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chilicuilhow would you install vbox without X?, I've tried with some .deb packages I've downloaded from virtualbox and sun without sucess01:22
jmarsdenchilicuil: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose --no-install-recommends    # should do it, I think?01:40
chilicuilthx jmarsden, I'm gonna give it a try01:40
jmarsdenDon't "download packages", use the Ubuntu-provided ones.01:40
chilicuilbut it only provides the ose package with lack of features such as vrdp or usb support, jmarsden01:41
jmarsdenSure, but it works :)01:41
Cromulentgah - why does the dovecot-imapd package require you to install the libmysql and mysql-common?04:36
BookmanIs there a free alternative to cpanel available?05:16
Bookman Is there a free alternative to cpanel available?05:36
zroyschis there any logical reason why unplugging a sata drive would cause other drives to not show up on boot in the list of connected drives for each sata controller06:22
zroyschthey dont even show up after i plug it back in06:22
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sherrBookman: cpanel alternative : http://www.ispconfig.org/07:26
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Roxyhart0hi there i need to download the windows drivers for my cups-samba ...i already did. but when i do cupsaddsmb it say i dont have any woindows drivers. somebody know what i need to do to install this drivers on my samba server?09:21
BulleTh0Roxyhart0, did you tryed this? http://www.cups.org/software.php?VERSION=1.4.2&FILE=cups/windows/cups-windows-6.0-source.tar.bz209:27
Roxyhart0thanks BulleTh0, yes i did and then i run the command rpmbuild -ta cups-version-source.tar.gz09:40
Roxyhart0it install a folder rpmbuild, but i dont know what i need to do then09:41
Roxyhart0because when i run cupsaddsmb -a it say i dont have any windows drivers installed. So i suppose i n need to do something else after the command rpmbuild09:42
Roxyhart0do you know tis command?09:44
BulleTh0Roxyhart0, you need to copy some win dlls from c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\ to /usr/share/cups/drivers/10:13
BulleTh0Show me ls -al /usr/share/cups/drivers/10:13
Roxyhart0ok, give me a second10:16
Roxyhart0i got just cups6.inf, cups6.ini, cupsps6.dll and cupsui6.dll10:17
BulleTh0You need these files too ps5ui.dll pscript5.dll pscript.hlp pscript.ntf10:18
Roxyhart0how i can get those files, just cpy from a windows machine?10:19
BulleTh0Yep. Look here how it should be. http://paste.ubuntu.com/385609/10:19
Roxyhart0ok, i will try, thanks. what about the driver for printers to windows machines. i am confuse because cusp.org say i need to dowload from their webpage and i didt work for me10:22
BulleTh0On the windows machine you don't need any drivers. Just right-click and connect10:22
Roxyhart0ok, i got a old print server and it laso have folder such as x86 and cups-1.3.x10:23
Roxyhart0ok, i just copy those files but now when i do cupsaddsmb -a I am getting the error :session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE10:33
Roxyhart0do you know when it happen?10:33
BulleTh0Sorry Roxyhart0 my net died.11:03
BulleTh0I think you need to make some permissions.11:03
Roxyhart0i neded to copy some files form the old server located on /var/lib/samba/printers ...but it shouldn't to be the way...still dont understand why the "cups" doc doesn't work11:07
Roxyhart0from *11:07
MatBoysomeone using ubuntu with samba and policies ?11:46
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philsturgeonusing virtualmin and i seem to be having trouble viewing my sites via userdir. it was enabled and configured, but today i am getting 500 errors every time i try to view one. http://albert.serverofdoom.co.uk/~philstu/14:14
lamontphilsturgeon: what does the apache error log have to say?14:17
philsturgeonlamont: struggling to find the damn thing :$14:19
philsturgeonlamont: fail locate apache | grep error14:19
lamontsee the config file - if you didn't change it there, then /var/log/apache2/error.log or some such14:21
philsturgeonlamont: nothing showing in there, last error was Sun Feb 28 14:02:21 :-/14:23
lamontthrowing a 500 without logging something is kinda rude of it.  there has to be some leavings somewhere.....14:24
