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coz_hey guys..the grube2 GEOM error is on my end  not with grub2...I havent tracked down the reason for it but it has something to do with the xp installation becoming corrupt somehow...so  no grub2 bug at all ...00:57
coz_just thought i would let you know so there are no worries....I am in the process of reinstalling both windows and ubuntu now  will see if anything comes ofi t00:58
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arandbooboo: hmm, any reason for it, spontaneous MS combustion?01:02
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coz_arand,  :)  yeah I suppose so but I dont know if there is really any to find out now....did the scsi low format on both disks01:03
coz_arand,  when I reinstalled ubuntu without any updates the same GEOM error occurred  so that meant...minimally.. that the primary scsi disk was problematic..although still accessable from linux   booting was not possible01:04
coz_arand,  so I will check if the drive itself is going bad or just the xp installation ...the latter would be more difficult to track down01:05
arandI know parted can do strange things sometimes, but I don't know..01:05
coz_sorry about that01:06
coz_arand,  well the confusing part is all worked well until this morning01:06
coz_arand,  so I "assumed" it had been caused by an update01:06
coz_arand,  i was cleraly wrong01:06
coz_the gedit bug however was on target01:07
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PengyduckwinIs plymouth already in the alpha or will it be in the final version?01:22
xguruits in alpha01:23
arandPengyduckwin: It is planned to be in final yes.01:27
arandAlthough, as always in the case of a big change, there are a bit of problems..01:27
ScuniziI have a xbox 360 dvd in my drive.. and can't mount it even with sudo mount /dev/dvdrw /media/cdrom0 .. How do I do this?01:28
Scunizisorry.. wrong channel01:29
Scuniziunless you have an answer :)01:29
Pengyduckwinarand: That was why I was wondering, in case if I have boot-up problems01:30
VolkodavI have samba installed and /etc/init.d/samba start bash: /etc/init.d/samba: No such file or directory01:51
yofelVolkodav: do you mean /etc/init.d/smbd ?02:00
Volkodavservice smbd start says it is running already02:01
Volkodavsmbclient -L volkodav02:04
VolkodavConnection to volkodav failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)02:06
yofelVolkodav: what  does it say it you run 'restart smbd' ?02:14
VolkodavI just figured it out - it was a windoze box issue - all others see the shares02:16
Volkodavso it's all good02:16
histoVolkodav: are you using sudo to start it?02:29
histoVolkodav: ahh02:29
Stikwtf is this yahoo search default? lol03:01
seanbrystonegoogle ftw!03:01
faileasStik: its all over the news ;p. they're paying canonical for it. ubuntu does need money yanno ;p03:13
StikI need money too but I don't sell myself to M$ :P03:13
StikNo matter.. easy to change :D03:14
seanbrystonethats true M$ bought the Yahoo! Search Engine, so if Canoical takes money from Yahoo! they're taking money from the "enemy" (M$) *glares at canonical*03:20
rww1) Microsoft didn't buy the Yahoo! search engine, 2) "M$" is rather silly and petty, 3) I don't see how Microsoft having less money and Canonical having more, in the wacky alternate universe where this is actually what's happening, is a bad thing.03:22
seanbrystonethey did too it was just in the news the other day03:23
rwwno, they didn't03:23
seanbrystonewhat ever03:23
belakAlright... have there been issues with the latest builds? I wanted to try out ubuntu again, but the latest lucid builds (which are the only ones to support my graphics card) always fail in the configuration...03:24
belakActually, same issues with alpha 303:24
StikOther than the questionable judgement of selling out the firefox homepage to yahoo, Ubuntu seems pretty slick.03:24
belakIt just refuses to install03:24
rwwbelak: Plymouth is still horribly broken for me. Apart from that and my wifi card, it's fine.03:24
rwwStik: How is that different from "selling out" the firefox homepage to Google?03:24
belakIt won't even let me install the core system03:24
StikGoogle didn't pay them to put it there03:25
rwwStik: You realize that Google pays Mozilla, right?03:25
StikThat has nothing to do with Canonical03:26
seanbrystonerww knows everything03:26
StikYou and I both know it03:26
seanbrystonecant argue with him03:26
rwwStik: The only difference is that it's Yahoo instead of Google, and the money is going to fund Canonical instead of Mozilla. How is the new way more "questionable" than the old way?03:26
belakStik: how is Cannonical profiting from yahoo different from mozilla profiting from google?03:27
rwwseanbrystone: No, i just actually looked into the issue instead of reading silliness on blogs and regurgitating it.03:27
seanbrystonerww your arrogance doesnt become you03:27
