ralf_so i right click on desktop creat a launcher ..anyone know the command?00:00
pfred1Typos_King yes the -f switch00:00
ikoniawizard00: correct00:00
ikoniapfred1: that version is newer than the one you need, so I'm not sure what the problem is ?00:00
wizard00thank you very much!!! :)00:00
wizard00ubuntu rocks though ;)00:00
pfred1ikonia Package `libgtk2.0-dev' is not installed and no info is available.00:00
histowizard00: no00:00
hellburneris there a simple way to install a newer version of wine?  the one in karmic is old00:00
ralf_this will be a brilliant help and i d be blogging about it just want my neighbour on net00:00
klaralf_, command to do what, exactly?00:00
histowizard00: you can install software on 8.0400:00
ikoniapfred1: ok so what's stopping you installing it ?00:00
pfred1ikonia what part of 'it won't install" are you having difficulties understanding?00:00
Typos_Kingwizard00.... I don't think so, depends on what you want to install for that matter, 8.x is still supported anyway00:01
jumarralf_ the first thing you do on the desktop is right-click, create laucher, set an icon, set a command, and it should work, but i just dont know the command right now, so we gotta ask someone00:01
ikoniapfred1: you're not telling me why it won't install, error message for example00:01
pfred1ikonia I guess Ubuntu's broken package manager is the problem!00:01
ikoniapfred1: I don't think it's broken at all00:01
ikoniapfred1: could you explain the error you're having00:01
ralf_thanks jumar I will try and look it up on google .. i did try but i will give it another go00:01
histojumar: what do are you trying to do?00:01
daniskamiralf_: try gnome-session-save --logout00:02
historalf_: what are you trying to do?00:02
wizard00ok. sweet. im a newb. should i dual-boot ubuntu5 and ubuntu 8?00:02
pfred1ikonia if I issue the command sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev and I get the message libgtk2.0-dev: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.18.3-1) but 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 is to be installed I see a problem00:02
Typos_Kingpfred1     don't think is the package manager, is the fact you're trying to install an older app which requires such lib, and the newer in place conflicts with it, is an app version issue00:02
histowizard00: why would you do that?00:02
histowizard00: What are you trying to accomplish?00:02
ikonia!info libgtk2.0-000:02
ubottulibgtk2.0-0 (source: gtk+2.0): The GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.18.3-1ubuntu2.2 (karmic), package size 2296 kB, installed size 5712 kB00:02
ikonia!info libgtk2.0-dev00:02
ubottulibgtk2.0-dev (source: gtk+2.0): Development files for the GTK+ library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.18.3-1ubuntu2.2 (karmic), package size 2986 kB, installed size 9932 kB00:02
jumaroh, nothing, trying to help ralf_ for a gnome-session commandline version what out of he can make a shutdown button on the desktop00:02
klawizard00, if you have no reason to dual boot, just install fresh00:02
histowizard00: okay are you just trolling then or do you have a question.00:02
wizard00i just heard that linux is for advanced users only00:02
histowizard00: nope00:03
histowizard00: you said you were using 8.04?00:03
ikoniapfred1: just installed it - it works fine, so the problem is either a.) you've not done an sudo apt-get update first b.) you've put additional repos in that create a conflict00:03
jumarhe's started googling, but i must go, please histo help him, i dont have gnome-session installed, thanks bye!00:03
wizard00using 5.1000:03
daniskamijumar: ralf_: gnome-session-save --logout00:03
ikoniawizard00: you said 4 earlier00:03
Typos_Kingikonia in 9.1?00:03
histojumar: me neither I don't knwo what he is trying to do00:03
pfred1ikonia OK so I need to remove repos then?00:03
jumarralf_ daniskami got it check it out00:03
histodaniskami: you'll prolly have to send ralf a pm since he left00:03
wizard00oh. srry im using 5. there a difference?00:03
ikoniapfred1: depends, do you have additional repo's ?00:03
pfred1ikonia heck if I know00:04
histowizard00: there is in 500:04
jumarhisto make a launcher for the desktop for shuting down the machine00:04
ikoniapfred1: could you pastebin your sources.list ?00:04
jumargotta go, bye00:04
ikoniapfred1: try a sudo apt-get update first though,00:04
pfred1ikonia if I knew where to find it00:04
histojumar: ahh yeah daniskami has it.00:04
wizard00so i cant install software. it says its unavailable00:04
ikoniapfred1: /etc/apt/sources.list00:04
pfred1ikonia did that over an hour ago00:04
ikoniawizard00: no, the distro is dead, end of lifve00:04
histowizard00: what says unavailible?00:04
ikoniapfred1: I haven't seen it00:04
pfred1ikonia must be why i told you00:04
histowizard00: yeah the repositories aren't there any more.00:04
daniskamihisto: bad luck ;)00:04
klawizard00, no wonder. Just use a CD.00:04
wizard00Audacity. (audio editing soft)00:05
histowizard00: you can move your home to a seperate parition then install fresh and all your documents and stuff would be there.00:05
ikoniapfred1: ok - so pastebin your sources.list as that must be the only other answer00:05
Typos_Kingwizard0   can't install anything in 8.x?00:05
pfred1ikonia ok sec00:05
Cristobaldog white00:05
wizard00idk how to do that00:05
histoTypos_King: no he says he's running 5 now00:05
ikoniaCristobal: stop please00:05
Typos_KingIIRC is still supported and the repos are still there00:05
ikoniaCristobal: I've told you the rules of this channel00:05
histoTypos_King: begining to think he is a troll00:05
Typos_Kingholy!    that's ..... rather oldie00:05
Cristobalpersian canarian00:05
klaSo later all :)00:07
pfred1ikonia http://pastebin.com/0z1U7LSy00:07
ikoniapfred1: that looks perfect,00:08
rmatteaha, finally got automounting working, needed to install halevt and use hal-mount once on the device, now it automounts it00:08
pfred1ikonia I sort of wished there was a problem because I'm no closer to a solution to not being able to install the dev package i need here00:09
ikoniapfred1: when you do a "sudo apt-get update" what happens ?00:09
pfred1ikonia let me run it again I don't remember anything important happening really00:10
randomusrwhat software will allow me to get my laptop's webcam working?00:11
ikonia!webcam | randomusr00:11
ubotturandomusr: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:11
Typos_King!fr | Guitch00:11
ubottuGuitch: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois00:11
pfred1ikonia ikonia http://pastebin.com/0HeVYq0S00:11
ikoniapfred1: interesting, I don't think you've given me a compelte sources.list as apt-get update is checking medibuntu - but you've not got that listed in sources.list00:12
pfred1ikonia I pasted what i found00:13
ikoniapfred1: any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?00:13
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ZykoticK9ikonia, medibuntu installs into (you got it) sources.list.d00:14
pfred1ikonia medibuntu.list00:14
ikoniapfred1: comment out the deb lines in that file, and then re-run apt-get update00:14
bliffleUbuntu 9.10, Thinkpad X60s, no audio, but audio OK on the XP partition. What's up?00:14
ikoniaI doubt its medibuntu - but that's all I can see00:14
Typos_KingI have the file.... for that lib, and I don't think it came from the medibuntu site00:16
ikoniaTypos_King: I agree00:16
Typos_Kingpfred1.... got a site I can upload... or email....if that's all you need00:16
ikoniaTypos_King: however that is the only external repo, and I've just checked us.archive.ubuntu.com and it's serving the correct versions00:16
pfred1ikonia it was a little different but libgtk2.0-dev still errors out00:17
ikoniapfred1: what stood out as different ?00:17
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:17
pfred1ikonia update took a little longer00:17
pfred1ikonia I still get E: Broken packages00:18
ikoniapfred1: which package is it complaining is broke ?00:18
pfred1ikonia   libgtk2.0-dev: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.18.3-1) but 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 is to be installed00:18
randomusrikonia: thank you!00:18
pfred1ikonia its just not accepting 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 as a dep for (= 2.18.3-1)00:19
ikoniapfred1: do a "apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-0" - please pastebin the output00:19
pfred1ikonia OK00:19
pfred1ikonia http://pastebin.com/px4VwCnv00:20
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ikoniapfred1: which is totally right00:20
pfred1ikonia yes00:20
ikoniapfred1: ok - I wonder, last ditch attempt00:20
nutzhi all00:21
ikoniapfred1: cd /var/cache/apt/archives00:21
pfred1ikonia usually i just synaptic stuff but this I'd like the latest version if I can get it00:21
pedahzurHaving trouble with an Ubuntu Net install here. Everything set up fine (including the LVM), but the grub install is failing with "Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device."  Advice from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=504678 helped a little: I was able to copy the needed files into /boot, but the find command still says file not found even though 'ls' says otherwise. help?00:21
Guest26478Como troca o nick sem precisar sair... ?00:21
ikoniapfred1: synaptic is the best option, it's stable / compatible packages, but lets see if we can fix this00:21
pfred1ikonia dang do I need all these deb files?00:22
nutzi've got problem with wireless (rt61pci) and it's supposed to be kernel-related. so i'm wondering: now that 2.6.33 is out - how long is it gonna take until it's gonna be used in ubuntu?00:22
ikoniapfred1: no - remove them all00:22
pfred1ikonia with pleasure!00:22
ikonianutz: it will be in lucid00:22
bun_bunTypos_King: how do I get the "acpi-off" to become permanent?00:22
nutzikonia: oh.. so probably no fix for my rt61pci problem until april00:22
pfred1ikonia eeww what is a "partial" directory?00:22
ikonianutz: no kernel changes to 9.1000:22
ikoniapfred1: in what respect ?00:23
Out_Coldcan i use grep to ignore strings? possibly multiple strings?00:23
nutzikonia: okay, thanks00:23
pfred1ikonia inside of /var/cache/apt/archives00:23
pfred1ikonia this is a complete mess!00:23
ikoniapfred1: sudo rm -rf *00:23
pfred1ikonia done00:23
nutzikonia: i'm gonna build my own kernel then, i guess - i found two guides help.ubuntu.. and wiki.ubuntu.. is one of them recommended?00:23
Typos_Kingbun_bun:    <kla> bun_bun, you edit /etc/default/grub  with your custom command-line options and then run update-grub200:23
pfred1ikonia there was even a lock file in there too00:23
ikoniapfred1: ok , one more thing00:23
ikoniapfred1: yeah, that's a bit messy, but we can fix that00:24
acuI have a single partition - I want to backup the entire system and restore it in another hard disk - a mirror - what is the best and easiest program which can do that ?00:24
pfred1ikonia oh its gone now00:24
ikoniapfred1: cd .. rm pkgcache.bin00:24
bun_bunTypos_King: edit with nano?00:24
Typos_Kingbun_bun:    I do it by editing /boot/grub/grub.cfg   which in the new grub, is the equivalent to the old menu.lst... and then I back it up, if ever gets changed00:24
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   nano, vim, emac, any text editor will do00:24
pfred1ikonia I have a srcpkgcache.bin too get rid of it?00:25
ikoniapfred1: nah, that can stay00:25
bun_bunTypos_King: where in grub.cfg do I add "acpi=off" ??00:25
ikoniapfred1: now "sudo apt-get update"00:25
pfred1ikonia I can fix this! E: Archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing.00:25
ikoniapfred1: ughh, are you getting that now ?00:26
dumonthow do i make a shortcut link on ubuntu?00:26
pfred1ikonia  sudo mkdir /var/cache/apt/archives/partial worked a treat00:26
ikoniapfred1: cool00:26
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   at the end of the /boo/vmlinux-..... line00:26
ikoniapfred1: sudo apt-get autoclean00:26
ikoniapfred1: then sudo apt-get update00:26
pfred1ikonia now for the moment of truth drumroll please .....00:26
justin22885with a 500gb hdd, how big do yall think / should be?00:27
bun_bunTypos_King: I'm in /default/grub at the moment (already backed it up)00:27
ikoniajustin22885: as big as you want it to be, anything from 4gb to 500gb can be used sensibly00:27
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   at the end of the /boo/vmlinux-..... line   <----00:27
justin22885well the majority will be a seperate /home partition00:27
ikoniajustin22885: it's your layout,00:27
antivirt1lhello all, I want to mount a samba place, how can I do it ? (I've tried with: sudo mount -t smbfs <source> /mnt/ -o user=username00:28
justin22885so.. /home being seperate, what would you recommend for /?00:28
histojustin22885: i usually leave 10gigs or 20gigs depends on how many apps you want to install on the box.00:28
ikoniajustin22885: it's what you wnat to use - not what I'd recommend00:28
bun_bunTypos_King: it seems "update-grub" automatically re-writes grub.cfg - does that make sense? do I then skip changing grub.cfg?00:28
pfred1ikonia no dice!00:28
histojustin22885: but its completely up to you.00:28
ikoniapfred1: ooh rats00:28
justin22885well id like the room for all the apps i may install down the road00:28
Klavierupdate manager has problem about chroimum updating00:28
Klavierhow can i solve it?00:28
pfred1ikonia still think of all the room for furry pron i have now!00:28
ikoniapfred1: exactly the same error ?00:28
histojustin22885: my current install which is custom / is only 2.77g being used00:28
pfred1ikonia of course00:29
Klavieri think problem is about keyserver00:29
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   it does, but update-grub isn't at every single bootup or installation of anything, just usually, on my case, I run it00:29
justin22885so, 20-25gb /, the rest /home should be fine00:29
histojustin22885: you can always expand it down the road and shrink home or vice versa00:29
Klavierbut i dont know how get keys and how can i use keys for keyserver00:29
antivirt1lhello all, I want to mount a samba place, how can I do it ? (I've tried with: sudo mount -t smbfs <source> /mnt/ -o user=username)00:29
ikoniapfred1: just thinking00:29
Klavierfor chromium update00:29
randomusrhow can I check for 9.04 or 9.10 installed?00:29
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   isn't run that is00:29
justin22885yeah.. fine, ill go 20 on /, im about ready to turn everything over to linux in a few moments here00:29
justin22885im in windows 7 right now00:29
histoantivirt1l: you need to create a directory to mount to00:29
Klavierwhat about me00:30
bun_bunTypos_King, I did it without touching the grub.cfg and now grub does have acpi=off in it at bootup. hmmm00:30
antivirt1lhisto and with what command ?00:30
histoantivirt1l: sudo mkdir /mnt/share00:30
histoantivirt1l: sudo mount -t cifs //IP/nameofshare /mnt/share00:30
histoantivirt1l: that should work you can try smbfs but you need the samba tools installed00:30
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   hehehe, I highly doubt that, exit the editor and check again in 'less'00:31
antivirt1lcifs is what :00:31
bun_bunTypos_King, will running this new machine with "acpi off" disable any other features?00:31
brjannacu: unfortunately most of the open-source drive imaging utilities I know of aren't very friendly. Some of them are listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging00:31
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   update-grub just will remake it as it was without it00:31
histoantivirt1l: do you have any of the samba stuff installed?00:31
histoantivirt1l: you can also mount it by going to Places > Network and browsing to the share00:31
ikoniapfred1: scratching my head hard here, why you're apt-cache policy says it wants the correct version, yet apt-get install is looking for an older version00:31
ikoniapfred1: more so when it's just rocketed through on my machine00:32
histoantivirt1l: yes?00:32
pfred1ikonia you have 9.10 ?00:32
antivirt1lif i mount, can i access to it from shell ?00:32
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   just the acpi module usage, which 'might' mean you may need to turn off the machine by also using the power button00:32
ikoniapfred1: yes00:32
brjannacu: if you're not opposed to proprietary solutions, I've used Acronis TrueImage for a few years now and am very happy with it.00:32
pfred1ikonia yes this is seriously ticking me off I'd really like my dev package so I can build something I really want to have here00:32
histoantivirt1l: yeah either way you can. If you do it through gui you just have to find where gvfs or whatever gnome uses mounts it in your home somewhere00:32
histoantivirt1l: let me try my share hold up00:33
ikoniapfred1: I understand, I just can't see how you can be in the situation you're in00:33
wellsWhat is the pastbin for image ?00:33
rwwubottu: version | randomusr00:33
ubotturandomusr: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:33
rwwubottu: imagebin | wells00:33
ubottuwells: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.00:33
antivirt1lhisto, ok, i write you PM :P00:33
pfred1ikonia me either i try to dot all my i's and cross all of my t's00:33
Klavierif i compile kernel again.. for only my devices... ubuntu works faster?00:33
ikoniaKlavier: no00:33
bun_bunTypos_King, strange. I've rebooted twice and it's working without having made any changes to grub.cfg00:34
Typos_Kingwells you can use  imgur.com00:34
Klavieri have karmic koala... i have 3 gb ram00:34
ubottuTo stream media to other UPNP aware devices (such as the Xbox, PS3, or iRadio) you need a UPNP server. See !info mediatomb for information regarding the MediaTomb package00:34
Klavieri want more speed00:34
bun_bunheheh, I wonder what will happen when I run the update manager now...00:34
ikoniaKlavier: using the correct xorg video drive is the best way to visually speed up your machine00:34
Typos_Kingbun_bun:   heheh, no acpi=off in it?00:34
Klavierikonia, i have problem about updating chroium web browser,, i think it s about keyserver00:35
bun_bunI can't find "acpi=off" in grub.cfg - no00:35
pfred1ikonia I wish I had the option to dump gtk+ but i htink Ubuntu would blow a gasket if i asked it to do that00:35
Klavierdo u have any idea?00:35
acubrjann: thanks for the pointers00:35
ikoniapfred1: %101 will00:35
MrPocketsso i've got an external mounted to /mnt/external00:35
ikoniaMrPockets: please control your language00:35
brjannacu: no problem, good luck :)00:35
MrPocketsand i sudo chmod 755 /mnt/external00:35
Klavierupdate-manager fails for chromium00:35
MrPocketsbut nothign happens00:35
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acubrjann: thanks :)00:35
ikoniaMrPockets: what file system is on /mnt/external00:35
pfred1ikonia being as its probably the second most important lib on the system behind glibc00:36
ZykoticK9Klavier, could you pastebin the error you are getting.  would really help the channel with your problem.00:36
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
Typos_KingKlavier:    .... tried Opera? hehhe, might be faster for you....it's so for me, web browser wise00:36
vilinyHave a problem with a samba server here: when trying to share a folder theres an error: NT_ STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES   - anyone know what could cause this?00:36
Klavierchromium is the best00:36
Klavierfor speed performance i think00:36
ikoniaKlavier: and yet you're complaining it's not fast enough00:36
Klavierso i prefer this00:36
Typos_KingKlavier  heheh, ooooookk.. well, I digress00:36
Aledis Epiphany (web browser) any good?00:37
Aledand will it work for the xfce interface?00:37
ikoniapfred1: stuggling to think of a situation, as to how you got into this situation00:37
Klavierikonia, i prefer this with IE or Firefox00:37
B3rz3rk3rwill renaming my /etc/hostname /etc/hosts to something else break anything.. i remember doing it once for something, and recall there was some problem with it00:37
pfred1ikonia just got tired of Microsoft around 15 years ago I guess00:37
Klavieri have Awg menu bar... it s works slow00:37
ikoniaB3rz3rk3r: can do if you have anything referenced by the old hostname00:37
Typos_KingAled:   speed wise... I've heard good on Midori speed wise....not sure how well it fares in js, but does use the webkit engine00:37
softyi've switced to dwm from gnome and i'm noticing that some things i took for granted in my xsession defaults (sound, wifi management, scim IME support) are not by default loading/configured.   does anyone have any experience with this?  i am using wicd to manage wifi instead of the network manager applet.  but scim and sound are still only half-working00:37
Klavierikonia, awg menubar items working slow.. show up slowly00:38
franciscoanyone knows a channel for spanish ubuntu?00:38
pfred1ikonia I even made KDE version .4 run on Slackware 3.4 once and that was no small feat!00:38
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:38
B3rz3rk3rikonia, hey, to be clear im following this bug report as it affects me too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/33841100:38
ikoniaKlavier: as I said earlier, make sure you have the best/most compatible xorg driver for your video card00:38
airtonixif i reduce the amount of available ttys from 6 to 2 will this have any adverse effects on my installation?00:39
ikoniaairtonix: not really as long as there is still one to run your display00:39
MrPocketsyeah man00:39
MrPocketsreal wierd00:39
ZykoticK9Klavier, if you are using the the Chromium Daily PPA and are missing the key "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 4E5E17B5" should get it for you.  But as you have not provided any specific info I can't be sure this is the issue or the PPA with the problem.00:39
airtonixikonia, i assume this "display" you speak of occurs on tty0 ?00:39
ikoniaairtonix: I can't remember to be honest, thought it was 600:40
Purple_ThingI'm having an issue with flash. I can't seem to get Youtube videos to play and I'm also having trouble getting parts of facebook to work00:40
Typos_Kingsofty:   I use kde... but prefer nm-applet from gnome as network manager.....so00:40
Purple_ThingI have the whole restricted extras for Ubuntu installed though00:40
pfred1ikonia with X I think there's 7 typically00:40
ikoniathank you00:40
NielsenDoes alsa have their own channel?00:40
ikoniaairtonix: there you go, 700:40
randomusrubottu: non-free00:40
KlavierZykoticK9, why did u use --recv-keys 4E5E17B500:40
pfred1ikonia but i have to admit i got lost when they switched over to the whole VT thing00:40
Klavierthis key numbers?00:41
softyTypos_King: yeah, i solved the nm-applet issue by running wicd at startup. but i'm stuck on sound and IME.  alsamixer is throwing an error, and scim i loaded as a background daemon but the keybindings aren't bringing up the toolbar because (i assume) it's designed for GTK00:41
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:41
brjannNielsen: yep, #alsa00:41
pfred1ikonia I think there's 128 of those somehow00:41
GeekSquidB3rz3rk3r: not a bug and I quote "This is just like Steve says not a bug, it's a faulty setup." you can't have 2 hosts on the same network with the same name00:41
Nielsenbrjann, ah thanks00:41
ZykoticK9Klavier, that's Chromium Daily PPA key -- see https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa for details00:41
Nielsenbrjann, i'll go bug them instead ;)00:41
brjannNielsen: hehe, good luck :)00:41
randomusrwhat do I need to tell ubottu to get info on non-free/restricted repos and software00:41
B3rz3rk3rGeekSquid, yeah i just read that as well, so looks like isnt the issue. Ah well, back to google :p00:41
Typos_Kingsofty:  ... maybe just need to use another window manager :)  maybe fluxbox or openbox, no?00:41
pfred1softy: I always liked Windowmaker00:42
ZykoticK9Klavier, if you are using Karmic then using the command "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa" would look after everything for you00:42
softyTypos_King: i don't think the wm is the proble ;-) just needs some config. im very happy with it00:43
Klavierthanks ZykoticK900:43
ubottuAvant Window Navigator is a dock-like navigation bar for  the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/ - Awn-Manager can be found in Universe from Hardy (8.04) onwards.00:43
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:43
alzamabarHi all, does somebody know why am I getting the following warning in Apache? VirtualHost localhost:80 overlaps with VirtualHost localhost:8000:43
softyTypos_King: when i use dwm as just a wm _inside_ of a gnome session those settings work00:43
softyTypos_King: so I assume i need to put more stuff in my xinit if i am to run dwm at session-level00:44
pfred1alzamabar because they're on the same port and hostmask?00:44
ZykoticK9randomusr, if you want to find out info from the bot (without disturbing the channel) you can use "/msg ubottu WHATYOURSEARCHINGFOR"00:44
nich0sHaving trouble configuring my DHCP server. http://pastebin.com/G0p0eFc6 is my DHCPD.conf file.00:44
=== guest99999 is now known as haecceity
ikonianich0s: what's the issue ?00:44
haecceityhow do i find a list of rooms?#00:44
alzamabarpfred1: You'll have to excuse me but I don't understand what you are saying...00:44
randomusrgot it00:45
schwerthow can i delete corrupted files like http://pastebin.com/U5kQAb0p00:45
Typos_Kingsofty:  .. right00:45
pfred1alzamabar localhost:80 is a hostmask:port combination00:45
nich0sikonia, I am unable to ping the clients from the DHCP server for one.00:45
alzamabarpfred1: What do you mean by hostmask?00:45
ikonianich0s: errrrr how is that an issue with the dchp server ?00:45
ikonianich0s: do the clients have ip's from the dhcp server ?00:45
nich0sikonia, Also not a single one of the clients is grabbing an IP.00:46
rwwhaecceity: "alis" is a services bot that can do that. Type "/msg alis help" to find out how. Someone may suggest "/list", this isn't generally a good idea, as large amounts of results from it can flood you off the network.00:46
ikonianich0s: ok, so check is your dhcp server running ?00:46
pfred1alzamabar oh excuse me hostname00:46
ardchoilleschwert: try changing permissions before you delete it, use sudo00:46
pfred1alzamabar to me they're interchangeable expecially dealing with virtual hosts00:46
schwerteven in root i have "permission denied"00:46
haecceityrww: cheers00:46
alzamabarpfred1: Ok, I got that. If I go through my Apache configuration I can't find a single place where I declared the host localhost00:47
ardchoilleschwert: ah, ok00:47
lfaraoneWhen installing on a server, during boot it suffers kernel panics at 0.01 seconds after init. "attempting to kill the idle task!"00:47
lfaraoneThis CD worked on other machines.00:47
pfred1alzamabar I don't think you have to it comes gratis00:47
seyacatHi ubunru00:47
drlabshello ppl00:47
wiiguyhello, can someone help me install "SIEMENS Gigaset USB adapter 108" on my ubunt machine > im still new to this00:47
alzamabarpfred1: My website works fine, and it's also accessible from outside, however when I start Apache I get this warning00:47
brjann!hi | drlabs00:47
ubottudrlabs: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:47
pfred1alzamabar type ifconfig in a terminal lo is localhost00:47
pfred1alzamabar I don't think you can even run a local terminal without localhost in Linux00:48
seyacatPlease help. Im isntall ubiquity to make another ubuntu install. But before partitoning it fails... I need other packge than ?00:48
wiiguyhello, can someone help me install "SIEMENS Gigaset USB adapter 108" on my ubunt machine ? > im still new to this00:48
drlabssomeone knows bttv configuration ?00:48
alzamabarpfred1: lo = localhost00:48
hystrenihello, i ned help wioth spotify, when i open ot with wine it says  that my sounddevice isint good00:49
pfred1alzamabar Linux is UNIX after all00:49
* drlabs has Ubuntu 9.10 and an Acorp 9y878f... and no sound!!! 00:49
pfred1alzamabar this ain't your daddy's MS-DOS!00:49
alzamabarpfred1: But my main connection is on eth1 and my address is
wiiguyif someone can help with my usb problem can ya pm me ?00:49
hystreniplease PM00:49
spepshi guys how can i get a grayscale webcam device without using apps like vloopback and effectv?i wish to have a direct low cpu grayscaled device. Thanks00:50
ikoniaplease talk in the channel00:50
alzamabarpfred1: Have you got an idea on how could I solve this problem?00:50
nibblerspeps, i dont think greyscale will save you any cpu00:50
pfred1alzamabar don't declare localhost as a virtual host?00:50
ZykoticK9hystreni, you could ask in #winehq have you checked http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14230&iTestingId=32652 seems to be several people with sound issues00:51
alzamabarpfred1: Where would have I declared localhost as a virtual host. In an Apache configuration file? If so, would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Because I think I configured all my Apache configuration files to point to my machine name on port 8000:51
alzamabarpfred1: And not on localhost00:52
hystreniHow am I going to make Spotify to work with wine if it don't agree with my soundcard?00:52
spepsnibbler: i don't wanna grayscale to save cpu00:52
drlabsbttv0: audio absent, no audio device found! Please PM me who can help!00:52
hystreniZykoticK9, : 2ty00:52
spepsnibbler: i wanna grayscale in the way it takes the same color cpu load00:52
pfred1alzamabar when i made apache get its files in my home dir I noticed that apache2 is a lot different than what I was used to00:53
nibblerspeps, wont be possible.....00:53
=== Mowee is now known as Mowee`Bnc
donvitogoogle talk need to be improved in ubuntu00:53
donvitook ?00:53
bun_bundrlabs: can you see the device with lspci command?00:53
pfred1alzamabar it all used to be in httpd.conf though00:54
ikoniadonvito: talk to google then00:54
donvitolet me call them00:54
spepsnibbler: nothing is impossible ;) one way is to integrate it in the webcam module. but this is the hardway00:54
alzamabarpfred1: I have got /etc/apache/httpd.conf and sites-enabled/000-default. In both files there is no trace of localhost00:54
spepsnibbler: i simple wanna something that render an average 8 bit image00:55
nibblerspeps, it needs extra CPU - maybe less than via loopback, but it needs...00:55
SiegHardHow can i change my shared graphic card memory?00:55
pfred1alzamabar yeah apache may be getting it from your hosts file though00:55
SiegHardHow can i change my shared intel graphic card memory?00:55
ikoniaSiegHard: bios00:55
SiegHardam no option00:55
ikoniaSiegHard: then you can't00:55
alzamabarpfred1: the /etc/hosts file contains: localhost, my machine name:
SiegHardlol :D00:56
SiegHardi know i can :S00:56
ikoniaSiegHard: then why are you asking -00:56
drlabsI'm gonna insist, cand someone help me with the bttv driver parameters on Acorp 9y878f (bt878 Conexant) ? I have managed to make it tune the channels but sound module won't load.After searching for 3 days on web found out that it must be a i2c problem or somthing. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 vanilla kernel. Tryed most of solutions on the web, none worked. What should I do? Please help anyone! Thanks00:56
SiegHardikonia, i asking how00:56
Celldweller_Abhianyone knows howto acpi=off config is built up and saved so that it is configured at boot time00:56
ikoniaSiegHard: you "can't"00:56
pfred1alzamabar somehow you have a virtualhost with the name localhost00:56
SiegHardHow can i change my shared intel graphic card memory?00:56
ikoniaCelldweller_Abhi: drop it in your grub config in /etc/grub.d00:56
ikoniaSiegHard: you can't00:56
histo!rsync > antivirt1l00:56
ubottuantivirt1l, please see my private message00:56
pfred1alzamabar which I don't see as any big deal really00:57
alzamabarpfred1: I'm checking all virtualhost entries under /etc/apache200:58
GeekSquidCelldweller_Abhi: add that to the boot line in /boot/grub/menu.lst  or /boot/grub/grub.cfg .. depending on your version00:58
pfred1alzamabar it is probably an example or something in your config file00:59
SrayahuGood evening everyone - I hope you all are well. =D How do I mount a USB device? I can see it listed when I lsusb.00:59
drlabsHello! Anyone? TVTUNER specialist here??? :))00:59
GeekSquidCelldweller_Abhi: thats /boot/grub2/grub.cfg for Karmic and later00:59
Celldweller_Abhiwell.. if i update afterwards.. will it get rewittren ? that means i have to do all again ??00:59
Srayahu!ask | drlabs00:59
ubottudrlabs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:59
Typos_KingSrayahu:     tried yet using the file manager?01:00
trismCelldweller_Abhi: you can add custom parameters in /etc/default/grub01:00
SrayahuTypos_King, I don't know where to begin really. =/ Karmic Koala used to automatically mount this device for me; however, I had to do a fresh install of Karmic and now Ubuntu won't auto-mount the device.01:01
alzamabarpfred1: Can't find anything01:01
alzamabarpfred1: Will reboot. Today I changed the /etc/hosts file maybe that cause some problems01:01
trismCelldweller_Abhi: append it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=off" then run sudo update-grub;01:02
pikeshouse88hi guys. im having touble with vino01:02
Celldweller_Abhithanx :)01:03
Srayahu!ask | pikeshouse8801:03
ubottupikeshouse88: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:03
pikeshouse88i  can see the desktop from the client but when i control the mouse, the movement of the mouse is not reflected on the guest01:03
Celldweller_Abhii will try that and see if it really works out !01:03
pfred1alzamabar this is great Ubuntu botched up my apache configuration here!01:03
pikeshouse88the mouse moves on the host though01:03
pfred1alzamabar this next time I'll have ot make the config file immutable!01:03
Typos_KingSrayahu:     how about  reinstalling gnome-volume-manager ?01:03
=== Caitlyn is now known as k[a]tie
Typos_KingSrayahu:  you'd be able to do it I'd think using gnome-mount01:04
SrayahuTypos_King, let me try reinstalling GVM? One moment...01:04
pfred1what kind of coke is ubuntu smoking if updating changeds edited configuration files?01:04
wellsHi all01:04
Typos_Kingpfred1    you mean, update-grub updating grub.cfg?01:05
SrayahuHi wells! How're you?01:05
pikeshouse88my movement is reflected on the host but no the guest01:05
pikeshouse88any ideas?01:05
pfred1Typos_King hell if i know all I know is I had this thing setup to serve out of my home dir and now it isn't01:05
pfred1Typos_King and it was a total pain i nthe ass to make it do it too01:05
pfred1Typos_King and now it seems i have to do it all over again!01:06
emfsgoogle.com not responding - it only with me?01:06
Typos_Kingpfred1 heheh, thus the reason why I back it up :)01:06
wellsI'm having a problem with Ooo calc http://imagebin.org/86818  popup show over formula space01:06
pfred1Typos_King I'll engrave that config file into the HDD when I'm done this time too01:06
Typos_Kingpfred1   won't be a big change anyhow, most of the generated file is correct01:06
pfred1Typos_King yeah well 15 years of running Linux I've never run into nonsense like this before01:06
SrayahuTypos_King, Unfortunately reinstalling GVM did not work. = /01:07
pfred1Typos_King a distro should know not to change editted configuration files01:07
neotenyafter a recent update my password stopped working.  also when i boot the grub menu doesn't show so i can log in at all.  is there a way to force the grub menu to show?01:07
Typos_Kingpfred1   well..... depends heh01:08
GeekSquidwells: by default they should dissappear after 4 seconds .. you can turn them off in Tools>Options .. Openoffice.org>general ... Tips Checkmark01:11
adrian__hello everybody, this is my first time here. any advice for a newbie?01:11
Typos_KingSrayahu:    can you find 'halvet' inthe repos?01:11
chiqueshello everyone01:11
Typos_Kingallo chiques01:11
GeekSquidneoteny: ESC when grub starts to load will show the grub screen01:11
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FloodBot2Surrador: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:12
chiquesI would like to compress a 20GIG file to fit in ISO dvd images. Anyone recommend any GUI's for that?01:12
neotenyGeekSquid, i thought so too but it doesn't.01:12
defnHello all.  I've mounted my mobileme idisk using "Connect to server" using the GUI.  Is there a local mount point that I can use to access it via the command line?01:12
Typos_Kingcram a 20gbs   file in to a 4.7gbs... hmmmmm hehe01:13
GeekSquidneoteny: if you have a fast computer you have to be really quick with the ESC key01:13
Typos_KingSrayahu:    can you find 'halvet' inthe repos?01:13
brjanndefn: it's probably under ~/.gvfs/01:13
pfred1phew that was close i had it on another IP heh01:13
geusmultiple probably ;)01:13
Klaviercan i copy/paste files and folders from ubuntu  to virtual box xp desktop01:13
neotenyGeekSquid, it's not to fast and i hit it like i was playing track & field01:13
SrayahuTypos_King, I'm looking. I'm also working on this issue... One moment.01:13
arandchiques: I guess the archive manager can make sequebtiak archives...01:13
chiquesI wouldn't mind compressing into zip and breaking up in 4gb partitions.01:13
arandchiques: *sequetial01:14
wellsGeekSquid: Yes allredy did that and all info are gone except for this one that still there no matter if I turned off Tools>Options .. Openoffice.org>general ... Tips Checkmark01:14
Klownergrrr, for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove grub2's "search" directive01:14
Klownerfor whatever reason, grub can't find the uuid, and I can't figure out how to disable the search01:14
wellsGeekSquid: maybe this one need a bug repport01:14
chiquesarand, I'll check that out01:14
Typos_Kingdefn:      afaik if mounted, it'd show under /media01:15
airtonixI'm having a problem getting python-dbus to detect signals from org.gnome.Screensaver, I dont think the dbus-monitor is displaying the correct path (at least the one it gives is a path i can't use in my dbus listener)01:15
defnTypos_King: it doesn['t01:15
arandKlowner: TO check is the uuid is correct, use "blkid"01:15
brjanndefn: did you check ~/.gvfs/ ?01:16
defnbrjann: i did not. one second01:16
arandKlowner: Is that the search line in the boot parameters?01:16
geuschiques, install rar, then make split the volume01:16
defnbrjann: thanks!01:16
GeekSquidwells: have you restarted openoffice?01:16
brjanndefn: no problem :)01:16
sheldonhello all, i need to do a custom install cd with 8.0.4, anyone got idea to do this ?01:16
PeskyJWhere can I switch off the login sound?01:16
sheldon8.0.4 server...01:16
arandPeskyJ: use gdm2setup...01:17
schwerthow can i delete corrupted files like http://pastebin.com/U5kQAb0p when even root doesnt have permissions ?01:17
Klownerarand: the "search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set UUID_OF_ROOT_PARTITION" causes grub to fail and say it can't find it, so if I remove that line from the stanza and ctrl+x to boot, it boots just fine01:17
wellsGeekSquid: restart does not matter I'm having this all the time01:17
