humphreybcgodbyk, ping01:23
humphreybcping vish01:59
humphreybcnew getinvolved page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/4396509533/sizes/o/03:20
vishhumphreybc: pong03:33
humphreybcoh hey vish03:33
humphreybci was thinking of perhaps putting some icons here, instead of the collage of window tools03:34
humphreybcbut i think the collage looks nice. do you see anywhere on the website that would benefit from any icons?03:34
vishhmm ,03:35
humphreybchave a look at the other two pages as well03:36
humphreybcAhh, that's what I wanted icons for03:39
humphreybcat the moment i'm using the same image for the home page and the downloads page03:39
humphreybcI want a new image for the downloads page03:39
humphreybci've sort of exhausted all of the image possibilities on the site already, i've used screenshots from the manual, the title page, the team logo and a collage of screenshots of our tools03:40
vishhumphreybc: seems clean now.  IMO , no need icons , and not sure , where they would be required either.. [except "download now" , but that looks good as it is now as well]03:40
humphreybcand an image for the download page to replace that one i'm using twice?03:42
humphreybcconsidering that page gives you the option for a manual in different languages and formats... maybe somehow we can find or create an image that shows that?03:42
vishhumphreybc: the home "download now" and the other do that same thing right?03:44
vishor does the home one take you to the downloads page?03:44
humphreybcthe home download now button detects your system language and then downloads the correct PDF03:44
humphreybcthe "alternative download options" takes you to the download page03:44
humphreybcwhere you can specify a language, edition and printing optimized or not03:45
vishhumphreybc: then , its the same action, its better to leave it sme03:45
IlyaHaykinsonhm, anyone else find the new accessibility tool, erm, lacking, in Lucid Alpha 3?03:47
humphreybchaven't installed alpha 3 yet03:47
IlyaHaykinsoni'm guessing it'll change a lot before beta, but it means that we need to mention it03:47
humphreybcvish, so you like the site mockups?03:47
IlyaHaykinsonalso, we don't have a section on Gwibber, which is now a default app03:47
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: this is true03:48
IlyaHaykinsonhumphreybc: any thoughts on what to do about our hardware chapter?03:48
IlyaHaykinsoni have not been able to get people to write anything.03:48
IlyaHaykinsonperhaps we can divide it into 8 portions, or however many sections are left, and assign each to a different person.03:48
IlyaHaykinsonask for progress within 5 days, or something like that, to ensure that we have some progress03:49
humphreybcthat sounds like a good idea03:49
vishhumphreybc: looks nice..  i would probably move the first collage a bit higher in this > http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/4396509533/sizes/o/03:50
humphreybcwe need to have a meeting at some point i think03:50
vishthere is a bit of extra space on the top of the collage03:50
IlyaHaykinsonhumphreybc: next saturday, probably.03:50
humphreybcyep, so we're 18 days away from writing freeze03:50
vishhumphreybc: just a bit higher to make the "the manual project" more clearer and unobstructed03:51
IlyaHaykinsonhumphreybc: right. so maybe doing it at the meeting is a bit too late03:51
humphreybcvish, done, it's in the branch but i won't bother re-uploading to flickr03:52
humphreybcIlyaHaykinson: hmm. i need to get cracking as well on finishing my installation chapter03:53
humphreybcwhat do you think of getting a bunch of people to thoroughly read it about 5 days before writing freeze and then report bugs?03:53
humphreybci can ask joey at omgubuntu.co.uk to write a post asking for a bunch of testers and we'll get a load of people combing over it and filing bug reports03:54
humphreybcafter dinner tonight i'm going to get cracking on the manual and get some more stuff done03:54
IlyaHaykinsonhumphreybc: agreed. though realistically we will need to push the writing freeze further out.03:54
IlyaHaykinsonsome apps are still too raw to document properly03:55
humphreybcmaybe writing freeze 31 march?03:55
humphreybcthat's only going to give the translators 20 days till RC to translate stuff though03:55
IlyaHaykinsonperhaps something like a "content freeze", where we stop adding sections etc, and then a full "writing freeze" after beta has been installed and documented.03:55
humphreybcokay so lucid beta is the 18th03:56
humphreybcso if we do content freeze say the 20th, writing freeze the 31st03:56
