neversfeldeQuintasan: around?00:06
Lex79neversfelde: he's sleeping00:07
Lex79JontheEchidna: can you mark "won't fix" this bug 525367 ? thx01:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525367 in kde4libs "kdelibs5-dev should depend on libattica-dev" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52536701:53
ScottKLex79: Why?  I thought it exposed some attica headers when built against it?01:56
Lex79ScottK: pusling won't fix, I commented in the bug about why01:59
Lex79maybe we can investigate a bit more, but Debian won't fix01:59
Lex79JontheEchidna do it in the silent mode lol02:01
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apacheloggerJontheEchidna: new plan: kde-l10n-common + special script = replace certain templates in the common branch, merge it with the target source, get package08:29
apacheloggerthat also makes deploying changes easier since there is only one central place where stuff gets changed08:29
jetdronei've created a usb stick for alpha3 with usbcreator from kubuntu 9.10 but the installer crashes on start everytime on a dell latitude d620 laptop08:54
dpmhey apachelogger, JontheEchidna, good morning. Now that you are mentioning kde-l10n-*, I've been tracking bug 529483, and something seems to create invalid POT templates when building the packages. Any ideas what it could be and if it could affect more packages than the 3 ones mentioned in the bug?09:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529483 in amarok "Wrong POT template creation in some KDE packages" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52948309:00
apacheloggerdpm: pots are generated by kde-pkg-tools, so it most likely is a bug in our infrastructure09:05
apacheloggerI am just not sure where, because I do not think it is the scripts themselfs, I only recently synced them with what upstream uses for pot creation :S09:05
dpmok, thanks apachelogger, I think at least I'll open a task on kde-pkg-tools to track this in the meantime09:06
apacheloggerdpm: ok, I'll look at it ASAP09:06
dpmthanks a lot09:07
* apachelogger doesnt even remember how to create for loop in bash Oo09:07
apacheloggerI haven't done serious bash scripting in years :)09:08
Riddellmorning all09:12
Riddellcoming from the top of Canonical Tower in sunny London today09:12
apacheloggermorning Riddell, greetings to all and everyone :)09:13
apacheloggeroh my09:15
apacheloggerseems like bzr-builddeb at least on karmic does not like tar.bz2 -.-09:16
jetdronehey guys, how does one debug the kubuntu installer? I've a usb stick that crashes at startup everytime I run the kubuntu lucid alpha3 installer? How can i run it from a command line and see the logs or whatever could help to identify the issue?10:22
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Riddelljetdrone: hi11:05
Riddelljetdrone: logs are in /var/log/messages and /var/log/installer/11:05
Riddelljetdrone: check http://tinyurl.com/yjybcx9 it has a few known bugs for ubiquity11:06
Riddellyou run ubiquity on the command line by the way but the output still goes to the logs11:06
jetdronethanks, will look into it11:06
Riddelljetdrone: crashes at startup or on the first page change?11:07
shadeslayer_Riddell: first page change as in?11:07
shadeslayer_Riddell: i could go till partitioning11:07
Riddellwhen you click Next to go from the alpha warning to the language page11:08
Riddellit's intermittent, doesn't happen every time11:08
jetdroneon the first page change11:08
shadeslayer_Riddell: yeah i could do that....crashes on manual partition though11:08
Riddellit looks hard to debug, it's a segfault not a python crash so it's something11:08
jetdroneeverytime i run it i get the same crash11:08
Riddellsomething in pyqt or qt11:08
RiddellI think it's due to the new integrated progress bar that shtylman_ added11:09
Riddellso i guess the first thing to do would be see what happens if you rip out that code and go back to the progressDialog11:09
* shadeslayer_ goes back to watching Heroes S111:09
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jetdronefrom the messages if only logs that it is about to switch page and then page switched, from the installer log i only see  trying to create local folders that fail and locks failed to be acquired11:14
jetdroneand then qcrash11:14
jetdroneok I get the same logs as bug source ubiquity #52653411:22
