nigelbyofel: anything I can do on the bug you said fixed in sid?01:57
nigelbthe openclipart bug01:58
yofelnigelb: don't think so, I posted a sync request for that (bug 529625), so we'll have to wait now01:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 529625 in openclipart (Ubuntu) "Sync openclipart 0.18+dfsg-9 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52962501:59
nigelbah, so posted a sync request already01:59
nigelbI was about to post one :)01:59
AnzenkethCan somone take a look at Bug #529744 and tell me what they think needs done to it to get a code reviewer to look at it.05:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 529744 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "When creating a user shortname should really be username. (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52974405:57
vishAnzenketh: : you can leave it as in progress and subscribe the "review team"06:03
vishAnzenketh: select the "subscribe someone else" , and search the "ubuntu review team"06:04
micahgAnzenketh: why is there a GPG key in there?06:06
Anzenkethin my patch06:06
AnzenkethFirst time submitting a patch for ubuntu06:06
Anzenkethlast one I did was for gnome06:06
micahgyes, why is there a key in the patch?06:06
AnzenkethFollowing instructions.06:06
micahgAnzenketh: from where?06:07
AnzenkethWas not clear on if I should or not06:08
micahgAnzenketh: also, it says debian/control is generated, but your debdiff shows it modified06:08
micahgAnzenketh: I don't think you understand the instructions06:08
AnzenkethI don't think so either06:08
micahgAnzenketh: you sign the package with the key, not include it06:08
AnzenkethOk I am up to step 5 on that then06:09
micahgAnzenketh: I suggest you delete that patch and try to upload a cleaner one06:09
AnzenkethWill do06:09
micahgAnzenketh: it looks like you did the debdiff right though...06:10
AnzenkethStill trying to figure out how I am suppost to see if it did what I think it should have06:14
Anzenkethaka verify the fix.06:14
micahgAnzenketh: idk06:17
AnzenkethNeither do I I am going to try something else06:17
micahgAnzenketh: the string replaces looked good06:17
AnzenkethYa it was a easy fix06:18
AnzenkethJust the type I like06:18
micahgAnzenketh: so, remove that key, rebuild and do the debdiff again06:19
AnzenkethWorking on it.06:19
micahgAnzenketh: remove the key from teh package dir06:19
vishargh lp is really hungry :/  it eats half the comment at times..06:56
nigelbvish: you using gm scripts?06:58
vishnigelb: yeah , i have it installed.. but the comment was from the edit-status box and did not use the bug squad response07:00
nigelbvish: Does it happen when there is a release name mentioned in the comment?07:00
nigelblike Lucid or Karmic..07:00
vishhmm , this time , i did mention.. dont recall earlier07:01
nigelbIf so turn off highlighting, its a bit buggy.07:01
nigelbddecator mentioned it here some time back07:01
nigelbLP seems to be eating the comments up to the name of the release, but its actually the GM script07:02
vishthe funny thing is , the lp mail has my comment full , but just not *in* LP07:02
nigelbits just hidden07:02
ddecatorwhat did i mention?07:02
nigelbdisable the highlighting07:02
nigelband refresh, you can see the whole thing07:02
ddecatorvish, turn of the highlighting option07:02
nigelbddecator: gm scripts being buggy ;)07:02
ddecatorvish, it's been reported07:02
ddecatornigelb, yah, that's the only one i have trouble with...07:02
nigelbddecator: I noticed the same thing as vish07:03
ddecatorlet me find the report...07:03
nigelbit is now disabled for me07:03
ddecatorthat's how i noticed it too, haha07:03
vishha , i can see !07:03
vishthere it is!07:03
ddecatorbug 50495607:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 504956 in launchpad-gm-scripts "partially hidden comment in bug report (affects: 5) (dups: 1)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50495607:04
vishhehe , others would have thought what am i talking about , i one bug report  , i mentioned lp ate my comment and commented again ;p07:04
vishin one*07:04
ddecatorhaha, if they use the scripts then i'm sure they'll know07:04
ddecatori noticed it when i got an email showing the full path to an iso file when i was trying to help someone make a live cd, but then lp itself only showed part of it, then i noticed it always stopped after the highlighted text...not sure why there hasn't been any work on it07:05
nigelbddecator: brian will get to it07:06
nigelbeventually ;)07:06
ddecatorah, did brian write them?07:06
nigelbddecator: he wrote the highlight script07:06
ddecatornigelb, gotcha...well i would rather he review my -control application first, the highlighting can wait ;)07:07
nigelbI tend to think the other way though07:07
ddecatorwhat, that the highlighting script is more important?07:08
persiaddecator: You ought be hunting *others* to review the application first: bdmurray may be the admin, but doesn't tend to act as final arbiter.07:08
nigelba bug fix is more important than me and you getting rights07:08
nigelbpersia: I thought we were to wait for someone to do it?07:08
nigelb(I did get 1 review, waiting for the ack)07:08
ddecatorpersia, idk how i would "hunt" others...hg_gdh gave me a +1, but i thought brian had the final say07:08
nigelbddecator: you need two +1s07:09
ddecatornigelb, ah...half way there =)07:09
nigelbddecator: same here ;)07:09
persiabdmurray tends to just administer this, and it's the rest of bugsquad that should be reviewing.07:09
vishpersia: what is the criteria for bug control approval? some applicants get approved when there is just one person approving ..07:09
