C10uDhello, i updated bug 52706111:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 527061 in indicator-application "python bindings for libappindicator don't allow to change icon-theme-path (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52706111:40
C10uDi'm still unsure on how to test if this actually works, make&&make install the bindings doesn't produce any difference..11:40
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jcastromorning seb128 15:00
seb128hey jcastro15:00
seb128how are you today?15:00
jcastrodid you see Kalle ported Tracker to a-i?15:00
seb128no I didn't15:00
seb128nice ;-)15:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 497912 in tracker (Ubuntu) "Support Application Indicators (affects: 1)" [Low,Triaged]15:00
jcastroseb128: so what's the plan for g-s-d?15:01
jcastropolkit-1-gnome is also ready!15:01
seb128g-s-d relies on those libgnomekbd refactoring which neither pitti or I like to get in distro15:02
seb128I guess I will have to sit down and look at this one this week15:02
jpetersenThe code could basically be moved from libgnomekbd to g-s-d15:11
qensekklimonda: you're afk, but you'll probably read your pings: the text field in the Me Menu also sets your IM status after all. I was wrong.15:23
jcastrojpetersen: whichever makes it easier to put it in the distro I would guess. seb128?15:25
seb128jpetersen, I've not looked at the details but your change is change the way the code is structured a bit to make easier to share code between appindicator and notification?15:26
jpetersenfor upstream it should be in libgnomekbd but for lucid just patching g-s-d would maybe be easier15:27
seb128right that's what I was thinking15:27
seb128could you work on that change?15:27
seb128I would prefer a code copy rather than a redesign15:28
seb128and better to not make those api public if not required15:28
jpetersenseb128, yes ok i will do15:28
seb128we also need to make sure to not break the screensaver lock screen15:28
vishtedg: would Bug #391414 be addressed for Lucid?  seems to be an a11y problem15:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 391414 in hundredpapercuts "Unable to shutdown system from GNOME using keyboard (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39141415:33
* vish thinking of assigning milestone for Lucid15:33
tedgvish: Yes, please do.15:33
vishtedg: shall i assign it to you?15:33
tedgvish: No, all bugs should always be assigned to kenvandine, it makes him feel loved ;)15:34
tedgvish: Yeah, to me :)15:34
vishhehe ;)15:34
* vish first searches for dupes15:37
dpmhi jpetersen, I've been talking to jcastro about a translation issue from the Rhythmbox indicator and he told me you'd be the person to ask.16:04
dpmHere's the question:16:04
jpetersenhi dpm16:05
dpmhi :)16:05
dpmThe "Show Rhythmbox" message on http://imagebin.ca/view/2Vubpv2T.html appears untranslated, and I'd like to find out why it's not translatable. The string does not seem to come from Rhythmbox itself. Any idea where it comes from?16:05
jpetersendpm, it is from plugins/status-icon/rb-status-icon-plugin.c16:08
dpmah, thanks jpetersen, let me have a look...16:08
jpetersendpm, hm the app-indicator patch changed it from "Show Music Player" to "Show Rhythmbox", that was in the original patch16:09
jpetersendpm, I am not sure why it was changed16:09
dpmI'm just looking at why the Show Rhythmbox message does not appear in the Ubuntu translation template, perhaps it was not marked as translatable in the patch16:13
jpetersendpm, it is marked translatable16:14
dpmweird, the only similar message is "_Show Rhythmbox" in the Ubuntu template -> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/rhythmbox/+pots/rhythmbox/ca/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=show+rhythmbox16:15
jpetersendpm, yes that is the right one16:16
dpmit's not, the one shown does not have the accelerator -> "Show Rhythmbox" <> "_Show Rhythmbox"16:17
jpetersendpm, it seems there seems to be a problem with accelerators in the indicator applet16:20
jpetersendpm, but it is that string16:21
dpmjpetersen, (sorry, I was on the phone). Ah, ok. Do you know if the problem with accelerators a known bug? If so, I'll subscribe to it, otherwise I'll file a new one, I just want to make sure that that string's translations are loaded16:38
jpetersendpm, I have not found any bug17:11
dpmjpetersen, no worries, if it's actually that string, and if it's discarding the accelerator, I'll file a new one. Which source package would be the best to file it against?17:12
dpmthanks a lot for your help jpetersen!17:13
jpetersendpm, your wlecome17:16
NafaiHi guys17:34
NafaiBack from my appointments17:34
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jcastroNafai: I believe pitti had some questions outstanding on the vino work17:55