GeekSquidwells: what version of ubuntu?01:18
wellsGeekSquid: 9.1001:18
arandPeskyJ: https://edge.launchpad.net/~gdm2setup/+archive/gdm2setup01:18
PeskyJarand: says no such program gdm2setup, but gdmsetup runs and is the same as system->administration->login screen01:18
pfred1schwert can't chmod the file to have permissions?01:18
schwertpfred1, not event that works01:19
brjannschwert: that usually means your filesystem itself is corrupted. I would reboot and force a filesystem check with    sudo shutdown -rF now01:19
arandPeskyJ: it's a specific python-gdm2setup from that ppa01:19
chiquesgeus, I'll try that too01:19
wellsGeekSquid: Ooo 3.1.1 build 942001:19
Typos_KingKlowner... so remove it or comment it, no?01:19
=== drew is now known as Guest80173
pfred1schwert chattr doesn't work either?01:20
arandKlowner: have you tried just running an update-grub and check if it corrects it?01:20
geusnp, sudo apt-get install rar in terminal, then use file-archiver01:20
schwertbrjann, the corrupted files appeared after fsck.reiserfs --rebuild-tree01:20
KlownerTypos_King: I can edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg directly but as soon as there's a kernel update it's going to screw it over01:20
trismairtonix: both / and /org/gnome/Screensaver seem to be working for me for paths01:20
pfred1schwert chattr -i it01:20
airtonixtrism, this is my script in question, when i put "/" as a path i don't capture any signals : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8889393&postcount=3301:21
wellsGeekSquid: this occure when manualy typing in formula01:21
Typos_KingKlowner... turn off the updates, I'd thnk.... either way.... you can just back it up....01:21
PeskyJarand: ok, while I'm familiar with using linux, I tend to get a bit confused by how all the distribution/sources stuff works, so just reading about PPAs at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas :D01:21
viktor_lhave a peculiar problem, can not wrap my head around it, the only mention old google gives me is a 2002 thread about a python script to reproduce my error. i try to share a folder using nautilus i get an error:01:21
schwertpfred1, no permissions either01:21
viktor_l"net usershare" returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID.01:21
FloodBot2viktor_l: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:21
corespeedxxxI need a command that eats all my ram and triggers oom killer01:22
KlownerTypos_King: I'd rather just find whatever file provides the template for generating the stanzas01:22
Klownerarand: update-grub doesn't remove it01:22
Typos_KingKlowner.... right.... I know is in /etc   I've edited it before01:22
KlownerTypos_King: that's what I'm frustrated, there's no mention of "search" anywhere in any of the /etc/grub.d tuff01:23
arandPeskyJ: The quick and easy way it "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gdm2setup/gdm2setup", provided  you trust the ppa of course..01:23
Klownerer, stuff01:23
PeskyJarand: so is it the case that some random person made that particular PPA and when people do that and if it has useful stuff the ubuntu people will put it into a later release?01:23
arandKlowner: I figured the uuid might just simply be wrong and that an update might correct it..01:24
=== ryan__ is now known as causasui
Klownerthe uuid is correct01:24
Klownerit's just that the searching for the device fails, but the kernel itself has no issues finding it01:24
Klownerand I can't tell stupid grub to stop looking for it01:24
brjannschwert: when you ran fsck with --rebuild-tree, did you also run it with --scan-whole-partition?01:24
Typos_KingKlowner:  I don't think is that file01:24
schwertbrjann, no01:24
GeekSquidwells: strange .. take it to launchpad ... note it might have to do with localization ... give them everything you got01:25
pfred1schwert what does lsattr say about the file?01:25
sheldonno idea to custom install cd of ubuntu 8.0.4 ?01:25
brjannschwert: try that, it's possible there's a dangling node in what reiser thinks is currently free space.01:25
geuswhat you'd like custom?01:25
viktor_lcan someone help me with this samba problem, i updated my server and now i can not access any samba share on that server, i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/385424/ when trying to share a folder through nautilus via vnc, the shares appear at the server but are not accessible. no user authentication is sufficient.01:25
schwertbrjann, i'll do that01:25
sheldonadd some package, programm to a "normal" install01:26
arandPeskyJ: PPAs is a personal repository, can be used for testing applications, personal applications, official proposed applications which might come into the release, or things that never will make it into release but that the ppa owner deems useful...01:26
geussheldon, check this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115596101:26
brjannschwert: and as always, make sure your data is backed up, etc before doing crazy filesystem things :)01:26
schwertbrjann, too late for that01:26
geusmaybe some info for you there01:26
pfred1brjann people still use Reiser after what happened?01:26
wellsGeekSquid:  tkx :)01:26
brjannpfred1: apparently :)01:27
pfred1brjann he must have lots of time to code now!01:27
brjannschwert: well, good luck then :)01:27
PeskyJarand: I see, and what's a sensible way to decide if you trust someone who makes these things?01:27
Typos_KingKlowner:    in 9.1 I think  is /etc/grub.d/10_linux01:27
arandpfred1: that has nothing to do with the filesystem, and afaik, it's maintained by other people atm..01:28
Typos_KingKlowner:    decently sure that's the file I edited, which has the template01:28
pfred1arand I just don't wnat to wake up in a dumpster in 17 different garbage bags!01:28
pfred1arand but seriously I thought Reiser was done anyways01:29
=== mlRism is now known as mlRismH
arandPeskyJ: Check the teams members and activity on launchpad, if you want you could simply pull the source code before installing anything from it, also you could instal just once from it and the disable it afterward..01:30
KlownerTypos_King: ah-ha, it's prepare_grub_to_access_device that adds the search line01:31
pfred1does anyone here know what i can edit to make this problem go away?  libgtk2.0-dev: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.18.3-1) but 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 is to be installed01:31
greezmunkeypfred1, hmm, as long as you're nat a Russian mail order bride, I suppose you'll be o.k.01:31
UncleDIs there a simple way to remove a process from system bootup that is located in /etc/rc0.d/ thru /etc/rc6.d/01:31
dragonbytepfred1: install Windows 7 or buy a mac? :)01:32
UncleDin my case the process is /etc/rc0.d/K20dbmail01:32
viktor_lcan anyone give me any general pointers, ubuntu and sambaserver works great, i update (god knows why) and samba does not anymore allow anyone to access even if the user name and pw has worked before. i uninstalled samba, did a new smb.cfg. no luck. tried with the old backuped one. no luck. what is my next step? the error i get in nautilus via vnc is http://paste.ubuntu.com/385424/01:32
pfred1greezmunkey running ext3 has dragged my butt out of the coals a couple of time so ....01:32
arandPeskyJ: Although it's you who makes the decision, I can say that I've used it with no issues so far.01:32
Typos_KingUncleD    how about using   ->  sysv-rc-conf?01:32
fabio999UncleD: with the K it wont start01:32
dragonbytepfred1: where are you getting the libgtk2.0 package from?01:32
miwidragonbyte, why limit yourself? buy a mac and run win7 via parallels or virtualbox01:33
pfred1dragonbyte wherever dpkg is trying to grab it from how can I tell?01:33
pfred1miwi why?01:33
ZykoticK9!ask > d4rkh4v0k01:33
ubottud4rkh4v0k, please see my private message01:33
dragonbytemiwi: because your processor goes to crap as the mac loses all its cycles laughing at how bad of a copy job Win 7 is01:33
d4rkh4v0kI know, It wasn't intended for the chat windo01:34
d4rkh4v0kI was trying to get reaquiainted with the commands it's been 6 months since I've used IRC01:34
dragonbytemiwi: As if aero wasn't an obvious enough jab at aqua, then you have the stupid sidebar thing, and now they have tried to lift the dock01:34
PeskyJarand: yeah - I generally just go with these things, but I'm trying to learn how it all works organisational wise01:35
pfred1dragonbyte wasn't there a dock in Afterstep? or a wharf or something?01:35
jon5001folks, this happened to me the other day: someone started controlling my ubuntu 9.04 computer via the VNC remote protocol that comes with the distro.  I have a password set up on this computer.  I got the intruder to start typing back and forth with me; he told me that my IP address is on a list somewhere of vulnerable computers.  He claimed to be from Romania, and claimed to have accessed many computers this way, including the01:35
jon5001 mainframe at a major international airport.  I shut down the port forwarding to close the whole.  But what's up with this vulnerability?01:35
PeskyJarand: I suppose anyone who is a member in the  'ubuntu' group should get some level of trust - or is that misguided? is there some kind of vetting process for members?#01:35
miwidrangonbyte: yeah i agree win7 is a poor attempt to copy mac, but at the same time m$ft off2k7 is required for some companies01:36
ardchoille!ot | dragonbyte miwi01:36
ubottudragonbyte miwi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:36
* Typos_King dashes01:36
pfred1ardchoille yeah well I've been here for over 2 hours now and I have the same problem one has to do something to break up the monotony you know?01:37
pikeshouse88vino's out. it wouldnt work. ive switched to x11vnc. Chicken of the VNC is working with it great, but the build in VNC client in os x is stuck at connecting. any ideas?01:37
dragonbytemiwi: so i run ubuntu in vmware fusion next to the win xp that I use for office 2k701:37
arandPeskyJ: Mind that anyone with an LP account (who has a pgp key and has signed the CoC) can get a PPA, yea, to become an ubuntu meber there are some steps, and a "significant contribution to ubuntu" required.01:38
d4rkh4v0kDoes anyone know of an online resource to study A+01:38
miwidragonbyte: fair enough. on that note, I am struggling to get ubuntu 9.10 to play nicely with the evolution exchange mapi plugin01:38
fabio999office 2007 works fine on wine01:38
LoshaPeskyJ: I'd say it's quite rare to find deliberate problems in PPAs. Bugs, on the other hand, are as frequent & numerous as in the regular repos...01:39
dragonbytemiwi: I actually gave that up ages ago.  Though, I was pretty impressed with joining an ubuntu machine to a windows domain so easily01:39
pfred1fabio999 red wine gives me the worst hangovers01:39
miwidragonbyte: I checked launchpad and I see other users with exchange authentication issues, but I do not see any solutions01:39
binMonkeyhas anyone else had problems with iron browser?  i can't even open it.  it seg faults immediately.  does anyone have any ideas?01:39
dragonbytemiwi: the real trick is to replace the exchange server with something that functions properly :)01:39
miwidragonbyte: I'll second that01:40
LTL2hA small question: In a console in X I launch startx and it works what's the possibilities for being able to do this... ;)01:40
Loshajon5001: so how did he get in. Is the password easily guessable?01:40
dragonbytebinMonkey: it is for your own protection01:40
Dr_WillisHmm - ive never even heard of the 'iron' browser01:40
jolarenjoin #amsn01:40
binMonkeydragonbyte: how?01:40
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arandPeskyJ: But I myself have a ppa, and naught but my good word (and the source code of course) can vouch for it's safety, since I really have no official ties at all..01:40
jon5001Losha, not easily guessable.  he said he had something called "Black VNC" which somehow bypasses passwords.01:40
binMonkeyDr_Willis: it's a version of chrome stripped of reporting to google.01:40
pfred1how do I go about repairing a "E: Broken packages" message?01:41
Dr_WillisbinMonkey:  sounds like its got some bugs.01:41
dragonbytebinMonkey: well, that is how it prevents any web based security vulnerabilities.  You just replace your normal browser with one that doesn't function01:41
miwidragonbyte: well, until the corporate exchange world switches to something public, I'll keep to running vm with ubuntu for outlook01:42
binMonkeyDr_Willis: i guess the update fouled some things up.  i hoped someone here knew something.01:42
PeskyJarand: yeah, I figured anyone can do it - I'm just wondering how these things are monitored and how the community in general ousts any attempts by neer-do-wells to inject dodgy software01:42
Dr_WillisbinMonkey:  Its not in the official repos i imagine. So best bet would be the browsers homepage/forums01:42
claws_what is a good file manager?01:42
dragonbytemiwi: Mail.app works with exchange as far as I know if you are on a MAc01:42
Dr_Willisclaws_:  depends on your needs.01:42
binMonkeydragonbyte: i don't understand.  are you saying the program itself stopped running.01:42
dragonbytebinMonkey: it was a joke01:43
pfred1PeskyJ I think spammers hsould be publically tortured and executed01:43
binMonkeythat's what i thought.   thanks for the help.01:43
miwidragonbyte: unfortunately the work comp is a pc... oh well nothing is perfect01:43
claws_well... i need it to do everything that explorer do.... at least01:43
arandPeskyJ: fact is, nothing of the sort has yet occured afaik. Only a metter of time I guess, but so far it has been discussed little or none...01:43
dragonbytebinMonkey: well, you would kind of need to provide how you got the executable, where you got it, how you installed it, and a whole host of other information to even begin discussing why it might have segfaulted01:44
pfred1dragonbyte its been a while but don't you need to set a ulimit to allow core dumps too?01:45
trismairtonix: ok, this line seems to work for me, bus.add_signal_receiver(callback_func, "ActiveChanged", "org.gnome.ScreenSaver")01:45
binMonkeydragonbyte: you are right.  once again, thanks for the help.01:45
Loshajon5001: first I've ever heard of it, but clearly he knows something we don't. Personally, I only allow access to my machines from outside via ssh. I recommend you do the same.01:45
xanguadragonbyte binMonkey executable¿¿ is a win app¿¿01:45
airtonixtrism, testing it now'01:45
PeskyJarand: hrm, that's a bit worrying, I mean it would sure be a lot of work to put something in and hide it sufficiently so as not to go easily noticed, but if there's no review process it could be an easy target :/01:45
binMonkeyxangua: no.  it's not a win app.  you are very helpful, too.01:46
jon5001Losha, true.01:46
dragonbytebinMonkey: Also, being rude and humorless is also likely to have people flocking to assist01:46
Dr_Willisclaws_: and you have some problem with the default gnome file manager?01:47
PeskyJjon5001: yeah, if you want to set up VNC, only allow it from localhost, then you can tunnel in over SSH01:47
claws_is gnom commander any good?01:47
binMonkeyi don't know what you call it, but the tgz expands to a single directory and you run the program from that directory.  i tried it by cd-ing int to the directory and running ./iron.01:47
pfred1how can I get 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 to provide the dependency for libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.18.3-1) trying to install libgtk2.0-dev ?01:47
Dr_Willisclaws_:  try it and see if you like it. I tend to use 'mc' and 'rox-filer' as alternatives to gnomes nautilus01:47
arandPeskyJ: We're slipping a bit offtopic here I think, I'll be in #ubuntu-offtopic ;)01:47
geusor use nomachine nx, alot better imho, and it's free01:47
bIGHhLTL2h: 1)You've launched a qemu-kvm guest in vga console OR 2)You've kept display :0 free ! OOOOooohhhHHH !!! amazing startx !01:48
PeskyJjon5001: of if you're behind a NAT it becaomes so much easier as you only hav eto worry about LAN then :)01:48
dragonbytepfred1: not sure, I never go that deep with it.  Typically if I have something segfaulting it is because it got built wrong so I rebuild it or get it from a better source01:48
LTL2hbIGHh: 200% TRUE !01:48
binMonkeydragonbyte: i'm sorry if i was rude.  your comments and xangua's seemed a little bit 'facepalmy'.01:48
Dr_WillisbinMonkey:  so it comes precompiled. or 'statically' compiled. very likely some Lib conflict. Run it from terminal. look for error messages. is about all you can do. and report the erorrs to the programs homepage01:48
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Dr_WillisbinMonkey:  or try recompiling from source01:48
melissawmhi folks, i'm not sure i'm in the right place for lucid questions, but if so, can anyone help me to install lucid from a usb key? i get errors using both the live cd and the alternate cd (amd64)01:48
claws_Dr_Willis: gr8.. i wil try some out :)01:49
pfred1dragonbyte all I'm trying to do is to apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev01:49
GeekSquid!lucid | melissawm01:49
ubottumelissawm: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:49
binMonkeyDr_Willis: ok.  it the onlyt message is 'segmentation fault', is there anywhere else i can look?01:49
Loshajon5001: I see something similar to what you describe here, but its from 2006:
Dr_Willismelissawm:  use a tool like unetbootin, or the usb-disk creator tool to make a bootable usb key. boot from key. and install01:49
pfred1dragonbyte but apparently that is "too deep' for Ubuntu to do here!01:49
dragonbytepfred1: oh sorry, thought you meant bin's issue.  Uhm, make sure you have the latest and greatest lists01:49
brjannbinMonkey: one thing you might try is running ldd to see if the executable is missing any library dependencies01:49
Dr_WillisbinMonkey:  Not that i can think of. a seg falt is a bad crash01:49
ZenSimiliahi all! need help: how to change single click to double click navigation in File-Roller?01:49
LTL2hbIGHh: Though you can do 2) after 1) ; AKA 2)+1) = 0... 0H0H.01:50
dragonbytepfred1: if your dev sources don't match your bin sources it could give you pain too.01:50
melissawmDr_Willis: thanks, i did that, but i get an error installing. anyway i'll go to #ubuntu+1 :)01:50
binMonkeybrjann: is that 'ldd ./appname'?01:50
pfred1dragonbyte as in apt-get update ?01:50
brjannbinMonkey: ldd <executable> will spit out a bunch of information about what dynamic libraries are linked to the executable. look for anything that says "not found" or the like01:50
dragonbytepfred1: yeah, do an update, and make sure your sources.list entries are all kosher01:50
binMonkeybrjann: cool,  thanks.01:50
pfred1dragonbyte I don't think the 13th time will exactly be a charmer do you?01:50
pfred1dragonbyte but what the hey I'm bored you know?01:51
geusZenSimilia,   edit/preferences/behaviour in nautilus01:51
dragonbytepfred1: well then you either may have a problem in your sources.list (ie, bad dev source) or there is a screwed up dependency in the package listing01:51
pfred1dragonbyte would you look at that01:51
pfred1dragonbyte the same error!01:51
pfred1dragonbyte yes I'm leaning towards the "there is a screwed up dependency in the package listing" myself01:52
airtonixtrism, sorry that doesn't do anything for me01:52
ZenSimiliageus, i use PCmanfm01:52
geussoz, just noticed the mistake01:53
LTL2hbIGHh: In this case be ready to use qemu-kvm console command "sendkey ctrl-alt-F." to switch between X's Guest or/then ctrl-alt-1 to host home your mouse... HIHI.01:53
dragonbytepfred1: if your sources.list is all clean then you could also clean cache and let it redownload.  Other than that, not sure what else to tell you01:53
Luke__can anyone recomend a good template editor?01:53
brjannpfred1: you might try the -proposed repository, to see if there's a glitch in the package01:54
john__hi group01:54
pfred1brjann how would i do that?01:54
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sateI can someone tell me how to add firefox icon to the panel?01:55
brjannpfred1: look here, the "selective upgrading" part: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed01:55
john__can some one help in finding a set of drivers for my Vodoo 3dfx card01:55
LTL2hs/ctrl-alt-1/ctrl-alt/ ; ctrl-alt-1 was before sendkey... eheh!01:55
sateits only showing firefox installer01:55
pfred1brjann I am more of a stable release kind of a guy01:55
Dr_Willissate:  for gnome you can drag an icon from the menus to the panel.01:55
bIGHhLTL2h: Brilliant !01:55
PeskyJsate: Right click on it (in the applications menu) and choose "Add this launcher to Panel"01:55
fabio_999chrome has a lot of hiden features01:55
sateThe problem is it's gone01:55
Dr_Willissate:  could be firefox is not installed.. or the menus need refreshed01:56
brjannpfred1: hence the selective upgrade part -- you don't have to upgrade any more than you want to.01:56
sateI have firefox installed01:56
satebut its only showing firefox installer01:56
Dr_Willissate:  log out/back in - and see if it shows up01:56
pfred1brjann you think if I downgraded my libgtk2.18.3-1ubuntu2 to a name closer to  2.18.3-1 could help?01:56
LTL2hthanks bighh, though there are so many me as me...01:56
sateTried that01:56
sateStill showing firefox browser01:57
pfred1brjann this is the dep error I get:   libgtk2.0-dev: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.18.3-1) but 2.18.3-1ubuntu2 is to be installed01:57
satebrowser installer *01:57
brjannpfred1: it might, yes. the latest version of libgtk-2.0-dev in the repo might not be the same version as the latest libgtk-2.001:57
Dr_Willissate:  you could right clck on desktoo -> make new launcher have it launch 'firefox'   - try just 'firefox' from a terminal also. make sure that works01:58
brjannpfred1: if that's the case, you could a) try rolling libgtk-2.0 back to match libgtk-2.0-dev, or you could check -proposed to see if there's a version of libgtk-2.0-dev that matches your libgtk-2.001:58
john__Hi all is this thing working here LOL01:58
Dr_WillisOnly time ive seen 'firefox installer' was on my Kubuntu Box.01:58
brjann!hi | john__01:58
ubottujohn__: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:58
sateThat works01:58
sateThe firefox in terminal01:58
pfred1brjann i just wish it'd work like it is supposed to as opposed to me jumping thorugh all sorts of flaming hoops I'd prefer not getting burned by any of this later on it all01:58
john__thanks I thought I was not hooked up here01:58
satehow do you make a new launcher?01:59
john__ Can some one help in Helping me with my Vodoo card01:59
pfred1brjann as in I'd like the dev package of gtk installed that is supposed to go with my release nothing more01:59
john__yep 3dfx card01:59
p1oooopyou mean you wanna curse someone with insuffurable pain?01:59
john__ it is older but works01:59
jon5001Losha, yes, that seems to be it.  i think more ununtu users should know about this!!01:59
Dr_Willissate:  right click on desktop -> make new launcher01:59
Dr_Willis'Create Launcher'02:00
brjannpfred1: I understand, but I have no control over that :)02:00
satei see it02:00
pfred1john__ i have one of those!02:00
satenow whats the command?02:00
p1oooopjohn__: yeah, I wouldn't know about that02:00
Dr_Willissate:  err.. same as you typed in the terminal.. 'firefox'02:00
* m3onh0x84 is away: I'm busy now 02:01
john__pfred1 what drivers did you ise02:01
pfred1john__ its sitting in a cardboard box someplace now02:01
john__  use02:01
john__ yes02:01
john__ sorry02:01
brjannpfred1: wait, do you have karmic-updates enabled?02:01
sateyup that worked thanks02:01
pfred1brjann how can I check?02:01
trismairtonix: could be a problem with the screensaver not sending the appropriate signals, but http://paste.ubuntu.com/385437/ this works for me (two files, one to start the screensaver with dbus, since I can't seem to get it to active on its own...perhaps that's why mine works)02:01
neotenydoh! it's grub2 that's installed there.  shift not esc forces the menu02:02
binMonkeybrjann: thanks for the ldd command.  it didn't help but it's something new to learn.  thanks.02:02
brjannpfred1: System > Administration > Software Sources, under the "Updates" tab02:02
john__ any way In want to have a smaller screen but all I can get is 800x60002:02
brjannbinMonkey: no problem, sorry it didn't help :)02:02
CrashOverride!display | john__02:02
ubottujohn__: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:02
pfred1brjann when I sudo apt-get update I see a lot of karmic this that and the other things02:03
CrashOverridejohn__: have you tried that solution?02:03
john__going to try it now02:03
CrashOverridejohn__: Good luck. :)02:03
pfred1brjann come to look at it every line is karmic something or other02:03
geuskarmic updates...02:04
pfred1geus you know I'm not seeing it02:04
CrashOverride!sources | pfred102:04
ubottupfred1: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:04
pfred1CrashOverride how about just see the command to enable them here?02:05
neotenyi forgot my password.  that hasn't happened at home in years :)02:05
geusif you added the normal update sources (or left 'em default) they should be perfectly safe to upgrade to02:05
brjannpfred1: the reason I'm asking is because karmic was shipped with version 2.18.3-1 of gtk and gtk-dev. the updated versions in the karmic-updates repo are 2.18.3-1ubuntu2.2, which is similar to the version in your error02:05
EmilemiLHow do i add permissions for a user to be able to upload files via ftp to /var/www? (drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2010-02-27 19:37 www)02:05
brjannpfred1: despite your 13 attempts to update and check your sources so far, it really does seem like you're having a source issue02:06
pfred1brjann yes i have no line that says karmic updates02:06
flymanEmilemiL chmod the directory02:06
flymanchmod +775 or +777 /var/www02:06
john__ok type in sudo in run App and not there I have to remember how to bring it up02:07
EmilemiLflyman: its already 755 but woundnt it be less safe to use 777?02:07
brjannpfred1: okay, it seems like that's the problem. somehow libgtk2.0-0 was updated to version 2.18.3-1ubuntu2, but since you don't have karmic-updates enabled, apt can't find a version of libgtk2.0-dev to match it.02:07
flymanEmilemiL won't work till you make it 777 and yes it is unsafe02:08
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords02:08
EmilemiLflyman: ok, ill give it a try02:09
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flymanyou should make a seperate user on the system and give him the privs even if he's remote (or accept IP but useless without static ip of client connecting) rather then really chmodd that directory but might want to think about it.02:10
CrashOverridePirate: Please state your question02:10
brjannEmilemiL: alternatively you could chown the directory to the user ftp runs as.02:10
CrashOverride!etiquette pirate02:11
CrashOverride!etiquette | rate02:11
ubotturate: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...02:11
john__Ok How does one open sudo again02:11
bikcmpjohn__: erm, sudo?02:11
EmilemiLbrjann: ok02:11
flymanjohn__ open a terminal /end02:11
CrashOverridejohn: Go to your terminal02:11
agoolehey, I just lost my system to a crashed hard drive, and trying to install with the latest beta that was online02:11
CrashOverridejohn: Go to Application > Then first tab > then Terminal02:11
agoolewhen I try to boot it up, i just get a blank screen02:12
agooleand i can't see anything02:12
agoolejust blank02:12
EmilemiLbtw, can anyone tell me how to add the users name in front of my msg w/o writing it? :)02:12
john__this is my first time on Linux system I was so pissed at windows I killed it LOL02:12
agooleis there a good way for me to fix this ?02:12
flymanagoole most likely the graphics or not loading the partition that was in the original mbr, possible.02:12
pfred1EmilemiL what do you mean?02:12
kostkonEmilemiL, type the first 2-3 chars and then press TAB02:12
ZykoticK9agoole, if by beta you mean Lucid ask your question in #ubuntu+1 (it's common BTW, i don't know solution)02:12
agooleflyman: euh...I tried a different live cd, an older one, and it worked fine,02:12
pfred1kostkon pfft get a real mouse!02:13
john__okay  that is atl f2 right02:13
EmilemiLkostkon ah thanks02:13
brjannEmilemiL: e.g., if the ftp daemon runs as user ftp, you could chown the directory to ftp:www-data and change the permissions to 755.02:13
agooleZykoticK9: oh perfect, thanks02:13
CrashOverride!private > john__02:13
ubottujohn__, please see my private message02:13
EmilemiLbrjann: okey, well i tryed that but it didnt work for me, maybe i did something wrong. chmod 777 works tho02:14
CrashOverride!terminal > john__02:14
ubottujohn__, please see my private message02:14
CrashOverrideJohn__: that should help you with your terminal problem02:15
brjannEmilemiL: okay. just beware that isn't very secure :)02:15
flymanagoole well your vid gfx may not be supported (assuming new card or not found by ubuntu correctly) but the system may also not have been installed correctly either. You know if you're using grub(2) or lilo?02:15
EmilemiLbrjann: that's what im afraid of ;)02:15
greezmunkeyZykoticK9: Lucid is what, about four weeks away?02:15
ZykoticK9greezmunkey, 19 days until Beta 1 -- 61 days till final02:16
agooleflyman: using grub originally02:16
agooleflyman: but I lost everything02:16
agooleflyman: hard drive crashed02:16
brjannEmilemiL: what user did you chown to?02:16
flymanEmilemiL could always make a cron script to look for suspious activity or from specific user and if he/she starts trying to del everything you could stop it, bunch of scripts out their that could help depending on what daemon.02:16
EmilemiLbrjann: can i just change premissions back to 755?02:17
EmilemiLbrjann: chown to www-data i think02:17
flymanagoole when you installed was it off of internet/lan or just live cd? also did you delete the original partitions / wip the orig mbr? or do you know if it even got that far?02:17
ZykoticK9flyman, if you want to assist with agoole's issue please join #ubuntu+1 as well (he's running Lucid)02:18
EmilemiLflyman: from the safety of it all, since im the only user what safety holes do i have?02:18
brjannEmilemiL: ah. yeah, that wouldn't work. apache runs as www-data, not your ftp server. run this for me:   ps aux | grep ftpd   and tell me what user it's running as?02:18
agooleflyman: live cd, and I just swapped in a new drive, since my hard drive jsut died 2 days ago02:18
john__sudo/ect/init.d/?dm: No such file or directory02:19
EmilemiLbrjann: im bad at that, got alot of text with root and www-data02:20
Dr_Willisjohn__:  use gdm or kdm, actually use 'sudo service gdm restart' if you want to restart gdm02:20
Dr_Willisjohn__:  and use proper spaces in commands..02:20
brjannEmilemiL: what ftp server are you using?02:20
greezmunkeyZykoticK9: agoole: this may be useful: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/8225-clone-your-ubuntu-installation-onto-a-new-hard-disk02:20
Ennuisoftware center keeps segfaulting02:20
greezmunkeyZykoticK9: sorry...02:20
EmilemiLbrjann: protftp02:20
EmilemiLbrjann: that runs as root02:21
Jeffxhi all, I'm running 10.3 and I got some problem setting my network up, the change I make in /etc/network don't appear when I restart. Every time I have to run sudo ifconfig eth1 then start firestarter and the network is fine, but I need this to be automatic at boot, tried a sh script without success, is this a knows bug02:21
brjannEmilemiL: it runs as root? then there's no reason it shouldn't be able to write whereever it wants to02:21
ardchoilleJeffx: /join #ubuntu+102:22
brjannEmilemiL: oh, well. nevermind then :)02:22
john__so I do this in Terminal right02:22
=== k[a]tie is now known as katie11
EmilemiLbrjann: root 7883 0.0 0.0 3004 752 pts/0 R+ 03:21 0:00 grep protftpd. but changing to 755 again resulted in lost permissions, im loggin in with my default user name02:23
brjannEmilemiL: oh! that's just the grep command. you misspelled proftpd :)02:23
EmilemiLbrjann: haha ok, gimme a sec then02:24
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
donvitois nero linux avaiable for karmic02:24
donvito!nero linux02:25
john__Okay from the start here02:25
pikeshouse88how can i log my account in from the gnome login window using terminal?02:25
john__like I said first time here just a newbe LOL02:25
EmilemiLbrjann: sent you the lines in priv02:25
skippuff54jeffx what does your setup look like? do you have router? is your interface wired or wireless02:25
kostkondonvito, you'll have to buy it from here: http://www.nero.com/enu/linux4.html02:26
louishNero to linux ?02:26
_Tristanpikeshouse88: on the bottom there's a session type dropdown02:26
ardchoilleskippuff54: he is using lucid, feel free to join him in #ubuntu+102:26
donvitobut is it avaiable?02:26
kostkondonvito, only a free demo version02:26
pikeshouse88_Tristan: lets assume i'm trying to this from ssh to allow VNC to start02:26
kostkondonvito, if you want the full app, you'll have to buy it02:26
donvitogood recording program like nero02:26
donvitogood recording program like nero02:27
_Tristanpikeshouse88: then I don't know02:27
kostkon!burners | donvito02:27
ubottudonvito: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:27
pikeshouse88from remote machine, id like to ssh into my server and sign into my account from the UI02:28
flymank3b is good and has a decent UI02:28
pikeshouse88so that VNC can work02:28
blakkheimflyman: if you want to call qt a "decent ui"..02:28
Dr_Willisdonvito:  nero linux - i dont think has all the features and extra tools that Nero for windows does.02:30
pikeshouse88anyone know how to log in gnome ui from terminal?02:31
SrayahuBrasero has always gotten the job done for me. =D02:31
Dr_Willispikeshouse88:  for 'vnc' i normally install and set up 'vncserver' so i can 'ssh' in and run 'vncserver' - theres no need to login to the gnome desktop that way.02:31
Dr_Willispikeshouse88:  or set up gnome to auto login and autostart the vnc desktop feature02:31
Ali_nz1how can i find out if a crontab job ran?02:31
pikeshouse88by vncserver you mean package x11vnc?02:32
Ali_nz1or is there a way i can setup some sort of email reporting?02:32
blakkheimAli_nz1: for what02:32
Dr_Willispikeshouse88:  theres a dozen vncservers you can use  - I tend to use 'vnc4server'02:32
Fayehello -- is ext4 much better than ext3? I'm installing ubuntu with a home and root partition, and I'm wondering if I should make /home ext4 or leave it as ext302:32
blakkheimFaye: people have different opinions about that02:33
SrayahuFaye, I've never really experienced much difference. = /02:33
blakkheimFaye: in some cases, ext4 is slower than ext302:33
pikeshouse88i heard vnc4server doesnt show your whole workspace02:33
Ali_nz1blakkheim: a find command in crontab with -exec rm switch02:33
brjannFaye: one thing to consider is that if you create an ext3 partition, you can always mount it as ext4 if you want02:34
SrayahuFaye, blakkheim took the words out of my mouth. I was going to comment that ext3 is a bit faster and maybe more stable.02:34
blakkheimAli_nz1: you could have it send the output of a command to your email if that's what you mean02:34
Fayeok, in that case I'll leave it as ext3. Thank you!02:34
Ali_nz1blakkheim: that would work. how do i do it?02:34
blakkheimAli_nz1: ssmtp+mailx is what i use, but there are other ways02:34
ardchoilleAli_nz1: run the same find command minus the -exec rm switch and see if it finds anything.02:35
Ali_nz1blakkheim: is that a plugin?02:35
blakkheimAli_nz1: mailx and ssmtp are both packages in ubuntu that you will need to install and configure if you want to do it that way.02:35
faroncan anybody tell my when i right click on "#ubuntu" in the  pidgin buddy list window to try to "join" # ubuntu i get the error msg "Error joining chat #ubuntu@irc.ubuntu.com/faron02:36
faron404: Remote Server Not Found"     but when i type "/join # ubuntu" in nickserv it seems to work just fine ?02:36
pw-toxic_how can i install KDE additionalle besides gnome, so that i can choose it at startup?02:37
pw-toxic_i remember something like apt-get install kubuntu. but he doesnt know this02:37
ardchoillepw-toxic_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:37
phrostis there a method via apt or dpkg where you can have it verify the state of installed files via md5 or something, vmware installer broke all the perl 5.10 libs02:37
john__Okay can someone help on this video driver02:38
pw-toxic_ardchoille, lol now i remember it. Thanks!02:38
xanguafaron: #ubuntu@irc.ubuntu.com/faron < is that the name you give it¿¿ i only have #ubuntu in the configuration02:38
manasHi, what is the room for google summer of code02:38
ardchoillepw-toxic_: haha02:38
brjannmanas: i'd bet #gsoc02:38
faronsorry not sure exactly what you mean02:39
pw-toxic_ardchoille, i have bought a new laptop.. is it possible to clone my old desktop? style etc easlily?02:39
ardchoille!clone | pw-toxic_02:39
ubottupw-toxic_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate02:39
faronahhhhhh wait...........02:39
ardchoille!automate > pw-toxic_02:39
ubottupw-toxic_, please see my private message02:39
vinceDo you guys know if windbind is nessesary for printer sharing?02:40
pw-toxic_ardchoille, is this command able to handle the chance of architecture?  my old laptop is 32bit and my new one 6 bit?02:40
NushioI need some help installing Ubuntu 9.10, it won't boot from a livecd on a very old desktop (1.1 Ghz, probably p3)02:40
ardchoillepw-toxic_: oh, don't know about that02:40
Nushiothe error it gave was /init: line 1: can't open /dev/sr1: No medium found02:40
ardchoillepw-toxic_: better find out before you go running those02:40
NushioI just tried Fedora 9, 10, 11, 12 live cds, and none of those would boot either :P02:40
pw-toxic_ardchoille, well i just try it.. i have no problem with reinstalling everything02:40
IMTheNachoMani have a pc with a hdmi port built into MB, will ubuntu detect that?02:42
IMTheNachoManor how can i check before i start installing?02:42
IzinucsIMTheNachoMan: run the live cd and see if it works02:42
NushioIzinucs: what if the livecd won't boot?02:42
IMTheNachoManno other option?02:42
IMTheNachoMani am still waiting for the MB to arrive and doing research right now. so comp is not built yet02:43
IzinucsNushio: then you have to work that issue out.. may by turning off acpi.. or other solution02:43
Nushiohmm, guess its time to undust the old boot parameter list02:44
Nushioat least ubuntu shows the booting logo02:44
IzinucsIMTheNachoMan: It really depends on the chipset video card etc.. to many variables to guess at02:44
IMTheNachoManGF9300-A-E - Nvidia GeForce 930002:44
Nushiofedoras 9-12 fail 5 secs after i select "boot from livecd"02:44
IzinucsNushio: you having problems getting the live cd to boot?02:44
NushioIzinucs: yes, on a very old desktop02:45
Nushiothe error it gave me on ubuntu was /init: line 1: can't open /dev/sr1: No medium found02:45
Nushioso I just unplugged the secondary cd drive02:45
IzinucsNushio: I wonder what sr1 is.. do you have more than one monitor hooked up?02:46
