with plymouth but that is what is completely killing me?03:01
coz_cowbud,  it should work after that03:01
wirechiefi got something about firmware missing when i installed bootchart and it listed on board nvidia, but im not using it so not a problem03:01
cowbudcoz_: all that is installed is libplymouth2 not even plymouth or plymouth-x11..03:01
coz_cowbud,  just uninstall   the plymouth package03:02
coz_nothing else concerning p lymouth03:02
coz_cowbud,  sorry misread03:02
coz_cowbud,   how did you install the driver?03:02
cowbudcoz_: nvidia-current..03:02
cowbudif I try to remove the library it wants to remove basically every package :)03:02
bjsniderso what?03:03
cowbudall of X for sure03:03
coz_cowbud, no the library is not what you want to install03:03
cowbudok well that is the only plymouth package I have installed03:03
coz_i mean uninstall03:03
ZykoticK9cowbud, don't remove the library "sudo apt-get remove plymouth" is all you need03:03
coz_cowbud,  mmm03:03
cowbudZykoticK9: yeah, what I am saying thoiugh is that I don't have plymouth or plymouth-x11 installed perhaps I am missing a meta package?03:03
cowbudI assume ubuntu-desktop will install eerything I could need?03:04
cowbudor has that changed?03:04
ZykoticK9cowbud, did you upgrade? vs fresh install?03:04
ZykoticK9cowbud, i wonder if that makes a difference with plymouth?  i'm not sure...03:04
cowbudi guess it depend son what provides plymouth, ive been running lucid since the repos were opened03:05
coz_cowbud,  mm  I have not upgraded so I cant say for sure03:05
cowbudso it isn't like my upgrade path was amazing at the time03:05
cowbudit was just basically a bunch of newer packages..03:05
cowbudbut when I look at plymouth it says the task is standard03:05
cowbudwtf task is that? :)03:05
cowbudI am running tasksel install standard now, we'll see what it does03:06
cowbudbut nouveau doesn't even compile for me03:06
wirechiefcowbud try installing bootchart see if it says your missing firmware for nvidia03:07
coz_cowbud,  is this upgrade because of files you need to keep  ?03:07
cowbudah that installed plymouth03:07
cowbudcoz_: well like i said i started using it since it first came out03:07
cowbudi.e. before they had isos03:08
cowbudI would prefer to avoid reinstalling03:08
agoolecoz_: ok booting it up again,03:08
cowbudbut that is where I am at at this point..03:08
coz_cowbud,   upgrading from one version to the other is somethning I never recommend but if it works for you03:08
cowbudit is something that is supported though ;)03:08
cowbudI know that lynx isn't supported yet but you shuold be able to upgrade from one stable release to another03:09
wirechiefsomething about missing firmware and nouveau03:09
cowbudthat is at least the goal03:09
cowbudbut then agani I am willing to have to reinstall at some point if that is what it takes03:09
agoolecoz_: ok, fixed it all, it boots again, I can pick to run a live session03:10
agoolecoz_: but goes blank03:10
coz_agoole,  what about the cd test option03:10
agoolecoz_: so the solution should be to get teh alternate install cd right ?03:10
coz_agoole,  well  if the drive is bad nothing is going to help03:10
coz_agoole,  did you by chance fill up the driver to capacity when it crashed?03:10
agoolecoz_: checking disc for errors03:11
agoolecoz_: naw, the drive that crashed is in the garbage03:11
agoolecoz_: only got the new drive now, which isn't even formattted03:11
coz_agoole,  ok if the cd has errors then that is the problem03:11
agoolecoz_: ok, checking for errors gives me a blank screen too03:11
agoolecoz_: can't see anything03:12
cowbudoh I think installing tasksel standard and then reinstall nvidia-current pushed me over03:12
cowbudI was probably missing some packages03:12
wirechiefblank screen because x is not configured03:12
cowbudwell we'll see brb03:12
agoolewirechief: on the live cd ?03:12
agoolewirechief: can I fix that from the menu ?03:12
wirechiefyour using a nvidia gpu ?03:12
wirechiefx  Configure03:13
wirechiefuse ctrl alt f1  then do x Configure03:13
ZykoticK9wirechief, agoole for that to work GDM must be stopped first, and the command is "sudo X -configure"03:14
* wirechief forgets if its Configure or configure03:14
wirechiefforgot that.03:14
agooleI'm at the boot menu now03:14
agoolealt crtl f1 gives nothing03:14
agoolethis is the live cd menu03:14
agoolenot the session03:14
coz_agoole,   ok choose install ubuntu03:14
coz_not boot into live cd03:14
wirechiefZykoticK9: agoole he is correct. you need to stop gdm first you can do that  by going into init 303:15
ZykoticK9agoole, ctrl+alt+f1 won't work until after it's booked03:15
agooleyaeh didn't think so,03:15
agoolecoz_: ok picked install,03:15
agoolecoz_: blank again03:15
coz_agoole,  damn03:15
agoolecoz_: but the drive is running like nuts03:15
coz_agoole,   ooooo that's not good03:15
agoolecoz_: will it run until its done?03:15
coz_agoole,  nothing is showing up on the screen at all?03:16
agoolecoz_: nadda, not a single thing03:16
ZykoticK9agoole, try ctrl+alt+f1 now03:16
coz_agoole,  I am stummped03:16
agoolealt crtl f1 gives me nothing03:17
agooleok let me shut this off03:17
agooleand get alternate cd03:18
ZykoticK9agoole, i'd download and try the alternate cd then...03:18
wirechiefagoole you could try nomodeset when you use grub to first boot, i had to03:18
wirechiefi had a black screen till i did03:18
wirechiefjust edit the grub line and put it in then boot.03:19
agoolewirechief: for the regular boot session right03:20
wirechiefZykoticK9: he has a problem putting the alternate someplace, maybe he could use a usb stick for it.03:20
agooleZykoticK9: ok, downloadign it now, going to take 25 min03:21
wirechiefi didnt have to do that with karmic but had to use nomodeset for lucid03:21
ZykoticK9agoole, have you tried wirechief's nomodeset option?  seeing LOTS of bugs about this - and the same black screen issue your having!03:21
agooleZykoticK9: where do I set this ?03:22
agooleZykoticK9: in the menu ?03:22
wirechiefi just installed lucid and had to use nomodset to not have black screen also later i had to disable ipv6 because it took 4 min to get to a desktop03:22
ZykoticK9agoole, it's in Grub boot option, but ask wirechief he's actually done it03:22
wirechief hit e  then move cursor down to where quiet is and put it in there and the ctrl x to boot03:23
agooleI think its loading03:23
agooleeuh...mine was under the f6 menu03:24
agooleI hit f6, then clicked on nomodeset03:24
wirechiefagoole thats right you can use that too03:24
agoolethen hit the install03:24
agooleok good03:24
agoolewell....I saw a loading bar03:24
agooleits alliiiiivvvee!!!!03:24
* agoole dances like a feary03:25
ZykoticK9wirechief, good suggestion!03:25
agooleso, after a new drive, reset jumpers, swapped out cd drives,03:25
agoolefinally got a boot03:25
agoolelets see if it'll isntall03:26
wirechiefwell some of the others i havent used in a while i  keep forgetting proper syntax for x configure and needing to stop the gdm before that.03:26
coz_boy... I hope so :)03:26
LADmaticCAwhat is the recommended way to install updates..while testing?03:27
coz_LADmaticCA,  system updates?03:27
LADmaticCAcoz_, yes03:27
coz_LADmaticCA,  i generally use  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:27
* wirechief uses update-manager too lazy to go into init 303:28
agoolecan't you run those commands in terminal ?03:28
coz_agoole,  yes03:28
agoolethought so03:28
LADmaticCAcoz_, okay. I ask because i notice there are a number of updates I miss using the update manager. like i don't have the music store in rhymbox03:28
agooleman, having a broken system really messes with my head :S03:28
coz_agoole,  we have all been there at some point03:29
LADmaticCAcoz_, my evince was broken too because it was needing an update03:29
agooleweird question03:29
wirechiefagoole when your all done with this check dmesg and see if it is complaining about ipv6, i had to disable that to make things work faster.03:29
agooleshould I partition my 320 gig hard drive ?03:29
agoolewirechief: ok will do, thanks for the heads up03:30
agooleanyone has any tips for partitionning a 320 gig hard drive ?03:30
coz_agoole,  let it go automatically for now03:31
coz_agoole,  my suggestion03:31
agoolecoz_: ok,03:31
wirechiefusually thats a personal preference, i chopped my 500 up so i had 3 100gb partitions and the rest 30+, but use extended partitons.03:31
coz_agoole,  use the entire hard drive option when the partitioning manager comes up03:32
agoolecreating ext4 partition03:32
agooleat 0%03:32
coz_agoole,  let it ride:)03:34
wirechiefagoole also you may want to add the nomodset to grub after the install.03:36
ZykoticK9!runlevels > wirechief03:36
ubottuwirechief, please see my private message03:36
ZykoticK9wirechief, i saw you mentioned init 3 twice, in ubuntu init 3 doesn't really apply so i sent you the runlevel factoid03:37
wirechiefthanks ZykoticK9 things change fast.03:37
wirechieftheres a lot of use to be's03:37
ZykoticK9wirechief, ya, especially if you're running Lucid -- bugs can be fixed in a matter of hours03:38
wirechiefi just decided time was ripe to install it, and now have it setup along with 9.10 and 9.04 so i can check things.03:39
Dr_WillisYea - the 'netbook session' and 'normal gnome session' seems to work properly now. :)03:40
bjsniderthe gnome 3 theme mockups are cool: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/02/task-pooper-could-revolutionize-gnome-desktop.ars03:41
Dr_WillisI find it hard to  belive the terms 'gnome and revolutionize' can ever be used in the same sentance. :)03:42
Dr_Willisbut i will wait and see i guess03:42
Jordan_UDr_Willis, "Gnome revolutionizes removing features!"03:44
Dr_WillisJordan_U:  yep. I was being 'nice' :)03:45
Dr_WillisPerhaps in gnome 3 we can actually set the 'text' for the Text Marquee Screen saver!03:45
Dr_Willisor  The right click desktop -> customize wallpaper --> will be come 'Desktop Settings' and the tabs will include some settings you actualy DO want to change. :)03:46
Jordan_UDr_Willis, You just don't understand, you are supposed to find a screensaver theme with the exact text you want.03:46
Dr_WillisBut I want my Text In mandrin chinease!03:46
Dr_Willis so i use gconf-editor to edit the key /gnome/text/screesaver/verbse/settings/that/got/removed/in/the/next/update  to be Mandrin03:47
Dr_Willisbut NOW its in Yiddish becuse  Yiddish is easier to understand.03:48
Dr_Williswith an option for Swahili03:48
wirechiefgn8 bye03:49
bjsniderthe only acceptable screensaver is plain black03:49
agoolecoz_: done installing03:49
agoolecoz_: but the restart didn't work03:49
coz_agoole,  oooo cool03:50
bjsnideranything else is a power hog and heavily defeats the purpose of the thing03:50
agoolecoz_: so I manually selected it03:50
agoolecoz_: rebooting now03:50
ZykoticK9bjsnider, actually "blank screen" doesn't even need to be a screen saver, think there's a power feature for that ;)03:50
agoolecoz_: loggin in now03:51
agoolecoz_: in 9.10, the screen frequency kept being set at 76 or something random, instead of the 6003:52
agoolecoz_: is there a quick way to look at that in lucid ?03:52
coz_agoole,  ah system/preferences/disply  maybe03:53
agoolecoz_: should I use the hardware drivers offered to me for my nvidia card?03:54
coz_agoole,  yes that would be the "safest" way03:54
agoolecoz_: perfect03:55
coz_agoole,  open a terminal for me and type  lspci | grep -i vga03:55
agoolenvidia NV18, geforce4 mx 440 AGP 8x03:55
coz_agoole,  ok  and the driver version offerred in the hardware dirvers?03:56
agooletheres 203:56
agooleone is activated03:56
coz_agoole,  ok and did you just activate that?03:56