jcastroNafai: how's brasero coming along?17:58
NafaiNo comments yet from upstream17:58
NafaiFine, got one last issue if I don't figure it out soon I'll reach out for some help17:59
jcastroNafai: oh right, you needed a GTK guru right?17:59
Nafaiin general, yes, but for the specific problem now for brasero it is more of figuring out the right callback18:00
jcastroperhaps jpetersen?18:00
jcastrowe need a box with glass and jpetersend in it ... "Break in case of App Indicator Emergency" 18:01
NafaiGive me a few minutes and I'll see if I need help this time18:02
* jcastro nods18:02
jpetersenjcastro, Nafai what is the problem?18:02
Nafaijpetersen: not an immediate problem at the moment, but are you going to be around for a while?18:02
jpetersenNafai, yes I will have dinner soon, but I will continue to work for a bit after that18:03
NafaiOk, I'll try to ping you quickly if I need help today18:03
Nafaithanks for being available18:03
jpetersenNafai, ok :)18:03
jpetersenyour welcome18:03
jcastroqense: hey, did you know we had a karmic app-indicator ppa already?18:07
qensejcastro: no :P18:07
jcastroit's listed on the wiki page18:08
jcastroheh, it's been there since like December. :D18:08
jcastrofor upstreams who want to play but don't want to run Lucid18:08
C10uDtedg, (sorry for the pinging) about bug 527061 , i posted a new diff. however, today i managed to correctly build the whole stuff, and seems like the 001 diff works correctly while the new one (002) doesn't. unfortunately there's little (read: no) documentation on bindings creations so i'm walking in the dark (i don't know how duplicate a constructor). any chance some expert can take a look at this? anyway, the 001 seems fine to me, if you wanna test it18:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 527061 in indicator-application "python bindings for libappindicator don't allow to change icon-theme-path (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52706118:20
tedgC10uD: I'm not sure how to do that in Python either.  kenvandine, do you know how to overload a constructor?18:21
C10uDwell, shouldn't be safe to use *_new_from_model? with plain *_new that path is set to Null, so there's little difference i think18:23
NafaiYou don't overload the constructor in Python18:27
NafaiWhat I would do is add an optional parameter to __init__18:27
C10uDNafai, but the defs file allows to specify optional parameters for the method from what i've read, and that's what i used18:28
C10uDit's just i'm using _new_from_model instead of plain _new when creating a new appindicator object, and i think there should be no difference (even if i didn't read the source, i admit)18:28
* Nafai nods18:29
C10uDusing _new sets that parameter to Null already 18:29
C10uDsorry if i'm bothering too much, but i really need that upstreamed in order to hax icons in the indicator :p18:31
tedgC10uD: I don't think it's an issue, just no one is quite sure how it should work.18:32
C10uDthat sounds very reassuring18:34
C10uDanyway, here's my reference http://live.gnome.org/PyGTK/WhatsNew28#Hand-written_constructors_need_to_be_updated18:35
C10uDnotice that appindicator seems using some going-for-deprecation syntax for bindings creation, but that's another story18:36
C10uDanyway, if there's something i can do to speed up the process let me know, i fear about python bindings be not ready for lucid.. 18:38
Nafaibbiab, lunch18:52
jcastroqense: that was awesome!20:01
* qense blushes20:01
jpetersen_I am going to leave for the day20:51
jpetersen_bye bye20:51
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Nafaijcastro: brasero patch attached and ready for review!21:11
Nafaijcastro: should I go back and separate the vino patch into two patches as suggested by pitti, or work on gnome-bluetooth first?21:11
jcastroNafai: pitti's work first21:31
Nafaiokay, figured as much21:31
jcastrogood job on brasero btw!21:31
NafaiIs the opportunistic developer week going well?  I've forgotten to pay attention today :(21:32
jcastroyeah, qense ran an app indicator session21:32
NafaiHe rocks21:32
seg|arsmpt: hey, is that bold/italic thing an official twitter feature? I haven't seen that before23:23
seg|arsmpt: it appears to be using an egregiously eccentric unicode hack23:23
mptseg|ars, no, it's a practical joke23:24
mptFeel free to play along or dismiss it at your choice23:24
mptseg|ars, I'm sure you could think of some earnest pledge to support all #twitterpremium features in Gwibber 3.023:26
seg|arsmpt: http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/6862/gwibber3zomg.png ;-)23:44
mptseg|ars, beautiful23:45
mptseg|ars, misspelled the hashtag :-(23:50
seg|arsmpt: fixed. Thankfully, one of the new premium features is support for editing existing messages!23:51
mptYeah, isn't it cool?23:51

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