jelmermwhudson, awesome00:11
jelmermwhudson, yes, the fix for the symlink bit has landed00:11
jelmermwhudson: so the newer dulwich and bzr-git are confirmed working for the kernelk?00:36
mwhudsonjelmer: no, i haven't tried the kernel yet00:37
mwhudsoni was hoping spm was going to be working today00:37
jelmermwhudson: have you tried gedit?00:37
mwhudsonjelmer: yes, locally, and it worked00:37
jelmermwhudson: did you pull from a local git repo or a remote one?00:38
mwhudsonso i'm reasonably confident :)00:39
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mwhudsonjelmer: remote00:45
jelmermwhudson: cool00:51
mwhudsoni'll try the kernel overnight perhaps, if i don't get it set up on staging00:51
jelmerI'm also trying the kernel here locally01:00
jelmerit'd be great to have staging trying it, I think it should take 3 days or so to do the actual import01:00
thumperjelmer: are you looking into reusing the pack file?01:00
mwhudsonjelmer: trying from a local repo or remote?01:01
jelmerthumper: I started in Wellington but haven't looked at it since.01:01
jelmermwhudson: remote01:01
* thumper afk for a bit again01:03
mwhudsonjelmer: ah, ok01:05
mwhudsonjelmer: how many revs through now?01:05
jelmerbut I had 5k earlier today, restarted after I made that encoding fix01:06
mwhudsonjelmer: how many revs are you pulling in each go?01:07
jelmermwhudson, 1k01:07
mwhudsonjelmer: cool01:07
jelmermwhudson, once the new version is rolled out, it would be nice if all existing failing git imports could be retried because of the symlink issue02:07
mwhudsonjelmer: git?  or bzr-svn?02:07
jelmermwhudson, git particularly, but bzr-svn for an older issue with symlinks02:07
mwhudsonor both?02:07
mwhudsonah ok02:07
mwhudsonwell, if there was an api for code imports...02:07
mwhudsoni guess we really need to look at fixing that02:07
jelmerif they were more like mirrors you could just call requestMirror() I guess >-)02:11
mwhudsonwell boringly that does something rather different for imports...02:12
* thumper pokes jelmer in the eye02:12
mwhudson(and the difference is now important, to avoid exposing users to partially imported incremental imports)02:12
thumpermwhudson: we don't really need to QA the removal of the old puller code do we?02:29
thumpermwhudson: as it isn't being used02:29
thumpermwhudson: I maked it ?? on the wiki page02:29
thumpermwhudson: so we should just move it to done-done on the kanban board, right?02:29
mwhudsonthumper: no, not really, i guess it's just "make sure codehosting basically works"02:29
thumpermwhudson: I've pushed branches02:29
thumpermwhudson: they have been pulled and scanned02:29
mwhudsonwhich it doesn't at the moment, but hopefully that's just apache needing to be gracefulled02:30
mwhudsonthumper: ok, that sounds good enough for this item02:30
thumperI'll move it if you like02:30
mwhudsoni just did02:30
thumperhave you tried the reduced concurrancy?02:30
mwhudsonyes, but it also includes a command line arg to specify the limit from the slave02:31
mwhudsonthat hasn't been tried on staging02:31
thumperso need a losa then?02:31
mwhudsonsimilar for the "pull mirrored branches in a separate process" item02:31
mwhudsonthumper: yeah02:31
mwhudsonassertSqlAttributeEqualsDate is broken02:41
mwhudsonnever fails02:41
mwhudsonwill make ec2testing this branch a little more interesting02:44
thumpermwhudson: I'm off for the afternoon, back later tonight to talk to europeans02:49
mwhudsonthumper: ok02:49
deryckthumper, you around?03:42
mwhudsonderyck: he'll be back in a couple of hours i think03:45
deryckmwhudson, ah, ok.  thanks.  too late for me then.03:46
mwhudsonderyck: send email, i guess03:46
mwhudson(is this about the max_bug_heat thing?)03:46
deryckmwhudson, yeah.  wondering if it was still unresolved.03:46
mwhudsonderyck: it is still unresolved03:46
deryckmwhudson, ok, crap.03:47
mwhudsonderyck: noodles said "this needs a bug person to sort out" and i believed him03:47
mwhudsonderyck: if you provide instructions i'm happy to execute them :-)03:47
deryckmwhudson, yeah, no worries.  I was just out all day with family and just now seeing email03:47
mwhudsonderyck: fair enough!03:47
deryckmwhudson, let me look at the failure and see.  It may be simple enough.03:48
deryckmwhudson, how do you feel about this?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/386061/04:09
deryckmwhudson, I ask because I'm tired.  IPerson will never need or use max_bug_heat/04:09
deryckand the failing test will pass with this.04:09
mwhudsonderyck: well, it looks like it will fix the test failures04:09
mwhudsonderyck: seems a bit of a crappy solution though04:09
deryckmwhudson, yeah, that's my feeling, too. :(04:10
mwhudsonis max_bug_heat perhaps on the wrong interface?04:10
deryckmwhudson, I don't think so.  It really needs to be on everything that is an IHasBugs except IPerson.04:10
deryckmwhudson, really, there's no harm in adding to IPerson.  But it's a DB patch required.04:11
mwhudsoni guess given the timing of the situation, a quick fix is probably a good idea04:11
mwhudsonso um yeah04:12
mwhudsonseems ok to me04:12
mwhudsonbung it in a merge proposal and get thumper to stamp it?04:12
deryckmwhudson, ok, I will.  And I'll do an XXX that we need a proper DB patch later.  Seem fair?04:12
mwhudsonderyck: sounds right to me04:12
deryckmwhudson, cool.  thanks for the chat about it.04:13
mwhudsonderyck: np04:13
lifelessderyck: I'm curious why not IPeople04:17
derycklifeless, is there such a thing as IPeople?04:18
lifelesssorry, IPerson04:19
derycklifeless, oh, you mean, why not have max_bug_heat for it at all?  max_bug_heat is for a pillar specific view of hot bugs.  I guess I'm not sure what a person hot bugs list looks like.04:21
deryckmax_bug_heat controls the distribution of the flames.04:22
lifelesswell, what does a projects hot list look like?04:22
lifelessI assume its how many 'active' indicators the bugs have, out of the 'set of bugs for this project'04:22
lifelessSeems to me that the same metric applied to a persons bugs would give a non-rubbish result04:22
derycklifeless, yeah, you may be right.  We just have done any work yet on using hot bugs for people. Maybe we should.04:24
deryckperson bugs just seems like a hazy grab-bag term of different kinds of bugs related to me, whereas project bugs makes sense.  So where to hang heat for a person?04:25