persiaI forget precisely.  It's something like a set time period (may be longer) with positive advocations and no leftover questions or issues.07:10
nigelbvish: are you confusing bug control and bug squad?07:10
ddecatoryah the whole system is a little "mysterious." the wiki pretty much says "let us know these things, and it may or may not happen"07:10
vishnigelb: nope ;)07:10
persiaI think it's supposed to be some minimum number of endorsements, but most of us don't spend enough time reviewing work of potential applicants.07:10
* nigelb prods persia to review applications ;)07:11
persiaSo, if you're in bug control, please make an effort to respond to some of the applications.07:11
vishthere needs to be a minimum number of approvals07:11
* persia reviews some, but on a time-available basis, and needs more time07:11
ddecator-ahem- i agree with persia's idea of more -control people reviewing apps ;)07:12
* nigelb feels like persia is like the wind, everywhere, all the time ;)07:12
* ddecator agrees with nigelb 07:12
* vish wonders if persia's nick is because he likes/liked "Prince of persia" ;p 07:12
AnzenkethThere that bug is all fixed.07:14
AnzenkethSpeeking of bugcontrol how long should I wait before applying?07:15
ddecatorAnzenketh, as persia told me, you should apply when you feel ready =)07:16
AnzenkethEhh not quite there yet07:16
persiaAnzenketh: One thing to remember is that it's not about how much time has passed, but how much confidence and learning has occurred.07:17
nigelbAnzenketh: area you running karmic?07:17
persiaWe had a recent new member who joined bugsquad a week before applying and was approved (but that person had been working towards being a developer for a few months first, so already had a lot of familiarity with working with LP bugs).07:17
Anzenkethlucid and karmic07:17
persiaSome people take months or years before they apply.07:17
AnzenkethUgh Forgot to change that in my changelog07:18
nigelbAnzenketh: yup ;)07:18
nigelbAnzenketh: did you run what-patch on the source?07:19
AnzenkethI know verry little about patching bugs07:19
AnzenkethDon't even know what that does.07:19
* Anzenketh goes out and looks for a patching ubuntu for dummies07:20
nigelbAnzenketh: just ask in #ubuntu-motu, tell what you're doing07:20
nigelband people will offer help07:20
AnzenkethOk thanks07:22
ddecatorthis may be better asked in motu, but how much programming knowledge is needed for patching?07:22
nigelbddecator: you should know how to read code07:23
vishddecator: hehe , ask in -motu  ;p07:23
ddecatorvish, yah i kinda had a feeling, haha07:23
* persia really needs to get around to cleaning up and separating the "how to make a patch" and "how to make a candidate revision as a developer" documentation07:24
* ddecator still hasn't figured out how to package yet either...still not sure what he's doing07:25
ddecatorbut anyway, back to bug convo =p07:25
* Anzenketh thinks lucid is ready for use on my main machine. I can put up with a few bugs here or there.07:49
ddecatorso long as nouveau and plymouth behave...07:49
AnzenkethYa forgot about that.07:51
AnzenkethIt was runing fine on a older nvidia07:51
ddecatorit sounds like it may be a simple fix, but yah. it might not affect you. it happens to me on live usb so if it doesn't happen to you in a live session, you should be fine07:52
Anzenkethwell it happened to me in a live session.08:20
Anzenkethwhat was that bug number.08:20
arandWould anyone care to confirm Bug #529902 (simply install maxima and try to run it)?08:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 529902 in maxima (Ubuntu) "maxima tries to find /lib/libreadline.so.5 but 9.10 has .6 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52990208:42
kermiac_morning BUGabundo_remote :)08:45
nigelbmorning BUGabundo_remote :)08:45
=== kermiac_ is now known as kermiac
BUGabundo_remotehey guys08:46
yofelmorning folks09:01
nigelbmornin yofel :)09:01
kermiacmorning yofel :)09:05
yofelhi nigelb, kermiac09:05
arandWould anyone care to confirm Bug #529902 (simply install maxima and run it)?09:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 529902 in maxima (Ubuntu) "maxima tries to find /lib/libreadline.so.5 but 9.10 has .6 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52990209:43
Zusare openpgp keys a person key to a profile on LP or can or will a certain team have pgp keys?09:47
pascalFRanyone can display correctly this site in flash on firefox ? http://www.grandpalais.fr/visite/fr/#/l-exploration/monument/histoire-du-monument/prouesse-architecturale/  i'd like to discriminate a flash problem from a video driver problem or other09:49
nigelbpascalFR: what problem do you encounter?09:50
pascalFRnigelb: images are jumping inside the animation   dont know how to say it better in english09:51
ZuspascalFR,  are they flickering?09:51
pascalFRyes Zus09:51
nigelbpascalFR: there is something wrong indeed.  but it could be a problem with that site itself09:51
Zusflickering here also09:51
Zusi also just ran update manager before comming online...so i think im updatred09:52
ZuspascalFR,  what site is this pretty cool09:53
pascalFRI deactivated composition on kde with shift-alt-f12  and same result   less CPU indeed09:53
pascalFRi wonder if it is displayed correctly in windows09:54
evAnzenketh: Regarding the ubiquity hug day that you're trying to organize, if it comes to fruition, could you please make it clear to the participants that the most helpful thing people can do is try to reproduce reported bugs in ubiquity debug mode (ubiquity -d) and attach the logs upon failure using ubuntu-bug bugnumber?09:54
