* jussi01 prods persia06:19
persiaSo, you're showing me old devices.  What do you want in a device?06:19
jussi013g. HW keyboard. arm. decent screen06:20
persiaI think the Netwalker is the best current choice.06:20
persiaThe thing I was carrying in Dallas.06:20
jussi01netwalker has 3g?06:20
persiaHas USB.  Putting the module internal vs. external is just a hack (nice plastic tabs let the case open and close again).06:21
jussi01inside is important to me - I dont want to carry _another_ peice06:21
persiaThere's not a lot of space, but there's some.06:22
persiaNothing else runs Ubuntu without complaints.  N900 can, but noe if you also want it to be a phone.06:22
persiaSmartQ5/n810 can run Karmic, but not lucid or future, and neither has native 3g.06:23
persiaSomething like the D4 works, but most of the folk I've shown mine complain it's too big, and it suffers from PSB anyway.06:23
persiaThere's a bunch of stuff that can be hacked to run Jaunty, but Jaunty armel wasn't that polished.06:24
persiaAnd that stuff can't be upgraded.06:24
jussi01I dont need ubuntu. ;) just linux. 06:24
persiaThe Gigabyte/Algo/Compal stuff works, but has a moderate battery life, needs closed touchscreen drivers, and suffers from PSB.06:24
persiaN900, but don't expect support here or compatibility with our repos.06:25
persiaAnd some bits are closed (but included in the default stack)06:25
jussi01yeah and the rubbish that will be meego :(06:26
persiaWell, n900 default stack is debian-based.  THe next release might be based on MeeGo, but that's in the future.06:27
persiaAnd I'm not convinced MeeGo is rubbish: some folk I respect have had good things to say about it.06:27
persiaalthough it's certainly a far cry from Ubuntu.06:27
* persia has a suspicion that the above summarises why there's no good "mobile" flavour of Ubuntu right now, and the "Netbook" flavours are getting the attention06:33
persiajussi01: Just get a NetWalker.  That helps send the signal that people actually *want* handheld devices that can/do run Ubuntu.06:37
persiaSticking a USB 3G card in a case is a fairly easy mod: just unwrap the plastic from the handheld and the module, stick the module in the case, connect the USB, and put back the case.06:38
jussi01persia: I havent a load of cash. If I buy something, it has to be right. the netwalker is super, but still has things mising for me. 06:39
persiaYeah :/06:39
persiaBut nobody is making a good device right now.06:40
persiaA few years ago, I would have recommended the Sharp SL-C3100 or 3200 without reservations.  VGA, 4/6GB HD, 5-8hrs runtime, USB host, can install Debian.06:41
persiaModular 3G through a CF slot.06:41
persiaYou might be able to pick one up used (they are no longer manufactured).06:41
persiaBut only 64MB ram, 400MHz proc, and can't run Ubuntu.06:41
persia(Well, you can jam Jaunty on it if you like)06:41
maja87_i have a question12:52
maja87_is there any linux op for Samsung Omnia I900?12:52
maja87_i m no longer want to user WM12:53
persiaI don't quite understand.  What does "op" mean in this context?  What sort of hardware is that?12:54
maja87_op is operating system12:55
* persia usually uses "OS" for that12:55
maja87_yes but here is a local sleng so sorry12:55
maja87_so the hardware is12:55
maja87_and it runs now Windows Mobile 6.512:56
maja87_but i dont want to use it, i need a linux OS to this phone12:56
persiaOK.  Do you already know how to access a bootloader and adjust the flash?12:56
persiaAlso, do you expect it to still work as a phone after the change?12:57
maja87_i tryed google Android before13:02
persiaOn that hardware?13:02
maja87_it works very buggy13:03
maja87_if i not useing it with sim, android works well13:03
persiaIn that case, you probably have some way to get into the hardware.13:04
maja87_but if i try out with sim, when i enter the pin, and unlock the sim, fatal error, black screen and freeze13:04
persiaYou'll need a custom kernel for it, as it's not supported by Ubuntu.13:04
maja87_i think there is an ubuntu mobile os or not?13:05
maja87_so i need a kernel wich support the omnia hardware cos android kernel have a lot of bug13:07
persiaLooks like you can run Jaunty.  I'm not sure about Karmic.  You won't be able to run lucid.13:07
persiaUbuntu doesn't have a kernel that works on that hardware.13:08
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fschulteping ogra17:02
ograyes ? 17:02
fschulteoh, hi17:02
ograsorry, i didnt get around to answer your mail yet and i'm about to leave17:03
fschulte_you mean to go afk?17:03
ograi'll send you an answer mail tomorrow, promised17:03
ograi just stood up from the chair the second you pinged :)17:04
fschulte_great! :)17:04
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