deryckrelated bugs?  Assigned bugs?  commented?  Everywhere? :-)04:25
lifelessyeah, I can see the impact04:26
deryckmwhudson, I need to bail now, due to short time for sleep before work. :)  Can you or thumper land that branch for me if he signs off on it?04:36
mwhudsonderyck: sure04:36
deryckmwhudson, many thanks.  Sorry the failure blocked work for so many hours today.04:36
mwhudsonderyck: not having any sysadmins around has been more obstructive, don't worry ;-)04:37
deryckheh, fair enough04:37
deryckcheers.  have a nice one!04:37
wgrantmwhudson: They're not back in sane timezones yet?04:41
mwhudsonwgrant: travelling today i think04:41
mwhudsonor maybe unconscious with jetlag04:42
* mwhudson winds down for the day05:07
poolie1can someone remind me where the tuolumne config is?06:52
poolie1nm, i found it in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~canonical-losas/tuolumne-lp-configs/trunk   i think06:54
thumpertrying to land deryck's branch07:05
thumperbut ec2 land isn't working07:05
* thumper makes a clean build07:05
thumpercan anyone else get ec2 land working?07:15
thumpereven with a --dry-run?07:15
wgrantthumper: It fails with a launchpadlib NotImplementedError for me.07:17
wgrantwadllib, even.07:18
thumperwgrant: thanks, me too07:18
wgrantthumper: Possibly related to the hard-coded /beta in devscripts.autoland, when the default version on edge is now 'devel'?07:19
thumperwgrant: ah, perhaps07:20
wgrantIt should be fine, but it's the first thing that comes to mind.07:20
wgrantOh, hmm, it doesn't hardcode it for edge, only dev and lpnet.07:21
thumperany other ideas?07:22
wgrantthumper: Which version of launchpadlib are you using?07:22
wgrantYeah, so, it's requesting a /devel URL for me.07:24
wgrantANd then complains when it gets a /beta resource type.07:24
thumperI'm using the one in the tree07:27
wgrantthumper: It looks like the served WADL is on crack.07:28
wgrantwget --header="Accept: application/vnd.sun.wadl+xml" https://edge.launchpad.net/api/devel/07:28
wgrantHas lots of /beta references in it.07:28
* wgrant works out how to invoke the launchpadlib version override.07:29
wgrantthumper: add version="beta" lib/devscripts/autoland.py's Launchpad.login_with call, clear your cache, and try again.07:32
wgrantAnd pester leonardr to fix lazr.restful, too!07:32
thumperwgrant: where is the cache?07:33
wgrantthumper: ~/.launchpadlib/cache, because you guys seem to hate XDG.07:33
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adeuringgood morning08:31
thumpercommit re fail09:08
thumperalthough I can't see how09:08
thumperCommit message [[testfix][release-critical=thumper][r=thumper] Return None for\n\tmax_bug_heat on IPerson until max_bug_heat can be fully added.] does not match commit_re [(?is)^\\s*\\[testfix\\]\\s*\\[(?:release-critical|rs?=[^\\]]+)\\]]09:08
thumpercan anyone else see it?09:08
bigjoolsthumper: r-c is first IIRC?09:09
wgrantNot in that RE.09:09
* bigjools hates regex09:09
thumperit has testfix first09:09
bigjoolstry it09:09
thumpertrying, although it should only succeed if it isn't testing what it says it is testing09:10
thumperlifeless: regex help needed09:10
al-maisanis that what "special circumstances" is for ;)09:12
lifelessthumper: what ?09:13
lifelessal-maisan: its for digging out of pits :P09:13
thumperlifeless: the commit message fail above09:13
lifelessthumper: you have a \n09:13
lifelessin the message. Why ?09:14
thumperemail subject wrapping I believe09:14
thumperlifeless: it's been happening for ages09:14
thumperlifeless: it is the start of the string that gets me though09:14
thumperlifeless: to me it looks like it matches09:14
thumperoh ho09:15
thumperit is different to the devel one09:15
lifelessthumper: no =thumper09:15
thumperlifeless: yeah, I just saw that too09:16
lifelessperhaps. ICBW09:16
lifelessare you submitting with pqm-submit?09:16
noodles775thumper: bzr log --line --limit 1000 |grep release-critical seems to show that ui=none is required? (or at least, has been used for successful landings in the past)09:16
thumpernoodles775: not for testfix09:16
lifelessthumper: Icould be wrong09:16
al-maisanintercontinental ballistic wiki?09:17
thumperlifeless: yep, no =thumper09:17
thumperlifeless: it is in the queue09:18
jmlgood morning Lanuchpadders09:22
wgrantMorning jml.09:22
al-maisanhello jml09:23
bigjoolshey jml09:26
bigjoolsyou're not going to be staying in my local pub any more09:27
bigjoolswgrant: you probably saw that I landed your chroot_url export branch, I don't supose you tested it on edge?09:37
wgrantbigjools: I did, and altered the local Soyuz docs to use it.09:37
wgrantbigjools: Thanks.09:37
wgrantSo yes, QA OK.09:37
bigjoolsawesome, thanks09:38
jmlbigjools, ok09:42
jmlbigjools, where am I going to be staying09:42
jmlbigjools, and how do I get there09:43
jmlbigjools, and what are the dates again?09:43
bigjoolsjml: http://www.sarova.com/abbey/hotel_introduction.asp09:43
bigjoolsthe Cheltenham Gold Cup is on at the same time - this was the last hotel with rooms09:43
lifelessjml: back in London ?09:43
bigjoolsjml: 17, 18,19th March09:44
bigjoolsjml: room booked 16th, 17th, 18th09:44
bigjoolsjml: you get there on a train from Paddington, which I guess is quite convenient for you :)09:44
wgrantbigjools: Any idea why there is a Pending publication (717553) in primary jaunty-release from 2009-09-07?09:49
bigjoolsno idea, but if it's in -release you know why it's not being published09:51
wgrantRight, but I have to wonder how it got there.09:51
bigjoolsme too09:51
bigjoolsmaybe a copy09:51
jmlbigjools, thanks.09:51
* wgrant checks the queue.09:51
bigjoolsjml: I'll email more details this week09:51
wgrantHm, no.09:51
wgrantbigjools: Looks like it was an override.09:55
bigjoolsyay :/09:55
wgrantIt was published in universe 6 months earlier.09:55
wgrantAnd the newer publication is multiverse.09:55
wgrantYeah, changeOverride should probably die in that case.09:58
wgrantchange-override.py doesn't check.09:58
bigjoolsrock and roll09:59
wgrantbigjools: Also, seen bug #529710?09:59
bigjoolsmaybe when mup decides to show me09:59
wgrantIt won't.10:00
bigjoolswgrant: :(10:01
wgrantOh good, I only rebuilt the test database, not the dev one.10:06
wgrantbigjools: Commented.10:13
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bigjoolswgrant: thanks10:25