lamontbut nfc what the issue is, sadly14:24
philsturgeonanybody else know what could be making userdir fire a 500 error, or how i can find out why?14:26
resnois it possible to run windows under a virtualbox on a server?14:40
resnoin a way to miniize guis and cpu cylces14:42
MatBoyI wonder why sudo net rpc user password tom "secret" -U root gives me a "A bad password was supplied." message14:47
nOStahlhi guys is there a way i can serv images of operating systems over a network to a thin client15:05
nOStahlwhat is needed for that software wise15:05
sherrnOStahl: maybe the Linux Terminal Server Project is worth a look15:19
RoyKnOStahl: ltsp is probably the choice of that, yes15:37
nOStahli have a dell poweredge 2850 to play with15:38
RoyKnOStahl: mohaha - tomorrow I have a nice little 2U box with eight 2TB drives dedicated for testing15:42
nOStahlthis server just has two 73 gig maxtors heh15:46
nOStahlso with ltsp running on my ubuntu server. (not sure i understand how this works yet) can i serve windows images?15:55
RoyKno ubuntu on this box, though15:59
RoyKopensolaris ftw :)15:59
nOStahlwhat im wondering is. i have this server here. and a couple thinclients. would like to be able to boot windows xp on the thinclients served from the server16:00
nOStahlis that what ltsp does?16:00
nOStahlor boot  linux distro as well on the thinclients16:00
zroyschok i guess its time to get new hardware16:01
zroyschjesus this is annoying16:01
zroyschhow does shit just stop working16:02
RoyKnOStahl: you're looking for freenx16:02
zroyschif i were to get this motherboard would it have ANY problems recognizing 1tb sata drives on EVERY boot? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681312835816:03
RoyKnOStahl: or perhaps xen16:04
zroyschit looks like theyre no longer integrating video16:05
zroyschwhich means i'll need a pcix card16:05
dustin_I am having some trouble with drupal on my ubuntu 8.04 server is this the best place to get answers or is there a drupal channel somewhere?16:07
zroyschChanServ: (notice) [#Drupal] Welcome to the generic Drupal channel. Feel free to ask here -- you might get an answer or a suggestion of which channel would fit better. Visit #drupal-contribute if you want to contribute something (and you know you want to).16:10
dustin_when I add an attatchment to my new drupal install it is only visible in the post to me and no other users how do I fix that16:15
nOStahluse wordpress16:27
nOStahlit fixes everything16:27
dustin_where do I get wordpress and is it an addon to drupal or a substitute?16:28
dustin_how much configureing will it take to add it into my lamp server16:29
RoyKapt-get install the bits16:30
RoyKwordpress will need some more, but not a lot16:30
dustin_"the bits"?16:30
RoyKwordpress needs mod_rewrite and some php stuff16:30
RoyKlarger memory than the initial 8 megs etc16:31
RoyKbut it's all in the wp docs16:31
RoyKnot a lot16:31
dustin_so this is a replacement for drupal16:31
RoyKnot replacement16:31
RoyKmerely an alternative16:31
dustin_oh ok16:31
dustin_I just wanted to know if I needed to remove drupal before installin16:32
RoyKdrupal is probably better in terms of CMSes, but wordpress is easier to install16:32
dustin_I want easy managability for my users16:32
RoyKwordpress lives in a directory and a database and coexist quite happily with drupal16:32
dustin_I want them to be able to simply post somethign with a picture16:33
RoyKwordpress might be good then16:33
RoyKor drupal16:33
RoyKor any good cms16:33
RoyKjust find what you like16:33
dustin_well I already installed drupal and moist of my ppl hae signed up for it16:34
RoyKif it works, don't fix it16:34
dustin_just cant seem to get the pictures working16:34
dustin_new to drupal16:34
RoyKchanging the whole system because of such a detail seems overrated16:34
RoyKtry to ask on #drupal if such a channel exists16:34
dustin_the question is what server would #drupal be on...16:35
dustin_googling things with drupal in the title is a nitemare16:35
nOStahlusually when drupal or wordpress wont post pictures is lack of ram aloud to php16:36
nOStahlcheck your php.ini file16:36
dustin_do I cat that or emacs it to check it?16:36
nOStahlsudo nano /etc/php/php.ini probably16:37
