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jelmerslangasek: hi00:10
jelmerslangasek: James was about to release another version of bzr-builddeb so I was waiting on that before uploading to sid00:11
jelmerjames_w: ^00:11
igchi lifeless, jelmer00:13
jelmerhey Ian00:13
jelmerigc: Congrats on bzr-explorer 1.0!00:13
slangasekjelmer: ok :)00:13
igcthanks jelmer00:14
lifelesshi igc00:15
lifelessjelmer: did you get the commitfromnews tests working ok?00:15
jelmerI haven't tried yet00:15
lifelessbzr.dev change is landed00:16
lifelessis it doc or docs we use for doc bugs?00:22
poolieBazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: vila | bzr 2.1.0final has gone gold, time to build installers!00:25
=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: vila | bzr 2.1.0final has gone gold, time to build installers!
igchi poolie00:26
pooliehello igc00:26
pooliehow are you?00:26
igcok today00:26
igctime for a call sometime today maybe?00:26
igcpoolie: ^00:27
poolienow's good if that suits00:27
igcpoolie: it does00:28
mwhudsonlifeless: yes00:29
lifelessmwhudson: its doc, I looked00:29
mwhudsonalthough it redirects and that should work for a good while00:29
lifelessmwhudson: oh, the out of date question.00:29
lifelessok, I won't stress about the link00:30
mkanatmwhudson: So, no crashes all this time?00:34
mwhudsonmkanat: one, but i think a sysadmin was woken up for it, so no debugging :/00:35
mkanatmwhudson: :-(00:35
dsuchHmm is there any notion of a session when working with WorkingTrees? My application accepts HTTP requests and upon receiving one I'd like to create some sort of a 'bzrlib session' which would go down through a couple of layers of the code,02:28
dsuchpossibly ending in its committing if no exception have been raised. However, if an exception is raised, I'd like to rollback any possible changes.02:29
dsuchrevert rather :)02:29
dsuchSomething along starting a new SQL transaction I guess.02:30
dsuchActually, not sure if it matters, but there would be only one commit made deeper in the code and I think I'd like to commit the commit right before finishing with the HTTP request.02:32
dsuchOr commit the session, if there is such a thing.02:33
mwhudsondsuch: there are write locks and write groups, which i think are at least a bit like that02:35
dsuchokay, I'll take a look at that, thanks02:37
jmcantrellhow do i get the repo url that i branched?02:43
dsuchjmcantrell: bzr info ?02:45
jmcantrelldsuch: if i need to get it in a script, is the best way to just parse that output or is there a better way?02:46
dsuchin Python?02:47
jmcantrelldsuch: bash02:48
dsuchdoesn't seem bad02:48
jmcantrelldsuch: yeah, i just didn't know if there were a way to get just the path02:49
dsuchI'm not sure, there are lots of commands but I tend to stick to a few mostly used, take a look at 'bzr help commands', maybe there is some shorter one02:50
jmcantrelldsuch: ok. thanks02:54
pooliethanks for all the reviews jelmer03:12
parthmhello. I have lp:bzr-grep working to grep a specified revision for a pattern. http://pastebin.com/AkccBvx804:06
parthmI am working on extending it to take a range. I found builtins._get_revision_range(revision, wt.branch, 'grep') returns two RevisionInfo objects.04:06
parthmWhats a good way to get a list of inclusive revision for this range.04:07
pooliehello parthm04:14
pooliethat'd be a nice featuer04:14
parthmhi poolie04:15
pooliethere should be a repository method for that04:15
pooliei'd look in log04:15
* parthm goes digging into log code04:16
pooliei'd probably call something like _graph_view_revisions from log.py actually04:17
poolieigc, hi?04:17
igchi poolie04:17
poolieigc i think bug 524177 is now fixed, if you want to try again04:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524177 in bzr "Doc rebuilds are deleting chm files" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52417704:18
igcpoolie: thanks04:18
parthmpoolie: thanks. i will look at that.04:19
poolieigc, do you want me to try this thing of removing the ga urchin from the html templates? or are you ok with that?04:20
parthmhello. For lp:bzr-grep I have a simple loop to iterate through the rev range given by the user http://pastebin.com/qaQyVsjX This works fine and I am able to grep the rev range.05:25
