descendent87if i've asked someone to test the newest version of an app and check if the problem still exists should I leave the status as New or change it?00:35
descendent87another question, bug posted on 2009-04-15 about an old version of gnash, has had no replies since. I've added a comment asking if the problem still exists with the latest version, do I need to change the status?01:08
micahgdescendent87: bugs waiting on the reporter's reply should be incomplete01:11
descendent87thanks thought so, will change them now01:12
Anzenkethmicahg: I just got a notice from the wiki. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage?action=diff&rev1=98&rev2=99 I am a bit unclear on the mirrors change.01:15
hggdhAnzenketh: what is your doubt?01:19
micahgAnzenketh: it seems that someone jsut added that mirror issues shouldn't be field on LP01:19
AnzenkethMy question is more of what does that include.01:19
AnzenkethI figured it included questions like this .deb file is missing01:20
AnzenkethBut what about this package should also include this by default.01:20
* hggdh is now confuse01:21
hggdher. which package are you talking about?01:21
AnzenkethIt was more of a general question01:22
hggdhthe usual problems with mirrors are: they are offline; they are not up-to-date; they are partially up-to-date (and keep partially UTD)01:23
micahgAnzenketh: my guess would be the 403/404 errors that are commonly reported against update-manager01:23
hggdhoh, I see. You mean something like "this mirror does not include multiverse, and it should"01:23
AnzenkethNo more something like I was installing package X and it states it requires package Y can we get that .deb file updated.01:24
micahglike bug 36718301:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 367183 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Mirror Packages.gz and Sources.gz - 403 and 404 error (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36718301:24
micahgoh, maybe bad example...01:24
Anzenkethmicahg: I got that part I was just wondering if it included anything else besides that.01:24
AnzenkethBesides the HTTP errors you get.01:25
micahgAnzenketh: if it's in the repo and just not mirrored yet, yet01:25
micahgif it's missing from the archive entriely, no01:25
micahgand that link is bad...01:26
AnzenkethOk so follow that process only in that case to where if it is in the repo just not mirrored yet.01:26
Anzenkethmicahg: Do you know much about kernal debugging?01:39
AnzenkethBug 529288 looks ready to be triaged.01:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 529288 in linux (Ubuntu) "OOPS in aa_dfa_match_len (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52928801:44
micahgAnzenketh: no, but there are wiki pages01:46
AnzenkethWell I tried to update the discription but It gave a eror01:46
AnzenkethThere now 529288 is ready to be marked as triaged can you mark that for me micahg?01:49
* micahg is not sure01:50
AnzenkethI went though the wiki and followed all the steps01:51
AnzenkethLooks like everything is there.01:51
micahgk, I'd just feel more comfortable with someone more familiar with kernel bugs marking it01:51
micahgalso, reporter is a dev, so that makes me even more reluctant01:52
micahgAnzenketh: you may be 100% right though01:52
AnzenkethYa It was a easy one.01:52
AnzenkethI only had to add a tag and change the title01:52
AnzenkethLearned a bit about kernal debugging though.01:52
micahgthat's good...they can definitely use help01:53
AnzenkethWell triaging them anyways01:53
micahgAnzenketh: they have 5k NEW bugs01:53
AnzenkethThat was actualy somewhat fun. I think I will work on that for a while.01:53
hggdhbug 525837 er, what?01:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 525837 in ubuntu "Ubuntu does not find OS. (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52583701:53
* micahg is confused as well hggdh01:54
hggdhI am trying, but I am not sure I can understand what is (or are) the issue(s)01:54
AnzenkethLooks like 3 issues that need to be in seperate bug reports01:55
hggdhthis is one problem on having everybody use English01:55
hggdhAnzenketh: yes indeed. But *what* are the issues?01:56
Anzenkeththis comment is confusing To each new download weekly Ubuntu it loses configuration:01:56
AnzenkethI think he is reporting on lucid on his Production system.01:57
hggdhwho knows? But by the name the native language could be Portuguese. Hum.01:58
AnzenkethI would reply back to the user for clarification.01:58
Anzenkeththat is just me though. I don't even see enough info to find a package for it.01:58
micahghggdh: fr_CH01:59
hggdhoh boy.01:59
* Anzenketh is going to start working on what he really wanted to in the first place.02:00
AnzenkethUgh where did the wiki on retracing go.02:02
hggdhAnzenketh: what do you need on retracing?02:05
AnzenkethBug 31374102:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 313741 in linux (Ubuntu) "atl1 module causes hang/oops on (u)swsusp" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31374102:05
Anzenkethdmsg is in a .gz02:05
AnzenkethNeed that to work on the bug02:06
Anzenkethhggdh: that is something that needs a retrace right?02:09
descendent87Bug 529207 what's that got to do with brasero? First he says the upgrade took longer than a normal install, then he got logged out unexpectedly an then something about printers.02:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 529207 in ubuntu "Brassero crashed on Wrting a Data DVD (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52920702:10
* descendent87 is confused02:10
AnzenkethNevermind I figured it out02:11
