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faronhelloooooo ?? can anybody see me ??04:13
faronhello ?04:15
faronhey there buddee04:20
buddeei see you04:21
faronalright !! Now,I'm lookin' good,huh ? Heh,heh.04:21
faronwas having a bit of a config prob with my IM pro {pidgin}04:22
buddeeah i c04:22
buddeewelp lookin good now04:22
faronwell,think all is well nowThjink I can {maybe } get offa here04:22
faronHeh,heh {maybe}04:23
buddeeyea should be fine now04:23
cobra-the-jokerHey guys .....if i installed xubuntu 8.04 LTS now .... can i upgrade ( with no problems ) to Xubuntu 10.04 LTS ?04:24
bazhangcobra-the-joker, lts to lts are supported path, sure04:25
faronthats a good quest.That's what I run xubuntu 80404:25
cobra-the-jokerI only install LTS versions in the any linux distro04:25
faronhey there bazhang how are you today04:26
cobra-the-jokeri like stability :D04:26
faronthat sounds liuke good avice cobra....... everybody keeps telling me to upgrade04:26
faronBoy ! I'll tell ya........I certainly agree with that !~ Heck,this vers's bad enough heh heh04:27
faronhad a prob recently with a firefox update that I interrupted because I thought it was stuck now I have no bookmarks etc & my desktop disappeared04:28
faronall bkkmks gone all history all icons on desk04:29
cobra-the-jokermy desktop hangs in 9.10 ...dont know why ... i am sure i have enough ram .... but *ubuntu is still cool04:29
faronYaeh,that's a major issue with me...ram04:30
farongot 40 gig HD but only 248 on ram04:30
faronplenty room on HD but alot of things {flash movies} just suck04:31
cobra-the-jokeri got my desktop 256 MB ram also ....its slow sometimes ...but i get things done ^_^04:32
faronit would seem that if I have that much HD  that I should be able to work around not having enough ram ??04:32
faronDo you ever have any probs with flash ?04:33
cobra-the-jokerno ...never ...maybe with some other distros ..but not with ubuntu04:33
faronI like {have} to watch any television I want online for the moment & it sure would be nice to be able to do that with everythign all synched up ya know ? like audio & video. {lips synched up with what's beeing said on screen}04:34
faronDarn ! What's wrong with my system thnen ?04:35
cobra-the-jokeryou dont have your audio , video synched ?!04:35
faronWhy can't I watch Craig Ferguson & 2 1/2 men online without problems ?? Darmnit !!04:36
faronWHAT can I do ??????????????????????04:36
faronOh,God.........If you could tell me.I'd kiss you !:-*:-X=-O04:37
cobra-the-jokerlol ... i dont know actually04:38
faronSo you don't have any probvs with flas with only 256 MB of ram ?04:39
cobra-the-jokerno .... i dont remember having any04:40
cobra-the-jokersometimes if its higher resolution ...it lags sometimes04:40
faronhmmmmmmWell,now that now raises another issue.04:40
psycho_oreosfiguratively speaking 256 is small04:41
cobra-the-jokerbut thats because of the VGA (not enough ram for the whole video  )04:41
psycho_oreosbarely scraping off the mark04:41
faronWell,thanks for the little chat everybody.At least I know {at least for the time being} that pidgin is now working properly04:44
faronHey guys......I saw a panel plug-in called {something like} "cpu governor".Can anybody tell me what that is ? What it does ?04:48
electragicianIs GetDeb (both the site and repos) down?04:52
psycho_oreosfaron, its like cpu frequency adjuster, you can adjust for performance, for on demand, powersaving etc04:59
faronthe cpu governor sycho ?05:00
faronI guess we're still talking about that05:00
psycho_oreosyes its kinda like cpu speed stepping or whatever amd has05:01
faronI hadn't heard from anyone for awhile so I went to do something else05:01
faronHmmmmm.Well now that sounds to me like that could help {maybe a little} hmmmm05:02
psycho_oreosonly with a supported CPU of course05:02
psycho_oreosahh AMD had powernow05:02
psycho_oreosintel was speedstep05:02
psycho_oreoslol I tinkered with that thing, didn't seem to do all that much so I removed it, now I don't have any of those speedstepping capability05:04
BalsaqGood morning Masters of the Code....05:35
faroncan anybody tell my why attatched to my mouse pointer there is a spinning ball ?05:58
Balsaqwhat is your OS?05:59
faronbalsaq....r u talking to me & are you still there ? if so......Xubuntu06:06
farondats why i here in xubuntu channel06:07
faronheh heh06:07
Balsaqyes, you are the only to speak06:07
Balsaqdo you still have a spinning ball attached to your pointer?06:07
Balsaqis it still spinning?06:07
faronargh !06:07
Balsaqis it the traditional buntu ball?06:08