agoolewhich is the nvidia Riva/ TNT/Geforce03:56
agooletheres another one listed, but not activated03:56
coz_agoole,   but did that one activate automatically or did you choose it?03:57
agooleand its listed as nvidia version 96, [recommended]03:57
agooleit was already on03:57
crdlbyou want 9603:57
coz_agoole, mmm03:57
agooleand the other was listed with it, but not activated03:57
crdlb(assuming it works with lucid's kernel and X version)03:57
agooleyeah, I thought so too, seem to remember the 96 from the last time maybe03:57
coz_agoole,  I dont remember it automatically being chosen but heh03:58
agoolewell should I switch them ?03:58
agoolewoah, 98 updates.03:58
coz_I am still having that issue when editing libanmation.so and animation.xml  that the main animation plugin in compiz disappears03:59
coz_agoole,  well it was worth it getting that darn thing installed right ? :)04:00
agoolehahaha tell me about it04:01
agooleit looks good04:01
agoolelove the new look04:01
agooleone question though04:01
agoolewhats this ublog thing ?04:01
agooleon the desktop ?04:02
agoolecan I blog to myself ?04:02
coz_agoole,  kde?04:02
coz_ah  I did see that once ... not sure never played with it04:02
agooleI've always hated how on release day all the servers are bogged down04:03
agooleglad i'm running the alpha04:03
Dr_Willisagoole:  yep. I tend to update/upgrade the day befor release.. then wait a week :)04:03
agoolehaha, tell me about it04:03
Dr_WillisOr i just wait a week befor i convert my machines over.04:04
agoolethey should just sequence the countries,04:04
agooleto lighten the load04:04
Dr_WillisOr utilize some torrent update feature. :)04:04
agooleI try to, but sometimes I only have one weekend to get it all done, so I don't have a choice04:04
agooleI know04:04
Dr_WillisI always use the torrents on release day to Get all the iso's04:04
Dr_WillisMy HD's are smoking with those speeds.. fastest ive ever downloaded stuff04:05
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, i certainly hope someone/somewhere is working on a torrent based apt feature, so not only the ISOs but the updates could be distributed04:05
agooleZykoticK9: thats a fantastic idea04:06
agooleif any of you had to compare programming for ubuntu to something else, what would it be ?04:06
ZykoticK9agoole, programming for linux should be very similar or the same for all distros04:07
Dr_WillisThere is some torrent based apt feature. but if no one uses it.. then well its not useable then04:07
agoolei meant as something else, not linux related,04:07
agoolewould it be like making apps for the mac ?04:07
Dr_Willisagoole:  Unix :)04:07
Dr_Willisactually the OS-X was supposed to somehow tie into GnuStep   and how they program things.. but i dont do much programming04:08
agooleI dont think my computer has EVER rebooted so fast04:09
agoolethis is a drastic upgrade for me04:09
Dr_WillisFast boots are good on my netbook.. but my server has 3+ week uptimes.. so fast boots are not an issue :)04:10
ZykoticK9agoole, boot/reboot speeds are impressive in lucid aren't they04:10
Dr_Willisbut it has a grub issue.. where grub takes like 60 sec to even get to the grub menu04:10
Dr_WillisBut its a desktop box. so it dont matter much :)04:11
agooleyeah, I always hated running updates04:11
agoolebecause that stupid little yellow icon asking me to reboot04:11
agooleI avoided it like death04:11
Dr_WillisHmm. Ubuntu-netbook adds an entry to GDM menus.. but the Kubuntu-Netbook package doesnt..04:13
Dr_Willisso far no major issues  in these alphas - Unlike the last release :)04:18
* Dr_Willis phears the never ending fscks on bootups that may reappear04:19
agoolenow, does anyone know if samba was ever fixed ?04:19
Jordan_UDr_Willis, The unbearably slow boot menu has been fixed upstream ( the fix is available in lucid ). The problem is only with systems where the mbr is on a different drive than /boot so installing grub to the right drive / changing the boot order will also fix things.04:23
agoolehas anyone tried to stream over samba anything from a lucid machine yet ?04:25
agooleok logging off now04:34
agoolethanks everyone for your help04:34
agooleyou were invaluable to my sanity04:34
abhrahi.i'm using lucid.is there anyway to connect nokia5800 (s60v5) as modem to my laptop?if there is a way please let me know.thanks in advance05:59
abhraplease anybody know anything about this?06:10
Damascenewhat is that abhra06:11
gartralmorning all.. if i were to initiate a dist upgrade form 9.10 to 10.4 with wine installed, will i run into any problems? this is a relativly new install, aside from wine and compiz06:15
faileas_i'm having trouble with upstart - i'm trying to get the gogo6 client to work http://serverfault.com/questions/117584/upstart-scripts-run-a-task-after-networking-goes-up is the script i used to use, and the script i'm trying. I'm certain i need to get the start on arguement to be an event after eth0 is up07:07
faileas_any ideas?07:07
=== faileas_ is now known as faileas
eagles0513875faileas_: can you explain what upstart is07:09
Jordan_U!upstart | eagles051387507:09
ubottueagles0513875: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:09
faileaseagles0513875: if i need to explain, you can't help me ;p07:09
eagles0513875cuz i know the sys V system07:09
faileaswith upstart one process can trigger another07:09
eagles0513875thats why iwas asking and was wondering yesterday hehe07:09
faileasthe problem i'm having is, i don't know how to trigger it07:10
eagles0513875faileas: ahhhh07:10
eagles0513875why not look at the part before eth0 for example and see what triggers eth0 to start07:10
faileastried that07:10
faileasit simply refuses to work, as opposed to giving me an error...07:11
faileas(which is another story. gw6c error messages arn't documented at all it seems07:11
eagles0513875faileas: syslog doesnt give you anything07:12
eagles0513875as well as dmesg07:12
faileaseagles0513875: basically, gw6c HAS to start after networking. the problem is i have no idea what the job name for networking is07:13
faileasand if i can't get this to start, apache and friends will refuse to start if configured for ipv607:13
* faileas thinks it comes down to.. there needing to be more system specific documentation >_>07:14
eagles0513875let me see if i find anything on gw6c for ya07:14
eagles0513875hehe and that 207:14
faileasgw6c works07:14
faileasi have it set up on karmic, though not the repo version07:14
eagles0513875i know but finding out what it is for ya btw07:14
faileas(repo version is set up as a 'router' setup.)07:14
faileaseagles0513875: its the gogo6/freenet6 tunnel client07:15
faileasit starts up a tunnel to their servers07:15
eagles0513875faileas: did you ask in the upstart channel07:15
faileasthere's an upstart channel?07:15
eagles0513875was just in there07:15
eagles0513875jsut /j #upstart07:15
eagles0513875not sure how much help you will get at this hour though07:16
faileasi've been trying for DAYS07:17
eagles0513875faileas: sounds like me trying to dual boot but windows not wanting to boot with grub 207:17
faileasi can wait ;p07:17
eagles0513875hehe for days07:18
faileasi'm not joking07:18
eagles0513875i know you arent and neither am i07:18
faileasif i can get it to work, i'm SO adding this to my personal wiki ;p07:18
eagles0513875document it07:18
eagles0513875youll do the community a big service07:19
faileasoh i do need to. there's precious little ipv6 documentation around07:19
faileasof course, free6 isn't the 'best' provider, but they are the most flexible07:19
eagles0513875hehe ya07:20
eagles0513875ipv6 i find hinders performance on ipv4 though07:20
faileasHE has not very good docs, and from what i can tell won't work behind a nat SixXs... lets see 'you need a real e mail address to sign up'  'it needs to be on the same server name' (which rules out the one i got- the mx server is gmail)'oh, your latency is more than 10 ms. sorry, you have no appropriate POPs despite making it a total pain to sign up, you can ask though'07:22
faileasmonths later, no response07:22
faileasfree6 needs one account + requesting a username a password per system (for fixed ips). dynamic ips need no sign on. one config file later, it works07:23
faileaseagles0513875: not really. i run teredo on windows, miredo on some linux boxen, and free6 on servers07:23
eagles0513875right now im stuck to where i cant boot onto my windows partitin :(07:24
eagles0513875any ideas07:24
eagles0513875and i need to get on windows badly07:24
faileastried #windows?07:24
faileasif all else fails, windows repair install, fix grub after that07:24
eagles0513875its a grub issue07:24
eagles0513875tried that07:24
eagles0513875its windows 7 so i have no idea how to do a repair install lol07:24
faileaseagles0513875: PM?07:25
eagles0513875faileas: do you know how i can down grade grub2 to grub legacy07:35
faileaseagles0513875: nope07:35
faileasi don't touch grub07:35
eagles0513875i wonder if i were to downgrade to grub from grub2  if i coudl boot into windows07:36
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:36
eagles0513875faileas: sry to bother you again but do you know the command to find out an hdd's uuid07:39
faileasnot offhand no07:42
eagles0513875thats ok07:42
Machtineagles0513875: did you edit the grub.cfg in the end? :)07:43
eagles0513875Machtin: yes and still didnt work07:43
Machtinhm :/07:43
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:43
eagles0513875Machtin: whats the command to get uuid of drives07:44
Machtineagles0513875: blkid07:44
Machtineagles0513875: needs root/sudo, if you wonder why there's no output :)07:45
eagles0513875im goign to try something see if its not saving my changes even with just sudo07:45
kyleabakerI have a question about launchpad, I've submitted bugs and want to assign some of the bugs to myself so I can submit a patch, but I'm unsure of where to start07:45
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, that might be a better question in #launchpad actually07:46
Machtineagles0513875: sorry to ask again, but what does update-grub do wrong?07:46
kyleabakerZykoticK9: ok, changing again, haha thanks07:46
eagles0513875Machtin: does nothing wrong07:46
eagles0513875for some reason when i boot windows 7 get black screen and then get GRUB and thats it07:47
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, wait and see if someone else has a better (more informed answer) first07:47
Machtini see07:47
eagles0513875yofel: has a similar setup and his boots07:47
eagles0513875im starting to wonder if07:47
eagles0513875its my 2 hdd setup07:47
Machtinhm, shouldn't be..07:48
Machtineagles0513875: i also have windows 7 on another hdd, boots fine07:48
eagles0513875Machtin: can you copy ur grub.cfg07:48
eagles0513875and 2ndly are you booting to the 100mb system partition created by win7 itself07:48
Machtinhttp://pastebin.com/45KxF9nT eagles051387507:50
eagles0513875wtf mine is exactly like that07:50
Machtinshouldn't be. that's MY UUID :P get your hands off it!07:51
* ethana2 is installing Lucid now07:51
eagles0513875Machtin: no no i mean that mine is similar to layout to urs07:51
eagles0513875Machtin: you on 32bit or 64bit win 707:51
Machtineagles0513875: was just kidding.. :)07:51
eagles0513875ok humm07:51
eagles0513875i am as well but this makes no sense07:52
Machtinto your second question: i have no clue :)07:52
eagles0513875can u run apt-cache policy grub-pc please07:52
Machtinoh, i have a clue: it's the big partition07:52
eagles0513875yours is the big partition Machtin?07:53
eagles0513875not using the 100mb system partition07:53
Machtin/dev/sda3   *        3085       77825   600357082+   7  HPFS/NTFS07:53
eagles0513875strange so ill try point it to my big partition07:53