StikWhen yahoo makes its messenger open source we can compare the two03:28
rwwseanbrystone: Try actually backing up what you're saying, it works better than calling names.03:28
seanbrystonestik you dont have rww on ignore yet?03:28
alex702hello, where can i find xorg.conf?03:28
StikAnyhow... I didn't want this to turn into some muscle flexing debate.. Just floored me to see yahoo as default page lol..03:29
rwwalex702: /etc/X11/xorg.conf, it's not created by default because Xorg does autodetection, but if you create it and put stuff in there, Xorg uses it.03:29
StikNo I don't ignore people who have different views than I :P03:29
seanbrystonerww has a superiority issue03:29
seanbrystonejust ignore him03:29
rwwseanbrystone: Disagreeing with you doesn't mean I have a superiority issue.03:29
StikI am coming from slackware and already expected some sort of corperate injection in Ubuntu...03:30
alex702rww thanks03:30
rwwStik: I agree. Ubuntu is more business-influenced than Slackware or Debian (which is where I came from).03:31
Jordan_Urww, How do you feel about the fact that the money isn't in fact going to Mozilla anymore? That concerns me more than the Microsoft connection ( though even that not enough to really bother me ).03:32
rwwJordan_U: Jono Bacon's made comments to the effect that Mozilla doesn't mind. Assuming that's true (and I haven't heard anything to the contrary), I'm fine with it.03:33
StikSuprised how well this alpha is running03:35
seanbrystoneme too03:35
seanbrystoneits nice03:35
seanbrystoneoh wait, i got to "Back up" my statement on how well Ubuntu alpha is! I prolly just got that info from some blogs and regurgitating it ;)03:36
* faileas notes its trivially easy to change your homepage03:54
faileasif the setup i'm planning on using works perfectly on the alpha... chances are things wouldn't likely break in beta and release right?03:56
andy_yo yo yo04:01
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ActionParsnipisit ok to remove plymouth?04:01
ActionParsnipwill the system still boot without?04:02
rwwActionParsnip: yes, I did it, nothing bad happened.04:02
ActionParsniprww: sweet, cheers bro04:02
belakrww: you still use slack?04:06
rwwbelak: That was Stik, not me. I was a Debian user (and still am on one of my machines, actually).04:07
belakOh, ok. You like debian? I've never gotten it to work right...04:08
rwwbelak: Yep. I mainly switched to Ubuntu because I'm lazy and Ubuntu does more stuff for me, not because of any Debian problems :)04:09
belakI want to use ubuntu again but I can't get it to install...04:09
belakIt's making me mad.04:09
belakAre there any minimal ubuntu lucid install cds?04:10
rwwbelak: Elaborate on what you mean by "minimal"? There are a couple of options :)04:11
belakNet install04:11
rwwubottu: minimal | belak04:11
ubottubelak: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:11
belakIs there one for lucid?04:12
belakI didn't see one04:12
StikI'm switching cause I am all geeked out.. I want simple... Got better things to do with my time anymore than tweaking slackware...04:12
belakMaybe this would be good for me then. That's why I want to use ubuntu...04:13
rwwbelak: If you replace "karmic" or "jaunty" or whatever in the links on that page with "lucid", it seems like you get a valid .iso. I don't know how often it's updated, though.04:13
rwwlooks like the 32-bit one is about 5 days old04:14
faileasthe mimimal disk will download the latest packages anyway04:17
belakWhich is why I want it04:17
belakLess room for error04:17
rwwfaileas: good point04:18
rwwI prefer using the alpha milestone ISOs, personally. At least then you know there aren't any broken dependencies in the installation set, so you'll actually be able to install.04:18
belakrww: that didn't work for me...04:20
belakBelieve me, I tried04:20
belakso, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/lucid/ ?04:21
rwwbelak: go there, select architecture, then download mini.iso, yeah.04:21
belakOk, sweet04:21
belakI'll try tomorrow04:21
belak'Night all04:22
faileasStik: if you want simple why are you using an alpha? ;p04:45
StikBeen simple so far04:45
faileasi suppose so04:46
StikI still have slack on my laptop.. If all goes well with this till release I will probably put it on my laptop as well04:47
faileasi'm trying out a mockup of what i want to use on a server. since i'm running most things dualstacked, i'm basically testing it all04:56
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AnAntHello, is xsplash still used in lucid ? or is  plymouth  replacing it too ?07:45
arandAnAnt: Plymouth replaces, yes07:46
visharand: you sure?  isnt usplash the only one replaced by plymouth? and xsplash was supposed to stay [iirc]07:48
* vish thought the whole point of starting x early was for xsplash07:49
arandvish: AnAnt: Hmm, yea, I might be wrong..07:49
ZykoticK9any site documenting boot process in Lucid -- like Grub -> Plymouth -> GDM detailed?07:49