evAnzenketh: Also, please ask that they don't mark bugs as duplicates or close bugs that don't have logs or a response.09:54
Zuscant help there im on ubuntu 9.10 100%09:54
evWe've had problems in the past where people have marked loads of bugs as duplicates that were not.09:54
pascalFRso am i09:54
Zusi have a question about  pgp's09:55
pascalFRother friends say it is displayed correctly on windows09:55
Zusare pgp bound to me personaly or would a specific team have one ?09:56
nigelbZus: this isn't the right place to ask that, sorry09:56
Anzenkethev: I don't understand what fruition is.09:56
pascalFRa little bit flickering but not the black flickerring under linux09:56
persiaZus: Try asking in #launchpad : it may be trivial (but it may not), as pgp identities are email addresses, which teams can have.09:57
evAnzenketh: apologies.  It roughly translates to "if the bug day you're planning happens"09:57
Zusok then thanks i guess you need it to sign the  code of conduct09:58
arandpascalFR: It flickers horribly but works otherwise and when not moving about..09:59
Zusoh hi arand10:00
arandZus: Yea, I'm everywhere ;)10:01
pascalFRarand: yes  ok so i'm not alone   what video chipset ?10:01
arandpascalFR: Nvidia, 185, proprietary, laptop... 32bit flash.. compiz..10:02
Anzenkethev: Ok I added a notes page to the wiki.10:02
arandpascalFR: G84 [GeForce 8600M GT]10:03
pascalFRarand: ok i am on intel GM965   so its not video driver dependent10:04
AnzenkethI am outa see ya all10:18
=== kermiac is now known as kermiac_
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFr_parti
tessoI just found an interesting hardware dependency (PIII faster than P4) concerning a mobile broadband bandwidth issue – Bug #525049. What could be the packages affected?12:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 525049 in ppp (Ubuntu) "3G download speed is very slow compared to Hardy or Microsoft Windows OSs (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52504912:37
maja87_anybody here?12:40
ubot4Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:40
maja87_i dont have a question, i have a bug12:41
maja87_in Acer Aspire 5710z Synaptics driver12:42
maja87_the bug is with the laptop mode, if i change battery or AC power i got some touchpad malfunction, its jumping all over the screen and opening menus or submenus12:42
maja87_anybody heard of this bug?12:43
maja87_!bug synaptics12:45
persiamaja87_: Have you searched fro the bug in launchpad?12:49
vishmaja87_: odd , i have an Acer Aspire too and I noticed something similar with windows XP , and that was before I installed Ubuntu[linux]  .. when using windows i just imagined it was a virus and reinstalled the drivers...12:51
persiavish: And you don't get it now?12:51
vishnope.. :)12:52
charlesbdmurray: ping12:52
maja87_i trying to find it in launchpad yes12:53
maja87_and in xp there is no error12:53
charlesbdmurray: I got a mail overnight saying I need to contact you (or ogasawara or jcastro or pedro_) to prevent my (https://launchpad.net/~charles-rebelbase) ubuntu-bugcontrol membership from expiring12:54
maja87_the problem only stand in 9.04, 9.1012:54
LimCorehi, it would seem ubuntu fails to provide an fire wall13:19
LimCorethat is at least as capable as windows firewalls where back in 1999 or so13:19
persiaAre you sure?  We have heaps of firewall packages.13:20
LimCorebut iptables is broken13:21
LimCoreit fails to provide  --cmd-owner  option13:21
LimCorewhich makes it impossible to make the most obvious and important thing in firewall: disable given PROGRAMS to use internet13:21
persiaLimCore: Well, I'd claim that the issue is that iptables is buggy, rather than the issue being that a firewall isn't provided.13:22
persiaHas this bug been filed?13:22
LimCorenot yet. its probably a compilation option13:22
LimCorefor unknown reasons, perhaps someone breain dead designed it13:22
persiaWell, either file it or go fiddle and fix it first :)13:22
persiaBut statements like "hi, it would seem ubuntu fails to provide an fire wall" don't help reach the goal.13:23
LimCore"hey, we have 592 options in firewall, but lets take one of 3 MOST IMPORTANT security options in iptables, and lets make THIS option to be optional / not compiled by default =)" what where they thinking13:23
LimCorenow but seriously13:23
LimCorewhat where they thinking???13:23
persiaWell, that's the nature of what we do.  All of us (including you) find stuff that doesn't do what we want.  We then fix it.13:24
persiaEventually we'll be perfect, but it might take a while :)13:24
LimCoremost important firewall options:  1. block all inbount (all server connections)   2. block given outbound ports.    3. block unauthorized programs.   And Ubuntu proviedes, 1, and 2,  and then 100 other options, but fails to provide 3rd... ???13:24
persiaThose aren't my most important options at all :)13:24
LimCoreI am happy for all the work on free software and so on, but someone had to be really very incomeptent or short sighted to disable such super imprtant thing13:25
persiaMy three would be 1) provide port filtering for inbound and outbound access, 2) provide smart proxies for selected protocols, 3) provide an authentication mechanism that allows clients to adjust filter application13:25
persiaIn fact, on reflection, I probably never want to block based on process owner because I don't run trusted machines in untrusted networks.13:26
persiaAnd I don't run programs on firewalls.13:26
persiaThis isn't to say the feature isn't useful, just that I'm unlikely to use it13:27