Machtini wonder if i have a 100mbyte partition :o07:53
Machtinhm, no. i have not.07:54
eagles0513875you should07:55
eagles0513875its a required system partition07:55
eagles0513875did you update from a previous version like vista07:55
eagles0513875to 707:55
eagles0513875or clean install07:55
eagles0513875can u do apt-cache policy grub-pc please tell me what version you have07:55
Machtin  Installed: 1.98~20100128-1ubuntu307:55
eagles0513875ok like mine07:56
Machtinwould be worth trying to boot in the big partition, i'd say :)07:56
eagles0513875i tried that07:56
eagles0513875what chomd commands do i need to issue prior to editing grub.cfg07:56
eagles0513875ill try it again07:57
eagles0513875Machtin: you said blkid to get uuid of partitions07:57
kyleabakeranyone have any idea why my gnome session crashed on first authentication immediately after auto-login? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8893806#post889380607:58
eagles0513875strange blkid isnt doing anythign07:58
eagles0513875not bringing anything up for me07:58
Machtineagles0513875: did you sudo?07:58
Machtinit requires root, i wrote that :)07:58
eagles0513875sry didnt see that07:58
Machtinno problem :)07:58
Machtinyou can also ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid i think07:59
Machtinthat shouldn't require root07:59
Machtinbrb, i'll get a yoghurt08:00
eagles0513875goign to reboot now08:00
eagles0513875Machtin: that didnt do anything08:01
Machtinhm :/08:02
Machtinwould you lose anything you'd care about if you had to reinstall?08:03
Machtinoh, no one should see that i'm suggesting such a thing.08:03
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, do you know is it when you press the Enter key that Gnome crashes?08:03
eagles0513875Machtin: yes08:04
eagles0513875all my music08:04
eagles051387580gb worth08:04
eagles0513875i have space on my 2tb hdd08:04
kyleabakerZykoticK9: yes, it is08:04
ethana2wait, what OS is this?08:04
eagles05138751.4gb partition which is already formatted ntfs Machtin08:04
eagles0513875ethana2: you talking to me08:04
Machtineagles0513875: i can strongly recommend to create a /home-partition :)08:04
ethana2eagles0513875: ah, windows08:04
kyleabakerZykoticK9: I'm unable to get a crash log for it, but upon logging back in I am able to report 2-3 services that crash08:04
ethana2I've reinstalled ubuntu over itself, losing nothing08:04
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, common issue right now (but typically people encounter it at the GDM login)08:04
eagles0513875ethana2: i have a 2nd partitoin on a 2nd drive for linux08:05
kyleabakerZykoticK9: like I said, i have auto-login08:05
kyleabakerso the first auth is after login08:05
eagles0513875whats not making sense is why its working for Machtin and not me08:05
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, ya i understand that - you might want to search for GDM crashing Enter key or something.  I believe if you remove Plymouth it will correct the issue, but I just live with the initial crash each time.08:06
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, actually i'm going to reboot and see if it's even still happening08:06
eagles0513875anyone else with ideas08:07
eagles0513875does anyone know if a newer versin of grub 2 is in the pipline for lucid08:09
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, is your system fully up-to-date?  Didn't have the crash that reboot (this issue has been going for a long time)08:09
Machtinhttp://pastebin.com/5b730sc8 <- any thoughts on why i would have to remove cryptsetup in order to remove plymouth?08:09
Machtinisn't plymouth just the new usplash?08:10
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, Yes, 1.98 will be released some time this weekend and there will certainly be package upgrades beyond that. Why?08:10
eagles0513875Jordan_U: cant dual boot with windows 708:10
eagles0513875Machtin: and yofel it works for them08:10
eagles0513875Machtin: has his setup more like mine yet he doesnt have a 100mb system partition08:10
eagles0513875and he has 7 on a 2nd hdd08:11
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, If I remember your problem correctly it doesn't sound like a grub issue as much as a windows issue08:11
eagles0513875Jordan_U: what you mean08:11
eagles0513875firstly should i have had windows installed prior to installing kubuntu08:11
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, Grub just jumps to the Windows bootloader.08:11
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, a forum post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140924308:11
MachtinJordan_U: i wonder if you're right.. as i understood, he can see something with "grub" in it when trying to boot08:11
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, That's the normal order but either way works.08:12
eagles0513875Jordan_U: which it seems to be screwed up somewhere08:12
eagles0513875Jordan_U: it used to be for vista you had to install vista first then linux08:12
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, No, that was just recommended so you didn't have to re-install grub afterward08:12
Machtinhm. too bad.08:12
eagles0513875Jordan_U: you think its a corrupt windows boot loader08:13
eagles0513875Machtin: bot delay hehe08:13
eagles0513875!info plymouth | Machtin08:13
Machtinno, it answered instantly in query08:13
ubottuMachtin: plymouth (source: plymouth): graphical boot animation and logger - main package. In component main, is standard. Version 0.8.0~-10ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 696 kB, installed size 1532 kB08:13
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, Yes ( or the windows bootloader not being on that partition at all )08:13
Machtinbut that info probably did it :)08:13
kyleabakerZykoticK9: my system is fully up-to-date with the exception of "mono-runtime" for some reason which is not updateable for me atm08:13
Machtinsorry to ask again, but: http://pastebin.com/5b730sc8 what's wrong here?08:14
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, also a know issue "mono-runtime"08:14
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, Have you gotten to the point where Windows boots ( fixboot from the recovery CD or similar )?08:14
eagles0513875fixboot and fix mbr it says dont exist on the media O_o08:14
kyleabakerZykoticK9: not sure why its still not working then08:14
eagles0513875Jordan_U: found the command to do it hold on08:14
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, if you want to get an idea of how many people / how many bugs can be submitted for the same issue - google "lucid gdm crash enter"08:15
kyleabakerZykoticK9: it happens predictably and just happened right before i entered irc08:15
Machtini'm somehow unable to boot, as soon as i try to mount the decrypted /home-partition via fstab. if i don't try to mount it, it doesn't even get decrypted, though there is a line in crypttab - but i can at least boot.08:15
Machtinso every time i boot, i have to luksOpen the device, then mount it, then restart kdm manually to get a proper environment08:16
Machtinthe point where it hangs is after i entered the passphrase. nothing happens from there on08:16
Machtini did boot with and without the splash option btw.08:18
* faileas does the happy fun dance of VICTORY08:19
kyleabakerZykoticK9: thing a forced reinstall of plymouth would fix this?08:20
faileaseagles0513875: i got it working ;p08:20
eagles0513875faileas: kool kool what was wrong08:20
faileaseagles0513875: someone give me the right command ;p08:20
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, doubt it - i think if you remove plymouth it would fix it08:20
eagles0513875faileas: repairing mbr08:21
eagles0513875now time to reboot08:21
kyleabakerI'll just suffer through the initial crash08:21
faileasgood luck08:21
kyleabakerif its still there when final is released then i'll just reinstall the os08:21
eagles0513875well that just screwed up everything :(08:23
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, What happens now?08:23
eagles0513875Jordan_U: killed grub and all i have is a black screen08:23
faileaseagles0513875: in the end i asked on Superuser, serverfault, three irc channels... and i got the answer on a mailing list08:24
eagles0513875have one last thing to try08:24
eagles0513875faileas: nice08:24
eagles0513875Jordan_U: goign to run startup repair now off dvd08:24
KnifeySpooneyHi, how much space should I open up for the Lucid alpha3 installer on my flash drive?08:27
SwedeMikearound a gig, the installer doesn't really use more space than that.08:30
* eagles0513875 note to self try and take daily backups08:32
eagles0513875Jordan_U: i just basically killed my system08:32
eagles0513875reinstallation time08:34
eagles0513875thank god i have another partition i can install it on08:34
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, That at least supports my suspicion that there is a problem with the windows bootloader. Try asking in #windows ( or I can help you get back grub fairly easily )08:35
eagles0513875Jordan_U: how can i get grub back i cant even boot into kubuntu08:37
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, You don't have a liveCD?08:39
eagles0513875a karmic one08:39
eagles0513875Jordan_U: could this be an issue in regards to upgrading from lucid?08:40
eagles0513875from karmic to lucid08:40
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, I doubt it.08:40
eagles0513875Machtin: did you upgrade to lucid from karmic on ur dual boot08:40
Jordan_Ueagles0513875, You can follow this guide to re-install grub: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide08:42
eagles0513875thanks im going to try a clean install of lucid i think08:42
eagles0513875i havent had very good luck with upgrades08:42
kyleabakeris empathy unable to list rooms for irc? i'm getting an empty list and unsure how to make it update08:43
eagles0513875Jordan_U: thanks for the link to that site btw :)08:48
mikedep333hey, I posted my reactions to Alpha 308:48
mikedep333overall I like it. many good usability and power user improvements. a moderate amount of bugs. However, the removal of so many gnome games by default I disagree with.08:49
eagles0513875mikedep333: they are probably in the repositories08:49
mikedep333eagles0513875, I'm sure. I bet they are in main08:49
eagles0513875they probably removed them so that other probably more useful programs can go on the live cd08:49
mikedep333eagles0513875, good point08:49
faileasmikedep333: blah. anything other than minesweeper and solitare is un-nessary ;p08:49
eagles0513875lol faileas08:49
mikedep333lol, let me see if it includes them08:50
eagles0513875faileas: lol i am having fun reinstalling grub lol fixing mbr for windows messed up grub so cant boot to anything woohoo :p08:50
mikedep333eagles0513875, I'm very familiar with doing that with Grub 108:50
eagles0513875mikedep333: im on 2 but having issues booting onto my windows 7 partition08:51
eagles0513875i have a 500gb hdd with win 708:51
mikedep333ok, it does include mines and aislerot solitaire08:51
eagles0513875then 2tb hdd 500gb for kubuntu 1.4tb for freespace formatted ntfs and 16gb swap08:51
mikedep333eagles0513875, you installed grub 2 but now you can't chainload windos 7?08:51
eagles0513875mikedep333: what exactly is chain loading08:52
mikedep333eagles0513875, btw, are you an Philadelphia eagles fan? I'm from the Philly area and at Penn State now08:52
mikedep333eagles0513875, it's where one boatloader goes to another08:52
eagles0513875let me get grub reinstalled08:52
eagles0513875i think mikedep333 the win boot ldr is messed up somehow08:52