arandAnAnt: Yea, appears it only replaces usplash: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dx-lucid-xsplash07:51
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and you expect me to respond to a ping? How depressing.07:53
DaemonFCCan anyone tell me why my Alt+F2 doesn't work?08:43
isaachi there :D08:43
isaacsomehow rebooted my lucid yesterday after a few weeks and it's not booting with any of the three kernels i have (2.6.32,31,30)08:43
isaaci guess there is something wrong with my initrd or whatever08:43
isaacrecovery mode also fails to start08:44
isaacand if i boot with init=/bin/bash the keyboard doesn't work08:44
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arandBUGabundo_remote: Careful... y|_|0 ar3 sl|pp1n9 into the sp33k there...08:52
DaemonFCok....is anyone else not getting the run dialog when you hit Alt+F2?09:02
zniavreit works here09:02
DaemonFCmine broke somewhere along the way09:02
zniavredo you modified the gnome-panel background?09:03
zniavredid you *09:03
zniavrewas old bug ... sorry09:04
zniavrealt-f2 is a parts of gnome-panel try to relaunch it09:04
DaemonFClogged out and in, fiddled with themes09:05
DaemonFCno luck09:05
zniavreyou should try launchpad bug09:06
BUGabundo_remotehey arand yofel09:08
kjeldahlAfter a recent update to Lucid alpha I'm experiencing trouble with Thunderbird 3. The widgets (menu, listboxes etc) do not update correctly. Selecting a menu shows the "outline" of the menu popup, but no content. Clicking on items in the listboxes updates the message display, but nothing is highlighted in the listbox itself. Any ideas?09:17
kjeldahlI was guessing xulrunner, but Firefox 3.6 seems to run just fine.09:17
arandBUGabundo_remote: Hey hey! (late as in late)09:43
quentusrexHow is it going with lucid?09:44
ikoniaDaemonFC: would you please join #ubuntu-ops09:45
BUGabundo_remotewhat did he do?09:45
BUGabundo_remotelast time you called me in there, I was in serious troubles09:46
rwwquentusrex: excitingly :). Lots of improvements, but still lots of crashes09:47
quentusrexfun fun09:48
quentusrexrww, any particular exciting new features?09:50
jetdronehi does this channel discuss only ubuntu or can i make some kubuntu questions too?10:10
rwwjetdrone: You can ask Kubuntu questions too, I think.10:12
yofeljetdrone: sure, this channel is for anything lucid related10:13
jetdroneok, rww, so i've created an usb stick with alpha3 for kubuntu but the installer crashes everytime and the anoying thing is that the usb stick only boots once, atfer a boot, i need to recreate it, any thoughts on how to fix that?10:14
jetdronei'm creating the bootable stick with the usb-creator from karmic10:14
arandjetdrone: I've *heard* usb-creator is not the most reliable, so maybe unetbootin would work better, (might just be the state of the daily though..10:22
jetdroneok, i'll give unetbootin a try and compare the results10:23
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jetdronenope doesn't install same results, and running with debug from command line doesn't output any logging either10:50
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arandjetdrone: bugreportin'time!11:10
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jetdronewill do11:15
arandWell, unless already reported of course11:16
TeTeTis suspend blacklisted for T61? I get a 'Failed to suspend\nyour computer failed to suspend...' message when using fn-f4. Suspend works fine with pm-suspend called directly13:07
peciskanyone have run into problems with nouveau and LiveCD Alpha 3? CD spews lot of reading errors and in the end doesn't work correctly (launching Firefox crashed desktop). CD-RW is allright, I burned it with several other distros and they worked fine.13:41
peciskit happened on multiple computers13:41
peciskso I want to understand is this a bug i should report or some small annoyance13:42
arandpecisk: One thing that might be worth a try is to test the dailies as well, to make sure it's not just that iso.13:56
peciskwell, it happened with two different dailies, with three days between13:57
needhelpanyone here care to help me?14:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:13
vegahelp help, somebody help!14:14
needhelpanyone know how to install GDM into Lucid?14:14
needhelpim about to install new GDM, but in lucid there is no menu like hardy last time14:14
vegagdm is installed by default, afaik14:15
faileassudo apt-get install gdm ?14:15
vegadon't understand what you are trying to accomplish..14:16
needhelphow can i change the default gdm ?14:16
vega"default gdm" ?14:16
vegagdm = gnome display manager14:16
needhelpok, i have download a few GDM theme n would like to change the default login menu14:16
rzx237gdm-legacy maybe14:16
peciskis application you are looking for14:17
needhelpoh ok14:17
needhelpi can get in the ubuntu software center?14:18
rzx237how to install lucid-desktop-alpha3 without burning it to cd?14:19