persia(note also that process owner is defined by the command executed, and is not particularly difficult to spoof)13:28
LimCoreyou block local originating connections based on local application13:28
LimCorein example13:28
LimCoreyou want  ping to use internet, and firefox13:28
LimCorebut you do not want adobe-pdf-reader binary to connect to internet =)13:28
LimCorenor you want ./from-my-friend/trojan.lol.bin to connect13:29
LimCoreZone Alarm did it right13:29
LimCoreon windows13:29
LimCorein 1999 or so13:29
LimCorenow we could do it as well on ubuntu (just 10 years later ;) IF we have --owner-cmd in iptables13:29
persiaI understand the feature you want to exist.  I am unlikely to use it myself.  I have ideas as to how to work around such a filter.13:30
LimCoreonly really noob users would not use this13:30
persiaSo, if you implement it, and I have some time, I might file some private security bugs if I can spoof it.13:30
LimCoredo not take this personally, I just take it from windows13:30
LimCoreonly most noob users did not used Zone Alarm or similar thing. And that is by 2000's standards13:31
ikoniaLimCore: don't make personal comments/statements then13:31
ikoniaLimCore: your attitude/rantings towards bugs has to stop now13:31
ikoniait's gone on long enough13:31
LimCorewell everyone is a noob in some area of life nothing to be ashame of. I am sure Im noob about for examply health care and such ;) But ok then13:31
LimCoreso how to rebuild iptables with this option13:31
LimCorethis really needs to be patched13:32
ikoniaLimCore: only a noob would ask that question13:32
persiaLimCore: Really, it's not as simple as that.  I wouldn't bother because I trust my network and have a cryptographic trail for every executable on every trusted machine.  As a result, there's no point.  But I agree that most people aren't as paranoid as I.13:32
ikoniaLimCore: the function you require, is it in iptables, yes/no ?13:32
LimCorepersia: are you sure none of your applications contains an exploit?13:32
LimCoreikonia: it is available, but turned off in ubuntu13:32
ikoniaLimCore: how is it turned off ?13:32
ikoniaLimCore: what has been done to disable it ?13:33
persiaLimCore: Rather, I'm sure nearly all of them are, but I'm sure none are currently passing information in a way I'm not aware of.13:33
LimCorethis seems surprisingly undocumented on iptables homepage13:34
* LimCore digs in13:34
cyphermoxpersia, I am rather curious to know how you deal with the checksums or whatever for your executables. Is it something like tripwire or AIDE?13:34
ikoniaLimCore: are you %100 sure the functionality exists in iptables13:35
LimCoreikonia: yes13:35
ikoniaLimCore: how ?13:35
ikoniaLimCore: what gives you this confidence13:35
LimCorethousands of forums and iptables mailing lists guestions13:35
PiciA quick google search reveals that those commands should exist for iptables.13:35
ikoniaPici: where I'm going is what version13:35
LimCorePici: it is surprisingly hard to find descriprion of that cmd in iptables homepage13:36
LimCoresite:netfilter.org "--cmd-owner" -lists -ftp -svn   returns nothing13:36
LimCoresite:netfilter.org "--cmd-owner" -lists returns something else13:36
ikoniaLimCore: at what point was this command introduced to iptables, is it new/legacy ?13:36
LimCoreI see mentions of it from years ago13:36
ikoniaok - so it's legacy13:36
LimCoreI remember experimetin with it years ago too13:36
ikoniaso have you contacted either by mail/launchpad/bug the iptables package maintainers for ubuntu to find out why it's been removed and how ?13:37
persiacyphermox: I use debsums actually, and prohibit executables outside of / and /usr (and track failures in /etc).13:37
kklimondaLimCore: your arguments and the way you discuss them is almost indistinguishable from some forms of trolling I've seen in my life. Could you make your point in a more acceptable way and not call us, users or the way we do things "stupid", "noobs" et cetera?13:37
cyphermoxpersia, nice.13:37
persiacyphermox: It's a little annoying to set up because you need to mount everything in special places, and eset noexec in fstab, etc. but once it's there, it just works.  One of the advantages of debian-based systems that people don't always know about.13:39
kklimondaLimCore: wrt --cmd-owner please see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49228413:39
ubot4kklimonda: Error: Could not parse data returned by Debian: (-2, 'Name or service not known')13:40
BUGabundo_remoteLimCore: don't we have SElinux and similar to do precisley that?13:40
ikoniakklimonda: interesting so it's been dumped from the kernel support13:40
cyphermoxpersia, does sound nice. I've been asked to build *very* secure systems on RHEL in the past, similar things exist but there's often just a little thing missing or slightly wrong (IMO). Make me do some pretty cool code to extend acct though :)13:40
persiacyphermox: My solution isn't *very* secure.  It is subject to tampering.  If you need to be more paranoid, run several different integrity checkers, and store the results remotely for comparison.13:41
persiaBut I think my solution is secure enough that with traffic monitoring I can know if something unexpected is happening, and have a fair degree of confidence.13:41
LimCoreBUGabundo_remote: there is, but SELinux is a bit "too big guns"  and apparmor is not so good yet13:42
cyphermoxpersia, it's still pretty good... one needs to keep a reasonable balance between security and convenience.13:42
persiacyphermox: Indeed.  Just don't try to sell the default system as *very* secure :)13:43
