JanCthere are several GUI applications for working with MySQL databases (of course you want to tunnel your database connection through an ssh tunnel or something similar in that case)00:20
maco2JanC: i dont think phpmyadmin was broken, just elky was not paying attention to the filter she had set00:23
JanCshe was complaining about the phpmyadmin UI00:23
JanCwhich made it difficult to see or something00:24
pleia2updated the forum thread with the voting stuff for IWD00:47
akgranerpleia2, thank you !00:49
pleia2we should nudge some admins to change the sticky things00:49
pleia2sure thing00:49
maco2im i good nuff for you? i'm a moderator00:50
pleia2sorry, I'm not super familiar with the properly terms on the forums, admins, mods, whatever :)00:50
maco2admins have super powers. we just have powers ;) almost anything that can be done to a thread, a mod can do. to do things like change a username you need an admin00:52
maco2so what needs unstuck?00:53
maco2oh leader nominations can unstick00:54
pleia2and stick IWD00:57
maco2did that00:57
pleia2thanks maco2 :)00:58
maco2also deleted a spam in one of the threads00:58
maco2and banned that user00:58
maco2(spamming on UF = autoban)00:58
JanC*ugh* forum spam is a pest  :-/01:15
rwwmaco2: Do you happen to know who I would talk to about the fact that I am an idiot and somehow made two forums accounts?01:20
maco2rww: jdong01:24
IdleOneelky: I didn't get any errors when I voted04:27
AlanBellakgraner: I asked again in #launchpad and they told me to make a question https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10269410:26
issyl0Morning all!11:02
popeyAlanBell: can an admin of the team not remove it?13:21
popeyAlanBell: akgraner is an admin13:22
Pendulumpopey: she tried yesterday and was told it was a known launchpad bug13:22
Pendulum(or something like that)13:22
PendulumI remember her trying and not being able to do it13:24
Pendulumand I thought she said something about it being a known bug13:24
Pendulumnope guess not, just no remove button13:28
AlanBellnope, admins can't remove it13:28
IdleOneis there a log file I can look at to see what caused my pc to shut down suddenly and without apparent reason?13:30
IdleOnehmm, anything that is timestamped13:32
elkymine is doing a lot of whining about pulseaudio...13:34
IdleOneI'll have a look, thanks elky13:35
akgranerAlanBell, thanks I was already talking to a LP person to get that taken care of :-), but that will work too14:11
AlanBellI hit a similar issue a while back with a person who had an account in an odd status14:12
akgraneryep  - did you see the discussion in the LP channel about looking for ways to do housekeeping on the deletions and merges  so I know it is not a unique issue14:20
AlanBellI have now14:24
AlanBellakgraner: I added some error handling to my code19:21
AlanBellthere are 201 members of U-W19:21
AlanBell100 of them have signed the CoC19:22
AlanBellyup, very nearly exactly 50% so I checked it a few times19:22
Mamarokthat is not much...19:23
akgranerAlanBell, I bet that is not unusual...19:23
Mamarokwell, I would have expected that at least the u-w members would have signed the Code of Conduct, no?19:23
Mamaroksince we expect people to stick to it19:24
AlanBellnow this bit is interesting19:24
AlanBellof those who have signed the CoC, the average number of days from joining launchpad to joining U-W is 418.8919:25
AlanBellof those who have not it is 164.57 days19:25
akgranerI don't find it surprising considering the mailing lists work that way as well but many people don't realize the CoC applies to those as well19:26
MamarokI am pretty sure I joined u-w faster than that19:26
AlanBellI can explain it, it is interesting19:26
AlanBellthe blokes in U-W are those who have stuck about for a while and are involved in many areas of Ubuntu before they get to supporting this particular project19:26
AlanBellthe women who get interested in Ubuntu join this group earlier in their time of participation19:27
AlanBellbut I haven't done a gender breakdown, so that is just me guessing19:27
IdleOnefair guess I would say19:27
akgranerAlanBell, I was going to ask you if that was the case.. as I joined U-W within a few days of signing the CoC iirc19:28
maco2sounds reasonable19:28
AlanBellakgraner: 10 days to be precise!19:28
maco2a lot more new women than new men19:28
AlanBellah, no 10 days from joining launchpad19:28
AlanBellI don't have the date of signature19:29
akgranerI thought I signed the CoC right after I joined - the same say I believe19:29