peciskneedhelp: read instructions here https://edge.launchpad.net/gdm2setup14:19
peciskthose lines with sudo in the begining14:19
needhelpim on it14:19
needhelpthnx a lot14:19
peciskor use software sources if you want gui for adding PPA14:19
vegarzx237: usb stick?14:20
peciskrzx237: what do you mean by without burning? usb stick?14:20
peciskrzx237: or testing in virtual environment14:20
rzx237no, I dont get it. I mean using hard disk14:20
peciskrzx237: what distro/operational system you have now?14:21
rzx237pecisk: no, to a partition. I have karmic.14:21
peciskrzx237: google for "debootstrap Ubuntu", but it is not that easy14:21
needhelpguys, i gotthis msg appear : W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/gdm2setup/gdm2setup/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found14:22
needhelpE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.14:22
peciskrzx237: also you can install buiquty14:22
peciskand install with it14:22
needhelpany idea?14:22
peciskrzx237: http://www.google.lv/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CAsQFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwiki.ubuntu.com%2FUbiquity&ei=sc2LS_eBBYnK-QaA45XkDQ&usg=AFQjCNG2pQuztbXyxQVAWgexOglOuzWS_A&sig2=5OyjdT3KkHRTWKBoWROPNw14:22
rzx237pecisk: ubiquity just failed, I have try 4 or 5 times14:23
peciskneedhelp: possibly it doesn't have explict lucid repo, change to karmic and try again14:23
peciskneedhelp: sometimes depencies are ok for lucid too14:23
needhelpouh ok14:23
needhelpdone but i cant choose the downloaded gdm file to change14:29
needhelperm ..14:29
peciskjust launch app14:30
peciskwhat happens then?14:30
needhelpok, got 5 tabs14:30
needhelpone of them is Theme14:30
needhelpbut i cant do anything14:30
needhelpappear TBD: This will contain the saved themes dialog14:31
needhelpany idea/14:31
robin0800needhelp: use the install button14:34
needhelpinstall button?14:34
robin0800needhelp: on the theme tab14:34
needhelpon the theme tab its blurred14:35
needhelpno option at all14:35
needhelpjust appear text TBD: This will contain the saved themes dialog14:35
robin0800needhelp: your system is faulty then14:35
needhelpthats all14:35
needhelpis there a prob as im using lucid now, but the ppa using kamic14:35
robin0800needhelp: what's the ppa for?14:36
needhelpto download gdm2setup14:36
robin0800needhelp: whats gdm2setup?14:37
needhelpi need to change to default login screen14:37
peciskrobin0800: advanced gdm configuration tool for post 2.26 gdm14:37
peciskold one was nuked when config for gdm changed drastrically14:38
PiciI could be wrong, but I thought that the new gdm didn't support any of the old themes.14:38
peciskwell, that's news for me :)14:38
PiciLike I said, I could be wrong, I haven't tried to change it myself.14:39
needhelpoo ok14:39
robin0800needhelp: probably won't work in lucid different system14:39
needhelpouh ok14:40
needhelpthnx buddy14:40
robin0800needhelp: You can change the splash screens but they disappear so quickly it dosn't seem worth it14:41
needhelpwhut do u mean disappear so quickly?14:42
robin0800needhelp: lucid boots realy fast so no time to display14:43
needhelpoh ok14:43
needhelpfor login screen?14:44
robin0800needhelp: stays longer on shutting down?14:44
needhelpthe default login theme kinda ugly for me14:44
robin0800needhelp: set it to auto logon14:44
needhelpbut yet still required to log the pass14:45
robin0800needhelp: no14:45
peciskneedhelp: you can set to autologin and it will skip gdm14:45
needhelpi understand14:46
needhelpbut still want to login using the password and i want the change the default login themes14:46
needhelpthats all14:46
needhelpif possible14:46
robin0800needhelp: set a bios password if worried about security14:47
datacrusherhello everyone14:48
peciskneedhelp: also ask gdm2setup devs to build for lucid14:48
peciskdatacrusher: hi14:49
aquafinahi. trying to upgrade my laptop ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 alpha. i dont have much data on it, so just testing it out.14:49
robin0800needhelp: your choice is use it or bypass it you can't at present change it14:49
aquafinawill apt-get dist-upgrade do the trick after changing the sources?14:49
datacrusherwill there be any changes on the firewire support?14:49
Piciaquafina: If you're upgrading via the cli, you should be using do-release-upgrade -d, and not changing the sources directly.14:50
aquafinaPici: i tried that .. update-manager -d, but got a bunch of errors14:50
robin0800BluesKaj: Had to disable splash on this laptop to get it to boot to the logon screen is this the same as the server bug?14:51
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BluesKajnope aquafina update manager and the command Pici gave you are entirely different14:51
aquafinaBluesKaj: oh. let me check it out then14:51
BluesKajrobin0800, sorry i dunno14:51
BluesKajaquafina, in the terminal do-release-upgrade -d14:52
Dr_Willis!find midentify14:52
ubottuFile midentify found in mplayer-nogui14:53
