apwericm, i've asked on #ubuntu-x about the caps light thing11:02
mattiI have a question: -pae should enable 32bit machine to be able to access whole of 4GB by introducing another level of page tables and utilizing PAE.11:40
mattiBut I cannot see a difference between -generic and -generic-pae on Karmic.11:40
apwmatti, it actually should allow the processor to access more than 4GB of physical address space, depending how your bios maps you memory you may or may not get all of your 4GB.  if you can paste the e820 output (from dmesg) from the PAE kernel we can tell where it is11:52
mattiapw: Hold on.11:55
apw[    0.000000] BIOS-provided physical RAM map:11:56
apw[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 0000000000000000 - 000000000009c400 (usable)11:56
apwthat bit of the dmesg output following boot ... shows us wherre the BIOS thinks your memory is11:57
mattiYes, sorry.11:57
mattiI had to put my glasses back :)11:57
apwmatti, ok so your ram is all below 4GB, so PAE will not help you11:58
apwwith the current memory layout11:58
apwnow sometimes its changable (i am told) in the bios, but i've never seen it personally11:58
apwin my 4GB ram machine i have this11:59
mattiBIOS is very limited and rather simple.11:59
apw[    0.000000]  modified: 0000000100000000 - 0000000140000000 (usable)11:59
apwthe last GB of my ram is from 4-5GB physical, therefore pae would help me11:59
apwyou are getting less thant 4GB cause your ram is being shadowed by the PCI space, AGP etc etc11:59
apwwhat machine is this?12:00
apwsame laptops particually are limited in maximum memory, even if vendors sell you more than they can really utilise12:00
mattiHP Desktop12:01
mattiGive a second, I'll give you the exact model.12:02
mattiHP Compaq dc7700p12:02
mattiFrom dmidecode12:02
apwmatti, did you add the ram yourself, do you know how many slots the mobo has?12:04
mattiapw: Thank you for your help. I am rather disappointed in this machine ;(12:04
mattiapw: Yes, I did.12:04
mattiapw: 4 slots, each 1 GB.12:04
apwhow much memory does the os report?12:05
* apw suspects 3.5GB12:05
matti3482884 kB to be precise.12:06
mattiI reckon I have -512 MB for the PCI/AGP space.12:06
mattiWhich means that the chipset is rather limited.12:07
apwcrucial tends to concur with that expectation12:07
mattiapw: Hm?12:09
apwram seller who tend to tell you how much ram to expect12:30
mattiapw: I know :)12:30
tgardnerapw, you'll be happy to know that I can crater Karmic with stress (the program), but not Lucid. 4 proc, 4 cores, 64 threads.13:46
apwi am very happy to hear that!13:46
apwsmb, i've just resynced lucid with karmic hopefully for the last time, keep that in mind if you apply anything to lucid ... sync tag is updated13:51
smbapw, Ok, I don't think that from now on there should be anything going into Karmic that is not in Lucid, but I keep it in mind13:52
apwyeah i am pretty sure we have almost no skew now, i did find three quirks marked as upstream which are not so in lucid, so i pulled them in13:53
smbJust watch out for those keyboard quirks which are supposed to be solved differently13:53
apwthose definatly not needed?  we have the userspace support for those?  i read them as being not necessary if you have the userspace but ... 13:54
smbOk, in theory probably we should, but I cannot say for sure. Maybe asking on #ubuntu-devel to know for sure?13:55
* matti hugs apw 14:24
mattiapw: Thanks for your help :)14:24
akgranersconklin, you around?14:29
sconklinakgraner: yeah, I'm here14:29
manjosmb, does you lenovo S12 take a long time to boot and shutdown ? 15:23
smbmanjo, no. but it could happen that it needed a keypress to trigger it to go on. (like shift)15:24
manjosmb, yes or mouse movements ? 15:24
smbmanjo, Strangely it seemed to be solved in that case by mem=nopentium15:24
manjosmb, I was trying to track down why this weekend ... but failed 15:24
manjothought you might have some insight 15:24
smbmanjo, Normally it something which is described in debugging voodoo (solved by acpi_skip_timer_override)15:25
smbmanjo, But it this case the mem= option seems to solve quite a lot of strangenesses15:25
manjosmb, you mean its already doc in some wiki ? 15:26
smbmanjo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/DebuggingVoodoo15:26
manjosmb, thanks did not see that 15:28
apwsmb, where might i find that wacom change?  i don't see it in patchworks15:28
smbmanjo, np, but please try mem=nopentium on your S12 to see it also helps you in that case15:29
manjoyep doing it now 15:29
smbapw, Hm, might have been a pull req?15:29
apwsmb, doesn't look like it either15:29
apwcnd, was it you who had that?15:29
smbapw, yep15:30
apwi am running seriously short of uploads so i want them to count15:30