akgraners/say/day but anywho19:29
AlanBellakgraner: you may well have done, I don't have data on that, or whether people joined before/after signing19:29
AlanBellbut that does fairly conclusively answer the question of whether it is possible to join the group without signing the CoC19:30
AlanBellakgraner: but yes, you joined the U-W group 10 days after registering on launchpad, not many men would do that I think19:31
akgranernope neither would I if MagicFab had not told me about the group19:31
akgranerlast year I asked people both male and female at events if they were aware of UW... and unless they knew someone who was a member they were not aware of it for the most part19:32
AlanBellwow, 55 people joined on the same day as they registered on launchpad19:32
PendulumI'm not surprised19:32
PendulumUW was I think the first group I joined19:33
akgranerhowever, I was told that more people are now aware that the Project exists19:33
akgranerat SCaLE I meant to add to that19:33
* Mamarok can't even remember when she joined, but it was a long time ago19:33
Mamarokmust have been around UDS Paris19:34
AlanBellI am the 4th longest in duration from join to join, at 1391 days19:34
AlanBellbit curious as to what on earth I was doing on launchpad in 2006 to be honest19:35
maco2AlanBell: those 55 may have been told "go join lp so you can join the uw team"19:36
AlanBellmaco2: I expect so, possibly some for the recent voting process19:36
akgranerI am thinking that - if we raise awareness by a series of campaigns at the events this next year  - that might be the 1st steps to get 1) enrollment 2)actvity 3)contribution 4) mentors 5) as a side effect of those 4 things ubuntu membership will increase19:37
Pendulumactually, if you look at join dates, very few people joined at that time19:37
pleia2akgraner: yeah19:38
AlanBellakgraner: yes, ubuntu membership is a side effect of everything else the project does19:38
akgranerso what event(s) are happening in March?19:39
akgranerApril is Northwest and Texas19:39
pleia2it's nice to keep an eye on metrics to know how we're doing and where to target, but most energy should be put toward those things19:39
maco2june is southwest and september is ohio19:40
maco2may is party-like-hell-cuz-lucid's-out19:40
pleia2where is that page we made for who is attending what?19:41
akgranerand hopefully Atlanta will be in Sep as well...19:41
akgranerso looking at -M as some goals it would be raise awareness and see what we can do at events in 201019:41
akgranerand see about refining the mentorship program and relaunch it in a BIG way19:43
pleia2ah, under events19:44
akgraneralso I would like to have an Ubuntu Women Blog Post - not like the one we already contribute to on the planet but it is only about the project and things we are doing..  I'd like to kick that off for -M as well  (I'll add all this to the suggestions for goals)19:44
pleia2nothing in march so far http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Events/2010CommunityEvents19:44
* akgraner goes to check FOSSevents19:45
akgranerTheres a few things on the Calendar there...19:47
pleia2hm our Events page in general needs help19:47
* pleia2 tidys19:47
akgraneralso as a plug for the FOSSevents calendar if you have LoCo meetings and or LUG meetings you can send those in to be added to the Calendar as well19:47
maco2did we decide to talk to canonical folk about getting a wordpress for the team and to the CC about allowing the team blog to be on planet (like the qa team has)?19:47
akgranerpleia2, yeah I added it in a hurry :-(  thank you19:47
akgranerwhy would we need to talk to Canonical about it a team blog on the planet?19:49
AlanBelldepends on the planet19:50
akgraneras long as more than one person as access to the blog and can help maintain it...19:50
pleia2did people commit to writing on a blog?19:51
pleia2that's the biggest problem with such things19:51
akgranerI would like to stand it up get a week or so of posts on it  - then see about moving it to the planet once we get a system worked out19:51
maco2akgraner: it was talk to canonical about hosting wordpress19:51
maco2akgraner: and talk to CC about letting a team blog on which non-ubuntu-members may post be aggregated on planet19:52
AlanBellI would suggest the U-W planet to begin with until you have sufficient valuable content on it to consider syndication on planet ubuntu19:52
pleia2AlanBell: aggregating one planet to another is bad news :)19:52
AlanBellerr, no I didn't mean that!19:52
