LLStarksbryceh, why does nvidia-current keep getting pulled on my intel box. it keeps ****ing up my libgl.04:51
bjsnideri believe nvidia-current is always installed by default. it is only activated if done manually through jockey04:54
tjaaltonnot true04:57
tjaaltonI don't have it04:57
bjsnidermaybe he has a metapackage or something04:58
tjaaltonthat's installed on every system, but it doesn't pull -current04:59
tjaaltonLLStarks: purge it, it should say what depends on it05:00
bjsnider restricted modules?05:00
tjaaltonapt-cache rdepends nvidia-current shows the deps05:00
LLStarksi do, but somehow it ends up back on my system once in a while.05:00
tjaaltonone of those is the culprit05:00
LLStarksi don't know how to keep my libgl alternates from changing05:00
tjaaltonwell trace the deps from aptitude05:01
LLStarkswell, how i do use the proper libgl without uninstalling nvidia-current?05:01
tjaaltonuncheck it from jockey05:01
bjsnideri don't see why nvidia-current couldn't be installed on any system, as well as fglrx, as long as it isn't activated and isn't in the xorg.conf file, if there is one05:03
bjsniderbut i thought that was supposed to be the policy in lucid05:04
tjaaltonyes, it _can_ be installed and not used, but they are not installed by default05:05
LLStarksit's getting activated somehow and i forgot the update-alternatives command for libgl.05:05
bjsniderso then jockey prompts the user to not only activate it but to actually install it too05:06
LLStarksi don't use jockey driver manager05:06
tjaaltonbjsnider: at least the first time, yes05:06
bjsnideris nouveau installed by default?05:08
bjsnideroh my goodness that's funny05:08
bjsnidernvidia is the preferred driver05:08
tjaaltonby whom?05:08
bjsnidertypical nvidia users05:09
tjaaltoncould be05:09
tjaaltonubuntu has never installed it (or fglrx) by default05:09
tjaaltonand doing so wuld be a pr loss among the devs05:09
bjsniderinstalled but _not_ activated05:10
bjsniderwould be a pr loss?05:10
bjsniderbut it would be easier on users05:10
tjaaltonwhy? they still need to enable it05:11
tjaaltonbesides there is no space on the cd's05:11
bjsniderthere would be on the dvd05:11
bjsniderand the network install05:11
tjaaltonI don't think it's ever going to be installed by default05:12
bjsniderthis boils down to a FOSS issue correct?05:12
tjaaltonit's already made as easy as possible, no need to go further05:13
tjaaltonlucid+1 will have nouveau 3D-support05:13
tjaaltonso even less of a reason to push for the blob05:14
tjaaltonspeaking of nouveau, starting a second session fails when checking the drm, and then the first session breaks as well05:33
tjaaltonit's like the vt's were on top of the X session, since the mouse cursor works and changes as if there were windows under it05:34
ryanakcaIs there a reason xorg depends on x11-apps instead of simply recommending or suggesting it?15:57
jcristauhysterical raisins i'd think15:58
ryanakcaI doubt people really use xlogo, xbiff, xedit, xeyes, xgc & co any more15:58
jcristauotoh what harm are they doing?15:59
ryanakcajcristau: They take up space on the LiveCD that doesn't need to be taken up :)16:00
ryanakcaIf someone has been long around to use xbiff or xman or xclock, they've been long around enough to apt-get install x11-apps16:01
jcristauoh.  i guess there are people who care about that..16:01
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fabounet@saravatt / bryceh / jcristau : Hi21:29
fabounetI was told you could help regarding some problems Cairo-Dock has with some graphic cards21:30
matttbeI'm sure: They watch TV (USA vs. Canada) ^^21:33
matttbe(but I don't say the current result :P )21:34
RAOFfabounet: It's probably a good idea to just state the problems cairo-dock has with some graphics cards; there are others who could help, too.21:35
fabounetyep, I'm looking forward to solve this, if possible21:35
fabounetactually it seems some drivers still have an incomplete support of OpenGL 2.021:36
fabounetold ATI, but also some Intel cards21:37
fabounetthe problem seems to come from the lack of pbuffers support21:37
jcristauafaik pbuffers are deprecated21:37
fabounetthey are part of opengl though21:38
fabounetand supported on most cards21:38
jcristaunot on the free drivers iirc21:38
fabounetsometimes indirect rendering gives good results21:38
fabounetdo you mean pbuffers are banned from Intel drivers now ?21:39
jcristauprobably not.21:40
jcristaubut i still don't know what your problem is21:41
fabounetthe situation varies depending the card21:41
fabounetfor instance on nettbooks (GMA450), using indirect rendering makes everything works, but on not GMA80021:41
jcristauwhat's gma800?21:41
fabounetmaybe it was an other number, don't remember exactly.21:42
fabounetsome more evoluted model21:42
fabounethad this bug recently21:42
fabounetanyway all Intel cards don't behave the same21:43
RAOFIsn't it pretty much always the client's responsibility to check for needed GL extensions & fallback if necessary?  Can't you detect the presence of the necessary GL support & react appropriately?21:43
fabounetI was expecting they would eventually have the same level of support for OpenGL2.021:43
jcristaui915 can't go above 1.4 or 1.5 according to wikipedia21:44
fabounetwell I do detect the presence of pbuffers.21:44
fabounetbt soetimes indirect rendering is needed to make them work21:44
fabounetand sometimes it's the opposite (Gallium ATi R3xx drivers)21:44
jcristaui965 can do 2.0 or 2.121:45
fabounetseems there is no definite method to be sure21:45
RAOFI do recall compiz wanting a GLX call to determine what GL extensions a particular context supports, so it could discriminate between extensions supported with a direct context & those only supported with an indirect context.21:45
fabounetthat would be helpful21:46
fabounetcurrently I check that GLX is >= 1.321:47
fabounetif not, then it's unclear21:47
jcristauanyway from what i understood (i know nothing of GL) the recommended method is to use fbos instead of pbuffers.21:47
fabounetdo you remember the way to be sure whether indirect rendering would be needed ?21:47
RAOFThat's my (somewhat second hand) understanding, too.21:48
fabounetfbo is younger than pbuffer, is it more supported though ?21:48
jcristau#dri-devel might be a better place for this, it has people who know gl and write those drivers..21:49
fabounetok, well I'll go and ask them then.21:50
fabounetthanks for your advices !21:50
jcristauseems like i didn't misremember too much :)22:03
fabounetyep, seems I'll have to rewrite some part with fbo ^^22:04
RAOFWhat's meant to be shipping drm.h at this point?  I can't build nouveau because I can't find drm.h :)22:43
libvwhich interestingly also carries driver specific headers.22:49
RAOFAh.  Why is linux-libc-dev not providing drm.h for me?22:51
Sarvattif you're using edgers its libdrm-dev and you have to reinstall it every time theres a linux-libc-dev update22:52
Sarvatthope jcristau's libdrm header patch goes upstream :)22:53
RAOFHm.  Maybe that did'nt get replaced when I un-edgered.22:53
Sarvattyeah i have a note on the page saying you need to reinstall linux-libc-dev when you switch away from edgers22:53
Sarvatthmm looks like xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.10.901 requires >= xserver 1.7 now? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39848281/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.xserver-xorg-video-intel_2:2.10.901%2Bgit20100226.a0ee9c3d-0ubuntu0sarvatt~karmic_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz23:01

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