apwcnd, did you ever send that wacome thing out for review? i know smb tested it15:30
ubot3Malone bug 516777 in linux "HP Touchsmart tm2 requires newer wacom driver" [Low,In progress] 15:30
cndapw, a decision hadn't been made yet as to what we should do with it15:30
cndI was going to get to it sometime today15:31
cndshould I send the patches out for review to kernel-team?15:31
cndapw, oh yeah, I'm remembering now15:31
cndI sent an email (you should have been cc'd) to the wacom driver maintainer15:31
cndhe's interested in helping to push it to -stable15:31
apwif we want it in lucid before it gets hard to get things in, ie before smb has a hand ... then it needs to be very very soon15:31
cndapw, should we put it in as a pre-stable?15:32
apwsmb you seemed to be keen15:32
apwcnd i was assuming it was a pre-stable from your conv with them, but ... not 100% sure15:32
cndconversation with who? the wacom driver maintainer?15:32
smbapw, Well for the same reasoning. I think, yes we were thinking of how to progress, the problem is that its hard to predict wether the change as is gets into stable15:32
smbapw, So pre-stable might be wrong15:33
apwsmb, yep ... ok so perhaps i'll punt that one to you :)15:33
smbapw, On the other hand our (limited) testing seemed to show no regression15:33
smbapw, So it might be a goody to have at that point of time (at least some users of this new hw will be thankful)15:34
apwyep, it seemed like we were already getting people hitting issues with new wacome stuff15:34
smbapw, So I would tend to include it (maybe still pre-stable as thats our intend)15:35
apwi probabally am doing just two uploads of distro before freeze.  one today with everything but drm33 and then if thats a go, the other will be just that15:35
smbIf we get people screaming for regressions with some wacom stuff we still could revert before release...15:35
apwso ... i need it sooner rather than later15:36
cndapw, there's another issue I want to talk to you about, re intel graphics15:36
apwsmb, yep as thats a 'fix'15:36
cndbut I'll come back to it15:36
apwcnd i wouldn't wait, whats up15:36
smbcnd, So forward the wacom patches today to kernel15:36
cndfirst, what are we doing with the wacom stuff? you want me to submit patches as pre-stable to k-t?15:36
smb(our kernel list)15:36
cndsmb, k15:36
smbapw, agree?15:36
smbIts still your tree. :)15:37
cndapw, bug 48832815:37
ubot3Malone bug 488328 in linux "screen brightness won't come back when I open the lid" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48832815:37
apwcnd get them to kernel-team now yes, i'll put them in as U: S: for now15:37
cndit makes suspend/resume (or even just backlight turning off on screen closure, impossible to resume from on some intel hw15:37
cndthere's a patch that seems to fix things15:37
apwwhats the patch15:38
cndbut it seems to have gotten lost upstream when one of the other intel gfx maintainers questioned it15:38
cndapw: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/intel-gfx/2010-February/005902.html15:38
cndyou can see the reservation noted in the reply email15:38
cndI'm not sure if the reply email is referring to issues that should be fixed in the future (making this moot for them, but still necessary for us)15:39
cndor if we shouldn't apply it at all15:39
cndI'm thinking the former, but wanted to know what you think should be done about it15:40
apwit sounds like a 'better' way to fix it, in that we are fixing the wrong bug15:40
apwbut, if its broke and the fix fixes it ... then it may be much better than nothing15:40
apwcnd, do you have affected h/w ?15:41
apwwondering if the drm33 kernel also does this?15:41
cndapw, I may in the form of this montevina box rtg sent me, but it seems to have other issues in that it hangs when I flip the lid switch15:41
cndso even though I may have the hw, I can't seem to effectively test it15:41
apwheh great15:41
cndapw, I think someone testing against one of the .33-rc kernels, and it wasn't fixed15:42
cndapw, upstream bug report shows someone testing 2.6.33-rc615:43
cndand it was still broken15:43
apwok get that one out on the list too so we can see how horrific it is15:44
apwand make a decision there ... thanks15:44
cndapw, will do, thanks15:45
=== bjf-afk is now known as bjf
cndsmb, I'm looking into sending the wacom patches upstream to -stable, but the commits don't apply perfectly cleanly to the 2.6.32.y tree16:42
cndis it still reasonable to say, please pick these two changes?16:42
cndor should I point to my own kernel tree hosted at kernel.ubuntu.com with a branch for the changes?16:42
smbcnd, In this case generate patches that apply to current 2.6.32.y and send the patches as whole16:44