eagles0513875not sure if it is due to upgrading from karmic to lucid or something else08:52
mikedep333eg, the grub boatloader loads the windows bootloader08:52
eagles0513875give me a few to get grub reinstalled08:53
mikedep333eagles0513875, ok, just remember that what you want to do is "chainload" the windows partition. you don't need to specifically specity vista/win7 bootmgr, just point it to the partition08:53
Damasceneeagles0513875, you might try to use the windows 7 repair disk then reinstall grub08:54
eagles0513875Damascene: i did i ran fixmbr and fudged everythign up08:54
mikedep333eagles0513875, also, it can be difficult to point to the correct partition if grub sees your hard drives differently than linux. this can happen if you have multiple storage controllers (eg, a regular integrated one and raid controller)08:55
mikedep333*and a raid controller08:55
eagles0513875mikedep333: i run sudo update-grub and it set it up accordingly using the 100mb system partition that windows created08:55
DamasceneI think windows 7 loader needs more than fixmbr eagles051387508:55
eagles0513875Damascene: fixboot then08:55
Damasceneeagles0513875, do you have windows 7 dvd?08:55
eagles0513875Damascene: yes08:56
mikedep333my windows 7 doesn't have any special system partition08:56
mikedep333eagles0513875, you aren't on a mac, are you?08:56
eagles0513875mikedep333: did you upgrade your machine?08:56
eagles0513875mikedep333: this laptop yes08:56
eagles0513875desktop no08:56
eagles0513875and laptop yes is dual booting with win 7 using boot camp but that isnt the machine in question08:56
eagles0513875Damascene: should i boot onto the dvd08:56
mikedep333eagles0513875, there is a boot dvd or whatever you can try08:56
mikedep333I forget what its called08:57
mikedep333let me look08:57
eagles0513875let me in the mean time fix grub08:57
mikedep333it will chainload any partition08:57
eagles0513875what other options are there for chainload just +108:57
Damascenehttp://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/ss/windows-7-startup-repair.htm eagles051387508:57
Damasceneif the windows loader is broken grub can not help you on that as far as I know08:58
eagles0513875Damascene: i ran the startup repair utility and it doesnt find any startup errors08:59
mikedep333here we are:09:00
Damasceneonce after I installed fedora and deleted a partition from the end of the disk, windows 7 failed to boot and I've to reinstall it09:00
DamasceneDamascene, try supergrub cd09:00
eagles0513875Damascene: im following http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide to fix grub09:01
Damascenegrub can load linux , right?09:01
mikedep333Damascene, yes, that is its primary purpose09:01
Damasceneor it's not working at all?09:01
DamasceneI mean on his machine09:02
mikedep333oh, my bad09:02
Damasceneno my words wasn't accurate09:03
eagles0513875Damascene: right now after trying to fix mbr not at all but prior linux booting was fine09:03
eagles0513875startup repair is useless09:04
Damasceneso that was not a grub problem till you made it its :)09:04
Damasceneeagles0513875, can you ask support from m$09:06
DamasceneI think it's their problem.09:06
eagles0513875i just need to get on kubuntu long enough to backup my pgp key09:07
eagles0513875and then if need be ill reformat09:07
Damasceneeagles0513875, did you try autosupergrub?09:07
eagles0513875no i havent09:08
mikedep333eagles0513875, I highly recommend you try smart bootr manager09:08
faileaseagles0513875: does windows work, at least. now? ;p09:08
eagles0513875faileas: no09:08
eagles0513875not even linux atm09:08
eagles0513875mikedep333: then how do i run it09:08
mikedep333you boot its cd09:08
Damascenehttp://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/AutoSuperGrubDisk might help09:08
mikedep333Damascene, oh, I forgot about that one09:08
faileaseagles0513875: livecd time!09:09
eagles0513875ya already ahead of u on that one hehe09:09
eagles0513875brb need to get on windows partition to use unetbootin09:11
faileasunetbootin works in linux  >_>09:11
eagles0513875im on osx btw09:12
faileasmy bad09:13
eagles0513875i wonder if they have a mac port for it09:13
edakiriIs there an Alpha3 DVD? or only daily DVDs?09:13
mikedep333edakiri, I think they discontinued the daily/alpha DVDs09:14
mikedep333edakiri, the latest ones are from january09:14
TLFIf I upgrade from 9.10 to alpha 10.04 3 through update-manager -d what will happen to the repos I added with add-apt-repository?09:14
TLFwill autmatically updated to 10.04 repos? or will stay 9.10??09:14
mikedep333TLF, I am pretty sure they will no longer work09:14
mikedep333TLF, or stay at the 9.10 versions09:15
TLFmikedep333: so, what will happend with main sources.list, too?09:15
TLFwon't change?09:15
mikedep333I think the main sources.list will only have the official ubuntu repos updated09:15
mikedep333but I'm not 100% sure09:16
TLFthank you09:16
eagles0513875hey guys09:19
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
eagles0513875question super grub is that for the original grub or will it install grub 209:20
mikedep333eagles0513875, not sure09:21
mikedep333I was thinking that myself09:21
mikedep333I think a chainloader will help you boot windows though09:21
eagles0513875can always update once i at least have a working boot ldr09:22
eagles0513875mikedep333: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/forum/index.php?topic=438.009:24
mikedep333eagles0513875, great09:26
TLFit's possible to get a document with the changes update-manager will do??09:26
mikedep333make sure you get the "super grub2 disk"09:26
TLFa .txt or so09:27
mikedep333TLF: this has some info09:27
mikedep333"Using packages from repositories not controlled by Ubuntu is not recommended as it can be a security risk and may break or complicate your upgrade. If you have used EasyUbuntu or Automatix (neither of which is recommended nor supported), you may have problems upgrading to a newer version and may require a fresh install. If you have installed software from other sources, the upgrade may go more smoothly if you remove this soft09:27
mikedep333ware before attempting the upgrade."09:27
mikedep333TLF, sorry, it sounds like it isn't very friendly to your needs09:28
mikedep333TLF, just making sure, you realize that this is an alpha version and that it is so buggy that you only want to use it on a test machine, right?09:28
eagles0513875mikedep333: all i need to do is boot of the usb now?09:30
mikedep333eagles0513875, I was presuming you were going to boot off of a CD09:31
mikedep333if they officialy support/recommend using a USB, that's fine too09:31
eagles0513875mikedep333: going to try super grub instead09:31
eagles0513875i created a usb using the super grub iso09:31
eagles0513875ffs :(09:32
eagles0513875that didnt get setup right lol09:32
mikedep333eagles0513875, just use the CD09:35
eagles0513875mikedep333: how big is the iso for the cd09:36
eagles0513875all mine downloaded was 1.2 mb09:36
mikedep333that is correct09:36
mikedep333simple boot utilities can be quite small09:37
mikedep333they're typically written in assembly09:37
mikedep333and feature little graphics09:37
eagles0513875humm :(09:50
eagles0513875seems to be hanging at least trying to repair win mbr :(09:51
eagles0513875get an error 15 when trying to repair grub :(09:51
eagles0513875mikedep333: what option do i choose09:52
tinchenhi, I'm trying to test the lucid alpha3 installer cd(64bit) but I only get a black screen on X. The old system on this computer was also an kubuntu unstable (lucid) but it was working (with radeon RV280 and open source driver)09:55
tinchenThere is no problem in the xorg log file09:55
tinchenI can switch between the blank X und the tty sessions09:57
ZykoticK9tinchen, try adding "nomodeset" to your grub options - see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/quick-fixes for details09:58
ikoniaeagles0513875: fix the windows boot loader first get that booting09:59
ikoniaeagles0513875: get a known "sane" system - then deal with grub09:59
mikedep333eagles0513875, I'm thinking there would be a solution to just boot windows from the cd10:00
eagles0513875ikonia: i am trying with supergrub on a bootable usb10:00
ikoniaeagles0513875: why ?10:01
mikedep333let me try it in a virtual machine10:01
ikoniaeagles0513875: super grub is not the ubuntu grub build10:01
eagles0513875ikonia: it also fixes windows mbr btw10:02
ikoniano - the windows DVD fixes that10:02
mikedep333eagles0513875, run detect any os10:02
eagles0513875well it hasnt for me10:02
ikoniaeagles0513875: use the correct tols for the job10:02
eagles0513875i have been10:02
ikoniaeagles0513875: so if the windows DVD can't fix the MBR - does that not tell you there is something more wrong than the mbr ?10:02
eagles0513875what else would be wrong its nto booting10:03
ikoniaeagles0513875: get windows booting first (the guys in ##windows can help) then work on the secondary OS which is Linux and the overall bootloader which is gru10:03
ikoniagrub2 even10:04
mikedep333eagles0513875, did you select "run detect any os" from the super grub2 disk menu?10:04
ikoniathis is no longer a Lucid issue, so maybe best to take it to the right channel10:04
eagles0513875mikedep333: seems like i am on grub 1 menu :(10:05
eagles0513875ok ikonia10:05
eagles0513875mikedep333: kubuntu offtopic10:05
ikoniathat is not a support channel10:05
mikedep333eagles0513875, what?10:05
eagles0513875mikedep333: right now tbh im not really worried about linux install im more worried about windows. im asking in the windows channel10:05
mikedep333eagles0513875, just try the super grub 2 disk with "detect any os", there may be a similar option with the grub 1 disk10:06
tinchenZykoticK9: Didn't helped, anyway, the system do not freeze, only X stays blank.10:06
ZykoticK9tinchen, sorry man no other suggestion -- the black X screen, thought it was worth a shot...  good luck man10:07
kyleabakeris empathy unable to list rooms for irc? i'm getting an empty list and unsure how to make it update10:07
mikedep333eagles0513875, do you want to justy abandon linux and try to run windows?10:07
mikedep333*run windows only10:07
ikoniaguys - this is not a lucid issue10:07
tinchenZykoticK9: Is there a way to run the installer without X?10:08
tinchen(without using the alternative CD)10:08
ZykoticK9tinchen, just the alt-cd i think10:08
mikedep333eagles0513875, you should be able to just select "win!!" on the super grub 1 disk menu10:10
ikoniamikedep333: please stop, this is nothing to do with lucid10:10
tinchenHmmm, seems a problem with the xserver10:16
tinchenAny ideas why X stays black? (No system freeze, no error message, installprocess is running, nomodeset doesn't helped)10:21
Damascenetinchen, there is a known problem with x but going to tty then to x again fixes it10:21
tinchenDamascene: Not for me10:21
Damasceneyou have just installed the Alpha 3, right?10:21
tinchenDamascene: I try to install from cd10:22
Damascenetry to go to init 3 and then startx or something10:23
tinchenDamascene: X is already running10:23
Damascenekill it10:23
tinchenFrom pstree, there is a Xorg process but not from ps *narf*10:26
tinchenDamascene: killall -KILL Xorg freezes my system :)10:27
Damascenewhat is your display card?10:28
tinchenDamascene: Radeon RV28010:28
Damascenedo you have internet connection on that system? can you update?10:29
tinchenDamascene: On the other hdd there is a kubuntu installaton which is using lucid and this works10:29
tinchenDamascene: Should be10:29
Damascenetry updating10:30
tinchenDamascene: ifconfig tells so10:30
tinchenDamascene: How to update the install cd? dselect or aptitude?10:31