Riddelljetdrone: I think the tactic would be to remove the new progress bar code and see if that fixes it11:44
Riddellthen we can either just drop that or dig further in to find the bit that causes the problem11:44
Riddelland moan to pyqt or pykde developers or whatever11:44
freeflyingalpha3 works fine for you all? I did a fresh install with alpha3 on my desktop, it can't even drop me into console11:55
freeflyingits a nvidia chipset based desktop with built-in nvidia graphic11:56
Riddellsounds like plymouth breakage12:01
Tm_TI don't even see plymouth other than quick flash12:01
jussi01can someone advise me how to replace lilo with grub2 on lucid?  is it as simplas as apt-get remove --pur  and apt-get install? or?12:03
Tm_Tjussi01: or just installing grub2, I think it should conflict with lilo & others12:05
jussi01Tm_T: right. grub2 wouldnt install on initial install, so I had to use lilo, all good, but lilo sucks and i want my grub back. :)12:05
freeflyingRiddell: purge plymouth won'r make it work as well12:28
freeflyingjussi01: grub-install12:29
jussi01freeflying: hrm?12:29
jussi01grub isnt installed as yet at all12:30
freeflyingjussi01: can you install it manually?12:30
Riddellfreeflying: could be the KMS stuff in general12:30
jussi01freeflying: yes, of course, Im just checking if there are any little "niggly" things I need to do. :)12:31
Riddelltry turning off KMS at grub, nomodesetting or something is the option12:31
freeflyingRiddell: yes, seems like kms of nouveau's problem12:35
apacheloggerdpm: have a fix for the pot creation13:44
apacheloggerwill take a couple of hours until I can QA it though13:45
* apachelogger is on campus until 19 UTC or so13:45
dpmah, awesome apachelogger. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date, and I hope you had fun remembering your old bash scripting days ;)13:49
shadeslayerhey has anyone try and compile kdebindings 4.4?14:29
shadeslayerRiddell: does it?14:31
Riddellyes although it was blocked on mono this weekend past I believe14:32
shadeslayerRiddell: ive done : sudo apt-get builddep kdebindings-kde4,that should bring in all build deps i believe.. right?14:32
Riddellno it's "kdebindings" now14:33
shadeslayerRiddell: on karmic14:33
Lex79someone kicked out mono from New, now buids fine14:34
shadeslayerRiddell: apt-cache search kdebindings results in 3 hits,debug,java bindings and -kde14:34
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Riddellthat doesn't search for source packages.  the source package is kdebindings14:35
shadeslayerso itll build... on karmic after i pull in the build-deps via that command14:36
Riddellif you have the correct packaging14:37
Riddell** karmic testers for 4.4.1 needed14:37
shadeslayerill help!14:37
Riddelldo you know the ninjas PPA line?14:37
shadeslayernot before tommorow though :P14:38
shadeslayerRiddell: um nop14:38
Riddellneeds tested today, release is tomorrow14:38
shadeslayeroh... ill be going to the uni tomorrow... i can test only tommorow :(14:38
shadeslayerBandwidth constraints14:38
shadeslayerRiddell: are the bindings fixed in 4.4.1?14:39
shadeslayeri mean will it be upgraded to 4.4.1 from 4.3.514:40
Riddellthere have been 4.4.0 packages for a while for that14:40
shadeslayerum... where?14:40
Riddellsee kubuntu.org14:40
shadeslayerRiddell: a bit more specifc would help :)14:43
Riddell"KDE SC 4.4 Packages Available"14:46
* shadeslayer wonders how the backports repo left out14:47
neversfeldeshadeslayer: kdebindings - 4:4.4.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa3 is in backports ppa14:47
shadeslayerneversfelde: yeah,i thought i had that repo....14:47
shadeslayersince i have kde 4.414:48
shadeslayerno upgrades,no package by that name 0_o14:49
shadeslayerhave a look : http://pastebin.ca/181718414:49
shadeslayeri think since the lpia build failed,it didnt use that package14:50
freeflyingRiddell: kimpanel-ibus can't work out of box under lucid, but fine under karmic :)14:51
shadeslayerneversfelde: so how do i force a download?14:52
Riddellfreeflying: sigh, there's no difference.  is it a different version of ibus?14:52
freeflyingRiddell: yes, ibus got upgraded14:53
freeflyingRiddell: all configuration are fine, you need re-run ibus-daemon manually14:53
Riddellfreeflying: fooey.  so we need to find out if there is a maintainer for kimpanel-ibus and see if he has plans to update to the new version14:54
