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nigelbmhall119|work: you around?14:26
mhall119|workyeah, what's up?14:29
mhall119|worknigelb: ^^14:30
nigelbhehe :)14:30
nigelbI'm going for membership14:30
nigelbmhall119|work: Can you leave me a testimonial?14:30
nigelbMy wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NigelBabu14:31
mhall119|worksure, when do you need it by?14:31
* mhall119|work is doing homework at the moment14:31
nigelbbefore second tuesday of March14:31
nigelband tuesday in MY time.14:31
mhall119|workoh hey, that's a nice looking table you put in there, how'd you do that?14:31
nigelbI copied it from a friend ;)14:32
mhall119|workI may copy it from you ;)14:33
nigelbno problem, wiki is all about copying14:33
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