Damascenedo you want to update the live cd or the system installed on your machine?10:33
tinchenDamascene: I want a fresh "clean" install from the cd to a fresh clean hard drive.10:34
Damasceneand the live cd doesn't work for you, right?10:35
tinchenDamascene: Yes10:35
Damascenethen you should try to update the live cd in the normal way. that worked for me with fedora once10:37
Damasceneanaconda was broken then10:37
tinchenDamascene: so it sounds more easy to use the alternative cd and instal from that one10:39
tinchenAnd update afterwards the installed system10:40
Damascenethat if updating the live cd didn't work10:40
tinchenDamascene: Hehe, I now choose the option "Starting live without instal" and I get a working X session.10:45
=== KiRiLoR is now known as KiRiLoS
tinchenonly my mouse isn't working10:46
tinchentrying again with ps/2 mouse and not the cable less one10:48
Damascenedon't forget to check your system with system testing and upload the report10:48
tinchenDamascene: It may be that the problem is a xorg.conf.failsafe which is in /etc/X11 if you use "Install from CD"10:49
tinchenDamascene: What system settings do you mean?10:51
Damascenein the system menu there is a program that do system testing10:51
tinchenDamascene: After install or on the live cd? Or better can you tell me the executable name?10:53
Damascenecheck-box or something10:53
Damascenedoesn't matter when10:54
tinchenDamascene: seems not in the live system10:58
Damasceneyou know the Tab trick. try chkbox or what ever it's10:59
apparleI have grub2.. in 9.10. Now I want to try 10.04, how to boot fromt the OS10:59
Damascenenp any way. you can do it when ever you want10:59
tinchenDamascene: The tab works only, if the application is installed :)11:00
DamasceneI think it was installed with live I tried11:00
Damascenedon't make that your problem and proceed what you was doing :)11:01
Damasceneapparle, I wish I know how. that would helped me alot11:03
apparleDamascene: GRUB2 has the capability to boot from ISOs but needs some config11:04
DamasceneI'll try that some day11:05
Dr_Willisgrub2 iso boot is handy11:06
apparleDr_Willis: any howto for it?11:09
Dr_Willistons of them online11:09
Dr_Willisdelicious.com/dr_willis   - i got some bookmarned11:09
Dr_Willisinstall grub2 on flash, make grub.cfg    boot! :)11:09
apparleDr_Willis: I don't want it on flash I wanna boot from my main disk11:10
Dr_Willisthats doable also11:10
Dr_Willisi put the isos in my /boot/ partion for a ergancy rescue option11:10
Dr_Willismade a custome item in /etc/grub.d/????? somthing to ad thm to the end11:11
DamasceneI think he want to boot from iso file by changing grub.cfg entries11:12
Dr_Willisthats doable.. but you need to know wha tto add11:12
Dr_Willisi made seperate3 entries for several diffrent iso files11:12
apparleDr_Willis: But I heard, grub only the kernel in the ISO and does not boot the actual ISO as it would have booted from a CD drive?.. is it so11:12
apparleDr_Willis: But I heard, grub calls only the kernel......................................11:13
Dr_Willisgrubg2 has features to 'mount' an iso file and access files on it via a loopback feature11:13
Dr_WillisGRUB2   not grub :)11:13
Dr_Willisgrub 1 Cant do it.11:13
Dr_WillisGrub2 CAN if the disrto supports the right options11:14
rwwI'm booted off a USB stick that's doing this right now, actually :)11:14
rwwI can throw the relevant /boot/grub/grub.cfg stuff in a pastebin if someone needs it...11:14
Dr_Willisi made a usb stick that has 4 differnt ubuntu variants and other distros11:14
Dr_Willishttp://delicious.com/dr_willis   - i got tthe info i used bookmarked11:15
Dr_Willissuch a handy site11:15
apparleDr_Willis: will the first entry http://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB work?11:30
Dr_Willisit should11:32
Dr_Willisthe imporntant line is11:32
Dr_Willisinux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/boot/iso/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.is11:32
Dr_Willisthat STUPIDLY named iso-scan/filename  - is a kernel option  that ubuntu supports11:32
* Dr_Willis wonders who decided a boot optopon needs a / in its name :)11:33
Dr_Willisunless theres other iso-scan/XXXXXX arguments as well11:33
Dr_Willisthat URL is basically the guide i followed.. then tweaked11:34
apparleDr_Willis: I'd love to see GRUB to come up with booting ISOs such that the boot record of CD image is used instead of calling the kernels11:34
apparleDr_Willis: but I didn't find your link11:34
Dr_Willisi got lots of them at mu delicious.com listing under grub211:35
apparleDr_Willis: too many.....to search through11:38
Dr_Willisi only got a few on dr_willis/grub2   :)11:38
iktubuntu one music store not working yet?11:43
Dr_Willisno idea11:43
Dr_Willis I never play on ever buying music anyway :)11:43
Dr_Williswhy do i care about music at all>11:43
iktoh you're one of those ppl :P11:44
Dr_WillisNow if it had a ANIME store....11:44
Dr_WillisIts just noise..  and theres tons of free internet radio station11:44
ikt"what kinda music you into?" "oh I just listen to whatevers on the radio" "ugh"11:44
Dr_Willisactually i rarely listen to anything11:44
Dr_Willisits just background noise  most of the time11:44
iktI'm listening to music 24x711:44
ikteven when I sleep O.O11:44
Dr_Willisits just background noise  then11:45
iktimportant background noise though11:46
iktI couldn't go to sleep listening to thrash11:46
apparleDr_Willis: do you have any idea on booting similarly other distros like opensuse, fedora?11:46
Dr_Willisapparle:  that 'special option' is differnt for each disrto. and they have to supportthe fe3ature11:46
Dr_Willisapparle:  not all do. but many are starting to11:46
apparleDr_Willis: what about fedora and opensuse?11:47
Dr_Willisthats why i said its a silly named option. The disrto makers should get organized and come up with a standard variable name for the option11:47
Dr_Willisapparle:  read their docs/forums11:47
apparleDr_Willis: :)11:47
Dr_Willisor google to see if they got the option11:47
Dr_Willisxpud works, tcl does. as do other disrtos ive tried.  but not tried those11:48
apparleDr_Willis: Do you know about geexbox11:50
Dr_Willisive used it  - the next release isw very impressive11:51
apparleDr_Willis: Ya.... but I don't have a CD drive. I want to try it..........how to11:53
apparleDr_Willis: do you mind if we continue over private msg11:53
Dr_Willischeck its forums.docs,guides - you can do a flash setup with it.11:53
Dr_Willisthts how i did it11:53
apparleDr_Willis: I am able to do everything to the old version....I want to try the alpha.......no docs, files etc on it11:54
Dr_Willisit worked with unetbootin, or that 'linuxloader' or linuxlive tool in windows thats like unetbootin11:55
Dr_Willisthats how i made a usb flash of it11:55
apparleDr_Willis: you made the 2.0 alpha on USB drive?11:55
apparleI am just unable to do it...... can you make me an img for that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz11:56
apparleDr_Willis: I just endup at busybox11:56
Dr_Willis i used the  tool at  www.linuxliveusb.com  to make it11:57
Dr_Willisone of the WORSE  GUI's on a program ive ever seen. but it works11:57
apparleDr_Willis: did you have any success with unetbootin11:58
apparleDr_Willis: 65% download on lucid done.... will be trying it soon11:59
Dr_Willisi recall unetbootin working for geexbox in the past. but i also recall Geexbox being VERY picky about its options at boot. So i may have tweaked the syslinux.cfg file a but12:01
Dr_Willisit uses UUID#'s so that can be an annoyance at times12:01
tgpraveen12Dr_Willis: apparle doesnt ubuntu have a built in prog to make live usbs12:01
Dr_Willistgpraveen12:  that works for UBUNTU  and its relatives only - from what ive see12:01
tgpraveen12startup disk creator12:01
tgpraveen12hmm r u sure? it seems to take any iso file as input12:02
apparletgpraveen12: I know and have used it earlier..... I was discussing booting an ISO from HDD itself and then discussion drifted off12:02
Dr_Willistaking an ISO file as input and actually making a  bootable usb fash  - are NOT the same thing12:03
tgpraveen12i knw. hmm maybe u r right12:03
Dr_Willisgive it a windows iso file and see what it does. :) or other disrtos.12:03
apparleDr_Willis: you are saying tis picky coz of UUIDs.... so isn't it good to use UUIDs?12:04
Dr_Willisthe  tool at  www.linuxliveusb.com   is a little  smarter then Unbetbootin in ways. but its windows only.12:04
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tinchendamn ... now i'm running in bug #52803412:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528034 in ubiquity "Ubiquity crash on Lucid alpha 3 20100225 Kubuntu" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52803412:21
tgpraveen12Damascene: hey i still am having probs of empathy not having accounts when i start up my pc12:22
tgpraveen12and then i close and start empathy 2-3 times and it is ok. is ur problem completely solved?12:22
Damascenetgpraveen12, I still have it sometime times but I don't use empathy very much12:55
melissawmhi people. i'm looking for help installing lucid. i've downloaded the current images - both live cd (amd64) and alternate cd (amd64) - and both of them fail when trying to install them from a usb stick.13:28
melissawmi've tried creating the usb stick via unetbootin and usb-creator, both fail13:29
melissawmfor the live cd, it gets stuck in the logo screen and never proceeds; the alternate cd fails during installation - after disk partitioning and during "select and install software" iirc, with an error "can't read files from the cd"13:30
melissawmchecking the image for errors yields "can't read files from the cd" error again (since the image is in a usb stick...)13:30
melissawmcan anyone help me?13:30
penguin42I think we had someone here last night with a similar problem13:33
melissawmit was me i think :)13:33
penguin42oh, that's not a pattern then!13:33
melissawmnobody answered so i don't know if anyone can help me13:33
melissawmi'm willing to burn a cd to check if it would be any different from the cd, but can anyone give me a reason why that would be the case?13:34
kklimondamelissawm: an alpha3 live cd worked just fine here13:34
kklimondamelissawm: what graphic card do you have? maybe you have to disable kms or something similar to get it working13:35
melissawmnvidia GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M13:36
melissawmkklimonda: but even the alternate cd fails13:36
melissawmi've tried looking in launchpad but there's no bug report for this... is it a usb installation problem perhaps?13:37
kklimondayou can try burning a cd but it doesn't sound like the usb issue. have you checked if the hash of downloaded images is correct?13:38
melissawmi've been doing it via zsync13:39
melissawm(it's been 2 weeks, and i've tried every 2-3 days, always with the same result)13:39
kklimondamelissawm: you should try burning a cd then - I have no other good suggestions right now :)13:50
melissawmok thanks :)13:50
wirechiefmelissawm you said 10.4 alpha 3 fails, if you burn a cd then you can do a media check, that will give you confidence that your filesystems are ok.14:03
wirechiefliveusb is great but not so great when things dont work and you need to verify the contents of the stick.14:03
melissawmwirechief: thanks. i'll do that... probably with the alternate cd so i don't have the plymouth problem (apparently that would be an issue too since the live cd doesn't even start)14:04
wirechiefright well many users are having issues and need to use nomodeset in the boot options otherwise get a black screen14:05
melissawmthanks :)14:06
wirechiefi had that plus I needed to disable ipv6, otherwise my boot took minutes14:06