Riddellfreeflying: I'm not very impressed with the upgrade compatibility from ibus14:54
Riddellthat's the trouble with dbus interfaces over library interfaces, nobody cares about versioning14:54
freeflyingsuppose I won't have time for it recently14:55
shadeslayerRiddell: i see that the ppa has the kdebindings but apt doesnt want to download them and refuses to even acknowledge them in the sources14:58
Riddell"kdebindings" isn't a binary package15:00
shadeslayermeta package?15:01
neversfeldeshadeslayer: force a download?15:01
shadeslayerneversfelde: i mean how do i install kdebindings 4.4?15:01
neversfeldeshadeslayer: add the repo and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:02
shadeslayerneversfelde: doesnt show meta package kdebindings15:02
shadeslayernor does it show upgrades15:02
neversfeldeshadeslayer: see above, it isn't a binary package15:03
shadeslayerneversfelde: ok,i get it,but since its a meta package,sudo apt-get install kdebindings should install it right?15:03
shadeslayerinstall all the stuff it pulls in i mean15:04
neversfeldeit is a meta package?15:04
shadeslayerif it isnt a binary package,itll be a meta package right?15:04
Riddell15:00 < Riddell> "kdebindings" isn't a binary package15:06
shadeslayerwhat is it then?15:06
shadeslayersource package?15:06
Riddellmm hmm15:07
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rgreeningWhat's the best way to upgrade from KARMIC to LUCID now? I have tried update-notifier-kde -d but it fails (complains about unable to remove update-notifier-kde I belive).15:30
rgreeningRiddell:  ^15:30
Riddellwe've done zero testing on that so far I'm afraid15:31
Riddelldo-release-upgrade -d  ?15:31
Tm_Tumm, Konqueror is still the default web browser in Kubuntu?15:36
Riddellmm hmm15:36
Riddellrekonq is looking nicer and nicer though15:36
Riddellwondering if we should invite a rekonq guy to UDS15:37
Tm_TRiddell: yeah, though I'm worried of lacking menu- and statusbar15:37
Tm_TI use them both frequently15:37
Riddellwhat for?15:37
Riddellthe search box seems like the obvious missing element to me15:38
Tm_TRiddell: menubar for keyboard access (I keep it hidden when I don't need it) and statusbar tells information what tooltips cannot, like to where some links points to and so on15:38
rgreeningRiddell: I'll try that15:38
Tm_TRiddell: otherwise, it looks (mostly) good15:39
RiddellTm_T: it has a label which appears at the bottom with the link URL15:39
Riddellline Chromium does15:39
Riddellallee: don't let me forget that nepomuk patch15:40
Tm_TRiddell: hmh, didn't do it for me everytime15:41
Riddellsounds like a bug15:41
Tm_Tanyway, I would love to have option to show the statusbar all the time, I'm weird I know15:45
Tm_TRiddell: reason I was asking, was "Not a single one of the major distributions ships Konqueror as15:50
Tm_Tdefault browser anymore. I think that says all."15:50
Tm_Tin http://markmail.org/message/tuxnlj3wkiyar7hy#query:+page:1+mid:qluyyrjnmczuubwa+state:results15:50
alleeRiddell: okay.  So 1st reminder :)  bug #52902115:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 529021 in kdebase-runtime "[PATCH] URLs returned by nepomuksearch unusable or irritating" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52902115:51
RiddellTm_T: besides Frank forgetting one obvious major distribution I agree, that's why i wanted arora for jaunty but others didn't15:52
Riddellallee: trueg commented that something was wrong with the version on reviewboard, did you notice that?15:52
Tm_TRiddell: I'm still against having Arora as default browser, one big reason is that it doesn't follow KDE language settings at all15:53
Riddellso hopefully rekonq will be the answer15:53
Riddellallee: of course you can add it to bzr yourself you know?15:54
rgreeningRiddel: An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:15:56
rgreeningThe package 'update-manager-kde' is marked for removal but it is in15:56
rgreeningthe removal blacklist.15:56
Riddellthat'll be in a blacklist to stop it being removed but now we do want to remove it because it's not used in lucid15:58
ScottKPersonally, I don't see a lot of benifit in switching browsers.  No matter what we switch to that's not Firefox, people will use Firefox because more web sites work with it.  People used to develop web sites for IE, now they mostly develop for IE and Firefox.16:00
alleeRiddell: No had not seen it.   I look at it once more tonight     About commit:  lp:~kubuntu-member/kderun-time or something like that?16:00
