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pulaskiHello, I just acquirred a lenovo laptop with no optical drive. I've been running kubuntu for several years and distrtibutions on my desktop.  Can someone suggest a link to obtain  karmic for my 64 bit AMD laptop by download only?00:37
Typos_Kingwhat about a usb-boot installation?00:40
pulaskiIs there a dist of karmic espesially for notebook/laptops?00:40
pulaskiTypos_King: I could do that but I need to pick up a thumdrive00:41
pulaskiTypos_King: that does seem entirely doable.00:41
Typos_Kingsooo, pick one up :)00:41
pulaskiTypos_King: I reckon it would be similar to an install from a CD installer, correct? Also is there a special distro for laptops?00:43
Typos_Kingyes, will be the same gig... for laptops..... dunno.... don't think so00:44
Typos_Kingthere are some .. for eeepc or note netbooks00:44
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Typos_Kingpulaski:    http://mirror.amarillolinux.com/ubuntu/kubuntu/karmic/00:46
pulaskiTypos_King: Thanks for responding, I'm unclear on the diff between a notebook and a netbook.  my laptop is pretty stripped down but I did have to pay the windows toll to ppurchase it. It came with Win7 home premium. I'm nxios to resume kubuntu.00:46
pulaskiTypos_King: Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!00:47
Typos_Kingpulaski:   I don't have offhand an url for a usb one... but the live-cd provides an option for 'create a usb startup disk'   which makes a live-usb with all the files in the cd00:47
pulaskiI have a live cd for karmic.  I could load it up on my desktop and look for the  'create usb startup disk' option.00:48
Typos_KingI know it's there, cuz I made one myself from it hehe00:49
pulaskiTypos_King: OK, I'll look into it. thanks.00:50
pulaskiTypos_King: cya00:50
amadosomewhere speak spanish?01:14
Tm_T!es | amado01:14
ubottuamado: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:14
m0inwhere is the regular ubuntu irc?01:15
firstbreakerHay Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a wireless problem?01:23
Typos_Kingyou could ask01:24
firstbreakerOkay, Im tryin to connect to a hidden wireless connection01:25
firstbreakerIts using wep as the encryp01:25
firstbreakerWhen I setup the connection in the network manager and hit aply and okay01:26
firstbreakerThen I go to try and connect to it nothing happens01:26
firstbreakerIt doesn't even try to find it01:27
firstbreakerAm I doing something wrong?01:27
Typos_King....  well...01:29
Typos_Kingusing .. knetworkmanager.... . which I don't use... :{01:29
firstbreakerI also tried using wicd but got the same resault01:30
Typos_Kingtried   .... gnome nm?   seems to fare better for some stuff01:30
Typos_Kingwhich is what I use hehe01:30
Typos_Kingyou can install from the repos, with -> sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome01:31
Typos_Kingand you can try from there..... with Connect to Other Wireless Network01:31
firstbreakerHmmm Okay I'll try it with my Gnome computer01:32
firstbreakerThanks King01:32
[THC]AcidRainso does anyone know an ipod touch music management tool for ubuntu?02:04
anne_OT, is there a easy to use alternative to delicious, I dont like the whole yahoo sign up thing. Really got to be simple to store bookmarks online02:20
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kacm88Hello everyone, I have a problem with Kubuntu 9.10 and KDE 4.3. I have Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop and decided to try out Kubuntu. I installed everything and restarted, tried it out, everything was going well until I restarted again and everything was gone. My desktop disappeared: no wallpaper, no panels, no icons. Only a Destkop Folder and KClock, any ideas? Thanks in advance!02:52
RoeyI think I'm missing some WMV codecs; I get stuff like "Requested audio codec family [wma9spdmo] (afm=dmo) not available.03:05
RoeyEnable it at compilation.", "03:05
RoeyRequested audio codec family [wma9spdshow] (afm=dshow) not available."03:05
Roeywhat packages contain these codecs?03:05
cvdRoey:  well reinstall the codecs again03:08
Roeywhat's the name of the packages03:08
cvdgstreamer ugly or something like tthat03:10
cvdwhere i can find the kopete logs?03:13
cvdhome where?03:13
claydohcvd: ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs/03:26