wirechiefnow it boots very fast and faster than karmic14:07
wirechiefi used zsync too.14:07
ZoraelShould it be possible to connect to a VPN with the knetworkmanager in 4.4? I get an entry in the context menu, but clicking it doesn't seem to do anything.14:08
melissawmgood to know! i'm using a usb stick because i'm trying to take part in the proprietary drivers testing for X, but so far no luck installing lucid :(14:08
wirechiefah, ok. i avoid the proprietary, too many headaches in the past.14:09
melissawmsince i'll have to install lucid from scratch every week i would like to save cds ;) but if i have to, that's ok14:09
penguin42melissawm: cd-rw!14:09
melissawmpenguin42: that's true, i hadn't thought of that. haven't used those in a few years. how many times can you re-burn them?14:09
wirechiefyes thats understandable. ive used cdrw's but am not able to use them on anything other than the computer i burn them on.14:10
wirechiefi must be missing a step to finalize or something.14:11
melissawmthere used to be a step to "close" the burning of a cd a few years ago. is that still something you should do? (lol i'm old)14:12
penguin42melissawm: I don't know, I'd expect at least say 1014:13
melissawmpenguin42: ok that's good!14:14
wirechiefi guess thats why i prefer to just use cds..14:14
smflucid comes with hdparm v9.15. in 9.17 support was added for TRIM command in SSD. latest version is 9.27. can you put new hdparm in repo?14:17
penguin42smf: It might be a bit late to ask, but I think you file a bug against the hdparm package asking for it14:24
penguin42although for ssd performance seems like  a good reason14:25
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zonylHi All.  I am unable to get firefox to recognize the java plugin.  I apparently have openjdk installed though.  Is there a package I am missing/15:24
penguin42zonyl: Try icedtea6-plugin15:28
smfwill ubuntu ever have java installed by default?15:28
smfjava seems be first class citizen on mac, not on linux and windows15:28
IdleOneprobably never15:28
smfand on linux its been much non-free java and stuff, that they worked to free up15:28
faileaswell, java *is* open sourced now, right?15:28
smfi think like 99%15:29
smfbut linux has failed to adopt Java, which has lead to .NET becoming more popular lately15:29
zonylpenguin42: ! Thanks !15:29
zonylsmf: hate to say it but I am using mono more and more nowadays.  :(15:30
zonylI have been working on a new home automation software to replace "Misterhouse" that is completely in C#/mono.15:31
smfoh cool15:32
smfi hope you gonna open source it15:32
iktanyone else have plymouth freeze on bootup unless they press a key?15:36
zonylsmf: Yep.  Hopefully this summer I will have enough to support a release.15:36
iktif only there was an apport hook for plymouth15:36
faileaswhat is plymouth supposed to do anyway?15:39
faileasother than fail.. apparently gracefully...15:39
smflook pretty?15:39
melodie_hello !15:40
melodie_how do you do ?15:40
faileassmf: it dosen't do anything on the server nightly i downloaded ;p15:41
melodie_I have a alpha3 lucid of 2 days ago : 26th, running fine in virtualbox, and would like to boot it from usb. It boots allright but then it doesn't find the squashfs file because it's looking for /dev/sr0 : the cdrom drive. Question : are there any hdmedia images for boot on iso image somewhere ?15:41
smffaileas, well plymouth not so interesting on servers, more interesting on desktop15:44
actionParsnipyo yo yo15:48
actionParsnipwith the new layout of Ubuntu is BUM still effective or is it now none effective?15:49
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actionParsnipdoes bum still work?15:51
actionParsnip!info bum15:52
ubottubum (source: bum): graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.2-1 (lucid), package size 83 kB, installed size 520 kB15:52
zonylactionParsnip: Just tried it and it appears sketchy.15:54
smfno idea15:54
penguin42I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work for things that were now upstarted15:55
zonylAlmost 50% of the items in there are "?" status.15:55
actionParsnipthats why i asked, i know the startup process has been tweaked and wondered if bum was updated to reflect15:55
joaopintothe last time I have checked there was no gui upstart-aware15:55
joaopintothat as been a complain from some users15:56
zonylIm still a little shakey when it comes time to modify things that boot and runlevels.   i used to have a pretty tricked out boot runlevels on my latop (fast boot, low power, full, etc)  I get a bit lost in the upstart / dbus world now.15:58
faileasupstart is easy once you get the hang of it15:59
LADmaticCAi've been getting random pidgin logouts. anyone else?16:06
cjohnstonAfter installing the updates this morning, I am no longer able to login to my computer.. I get the login screen, select my user, type my password and then go to login.. then my screen goes blank, and i get back to the login window.. Any ideas?16:06
LADmaticCAcjohnston, I read something about that. Do you have plymouth installed?16:08
cjohnstonLADmaticCA: probably..16:08
cjohnstonis that the new version of the plymouth bug?16:08
LADmaticCAcjohnston, you may have to remove it. Seems a lot of login problems are plymouth related16:08
cjohnstonill give that a try.. bbiab16:09
cjohnstonLADmaticCA: I removed the plymouth package and no luck.. is there anything else that needs to be removed with the plymouth package? I did see something about it complaining about not being able to start plymouth something while it was still booting16:15
melodie_!info hdmedia16:16
ubottuPackage hdmedia does not exist in lucid16:16
melodie_hi again all. anyone heard about some hdmedia images for Lucid ?16:17
LADmaticCAcjohnston, plymouth should have been enough. Hmm. Maybe I can find that thread with the similar issue16:17
melodie_I can't get the distro to boot in usb key thought it starts. Just hangs looking for his squashs file in the wrong place16:17
maurii serachinf for a tool  for modify pdf document....im using pdfedit but it has same problems16:17
melodie_I've tried several ways to make a usb boot since a pair of days, only grub is ok for me, but there may be something missing in the initrd, or a cheatcode I don't know of ?16:18
cjohnstonLADmaticCA: im looking around too.. thanks16:18
melodie_mauri, there is a plugin in Openoffice for that16:18
maurimelodie_: yes but it not working well16:19
maurimelodie_: tnk16:19
melodie_you must open the pdf file with draw module (you tried that ?)16:19
maurimelodie_: of course16:19
LADmaticCAcjohnston, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141674416:20
melodie_did you try pdfedit as well ?16:20
LADmaticCAcjohnston, no solutions though16:20
cjohnstonty LADmaticCA .. looking16:20
melodie_who here knows how to boot with usb key please ?16:21
melodie_what cheatcode is available ?16:21
melodie_mauri, ? pdfedit16:21
maurimelodie_: ok tnk16:22
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melodie_hi again... just incase, someone here has booted a lucid with a pendrive ?16:37
melodie_or flashdrive ?16:37
wirechiefwhat are you using to make the pendrive melodiie16:38
wirechiefwhat are you using to make the pendrive melodie_16:39
wirechiefwhich release16:39
melodie_alpha3 wirechief (of 26th)16:40
wirechiefah, ok. you dont have anything earlier to make it with then i guess16:40
melodie_I did a try to boot it with qemu, grub starts ok then initrd but hangs at squashf : seeking for a cdrom drive. :/16:41
melodie_no earlier version : why that ?16:41
wirechiefwhats it doing dropping you into initramfs ?16:41
melodie_seek for /dev/sr0 drops me to initramfs16:42
wirechiefok. jeeze they keep letting that bug back in with each release.16:42
melodie_I tried to pass a cheatcode such as "fromusb" but no more result16:42
melodie_that's a known bug ? :o16:43
wirechiefwell, since about 9.04 the early adopters have had issue with making a usb stick then right about the final it is magically fixed16:43
wirechiefi have heard people suggest using unetbooten but i dont know, i might try it myself although i have 10.4 installed.16:44
cjohnstonLADmaticCA: there is also an error with ureadahead when booting.. would that cause the issue?16:45
melodie_I will not do tests by burning cd's : no way ! not ecological and costs money. as long as it's not possible to boot from a usb key I'll continue testing very lightly (not deeply as in a hdd install would allow) in Virtualbox16:45
wirechiefmelodie unetbooten is used to create usb sticks16:46
melodie_wirechief, do you know where the bug is reported ? any way to get the link here from the bot ?16:46
melodie_wirechief, I tried it once and it created weird entries in my menu.lst and spread dozens of unwanted files under / : so never again !   :|16:46
wirechiefnot sure now,, i was reporting my issues when 9.04 and 9.10 came around but you might try googleing.16:46
wirechiefwhat did you try once ?16:47
melodie_well no... I won't take time now16:47
melodie_many people report it works fine but I had a bad experience with it16:47
melodie_else, I despise grub 2.16:47
wirechiefwell look for a bug report with google if not then maybe file one yourself so others will see and perhaps they will address it16:48
melodie_I don't like this tool very complicated to deal with and it doesn't offer a nice look16:48
melodie_wirechief, maybe later, if I find courage for this. (and ideas to make a good one, so that it be most useful)16:48
wirechiefubuntu-bug usb-creator unless they decided to call it something else16:49
melodie_grub 2 : I mostly multiboot, and having a white on black start doesn't please me very much, particularly when bringing a machine with Ubuntu for someone else. So I installed the old grub16:49
melodie_ubuntu-bug usb-creator ?16:50
wirechiefwell grub 2 is going to be with us for a long time im afraid.16:50
melodie_I installed the legacy from the other distro... and suppressed grub 216:50
wirechiefi use a debian lenny for my main distro but test ubuntu and my developer chose to use it so i know its long term16:50
melodie_when we will have a handy full featured tool to tweak it it will be ok.16:51
melodie_the actual tool that's used for that is not full featured as the website states16:51
melodie_startupmanager ?16:51
wirechiefi dont know i suspect this removal of hal might have something to do with the usb-creator not working yet, time will tell, i am sure they will have it ready for the final .16:52
melodie_usb-creator doesn't work in Archlinux either I didn't use this method at last16:52
melodie_what I did:16:52
melodie_a small partition for grub16:52
melodie_installed grub on the mbr of the usb key16:53
melodie_created an extended partition just after16:53
melodie_inside one partition for Ubuntu (on fat32)16:53
melodie_copied all the necessary files from within the iso with mc16:53
melodie_created a small menu.lst16:53
melodie_well I don't have a device.map : does that bother ?16:54
penguin42melodie_: On System->Administruction menu is a 'startup disk creator' why not use that?16:54
melodie_penguin42, I don't have Ubuntu installed in my machines16:54
melodie_I thought I would install it from a usb key16:55
wirechiefmelodie_:  they made those usb-creators for ubuntu use only, the config file is different for ubuntu16:55
wirechiefmy developer tried to make a script that would do the trick but it never worked for me16:55
melodie_wirechief, it's packaged for Archlinux : in order to create a Ubuntu usb with a ubuntu iso and a usb key16:55
melodie_from any distro you could do it, if it worked16:56