humphreybcand our beta can be released on the 31st03:56
IlyaHaykinsonlet's do 21st and 31st -- the 21st is a Sunday.03:56
humphreybcokay cool03:56
humphreybcthat gives authors 3 days to observe changes in lucid beta and add or remove sections accordingly03:57
IlyaHaykinsoncool. that should give us enough time to incorporate beta UI changes03:57
IlyaHaykinsonalso... I need advice on Open Office.03:57
humphreybcand then ten days to finish their sections and the editors to clean it up03:57
IlyaHaykinsonit's a big undertaking -- i'm still working through Evolution, and OO is large enough to cause tons of headaches.03:57
IlyaHaykinsonalso Luke Jennings needs work to do, and we thought about splitting up OO03:57
IlyaHaykinsonbut I don't really think we can do OO justice in this timeframe.03:58
IlyaHaykinsonso, my thinking is write literally 5 paragraphs on OO03:58
IlyaHaykinsonhave Luke spend time on Gwibber and other apps, or help with the hardware chapter03:58
IlyaHaykinsonand i'll switch to doing editing03:58
IlyaHaykinsonafter my sections are done.03:58
IlyaHaykinsonthen, either in second edition or by 10.10 we can cover OO in reasonable detail.03:58
IlyaHaykinsonOO does have a lot of help resources available for it, i think, so users shouldn't be left out in the cold.03:59
humphreybcyep okay that's a good plan04:03
humphreybcwhen should we request wide scale testing from readers of omgubuntu?04:04
humphreybcwell, not testing04:04
humphreybcbut bug checking04:04
humphreybcalso, chapter 6 is looking a bit short...04:04
humphreybcchapter 4 and 6 are the trouble spots04:05
humphreybci'll finish the second half of chapter 10 tonight on extra applications04:05
humphreybcalso, for screenshots, i'm not sure we're going to have quickshot ready in time04:05
humphreybcwe may have to manually capture screenshots in english, and then use those in the translated manuals for now04:06
humphreybcwe'll try to capture shots that don't have much text04:06
humphreybceither that, or pick 5 or 10 "most popular" languages and manually translate screenshots for them04:06
humphreybcso we'd have 40+ translated manuals, with ten of those having localized screenshots and the rest english screenshots04:07
humphreybcafter the writing freeze we can get all hands to the pumps on a) screenshots and b) translations - and if you only speak english, then you can help advertise and recruit screenshotters :P04:08
humphreybcrecruit translators*04:08
humphreybcand we'll have to make sure we fully utilize the ubuntu global jam04:11
humphreybcwe could also post on the planet asking for help to translate04:11
humphreybcwe have to give it our best effort04:11
humphreybci think we also have to appoint a translator representative so we can communicate with the translators more04:13
humphreybcalso, if we do end up having to choose some languages to get localized screenshots, what would they be?04:15
humphreybcspanish, german... japanese?04:15
humphreybcso chinese, spanish, arabic, hindi, portuguese, bengali, russian, japanese and german04:16
IlyaHaykinsoni would choose languages that are different enough. so if we cut this down i would do english, a romance language (spanish, probably); a left-to-right language (arabic), a slavic language (russian), and then chinese.04:19
IlyaHaykinsonactually, also add hindi04:20
humphreybcso that's backup plan04:20
humphreybcquickshot probably won't be ready04:20
humphreybcso actually:04:20
IlyaHaykinsonthat would cover the top 5 localizations, and a ton of people04:20
humphreybcfor screenshots:04:20
humphreybcPLAN A: Use quickshot to get translated screenshots04:20
humphreybcPLAN B: Manually capture screenshots for the top 5 localizations04:21
humphreybcPLAN C: manually capture screenshots for english and duplicate them in all other languages04:21
IlyaHaykinsonhumphreybc: agree with your plans04:42
* godbyk yawns.05:31
godbykI'm awake now.05:31
godbykGimme a sec and I'll make a test.ubuntu-manual.org site.05:31
godbykhumphreybc: Okay, so now we have http://ubuntu-manual.org/, http://test.ubuntu-manual.org/, and http://ubuntu-manual.org/builds/.05:58
humphreybchey godbyk06:12
godbykhey, humphreybc.06:12
humphreybci'm liking the build reports!06:13
humphreybcdid you host that progress bar somewhere too so i can email it to joey?06:13
humphreybci'll email him the website as well with the countdown timer06:13
godbykoh, no, I forgot.  Where can I get the progress bar again?06:13
humphreybcbranch under team-images06:13
humphreybcshould be there06:13
godbykhumphreybc: Okay: http://ubuntu-manual.org/progressbar.png06:14