cvdclaydoh: ok thnk03:28
claydohcvd: np03:29
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iRonH3Adhello guys03:37
iRonH3Addo you know any good program through which i could view cbr, cbz files?03:37
iRonH3Adi have installed cbr pager, qcomic book and comix but none of them are working03:38
Gamroktry comical here's a link http://bit.ly/aJwirv03:39
GamrokiRonH3Ad try comical here's a link http://bit.ly/aJwirv03:41
iRonH3Adim trying it although im a newbie to linux03:41
iRonH3Adso i'll have to figure out how to install it from source03:42
iRonH3Adso it requires gcc and wxwidgets right?03:44
iRonH3Adhey gamrok thnx by the way03:45
Gamrokyeah hey here's a  detailed tutorial to install comical http://bit.ly/dxkBg203:45
jessidoes anyone know where i can find a .deb download for the new firefox 3.5 or how to install it through the sudo?\03:48
Gamrokjessi try this http://bit.ly/d6UORK03:49
Gamrokit's just a repo but it's pretty easy to install so you may wanna look into it03:50
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dorkfaceHi all.  I just was fiddling around with some settings in konsole; specifically to unmap shift+tab from a function.  However, even though I unbound the mapping in the settings, when I closed all of my konsole sessions and brought one up, it still had the functionality.  Any suggestions?04:07
jessithank you04:08
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cvdwhere is the trash icon?04:29
iRonH3Adguys do we have to install rar archiver seperately for kubuntu?04:35
sithlord48use syanptic and search for rar. might want to install the p7zip-full package04:51
H3ll0I think I may have borked ark. It is giving me an unidentified error when dealing with multi-part rar files. any way to reinstall with fresh settings?06:21
v1ttu_what does it say exactly?06:23
H3ll0v1ttu_, "extraction failed because of unexpected error"06:24
v1ttu_and you have rar and rar nonfree installed?06:24
H3ll0i didnt have unfree06:25
v1ttu_have you installed the kubuntu-restricted-extras?06:26
H3ll0hrm. maybe not, new linux user here06:27
v1ttu_sudo aptitude install kubuntu-restricted-extras06:28
v1ttu_in terminal06:28
v1ttu_you know how 2 use terminal yeah?06:28
H3ll0v1ttu_,  yes sir06:28
v1ttu_sir? lol06:28
v1ttu_me possess no breasts :P06:29
v1ttu_lolol :P06:29
H3ll0so this should work eh?06:31
* H3ll0 crosses fingers06:31
v1ttu_it may be a few things06:31
H3ll0i dunno how i messed it up in the first place :(06:31
v1ttu_thr rar is probably f*cked06:31
H3ll0oops sorry a bowl of cereal was calling me06:37
v1ttu_by your name?06:37
H3ll0v1ttu_,  I tried it on 2 rar06:37
H3ll0yeah i just took a bunch of acid06:37
v1ttu_still screwed?06:37
H3ll0dang stupid error still there :/06:38
v1ttu_gimme a sec06:39
v1ttu_sudo aptitude install unrar06:39
H3ll0oops i still have 7mins on the restricted-extras left06:41
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usffirefox has stopped reponding,i can no more use i,i dont know what to do??07:18
usfi have added some addon,that's all07:19
usfhow can i fix this problem??07:20
usfhow can unistall those addon??07:23
jussi01usf: in terminal: firefox -safe-mode07:31
jussi01then you can uninstallm the extention07:31
usfit doesn't work07:33
usfthe command firfox -safe-mode07:33
jussi01usf: you missed an e07:34
jussi01it should bring up a little box asking what you want to do.07:35
usfit brings nothing07:35
usfi have uninsatalled firefox and insatalled again,but the same problem07:36
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kjeldahlAfter a recent update to Lucid alpha I'm experiencing trouble with Thunderbird 3. The widgets (menu, listboxes etc) do not update correctly. Selecting a menu shows the "outline" of the menu popup, but no content. Clicking on items in the listboxes updates the message display, but nothing is highlighted in the listbox itself. Any ideas?08:16
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yofelkjeldahl: lucid questions please in #ubuntu+109:07
mika_hi, does it work the network manager 4.3.5 in the system tray ? i updated from 4.3.3 and now it doesn't permit to click anymore on connections...09:13
|MA|hi all09:23
|MA|I installed acroread and it doesn't work as expected09:23
|MA|ie, on running it , I do get an error "Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:24