dustin_there is no php diredctory in /etc16:39
nOStahlsearch for php.ini in /etc/apache216:39
dustin_not there either16:41
nOStahlpoke around16:41
RoyKdustin_: have you installed php?16:43
nOStahlhe must if he has drupal working16:43
RoyKtry that16:44
RoyKmodifying it16:44
=== alex_jon1 is now known as alex_joni
dustin_royk php is installed ond functioning great16:44
RoyK/etc/php/apache2/php.ini ?16:44
dustin_there is no php directory in etc16:45
dustin_cd php16:45
dustin_sorry too many open windows16:46
RoyKcd /etc/php516:46
RoyKdoes that work?16:46
dustin_nobs.game-host.org/zwoop.php       works still16:47
RoyKhey, is there a directory called /etc/php5?16:47
dustin_I did ls -a to see what is in etd and nothing with php in the name of the directory is there16:47
RoyKwhat happens if you do 'cd /etc/php5' ?16:48
RoyKafter doing that, please do 'pwd' and paste the result16:48
RoyKand any error messages16:48
dustin_it opened but that is strnge it isnt in the ls I just looked at16:48
RoyKwhen pwd says you're in /etc/php516:49
RoyKcd apache216:49
RoyKvi php.ini16:49
RoyKlook for 'memory limit = '16:49
dustin_what line am I looking for in the ini file16:49
RoyKno idea16:49
RoyKlook for the string16:50
RoyKif you're not familiar with vi as an editor, type <esc>:wq!<enter> at once16:50
RoyKthen use nano or something16:50
dustin_I use emacs16:50
RoyKsearch for 'memory_limit', 'max_post_size' and 'upload_max_size' and change those to larger values16:51
RoyKafter that, restart apache16:51
dustin_post_max_size = 8M16:51
RoyKmemory_limit should be set to something you can afford. the others should be set to something less, according to your needs16:51
RoyKyes, that's the default16:52
RoyKand usually too low16:52
dustin_I am running 256 ram with a 40gb hdd on this tiny server what do you reccomend there16:52
RoyK256 megs of ram?16:52
dustin_its a p316:52
RoyKnot a lot16:52
RoyKbut try giving php 128 megs16:53
RoyKand set vm.swappiness to 10016:53
dustin_total or in max post16:53
RoyKsysctl vm.swappiness = 10016:53
RoyKjust try both16:53
RoyK256 megs of ram is not a lot these days16:53
RoyKstart with 64 megs on all three variables16:53
RoyKit will probably cover   most of the needs16:54
dustin_I know that, that is why I use ubuntu server for it16:54
dustin_I call it a scrap metal server :)16:54
RoyKstill, login as root or sudo in and increase vm.swappiness16:54
RoyKit's on 60 (per cent) as a default, and on low memory systems, that's too low16:54
dustin_sorry if i soud a little dumb but I am new to drupal and php, this server has been great most of the problems are operator error I think16:57
RoyKdrupal probably isn't the problem16:58
RoyKrestart the services and try again16:58
RoyKit'll probably work16:58
RoyKbut 256 megs of ram for a drupal server is not a lot16:59
dustin_I have a new board waiting to go in as soon as I get a processor for my main computer then I will have a 3gig setup under it16:59
dustin_but 265 was pushing it in that old pentium3 setup17:00
dustin_when I restart "services" do I restart apache, mysql and php?17:01
dustin_I didnt think php was restartable17:01
RoyKphp is linked to apache - just restart apache17:02
RoyKmysql is connected through a socket, and won't need a  restart17:02
zroyschwow how long does it take to rm a 1tb file17:15
zroyschi thought it could just mark it for overwrite or something17:15
martin- zroysch it depends on the filesystem17:19
zroyschmartin-: i see. its somewhere between ext2 and ext317:31
zroyschfile is gone now17:31
zroysch e2fsck found errors on the file system.17:32
zroyschthat is from part image, when I'm trying to image this raid5 partition17:32
chocamoRight now I have a nas using ubuntu server. I also have a small website and I was thinking of just hosting myself through the nas. My worry is security. What could I do to assure none of the personal files on the nas will be compromised by opening it up like this17:33
zroyschoh i have the option to continue17:33
zroyschchocamo: put a firewall in front17:33
zroyschpfsense, ipcop17:33
ikoniachocamo: lock down your ports, make sure file permissions are right,17:33
ikoniaand by right I mean "tight"17:34
chocamohow so? Just make sure permission for the right people are what they need to be?17:34
chocamothats about all you can do right?17:35