needhelpthnx guys14:53
needhelpgtg now14:53
BluesKajrobin0800, I'm running a splash without any probs on grub and login on this desktop without any probs , so i can't say what your issue could be14:54
BluesKajoops , repeating myself myself again :)14:55
BluesKajrobin0800, did you edit the grub splash or the login ?14:56
robin0800BluesKaj: the server bug is that splash dosn't turnoff and thats what i've got I think14:56
aquafinamaybe i will be better off downloading an iso and doing a clean install :)14:57
robin0800BluesKaj: no Will download a new daily and try again14:58
BluesKajrobin0800, this is the tutorial I used to add a splash image to my grub menu http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-change-grub2-grub-pc-splash-image.html14:58
robin0800BluesKaj: yea ive done that and its good but lucid boots so quick you hardly see them14:59
BluesKajrobin0800, that depends on the time out setting you have in default grub , you can delay it more if you wish15:01
BluesKajthe boot time that is15:01
robin0800BluesKaj: I took quiet and splash out to see if I could find what was wrong and of course it booted ok15:03
arandpython-gdm2setup is "meant" to be able to do that (from gdm2setup PPA)15:04
BluesKajok, but you'll need to re-add it if you want a grub splash later, robin080015:04
arandeh ↑ ignore15:04
robin0800BluesKaj: this is what I used sudo plymouth-set-default-theme ubuntu-logo --rebuild-initrd15:06
BluesKajrobin0800, you may be amongst the majority tho, most ppl just want grub to boot as quickly as possible15:07
robin0800BluesKaj: I'm just amazed how easy it is to change it15:09
pasjrHello, dose anyone know if any of the AT&T usb Air cards work with Ubuntu 10.04?15:09
robin0800BluesKaj: this is usefull too plymouth-set-default-theme --list15:10
BluesKajfor the login splash ?15:10
BluesKajI just set it in system settings15:11
kjeldahlI'm getting blank windows with thunderbird, suspect some xmlrunner problems. Anybody seen anything similar?15:11
robin0800yes the first one does the work with the name , you get the names using that secomnd command15:12
BluesKajrobin0800, I've DL'sd a number of splash themes to choose from tho15:12
robin0800BluesKaj: plymouth-set-default-theme --list does that see them?15:13
robin0800BluesKaj: well you only need sudo plymouth-set-default-theme ubuntu-logo --rebuild-initrd to apply it15:14
pasjrhow do you change the plymouth themes?  I know how to see them but how to change?15:14
robin0800pasjr: use sudo plymouth-set-default-theme ubuntu-logo --rebuild-initrd change ubuntu-logo to the name you want15:15
pasjrall are showing up as root@PASJR-TOSHIBA:~# plymouth-set-default-theme --rebuild-intird15:16
pasjr/lib/plymouth/themes/--rebuild-intird/--rebuild-intird.plymouth does not exist15:16
pasjrroot@PASJR-TOSHIBA:~# plymouth-set-default-theme --ubuntu-logo --rebuild-intird15:17
pasjrYou can only specify one theme at a time15:17
robin0800pasjr: thats why its called set default theme15:18
pasjro ok15:18
robin0800pasjr: there is no -- before the name15:19
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pasjrwhy when I have auto login do I still need to enter password for key ring?  Can I make keyring auto as well?15:31
kklimonda_pasjr: you can probably set an empty password but it doesn't make sense - keyring is there to protect passwords from third party15:32
pasjrIt just seems a waste of time to set auto login to still have to enter password for keyring15:33
kklimonda_it can't be done other way15:34
kklimonda_well, other than setting no password for keyring which isn't safe15:35
Ian_Cornethe battery icon is now also part of the indicator applet15:38
Ian_Corneon mouseover there's not report of how much %15:38
kklimonda_Ian_Corne: I think it's already reported15:38
EternalPainhi zusammen15:49
EternalPainweiss jemand einen unkompliziuerten weg auf einer ubuntu live cd (auf usb stick) das netzwerk zu installieren (ohne vorhandenen internet) ?15:51
Pici!de | EternalPain15:52
ubottuEternalPain: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:52
EternalPainok thx ;)15:52
DebianUTAnyone has installed tracker in 10.04 alpha 3?16:15
hypehi there16:20
hypewhat's the best way to test gnome-shell? is it actually usable, did anyone uses regularly over here?16:20
tgpraveen12hype:install it from repos or ppa.16:22
tgpraveen12it is usable indeed.16:22
hypehehe, just checking launchpad :)16:22
tgpraveen12i have tried it from time to time16:22
hypetgpraveen12 what about the one in Lucid? just noticed it's available by default16:25
hypei guess it's not the latest but not sure for an alpha...16:26
tgpraveen12!info gnome-shell16:27
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.28.1~git20091125-1 (lucid), package size 445 kB, installed size 1596 kB16:27
tgpraveen12hmm yeah it is old16:27
tgpraveen122.29 is latest16:27
hypelooks nice actually16:27
hypewould have seen this as an addon for "scale" compiz plugin but hey16:28