descendent87Bug 526615 how do you reply to something like that? Obviously it's not a bug he just didn't read what was going to be removed before pressing yes02:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 526615 in ubuntu "dist-upgrade failed to boot (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52661502:16
micahgdescendent87: it is a bug...probably a dupe02:17
descendent87oh right, will have a look for similar bugs then02:19
micahgdescendent87: actually, maybe not...dist-upgrade shouldn't do that...the apt logs would help02:20
descendent87is that /var/log/dpkg.log?02:21
micahgdescendent87: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUpdateManager#Debugging%20Procedures02:23
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
AnzenkethBug #529276  not a bug right due to he is using his same /home directory for LUCID as he is for 9.1002:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 529276 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-volume-control-applet does not run at startup (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52927602:24
AnzenkethCausing configuration fights.02:25
micahgAnzenketh: possibly02:26
AnzenkethHow would I verify that?02:26
micahgAnzenketh: idk if that's a configuration issue...maybe someone else more familiar with gnome02:28
Anzenkethwhat do you like to work on micahg02:29
micahgAnzenketh: Mozilla bugs02:29
micahgof which there are about 3500 in LP02:29
AnzenkethMozilla has bugs?02:30
micahgAnzenketh: Firefox/Thunderbird/Xulrunner02:30
AnzenkethI have not seen any.02:30
quidnuncCan someone confirm Bug #52930202:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 529302 in dh-ocaml (Ubuntu) "OCAMLABI detection is broken (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52930202:31
AnzenkethI have not yet found my nich yet02:32
micahgAnzenketh: well, find what packages you like02:33
* Anzenketh is switching back to chatzilla02:33
anzenkethTrying to decide what package to use for bug 529282 can someone help?03:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 529282 in gnome-media (Ubuntu) "gnome-display-properties does not work if you install nvidia-current (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52928203:06
anzenkethping hggdh03:07
* hggdh hears03:08
anzenkethHave time to help me for a sec ^03:08
anzenkethHello Zus03:09
hggdhanzenketh: I am unsure also. This seems to be a couple of issues:03:12
hggdh(1) nouveau and nvidia loading together03:12
anzenkethYes I did confirm that03:12
anzenkethHonestly I think that is the real issue is that nvidia does not uninstall nouvea03:12
hggdhso, for that, either one or the other should load03:13
anzenkethLets say the fix was to have nvidia .deb uninstall nouvea who would be in charge of doing that.03:13
hggdhsomeone in the X team03:15
* hggdh only thinks of Bryce...03:15
* anzenketh will assign it to the nvidia package03:23
anzenkethCan't assign it to xorg they will move it.03:27
kermiacbug 528127 is a dupe, so I would unsubscribe ubuntu bugs team to avoid a lot of bugmail spam, right?03:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 528127 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "openoffice update not installing, caused damage to one packet and disabled all further updates and installation and disinstallation of other packets (dup-of: 450569)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52812703:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 450569 in update-manager (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 8 other projects) "package openoffice.org-emailmerge 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu3.1 failed to install/upgrade: (affects: 576) (dups: 186)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45056903:47
kermiaci believe ubuntu bugs were auto subscribed as it was originally reported as a security issue03:48
anzenkethubuntu-bugs does not send messages you might be subscribed to a team that does04:02
kermiacanzenketh: no, I actually mean should I unsubscribe the ubuntu bugs team in order to avoid a lot of bugmail spam to the ubuntu bugs mailing list. Most (maybe even all) bug control members are subscribed to that ML & 450569 is a VERY active bug report atm which would mean the ubuntu bugs ML would get a lot of bugmail spam in relation to that bug report04:07
ddecatordang that report has a lot of duplicates...04:09
kermiacyeah, the oo updates from a couple of days ago caused a lot of users to have issues04:09
kermiacnothing really wrong with the updates themselves though04:10
ddecatorkermiac, i would guess that, if the report started spamming too much, a more senior -control member would change that subscription, but a lot of people subscribed to that list might want the updates for various reasons04:10
kermiaci didn't have the issue, but my boss did as he forgot to close the oo quickstart thing04:11
kermiacddecator: sounds fair enough to me.... I leave the decision up to someone else who knows more about that kind of thing :)04:11
ddecatorkermiac, besides, most -control members are accustomed to a lot of bug spam ;)04:11
* kermiac nods04:12
kermiacI need to setup better filters, lol04:12
ddecatori get quite a bit just from the firefox package04:12
ddecatoryah, if i subscribe to more lists i'll have to setup a filter04:12
anzenkethLOL Hi ddecator04:13
anzenkethddecator: found your nich yet?04:13
ddecatorhaha, actually the spam from that report is probably nothing compared to the spam i'm probably causing for firefox subscribers as i work on cleaning up old reports04:14