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wirechiefonly when i used ubuntu's menu as penguin42 said did it work16:56
melodie_your developer may want to look at the script that is started with this menu ?16:56
melodie_you'll find the desktop file under /usr/share/applications then you can know what is the binary or the script that it starts and from there what package it belongs to16:57
wirechiefi am sure he has, i havent tried anything other than just use ubuntu to make the sticks and then they worked except as i mentioned with the early releases they were missing things.16:57
melodie_wirechief, you know that to start from an iso image what is necessary is the 2 hdmedia meant for : vmlinuz and initrd : you are ok with that ?16:58
wirechiefmy problem is i have about 15 sticks and i dont want to mess any of them up, (needs more sticks)     .....yes im am but there is something with the config file telling where to look for things that you need.16:59
melodie_yes but I'm not keen enough to modify an initrd16:59
wirechiefthat info is on the pendrive webpage.16:59
melodie_pendrivelinux ?17:00
wirechiefthat might be the name, they started the whole idea of doing it and give lots of pointers if it doesnt work and that was one, the config file issue.17:00
wirechieffor me it doesnt make sense to make usb sticks from the current distro, a way should be left for an older release to make them too, so users can use usb sticks to boot and install the new version, but i havent tested 9.10 with 10.4 iso yet, maybe it works17:03
wirechiefmelodie_: that looks like the web site.17:04
wirechiefmelodie_: note all the different distros, each having their own way to use the files on the stick, thats what im talking about.17:06
melodie_wirechief, yes17:06
melodie_it depends on how the initrd is constructed17:06
wirechiefits really silly they didnt come out with a standard way to do it and have everyone conform to that.17:06
wirechiefsomeone here in ubuntu was working to make that possible not sure if he was successfull.17:07
melodie_ok thanks wirechief ! I have to go now. see you !17:07
wirechiefhave fun good luck with your usb sticks17:07
melodie_sure, thanks17:07
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duffydackits asking for my password to unlock keyring everytime i bootup and wireless tries to connect...i could set a blank password in karmic, its not asking me in lucid, how can i turn if off, its a nag17:51
joaopintoduffydack, it will not ask you for the password if you set it the same as your login17:52
duffydackjoaopinto, its not asking me to set one, its asking for it..17:52
duffydackwhich is my login (im autologging in)17:53
iktduffydack: this isn't gonna help but wicd fixes that issue >.>17:55
ikthonestly should probably report a bug though17:55
iktsomething wrong with network manager to be this annoying17:55
duffydackits ok, i deleted somethnig from passwords and encryption keys app..17:57
iktduffydack: which part? and does it remove network manager from asking for a password every login?18:02
duffydackikt, in accessories, the password/encyption key app..  just deleted some key related to network manager, it stopped asking now18:03
duffydackcool, vlc is newer than the ppa...18:03
iktthat might help me18:04
iktmy main issue is that on boot network manager lists my wireless as disabled18:04
mdlueckWell I tested Dual Boot with Alpha 3 and WinXP Pro, booting XP is killed now as well. (head shaking)18:04
iktso I have to manually enable it :/18:04
ZykoticK9duffydack, if you turn auto-login OFF it won't ask you for the network password18:06
duffydackZykoticK9, its ok, i can have both now :)18:07
duffydacki must say, bootup is bloooody fast18:08
mdlueckAnyone know off hand of bugid's tracking dual boot issues with Lucid?18:08
iktoh yeah it's fast18:09
iktif plymouth would stop crashing on me it's usually <15 seconds from power on18:09
duffydackgonna try wireless again,brb18:10
Drakesonwhich packages provides a sound volume manager/mixer in the indicator applet now?18:25
DrakesonIt has disappeared for a while18:26
ZykoticK9Drakeson, "indicator-sound"18:28
Drakesonthanks. how do I restart the indicator applet?18:29
Drakesonkill -HUP ?18:29
KnifeySpooneyHi, I'm trying to get Java working for Firefox, but it seems that I have three JREs installed? How do I select just one and let firefox use it? List of installed jre's: http://pastebin.org/9900618:29
ethana2so I've got lucid running on this somewhat old machine..  it has a 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE gpu and I'm trying to get compiz running18:29
om26erDrakeson: sudo pkill indicator and then reload both applets. I do this and works for me but (works for me;))18:32
yofelKnifeySpooney: for java in firefox you need icedtea6-plugin18:35
yofelmeh, he's gone -.-18:35
crdlbethana2: that's a bit low for compiz18:38
ethana2crdlb: I know it's pushing it pretty close18:39
ethana2but my other desktop had this gpu I think and it could barely manage18:39
ethana2I just have to have scale18:40
ethana2and gnome-do docky18:40
crdlbwell, what's not working?18:41
ethana2crdlb: it won't replace gnome's wm.. it just doesn't run18:42
ethana2i'll get a terminal log to see better what happens here...18:42
ethana2blacklisted PCI ID, I just checked that list...18:43
ethana2well, plenty of other 8086:18:43
ethana2I told compiz to ignore the blacklist, should I reboot to put that in effect?18:44
crdlbnot necessary18:44
duffydackodd.. with autogin on it booted but then i assume it was plymouth crashing as it displayed blank screen, i then press a key and it brings up login menu..i have to login... tried autologin off but wouldnt fix it, then deleted everything in my keyring to start from scratch, and it boots ok but with autologin off..i dont wanna turn it on again and go thru it all again18:44
ethana2crdlb: but it only takes 25 seconds and I don't have to learn anythingn18:44
crdlbjust log out if you really don't want to run anything manually18:44
kklimondaduffydack: that sounds like yet another plymouth issue18:45
duffydackthis was all to get it to stop asking for password to unlock keyring, which is irrelevant now i login normally..18:47
wirechiefwhy does lucid ask for a userid password for a liveusb session ?18:51
wirechiefif that is normal what is the right response. ubuntu passwd  ??18:52
ZykoticK9wirechief, Ubuntu = user, no password18:54
wirechiefi played along with it and finally got a new userid (wirechief) but am not able to do anything as im not in this sudoers file18:54
wirechiefZykoticK9: ok i will try that.18:55
wirechiefwow that worked, crazy man, lots of OP changes in this release18:56
ZykoticK9wirechief, i actually saw the same thing 2 nights ago on a 9.04 Mythbuntu live cd18:57
duffydackbtw, what is netbook 2d...im using netbook at the mo18:57
wirechiefwell now i will have to see if i can put in a passwd with sudo passwd18:58
ZykoticK9wirechief, you are using chroot first right?18:59
yofelhi beij219:06
wirechiefZykoticK9: no19:07
wirechiefit worked though, im able now to do root activities but am now faced with resolving my problem with belkin wifi adapter19:07
wirechiefi am able to use ndiswrapper but wanted to use the driver rtl8192.ko so i can get the internet instead of ndiswrapper but this is all new to me.19:08
wirechiefi am using a live session so as not to mess up the install of alpha 3 and try to get the driver working for the adapter19:09
wirechiefi tried to do modprobe -i rtl8192  but it gave module not found. (maybe i need rtl8192.ko)19:10
wirechiefsupposedly its already in lucid but since this is operation is new to me am gonna have to google punt i guess.19:11
wirechiefmaybe i should just cheat and use the cable and get a few tools first hehe.19:12
yofelwirechief: modprobe <modulename> will only work if the module is part of the kernel (or at least in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/... afaik)19:13
yofelwirechief: if you have a .ko file use 'sudo insmod /path/to/module.ko'19:13
wirechiefyofel thanks19:16
wirechiefwill try that last19:16
yofelwirechief: wait19:16
wirechiefi found the module i think in /libmodules/$(uname -r)19:17
wirechiefi found the module i think in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)19:17
yofelthere is a 'r8192_pci' and 'r8192s_usb'  module19:17
wirechiefits usb i need19:17
wirechiefhmm its saying it cant read it with insmod19:19
yofelwirechief: actually 'sudo modprobe r8192s_usb' *should* work19:20
wirechiefok will try that again.19:21
wirechiefboy that is strange, i used locate to find it and cp paste the location so i had the right snytax to it, but modprobe says it cant find it.19:24
wirechiefi was sure hopeing to use a real driver instead of ndiswrapper19:25
wirechiefthanks yofel i think that modprobe should of worked too. maybe google will have more information.19:28
yofelwirechief: huh? It works fine here...19:30
ZykoticK9wirechief, are you still running from the LiveCD?19:31
wirechiefwell i think maybe my problem is that i would of needed to reboot to get this firmware recognized.19:31
wirechiefyes i was trying to see if i could make it work with a driver and not ndiswrapper but i forgot i need to reboot after i compiled the firmware and driver in the folder im using.19:32
wirechiefprobably not do able while live, would have to use the install and that means mucking around removing ndiswrapper and then modprobing the driver..19:33
wirechiefyofel you have a wifi adapter 8192 ?19:33
duffydackusing netbook remix, ubuntuone in karmic has an icon to show when its updating etc, there isnt one in lucid19:34
yofelwirechief: no19:34
wirechiefah ok as you mentioned it worked fine there, but you are using a different module , ok.19:34
yofelwirechief: I just tested if the module loads, as I don't have that chip there's no effect though19:35
SoftwareExplorerIs there an easy way, when running a daily image, to find out what the installation media is? (So that you know what date it is from)19:35
ZykoticK9SoftwareExplorer, if you burned the disk the same day you downloaded it - you can just check the date on the file on the CD19:39
wirechiefSofwareExplorer maybe you could see the creation dates with ls -lc19:39
SoftwareExplorerI guess I could do that, but it might be a few days off. It would be nice to find out exactly. I know apport does it because it Says something like 'Installation media: Daily live (20100228)' when you file a bug.19:41
SoftwareExplorerwirechief: I think I might get what you are saying now: the files inside the iso might still keep their creation date. However, I'm using a usb stick, so I think it would change whenever the image is put on the stick19:48
SoftwareExplorerI'm going to restart so I can do some bug testing. Bye and thanks for the help.19:51
wirechiefSoftwareExplorer: yes.. i went looking for the string Daily live, havent found it.19:51
SoftwareExplorerwirechief: Here's an example copied and pasted from a bug report (if that helps): InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" - Alpha amd64 (20100224.1)19:54
wirechiefZykoticK9: well at least this usbstick seems to work, i had to make sure i enabled nomodset and noapic before booting up though, i created the stick using the installed 10.4 alpha 319:54
ZykoticK9wirechief, nice :)19:54
wirechiefit has updated files from todays daily, making the usb stick more up to date than the install. i dont plan on updateing the install until the next release, i can keep testing things with updated zsync file and maybe learn how to get that wifi adapters driver working thats on my list of things to accomplish.19:56
beij2does anyone which version of mplayer will ne in lynx?19:58