wgrantwin 3210:42
wgrantgmb, bigjools: ~launchpad-security emails would be getting to you through ~launchpad, which has a contact address set.10:53
bigjoolsyou'd think :)10:54
wgrant(so they'll be on the launchpad-bugs list)10:55
jmlbigjools, btw, I have no idea how to QA my item on https://dev.launchpad.net/StrategyTeamTestPlans/10.0210:57
jml(yes, I know it's too late)10:57
gmbbigjools: Did you know about the launchpad-bugs list10:58
bigjoolsgmb: maybe10:59
bigjoolswhat does it get?10:59
gmbbigjools: Well, apparently, all the bugs ever. I'd forgotten it existed.11:00
wgrantEverything. Including the security bugs I filed yesterday which somebody might want to notify people about.11:00
gmbbigjools: But wgrant is right; your security notification might well be there.11:00
bigjoolsjml: stick it in the ?? section11:00
bigjoolswe're not QA-ing any of those recipe things et11:00
jmlbigjools, ok, thanks.11:00
gmbThing is, subscribing to it is an exercise in sipping from the firehose.11:00
bigjoolsthat's prob why I don't do it11:00
bigjoolswe need a totally separate security-related list11:01
bigjoolsI get too much fucking email already11:01
wgrantI think we actually need implicit subscriptions to be fixed.11:01
wgrantIn that they should apply if the user can otherwise see the bug.11:01
bigjoolsgmb: so, the bugs go to a private list then?11:04
gmbbigjools: Looks that way; probably a holdover from the days before a) Open sourcing and b) structural subscriptions11:05
bigjoolsgmb: so I get things straight - what is the notification "path" now?11:05
gmbwgrant, bigjools: I believe fixing subscriptions is high on the bugs team list for the next 6-monthly cycle, but I could be wrong about that. You'd have to ask deryck.11:05
bigjoolsie. teams etc11:05
gmbbigjools: So, it looks like security bugs go to LP Security, of which ~launchpad is a member. ~launchpad has a contact address (to stop us from getting spammed to death), which is launchpad-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com.11:07
bigjoolsso lp-security should have its own contact address that I can subscribe to11:08
wgrantSince they've likely not been received by anybody, can somebody please notify relevant people about bug #529348 and bug #529370?11:09
gmbbigjools: Yes, it should. That would be the sane solution.11:11
bigjoolsgmb: I'm taking this to the internal list11:11
gmbbigjools: Righto.11:11
bigjoolsgmb: thanks for your help11:11
thumpernight all11:15
* thumper -> bed11:15
bigjoolsnn thumper11:20
bigjoolswgrant: any thoughts on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/52995011:27
mupBug #529950: gina fails to update "clxclient" in the LP Debian mirror <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/529950>11:27
wgrantbigjools: It's valid.11:37
wgrantHm, at least in Packages it can happen now.11:37
wgrantLet me check.11:37
bigjoolswgrant: so is there a definition of which one is the right onw?11:37
* bigjools 's caffeine stream has too much blood in it, brb11:38
wgrantIt's probably because dak now has aromic arch-indep domination.11:38
wgrantBut the opposite of our version.11:38
wgrantbigjools: Shouldn't you just import both?11:39
wgrant(if that's not easy, the latest is most appropriate)11:39
wgrantbigjools: It looks like it will be easy enough to fix. Just add an extra level of dicts.11:45
bigjoolswgrant: yeah11:46
bigjoolswgrant: so does the spec say the most recent version or does it say the first in the file?11:47
wgrantbigjools: For apt, the latest version will win.11:47
wgrantBut there's no reason we shouldn't import all of them.11:48
wgrant(Ignoring pinning, apt will pick the latest version. If there is more than one instance of the latest version, the first entry in sources.list will win.)11:49
wgrantbigjools: Native binary indices are unordered -- this appears to be because getBinaryPackagePublishing doesn't have a default order clause, whereas getSourcePackagePublishing does.11:55
wgrantThis isn't deliberate, I guess?11:55
bigjoolsI highly doubt it11:56
wgrantI guessed not, but it seems a bit odd that only one is ordered.11:57
bigjoolsprobably either for a test or UI11:59
wgrantI guess.12:00
wgrantbigjools: Isn't bug #528459 just the NBS case?12:07
mupBug #528459: PPA does not delete old packages after new build <Soyuz:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/528459>12:07
bigjoolsI am asking for an example to double check12:09
bigjoolsit also becomes a test case if there's a problem12:09
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deryckgmb, there are two bugs in the QA ready lane for filebug -- add an api, and poll for status.13:25
deryckgmb, Are these done, or can they be done to free some space on the board?13:26
gmbderyck: I am testing both as we speak (well, as soon as a LOSA becomes available for the second one)13:26
deryckgmb, excellent, thanks.13:30
=== kfogel changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Launchpad read-only 22.00-23.30 UTC Wed 3 March for 10.02 rollout (http://is.gd/9rUhO) | Week 4 of 10.02 | PQM is in release-critical mode (thumper is RM) | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes | Channel logs: http
deryckmorning, kfogel :-)13:36
kfogelderyck: hey, morning.13:37
gmbderyck: Offline blob processing FTW! https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/52879213:43
deryckgmb, very nice!13:45
deryckoh happy fat data day!13:45
gmbderyck: And that's all the +filebug stuff QA'd, too. Epic win.13:45
deryckgmb, very epic.  A good start to our Monday.13:46
gmbderyck: Now I'll finish that blog post.13:46
gmbWould've finished it Friday but had issues with my dev env. Happily, that's now fixed too.13:46
mupBug #528792: No right-click menu on Notification Area panel item <amd64> <apport-bug> <lucid> <gnome-panel (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/528792>13:47
kfogelderyck: I've done everything I can at Gravatar to get my image showing for my canonical email, but the kanban board still doesn't show it (for bug 471195 for example)13:56
mupBug #471195: Private bugs don't set the body class to "private" <css> <privacy> <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged by kfogel> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/471195>13:56
deryckkfogel, do you show up on any other gravatar site for your canonical.com addr?  (You can post a test comment on the latest post on my personal site and see.)13:57
