hyperairandreasn_: yes, i'm the maintainer of that PPA.00:05
hyperairandreasn_: the 1.5.4 really 1.5.3 means it's really 1.5.3, but the version needed to be bumped due to an accidental upload of the wrong package.00:05
hyperairandreasn_: i accidentally uploaded something meant for the daily PPA (a daily snapshot) to the banshee-team ppa instead.00:06
nenolodzul: you here?00:12
andreasn_hyperair, ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation00:35
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StevenKlifeless: How about prodding me to sync it when it's actually hit dinstall? :-)05:04
lifelessStevenK: hey, rmadison shows it in debian :)05:23
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shawnboyCan someone clear up my confusion about C/C++ and OO?07:27
shawnboynobody talkative tonight.07:33
persiashawnboy: What are you trying to have answered?07:35
shawnboypersia, I've read conflicting things about whether C fully supports OO. I want to learn either C or C++. For some reason I lean toward C, but I do want to learn OO.07:36
shawnboysome say no, some say yes it can technically but why would u, and other say sure it can fully do OO07:36
persiaBoth languages allow various styles of programming (both OO and not, as well as other orientations).  This is not a good forum to ask such questions: they will be ignored unless someone happens to be bored and there is no other traffic.07:38
persiaUnfortunately, I have no suggestions as to what would be an appropriate forum to get more information about these topics.07:38
shawnboyi knew this maybe isn't the perfect forum, but hoped that people doing actual devel on Linux would be good group to ask.07:38
shawnboyi tried ##programming but that channel isn't working for me for some reason, and that's only other one I knew of.07:39
shawnboyU have no opinion one way or another on the matter?07:39
persiaNone whatsoever.07:40
micahgshawnboy: there seems to be a ##c++-basic channel07:40
shawnboymicahg, ok. I can try that one. Isn't this for linux developers? Isn't straight C used for linux?07:40
micahgshawnboy: this channel is for Ubuntu development specifically07:41
shawnboymicahg, ok. so if I want linux developers opinions on my question... I'm out of luck?07:42
shawnboyhile, ok. seems odd... but... ok.07:43
micahgshawnboy: this isn't a linux development channel (Ubuntu has a separate kernel channel), also stuff for ubuntu is probably written in a dozen languages07:44
persiaMany more than a dozen.07:44
persiaAnd it contains examples of many, many, many different programming paradigms in each language.07:45
hilemost certainly this is not any kind of programming discussion channel.07:45
shawnboyhmmm. well, I learned something then. I didn't know that. I'll give another place a try. thanks for at least responding.07:47
persiashawnboy: Good luck in your search.07:48
shawnboypersia, thank you. g'night all.07:51
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chrisccoulsonsladen - i'm not sure why you ended up with epiphany-browser installed, but gnome-panel and gnumeric don't pull them in (they only suggest epiphany-browser, and suggests aren't installed by default)11:31
sladenchrisccoulson: apt-mark showauto | grep epiphany   shows it as having been automaticallly installed11:39
chrisccoulsonhave you configured your system to install suggests?11:39
micahgsladen: aptitude why epiphany-browser11:39
sladenthunderbird-locale-en-gb -> language-support-translations-en -> gimp-help-en -> www-browser -> epiphany-browser11:43
chrisccoulsonthat dependency chain is ok11:45
micahgnot really, tb-locales doesn't depend on that package anymroe11:48
micahgsladen: what version of the thunderbird-locale package do you have/11:48
sladenthunderbird-locale-en-gb          1:
* micahg wonders if the locales got out of NEW11:51
micahgyes, sladen, that's not the latest version in lucid11:51
micahgdo you have thunderbird 3 yet?11:51
lifelesssladen: thunderbird-locale-thr-gb is more fun11:52
sladenmicahg: The only .*thunderbird.* package I have is 'thunderbird-locale-en-gb'.  (eg. I run with the defaults in order to dogfood)11:53
micahgsladen: than the issue is language-support-translations which should have been removed...I'd move your bug to update-manager...11:54
sladenmicahg: done, and CC'ed mvo11:54
micahgI subscribed as well11:57
sladenlifeless: I'm still puzzling over what language code 'thr' is.  Is it for some remote British island colony or something?12:02
StevenKAnd it's tlh12:03
lifelessoh, my fail.12:03
lifelessStevenK: so why couldn't you sync it ?12:03
StevenKlifeless: It wasn't in unstable yet?12:03
lifelessStevenK: rmadison thought it was12:03
lifelessStevenK: which I guess is what requestsync uses.12:03
* StevenK kicks cocoplum12:04
lifelessStevenK: I mean, I didn't do any silly buggery, I just ran requestsync --lp -d unstable testresources12:05
lifelessand figured it would complain if it was too early.12:05
