nigelbwhats the workflow if a source is in bzr? just fix, commit, and request merge?00:02
nigelboh, the diff = debdiff?00:06
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persiaHey toabctl08:15
toabctli have a package (xf86-input-wacom and want to update the package to the latest git. how can i do that?08:15
persiaI'd suggest talking to the ubuntu X folk for details, but there's a generic link.08:15
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:16
toabctli know that i can use uupdate to update the package with the latest tar.gz file. is there something like this for got?08:16
persiaThat's not it at all !08:16
toabctlpersia, ah. last link looksinteresting. thx!08:16
persiaYou want the tar.gz artifact anyway, but git-buildpackage documentation may also help.08:16
persiaBut you really do want to talk to the X team about it.  The chances of finding someone here who does X are decidedly lower than finding someone there.08:17
toabctlpersia, ok08:19
jariqWhile building the package I got bunch of warnings like this one: "dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: dependency on libdbus-1.so.3 could be avoided if "debian/ipwatchd-gnotify/usr/sbin/ipwatchd-gnotify" were not uselessly linked against it (they use none of its symbols)." These libraries are added automaticaly by "pkg-config --libs libnotify" so I cannot fix this easily. Is it something I can ignore ???09:31
RAOFjariq: You can ignore it, or you can pass --as-needed through to ld via various mystical processes.09:32
RAOFWhich will cause ld to only add NEEDED mentions for libraries which actually provides used symbols.09:33
RAOFWith the only slight drawback that it doesn't work with stock libtool.09:34
persiaOr one could go play with libnotify to make pkg-config generate a different list, or change the build system to specify libraries directly, or ...09:35
persia(note that if changing the build system, it's best to perform analysis in ./configure or equivalent, rather than hardcoding, etc.)09:35
jariqpersia: that was exactly my thought that this should be fixed in libnotify09:35
RAOFIt should be, yes.09:36
RAOFTeach upstream about Libs.private.09:37
persiaPackaging libraries well is hard.  Being upstream for a library is even harder.09:37
RAOFHeh.  We get to moan about keeping ABI; they have to actually maintain it :)09:42
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Luctoris this the correct channel for asking questions about packaging ?10:07
Luctori mean, Hi All :-)10:07
lifelessit is a good question for doing that10:09
Luctori'm trying to create a package for Sonic Visualiser (http://www.sonicvisualiser.org)10:10
LuctorI managed to create a source package and a binary deb ... but .... the make install bit in compiling doesn't do anything.10:11
LuctorYou have to manually copy the binary to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin10:11
Luctorso how / where / what do I have to edit ?10:12
lifelessyou can use a <packagename>.install file to do the copy for you10:13
lifelessman dh_install10:13
Luctorthanks, will look into that10:13
Luctoryup, just looked in the man page, does excatly what I was looking for10:17
Luctorthe package also has 2 build dependencies that aren't in the repo's10:18
Luctorhow do I solve that if I want to upload sonicvisualiser to my ppa ?10:19
lifelessupload them to your PPA, or to another PPA that you mark as a dependency10:19
Luctorso first upload the dependencies to my PPA, then sonicvisualiser ...10:20
Luctorcool ! If I get everything done, I'm gonna be damn proud :-)10:21
Luctoroh .. and if I want to build it via pbuilder, how do I resolve the dependencies ? as far as I understand pbuilder creates a clean default install , so that would mean that the dependencies aren't there10:26
* Luctor is puzzled10:27
jariqLuctor: thats why you have dependecies listen in control file in Build-Depends section10:29
persiaLuctor: I usually use apt-ftparchive to create a local mirror for that sort of test condition, but some folk use PPAs.  Essentially, just put the files in some repo, and then adjust the sources.list inside the pbuilder to use it.10:29
persia(assuming you've already sorted the issues jariq addressed)10:30
Luctorbuild dependencies are sorted10:30
Luctorsources.list in pbuilder ... I guess I gotta read man pbuilder :-)10:31
jariqso pbuilder will autoamticaly download required packages10:31
Luctor--othermirror ???10:32
kklimondawhen purging is remove always called in postrm script?11:00
lifelessI don't recall offhand; see debian policy on maintainer scripts.11:03
geserkklimonda: depends if the package was still installed when purged11:05
Luctorgotta go11:05
Luctorcya and thanks11:05
kklimondageser: ok, thanks11:05
geser"postrm remove" is called on remove and remove+purge11:05
gesersee http://women.debian.org/wiki/English/MaintainerScripts for nice graphics how the scripts are called11:06
kklimondadoes this postrm look like something that isn't going to eat my children: http://pastebin.com/mZjkzffB ?11:46
kklimondaI've moved removal of the /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info so it fires only on purge (and only it - previously all dpkg-stateoverride were run twice which generates warnings)11:47