jdstrandLimCore: what are the limitations of apparmor that make it "not so good yet"?13:43
cyphermoxpersia, oh no :)13:43
LimCorejdstrand: it is not trivila to use,  the error messages are not always helpfull, there are some bug(s) that I reported, it lacks a nice gui etc13:43
* BUGabundo_remote wonders when did #-bugs got renamed to #-security13:43
BUGabundo_remoteI like the topic, but it's a bit OT in here13:44
LimCoreits a security bug/missing feauture13:44
ikoniaLimCore: no13:44
ikoniaLimCore: it's been removed from the kernel13:44
cyphermoxBUGabundo_remote, I did get a little off-topic, thanks ;)13:44
BUGabundo_remoteLimCore: #ubuntu-bugs is for bug triaging ... not winning13:44
ikoniatired of this ranting about nonsense13:44
jdstrandLimCore: well, the point of apparmor in Ubuntu is to mostly stay out of the way of the user (which is why a gui hasn't been developed yet). as far as other MAC systems are concerned, it is considerably easier to use13:44
persiaBelongs in -hardening, but they probably have an even better solution.13:45
LimCorepersia: you security system will not prevent a targeted attack to quickly and simply use exploit in any application to steal data from the user13:45
ikoniaLimCore: then log a bug to the kernel develoeprs on kernel.org13:45
persiaLimCore: I suppose.  That's why I don't keep critical data on machines that have access to the internet.13:45
jdstrandLimCore: there are bugs in all software, however, apparmor does a lot to help security in the default install13:45
ikoniajdstrand: if he cares about security as much as he claims with these random "security incidents" he'd learn how to setup apamor or selinux13:46
persiaLimCore: But we're well off-topic.  The issue is the feature you want.  Apparently linux doesn't support it any more.  You want something like SELinux or Tomoyo or apparmour, etc.13:46
LimCorepersia: having 5 computers for every other thing you do is very secure, but very uncomfortable. A simple application matching filtering with simple GUI to learn would suffice13:46
persiaLimCore: Depends on the use case.  Like I said, that it's not important for me has *nothing* to do with whether it's important for you.13:46
jdstrandikonia: sure. I was not responding to backscroll so much as the isolated comment. if my reply was out of context, I apologize13:46
ikoniajdstrand: not out of context at all, very valid13:47
LimCoreikonia: each time you see some a bit advanced topic you say its "nonsense". This area of security is definatelly not nonsense13:47
ikoniaLimCore: it's not an advanced topic, I see the point you're trying to make, but you make these comments without ANY research13:47
LimCoreis apparmor stil the prefered security MAC tool in ubuntu?13:47
jdstrandLimCore: yes13:47
LimCoreor perhaps are we moving to tomoyo or grsec13:47
ikoniait's still the default enabled13:47
LimCoreikonia: the reaserch is that I know that this feauture is very needed. If its not supported by iptables no more than well it is quite unfortunate.13:48
jdstrandLimCore: the ubuntu-kernel team has put a lot of effort into it in the last two cycles to get it in mailine (it is *very* close). the ubuntu-security team has also done a lot of work on profiling13:48
LimCoreHopefull this still can be achieved13:48
LimCorewell this could be done as well by apparmor13:49
jdstrandLimCore: we've also pretty much incorporated everything in grsec that can be incorporated in a mainstream distribution, aiui13:49
LimCorepax randomization too?13:50
ikoniaLimCore: a.) you don't know it's needed b.) you've not looked at why / how it was removed c.) you call people like the ubuntu developers incompetant - when actually it is YOU who are looking like you don't know what you're doing by making random issues up, when in reality here is the bug "I limcore would like this iptables feature enabling somehow in ubuntu" - it's not a bug, it's a feature request,13:50
persiaNot that it's a default recommendation, but I know that tomoyo upstream was happy with the state of tomoyo on karmic.  I expect the same would be true for lucid, so users have lots of options (as many as can be sensibly combined).13:50
jdstrandLimCore: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features has all the details13:50
ikoniaand it's not an ubuntu issue - it's a change in the kernel design13:50
jdstrandpersia: re tomoyo> that is very good to hear!13:51
LimCoreok so I was mistaken, its sad that kernel upstream removed this -owner-cmd13:51
LimCorein either way13:51
virtualdpaxtest has all the answers13:51
LimCoreI am sure Ubuntu should provide a application + host/port filtering application with easy to use GUI13:52
ikoniaLimCore: they do  ufw13:52
persiajdstrand: Is there interest in ensuring it works?  The Japanese team does a bit of coordination with the Tomoyo team, and I could maybe send them your way.13:52
persiaOtherwise I suspect they'll stick to filing kernel bugs if required.13:52
LimCoreto provide protection like with ZoneAlarm; Each new application for given user asks, like, are you sure you want to allow Firefox to connect?  Yes ; Only to LAN ; Only to port 80; No13:52
LimCoreare we thinking of moving from app armor to tomoyo?13:53
ikoniaLimCore: no13:53
persiaLimCore: No.  Or at least, not soon.13:53
jdstrandLimCore: no13:53
ikoniaI don't know why you keep saying that13:53
LimCoreI was happy to see apparmor, but after some testing I found number of problems, especially in area of tweaking it easly13:53
persiaLimCore: Did you file bugs?13:53