lifelessStevenK: should I be doing something different?12:05
StevenKlifeless: Nah, sounds like an okay process12:05
StevenKlifeless: Synced.12:07
muelliheya, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/+archive/muelli claims that my PPA is signed with a key, but http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugs-auftrags-killer/muelli/ubuntu/dists/karmic/Release.pgp does not exist. How can I get the repository signed?13:46
al-maisanmuelli: is your ppa new or was it recently created?14:10
al-maisanmuelli: under normal circumstances a signing key is created for a PPA shortly after it was created14:11
muellial-maisan: yeah, it's newish. three days old or so. And as I've said: The website claims it's signed, but the Release.pgp is missing.14:12
micahgmuelli: try asking in #launchpad14:15
muellimicahg: thx. will do14:18
al-maisanmuelli: that's out of the ordinary .. it should not take 3 days to generate the signing key14:21
muellial-maisan: interestingly enough, I imported that key manually, so it exists at least :)14:24
al-maisanmuelli: great :)14:25
flowerin which package is  update-initramfs?14:47
micahgflower: initramfs-tools14:49
flowermicahg: thx14:49
muelliflower: I use http://packages.ubuntu.com to search the packages that contain files :)14:52
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Lex79I can't build the new version of kdebindings, something in mono is in "New" I think18:08
directhexLex79, yes, i was about to ask for an archive admin to intervene18:10
directhexLex79, the cross-platform parts of mono are stuck in NEW (because the i386 build is stuck in NEW)18:10
Lex79ok thanks :)18:11
directhexbecause libmono-rabbitmq2.0-cil_2.4.4~svn151842-1ubuntu1_all.deb and libmono-messaging-rabbitmq2.0-cil_2.4.4~svn151842-1ubuntu1_all.deb are actually new this upload.18:11
Lex79oh, I see18:12
ebroderAre any core-devs around that could take a look at bug #497606? We just deployed CUPS 1.4 servers here, but have a lot of Hardy/Jaunty clients, so this bug is hitting us fairly hard18:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 497606 in cupsys "lpstat in CUPS 1.3 can't list jobs on CUPS 1.4 servers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49760618:27
ebroderI've had a tested debdiff sitting there for 2 months now18:28
Amaranthebroder: in about 12-16 hours there will be a bunch18:37
* ebroder sighs. Damn time zones18:37
jdongebroder: do you need sru bits too?18:46
jdongebroder: I do see core-devs alive right now but I'm afraid I'll be kidnapped in my sleep for revealing them ;-)18:51
jdong*keeps mouth shut*18:51
directhexjdong, how about archive admins? :p18:58
jdongdirecthex: am I not spying in the right channels?18:59
ebroderjdong: Yeah, it's an SRU19:17
ebroderjdong: Can you accept nominations on that bug? Or do you have to be able to upload the package to do that?19:20
ebroder(cupsys+hardy, cups+intrepid, and cups+jaunty should be accepted, and all the others should be rejected)19:21
Laneyyah boo19:21
jdongebroder: no, that's still core-dev only I'm afraid19:24
lifelesskees: bug 52811519:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528115 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Mouse cursor does not show after startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52811519:52
lifelesskees: bug 52815519:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528155 in linux "needs a breaks: clause for lvm2 versions in hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52815519:52
lifelesskees: thats the lvm issue I ran into last week19:53
keeslifeless: yup, hopefully the kernel team will catch it.  I'll milestone it.19:59
lifelesskees: thanks20:00
_Groo_can anyone tell me if sun-java6 was pulled out of lucid?20:42
mdeslaur_Groo_: it will be moved to the partner repo20:43
_Groo_mdeslaur: ah ok, but is the partner repo already activated in alpha3?20:45
mdeslaur_Groo_: there was a problem putting sun-java6 into the partner repo this week, it should be fixed shortly20:45
Lex79directhex: no news about mono issue? :(20:46
directhexLex79, i haven't noticed an archive admin skulking about yety20:46
directhexor anyone i know to be an archive admin20:47
_Groo_mdeslaur: ok thanks... i almost had an heart attack lol20:47
jdonghmmmm any upstart/bootup deities in here?20:54
jdongmy system seems to stall at bootup for $a_long_time doing nothing20:55
jdongand bootchart seems to confirm that20:55
jdongany hints for debugging this?20:55
slangasekjdong: what makes you think it's stalling?21:06
jdongno disk IO, just mouse pointer on a console background21:06
slangasek"mouse pointer on a console background" - standard plymouth bug21:06
jdongslangasek: ah21:14
jdongit just seems like from 13 seconds to 57 seconds nothing's "happening"21:16
slangasekjdong: because your X is wedged.  Ctrl+Alt+F2, Ctrl+Alt+F7 to fix it (maybe)21:16

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