mistryniteshHow can I write a wiki page and preview it offline before uploading it to the site?08:26
nigelbclick on preview08:26
FlannelYou can't do that offline though, but yes.  Preview will let you preview it before actually submitting08:38
mistryniteshnigelb: Flannel: i was thinking of writing it locally as a text file and later upload it... somewhat similar to writing an html page?09:11
nigelbthen write in gedit I would suggest.09:11
mistryniteshand where do i preview it?09:12
nigelbyou cant09:17
nigelbyou have to paste in wiki and preview09:17
mistryniteshso if I am somehow offline and want to test my page, i can't?09:21
nigelbI doubt if you can09:21
mistryniteshnigelb: !!09:21
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narcisgarcia_Hello. Anybody here?14:52
narcisgarcia_I've opened a thread in the forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8894007) about the massive loss of wiki pages.14:53
jpdsnarcisgarcia_: Talking to someone about it.15:01
jpdsnarcisgarcia_: Someone's just moved them.15:03
jpdsnarcisgarcia_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Old/acerAspire5535?action=info15:03
narcisgarcia_With the search box on the top of the wiki I cannot find for example the "AcerAspire1363WLMi" title. Thanks15:05
narcisgarcia_I don't know how to find the destination URLs15:16

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