|MA|the details are here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/386190/09:25
|MA|any ideas why that would be ?09:25
|MA|any pointers, anyone ? would be much appreciated09:25
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draikStrange. It's not happening to me. Have you tried re-installing acroread?09:38
draiksudo apt-get remove --purge acroread && sudo apt-get install acroread09:39
|MA|I haven't tried that, but let me try09:39
draikYou're also on amd64; I'm on Intel 3209:39
|MA|I have a Core i7 CPu and hence09:40
draikThat's fine, just saying there may be a minor diff between our acroread app09:40
|MA|draik, that didn't help much .. :-(09:43
draikI think you've got a bug.09:44
EzrosHello everyone09:52
EzrosCan someone help me install wine real quick?09:52
EzrosI added ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa to my KPackageKit source, but it still says no files for my wine downloads09:52
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EzrosAnyone even here?09:58
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EzrosHey Guest7623410:03
EzrosCan you help me install Wine? lol10:03
Guest76234yeah sure10:04
Guest76234open up a terminal10:04
EzrosI shouldn't have to do that.10:04
Guest76234its a quick way10:04
Guest76234then type sudo apt-get install wine10:05
mika_is there anyone who use the kde network manager? it's kinda not working with kde 4.3.5...since i upgraded from 4.3.3.. :(10:05
EzrosYo Guest76234, do you know why my KPackageKit couldn't install it?10:07
Guest76234hmm wot error did u get?10:08
Guest76234as it worked using the terminal?10:08
EzrosIdk, the terminal is doing something10:09
EzrosSo I'm assuming it's working.10:09
Guest76234gd stuff10:10
EzrosBut why wouldn't it work with KPackageKit? lol10:10
Guest76234wot error did u get i nd oore details10:11
Ezros"Dependencies of the following packages could not be satisfied: wine1.2"10:11
EzrosIs what it said when I tried to install.10:12
Guest76234u must hav been missing some packages, i only know how to fix that using the terminal10:13
EzrosHuh? xD10:14
EzrosHow did I miss packages?10:14
Guest76234wine must just need some packages that aren't part of the default set10:15
Guest76234when u used the terminal it auto resloed the missing dependencies an downloaed them for you10:15
Guest76234in the terminal you can type apt-get check to make sue u hav no broken independicies10:17
EzrosYo Guest76234, is there anyway to add/remove things from my notification area?10:22
|MA|draik, any idea other than it's simply a bug ?10:23
Guest76234are u using kubuntu?10:23
Guest76234gimme 1 min, i will log into kubuntu, easier that way10:25
plattdeutscher is there some nice tool to use strigi in kde4.4beta?10:26
plattdeutscherand why is strigi turned off because of resource limitations (hard disk has 8GB free)?10:27
minarge<<<<<erzos is guest***10:32
minargeare u trying to remove the notification icons permantly or termp?10:33
EzrosI use Pidgin10:33
EzrosAnd when I minimize, I want it to go to notification instead of staying on my taskbar10:33
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shadeslayer_minarge: hi10:51
minargeah gd they are people on10:51
shadeslayer_minarge: im no human... im a bot :P10:53
shadeslayer_minarge: jk... any problems?10:54
minargelol no i want a problem to fix, its g practice, its just oddly quiet10:54
minargei do hav a question though10:54
shadeslayer_minarge: sure..10:55
minargeis there a site i can find more irc channels though10:55
shadeslayer_minarge: hmm well you can try #freenode,theyll give you the command10:55
minargecheers, learn something new everyday10:55
shadeslayer_minarge: just type : /join #freenode10:56
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jmuthi folks. kinda new in ubuntu. where do I fix my initlevel  I need it 3 (no X that is)11:34
jmut /etc/inittab no such thingy11:34
lalalolhi, when i want to change my account picture, it says the admin disallows this, but there is only 1 account on my machine :s, who has an idea?11:51
lalalolMamarok, got an idea?11:53
Tm_Tlalalol: you have to change settings in systemsettings -> advanced tab -> something12:01
Tm_T...cannot remember this, brrrh12:01
lalalolTm_T, thx12:02
lalalolcant find it :/12:03
Tm_Tlalalol: where you get this error?12:03