parthmHowever, I am seeing a weird failure in a test http://pastebin.com/Nqtr2kCu which tries to grep on an unversioned file. it seems to be failing in at the 'for' clause http://pastebin.com/BfM0Hvhu05:26
parthminterestingly, running the exact same step from command line works fine (and issues a skip warning as expected). any ideas?05:27
parthmthe run from the command line: http://pastebin.com/NLQhsihG05:29
parthmnever mind. this seems to be the edge case of the repo having only 1 revision. http://pastebin.com/dYJHRxSE Any suggestion on what may be a good fix? Do I just catch the error and ignore?05:34
poolie1hi parthm05:48
poolie1sorry did anyone answer before?05:48
lifelesspoolie1: check out lp:bzr-plugin-info05:49
* lifeless goes offline05:49
parthmpoolie1: np. i located and fixed the error. it was a special case for revno:005:49
parthmi am done with the rev range support also (just adding tests). you can try it at lp:bzr-grep. i can try to make it a builtin and propose a merge if you think its upto it.05:50
vilahi all !07:14
poolie1hi vila07:21
* poolie1 is writing stuff to plot the review queue length07:21
vilahey poolie07:22
lifeless:!bzr git-import07:24
lifelessCommand git-import is supplied by the following plugins:07:24
lifeless  git07:24
lifelesspoolie1: ^07:24
poolie1lifeless: makes it sound like it's actually supplied by them07:26
poolie1but for you, not so much :)07:26
lifelesshmm ?07:26
poolie1"Command '%s' is not available at the moment but might be provided by the following plugins: %r.  See <http://doc......>"07:26
poolie1oh also make sure it exits nonzero07:26
lifelessI think might is a little waffly07:27
poolie1delete it then07:28
poolie1use something like what ubuntu's thing does07:28
lifelessthats what I have done;)07:28
poolie1The program 'darcs' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:07:28
poolie1sudo apt-get install darcs07:28
lifelesswe don't have that slick a system yet07:29
poolie1you don't understand the difference?07:29
lifelessI was going to add the URL07:29
poolie1please make it more clear that the command is not actually available yet07:29
lifelessI'm glad you like it enough to offer feedback.07:30
poolie1i do :)07:30
poolie1this is just polish :)07:30
lifelessyes; you're coming across a bit aggro. Sorry if its me being slow or whathaveyou.07:31
lifelessI just spent an hour twisted sideways on the train; only pasted it here to show that I had actually got <something> done07:33
lifelesstake #207:35
lifeless:!bzr git-import07:35
lifelessCommand 'git-import' is not available at the moment.07:35
lifelessThe following plugins include this command:07:35
lifeless * git (branch available ../../git/trunk)07:35
lifelessits pushed07:37
lifelessvila: beuno: ^ you might enjoy that. (install lp:bzr-plugin-info)07:42
lifelesspoolie1: gnight07:42
vilalifeless: nice07:43
vilalifeless: Do^H^H When you plan to put it into core ?07:43
lifelessit needs discussion07:45
poolie1vila i think we should ship it somehow07:48
poolie1whether it's in core or a shipped plugin is not a big deal07:48
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poolielifeless: you might be interested to know in the last week 38 bugs were filed, 11 were fixed, and 54 left state New07:49
vilapoolie1, lifeless : sure, keeping it as a plugin is fine with me, one more example07:49
poolie23 were closed07:49
poolie17 became inprogress07:49
vilapoolie: wow, excellent, hydrazine ?07:49
pooliepsql :)07:49
pooliecould be done more slowly through hydrazine07:49
pooliehowever i want to plug it into tuolumne aka lpstats07:51
poolieand that is easier done here07:52
lifelessvila: grats on hudsonification07:57
* vila returns the compliment ;-)07:58
parthmpoolie: lp:bzr-grep plugin is tested and has the most common features http://pastebin.com/ijCs02kr . Feel free to try it out. I am thinking this can be proposed as a builtin. If you agree I could do the porting.08:00
parthmI plan to add --external-grep, --include/exclude but if a merge is to be proposed I would like to add these after to keep the proposal size small.08:00
vilaparthm: thanks for resurrecting this plugin !08:01
parthmvila: welcome :-) this one uses a builtin grep and i have tested it out on windows also.08:01
pooliewow that's great08:01
pooliei'll install it now08:02
bialixhi all08:03
parthmbialix: hi08:03
vilahey bialix08:04
bialixbonjour vila08:04