kfogelderyck: ok, ready for you to mod the comment through14:00
deryckkfogel, done.  and avatar'ed.14:02
kfogelderyck: avatar is there. how come there's a strikethrough on my name, though?14:02
kfogel(just curious -- doesn't matter for kanban purposes)14:02
deryckkfogel, strikethough is my visited link convention.  not a great one, I'll admit.14:03
kfogelderyck: it makes me feel... struck through :-).14:03
deryckkfogel, heh.14:03
deryckyeah, I should change it.  But I don't love on my site like I should.14:03
deryckkfogel, so I hard reloaded the kanban board and you show up there for me now.14:04
* deryck stares at adeuring and thinks "gravatar," making an I-am-telepathic face14:07
kfogelderyck: hunh.  I was doing hard reloads too, and yet it wasn't showing up.  Now I'd test again, but my Firefox has again jammed up, as it does approximately every 12-18 hours.14:07
adeuringyeah, i suck with this stuff14:07
deryckkfogel, no worries.  Maybe some delay on gravatar's cache.  You want me to delete your comment from my site, or let it stand?14:08
kfogelderyck: rebooting, just to see if that shakes the dust out.  enough is enough.  bbiab.14:08
kfogelderyck: oh, delete it I guess.  My parents will do a google search and then worry about my weight :-).14:08
deryckkfogel, I've lost 3 pounds since that post. :-)14:08
kfogelderyck: man, writing it must have been hard work!14:09
kfogelderyck: gravatar showing up for me in Chrome.  Go figure.14:26
deryckkfogel, weird.14:26
deryckadeuring, allenap, gmb, intellectronica, kfogel -- standup in two?14:29
kfogelderyck: ready14:30
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leonardrwhen i try to buildout launchpad i'm getting a ClientCookie error. i've gotten this error before but i don't remember what to do about it14:59
leonardrthe first error i get is that launchpad tries to download a setuptools egg and is ***BLOCKED***, which is also familiar14:59
leonardrmy download-cache and eggs symlinks point to the directories i'd expect15:05
leonardrflacoste, maybe you can end my torment? -^15:07
flacosteleonardr: do you have pastebin of the whole buildout run?15:08
leonardrflacoste: i'll paste it now15:08
leonardrflacoste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386348/15:12
leonardrthere's bootstrap.py and buildout15:13
leonardrnever mind the ***BLOCKED** thing, it's irrelevant15:13
leonardri ran bootstrap with the wrong arguments15:13
leonardrgary: you might know better than flacoste what my problem is -^15:14
gary_posterleonardr: does not look familiar.  did you simply try make clean and make?15:15
leonardrgary: this is a branch new checkout15:15
leonardrhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/386347/ shows what happens when i checked out and ran make15:15
gary_posterleonardr: sorry had dr call.  Try merging my branch...getting15:24
gary_posterleonardr: lp:~gary/launchpad/bug49170515:25
gary_postergmb: ping?15:25
gary_postergmb: want to know if you are available to diagnose your buildout problem from Friday.  Let me know if you can, or I should try you later in week.  (Current request is to start with clean branch (make clean is fine), merge my branch, apply http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384463/ , and give me full output of ``make SHHH=``15:27
gmbgary_poster: I've actually found and fixed the problem this morning. There were stray zope.testing packages-3.8.3 on my system, even after apt-get removing it. Removing those packages made the problem go away15:28
gary_postergmb: great...ish. ;-) I can't try making it more robust for everyone else, then.  Do you now know a way I can dupe the original situation, maybe?15:29
gmbgary_poster: If you install zope.testing 3.8.3 for python 2.5 and then leave the package lying around in the site-packages directory that should do the trick, I think.15:30
gary_postergmb ok awesome will give it a try thanks.  install via apt I assume you mean?15:31
gary_postercool thanks15:31
leonardrgary: same problem. bootstrap warns about ClientCookie, buildout chokes on it15:34
gary_posterleonardr: this sounds like an old problem we had when people had badly-removed ClientCookie packages from apt.  Lemme see if the traceback suggests someplace to look.15:35
leonardrgary: it definitely seems familiar to me15:35
leonardrlet me update my packages15:35
gary_posterleonardr: I would start Python2.5, and see if ClientCookie is importable.  If so, get the __file__.  Then see if apt thinks that the package is installed.  If apt doesn't think that ClientCookie, or that version of ClientCookie, is installed, then it sounds like the old problem.  Clean up the bad ClientCookie and try again.15:38
leonardrgary: it's the latter. i see broken symlinks. 'clean up' by removing or by fixing manually?15:39
gary_posterleonardr: ...it depends on what the symlinks are.  If you think the symlinks are supposed to still be there, then fix 'em.  If not, remove 'em.  If you are not sure, I guess I'd want to know exactly what the symlinks were and what they used to point to and what apt thinks is installed for me to make my own guess.15:41
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leonardrgary: i don't have any 'cookie' package installed, so i removed them15:42
gary_postersounds right, leonardr15:42
GPenguinhow easy is it to extract the "karma" related code from the entire base?15:42
GPenguinor lets put it different - could a python beginner expand the karma related code easily or would it be smarter to "hire" somebody to do it?15:43
leonardrgary: getting a new problem now. i got a similar problem, reverted my merge of your branch, and then got this15:43
leonardrgary: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386369/15:45
leonardrgary: 3.7.3 is the version installed in site-packages15:47
gary_posterGPenguin: not ignoring you, but don't know that part of code.  I strongly suspect the only way a Python beginner could do it is with more than a little assistance (to know where to look in the code, and to write automated tests sufficient to pass review).15:47
leonardrso once again, the site-packages version is taking precedence over the version installed by ubuntu15:47
gary_posterleonardr: did you have that problem with my branch?15:48