lalalolTm_T, when i click on the picture to change it12:05
lalalolin system settings > about me12:05
m_tadeuhi all...I'm having problems setting my micro to work with teamspeak12:18
noaXessis here anyone that can change a driver, if the source is available?12:31
shadeslayer_noaXess: um.. you cant change a driver..12:32
shadeslayer_noaXess: you can drop a module and use a new one in place of it12:32
noaXessshadeslayer_: why not.. if you have the .c file that then will be compiled against your kernel?12:32
shadeslayer_!modules | noaXess12:33
ubottunoaXess: To compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist12:33
noaXessshadeslayer_: i have a source file from a driver.. from a multitouch driver... hid-mosart.c, but it can be compiled and used only if HID is handled as a kernel modul.. but in ubuntu normally HID is built into the kernel..12:33
shadeslayer_noaXess: i guess you wanted that ^^12:34
noaXessshadeslayer_: see this howto.. http://lii-enac.fr/en/projects/shareit/linux-howto.html12:34
shadeslayer_noaXess: hmm lemme locate the modules dir12:35
shadeslayer_noaXess: its here : /lib/modules/Kernel_version/kernel/ubuntu/12:36
ToxinPoweHow can I use 1 panel with 2 monitors (kde 4.4)?12:36
shadeslayer_noaXess: where Kernel_version is the version of the kernel youre using12:37
noaXessshadeslayer_: yeah.. i know.. but the information about the mutlitouch driver is, that it can be loaded as module only if HID is also loaded as modul, and not built in the kernel..12:37
shadeslayer_noaXess: hmm... idk about that... Mamarok might have some idea12:39
noaXessshadeslayer_: so thats why i search a person that can change the source of this driver.. to use it when HID is built into the kernel...12:39
shadeslayer_seriously no idea... sorry :(12:40
noaXessshadeslayer_: no problem... :) look at this.. that will be possible if i get it working :) http://lii-enac.fr/en/projects/shareit/linux.html12:40
noaXessMamarok: do you having knowledge about drivers?12:41
noaXessor anybody else?12:41
m_tadeuif X doesn't start how can I have network access?12:41
phrearchis there somewhere a copy of the sources.list of kubuntu karmic?12:41
phrearchi accidently cleared the whole file12:41
noaXessm_tadeu: knetworkmanager should run without X... try ifconfig to see what ip your network interface has.12:42
noaXessm_tadeu: you can also edit /etc/network/interfaces file to have your own ip config.. but then networkmanager is disabled.. or not working..12:43
m_tadeuisn't knetworkmanager for kde?12:43
Vroomfondleknetwrokmanager is the KDE interface for networkmanager.12:45
Vroomfondlenetworkmanager will run without X; knetworkmanager won't but that shouldn't affect networkmanager's ability to connect.12:45
noaXessVroomfondle: thats my words.. :) sorry.. first wrote [k]networkmanager.. but i mean networkmanager ;)12:46
m_tadeuit does affect...because I have no netwotk if X doesn't run12:46
Vroomfondlem_tadeu: you'll need to use the networkmanager CLI tool to make it connect12:47
Vroomfondleit needs something to tell it to connect, usually12:47
nesciushow to change root's gtk theme when logged in KDE 4.4? its always plain & ugly, while I want it to be qtcurve as root's qt theme is13:36
anaelI'm looking for the wallpaper folder where I can set up a slideshow with my downloaded background13:39
anaelanyone got an idea please ?13:39
mona_ukrainehello all13:42
mona_ukraineis there anybody who uses Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud?13:43
mona_ukrainewonder if it's possible to make own images with oter operating systems (i.e. dsl or win_XP)13:45
sebersoledoes kubuntu support multiple screens of differeing resolution currently?  this is a laptop that is hooked to an external monitor most of the time13:46
mona_ukraineotHer :-)13:46
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anaelsebersole : works fine with nvidia cards and intel MB graphic13:51
sebersoleanael: so ati users are sol atm?13:57
anaelsebersole : I dind't try ATI for a long time sorry, I think ATI sucks to much in drivers coding13:58
sebersoleor are you just confirming that you know for a fact it works with those other t213:58
anaelsebersole : I'm currently using Nvidia cards with 4 screens on kubuntu and intel GMA with my netbook with a second screen (tested VGA and HDMI)14:00