geserwhich owner have the files in /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info?12:06
geserand you leave the info directory on purpose (after you remove every file in it)?12:07
luctorhi, still trying to build a package in pbuilder12:16
luctorif run sudo pbuilder create  --othermirror "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ppa/ubuntu karmic main"12:16
luctorbut pbuilder still fetches the outdated dependencies12:17
luctorrunning pbuilder update show it throws a gpg error on the ppa ..12:18
luctoroh wait. forgot to check if it build locally ..12:20
kklimondageser: files in info/ belong to transmission-daemon:transmission-daemon, the folder is left because.. actually it doesn't make any sens to leave it if all files and subdirectories are removed, I'll have to ask debian maintainer about it - may be his mistake12:22
kklimondageser: it's still removed by dpkg because no file is in it so I think "rm -rf" is a mistake (there are some files that could be useful to users in the info/ directory and are not part of configuration)12:23
geserkklimonda: does the debian-transmission user have any files that are only removed during purge?12:24
kklimondageser: yes - settings.json which is configuration file and stats.json which is.. stats12:25
geserthen you should probably remove the user during purge to not leave unowned files around12:28
kklimondaaren't they owned by root after statoverride is removed?12:29
kklimondajust asking - haven't really dug into that12:29
geserdon't know12:30
LuctorI need some help creating an install file (in the debian dir of the source )13:26
Luctorafter compiling I have a directory ~/src/ubuntu/sonic-visualiser-trunk-1.7.1/sv13:28
Luctorit contains a binary 'sonic-visualiser' which needs to be put in /usr/bin13:29
Luctorand some other files, icons, *.desktop files etc, all in the sv dir of the build.13:29
Luctorhow would the sonic-visualiser-trunk.install file look like. I just can't figure out13:30
Luctorbtw the make install of the source doesn't do anything .. " Nothing to be done for `install'.13:31
Luctorso the resulting deb package is empty ..13:32
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qenseI've set DEBEMAIL in .bashrc, but dch still doesn't get my e-mail address. Did I forget something?15:58
nigelbclose the terminal and reopen?15:59
hyperairare there any archive admins around who can help me get taglib-sharp synced from debian?15:59
qensenigelb: I've rebooted several times since I set that variable, but no change.15:59
hyperairrebooting for a change in .bashrc seems... excessive.16:01
nigelbqense: "export DEBFULLNAME='Nigel Babu' export DEBEMAIL='nigelbabu@gmail.com' " ?16:01
nigelbgot both those lines?16:01
hyperairqense: try opening a terminal and typing "echo $DEBEMAIL"16:01
nigelbhyperair: isn't it the source command to reload .bashrc?16:02
qensenigelb: yes16:02
nigelbecho works?16:02
qensenigelb: echo $DEBEMAIL correctly outputs my mail address indeed16:03
hyperairnigelb: i'm saying open a new one and echo $DEBEMAIL.16:03
qenseI changed the variable a week ago.16:03
qenseSo it's not in restarting the terminal.16:03
hyperairwhat does dch use?16:04
qenseman dch says it first checks DEBEMAIL and if that doesn't work EMAIL16:05
hyperairwhat is dch using?16:06
hyperairtry env | grep <whatever dch is using>16:06
qensehyperair: ah! DEBEMAIL isn't in that list16:06
hyperairoh i see.16:06
hyperairyou didn't export, did you?16:07
qenseI didn't write export in front of the declaration, does that cause problems?16:07
qensejust DEBEMAIL="qense@ubuntu.com"16:07
hyperairyou need export!16:07
nigelbI did ask you about export ;)16:07
hyperairotherwise it's just a shell local variable.16:07
hyperairexport makes it an environment variable16:07
qenseok, great16:07
qensethanks for your help, guys!16:07
hyperairit's the difference between setenv("DEBEMAIL", "hyperair@ubuntu.com") and just DEBEMAIL = "hyperair@ubuntu.com"16:08
qenseok, I learned something new today :)16:08
nigelbme too, I just took it for granted earlier16:08
hyperairi suppose i should be glad i learnt it early16:09
* ejat pokes hyperair .... when will u back to KL :)16:09
hyperairejat: may or july16:10
ejatowh ..16:10
nigelbIs something wrong with openclipart-openoffice.org package?  It seems to conflict with the current open office package in lucid16:35
hyperairqense: regarding the bug you just filed against banshee.. it doesn't seem related to mtp, but sqlite.16:37
qensehyperair: doesn't that make the bug even worse?16:38
nigelbokay, so openclipart package in lucid right now seems to have been built against an older version of openoffice than we have in lucid16:38
hyperairqense: that makes it sqlite's problem, not banshee's.16:39
nigelbanything I can do to fix this openclipart trouble ?16:39
qensehyperair: ok16:39
hyperairqense: well anyway, you could look into purging your ~/.config/banshee-1/banshee.db file16:40
hyperairqense: my guess is that sqlite didn't sync properly prior to crashing.16:40
hyperairqense: what is needed is the backtrace from your first crash.16:40
qenseI don't have that, unfortunately16:40
hyperaircould you try reproducing that first crash?16:41
hyperairif you can't, then please mark the bug invalid16:41
qensebtw, apt-get source dbus-glib returns a dbus-glib where the changelog says it should built for unstable, even though I'm running Lucid.16:44