Nushiojust one monitor, actually02:46
Nushioi'm quite surprised it refuses to boot 'n stuff02:46
NushioI think the secondary cd drive is damaged02:46
SrayahuWhat is /dev/sr1?02:46
Nushiounplugging it got it to boot02:46
IzinucsNushio: :)02:46
john__OKAY guys I have the terminal open  and I typed in sudo/etc/init.d/?dm restart and got error02:46
NushioSrayahu: according to google? could be a cd rom drive02:46
Nushioin my case, I have 2, a dvd and a cd rom drive (as I said, very old desktop :P)02:47
randomusris it possible to use my media buttons with web based flash video?02:47
SrayahuNushio, What's your boot order in BIOS?02:47
Dr_Willisrandomusr:  never seen it work that way.02:47
NushioSrayahu: dvdrom-harddrive-floppy02:47
ardchoillejohn__: someone told you how to fix that a long time ago: sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart # where ?is a g or a k depending on which display manager tyou are using02:47
john__sudo/etc/init.d/?dm: No such file or directory02:47
Nushio(it has floppy :P)02:47
Dr_Willisjohn__:  for starters theres a SPACE btweek sudo and /etc02:48
SrayahuNushio, and you've got the Ubuntu LiveCD in DVDrom?02:48
NushioSrayahu: is that wrong?02:48
john__Ok thank like I said this is my first time on linux system02:48
Dr_Willisjohn__:  and if you want to restart gdm use 'sudo service gdm restart'  or use 'stop' or 'start'02:48
SrayahuNushio, no - but I want to cover all our bases.02:48
hdonhi all. i'm using the "pencil" animation package, but when i draw, there are lots of artifacts in the area of my cursor. how can i toggle hardware accelerated compositing? i want to see if that will help02:48
Dr_Willisjohn__:  i mentioned the SPACE thing a while back.02:48
Nushioyes, I put cd on a dvd reader, not dvd on the cd reader02:48
randomusrHas anyone heard whether blu-ray support will improve?02:48
SrayahuNushio, did you do a checksum of the CD?02:48
Dr_Willisjohn__:  why/what are you trying to do with GDM anyway?02:49
ardchoilleDr_Willis: thank you for mentioning the "service", I keep forgetting about it02:49
Izinucsrandomusr: it will... just time is all it takes02:49
Srayahurandomusr, everything eventually improves, especially in Linux.02:49
NushioSrayahu: the cd rom is fine, why does everyone always suggest starting there? >_<02:49
NushioIt booted on my laptop02:49
SrayahuNushio, because we get that a lot.02:49
Dr_Willisardchoille:  yep. :) since /etc/init.d/gdm  may not even exist in the next release. :)02:49
john__ok what I want to do Is change my 800x600 top something bigger  all it gives me is 800x600 or lower02:49
SrayahuSo it starts to boot, then crashes?02:49
sixofourso i am using ubuntu, and i am xfering files over from my xp pc to my lin box using samba4, well, samba4 is locking the files when  they come to the lin box, so i cannot modify or cut/paste them or anything, how can i force samba to free the permissions up, and still have file sharing?... the file permissions cannot be changed with root...02:49
Izinucsjohn__: what kind of video card do you have?02:49
randomusrI just hope that the industry execs realize how important that is. As media support improves, I suspect linux adoption will go up exponentially02:50
Srayahusixofour, did you try chown?02:50
Nushioawesome, gonna install ubuntu now02:50
Nushiothat was quick, hah02:50
john__ I have a older video card a vodoo 3dfx card02:50
Dr_Willisardchoille:  seems /etc/init.d/gdm is now a link to '/lib/init/upstart-job' in 10.04 :)02:50
sixofourno, i don't want to break samba, so i am trying alternatives first02:50
ardchoilleDr_Willis: are they moving away from sysvinit ?02:50
Dr_Willisjohn__:   and what is star/stoping/restarting gdm having to do with this02:50
Dr_Willisardchoille:  they allready have. theres just a few traces of SysV left.02:51
Srayahusixofour, I meant on the incoming files.02:51
=== jesse is now known as jesse2
SrayahuI don't know much about Samba. = /02:51
Dr_Willisardchoille:  and it seems they did things to still let the old habbits still work. :)02:51
dsnydersbrjann, an update on my plight with gnome.02:51
Izinucsjohn__: open System>Admin>Synaptic package manager and search for voodo and see if there is a driver listed that's available.. then install if it's not already installed.02:51
jesse2weird question.... has anyone managed to get Facebook chat working with empathy? the synaptic description says it supports facebook, but i cant add a facebook account02:51
Dr_Willisany 3dfx card is so old.. its amazing it still works. :)02:51
sixofourSrayahu: well the "reviced" folder is locked, and everything in it, if i take ownership, my winxp machine might not be able to modify them either, also, its huge geebees of data, not a few jpgs :P02:51
Izinucsjesse2: might be a plugin available in the repos02:52
randomusrhow is HDMI support in linux/ubuntu?02:52
john__Okay I will look02:52
ardchoilleDr_Willis: so now it's "sudo service blah start|stop|restart" ?02:52
ZykoticK9jesse2, you don't need a plugin anymore -- facebook has switched to jabber - many instructions on net for it02:52
jesse2oh! thanks02:52
jesse2i'll just make a jabber account then02:52
Dr_Willisardchoille:  thats the proper way. The service command has been around for the last 2+ releases at least02:52
sixofourSrayahu:  50gb02:52
claws_any good security tools for ubuntu ?02:52
Srayahusixofour, I see. You're trying to maintain function between both machines. >_> Ignore me...02:52
Izinucsclaws_: more than you can count02:52
hdonhow can i toggle hardware accelerated window composition?02:52
Dr_Willisclaws_:  depends on what you need.02:52
SrayahuBe back soon02:52
sixofourSrayahu:  yes, also, some files are not working,02:52
sixofourdoes linux have a file character name limit?02:53
john__No driver to found02:53
sixofourfile name character limit*02:53
dsnydersbrjann, There is a file called ~/.configure/monitors.xml that contains the resolution gnome will use.  Mine had the wrong resolution.  After deleting the file, gnome started working again.  Kudos to the folks on #gnome.02:53
Dr_Willissixofour:  if it does.. its real real real real high. :)02:53
Izinucssixofour: not sure but it doesn't like spaces.. use underscores02:53
hdonsixofour, there is PATH_MAX02:53
claws_Dr_Willis: gr8.. i wil try some out :)02:53
claws_Dr_Willis: internet security pack02:53
Dr_Willisspaces in file names can cause headaches. Best to use Understores if you Must do such things02:53
sixofourIzinucs: well, about 300,000 files have spaces in them02:53
Dr_Willisclaws_:  that means very little. sounds like a buzzword/marketing term more then anything else.02:54
sixofourin about 30 directoriy trees02:54
Izinucssixofour: oops. you can still access them.. it just at the command like that you have to use a little different syntax02:54
Dr_Willissixofour:  be carefull when doing scripts and command line with spaces in names. It can be a bother.02:54
john__well I think I will have to find a newer card then I have a nvida card but I do not think it will work on this MB02:54
sixofouri just want to cut/paste what is already transferede, since i have to do multiple transfers02:54
Dr_Willissixofour:  most file managers handle them fine. Its when you get to the command line they can cause issues.02:55
sixofouri can copypaste, but i don't know if i have enough hd space02:55
dsnyderssixofour, wherever there is a space you have to use a backslash in front of it.02:55
Izinucssixofour: transfers of what? files? entire directories?02:55
hdonsixofour, don't listen to Izinucs, spaces in filenames are fine.02:55
sixofouri have a folder, in it is about 30 files and files, those folders have multiple folders in them aswell02:55
claws_Dr_Willis: well... let me say it this way.. AntiV and Firewall. and if there is a good 2 in 1 tool... i whould be gr8ful to know02:56
artemka1000hi.  a real linux noob here.  installed ubuntu on my vaio laptop.  seems to work great, but doesn't see/recognize my built-in SD card reader.  i did some searching on forums, but a lot of it is way above my head.  any advice where to start?02:56
Izinucshdon: sixofour didn't say they weren't fine.. just that accessing is different02:56
Dr_Willisclaws_:  dont expect 'all in one tools'     each tool tends to be set for a specific task. There are Firewall front ends.. and there are AV software02:56
Dr_Willis!firewall | claws_02:56
ubottuclaws_: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist02:56
hdonIzinucs, what you said is irrelevant :\02:56
Dr_Willisclaws_:  i have little need for a firewall on my linux box's - and even LESS need for antivirus software. Unless i want to scan windows binaries befor i put them on a windows box.02:57
tiger_where to look for syslog about last crash info?02:57
Dr_Willisclaws_:  linux is 'not' windows. and such common things that windows needs. Just dont apply most of the time in linux.02:57
sixofourantivirus software for linux... lulwut?02:57
Dr_Willissixofour:  it exists.02:58
ARC0112358I need help with VNC client02:58
Izinucshdon: irrelevant? that accessing, copying etc from cli is different with files containing spaces? I think not02:58
Dr_Willisclamav, and avg both have linux av tools.   and proberly some more i cant think of02:58
randomusrAC0112358: what's up?02:58
sixofourso i am using ubuntu, and i am xfering files over from my xp pc to my lin box using samba4, well, samba4 is locking the files when  they come to the lin box, so i cannot modify or cut/paste them or anything, how can i force samba to free the permissions up, and still have file sharing?... the file permissions cannot be changed with root...02:58
randomusrARC0112358: what's up?02:58
ARC0112358I can see remote desktop , and control it if I watch remote monitor, but client cant see menus02:59
belakAbout how long does the alternate ubuntu install take?02:59
belakIf I know what I want for all the options...02:59
sixofourinstall depends on hd speed right?02:59
Dr_Willissixofour:  the smb config file can set the default permissions for the files.   Unless you used that user 'right click to share' feature. Not sure how you change those.02:59
coz_belak,  maybe 20 minutes or less depending on hardware02:59
randomusrARC0112358: what are the two OS' involved?02:59
ARC0112358client wont display pulldowns - its like its not refreshing at client02:59
ARC0112358ubuntu 91 on both02:59
=== willy is now known as Guest74169
sixofourhow do i config smb though?02:59
belakcoz_: thanks02:59
claws_Dr_Willis: good to know :) i have heard of the good security in linux... this is my 5 day on linux.. i have noticed there are big diff between ms and linux.03:00
sixofourhow do i config smb though? Dr_Willis03:00
ardchoilleclaws_: just remember, the user is the weakest link in any OS03:00
Dr_Willissixofour:  i always edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file - but ive read the docs and have done samba by hand for years. :)03:00
randomusrARC0112358:  uninstall VNC on both, update both systems with update manager and re-install VNC. That worked for me03:00
sixofouris there no gui or command line atleast?03:00
tiger_hi, where to look for info of the last crash?03:00
Dr_Willissixofour:  i tend to just set up the HOME shares so all users have their home dir shared. I dont use 'user created' shares much03:01
ARC0112358Which program are you using?03:01
claws_ardchoille : i will :)03:01
brjanndsnyders: I have never heard of that file before in my life :D03:01
belaktiger_: what crashed?03:01
Izinucstiger_: perhaps in /var/log03:01
Dr_Willis!info samba-doc | sixofour03:01
ubottusixofour: samba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 (karmic), package size 7813 kB, installed size 16080 kB03:01
sixofourwell i have to go, i'll figure this out in awhile03:01
Dr_Willissixofour:  theres proberly some gui tools.. but i dont use them. and i dont know how they mesh with the 'user share' feature'03:01
brjanndsnyders: but I'm glad to hear you got it working! I'll remember that for next time. and/or will just send people to #gnome. ;)03:01
tiger_belak: system crash, shutdow....03:01
randomusrARC0112358:  VINO and VINAGRE03:02
IzinucsDr_Willis: shouldn't smbfs pretty much cover sixofour for network fileshare?03:02
ARC0112358Is that two programs or a server and a client03:02
Dr_Willis!info smbfs03:02
ubottusmbfs (source: samba): Samba file system utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 (karmic), package size 1796 kB, installed size 5272 kB03:02
randomusrARC0112358:  You could also try TIGERVNC03:02
Holman_will someone please help me, when I try to go into ubuntu from grub it says error: you need to load the kernal first03:02
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  he stillneeds samba set up properly.03:02
ARC0112358I'll check it out03:02
IzinucsDr_Willis: k.. just wondering03:02
Dr_Willissamba can set default modes on files that get copied over to various shares.  customizeable on a per share basis03:03
Iceman_BI just upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, but I still cant put my desktop to 1440x900 reso to fit my monitor. Itś stuck on 1024x768, and im using the Nvidia drivers03:03
Iceman_Bhow to fix this?03:03
Holman_can anyone read this?03:03
dsnydersbrjann, the #gnome folks had me fixed up in two posts.03:03
Iceman_BHolman_, yup03:03
IzinucsIceman_B: you might try nvidia-xconfig or nvidia-settings03:03
brjanndsnyders: now you're just making me feel bad. :)03:04
randomusris there a weather plugin for COMPIZ? Like Live weather?03:04
Holman_okay thanks, when I try to load ubuntu I get error: you need to load the kernel first03:04
Iceman_BIzinucs, nvidia-xconfig returns errors, trying -settings now...03:04
Izinucsrandomusr: there's one you can add to the top bar.. right mouse click and choose add.. you'll find it.03:04
Holman_does anyone know what I should do? I have a lot of important stuff that I don't want to lose03:05
IzinucsIceman_B: have you activated the nvidia drivers?03:05
dninjawhen i compile with gcc, using the standard profiler option (-pg) and after i run my program, i get no gmon.out as expected. is this something ubuntu has disabled, like core dumps?03:05
xanguarandomusr: you are looking for a screenlet/widget/whatever is called03:05
dsnydersbrjann, Not to worry.  I'm sure those #gnome people would die to know some of the things I've seen you walk other people through.03:05
Iceman_BIzinucs, yes, I have. and the widget that comes up says CRT-1, and I cant change anything. changing the reso only makes the desktop larger03:05
Iceman_Bnot the display itself :/03:06
Holman_can anyone direct me to a chat where I might get some help?03:06
artemka1000any advice on a built-in card reader that's not working?  is there a device manager or something where i could search for the hardware?03:06
IzinucsIceman_B: you hooked to a tv/monitor?03:06
brjanndsnyders: aw, thanks. :)03:06
xangua!ask | Holman_03:06
ubottuHolman_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:06
Iceman_BIzinucs,  nope, Acer AL1916W lcd widescreen03:06
brjanndninja: works fine for me with a simple    int main() { return 0; }    program03:07
IzinucsIceman_B: which driver and what card do you have?03:07
belakHolman_: google03:07
Iceman_BIzinucs, Nvidia driver 185.18.36, gfx card is a GF6800 LE03:07
Holman_when I try to load ubuntu from grub it says "error: you need to load the kernel first"03:07
IzinucsIceman_B: is there a 173 driver also available?03:08
xanguaHolman_: do you uninstalled something¿¿03:08
Iceman_BI think so, lemme check03:08
deadlyninjabrjann, do you know if linking to libraries breaks -pg?03:08
belakHolman_: try an update-grub03:08
brjanndeadlyninja: it shouldn't. give me a sec03:08
Iceman_BIzinucs, yeah. I can choose between 173, 185(now actvd), and 9603:09
Holman_xangua, no I didn't uninstall anything, I was just working from blackbox and it started acting funny and then just froze up and now won't work03:09
=== Guest74169 is now known as c4c1e5c5
wizard00i cant install flash player03:09
Holman_how can I update grub, can I do that from windows?03:09
xanguawizard00: open software center ;)03:10
wizard00im on ubumtu 5.10.03:10
IzinucsIceman_B: try the 173 and see what happens.. also in cli type xrandr and see if the resolution that you want comes up.. if it doesn't then you'll have to add the resolution to xrandr to make it work.03:10
coopi have an analog stereo output but sound is very low, sounds muffled, lookng for suggestions on improving sound quality03:10
belakHolman_: Oh, wait... ehh... I suppose not...03:10
wizard00that doesnt have software center.03:10
Iceman_BIzinucs, okay, Iĺl try both tips03:10
IzinucsIceman_B: do the 2nd first03:10
belakHolman_: when you boot, edit the line for booting and change the line with "root" in it to remove the /dev03:10
belakThat probably makes no sense03:11
detective_Hello i am having trouble locating a file i downloaded via terminal, I downloaded and extracted a  UFI2ISO program and when i converted the file to iso i cant find it. I followed instructions from this site http://www.nirmaltv.com/2008/06/14/how-to-convert-uif-files-to-iso-format-in-ubuntu/ and did nothing other than what it said if someone could please help me it would be much appreciated03:11
randomusrxangua, Yes I want a weather widget03:11
randomusrfor Compiz03:11
brjanndeadlyninja: just tested with a program linked against four libraries, still got a gmon.out03:11
Iceman_BIzinucs, 1440x900       63.0  <-- that comes up in the last line03:11
wizard00can someone please help mr figure out how to install adobe flash player????03:11
IzinucsIceman_B: I've forgotten.. is that what you want?03:11
brjanndeadlyninja: and this time it was a real program :)03:12
IzinucsIceman_B: I'll have ubottu send you a link .. it might help.03:12
meanburrito920_does anyone else ever have issues with full-screened graphical programs arbitrarily switching between full screen and windowed mode? (and freezing up in the process?)03:12
Izinucs!resolution > Iceman_B03:12
ubottuIceman_B, please see my private message03:12
deadlyninjabrjann, well this is odd, im using gcc v4.4.1 (Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu9)03:12
brjanndeadlyninja: are you compiling and linking with the same command? e.g. gcc -pg foo.c -ofoo ?03:13
wizard00how do i install flash player??03:13
Hebram!resolution > Hebram03:13
ubottuHebram, please see my private message03:13
Izinucswizard00: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:13
claws_Dr_Willis: btw... thx for the link's :)03:14
wizard00tried that. said i didnt have the file03:14
Izinucswizard00: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:14
dninjasorry brjann, my network is broken tonight, missed what you said03:14
dninjabrjann, im compiling .o files03:14
dninjabrjann, and linking them at the end03:14
Izinucswizard00: then you have to restart firefox03:14
brjanndninja: are you both compiling and linking with the -pg flag?03:15
dninjabrjann, http://codepad.org/1W3kwvmC03:15
coopabove question on muffled audio really meant- is there a software fix or do i just have crappy internal speakers03:15
brjanndninja: okay, that all looks good. only other thing I can think of is that your program is exiting abnormally, before it can write the gprof file03:16
dninjabrjann, well im getting to EXIT_SUCCESS03:16
wizard00hings working :(( im goingback to windows xp!!! ubuntu isnt user friendly at all :'(03:17
pw-toxic_I cant find the following option: I want a window to be maximized, if i double click it - any hints?03:17
detective_May i get some help please :)03:17
dninjai am executing some processes from my process, so maybe thats screwing it up somehow03:17
talntidwizard00, have a good time removing spyware :)03:17
pw-toxic_furthermore, im looking for a snapping windows like in windows 7.. if i drag a window to the top, i want it maximized03:17
Izinucs!ask | detective_03:17
ubottudetective_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:17
wizard00thats true......ubuntu doesnt get viruses does it??03:17
brjanndninja: the internet says: "Make sure that your program exits with a call to exit library function or with a return statement in your main function"03:18
wizard00how can i learn how to get better with ubuntu??03:18
talntidbut, ubuntu is not for the kind of person who isn't willing to spend a little time learning how to do something...03:18
wizard00it takes practice??03:18
talntideverything does.03:18
brjanndninja: perhaps a dumb question, but you do have write permission in your working directory, right? :)03:18
dninjabrjann, yeah i do03:19
talntidbut, it takes thinking about things in a different way, and sometimes googling for answers03:19
Iceman_Beergh, using xrandr to set 1440x900 mode again streched my desktop, but not actuially the resolution >_<03:19
wizard00but its so hard. and my distro that i have is outdated so i canr download software from the software center03:19
dninjabrjann, i feel stupid though cause i figured it out03:19
donvitocan i use03:19
dninjabrjann, my program changes the working directory, so the gmon.out went into the working dir03:19
donvitoadobe photoshop on ubuntu03:19
detective_I need help finding a file that i have downloaded via terminal(is that better?)03:19
blakkheimtalntid: i disagree with you there03:19
Iceman_Bill try reverting to the 173 driver03:19
pw-toxic_donvito, there is a cracked version of photoshop03:19
pw-toxic_it works with wine03:19
donvitowhats wine03:19
pw-toxic_i didnt get my original CS4 working until today03:20
blakkheim!wine > donvito03:20
ubottudonvito, please see my private message03:20
brjanndninja: hehe, glad to hear it :) no worries!03:20
pw-toxic_donvito, wine is a windows emulator03:20
talntidwizard00, even if your distro is outdated, if you show us the real errors it is giving, as opposed to "it doesn't work" -- we can help better03:20
talntidblakkheim, about what?03:20
blakkheimpw-toxic_: wine is not an emulator03:20
blakkheimtalntid: ubuntu needing time to learn03:20
wizard00ok brb! :)03:20
pw-toxic_blakkheim, what then?03:20
dninjabrjann, thanks though, you helped03:20
blakkheimpw-toxic_: windows api layer03:20
brjanndninja: no problem!03:20
pw-toxic_donvito, if you are a professionall designer, i think you should use windows for working on a design ;(03:20
pw-toxic_blakkheim, yes and therfore it emulates windows?!03:21
talntidblakkheim, that's silly. are you saying you know everything there is to know about ubuntu, and you just knew it when you were born?03:21
dns53pw-toxic_ it is a wrapper that allows you to use windows programs, an emulator pretends to be a cpu etc03:21
pw-toxic_blakkheim, it makes the program feel beeing windows03:21
wizard00This program is currently not installable, but should be available in the 'universe' repository. Would you like to enable this repository? (it keeps saying that)03:21
blakkheimtalntid: i'm saying ubuntu is extremely easy to learn to use, even if you've never used linux. it hides the real os and puts up a shiny gui for newbies to use03:21
pw-toxic_dns53, emulators do not have to be on a CPU basis.. you can also emulate a child or an animal03:21
pw-toxic_donvito, what do you need photoshop for?03:22
schwertfinally managed to fix my corrupted filesystem... but the whole /usr folder got trashed in the process03:22
talntidblakkheim, then you just said my point. you do need to learn it though. I didn't say it was hard to learn, did i? :)03:22
kassykillerfaceDoes anyone know why a HP webcam-50 wouldnt work on blogtv but would on stickam?03:22
talntidwizard00, did you tell it "yes, enable it!" (or something like that?)03:22
wizard00idk. ill try03:22
xanguawizard00: then enable the repository :S03:22
blakkheimtalntid: "ubuntu is not for the kind of person who isn't willing to spend a little time learning" is what you said03:22
blakkheimtalntid: that's where i disagreed03:23
pw-toxic_I have another question: I remember having used a backup tool for ubuntu, which can save the diffs from several other backups.. i dont remember the name of it03:23
pw-toxic_i found it in a package of usefull ubuntu tools03:23
blakkheimpw-toxic_: rsync?03:23
Dr_Willis'computers are not for the kind of people who isent willing to spend a little timne learning'03:23
talntidright, a little time. meaning they can't just jump in and use it 100% productively without any learning...03:23
wizard00The repository might be no longer available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and the correct writing of the repository address in the preferences.http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:23
wizard00http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:23
wizard00http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:23
wizard00http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:23
wizard00http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:23
FloodBot2wizard00: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:23
blakkheimwizard00: breezy isn't supported anymore03:23
pw-toxic_blakkheim, rsync is a command line tool - i'm talking of a gui03:23
talntidok, wizard00, you are using breezy badger. go get karmic koala :)03:24
blakkheimpw-toxic_: you don't really need a gui for that, but there are rsync guis available..03:24
talntidaka 9.1003:24
Dr_Williswizard00:  you need to change teh  us.archive.ubuntu to point to some archive/out-of-date-storage server.03:24
pw-toxic_blakkheim, i guess the tool uses rsync03:24
brjannpw-toxic_: I've been using backintime for the last few months03:24
pw-toxic_blakkheim, rsync is just too complicated to manage a bigger amount of backups03:24
pw-toxic_brjann, i remember this name - i think it was this. Ill check this out. Thanks03:24
kassykillerfaceCould anyone tell me how to get drivers for a webcam so it will work on blogTV03:24
brjannpw-toxic_: you're welcome :)03:25
blakkheimpw-toxic_: i use it for fairly large backups on multiple systems and don't find it complicated03:25
Dr_Williskassykillerface:  if it works for one flash based web site. but not another.. then its some issue with that sites flash programming - most likely03:25
blakkheimpw-toxic_: is there something you prefer over it?03:25
pw-toxic_blakkheim, its not about the size of the backup, but the amount of several different backups and how to manage them03:25
pw-toxic_blakkheim, i just cant remember simple commands that i only use  times a year03:25
kassykillerfaceI'm running normal ubuntu on a netbook. Could that have anything to do with it?03:26
Dr_Willis!info unison03:26
ubottuunison (source: unison): A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.27.57-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 522 kB, installed size 1236 kB03:26
Dr_Williskassykillerface:  if its on a web site using flash.. and the web cam does work in 'cheese' or other apps. then its a site/flash issue03:26
pw-toxic_brjann, do you know how i can install it? i cant find that package03:26
=== jesse2 is now known as atomik
brjannpw-toxic_: yes, the packages are backintime-gnome or backintime-kde, depending on your desktop environment03:27
atomikis there a way i can change the default ubuntu icon? (ie the circular icon that sits in the top-left corner?03:27
atomikis it an image file i can swap out with another?03:27
Dr_Willisatomik:  yes. Theres ways. But some ways dont work - depending on what icon theme you are using.03:28
atomikoh, i see03:28
pw-toxic_brjann, i just found in the internet, that by 9.04 backinetime is not in the standard repository - so i have to install it manually03:28
ubottupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)03:28
pw-toxic_brjann, and i'm afraid of updating my router ;)03:28
Dr_Willisatomik:  you can use the 'ubuntu-tweak' tool to change it. and its just a few clicks.  but SOME icon themes dont work properly with the change.03:28
brjannpw-toxic_: ah, okay. gotcha :)03:28
atomikthanks dr willis, i'll give that a try03:28
Dr_Willisatomik:  or select a theme. and  rename it. copy it to .themes and change what you want03:28
detective_I know you guys are busy but i really need some help :( with finding a file that i downloaded in the terminal03:28
brjannpw-toxic_: when I was using jaunty I used the deb from their website, too. seemed to work fine03:29
Dr_Willisdetective_:   downloaded with what command exactly?03:29
dsnydersdetective_, telling us you need help won't get you help.  Asking a specific question will.03:29
donvito!pdf reader03:29
donvitowich one is good pdf reader for karmic03:30
brjanndonvito: evince is the default, i believe03:30
detective_wget http://aluigi.altervista.org/mytoolz/uif2iso.zip03:30
Dr_Willisdetective_:  then it is in whatever directrory you were at when you ran that command03:30
atomikubuntu tweak is awesome03:31
Dr_Willisdetective_:  you could do 'sudo updatedb' then 'locate uif2iso.zip' and it should find it.03:31
joinerichas anyone else had problems with their mouse disappearing after installing the ati catalyst?03:31
detective_Dr_Willis, i tryed those commands and nothing happened03:33
Dr_Willisdetective_:   the updatedb command should of taken some time to complete. if locate then did not find it. Then you downloaded it to some directory/location that locate does not 'index' such as /media/SOMTHING03:33
pw-toxic_brjann, yes this is the program i was looking for03:34
Dr_Willisdetective_:  check your 'history' log and see where you were at.. or just redownload the file03:34
brjannpw-toxic_: glad to hear it!03:34
pw-toxic_brjann, maybe you can answer me some additional questsions: how do you use this program? do you use auto backups?03:34
pw-toxic_brjann, do you backup everything or only important data?03:34
pw-toxic_brjann, where to do you place the backup.. external HDD.. ?!03:34
nonameNNno one talks?03:35
brjannpw-toxic_: I've set it up so that my Documents/ directory is scanned every five minutes, and all the snapshots are just saved in my home directory somewhere.03:36
bazhangnonameNN, this is a support channel ; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic03:36
Dr_WillisnonameNN:  Hmm?03:36
pw-toxic_brjann, how big is your documents folder?03:36
nonameNNbazhang: thanks03:36
pw-toxic_brjann, the folders i back up are several GB and have more than 100k of files03:36
pw-toxic_brjann, i'm webdeveloper and i have LOTS of small files03:36
pw-toxic_and some bigger from design03:36
brjannpw-toxic_: That shouldn't be a problem; backintime uses rsync under the hood03:37
pw-toxic_brjann, so its no problem if there is a BIG folder where only a small part of it changes03:37
pw-toxic_and if it makes 3 backups03:37
pw-toxic_can i access all 3 of it?03:37
brjannpw-toxic_: nope, no problem at all. it will only copy the diffs.03:37
brjannpw-toxic_: yes. on the left hand side of the window, you can see the snapshots you've taken, and view each of them as if they're actual folders.03:38
pw-toxic_brjann, sounds really cool.. i think i use the automatic one03:38
fadakenis there a package that will ask me if i want to mount a cd/dvd and show the hidden files?03:38
pw-toxic_i think i will also backup my 40GB music folder ;)03:38
Dr_Willisfadaken:  what hidden files?  in linux files starting with a . are03:39
Dr_Willisfadaken:  what hidden files?  in linux files starting with a . are  'hidden' by the file manager as an option.03:39
fadakeni'm trying to install a windows application03:39
brjannpw-toxic_: the user's manual is pretty good, and explains all the features very well.03:39
Dr_Willisfadaken:  so - its some how hidden?03:40
pw-toxic_brjann, which i can find where?03:40
D3RGPS31since 9.10 came out, i've been having issues with 2D graphics (scroll, video, moving windows) being choppy, but 3D is fine. I'm using fglrx for ati 4850; i've tried all drivers from 9.4 to 10.2, no improvement. what can i do besides downgrading to ubuntu 9.04 or using radeon drivers from xorg-edger's ppa?03:40
brjannpw-toxic_: launch the program and click the question mark at the top of the window03:40
blakkheimD3RGPS31: don't buy from ati, enemy of your freedom03:40
acuHouston we got a problem :)  - I have used partimage to backup an entire system and I was almost to restore it - however the initial system has a bigger hard disk than the one I restore to - though it was very little used - the partimage tells me that it cannot restore the partition from image file because dthe destination hard disk is smaller than the original - any suggestions to bypass this ?03:40
Dusty_hey folks!03:40
pw-toxic_brjann, thx03:40
D3RGPS31blakkeim: i've considered buying nvidia, but i'm too poor to buy anything rite now03:40
brjannpw-toxic_: no problem :)03:40
fadakenwell i tried to follow a guild on installing World of warcraft and i've been failing very badly03:41
Dusty_I'm having some trouble getting the ODBC connector working on Linux. I'm using unixODBC with the mysql 5.1 ODBC driver, but I get the following error message: Data source name not found and no default driver specified03:41
Dusty_does anyone have any helpful hints? :303:41
brjannacu: the partimage FAQ says no, restoring to smaller partitions isn't supported. sorry :(03:41
shiverzany |-|@<Er203:42
pw-toxic_brjann, if i'm annoying just dont answer:  i found an autoremove: smart remove option. Sounds cool. Do you use it?03:43
shiverzany |-|@<Er203:43
shiverzany hackerz ??03:43
joinericD3RGPS31: dont buy ATI, at least not right now, I got a 5870 and I have had nothing but problems with the current drivers03:43
brjannpw-toxic_: I do, yes03:43
Dusty_anyone know anything about odbc connectors?03:43
shiverzany hackerz ??03:43
dj_segfaultDusty_: A little03:44
D3RGPS31joineric: so, no real help :/03:44
Dusty_I just need help getting mine setup ):03:44
zanehi i would like to setup a remote kvm for my ubuntu desktop can any one give me some tips please03:44
Dusty_I cant get the environ variables set I dont think03:44
brjannpw-toxic_: and don't worry about being annoying, we're here to help :)03:44
Dusty_Zane: http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/03:44
dj_segfaultDusty_: What are you trying to do specifically, and what's happening?03:44
Dusty_zane: also try http://code.google.com/p/synergy-plus/03:44
pw-toxic_brjann, i'm just wondering if i should use that.. because i have a fileserver with 5TB here03:44
joinericD3RGPS31: I'm trying to get help myself, every time I install the catalyst and driver my mouse disappears03:45
zaneDusty_,  thanks03:45
D3RGPS31i've run into the same thing03:45
brjannpw-toxic_: it really depends on how often you're going to take snapshots. you don't want to have to scroll through 10000 snapshots just to get to last month, do you? :)03:45
Dusty_dj_segfault: well, I have a VB6 application running in WINE. It uses an ODBC connector, and I'm hooking unixODBC into wine's builtin ODBC manager, but I cant configure the basics of unixODBC right. Dno how to.03:45
pw-toxic_brjann, one per day03:45
dj_segfaultIs there a command to verify the files in a package?  I installed mythexport, but the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythexport.conf does not exist on my system.03:45
Dusty_zane: no problem.03:45
shiverzany hackerz here ???/03:46
pw-toxic_brjann, i make backups for hardware failures - not for human failures03:46
karma_policeany quick and easy tutorial about sharing files over a network with windows and linux pc's?03:46
shiverzany hackers here ???03:46
karma_policemain pc with the files is running ubuntu03:46
brjannpw-toxic_: then you probably don't have anything to worry about. if you feel like you've got too many old snapshots, you can always turn on smart remove03:46
dj_segfaultDusty_: Ouch.  Getting wine involved is beyond me. Sorry.03:46
PeskyJkarma_police: that's real easy, use samba03:46
brjann!offtopic | shiverz03:46
ubottushiverz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:46
pw-toxic_brjann, so you turn on smart remove so that you get a good overview of your snapshots - not for space reasons?03:47
shiverzk thnks03:47
karma_policei have dl samba.. what next? no GUI?03:47
Dusty_dj_segfault: well I figure it's jsut a really basic configuration error not even dealing with wine. just setting the basics up for unixODBC03:47
PeskyJkarma_police: it has a web interface, but this probably isn't the channel for questions about samba03:47
marc__Take a computer that have 2 network card.  the main OS (ubuntu server) is connected to the local network using eth0, can a VM use the other card (eth1) and that card would be connected to another network?03:48
brjannpw-toxic_: yes, more or less. For keeping histories of documents and such, I usually want to have a couple of backups of recent work, plus some historical backups just in case.03:48
karma_policeok. is there a samba channel?03:48
karma_policeor tutorial?03:48
PeskyJkarma_police: dunno, try it... and also search for one as they might be on a different irc network03:48
Dr_Williskarma_police:  samba has 10000's of docs and guides and tutorial web pages03:48
Dr_Willis!info samba-doc | karma_police03:49
ubottukarma_police: samba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 (karmic), package size 7813 kB, installed size 16080 kB03:49
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:49
brjannkarma_police: yes, #samba03:49
Dr_WillisI dont suggest using swat :) but if you do use swat.. backup your configs first03:49
nbrener...what does "A follow by b follow by c" mean? i'm a english learner03:49
karma_policeis there s cript that will automatically mount my secondary hdd and activate firestarter upon startup?03:50
PeskyJnbren: it means do A then do B then do C03:50
Dr_Willisnbren:  'A B C' (a followed by B, followed by C' :)03:50
khaerulgame onlain03:50
brjannnbren: there are ubuntu channels in a number of different languages, if you'd feel more comfortable03:50
cooplooking for a solution to manage flip camera files on ubuntu03:51
karma_policewhenever i reboot i have to manually mount my hdd and start my firewall.. is there a startup manager that can handle this?03:51
blakkheimkarma_police: man fstab for the hdd mounting03:51
dj_segfaultcoop: Doesn't it just look like a USB hard drive to Ubuntu?03:51
blakkheimkarma_police: your firewall should start as a daemon without you doing anything03:51
coopyes, but cant upload files w/o flipshare software03:52
karma_policei have to select it from the applications list and it wants authentication03:52
timyeunghey, I want to write a scrip to control amarok that is on playing on my server. is there somewhere where I can learn python quickly?03:52
brjanntimyeung: i'm sure the folks in #python would know a few places :)03:53
dj_segfaultcoop: Do you mean copy from the flip to your computer or from your computer to the flip?03:53
jsectimyeung, the matrix?03:53
=== aiwata55_ is now known as aiwata55
coopdj_segfault: I want to be able to either upload to flipshare, which requires their software to do it was hoping someone had aworkaround03:54
dj_segfaultIs there a dpkg or apt command to verify all the files in a package are there and have the right permissions, like RPM has?03:54
karma_policei am constantly reminded of how much of a noob i really am03:54