ddecatoranzenketh, niche? well i've adopted firefox and i'm going to be working with the mozilla team if that's what you mean04:14
anzenkethI am still looking for mine04:15
ddecatori chose firefox because i've been testing it for years and i'm more familiar with it than anything else04:15
anzenkethKernel would be fun but need a hole lot more knowledge then I have to do that.04:15
Zushello again, im kinda back this is frustrating dealing with nick and pass issues....04:24
ddecatormore issues?04:25
Zusim not identified i get invalid password.04:25
ddecatoryou put the password you used for your nick in the xchat network list window, yes?04:26
Zusi even got into the rooms automatically04:27
Zusactually  no i didint04:27
ddecatorthat'd be the problem, haha04:27
Zusok then.04:30
anzenkethOK I have touched enough bugs today04:50
ddecatoranyone here familiar with how gnome bugs are handled?05:05
ddecatoror rather, if a person has a problem with gnome-panel in karmic, but not in lucid, does that follow the same guidelines as an "unknown fix"?05:11
vishddecator: whats the doubt?  the desktop team usually marks those bugs as fix released05:24
vishif an unknown fix by an update == fix released...05:24
vishif the user reports back as it is not reproducible without and update == invalid05:25
vishwithout an*05:25
vishddecator: thats what the desktop team uses as a guideline^05:25
ddecatorvish, the reporter and i have not been able to figure the exact cause of the bug, so we don't know if there was a specific fix for the problem. i thought the general guideline was that "unknown fixes" were marked invalid and only fixes that have a known cause and were specifically addressed are "fix released"05:26
vishddecator: yes , the wiki and the responses are to mark it as "invalid" , but if the user mentions fixed by update , it is "fix released"  thats the desktop team's guidelines ;)05:28
ddecatorvish, fair enough, thanks for the help =)05:28
anzenkethAhh my kernel went into a panic on the vm05:40
anzenkethNeed some help on bug 38609905:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 386099 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 2 other projects) "Kubuntu OEM install does not create a 'prepare for shipping' icon (affects: 1)" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38609905:46
anzenkethIt shows fixed upstream should not that bug be closed?05:47
ddecatormicahg, bug 522727 is what i'm looking at06:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 522727 in firefox (Ubuntu) "tabs are not clickable sometimes, and firefox-bin needs to be killed when exiting after this happens (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52272706:43
micahgddecator: BTW, there is no firefox-3.6 package06:45
ddecatormicahg, i have one from the daily ppa, so that threw me off06:46
micahgddecator: still, no firefox-3.6 anymore06:46
ddecatormicahg, i'll remember that. what do we need to do with the report?06:46
micahgddecator: well, first, see if there's anything on the error console when this happens, clear error console, reproduce, see if anything is added06:49
ddecatormicahg, how is that done?06:49
micahgddecator: Tools -> Error Console06:49
ddecatormicahg, alright, so ask the report to bring that up, clear it, then see if anything is added when the behavior begins?06:51
micahgddecator: yes06:51
* ddecator is doing that...06:51
butter71how do i submit a bug report+patch to ubuntu?  i'm failing at finding a link at the website.06:54
micahgbutter71: ubuntu-bug PKGNAME06:55
butter71cool, thanks.06:55
ddecatormicahg, so in what situations does it help to get the messages from the error console?06:56
micahgddecator: well, profile issues are one06:57
vish:(  keyring blows06:57
vishmicahg: any idea how to get gdn for gnome-keyring ?  i'v tried to attach , that didnt work, if i try to start it in gdb it says bash not found;s06:58
vishrather bash: program: No such file or directory06:59
ddecatoroh gdb is fun...06:59
micahgvish: you can try to attach to a running process07:00
vishi tired the attach bug i could never get it to stop :s07:01
vishmicahg: i always get stuck at step 5 :  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace#Already%20running%20programs07:01
vishthe ctrl+c does not end the process and allow we to retrieve the backtrace07:02
butter71i ended up using launchpad to report the bug.07:02
Damascenehey vish07:02
SoftwareExplore1I noticed a problem with sound on lucid: when one user has a sound application play and then switches to a different user, the different user still hears the first users sound and can't play any of their own sound. What package should I file this bug against?07:03
micahgvish: what's the keyring process running as?07:03
micahgvish: user?07:03
vishhmm , havent started this time , i'll have to check07:04
* vish brb07:04
ddecatormicahg, let me know if you have enough time to help me with another ff bug07:04
vishhmm , wait , i think i got it to start in gdb07:04
micahgddecator: go ahead07:04
ddecatormicahg, alright, while going through the new (status) ff bugs, i found bug 350407, which seems like it would have been reported before, but i couldn't find any dupes...if there isn't any, then i found two possible upstream reports, but idk enough about how ff handles saving webpages to know which is a better fit07:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 350407 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Locally saved webpages not displaying correctly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35040707:06
micahgddecator: can you reproduce?07:08