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SensivaHello, I am runing Lucid amd64 in a vbox appliance, adding vbox shared folders in fstab makes boot process stop even in recovery mode, should I report this as a bug?16:51
BluesKajSensiva, why fstab ,whynot network in dolphin16:53
Sensivahmm, I am not really sure what is dolphin you are referring to16:54
SensivaBluesKaj I used to do it this way with Karmic, with no problems16:54
BluesKajdolphin file manager in lucid16:54
dfgasare there any issues with i3 processor and graphics on the processor?16:55
BluesKajwell, i don't use file sharing in fstab , only drives which contain the files16:55
Picidfgas: graphics on the processor?16:56
SensivaBluesKaj I meant shared vbox folders, not samba shared folders16:56
dfgasyah some of the i3 processors have intel 4500hd on the i3 proccessor16:56
dfgasmy laptop has that16:56
dfgasand it sounds like its booting but never makes it into X16:57
dfgasi have tried the aplpha3 of 10.4 and also have tried 9.1016:58
dfgassame results on both16:58
BluesKajSensiva, i don't use samba , just smbclient , but anyway i tried using fstab to share folders as well on karmic and i wasn't able to make it work, so i settled for ssh and sftp17:03
BluesKajdunno if that works on VBox tho17:04
SensivaBluesKaj Do you know what are vbox shared folders are?17:04
wirechiefdfgas what boot cheats did you try17:05
BluesKajSensiva, shared folders in vbox , share in windows or linux, or both17:06
* BluesKaj shrugs17:07
dfgason 9.10 i used safe graphics and that made my screen all messed up17:09
dfgaslines in it, green color and thats it17:09
dfgasotherwise on 10.4 i didn't see that option17:10
wirechiefdfgas use f6 and select nomodset noapic (to start)17:10
wirechiefthats on the grub boot screen17:10
wirechiefi have issues and have to use nomodset otherwise i never make it to the desktop17:11
wirechiefalso needed to disable ipv617:12
BluesKajwirechief, why are ppl still disabling ipv6 ... a lot of browsersand sites require it to be enabled for proper rendering , or so i've been informed17:17
BUGabundo_remoteBluesKaj: long lasting bug17:18
BUGabundo_remotebad network hw17:18
BUGabundo_remotebad ISPs17:18
wirechiefnot everyone needs to, mine gives me dmesg errors with duplicat ivp6 appdress17:18
BluesKajI don't find any probs ,disabling ipv6 didn't seem to change anything browsing-wise IMO17:19
wirechiefBluesKaj its a bug thats been with ubuntu for a very long time, been reported, denied , fixed i just disabled it and things work fine.17:19
BUGabundo_remotewirechief not *very* long. it appeared in 9.10 kernel17:20
BUGabundo_remoteor 9.0417:20
BUGabundo_remotenot sure17:20
BluesKajI'm using chromium so maybe that's the reason17:20
wirechiefi googled it and the rants were long on it.17:20
BluesKajcheck the dates of those rants ..probly over 2yrs old17:21
wirechiefbut the ubuntu geek gave a way to disable it and it worked so i dont have that issue. kanotix doesnt use it and keeps it under blacklist.17:21
wirechiefsome but they went on for years.17:22
wirechiefit works on my emachine, not sure i need it for my 5 other computers though.17:22
wirechiefalso it might have something to do with the wireless adapter i am using as i dont remember seeing dmesg complain about it before.17:23
dfgaswirechief, almost same result, got farther into boot to not get anywhere but a black screen, before it would just say ubuntu and thats it, this time a got a bar at the bottem going across17:26
wirechiefhmm dfgas while sitting with a black screen did you attempt to get a terminal ? with ctrl alt f217:27
dfgasnothing works17:28
dfgasexcept my wireless button, the light will turn off and on17:28
wirechiefdoes it hang with a black screen ? how are you rebooting ?17:29
dfgasi hit the power button and it after a few seconds ejected my disc17:30
dfgasbut still black screen and hitting anything on the keyboard still would not eject the disc17:30
dfgassorry not reboot the computer17:31
wirechiefalso i am not sure how much help this would be but if you edit the grub boot line and add debug to it you might see where it is hanging, i think debug -a17:31
wirechiefit might reveal what is hanging17:31
wirechiefi use RSEIUB  to keep from mucking up the filesystem but since 2.6.30 that might not matter.17:32
wirechiefalso you need to remove the quiet splash to see debug stuff.17:33
dfgasbuffer io error on sr017:35
dfgasthen it does a bunch of booting and back to the same error17:37
dfgasis that dvd writer?17:38
dfgasis that dvd writer??17:38
dfgassorru on repeat wrong button17:38
dfgasis that disc error?17:38
dfgasnow its doing more stuff17:40
wirechiefusually its the last line of the boot messages that helps17:41
wirechiefdfgas did you do a media check on this disk ? did it pass ?17:42
dfgasi did not check it17:42
dfgasi am making a flash drive disk17:42
