chonkashi i cant get the programs i need to either install or run properly08:02
alkisgWhich programs? What do you mean?08:06
chonkaswell i have cs4 adobe master pack and i cant seem to run dvd's08:06
chonkasi cant seem to install adobe08:07
alkisgDoes that program have a linux version/08:07
AndyGraybealokay, i need some help -- i am trying to install a scanner on a client, and maybe eventually share it with everyone.  i'm following these instructions: http://www.mail-archive.com/ltsp-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net/msg35849.html  although i'm very confused.  i have installed inetd and sane-utils as sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get... i get the testing xterm to run locally.. hurray.  i'm very confused when it comes to editing the14:04
sbalneavSo, can someone explain what all this "Opportunistic development" hooha is?20:01
mhall119|worksbalneav: basically is about being able to quickly write a program that fulfills a need20:06
mhall119|worksomething small enough that you don't need to form a large, multi-developer project to get it off the ground20:07
mhall119|workbut big enough that you can't do it in a few lines of Perl20:07
mhall119|workgiving you the 'opportunity' to scratch your own itch quickly and easily20:08
JZAhi everyone20:20
mhall119|workhighvoltage: nixternal: JZA is part of the OOo4Kids project, and would like to start the process of getting OOo4kids into universe20:21
highvoltagehi JZA!20:21
JZAhighvoltage: nice to meet you20:21
mhall119|workthey already have .deb packages20:21
highvoltagethey'll need feature freeze exceptions, but they can still make it in of course20:22
JZAhighvoltage: we have this site for most of our download builds http://download.ooo4kids.org/20:22
mhall119|workhighvoltage: that would be awesome of they can make it into Lucid, otherwise Lucid+1 would  be good too20:22
mhall119|workI have to go back to work (out at lunch right now), but I'll be back around in a little while20:23
sbalneavJZA: Greetings, and welcome to our merry band of misfits.20:23
highvoltageok see you later mhall119|work20:23
highvoltagesbalneav: couldn't have sed it better myself20:23
JZAsbalneav: thanks20:24
JZAhighvoltage: is there anything that you need from us?20:24
JZAhighvoltage: so far we support english, spanish, french dutch, german, italian, japanese and portuguese locales.20:25
highvoltageJZA: what mhall119|work has been working on, and what would be very nice is to have qimo in the ubuntu repositories so that Ubuntu users couldd just install qimo from their ubuntu systems if they wanted to20:28
mhall119|workhighvoltage: Qimo isn't using OOo4Kids this cycle20:29
mhall119|workI just wanted to help them get into Universe ;)20:29
highvoltageJZA: I've seen screenshots of OOo4kids before, but never installed it20:29
highvoltageJZA: do you have to ship an entire openoffice distribution, or is it a plugin to openoffice?20:30
JZAhighvoltage: is a different product20:30
mhall119|workokay, really going back to work now...20:30
JZAmhall119|work: thanks for everything20:30
highvoltageJZA: it would be a nice addition to Edubuntu I think! I've had a bit of a long day so I might not make the most of sense at the moment, it would be great if you could ping me again tomorrow though20:31
highvoltageJZA: we'll be very happy to have you as part of the community here, we also have team meeetings every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC on #ubuntu-meeting, you're welcome to join that as well20:32
JZAhighvoltage: I'll try to ping you tomorrow20:33
JZAhighvoltage: where are you located? just to know when is the best time to catch up with you.20:33
highvoltageJZA: South Africa, same timezone as Germany/Spain/etc basically20:34
highvoltageJZA: although I tend to stay up a bit later since I work for a Canadian company20:35
highvoltagetoday is just different because I had to be up early this morning for a test :)20:35
JZAhighvoltage: I see, I am in CST (-05:00) but would surely ping you20:36
highvoltageJZA: excellent20:37
JZAbye now20:37
Ahmuck-Srhi.  did the specs for the artwork ever get worked out?21:15
reynoldsIs there anyone around who can help me with video issues on my clients21:22

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