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evpersia: thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye on that thread09:03
evmichaelforrest: do you have a few minutes today to clarify exactly what you need in terms of the size of the installer window in Lucid?  I'm in the office, for what it's worth.09:05
evI've managed to shrink the window down quite a bit, but there are a few caveats09:05
michaelforrestev: absolutely09:06
michaelforrestcome and find me whenever09:06
evgood deal09:07
persiaev: You might just want to catch Anzenketh in #ubuntu-bugs to plan the best strategy, depending.  Threads have a way of solidifying :)09:09
evpersia: good call :)09:30
evpersia: while I have you here, what's the smallest resolution that you guys need ubiquity to work on?09:31
persiaUm, hrm.09:32
persiaI don't have a good answer.09:32
persiaI'd personally like 640x480, but that's not realistic.09:32
persiaThere are still some 800x480 devices being manufactured, and I'd say that's a more reasonable absolute smallest.09:33
persiaBut there's 4.8" 1024x600 screens available, so I'd like to hope that smaller stuff becomes less common, or more specialised.09:34
persiaTo sum up:09:35
persiaIf you'd like to enable running ubiquity on the N900 (or similar devices), we need 800x480.09:35
evokay, big thanks for clearing that up09:35
persiaIf you want to run on the new generation of handhelds, 1024x600 is probably sufficiently low res.09:36
persia(unless manufacturers go for "cheap" over "useful" again)09:36
evmichaelforrest: is now a good time to swing by?09:40
michaelforrestev sure09:57
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evcjwatson: given that we're going with the "boot straight into ubiquity and let it deal with creating a try/install page" for lucid+1, is the greeter stuff (specifically the design and artwork for it) still a priority for you?10:30
evit came up in discussion with michaelforrest10:30
evokay cool10:30
cjwatsonI actually want to do this for lucid if possible10:30
cjwatsonand am still tracking it in the release meetings and such10:30
cjwatsonif nothing else because Mark announced it for lucid :P10:30
michaelforrestcjwatson: oh god. what ?10:31
cjwatsonI have been enormously clear about this in e-mail10:31
cjwatsonI cannot believe that it is a surprise10:31
cjwatsonI also don't think it matters to you guys since we have the bits we need to do it now :)10:32
michaelforrestI didn't know Mark had announced something10:32
michaelforrestI thought it was still a 'nice-to-have'10:33
cjwatsonat the platform briefing at UDS10:33
cjwatsonit was practically the very first thing in his presentation10:33
cjwatsonthere's a reason this spec is Essential ...10:33
cjwatsonand why I've been desperately trying to get styling information from people for months10:34
CIA-3ubiquity: evand * r3853 ubiquity/ (5 files in 4 dirs): (log message trimmed)11:23
CIA-3ubiquity: * The timezone is perfectly usable at half its width and height, so11:23
CIA-3ubiquity:  only request that. This also means we're not trying to guess how11:23
CIA-3ubiquity:  much space we can reasonably take up with the map, but rather11:23
CIA-3ubiquity:  letting the rest of the interface determine the width and height of11:23
CIA-3ubiquity:  the installer window.11:23
CIA-3ubiquity: * If the screen resolution is particularly low (< 600px height), allow11:23
evstill more work to do there on the partitioner so it works reasonably well at 640x48011:31
persiaIs it a horizontal issue, or a vertical issue?11:32
evcjwatson: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/try_or_install2.png <- about to implement that for lucid, per michaelforrest's request, and with the workflow we've discussed.  Any massive objections? :)11:32
evpersia: vertical11:32
* ev shakes his fist at the segmentedbars11:32
evfixable though11:33
cjwatsonev: gosh, you beat me to it, I thought I was going to end up doing that :)11:35
cjwatsonev: slight UI glitch in the "release notes" link, but overall looks fine to me - can we make sure that this workflow only appears when you're booting with maybe-ubiquity (or some similar switch) though?11:36