zroysch Can't read bitmap block 0 from image17:35
zroyschis there any way to make part image work when i have file system errors17:36
zroyschi get mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/md2,17:36
chocamothere should be a force option right?17:36
chocamoI dont remember what it was17:36
zroyschhmm not seeing any mention of force on the man page17:38
chocamomaybe im thinking of something else17:38
zroyschit is almost guaranteed i'm going to lose data if i e2fsck right17:38
HoppipolaI have a problem with my RAID 5 /dev/md1 device. Here is my fdisk -l and my mdadm -D /dev/md0 and md1 http://pastebin.com/MBmyrdc4 I recently lost a disk, and failed, removed it, and added a new one. I am trying to mount now, and I can't because I get this error http://pastebin.com/8sSV4xtq17:42
HoppipolaIs there a way to retrieve ANY of the data on md1?17:43
zroyschyou and me both17:43
zroyschstarting to think md raid is more trouble than its worth17:43
Hoppipolazroysch: I know, I feel like I could have just done multiple hardware backups and been done with it...but I dropped one :(17:44
Hoppipolait is in the freezer now, I might try mounting it cold17:44
Hoppipolazroysch: worked for me before17:45
Hoppipolasometimes a damaged disk can be frozen and then mounted cold if you REALLY need the data. Feds do it to break hackers comps, they drop hds in liquid nitrogen17:46
qman__I've heard that advice too, didn't work in my case17:47
qman__I lost an 8x500GB RAID 5 array when two disks failed within an hour of each other17:47
Hoppipolaqman_: bad luck, sorry to hear that17:47
zroyschraid5 is terrible17:48
HoppipolaI have a lot of problems with it17:48
zroyschit seems like a bad idea to use drives from the same batch also17:48
qman__nothing too important was lost, fortunately17:48
zroyschyea i have nothing important on here17:48
zroyschjust media17:48
zroyschbut my music is pretty important to me17:48
qman__now I'm running 8x1TB in a RAID6 with one spare configuration17:48
chocamoI just do bihourly rsyncs17:48
Hoppipolazroysch: wish I could say the same about only losing media :(17:48
chocamoon 2 diff brand drives17:48
zroyschHoppipola: if its business you gotta be foolish not to backup17:48
Hoppipolazroysch: I dropped the backup17:49
Hoppipolalike, on the ground17:49
zroyschlike you were holding it and it fell onto the floor17:49
zroyschthats odd17:49
Hoppipolazroysch: THEN my hd fell17:49
Hoppipolaout of the array that is17:49
Hoppipolabut yeah, bad timing17:49
chocamoya that sucks17:49
qman__when I put the first one together I had read that raid 6 was for the paranoid17:50
chocamoyou need like 3 systems in those black box cases all backing eachother up17:50
qman__then I lost my data, now I use it17:50
zroyscheven raid617:50
zroyschseems like raid10 is the only legit one17:50
Hoppipolayeah, I am starting to think I should just make a triangular mirror17:51
Hoppipolathe RAID, and two external hard copies, but then backup becomes a serious pain17:51
chocamowhats your favorite mail server?17:51
qman__I like postfix17:52
chocamopostfix is default right?17:52
chocamoI am looking to create a local only frontend for a mail server with php. But I am not sure how I would interface with the mail server itself? Just system() commands in php?17:52
chocamoI want to make my own personal gmail ripoff17:53
qman__what's the frontend for? as in, what is it supposed to do?17:53
qman__are you just looking for a webmail system? if so, there are plenty that already exist17:54
chocamobut I am unfamiliar with postfix so I dont knwo how I would actually retrieve the mail to display etc17:54
chocamoI'd like to do my own just for fun17:54
qman__well, postfix is only an SMTP server17:54
chocamowhats a good imap one?17:54
zroyschdo people use imap ?17:55
qman__postfix+dovecot is the typical setup17:55
qman__I always use imap17:55
zroyschi tried it in the office in outlook200717:55
zroyschit was god awful17:55
Hoppipolacan one use fsck to fix corrupted superblocks on ext3 on a drive?17:55
zroyschit was slow17:55
zroyschand deleting emails was stupid17:55
zroyschcrossing them out like17:55
qman__the problem with pop3 is that it only delivers once17:55
zroyschbut it was through godaddy so maybe that was the problem17:55
