ScottLunfortunately, pulseaudio-module-jack is currently only in lucid and I still record on a hardy box (which is soon to change, of course)00:19
ScottLbut I can also use my lucid-test box to use esound though :)00:19
crimsunScottL: it's also in ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev00:19
crimsunI uploaded lucid's current PA source there00:20
ScottLdoh...crimsum, i have to add you to the list of persia and themuso of people who rock! ;P00:20
ScottLs/of persia and themuso/, which includes perisa and themuso,00:22
ScottLwell, espeak rocks harder than festival from my brief exposure03:47
ScottLand espeak can write to .wav file which works poifectly (say it like snagglepuss)03:47
TheMusopersia: Yeah I remembered once I sent that message. :) was fighting mono packages not released from binary new at that point.21:25

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