sebersoleanael: i am not going to replace my perfectly good video card ;)14:01
sebersolei'll just take my macbook pro when i travel14:01
anaelsebersole : try on your ATI cards with your driver, I can't tell you more, it's been a while i'm not using ATI cards14:04
sebersoleanael: it works docked14:04
sebersolethe issue is when i disconnect14:04
anaelyou need to restart x14:05
sebersolei restared the whole machine14:05
sebersolei shut down, disconnected, and started up14:05
sebersolenow granted this is with fedora 12 + kde14:06
sebersolebut it is sounding an awful lot like kubuntu will be the same14:06
sebersolereally i was just trying to gauge if it were worthwhile to switch, which it would haven been if it would fix this issue14:07
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|MA|I did a strace http://paste.ubuntu.com/386334/ but don't really follow what's happening ... ANy ideas, please ?14:46
mika_Hi, does the kde network manager 4.3.5 work under kubuntu? since i've upgraded from the 4.3.3 version it doesn't work anymore...15:25
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darkk^What Jingle-compatible XMPP/Jabber clients are available at kubuntu-9.10 repos?15:55
Riddelllucid and karmic testers needed for 4.4.116:10
Tm_TRiddell: PPC?16:20
RiddellTm_T: what about it?16:21
Tm_T...I assume no PPC packages for testing16:22
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rethushow can i restart sound on kubuntu 9.10 ?16:53
dandalionI have a question, do i just ask in the room or wait ?17:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:05
dandalionI have ubuntu on my laptop and love it, so i downloaded the version for a desk top and installed it, everything works find but the internet connection.  I have broadband wireless and put in all the correct information and it lets me connect but doesnt let me surf.  I have looked for settings and such and to me it seems like its ok, do you have any suggestions?17:07
Picidandalion: Are you using Kubuntu or Ubuntu?17:12
Picidandalion: Best to ask your question in #ubuntu then (this is #kubuntu)17:12
dandalionoops... this was a default room ... thanks :D17:13
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ubuntuq onda17:23
=== ubuntu is now known as marchenprinz
marchenprinzq hay de nuevo aqui17:24
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Origino0what is the standard scan-application for kde4? kooka?17:28
geniiOrigino0: kooka was dropped due to project inactivity, unfortunately. Might want to try skanlite though, works well here17:31
genii!info skanlite17:31
ubottuskanlite (source: skanlite): KDE 4 image scanning application. In component main, is extra. Version 0.3-kde4.3.0-0ubuntu1~ppa1 (karmic), package size 1153 kB, installed size 1832 kB17:31
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alexanderа русский?17:59
Pici!ru | alexander17:59
ubottualexander: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:59
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taga101morning all!!18:20
apparlehello guys18:23
boblenyHey, does anyone know if the source code to the programs installed via adept manager are on the hard drive somewhere?18:31
boblenyThat is, if I install amarok, are the source file somewhere on my drive?18:32
apparlebobleny: no... you get only the binary .deb files18:33
apparlebobleny: but you can get the source if you want18:33
nks-Im having problems installing kde 4.4 on jaunty (using backports) http://pastebin.com/f5KZxmYH18:33
boblenyHow? I tried looking online for the source for a program called amixer, but I can't find anything about it.18:34
apparle!info amixer18:35
ubottuPackage amixer does not exist in karmic18:35
apparlebobleny: have you installed amixer through repositories?18:35
boblenyNo, it was already installed apparently. I just checked adept manager, it isn't listed.18:37
apparlebobleny: I found it................its a part of the alsa-utils source package18:38
apparlebobleny: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Amixer18:39
apparlebobleny: see this http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Alsa-utils18:39
apparlebobleny: you can get its source there18:39
boblenyNot sure how you found that though..18:40
boblenyHow did you find it?18:41
apparlebobleny: google....18:44
