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dulliHi everybody.00:36
dulliI'm setting up a fresh installation of Mythbuntu 9.10 on my machine and the last bit I'm missing is to get the media keys (XF86MediaNext, XF86VolumeUP, etc.) running in MythTV. I could assign them in the keybindings settings of MythTV without problems in Mythbuntu 9.04 but since 9.10 it appears like the keys are either swallowed by Gnome (volume change happens in gnome when I press these keys) or ignored by MythTV. After trying a00:36
dullifor some time, I now suspect that MythTV is ignoring them as, e.g., xev or VLC receive the keypresses of these keys. Did anyone of you experience a similar problem and has a solution? The workaround, I guess, would be to remap the media-keys to, e.g., F14, F15, etc. and use those in MythTV. However, I'd like to do it natively or at least get to know why it doesn't work anymore.00:36
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dewmanis anyone using mythgame with snes roms?03:33
dewmanI am just trying to figure out what emu might be the better one to use....03:34
dewmandisregard the mythgame, just got zsnes to work under myth....04:34
WobblyI have a small problem with my Mythtv Setup that I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me pointers with ?05:41
Wobblyproblem is that I have a tunned channel and when I try to select to watch that channel the mythfrontend dies05:41
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innatechWhat should I be looking into fix this: I can view the s-video input of an HVR-1600 in mplayer on the backend but not through livetv on a remote front-end. I'm sort of mystified--the frontend freezes up when I switch the input or source to that entry.16:52
SporadicCrashhi, i have installed "lirc", "lirc-x", "lirc-source-modules" and "liblircclient0" but lircd doesn't seem to be working, does anyone know?22:02
SporadicCrashis there anyone who can answer my question about LIRC abovE?22:04

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