qman__doesn't work if you have multiple clients on the same account17:55
qman__I get pop3 sent to my phone and imap in thunderbird17:55
zroyschthe godaddy guy said imap is good because it syncs all your devices to have the same mailbox17:56
zroyschthey all hated it though so i went to pop317:56
qman__imap is slower, because the mail stays on the server, but it provides far more functionality17:56
chocamoya and thats what I want17:56
qman__I've got about 8 accounts set up in my thunderbird, all imap17:57
qman__it takes about five seconds to fetch my mail17:57
qman__and opening a folder takes about a second17:57
zroyschlocal server?17:58
qman__no, internet17:58
zroyschtook like 20-30 at work17:58
zroyschit was stupid17:58
qman__gmail, AIM, hosted websites17:58
qman__if you're deleting or marking hundreds of messages at once, it hangs notably17:58
qman__but just reading my mail, it takes only a second or two to load each message17:58
zroyschand when you go to delete it17:59
zroyschwhat happens17:59
qman__I generally don't delete my mail, but that only takes a second or two as well17:59
zroyschin outlook it would make a crossout17:59
zroyschand just leave it there17:59
zroyschuntil some time later when it removes it17:59
zroyschor you could choose to hide the crossouts17:59
qman__I hate outlook with a burning passion17:59
zroyschalso they were saying that if they accidentally deleted something they couldnt get it back18:00
zroyschin pop it just goes to the trash folder18:00
zroyschimap it disappears18:00
qman__dealing with peoples' multi-GB pst files18:00
zroyschyea. i know18:00
zroyschif it had been up to me they wouldnt be using windows18:00
qman__that's a problem with the way the server is set up, not imap itself18:00
qman__or the client, not sure which18:01
qman__you can move to trash on delete just fine18:01
zroyschi see18:01
zroyschso a godaddy problem then probably18:01
qman__I actually ran into an issue related to that18:01
qman__I would delete my spam, and thunderbird would move it to trash18:01
qman__but on gmail, imap trash is not the real trash18:01
qman__subsequently, my phone would download all the messages in imap trash via pop318:02
qman__their pop3 configuration is not smart enough to consider imap trash as trash18:03
zroyschwhy not imap on the phone18:03
qman__doesn't support it, or didn't when I set it up at least18:03
qman__they added it but I haven't gotten around to messing with it18:03
qman__blackberry storm, the 4.x OS didn't support it, but the 5.x does18:04
zroyschi wanna try the nexus one18:04
zroyschcoworker has android on some motorola18:04
zroyschi like it18:04
zroyschi have a bb. i think it sucks alot18:04
qman__the storm, the hardware is nice, but the software is lacking18:04
qman__it's slow, lacks features18:04
zroyschthe touchscreen on that motorola actually seems usable18:05
zroyschiphone is not at all18:05
qman__and RIM doesn't update very often18:05
zroyschso if partimage is telling me e2fsck found errors in the raid5 partition and i cant mount it because wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock18:07
zroyschwhat am i supposed to do18:07
qman__the filesystem is probably trashed18:07
qman__I'm guessing you lost a disk18:07
qman__but one of the ones you have left isn't any good either18:07
zroyschyea i lost one and mistakenly pulled another one18:07
zroyschbut the array is assembled and running18:08
zroyschmaybe i should just e2fsck and see what happens18:08
zroyschhate losing data without a backup though18:08
qman__is it ext3?18:08
qman__if so, go for it18:08
zroyschit was originally18:08
qman__ext3 has a very good recovery rate18:08
zroyschbut an e2fscking somehow made at least one of the drives ext218:08
qman__well, ext3 is mountable as ext218:09
zroyschok so just e2fsck /dev/md2 ?18:09
qman__I would just 'fsck /dev/md2'18:09
chocamohow is xfs on file recovery? thats what ive been using for awhile18:13
qman__I've had several xfs filesystems tank unrecoverably18:25
qman__I suggest against it for important data18:25
zroyschwhat is the best for raid18:26
* RoyK likes zfs18:26
zroyschi use ext3 for everything18:26
qman__I use ext3 just because it's been the most reliable for me18:26
RoyKbtw, I've been using xfs for years without losing data18:26