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apparlebobleny: 2nd link when I google amixer18:46
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apparlewhat is the kernel for a default kubuntu or ubuntu installtion from 9.10 CD18:57
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EzrosShould I use 32bit kubuntu or 64bit?19:00
jon_high9000anyone tried installing windows and install wireless router and then reinstall ubuntu seperately to get the wireless router to work?19:01
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bobleny<apparle> bobleny: 2nd link when I google amixer  -- Yeah, I remember finding that once before now, but I didn't realize it was a part of alsa, I just that it used it or something, IDK... Thanks though!19:26
alenkaвсем привет! :)19:41
Tm_T!ru | alenka19:41
ubottualenka: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:41
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:43
tomek_ufff it works :D19:47
tomek_first time on IRC19:48
jessi90I have installed kubuntu, probably card problems, do not see ninete the bar is color orange, in ubuntu togievo gi effects in kubuntu what to make?20:00
jessi90I have installed kubuntu, probably card problems, do not see nothing the bar is color orange, in ubuntu I removed gi effects in kubuntu what to make?20:03
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jessi90I have installed kubuntu, probably card problems, do not see nothing the bar is color orange, in ubuntu I removed gi effects in kubuntu what to make?20:06
nullkuhlHello all, problem with karmic koala and grub http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/J0u017v8 plz advice ..20:12
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jhutchins_wkHow do I manage system services?20:18
guest4309hello I have tons of failure messages in log files for instance: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.91" (uid=1000 pid=16627 comm="kdeinit4: plasma-desktop [kdeinit]") interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable" member="Introspect" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination=":1.104" (uid=1000 pid=16814 comm="/usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kpackagekitsmarticon)). Could anybody provide me with20:24
guest4309information what this is supposed to mean?20:24
guest4309There are like 100 of those messages for different kdeinit4 calls.20:26
combuniohello, how to unrar many different archieves at once ?20:43
combuniodoes anybody remember correct command ?20:43
kaniiNIXuse Ark?20:43
combuniokaniiNIX: but i need to do that with console20:43
kaniiNIXmind telling why?20:43
combuniokaniiNIX: i have about 50 archieve packs in my home folder and want to unrar them at once20:44
combuniokaniiNIX: to save the time :)20:44
combuniokaniiNIX: i want to run that command and go bathing :)20:44
combuniokaniiNIX: and when i'm back all is done :)20:44
buckfastSomething is wrong with Pulseaudio, i cant watch a TS file with vlc, Console shows: [0x3173d38] pulse audio output error: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused20:45
kaniiNIXhow about just selecting them all, right click and select extract here and determine subfolder?20:45
combuniokaniiNIX: it doesn't work to me, cuz it only unrar the first one and for another you have to wait to click again to unrar20:45
kaniiNIXoh yes...20:46
licensedkubuntu cd installer have a encripting option?20:48
xjjklicensed: not the GUI AFAIK20:49
xjjkthe text/alternative installer does20:49
licensedxjjk  alternative cd owns =D tanks man!20:49
xjjklicensed: NP have fun20:50
zapper_i'm having issues uploading stuff20:50
zapper_for example20:50
zapper_if i try to upload a video on youtube20:50
zapper_then firefox get's slow as hell20:51
zapper_i can't even browse a normal web page as it takes ages to load20:51
zapper_like if i was on a 56k modem20:52
zapper_but if i stop upoloading, then i can navigate perfectly20:52
zapper_i happened to me also when i tried to upload videos to megaupload, even if i did so from a virtualized windows xp on virtualbox20:53
zapper_seems like whenever i try to upload big files the connection screws up20:54
zapper_sometimes i can't even resolve a web addres20:55
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:01
jhutchins_wkzapper_: Sounds like you're maxing out your outbound channel, that's going to slow things down.21:01