=== flea is now known as Guest47739
coopdj_segfault: copying to hd works ok, but difficult to share with others03:54
dj_segfaultcoop: Again, I thought it just appears as a USB hard drive you can drag files to and from.03:54
dj_segfaultcoop: How would you like to share them with others?  What exactly would you like to do?03:55
coopdj_segfault: u can, that works! but once on hd cant upload them w/o share software03:55
dj_segfaultcoop: I asked you what you mean by upload before.  It's an ambiguous term.03:56
PeskyJkarma_police: there's a command you can use to control startup services, but I can't remember it - maybe someone else can?03:56
trismtimyeung: http://docs.python.org/tutorial/ covers the basics you'll need for python and http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=74202 shows you how to control it with dbus03:56
googeekHelp please. Can't manage to get my new laptop's internal speakers to mute when i plug in my headphones  http://paste.ubuntu.com/385472/03:56
sal_hello frm ny03:56
dj_segfaultgoogeek: Let me guess.  An HP?03:56
sal_Ubuntu is It !!03:56
sal_ I truley  luv it03:57
dj_segfaultsal_: How is that two feet of snow sitting on ya?03:57
googeekI know it's probably a manner of adding a command to the alsa-base file, but i don't know what to add03:57
brjannPeskyJ: are you thinking of sysv-rc-conf?03:57
sal_ pls dont remind me my back is still hurtin frm shovelin03:57
coopdj_segfault sorry for being aloof, flip has an online service to share the videos w others, so in win/ac you plug camera in usb, proprietary software organizes and uploads to share service, that sofware isnt supported on lnux03:57
dj_segfaultgoogeek: Is it an HP?03:57
PeskyJbrjann: don't think so, it's something like <cmd> <service> on|off03:58
Younderisn't the cffi darcs version stable?03:58
googeek dj_segfault: compaq, but for all intents and pourposes, yeah03:58
dj_segfaultcoop: I understand now.  I would just use youtube or one of it's hundreds of clones.  If they set it up proprietary I'm not sure there's a way around that.03:59
sal_ Hey there any one know a good  video chat program that ...clones ooo voo03:59
brjannPeskyJ: yes, that's how sysv-rc-conf works. though it may go by different names, i suppose. i've seen update-rc.d also, but I can't remember if that was ubuntu03:59
PeskyJbrjann: actually - I think I'm thinking of some command use din CentOS03:59
dj_segfaultgoogeek: I see that question all the time, and have tried to fix it myself.  I know HP did a wonky thing and has separate outputs from the sound chip for headphones and speakers, instead of using the switch in the headphone jack.  I have not heard of a solution myself.04:00
googeekdj_segfault : dammit. well, thanks anyway04:01
dj_segfaultgoogeek: At least you know it's not you.04:01
googeekdj_segfault : would i have better luck with a toshiba?04:01
dj_segfaultgoogeek: I have only seen that problem with HP.04:02
googeekdj_segfault: well, yeah it makes me feel a little less crappy, I've tried three or four solutions already, none of them work at all04:02
pw-toxic_why is there no thunderbird 3 for ubuntu?04:02
dj_segfaultgoogeek:  Trust me, I've walked people through playing with the mixer, etc.  No go.04:02
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  there may be a PPA or other unofficial repos for it04:02
phathi guys, I'm currently using the nvidia driver version 185, would there be any risk in upgrading to the 190 version?04:03
googeekdj_segfault : so, basically, I'm out of luck with this box if I want headphones? (which i totally need)04:03
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, i'm sure there is, but i dont want to add unofficial ones ;(04:03
googeekphat : not that i know of, it made all my games work on my last system04:03
Dusty_anyone know the basics about settings up unixODBC?04:03
dj_segfaultgoogeek: There must be HP-specific forums someone might know on.04:03
brjanngoogeek: back with kernel version 2.6.20 at least some toshibas had the same problem.04:04
bob6so I have a Dell studio 1747 and I was wodering if anyone would be able to help me get the tuner card it's got working?04:04
frankS2phat: shouldt be a risk... but why do yu want to upgrade if they already work?04:04
googeekdj_segfault : has anyone tried editing the actual alsa-base file?04:04
dsnydersphat, over the past week I've been monitoring this site there's been a large number of people with nvidia issues (myself included).  My recommendation is that if it is working don't futz with it.04:04
Boots32MHi all. I'm runnin a netbook with 9.10 netbook remix and want to delete icons on my desktop.... how do I do this?04:05
dj_segfaultgoogeek: Not to my knowledge.04:05
bob6no one?04:05
phatdsnyders: ya, it seems whenever I want to upgrade I get screwed. Still, I want to use CUDA and I've heard that it only works with driver version 190. Is that correct?04:05
googeekbrjann : that's what I thought... I am just crossing my fingers they'll somehow fix it in lynx, since i don't want to return my brand-new-already-removed-windows-stickers box04:05
olskolircdo we have a softcam device like manycam?04:06
cooptrying to figure out how to enable alsa? cant tell whether my sound card supports it?  what specific alsa item should i grab from synaptic04:06
dsnydersphat, I've got no idea.04:06
phataside from that, all graphics are working fine.04:06
brjanngoogeek: there are a couple of suggestions to use the lenovo model in alsa-base04:06
olskolircsoftcam for ubuntu?04:06
user1_Is there any grammar check package in ubuntu04:06
brjanngoogeek: e.g., options snd-hda-intel model=lenovo04:06
phatdsnyders: ok thanks for the help.04:07
googeekdj_segfault: well, thanks for your help, I think I'll try editing that file a few more times in a few more ways, via the tutorial i found in the forums, and see if i can't get it to be nice04:07
dsnydersphat, it was more an expression of opinion than actual help.  For all I know it will work fine.04:07
dj_segfaultgoogeek: If you find a solution PM me.  Lots of people would like to know04:07
brjanngoogeek: check out the last 20 or so posts here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/10983804:07
brjanngoogeek: some of that may be helpful. looks like it's been an ongoing thing for the last few years04:09
googeekbrjann: Yeah, I tried  a version of that fix, only imputing what I thought I should for my specifics, it was a no-go but maybe I'm just not doing things right, i'm still pretty much an uber noob to the world of linux.04:09
stuehHello everyone, quick question. I'm using Ubuntu Server 9.10, have just installed it in a VM with two network interfaces (preparing it for deployment on ESXi). I need to tell apt-get to use eth1 instead of eth0, how would I do this?04:09
coopwhen i issue lpay -l, reports Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC662 rev1 - can i use ALSA with this card?04:09
Boots32MHi all. I need something to be able to modify, delete, or see what icons point to on my desktop. 9.10 NBR04:10
phatanyone have any info about CUDA? specifically, how to start developing with it on karmic?04:10
PeskyJbrjann: the command I was thinking of is chkconfig - and does appear to be available in linux04:10
PeskyJbrjann: I mean in ubuntu04:10
brjannPeskyJ: ah. not familiar with that one04:10
dsnydersHi all!  I'm having an issue with kpovmodeler.  The views are not behaving properly.  See: http://imagebin.org/8579204:11
stuehIs anyone able to help me with getting apt-get to use eth1?04:11
googeekbrjann: thanks for your help04:11
Boots32M(0)   (0) looking for an Icon manipulator in ubuntu nbr:)04:11
brjanngoogeek: no problem, good luck :)04:11
ZykoticK9dsnyders, still haven't found a fix for that eh?  hope tonight you find one.  good luck man04:11
dj_segfaultBoots32M: gimp?04:12
timyeungWhat does this mean?:* #python :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services04:12
ZykoticK9!register > timyeung04:12
ubottutimyeung, please see my private message04:12
Boots32Mdj_segfault, sounds good probably available from synaptec manager??? what exactly does it do though?04:12
phatanyone have any info about CUDA? specifically, how to start developing with it on karmic?04:13
dj_segfaultstueh: You don't tell individual programs what ethernet device to use, you set up your routing so requests for IP addresses goes to the right card.04:13
phatthe drivers, gcc version, etc.04:13
PeskyJbrjann: easy and useful - worth a look :)04:13
dsnydersZykoticK9, Nope.  I've corrupted gnome, fouled up compiz, befuddled xwindows, and gotten them all straightened out again, but this issue still remains.04:13
dj_segfaultBoots32M: Full graphics editor like Photoshop.  Very powerful, not very obvious.  Like photoshop ;)04:13
brjannPeskyJ: next time i have a service that needs wrangling i will investigate!04:13
ZykoticK9dsnyders, lol - well at least your trying!04:13
stuehdj_segfault: I'm new to Ubuntu Server, any chance on some advice on hiw to do this? :)04:14
Boots32MOh.... can I modify, delete and, or change the appearance of icons on my desktop with that???04:14
brjannphat: is there anyone in #cuda? they might be able to help04:14
dj_segfaultstueh: What exactly do you want to do?04:14
Boots32MI'm probably going to get that anywy:)04:14
brjannphat: oops, sorry. #cuda04:14
NCS_Onethe settings in my ~/.Xdefaults are not loaded at start, I have to open it and save it, any one know why ?04:15
phatthere's a #cuda channel? awesome.04:15
justin22885hey..i cant get my ubuntu to connect04:15
justin22885i guess maybe my driver isnt working properly for the wifi.. its a ralink driver04:15
justin22885ralink wifi.. anyway, it says its connected to my router, but i cant get internet on it04:15
brjannphat: yep, looks like it's got 47 people in it04:15
justin22885nevermind.. it works now04:16
brjannjustin22885: glad we could help! ;)04:16
PeskyJjustin22885: ugh - wifi in linux, I've had major headaches trying to get different cards to work which usually end if me giving up... i.e. it either works out or the box or you're up for a lot of misery04:16
dj_segfaultstueh: Sorry, got your query mixed up with someone else.  I would use firestarter to set up routing and firewall.  Very user friendly04:16
SilverFoxI'm using gdm.  How do I make it so one of my users doesn't run gnome/kde, but instead just run an xterm.  I tried putting xterm & in ~/.xinitrc, but that seems to be ignored.  How do I go about this?04:17
stuehdj_segfault: Well, I'm installing fog imaging client on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server in a VM. Now, part of this, it uses apt-get. My network config is eth0 is an internal virtual network with no outside connection to the internet, eth1 is using eth1 on the host. Now, I have set eth0 to static, and eth1 is using dhcp. With eth0 turned off, I can use apt-get (aka run the ./install file, which uses apt-get as part of that), but I need eth0 04:17
stuehdj_segfault: That might have been a bit long, tell me where it cut off :)04:17
pw-toxic_When i move the mouse over the network icon of the gnome toolbar, it says that "Wireless Networks are disable". How can i enable them? I know here are a lot of wlan networks04:18
PeskyJpw-toxic_: click on that very same network icon and it will bring up a menu04:18
NCS_Onepw-toxic_: right click it04:19
NCS_Oneand check activate network04:19
Dr_Willisthat icon has a differnt menu on the left and right clicks - i belive04:19
pw-toxic_NCS_One, yes i did, but the entry with "enable wireless" is deactivates04:19
Dr_Willisthats a little confuseing :)04:20
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  you dont have a switch on the machine to turn wireless on/off ?04:20
dj_segfaultstueh: It left off as "but i need eth0" but I get the idea.  The idea is your routing table dictates what port to use to reach different networks. If you type "route -n" you will see what I mean.04:20
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, no i dont have. Its a Lenovo Thinkpad edge04:20
NCS_Onethe settings in my ~/.Xdefaults are not loaded at start, I have to open it and save it, any one know why ?04:21
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, i have previousvily installed ubuntu inside of windows, and there networking worked04:21
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  sure theres not some special fn-keys? or some hidden switches?04:21
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, now i am on a clean install of ubuntu04:21
stuehbut I need eth0 turned on to run the install, as I need it to talk to another VM04:21
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, oh . ill check this one. Good idea04:21
stuehdj_segfault: but I need eth0 turned on to run the install, as I need it to talk to another VM04:21
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  ubuntu inside winows uses special TAP(?) devices wher its forwarding through the windows box :) so it not the same04:21
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  on my netbook  i had to boot to windows. use the switch to make SURE the wireles was on.. then reboted to windows.04:22
ZerErr... what's the deal with an update to sudo?04:22
stuehdj_segfault: Okay, now I get it04:22
Dr_Willisthe switch on it would turn wireless OFF but neve back on :)04:22
itaihi, i'm using karmic on a desktop, whenever i leave the computer running for more than an hour it completely locks down and i cannnot 'bring it back to life', only hard reboot works, what do?04:22
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, yes.. the switch button doesnt work on ubuntu ;(04:22
pw-toxic_ill start windows04:22
stuehWell would you look at that04:22
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  there may be some tweaks to make it work.04:22
dj_segfaultstueh: You can have different cards going to different networks, and even the same card going to different networks, if your network physical topology is set up that way.  But that routing table is the key, not your application.04:22
stuehThe gateway for eth1 (aka the dhcp configured eth) is not in the list O.o04:23
RemmazeRemmaze is in THA HOUSE....!!04:23
hikenbootcan you patch kernel headers or do you need the full source?04:23
SilverFoxyou have to have the source in order to have something to patch04:23
NCS_Oneitai: check the sistem > preferences > energy04:24
hikenbootok next question whats the difference between linux-source and linuxs source final-union04:25
itaiNCS_One, ok, what excatly am i checking for?04:25
NCS_Oneitai: is it a laptop ?04:25
itaiNCS_One, no., desktop, also , i dont have 'energy' in system>pref04:25
brjannZer: what do you mean? there was a security update released04:25
brjannitai: does it lock up when it's idle, or when you're using it?04:26
itaibrjann, idle04:26
brjannitai: i'd suspect one of three things: problems with power management (acpi), overheating, or bad memory04:27
hikenbootnever mind figured it out04:27
pw-toxic_i have a small offtopic question.. im looking for cool wallpapers and themes.. is there an ubuntu like theme/wallpaper page?04:27
itaibrjann, brand new computer. so what do i do now?04:27
NCS_Onepw-toxic_: gnome-look04:28
dsnydershikenboot, do share04:28
pw-toxic_NCS_One, thx04:28
bastid_raZorpw-toxic_: gnome-look.org04:28
itaibrjann, i'll go acpi first, what do i check for?04:28
bazhangpw-toxic_, /msg ubottu themes for links04:28
marukuanyone recommend a room for shell scripting?04:28
brjannitai: well, testing memory is probably easiest. in the ubuntu boot menu, there should be a memtest option. select that and let it run for a few hours (or overnight)04:28
pw-toxic_already found it by google gnome look ;)04:28
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  thres also tools 'gnome-art' an 'gnome-artng' that can get papers from diff3ernt sites04:28
dj_segfaultstueh: <Adam Savage>Well THERE's your PROBLEM</Adam Savage>04:28
Dr_Willismaruku:  #bash04:28
marukuawesome, ty04:29
itaibrjann, ok, will it fix it?04:29
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, i just think that the colors of 9.10 look like shit.. this makes me really mad :D04:29
NCS_Onewhere do I save xterm settings ?04:29
NCS_Onethe settings in my ~/.Xdefaults are not loaded at start, I have to open it and save it, any one know why ?04:29
meanburrito920_why is it that opengl programs tend to kill compiz?04:29
stuehdj_segfault: Yeah, it's a problem with the way I've set up the virtual network interface (aka the guest using a physical one on the host) >.>04:29
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, enable wlan on windows helped - i now have wlan on ubuntu04:30
stuehdj_segfault: Thanks for the help!04:30
dsnydersHi all!  I'm having an issue with kpovmodeler.  The views are not behaving properly.  See: http://imagebin.org/85792   It's supposed to look like this: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-graphics/kpovmodeler/defaultviewlayout.png04:30
brjannitai: no, it will just tell you if there's something wrong with the memory. it just runs tests over and over verifying that the memory functions correctly.04:30
dj_segfaultstueh: No problem.  Go forth and geek out.04:30
brjannitai: if it displays errors, you need some new memory. if it's a new computer it's probably still under warranty.04:31
itaibrjann, ok , thanks04:31
=== maruku is now known as maruku84
brjannitai: as for acpi, read here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions04:31
stuehdj_segfault: Shall do! Seeya mate :)04:32
brjannitai: that explains how to use boot options, and you can try the "acpi=off" option and see if that improves stability04:32
NCS_Oneitai: probably disabling the option that sleeps the pc after 1 hour04:33
Boots32MHello all:) anyone know of an application that enables the user to delete icons and see where they point?04:34
NCS_Onein my ubuntu and translated to English its in Sistem > preferences > Energy manegement04:35
brjannNCS_One: ack! i didn't even think of that. itai, check System > Preferences > Power Management first, and make sure it's not set to put the computer to sleep.04:35
itaibrjann, let me check04:35
unitedpotsmokershello guys good morning... i want to remove unused program at startup application. What program we can safely remove?04:35
letalisBoots32M: are you referring to symlinks?04:35
Remmazehow do i kill update manager, wats is the command line?04:35
hikenbootdsnyders, final union add support for newer unmerged kernels for union file system04:35
unitedpotsmokersi am using ubuntu karmic04:36
pw-toxic_Remmaze, ps -e and you see all processes04:36
pw-toxic_then look for the number and do kill <process numeber>  ie  kill 123504:36
nytek_unitedpotsmokers: preference -> session and startup04:36
shazbotmcnastyanyone know of a web interface for like gedit, vim ,or som,ething similar04:36
shazbotmcnastyjust a huge input field04:36
SpaceTravelerI'm trying to get MythTV (Ubuntu 9.10) to boot without a monitor. Any good xorg docs/links?04:36
Boots32Mletalis, I don't know. I am new to this running 9.10 NBR and want to be able to delete unwanted icons and see where others point to on my desktop.04:36
itaibrjann, it says : put computer to sleep-never, spin down HD when possible and put display to sleep when incative for 30 min, should i change anything?04:36
ZerDoes anyone know a fix to 'hrtimer: interrupt too slow' in dmesg making the Ubuntu VM utterly unresponsive?04:36
hikenbootfor example 2.6.31 is merged so it doesnt have a final-union where as 2.6.32 does because it hasnt been merged is my understanding04:36
nytek_shazbotmcnasty: vim is what i use. i love it04:36
shazbotmcnastyI know about the program, but I want a web interface04:37
Remmazeim dloading sumting, but my update manager just sits there, try to reconnect to this 1 site, i cant close it, how do i kill it?04:37
shazbotmcnastybecause girlfriend loves working in tabs04:37
shazbotmcnastyin firefox04:37
shazbotmcnastyand pastebin is too small of an input field04:37
nytek_shazbotmcnasty: shazbotmcnasty you might like mousepad or geany04:37
brjannitai: you can try disabling display sleep and disk spin down, and see if that helps04:37
anthony_a program i'm running uses opengl and when i click on menus (file, edit, etc.) the pop up but under the window... how can i solve this?04:37
itaibrjann, thanks04:38
sensaeSince enabling compiz, when I type in gnome-terminal the characters are sometimes a square instead of the proper character.04:38
brjannitai: no problem, good luck :)04:38
SilverFoxhow do I configure a particular user to NOT launch gnome, but just xterm instead?04:38
bullgardSynaptic: "The DEB program package »openoffice.org-emailmerge« contains a component which allows OpenOffice.org to "mail merge" to E-Mail." What does it mean 'to mail merge to E-Mail'?04:39
nytek_sensae: is it asking you to restart?04:39
pw-toxic_I have just installed thunderbird. Where do i find the files of this program? i want to import my profiles by copying thunderbird profile files04:39
sensaenytek_: Nope.04:39
shazbotmcnastyis there any websites that I can use just as an input field04:39
nytek_sensae: you might want to restart04:39
sensaenytek_: I'll give that a try04:39
jsecpw-toxic_, should be in usr/bin/thunderbird IIRC04:40
bullgardpw-toxic_: '~$ sudo updatedb' then '~$ locate thunderbird'.04:40
switch10Is there a way to see if a cron job is running, or if it has finished?04:40
bullgardswitch10: Yes, at least the latter.04:41
unitedpotsmokersno one know which items we can remove safely?04:42
pw-toxic_jsec, its in usr/lib and usr/share04:42
sensaenytek_: Still doing it :/04:42
Remmazepw-toxic_: im updating sumting, but my update manager just sits there, trying to connect to this 1 site, trying to load ttf-mscorefonts, i cant close it, how do i kill it??04:42
Remmazepw-toxic_: im updating sumting, but my update manager just sits there, trying to connect to this 1 site, trying to load ttf-mscorefonts, i cant close it, how do i kill it??04:42
FloodBot2Remmaze: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
switch10bullgard: how do I do that?04:42
skrapsswitch10: `cat /var/log/syslog | grep cron`04:42
jsecpw-toxic), eh you learn something new every day ^_^04:42
switch10skraps thanks04:43
RemmazeFloobots : sorry man, i accidentally pressed enter twice...:)04:43
seanbrystoneshhhh we dont talk to the bots Remmaze ;)04:44
pw-toxic_Remmaze, I'm not sure, but i would try to kill it with the console.04:44
pw-toxic_Remmaze, so i would enter "ps -e"04:44
pw-toxic_then i can see all processes running and look for the update manager04:44
pw-toxic_and then kill it04:44
anthony_how do i stop my drop down menus from being covered up by the programs window?  i think it's my opengl but i really don't know.04:45
Remmazeok guys, i managed to kill using the force quit...04:45
bullgardswitch10: Have a look into /var/log/syslog: '~$ mc /var/log/syslog'. Then press F3 and look for 'CRON...'.04:45
pw-toxic_or you can go System -> Administration -> System Monitor to have a windows like taks manager04:45
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xyzhow to enable wireless in ubuntu 9.1004:48
jsec!wifi | xyz04:48
ubottuxyz: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:48
rifterwell, guys, I have a bit of a puzzler here. I've been trying to install some packages and when I do an apt-get install I get the "Couldn't find package" error message.  But I go to synaptic and not only are the packages there but they are already installed!  Obviously if they're installed I don't have a problem with that package now, but I am trying to figure out why synaptic would show something different from apt-get04:49
faronhey again everybody.hey ! can anybody tell me what a "cpu governor" is ? what it does ?04:49
bullgardanthony_: One solution is to quit your particular program window and restart it on another workspace.04:49
anthony_how do i stop my drop down menus from being covered up by the programs window?  i think it's my opengl but i really don't know.04:49
rifterone of the packages in question is gstreamer-0.10-plugins-ugly in case that helps04:49
switch10rifter: try apt-get update04:49
switch10rifter: and then try to install04:49
rifterswitch10, yeah I did that, it didn't change anything04:49
switch10rifter: weird04:50
brjannfaron: cpu governors control how your cpu speeds up and down in response to demand04:50
hal9k20101hello all... need some help with screen setup, need to config x04:50
rifterswitch10, yeah I know.  you would think that if it shows up in synaptic, apt-get would show it, too04:50
faronhmmmmmmm could this help me with flash video & audio sych up ?04:50
acuI want to backup a 750GB hard_disk (with only 20GB occupied)  - and restore it in a smaller hard disk (300 GB hard disk) - what should I use? partimage requires at least equal hard disk with the original04:51
switch10rifter: what are you trying to install?04:51
rifterswitch10, so really now I am worried that I have somehow broken apt and need to fix it04:51
anthony_it didn't work.  :(  does the same thing.04:51
bullgardrifter: I do not know why Synaptic's and apt-get's results differ. You need to observe more carefully both programs outputs.04:51
pw-toxic_does someone know how i can customize the behavior of the window titlebar double click? i want the double click to force a window maximize04:51
brjannfaron: probably not -- you can try turning on the performance governor to guarantee full speed at all times, but i doubt it will help with flash04:51
switch10acu: use rsync04:51
dsnydersrifter, can synaptic and apt-get hav different sets of repositories?04:51
rifterswitch10, well several media packages, but one of the ones in question is  gstreamer-0.10-plugins-ugly which does show up in synaptic as installed but apt-get install shows  "Couldn't find package"04:52
faronYou have any ideas about what I can do about that04:52
seanbrystoneacu, or the GUI version of rsync, grsync04:52
pw-toxic_im sorry.. this was an emeral option i have set up myself04:52
bullgarddsnyders: No.04:52
faron?Others with the same ram seem to have no probs with flash04:52
switch10rifter: see if you can find it with aptitude search04:52
acuseanbrystone: so if I want to backup the disk with the operating system - should I boot with a live system - Knoppix or somehting04:53
anthony_any other ideas?04:53
Remmazewhy cant we talk to the bots?04:53
Remmazejust wondering....04:53
faronwhy can't you talk to the bots ?04:54
ZykoticK9Remmaze, sort of a one sided conversation04:54
seanbrystoneacu ive never done whole-disk backup, so im prolly not the one to ask about that :D04:54
bazhangRemmaze, you can; but /msg ubottu to do so04:54
faronI do04:54
rifterdsnyders, well, know that when I check system -> administration -> software sources I have the same sources as are in sources.list and the .list files I have under /etc/apt/sources.list.d as far as I can tell04:54
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faronthey don't really talk back much but well,you know heh heh04:54
faronrobots,huh ? Go figure04:55
faronheh heh04:55
bazhangfaron, sure ubottu does; /msg ubottu info packagename for example04:55
rifterswitch10, no joy on aptitude search04:55
ZykoticK9acu, you might want to check out http://clonezilla.org/ which is a livecd that does disk imaging04:55
dsnydersrifter, I was just trying to find a reason why they might have different software.  Apparently they use the same list, so that idea is out the window.04:55
brjannfaron: no, sorry, I don't know much about flash troubleshooting.04:55
bullgardSynaptic: "The DEB program package »openoffice.org-emailmerge« contains a component which allows OpenOffice.org to "mail merge" to E-Mail." What does it mean 'to mail merge to E-Mail'?04:56
faronwell,thks anywy friend04:56
brjannfaron: no problem, good luck :)04:56
seanbrystoneZykoticK9, but doesnt clonezilla require the destination to be as big as the source?04:56
rifterdsnyders, yeah and I just checked settings -> repositories under synaptic and it shows the same software sources dialog with the same sources04:56
ZykoticK9seanbrystone, i'd imagine so yes04:56
ZykoticK9seanbrystone, it does to compression as well04:56
anthony_ok then...04:56
seanbrystoneZykoticK9, he didnt want that though, remember he said partimage was that way too :)04:57
ZykoticK9seanbrystone, sorry i actually just caught the tail end, and jumped in -- don't know the history at all04:57
seanbrystoneno worries :D04:57
rifterdsnyders, as far as I can tell is supposed to be in the regular repos under universe restricted or multiverse04:58
rifterfromthe internet04:58
FlamMy Movie Player program plays online radios and videos properly, but the youtube feature plays without sound.  Anyone know why?04:58
switch10rifter: have you tried installing it with synaptic?04:59
acuZykotick9: thanks I just look at clonezilla - seems cool - the only limitation is that the target partition should be at least equal to the original  - thanks anhouw - seanbrystone is very perceptive :)04:59
rifterswitch10, synaptic says I already have it installed05:00
pw-toxic_arr ubuntu is really nice ;)05:00
rifterdsnyders, actually I look in http://packages.ubuntu.com/search and it doesn't find the package there ... so...05:01
SwinJust putting this out there, but if anyone has a 320GB Passport Elite they'd be willing to 'hdparm -I /dev/xx > file' and 'hdparm --Istdout /dev/xx >> file' for me I'd be very grateful, query me. :)05:01
skrapsflam: have you made sure its using the right software? like alsa, oss, or fuse?05:01
Flamskraps, I don't know how to check.. trying to figure it out now.05:03
Flamim new to linux05:03
leohartxhello, every one05:04
wrapsterif i have 2 pci-ids provided by a pkg.. lets say they are...pciex11ab,4352 and pci11ab,4352 .. I know that ex stands for express card. But for a particular express hardware to work is it required to have both these IDs listed or will the express card work with just pci11ab,4352 ?05:04
leohartxi was trying to shrink my ext3 partition with live cd , but i got a problem , it said : resize2fs: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to resize /dev/sda5 (my /home partition), what should i do now ?05:05
anthony_i'm running a program that uses opengl.  When i click on my drop down menus (file, edit, etc) they disappear under the programs window.  i know they are still there cause they flicker for a sec as my cursor moves over them.  how do i stop that?05:07
anthony_can anyone help?05:09
bullgardSynaptic: "The DEB program package »openoffice.org-emailmerge« contains a component which allows OpenOffice.org to "mail merge" to E-Mail." What does it mean 'to mail merge to E-Mail'?05:09
rifterbullgard mail merge takes a set of information from tables in a spreadsheet/database and plugs t into points in a document so you can make like form letters05:10
rifterbullgard, so for instans you could have a letter that says dear [name] and it would set up a set of documents that put a name in each copy05:11
hikenbootI am trying to apply a kernel patch with patch -p1 --verbose and it just sits there with no output on two seperate kernel versions05:11
bullgardrifter: Ah! Thank you very much for  your excellent explanation.05:12
rifterbullgard, yeah you might check out http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/FAQ/Writer/Printing/How_do_I_setup_mail_merge05:12
rifterbullgard and http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/OOoAuthors_User_Manual/Writer_Guide/Using_Mail_Merge05:12
bullgardrifter: Very good. I am hurrying to read this article.05:12
Boots32Msymlinks is command line based05:13
Boots32MIs there something like that with its own gui05:13
rifterbullgard, basically fields in your document will refer to fields in the database or spreadsheet, so you could have things like name, address, phone number, favorite color, whatever, and then you relate those fields in your document to the fields in your data source and it plugs them in05:14
bullgardrifter: Yes. I remember that WordStar implemented such a function.05:16
pw-toxic_i have just downloaded eclipse for php.. where should i normally place this program ?!05:18
Neon0BlueCan anyone help me install a D-Link usb wireless device on ubuntu?05:19
brjannpw-toxic_: you can either put it in your home directory, or someplace like /opt05:19
pw-toxic_what stands opt for?05:19
brjannpw-toxic_: optional. it's more or less a place to put stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else, especially if it comes with its own directory structure (like eclipse does)05:20
Neon0Blue... So can anyone help?05:20
rastaseanI'm also looking for help with vsftp05:21
balkiHi all..05:21
rastaseando you know much about vsftp?05:22
pw-toxic_i'd like to change the boot screen image (and i want to show some more informatio like what is beeing started right now)05:22
pw-toxic_i know there is a program for this but i dont remember it05:22
balkigetting a python26.dll not found error when trying to burn a netbook ubuntu iso in pendrive05:22
mouse_not much yet, rasta.05:22
balkihow to run the usb create.exe now??05:22
rastaseanmouse, do you know how to change the GROUP owner of a folder? I think this is preventing ftp uploads. shows root as owner05:23
brjannpw-toxic_: you can edit the grub boot line and remove "quiet"05:23
balkirastasean: chown :groupname folder05:23
brjannpw-toxic_: that will just show you what's going on instead of the splash screen, though05:23
pw-toxic_brjann, no i'm looking for a gui where i can change the image of the ubuntu booting process05:24
brjannpw-toxic_: oh, okay. sorry, no idea :)05:24
pw-toxic_brjann, there you can set up a bootscreen AND show additional boot data05:24
mouse_Sry, Rasta, I dunno. I'll try to find out l8r.05:24
balkihello.. has anyone used the usbcreater.exe which comes along with the netbook iso??05:24
bullgard!google | pw-toxic05:24
rastaseanthanks, mouse05:24
ubottupw-toxic: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:24
rastaseani think this is close but i still get error05:25
brjannpw-toxic_: fancy! let me know if you find out05:25
rastaseanobviously i'm not using the command correctly, balki05:25
pw-toxic_brjann, why cant i remember the coolest tools ;))05:25
pw-toxic_brjann, you can even change the login screen05:25
petsoundsbalki, what are you trying to do? :)05:25
BaseBallBoyerr.. help?05:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:26
BaseBallBoyWhen I installed Ubuntu on my computer the second time I was no longer available to watch DVDs, do you know why?05:26
rastaseanthanks for the advice, ubottu05:26
Dr_WillisBaseBallBoy:  install the proper dvd playback packages05:26
mouse_Nite folks.05:26
BaseBallBoyI'm sure you know why, but can you help me fix it?05:26
brjannBaseBallBoy: did you follow the dvd walkthrough?05:26
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:26
brjannyeah, that. thanks, Dr_Willis :)05:26
BaseBallBoyDr_Willis: Which packages?05:27
rastaseanso group of great people. i'm trying to change a folder called uploads in /home/ftp from the group owner root to the group owner ftp. could you provide the assistance?05:27
abhrahoe could i install multiple (say 5) .deb files with a single command?05:27
songerwhy i lose audio on firefox?05:27
CyberaX2195abhra: dpkg -i *.deb ?05:27
Dr_Willisabhra:  dpkg -i *.deb            or list them05:27
* CyberaX2195 highfives Dr_Willis 05:28
abhragr8 thanks05:28
balkipetsounds, i want to make my pendrive bootable with ubuntu netbook remix05:28
abhrawill i need root capabilities?05:28
balkipetsounds: Using windows now05:28
CyberaX2195abhra: it'll need to be run under sudo yes05:29
BaseBallBoyBan him!05:29
petsoundsbalki, ok. you can use unetbootin05:29
Dr_Willisbalki:  using Unetbootin? or what tool?05:29
BaseBallBoyHe said w****** in a Ubuntu channel!05:29
abhrathanks @cyberx05:29
paddymelonBaseBallBoy, please stay on topic05:29
balkithere is a creater which comes with the iso usbcreater.exe.05:29
abhraone more q05:29
BaseBallBoyWell will anyone help me?05:30
BaseBallBoyI really want to watch back to the future before I go to sleep :P05:30
abhrain my home folder there is a folder with a long name.05:30
Jordan_U!dvd | BaseBallBoy05:30
ubottuBaseBallBoy: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:30
anthony_i solved my problem.  :) my drop down menus won't display on top of the programs window on some programs unless visual effects are turned off.  yay for simple answers!05:31
balkidoes Unetbootin use python? have python problems in my windows05:31
Neon0BlueI need help with my D-link USB wireless USB.05:31
abhrai think there is a way to enter the the folder without typing the whole name of the folder.could you tell me the way?05:32
bullgardNeon0Blue: Please put a specific question here so that people can help you more speedily.05:32
CyberaX2195in a terminal you mean ?05:32
CyberaX2195cd firstfewchars followed by tab05:33
CyberaX2195should autocomplete the name of the folder05:33
coldfire2122Is ext4 as reliable as ext3? I'm creating a partition to make important backups and want to feel safe about not losing or corrupting it.05:33
wasutton3_how would i go about downloading all the .tgz files from this website? http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/flightgear/ftp/Scenery-1.0.1/ (i have been looking at wget, i just cant seem to get the settings right)05:33
Neon0BlueI need to get my D-Link DWA-125 Wireless USB device working on ubuntu 9.10 by Karmic.05:33
rastaseanwhats the problem, Neon05:34
abhrai mean say the folder name is opera10.05bla bla bla.i know cd first few words and after that pressing a key.i could not remember which key05:34
Neon0BlueI can't get my D-link working.05:34
abhraoh all right sorry you already posted the answer05:34
bullgardNeon0Blue: Yes. And you need to add what error messages you obtain.05:34
Neon0BlueBeen googling for half an hour.05:35
Neon0BlueI don't get an error message.05:35
Neon0BlueIt doesn't even show up in Hardware Drivers.05:35
bullgard!wireless | Neon0Blue05:35
ubottuNeon0Blue: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:35
BladeNBrocadeabhra: tab05:36
Neon0BlueI managed to get winXP 32bit drivers installed with ndiswrapper05:36
CyberaX2195wasutton3_: connect via ftp, would be easier05:36
Neon0BlueBut nothing past that.05:36
Remmazeim using HP TX1000 running on Ubuntu 9.10, any idea how do i maximize the touch screen options....?05:36
abhrathanks @ blade05:37
hamzahello all, this is my first time on irc... could anyone help me with an ubuntu issue?05:37
Dr_Willishamza:  state the issue and lets see05:37
abhrawhat issue @hamza05:37
harisundWhat's the way to change my hostname / change the name the DHCP client sends to the DHCP server etc .. simply "hostname" command doesn't make it persistent05:37
hamzafor some reason in nautilus, my cd/dvd, generic usb, and partitions stopped showing05:37
hamzaall that it shows when i click on "computer" is "filesystem"05:37
brjannharisund: /etc/hostname05:38
Neon0Blue"ndiswrapper -l05:38
Neon0BlueWARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper, it will be ignored in a future release.05:38