qman__I've never lost significant data due to ext318:26
zroyschman. this partition is completely hosed18:27
qman__xfs is fine as long as your hardware never fails, you never lose power, and you never shut down improperly18:27
qman__but, when it does break18:27
qman__at least in my experience18:28
qman__xfs loses the whole filesystem18:28
qman__where ext3 and reiser can generally recover with minimal data loss18:28
zroyschgone beyond  3000 lines of fsck errors18:34
RoyKzroysch: raidz with zfs is nice18:37
RoyKbut that's solaris, no idea what's best for linux18:37
RoyKfor storage, I only use opensolaris these days18:37
zroyschwhy is it nice.18:37
RoyKwell, linux lvm seems to be at its early teens compared to zfs18:38
RoyKit's a good filesystem with raid integrated18:38
RoyKand it's good18:38
zroyschi dont use lvm, i think18:38
RoyKcopy-on-write and snapshotting integrated18:39
RoyKit's neat18:39
RoyKsnapshotting without performance overhead is nice18:39
RoyKfs compression and deduplication is also nice18:39
RoyKit's not perfect, but still better than anything I've seen in the linux world18:40
zroyschyea not sure i'm trying to switch operating systems18:40
RoyKI never switched18:40
RoyKI merely added another18:40
RoyKI still use linux for most stuff18:41
zroyschwell i'm not purchasing a new server to try it out18:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #529585 in ntp (main) "package ntp 1:4.2.4p6+dfsg-1ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52958518:41
RoyKzroysch: try it on a vm18:41
zroyschdont have the time18:41
RoyKit's like not having the time to sharpen one's axe before chopping wood18:42
zroyschRestarting e2fsck from the beginning...19:17
zroysch/dev/md2 contains a file system with errors, check forced.19:17
zroyschafter holding enter for like an hour19:18
Blondhi. anyone have 9.10 encrypted server installed?19:30
Blondmaking coffee. be back in 5 if anyone can help w/reboot-after crash on encrypted-server (Karmic).19:37
sherrzroysch: why did you have to "hold enter" for so long?20:03
zroyschsherr: because i didnt put the command on whatever makes it automatically press enter20:15
zroyschnot looking good20:15
sorenmdeslaur: Do you have /usr/share/pyshared/VMBuilder/plugins/network ?20:39
mdeslaursoren: nope20:39
sorenmdeslaur: no?!?!20:39
sorenOh, wow, nor do I.20:40
mdeslaursoren: nope20:40
sorenwtf.. It's in the tarball..20:40
sorenOh, wow!20:40
sorenUh, yeah, ok. I'll just go ahead and fix that, shall I?20:40
mdeslaursoren: sure :)20:41
zroyschdoes anyone have a live stream for the gold medal match20:44
zroyschstupid nbc requiring that i login to verizon to prove my cable subscription20:44
soren"the gold medal match"?20:44
zroyschyes. ice hockey.20:44
sorenUh, no. Not in this channel.20:44
zroyschshall i meet you in another channel20:44
zroyschso you're speaking on behalf of everyone20:45
sorenDude. This is a support/development channel for Ubuntu Server.20:45
zroyschchill out.20:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #529618 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder crashed with VMBuilderException in get_setting()" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52961820:51
sorenmdeslaur: ^20:54
mdeslaurthanks soren, that was fast :)20:55
sorenmdeslaur: Embarassing is what it is :)20:57
MatBoyahh ! tried two dynalinks on my ubuntuserver and none works... which did always on older versions !21:03
zroyschif i'm sick and tired of holding enter in this fsck process can i cancel and restart using the option that auto-enters21:08
johnccCan anyone give me a pointer to a good resource on configuring wireless interfaces with /etc/network/interfaces ?21:13
johnccIs there any non-X tool that is better for a situation where I have a laptop server with a cardbus ethernet and cardbus wireless interfaces?21:14
johnccSomething like Archlinux's netcfg21:14
johnccCan anyone give me a pointer to a good resource on configuring wireless interfaces with /etc/network/interfaces ?21:23
johnccTrying to get a high-res console on GRUB2 seems to violate KISS massively :/21:25
johnccI suppose they assume everyone will have KMS now21:25
johnccWhat was wrong with vga= though21:25

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