zapper_jhutchins_wk: so how do i solve that?21:07
jhutchins_wkGet a bigger outbound channel, or throttle your upload.21:09
zapper_currently i have a 3Mb/320Kb adsl line21:10
zapper_i am the only user of the line and i could perfectly upload videos and stuff while on windows xp, so that is why i think is something related to my kubuntu install21:11
zapper_and as i said earlier, if i use a virtualized windows xp to upload, i can upload and browse the web perfectly on that virtual machine, but the problem still appears web i try to browse the web on kubuntu21:13
rethushi leute21:22
rethushave a question about performance of kubuntu21:23
rethusbefore i had suse linux 11.2 and i think it runs a bit faster than kubuntu... i now have 9.10 with current kde.21:23
rethuson suse i have an earlyer version of kde (4.3.1)21:24
rethusmy system now often swap (have 1GB dualcahnnel RAM)21:24
rethuswhat can the problem be... that the system alwys sap ?21:25
pawleeq_is the there any way to force ksnaphot (or whatever else program) to save screenshots in one directory named in given sewuence?21:27
pawleeq_sequence, sorry21:27
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digitaltanhacan i use an ubntu karmic repository in kubuntu karmic21:42
rethuskubuntu and ubuntu are the same... kubuntu have only kde as windowmanager... ubuntu gnome... xubuntu has xfce21:45
rethusso the base repositories are the same... they all named ubuntu21:46
digitaltanharethus: thanks21:46
rethusyour welcome21:46
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages21:50
zapper_i'm back22:13
zapper_anyone has  an idea on how to solve the problem i talked about earlier?22:13
zapper_basically the problem is that when i upload big files in kubuntu, the whole internet connection slows down, however if i do the same on the windows xp install i have on another partition, i have no problem. Furthermore, if i use virtualbox to upload files from a windows xp guest i can do it with no problem and surf the web perfectly on that virtual machine, but when i try to browse the web usig kubuntu while de vm is uploading i cant browse the web22:17
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sgh_Hi guys ...... Do you people also have problems with youtube.com in konqueror. It sudenly stopped working. Now youtube just tells med to update my flash.player.22:25
morpheus_hallo zsammen22:35
juan__hellow my name is jonh poul22:38
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palodequesoWhen using kdevelop4, I add a break point then click debug, but it never stops on the breakpoint... anyone else experience this?22:57
palodequesoWhen using kdevelop4, I add a break point then click debug, but it never stops on the breakpoint... anyone else experience this? I'm on kubuntu using version  3.9.97 using kdevplatform 0.9.9722:58
* Typos_King doesn't use kdevelop23:00
rrrrrrciao amici di ubuntu23:05
rrrrrrc'è un italiano che mi da un aiuto per favore ??23:05
Typos_King!it | rrrrrr23:06
ubotturrrrrr: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)23:06
[THC]AcidRaindamn LMMS crashed :(23:12
EzrosCan someone help me with my video card support please?23:37
EzrosOn Live CD it showed a thing to install the driver.23:37
EzrosBut now when I installed, that thing isn't there.23:37
ill_be_backyou installed the driver with the module "hardware-driver"?23:40
EzrosIn the bottom right there was an icon.23:41
EzrosIn the notification tray.23:41
EzrosAnd I clicked it and it showed my video card and two things for it.23:42
EzrosI'm assuming the drivers.23:42
EzrosI installed it and then it said to restart, but since it was Live CD, it couldn't do that.23:42
EzrosAnd now Idk how to do that with the real install.23:42
EzrosThe notification isn't there. lol23:42
ill_be_backlook at the system menue, there is the module every time23:43
EzrosSystem menu?23:43
* Typos_King doesn't follow23:43
ill_be_backoh, ubuntu23:43
nullkuhlhello, how to downgrade gcc in karmic from 4.4 to 4.3 , i tried installing gcc4.3 and g++4.3 but now i have 2 versions... ??23:43
ill_be_backjust a moment23:44
EzrosHold on, brb23:44
ill_be_backkickoff - system - hardware-drivers23:45
ill_be_backstart this programm and tell me what you read23:46
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