Riddellallee: bzr co lp:~kubuntu-member/kdebase-runtime/ubuntu16:00
alleeRiddell: thx16:00
Riddelledit; bzr add <files>; bzr diff; bzr commit16:00
Tm_TScottK: heh, Firefox simply doesn't work here, so I'm happily living without it16:01
Riddellpeople develop websites for webkit too, anyone at all competant knows to check that works16:02
Riddellrgreening: dunno where that blacklist is, let's ask mvo16:02
* Lex79 agrees with ScottK16:02
ScottKWhat's the market share of webkit browsers?16:03
Tm_TScottK: there's no reliable way to measure16:03
davmor2Riddell: don't forget the magic online checker16:04
Riddellwebkit browser share is probably about the same as mac desktop share16:04
Riddellbut there's enough safari and chrome users out there that web designers care about it16:05
ScottKLooks like ~10% these days so likely so.16:07
ScottKAlthough there were lots of designers that didn't care about FF when it was at 10%.16:07
Riddelllucid and karmic testers still needed for 4.4.116:10
ejatRiddell: 4.4.1 available?16:11
Riddellfor testers16:12
ejatis it in ninjas ?16:12
Tm_TRiddell: it's safe to assume that no powepc-packages in ppa whatsoever?16:23
Tm_TI blame you, jussi01 (;16:24
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Tm_T...I actually have to figure out why Xorg in Lucid doesn't see/use keyboards16:26
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* shtylman_ wants iphone support in amarok now that rythmbox has it :)17:38
Tm_Tshtylman_: what kind of support you mean?17:38
shtylman_Tm_T: to be able to add songs17:39
Tm_Tfrom/to iphone?17:39
shtylman_right now I have to use a vm17:39
ScottKOoooh.  Yes please.  I think iPhone support would imply iPod Touch support too.  I'd like some of that.17:39
shtylman_ScottK: yea... I think it would17:39
Tm_Thmmm, gtkpod is the key there?17:39
shtylman_Tm_T: I don't think it is17:40
shtylman_Tm_T: http://www.osnews.com/story/22942/Ubuntu_10_04_To_Support_iPhone_iPod_Touch_17:40
shtylman_I think there are different libraries now17:40
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apacheloggerdpm: ping ping21:08
apacheloggerno dpm :(21:09
dpmapachelogger, on a meeting, so I might not be too responsive, but If I can help, just shoot :)21:10
apacheloggerdpm: can you somehow query for all templates that are affected by the broken-pot bug?21:11
apacheloggerdpm: I have a fix ready to be uploaded... but we need to rebuild all affected packages with new pkg-kde-tools AND run tight QA on new pot uploads21:11
apacheloggerthe fix includes all new versions of some KDE l10n scripts that were last synced in jaunty, so there might be issues21:12
apacheloggeron a positive side: I now made it easier to sync the scripts in pkg-kde-tools, which should help prevent such things form happening again21:13
dpmapachelogger, hmm, I'm not sure how to query on that. I've got a list of all template names from LP, but that's all. What I can do is to ask the Rosetta devs if they could run a query to check the content of templates, but I'm not sure how to do it before having spoken to them. Is there a particular string that could help us identify the broken templates? I could also do a visual inspection: in Catalan I know all KDE templates are translated, so if we21:15
dpmrecently have gotten some untranslated due to the bug, I could perhaps identify them21:15
dpmi.e. I mean something that is common to all broken templates?21:16
apacheloggerdpm: every string that at least contains "<[string,layout,widget,item,property]" should be looked at21:19
dpmok, that might be a start, I'll talk to them tomorrow when they're back21:20
apacheloggerdpm: k, thanks, I'll upload the fixed pkg-kde-tools meanwhile21:23
dpmcool, ta21:24
apacheloggerdpm: please inform the translators to watch out for problems21:24
apacheloggerthough I do not suppose there will be any :)21:24
neversfeldeScottK: ping21:25
dpmyeah, I'll have to tell them to watch out not to translate the current translators anyway21:25
ScottKneversfelde: Pong21:25
apacheloggerdpm: true :)21:25
neversfeldeScottK: If you have a minute, would you have a look at bug 53017221:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530172 in ubuntu "Feature Freeze Exception: kfritz 0.0.4 (Universe)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53017221:25
neversfeldeScottK: thanks21:25