cjwatsonit would be weird for it to appear if (for example) you use the icon on the live CD desktop11:37
evcjwatson: indeed, that's the plan :)11:38
evjust awaiting sign off from boss^311:40
ograhugo ? :)11:40
ograhmm, oem-config still doesnt remove itself on my rootstock install12:40
ograseems it exits with:12:42
ogradebconf (developer): <-- PROGRESS INFO ubiquity/install/hardware12:42
ograCan't call method "info" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd.pm line 142, <GEN0> line 315.12:42
persiaDoes ubiquity/install/hardware appear in your debconf db?12:43
ograpersia, i dont touch the debconf db at all12:50
ogramainly what i do is run debootstrap and install oem-config in that12:50
persiaUnderstood.  And it ought be there if ubiquity is installed.  I'm just curious if it's present in your local environment when you encounter the issue.12:50
ogratouch /var/lib/oem-config/run and that it12:50
CIA-3ubiquity: cjwatson * r3854 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/ubi-partman.py):12:56
CIA-3ubiquity: Fix choose_partition thawing to handle free space at the end of12:56
CIA-3ubiquity: update_partitions (LP: #527848).12:56
ograwell, i see it in the ubiquity template file12:58
ograso i would assume its there12:59
* persia grabs trunk ubiquity thinking that this may solve the partman-uboot bug that has been confusing for the past few days13:01
ograroot@osiris:/# echo get ubiquity/install/hardware | debconf-communicate13:01
persiaCan you call INFO on it?13:01
ograroot@osiris:/# echo info ubiquity/install/hardware | debconf-communicate13:02
persiaHrm.  Nothing else comes to mind offhand.  Logs might help (or maybe someone who knows more has an idea).13:03
ograwell, the above is all thet is in the logs13:04
ograthe rest looks normal13:04
ograi wonder if its caused by hw-detect13:06
cjwatsonerr - INFO != PROGRESS INFO13:07
cjwatson(and you won't be able to call PROGRESS INFO on its own via d-c anyway ...)13:07
cjwatsonpersia: what's up with partman-uboot?13:08
ograhmm, i see in syslog that it tries to install usbutils13:08
ograwhich it cant because there is no network setup13:08
cjwatsonthis all sounds pretty unrelated13:08
cjwatsonogra: can I see the debug log?13:09
ograyeah, i just noticed it has the same timestamp ...13:09
ograyup, one sec13:09
persiacjwatson: It keeps selecting "dummy__________dummy" as the preferred partition, causing error 141 with choose_partition//do_option13:09
michaelforrestev - we are go on the installer first screen - mark just wants to make the "If you have internet access…" bit only show if there's network. Reworded as "You may wish to…".13:09
cjwatsonpersia: could I see the full logs, please?13:10
persiacjwatson: So I'm guessing that it was a space (which may be why I had trouble tracking), and want to test your most recent fix.13:10
ograand http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/syslog13:10
cjwatsonpersia: it's certainly in the category that *might* have been fixed, but I could tell you for sure given a debug log13:10
cjwatsonogra: ok, so the problem is that nested progress bars don't work outside debconffilter13:11
persiacjwatson: I'd have to construct one (rebooted over the weekend, and scrapped the virtual machine).  Do you especially want it, or do you see a reason I shouldn't pull trunk to keep debugging?13:12
cjwatsonit has nothing to do with that particular template name13:12
ograwhat does indicate that ?13:12
cjwatsonpersia: if you don't have it conveniently to hand, you might as well use trunk, sure13:12
* persia would otherwise merge patches to ubiquity, and start installs again tomorrow.13:12
cjwatsonogra: PROGRESS STOP followed by PROGRESS <anything> failing13:12
cjwatsonogra: this is complicated to fix - could you file a bug, please?13:13
ograyep, do you want both logs ?13:13
ograbug 53002713:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530027 in ubiquity "nested progress bars don't work outside debconffilter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53002713:18
evmichaelforrest: AWESOME13:20
evworking on it now13:20
evmichaelforrest: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/thinner-partition-bars.png - does that look okay?13:36