wirechiefdfgas well thats something you should do before we get too far with this. also did you check the md5sum of the .iso you downloaded ?17:43
dfgasi just downloaded a new iso17:43
wirechiefmd5sum ?17:44
dfgashave not yet17:44
dfgashow do i check that in 717:46
wirechiefmd5sum name_of_iso.iso or with the media in place do md5sum /dev/cdrom17:46
cjohnstonHas anyone created a USB startup disk on lucid? I can't get it to work.. Says failed to install boot loaded.. I have used the same USB drive many times before with no problems.17:47
wirechiefcjohnston yes17:47
cjohnstonI wonder what I'm doing wrong then17:48
wirechiefdid you check the .iso your burning for integrity with md5sum ?17:48
cjohnstonwirechief: yes.. I have tried 3 different isos too.. a 9.10 386, 64 and a lucid17:49
wirechiefnot sure we call it burning now with usb sticks.17:49
cjohnstonit works17:49
wirechiefall were ok but still fail to boot when you use the disk creator program in lucid /17:49
dfgaswirechief, k i did not get those errors on the flash drive17:50
dfgasit seems like it tries to goto into X17:50
wirechieftry a terminal ?17:50
dfgashowever now it is black17:50
dfgasctrl+alt+f1 doesn't do anything17:50
wirechiefyou used the boot cheats too ?17:51
dfgashit enter a few times and it flashed some blocks and stuff and back to black screen17:51
dfgasi edited the grub line for noapic nomodeset and debug -a17:51
wirechiefdfgas did you recently add a graphics card to your computer ?17:51
dfgasand deleted out the quiet splash17:52
BluesKajdfgas, I tried the usb login as well with a new karmic-live -usb , and I had to install the graphics driver before I got a proper login ..dunno if that could be your problem17:52
wirechiefBluesKaj: hes not getting a terminal17:52
dfgasits a brand new laptop with the i3 processor in it with the intel 4500HD on the i3 processor17:52
BluesKajbummer :)17:53
dfgasthis is my issue, i was thinking maybe its the new way the graphics are that is the problem17:53
wirechiefi do too17:53
BluesKajnew way ?17:53
wirechiefmaybe a vesa boot cheat is needed17:53
dfgaswhat is that command?17:54
wirechiefi want to say 791 (what i used on my laptop)17:54
wirechiefdfgas i dont know off hand, maybe google it or someone else here might know.17:54
BluesKajdfgas, did you try any othe ttys like f2 -f6?17:55
ubottuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub17:55
wirechiefdfgas there ya go, thanks Pici17:56
dfgasBluesKaj, yes i did17:58
dfgasvga=791 gives me dots onthe screen18:00
wirechiefwell that 16bit you can do 792 too18:01
dfgashow do i force it not to boot into X18:01
wirechiefadd 3 to the end of the boot line18:01
dfgasgoing to try something18:01
wirechiefthen you cant do services stop gdm and then do X configure18:02
wirechiefcan not cant18:02
wirechieffingers go too fast sometimes ;)18:03
dfgaswtf, i looks like it tried to go into X18:03
wirechiefcan you login now ?18:03
dfgasno it was same black screen like it was trying to go in X18:05
wirechiefwith 3 on the end , hmm18:05
wirechiefall the cheats plus the 3 at the end...18:05
dfgasthis was different18:06
dfgasjust happened18:06
wirechiefi havent tried the last with lucid but it should work.18:06
dfgasi took off the nomodeset and debug -a18:06
wirechiefno, use them.18:07
dfgashowever i left the noapic and put 3 at the end18:07
dfgasit did go into X18:07
wirechiefwithout nomodeset you might well have a black screen18:07
dfgasand now i can see everything18:07
dfgasi am in gnome even though i put 3 on the end18:07
dfgasand now gnome works18:07
wirechiefnot what i was expecting18:08
wirechiefso what cheats did you use ?18:08
dfgasi tried the noapic on the disc i made but now it works on the sd card18:08
dfgasjust noapic and i deleted the quiet splash18:08
wirechiefand that worked ?18:08
wirechiefalong with 318:08
wirechiefwithout 3 does it go to x ?18:09
dfgas== noapic 318:09
dfgaswill reboot quick and find out18:09
wirechiefmaybe you found a undocumented cheat hahaha18:09
wirechiefwell noapic will definently give black screens on some computers18:11
wirechiefthey will hang and only powerdown or RSEIUB will recover.18:11
dfgasback in gnome without 318:11
wirechiefok you need the noapic cheat18:11
wirechiefhave fun you need to add that after your done installing.18:12
dfgasthis time i just did a standard boot with no cheats and i am in X18:13
dfgasbut can't see gnome18:13
dfgascan see cursor though18:13
wirechiefwell i would keep the noapic then.18:14
dfgaswait there is the desktop18:14
wirechiefit does strange things.18:14
dfgasi had to goto console and then back to f7 and it worked18:14
wirechiefno cheats just the usb stick, well guess your media had a bad burn18:14
dfgaswell i know 9.10 didn't work either18:15
wirechiefbut you used the same disk18:15
dfgasand that was used to install on friends computer18:15
dfgasso 9.10 and 10.4 disc didn't work18:16
dfgasbut sdcard did, lol18:16
