Ox83just taking a peek at this. is rootstock/armel/qemu an alternative to the OE/bitbake system?08:27
persiaI'm not at all familiar with OE/bitbake but rootstock/armel/qemu certainly allows one to build packages (although there are some bugs).08:29
persiaPersonally, I've been working with sbuild&qemu-static, but that has more bugs (although the interface is easier as one doesn't have a full virtual system).08:30
persiaOx83: What are you seeking to accomplish?08:32
* persia becomes extra laggy for a while08:34
Ox83pesia: am interested in building an ubuntu rootfs that can boot on my sharp zaurus (model sl-5600 with arm5tel processor).08:38
Ox83there is a zubuntu project out there, but it is aimed at newer machines.08:39
kblinOx83: current ubuntu systems don't support arm5 processors anymore, you might want to have a look at debian instead09:10
persiaOx83: For the 5600, I'd also recommend Debian.  On a SL-C series, Ubuntu can work, but only Ubuntu 9.04 (and it's not upgradeable).09:18
persiaThat said, I suspect there's a way to hack rootstock to be able to use that to generate Debian rootfs artifacts.09:19
persiaThe effort to port Ubuntu 9.10 (or newer) to the Zauri is doomed to either failure or an incomplete archive (unless someone has a spare 300G of storage space to dedicate to hosting the archive).09:20
persiaBecause the newer releases require newer chips.09:20
Ox83sounds like deb then :)09:20
persiaJust as a side note for those not familiar with the Zauri: models other than the SL-C series has sub-VGA graphics, wheras the SL-C series was full VGA (some with and some without hard drives).09:29
persia(and I know Ubuntu has issues at 800x600, so I don't expect 320x240 or 480x320 to be anywhere near enough or well tested, etc.)09:29
Rishi1Can we install Ubuntu Netbook remix on arm based devices ?10:33
Rishi1If yes, please provide me link to download the varient...10:33
persiaRishi1: It's very much possible to do so.  For lucid, I believe the only flavours being built on armel are ubuntu-netbook, kubuntu-netbook, and server (although I plan to confirm on Monday, as there was some confusion related to Alpha 3).10:40
Rishi1Thanks Persia for reply.. Actually I want to install Ubuntu on my Nokia n81010:41
Rishi1It is based on Arm10:41
persiaBut for earlier releases (ones that don't change daily and have some expectations of not being buggy), you'd have to install some other variant and then apt-get install "ubuntu-netbook-remix".  rootstock can also do this.10:41
Rishi1and it has OS maemo OS200810:41
persiaI think I heard that the n810 can't run lucid (processor too old), so you'd be stuck with Jaunty or Karmic.10:41
persiaAlso, the resolution (800x480) is too small for the netbook variant.10:42
Rishi1Any pointer regarding how to install Jaunty on it ?10:42
persiaI'll recommend you explore the Mer project, which is based on Ubuntu, and targets that resolution.10:42
persiaI don't know of one, sorry.10:42
Rishi1I would like to see Jaunty on my n810 :)10:44
persiaI think you'd be happier with Karmic, which I believe works (although I've not tried it, so I may be mistaken).10:44
Rishi1Would it not be heavy for a 400Mhz10:46
persiaIt depends on what interface you use.  The netbook interface is almost certainly too heavy.  Something like LXDE seems to be about right.10:47
persiaFor lucid, there's a new netbook interface available that's lighter, but it won't work on the n810 because of changes in the instruction set.10:47
Rishi1Is it possible to remove Maemo from n810 and install ubuntu jaunty on it ?10:48
persiaI don't know.  I *think* you need to stick with the Nokia kernel.  Most folks seem to dual-boot (based on the results of a web search)10:49
Rishi1Dual boot will be the best option10:50
Rishi1need to search a lot on it.. The story behind doing this is that I want to connect my Internet USB dongle to N81010:51
persiaI really think the Mer project will have something more well suited to what you want (and you should be able to use any Ubuntu package with that, based on the information I have previously received).  If not, just search for "Ubuntu N810" or similar, and you'll get a lot of blog posts.  Some of them appear to have some directions, but I can't vouch for how well they work.10:51
Rishi1Though I have managed to Use USB Keyboard and USB Pen Drives and USb Hardisks even... :)10:51
persiaIf you get it working, please let us know.  I'd like to be confident telling people it works: I just don't have any reports that it's a good solution on that hardware yet (and since lucid and following releases won't work there, support for Ubuntu on that hardware will likely completely expire in early 2011~10:53
Rishi1Will surely inform you11:06
Rishi1I guess you stay in this channel with name Persia only11:07
Rishi1Actually This is first time im on freenode11:08
sgnbcoq consistently fails to build on armel17:30
sgnbI've no idea where the problem comes from17:30
sgnbI've been told that I could get help here17:30
sgnb(FWIW, coq builds successfully on armel in Debian)17:30
sgnband I am unable to create a working ubuntu chroot on my SheevaPlug... mount crashes with illegal instruction on karmic and segfault on lucid17:34
armin76sgnb: karmic/lucid isn't going to work on the sheevaplug ever18:10
syadnommy first time here, i usually live over in ubuntu-montana.19:42
syadnomanyone here running a guruplug or a sheevaplug?19:42
armin76syadnom: you'll find more ppl on #openplug19:43
syadnomwell, ubuntu is available on the guruplug and I was wondering if anyone had gotten vbulleting running on one?  I just dont know how php and apache run on the arm platform.19:44
syadnomvbulleting=vbulletin if my typo wasnt obvious.19:44
syadnomalong those line, does mysql run well on arm.19:44
syadnomI'm considering an experiment with running a guruplug to start a basic vbulletin site, and then splitting that to a MySQL guruplug+webserver, then mysql+2 web servers etc etc with apache load balancing.  Before I invest in a couple plugs and wanted to know if anyone had run php and mysql on one of these plugs yet.19:46
loolsyadnom: There aren't a lot of people still running Ubuntu on these because only Ubuntu jaunty can run on the devices -- they are armv520:34
loolsyadnom: We target armv7 in the current development version of ubuntu20:34
syadnomlool: "we" means your an ubuntu dev?  any reason to target arm v7 instead of v5?20:44
syadnomlool:  is this just a kernel issue?  could you roll your own kernel to work around it or are all the libs etc arm v7 only?20:45
juan__hi! can anybody help me in order to update an arm linux kernel installation?20:58
syadnomjuan:  come back tomorrow, this is a sleepy irc day22:20
syadnomoh! missed him22:20
NCommandersyadnom: its for performance reasons. ARMv7+Thumb2 gives a massive performance boost22:40
persiasgnb: The SheevaPlug can't run newer Ubuntu (see interim backscroll).  Depending on the instructions used, you may be able to get an emulated lucid chroot working on an amd64 or i386 machine (either running in qemu or with qemu-static).22:42
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