styelzSporadicCrash: did you setup the config files for your remote00:33
styelzcheck it works using irw00:34
styelzoh, he left00:35
russell5after setting up and using trunk everyhting is working except i can change any settings in mythweb. When i do and hit submit the page just sits there and never loads03:45
russell5the odd thing is i just noticed the page never loaded but when i went to the main page of mythweb then back to settings the changes were made03:48
stuarticusI'm having a problem with Grub, it seems to have no timeout, and I am using a USB Keyboard that doesn't seem to work at that stage of boot. No menu.lst anymore so can't edit from live cd! Any advice?13:56
stuarticusMythbuntu 9.113:56
stuarticusActually the wiki page says that editing the new grub.cfg might be possible, despite the warnings at the top? Is this safe?14:00
innatechis the Intel GMA 4500 supported for frontend use on 9.10?17:03
rhpot1991innatech: depends on your definition of supported17:07
rhpot1991if you are trying to do HD, then you might be sad, otherwise you should be good17:07
innatechMight be?17:07
rhpot1991if you have enough CPU power you should be ok17:07
innatechOK. Good enough. Thanks!17:08
rhpot1991innatech: are you buying or do you already own?17:08
innatechI'm looking at various mini itx boards with onboard.17:08
rhpot1991get an ion board17:08
rhpot1991!frontend | innatech17:08
Zinninnatech: Ion Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/217:08
rhpot1991a lot of different companies make them now, you can build your own or get a pre-assembled box17:09
innatechYep, thanks. Looking at those too--just thought I might like a different configuration for other purposes not yet supported by Ion.17:09
rhpot1991go ion no question, you'd be crazy not to buy something VDPAU capable at this point17:09
innatechthat's a good point.17:10
innatechrhpot1991 -- what do you think of this @ $150 [ http://www.provantage.com/~7ZOTC03F.htm ] or this @ $300 [http://www.provantage.com/~7ZOTC03J.htm ]?17:17
Zinn[www.provantage.com] PROVANTAGE: Zotac GF9300-I-E Zotac MB GF9300-I-E Lga 775 Nvidia Geforce 9300 HDMI SATA DDR2 Mini ITX Retail17:17
innatechmake that [ http://www.provantage.com/~7ZOTC03J.htm ]17:18
Zinn[www.provantage.com] PROVANTAGE: Zotac MAG-HD-ND01 MAG HD-ND01 Atom 330 1.6GHz Mini-ITX 2GB DDR2 160GB SATA WiFi NVIDIA ION17:18
rhpot1991innatech: either one should work well, the guts of that pre-build should be close to that mobo, but without the expansion slot17:21
innatechyup. Cool.17:21
rhpot1991I have the zotec ion d-e board I believe17:22
innatechI have an unsed q9550 sitting around, so the mobo is an attractive option.17:23
innatechA little more versatile.17:23
rhpot1991well the ion already has a built in atom cpu17:24
rhpot1991looks like that board isn't an atom, I didn't look close enough17:24
innatechYeah. The board is LGA775.  But I should probably save the 9550 for something else...we'll see.17:25
rhpot1991innatech: if you are doing frontend only on it, an atom box is great cause it offloads all the work onto the GPU and then the box has nice low power usage17:25
rhpot1991for instance I can do 1080p on mine without breaking a sweat17:25
innatechyeah. That's what I was thinking. I just have this CPU box sitting on the desk staring at me.17:25
innatechSquare peg, round hole, etc.17:27
rhpot1991ya that might work then17:27
rhpot1991antec has some nice mini-itx cases now too if you go that route17:27
Zinn[www.newegg.com] Newegg.com - antec mini-itx17:27
innatechyes, antec cases are generally nice.17:28
pteaguejust updated to koala... seems like there's a bunch of changes20:24
pteaguedo i still need to export/share the /var/lib/mythtv/* directories via nfs/samba ?20:25
tgm4883pteague, maybe21:13

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