ikonialike the other security issues you find13:53
jdstrandLimCore: apparmor is more fully functional, tested and integrated into Ubuntu. tomoyo is there for those who want it, but apparmor is the default and that is not going to change in the forseeable future13:54
LimCorebug #42121613:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 421216 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "Useless "null-complain-profile" warnings flood dmesg log (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42121613:54
LimCoreyeah I should go back into this topic13:54
LimCoreperhaps app armor will work out after all13:55
ikoniaso your customer profiles create error messages.......Hmmmmm13:55
* jdstrand actually asked LimCore for more information in that bug, but never received it ;)13:55
kklimondajdstrand: I was just going to say that ;)13:55
LimCoreikonia: the bug is that this error message not allowing user to understand where are they from13:55
persiaLimCore: Please update the bug, rather than chatting here.  It will get a better result.13:56
LimCorethat too, but Im more interested in this equivalent of ZA13:56
ikoniathat's your hot topic of the hour13:57
jdstrandLimCore: btw, that is obviously a bug, but you asked for at least the PID in that-- it is part of the line 'pid=19145'13:57
ikoniaLimCore: why not revisit your firewire bug that's all ubuntu's fault13:57
ikoniaor one of the many otherss13:57
LimCoreikonia: that ZA is the firewall bug13:58
ikoniaLimCore: there is currenrlty no ZoneAlarm style app developed by ubunutu, there is UFW, firestarter, iptables-builder - all are gui and can assist you13:58
ikoniaLimCore: no - it's not a firewall bug, it's a kernel bug and nothing to do with ubuntu13:58
jdstrandslight correction-- ufw is cli, but there is gufw that is a gui for ufw13:58
ikoniago to #kernel and tell the developers they are incompentant - in the same way you call the ubuntu developers13:59
ikonialets see how far that stinking attitude gets you13:59
LimCoremain point of ZA is that user is interactivly informed and asked to confirm given connection while a new application is trying to connect (and then this rules are updated based on his response)13:59
ikoniaLimCore: zonealarm is not a linux product - stop referencing it13:59
ikoniaLimCore: if you want to right zone alarm for linux - go for it, but don't you dare start calling people incopentant again for a freature you want but doesn't have - and you've done nothign about14:00
LimCoreikonia: Linus do have a very family friendly style14:00
ikoniaLimCore: that has nothing to do with it14:00
LimCorehmm ok perhaps I was not clear previously14:00
LimCoreSORRY I WAS MISTAKEN, it is a kernel decission to remove this command I needed;  and there seem to be some reasons for that14:00
ikoniaLimCore: go and rant at #kernel for their foolish designs and treat them the same way you treat this channel and the people of the ubuntu community14:00
jdstrandwe discussed that feature of ZA recently, and it is not something that is particularly interesting (to me and the security team) due to the potentially extrememly poor user experience: "I want to do something, so now I have to click Ok on a bunch of popups"14:01
jdstrandsince they want to do it, they will clock 'Ok'14:01
ikoniaLimCore: it doesn'tmatter if you where mistaken, you think this is incompetance, so therefore it's the kernels developers incompetence, or are your instults and lack of respect saved up just for ubuntu developers14:01
LimCoreikonia: above remarks should go to kernel, yes14:02
ikoniaLimCore: no - they should not go anywhere14:02
ikoniaLimCore: your attitude towards people who offer there time, needs to change, as you can tell I'm pretty annoyed by your presistant rude and offensive approach to logging bugs and feature requests, and it has to stop now14:02
LimCore /if/ they killed a potentially important part of security, then it is not very good14:02
persiaUm, can we get back to the bug please?14:02
ikoniapersia: actually I'm not sure14:03
ikoniapersia: I'm fed up of this attitude and I'm questioning if this sort of attitude should get attention14:03
LimCorethis would be more of a blueprint then a bug?14:03
ikoniabehave like a child, rant and rave and get your bug looked at, rather than do the research, log the bug and commuicate clearly14:03
LimCoreikonia: you said you will fix a bug for a bug I fix, then lets do this one14:04
ikoniathis isn't a bug14:04
persiaikonia: We don't actually do anything other than help triage bugs here.  Don't fear that any different engagement model will get different results.14:04
ikoniathis is you wanting an application desgned and developed14:04
BUGabundo_remoteguys take 5 everyone14:04
BUGabundo_remotewe all need to fresh our heads for a bit14:05
persiaLimCore: So anyway, bug #421216 needs a comment, I suspect.14:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 421216 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "Useless "null-complain-profile" warnings flood dmesg log (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42121614:05
BUGabundo_remoteLimCore: please rest a bit, and file all bugs and wishbugs as approprieted14:05
LimCoreok. Have to build a test box first. Then we will finish it14:05
persiaLimCore: And please file a new bug asking for the per-command network restrictions.  That iptables can't do it anymore doesn't mean that there isn't another way (perhaps with apparmor)14:06
persiaLimCore: Thanks.14:06
LimCorefor a new tool, c++ + libboost + wxWidgets should be fine?  or are his dependencies "too big"14:08
