jpdsdescendent87: For wiki.kubuntu.org ?00:02
descendent87no look https://wiki.ubuntu.com/00:03
descendent87it has the kubuntu logo, says kubuntu wiki in top right and uses the kubuntu colours (isn't the ubuntu wiki brown?)00:03
jpdsdescendent87: Because you changed the settings in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Home?action=userprefs ?00:04
descendent87even right at the bottom it says "Kubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd."00:04
descendent87no haven't changed any settings, did a clean install with alpha 3 yesterday. First time I've gone on the wiki is today00:05
jpdsWhat's your "Preferred theme" according to that page?00:06
descendent87apparently kubuntunew (which would explain the kubuntu colours/branding)00:06
descendent87changing the theme back to <default> fixed it, no idea how/why it was set to kubuntu in the first place, thanks anyway00:07
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