faronnah,just like a circle06:08
Balsaqlike the w7 circle?06:08
faronw7 ?06:08
Balsaqare you dual booting?06:08
Balsaqcould you show us a screen shot?06:09
farondon't know what that is................it's almost like it's trying to say that something is going on somewhere ha06:09
faronno dual06:09
Balsaqso you have xubuntu installed to the HD/06:09
faronxubuntu on HD06:10
Balsaqwhen you move the pointer does the ball saty on the pointer?06:10
Balsaqtry rebooting06:11
faronjust figured out it's only on the tab with my hotmail open06:11
Balsaqwellt hat was exiting06:12
faronjust refreshed page.........guess what ?06:12
faronit's gone06:12
Balsaqball spinning on pointer06:12
Balsaqah no ball06:13
faronsi,no balsir06:13
faronhmmmmm funny06:13
faronguess that page really wasn't loaded completely06:13
faronwellsir think i'll go browse some news06:14
faronthanks for help06:14
Balsaqyou are welcome, thank you for choosing xubuntu.06:15
Balsaqgood morning os2mac, welcome to the lush sparsley populated binary rainforest known as xubuntu.....06:16
Balsaqpull up a chair and stay awhile os2mac06:36
os2macsorry it's my connection. I am in a hotel on an island literally 4k miles from anywhere... the connection could best be described as "iffy".06:37
knomemorning Balsaq06:41
knomehow are we today06:43
Balsaqwe are holding our own....n u?06:43
knomeready to take off in about 3 hours06:43
Balsaqwhere 2?06:43
knomeyup, one could say so :P06:44
Balsaqhmmm buntu business?06:44
knomemaybe not:)06:44
Balsaqcool...how is your sister?06:44
knomeheh, i suppose she is fine06:45
knomehaven't sseen her in a while06:45
Balsaqi wonder if my nephew ever spoke to her again06:45
knomedunno :D06:45
Balsaqme neither06:45
Balsaqstill can't believe i saw her face once and read her name and knew immediately it was your sister.06:46
Balsaqhow long are you in London?06:46
knomecoming back tuesday night06:46
Balsaqwell i wish you a saf trip06:47
knomethanks :)06:47
Balsaqi read that ubuntu is going to come with a manual (book)...is xubuntu doing that also?06:48
knomei don't think a printed book, but yes, we are working on documentation... though our #1 doc guy had to take some time off06:49
knome(feel free to help with the docs!)06:49
Balsaqi printed a xubuntu manual off the net once only to learn later that it was an unreputable source.06:50
Balsaqyes i will...how do i do it?06:50
Balsaqi would like to get rid of the unaffiliated thing that is attached to my name06:52
knomeum, i don't exactly know the steps06:52
knomebut join #xubuntu-devel06:52
knomej1mc can tell you more, if he happens to be online someday06:53
knomei think others can also help06:53
Balsaqwhat about cody-sommerville06:53
knomehe has resigned, but i suppose he would be able to help as well06:53
Balsaqwow who has his position06:53
knomefor now, mr_pouit is our leader06:54
Balsaqhmmm, haven't met him06:54
knomeuntil we get the governance review/change finished06:54
knome...s a nice guy06:54
knomeworks hard for xubuntu06:54
Balsaqare you going for that someday?06:54
knomewho knows. :)06:54
knomeit really depends a lot06:55
Balsaqdo you meet with the people who work on xubuntu...or is all online06:56
Balsaqis it all online i meant06:56
knomemostly online, but you can meet people for example in UDS06:56
knomewhich is the developer summit, organized twice a year06:57
Balsaqi dunno i an so green yet07:18
Balsaqi wish had stumbled onto this a long time ago07:19
Sysi-hmm, i've been thinking of making documentation if xubuntu in finnish for our loco08:11
Balsaqhowdy slow08:22
Balsaqsorry the Fins got wopped the other day08:25
slow-motionhi Balsaq, Sysi08:25
Balsaqwooped i meant08:25
Sysi-what's ip of google or something? i think "my" dns is broken08:26
Balsaqflv ideo editor for xp08:28
Balsaqtry that Sysi08:29
Sysi-and magically it started working08:30
knome_airportthe connection is horrible08:42
Sysi-in h-v?08:43
knome_airportdamn slow and i don't even know if imap access is allowed08:43
knome_airportdidn't read the TOS08:44
knome_airportbut when i tried to access imap, the connection was closed08:44
knome_airportso i suppose that's not allowed08:44
Hellhound666Hi all, I have a question for ya's.08:53
Hellhound666I'm trying to install flash player 10 and I continually get a segmentation fault08:53
BalsaqYou must uninstall any currently installed Flash Player before installing08:55
Hellhound666there isn't any installed I don't think but I'll do that just to make sure08:57
Balsaqafter that....08:57
BalsaqNow, install Flash 10 (make sure Firefox is not running):08:58