leonardri had a similar problem... let me find it15:48
james_wleonardr: when you have a minute I would appreciate your input on bug 529998, as you will be able to point to the faulty component.15:48
mupBug #529998: Error caused by binding to anonymous collection resource <wadllib:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/529998>15:48
leonardrgary: with your branch i got this error message15:48
leonardrError: There is a version conflict.15:48
leonardrWe already have: zope.testing 3.8.215:48
leonardri believe that was the version you specified in your change to versions.cfg15:50
gary_posterleonardr: could you give a pastebin of the full output, *or* let me know if that is happening clearly in bin/buildout, rather than bootstrap?15:50
gary_posterleonardr: if it is happening in bootstrap, then this sounds like Graham's report, and I was hypothesizing that http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/384463/ (in addition to my branch) might help15:52
leonardrgary: it happened in bootstrap, but looking at the scrollback revealed that i didn't run bootstrap with the right options15:53
leonardri'm trying again now15:53
gary_posterleonardr: ok, in bootstrap makes me mildly happier (I was optimistic that I had squelched problems in bin/buildout with my branch). I doubt the options will help, but .  The patch I gave might.15:54
leonardrgary: no, it happens in buildout for me. bootstrap runs without warnings or errors15:54
leonardri'll try the patch15:54
gary_posterthat won't help bin/buildout15:55
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leonardrgary: now that i know it might not be my problem, i'm going to try to do work on a branch i already have checked out15:58
gary_posterleonardr: I really have to dupe.  I've solved everything I know of that can cause this in my branch, except for in bootstrap, which is not where you are encountering the problem.  Just to doublecheck, would you please pastebin your bin/buildout?15:58
leonardrgary, sure15:58
gary_posterThe bin/buildout that is causing the problems, of course.15:58
leonardrif you need me for this that's a different story15:58
gary_posterthanks leonardr.  I certainly don't want to block you any more that you already have been.  Maybe you can make progress on the other branch while I occasionally ask questions of you for this one.  I'll try to be out of your hair as quickly as possible.16:00
c_schmitz_hi everyone16:00
c_schmitz_A really nice thing about Launchpad is the translations part16:01
c_schmitz_would it be possible to use if without the other modules?16:01
c_schmitz_*use it16:01
c_schmitz_if I install Launchpad on my own site?16:01
c_schmitz_Or are the modules all tightly connected to each other?16:02
c_schmitz_I would be very glad for any hints/experiences on that16:03
gary_posterc_schmitz_: within the hosted service, sure.  on your own site, the code is installed in a bundle, and we don't support that  (we want to encourage people to use the hosted service).16:03
leonardrgary: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386381/16:03
leonardrbrand new checkout of your branch16:03
c_schmitz_gary_poster: I see16:04
gary_posterleonardr: could you pastebin the contents of the bin/buildout script?16:06
leonardrgary: http://paste.ubuntu.com/386384/16:08
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james_wthekorn: thanks, that would have saved me quite some time had I found those :-)16:12
thekornjames_w, oh :( I wish this bug could somehow be fixed16:15
james_wthekorn: I have it fixed locally16:16
james_wI'd just like Leonard's input to know whether it is the correct fix16:16
thekornjames_w, you mean the .total_size bug or the more general "does not behave like a collection"-bug ?16:17
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james_wwell, the bug that means you get a crash every time you access an attribute of an anonymous collectio16:17
gary_posterleonardr: ok thanks.  Have an idea.  Could you give me the content of the addsitepackages function in /home/leonardr/canonical/lp-branches/from-gary/parts/buildout/site.py?16:18
leonardrgary: i'll tell you right now it's mostly site-packages repeated a lot16:19
gary_posterleonardr: ok that's enough16:19
leonardrgary: and then there's the zc.buildout-1.5.0devgary at the end16:20
gary_posterleonardr: ok, will give you a patch in a minute or two for you to try.16:20
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gary_posterleonardr: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/386394/ for eggs/zc.buildout-1.5.0dev_gary_r109427-py2.5.egg/zc/buildout/buildout.py .  Lines 19-21 are the important bits.16:28
leonardrall right16:29
gary_posterleonardr: oh forgot to say, you need to rerun bootstrrap16:34
gary_posterthen bin/buildout should be ok16:34
gary_poster(because site-packages should not be in in parts/buildout/site.py any more)16:34
leonardrgary: still not working, doing a make clean16:34
leonardrgary: site-packages is no longer in site.py but i get the same problem16:35
gary_posterleonardr: *exactly* the same problem (during recipe installation)?16:36
gary_posterWhile: Installing recipe z3c.recipe.i18n.16:36
* gary_poster hates not being able to dupe problem :-(16:37
leonardrgary: yes, exactly the same16:37
leonardrwe already have: zope.testing 3.8.216:37
* gary_poster curses16:37
leonardrgary: what if i put debug in whatever outputs "we already have"16:38
leonardrto see what the conflict is?16:38
leonardrdo you know where that code is?16:38
gary_posterleonardr: yeah, it is in zc/buildout/easy_install.py, Installer.install, but the conflict is with zope.testing 3.8.2, like it says, which you and I both have installed in apt, so I don't have a lot of optimism on what information we can get extra there.  I think I'll get out of your hair awhile so you can focus more fully on the critical bug fix.  When that is done, let me know.  I'll look at it a bit more.  Thank you!16:40
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leonardrgary: i no longer have any working branches, so i can't make any more progress on wgrant's problem16:56
gary_posterleonardr: ah, lovely.16:56
leonardrthe conflict is with zope.testing 3.8.2 and what? the version mentioned in versions.cfg?16:56
gary_posterleonardr: yes 3.8.116:57