apacheloggerRiddell: to sync l10n scripts in pkg-kde-tools use l10nsync from debian/rules, findfiles needs manually merge...the function prints a reminder about that21:26
apacheloggerRiddell, dpm: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pkg-kde-tools/0.6.4ubuntu421:26
ScottKneversfelde: I'll approve it if you agree to work to get it in Debian and maintain it there.21:27
neversfeldeScottK: yes, I will do it21:27
neversfeldeit is already on my ToDo21:27
blueyedIs there a way to get the currently selected profile from powerdevil via dbus? there's setProfile, but not getProfile.. see "qdbus org.kde.powerdevil /modules/powerdevil". Am I missing something?21:31
apacheloggerblueyed: I don't think there is a way21:34
blueyedok, I'll file a wishlist items with bko then.21:35
apacheloggerblueyed: you might want to poke drf in #kde-devel with that bug, if he is around and the code design is appropriate adding such a dbus interface doesnt take more than a couple of minutes21:36
apacheloggerbzr builddeb in lucid supports orig.tar.bz221:38
apacheloggerbash scripting is so boring21:39
blueyedhe's not around, apachelogger. Thanks. Filed as 22907421:41
nixternalQuintasan|Szel: bug 500218 - this is fixed for you too now right? I know all 3 of my machines it is working again, qemu that is21:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 500218 in qemu-kvm "*** glibc detected *** qemu: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000e44b10 ***" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50021821:45
apacheloggeroh oh oh22:55
apacheloggerI am quite awesome if I might say so ;)22:55
Riddelltrue true22:55
neversfeldeuh new kdepimlibs and kdepim tarballs22:59
neversfeldeLex79: as far as I understand a new kmldonkey tarball will be available after 4.4.1 is released22:59
neversfeldeon ktown22:59
apacheloggerthat bash is becoming so weird I could just as well have implemented it in ruby :P23:25
neversfeldemeh, blogilo is pulled in on every update from the backports-ppa23:26
neversfeldeit Replaces: bilbo (<< 0:1.0)23:27
neversfeldewhat's wrong there?23:27
apacheloggerneversfelde: only if bilbo is installed or also without it?23:28
neversfeldeapachelogger: I cannot test, one moment23:28
neversfeldeapachelogger: it does not matter if bilbo is installed or not, blogilo is reinstalled on every upgrade23:34
apacheloggerthat is interesting though23:35
apacheloggerneversfelde: maybe it just hates you :P23:42
apacheloggerneversfelde: I am not sure that Replaces: bilbo (<< 0:1.0) is a good idea23:43
neversfeldeapachelogger: yes, the backports beta ppa is my friend, backports ppa is jealous23:44
neversfeldeapachelogger: I added the 0: some time ago, because it was 1.0 before23:44
apachelogger0:1.0 technically == 1.023:44
apacheloggerbut I am not sure 0:1.0 is a correct notation23:44
neversfeldeseems that it is not23:45
persiaIt is correct, but completely pointless.23:45
persia0: is implied by the absence of epoch23:45
apacheloggerthen why do all packagemanagers want to upgrade the package :P23:46
* apachelogger doesnt see any other weirdness in the control file and goes checking if something is wrong on soyuz' side23:46
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apacheloggerhm, nothing weird there23:48
apacheloggerneversfelde, persia: aptitude shows the replaces of the installed version as 0:1.0 and the one it wants to install as 1.023:52
* apachelogger would try removing the 0 honestly23:52
apacheloggermaybe there is an implementation bug23:52
persiaThat sounds like an implementation bug.  "0:" is supposed to be implied by the absence of an epoch according to 5.1.1223:53
neversfeldeapachelogger: that would introduce the old overwirte problem again23:53
apacheloggerneversfelde: why?23:53
neversfeldeapachelogger: blogilo tries to overwirte someting that is in bilbo, dunno the details anymore23:54
apacheloggerneversfelde: replaces (<< 4:4.4.0)23:54
neversfeldeapachelogger: k, I'll try23:55
apacheloggerif that does not work, then your packaging is bugged :P23:55
neversfeldeseems that after I wrote Moto, everything that I do is broken or breaks something23:57
neversfeldethat is what I call bad karma :D23:57
apacheloggerwell deserved :P23:57
neversfeldeRiddell: when do you start uploading 4.4.1 to lucid? The same bug is in bzr I think.23:58

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