Balsaq$ sudo dpkg -i install_flash_player_10_linux.deb08:58
Hellhound666sudo dpkg08:58
Hellhound666ah okie08:58
Balsaqthere you go08:58
Hellhound666Hey thanks a lot08:59
Sysi-i'd install xubuntu-restricted-extras08:59
Balsaqgood one08:59
Sysi-other useful stuff, and flash08:59
Hellhound666check this out I'm running Xubuntu 9.10 on a compaq presario 70008:59
Balsaqthank you for choosing xubuntu...08:59
Hellhound66620gb hdd 256mb ram and a 1ghz processor08:59
Hellhound666I'm running it on my good laptop too though09:00
Hellhound666I just can't seem to get rid of my old computers09:00
Sysi-with that cpu machine would be pretty fast with more ram09:00
Hellhound666yeah it would just freak out if I installed windows on it09:00
Balsaqthat one prolly runs on pc100 sdram09:01
Hellhound666yeah but the ram modules are hard to get09:01
Balsaqseen them on ebay for 5 bucks09:01
Balsaqor even pc13309:01
Hellhound666I was reading up on it and they have to be the proper kind09:01
Hellhound666else they over heat09:01
Balsaqi have a 450mgz and a 400mgz among other things here09:02
Hellhound666but it's worth taking a gander09:02
Sysi-just see what are original ones like09:02
Hellhound666can't get rid of your old pc's either huh09:02
Balsaqi like oldies for projects09:02
Balsaqpeople give away sdram for free sometimes09:03
Hellhound666yeah something to tinker with and not worry about damage09:03
Balsaqi actually stuffed 768 sdram in my oldest dell that only has 400mgz09:03
Hellhound666omg the old compaqs are so annoying to upgrade and get into09:03
Balsaqthe book said it can only use 38409:04
Hellhound666how did you get the clock to sync right with it?09:04
Balsaqbut linux allows it to use the 768sram09:04
Balsaqw98 would not run it correctly09:04
Balsaqwhen dell testes it they only tested it with windows09:04
Balsaqtested it09:04
Hellhound666no POST problems or anything?09:04
Balsaqnot with linux09:05
Hellhound666that's nice man09:05
Balsaqi threw puppy in it09:05
Balsaqbut it would xubuntu very well becasue it ran ubuntu...albeit a bit slow09:05
Balsaqbut your has a better processor09:06
Hellhound666here this is the one I have http://www.satelliteguys.us/computer-electronic-gadgetszone/125315-ubuntu-compaq-presario-700-laptop.html09:06
Hellhound666yeah I had old red hat on there and it was moving pretty fast but it wouldn't update09:06
Hellhound666rhn subscription issue09:06
Hellhound666so I said screw it I'm not going to try to put urpmi on there and change the rep09:07
Balsaqnice one for buntu09:07
Hellhound666yeah it runs fairly well right now09:07
Hellhound666little laggy but like u said with a little bit more ram it may do alright09:07
Balsaqjust add a touch more ram09:07
Hellhound666ya know what I've never opened up a laptop to work on.09:08
Sysi-ram is usually easy to add09:08
Hellhound666weird I have worked on plenty of desktops and servers09:08
Hellhound666yeah I'm sure09:08
Hellhound666I had to practically dislocate my arm to get ram in on the old compaq desktop09:09
Hellhound666I also have a 566mhz intel II with 256mb ram.  I might slap something on there.09:10
Hellhound666I might just sit it there and use it to do all my WEP stuff09:10
Hellhound666alright thanks everybody be back later09:11
Balsaqwelcome xerox1...10:01
xerox1hi Balsaq10:02
Balsaqwelcome to the temperate binary rainforest known as....xubuntu.10:03
MalfermitaKodoMy webcam has stopped working for what seems to be no reason at all (but I use it not very often so didn't know what might've caused it)15:49
MalfermitaKodoCan you give me some pointers what could have happened, I looked at the pages about my laptop and it just says it should work out of the box15:50
dmizeri cannot find "workspace switcher" in the xfce4-panels "add new items" menu. how is this possible?16:54
psycho_oreoscould it be from a dist-upgrade?16:55
dmizerit was not dist-upgraded.16:56
dmizercurrently running xubuntu hardy. installed xubuntu hardy to a bare metal system.16:57
psycho_oreosheh hardy = old16:57
dmizerhardy = stable and reliable.16:57
dmizerhardy = works with my hardware.16:58
dmizerall of my other hardy xubuntu installs have "workspace switcher" in the "add new items" menu ... i am not sure how it can possibly be missing on this one.16:58
dmizeroh man ... i feel royally stupid now. in hardy, the "workspace switcher" is called "pager" =-O17:06
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dmizerwell, it's been fun. thanks psycho_oreos17:07
psycho_oreosdidn't do much but no probs dmizer17:08