ddecatormicahg, yes07:08
ddecatormicahg, the upstream reports i found suggest it's a css issue07:08
micahgddecator: upstream bug?07:08
ddecatormicahg, mozilla 126309 and mozilla 115107 both seemed like possibilities07:09
ubot4Mozilla bug 126309 in File Handling "save page does not save @import -ed CSS" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12630907:09
ubot4Mozilla bug 115107 in File Handling "CSS not fixed up by webbrowserpersist ("save page as, complete" omits background images)" [Minor,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11510707:09
ddecatormicahg, when i confirmed it, i checked the saved webpage source and the actual website source...they match, but it references some css for the design, and the saved webpage doesn't seem to be able to handle that properly07:11
micahgddecator: seems like a good fit07:15
ddecatormicahg, which report?07:15
micahgthe original 12630907:15
ddecatoralright, i'll link them then. do you want to add the lp bug upstream for me?07:16
ddecatorwhoops, i accidentally set it to "incomplete" since i used a part of a stock response... micahg , you wanna set it to low?07:19
micahgddecator: I'd say medium07:20
ddecatormicahg, i was thinking low since it seems to be more of a cosmetic issue where all of the text from the site is there, it just doesn't look right. why do you think medium?07:21
micahgddecator: well, save complete web page should do so , but I see there's a workaround: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/42707:23
micahgso, LOW07:23
ddecatormicahg, fair enough. just want to make sure i reason everything right for when i get into -control =)07:25
ddecatorperfect, thanks for the help micahg , those are the only questions i had for tonight07:28
micahgddecator: k07:28
vishargh! :/07:38
ddecatorvish, gdb trouble?07:38
vishanyone know if it is possible to login into the vt without entering the user password?  this bug is crazy , if the password is entered anywhere else other than in the policykit dialogue , it does not occur :/07:39
vishso if i enter password at gdm login  or in the vt login the bug does not happen :(07:40
ddecatorthat's way over my head...07:40
vishheh , thats waaaaaaay over my head too ;)07:40
micahgvish: ssh key?07:41
persiavish: There are heaps of ways to do it.  Why do you want it?07:41
vishif i start gnome-keyring gdb from terminal in session , i cant get back into session without killing gnome-keyring in vt07:42
persiaOK.  Easy way to handle that is to use a VC, export DISPLAY and run gdb from there.  Ctrl-Alt-f1 ought get you around it.07:43
persiaThe alternative is to use SSH.07:43
persiaIf you don't have multiple machines, you can usually get a virtual machine running, install an ssh server in the virtual machine, and ssh from the host into the client to achieve this.07:43
vishhmm , i dont have a second sys to do ssh.. rather i have to setup my other winblows system to do it07:43
persia(whether Ctrl-Alt-F# works depends on how effective the grab is, but it *ought* work )07:44
persiavish: Just run a virtual environment then.07:44
* persia finds virt-manager fairly easy to use for this07:44
* vish tries to find out more about virt-manager 07:45
vishpersia: micahg: this is my main bug > https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=610678 , I'v narrowed it down , it happens only in auto logins and does not if password is entered anywhere else other than the policykit dialogue07:45
ubot4Gnome bug 610678 in keyring files "starts eating cpu when trying to unlock screen" [Critical,Resolved: incomplete]07:45
ddecatorsorry, this is unrelated and a really abstract question...but i want to be a mentor eventually, and i'm just curious how long a person typically has to be in -control before they would be considered? i know this can definitely vary, but i guess i'm more wondering how much of an "expert" a person needs to be?07:50
micahgddecator: I think it's more up to the individual to decide07:51
ddecatormicahg, ah, so it's more of just a "when you feel ready" kind of a thing?07:52
micahgddecator: I think so07:52
ddecatormicahg, thanks, i just didn't know if there were any requirements outside of what is on the wiki07:53
persiavish: Looking at that bug, I think you do need to run gdb in ssh, as it seems to be a more effective grab than is usually seen.  Setting up a virtual install is likely easier than fiddling with cross-platform ssh (although your experience may differ from mine).07:54
vishpersia: got it.. will do , thanks :)07:55
* vish updates old lucid vbox install07:56
SoftwareExplorerI found a bug in lucid: when user A plays a music file and then switches to user B, user B can still hear user A's music. When user B tries to play their own sound, they can't. What package should I file a bug against?07:57
micahgSoftwareExplorer: try the audio symptom: ubuntu-bug audio07:58
persiaSoftwareExplorer: When filing that bug please include a detailed test case and a description of the use case for this.  I believe it's tricky to fix, and would benefit from some support as to *why* it needs to be fixed.07:59
persiaAlso, please check if it's a regression, as that may make the discussion smoother.07:59
SoftwareExplorerpersia: Ok. Thanks for the advice.07:59
* persia hopes to be wrong about this, but just in case ... :)08:00
* ddecator doesn't understand how persia can have a response/solution for pretty much everything08:00
persiaddecator: The trick is to read backscroll in #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-devel for 5 years.  Lots of classes of issues are raised, and lots of discussions happen.  I try to remember :)08:01