gary_posterleonardr: possible workarounds: (1) uninstall zope.testing (2) try setting 3.8.2 in versions.cfg and hope it works.16:58
deryckadeuring, could you do a review for me?  Should be easy.16:58
leonardrGetting distribution for 'zope.testing==3.8.2'.17:01
leonardrmake: *** [/home/leonardr/canonical/lp-branches/untouched-trunk/bin/py] Error 117:01
leonardrgary: that would imply that it can't find the download-cache at all17:01
leonardr('couldn't find a distribution')17:01
leonardrwell, that would imply it's not looking in site-packages17:01
leonardrso when it's time to look for the version number, it looks in site-packages17:02
leonardrand when it's time to look for the package, it looks in download-cache17:02
gary_posterleonardr: is this after you tried option 2?17:02
leonardrgary: yes17:02
gary_posterleonardr: option 1 didn't work/was too annoying because something important depended on it?17:03
leonardrgary: #2 seemed easier17:03
leonardri'll try #1 now17:03
leonardrgary: #1 says it'll break python-zodb17:05
leonardrbut i might not need that since launchpad has its own17:05
gary_posterleonardr: yeah, what package wants zodb?  leonardr I'm trying a restart to see if that somehow makes me able to dupe17:06
gary_poster...nope, still works fine...17:07
gary_posterleonardr: will try installing python-zodb...if you see what depends on it, tell me, and I'll add that17:09
adeuringderyck: yure17:09
leonardrgary: so, i removed all the zope stuff17:09
adeuring(and sorry ffor the late answer)17:09
leonardrnow i get17:09
leonardrError: There is a version conflict.17:09
leonardrWe already have: zope.testing 3.7.317:09
gary_posterleonardr: which aptitude doesn't know about?  If so, find it and kill it.17:10
leonardrgary: given a path, can aptitude tell me which package owns that path?17:11
gary_posterleonardr: I would see if zope.testing is installed.  If not, kill it.17:12
deryckadeuring, thanks.  See:  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~deryck/launchpad/fix-affects-me-widget-529049/+merge/2038017:12
leonardrzope.testing is not installed17:12
gary_posterleonardr: (IOW, I don't know, but I don't think it matters)17:12
* adeuring is looking17:12
gary_poster..aaaand it works just fine for me when I have python-zodb installed.17:12
gary_posterleonardr: this is an up-to-date karmic, yeah?17:13
leonardrgary: yeah17:13
leonardrbuildout is taking a while now...17:13
gary_posterthat's a good sign17:13
gary_posterleonardr: do you not share eggs, or have you not made a build in a while?  Usually goes about 6 seconds for me when all eggs are built17:15
leonardrgary: i made a build last week. it's possible that earlier code was working with my strangely installed zope packages17:17
gary_posterleonardr: buildout still going??17:22
adeuringderyck: r=me17:24
deryckadeuring, awesome.  thanks.17:24
leonardrgary: seems to be ok, i'll let you know17:27
gary_posterok leonardr thanks17:27
deryckadeuring, there's something else I needed to mention to you.... what was it? .... oh, yeah, what's that word?....  gravatar.17:29
deryckadeuring, I'll leave you alone about it now.  Promise. :-)17:30
gary_posterleonardr: I think I got it.  I think lines 29-31 of http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/386428/ would have fixed it.  I'll see if I can write a test for it when I get back from lunch.  I still don't understand why it doesn't bite me.17:46
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leonardrgary, can you spare a few for some Makefile brainstorming?18:55
gary_postersure leonardr18:55
leonardrgary: current behavior is to create the wadl file like so18:57
leonardr LPCONFIG=$(LPCONFIG) $(PY) ./utilities/create-lp-wadl.py > $@.tmp18:57
leonardrhowever, now create-lp-wadl.py creates an arbitrary number of wadl files, not just one18:58
leonardri changed the script to take a path template as a command-line argument18:58
leonardrso now LPCONFIG=$(LPCONFIG) $(PY) ./utilities/create-lp-wadl.py $@.tmp18:58
leonardrwhere WADL_FILE is lib/canonical/launchpad/apidoc/wadl-$(LPCONFIG)-%(version)s.xml18:59
leonardrunfortunately the old $@.tmp pattern doesn't work anymore18:59
leonardrit used to be we were writing to .tmp in a directory that already existed, then renaming18:59
leonardri'm thinking of making an apidoc.tmp directory, generating the files in there, and moving the _contents_ to apidoc19:01
leonardrdoes that sound good?19:01
gary_posterleonardr: the concern I have right now is how to make it so that we don't rebuild those for every make invocation19:02
gary_posterdo you have a plan for that?19:03
leonardrgary: right now we explicitly clear out the cache so that the wadl is generated on every make invocation. you want to change that?19:03
leonardrif we don't want that, we can just not clear the cache19:04
gary_posterwe do?!  looking at Makefile19:04
leonardrgary: it's in the create-lp-wadl.py file19:05
gary_posterleonardr: because it is controlled in the Makefile with $(WADL_FILE): $(BZR_VERSION_INFO) then it will only be regenerated if the wadl file is missing or the bzr version info file changes19:06
gary_posterleonardr: that kind of constraint needs to stay.  devs get crankier and crankier the longer make run takes unnecessarily19:06
leonardrgary: ok, i can change that so it makes sure the 'devel' wadl is present. we'll always have that19:07
gary_posterleonardr: yeah, I was going to suggest something like that19:07
gary_posterleonardr: as far as apidoc.tmp, that sounds reasonable as a pattern.  I don't have a string opinion as to names (and may be missing a concern), but apidoc.tmp specifically is ok with me19:09
mwhudsonyeah, unnecessary make run time brings out the pitchfork wielding mobs19:09
gary_posterleonardr: another possibility is to use Python's temp directories19:09
leonardrgary: from a makefile?19:09
gary_posterleonardr: I guess I was thinking of moving the logix to ./utilities/create-lp-wadl.py19:10
leonardrthat might be simpler19:10
mwhudsonyou have to be a bit careful using mkdtemp if you want to do os.rename later19:10
gary_postermwhudson: we'll just me moving the contents19:10
gary_posterso that's ok, yeah?19:11
mwhudsongary_poster: but if /tmp and your launchpad tree are on different filesystems that'll fail, i think?19:11
gary_postermwhudson: ah, so.19:11
gary_postershutil copying would still be fine19:12
gary_posteror whatever that package name is...19:12