wirechiefdo a media check on that disk, either with the boot selection or with md5sum /dev/cdrom because something is not working with it.18:16
dfgasnow when it boots up in casper it is saving my settings right?18:16
wirechiefi dont think so. your live18:16
wirechiefonly if you made a area for that when you made the stick.18:17
wirechiefand i have found that is not good as i move the stick around to different computers. and it gets confused on the settings.18:17
wirechiefwell now, test 10.3 and see how it drives.18:18
bjsnider!find ext2_fs.h18:27
ubottuFile ext2_fs.h found in e2fslibs-dev, libklibc-dev, linux-headers-2.6.31-10-rt, linux-headers-2.6.32-14, linux-headers-2.6.32-14-generic (and 6 others)18:27
Andre_Gondimhow can I install sun-java6-plugin, There is no candidate in repo..18:41
void^Andre_Gondim: java.sun.com18:42
Andre_Gondimisn't in universe ?18:43
void^might appear in the partner repo18:46
void^package maintainers believe we don't need sun java anymore.18:46
yofelAndre_Gondim: I sill use it, you can get it from my ppa if you want18:50
Andre_Gondimyofel, hmmm, wich18:51
yofelAndre_Gondim: https://edge.launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/off-ppa18:51
Andre_GondimI will try yofel , many thanks ;)18:52
duffydackfreaky, I was just about to ask if having openjre in ubuntu-restricted-extras was permanent,,,19:45
kklimondaduffydack: if you are asking why doesn't ubuntu-restricted-extras depend on java from sun then the answer is that it has been removed from ubuntu repositories (and added to the canonical -partner repository)19:50
duffydackkklimonda, ok19:50
ZykoticK9duffydack, i say that post about iphone as well - very promising (although i don't use apple).  Can someone else confirm that plugging an iphone into Lucid works so well?  I'd love to know.20:00
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duffydackholy cow, i switched from suns java which was using 170mb memory for an app..(according to gnome system monitor) to openjdk and its using 230mb..20:08
cjohnstonwhy are the ubuntu and the kubuntu alpha iso's named the exact same thing?20:26
guntbertcjohnston: you can rename one on your side :-)20:30
cjohnstonguntbert: I know... just doesnt make sense for them to be the same20:31
guntbertcjohnston: I didn't criticize you :-)  -- no idea how it was in the past - was one called ubuntu... and the other kubuntu... ?20:33
cjohnstonreleases are specified.. alpha's, afaik have always been the same... but im trying to download one of each.. which is making it confusing for me20:34
guntbertcjohnston: use two folders ?20:34
cjohnstonstop making sense.. :-P20:35
guntbertcjohnston: ok - I shut up :)20:35
cjohnstonI'm downloading by torrent.. so that makes is a little harder ... heh20:36
cjohnstonoh well20:36
jcoleis there a way to get gnome remote desktop (vino) to enable the java viewer? i can do it in tightvncviewer and x11vnc viewer... perhaps there is a vino+x11vnc trick/hack to get java viewer in vino?20:55
jcolemost windows and mac users dont have vncviewer install, but they usually have java installed20:56
Konstigthmm, anyone know why evolution 2.29 isn't in lucid? evolution is the default mailer in ubuntu + one of the more used programs (i guess) but it feels like it always lags behind on maintenance/upgrades.21:48
xav3shi. how do I upagrade to 10.04?21:56
BUGabundoxav3s: from what version?21:56
BUGabundousually $ update-manager -d21:56
BUGabundowould do that for you21:56
xav3swill i need to add a new repository?21:57
BUGabundoUM does all that for you21:58
BUGabundoplease make sure you have backups of your data, in case something goes wrong21:58
brinstarcan someone please let me know why the wubi install doesnt work? is this a known bug?22:10
brinstari mean with alpha 322:10
brinstarno one else tried it22:11
brinstarout of 243 ppl, not one person tried wubi on alpha 322:12
BUGabundobrinstar: AFAIH its not suported yet22:13
brinstarBUGabundo: thanks22:14
brinstari guessed as much, just wanted someone to confirm that22:14
BUGabundoI WON'T confirm it22:14
BUGabundobut another person came here with similar probs22:14
brinstaryou just did :P22:14
BUGabundoso I assume its not ready *yet*22:14
BUGabundoI don't have windows to test22:15
brinstari read alpha 2 didnt have it at all22:15
brinstarso i thought i would hold on till alpha 322:15
brinstarassuming it would 'just work'22:15
brinstarits downloading karmic instead22:16
brinstarwhen the install runs22:16
brinstaris the beta out this month?22:17
brinstarfinal should be done by may, i think i will just wait...22:17
brinstarits only 2 mnths22:17
brobostigonimpressive, gnome-shell working on/in lucid, and it didnt day before yesterday, eeepc 900 ssd23:17
brobostigongnome-shell from http://ppa.launchpad.net/ricotz/testing/ubuntu23:18
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repete!see anmar23:49
rwwrepete: ubottu doesn't have a seen command.23:50
repeterww, thx23:50

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