persia(No, it's not worth reading all the backscroll now, but if one watches over time, one gets a better and better understanding )08:01
ddecatorpersia, good point. over my spring break i'm hoping to setup an old desktop as a server so i can be on irc 24/7 and be able to look at the logs from when i wasn't actually on08:02
SoftwareExplorermicahg: Should I pick "Playback does not work, or is crackling" or "Sound problem with one or a few applications only" ? The bug doesn't really fit either completely.08:02
persiaddecator: Most of the interesting channels are logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com08:02
micahgSoftwareExplorer: idk, whichever is closest08:02
ddecatorpersia, good to know, thanks =)08:02
SoftwareExplorermicahg: Ok. Thanks.08:03
ddecatorpersia, see, now i just learned how to report issues with mirrors, which i could have used a few days ago...good advice checking logs, haha08:08
ddecatorif i'm interested in planning a bugday, is it a good idea to email the maintainer of a package and see if they are interested in having their package hugged?08:30
ddecator...their software package08:31
Zushello again08:31
persiaIn those rare instances there is a maintainer, yes.08:31
ddecatorthanks again persia =)08:31
Zusihas anyone used pidgin  for irc?08:31
ddecatormicahg does08:31
SoftwareExplorerZus: I do08:31
persiaFor most packages in Ubuntu, there isn't a maintainer, so it's less useful.  Sending email to our mailing list asking for comments on the idea is better, as it means you don't have to figure it out, but rather any person or team who already manages that class of bugs might say something directly.08:32
ZusSoftwareExplorer:  do you are type field get hidden behind the rest of the  window?08:32
SoftwareExplorerZus: No. Maybe you should get a screenshot?08:33
Zusbehind the  font insert smile buttons? I even unticked the  format toolbar and its behin the window08:33
Zusah! good idea08:33
ddecatorpersia, i'm thinking of using the software-center since it is becoming a huge part of ubuntu, which is maintained by mvo...so should i email him directly or do you thinking sending an email to the ML (-squad or -control?) would be better?08:34
Zusok I know of a pic pastebin but don't know howto use it.. I just learned how to paste bin  last night lol08:35
lifelessI'd mail ubuntu-devel, cc mvo08:36
SoftwareExplorerZus: With a pastebin, you usually just upload it and then give people a link to it08:36
ddecatoralright, thanks lifeless08:36
SoftwareExplorerZus: I tried toggling the format bar and everything is still working for me08:36
Zuslink to the  pic paste bin please08:37
ZusI tried everything reboot  restart   nada for me08:37
SoftwareExplorerZus: I don't specifically know of a picture pastebin, but you could google for one08:38
Zushow do I upload the pic to pastebin?08:38
Zusare you on pidgin now>08:39
SoftwareExplorerZus: Yes08:40
Zus couldn't  I just send the  file thru pidgin to you?08:40
SoftwareExplorerZus: I've never tried sending files over Irc, but you could try it.08:41
SoftwareExplorerZus: I figure a picture would be good when / if you file a bug report.08:42
Zuslol could be  just user error, b4 I even think I have another bug lol08:42
SoftwareExplorerZus: Go ahead and send it if you want.08:44
Zus ok I took 2 pics one of the normal tabs and  one  of the irc tabs08:44
Zusok you should get a box  with a file08:46
SoftwareExplorerZus: I did08:46
Zushey its working08:46
Zuslol don't laugh at my desktop  hehe08:49
Zusum which one was that? normal or irc tab?08:49
SoftwareExplorerZus: I wont. A:IRC tab08:49
Zusinc file normal tabs08:51
SoftwareExplorerZus: You sent me the irc tab one. Looking at the picture, have you tried a different theme to see if it changes anything?08:52
ZusSoftwareExplorer:  hmm that was the trouble with f-stop  last night thmese broke it08:54
SoftwareExplorerZus: Well, if I'm right that was a really lucky guess :)08:55
ddecatorZus, at least this time it isn't causing a crash08:55
Zusok theme was changed to a defaulkt theme an still same.. let me restart pidgin08:55
SoftwareExplorerZus: Ok08:55
SoftwareExplorerpersia: How'd I do: bug 52937208:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 529372 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "User A can prevent User B from using sound applications by leaving a sound producing application open (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52937208:56
ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, looks good to me =)08:58
Zushey dd08:58
Zusddecator:  hey08:58
ddecatorhey Zus08:58
SoftwareExplorerZus: I would recommend running ubuntu-bug pidgin and attaching the screenshot to the bug08:59
Zuslol hey zus  haha08:59
Zusam I supposed to be finding  bugs? or helping  get rid of them ol09:00
micahgZus: both are good09:00
ddecatorZus, helping to "get rid" of bugs usually requires patching bugs. you'll just want to help find new ones and/or help prepare reports for devs09:00
SoftwareExplorerddecator: Thanks. :)09:00
Zusill file this one tomorrow its already 4 am....09:01
ZusI began reading the links you gve me  ddecator09:02
ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, just one thing. does bug 433654 accurately describe the problem you're experiencing?09:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 433654 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[Karmic] Only one user has sound; no hw shows in Sound Preferences (affects: 23) (dups: 1)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43365409:02