pleia2plus it means personal entries of non-members end up on ubuntu planet, the CC would never go for that19:52
akgranermaco2, I think you are misunderstanding what I was suggesting19:52
maco2pleia2: i think he means team blog aggregated on uw planet at first then move it to ubuntu planet19:53
pleia2maco2: ah19:53
maco2akgraner: you asked "why would we need to talk to Canonical about it a team blog on the planet?"19:53
maco2akgraner: i was saying the thing to talk to canonical about would be "can you install wordpress for us?"19:53
pleia2I guess the point of that is the u-w planet already has readership and our potential blog does not?19:53
akgranermy suggestion was a blog, called Ubuntu Women Project about what events and things we are doing as a team19:53
maco2akgraner: makes sense to me19:54
maco2akgraner: but of course blogs require software, so i was saying "convince canonical to host it" ;)19:54
pleia2canonical will host drupal, which we can use for a blog19:54
akgranernot like what we have now19:55
pleia2and wordpress is in the ubuntu repo, so we *might* be able to convince them to host it19:55
maco2akgraner: im not talking about doing anything to planet19:55
maco2pleia2: someone in -sysadmin said they could do it, but we have to ask first before they *will* do it19:55
pleia2I have a linode-donated-to-ubuntu-stuff that could also be used for blog.ubuntu-women.org19:55
pleia2(it already hosts ubuntupennsylvania.org and ubuntu-us.org)19:56
akgranerWe can host here as well - with Wordpress so I don't think space will be the issue19:56
maco2akgraner: bah i mean "im not talking about doing anything to planet ubuntu women"19:56
akgranermaco2, I knew what you meant19:56
pleia2as for going to the CC, that would be a step in several months once we've proven we can sustained a quality blog19:57
akgranerok so I'll add the blog suggestions to the agenda for Tuesday is that cool...19:57
maco2akgraner: i meant that if some of the people who volunteer to write for the UW blog are not ubuntu members yet (and for example using it as a way to gain membership) we may need to ask the CC for permission to put the UW blog up onto planet ubuntu19:57
maco2akgraner: yrp19:57
pleia2all teams need to get CC permission to put a blog on the planet, regardless of who posts to it19:58
maco2ah ok19:58
akgranerI was going to add sections on my new blog that I am rolling out - for the teams and projects I am involved in, and as I was setting it up I thought a UW blog would be a cool thing19:59
akgranerand other people know how to write things better than I do20:00
pleia2maco2: was a blog something discussed at a meeting?20:00
akgranernope not yet20:00
pleia2should probably toss it on the agenda, maybe start a thread on the mailing list20:00
akgraneryep - I was just seeing what people thought about it in here20:00
Pendulumakgraner: would it go under the PR team heading?20:01
Pendulumor be separate?20:02
akgranerPendulum, I would think it would follow that line of thought20:02
* akgraner ponders20:02
akgraneryeah just add it there20:02
akgranerwe have 8 weeks or so til -M plenty of time to iron it out20:02
pleia2gah, 8 weeks? where has the time gone :)20:03
maco2wow thats it? jeez20:04
akgraneryeah crazy uh20:04
akgranertime flies when you are having fun :-)20:04
pleia2or moving :)20:05
akgraneryeah that too.. are you adjusted yet?20:05
* pleia2 sighs at all the boxes20:06
pleia2it's going to take a while20:06
* pleia2 learned yesterday that her boyfriend has 15 boxes of unsorted-to-be-filed mail in storage that needs to be handled20:07
akgranerAlanBell, sorry we just digressed didn't we - so about those numbers - I'd like to keep track of all those  - do you need someone to help you with that?  or do you want to keep tracking it all since you set it up?20:07
pleia2that said, I am starting to have time for Ubuntu stuff again, so I'd be happy to pick up some tasks again20:08
akgraneror is there someone that you would like to work with you on all that - I don't want to assume that you *want*  or have time to do that..:-)20:08
AlanBelldigression is good20:09
AlanBellI would like someone else to help with the numbers, I don't think it is optimal being just me20:10
akgranerAlanBell, thanks for starting and maintaining the metrics.. :-)  hopefully a few folks can help you with that20:17
akgranerpleia2, hehe I am sure we can add to your TODO list :-)20:18
akgranerpleia2, I sent you something :-P20:20
akgranersee PM20:20
* Tm_T huggles AlanBell and akgraner20:46

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