idyllic24_Hey I just upgraded from ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntustudio. However my login window remains the one used for Ubuntu9.10.. My System>Administration dosent have a login window option. Could someone please help me out08:40
Blank__no idea, sorry idyllic24_ :(08:58
Blank__besides, the login screen for ubuntu studio isn't any better08:59
Blank__for some reason it lacks all theming of previous releases08:59
Blank__i.e it's a vanilla usplash08:59
idyllic24_hey Blank..thanks..but more than the aesthetics i wanted to learn  whats wrong with the system..all forums talk abt the System>Admin>Login Window..I dont have that....?09:00
idyllic24_And besides, how do you change the usplash?09:01
Blank__i've got no idea idyllic24_, it seems as if someone stuffed up11:01
funkyHatAnyone know if the rt patches are set to be merged into the mainline kernel ever?15:09
asanderI'm on Ubuntu now and i'm burning Ubuntu Studio to a CD now!18:05
kewlbns69ok i'm officially happy got ubuntu studio recording with a motu 828MK II :)19:39
kewlbns69anybody using ardour?19:40
kewlbns69i can get audacity to record but ardour isn't working and i'm not sure why19:40
kewlbns69guess i'll check back later19:52
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