cjwatson14:06 <cjwatson> didrocks: the point of casper's ubiquity-hooks is specifically to reproduce things that are done by casper at live CD boot time, and need to be repeated after installation14:10
cjwatson14:08 <cjwatson> didrocks: accessibility is there because casper does accessibility stuff at boot time14:10
cjwatson14:07 <cjwatson> it isn't meant to be a grab-bag of post-install scripts14:10
cjwatson14:08 <didrocks> cjwatson: there is already some hooks like that like accessibility, etc. ev told me to put the first version there (which works in live mode)14:10
cjwatson14:08 <cjwatson> didrocks: I don't think things should go in casper's ubiquity-hooks unless they're also done at boot time in casper14:10
cjwatson14:09 <cjwatson> otherwise the result is that we end up with code spread around between casper and ubiquity when it doesn't need to be14:10
cjwatson14:09 <cjwatson> you could install a ubiquity-hooks file in gnome-desktop if you want, but it might be better to just have it in ubiquity14:10
cjwatson(from #ubuntu-devel)14:10
evugh, I didn't tell him to put it in casper14:25
evI told him to look at the hooks in casper as examples14:25
cjwatsonheh, ok14:33
cjwatsonI said I was OK with either ubiquity or a hook in gnome-desktop14:34
cjwatsonif you have a strong preference for the latter, you should join #u-d and say :)14:34
evnope, I just agree that casper is the wrong place15:01
superm1ev, michaelforrest  re http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/try_or_install2.png, should you really still be referring to it as from CD as a lot of people install from USB media these days instead?16:29
michaelforrestI was hoping you'd make that dynamic actually ev16:31
michaelforrestnot that I said that!16:31
evwill do16:37
evmichaelforrest: just to clarify, you want the labels beneath the bars in the partitioner left-aligned rather than their present center-alignment, correct?17:20
michaelforrestcan you show me?17:28
evyup, heading over17:29
CIA-3netcfg: cjwatson * r640 ubuntu/debian/changelog: Rebuild against libiw30.17:30
CIA-3ubiquity: evand * r3855 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/segmented_bar.py):17:40
CIA-3ubiquity: * Left-align the labels on the segmented_bars.17:40
CIA-3ubiquity: * Make the segmented_bars narrower.17:40
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cr3is it just me or does the casper.log generated on lucid no longer seem to contain: Found label '...' containing the disk image information?20:10
cr3I'm quite sure I recall that information existing before20:11
cr3there's now /var/log/installer/media-info though20:12
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CIA-3netcfg: cjwatson * r641 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.51ubuntu221:41
evhrm, are "USB" and "CD" universally accepted acronyms, or should they be translated to something?  Google is entirely unhelpful for such a query.21:48
cjwatsonev: they get transliterated in at least (random sample) Chinese21:57
cjwatsonev: see the cdrom-detect translations, for example21:57
evah, damn, okay22:24
evso far: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/ubiquity-greeter.png - just need to fix one glaring bug.23:23
superm1are you parsing the OS from .disk/info to populate that, so Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc will automatically have their text set properly?23:24
cjwatsondoes that dialog expand if you have a reasonable amount of screen space available?23:25
evas in the space between the try section and the install section?23:27
evor in some other way?23:27
cjwatsonthe whole window, it's smaller than it was, presumably due to your timezone changes23:28
cjwatsonI'm just making sure that it uses more screen space if you have it, otherwise it'll feel cramped23:28
cjwatsonwhile being smaller when there isn't so much space available23:29
evcjwatson: ah, a mistake in my previous commit.  Fixing now.23:37
CIA-3ubiquity: evand * r3856 ubiquity/ (gui/gtk/stepUserInfo.ui ubiquity/components/ubi-usersetup.py): Fix r3853. Only use scrollbars on the user setup page when needed.23:42
ev^ fixed, thanks23:42
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