humphreybcoh i'll make a favicon for the site too06:14
humphreybcsweet as :)06:14
humphreybcgimme one sec06:15
humphreybcwolter is going to work on the website now too06:15
humphreybchow big are favicons? 14x14?06:16
godbykhumphreybc: 16x1606:17
humphreybcah, 16x1606:17
godbykor a nice binary number.06:17
humphreybcokay, in the branch under /website/favicon.ico06:22
godbykI just wrote a script that'll do a bzr pull every 30 minutes for the website.06:22
humphreybcand does it build the new manuals every 30 mins?06:23
godbykSo if things in the website/ dir get updated, they'll appear on test.ubuntu-manual.org06:23
godbykthat's another box.06:23
humphreybcyou da man kevin :)06:23
humphreybcoh btw, fixed the problem with android dropping all the time. wasn't android's fault, it was our router. changed to WEP and it now works fine, a bit insecure but hey06:24
godbykbrb. need to find something to eat.06:25
humphreybcgodbyk, check out planet ubuntu: http://planet.ubuntu.com/06:55
humphreybcthe facebook page is missing from the countdown timer links07:00
humphreybcim just adding it in now07:02
IlyaHaykinsonnice holding page07:11
IlyaHaykinsoni would add a (c) 2010 Ubuntu Manual Team. And license CC-BY-SA07:12
humphreybci'm trying to add a bigger gap between the "In the meantime you can follow us here:"07:15
humphreybcand the rest of the stuff07:15
humphreybci thought a simple <br> would do it07:16
humphreybcgodbyk, ive made changes to the countdown timer07:28
humphreybcalso i've added in favicons, not sure if they'll show up though07:28
godbykSo have I. :)07:28
humphreybcI just stuck them in root :P07:28
humphreybcwell all i did was add in our facebook and planet pages, and shorten some of the descriptions of the links07:29
humphreybci also added the copyright and CC-BY-SA at the bottom07:29
humphreybcstill can't get the padding right, not sure what's up. I tried margins and padding but it doesn't seem to have much effect - you can have a play if you like to make it even prettier, i just pushed it07:29
humphreybcdoes anyone know how we're going to translate the title page?07:30
godbykhumphreybc: If we use thorwil's simpler title page (which I like a lot), then we can put the whole title page in LaTeX. Then we'd use the actual \author and \title commands (which are already translated).07:31
humphreybcyeah that sounds like a good idea07:32
humphreybci like his title page too :)07:32
godbykI still have to fix some translations.07:32
godbykI need to find fonts for some, fix bugs in latex code for others, etc.07:33
godbykhumphreybc: Better? http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:48
humphreybccheck out http://divajutta.com/doctormo/gcweb/07:48
humphreybcbrett alton is working on that for martin, and brett is going to help us with our website too :)07:48
IlyaHaykinsonnice design07:54
humphreybcso he's going to give us a hand with our site07:58
godbykI'm trying to push a couple website changes,and I'm getting this error:08:11
godbykUsing saved push location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/main/08:11
godbykbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/main/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()08:11
godbykAny ideas what that means?08:11
humphreybcusing cli or gc>08:15
IlyaHaykinsonthat sounds like a cli problem08:16
godbykIlyaHaykinson: meaning what?08:17
godbykoh.. sorry, I missed humphreybc's question about.08:17
godbykyeab, cli..08:17
humphreybcreason i asked: http://doctormo.ubuntu-ma.us/2010/03/01/launchpad-moving-to-closed-source-auth/08:18
humphreybcthey seemed to have gone through though kevin08:18
humphreybcadded robots.txt file etc?08:19
godbyknope, this is one after that.08:19
humphreybcheh, i was thinking of left aligning them :P08:19
humphreybchey TommyBrunn08:24
humphreybcwe've been playing around with your countdown thing, http://ubuntu-manual.org08:24
humphreybcalso check out http://test.ubuntu-manual.org08:24
TommyBrunnYeah, I just saw that.08:24
humphreybcgodbyk: could you get the favicon working for the main site as well?08:24
TommyBrunnOh, cool!08:24
humphreybcTommyBrunn: the test website renders nice in firefox but chrome not so much08:25
humphreybcbut good news is that Brett Alton has offered to help us, http://brettalton.com08:25
TommyBrunnThat's odd. I tried it in webkit, and it looks nice there - and they both use webkit.08:25
TommyBrunnWhoa, cool!08:25
humphreybcyeah :)08:26
humphreybcso we're going to have a kickass site08:26
humphreybcwhich is fantastic08:26
godbykokay, I copied the diff to another machine and pushed.08:26