cndsmb, ok16:44
tgardnercnd, be sure to reference the upstream commit IDs from which your patch is generated16:45
cndtgardner: ok16:45
apwyeah we use the upstream ids when stripping the commits we won't need in a rebase for M16:57
manjohave you guys seen this : [    0.562289] ACPI Error (psparse-0537): Method parse/execution failed [\_SB_.PCI0._OSC] (Node f7016a68), AE_ALREADY_EXISTS17:28
manjoapw, ^^ smb, 17:29
manjo[    0.562269] ACPI Error (dsfield-0143): [CAPB] Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS17:29
smbmanjo, Yes17:29
smbmanjo, I think there is an acpi option to make execution serialized, maybe try that17:30
ubot3Malone bug 507148 in linux "[lucid] desktop runs out of video memory on ATI Radeon Mobility 7500" [High,Confirmed] 17:36
smbmanjo, Would "acpi_serialize" help with you error messages?17:37
manjosmb, will check thst 17:50
manjoapw, I need to focus on what I am doing .. so dropping off... 18:07
apwmanjo, i hope i said that you could all do that!18:07
manjoanother pulseaudio problem, this time on lenovo s12 bug #53023419:20
ubot3Malone bug 530234 in pulseaudio "[LUCID] unable to record sound though external mic Lenovo SL12" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53023419:20
manjosmb, If you are on karmic can you confirm that this works/fails on karmic ? 19:20
manjoand update the bug ? 19:20
smbmanjo, I can't tell much about the boot speed19:21
manjosmb, regarding the bug above 19:21
manjoits about pulse audio I am asking to you see if this is a regression from karmic 19:22
smbmanjo, On Karmic it works partially (I have to switch to microphone 1 or 2 manually to make internal or external microphone work) It does not seem to switch automatically19:27
smbWill add comments19:27
manjo:) thanks 19:27
manjoapw, I need RTL8192SE driver to get wireless working on EEEPC, currently the driver is in realtek website and not even in staging, I can add that to ubuntu-delta ? 19:56
apwyou sure? that sounds familiar number?19:57
manjoyep I looked 19:57
manjortl8192e is available19:57
manjowhich is pci 19:57
apwhow bad is the delta.  and is it in wireless-testing?19:57
manjolet me look at wireless-testing 19:57
* apw reminds manjo just how close kernel freeze is19:58
manjoapw, yes I know 19:58
apwi likely will be closing my distro tree by friday ... so ... hurry19:59
manjoapw, I will build and test the module 19:59
manjoapw, they should have thought about these netbooks at the start of the cycle20:00
manjoapw, I will do my best then its your call 20:00
apwmanjo, indeed20:00
manjoapw, do you mind if I open a bug and do that delta that way ? 20:02
manjoapw, that way I have a number I can give krafty regarding enablement etc 20:02
apwmanjo, you can use bugs for it if it helps you20:02
apwwe just reserve the right not to use bugs in developement where it doesn't help us20:03
manjoapw, ok20:03
manjoapw, wireless-testing does not carry that module 20:04
=== maco2_ is now known as maco2
manjoapw, there is e, su, 20:04
manjoone is pci the other is usb20:04
apwmanjo, deep joy20:06
manjoapw, will start work on it now ... should have test results for you by this evening / request-pull20:06
apwi guess it will miss this upload20:07
apwmanjo, this fix for bug #507148 ... how did you choose this fix for it?20:45
ubot3Malone bug 507148 in linux "[lucid] desktop runs out of video memory on ATI Radeon Mobility 7500" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50714820:45
manjoapw, look at the upstream but on this one 20:45
apwmanjo, as that fix fixes an oops20:45
apwand the error is not an oops20:46
manjooh that last cherry pick I posted ? 20:46
apwmanjo, yes that one, it seems to be an Oops avoider and to my eye not likely to fix the drm error he has20:48
manjoapw, you are correct... 20:49
manjoapw, sorry dude, I thought I had the fix 20:50
apwmanjo, happens ... no worries20:55
manjoapw, is there a way to build just a subdir in kernel ? 23:16
jk-RAOF: welcome :)23:26
RAOFjk-: Thank you!23:26
jk-RAOF: you're in .au? whereabouts?23:26
RAOFWhere the glorious non-hot weather continues!23:27
jk-plenty of colleagues around then!23:27
RAOFI'll be moving to Hobart soonish, though.  Fewer collegues there, but it's a nicer place.  Also, it's a place where buying a house doesn't require your firstborn.23:28
RAOFMaybe I can persuade jml back there, too :)23:28
* jk- is moving to Perth next week23:34
jjohansenjk-: wow, I had missed that.  Hope the move goes well for you23:46
jk-jjohansen: thanks! should be OK, I think we have most things organised23:46
jjohansencool, I would offer to come help but there is a little ticket issue standing in the way :)23:47

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