gary_posteryah that's it19:12
gary_posterso leonardr, either do everything in create-lp-wadl, but use shutil to do the final move-the-contents thing, or do the directory dance you originally proposed.  I'm fine with either, though slightly prefer the all-Python approach.19:13
leonardrgary: where does $@ come from? is that the file that exists in the conditional?19:15
gary_poster$@ is the make target I believe, leonardr19:16
gary_posterso, $(WADL_FILE)19:17
gary_posterin this case19:17
leonardrok, so that's what i need to change to DEVEL_WADL_FILE19:18
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kfogelderyck: re bug #471195: when you were talking about javascript the other day, was that for javascript to reload the page (with the new body class tag) after someone sets the bug to "private"?19:44
mupBug #471195: Private bugs don't set the body class to "private" <css> <privacy> <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by kfogel> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/471195>19:44
kfogelderyck: ...or for something else?19:44
thumperderyck: ping20:08
thumperderyck: https://lpbuildbot.canonical.com/builders/db_lp/builds/560/steps/shell_7/logs/summary20:08
thumperderyck: db builder running right now has that failure20:08
deryckthumper, looking now.20:09
* deryck primal screams20:10
mwhudsonblowing up in error reporting, for that extra pain20:11
derycknot sure I follow at all what's happening there.  but updating db-devel locally and running locally to see if makes more sense looking at the fille.20:14
mwhudsonderyck: i know that error20:15
mwhudsonderyck: the script is trying to report an oops20:15
mwhudsonderyck: but no oops directory is configured in the config20:16
mwhudson--> bang!20:16
derycktwo levels of fail then.  my lucky day. :-)20:17
deryckI'm running ./bin/test with no shirt on.20:18
derycknever go change to running clothes and check IRC in the middle20:19
deryckintellectronica, any chance you're around?20:32
wgrantsinzui (or other Registry people): Have you seen bug #529370?20:33
* sinzui looks20:34
sinzuiwgrant: No I had not20:35
sinzuiwgrant: apparently I do not get notified when something is really important20:36
sinzuiwgrant: Thank you very much for following this up20:36
wgrantsinzui: No, we discovered that last night. The email goes to launchpad-bugs@l.u.c.20:36
wgrantI believe the issue was taken to the list.20:36
sinzuiI do not seem to get that. Bug supervisor and security are so fucked when it comes to ACLs20:38
wgrantsinzui: Interesting that this one is critical for 10.02, when the other two (both of which are more critical, and one of which involves only deleting code) are 10.03.20:40
sinzuiwgrant: my team completed QA last week, We are available to fix issues now20:40
wgrantAh, good.20:41
sinzuiwgrant: if It is rejects for RC, I will peruse a CP20:41
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wgrantsinzui: Thanks.20:41
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leonardrgmb, are you around?21:02
deryckthumper, I don't think I can get this fixed before I need to be away.  (Kids little league soccer/footbal practice.)21:02
thumperderyck: the db_devel failure?21:02
deryckthumper, yeah21:03
deryckthumper, there's a problem with intellectronica's method to updates max_bug_heat, though it's not clear to me what's going wrong.21:03
thumperderyck: abentley tells me that you are missing an error dir in the config21:04
thumperderyck: and probably that is all21:04
thumperderyck: maybe that is all21:04
deryckthumper, maybe that is another issue.  But I think there's a real error.  If I comment out setMaxBugHeat, the test passes.21:05
thumperderyck: hmm, ok21:05
thumperderyck: so... what's the plan?21:05
thumperderyck: it is only 9pm in London21:06
deryckthumper, just had one more idea....  let me try.21:06
abentleyderyck, agreed, you have two issues: your test is erroring, and your error handling isn't working because you don't have an error directory configured.21:06
deryckabentley, right21:06
deryckthumper, I can be back later if intellectronica doesn't come back tonight.  which we shouldn't expect. ;)21:07
deryckI know that line 220 of lib/lp/bugs/model/bugtarget.py is the issue.  setMaxBugHeat is, I think, getting a value it doesn't like.21:08
deryckbut I can't get pdb to play well with this test, so can't work it out.21:08
deryckthumper, ^^21:08
thumperderyck: hmm, shouldn't then max_bug_heat be on IBugTarget? (I was thinking this last night)21:09
deryckthumper, probably.  but last night is unrelated to this. :-)21:10
thumperderyck: yeah21:10
deryckthumper, so I'll just have to have a look later.  I don't expect anyone on my team to be back tonight.  Very sorry.... but I have to do a practice with my daughter.21:11
thumperderyck: ok, I might call Tom :)21:12
deryckthumper, I think that's fair.  We shouldn't have landed this without running through ec2.21:13
deryckthumper, in fact, I'll call him.21:13
thumperderyck: thanks21:17
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intellectronicathumper: i hear that there's a failure related to bug heat, but looking at the builders they look fine and i didn't get any failure mail. got any info on the problem?21:27
thumperintellectronica: https://lpbuildbot.canonical.com/builders/db_lp/builds/560/steps/shell_7/logs/summary21:27
thumperintellectronica: it is still running21:27
intellectronicathumper: i'll have a look, thanks21:29
* mwhudson afk for a few minutes21:58
intellectronicathumper: i have a fix22:04
intellectronicathumper: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/bug-heat-testfix/+merge/2040422:04
* thumper looks22:04
thumperintellectronica: confirmed to fix it?22:08
thumperintellectronica: store.flush needed somewhere in a unittest?22:09
intellectronicathumper: yes. it's the last error of this kind. i fixed a bunch of them earlier and simply left this user out22:09
intellectronicathumper: no, i don't think a store flush is needed to test this22:09
intellectronicabut i don't know much about this particular test, and it worked before, so i'm satisfied with just fixing the permissions22:10
intellectronicathe problem was introduced because i made that job, indirectly, do more work that touches more tables, and as a result had to give the permissions to all users who call it22:11