humphreybcgodbyk: that's one way around it :P08:26
humphreybcyou can delete the branch in your troublesome machine and unlink bzr... bzr --help08:27
godbykthe troublesome machine happens to be the web server. :-(08:27
godbykI just did a pull --overwite on that machine.08:27
godbykhopefully it's happy now08:27
godbykthe favicons should work.. they exist.08:28
godbykthough you don't have a <link> tag for them.08:28
TommyBrunngodbyk: They work.08:35
TommyBrunnYou don't need a link tag for them.08:35
godbykTommyBrunn: It's not required because most browsers look automatically, but it's nice to have them anyway.08:37
TommyBrunnTrue enough. Add this then: <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico" />08:38
humphreybcgodbyk: what happened to the progress bar?09:20
godbykput the progress bar in the counter subdir and it'll show up09:21
godbykthe bzr pull killed it09:21
godbyk.my internet connection is flaking out on me.09:25
ubuntujenkinsmorning all09:28
godbykmorning, ubuntujenkins09:31
ubuntujenkinshow are you godbky?09:31
godbyknot too bad.09:33
godbyktrying to get some more translations working.09:33
ubuntujenkinsI have got some more writing to do and quickshot work09:33
godbykWhich sections are you writing?09:34
ubuntujenkinshelping with default apps and now some hardware stuff as well09:34
godbykah, gotcha.09:34
godbykI think both those chapters need some help.09:35
godbykthere's a ton of material to cover.09:35
ubuntujenkinsthere is so much09:35
godbykhumphreybc: the progressbar.png file has to be in the countdown/ dir if you want it on ubuntu-manual.org/09:45
humphreybcoh really?09:45
godbykwebsite/ -> test.ubuntu-manual.org09:45
humphreybcah okay09:45
godbykwebsite/countdown/ -> ubuntu-manual.org09:46
godbyk'cause *someone* didn't want the website up yet. :-P09:46
godbykhumphreybc: should be there now.09:51
humphreybcit is indeed :)09:52
humphreybcrighto fellas, i'm off to bed10:29
humphreybcif brett alton shows up and wants to know about the website, give him everything he needs and help him get the stuff to work on it10:30
humphreybcother than that, priority is on writing and editing :)10:30
humphreybci'll be back this time tomorrow and hopefully i'll have time to crack into writing myself10:30
humphreybcoh and also, any last minute feedback on Lernid etc, if people could please post that in the thread and i'll forward it to the relevant people in 24 hours time10:31
dutchiehi all19:43
godbykhey, dutchie19:45
humphreybcjmburgess: you're still alive!21:05
dutchiehumphreybc: how can you be 10 minutes late for a tutorial that starts on Thursday?21:12
humphreybcno no, i turned up for the tutorial today and if it was on I would have been 10 minutes late21:12
humphreybcbut it wasn't on, so i wasn't 10 minutes later21:13
humphreybcright i better get a move on to my next lecture21:25
humphreybci just dropped $140NZD on a computer architecture text book21:25
humphreybcsounds like a fun class... but $140 text books are not cool21:25
dutchiehow much is $140 in proper money?21:26
humphreybcdivide it by 2.521:26
dutchiereally? 2.5?21:27
dutchiethat's quite a lot21:27
humphreybci know21:27
ubuntujenkinsthats a tipical uk price21:27
humphreybcthat's why so many UK peeps immigrate to NZ :P21:27
* dutchie is staying here for the foreseeable future21:28
dutchiemight have a punt at US places for a masters though21:29
dutchieI'll see what happens21:29
humphreybck catch you later folks21:30
ubuntujenkinsse ya21:30
* ubuntujenkins files a quickshot bug because I can't solve it 3 days later sorted lol21:57
* dutchie updates the translations before going to bed22:03
* ubuntujenkins has fixed all of the quickshot bugs22:17
dutchieubuntujenkins: I very much doubt you've found the Last Bug22:17
ubuntujenkinsI mean all of the quckshot bugs that are know off :-) if filled the two i just fixed I couldn't fix them a few days ago22:18
ubuntujenkinsWe are going to have so much fun whe resolution change is fully implimented :-)22:19
dutchiedo you still want lshw/xrandr output on that ML thread?22:20
ubuntujenkinsI have yours already I think xrandr -s 800x600 works for you?22:21
ubuntujenkinsthansk :-)22:21
dutchieI didn't post anything22:21
ubuntujenkinsI got yours on irc about a week ago22:21
ubuntujenkinsyou have intel if i remeber rightly22:22
* dutchie sends anyway22:22
ubuntujenkinsthanks dutchie22:22
days_of_ruinFrom the quickshot wiki: "Quickshot creates a new user called "quickshot" with the password "quickshot." The user is told to log in as "quickshot."" What kind of user is that?23:37

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