Neon0Bluedrt2870 : driver installed05:38
Neon0Bluedevice (07D1:3C16) present" That's what I get but it still doesn't show up as a wlan device.05:38
FloodBot2Neon0Blue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
hamzawhen i go to disk manager, they do show05:38
BladeNBrocadeis ikonia around?05:38
brjannharisund: as in, edit /etc/hostname to contain the hostname that you want05:38
CyberaX2195and then run hostname -F /etc/hostname05:39
voss749freeciv 2.2 is out but no ubuntu package :(05:39
Neon0BlueAny ideas?05:39
CyberaX2195right , nn all , *wave*05:39
DeAtavistwhaddup fellow ubuntunians05:39
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, what is the FCC ID of that device?05:39
DeAtavisttotal newb here with a ?05:40
Neon0BlueI think.05:40
brjannvoss749: don't hold your breath, even lucid's version is only 2.1.1005:40
brjann!ask | DeAtavist05:40
ubottuDeAtavist: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:40
voss749brjann, lucids version should be upgraded to 2.205:40
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, that isn't the FCC ID, that is the ID of the device when plugged in, I'm saying the one on the device itself, it should be printed clearly in the form of FCC ID: XXXXXXXX05:41
DeAtavistI'm running xfce and wanna install a dock(cairo) and compiz for a theme.  What;s the main interface or shell commands for integrating compiz05:41
brjannvoss749: like i said, don't hold your breath :)05:41
sabatusing ubuntu 9.10 on a mx6453 Gateway laptop, First question, I am not 100% sure the wireless is installed and working at all, so how do I check it. 2nd, if it is working, I am having a hell of a time getting on a wireless network that is using a Linksys wap54g access point. feel free to privmsg or pub.05:41
Neon0Blueoh ok one sec.05:41
Neon0BlueFFC ID: KA2WA125A205:42
Remmazeim using HP TX1000 laptop running on Ubuntu 9.10, any idea how do i maximize the touch screen options....?05:42
hamzano ideas for my problem?05:42
abhra@hamza i faced a similar problem.but unfortunately i did not find any solution till date.i'm using lucid though;so i thought its alpha error.what i faced:when i entered a dvd after loading it the cd dvd drive disappers,when i entered my sd card it never showed up.though they are visible in disk utility.dont know what happens05:42
rexzi need a recomendation for  a good wireless adapter and that has very good long range please advise...05:43
hamzaya, thats the exact problem i have, but i am on karmic.  it happened i think after an update for ntfs or something05:43
hamza^@abhra sry im new at this05:43
=== kaolbrec is now known as kaolbrec|sleep
brjannhamza: you might ask in #gnome05:44
abhrahmmm ok @ hamza.lets see if any body helps us out05:45
abhrai think brjann suggests #gnome.lets check this out05:45
sabatusing ubuntu 9.10 on a mx6453 Gateway laptop, First question, I am not 100% sure the wireless is installed and working at all, so how do I check it to verify it is installed;  2nd, if it is working, I am having a hell of a time getting on a wireless network that is using a Linksys wap54g access point. [sorry for repeat, feel free to privmsg or pub reply.]05:46
faronheyall can anybody explain to me why there is a small circling ball attatched to my pointer that is spinnging ?05:46
Squerdlokcould someone please suggest a good tutorial for WEP under linux?05:46
hamzaabhra: unfortunately i gotta go :( i just wanted to try this IRC thing out.  if you end up finding a solution today, could u post it to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1417537.  Thanks, good luck :)05:46
ZauberExonarOkay, a friend of mine has a malfunctioning mouse.  She wants to right click on stuff but can't.  How can she trigger the right click menus by keyboard?  I know it can be done in windows by pressing SHIFT-F10, but that doesn't work in Linux05:46
BookmanIs there a free alternative to cpanel available?05:47
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, hmm, a Ralink chipset, you might have some luck using ralink drivers, I think it might not be showing any interface could either mean no firmware or or there's errors with symbols05:47
Neon0BlueWhere can I download Ralink drivers?05:47
abhra@faron it might be a theme.try to change it from appearance05:47
abhra@hamza ok i'll05:48
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=205:48
Zusfaron,  check a compiz maybe you hit a keybinding and enabled it05:48
Neon0BlueWhich one should I get?05:48
faronabhra......can you rtell me how I would do that ?05:49
faroncompiz not installed05:49
Neon0BlueThere are 2 usb drivers.05:49
faroni always thought thatr it was part of firefox telling me the window was still loading but other signs say window is finished05:50
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, I'd try those two, one by one of course05:50
Neon0BlueTrying newer one first.05:50
Neon0BlueThanks for the help.05:51
Zusfaron,  if ccsm isnt installed then it aint thatm  :P05:51
Neon0BlueI'll tell you how it goes.05:51
faronccsm ? what exactly is that ?05:51
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, you'll probably need firmware as well, which is also available on that site05:51
abhra@faron system>preferences>appearwnces05:51
Neon0BlueUh.... Ok.05:51
sabatHow can I tell if my wireless card is installed? os:u9.10 PC:MX6453 Gateway Laptop.05:52
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, its Dlink DWA-125 right?05:52
faronabhra...does it make a difference.....i am running xubuntu05:52
Neon0BlueHow do I install the drivers form the Tar.bz2 file? lol I already extracted it but what commands do I put in terminal to make it go. Yes.05:52
psycho_oreossabat, pastebin your lspci -nnk05:52
joshuahsabat: "sudo lshw -C network" in the terminal (Applications > Accessories Terminal)05:53
linuxpjc780Hey - I have Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala).  Do I need a Bluetooth adapter to get Bluetooth to work?  Or is Ubuntu already set up with Bluetooth ready to go?05:53
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, umm you'll need to make it first05:53
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, read the README file included05:53
Neon0BlueI am.05:53
Dr_Willislinuxpjc780:  you need a bluetooth dongle/device - to use bluetooth software - yes05:53
Neon0BlueAnd confused.05:53
harisundWhy are both " linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic-pae" and " linux-image-2.6.31-19-generic-pae" installed even though uname -a says  2.6.31-19-generic-pae is the kernel being run? apt-get auto remove didn't remove the 2.6.31-14 image .. can I remove it myself?05:53
joshuahlinuxpjc780: that depends on if your computer has a bluetooth card in it, if it doesn't, you need the adapter to use bluetooth05:53
abhra@faron i'm not sure.i never tried xubuntu05:53
linuxpjc780OK - and that would probably be the case - with either Ubuntu or Windows?05:54
joshuahlinuxpjc780: yeah05:54
faronahhh,okay then thks anywayu05:54
Dr_Willislinuxpjc780:  you need a bluetooth device in the pc.. regguardless of the OS.05:54
=== opop is now known as umpop
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, found the solution, try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128991705:54
abhrais there any way to connect my nokia 5800 (s60v5) as modem with lucid?05:54
faroni'm gonna try #xubuntu see if anybody there knows anything about this thingg05:55
Neon0BlueOk I'll try that.05:55
sabatpsycho_oreos: the system is not connected to any network, kinda hard to do05:55
psycho_oreosabhra, support for that goes in #ubuntu+105:55
=== david is now known as Guest15548
psycho_oreossabat, well are you able to save the output into a file onto something like USB stick and transfer the data across?05:55
abhra@faron defitely.hope you'll find your answer.best of luck05:56
sabatjoshuah: I did that, I see "Network DISABLED" on the paragraph that is related to the wireless05:56
sabatumm... I suppose05:56
psycho_oreossabat, you do realise that if it isn't connected to internet, installing drivers will be very hard to do?05:56
pw-toxic_no one in here who knows how to change the login screen of ubuntu?05:56
Guest15548alguien k hable espanol05:56
user1_any writing software in ubuntu05:56
abhra@psycho thanks.i'll try it05:56
psycho_oreos!es | Guest1554805:56
ubottuGuest15548: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:56
sabatit seems to be installed tho05:56
TheStreetRaceris possibol add plug in firefox ed2k?05:56
sabatI am only assuming it is, because it see's the mac address.05:56
psycho_oreossabat, from where?05:56
swygueany bash pro's around, I need to store a the result of a command in variable like VAR=$(run command). This works but when I call it, like this echo $VAR. The result is I get the result twice, once when the command is executed along with the echo05:56
Dr_WillisTheStreetRacer:  theres firefox extensions for all sorts of things.05:57
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information05:57
sabatit see's the mac address in the data from the command "sudo lshw -C network" that joshuah told me to use05:57
Dr_Willispw-toxic_:  therea a few gdm2 config tools that let yiu change a few things..   see http://delicious.com/dr_willis under the gdm and gdm2 tags05:57
joshuahsabat: maybe try "ifconfig -a" and see if it's in there. you can enable it with "ifconfig ADAPTER up" where ADAPTER is your interface, usually eth0 for wired, possibly eth2 or wlan0 for wireless05:57
psycho_oreosswygue, tried #bash ?05:57
sabatbut it says "network disabled" also05:57
swyguepsycho_oreos: thanks05:58
dsnydersHi all!  kpovmodeller is screwing up.  The windows are doubling up.  See: http://imagebin.org/85792   Anyone know a fix?05:58
sabatjoshuah: I see it, wlan-, no bcast ip or anything, just blank05:58
psycho_oreossabat, if you can, try to get it hooked up to internet using cable or at the very least get the output of lspci -nnk into USB stick and paste the output on pastebin05:58
psycho_oreosswygue, np05:58
TheStreetRacerI want to associate ed2k links with firefo05:59
Remmazeim using HP TX1000 laptop running on Ubuntu 9.10, any idea how do i maximize the touch screen options....?05:59
joshuahsabat: try enabling it, "ifconfig wlan0 up" (need the number that was in "ifconfig -a")05:59
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, ah this explains why i cant find the logi options anymore since i've upgraded to 9.10 ;))06:00
linuxpjc780How do I check within Ubuntu - to see if there is an adapter already installed?06:01
psycho_oreoslinuxpjc780, depends on how its plugged in06:02
sabatI am sure this is related in some way, but I have wpa enabled on the wap, and it works just fine in windowson this same laptop, my cell phone, and my asus eeepc running suse. we all use the same pw. so I am really trying not to mess with the wpa, cuz it works on everything else arealy.06:02
sabatI am 99% sure I have entered the right options for the ssid and such...06:02
joshuahlinuxpjc780: you can use "sudo lshw -html > ~/Desktop/specs.html" in the terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) to put an html file on your desktop with your computers specs06:03
joshuahthat's a bit easier to search06:03
psycho_oreossabat, your device could either be missing the correct driver or firmware, but without you telling me the output of lspci -nnk you're making the assistance task very awkward06:03
sabatI am currently working on it, sorry06:03
sabat1 more moment please06:03
sabatjust stuck the usb drive back into my pc[the one I am on now06:04
psycho_oreossabat, you're missing firmware06:05
Squerdlokhow do I apply a cracked WEP key in hex to an AP?06:05
sabatfirmware? as in I need to update the LAPTOP?06:05
psycho_oreos!ot | Squerdlok06:05
ubottuSquerdlok: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:05
linuxpjc780OK - so I ran that sudo command - I don't see an HTML file on my desktop.  Is it hidden somewhere?06:06
abhrawell i'm using usb datacard to access net.upto intrepid,there was no problem.i just edited wvdial.conf,put my username and password and i'm ready  to go.since jaunty wvdial is not there by default.is there another way to connect to net?i mean without wvdial,how am i supposed to connect to net?06:06
sabatlike a flash update?06:06
Squerdlokthnx ubottu06:06
psycho_oreossabat, no firmware to run the device, wireless devices and other devices these days requires a firmware which is usually proprietary and not easily available without internet access and your consent to download proprietary stuff06:06
sabataaah, ok. so in otherwords, I jsut need proprietary drivers06:06
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, thanks. I have been looking for this for about 45 minutes. But the login manager isnt as good as the one from gdm1 ;( but its a start06:07
Neon0BlueI'm having an issue installing the ralink drivers06:07
sabatwell, that's lame, but I can deal with that06:07
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, the guide doesn't work?06:07
Neon0BlueDoes but.06:07
sabatI can get internet access on this easily06:07
Neon0BlueI get an install error when installing the drivers.06:07
psycho_oreossabat, well unfortunately that's broadcrap for you, best yet is to physically hook that laptop up using wired and go through hardware drivers06:07
linuxpjc780joshuah - OK - so I ran that sudo command - I don't see an HTML file on my desktop.  Is it hidden somewhere?06:07
Neon0BlueDo I need to be logged in as root or just sudo because it's not working on sudo.06:07
Neon0BlueAny advice?06:07
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, which part of the guide are you stuck?06:08
Neon0Blue"make[1]: *** [install] Error 106:08
Neon0Bluemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/richeyisok/Desktop/RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.1_20100208/os/linux'06:08
Neon0Bluemake: *** [install] Error 2"06:08
Neon0BlueThe "sudo make install" part.06:08
Neon0BlueOf installing the drivers I make06:08
psycho_oreoswell normally sudo shouldn't fail because you'll be executing that command as root06:08
ZykoticK9Neon0Blue, "make install" does require sudo -- if you did ./configure and make first, they don't require sudo06:09
Neon0BlueSo no sudo06:09
joshuahlinuxpjc780: no it shouldn't be...06:09
psycho_oreostry using sudo -i and manually navigate back to that directory with the Makefile and then try running make install06:09
Neon0BluePut in the make command and it's going.06:10
Neon0BlueI think,.06:10
ardchoilleusing sudo with make is not recommended06:10
sabatso do I just need to get internet access on it and run some updates?06:10
sabator is using the wireless entirelly hopeless?06:10
freezwayis there a channel about wine06:10
ZykoticK9Neon0Blue, do you have build-essential installed on your system (it's required for most, if not all compiling)06:10
psycho_oreossabat, well you'll need some form of internet access on the laptop before you can do any other stuff with the laptop wirelessly06:10
brjannfreezway: yes, #winehq06:10
joshuahlinuxpjc780: after > is where the file goes and the file name, so you can do something like "/home/USERNAME/Desktop/myfile.html" just to make sure it's right...06:10
ardchoillefreezway: #winehq06:10
sabatya, done06:11
sabatwhat next?06:11
Neon0Bluecp: cannot remove `/tftpboot': Permission denied06:11
Neon0Bluemake: *** [LINUX] Error 106:11
Neon0BlueI think I need sudo.06:11
psycho_oreossabat, make sure that you have an IP address on that laptop06:11
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, the tool doesnt work for me ;( the login screens dont get changed06:11
ZykoticK9Neon0Blue, your actually not giving us the real error, could you pastebin the error messages?06:11
Neon0BlueI pasted it.06:12
Neon0BlueWhat do you want me to copy.06:12
ZykoticK9Neon0Blue, sorry didn't see the tftpboot part - my bad06:12
Neon0BlueOr can you just remote desktop me.06:12
Neon0BlueWhat should I do?'06:13
Neon0BlueShould I log in as root and try installing it?06:13
freezwayno one is on the wine channel, so i'll ask here... wine isn't running my game at the correct res (warcraft 3 and 1920x1080)06:13
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, yeah I'd give it a shot, use sudo -i06:13
Neon0Bluehm ok06:13
joshuahfreezway: did you install warcraft 3? cuz you should be able to use regedit to set it, that's a warcraft 3 thing06:14
psycho_oreosyou'll also need to navigate back into where you extracted all that ralink stuff06:14
hmwfreezway: are you sure, the game itself can handle this high resolution?06:14
sabatya, I got the internet working on it now, entirely, I hooked up the wireless and setup the ip and everything, I don't run a dhcp just for the slight bit of extra security but It's up now.06:14
freezwayim curious, b/c when i had a 1440x900 moniter it didn't let me choose that, but now that i have 1920 x 1080 i can choose 1440x90006:15
linuxpjc780joshuah - OK, I missed part of your initial command instructions - I got the html.  So where in this html would it say something about a bluetooth adapter (if it is installed)?  Or how would it read?  Another thing - if I go to System --> Preferences --> Bluetooth - and it tells me no Bluetooth adapters are present - then does that for sure mean there aren't any present?06:15
psycho_oreossabat, you meant wired06:15
joshuahfreezway: http://warcraft.freakygaming.com/tutorials/running_warcraft_3_in_widescreen.html says you can edit "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Blizzard Entertainment > Warcraft III > Video" with regedit to change your resolution (in windows or wine)06:15
freezwayk i'll give it a shot06:16
sabaterr, ya06:16
sabatI got it online tho, so what was next?06:16
psycho_oreossabat, ok, open up terminal and type in sudo aptitude install fw-cutter06:16
psycho_oreos!hi | TimboSlice06:17
ubottuTimboSlice: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:17
TimboSlicethx :)06:18
linuxpjc780joshuah - I successfully generated the specs.html file.  Where would it say in this file - something about Bluetooth adapter?06:18
joshuahlinuxpjc780: that sounds like you don't have one... and I can't find mine in the html file either (and I know I have one).  does it say it's disabled in System > Preferences > Bluetooth? because that's what I have (with an internal adapter)06:18
freezwaysweet that worked thx06:18
sabatgoing slow06:18
=== matthew is now known as Guest69637
joshuahfreezway: np, but if you go into Options > Video in warcraft 3 you'll hafta reset it again ^^06:19
psycho_oreossabat, but you're now downloading it right?06:19
sabatdone now06:19
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?06:19
sabatwired tho06:19
lgcHi, what's the best app to listen to internet radio? I remember seeing preloaded long lists to choose from in one app, but I can't remember which one it was.06:19
sabatit went really really slow at the start, made me wonder if it was working, but it was working06:19
linuxpjc780joshuah - no, when I go to Bluetooth under Preferences - it tells me an adapter isn't present - that none are plugged in.  But this does not necessarily mean there isn't an internal adapter that's just disabled, right?06:20
=== homercrates is now known as Dude_Johnson
Neon0BlueI still get an install error.06:20
joshuahlgc: vlc will do that, sometimes you can find a .pls file that will open with it (di.fm), or just open the site from vlc06:20
Neon0Blue"cp: cannot stat `/home/richeyisok/Desktop/RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.1_20100208/RT3070STA.dat': No such file or directory06:20
Neon0Bluemake[1]: *** [install] Error 106:20
Neon0Bluemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/richeyisok/Desktop/RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.1_20100208/os/linux'06:20
Neon0Bluemake: *** [install] Error 2"06:20
FloodBot2Neon0Blue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
psycho_oreossabat, that's ok, umm, check inside /lib/firmware to see if there's a directory named b43 and inside that directory named b43 if there are files starting with b0g006:20
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, you'll need to download the extra files06:20
hamzais the gnome channel ##gnome? i tried typing in just gnome after the "#" and it went directly to ##gnome06:20
Neon0BlueExtra files?06:20
BertikNeed help here please with mount command. As a root I have mounted ( mount /dev/sde1 /mount ) HDD. I have created a file there over ssh ( Putty ). I can see the file over the Putty terminal. I have logged to the box from another box with standard GUI file browser Nautilus ( File-->Connect To Server ) over SSH as a root. I do not see the file created over Putty..... Why?06:21
phrogHas anyone been able to get libflashplayer.so to work for firefox under Ubuntu 9.10 ppc?06:21
lgcjoshuah, but I can't find lists in vlc. Only the input for the stream address.06:21
joshuahlinuxpjc780: that sounds like you don't have one, you can check in your bios (tap F12 on boot up for dell users, it should say ___ for Setup in the corner of your screen) and see if it's there, but I don't think you have one (you'd need the adapter)06:22
sabatthere is not a folder called b43, I checked multiple times to be sure06:22
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, wait, your uncompressed stuff might not be complete06:22
Neon0BlueCan someone just remote desktop me?06:22
Neon0BlueI'm lost.06:23
linuxpjc780joshuah - K, yeah - I don't have Dell - I have IBM, so ...  I can always check for it in Windows too ...06:23
theadminAre debian packages... archives of some kind?06:23
psycho_oreossabat, try navigating into hardware drivers and give it a shot06:23
IdleOneNeon0Blue: not really a good idea to allow remote access to a random stranger on irc.06:24
Neon0BlueValid point.06:24
Neon0BlueBut I'm lost.06:24
Neon0BlueAnd I don't have much to loose.06:24
IdleOneNeon0Blue: with?06:24
Neon0BlueWith my D-Link USB device.06:24
=== backdoor is now known as opTy
joshuahlgc: yeah, I think you need to find em beforehand, there might be sites out there for that. googling around I found http://www.streamfinder.com/06:24
IdleOneNeon0Blue: being lost is the best way to find your way around Linux :)06:25
Neon0BlueI know.06:25
joshuahlinuxpjc780: okay, you might check on windows too, and possibly in your bios (when you start up)06:25
Neon0BlueBut apparently I'm missing files that I don't know where to get or anything.06:25
lgcjoshuah, thank. I'll take a look.06:25
IdleOneNeon0Blue: what files?06:25
Neon0BlueSomeone who can SEE whats going on may help.06:25
Neon0BlueI think06:25
joshuahlgc: yeah06:25
FloodBot2Neon0Blue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:25
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, yeah that is it06:25
linuxpjc780joshuah - do you know how to access BIOS on an IBM Thinkpad?06:26
Neon0BlueWhere can I get it?06:26
psycho_oreosit should normally be under that same directory, try searching for it06:26
theadminNeon0Blue: Might be a good idea to check manufacturer's site, i dunno06:26
Neon0BlueI have that?06:26
psycho_oreosmm probably not a good idea to rename06:27
joshuahlinuxpjc780: I don't, but it might say (probably "setup") when you see the IBM logo when you startup your computer, and it's probably on their website or google.  be careful when in the setup too, it's easy to mes things up :P06:27
IdleOneNeon0Blue: what model?06:27
psycho_oreosDWA-125 IdleOne06:27
Neon0BlueFCC ID: KA2WA125A206:28
psycho_oreosI found a guide here but he's having issues with it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128991706:28
Neon0BlueI can't run the make install command because it's missing the .dat file06:29
manuel5tengo algunos problemitas con ubuntu a ver si algunos de ustedes me pueden colaborar06:30
joshuah!ask | manuel506:30
ubottumanuel5: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:30
skullcandyHey guys, does anyone know how to convert OGV to gif?06:30
psycho_oreos!cl | manuel506:30
psycho_oreos!co | manuel506:31
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?06:31
psycho_oreos!es | manuel506:31
ubottumanuel5: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:31
sensaeanyone here use dm-raid?06:31
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, I'd try renaming that file that you were talking about, it seems like RT3070.DAT doesn't exist06:31
skullcandyDoes anyone know how to convert ogv to gif?!?!?06:32
demonsporkskullcandy, Google probably does06:32
skullcandyNO!!! i just searched google dude.06:32
ZykoticK9skullcandy, looks like mplayer/mencoder can do it with "mplayer video.nut -vo gif89a:fps=15:output=test.gif"06:33
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
IdleOnepsycho_oreos: since you are helping Neon0Blue you should take a look at this also http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128991706:33
skullcandycan i have a better explanation of how to do that? :S06:34
joshuahskullcandy: ogv + gif, image formats? can GIMP do it?06:34
skullcandy:S not sure Joshuah06:34
freezwayi dont think gimp can06:34
psycho_oreosIdleOne, lol same link06:34
IdleOnepsycho_oreos: ok :)06:34
joshuahI thought ogv was video06:34
freezwayit is06:34
skullcandyOgv is video, i don't have audio for the clip i just want it as gif06:34
IdleOnepsycho_oreos: didn't see you posted it already06:34
joshuahyou can take a screenshot with totem then convert it to a giv, what does it show when you double click it?06:34
skullcandyogv is the output from gtk record my desktop06:34
psycho_oreosIdleOne, np06:34
joshuahanimated gif?06:35
joshuahI c06:35
joshuah1m lol (google)06:35
theadminogv is an Ogg Video, not an animated gif o_O06:35
skullcandy i just did for like 15 minuets..... :@06:35
psycho_oreosskullcandy, you need mplayer/mencoder package, grab those first before trying to convert anything06:35
skullcandyumk will do06:35
joshuahskullcandy: 2 heads are better than 1 :P06:35
rastasean hello guys. can i get help. i'm trying to send a file on my system via ssh. its a rather large file but ftp is not enabled on the other computer. I have read about the scp but itsn't working for me06:36
psycho_oreosrastasean, you could try sshfs06:36
Neon0Blueok need to uninstall ndiswrapper06:36
skullcandyI will confirm if this works after i convert the file.06:36
rastaseanpsycho, what is sshfs?06:36
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, first unload it from modules, then blacklist it and then remove it06:36
psycho_oreosrastasean, ssh file system, allows you to navigate around places inside ssh and copy and paste files if need be06:37
rastaseanpsycho, does it need to be installed on the client (person receiving)06:37
psycho_oreos!sshfs | rastasean06:37
ubotturastasean: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS06:37
skullcandymplayer failed to isntall06:38
psycho_oreosyes if the client doesn't know how to use scp or winscp or whatever06:38
slimjimflimanybody know of a cli html parser that will output a url to stdout?06:38
psycho_oreosskullcandy, and how did you go about installing it?06:38
Neon0BlueWhat's the delete command in terminal? lol06:38
skullcandyin ubuntu software then clicked install06:38
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, rm06:38
theadminNeon0Blue: rm06:38
skullcandyupdate manager popped up brb06:38
psycho_oreosskullcandy, what are the errors06:38
usserslimjimflim, html parser? like displaying raw html?06:39
skullcandyoh, i just closed it my bad :(06:39
skullcandywant me to reinstall then pastebin the errors?06:39
slimjimflimusser: it needs to input an html file and output the all urls or output the first url06:39
psycho_oreosskullcandy, yes that'll be more ideal06:40
slimjimflim*output 'all the urls'06:40
slimjimflimeither way06:40
skullcandyInstalling again pyscho :)06:40
quietonejoin #freenode06:40
slimjimflimi tried looking at some sed examples on it but it was super complicated06:41
skullcandy@Quietone, Why?06:41
slimjimflimand the #regex ppl say to get an html parser06:41
theadminquietone: You forgot the slash i think06:41
skullcandymplayer media player is installed now06:42
quietonetheadmin: yes, i think i have what is called and love and hate relationship with irc06:42
MHz128Apparently VLC can play encrypted DVD movies... it doesnt work on my system, how do I play DVD movies? legitimate store-bought ones06:42
theadminquietone: lo wut... whatever06:42
psycho_oreosskullcandy, you'll still need mencoder, w32codecs, etc06:42
quietonetheadmin: I don't know what that means06:42
dj_segfaultMHz128: Get thee to medibuntu.com06:42
usserslimjimflim, just grep for <a href or something06:42
tmukmkdwhy sometimes my speaker will make a strange sound? like "thub, thub" but when i open any media player the sound vanish~ ( ̄▼ ̄;)06:43
theadmindj_segfault: medibuntu.org06:43
ZykoticK9skullcandy, the quality of the animated gif produced by mplayer are pretty terrible... 256 colour and framerate seems totally messed06:43
skrapssed isnt too bad , you just need to study. its one of those things that you really need to learn how to use it before you use it06:43
Neon0Bluebrb going to restart.06:43
usserslimjimflim, ie curl something.org | grep "<a href"06:43
dj_segfaultThanks. Right06:43
MHz128dj_segfault, is that the correct url?06:43
MHz128oh ok. got it06:43
slimjimflimusser: i already did that, but i get the whole line...i need to set the url as a variable in my bash script06:43
slimjimflimusser: i need to extract just the url06:44
=== che is now known as Guest20892
dj_segfaultMHz128: No, theadmin corrected me it's medibuntu.org06:44
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?06:44
quietoneskullcandy: because I want to know about ! commands I see. And btw, what is the @ for?06:45
ZykoticK9MHz128, this might help http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/enable-dvd-video-playback06:45
MHz128great! thank you!06:45
Neon0BlueOk nothing.06:45
bullgardtmukmkd: "sometimes" is no exact description.06:46
theadminIs putting a script to start up HTTPD in /etc/init.d fine?06:46
Neon0Bluepsycho_oreos can you Remote Desktop me and help me out?06:46
claptrapAnyone here got any experience with Kongregate.com? ;D06:47
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, not an ideal solution06:47
Neon0BlueBut I have no clue what's wrong.06:47
Neon0BlueAnd maybe by you seeing what's going on you can come up with a solution.06:47
joshuahtheadmin: there's not a script for it already there?06:48
theadminjoshuah: I belive there ain't, i compiled it from source and installed into my home's subfolder06:48
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, I'd prefer ssh, remote desktop takes too much bandwidth06:48
Neon0BlueWhat should I put into gSTM.06:49
mhaedohey everyone06:49
Neon0BlueThat's my SSH app.06:49
theadminHi, mhaedo06:49
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, you'll need to run ssh server06:50
joshuahtheadmin: sure, you can do whatever you want, but be careful with it.  it'll need to be executable (chown +x /etc/init.d/yourhttpdfile) and you might want to back up anything important first06:50
Neon0BlueUh lost.06:50
poi77Hi! I have a Makefile.in file that refers to "Include directories for the compiler" and is defaulting to /opt/local/include   What do I need to use for ubuntu?06:50
tmukmkdbullgard owh. how can i describe it? because it not always happen at all time -_-'06:50
mhaedowould anyone here mind giving a few pointers with restoring my grub2?  i'm familiar with grub legacy, but grub2 with LVMs is really throwing me for a loop06:50
claptrapWhat's the difference between chown and chmod? .-.06:50
theadminjoshuah: Oh, so i need to +x it, good point, i'd forget that for sure06:50
=== claptrap is now known as Claptrap
theadminclaptrap: chown changes ownership, chmod changes permissions06:51
psycho_oreosclaptrap, chown is to change ownership of file, chmod changes the various read write execute bits, sticky bits, etc06:51
mhaedoi've looked at several howtos and tutorials, but i'm a bit confused06:51
joshuahtheadmin: chmod >.<, sorry06:51
theadminjoshuah: Well, lol, i didn't even notice that typo06:51
psycho_oreoss/file/file\ and\ directory06:51
Hellhound666claptrap:  chown - change ownership chmod - change permissions06:51
Hellhound666oh sorry didn't see that06:52
ClaptrapSeemed logical, but since he did the +x and was talking about making it executable... I just wanted to be sure.06:52
joshuahtheadmin: it's an 18 hr day for me so far :P, I'm a little out of it right now06:52
psycho_oreosNeon0Blue, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH06:52
mhaedoanyone at all mind lending a hand with grub2?06:52
ClaptrapSounds like you might want to sleep, sir.06:52
Hellhound666I got a question is there any distro at all or maybe an old ubuntu that I can put on my old compcrap laptop06:53
Hellhound666and update it from there06:53
ClaptrapUbuntu Netbook Remix!06:53
theadminHellhound666: Maybe Xubuntu...06:53
bullgardtmukmkd: Tell us the settings of PulseAudio and AlsaMixer and on what of their settings will your strange sound appear and on what settings not.06:53
joshuahmhaedo: you can install it with grub-install /dev/yourhddhere.  you can edit /etc/default/grub to your liking then run "update-grub" to update grub.cfg.  it's usually under a different package than the older grub (I think one's grub, the other's grub-pc)06:54
ClaptrapIsn't Netbook Remix optimized for older PCs?06:54
ClaptrapOptimized for netbooks.06:54
Hellhound666theadmin:  thanks I'll give it a try06:54
mhaedojoshuah: thanks for the pointer...i've read that in a few HOWTOs06:54
joshuahmhaedo: ok ^^, it took me awhile for me to be able to do anything with it too... was used to the ole menu.lst06:54
mhaedojoshuah: i'm still a bit confused.  my /boot partition is /dev/sda1 and my root partition is a logical volume in an LVM on /dev/sda206:55
mhaedojoshuah: that's what's complicating things.06:55
joshuahmhaedo: oh... I wouldn't know about that. maybe --root-directory=/boot/something? (or, on a livecd, /media/disk/something)?06:56
mhaedosee that's the problem06:56
Hellhound666theadmin:  do you suggest a version?  it's a Presario 700 compaq 20gig hdd I think a 1ghz processor06:56
=== tweak is now known as Guest37323
ClaptrapI don't trust LiveCDs just now.06:56
mhaedowhen you use the --root-directory flag it assumes that your /boot is within that root directory06:56
psycho_oreosHellhound666, how much RAM?06:56
mhaedomy /boot is a seperate partition from my root directory06:56
mhaedoso if i do that it installs grub in /boot/grub, which is actually /boot/boot/grub06:57
mhaedowell if i use sda1 as my root directory that is06:57
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?06:57
Guest37323!nick EMTw3@k06:57
avemariahaving problems with 'lock screen', it gets activated even though i am working on laptop. how to stop this buggy behaviour06:57
joshuahmhaedo: you might want to try #grub sometime tomorrow. if you can get a hold of phcoder he's pro.  I think he's a grub developer06:57
Hellhound666oh sorry 256mb06:57
misterBHelp, anyone... I was following the tutorial found here: http://www.khattam.info/2009/11/08/solved-dsl-pppoe-not-able-to-connect-in-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/ and got through it all only to find out that it broke network manager rather than fixing it, and now I can't use wireless or ethernet. Network manager says wired devices are not managed, and wireless sees network but continues trying to connect without success.06:57
mhaedoand i'm not sure how i'd even refer to my actual root directory which is a logical volume instead of a normal parttion06:57
NimbleRabitis there a way for me to open a gui text editor to edit a remote file (through ssh)06:57
mhaedoi miss grub legacy and normal partitions06:58
joshuahmhaedo: you can boot to a livecd, mount it, then use the logical volume for the disk, and the directory for --root-directory06:58
IkagaraI have a question. I am on 64bit ubuntu, and i am trying ot find, and download some 32bit librarys (to solve some compatiiblity issues with a applicaiton i use) but im not sure where to find them. I was thinking i sould the soruce list, or package manager to download and reinstal a library to its 32bit version.06:58
ardchoilleNimbleRabit: now's a good time to get used to cli text editors :)06:58
dj_segfaultavemaria: Why shouldn't it work on a laptop?06:58
bullgardmisterB: First reboot and tell the results.06:59
NimbleRabitardchoille, somehow I knew that was going to be the answer06:59
mhaedojoshuah: but then it would install grub to a /boot folder in my root directory which still doesn't work because i have a seperate partition for /boot, it's not a directory on my root logical volume06:59
misterBbullgard: I've tried that06:59
mhaedojoshuah: so complicated for something that is so simple :(06:59
joshuahIkagara: this looks like it might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92807006:59
avemariadJ: its working but infact overworking even when i type this message the screen get locked and i have to unlock it06:59
bullgard!wireless | misterB06:59
ubottumisterB: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:59
Claptrapmhaedo: My Windows 7 install just blew itself up trying to run a defrag.06:59
=== Guest37323 is now known as EMTTweak
ClaptrapFeel free to feel better about your life now.07:00
avemariadj: i have disabled the screensavers increased the idle time07:00
misterBbullgard: what about ethernet?07:00
dj_segfaultavemaria: In system --> preference --> power management?07:00
joshuahmhaedo: yeah... but I think it's some combination of using/not using /dev/sda and a # and --root-directory... like in the old grub how you could install to a partition (hd0,0) instead of a harddrive (hd0)07:00
WizardOfOzHi folks I need help lol... erm how do I configure my USR Robotics External 56k Modem :( no lights come on it or anything on UBuntu pls help07:01
joshuaheither way, I bet phcoder in #grub can help you if he's not too busy ^^07:01
mhaedojoshuah: i've actually managed to get grub2 on my MBR07:01
mhaedojoshuah: i just cant boot it07:01
bullgardmisterB: Have a look in dmesg. I am sure it mentions a bug (wrong configuration) of ehernet (eth0 probably).07:01
Jordan_Umhaedo, What are you trying to do?07:01
mhaedojoshuah: i cant get it to understand my partitioning and logical volume scheme07:01
joshuahmhaedo: how do you know?07:01
joshuahohh... is that an LVM thing?07:01
avemariadj: display to to sleep is set for 30 minutes but this is happening after every 5-6 minutes07:01
quietonewho are the owners of the bots?07:02
mhaedojoshuah: i boot to a prompt that says sh:grub> or something07:02
mtx_initthe eastern Europeans07:02
mhaedoJordan_U: ok, here's what i'm trying to do..07:02
pw-toxic_i have sent my computer to suspend, but i cant start it anymore?!07:02
pw-toxic_when i press the power button, nothing happens07:02
mhaedoJordan_U: i set up a fresh ubuntu 9.10 install on a new box07:02
pw-toxic_i have a thinkpad lenovo edge notebook07:02
mhaedoJordan_U: proceeded to install win7, as i've done many times07:02