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saszaHi everyone!17:45
saszai have small problem, when i start system i get message "Hal deamon is not running"17:45
saszabut when i check /etc/init.d hal is running17:46
saszacan anyone help me?17:50
franciscohow can i do to turn up the volumen when i restart xubuntu?17:56
saszajust turn up in volume applet18:02
MalfermitaKodosasza: at which point do you get the message?18:02
saszaafter start, when login screen apper18:04
MalfermitaKodoOkay, I think I localized the webcam issue somewhat... the kernel module uvcvideo sees the webcam but /dev/video0 does not exist18:04
franciscosasza: it doesn't work, because when i restart xubuntu it's mute again18:04
MalfermitaKodofrancisco: start alsamixer and change the settings18:05
saszaso turn up again18:05
MalfermitaKodoI think alsamixer settings are retained between restarts18:05
franciscoMalfermitaKodo: thanks18:05
MalfermitaKodonow... I have to admit that I never understood udev and so far it only caused problems but I guess it is unavoidable now... how can I trick udev into creating that special file?18:06
franciscothe icon's names in the desktop are not complete showed18:09
franciscowhat can i do to resolve it?18:09
franciscospecially when are not selected18:10
MalfermitaKodoselect a smaller font size?18:10
MalfermitaKodoif you find something else, tell me18:10
franciscothantks again MalfermitaKodo18:11
franciscoand... what can i do to change the icon's name in the desktop18:11
franciscochange it for another smaller18:12
MalfermitaKodoI guess18:14
psycho_oreoshmm you might need to create a special device18:25
MalfermitaKodopsycho_oreos: how?19:05
MalfermitaKodoI thought that was udev's task now19:05
psycho_oreosit probably is udev's task but I don't think udev will automagically know how to create a special device19:05
psycho_oreosespecially a special device has all sorts of switches, check out man mknod19:06
MalfermitaKodoSo you mean with major and minor number and all ... urk! Last time I did that was then 486s were considered good enough19:07
psycho_oreospretty much, that is to create stuff in /dev anyway19:08
psycho_oreosif the device uses another file instead of /dev/video0 you can probably symlink it19:09
MalfermitaKodocan't see any reference to that19:11
psycho_oreoslooks like you might have to manually create it19:11
franciscohow can i rename my desktop icon's?19:53
franciscoi have no permissions19:54
MalfermitaKodoyou have no permission to edit your own icons?19:55
franciscoi can't edit them19:56
franciscoi don't know edit them19:56
dbdii407My mouse will not move again19:56
dbdii407Anyone have any idea how to fix this?19:56
dbdii407Well, I should say click any other window19:57
MalfermitaKodohow is it connected?19:59
dbdii407and wire-ly19:59
dbdii407Two mouses19:59
dbdii407both won't click19:59
MalfermitaKodoand have you tried killing X11?20:01
dbdii407Ummm no?20:01
dbdii407I wouldn't know how anyways20:01
dbdii407Can't google it either20:03
dbdii407Can't switch windows20:03
dbdii407Nothing happened? O_o20:05
Sysi-it's taken off20:07
dbdii407any other ideas?20:07
franciscocan anyone rename the desktop icon's?20:09
Sysi-i try to keep my desktop as clean as possible :)20:13
Sysi-default icons or self-created?20:13
dbdii407i can't see my desktop. :P20:13
dbdii407this never happened in Ubuntu20:14
franciscoSysi-: default icons20:14
dbdii407or linux mint on that note20:14
Sysi-francisco: they are created by thunar, might be matter of that20:15
Sysi-what if you create owns, similar to default?20:15
dbdii407MalfermitaKodo, Nope20:16
dbdii407Anyone know how to switch windows?20:18
dbdii407via keyboard?20:19
Sysi-alt tab20:23
dbdii407Nope. :(20:24
dbdii407Screw it20:26
franciscoSysi-: how can i do that?20:29
Sysi-add launcher to desktop20:29
franciscoSysi-: but i don't know how can i do that20:30
Sysi-right click, add launcher20:30
franciscoand then20:30
Sysi-can you take comand etc from original ones?20:31
coldfire2122can someone help me change the text on files and folders non left-justified aligned?20:58
franciscoSysi-: I can't21:08
Sysi-hmm, idk then, as said i don't use icons on desktop21:09
linux1001I have an issue trying to get my usb wireless adapter (linksys WUSB54GSCv2) to work with ndiswrapper. I have followed all the instructions I could find and I still cannot get it to work21:53
eXpl0i7nikolam: javi se bre xD22:37
nikolamhello, english?22:38
nikolamwe have ubuntu-rs for serbian22:38
nikolampleasecome there, thanks :)22:38

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