beij2maxbe i will give it a trie19:58
ZykoticK9!info mplayer19:58
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): movie player for Unix-like systems. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu13 (lucid), package size 2226 kB, installed size 4920 kB19:58
wirechiefi wonder, the installer says that HAL/rtl8192 is needed, i think lucid removed HAL ZykoticK920:01
ZykoticK9wirechief, Lucid did remove HAL yes, so if the driver relies on it, it might not work20:01
wirechiefuntil the driver gets updated so it works in lucid.20:02
beij2oo cool that works20:04
yofelhal wasn't exaclty removed, but it's not installed by default now and it doesn't get started on boot but by dbus as far as I know20:04
beij2MPlayer SVN-r30501-4.4.2 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team20:04
beij2damn is that old ^_^20:05
wirechiefyofel i just dont know why it cant find that driver but it might need a reboot, but wait, is the driver actually in lucid ?  maybe a reboot wouldnt be necessary and i have some other problem.20:06
yofelwirechief: well, it's part of the 2.6.32-14 kernel so yes it's in lucid, but I have no idea why it doesn't work20:06
ZykoticK9yofel, from the Alpha 3 release notes "Lucid Alpha 3 sports full removal of the hal package, making Ubuntu faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend."20:07
yofelZykoticK9: yes, it's not installed by default, but the package cannot be removed as kde and a few other things still need it20:08
ZykoticK9yofel, interesting, so you could actually add it back in?  Or what you're suggesting, it should still be there if you're running Kubuntu then.  Mmmm.20:09
yofel!find r8192s_usb.ko | wirechief by the way20:09
ubottuwirechief: File r8192s_usb.ko found in linux-image-2.6.31-10-rt, linux-image-2.6.32-14-generic, linux-image-2.6.32-14-preempt, linux-image-2.6.32-14-server20:09
yofelZykoticK9: as I use kubuntu I do have hal installed here20:10
mdlueckTap tap... Add Lucid Alpha 3 to an existing working copy of XP, and now XP fails to boot. Worked with Alpha 2. So which package should I open a report under, grub2, or... ???20:16
penguin42mdlueck: I'd do it under ubiquity that's the installer20:18
mdlueckpenguin42: Thanks!20:18
wirechiefyofel ok will try that20:21
wirechiefyofel im not getting anywhere with the liveusb, gonna reboot into the install and see if i can modprobe it in it.20:26
BUGabundoevening friends20:28
wirechiefhi BUGabundo20:30
BUGabundohey wirechief20:30
wirechiefi finally decided lucid has matured enough to give it a try, lots of changes from karmic20:31
hypehéhé ok i'm not the only one willing to try Lucid for real :)20:33
mdlueckpenguin42: How can I add ubuquity as a package to another dual-boot problem #?20:35
kklimondaclick on also affects distribution20:36
mdlueckOK, screens just looked weird down that path, so I was not sure such was the way to actually do it... I will try it...20:37
mdlueckAaahh, my bad, I was trying to add a project, not a distribution20:38
_Groo_can anyone tell me if sun-java6 was pulled out of lucid?20:42
mdlueck_Groo_: Sure hope not, firing up a copy to verify now...20:44
_Groo_aparently it was http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=883081020:44
mdlueck_Groo_: No, I do not see it... will see your link next...20:46
_Groo_mdlueck: mdeslaur told me it was moved to the partner repo20:47
ChogyDan_Groo_: does openjdk work?20:48
mdlueckThings like Adobe Flash have switched repos over time20:48
mdlueckSee if I can find the magic repo...20:48
_Groo_ChogyDan: probably, but its good to have the oficial, some stupid propiretaries only work with him20:49
mdlueckYuck!!! openjdk-6-jre comes included in Lucid20:51
mdlueckPerhaps Ubuntu is reacting to Oracle already...20:52
TLFI've upgraded from karmic to lynx alpha 3, and I can't get X start automatically. When looking in the log file, it says it cannot find corepointer (mouse and keyboard), but when doing manually service gdm start, it starts without problems, what can I do?20:54
wirechiefTLF i had issues with getting to the desktop and had to use  nomodeset on boot screen with f6, not sure if that will help20:56
wirechiefoops your already updated maybe you need to use the cheat nomodset on boot screen using e to edit the string and add it.20:57
hypeTLF what graphic card?20:58
TLFI think the point here is that X should start after some another program20:58
TLFhype: nvidia20:58
wirechiefagain not sure that kms or whatever is doing you in but thats worth a try.20:58
wirechiefit doesnt change anything, just for the session that you boot but then youll know.20:59
hypei saw on forums there were issue with plymouth crashing X, may be related20:59
wirechiefyes that may be it too.20:59
hypei was just checking irc/forum i just created a Lucid live-usb disc from git :p21:00
wirechiefyea, i did one this am.21:01
wirechiefnot sure why but i cant modprobe the driver for my wireless, unless your not suppose to be able to do that with a live connection21:01
wirechiefmaybe something with the filesystem.21:02
TLFplymouth replaces usplash??21:29
jpdsTLF: Yes.21:29
TLFso I shall install it21:29
arandare there any changes proposed for the login sound-config in lucid, no mention of python-gdm2setup possibly im main?21:31
crimsunyou should ask in #ubuntu-desktop21:32
arandAh, true that.21:32
ChogyDananyone one know about dealing with patches?  I'm looking for a way to modify a patch for an updated source, and I'm hoping for something other than just manually22:17
_Groo_someone needs to update lucid with icedtea 1.7.1... works with chromium/pulse and a lot more22:20
AnzenkethChogyDan: Do you have a patch written?22:23
ChogyDanAnzenketh: yes, and it is failing.22:24
AnzenkethWhat do you mean by it is failing?22:25
ChogyDanAnzenketh: the source has been changed from the source that the patch was written for.  I want to see the issues, but I haven't been getting great feedback from 'patch'22:26
* Anzenketh still confused on exactly what you are asking.22:27
ChogyDanI have a patch against the ubuntu kernel packaging.  It edits several files.22:27
ChogyDaneach update, the ubuntu devs seem to be making changes to the packaging, and I am trying to update the patch along with that22:28
crimsunChogyDan: you really should be maintaining it in git (as the kernel does).22:29
ChogyDanso far, the changes have been simple yet maddening to find, like adding an architecture to the support builds list, whatever that is.  I just tracked it down manually last time, Im looking for a more expedited method.22:29
AnzenkethChogyDan: Do you have a bug report in launchpad?22:31
ChogyDanbug 42492722:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424927 in linux "include Brain <censored> Scheduler" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42492722:32
AnzenkethChogyDan: Have you checked upstream to see if there was discussion on this?22:35
ChogyDanAnzenketh: well, Ive just been working off of Darxus's work, so no22:36
ChogyDanwait, which upstream?  linux?22:36
AnzenkethMight want to check http://bugzilla.kernel.org/ to check if there was discussion on this.22:37
AnzenkethSounds like you are wanting to make changes to the kernal.22:37
ChogyDanAnzenketh: oh, yeah, I'm "aware" of the discussion/flamewar22:37
AnzenkethYa it sounds like it would be a really hot topic.22:38
AnzenkethDo you know the bug report upstream for this?22:38
AnzenkethIf so It should really be attached to your bug.22:39
ChogyDanAnzenketh: the BFS dev and upstream devs don't get along.  It has been a hot topic22:41
AnzenkethDo you have the bug report number upstream?22:42
ChogyDanI forget which webpage I first read about it22:42
AnzenkethIf you could find that and attach the upstream to your bug report it would greatly improve your bug report.22:43
ChogyDanAnzenketh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_Fuck_Scheduler   the wiki has several good link22:43
ChogyDanfor now, I will contemplate using git, but since Darxus nor ck are using it, I'm unsure22:44
AnzenkethChogyDan: All I can say is good luck22:44
AnzenkethIf it is a hot topic it may never be implemented.22:44
coz_ok guys just to warn you...the22:54
coz_there is a bug in gedit22:54
ubottuGnome bug 611350 in general "gedit removes 8192bites of text after editing xml file" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]22:55
coz_now I have to figure out the grub2 bug :)22:57
BUGabundocoz_: LOL22:57
BUGabundoare YOU JOKING?22:57
coz_BUGabundo,  no no joke   couldnt figure out why it removed chunks of the xml file when editing22:57
BUGabundoglad I don't much XML22:57
BUGabundothanks for the heads up22:58
arandcoz_: grub2, what about it?23:02
coz_arand,  so far ...i am guessing with recent updates...grub2 menu   comes up...I can boot into ubuntu..however if i try booting into xp  I get Grub  GEOM error...the disk is working and accessible via linux though23:03
coz_arand,  nothing on the system has changed since yesterday23:03
coz_other than updates23:03
coz_2 scsi drives  both with their own OS on it23:04
coz_arand,  and the six possible causes  listed here    http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:The_Boot_Process_Hangs_with_the_Message_GRUB_Geom_Error  dont apply23:05
coz_arand,  but I am still hunting down the cause :)23:06
arandcoz_: Yea, confuses me as well, if wanting to find the cause, maybe make a copy of all grub files, including BRs  (dd bs=4096), and the reinstall, if it does work, diff-it.23:08
coz_arand,  that sounds reasonable :)  I will try that...the confusing part is that the GEOM error generally produces grub2 freeze  as far as I have researched anyway23:09
arandcoz_: hmmm, if grub is on the mbr, I think it might be even more than 4k... but I'm not sure...23:13
coz_arand,  no problem .. I w ill continue to hunt this down..if unsueccessful...I will keep copies of all grub files ...reinstall  and compare that way ...althought that isnt really going to tell me the actual problem23:15
Volkodavwhere is the config file for desktop settings ? I want to set the timing for image list on the desktop23:18
yofelVolkodav: what desktop environment?23:22
Jordan_Ucoz_, What problem are you having with grub?23:27
Volkodavyofel: xfce23:28
VolkodavThere is the timing that eventually switches the images but I want to create a new list and set the timing for it23:28
coz_Jordan_U,  just getting  GEOM error when trying to boot into xp  which is on it's own scsi drive23:31
coz_Jordan_U,  a current problem just happening this morning23:31
wirechiefcoz_ check /var/log/dpkg.log maybe a clue of which package might have caused that.23:44
coz_wirechief,  ok will do thanks :)  still trying other things to hunt this down :)23:45
wirechiefat the very least you might have a list of files installed and then maybe a process to eliminate23:45
coz_wirechief,  cool thanks23:45
wirechiefno-one wants this kind of problem.23:45
wirechiefi just updated but had over 70mb of download.23:46
coz_wirechief,  yeah for sure.... I am sure nothing changed on this end and considering that GEOM error...as far as i know usually will result in grub freeze and that is not occurring here so the search continues :)23:48
coz_I am not seeing anything yet in the dpkg.log but still looking23:49
wirechief_coz_:  in /var/log  try  grep grub dpkg.log  , i have grub 1.98 but that was initial install.23:53
coz_interesting it says  1.97-beta423:54
wirechief_2010-02-24 18:51:42 install grub-pc <none> 1.98~20100128-1ubuntu323:54
coz_I will check again23:55
coz_wirechief,  thanks23:55
coz_indeed it is  1.9823:55
coz_thanks again guys..I will take it from here :)23:55
wirechief_gl coz_23:55

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