lifelessvila: you did all the wrk:)08:05
bialixjelmer: ping08:10
lifelessvila: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr-gtk/setup/+merge/2034108:22
poolievila, lifeless: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/tuolumne-lp-configs/bzr-graphs/+merge/20357 - plot mps in progress etc08:35
vilapoolie: Not allowed here08:35
vilaSorry, you don't have permission to access this page.08:35
poolieoh well you'll have to trust08:36
vilalifeless: a bit of explanation for that bzr-gtk mp ? (to save me the time to install your plugin and encounter the failure)08:37
vilapoolie: hehe08:37
lifelessvila: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/developers/plugin-api.html#plugin-metadata-before-installation08:40
* igc dinner08:42
vilalifeless: excellent08:42
slangasekjames_w: when you're about, I'd appreciate having your eyeballs on bug #529900; I have an opportunity to nudge the Debian Samba packaging in the direction of bzr from svn, and that bug's a blocker for it08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529900 in bzr-builddeb "merge-upstream --v3 tries to unpack .tar.bz2 with tar xzf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52990008:42
poolienight all08:43
vilapoolie: g'night08:43
jmllifeless, no08:56
james_wslangasek: haha09:13
james_wthanks for the fix, I'll get this uploaded soon09:14
slangasekok, cheers :)09:14
sorenIs there a simple way to get bzr-svn to allow me to check out some stuff over https if the certificate on the server is expired and/or signed by an unknown CA?09:38
lifelessif you tell svn itself that its ok09:39
lifelessI think it will work09:39
* soren tries again09:39
sorenAh, I was just doing "bzr branch https://blahblah/"... switching to "bzr branch svn+https://blahblah/" helped. It didn't even ask me to confirm the cert, which I suppose is a bit worrying.09:41
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lifelessvila: 120K tests is kinda scart11:29
vilalifeless: yeah, matrix job fallout, I know11:30
vilalifeless: just divide by the number of slaves :-D11:31
igcnight all13:55
mthaddoncan anyone enlighten me on whether there's a way to specify which identity file to use for a given bzr operation (the use case is when the home dir for the user is on a tmp filesystem)?14:44
vilamthaddon: identify file as in ssh ?14:53
vilagrr identity14:53
vilawe obey ~/.ssh/config ... you want a way to force it without having a ~/.ssh directory ?14:55
mthaddonvila: yeah, similar to -e for rsync14:56
vilamthaddon: nothing comes to mind... I'm not sure ssh itself obey an appropriate env var...14:57
vilahmm, there has been talk about specifying14:58
vilagrr delete not enter14:59
mthaddonvila: in rsync you can just do rsync -e="ssh -i file" and it does what we're hoping for in this case, but that sounds like bzr doesn't support that, right?14:59
vilamthaddon: I don't think so, I'm checking14:59
vilaThere is BZR_SSH but it's supposed to be the executable name only, no options15:00
vilamthaddon: the command is built in bzrlib/transport/ssh.py15:01
vilamthaddon: I see to env var used there15:02
vilamthaddon: two possible tricks: 1) patch b.t.ssh.py to add your -i param, 2) define your own ssh wrapper15:03
vilaboth are a bit ugly, the later is just a bit less ugly :-/15:03
vilamthaddon: feel free to file a bug with your use case15:04
mthaddonthx, will do :)15:05
vilaerrq, s/I see to env var used there/I see *no* relevant env var used here/15:06
vilamthaddon: out of curiosity what *is* your use case (i.e. why can't you build a usable ~/.ssh dir ?) ?15:07
mthaddonvila: running a nagios check - user has tmp home dir as it's a role account15:07
vilatmp as in empty ?15:07
GaryvdMHi all15:19
GaryvdMHi bialix15:19
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bialixHi GaryvdM !!!15:21
bialixGaryvdM: I'm a bit busy with current work, so I was unable to release qbzr 0.18.3 this weekend15:31
bialixmaybe next weekend15:31
GaryvdMMaybe I can do it this week.15:31
bialixwill be nice15:32
vilahey GaryvdM !15:33
LeoNerdI think my dist-upgrade just broke bzr-svn... I now get: bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'BranchConfig' object has no attribute '_get_change_editor'15:34
GaryvdMHi vila15:34
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jelmerLeoNerd, please file a bug against bzr-svn15:47