Cappyfolks, how are the ATI drivers in karmic? Radeon Express 200M in a notebook.07:02
ClaptrapGrub2 is an evil, evil monster.07:02
mhaedoJordan_U: i've never had a problem restoring grub before07:02
mhaedoJordan_U: but this time I'm using grub2 as well as logical volumes07:03
joshuahquietone: you might find some info on that here: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi07:03
bullgardClaptrap: Your statement is not helpful.07:03
mhaedoJordan_U: i have /boot as it's own primary partition on /dev/sda1, and the rest of my filesystem as seperate logical volumes in an LVM on /dev/sda207:03
avemariaany help guys this has become really irritating07:03
mhaedoJordan_U: i cannot figure out how to install grub and make it recognize my /boot partition and root filesystem as a logical volume in an LVM on /dev/sda207:03
mhaedoJordan_U: i07:04
Claptrapbullgard: Sorry? /=07:04
mhaedoi've followed a few howtos to reinstall it, but they don't really apply to my partitioning scheme07:04
Dr_Willisi thought /boot couldent  be on a lvm... but i may be wrong07:04
brjannavemaria: check System > Preferences > Screensaver. display power management is separate from the screensaver settings07:04
Hellhound666mhaedo:  reinstall grub07:04
misterBbullgard: it was all working before I tried the tutorial. Any idea where the configuration files are that would have gotten messed up? Don't see anything in dmesg07:04
Hellhound666oh sorry07:04
Hellhound666find /boot/grub/stage 107:04
avemariabrjann: ive checked it and i have disabled all the settings07:04
mhaedoHellhound666: i have, but apparently incorrectly07:04
skrapsi heard that ubuntu is veering away from the "netbook remix" name im looking for the development beta release of the netbook edition07:04
avemariastill its happening07:04
Hellhound666find /boot/grub/stage107:05
Dr_Willispw-toxic_: hold down power button for a few secs.. then release.. then hit it again perhaps.07:05
Hellhound666that will show your hd07:05
Jordan_Umhaedo, Try this link: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide07:05
bullgardmisterB: Nopaste your dmesg, please.07:05
joshuahmhaedo: have you seen this one yet? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130440707:05
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, no didnt work.. i had to hard kill my computer07:05
pw-toxic_Dr_Willis, i tried it several times.. seems like suspend doesnt work.. this is a kill feature for a notebook ;(07:05
quietonejoshuah: thanks, that is helping07:05
Hellhound666root (hd0,0) or whatever press enter07:05
mhaedojoshuah: i've always considered myself to be fairly proficient with google, but no, i didn't find that one07:06
Jordan_UDr_Willis, It can with grub2, but mhaedo is using a separate non lvm /boot anyway ( which makes sense ).07:06
joshuahquietone: yeah, anytime07:06
mhaedojoshuah: looks promising, i'm gonna go read it07:06
rastaseani am looking for software that will capture images from 1394 video camera and ftp to a site. anyone know of such software?07:06
joshuahmhaedo: sweet, the search I did was (google) "ubuntu grub2 lvm" without quotes07:06
Hellhound666mhadeo then setup (hd 1,3) <-- whatever your hd is07:06
mhaedojoshuah: i could swear i googled the exact same thing07:07
tekso whats the topic of the day?07:07
=== tek is now known as Guest78813
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?07:07
WizardOfOzHi folks I need help lol... erm how do I configure my USR Robotics External 56k Modem :( no lights come on it or anything on UBuntu pls help07:07
Hellhound666mhaedo:  that should work07:07
mhaedojoshuah: that thread matches my partitioning scheme exactly, except i have seperate logical volumes for /home and /07:07
mhaedojoshuah: it'll probably tell me what I need, reading it now07:07
joshuahrastasean: you're looking for something to do that all in one step? otherwise there are ftp clients and I'm sure there is firewire camera software07:07
joshuahmhaedo: awesome, good luck07:07
sixofourhow do you change a filetype icon in kde?07:08
Guest78813why does it change me to guest?07:08
sixofourlike for mp307:08
misterBbullgard: http://paste.ubuntu.com/385536/07:08
ClaptrapGuest78813: Means that name is taken by someone else.07:08
mhaedoubuntu runs like a beast on my new laptop.  so happy with it, cant wait to boot it again :)07:08
fahimhello everyone07:08
Guest78813it said failed to identify in time07:08
tmukmkdbullgard thanks for your respond. that sound are not appear rite now. if that sound come again i will post it rite here to get the help how can i troubleshoot it :D07:08
=== faileas_ is now known as faileas
Guest78813how can i pick a new one without discconecting07:09
mhaedoi started running linux about 14 years ago with RedHat 4.2.  quite a different experience these days :)07:09
ClaptrapGuest78813: Well, if that's your name, you need to identify with NickServ.07:09
Hellhound666./nick name07:09
joshuahmhaedo: wow, I only started a few year ago... and am glad I did07:09
rastaseanjoshuah, good point. do you know a good camera software? most i have searched for are about extrating video from camera07:09
mhaedojoshuah: you're lucky07:09
fahimhey guys im getting a netbook soon and idk if i should install ubuntu on it or windows xp07:09
bullgardtmukmkd: Right. --  Good luck!07:09
rastaseanfahim, ubuntu07:09
joshuahrastasean: well, cheese is a good webcam if your camera is considered that... it's a firewire camera then?07:10
willwhfahim: ever used linux before?07:10
rastaseanfahim, what are you using the laptop for?07:10
mhaedojoshuah: ubuntu is so easy.  i had networking and video out of the box.  that, to me, is amazing07:10
willwhwhat are your requirements?07:10
=== Guest78813 is now known as _cached
fahimwell im using ubunti now07:10
rastaseanjoshauah, yes, firewire07:10
mhaedojoshuah: not to mention nvidia drivers that actually work properly07:10
rastaseanfahim, do you like the ubuntu so far?07:10
fahimi'm mostly using the netbook when i go to classes07:10
Claptrapmhaedo: I remember when Linux was not so friendly.07:10
joshuahmhaedo: oh I believe you, I don't even go to other distros for very long cuz I can just do 2 things on this one and I'm ready to go07:10
mhaedoi can use my nvidia geforce gtx 280m to it's full capabilities07:10
misterBbullgard: my ethernet was on eth1 last time I checked.07:10
fahimya its pretty cool07:10
_cachedme2, but mines 9800m gts07:11
ClaptrapI was frightened to come back to Linux after past experiences.07:11
fahimi installed compiz and cairo dock07:11
ClaptrapBut Ubuntu gave me a very pleasant surprise.07:11
bullgardmisterB: Ok. --  Let me read the dmesg output.07:11
fahimmy desktop looks like linux now07:11
joshuahrastasean: okay, have you tried cheese? do you have a camera model #/name you want to give out?07:11
_cachedpeople tell you go back to windows and such?07:11
fahimi mean mac lol07:11
quietonejoshuah: Now I know that Ubottu bot is female. I like that.  ( and I found what I was looking for)07:11
faileasClaptrap: it is both that the OS has gotten easier, and you have gotten better skills ;p07:12
joshuahquietone: good deal, did you come across what language Ubottu is written in by chance?07:12
Jordan_Ujoshuah, python07:12
rastaseanjoshuah, sony dcr-trv30 its a camcorder with firewire/usb. i tried cheese for a min or so but it didn't do anything. no video displayed07:12
joshuahthanks Jordan_U07:12
_cachedwhat is the little footprint a symbol of?07:13
joshuahrastasean: this looks a little dated, but it seems to be the same camera and firewire http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64582607:13
Jordan_Ujoshuah, You're welcome.07:14
misterBbullgard: going to restart. be right back.07:14
bullgardmisterB: Ok.07:14
quietonejoshuah: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots  shows python.07:15
rastaseanjoshuah: you don't get paid enough07:15
joshuahquietone, Jordan_U: thanks, it's cool to see what language bots are written in ^^07:15
rastaseanjoshuah: i'll try using this app more for this purpose07:15
joshuahrastasean: lol, did it work?07:15
rastaseanjoshuah: i have this app and it played video earlier so i'll try about having it capture a frame every x seconds07:16
dumontload average: 12.43, 11.42, 8.5107:17
joshuahrastasean: okay, so Kino is working? or cheese? (just so I know ;D)07:17
WizardOfOzHi folks I need help lol... erm how do I configure my USR Robotics External 56k Modem :( no lights come on it or anything on UBuntu pls help07:17
rastaseanload average: 0.02, 0.01, 0.0007:17
Zustesting 12...07:17
mhaedoWizardOfOz: 56k modems still exist?07:17
WizardOfOzI need it badly07:18
* Zus is wondering is anyone seeing this 07:18
WizardOfOzFor Fax and Travel07:18
Jordan_UZus, No07:18
_cachedlets see if multi display will work as flawlessly07:18
ZusJordan_U:  thank you kindly07:18
mhaedoWizardOfOz: i'm not sure i could be of much help, i'm sorry.07:19
zaneanyone have experiance with vnc? im using vino but it is pretty laggy07:19
mhaedowoohoo, back to my ubuntu partition!07:19
misterBbullgard: Okay, I'm back, and wireless is working. I uninstalled network-manager, removed the ppa repository, and reinstalled network-manager from the default repositories. However, I still cannot manage ethernet connections with network-manager07:20
_cachedwhats the Enable xinerama tick about?07:20
joshuahmhaedo: grats!07:20
bullgardmisterB: Ok. Let me read your dmesg log through.07:20
mhaedojoshuah: thanks for your help, much appreciated07:20
joshuahWizardOfOz: do you have any way to test it's not the hardware?  try "sudo lshw -C modem" and see if that spits out anything interesting in a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)07:21
misterBbullgard: do you want a new one?07:21
joshuahmhaedo: np, I'm getting better at grub stuff :P07:21
bullgardmisterB: Yes, please. The last one may be obsolete after your modifications.07:22
mhaedo[afk]i love this laptop07:22
mhaedoso much more than this laptop07:22
=== mhaedo[afk] is now known as mhaedo
WizardOfOzjoshuah: trying07:22
mhaedosuch a beast.  i can compile an android kernel in 3 minutes :)07:23
mhaedoi cant wait to see how long it takes to recompile a linux kernel :)07:23
misterBbullgard: http://paste.ubuntu.com/385542/07:23
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde407:23
mhaedoperfectly smooth compiz with absolutely no tearing.  so refreshing07:23
joshuahWizardOfOz: ok thanks, I don't know if that'll work.. so if it doesn't try "sudo lshw -html > ~/Desktop/specs.html" and open specs.html from your desktop07:24
joshuahmhaedo: what kind of laptop is it?07:24
zanei just had to turn my compiz off to get my vnc to work07:24
mhaedojoshuah: it's a sager 8690 (built on clevo w860cu)07:24
joshuahmhaedo: wow I don't know anything about that lol07:25
WizardOfOzThe modem is like dead07:25
mhaedojoshuah: i7 820qm, 4GB DDR3-1333 (i dont need more than 4GB), nvidia geforce gtx 280M, full HD 1080p07:25
joshuahWizardOfOz: nothing from the first one?07:25
joshuahmhaedo: it's a monster07:25
joshuahhow much did that run ya?07:25
mhaedojoshuah: got a STEAL, brand new for $140007:26
joshuahWizardOfOz: how about the second one? can you search "specs.html" in firefox (ctrl + f) for the modem?07:26
mhaedojoshuah: retail with tax and shipping it would have been about $240007:26
joshuahmhaedo: wow, that's crazy... got a link for me?07:26
WizardOfOztrying with scanmodem07:26
Dr_Williszane:  vnc and compiz = not a good combo :)07:26
joshuahlol, I gotta see this for myself07:26
mhaedojoshuah: www.ebay.com :)07:26
bullgardmisterB: Yes, please. You have an 'nForce ethernet driver' which I am not familiar with.  (line 667) What does show '~$ ifconfig' about eth0 now?07:27
joshuahxD, makes sense07:27
misterBbullgard: it doesn't even list it.07:28
joshuahWizardOfOz: what happened? nothing came out? there is no terminal? there's no html file? there's nothing about a modem in the html file?07:28
WizardOfOzits okay i ll buy a new stupid modem07:28
WizardOfOzjosh nop07:28
joshuahWizardOfOz: >.<, ok gl07:28
misterBbullgard: i'm guessing pppoeconf is the culprit.07:28
joshuahsry, didn't know what nop meant07:28
tek__whats a good external wifi adapter?07:28
bullgardmisterB: Ah! Strange. Just a second.07:28
tek__That would offer most modes07:29
joshuahwell I have to be up later, night ubuntuers07:29
Neon0BlueI honestly need someones help with this D-link07:29
Neon0BlueI can't get it working.07:30
knoppixhelo.. can anyone really helpful help me with  some lame shit_07:30
=== knoppix is now known as eXXe
zaneany one know a better vnc server then vino -- vino seams slow07:30
Dr_Willisand the issue is eXXe ?07:30
faileaszane: dump vnc for nx07:31
Dr_Williszane:  i use a dedicated vnc server like tightvnc.  and i dont normally share the 'current' desktop07:31
bullgardmisterB: I agree that ppoeconf might be the culprit. But I do not know for sure.07:31
eXXemy bootmeny doesent like my xubuntu so i get to console after a while07:31
Hellhound666theadmin:  Hey everything is running smoothly so far with Xubuntu07:31
misterBbullgard: here's the output of ifconfig - http://paste.ubuntu.com/385545/07:31
Dr_Williszane:  also lighter windowmanager/desktops are better for vnc07:31
tek__Does anyone have a reccomendation for an external USB wifi adapter?07:31
eXXeand have problem mounting and installering win in linux]07:31
faileastek__: one moment07:31
dsnydersIs there a good chat channel for kpovmodeler?07:32
zaneso xfce would show me an improvement07:32
eXXefaileas. my xubuntu cd starts installning for just a moment and then quits and i get to console. i got it on both cd and usb/stick07:32
Neon0BlueCan someone make a .deb for me? Because I CAN NOT get the ralink drivers installed through their source.07:32
tek__sounds like source file is corrupt07:33
faileastek__ http://www.edimax.com/en/produce%5Fdetail.php?pd%5Fid=8&pl1%5Fid=1&pl2%5Fid=4407:33
Neon0BlueI downloaded it twice.07:33
Neon0BlueAnd tried other versions.07:33
eXXeits the 10/14th i have taken home07:33
faileastek__: best adaptor i have ever owned. Master mode in windows, works without a glitch in linux ;)07:33
Neon0BlueIt's missing a file or something.07:33
bullgardmisterB: I saw that eth0 or eth1 are missing. --  Try '~$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'. Does this work?07:33
eXXei checked for bac tracks on the cd.. both with img burn and ubuntu07:33
eXXeeverything ok07:33
eXXei read that olde rmoderbordscould have some kinda problem07:34
faileaseXXe: tried a net install disk?07:34
faileasalso eXXe : any errors?07:34
Dr_WilliseXXe:  you did check md5sums ?07:34
eXXefaileas: tried ubuntu, xbuntu and knoppix.. knoppix worked but it rally sucks07:34
faileastek__: i'd also refer you to http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk/products/wireless/07:34
eXXeim wondering now if i can install my xubuntu from my usbstick07:35
bullgardHow can I set my Empathy so that it will show Geolocation service results?07:35
eXXein knoppix_07:35
faileaseXXe: a specific error message would help. I'd also suggest giving the LTS a shot, just to see07:35
ashahello there.. i m using ubuntu 9.10 from last four months in my dell vostro 9.10 and today morning suddenly keyboard n touchpad stopped working, any idea??07:35
eXXefaileas. no errors.. didnt do the memorny test thou.. it took hours07:35
Neon0BlueI need a simple and easy way to install drivers for my Dlink DWA-125 USB device.07:35
misterBbullgard: no change07:35
tek__How do I know if it supports promiscuous mode?07:35
eXXetalking to me _07:36
bullgardasha: Please repeat your question here adding dmesg output log (nopaste).07:36
eXXetek: any idea how im gonna install xubuntu from my usbdrive?07:37
faileastek__: its a rt73 - so i believe so, since the 2x00 driver (which is now part of the kernel) apparently supports it07:37
ashakeyboard and touchpad stopd working suddenly this morning in my ubuntu9.1007:37
bullgardmisterB: Try '~$ sudo mii-tool' followed by '~$ sudo dhclient eth0'." If eth0 does not work, try eth1.07:37
faileaseXXe: also. did you try the alternate installer disks?07:37
tek__you would have to change your bios settings07:37
sensaeMy fresh install of ubuntu won't boot past "GRUB"07:37
tek__1st to boot your usb07:37
faileasasha: tried it with a livecd or another os?07:37
eXXefailreas. im little slow ive been drinking .. but i do my best.. i tried alternate xubuntu and desktop and netbook remix07:38
ashafaileas, in windows its working, didnt checked with live cd07:38
faileaseXXe: do NOT EVER troubleshoot drunk07:38
eXXei dont. just little bit07:38
priyank_i am having ubunt 8.04lts installed on my external hdd and i wann to make my installed os an usb portable one but the problem is that the os boots completely on my system but on other system it gets hanged up on booting can any one suggest me the solution07:38
faileasasha: ok, that rules out hardware failure. do external keyboards and mice work?07:39
eXXecan i install some app so i can bootup from my usbdrive?07:39
priyank_hello is anybody there to help me out07:39
ashafaileas, yep07:39
eXXepip pip07:39
* faileas totally forgot what he wanted to ask next07:40
rzx237is there any command to install ubuntu from command line? because ubiquity just failed.07:40
priyank_ i am having ubunt 8.04lts installed on my external hdd and i wann to make my installed os an usb portable one but the problem is that the os boots completely on my system but on other system it gets hanged up on booting can any one suggest me the solution07:40
bullgard!patience | priyank_07:40
ubottupriyank_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:40
priyank_ ok07:41
faileaspriyank_: i don't think a 'proper' install is meant to switch between systems. some info about the systems would help as well07:41
kyleabakercan someone tell me where the Ubuntu 10.04 development channel is?07:41
leopardHello fellow Ubuntu users! I have a question. How do I unify the two Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 splash screens? To clarify, after I select Ubuntu from the GRUB2 menu, a black background comes up with a white Ubuntu logo in the middle. After that, the brown xsplash comes up with a loading bar, and than the desktop. Well, what I want to do is have my own splash screen, just one of them, come up from the time Ubuntu is selected from the GRUB2 menu07:41
leopard, to the the I get my desktop. I have searched all over Google for the answer and posted on various Linux forums, all in search of the answer...Could you guys help me? Thanks in Advance! :)07:41
eXXeit sounds like my problem _07:41
Hellhound666I've had that problem too.  I installed mandrake on my external usb drive and same thing.07:42
kyleabakerwhere is the Ubuntu 10.04 development channel is?07:42
Hellhound666Until I changed the boot order to internal hdd then external.07:42
ZykoticK9leopard, just an FYI but what you are describing sounds just like what Plymouth does in Lucid...07:42
Hellhound666rather it skipped internal and went to my external when it was powered on.07:42
misterBbullgard: now I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/385548/07:42
faileas>_> i thought plymouth just failed .. might be cause i run the server build tho07:42
nomad77kyleabaker: #ubuntu+1 i think07:43
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, lucid discussion/support in #ubuntu+1 (are you really looking for the development channel, don't know that one)07:43
Hellhound666quad boot mode07:43
=== goldenfox is now known as Guest27386
misterBbullgard: but network manager still has the same message so I'm going to try a restart.07:43
kyleabakerZykoticK9: no, the Lucid channel, just wasn't sure what it was called. empathy won't give me a room list for some reason07:43
kyleabakerZykoticK9: much appreciated!07:43
lampliterubuntu 9.10 have problems with flash on amd64 machine.  followed suggestion in ubuntu bugzilla but no joy.  need solution to get wife off my back abuot her machiine being "broken"  :-)07:43
bullgardmisterB: Just a moment. Ok?07:43
eXXefaileas. sorry for bothering you but im comming to console-mode efter the first meny. and then i tried different commands.. and what do you think i should write to install the files from my xubuntu cd_07:44
ZykoticK9kyleabaker, glad to help - see you in my other window in a moment ;)07:44
ashaplease do help, keyoard and touchpad issue, not working in vostro dell 132007:44
faileasthe installer is supposed to be curses based07:44
leopardZykoticK9, what do you mean? Would upgrading to the beta/alpha version of Lucid Lynx resolve this issue, or is there a way to do it in my current version? Thanks for your reply!07:44
tek__where does the chat log save to?07:44
faileasleopard: he's saying the same thing happens in lucid...07:44
ZykoticK9leopard, no no no -- just that in Lucid there is a single boot eyecandy thing from grub until GDM07:45
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:45
sexcopterhi, could someone tell me the reason why a gui-less install of ubuntu server comes with openoffice??07:46
faileasit shouldn't07:46
leopardZykoticK9, faileas: So how to I incorporate the Lucid Lynx boot splash into Karmic Koala?07:46
SikEnCidesexcopter pretty sure it doesnt07:46
nbros652bullgard: network manager still says "Wired Networks - device not managed"07:46
=== riku is now known as riu|npot
p1oooopello everyone07:47
bullgardnbros652: Did you change your nick? I cannot associate your message.07:47
sexcopterSikEnCide: interesting, I seem to have it installed, don't recall installing it. anyway, no harm really in installing it, is there?07:47
=== LeMoNiCe is now known as h32Lg
nbros652bullgard: sorry, I didn't realize it did that to me. (misterB)07:48
p1oooopso, I have 2 mic inputs and one line in07:48
=== riu|npot is now known as riku|rikmu
ZykoticK9leopard, don't know if that's possible (or advisable) plus you probably won't be happy with how Plymouth looks (it's not too exciting) -- plus Plymouth is causing "issues" right now in07:48
=== nbros652 is now known as misterB
p1oooopI was wondering if I can change pulse to use my 2ndary mic input07:48
justin22885does anyone here use exaile?07:48
eXXefailreas: curses based installe rmenas like console right?07:48
=== Rei-chan|Ghostin is now known as Rei-chan
eXXeim new bee.. spit on me :)07:49
bullgardnbros652: I am somewhat lost. Is there a relationship between misterB and nbros652?07:49
misterBbullgard: network manager still says "Wired Networks - device not managed" ... sorry about the name change07:49
justin22885ill be right back.. i need to restart07:49
Neon0BlueSo can anyone help me install my D-link usb device?07:50
p1oooopnvmd :D07:50
p1oooopNeon0Blue: what chip does it have inside?07:50
misterBbullgard: I didn't realize that my default nickname didn't come up when I logged back in.07:50
p1oooopI'll see if I can find some "drivers" for it07:50
{C}ronoshi, even if i ssh localhost i cant login, i get the Permission denied. I have edited the sshd_config for allowing root login, but no help. anyone?07:50
Neon0BlueRT3070 apparently07:50
aleksejHow to install GTK+ in Ubuntu 9.10?07:50
bullgardmisterB: I take it as this: Your wired ethernet is connceted now. But your NetworkManager is confused. Do you agree?07:50
p1oooopaleksej: I remember there was something on that...07:51
p1ooooplibcario libpango libgtk+?07:51
misterBbullgard: a restart wiped out eth007:51
aleksejOnly these packages?07:51
misterBbullgard: ifconfig is now back to showing only eth2 and lo07:52
bullgardmisterB: Ah! So there is a misconfiguration in your computer. Please send again a dmesg log.07:52
=== riku|rikmu is now known as riku|pissed
=== alex87 is now known as helloyo
justin__interesting.. my mp3 playback doesnt work after restarting07:53
lampliterany help on crashing flash problem on 64 bit ubintu (9.10)?07:53
p1oooop* Neon0Blue07:54
misterBbullgard: dmesg - http://paste.ubuntu.com/385553/07:54
p1oooopofficial linux "drivers" :)07:54
Neon0BlueHow do I make a symbolic link?07:55
p1oooopyou using terminal or GUI?07:56
p1oooophmm, lemme find the command07:56
bullgardmisterB: In this situation, ifconfig does not show eth0?07:56
misterBbullgard: correct07:56
justin__mp3 playback is dead...07:56
misterBbullgard: when I installed the ppa in my repositories as recommended by the tutorial, it updated 4 (I think) packages besides network-manager. Is there a way to find out what those packages were and go back and reinstall those as well?07:57
bullgardmisterB: Right. Please do not touch anything until I advise you.07:57
p1oooopNeon0Blue:  I believe the command is ln07:57
p1oooopnot too sure how to use it though, there should be a short "how to" if you don't run it right07:58
Neon0Bluegot it.07:58
p1oooopgood luxk07:59
cs_#ubuntu server07:59
Dr_WillismisterB:  i saw a 'ppa purge' script on some ubuntu site the other day07:59
bullgardmisterB: So. Now I have read fully the log. --  There is a way to find out what 4 packages were installed besides network-manager. Synaptic has a history. It may tell you if you know the exact time.08:00
tek__The modulation on a wifi card is the type of packets that it can send? or what is it?08:01
misterBbullgard: and where is this log?08:01
bullgardmisterB: But it may not work, depending how carefully the PPA program was designed.08:02
sri1Can anyone please tell me how to connect internet in ubuntu through BSNL  WLL modem?08:03
bullgardmisterB: Synaptic > File > History > (History) > February 201008:03
misterBbullgard: found it. do you recommend reinstalling those packages from the official repositories?08:04
Hellhound666Does anyone know of any good schematic software for linux?08:04
bullgardmisterB: I could not find anything suspicious in your last dmesg log.08:05
HaffeHellhound666: What kind of schematic?08:05
Hellhound666I'm thinking about building an old school DC-PC serial cable!08:05
Hellhound666dreamcast to PC serial cable on linux08:05
bullgardmisterB: Yes, I would try that.08:05
Hellhound666I only had the software for windows years ago08:05
HaffeDo you mean circuit diagrams or just general flow charts?08:05
Hellhound666linux seems more powerful08:05
misterBbullgard: I'll give it a shot and see what happens08:05
bullgardmisterB: Ok. Good luck.08:06
Hellhound666looking for everything08:06
Hellhound666all in one software08:06
Hellhound666capacitors, diodes, resistors everything08:06
Hellhound666I need to recreate a more clear display of the schematic08:06
Hellhound666Haffe:  everything08:06
HaffeHellhound666: I prefer to use tikz08:07
Hellhound666Haffe:  thanks I'll check it out08:07
ThreetimesHi, I need somethin that displays the output of a script (or the contents of a file) in the gnome-panel like a ticker. Is there something available?08:08
freaky[t]hi all. how do i set my default browser in gnome?08:09
freaky[t]nm i found it08:09
hmwThreetimes: dunno, but conky could do it (it's a desktop applet). perhaps you like that one even better.08:11
Hellhound666Haffe:  I guess something like this http://webphysics.davidson.edu/Applets/circuitbuilder/default.htm08:12
Threetimeshmw: i'll check it out08:13
sri1Can anyone please tell me how to connect internet in debian through BSNL  WLL modem?08:13
Threetimeshmw: comky looks interesting if you look at your (empty) desktop a lot. I just need a line of text in my gnome-panel08:14
Neon0BlueOk I CAN NOT get my D-link to work.08:14
Neon0BlueSomeone please help.08:14
ardchoillesri1: we don't support debian here, you need to be in their support channel08:14
Neon0BlueI have a D-link DWA 125. I'm trying to get the RT3070 drivers installed but can't Can someone help me out?08:16
hmwNeon0Blue: if you have troubles with the network manager, try wicd.08:16
mobius2greetings :)08:16
Neon0BlueI can't get the drivers installed.08:17
sri1ardchoille: Sorry....i want the same connection in ubuntu 9.10(karmic)?08:17
ardchoillesri1: Ah, my bad, thought you were talking about debain08:17
morph__can someone help me with this http://github.com/pedrofranceschi/MagicMouse/08:17
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad08:18
mobius2thats not the way mate08:18
morph__im trying to get my magic mouse working with ubuntu08:18
morph__but i have no idea what that installation stuff means08:18
mobius2morph__,  okay08:18
morph__Download the library and require the magicmouse.rb file in your code header.08:18
morph__that means absolutely NOTHING to me08:19
Neon0BlueCan anyone help me install the drivers for D-link DWA 125?'08:19
morph__mobius2: if u can help me, let me log into ubuntu?08:19
sri1ardchoille: Now i m in windows only for net..i want to connect it any of linux versions...08:19
Piracompletely removed samba, clicked on places and my network link is missing, anyone know how to re-install?? p.s. I tried re-installing samba already... no dice.08:19
mobius2Neon0Blue,  have you looked into ndis wrapper?08:19
KnifeySpooneyOk, i'm putting ubuntu alpha3 installer on my 2gb flash drive which already has a .407GB partition on it. Do you think I can put an installer on the other half of my flash drive, or will I run out of space?08:19
Neon0BlueI think I may have.08:19
mobius2morph__,  please ask your question08:20
Neon0BlueThat program didn't work.08:20
morph__i already did08:20
Neon0BlueI did already try it.08:20
morph__can someone help me with this http://github.com/pedrofranceschi/MagicMouse/08:20
Neon0BlueIt was first one I tried.08:20
morph__mobius2 ^08:20
morph__im clueless as to how to do that08:21
morph__if you can/will help me i will reboot and boot into ubuntu right now08:21
SakaraHi all I recently performed a dist-upgrade on a 9.04 system to 9.10. The system is now unusably slow and my notebooks trackpad doesn't work can anyone help?08:21
mobius2morph__,   aight08:21
morph__brb then08:21
mobius2Sakara,   hello08:23
mobius2Sakara,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FriendlyRecovery08:23
mobius2Sakara,  that might help you08:23
Sakarawill try follow this08:23
morphok mobius2 im in ubuntu08:23
mobius2morph,  RE08:24
chdI'm trying to install thunderbird sudo apt-get install thunderbird08:24
chdand I get this error the following packages have unmet dependencies08:24
chdf-spot, libgnome2.24-cil, tomboy08:24
yassin_SLT LES X08:25
KnifeySpooneyHow much space should I open up on a partition on my USB flash drive (2GB) for an Ubuntu installer?08:25
bullgardchd: Your error message is incomplete. Please repeat your question adding a complete error message (in a nopaste service).08:26
ardchoillechd: can  you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources/list file so we can take a look?08:26
ardchoille!pastebin | chd08:26
ubottuchd: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:26
ahmedhi guys08:27
chdhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/385566/ sorry08:27
=== ahmed is now known as Guest336
Guest336whats wrong with my nickname08:27
=== Travis is now known as Guest63499
ThreetimesHi, I need something that displays the output of a script (or the contents of a file) in the gnome-panel like a ticker. Is there something available?08:27
ardchoillechd: that error message tells you how to fix it08:27
KnifeySpooneyGuest336: the username 'ahmed' is probably registered08:27
chdapt-get -f install?08:28
ardchoillechd: the last line08:28
Guest336how wants a lockerz invit ?08:28
ardchoilleGuest336: don't post that here08:28
bullgardardchoille: Your log recommends: "Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages." Did you do it?08:28
ardchoillebullgard: was that meant for chd?08:29
chdI tried that apt-get -f install thunderbird but no luck, same error08:29
Guest336i am having a problem with the my ubuntu downloaded from the site !08:29
bullgardardchoille: Yes.08:29
icewatermanany idea how to create a compressed swap device? i just need a pointer where to look for.08:29
bullgardchd: Your log recommends: "Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages." Did you do it?08:29
alankilaicewaterman: ramzswap?08:30
ardchoillechd: that lines specifically states "Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages", ie, "sudo apt-get -f install"08:30
icewatermanalankila: not in ram!08:30
chdbullgard: yea I did it08:30
Guest336md5 check sum .....08:30
alankilawell, I only know how to make one in ram.08:30
ardchoillechd: with no packages?08:30
ardchoillechd: "sudo apt-get -f install"08:30
icewatermanalankila: i want a compressed swap on disk. the reason is simple: harddisk is slow, cpu is fast, i have a quadcore and that combo makes swap much faster if it is compressed08:30
ardchoillechd: "sudo apt-get -f install" and that's it, no packages08:31
Guest336help me please08:31
chdoh got you08:31
ardchoillechd: once that's done, then try installing thunderbird08:31
alankilawell, I wager ramzswap is even faster :-p08:31
chdardchoille: thank you it worked08:31
bullgardchd: You did '~$ sudo apt-get -f install thunderbird' You should do: '~$ sudo apt-get -f install'.08:32
chdlol ya08:32
ClaptrapSo, anyone have any experience on Kongregate.com?08:32
Guest336i am making a bootable USB and i have a problem with the md5 check sum !any idea08:32
Dr_WillisGuest336:  what md5sum are you refering to?08:32
Guest336i dont know i just want to make a bootable USB !08:33
KnifeySpooneyGuest336: IIRC, you have to do something different to calculate the checksum of a usb08:33
Neon0BlueI honestly need help with this D-link. Is there anyone here who has done it before?08:33
Guest336and it stopat 81%08:34
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
crawlerClaptrap: cool site there.never been there before, you having trouble with it?08:34
ClaptrapThe games themselves work fine.08:35
ClaptrapBut they use a seperate server or somesuch for the chat and achievements, and it can't seem to connect to that.08:35
ClaptrapTried in Firefox, Opera and Chrome to no avail.08:35
Dr_WillisGuest27386:  you download the iso (or let unetbootin do it) check the md5sum of the iso. If its good.. then its good. if not.. redownload08:36
KnifeySpooneyClaptrap: That's odd, Kongregate chat works fine for me on ffox on Ubuntu Karmic08:37
ClaptrapHmm. I wonder what basic thing I'm missing.08:37
ClaptrapThis is a very new install of Ubuntu.08:37
ClaptrapLike, two days old. :p08:37
KnifeySpooneyHaha. the only thing I can think of is to check if cookies are enabled, and if 'accept third-party cookies' is enabled08:38
KnifeySpooneybut i think those are enabled by default08:38
Sakaramobius2: I tried the recovery-mode and there was nothing to be done there to fix my troubles08:38
ClaptrapIn one of the three browsers, if not all three. :p08:39
Sakaramobius2: attmpeded dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:39
Sakarait has not fixed the slowness or mousepad08:39
crawlerClaptrap: have you tried seamonkey?  there are facebook games that don't work in any other broser except seamonkey (on linux)08:40
crawleror firefox in wine08:40
ClaptrapI haven't. Can't hurt to try.08:41
Dr_WillisMost facebook games ive tried worked in FF or Google CHrome08:41
ClaptrapGuess I should also see if NoScript or AdBlock+ are interfering08:41
crawlersame here except on called yoville and farmville08:41
jrtaylorivI installed a new add-on (FoxyProxy) to Firefox, and when I clicked "Restart" firefox crashed. Now every time I open up firefox and go to the addons menu, it still tells me I need to restart, and crashes every time I try. How do I fix this?08:41
crawlerDr_Willis: farmville works on linux, but it glitches08:41
Dr_WillisFarmville works here on FF in linux and gogole chrome in linux08:41
Dr_Willisnot seen any issues . but i dont play it a lot08:41
crawlerDr_Willis: it could be an intel thing, or just this laptop08:42
almoxarifefarmville open source? :)08:42
crawlerClaptrap: it never hurts to try ff in safemode too08:42
crawleralmoxarife: not that i know of, its a flash based browser game08:43
rastaseanrastasean: sleep08:43
crawlerjrtayloriv: you can try uninstalling the extension in safe mode08:44
ClaptrapStill a no-go on Seamonkey.08:44
rabbit1how to get those running application in the bottom of the desktop ?08:44
rabbit1in a 3d view08:44
lorenzo_ #ubuntu-it08:45
lorenzo_ #ubuntu-it-chat08:45
crawlerClaptrap: try firefox in wine, sometimes if wil work08:45
ClaptrapI'm gonna try a simple-stupid reboot and see if it helps.08:45
ClaptrapI'll try that next. Thanks, guys.08:45
crawlerk good luck08:45
=== Adelante_ is now known as Adelante
Trinity33 hi anyone know how to edit this sort of file any free good editor? Java class (application/x-java) tried few and cant edit it its java so i tried jedit and other aplications and it doesnt work08:47
jrtaylorivcrawler, thanks -- I'll try that08:47
nouwandaif it's .java just a text editor and it's working08:48
almoxarifejava test site at java tells me I don't have java installed in chrome, chrome tells me I do in about:plugins, I am confused08:48
rabbit1how to get those running application in the bottom of the desktop in a 3d view?08:49
ardchoillerabbit1: sounds like you're talking about a dock.awn is nice08:49
=== paddy_melon is now known as paddymelon
Trinity33it doit doesnt <nouwanda> tried gedit and cant open it08:49
=== paddymelon is now known as paddymelon|aweso
ardchoille!info avant-window-navigator | rabbit108:50
rabbit1ardchoille: yeap08:50
=== paddymelon|aweso is now known as paddymelon
ubotturabbit1: avant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 104 kB, installed size 328 kB08:50
nouwanda<Trinity33> you can use the ide netbeans , it's free you can import your classes and after that export them08:50
happosadeWhat is GPG keys ID08:51
rabbit1ardchoille: thx08:51
happosadeIs that 4*8 string (I would like to use my GPG with Evolution)08:51
almoxarifeI want to have a wallpaper that is my syslog scrolling in realtime, any ideas? in gnome08:51
ardchoillerabbit1: also you might want to install awn-applets-c-extras and awn-applets-python-extras for some extra goodies08:52
rabbit1ardchoille: i just installed from SPM, it took that both dependencies i guess08:52
crawleralmoxarife: it should be possible with conky08:53
brnmrtsalve a tutti08:54
crawler!conky | almoxarife08:54
almoxarifefound it, thnks08:54
rabbit1ardchoille: i just installed one file awn-pyton08:55
ZykoticK9almoxarife, check out root-tail, will display logs onto of your regular wallpaper08:55
rabbit1ardchoille:  i dint find any of the file u said in SPM08:55
Trinity33<nouwanda>  tnx will try it now08:55
nouwanda<Trinity33> no problem , keep me posted if you need, used netbeans everyday so i can help you08:55
ardchoillerabbit1: you should be using the repos first08:56
ardchoillewhatever SPM is, that shouldn't even be an option until you've used the repos08:56
ardchoilleI never install anything outside the repos, this is probably why I've never had any problems with ubuntu in 5 years08:56
misterBbullgard: no luck08:57
rabbit1ardchoille: i have installed now how ?08:57
misterBbullgard: and no more time to mess with it right now. I'll have to live with just wireless for now.08:57
^sn00per^is there a way i can set  the lcd brightness on keys ?08:59
ardchoillerabbit1: ?09:00
^sn00per^hi  RS09:01