ddecatorZus, good, that's the best place to start =)09:02
SoftwareExplorerddecator: Sounds pretty close from the description, I'll look at it09:03
Zusyou know I wonder, how often  and who else  has downloaded the same theme from gnomelook.-org?09:04
ZusI can just delete all themese except the default and  be  fine..09:05
Zusin that sense  would the be a bug? if it's a theme maybe the themer didn't  build it right or09:05
ddecatorZus, that's the hard part about being able to theme with third-party themes...they may work, and they allow more personalization, but they aren't always properly maintained as Ubuntu updates and changes09:06
Zusthat's why I try to get the  80% or higher themes with good reviews  lol09:07
ZusI ll add this in cus  it isn't working with clrae looks either09:08
ddecatorZus, just make sure to check if it has been reported already =)09:09
Zuskeep from filling out a duplicate?09:09
ddecatorZus, yes, if possible. saves us time =)09:16
ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, have you looked at that report?09:16
SoftwareExplorerddecator: Yes. It looks like the same thing. I'll make my bug a duplicate of it.09:17
ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, alright, i was gonna, but go ahead =)09:17
SoftwareExplorerJust out of curiosity, what should a person do if a program crashes and apport comes up. They go to report it and find a duplicate bug. Should they make their own bug and mark it as a duplicate so that apport uploads the crash info?09:19
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ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, i haven't had an apport crash in a while, but i believe apport looks for similar bugs and lets the user select if it has been reported, then the crash report gets added to that bug report instead of a new one being created09:20
SoftwareExplorerddecator: I have tried that, but as far as I can tell, it just offers to subscribe you to the bug or mark it as affecting you, but examining the bug later you don't see anything that apport added.09:21
ddecatorSoftwareExplorer, it might not add the info so there isn't 20 people all adding nearly-identical crash reports09:21
SoftwareExplorerddecator: I see.09:23
persiaIf the bug is already reported, there's little point to reuploading stuff.  That said, I'm not at all convinced that most users have any chance of determining if two bugs are duplicates, and think apport should always open new bugs (and then we can compare the stacktraces, etc.)09:23
ddecatorpersia, yah, i agree. although it is nice for those of us who know what to look for09:24
* SoftwareExplorer is heading to bed, it's 1:30 here09:25
ddecatorcya SoftwareExplorer09:25
persiaddecator: I guess.  I'm not convinced that enough thought has been put into a good model for issue reporting, and while the compromise we have works, I'm not comfortable saying that any feature is especially good because I don't think there's any feature that I wouldn't be willing to drop if there was a better model (although I argue a lot about specific changes when a better model has not been presented)09:27
ddecatorpersia, well arguing for changes before something better is available may eventually lead to the current model being improved, you never know, haha09:29
persiaddecator: I'm thinking about a more fundamental level.  I'm not convinced there's a separation between a support request and a bug: any support request indicates that something is wrong in the presented user experience.  I'm not convinced that users (including myself) are capable of knowing if a bug is a duplicate, regardless of the level of investigation.  There are other fundamental questions.09:33
persiaI'll happily express my preferences for how to change current tools to better match my personal preferred working habits.  I just won't say that I'm necessarily making them better in this area.09:33
ddecatorpersia, good point. i did notice that the Answers section seems to be filled with reports that, while being support requests, could easily be seen as bugs as well since something didn't seem to work like the user expected, and ultimately the goal should be to have the computer work for the user, not the user work for the computer09:35
persiaI'm not sure I agree.  I think there's a symbiotic relationship.09:36
persiaBut yes, you see my point :)09:36
ddecatoryah, i don't want to sound too much like apple, haha, but you see what i mean09:36
ddecatoralright, as much as i would love to get into a discussion about the philosophy of computers, it's late, so i'm off to bed. night all09:55
lifelessviewed as a species09:59
lifelesscomputers breed by being useful but not fast enough09:59
Zusodd thing just now>!10:02
Zus f-spot worked with out crashing  with the theme that keped crahing it10:02
edakiriWhat is the application you can run to then click on a window and it will tell you what process/program owns the window?12:14
yofeledakiri: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage it's described there12:16
edakirisome program made a 1px high window.  i suspect with libnotify.  thanks12:16
edakiriI'm having trouble clicking it so far.12:17
edakirigot it:  WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Alert", "Firefox"12:18
yofelhm, did you update firefox and forget to restart it?12:19
edakirino, but I might have updated a plugin.12:21
LimCorehi, it would seem that changelog is not working?12:22
LimCorefrom symantic. URI was: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/a/abiword/abiword_2.6.8-5ubuntu2/changelog12:22
LimCoreerm, synaptic12:22