LeoNerdOK willdo15:48
LeoNerdjelmer: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=57210916:05
ubottuDebian bug 572109 in bzr-svn "AttributeError during 'bzr shelve'" [Normal,Open]16:05
RainCTAbout that websites thing in Explorer, I'm not sure how it works but wouldn't it make sense to let projects include a dot-file directly in the branch with that info (instead of having to get it merged)?16:09
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jelmerLeoNerd, thanks16:13
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shortlordIs it possible to create a daily build with bzr-builder for software that is not hosted on Launchpad and does not use bzr? (SVN for example?)16:31
james_wif you have bzr-svn installed16:32
shortlordjames_w, oh wow, that sounds great. thx :)16:35
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ubuntujenkinscan you push branches to launchpad with out an ssh key?17:27
rubbsubuntujenkins: not that I know of17:28
ubuntujenkinsfair enough that just means a little more work thats all , thanks rubbs17:28
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anddamwoa 2.1.018:14
anddamI guess 1.4 is considered old18:15
anddamwas binary called baz back then?18:17
nDuffI don't believe so18:18
GaryvdManddam: baz and bzr have unrelated version numbers. bzr started at 0.118:27
anddamwhat's the difference? I installed bazaar with macports and I see just a single binary "baz"18:27
anddamwell there's annotate-baz too, but no bzr18:28
anddamoh lol18:28
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anddamit's a different app,  "NOTE: this is baz, aka Bazaar 1. If you want Bazaar 2, use the bzr port" I should have read the long description18:30
GaryvdManddam: I just checked, there was never a bzr 1.4218:30
GaryvdManddam: I would recommend this: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/MacOSXDownloads18:32
anddamno, I'm using mp18:32
anddamI mean I don't need further instructions, I just wrongly assumed bazaar was the right port18:33
GaryvdManddam: ok18:33
anddamthanks anyway18:33
anddamis baz distributed?18:34
GaryvdMYes, but really really old18:34
GaryvdMand unsupported18:34
GaryvdManddam: The reason I'm recomending our download in that our download has everything for the gui. Installing the gui via mp will be difficult. (not sure whether this is important to you)18:35
anddamno really18:36
anddamI'd not be using mp in that case18:36
GaryvdManddam: it is also very easy to run bzr from source.18:36
luksno, run :)18:37
luksbzr is written in python18:37
anddamI mean it's interpreted rather than compiled?18:37
nDuffanddam, Python with C modules for speed18:37
anddamI see18:37
anddamI'll let mp do the magic tho', that's the whole poing in a package manager18:37
GaryvdMI see18:38
* anddam builds dependencies, that's the whole point in using a package manager… 18:38
* anddam sighs18:38
anddamI can't recall if I already asked, is bzr suited to work with mercurial repository?18:39
lukshg is probably better at that :)18:39
anddamI read the migration doc and I saw it has hg module but can I "pull" (is that the right action?) into an hg repo?18:39
nDuffanddam, there's a plugin: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrForeignBranches/Mercurial18:39
luksI'm not sure if bzr-hg supports at least dpush now18:40
anddamluks: yes but the "Why is Bazaar better" page got me with the disk usage comparison18:40
GaryvdManddam: Yes, with bzr-hg you would just do branch/pull18:41
anddamsvn's commit being "push"?18:41
GaryvdManddam: svn commit ≈ bzr commit + push18:42
GaryvdManddam: or bzr push in a bond branch (aka checkout)18:42
GaryvdM* bzr commit in a bond branch (aka checkout)18:42
anddamso my question was meant with "push" rather than "pull", namely I'm thinking about a Google hosted project18:43
Raimanddam: use bzr instead of bazaar port with macports18:43
anddamRaim: lol, hi man18:43
Raimhi anddam :)18:43
anddamI just wrote that myself a few lines up18:43
luksanddam: bzr-hg doesn't support that18:43
luksif it's your project, then you can use Google's svn with bzr-svn18:44
anddamRaim: I'm looking at the portfile now, namely the tcl split you made18:44
luksthat will work jut fine18:44
anddamluks: this way loosing the distribution in DVCS, isn't it?18:44
luksanddam: depends on how you look at it18:45