ikoniaLimCore: speak to designers, this is a bug channel14:09
hggdhhum. I see that life was not boring while I slept14:16
thekorngood morning hggdh ;)14:17
hggdhgood morning thekorn14:18
hggdher, afternoon14:18
BUGabundo_remoteeheh hggdh :p wb14:18
hggdhola BUGabundo_remote , boas tardes14:18
persiaLimCore: #ubuntu-app-devel might be a good place to ask about developing applications.14:38
jpdscrimsun: Ping.15:14
nigelbhola hggdh :)15:43
hggdhOla nigelb15:44
nigelbhggdh: I've ended up getting in touch with the music store creator.  He wanted me know he'll help me with bugs if I needed help 0_o15:45
hggdhnigelb: what music store creator? I am lost...15:49
nigelbhggdh: the ubuntu one music store which uses a rhythmbox plugin15:49
hggdhOh, OK. Cool. Already working with upstream (even if it is a local one) :-)15:50
nigelbstrange thing - he got in touch with me.15:52
vishnigelb: why is it strange ... were you hiding/avoiding him? ;p15:54
nigelbvish: I never knew who was behind it.15:54
hggdhheh. I myself do not know who they are (OTOH, never looked for them)15:55
nigelbhehe, but anyway, happy to help in whatever capacity15:56
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
arandShould I leave Bug #529902 as fix released (since only occurs in Karmic), or should it be "commited" to advertise that it needs reviewing?16:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 529902 in maxima (Ubuntu) "maxima tries to find /lib/libreadline.so.5 but 9.10 has .6 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52990216:45
arandOr even just confirmed?16:46
greg-garand: it is fixed in Lucid? then keep it fix released16:48
greg-gif the fix needs to be backported to karmic for some compelling reason, it needs to go through the SRU process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates16:49
arandWell, it's fixed as per upstream, but I reported it as a karmic problem..16:50
hggdharand: So upstream fixed it. Did the fix land on Lucid?16:51
arandgreg-g: well, the application fails to run unless you either install libreadline5-dev, or symlink libreadline6-dev16:51
arandhggdh: yep16:51
hggdharand: then (since the fix is in Lucid) Fix-Released is correct16:52
* greg-g nods16:52
hggdhIf Karmic still needs to be fixed, then (as greg-g pointed out) we need a SRU16:52
ubot4Factoid 'suspend' not found16:53
bdmurrayIs there some translators channel?17:15
vishthere isnt..17:27
vishatleast for Ubuntu..17:28
bdmurrayI found what I was looking for more or less17:28
vishah, the local help channel? :)17:28
vishmind sharing ,might be useful for us  too ;)17:28
vishbdmurray: .. would be fun though having translators from all over the world in one channel :)17:32
bdmurrayI just really wanted to point someone where to get started17:33
bdmurrayw.u.c/Translations seemed to fit the bill17:33
qenseWas Pedro hit by the earth quake?17:50
seb128qense, he's fine, we got news17:52
seb128he has no internet though17:52
qensegood to hear he's ok17:52
qenseI hope his family is alright as well.17:53
seb128they are17:53
seb128it's all good I think ;-)17:53
seb128at least the news we got were good17:53
seb128he's just sure when internet will be back for him so he's not online17:53
seb128brb testing updates17:53
bdmurrayqense: can you confirm that bug 524941 is fixed?18:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 524941 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Grub fails to install on Lucid guests running under KVM during installation (affects: 3)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52494118:07
qensebdmurray: I've just downloaded the ISO of alpha 3 and will check that bug.18:07
bdmurrayqense: awesome, thanks18:07
=== radoe_ is now known as radoe
thekornphew, thanks god for the good new about pedro, was about to ask the same19:04
bdmurraythekorn: you made a 5-a-day applet once right?19:22
thekornbdmurray, yes19:22
bdmurraythekorn: I was thinking it might be neat to have one that counted down from 5 to 0 showing your progress now19:23
thekornbdmurray, I did not follow the 5-a-day initiative over the last few month, is it still on?19:23
thekornor do you what this applet not as part of 5-a-day19:24
thekornbut as something completely different19:24
thekorne.g. how would such an applet get it's data19:24
thekornI mean it is alot easier to get this directly from launchpad now, as I landed a change to make searchTasks() available on person objects19:26
bdmurraythekorn: it'd look at the person's - http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/five-a-day/people/brian-murray.data19:26
bdmurraythekorn: oh, that's right. five-a-day is using the mailing list to generate the .data file now19:26
thekornbdmurray, hmm, I think we have to options here: trying to fix the old one to use this data, or 2.) rewrite something using this fancy new indicator aplet techniques19:31
thekornwhere rewriting it seems to be the right way if your target user is using lucid or later19:32
bdmurraythekorn: do you mean the new notification system or something else?19:32
thekornbdmurray, yes19:32
bdmurraythekorn: aren't notifications supposed to be temporary?  I'd think this should be there all the time reminding you to do your 5! ;-)19:33
ddecatoran indicator for 5-a-day?19:33
thekornbdmurray, oh, I'm not sure, but isn't the battery applet in lucid also using this new indicator technique?19:35
thekornok, anyway, what do you what me to do? any timeframe? ;)19:35
bdmurraythekorn: I'd like you to make it work! ;-) whenever19:36
thekornbdmurray, is the code generating this 5-a-day data files available somewhere?19:43