descendent87link works fine for me in browser, synaptic won't load it though12:23
kermiacLimCore: bug 52371412:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 523714 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "[lucid] update-manager shows no changelog for various packages (affects: 2) (dups: 9)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52371412:23
LimCorekermiac: it happens also in karmic for me12:25
kermiacLimCore: want to add that & an example to the bug report?12:25
jpdskermiac: That's because changelogs are generated every 6 hours.12:26
jpdsLimCore: ^--.12:26
* LimCore whips the cron12:26
LimCorein either way Im upgrading to karmic-proposed (all packages). This should probably not breake my production system?12:27
kermiacjpds: the ones in 523714 were from packages that were at least a few days old... but it does probably explain LimCore's issue, ty12:27
yofelLimCore: well it might, -proposed is for regression testing12:27
jpdskermiac: I'll take a look on Monday.12:28
yofelLimCore: but usually SRUs are reviewed enough before the upload so it should be safe12:28
LimCorekermiac: it's a trap!12:28
LimCorekermiac: http://www.dilbert.com/2010-02-26/12:29
kermiacjpds: m_vo said he was looking into it when I found all the dupes - said something about some service/program failing on the changelog server.... I didn't completely understand it though12:29
* kermiac likes dilbert :)12:30
kermiacis there a "preferred" site to upload screencasts for showing exactly what is happening for a bug report? I know we have pastebin & imgbin, but I've never needed one for video12:31
LimCorekermiac: just attach it to the bug report?12:34
kermiacI've got 3 of them.... 1 is 6mb, the others are about 9mb each12:35
LimCoreI now update a bunch of karmic-proposed,  how to go to the bug reports that are supposed to be fixed by karmic-proposed to give feedback?12:35
ikoniaproposed doesn't always fix a bug12:35
kermiacLimCore: here's a list http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html12:35
LimCore"mountall vomits a shell onto virtual console when you run vi"  lol?  45680612:40
LimCoreif Im not back in 30 minutes, then upgrade to karmic-proposed made my PC unbootable13:19
* kklimonda wonders why would anybody install all packages from -proposed :)13:24
josoi have problem on sound card13:56
nigelbjoso: are you looking for support to configure it right?13:56
nigelbhm, that was strange13:56
josothis is my VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC 97 Audio Controller (rev 50)13:57
jososound card13:57
nigelbyou want to report a bug about it?13:57
LimCoredo you some hot chocolate?13:58
josoCan i fix this problem13:58
LimCorejoso: best ask in #alsa  (but you need to wait hours) or in some forums (like ubuntu forums)13:59
nigelbwe deal with bugs, we can help you report bugs if needed13:59
josoWhat should I do to fix the bug?14:01
LimCorejoso: to fix it for yourself, search for help online like forums or #alsa or #ubuntu (if you are not banned yet) or web forums;  Or find in real life a friend that is good with linux14:02
nigelbhggdh: you around?14:05
kklimondais kms enabled on some radeon cards on karmic?14:08
kklimondaor are there any bugs related to radeon (or any other card), karmic and no VT (only "init: ureadahead-other main process (696) terminated with status 4 is displayed)?14:10
kklimondaso it looks like upstart doesn't start ttys o.O14:16
nigelbmicahg: got a minute?14:22
micahgnigelb: sure14:22
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dako3256Should Bug #518865 should be set to 'wishlist'15:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 518865 in blogtk "Enable customisation of toolbar and date/time button (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51886515:52
issyl0Is Ubuntu question #102691 a bug?16:09
issyl0I'm wondering whether to create a bug report for it...16:10
nigelb link?16:10
nigelbdako3256: yes, it is wish list16:11
nigelbissyl0: can you reproduce it on your system?16:12
nigelbdako3256: np, only bug control can do that16:13
nigelbjust ask here for someone to change it (I can't either)16:13
issyl0nigelb: I don't use evolution.16:14
nigelbissyl0: I was lazy to test it out since I dont use it either :p16:14
nigelblemme check out16:14
ejatcan someone triage/confirm this bug 516771 ...16:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 516771 in openclipart (Ubuntu) "openclipart-openoffice.org cannot be istalled in lucid as it wants to pull the rest of openoffice (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51677116:14
nigelbejat: you want to install openclipart-openoffice.org and openclipart?16:16
nigelbissyl0: doesn't happen for me, so its some feature or shortcut the user might have set16:16
dako3256issy10 is it when you do a new task, i tried it and i didnt get fail16:16
ejatnigelb: is it diifer ?16:17
ejatdiffer* package?16:17
nigelbejat: Thats what I'm asking you16:17
ejatnigelb: The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:20
ejat  openclipart: Depends: openclipart-openoffice.org (= 0.18+dfsg-8) but it is not going to be installed16:20
nigelbejat: I'm trying to understand where things are going wrong.  So you're trying to install openclipart16:21
nigelband it has an unmet dep on openclipart-openoffice.org?16:21
ejatbut if u install openclipart-openoffice.org ... it will ask to remove the whole openoffice.org*16:22
nigelbah, so the problem is openclipart-openoffice.org is conflicting with openoffice.org?16:23
nigelbejat: gimme a moment to check out the packges16:27
ejatnigelb: thanks16:28