luksof course if you want the best DVCS experience, then I'd suggest you to use bzr natively18:45
anddamthe point is I'm DVCS agnostic atm and I'd like with one tool rather than several, from what I can read I like bazaar more but I'd like to work easily with G Project Hosting18:46
luksis hosting the code launchpad a problem?18:46
GaryvdManddam: bzr-svn support is excellent18:47
anddamluks: I don't think it'd be18:47
GaryvdManddam: bzr-hg is in development...18:47
anddamRaim: it's installing the whole py26 deps…18:47
anddamRaim: from what I heard on chan the main issue in adopting a DVCS rather than svn for trunk is GPL, right?18:47
anddamRaim: did you follow (one of) the last discussion?18:48
Raimanddam: kind of, MacPorts is using svn as that is what is being shipped with OS X18:48
anddamto build a mp system out of the box?18:49
anddamRaim: I mean one could provide a bootstrap pkg18:49
anddamRaim:  I kinda ends messing up repo with svn, like the infamous email address commit18:49
anddamfetching bzr now :-)18:50
Raimanddam: unfortunately bzr-svn lacks keyword expansion for svn:keywords, so if you plan to use that it will not work correctly18:50
anddamRaim: well, no, I'm trying to switch to distributed, otherwise I can stay with plain svn client18:51
jelmerRaim: keywords work but you have to do some additional local configuration19:18
KhaZHello: I'm wondering if this is a crazy idea, and how one would go about implementing it.  We use Perforce at work (sadly; particularly at times like today when it's down), and I'd like to work around it's outages.  I was thinking it would be neat to 'double-version' our source code - once in Perforce, and once in bzr.  Ideally I'd work in bzr, have my commits to bzr 'queued' to be put into perfroce at some19:20
KhaZtime, and then be able to commit them all to Perforce some time in the future.19:20
KhaZDoes this sound like something automatable, or does this sound purely crazy? :)19:21
jelmerKhaZ, it sounds reasonable19:22
jelmerI think somebody (Matt?) once started on a plugin for this sort of thing named bzr-p419:22
jelmerI'm not sure what its status is though19:22
rubbsI"m not entirely sure, and I'm definately not an expert (I'm better at helping complete newbies), but you could automatically pump out your changes as patches and then commit them with preforce19:22
KhaZHrmm, interesting.  I'll give that some thought.19:25
rubbsI'd checkout jelmer's suggestion of bzr-p4 first.19:26
nDuffbzr-p4 looked subject to severe bitrot last I checked19:26
nDuffwhich was within the last week19:26
KhaZStill, might be a good launching point - I've never written a plugin for bzr before.19:36
KhaZWould be nice to add a true 'disconnected mode' for Perforce.19:36
pooliehi jam?21:15
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pooliehello lifeless21:46
lifelesshi poolie21:53
lifelessrsync is having trouble with my BackupPC llink farm21:57
poolietoo many hardlinks?22:01
lifelessthat and an assertion in the rsync code base22:10
lifelessI hope the too many links issue is ext3 vs btrfs22:11
lifelesspoolie: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.file-systems.btrfs/461422:22
poolieistr rsync has some kind of hardcoded limit on the number of links22:23
poolieor did ten years ago22:23
lifelessthats likely too22:28
lifelessthis is rsync322:28
lifelesswhich is pretty nice22:28
bob2are you using btrfs on your desktop or backup server?22:30
lifelessbackup USB2 connected drive on my home server22:31
lifelessmain drive is ext322:31
lifelessactually, main drive is raid 5 on 4x320GB disks w/ext3.22:31
lifelesspoolie: I've discussed this with dbarth; I'm going to be timeshifted to evenings this week to help dx with a sprint22:42
jelmerhey lifeles, poolie23:04
jelmerdoes either of you know if the config editing code changed recently?23:04
jelmerI'm suddenly finding my mock Config object needs to implement _get_config_editor()23:04
poolienot as far as i know23:04
lifelessI don't remember anything23:04
pooliecheck the log i guess23:04
poolielog -p|less may help23:05
poolieor bzr search23:05
jelmerlifeless, that's worrying :-)23:05
jelmerpoolie: I'll have a look23:18
pooliejelmer, iirc you're going to uds with the soyuz team?23:20
jelmerpoolie, yes23:26
spivGood morning.23:33

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