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
rabbit1ardchoille: s09:01
^sn00per^damn keys09:01
rabbit1ardchoille: was just checking, how can i use it now?09:01
^sn00per^hi ardchoille09:01
ardchoillerabbit1: There should be a new menu entry in Accessories09:01
ThreetimesHi, I need something that displays the output of a script (or the contents of a file) in the gnome-panel like a ticker. Is there something available?09:01
ardchoille^sn00per^: hi :)09:02
rabbit1ardchoille: yeap, i got it09:02
rabbit1ardchoille: thx a lot dude, going on weel09:03
Dr_WillisThreetimes:  i recall some 'systray swallow' app that you probrely could use to 'embed' such a app in a panel If you had some ticker app.09:03
ardchoillerabbit1: yw :)09:03
Curly_QCan sudo aptitude update safe-upgrade be trusted?09:04
web5|org|ua[only root can mount...] how to propperly write in fstab option to mount ntfs partition for all ?09:04
rabbit1ardchoille: now i should find themes and how to install it, if i install in appearances wil that be nough for dock also?09:06
Dr_Willisweb5|org|ua:  install/run the ntfs-config program - it might automate it09:06
web5|org|uaDr_Willis: thanks09:07
ardchoillerabbit1: nope, you have to use the awn manager, it should be in Accessories too. If not, alt+f and run awn-manager09:07
ardchoillerabbit1:  http://wiki.awn-project.org/index.php?title=Themes09:08
Curly_QI don't get it. Ubuntu User account can use apt-get and update the system but User cannot Halt the box unless it is root?09:08
rabbit1ardchoille: i got the manager, ok that page will do nough, thx09:08
Neon0Blueok Modprobe keeps giving me an annoying error.09:08
Neon0Blue"sudo modprobe rt3070sta09:08
Neon0BlueFATAL: Error inserting rt3070sta (/lib/modules/2.6.31-19-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/rt3070sta.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)"09:08
ardchoillerabbit1: and you can unpack an existing theme and make your own, it's quite easy09:08
Neon0BlueAnd when I go into dmesg it says09:09
Neon0Blue"[ 8469.257668] rt3070sta: Unknown symbol usb_alloc_urb09:09
Neon0Blue[ 8469.257987] rt3070sta: Unknown symbol usb_free_urb09:09
Neon0Blue[ 8469.258812] rt3070sta: Unknown symbol usb_register_driver09:09
Neon0Blue[ 8469.259494] rt3070sta: Unknown symbol usb_put_dev09:09
Neon0Blue[ 8469.259751] rt3070sta: Unknown symbol usb_get_dev09:09
FloodBot2Neon0Blue: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
sabatpsycho_oreos & joshua: little late on my reply, but just so you know it all works09:09
rabbit1ardchoille: this is great, i was trying with the panel till date, din;t know exactly, thx09:10
Neon0BlueDoes anyone know how to fix this?09:10
web5|org|uaDr_Willis: now can't unmount !09:11
Neon0BlueCan anyone help?09:12
rabbit1ardchoille: one last query, whts the keyboard shortcut to bring it up from autohide?09:12
ardchoillerabbit1: no idea, haven't used it in ages09:13
ardchoillerabbit1: iirc, you can set that in the awn options09:13
linuxpjc780What is the best anti-virus software for Ubuntu 9.10?  Is anti-spyware/adware/malware software needed?  I am running ClamTk right now for anti-virus.  People say Linux/Ubuntu is resistant - but I doubt it is COMPLETELY resistant to infection ...09:14
=== Guest56140 is now known as Zaz
=== Zaz is now known as ^Zaz
^sn00per^linux is  still resistant just harder g09:16
linuxpjc780^snooper^ - what do you mean by "resistant, just harder" ???09:18
^sn00per^linuxpjc780,  linux is still resistant just harder to get infected because of all permissions that has been set09:18
yogoppecat /proc/cpuinfo speed 183.879 cpu mgz without module speedstep-smi.  with speedstep-smi cpufreq performace = 700mgz and powersave = 550mgz09:18
yogoppewas wondering if the 189.879 mgz is correct or is it just a misreading?09:18
linuxpjc780^snooper^ - OK, so how hard is it for a hacker to get around the permissions?09:19
=== pascalFR is now known as Parti
rastaseancan anyone help me with ice cast and streaming video?09:20
icerooti am upgrading my system, because of low space i want to remove ubuntu-desktop, then upgrade and install ubuntu-desktop again. will there be problems if the programs from 9.10 detecting old configs in my ~/.programname? maybe someone tried that already?09:21
Curly_QIs it possible to install a GUI on top of an i386 server installation with apt-get. I found this: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/category/kde/     <---<  Will that work?09:21
icerootCurly_Q: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  then you have the normal ubuntu gui09:22
yellowbabelinuxpjc780: depends on the strenght of users passwords09:22
faileasCurly_Q: yeah. either with one of the standard desktop installs, or from scratch09:22
Curly_QThe install is done. So when I reboot will I get the GUI?09:22
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: I think for ubuntu what you are mostly needing is a 'rootkit' checker running on a sched, maybe?09:23
^sn00per^linuxpjc780,  um you would depend on how good your firewall is set up and yellowbabe  is right about strength of passwords09:23
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  its possible.. try 'sudo service gdm start' and see if it sarts up09:23
Curly_QI had the hardest time installing Ubuntu Desktop and Kubuntu. I installed i386 server and it works nice.09:24
khangin GNUsim8085 , when i give opcode " mvi  a,ffH " , it say : invalid oprand or symbol  , anyone help ?09:24
linuxpjc780almoxarife & ^snooper^ - Yeah, can I get some assitance get a rootki checker running on a schedule - and a good firewall setup?09:24
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: you install rkhunter and it will setup a cronjob itself. you can also run chkrootkit too09:25
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: is the4re any reason you need a firewall?09:26
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: I can't tell you what your firewall needs are, I use 'firestarter', its simple or complex as you want it to get09:26
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: your router should be doing firewall already, I assume you get out via a router09:27
ardchoilleon a default ubuntu install, there's really nothing open for anyone to connect to09:28
ardchoilleThough you can use firestarter or ufw if you need to09:28
ardchoillelorenzo:  /join #ubuntu-it09:29
morphi just downloaded thunderbird from its website and it extracted to a folder with a bunch of files in it, how do i install it?09:29
ardchoillemorph: you install thunderbird with : sudo apt-get install thunderbird09:30
ardchoilleand delete the package you downloaded from the tb site09:30
morphwill it be the newest version?09:30
ahi. my network manager takes too long (2-3 mins) to connect to my home wifi network. my machine is a dell and the wifi chipset is broadcom. is there anyway of speeding up wifi connectivity?09:30
morphin the ubuntu software center its an old version09:30
almoxarifeardchoille: I use firestarter cause it has a simple rules making frontend, ufw was too complicated for me09:31
yellowbabemorph it will be the right one for ubuntu compatible libs etc09:31
aby speeding up .. i mean connecting ... not actual data speed09:31
linuxpjc780ardchoille & almoxarife - Yeah, so I can get rkhunter and chkrootkit in the Ubuntu Software Center?  Or are they Terminal commands?  I want to be able to track network activity on my computer - similar to Zone Alarm in Windows ...  I am running wireless on a router.  I have double-encryption - with WPA Personal and a MAC filter set up ...09:31
Curly_QBy the way, it is nice to see you again Ardchoille and Dr Willis.09:31
ardchoilleit will be the newest version available from the repos and it will be automatically updated for bug fixes and security updates. Otherwise you have to do all that yourself09:31
yellowbabeubnut is pretty up to date09:31
=== [SW]Dodge`oFF is now known as [SW]Dodge
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: firestarter will monitor the wifi if you tell it to, and will indicate what is connected to what09:32
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: rkhunter and chkrootkit don't track anything, they are rootkit scanners that you have to run.09:32
=== [SW]Dodge is now known as [SW]Dodge`oFF
morphthat didnt work09:32
ardchoillemorph:  it will be the newest version available from the repos and it will be automatically updated for bug fixes and security updates. Otherwise you have to do all that yourself09:32
morphcan u just tell me how to install that folder?09:32
linuxpjc780I don't understand "repos" quite yet.  So I go to the Ubuntu Repositories website, search for rkhunter and chkrootkit on there - and then download it from there?09:32
morphthis is version 2 something09:33
morphthe newest is 309:33
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: use synaptic09:33
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: sudo apt-get install rkhunter chkrootkit09:33
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: or you can search in synaptic09:33
Curly_QIs Linux affected by that stupid virus with the Red Oblong box in the center of the screen as Windows?09:34
ardchoilleCurly_Q: there aren't any active Linux viruses atm09:34
Curly_QGlad to hear that Ardchoille.09:34
ardchoilleCurly_Q: just be careful of what you download and don't open any strange email attachments09:34
morphardchoille, im trying to install an addon and i get this msg09:35
sabatdoes ubuntu 9.10 install ati catalyst drivers by default? and if so what version, I expected to see it in hardware drivers, but its not there, do I need to install them manually?09:35
Curly_QI agree.  Any executable is not open.09:35
ironbeeanyone knows any application for managing a shop09:35
morphit is not compatible with Thunderbird (Enigmail 1.0.1 will only work with Thunderbird versions 3.0pre to 3.0.*)09:35
ironbeei have a book shop and im switching to ubuntu there09:35
Curly_QArdchoille, do I need to be cautious about apt-gets?09:36
ardchoilleCurly_Q: read this to learn why Linux is safer: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/02/linux-and-viruses.html09:36
ardchoilleCurly_Q: not really, as long as you trsut any repos you add09:36
srinivasahi please suggest on camera detection software.09:36
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: rkhunter works in background checking every x startups I think, btw, as one who uses windows and ubuntu, I see windows infected a lot, never saw my ubuntu side infected, that's NEVER, still, if there is peace of mind I suggest rkhunter09:37
ardchoillemorph: both thunderbird and enigmail are in the repos, I can't help much with stuff from outside the repos09:37
sabathow can I tell what video card is in my system, I know it's ati09:37
linuxpjc780ardchoille & almoxarife - OK, I'm installing the rkhunter and chkrootkit right now.  Where do I get firestarter - from the repositority website?09:37
nibblersabat: sudo lspci09:37
ardchoillesabat: lspci | grep -i VGA09:37
Curly_QGood article Ardchoille. Social Engineering and Risky Microsoft Engineering.09:37
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: yes09:37
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: from synaptic09:37
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: installing how?09:38
linuxpjc780archoille & almoxarife - Installing via Terminal.  For firestarter, let me guess: sudo apt-get firestarter?09:39
sabatit's a radeon xpress 200m, nothing great I know09:39
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: you're installing these from the command line or from synatpic right? you're not downloading packages from archive.ubuntu.com?09:39
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: yes09:39
Curly_QArdchoille, is that your server that I read that article? Looks pretty good.09:39
linuxpjc780ardchoille - when you say "synaptic", are talking about Terminal?09:39
ardchoilleCurly_Q: no, it's my blog at blogspot09:39
Curly_QI see. Thanks for that article.09:40
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: no, synaptic is a gui for installing packages: System Administration > Synaptic09:40
sabatwhat is the proper method to update to the newest or more stable drivers? the current ones are not working properly, so I was going to try that first.09:40
morphardchoille, im trying to read an encrypted email from launchpad09:40
morphi couldnt read it in gmail09:40
sabatI already ran the general ubuntu updates.09:40
morphwhich is why im trying to install this crpa09:40
darolusabat: what kind of video card do you have?09:42
darolusabat: what drivers are you trying to update? (I asumed video card sry)09:42
Curly_QI noticed that when installing Ubuntu, it showed that BSD was being installed and Debian. What is that all about?09:42
sabatIt's a ati radeon 200m09:43
HaffeWouldn't that be packages from BSD and Debian?09:43
sabatit's built into my laptop09:43
daroluCurly_Q: you can expect to find the name "Debian" a lot, Ubuntu is based on Debian; about BSD.. you probably saw a BSD licensed software09:43
ardchoilleCurly_Q: there are some packages based on BSD and debian code09:43
Curly_QI see. Thanks.09:43
sabatI can run 3d games in windows fine, I don't run anything hardcore. but like, even quake won't do opengl properly, so I assumed maybe a video driver update would help09:44
ardchoille!info bsdutils09:44
ubottubsdutils (source: util-linux (2.16-1ubuntu5)): Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite. In component main, is required. Version 1:2.16-1ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 75 kB, installed size 200 kB09:44
linuxpjc780ardchoille & almoxarife - OK, right.  Synaptic is definitely easier.  But if I ran the command in Terminal, and once it finishes installing - where do I access rkhunter and chkrootkit now?  In what directory were the applications placed?09:44
sabathow can I tell what version of video driver I am using? and any chance someone knows what the latest ati is?09:44
darolusabat: are you sure that's the video card model? I can't find it09:44
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: those two are command line apps, yuou'll need to run them in a terminal. and I recommend reading their man pages too09:45
darolusabat: open a terminal and type: lspci | grep VGA09:45
ardchoille[01:37] <ardchoille> sabat: lspci | grep -i VGA09:45
Curly_QWhat is the best IRC Client besides Mirc with Linux these days? I have used BitchX.09:45
ardchoilleCurly_Q: many folks use xchat, some use irssi (text-based)09:46
ThinkSteveCurly_Q: Konversation, Xchat, irssi ...09:46
sabat01:05.0 VGA compatable controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS482 [Radeon Xpress 200M]09:46
josephgCurly_Q: without doubt irssi09:46
orson!best | Curly_Q09:46
ubottuCurly_Q: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:46
daroluCurly_Q: I use XChat, remember, there is no such thing as "best" software09:46
wojcientypomoże ktoś z konfiguracja rozdzielczości ??09:46
ardchoille!pl | wojcienty09:47
ubottuwojcienty: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.09:47
wojcientyok chcę sie  przesiąść na linuxa i nic nie umiem :/09:47
linuxpjc780ardchoille - OK, so I ran the install command for them in Terminal.  Where do I get their manual [pages] - to know how to use them in Terminal (i.e. what commands to enter)?09:47
sabatI'm using xchat, but in windows I normally use mirc09:48
sabatI used to use bitchx with the crackrock addon, miss that.09:48
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: man rkhunter  and  man chkrootkit09:48
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darolusabat: sorry, your video card is not supported for newest xorg version; ATI stopped supporting your card (among others) on february 200909:48
darolusabat: this is the "legacy driver" webpage: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.7&product=
Curly_QI am using Pirch98 right now. It is one of the best IRC Clients I have ever used. I am looking forward to using Xchat again and others.09:49
sabatso, does that mean I am SOL, or that I need to install an older driver or what09:49
basajaunhttp://pastebin.com/GrnB6rQf Can somebody have a look at tis and help me sort out the mount mess09:49
darolusabat: if you want to use the proprietary driver, you can install Ubuntu 8.04; not sure if installing and old kernel/xserver would work09:49
sarthorHi, in ubuntu, i fix 3 lan cards, and ubunntu give name to that lan cards like, eth0, eth1, eth2, Now i remove the 2 lan cards, and only one eth2 remaining, How can i change this eth2 to eth0, from where we can change or clear these ethX name,09:50
sabatif I install 8.04, and run the updates, will it mess up that driver do you think?09:51
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: the first thing you should dl with rkhunter is run these two commands: sudo rkhunter --update09:51
Curly_QI have seen software that utilizes a Web based program that connects to IRC. Is there one for Linux?09:51
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: sudo rkhunter --propupd09:51
darolusabat: no, it means you need older Linux kernel and Xserver; if you absolutely need to use the proprietary driver install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS; a lot of us are really upset about ATI not supporting our video cards anymore =( anyways the open driver is not bad09:51
darolusabat: No, it wont' mess it up09:51
darolujust don't upgrade to a newer distro version09:52
sabatoh, ok09:52
sabatso just revert, and I should be ok09:52
sabatwill do09:52
darolusergio__: ola! precisa digitar /join #ubuntu-br09:52
sarthorHi, in ubuntu, i fixed 3 lan cards, and ubunntu give name to that lan cards like, eth0, eth1, eth2, Now i removed the 2 lan cards, and only one eth2 remaining, How can i change this eth2 to eth0, from where we can change or clear these ethX name,09:53
llutzsarthor: check  /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules09:54
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Curly_QSarthor, why not just put back the original eth0 card in that pci slot? It will see the MAC address of that card.09:55
paddy_melonrver irc.rizon.net09:56
sarthorCurly_Q, yes, i  can do that, but just for learning, i asked.09:56
Curly_QOK I understand.09:56
basajaunHow can I edit my fstab http://pastebin.com/GrnB6rQf so automount works?09:57
looksharp /kill paddy_melon09:57
vegar_A desktop machine with several users runs 9.10. The users do not have sudo privileges and should not have it either. The machine has two ntfs partitions which the users should be able to mount e.g by clicking the partition name in "Places"09:57
sarthorllutz, thanks bro.09:57
linuxpjc780ardchoille - can you help me configure Firestarter, now that I have it installed?  I am on a wireless connection via a router ...09:57
vegar_However, this does not work since I'm guessing internal drives need sudo to mount09:57
ardchoillelinuxpjc780: I don't use it09:57
vegar_how can the regular desktop users mount the partitions? what is the recommended way?09:57
llutzsarthor: you even can delete that file, it should be created new with next boot09:58
linuxpjc780Does anyone else know how to configure Firestarter to work as it should - if you are on a wireless connection?09:58
madjoeShould I rather install a new version of Ubuntu from the scratch, or should I just go with the Update?09:59
glorikaque talllllllllllllllllllllllllll09:59
yellowbabelinuxpjc780: isn't ufw already installed? that is a command line firewall script09:59
yellowbabeI thought it was installed already in ubunut09:59
glorikaalqie sabe español09:59
ardchoille!es | glorika10:00
ubottuglorika: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:00
dgeary2vegar_, i remember reading somewhere about a file that tells the system to treat the volume as it would an external volume, but i can't remember where10:01
knoppiesIm looking for a good/the best ftp client for ubuntu/gnome10:01
madjoeShould I rather install a new version of Ubuntu from the scratch, or should I just go with the Update?10:02
ardchoilleknoppies: I just use nautilus10:02
knoppiesmadjoe, I had a bad experience with updating a few years back, so now I always do fresh/clean installs.10:02
knoppiesthanks ardchoille I will give it a try.10:02
madjoeknoppies: thanks man, you saved me hours to figure that out by myself10:03
glorikapero  no  se mucho en ingles10:03
ardchoille!es | glorika10:03
q0_0pwhat subnet would i be in if my ip address is
daroluglorika: yo hablo español, pero neceistamos ir al canal en español; aquí en el chat escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin las comillas)10:04
llutzq0_0p: depends on your netmask10:04
llutzq0_0p: use this http://www.subnet-calculator.com/10:05
knoppiesmadjoe, some people have had good experiences with updating, but I like to start fresh, then I know whats going on.10:05
basajaunhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/385599/ please help with fstab config?10:05
q0_0pllutz, i know its class A10:05
q0_0pllutz, i just dont know what subnetmask i would have10:05
madjoeknoppies: hm.. now I have second thoughts...10:05
q0_0pllutz, class A is like 1-127 B 128-191 class C 192 -->10:06
glorikacuantos  años tienes10:06
ardchoilleglorika:  Por favor, dejen, vaya a #ubuntu-es10:06
knoppiesmadjoe, get a second opinion then. But I still think a clean install is a good idea. I would backup anything in your home partition before formatting.10:07
linuxpjc780yellowbabe - I don't know if ufw is installed.  I'm pretty new to Ubuntu ...10:07
glorikatu quien eres10:07
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madjoeknoppies: I plan to backup everything by using this approach - http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html10:08
almoxarifemadjoe: I recommend clean also, 9.04 to 9.10 was crappy thru upgrade10:08
darolubasajaun: what is the problem? everything seems all right to me. did you create all the mount points directories?10:09
madjoealmoxarife: thanks, dude... I just made a clean install of 9.10 and waiting for a decision on 10.410:09
q0_0phow can an ip of 99.x.x.x have a subnet mask of
tuxnaniwhen can i place order for ubuntu 10.0410:09
tuxnaniis there telugu version of ubuntu?10:10
almoxarifemadjoe: I am going to run 10.4 on virtualbox, then decide if I want to bother with the install, and it will still be a clean install, I finally figured out that keeping the home and etc folders backed up is all one really needs to return the sys to what it was10:11
ardchoillealmoxarife: you do realize that 10.04 is still in development and hasn't been released yet, right?10:11
madjoealmoxarife: what do you use for a backup? have you tried http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html ?10:11
almoxarifeardchoille: I do10:12
almoxarifemadjoe: nice and simple 'sback' with a gui even10:12
basajaundarolu  I have used an app called pysdm and I haven edited the fstab myself but what annoys me id the fact some drive are mounted with another label on reboot so some programs (music) have to rescan for files or give errors10:12
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
almoxarifemadjoe: 'sbackup' I mean10:13
Curly_Q255.0.0.0=Class A10:13
Curly_Q255.255.0.0=Class B10:13
Curly_Q255.255.255.0=Class C10:13
Curly_Q255.255.255.255=Sub C subnet10:13
FloodBot2Curly_Q: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
madjoealmoxarife: ok, I'm on it..10:13
darolubasajaun: change the mountpoints to whatever your apps are using; right now they are being mounted to /media/sdXX, go to your music app and see what directory is it looking files from and edit your fstab file accordingly; remember you have to create the mount points directories too10:14
almoxarifewhat about the new ubuntu, is it worth the install?10:14
Parsihow can i find out my vga driver installed properly?10:15
darolualmoxarife: yes, it is neat.10:16
linuxpjc780Does anyone know how to configure the Firestarter firewall to monitor a WiFi connection?10:16
almoxarifeneat? :)10:16
zinoxthe bestboot is very dangerous.. somebody can type "the best app command line is "rm -rf *" so, any newbie ubuntu user damage your system typing that.10:16
darolucool? :)10:16
basajaundarolu how do I do that ?10:16
Parsihow can i find out my vga driver installed properly?10:17
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: if your wifi is anything like my setup I would look for wlan010:17
almoxarifewlan(x) linuxpjc78010:17
darolubasajaun: open a terminal and type: sudo mkdir /media/<yourdirectory> then go to your fstab file (gksu gedit /etc/fstab) and change the mount points accordingly, right now they all are /media/sdXX that's the part you need to change so they match your music app directories10:18
basajauntuxnani: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36140410:18
zinoxjust trusted pepoples should be able to archive best thing on bot10:18
daroluShawe: escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" para soporte en español, aquí se cabrean si hablamos español.10:18
basajaunok will do10:18
basajaunty darolu10:19
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: there will be two places to monitor, on a wifi connection both local and internet are wlan(x), unless you have both wifi and ether on the same machine10:19
Shawedarolu, yes, I see this, normally but default it join to ubuntu-es, I don't know why know is different10:20
linuxpjc780almoxarife - I don't get "wlan(x)" for options in the "Detected Devices" drop-down in the wizard ...  Does this mean the software hasn't detected my wireless connection?  If so, how do I get it to do so?10:20
madjoealmoxarife: sweet.. thanks for that info about sbackup.. I'm a new Ubuntu user... is it possible to use that user settings automatically on a new installation of the same branch?10:21
madjoealmoxarife: I use wubi installation and I'm looking for nice and easy way to make it a native installation of Ubuntu10:22
almoxarifemadjoe: I use wubi too10:22
madjoeI plan to make it a real installation... Wubi is an implementation for Windows to run Ubuntu like a program, lot's of risks, simple defragg of NTFS brings system down, bad performance, hard recovery, bad support.10:23
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: is your connection via wifi?10:23
linuxpjc780Yes - wireless.10:23
Tm_Tmadjoe: backup the data you need and then reinstall10:23
Tm_Tmadjoe: there's no (reasonable) way to migrate from wubi to proper installation10:24
almoxarifemadjoe: I am waiting for the wubi 10.4 also, suppose to be able to fake it with betas10:24
linuxpjc780almoxarife - the modem is run into a wireless router that then broadcasts the signal, that is.  So orignally, its a hard-wired connection.10:24
Flannelmadjoe, Tm_T: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43859110:24
madjoeTm_T: I know.. but can I use that backup on a new installation, to avoid all that setup, tweaks and installing custom applications I need?10:24
Tm_Tmadjoe: your user settings can be used, and you can export list of installed packages and use that in new install to get the same10:25
madjoeFlannel: wow.. this is why I love Open source squad.. lol .. thanks man!10:25
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: try this, restart your machine into ubuntu, bring up firestarter, then see if 'wlan(x) is an option10:25
llutzmadjoe: tar your installation, use live-cd to create a "real" partition, untar your tar to it, repair fstab and grub10:25
madjoellutz: danke schön10:26
madjoellutz: how can I repair fstab and grub? do you have some hints for me?10:28
almoxarifemadjoe: once you have the new install in place the only thing left is to re-install packages you may not have installed in the clean, the home and etc folders should have the conf's from the setup you had before for what ever you had that was extra10:28
llutzmadjoe: when running from live-cd, check "blkid" for UUIDs of / and swap, use those in your /etc/fstab then10:28
lA__olaa soy de espain10:29
madjoealmoxarife: thanks!10:29
Tm_T!es | lA__10:29
ubottulA__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:29
llutzmadjoe: http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html   or grub210:30
madjoellutz: ok, I think I got it thanks!10:30
lA__my nine  is ana10:30
pyqt_2010_newbiemadjoe: try this firest sudo update-grub10:30
lA__ad you10:30
darolulA__: entra al canal en español, allí te podemos ayudar; escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin las comillas"10:30
pyqt_2010_newbieif u hav grub210:30
madjoepyqt_2010_newbie: what does it do?10:31
llutzmadjoe: use "sudo tar --one-file-system -cvf /media/external/myinstall.tar /"   to tar your installation, "sudo tar xpf myinstall.tar -C /mnt"  to untar later10:31
madjoeBTW, have you noticed IA__'s EPIC FAIL? :)10:31
AzziArmitagektoś tu śprecha po polsku?10:31
priyanki wann a solution10:32
abhi_navIf my ISP provider is watching my internet traffic, which sites I acces, password-username etc. then which security tool I should install? ossec, snort, vnc, ssh, apparmour? which one? Or do i need to do this stuff really?10:32
pyqt_2010_newbieregenerate the grub menu list10:32
priyankactually iwann to access ubuntu partitions from window can anybody help?10:32
linuxpjc780almoxarife - NOPE, restarting didn't work to have Firestarter detect my wireless network ...10:33
llutzabhi_nav: what do you expect those apps to do for you?10:33
priyankactually iwann to access ubuntu partitions from window can anybody help?10:33
efhey guys i need help! i was playing around with compact-driver and now i dont know how to enable my old intel3945 wlan driver10:33
abhi_navllutz: I want to detect if anyone is trying to access my rounter, i want to access some 'specia' sites which I want nobody to know10:34
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: you did the firestarter 'run wizard'?10:34
linuxuz3r hi10:34
linuxuz3r how do i use gdb with an input file for my program10:34
linuxuz3r how do i gdb this program.out < inputfile10:34
abhi_navrouter*, 'special'*10:35
llutzabhi_nav: so you have to install that apps on your router, not your pc. for "special-sites" think about using a vpn10:35
knoppiesabhi_nav, One method of doing what you want to do (not sure if its the best method) is to use an encrypted VPN, but I think ssh might be what your looking for.10:35
abhi_navllutz: knoppies : ok10:36
knoppiesabhi_nav, some of the better routers have VPN settings in them, but as llutz said, you probably want to install it on your PC, not your router.10:36
abhi_navllutz: & knoppies: by router I mean my ISP has given me one box called as router from which I connect to Internet10:37
linuxpjc780almoxarife - yes, the wizard automatically comes up after you open Firestarter.  Still no wfla in the Detected Devices drop-down ...10:37
llutzabhi_nav: if you don't trust your ISP, use your own router10:37
abhi_navllutz: hmmm10:37
Dr_Willisif you dont trust your isp.. change isps ?10:37
Dr_Willisor pay for a proxy service.10:37
llutzDr_Willis: ^^ :)10:37
almoxarifelinuxpjc780: wlan10:37
abhi_navDr_willis: haa haa :)10:37
knoppiesllutz, abhi_nav, they would still be able to sniff your traffic woudlnt they?10:37
knoppiesDr_Willis, we suggested VPN over Proxy.10:38
madjoellutz: if I use tar/untar, then I don't need sbackup or anything like that... right? do you think it's a better option? sure, I don't have to manually tweak my new applications again, but is it a secure enough to give it a try?10:38
linuxpjc780almoxarife - wlan, that's what I meant ... still not showing ...10:38
llutzknoppies: sure they are, question is why they should (as it costs money)10:38
abhi_navknoppies: actually I have instaled tor but I dont use it because it slows my speed10:38
abhi_navknoppies: Dr_Willis: llutz: is there any free encrypted vpn service? I am student.10:38
llutzmadjoe: i don't know sbackup, i'm using only tar/rsync for this tasks, but other tools may work too10:38
linuxuz3rguys hu10:39
linuxuz3rany gdb expert here?10:39
llutzmadjoe: you just have to make sure, that all stuff except /dev /proc /sys is copied, and the permissions will be stored too10:39
knoppiesllutz, Im not sure what kind of logs they keep, but they could use scripts to do the dirty work. abhi_nav is probably just being paranoid, but here in New Zealand they are comming out with laws to prevent Piracy and the ISPs are obliged to obey the law.10:40
riverajgud day! can i use squid to log all websites accessed by workstations inside the network?10:40
abhi_navknoppies: Dr_Willis: llutz: does vn slows down my speed as that of tor does?10:40
llutzknoppies: same here in .de but for "antiterror-purposes" :(10:40
knoppiesabhi_nav, it depends what kind of VPN you use, in theory yes, will it be noticeable? depends on which vpn you use.10:40
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abhi_navknoppies: hmm10:41
=== fukitfuku is now known as ShapeShifter499_
alzamabarThe password changing tool in Ubuntu 9.10 does not work10:41
knoppiesabhi_nav, my brother uses a free VPN service so that hey gets a US 'external IP' for some websites, I think its called hotspot, but I dont use it myself so Im not sure.10:42
knoppiesabhi_nav, as its an open/free/anybody can use it VPN, expect it to be slow.10:42
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:   tor is a major slowdown... id hope a vpn is no where near as bad10:42
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  if you want a good service you will have to pay for it.10:42
abhi_navknoppies: Dr_Willis: llutz: why I am being paranoid is within last 2 moth my pc was 2 times automatically suddenly shuted down and for 3-4 times automatically logged out. Other reason is that i want to access that 'special sites'10:42
FloodBot2xfact: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:42
linuxpjc780Does anyone know how to get Firestarter to detect my wireless network?10:42
efdoes apt-get has intel3945 wlan driver??10:42
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Dr_Willisabhi_nav:   theres paranoid - then there tinfoil hat paranoid.10:43
abhi_navDr_Willis: hmm10:43
abhi_navDr_Willis: :D10:43
Dr_Willisdont install any services you dont need... and so forth..10:43
Dr_Willisset up an y servces to only listen to local lan.. yadda yadda....10:43
abhi_navDr_Willis: ok10:43
knoppiesabhi_nav, autoshutdown? sounds more like a trojan than your ISP, some random restarts could be caused by an underpowered PSU.10:43
Dr_Willisof course pcs are also able to auto shut down on overheat i belove.10:44
llutzsounds more like a hardware issue than something spy-related10:44
abhi_navknoppies: yah its auto shut down. suddenlly happens10:44
madjoellutz: with this command you gave me "sudo tar --one-file-system -cvf /media/external/myinstall.tar /" I would tar everything.. so, do you suggest to tar everything except /dev /proc /sys?10:44
knoppiesDr_Willis, sounds more like alienating yourself than being paranoid. talk about OTT.10:44
abhi_navOverheat may be one of the majore reason here10:44
abhi_navBecause my pc really overheats10:45
jbuhi all, is there a widget/desklet app for ubuntu/gnome with more selection than gdesklets?10:45
knoppiesabhi_nav, clean out the dust from your case. try invest in a new case/fans.10:45
llutzmadjoe: the --one-file-system" prevents /dev, /sys /proc from being backed up, as they are on "own filesystems" (not your /)10:45
abhi_navknoppies: yah thinking for it now10:45
hn8456how i can convert a ape file to mp3 with same audio quality ?10:45
=== KiRiLoR is now known as KiRiLoS
hn8456i use ffmpeg10:45
madjoellutz: wow, that is a valuable info.. thanks again!10:46
llutzmadjoe: if you have separate /home, you have to back it up too10:46
knoppiesabhi_nav, my machine restarts on overheating, rather than shutting down. Same would apply for an underpowered PSU.10:46
madjoellutz: I think I'm ready to go with this approach10:46
llutzmadjoe: try it and check for success before deleting your wubi-inst10:46
knoppiesabhi_nav, Im logging off. Hope you find what you looking for.10:47
llutzmadjoe: and make sure to have a live-cd ready10:47
abhi_navknoppies: how to make sure my PSU is not underpowerd? and before that what is PSU? What should ideal temp of my laptop be? its +0.0c now what +0.0 means?10:47
abhi_navknoppies: ok10:47
abhi_navDr_Willis: ok10:47
=== LongNickThatNeve is now known as Kottalizer
abhi_navDr_Willis: llutz: how to make sure my PSU is not underpowerd? and before that what is PSU? What should ideal temp of my laptop be? its +0.0c now what +0.0 means?10:48
minohttp://www.pastie.org/846596 - Problem with my soundcard since today. Yesterday everything worked fine. But now the kernel doesnt load my soundcard anymore10:48
Dr_Willisif the laptop is reporting 0C - then im guessing it has some issues where it dosent know what its temp is.. Or else you got it in the freezer10:48
apparlewhen is the next alpha releasing ?10:48
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases10:48
abhi_navDr_Willis: No :) its not in the freezer. How to correct this temp prob?10:49
Dr_Willisapparle:  alp3 was like yesterday.. so next is Beta i think10:49
apparleDr_Willis: link me to alpha310:49
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  no idea. check the forums for your exact make laptop10:49
Dr_Willisapparle:  #ubuntu+110:49
abhi_navDr_Willis: is it that my temp sensors are not woking?10:49
crimzor__i get I get a sigsegv in XF86DRIQueryExtension () from /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 when running fglrxinfo, glxgears etc. :(10:50
=== fs-laptop is now known as spychalski
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  if its reading 0C - then I would think - its NOT working10:50
abhi_navDr_Willis: so where should I start with temp troubleshooting now? any link? any doc,manual etc?10:50
suloHallo, i have a question and i hope anyone can help me10:51
ubunturos!ask | sulo10:51
ubottusulo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:51
suloOh Ok^^10:51
Dr_Willisabhi_nav: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   check the forums for your exact make laptop10:51
xfactHumm I am now from empathy10:51
abhi_navDr_Willis: ok! fine thnx10:52
faileasa little OT, but i'm setting up a dualstack server ipv6 server on a system i'm using. if i can connect to locally, it should mean that its listening on ipv4 right?10:52
suloi want to install Ubuntu notebook remix, and i have 3 Partion10:52
suloxp, data, and a free partition10:52
jbuhi all, how would I change my default file explorer? There doesn't seem to be a place in 'preferred applications' for swapping out nautilus with something else10:53
abhi_navNetbook remix10:53
nimzo55I can'y connect to vodafone NZ dongle on 9.1010:53
sulosomeone speky germn ^^10:53
Slart!de | sulo10:53
ubottusulo: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:53
sulook thx10:53
nimzo55anyone know how to make karmic k connect to10:54
abhi_navwhat is PSU?10:55
llutzabhi_nav: power supply unit10:56
abhi_navllutz: hmm10:56
Dr_Willisjbu:  doing such a 'swap' is not trivial.10:57