nigelbejat: indeed, openclipart-openoffice.org conflicts with openclipart (<< 0.10+dfsg-3), openoffice.org-common (>= 1:3.1.99), openoffice.org-common (<< 1:3.1)16:32
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dako3256OK. I don't understand  this one. Bug #340113 no activity since 2009-07-04 then on 2010-02-22 status changed to Incomplete, should it have been closed instead?16:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 340113 in gwibber (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "gwibber crashed with SIGSEGV. Upon startup. No interaction (affects: 10) (dups: 3)" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34011316:39
iktnetwork manager should be removed when installing wicd yes?16:41
nigelbdako3256: we don't arbitarily close the report.  We ask if the issue is still happening instead16:43
nigelbIf there is no reply in 2 weeks, we send a reminder and then close again in the next 216:43
iktdako3256: "pushing a bunch of ubuntu gwibber crashes upstream." suggests alex submitted the bug upstream but he doesn't appear to have linked to it :S16:43
bcurtiswx_hggdh: were those who signed up to help with these mailing list bugsquad renews supposed to be able to accept them as well?.16:50
yofel_ejat: that was fixed in debian 565970 . I'll link the bugs16:55
ubot4Debian bug 565970 in openclipart-openoffice.org "update package for OpenOffice.org 3.2rc " [Wishlist,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/56597016:55
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ejatyofel: thanks .. maybe need someone to port it into ubuntu ..16:58
yofelyep, that package needs to be synced16:58
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* PascalFr_parti est parti: Parti pour l'instant.17:40
Blondhello, anyone to help the  retarded with boot-after-crash issue?18:59
Blondam i in correct channel, not sure.19:01
yofelBlond: this channel is for help about filing/triaging bugs, support is in #ubuntu for stable releases and #ubuntu+1 for lucid19:02
Blondthanks yofel. go with God.19:02
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PratikPatelIs there a better way of describing my issue with 2 monitors, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/521624 ?21:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 521624 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Second Monitor Shakes (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Invalid]21:10
hamza when i click on "computer", all of my system devices except for "filesystem" has disappeared.  when i click on disk utility, they show up there :S it has been a problem since whenever i plug in a usb, it does not show up on my desktop or nautilus, and i have to go through disk utility to access it.  anyone have any ideas?? :(21:32
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ZusAnzenketh,  are you around?22:48
AnzenkethYa what is up22:48
ZusAnzenketh,  you help  getting the f-0spot bug  looked into the other day right? me and ddecator?22:49
AnzenkethI am aware of the F-spot bug but no I have not done anything on the bug report.22:50
Zuslast night before i logged out i notice it was working, and this morning i got an email about something  was set to new wave. though i can rightly say its fixed, but its working for me now22:52
Zusthanks for the help youse guys did.22:53
AnzenkethWhat was the bug number?22:53
Zuswhere do i find that? email or the page i reported the bug  at?22:54
ZusAnzenketh,  i think its 520186 its from my email22:55
Anzenkethbug 5218622:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 52186 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "keyboard shortcuts only accesible from menu" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5218622:56
Anzenkethnope not that bug22:56
Zusi didin mean to  set ubot off  hehe22:57
AnzenkethI set off ubot22:58
AnzenkethI wanted to click a link.22:58
AnzenkethZus: Just make shure that your bug report states fix released. If it does comment in your bug report stating that your bug is fixed.22:59
jibelbug 52018622:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 520186 in f-spot (Ubuntu) "opens for a few seconds then closes. (affects: 3)" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52018622:59
Zusim reading  the comments now and re-reading  my email22:59
ZusAnzenketh, i dont think it was fixed,...so much as what we've done helped..23:02
ZusI have run gdb and get exactly the same result as posted in comment#6.23:02
ZusFollowing the link in #7, I ran gconf-editor and deleted the theme key in apps/f-spot/ui. This has fixed the problem - it was set to new wave.23:02
ZusThanks J Majere!23:02
Zusi get it now.23:03
Zusno not fixed  but it working for  me and  commentor #723:03
AnzenkethZus:  would you mind updateing the discription to include the workournd.23:05
Zusi wouldnt mind at all, but i dont know, my workaround was changing the theme.  but now it works with the theme that broke it in the first place23:07
Zusmy email is the same as the comment on the bug page23:08
ZusAnzenketh,  i see he followed the links i posted as a work around.  i just can't explain how i got mine working.23:12
Zuswell ill be back in a few...23:26
SoftwareExplorerI have a bug that I reported very early in the testing cycle. It has to do with tty switching on nvidia hardware with the default free driver. However, it no longer happens to me. I wonder if this might be because of the change of default free nvidia driver. Should I set the bug to invalid or fixed released?23:32
SoftwareExplorerThe bug was confirmed.23:39

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