qenseIs that normal?16:44
hyperairthat is normal, if the package was synced.16:44
hyperairi.e. X.Y.Z-N rather than X.Y.Z-NubuntuM16:44
qenseit is16:44
hyperairyeah then it's synced16:44
qenseok, thx16:44
hyperairour synced packages are completely the same as the ones in debian16:45
hyperairwell the source anyway16:45
hyperairthe  binaries are rebuilt16:45
sgnbrandomaction: I tried to create a lucid chroot on my armel box (a SheevaPlug running Debian) to reproduce coq ftbfs... but mount segfaults at mounting /proc... armel port of ubuntu isn't very reliable, is it?16:54
randomactionsgnb: I never tried to use it, but I have impression it's quite fragile16:55
randomactionsgnb: FYI newer pbuilder-dist supports cross-building for armel16:55
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randomaction(I never tried it as well)16:56
sgnbrandomaction: didn't know about pbuilder-dist... but seems orthogonal...16:59
Laneysgnb: there is #ubuntu-arm17:00
Laneyyou're more likely to find appropriate help there17:00
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yofelhi, what's the process to get a package synced from debian? (to get bug 516771 fixed)17:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516771 in openclipart "openclipart-openoffice.org cannot be istalled in lucid as it wants to pull the rest of openoffice" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51677117:27
Rhondayofel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess17:30
hyperairuse teh requestsync17:32
Rhondahyperair: That's point 4 on that page. :)17:32
RhondaBut the overall picture should also be known before using that tool.17:33
yofelRhonda: thx17:33
Laneycrimsun: Are you aware of an issue in Lucid where I can't change individual mixer elements? If I try to modify them then it just changes master.19:19
Laneywant a bug?19:19
nigelbopenclipart-openoffice.org needs to be synced from debian, should file a ffe bug?19:55
lifelessunless its a bugfix only19:57
lifelessactually, if its a sync, use requestsync anyway19:57
nigelbits about bug 51677119:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516771 in openclipart "openclipart-openoffice.org cannot be installed in lucid as it wants to remove openoffice" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51677119:58
nigelbthe openclipart package cannot be installed because of the conflicts and it seems to be fixed in debian19:58
nigelbI'll request a sync later today after I've tested it then20:01
lifelessyou can convert the existing bug to a sync20:01
nigelbah, will do :)20:01
bdrungdo we need a FFe for an 3.1.0~rc1-1  -> 3.1.0-1  update?20:53
lifelessif its not a bugfix-only, yes20:53
bdrunglifeless: rc1 -> release should be a bugfix only21:00
lifelesswell, you know the upstream, you need to make that assessment21:02
bdrunglifeless: why do you assume that i know the upstream?21:06
bdrunglifeless: i am just working  on the sponsoring queue21:06
lifelesswell, the thing to figure out is if it is a bugfix only change21:06
lifelesswhomever put it in the queue should ahve said.21:07
lifelessI wouldn't assume rc1->release is safe. It likely is, but maybe it isn't. If in doubt ask 'is this a bugfix only change'21:07
bdrungi looked at the debdiff21:07
lifelessif you're happy, do it ;)21:08
lifelessI didn't realise you were an archive admin was all21:09
lifelessoh sorry, I totally assumed this was a sync change.21:09
lifelessmea culpa21:09
crimsunLaney: http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PulseAudioStoleMyVolumes21:10
Laneywell, this also effects the sound preferences capplet21:12
Laneywhat I want to do is turn down the sub21:12
crimsunLaney: modify the LFE element in the PAprofile21:15
bdrunglifeless: i am not yet a archive-admin ;)21:16
crimsunLaney: i.e., in each [Element LFE] in /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/*, change switch/volume/enumeration to Ignore21:18
Laneyok, I'll try it later (on another machine now)21:19
Laneysound prefs should stop exposing controls it can't actually change21:20
kamalmostafabdrung: fyi, I answered your question in bug 521190 -- all just trivial bug fixes, no new features.22:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 521190 in nauty "Sync nauty 2.4-2 (multiverse) from Debian unstable (main)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52119022:08
bdrungkamalmostafa: why is this package in multiverse?22:09
kamalmostafabdrung: well, i didn't put it there ;-) so I can't be sure, but I imagine its because of the "Restrictions" listed at: http://cs.anu.edu.au/~bdm/nauty/22:11
bdrungkamalmostafa: the title said debian main, but it's in non-free. that led to my question22:12
kamalmostafabdrung: my only involvement with nauty is that I fixed its FTBFS for Lucid -- my patch was integrated upstream and at Debian, so now I'm following up on that -- I may very well have screwed up the title of the bug though.22:13
ScottKIt's in non-free in Debian22:14
kamalmostafaScottK: hi -- thanks -- yes I see that I "converted" the old FTBFS bug into a sync request, so I just botched the title22:16
bdrungkamalmostafa: done22:20
kamalmostafabdrung: thank you22:21
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