madjoeAnybody knows a good alternative for an image viewer that is capable to show animated gifs?10:57
madjoeOr is there a working patch for the default viewer?10:57
Slartmadjoe: I suppose firefox is too clumsy? at least it works.. I think10:59
madjoeSlart: lol... it is... very clumsy11:00
madjoeSlart: it's like cutting a slice of bread with a chainsaw :)11:00
Slartmadjoe: or.. in this case.. cutting a several years old, moldy, smelly bread with a chainsaw =)11:01
madjoeSlart: errr... cutting a slice of a bread was my metaphor for viewing animated gifs :)11:02
Dr_Willisgimp can view animat gifs :)11:05
Dr_Williswine irfanview.exe11:05
Slartmadjoe: and I think of animated gifs as something from the dusty graveyard of the web.. something best left alone.. undisturbed =)11:06
plustax_I am running9.10 and I have no sound. It just crackles. Someone help!!11:06
abhi_navI dont understand how to understand the time for ubuntu-classroom. UTC to local time conversion. How to do that. date -u says its 11.00 now. And in ubuntu-classroom schedule there is one lecture for 11.00. But now there seemns to be no lecture. How to solve this time issue?11:06
madjoeSlart: then we have a match in understanding tho... lol :D11:06
llutzmadjoe: gwenview shows animated-gifs11:06
Slartmadjoe: it seems gthumb can at least show animated gifs.. it seems the timing might be off though11:06
llutzmadjoe: but it's kde/qt11:07
madjoeSlart: yes it does... but I didn't try it.. is gthumb descent comparing with the default image viewer?11:07
Slartmadjoe: I have no idea.. never tried it myself11:08
exploit100how to connect pidgin to yahoo11:08
frankS2exploit100: ...........11:09
frankS2exploit100: add accounts -> yahoo11:09
frankS2its not that friggin hard11:09
exploit100full email adreesse?11:10
exploit100not connecting to yahoo yet11:11
frankS2exploit100: try... see what happends11:11
exploit100pls help11:11
micheleainardiBUONGIORNO  a tutti11:13
micheleainardiche software si può utilizzare per fare montaggi video?11:13
linuxpjc780I have a question - is it hard to do a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10?  I have my computer dual-booted with Linux and Windows (i.e. drive is partitioned)?  Can I simply re-install Ubuntu 9.10 fresh on the current partition it sits on?11:14
linuxpjc780I think I might have gotten a virus or two.11:14
exploit100sure "linuxpjc780"11:15
hystreniHello, i have made a hidden file and i cant find it... how do i open it?11:15
Slarthystreni: ctrl+h in nautilus to make it show hidden files11:15
linuxpjc780exploit100 - OK, so how do I do this?11:15
apparlelinuxpjc780: virus on ubuntu?11:15
hystreniSlart, thansk ^11:16
Slarthystreni: but hidden files act just as normal files.. it's just a dot in the filename11:16
linuxpjc780apparle - I don't know.  I'm running "Virus Scanner" (the ClamTk app) on the IBM_Preload.  It's only 10 percent done - and it's already telling me it's found 8 viruses.  Is this BS?11:17
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  depends on what its found11:17
exploit100not connecting yet "frankS2"11:17
apparleDr_Willis_: +111:18
Dr_Willis_If its found stuff in your WarezTorrents directory... well..... :)11:18
exploit100after add the Userid is it automically connect?11:18
Slartlinuxpjc780: I don't think there are any viruses for linux going around.. clam is more oriented towards finding windows viruses.. which doesn't affect your linux machine11:18
=== mlRism is now known as mlRismH
micheleainardiwhich software for manipulate video ?11:19
Dr_Willis_wine windowsvirusinstaler.exe   :)11:19
linuxpjc780Slart - so then why is it saying it has found viruses?11:19
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  pastebin the output of what its found...11:19
madjoellutz: it seems like gthumb is more advanced than Eye of Gnome http://packages.debian.org/hu/sid/debug/gthumb-dbg11:19
Dr_Willis_Its not scanning your windows files is it? :)11:19
Slartlinuxpjc780: because it has? read what I wrote again..11:20
linuxpjc780Dr_Willis - I don't know.  Does "Virus Scanner" scan the Windows files too?  Slart - yes, Virus Scanner says it has found viruses.11:21
exploit100in your windows ?11:22
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  if you told it a path where it can find windows files.. yes it does11:23
Slartlinuxpjc780: clam is mostly for searching for windows viruses.. there are very few, if any, linux viruses going around... so.. if you run clam on your linux machine and scans, for example, an external drive that is infected with a windows virus (from dualbooting or something like that) it will tell you that is has found a virus.. does this mean your linux machine is infected? no11:23
miyabihaloooo....i'm newby.11:23
exploit100kmon achen miyabi?11:24
nimrod10micheleainardi, try kdenlive or openshot11:24
exploit100where are from?11:25
linuxpjc780I think I should just do a fresh install of Ubuntu.  How do I do this.  My drive is partioned.  With Ubuntu on one, and Windows XP on the other.11:25
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  tell the installer to put / where your / is at.11:25
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  but whats this going to acomplish?11:26
exploit100same thing "linuxpjc780"11:26
sidhGreetings Gentlemen11:26
sidhbecause of a known bug for VirtualBox and karmic amd64, i have to recompile a kernel11:27
sidhso i followed that how to http://blog.avirtualhome.com/2009/11/03/how-to-compile-a-kernel-for-ubuntu-karmic/11:27
linuxpjc780Dr_Willis - I don't understand your first statement.  What do you mean by "/ ".  If I do a fresh install, won't it wipe out any infection that could be there?11:27
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780: '  / '   is the root of the filesystem. You have one partion mounted to /    you also have one set as home11:28
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  you could have other partitons  mounted as /home or /var/ or other /XXXXX locations but / is the 'root' of the filesystem11:28
Dr_Willis_You may want to read up on linux filesystems a bit.11:29
sidhbut while running (as mentionned ) the ./debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig oldconfig, i get this error : ./debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig: line 142: /home/sidh/devpt/kernel/lucid/source//scripts/misc/../config-check: No such file or directory11:29
ubottuLFS is linux from scratch www.linuxfromscratch.org; not to be confused with  LTS which is the long term support version of ubuntu (6.06 and 8.04)11:29
Dr_Willis_Hmm  perhaps its !LSB11:29
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.11:29
Dr_Willis_Heh -no url to the default layout :)11:29
madjoeSlart: gThumb is a very good replacement for Eye of Gnome.. I just tried it11:29
sidhof course config-check is in ./debian/scripts/config-check (find command tells me that)11:29
Slartmadjoe: ah.. great11:30
sidhdo you know how to correct this11:30
madjoeSlart: I'm in my Nautilus now.. where do I set it as a default image viewer?11:31
linuxpjc780Dr_Willis - Yes, pardon me.  I'm new to Ubuntu :)  So would a re-installation of Ubuntu be: #1) a complicated process? #2) Successfully clean out any infections?11:31
Slartmadjoe: I'm not sure if there is one setting where you can change the app for all images.. you can right click on a file and select properties, open with and set the default app for that file type.. but I think you'll have to do that for each file type11:32
exploit100first time you installed your self ? linuxpjc11:32
=== orion is now known as Guest42633
linuxpjc780exploit100 - no, I had someone walk me through it on here ...11:33
exploit100oh i see11:33
exploit100you mean to say you can not install UbUNTU?11:34
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  #1 - im not ure you ARE infected at all. and reinstalling   dosent take me very long.   tell it to use /  on your old install.. let it reformat.. go get a soda..11:35
=== Damo is now known as Dam0
linuxpjc780exploit - I haven't done it before on my own.  I think "Virus Scanner" is scanning Windows directories, as I watching the path names it is searching ...  So how do I do this?  I have an IBM Thinkpad.  I would reinsert the install discs while still in Ubuntu.  And where do you tell it to use the root on my old install?  I'm sorry - but I'm still pretty new to all this ...11:38
madjoeSlart: haha... I don't believe there's an easier option on setting the default application in Nautilus... :D11:39
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  if its showing you got Windows viruses on your windows install. then  its nothing todo with Linux at all.11:41
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  sounds like you may be wanting to reinstall windows.. not linux11:41
=== simon_ is now known as Guest52528
linuxpjc780Dr_Willis_- That's odd.  I could I get a Windows virus while in Ubuntu?11:44
=== Tommy_ is now known as Guest61852
Dr_Willis_linuxpjc780:  we never said that.. Its more likely you got windows viruses while on windows....11:45
micheleainardianyone known a way for to input a video from S_Video?11:46
micheleainardican I open video playing into a videocamera from S-Video?11:47
gustinmicheleainardi: yes11:47
micheleainardigustin: which software?11:47
gustinyou need a video card with S-video out, and it needs to be supported by Linux11:47
balsatuse tvtime11:48
spychalskiargh, i can't get flash to work as it should (cant click on the videos and stufff11:48
gustinyou are sending from your computer to an S-Video device, right?11:48
balsator xawtv11:48
madjoeHey, guys! Do you know this girl? Is she here btw? LOL Well, if she uses Ubuntu, I'd like to be her slave! LMAO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl-tmGfQrzs11:48
micheleainardigustin: no.. I have video into videocamera. It has S-video out . so I can input from my pc S-Video?11:48
linuxpjc780Dr_Willis_- I would probably be fine with just reformating so that I would only be running Ubuntu.  I don't trust Windows anyway - when it's slower and less secure.  So what is the point of having it dual-booted?11:49
gustinmicheleainardi: then you need a specific video card for this, I have used hauppage PCI cards in the past for this11:49
Dr_Willis_ micheleainardi  svideo on a Video card is video OUT.  You need somthign with an Svideo IN.11:49
V4mpireanyone know of a way to check system hardward within linux to try find out why it keeps switching off at times ?11:49
Dr_Willis_micheleainardi:  Like a TV tuner card.11:49
micheleainardiI need to by wirefire (or firewire) cable11:50
gustinlinuxpjc780: dual booting will cause more grief than it is worth unless you know what you are doing.  Pick one OS and stick with it (or get two computers)11:50
Dr_Willis_Firewire transfers from a camcorder will be a LOT faster11:50
Dr_Willis_and look better11:51
gustinmicheleainardi: I have never done this with firewire, sorry11:51
micheleainardiok.. tahnk's11:51
Dr_Willis_I got a camcorder that actrually shows up as a USB hd.11:51
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
gustinmine does as well, I have a cheap chinese one that uses SD cards11:51
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
linuxpjc780gustin - what kind of grief will it cause in the long run?  The only reason I did this originally - was that in case one OS or partition failed, I would have backup.11:51
abhi_navwhich is the best instant messanging client? which you use?11:52
abhi_navother than pidgin11:52
gustinlinuxpjc780: it is very easy to trash the boot loader.  One only needs to be moderately profficient to keep dual booting working11:52
gustinlinuxpjc780: but IMO it is not worth the time11:52
=== cwe_moetz is now known as thania_cute
linuxpjc780gustin - what is IMO?  And when you say "trash the boot loader" - do you mean "mess it up"?11:53
erUSULin my opinion11:54
gustinlinuxpjc780: IMO = In My Opinion, as in I do not wish to indicate that this is some sort of accepted truth11:54
gnomemercyI prefer having a dual boot,I use linux about 95% of the time, but every now and then I like to load something with wine (games mostly) like WoW is one of them.11:55
exploit100http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installing      = linuxpjc78011:55
gustinlinuxpjc780: and yes, trash the boot loader means to mess it up.  For example, re-installing windows will overwrite the boot loader, and Linux will not be selectable at boot.  It will appear to have vanished.  THis is easy to fix but it will take time, particularly if this is all new to you11:56
gustingnomemercy: that is why I stated that it is my opinion.  It is cheaper for me to have a seperate computer instead of wasting time fixing the odd dual boot issue.11:57
gustingnomemercy: besides I use either vmware or virtual box for most of my Windows "needs".  Other than for gaming this works well.11:57
cowok_setyanick ce cute sweaty12:00
safeHow do I enable guest account? I thought I did it via Users and groups, but none exists in GDM.12:00
=== cowok_setya is now known as cew
stdiseasesafe, is it possible to enable through gdm configuration? Or look at /etc/passwd and change the login shell from something like /bin/false or /usr/sbin/nologin to /bin/sh12:01
=== ce_cinta is now known as ce_manis
IndustrialI just installed ubuntu and then UNetbootin which edited the grub2 configuration to add an item. The grub2 bootloader is not showing me any grub menu and this is irritting me because now I can not select the Unetbootin option.12:02
IndustrialI have tried looking in the /etc/grub.d/ config files and regenerating the grub config but I cannot seem to get it to wait 10secs12:02
stdiseaseIndustrial, edit /etc/default/grub for the timeout12:03
stdiseaseIndustrial, there's a variable GRUB_TIME="<secs>" you set then when dun run update-grub212:03
=== geek__ is now known as faileas
Dr_Willis_ Unetbootin edited your grub's menu? Never seen it do that befor.12:05
stdiseaseDr_Willis, yea strange isn't it, I thought unetbootin was syslinux-based12:05
Industrialstdisease: it had a HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true <-- EVIL.12:06
=== darksector is now known as teabag
frankS2Hi, I installed ubuntu server, and I have now attached 2 harddrives for raid0 on the motherboard as software, how can i make ubuntu see tese ones?12:06
Dr_Willis_stdisease:  ive neer seen it alter anything OTHER then the usb drive you point it to.  Im not sure what you were doing withit.12:06
stdiseaseDr_Willis, it's Industrial's question, just for the record12:08
sidhexcuse me but i'm not used with ubuntu irc chans, so is there some specific dev chans dedicated to ubuntu ?12:09
safestdisease: I can't choose "Dont ask for password on login" for the guest account.12:09
stdiseasesidh, there's #ubuntu+1 for pre-release/development12:09
erUSULfrankS2: you are using motherboard bios raid (aka fakeraid) ?12:10
sidhah ok thanks you for the info12:10
basslineranyone experiencing umlaut-problems after an update on an ubuntu server box as well?12:10
frankS2erUSUL: yes12:10
erUSULfrankS2: if you are going to use that only in linux is better not to. Use linux software raid stack12:11
frankS2erUSUL: i am only going to use it in linux yes12:11
erUSULfrankS2: then cnfigure the sata controller as ahci or normal sata (not raid) and assemble a raid array for linux to use using mdadm12:12
erUSUL!raid | frankS212:12
ubottufrankS2: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:12
stdiseasehuh flimsy grammar on the 1st article12:14
richzillahi all12:14
richzillaanyone know why terminal doesnt seem to recognise the cd.. command?12:15
LjLrichbecause there is no such command. you can, however, "cd .."12:15
Dr_Willis_richzilla:  you are thinking DOS12:15
stdisease(as appreciated as the user contribution is)12:15
Dr_Willis_dos - where you can be sloppy with spaces...12:15
erUSULfrankS2: http://bfish.xaedalus.net/2006/11/software-raid-5-in-ubuntu-with-mdadm/ <<<< in this blog he uses 3 devices to create a raid 5 just make the changes to make a raid 1 or 012:15
stdiseaseRichie, in other distros (Mandriva for 1) it's an alias for "cd .."12:15
Dr_Willis_how about '..' for an alias? :)  or can that work?12:16
stdiseaserichzilla, you can either get used to the more correct form, or define an alias in your .bashrc12:16
richzillaahhh thanks for the help12:16
richzilladont knwo how ive never spotted the apce before12:16
frankS2could some disk experts take a look at this?12:18
frankS2new problem... cant create/remove partitions12:18
nagchampawhy is the ubuntu installer only seeing one hdd while gparted can see both fine?12:18
stdiseasehuh 1TB does NetBSD even need that much space!..12:19
frankS2stdisease: no heh12:19
BulleTh0lol @ stdisease12:19
faileaso0, what needs 1tb to install?12:19
erUSULfrankS2: seems to complain that the paritions/disk are in use (mounted)12:20
frankS2erUSUL: but they are not12:20
linduxedi'm trying to install a 3G modem with the help of the usb_modeswitch utility. the problem is however that when it comes to the point where it says "Looking for active driver" it should find the usb-storage driver, but doesn't. instead i get "No driver found. Either detached befor or never attached"12:20
Dr_Willis_see what the mount command says?12:20
linduxedis there a way to make it find the usb-storage driver?12:20
frankS2Dr_Willis_: checked, its not12:20
erUSULfrankS2: not much experience with bsd paritions ...12:20
Dr_Willis_actually if they are ntfs - the gvfs may have them mounted/inuse.12:21
Dr_Willis_You could use gparted to delete the ones you want to use. and lket the installer remake partions in the unallocated space12:21
frankS2erUSUL: i want to rm all of them and use them in linux12:21
frankS2erUSUL: just need to fix the hd, cuz i cant use them now heh12:21
erUSULfrankS2: sdb and sdc ?12:21
Dr_Willis_frankS2:  delete them in gparted then. reboot.. let installer do its thang12:21
abhi_navWhich software is used to password protect a particular folder?12:21
frankS2erUSUL: yes12:21
stdiseaselinduxed, 'modprobe usb-stroage' ?12:22
erUSULabhi_nav: for home folder encription ecryptfs is used12:22
LjL!es | leon70212:22
ubottuleon702: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:22
stdisease!es | leon702 : aqui hablan espanol12:22
erUSULfrankS2: create new parition tables in both devices. with gparted12:22
ubottuleon702 : aqui hablan espanol: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:22
abhi_naverUSUL not for home folder. its just one of the folder e.g. /home/abc/desktop/test12:22
linduxedstdisease: didn't help12:23
frankS2erUSUL: i can do that with sdb , but i cant format it, in sdc i get the error: FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 3: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder12:23
linduxedstdisease: unless i should reboot the comp too12:23
erUSULabhi_nav: it can be any folder. i'm saying what ubuntu uses for the home encription i case you want to use the same12:23
stdiseaselinduxed, well the usb-storage kernel module is probably loaded now, if that does nothing it's probably another driver that should be loaded12:23
erUSULfrankS2: that's why i ask you to make new parition tables (not new paritions)12:23
erUSULfrankS2: that's why i ask you to make new parition tables (not new partitions)12:23
frankS2erUSUL: oh how?12:24
abhi_naverUSUL i want to share my home folder with frends. but want to lock that only one folder. all other folder wll be accesd.12:24
erUSULabhi_nav: it is better to create a third folder to share things and leave your home folder to you12:24
erUSULfrankS2: gparted (gui) or parted (cli)12:25
abhi_naverUSUL i dont mean network sharing. just want to lock a specific folder with password12:25
mylisto2hey everyone...12:25
stdiseaseabhi_nav, you will want to edit your smb.conf file and customize your shares12:25
abhi_navI dont mean network sharing12:25
danyRhi there. i installed an update today and now i can't acess https sites!12:25
stdiseaseHello mylisto212:25
mylisto2some weird issues just started on my laptop (running 8.04)12:25
mylisto2Just got back from work, went to jump on skype and yahoo (pidgin)...12:26
erUSULabhi_nav: i undesrtand. but your home folder has your configuration files etc... trust me it is easier and safer to just create a /home/shared folder to share the things you want to share with other users12:26
mylisto2yahoo won't stay open..it opens then closes automatically..12:26
mylisto2and skype is doing the same thign basically12:26
stdiseasemylisto2, can you launch them from a terminal and see what output it gives when those applications close?12:26
mylisto2ah never thought baout that12:27
mylisto2about that12:27
abhi_naverUSUL ok tell me can i have a script or something like that which wll delete my specific unpreviledge account if i dont open that unpreviledged account for 'n' number of days? can i write such scritp by my own? is it availabve already?12:27
erUSULabhi_nav: really dunno from the top of my head. you would have to do some research12:28
abhi_naverUSUL hmm ok12:28
mylisto2stdisease: it just says aborted in terminal12:28
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:29
stdiseasemylisto2, same for the 2nd app?12:30
mylisto2stdisease: here is a pastebin of what I get in terminal when pidgin crashes12:30
linduxedstdisease: well ill try forcing the module in some way12:30
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stdiseasemylisto2, hmm, I've seen those errors usually when you update libc6. Can you see if there are any updates to glib and libpurple and install them?12:31
stdiseasemylisto2, use aptitude or whatever software you usually use to install things12:32
mylisto2stdisease: what do you mean?12:33
stdiseasemylisto2, from terminal, 'sudo aptitude'12:33
stdiseasemylisto2, then look at the list of packages available for update, updated them all if possible  then see if crash still happens12:33
nexsja'ello, i've had some trouble with wifi, so i decided to reboot, after rebooting the system wanted to do a disk check, so i let it12:33
nexsjaafter the system booted up all my nvidia drivers were lost12:33
phpmonkmylisto2, stdisease : is it not a font problem ?12:33
=== kaolbrec|sleep is now known as kaolbrec
stdiseasenexsja, booted into another kernel version? you'll have to reinstall the nvidia driver12:34
nexsjai've downloaded 190 drivers from nvidia website, though i can't install them, says something about my gcc-4.4 version and that i don't have my kernel sources12:34
nexsjastdisease, yes, i've recently updated the kernel version12:34
nexsjathought that would be a good idea :/12:35
pw-toxic_hi.. my computer is in suspend mode, and i cant leave the suspend mode anymore. Pressing the power button doesnt do anything. Any ideas?12:35
stdiseasenexsja, install kernel sources or headers and use 'CC=gcc-4.3 sh NVIDIA-installer-xxx.sh'12:35
mylisto2phpmonk: how would I know if its a font problem?12:35
vilinyyour compiler is 4.4 while it wants 4.2, you can just bypass that12:35
Gyjfhey i have some problem with compiz, i use the wall and after update i cant drag windows between desktops12:35
pw-toxic_without suspend mode, my notebook is senseless12:35
vianocturna85wonder if anyone can make sense of this: im running karmic and keep getting 'partial update' option, when clicking on it it wants to upgrade my distro?12:35
soreaunexsja: When you use a different method other than the ubuntu provided method (sys>admin>hardware drivers) you will have to reinstall the nvidia driver after each kernel update12:36
nexsjasoreau, thank you, got that :) now, all i need to do is download the new kernel sources?12:36
stdiseasenexsja, CC=gcc-4.3 assuming the kernel was compiled with gcc 4.3.x , if the kernel was compiled with another version of course you'll have to pass what's appropriate like viliny said12:36
yonhello i require some help with Samba...  i have a folder that i want to share to everyone on the netowrk but only i can edit12:36
soreauGyjf: Is ccsm>Wall>Edge Flipping>Edge Flip Move enabled?12:37
yonIf i use Write List = yon and read only = yes i can access it but cannot create files12:37
nexsjadoes uname -a show my kernel version?12:37
vilinyuname -r12:37
soreaunexsja: uname -r and you probably just need to install the kernel headers12:38
nexsjaPackage kernel-headers is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source12:38
vilinynexsja, each and every kernel version has it's own header12:39
GyjfThankyou soreau, it worked!12:39
soreauGyjf: Great :)12:39
Gyjflooked for 30 min and couldnt find the option12:39
nexsjaviliny, so i've downloaded 2.6.32 kernel sources12:39
=== surf is now known as damnn
lantiziaSince Ubuntu 9.10 has the later version of APT (with support for i386 packages on amd64)... how can I add a i386 repository and install from it in AMD64 land?12:39
soreaunexsja: Yes, you need to install the kernel header version for your kernel as reported by uname -r12:39
vilinynexsja, what exactly does your uname -r return?12:39
=== cowok_setya is now known as cew
damnnHi I formatted a partition under win7 and I can't read it with ubuntu. Gparted says it's sda7 but if I mount -t ntfs it does not show properly. Any idea?12:40
stdiseaselantizia, which i386 packages do you need installed? The 32-bit compatibility stuff? you don't need i386 repo for that fyi12:40
lantiziadamnn, did you format it fatx?12:40
damnnlantizia, no it's ntfs12:41
stdiseasedamnn, try -t ntfs-3g12:41
lantiziastdisease, no it's not that - it's a game that has a 32bit only APT repo12:41
V4mpirewhy is 9.10 labelled as #56-Ubuntu ?12:41
yoncan anyone help me with my samba comfiguration (http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/kkHQ11yK) i want to make a directory accessable to everyone but only i can add and remove stuff12:41
yonPLz help :)12:41
nexsjaviliny, i've downloaded 2.6.32 kernel sources and extracting them now, then, when i'm installing new drivers i need to do --kernel-source-path <path_to_source>, right?12:42
vilinynexsja, you can download deb packages too12:42
vilinysuch a timesaver12:42
damnnstdisease, it does not work either12:42
stdiseaseviliny,  I think the source/header debs are borken for nexsja12:42
soreaunexsja: It should be able to figure out here the headers are on its own I would think12:42
vilinynexsja, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/12:42
ManiDhillondamn use #sudo fdisk -l to check the table first12:43
nexsjastdisease, so... i need to install something, or just downloading the kernel sources and directing nvidia installer to them will be enough?12:44
DelphiWorldhi all12:44
stdiseasenexsja, you will need to copy the config file from under /boot to the extracted directory src-linux/.config and then 'make prepare' before you'll be able to use it12:44
DelphiWorldplease how do i chmod a directory with all files/sub directorys?12:44
erUSULDelphiWorld: which directory ?12:45
yonchmod *user* -R *directory*12:45
DelphiWorlderUSUL: /usr/local/freeswitch12:45
erUSULyon: chmod does not accpt user as parameter12:45
stdiseasenexsja, it's best if you figure out a way to install kernel headers/sources from the apt system, though12:45
DelphiWorlderUSUL: i want to chmod it to 77712:45
yonmy bad chown i was thingking of12:46
pw-toxic_how can i reaload the fstab ?12:46
erUSULDelphiWorld: why you need to do that? it soes not look a safe thing to do. what s the problem exactly ?12:46
yonchmod 0777 -R ?directory12:46
damnnHi I formatted a partition under win7 and I can't read it with ubuntu. Gparted says it's sda7 but if I mount -t ntfs it does not show properly. Any idea?12:46
bcjHas anyone had experience with a failing hard drive causing shred to fall over and backtrace?12:46
erUSULpw-toxic_: sudo mount -o remount -a12:46
vilinynexsja, easiest would be to use http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ to download a new kernel and the appropriate headers and update-grub to make your grub include the new installed kernel when you boot next time and then go ahead and install the nvidia drivers and just answer no when it complains about gcc compiler version and you're set :)12:46
DelphiWorlderUSUL, using winSCP... to edit some files, but i need to sudo and i can't sudo from winSCP12:47
ManiDhillondamn first check the partition table with #sudo fdisk -l12:47
yoncan anyone help me with a problem with samba and the read only command12:47
DelphiWorlderUSUL: sory my dear there is a lot of trafic here, can we chat privatly? i am blind and i can't see your messages;)12:47
nexsjaviliny, okay, so i need to download headers, image and source, right?12:47
erUSULDelphiWorld: use putty to connect via ssh and get a cli12:47
katie11[::AmSg::] I am now [AFK: asleep ]12:48
erUSULDelphiWorld: ok12:48
damnnDelphiWorld, k it says ID: 7 System: HPFS/NTFS12:48
mylisto2stdisease: what do want me to do?12:48
mylisto2sudo aptitude and then what?12:48
DelphiWorlderUSUL: i can use putty, lol but editores problem like nano, vi, vim and ... accessibility problems12:48
ManiDhillondamn okay wait12:48
stdiseasemylisto2, then update any packages that need updating12:48
erUSULDelphiWorld: well the command is. chmod -R 777 /usr/local/freeswitch12:48
erUSULDelphiWorld: still think is not a good idea12:48
damnnDelphiWorld, I also have the win 7 root which is NTFS  - but I can see that. In fstab is not mentioned but I can see the "OS" disk on the desktop automatically mounted12:49
ManiDhillondamn Isn't it showing in Nautilas File Manager's side pane?12:49
damnnManiDhillon, no12:50
nexsjaviliny, after i've downloaded headers, source and image (dpkg) i need to run them all and then run 'update-grub', did i get it right? :)12:50
vilinynexsja, yes pretty much :)12:50
mylisto2I just upgraded firefox and I lost all of my damn bookmarks :(12:50
ManiDhillondamn what's the partition number? sda?12:50
nexsjaviliny, does it matter in what order i install those packages? :)12:51
mylisto2stdisease: to update do I just press u?12:51
ManiDhillontry this #sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt12:51
ManiDhillondamn try this #sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt12:51
stdiseasemylisto2, go to each available updates and press '+' , after  you've done selecting press 'g' twice and wait for it to download and install then preferably restart the desktop or the whole system and see if crash is still there12:52
damnnManiDhillon, nothin happens12:52
ManiDhillonCheck in the mnt direcotry. IS there anything.12:52
mylisto2stdisease: how do I go to each available update?12:52
ManiDhillondamn Check in the mnt direcotry. IS there anything.12:53
damnnManiDhillon, no12:53
ManiDhillonHmmm, Is their a previous entry for this drive in fstab?12:53
ManiDhillondamn Hmmm, Is their a previous entry for this drive in fstab?12:54
lantiziai386 on amd64  --  there was a THING THING!!! come on people you know what I mean surely!... some extra work was done on dpkg/apt to make it possible - anyone got a clue what I mean?12:54
AceOfSpadesdoes anyone know how to setup a torrent program to use only a vpn connection?12:54
damnnManiDhillon, yeah I setted it now. But when I booted there was nothing12:54
stdiseasemylisto2, there should be a list titled 'Upgradable Packages', open it with the Enter key. if there isn't then your system is up to date.12:55
erUSULlantizia: debian and derivatives do not support mixed arch afaik12:55
AceOfSpadesOr is there a way to have my laptop connect only through a vpn?12:55
ManiDhillondamn that's quite a problem. Mostly when you have a partition, Ubuntu automatically detects it.12:55
stdiseasemylisto2, if you usually install updates another way do that instead, whatever is more comfortable to you.12:55
mylisto2can I do this threw synpatic package manager?12:55
* sidh 's upgrading to lucid, and just hope he won't get the karmic amd64 bug with virtualbox12:56
lantiziaerUSUL, _YES_ yes they do... with this new thing12:56
erUSULlantizia: if you are that sure you do not need our help12:56
lantiziaerUSUL, I just need reminding what it was called!12:56
mylisto2stdisease: something is seriously up with this machine..12:57
mylisto2when I try to open synatpic package manager I get "Failed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic as user root.12:57
mylisto2Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file."12:57
albackerhello everyone, anybody has had problems with ubuntu and skype (very very very low volume) ???12:57
stdiseaselantizia, well there is a --force-architecture when installing directly from .deb files via dpkg, beyond that idk12:57
damnnManiDhillon, I know that. And that's the problem :(12:57
lantiziastdisease, no not that12:57
ManiDhillondamn try reformatting it to FAT32, may be that will solve the problem.12:58
knxvilleI know this not the proper place, but where do ettercap save the log files?12:58
damnnManiDhillon, no I wanted to have files larger than 4gigs12:59
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ManiDhillondamn, Hmmm then why don't you format it in EXT4 format. That will be easy.13:00
matteo1990Anyone may explain me how is possible that my HD according to fdisk has 255 heads???? XD13:01
sidhwatch out about ext4 format, the benefits is only for certain situation (very large files and so on) and the portability among other unix distros is not there13:02
sidh(no ext4 support for bsd* or (open)solaris) for example13:02
lantiziaerUSUL, stdisease:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec13:03
ManiDhillonsidh Well then always there is ext3. Well and most distros support ext3 and ext4.13:03
lantiziaFOUND IT! :D13:03
mylisto2stdisease: mind if pm you?13:04
Guest42633now upgrade beta test 10.4 from stable version kubuntu?13:04
sidhManiDhillon: when i was installing ubuntu minimal cd, i wonder about ext3 or ext4, then i check the improvement for ext4, and for my laptop i 'm still with ext313:04
stdiseasemylisto2, go ahead13:04
mylisto2anyone using Firefox 3.0.18 everytime I start it up it checks for  add on updates13:05
ManiDhillonsidh, I am having Ubuntu 9.10 with EXT4 and Slackware 13 with EXT3 while it also support EXT4. And Having CentOS with EXT3 bcoz they will add support for EXT4 in only next release.13:05
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading13:06
sidhManiDhillon: i'm not talking about ext4 support among linux distro (of course above a certain version of kernel, ext4 is supported everywhere) i'm just talking about extX support among other Unix OS13:06
stdiseasemylisto2, if you launched Firefox as sudo you probably need to chown your ~/.mozilla directory to your user name13:06
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:06
mylisto2stdisease: I didn't13:06
ManiDhillonsidh, I agree with you. Some direct Unix variants don't support EXT system.13:06
sidhok distupgrade finished , let's reboot and pray13:07
stdiseasemylisto2, ah just a possibility13:07
uBuSmallFontshi there...13:07
sobersabrehi. is there a way to have flash working on amd64 system inside a 64-bit browser ?13:08
sobersabreI am using chrome, and I have the packages installed:13:09
erUSULsobersabre: yes (and have been for years) install flahsplugin-nonfree13:09
uBuSmallFontsi am using mythbuntu in a huge lcd tv...i downloaded maximumtvguide  but can't read anything since fonts are too small...used qtsettings to change font size but got no results...any d13:09
AceOfSpadesanyone know how to setup a connection to only connect via vpn?13:09
sobersabreerUSUL: I have: flashplugin-installer           
erUSULsobersabre: ok; works in firefox ?13:09
sobersabrehmm... lemme check.13:10
erUSULsobersabre: i have ubuntu 64 bits and it works for me in firefox and in chromium (daily build ppa)13:10
sobersabreI am on chromme usually.13:10
ManiDhillonsidh, well are you using any Solaris derivative?13:10
sobersabreerUSUL: I think I have the same version of chrome... moment.13:10
AceOfSpadessobersaber, have you installed ubuntu restricted extras?13:11
sobersabreok: ff works.13:12
uBuSmallFontsi am using mythbuntu in a huge lcd tv...i downloaded maximumtvguide  but can't read anything since fonts are too small...used qtsettings to change font size but got no results...any idea?13:13
sobersabreff 3.5.513:13
AceOfSpadessobersabre, have you installed ubuntu restricted extras? After I installed everything worked fine13:13
sobersabreAceOfSpades: I think I have everything, since I don't have problems with listening to mp3s, watching movies with VLC, etc.13:13
erUSULsobersabre: as i said it works for chromium too13:14
sobersabreI have this: Google Chrome 5.0.335.0 dev13:14
sobersabreerUSUL: can you point me out to the chromium ppa you're using ?13:15
erUSULsobersabre: moment13:15
sobersabreI will upgrade I think. Is there any difference in "about" for you ?13:15
AceOfSpadessobersabre, I was having a problem with flash, and after I installed ubuntu restricted extras everything worked fin13:15
erUSULsobersabre: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main13:15
sobersabreerUSUL: trying...13:16
NetScr1bene1 else got problems w/ false(?) error reports from gnome-disk-utility (Palimpsest)13:16
mylisto2hey everyone13:17
mylisto2stdisease: that didn't do the trick...13:17
stdiseasemylisto2, guessing it didn't work since you're back..13:17
mylisto2something is very very wrong with my system13:17
mylisto2I just opened my damn irc client, and I realized that something is wrong with it..13:17
mylisto2it used to show a ton of different networks to join (freenode, etc..etc..)...13:17
mylisto2they were all wiped out13:17
stdiseasemylisto2, xchat? me too13:18
=== rootasdf is now known as rootbeard
mylisto2yeah xchat13:18
mylisto2I'm wondering what the hell is going on13:19
mylisto2even thunderbird seems affected13:20
febinhi chandran13:20
humboltmy automatically detected raid device always shows up as md_d0 instead of md0. is that the default now?13:20
rob_pmylisto2: Have you looked over your system logs for anything abnormal?13:20
mylisto2rob_p: not sure how to do that13:20
sobersabreerUSUL: what13:21
rob_pmylisto2: They are located in /var/log13:21
mylisto2I wouldn't even know what to look for13:21
rob_pmylisto2: Give them a gander and see if it yields any clues.13:21
sobersabreerUSUL: what's the command to fetch a key from the keyserver by it's PUB id ?13:21
nagchampais there a reason the ubuntu installer is only showing me my first hdd?13:21
mylisto2rob_p: what one should I look at?13:21
sobersabreis there some kind of apt-key adv command ?13:22
kurti_how can I start my software raid5 array automaticaly on boot? /etd/mdadm/mdadm.conf contains 'DEVICE /dev/hd*[0-9] /dev/sd*[0-9]' and the result of mdadm --detail --scan but it doesn't work13:22
mylisto2rob_p: can I pm you?13:23
rob_pmylisto2: The system log would be a good place to start.  You may have to go through many of them to assess what (if anything) happened to cause your issues.13:23
mylisto2what ones are the system logs?13:23
rob_pmylisto2: yeah13:23
SwedeMikekurti_: you need something like this: ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid5 num-devices=6 UUID=<uuid>13:23
SwedeMikekurti_: you don't need the device-line, you only need that basically13:24