bdmurraythekorn: of course! https://code.edge.launchpad.net/five-a-day-stats19:48
vishbdmurray: how are the 5-a-day actually counted? only ubuntu task status change or importance changes/adding upstream link/comments? [just wondering since you mention it counts from mail list]20:03
=== maco2_ is now known as maco2
bdmurrayany activity for ubuntu bug tasks20:04
thekornvish, from lloking at the code at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~5-a-day/five-a-day-stats/trunk/annotate/head%3A/simple-mailinglist-parser it is all activity which generates notification emails besides [NEW] bugreports20:04
bdmurrayyep ;-)20:05
bdmurrayreporting bugs doesn't count20:05
thekorndamn ;)20:05
vishhehe :)20:05
bdmurrayactually maybe it should substract from the 5 ;-)20:05
vishha , so it is only the helping "others" that counts ;p20:05
AnzenkethGetting 5 a day is not that hard20:06
AnzenkethIt just take commitment to remember to spend about a hour20:06
AnzenkethDepending on what you are working on.20:06
vishAnzenketh: yup , but doing "only" 5 a day is hard  , sometimes i have to control myself ;)20:07
ddecatorhaha, except when you get wrapped up in deeply testing one for an hour. then you can lose track of how many you've worked on so far that day ;)20:07
Anzenkethvish: speaking to the choir 2231 karma in 1 week20:08
vishthe funny thing is , we see so many people working on bugs and rarely our paths cross , and there are still so many bugs left untouched :(20:09
ddecatorvish, i think that has a lot to do with specializations...20:09
vishwhich makes we wonder , will we ever cover _all_ the bugs20:09
bdmurrayAnzenketh: I actually wish you'd slow down as some of your work is a bit off20:09
AnzenkethI am working on that20:10
AnzenkethGot a spreadsheet that I check off on every bug I work on now.20:10
yofelvish: I doubt that, but I'll be happy to throw a party if we get the New count below 10k ...20:12
* ddecator will attend20:13
AnzenkethThat is 8+k to go20:14
yofelAnzenketh: 'New' for Ubuntu is at 43390 right now20:16
AnzenkethI was pulling from untriaged list20:16
bdrung_bug #4339020:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 43390 in gparted (Ubuntu) "unfitting icon in gparted in cause of new icon theme (dup-of: 45444)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4339020:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 45444 in tangerine-icon-theme (Ubuntu) "the Human "cancel" icon is not appropriate (dups: 2)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4544420:17
* Anzenketh starts to go though his subscribed bugs to make sure everything is up to par20:19
crimsunjpds: contentless pong22:06
zetherooI think I may have found a bug ... but wanted to run it past the experts first ...23:48
ddecatorzetheroo, lets hear it =)23:48
zetherooI am running Karmic on several machines, Desktops and Laptops ...23:48
zetheroothe issue is regarding auto-mounting of USB volumes23:49
ddecatorwhat behavior are you experiencing?23:49
zetheroowhen the desktop is disabled auto-mounting does not work23:49
zetheroohowever au-mounting is still enabled23:49
zetherooI am using the Configuration Editor to see all this23:50
zetherooonce i re-enable show_desktop, auto-mounting works again23:50
seb128that's not a bug23:51
seb128nautilus does the automounting if it's not running it doesn't23:51
zetheroothe settings for media_automount is in apps>nautilus>preferences23:52
zetherooso nautilus and the desktop are synonymous?23:52
zetherooI thought nautilus was the file manager23:52
seb128it's the filemanager23:52
seb128it's also what draws your background usually23:52
seb128and what puts icons there23:52
zetheroowell my background works fine with desktop off23:52
seb128that's what I said usually23:53
seb128gnome-settings-daemon do that too23:53
seb128when nautilus is not doing it23:53
zetheroobut my icons are gone .. which is what I wanted .. but then for some reason volumes don't mount automatically ...23:53
seb128did you read why I wrote?23:54
zetheroowhen nautilus is not doing something then gnome-settings-daemon does it23:54
seb128that was about the background drawing23:54
persiazetheroo: That's not a bug.  Please file a question on launchpad or ask for help in #ubuntu.  If you aren't using nautilus to handle it, you'll need something else.23:55
zetheroowell that I have no issue with23:55
seb128did you read what I wrote some minutes ago?23:55
seb128about automounting23:55
seb128and not having to run23:55
seb128nautilus having to run rather23:55
zetheroo"nautilus does the automounting if it's not running it doesn't"23:56
seb128nautilus does the automounting and need to be running for that23:56
zetherooso by switching off desktop I am switching off nautilus?23:56
seb128when you don't use it to display the background and don't run it by opening a view it's not running23:56
seb128what ubuntu version do you use?23:56
zetheroook, so if I have a nautilus window open it should auto mount the volumes?23:57
zetherooI said at the beginning I was using Karmic ;)23:57
zetheroowell I will try that with having a nautilus window open ... still, I don't think the two should be connected... I should be able to hide all the icons on the desktop without loosing key functionality like auto-mounting ...23:58
seb128there is a gconf key to set to let nautilus does automounting when there is no ui view set23:58
zetherooanyhow .. I guess it's "working" as it's designed to so not a "bug" per se23:59
seb128it's set by default in karmic23:59
seb128I'm looking for it23:59

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