james_w^ a get violates a unique key constraint? It only checks on the get? or doctests are masking the issue?22:11
thumperintellectronica: ok22:12
james_wthe first get is actually triggering it to the actual things that were set up at the start of the test?22:12
leonardrgmb, i'm going to throw some stuff out here--send me an email if i'm not around when you read it22:15
intellectronicathumper: do i need to land it with [testfix] ?22:15
thumperintellectronica: I don't think so22:15
thumperintellectronica: as it hasn't finished yet22:15
leonardri'd like to remove wadl-testrunner-devel.xml from launchpad. bzr annotate seems to indicate that you originally introduced that file. with the multi-version code i've been working on, i don't think that file does anything useful except add another thing that needs to be tested. i'd like to hear if you agree, and if not, what good the wadl-testrunner-devel.xml file does from a performance standpoint or whatever standpoint leads22:16
leonardr you to disagree22:16
wgrantjames_w: Storm won't flush the changes to the DB until it needs to.22:20
wgrantjames_w: A GET will normally do a store.find somewhere, which will cause a flush.22:20
james_wwgrant: right, so this is likely something in the diff that I've added, rather than the auth changes meaning that it is trying to create a new person when the request comes in?22:21
james_wbecause I'm having trouble seeing how my changes add to or alter to the Person table to violate that constraint22:21
wgrantjames_w: makeBranchMergeProposal probably created a new Person.22:22
wgrantjames_w: Do a flush after that, and see if it fails.22:22
thumperjames_w: it is probably the renaming of a branch or person in the test22:22
wgrant+ >>> proposal.source_branch.owner.name = 'target'22:23
thumperjames_w: pass in the owner or project to the makeXXX factory function22:23
james_wtrying to actually get a dev environment back up so that I can actually run the tests22:23
james_wso much for coding purely using the force22:24
wgrantgary_poster: The change should be easily RCable, right?22:25
wgrantIt is just a deletion and probably a test inversion.22:25
gary_posterwgrant: you are talking about the security bug you made?  If so, yes.  This should be a trivial branch, unles a test run proves otherwise.22:26
wgrantgary_poster: Right. Great!22:26
wgrantThanks for getting onto it.22:26
gary_posterThank you, wgrant.22:27
wgrantit'll break a few apps, but they'll find out soon enough.22:27
gary_poster:-) true22:27
wgrant(that's actually how I discovered it)22:27
wgrantsinzui: Thanks for fixing that.22:34
sinzuiwgrant: thanks again for following up the issue22:34
thumperwgrant: which one?22:42
wgrantthumper: Which what?22:43
thumperwgrant: which security bug22:44
thumpermwhudson: https://code.staging.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/gedit/trunk looks good22:44
wgranthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/529370, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/529348 or https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/52971022:44
wgrantthumper: It would be nice if it gave a more useful progress indicator, but I guess that's more difficult.22:46
thumperwgrant: "it gave a more useful progress indicator", what it?22:47
thumperwgrant: and that first bug number didn't exist for me22:47
thumperwgrant: nm, I think it was the trailing comma22:48
thumperwgrant: and the first one is fix committed22:48
wgrantthumper: 'it' being incremental imports. They just say n/1000 every time.22:48
wgrantIt's going to be unobvious to everybody that it's actually working.22:49
mwhudsonshould be easy to change22:49
thumperwgrant: file a bug :)22:49
wgrantthumper: Against bzr-git?22:49
thumpermwhudson: do we echo it exactly?22:50
mwhudson(to both of you, i guess!)22:50
thumpermwhudson: could we hook in our own ui factory?22:50
mwhudsonthumper: well, so "echo it exactly" is definitely not right22:50
mwhudsonwe do have our own ui factory that only updates once a minute22:51
thumpermwhudson: ah22:51
mwhudsonand doesn't try at all to do fancy terminal things22:51
mwhudsonwe don't fiddle with the text though22:51
thumpermwhudson: so we could update our own ui factory to show that it is '345/1000 (partial import of 9876)'22:51
thumpersomething like that?22:51
mwhudsonthumper: much easier to do it in bzr-git22:52
thumpershould be trivial right?22:52
mwhudsonthumper: well no, our code wouldn't know that the revision count is 9876 (easily, anyway)22:52
mwhudsonnot totally flexible actually22:55
mwhudsonwould "fetching 1000 revisions 2/2345" "fetching 1000 revisions 5/2345" and then stopping at 1000/2345 make sense22:56
mwhudsonor "fetching 1000 out of 2345 revisions 4/1000" ?22:56
mwhudsoni guess the latter22:56
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* thumper afk23:04
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james_wwgrant: did you have to anything special with python-debian to get it working under 2.5?23:19
wgrantjames_w: I don't believe so.23:21
wgrantjames_w: Hm. You may have to reinstall/reconfigure it after installing the 2.5-capable python-support and python-central.23:21
wgrantAlthough I thought the PPA's python-support was modified to automatically compile modules when adding a new supported version.23:22
james_wI wasn't aware that I needed python-support to change as well as python-defaults for it to work for 2.523:22
wgrantjames_w: You're not fully upgraded from the PPA?23:23
james_wI have it pinned at 5023:23
wgrantHeh. Good luck with that.23:23
james_wwell, I don't mind the troubles when it helps me understand what's being added23:24
mwhudsonthumper: does "fetching 1000 out of 5354 revisions 880/1000" look better to you?23:37
wgrantmwhudson: that doesn't give any indication of overall progress. "fetching 1000 revisions from revision 3000: 3521/9876", maybe?23:38
mwhudsonnot sure that that information is terribly accessible23:46
lifelessnested pb23:50
lifelessouter one you know - you control it23:50
lifelessinner is bzr driven23:50
lifelesswrite a custom UI to log this to wherever your 'show to the user' stuff goes23:51
mwhudsonwe already do most of that23:56
* wgrant should really learn this bzr thing one day.23:56
lifelesswgrant: anytime you want, tutorials on demand23:59

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